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Group-4 (BM-I, Sec-D) XIMB


The goal of this study is to investigate whether or not perception of people
towards a brand changes with change in music. We assume the use of appropriate
music helps to create an emotional connection and eventually establish a
brand liking in the mind of the customer.
We have selected the sports brand Nike and decided to analyse their
advertisements with variations in music.
Dependent variable:
Brand Image- This is decided based on a Likert scale and questionnaires
that captures the user preferences based on the manipulation of the other
Independent Variables:
Music- varied on the basis of

No Music
Popular Music
Non-Popular Music
Extraneous variables:
1. External noise /unequal volume levels: Controlled by making sure all
students have headphones rather than speakers and are setup to
equal volume levels
2. Connectivity: Students will access during the least possible network
traffic hours.
3. Age group of respondents: The Respondents chosen belonged
4. Interest in Sports based Ads: The survey floated prior to experiment
with capture data relevant to this
Null Hypothesis(H0): Consumers are more likely to associate positive
qualities with a brand when they see a commercial with popular
music than when they see one without popular music or no
commercial at all
Alternate Hypothesis(H1): Consumer likability for a particular brand
does not depend on the music chose
Number of subjects will be evaluated under different conditions of
the music. Such as changing the type of music and also no music.

Marketing Management- 3
Group-4 (BM-I, Sec-D) XIMB

A pre-survey is designed to divide the population into clusters with

similar traits based on interest in sports brand Nike. Then the
clusters were divided equally into three groups.
The 3 groups so formed are exposed to the Ad in three different
conditions by altering the music No Music, Popular Music, Non-
Popular Music
The responses will be collected in a google sheet which will contain
likert scale based on relevant questions.
Anova, Chi square and cluster analysis on the collected data will be
performed to study the hypothesis of the experiment.

Marketing Management- 3