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Q1: Effective recruitment practices ensure that a firm has enough


A. To serve the Directors. B. Security needs. C. Others Work. D. With the

right skills.

Q2:The overall aim of the recruitment and selection process in an organization is to

obtain the .employees required to fulfill the objectives of
the organization.

A. Quantity and quality B. Strong and powerful C. Beautiful and handsome D.


Q3: Which of the following are the responsibilities of line manager?

A. Notifying Vacancies or issuing a job requisition

B. Advising on skill requirements and attributes required

C. Selection interviewing with HR

D. Having final say on the selection decision E. All of the above.

Q4: The job description in term of the kind of person needed / Suitable to perform
the job is called

A. General Specification B. Person Specification C. Job Specification D.

Average Specification

Q5:Emile gave an advertise in the news paper that their company need a person
who is capable of doing work on heavy electrical voltage lines on the grid station.
He should also know how to operate heavy Welding machine. He will be paid 35,000
and need to work 8 hour daily. What kind of specification is this?

A. Job Specification B. Person Specification

Q6: Woolf Schooling system gave an advertise on the newspaper for a lady teacher.
Teacher should be soft and polite in speaking and should be a mother so she can
handle kinder garden aged childrens. Teacher should be at least 40 years of age
and have a teaching qualification. What kind of specification is this?

A. Job Specification B. Person Specification

Q7: . Is the ability to do something?

A. Workaholic B. Physical Attitude C. General Knowledge D. Competence

Q8: Intellectual Competence area includes. Which of the following is incorrect?

A. Strategic Perspective B. Flexibility / Coping with change

C. Planning and organization D. Analytical judgment

Q8: Which of the following is not the content of the job description?

A. The job title. B. The name and the department in which job is located.

C. Part time or Full time job details D. The purpose and objective of the job

E. Financial information about the Company. F. The responsibilities associated

with the job.

Q9: The seven point plan was given by.

A. Alec Rodgers B. Mintzbergs C. Bilbin D. Vrooms

Q9:Which of the following is not the Quality of a good job advertisement?

A. Concise B. Attractive C. Positive and honest

D. Disclosure of Confidential information. E. Relevant and appropriate to the job

and the applicant.

Q10:Kenco Company is looking to hire an interpreter for their international clients.

Company wishes that the post should be filled with in the company labor pool. What
advertising media company should use to fulfill this task?

A. They should publish advertising in the local news paper

B. They should contact the job centers for this.

C. They should publish advertisement in the in-house magazine or Notice board.

D. Use National electronic media for this task.

Q11: M.I.K Electric Company have a vacancy of senior manager production in their
cable department, for this job they need a person who have at least 5 year
experience in the same post. The management was informed that it is difficult to
get the required skilled person from the local area. What advertising media
company should use from the following to fill this job?

A. Publish it in the National News papers B. Publish it in the Local News papers

C. Notice board / in-house magazine. D. Publish in weekly General


Q12: What type of Questions is in which candidate has to reply in Yes or No

A. Open Questions B. Probing Question C. Leading Question D. Closed

Q13: Mark international need a typist for their office. The required candidate should
be perfect in typing and shorthand and should had a typing speed of 50 WPM. For
this purpose company ask Mr. James to take selected candidate typing skill test.
What type of selection test he should conduct to find the best one.

A. Intelligence Test B. Aptitude test C. Proficiency, attainment or

competence test.

D. General knowledge test.

Q14: JS investment need an employee in their office who is very sharp in solving
logical conditions, who have the ability to think and answer quickly and should also
have a very good memory. In order to judge such candidate what type of test they
should take to find their required person.

A. Competence test B. Personality test C. Intelligence test D. Work


Q15:Attainment test (proficiency test) is also known as ..

A. Personality test B. Competence test C. Aptitude test D. Intelligence


Q16: .. Aims to describe aspects of a person's character that

remain stable throughout that person's lifetime, the individual's character pattern of
behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Normally asked in MCQs about the candidates
likes and dislikes, what they will do in a particular situation their preference and
attitude and so on

A. Competence test B. Intelligence test C. General Knowledge Test D.

Personality test.

Q17:Lucky Cements Manager HR was taking an interview of their new possible

senior manager stores. After the interview the HR manager ask the candidate to
provide reference about his previous job(s), period of employment, pay, and
circumstances of leaving. What kind of Reference the HR is asking from the

A. Personal information B. Experience Information C. Factual Information D.

General Information.

Q18:The role of Human resource function in recruitment and selection will be the
following. State the one incorrect?
A. Assessing needs for human resources (HR planning) B. Maintaining records of
people employed

C. Keeping in touch with trends in the labor market

D. Ensuring the organization complies with equal opportunities and other legislation

E. Provide help and assistance in production and planning.

F. Preliminary interviews and selection testing

Q19: Which of the following is not the type of an interview?

A. Individual (one to one). B. Interview panels. C. Standard interview. D.

Selection board.

Q20: Which of the following method of selection of a candidate returns the best
predict about the candidate abilities?

A. Work sampling B. Personality test C. Interview D. References.

Q21:When an interviewer encourage the candidate to gave a brief answer so he can

keep the interview in flow and have the chance to judge, he asks

A. Open B. Closed C. Leading D. Problem solving.

Q22: When an interviewer put a case in front of a candidate, and asks him what he
will do if he has to deal with this. It is a question.

A. Open B. Closed C. Leading D. Problem solving