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General Santos Hope Christian School

Block 8, Dadiangas Heights

General Santos City

Fourth Quarter Examination

Grade 9 Psalms and Proverbs
SY: 2016 2017

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Teacher: Rogelio B. Pontejo

I. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Identify the choice that best completes the statement.
Write the letter of your choice on the space provided before each item.

______ 1. The researcher divided the subjects into four groups according to year level
and then selected members from each group for the sample. What sampling
method was used?
A. Cluster B. Random C. Systematic D. Stratified

______ 2. Data classified according to color are measured as what scale?

A. Nominal B. Ratio C. Ordinal D. Interval

______ 3. What are the boundaries of the class interval 5.4 7.8?

A. 5.35 7.85 B. 5.0 7.0 C. 5.0 8.0 D. 5.45 7.85

______4. What should be used to show the relationship between the parts and the

A. Histogram B. Pareto C. Pie D. Ogive

______ 5. Except for rounding errors, the percent in a pie graph should add up to

A. 0 B. 1 C. 50 D. 100

___b__ 6. A student was interested in the cigarette smoking habits of college students
and collected data from an unbiased random sample. The data is
summarized in the following table.

Male : 50 Female : 75
Males who smoke: 20 Females who smoke : 25
Males who do not smoke: 30 Females who do not smoke: 50

Why is the table NOT a frequency distribution?

A. The number of males does not equal the sum of males that smoke and
do not smoke.

B. The classes are not mutually exclusive.
C. There are too many classes.
D. Class limit cannot be computed.

__b___ 7. When a class interval is expressed as: 100 up to 200

A. Observations with values of 100 are excluded from the class frequency
B. Observations with values of 200 are included in the class frequency.
C. Observations with values of 200 are excluded in the class frequency.
D. The class interval is 99.

__d___ 8. For qualitative data, the relative frequency for a class is computed as

A. Class width divided by class interval.

B. Class midpoint divided by the class frequency.
C. Class frequency divided by the class interval.
D. Class frequency divided by the total frequency.

__c___9. A group of 100 students were surveyed about their interest in a new
Economic major. Interest was measured in terms of high, medium, or low. 30
students responded high interest; 50 students responded medium interest; 20
students responded low interest. What is the best way to illustrate the result
of the study?

A. Cumulative frequency polygon C. Pie chart

B. Bar chart D. Frequency Table

___d__10. In a frequency distribution, what is the number of observations in a class


A. Class midpoint C. Class array

B. Class interval D. Class frequency

__a____11. A statement about a population developed for the purpose of testing is


A. Hypothesis C. Level of significance

B. Hypothesis testing D. Test-statistic

___a__12. Any hypothesis which is tested for the purpose of rejection under the
assumption that it is true is called:

A. Null hypothesis C. Statistical hypothesis

B. Alternative hypothesis D. Composite hypothesis

__a___13. A statement about the value of a population parameter is called:

A. Null hypothesis C. Simple hypothesis

B. Alternative hypothesis D. Composite hypothesis

__c___14. Any statement whose validity is tested on the basis of a sample is called:

A. Null hypothesis C. Statistical hypothesis
B. Alternative hypothesis D. Simple hypothesis

___d__15. A quantitative statement about a population is called:

A. Research hypothesis C. Simple hypothesis

B. Composite hypothesis D. Statistical hypothesis

__b___16. The total number of possible outcomes is we roll a fair die and toss a coin.

A. 6 B. 12 C. 24 D. 64

__d___17. The total number of possible outcomes if we roll a fair 4 sided die 3 times.

A. 6 B. 13 C. 24 D. 64

_a___18. How many different ways can we arrange the letters BBBACDE?

A. 840 B. 210 C. 105 D. 42

__b__19. How many different numbers can be formed by rearranging 2212562?

A. 840 B. 210 C. 105 D. 42

_____20. A search engine ranks 11 websites related to a particular query in order of

relevance. How many different rankings are possible?

A. 8! B. 9! C. 10! D. 11!

II. MATHCHING TYPE: Write the letter of your choice on the space provided
before each item in Column A.
A n
cf B

__d__ 21. Mean

A. L + ( 2
f )

__b___22. Frequency distribution B. Collection of observations produced

by sorting them into classes.
__c___23. Frequency Polygon
C. graphical device for understanding the
_a____24. Median shape of distribution

__k___25. Modal class D. Most commonly used measure of

central tendency
_e___26. Decile n
_j___27. Percentile E. L + ( 10
f )

___f_28. Permutation
F. Every arrangement in order of a set of
__h__29. Combination things.

__g__30. Hypothesis G. Tentative, testable answer to a

scientific question.

H. Arrangement of things without

reference to the order.
I. Formal procedures used to accept or
reject hypotheses.
J. L + ( 100
f (w) )

31 35. When 40 people were surveyed at SM Mall, they reported the distance they
drove to the mall, and the results ( km.) are given below

2 8 1 5 9 5 14 10 31 20
15 4 10 6 5 5 1 8 12 10
25 40 31 24 20 20 3 9 15 15
25 8 1 1 16 23 18 25 21 12

Construct a Frequency Distribution Table with 8 number of classes.

36 40. Using the Frequency Distribution in item ( 31 35), Compute the Median

41 45. Using the Frequency Distribution in item 31 35, Compute the P 75

46 50. A clothing manufacturer wants to determine whether customers prefer any
specific color over other colors in shirts. He selected a random sample of 102
shirts sold and notes the color. The table below shows the results. At = 0.10,
is there a color preference? The X2 critical value is 9.236.

Color Number Sold Expected Frequency

White 43
Blue 22
Black 16
Red 10
Yellow 6
Green 5

51 55. A study is being conducted to determine whether there is a relationship

between jogging and blood pressure. A random sample of 120 subjects is
selected, and they are classified as shown in the table. Use = 0.05. The
X2critical value is 5.991.

Blood pressure
Jogging Status low moderate high total
Joggers 34 57 21 112
Non joggers 15 63 20 98
total 49 120 41 210


56 60. What is the importance of statistics in business?

61 65. How can you use Frequency Distribution Table knowledge in your daily
encounter with people, especially the business world?

66 70. Differentiate permutation from combination. Give example and discuss.

71 75. Differentiate Type I from Type II error in hypotheses testing.