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Oligotherapy uses small doses of individual trace minerals

for therapeutic support, supplementing the necessary
minerals for enzymatic functions. Oligotherapy remedies
are considered to be catalysts that speed up metabolism at
the cellular level. They provide essential nutrition to stop
free radical activity which destroys bodily tissue.
Oligotherapy supplementation is believed to enhance the
movement of ions, essential for life, into and out of the
cells. The origins of Oligotherapy come from the research
done by Bertrand at the Pasture Institute and subsequently
continued by Jacques Menetrier, M.D. in 1944.

4 dram vial with #35 pellets. One dose daily.

In trace element form these minerals are less than 100

ppm. Dosage is once daily.

Aluminum (Al) Aluminum is of particular value in all

problems associated to the brain such as mental
sluggishness, attention deficit, memory and retention of
information, as well as with difficulty getting to sleep and
nocturnal agitation.

Antimony (Sb) Osteoarthritis, arthritis, bronchitis, chronic

head colds, prostate problems, acute rheumatism,

Barium (Ba) A transformative agent on the internal

cellular environment. High blood pressure.
Bismuth (Bi) Angina, sore throats.

Bismuth-Lead-Tin (BiPbTn) Used in the treatment of

syphilis and cancer. Plays a role in numerous bio-electric

Boron (B) Osteoporosis, menopause difficulties.

Contraindicated in cases of rheumatoid arthritis. Plays a
role in bone and muscle development. Stimulates cerebral
function and mental alertness. Helps metabolize calcium,
phosphorus, copper, magnesium, and vitamin D in the
fixation of calcium. Plays a role in the secretion of
estrogen and testosterone.

Cesium (Cs) Supports the body's immune system,

regulates cardiac rhythm.

Chromium (Cr) Metabolizes sugar carbohydrates,

flatulence, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and growth
defects. Essential for activating insulin release, glucose
uptake and cell storage. Treats anxiety and fatigue.

Cobalt (Co) Cobalt is valuable in cases of headaches,

migraines, vasomotor disorders, vertigo and tinnitus. This
is due to the sympathicolytic effect that Cobalt exerts on
vascular receptors. As well, interestingly, Cobalt has a
regulating influence on stomach and bowel receptors.

Copper(Cu) Acute infections. Copper possesses powerful

anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and as such, is very
potent when used to combat any type of viral or bacterial
infection. Copper is also a potentiator of antibiotic therapy
and is therefore recommended as an adjunct. Finally,
Copper exerts a very interesting anti-ulcerous action on
the mucous membranes; i.e. mouth and stomach ulcers.
Good for general fatigue, osteoporosis, hair loss, chronic
inflammatory rheumatism.

Copper-Gold-Silver (CuAuAg) Adrenal dysfunctions,

pessimism, depressive states. Combine with
gemmotherapy liver and kidney detox regimes.

Copper-Iron-Manganese (CuFeMn) Treatment in weight

loss, preventing fatigue, irritability, sleepiness.

Fluorine (F) Osteoporosis, Teeth and gum problems,

Dental Support, calcium absorption by tone tissue; useful
during menopause. Scoliosis, Paget's disease, fractures,

Germanium (Ge) Improves cellular oxygenation, supports

the body's immune system, helps eliminate toxins from
the body. Indicated for the treatment of rheumatoid
polyarthritis, hypercholesterolemia, candidiasis, chronic
viral infections, cancer, AIDS.

Gold (Au) for fighting infections, wound healing, tissue

reconstruction and immune stimulation. Supports
cardiovascular system. Indicated for the treatment of
infectious diseases; measles, meningitis, typhus,
septicemia. Fever, Rheumatoid inflammation, high blood

Iodine (I) Hyperthyroid dysfunctions, fatigue, obesity,

poor mental function, breasts cysts, high or low blood
pressure, lowered fertility.

Iron (Fe) Anemia, irregular menstruation, fatigue, arthritic

pain, inflammatory pain, depression, sterility, hair loss,
fragile bones, soft nails, celiac disease, crohn's disease,

Lead (Pb) for pre cancerous states to help restore the

body's cellular environment. Acts as an enzymatic
inhibitor. For neoplasia, syphilis, cancer.

Lithium (Li) Psychosomatic diseases; anxiety, hyper

emotiveness, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, lack of will,
psychic disorders, arterial hypertension, obesity, cellulitis,
blood vessels and nerves disorders associated with
menopause, instability, irritability, aggressiveness,
unsettlement, personality and behaviour dysfunctions in
children or elders, inhibitions, inadaptability at work or in
the family, etc. Also for treatment of some dermatosis and

Lithium-aluminum (LiAl) Manic depressive psychosis.

Magnesium (Mg) Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Digestion,

indigestion, Joint Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Rheumatism, Muscle Spasms.

Magnesium-Cobalt (MgCo) Digestive and intestinal

disorders, constipation, colitis.

Manganese (Mn) Allergies, Arthritis, Fatigue, Headache,

Migraine, Inflammation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sinusitis,
Sinus Infection, Thyroid Disorders, Respiratory Problems.

Manganese-Cobalt (MnCo) Arterial hypotension,

tachycardia, angina pectoris (with phosphorus), Dystonia
of autonomic nerves, gastritis, hypercolesterolemia.

Manganese-Copper (MnCu) For common colds, influenza,

bronchitis, pleurisy, hay fever. Targeted at the ear, nose,
and throat. Basic treatment remedy for hypo reactive
syndrome as well as for preventive treatment of recurring
infectious and allergic disorders, especially those affecting
the ear, nose and throat.

Manganese-Copper-Cobalt (Mn-Cu-Co) Inflammatory

disorders. Bone and collagen formation. Colitis, gastritis,
acne, anemia, periodontal disease, decalcification and

Molybdenum (Mb) Plays essential role in synthesis of

proteins, metabolizing iron and nitrogen. Helps maintain a
healthy nervous system. Indicated in the treatment of
gingivitis, mouth ulcers, impotence, cancer.
Nickel (Ni)A cofactor for enzymes dealing with the
metabolism and storage of sugars and lipids in the liver.
Known as a hypotensive factor and a heart modulator, as
it cancels the effects of adrenaline in the body. Indicated
in the treatment for obesity, diabetes, liver, panreas and
spleen ailments, neoplasia.

Nickel-Cobalt (NiCo) Colibacillosis

Osmium (Os) Helps maintain balance in the sympathetic

nervous system. Indicated for nervous disorders, stress,
panic attacks.

Phosphorus (P) Dystonia of autonomic system. Muscle

cramps. Blood Pressure. Regulates the parathyroidal
functions. Memory loss, fatigue, muscle weakness.

Platinum (Pt) Acts as an adjunct to cancer treatments,

especially radiation therapy. Indicated cancer treatments,

Potassium (K) Functional muscle spasm. Cramps,

overexertion, nervousness, chronic arthritic pain,
stimulates muscular contractions. Irregular cardiac rhythm.
Contraindicated for acute tuberculosis.

Rubidium (Rb) Used in high Ph therapy and to decrease

tumor growth. Muscle pain, multiple sclerosis, tetany,
Selenium (Se) Muscular and cutaneous afflictions. Slows
the ageing process, destroys free radicals, protects from
cancer, combats chemo side effects, protects the liver and
pancreas. Indicated in the treatment of cancer, AIDS,
cancerous tissue, macular degeneration, retinopathy,
cataracts, prostate problems.

Selenium-Copper (SeCu) neoplasm; tumor growth

Silicon (Si) Strengthens bones, helpful in certain skin

conditions, premature aging, loss of concentration and
memory, prostate problems, hypertension, high
cholesterol, warts.

Silver (Ag) A wide-range bactericide that is very helpful in

all infectious diseases. It calms down fevers and allows the
disease person to recover. The trilogy of copper-gold-
silver behave like natural antibiotic. Indicated in the
treatment of infection, septicemia, ulcers, inflammation,

Silver-Bismuth (AgBi) Angina

Silver-Selenium (AgSe) Pneumonia

Silver-Tin (AgTn) Staphylococcia

Strontium (Sr) Indicated for the treatment of

osteoporosis. Supports bone resistance, prevents tooth

Sulphur (Su) For healthy skin and joints. For the treatment
of acne, hypercolesterolemia. Allergies, eczema. arthritis,
rheumatism, osteoarthritis, migraines, hepatic

Tin (Tn) Acts as an anti-infectant, supports body's

immune system, encourages hair growth, prevents
deafness, improves reflexes. Indicated in the treatment of
Abscesses, boils, anthrax, cancer, syphilis.

Tin-Copper (Tn-Cu) Staphylococci

Vanadium (V) Fixation of calcium, memory loss, stabilizes

blood sugar levels, complementary to any weight loss
program. Also used in the treatment of non insulin
dependent diabetes, difficulty with kidney function,
impotence, sterility.

Zinc (Zn) Hair loss, acne and psoriasis, loss of sensorial

abilities (taste, smell) and also early cataracts. Zinc shows a
mainly endocrine tropism, with a direct action upon the
pituitary gland. Also indicated in the treatment of
depression, acne, crohn's disease, peptic ulcers, fatigue,
poor night vision, white spots on the nails, loss of

Zinc-Copper (Zn-Cu) Menstrual and menopausal

problems. Endometriosis, enuresis, fibroma.
Zinc-Nickel-Copper (Zn-Ni-Cu) For psoriasis, impotence,
pancreatic problems stomach ulcers, gastritis
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