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Globus Travel Directors Use Palm Treo Smart Phones and
Citizen’s CMP-10 Mobile Printer to Process
On-the-Spot Credit Card Transactions Worldwide

TORRANCE, Calif., (Nov. 27, 2007) – Globus, a world leader in guided

travel tours, was faced with a problem – how to manage credit card
transactions in a timely manner from customers touring locations all over
the world. The answer was a unique system that uses the Palm
Treo Smart Phone and Citizen Systems CMP-10 mobile, wireless printer.
Used in tandem, the two products instantly deliver an itemized printed
receipt to customers no matter where in the world they may
be vacationing.

“We needed a way for our tour directors to

get quick credit card approval and print an
itemized customer receipt from some pretty
remote locations like Borneo or the African Weighing less than 12 ounces and equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery
Rain Forest.” supplying up to 16 hours of active run time, the CMP-10 was the perfect
answer to this difficult problem. The CMP-10’s protective rubber cover and
Evan Fields, Finance Director of Globus
built-in metal belt clip are ideal for the demanding on-the-go environment in
Globus tours are paid for in advance, but often offer tourists extra options which the Globus travel directors work. The printer’s optional Bluetooth
during the tour for an additional fee. In the past this process involved the interface provides a wireless connection to the Treo Smart Phones providing
tour directors making a mechanical imprint of a credit card and snail even more ease of use in this mobile environment.
mailing it back to the Globus offices in Littleton, Colo. This procedure took
weeks to complete and created some very big accounting headaches.
Key Features:
“We needed a way for our tour directors to get quick credit card approval
and print an itemized customer receipt from some pretty remote locations n Long-life Lithium-Ion Battery (16 hours active run time on a
single charge)
like Borneo or the African Rain Forest,” said Evan Harolds, finance director
n Dual or Triple Interface: Serial and Irda plus Bluetooth (optional).
of Globus. “To further complicate matters this system needed to be simple to
n Accessories included: protective rubber cover, built-in metal belt clip,
use and small enough for our tour directors to carry in their daily travels.”
serial interface cable, and AC adapter/charger.
The answer to the problem was a Palm Treo Smart Phone equipped with
software from 3G Touch Solutions that could send and receive credit card
n MSR - Magnetic stripe reader (optional)
data. To complete the transaction the system uses the ultra-compact Citizen
n 128 bit encryption and non-discoverability function for secure credit
CMP-10 mobile, wireless printer for itemized customer receipts. card transactions (optional)
n Drop-in paper loading
n Downloadable fonts and logos
n Windows Mobile, CE Net, and Pocket PC drivers available

About Globus

For 80 years, Globus family of brands has been

providing a variety of products that address the

needs of today's diverse traveler with

unparalleled vacation experiences, full of

discovery and insight. They offer hundreds of

unique itineraries all over North America, South

America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

“We are very pleased that Citizen’s CMP-10 is part of the solution,” said About the Company
Seth Avergon, Marketing Director Citizen Systems America. “It’s great to
Citizen Systems America develops and markets Citizen point-of-sale printers,
work with other sharp technology manufacturers and create a win-win
industrial printing solutions, thermal bar code, portable thermal, high-speed
situation for our end users.”
line impact, specialty forms impact, serial matrix printers and OEM printer
Tour directors use the CMP-10 to print out itemized receipts on location that mechanisms that are used in a variety of industries from foodservice to retail
show what optional item customers selected and what it cost them. The to banking. For more than two decades, Citizen products have set the
printers are also used to generate vouchers for vendors that are then standard for performance, reliability and value among printers.
submitted for reimbursement by Globus and to create printed records for use
A wholly independent U.S. corporation, Citizen Systems America is the U.S.
by the tour directors in record keeping.
subsidiary of Citizen Systems Japan, a global leader in the production of
“We currently have about 175 tour directors using these units in the field mini-printers, industrial printing solutions
and they have proven to be a and the world's largest
reliable and effective solution to manufacturer of quartz
our problem,” Harolds added. crystals and oscillators.
“The tour directors like them Citizen Systems Japan is
because it speeds up the process the electronic products
allowing them to spend more affiliate of Citizen Watch
time with the tourist and Globus Co. Ltd., Japan, the world-
realizes savings through credit renowned manufacturer of fine
approval prior to sales and timepieces. Citizen Systems America’s
simplified accounting.” headquarters are located at 363 Van Ness Way,
Suite 404, Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 781-1460. For more information, please
Globus’ use of the CMP-10 is
visit Citizen Systems America’s web site at
another example of Citizen
Systems’ dedication to leading
technology for humanity. Creating solutions that make business easier for a
world that is hard at work. For more information about the CMP-10 POS
printer please visit the website at

CMP-10 Bluetooth Specifications

Mobile Printer Printing Method Line thermal printing
Total Dots 384 dots/line
Applications: Dot Density 8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
n Mobile Receipt
Print Speed 50 mm/sec (400 dot lines per sec)

n Delivery Slip
Print Width and Characters 48mm
per Line Font A: 32 characters/line
n Ticketing Font B: 42 characters/line
n Taxi Meter Recommended Paper 58mm±0.5mm x 50mm diameter
Optional cover for 40mm diameter
n Barcode
Interfaces IrDA Vers. 1.1
n Credit/Debit RS-232C
n Daily Report
SPP Bluetooth 1.2 (optional)
Emulation ESC/POS + additional unique commands
Barcode Type Barcode: EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 93, ITF Codabar, Code 39,
Citizen is offering this small, Code 128
lightweight mobile printer on a FREE
Power Rechargeable battery (Lithium-Ion) 7.4 V. 2000 mAh
trial basis to select businesses.
Battery Charge Time 3 hours maximum
For more details and qualifying Print Lines per Charge 40,000 (fully charged)
conditions, call 800-421-6516 or go Buffer 64k
online to
Reliability 50km
Weight 329 grams
Dimensions (W x D x H) 116 x 90 x 51mm
Safety Standard and EMI UL, C-UL, TÜV, GS, CE Marking, FCC Class B, VCCI Class B

363 Van Ness Way, Suite 404 • Torrance, CA 90501 • (310) 781-1460 • Fax: (310) 781-9152 • (800) 421-6516