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4 Da "Ri an SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES (FUMO NEGLI occHD Testo italiano di MOGOL Testo originals di O. HARBACH Musica di J. KERN Slow SSS SSS No, te. aomplan-go cai ¢ tel tanto che they, ake melee hace Sly true tore an fou ume il fa mo 1 of cum - fie F Rewt sole 801 Se = She = fon firedoal cus re. 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LAUZI Moderato swing + Fel to, Dol fy, well, hel Io, You're look -ing —swoll, to have you back whore you Dol-iy, we can tell, = 1y, You're still glow in, you're still crow - in, you're til go = in strong. We sibate play - inv eno of your old fa vite songs from ‘way back when, ge stbes wba as . 4 pte Parcs skeet TPM MR, ENR Daety eae =! f = ar ase = 2 Fr F rf: fF Solm fem Sein bow ating ie us y " rrtt "ipa t + im Ie - go ke way a= gaint Dolly "never ps se Sloe te sthdin Bon? Pa? 7 goa-way, Dol-ly N mv-er go a-way a - gain! Par Sih ie Da “BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S” MOON RIVER Testo di J. MERCER Musica di H. MANCINI Yalzer lento in) you in style break - er, wher = @¥ - er youre as a ST if vie dim, poco a poco Men? 87 IL fo see the world, 71 @ tot of wort waitin ‘ound the bend, my Huck-le-ber-ry friend, —<— 12 Da “FUNNY GIRL’ PEOPLE (GENTE) Testo italiano di G. CALABRESE ‘Testo originale di B. MERRILL Moderato Musica di J. STYNE adel poo-plewkaneed =" fuck-i = eat peo ple espressivo Hide all thenced in - side, Act -ing more like chil-drea, ——— PRE e sot | Sine tin | Fain bar than children, _———— © liye if Pape With one per son toot ing fe = Sag Pe a ——- 2 z os Pas seep [a yoursoal— Says you were tw Init, now youre whole a Po iad be t = ont _— == caine We (pee wnaeada p05 ~ ple , ae ee aa eT e t} __|winntio eqprasstoo oe fo Dom? mr ue = Pr=- zs a = f i tr Sali me Ip ‘she =I = ——a—i 14 Da "CAN-CAN” | LOVE PARIS (AMO PARIGN Testo criginale ¢ Musica di Testo italiano di M, PANZERI C. PORTER Moderato 6 r uve Paris in gt oF oe a iF ——————— ove Parsi inthe fall, Par-is in the win-ter, when it driz~ates, LF 15 the year, Nom? S017 i Ie. Be-cause my love i <= Ba-cause my love 7 a tempo of p erese, Do Dedim Sal? for 16 BEWITCHED (STREGATO) Testo italiano di 6. C, TESTONI Teste originale di L. HART Musica di R- RODGERS Slow, 7 E == sim - per-ing, whim -per ~ing — 7 both-cred and be podok i oe chikd again, Be - 4 SS a= oe Could-mt steep, And would-nt sleop, When love came and told mo I Se” thosld-nt sleep, Bewitched, buth-ered and be - wild - ered = Lost my heart, ‘bot what =- laughs = ig isin? ht Eat sing to him, — Bach spring fo him, And i. lz = rs z= +t a Tm A YS a SS = — Ss ===>! = I fq Sous em? sar 2 € 18 Da "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS” AROUND THE WORLD (GIRANDO IL MONDO) Testo italiano di G. C. TESTONI Testo originale di H. ADAMSON Musica di V, YOUNS. Valzer lento world ve searched for you. T. travealled on RF Dos some - where, of aim some - bow you'd look at And T woud the smite you're —— _—s —— in gay Pa - in Now - York, = — ft - 20 “HIGH SOCIETY” TRUE LOVE (VERO AMORE) Testo originale Musica di Testo italiano di E. MARI C. PORTER Valzer lento wind own, Hon = or az RITORNELLO give to you and high = With noth = ing a . a, and to Five Se lUlUmUmUDUUUUUUU a 22 Da “SHOW BOAT’ OL’ MAN RIVER Teat tan dt. CHOSSO Testo originale di O, HAMMERSTEIN II. Musica di J, KERN ih Sol7 Dom -te-ao an-d8, TF Fist [as FF pom [ar sib agb Do.yo Let, nos -nomai nel so-grimiel sc -ca-roz-2al, Se tu vuoi la ri-ve-drd ean. ix, Mipddas tamy) lease, nose lena, in oper (ia? nono, ee scoreame ln-stringo-rd. _O-guigleraorerchio Missis-si-pl, ogni giorno fo Ia cerche-ri, = ¥ eno a EP patempo elm PERT Sib g ME veechlofiu-me non eb - ban-do-nar-mi fi-noaguando non la tro-ve- im. FE *¥ Pe at mete aah siz mah Fonkmste-gingibo F EE EIEN 23 Very Slow con seutimento Oifman ri-vor,mio vec-chio finme che scen-di len-to tra te-nai bru-me,vor- rei ye-nl- Te cer~ it fae iby siho te Ta scor-rl pl-gro con un sus-sur-70, ma ors Paip? t | —————— Loi Fatale of lh, Fe ey J [Pt if ee SA NGCN MRINREIEHNLA Leeda. 19 ~ desainsiakd aL Let par-ti, lon - ta-noan- Sola —_ mailsuoamer ri - Demat [so Solm tro-ve -10 SE nel-V Ft OF man rhver, a= ci Pampa PP Mb mi-co fin-me, oa puoi tra-dir-mi, do - vrei per-ter-mi in - con-troal ma-ro a p87 eile Pear pa 7 ? es abe ib Patho sit fue 7 Zu eye [ae