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At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

a. Identify the different kinds of drugs.

b. Discuss the common effects and risks of abusing drugs.

c. Internalize that drug is harmful in health.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Drugs

Reference: Internet, MAPEH textbook, pp. 370-372

Materials: Netbook, projector, whiteboard, visual aid

Medium of Language: English, Tagalog

Strategy: Inductive

Values: Cooperation and Participation

III. Lesson Proper

a. Preparatory Activities

- Prayer

- Greetings and Checking of Attendance

- Setting of classroom standard

b. Motivation

- Today our lesson is all about DRUGS.

- I will divide the class into 2 groups.

- I have here a rumbled letters and you have to arrange this to get or
find the correct words. Each group has 4 sets of rumbled letters to
arrange. Only 2 participants needed from the group. Allotted time is 2
minutes and the fastest group who finish the task will declare a winner.

Rumbled Letters to Arrange





c. Discussion

-These words are some kinds of drugs. Each drug has harmful effects in
our health if use in not proper way. But some people use any of these
drugs. What do you think is the reason behind of this? (Answers may

- Now, let us discuss the Drugs and Drug Abuses.

- Why should we avoid dangerous drugs? What is drug? What are drug
abuses? (Answers may vary)

- Classification of Drugs

* Natural * Synthetic

- Pharmacological Classifications of Drugs

* Stimulants * Depressants * Hallucinogens

- Drugs of Abuse

* Shabu (Effects, contents)

* Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa (Effects)

* Inhalants (Effects, Withdrawal Symptoms)

* Ecstacy (Effects)

* Ketamine (Effects)

* Sleeping pills (Effects)

- What is Tobacco? (Answers may vary)

* Effects, Contents, Rules and Penalty

- What is Alcohol? (Answers may vary)

* Contents and Effects

- Reasons why people turn to drugs

- 8 ways to say no to drugs

- Common signs of drug abuses

- Profile of drug addicts

- Article IV (sec. 42-44)

d. Generalization

- For the betterment of our life never try or attempt to use any of these
drugs because as I said a while ago it will harm our physical, mental,
social, emotional, and spiritual health. It may lead to us to engage in a
crime. We have to do is stay strong and keep on the right track. Always
pray to God to guide us in his will. Also improve family relationship and
love and respect others.

IV. Evaluation: Paper and pencil test


Direction: Read and identify the following statement. Write the answer on
the space provided before the number. (10 pts.)

Drug 1. A chemical substance that brings about physical, emotional

or behavioral

change in a person taking it.

Natural 2. Types of drugs that come from nature.

Synthetic 3. Types of drugs that processed in the laboratory.

Stimulants 4. Group of drugs that excite the central nervous system. Also
known as Uppers.

Depressant 5. Drugs that decreases the activity of any bodily function. Also
known as Downers.

Hallucinogens 6. Drugs that produce marked distortions of the senses and

the changes in

perception. Also known as Psychedelics.

Ephedrine 7. The main ingredient of Shabu causing brain damage.

Shabu 8. The most drugs of abuse.

Marijuana 9. Drug that has an effects of bloodshot eye, dry mouth, and

Ketamine 10. Drug that has an street name Super K and Cyclohexane.

B. ESSAY: 5 pts. each

1. What are the effects of drugs in:

* Oneself
* Family
* Community
2. How you will prevent in taking of drugs?


- Explain each question for at least 5 sentences.

- Use English language only.

- Grammar is not considered.

- Example is allowed if needed.

V. Assignment

-Have an advance reading about the next topic Hygiene.


Make a poem with a theme of Drug free environment.


* illustration board * Any coloring materials * Words in


* In English language * Any design is allowed * No frame


Originality .. 25%

Message .... 20%

Relatedness . 20%

Creativity . 20%

Neatness . 15%

Prepared by: BEEd III-A Students

Vergil Nopre

Jayson Lovendino

Frances Anne Robles

Jean Robas

Alvin Christian Lozano

Jonaisa Maminta

Junel De Borja

Jameel Basaes

Shyrine Bonde

Jay Anave

Abegail Ebrada

Jamelyn Mirasol