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SPIRAL-SPUN The Shoulder Shaping - towards you.

WAISTCOAT Cast off 6 sts. at the The Shoulder Shaping.-

beginning of the next 4 Cast off 6 sts. at the
Materials: 11 oz. of rows. Cast off the beginning of the next
Jaeger "Spiral-Spun" (7d. remaining 24 sts. for the row, then on the next
per oz.), 1 pair each of back neck. alternate row.
No. 5 and No. 8 Jaeger
knitting needles, and 5 THE RIGHT FRONT THE LEFT FRONT
buttons the size of a Begin at the lower edge. Work this exactly like the
shilling. Cast on 48 sts. using No. right front, but with all
Measurements: Length 8 needles and work 2 shapings at opposite
from shoulder at arm- inches in k.1, p.1 rib. edges.
hole edge, 20.5 inches; Change to No. 5 needles
width all round under the and the pattern and THE FRONT BAND
arms, when fastened, 40 continue until the work Begin at the lower edge
inches. measures 4.5 inches of the left side. Cast on
Tension: 9 stitches to 2 from the beginning, 10 sts. using No. 8
inches in width, and 7 finishing with the work needles and work 3 rows
rows to 1 inch in depth. right side towards you. in k.1, p.1 rib. Now work
Abbreviations: K. = knit; The Pocket Opening: a buttonhole as follows:
p. = purl; sts. = stitches; Next row - Pattern 12, 1st row - Rib 3, cast off
rep. = repeat; sl. = slip; cast off 24, pattern 11. 4, rib 2.
dec. = decrease or Leave this work for the 2nd row - Rib 3, cast on
decreasing. present and make a 4, rib 3. Continue making
Casting-on: If you cast pocket lining as follows : buttonholes 2.25 inches
on with two needles work Cast on 24 sts. using No. apart until there are 5 in
into the back of all cast 5 needles and work 3.5 all. Continue in rib until
on sts. to produce firm inches in pattern, the work measures 50
edges, but if you use the finishing after a k. row. inches from the
thumb method this is not Go back to the front. beginning. Cast off.
necessary. Next row - Pattern 12,
pattern across the sts. of THE ARMHOLE BANDS
THE BACK the pocket lining, pattern Cast on 4 sts. using No.
Begin at the lower edge. 12. Continue on these 8 needles and work 22
Cast on 80 sts. using No. sts. until the work inches in k.1, p.1 rib.
8 needles and work 2 measures 10 inches from Cast off.
inches in k. 1, p. 1 rib. the beginning, finishing
Change to No. 5 needles with the work right side THE POCKET BANDS
and the pattern as towards you. Cast on 4 sts. using No.
follows: 1st row - Sl.1, k. The Neck Shaping - 8 needles and work 4.5
to end. 2nd row - Sl.1, * Dec. 1 st. at the inches in k.1, p.1 rib.
p.2, k.2. Rep. from * beginning of the next Cast off.
finishing k.1. These 2 row, then on every 4th
rows form the pattern and row following, at the THE MAKING UP
are rep. throughout. same time when the work Press the work on the
Continue in pattern until measures 12 inches from wrong side with a warm
the work measures 12 the beginning, and iron and damp cloth. Join
inches from the finishing with the work the shoulders, sew in the
beginning, finishing with wrong side towards you, armhole bands, and
the work right side work the armhole press the seams. Sew up
towards you. shaping. the side seams and press
The Armhole Shaping - The Armhole Shaping - them. Sew the front band
Cast off 4 sts. at the Cast off 4 sts. at the round the neck edge and
beginning of the next 6 beginning of the next down each front, and
rows, then dec. 1 st. at row, then on the next 2 press the seam. Sew the
both ends of every row alternate rows. Now dec. pocket linings to the
until 48 sts. remain. 1 st. at the same edge on fronts, and press the
Continue without dec. the next 3 alternate rows seams. Sew the pocket
until the armholes (27 sts.). Now dec. 1 st. bands along the top edge
measure 8.5 inches on at the neck edge on of the pockets, and press
the straight, finishing with every 3rd row until 12 sts. the seams. Sew on the
the work right side remain, and finishing with buttons to correspond
towards you. the work wrong side with the buttonholes.