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I. The Glow in the Dark or the Messages of the Gods.

Dumbledore woke up from a strange dream featuring

a Dragon and a Tiger. He knew his dreams were
special, but nothing could compare to what he had

That night, he had seen a great lesson of life and

thanked the gods for this privilege.

Little did he understand that the dream was a lot more

than a lesson imparted by the gods. Years later, when
his beard had lengthened and whitened, when his
skin had withered and only a sparkle in his eyes
remained from his younger years...

Only then, did he understand… the day he saw the


But no longer did it have ice blue scales and sharp

teeth… but it did have the same silver eyes, the same
love for flight, it's being was untouched.

He was there, at Hogwarts, fighting with The Boy Who


Dumbledore's vision seemed to shift and he saw.

Draconis Malfoy had disappeared, revealing the

powerful creature, coiled upon itself, It's wings spread,
fangs bared, claws unsheathed.

A parting from this moment Dumbledore had one

desire before he died:

To meet the Tiger.

The last place he would have looked for her, was

II. The Day She Ignored Him or The Day He Noticed

November: 3 months after Dumbledore 'saw'


"Go look at your self in a mirror Malfoy, maybe you'll

see a friend!"

"Couldn't come up with some thing a little smarter



Draco was said to be patient, but some things really

annoyed him. The golden trio and that noise for
instance. The two combined was making him
extremely annoyed, and no one wanted an annoyed
Malfoy around ones self.
"Not that you could understand Death Eater."

"Try Me." sneered the blond.

Screech !scratch! screech!

Draco decided whoever was making than noise was

ignoring him, and that who ever was doing that was
asking for suicide assistance.

He looked around, all too happy to comply and

growled softly, failing to glimpse the offending


"Letting the ferret instinct take over?" quipped


"May I have the pleasure of reminding you who is the

full imitation of a bush around here, beaver face?"

In Draco's point of view, miracles never ceased:

Ronald remembered how to talk: "Do. Not. Insult. My.
Girlfriend." Draco arched an eyebrow and feigned a
disgusted look before commenting "My, you do have
a horrid taste Weasel. But I expect low casts like you
grab anything on sale..."

Ron pounced on Draco, who crouched, grabbing the
front of his robes, used the force of his jump , and
slammed Ron on the ground with an unnatural crack.

"-Ron!" Cried Hermione, rushing to his side. She and

Harry pulled the broken-nosed Weasley up and
staggered out of the library, shooting death glares at
Draco over their shoulder.


The Dragon focused his attention on the noise,

closing his eyes, intent on punishing it's creator.

Behind Him.

A menacing expression appeared on his face and his

eyes snapped open.

A 1st year entering the library brutally spun on his

heel, and almost ran in the opposite direction,
deciding his already late essay could wait and that
detention was a hole lot better than coming any closer
to the person of Draco Malfoy in the mood he was in .
(There were after all very frightening rumors about
him, involving a lot of pain and suffering and
vampires. And the poor kid had lost his crucifix.)
Unaware of the turmoil he'd caused Draco turned
around, looking very unhappy.
I was a girl, she was sitting on a chair, balancing on
the seat's two back legs with her feet propped up on
the table.

A large dusty book lay open on her legs, she was

filing her nails over it.

Her beauty hit him as hard as a Bludger.

Long legs, alabaster skin, dark red hair…and long

nails that she was filing producing that annoying
noise! "Listen Malfoy, I have Potions quiz tomorrow.
So if you plan on breathing down my neck all day, I'd
rather have you spread your germs far, far away from

That certainly broke the charm and Draco lost his

temper: immaturely snatching the file away from her.

"Manners , manners…" he said softly, smirking all he

was worth.

The red head howled silently and snapped the book

shut, removing her feet from the table and letting the
chair fall on all fours. She extended her hand shoving
the book in one of the shelves without really paying
attention and rounded on the blond offender. Holding
out her hand she spoke very slowly, like one would to
a five years old or Ron.

"-Now Draco, be a good boy, and return my good…"

He smirked evilly and took a step forwards, invading
her personal space. "What do I get?"

She frowned, tilting her head delicately, ignoring his

very clear suggestion. "What do you mean?"

Draco sighed. "Tell me your name and you'll owe me

one. Then I give you this." he said patiently, twirling
the nail file between his fingers.

The young woman smirked her golden eyes sparkling

with mischief. "Let's rather have it like this: first you
give me the file, then I kiss you, I tell you who I am
and we're quit."

He smirked right back at her, handing her the file,

resting his other hand on her hip. She look it and
brushed his lips with hers, before taking a step back.

Trying, to take a step back would have been a better

way to describe what happened. He held her hips,
and lowered his head close to hers.

"-A real kiss." he breathed, sharply nipping her chin.

She rolled her eyes and grabbed his head crashing

their lips together. He took his time tasting her and
held her lighter against him. She pushed away ,
twirling the file between her fingers smirking slyly.
"-Draco Malfoy, you have just kissed a Weasley!" she
declared, laughing evilly before continuing "Have fun
scrubbing your face of… So long Malfoy!"

He watched her exit the room, merrily jinxing students

out of her way, his mouth slightly agape.
III. Dark Secrets or The Cat Who Charmed The

He watched her closely for the next week, closely

enough to notice as she distracted Harry with a
slightly unbuttoned shirt at dinner. Long enough ,he
noticed ,to pour something in his drink.

It's a big brother's gift to somehow sense when your

sister is flirting, so of course Ron noticed Harry's
indecent attitude and started having a tantrum.
Ginevra used the new distraction provided by her
brother's yelling and Hermione's trying to shut him up
to tip something in their drinks too and froze when she
felt Draco's gaze on her as she slipped the now empty
vial in her pocket.

She smirked and winked at him, before calming down

her brother and his friends. "Now take a drink and
we'll discuss this calmly." she said with authority.
They complied and turned green. Literally.

"-I have a pink thong." Exclaimed Harry pointing at

Hermione. The hall grew very silent all of a sudden
and the attention center once again became Harry
Potter. When the boy who lived registered his words,
his hilarious expression disappeared as fast as a
donut in a police office. Hermione and Ron burst out
laughing. "Snape is hot!" Said Hermione, gasping for
air between two bouts of laughter.

After that, she didn't laugh just quite as much. "Snape

—" She shut up realizing what was happening. She
ran out of the hall, closely followed by Harry. By then
Ron had problems breathing, he stood up and ran
after them and said something he intended to come
out like 'wait for me' but instead yelled: "I love you

All the students were crying with laughter at the

display. Ginevra looking very smug, stood up and
exited the hall. Draco motioned for his henchmen to
stay put and followed her echoing foot steps for a few
minutes until he caught sight of her waiting for him at
the end of a corridor.

"I'm bored." she declared, looking at him passively.

"Nice to meet you Bored, I'm Draco," he answered.
Ginevra rolled her eyes and started walking away,
motioning for him to follow over her shoulder.

"Shut up and hurry, I won't be waiting for you to catch

me up all my life." He arched an eyebrow and joined
her, not bothering to hurry up. "What do you know?"
he said in that horrible drawl of is. She taped her foot
impatiently, crossing her arms over her chest and
ignored her repartee. Ginny started walking again
once he was close to her. "What did you put in their
drinks?" he asked after a few seconds. The red head
smiled in self-satisfaction. "An invention of mine. Just
as are half the twins inventions. I get a percentage out
of their sales, you know? Anyways, I like calling them
Dark Secrets. They'll be on sale in two months time.
What I poured in their glass was the potion base.
Usually they're chocolates. It counters the green skin.
Oh by the way…" She dug in her pockets and
extracted a handful of brightly wrapped chocolates,
offering some to him."Chocolate?"

It was asked so sweetly Draco almost threw up.

Instead he wisely refused. "Oh well… I'll manage to
smuggle some on the Slytherin table some day…"
she said in a motivated tone. "You know, Weasley,
I've been thinking..." Ginny arched an eyebrow at him
"Will wonders never cease?" she asked snidely.

Draco ignored her comment and continued."Are you

sure you were sorted in the good house? Pansy had
been trying for years to succeed in what you did
earlier on."

"You mean using her body to distract long enough

and strike?" she asked innocently. "Are you naturally
dense of are you just trying to annoy me Weaslette?"
he growled. "Do you often answer a question with an
other question Ferret?" she shot back viciously. Draco
smirked : "What does it sound like?" Ginny rose her
hands to the sky in surrender."Ok! Ok! You win… So
yes I am a Gryff, a real one, proud of it and all. I know
where my loyalties are. The difference is that I
happen to see the world in a different way than the

"-The famous Shades Of Grey." he said, almost

silently."Yes. Dumbledore is like me, He's one of the
only Gryffs I know who sees life in that way. Well,
except he has pink tinted glasses, to top it of." she
said with slight amusement. "So now you must be
wondering why you're talking to a dirty Death Eater?"

Ginny had the grace to looks surprised at his

comment. "If I rejected you because of your political
tendencies, omitting who you are, I'd prove myself to
be no better than the Dark Lord's slaves, and their
attitude towards Muggles. All in all, talking to you is
fun…and messing with you was even better!" She
laughed happily, still walking to their unknown

"Where are we going?" asked Draco in a bored tone,

stuffing his hands in his pockets. "You must mean,
where are you following me." corrected Ginny. "Have
it your way." sighed Draco, too fascinated by her
strange character to stop and wonder why indeed he
was following a Weasley.

"I always do." beamed the girl "I'm going to the

training room."

"The Kitten fights?" asked Draco, surprised.

"Like a Tiger, since I'm five years old. Dad had Moody
teach me martial arts, and self defense, just in case
the Dark Lord came back."

"Only Death Eaters call him Dark Lord." said Draco,

skipping the point best he could.

"I won't lower myself to calling him 'You-Know-Who' ,

and if I go around calling him 'Voldemort' It's a free
ticket to St Mungo's for me." she said animatedly, her
eyes full of annoyance.

"Well, when you prance around; calling the deadliest

wizard of the century by the only thing her doesn't
want to be called…" started Draco never finishing his
voiced thought.

She spun in front of him putting her hand on his chest,

their eyes locked.

"I know worst, Malfoy. Much worst." She whispered,

her eyes suddenly vague, fare away looking.

She shook her head and started walking briskly. He

followed still; "I thought you were weaker." he said.

"I thought you were meaner."

"You thought wrong Weasley."

"Error is human, and thus I officially proclaim that

Draco Malfoy is Human! And that's bound to get the
Prophets' front page…" She joked while Draco sat
down on the side of the padded room to watch her
work out her moves. They flowed as strong and
smooth as water. Precise. Strong. Supple. She was
good. "I can't wait to be out of here. Out of
Hogwarts…on the battle field. Fighting for my life,
avenging the innocents!Oh! The thrill of the fight
Draco! Pumping through your body, adrenaline
clogging your system!" She did a high kick and
allowed the inertia to make her gracefully spin and fall
on the floor, laughing. Rolling on her stomach she
peered at Draco thou her fingers. "You must think I'm


"-Ron does."

"Your brother is a git. I fell the same way. The thrill is

better than Quiddich, better than anything."

"Are you sure?" She asked teasingly.

"-Sneaky Weasel."

"-My, thank you Ferret." She amused her self doing to

and fro movements with her feet in the air while he
debated with him-self. "Was the Potions Quiz excuse

"Alas…" she sighed.

"What's a Gasep? "

"-A pearl you sometimes find in Ashwinder nests. It's

extremely rare, used in divers healing potions but if
swallowed without preparation, will kill in a mater of
seconds." She said in monotone.

"That's 7th year level." said Draco, deadpan.

"I never said I was studying Potions back there. Your

arguing was getting on my nerves so I punished you
by ignoring your behavior and punished the trio earlier
today. Simple."

Draco stood up."Fight me."

"Why?" whined the red head, suddenly looking quite


"Are you scared?"

"Tired." Ginevra said in a bored tone, letting her legs

hit the floor with a thud. Draco dropped his defense
and looked down at her mockingly.
"Lazy Woman."

"And proud of it! Say Draco, let's frighten the hole

school and hang around together, until the end of the
year. Merlin knows we both need intelligent chit-chat
once in a wile."

"You want us to be friends?" he asked mockingly.

"Until Kings Cross. After that, no pity. Nothing. We

won't talk about our 'political preferences'. Deal?"

Draco looked at her critically before sighing in defeat.

She was too cute for him and... though he'd never
admit it...he needed the company. And maybe he
could get some info about the order in the deal? Who
knew. "They're really going to freak out you know?"

She smirked shaking his hand."All the better!"

IV. The Moment To Be Nice To The People You
Loath All Year Round or Christmas.

One month later, everyone in the castle was used to

seeing and darting out of the way of the strange
couple walking down a corridor talking animatedly
about Quiddich or just sharing an "evil" glance.

Soon it was December, and Christmas was in the

air...Along with the little flying bells, fairies, glitter,
choirs of ghosts and hordes of very sneaky mistletoe.
Draco and Ginevra always had their wand at the
ready for the last. In a very short period the 'incendio'
had became very popular amongst students and staff;
though the teachers would never admit it.

The duo had once tried levitating a bunch of mistletoe

over Snape and , had never seen anyone fire a spell
that fast."So your going home for Christmas?" she
asked. Draco nodded darkly. She sighed."Oh well…"
she trailed off before continuing in a stern voice:
"Never mind. " Ginevra stopped walking, watching the
student standing in front of her, pointing upwards.

"What the—" She looked up, and saw the dreaded


"Do you think I can burn them?" Asked Draco, taking

his wand from is cloak. The student blanched.

"Can't. Christmas spirit remember? It's 'the moment to

be nice to the people you loath all year round'." She
pecked the student and continued talking and
walking. Draco discreetly waved his wand behind his
back, setting fire to the mistletoe and to the student's
robes without her noticing.

"-So what does a Malfoy wish for Christmas? " asked

Ginny. "I don't want to starve your family."answered
the blond cheekily. "Shut up. Your father has done
that for as long as I remembered, stopping my father's
political evolution. "
"-Nothing. Really." said Draco. "What? My Father's
political evolution or what you want for Christmas?
You're not helping …"She pouted, playfully sticking
her tongue at him.

"And what about you Kitten? "

She groaned as if the question had actually been

painful."The perfect man."

"Sorry, I'm not for sale."

"You mustn't have heard me correctly I'm afraid."

Draco hit her lightly on the head with his fist. She
smiled cheekily at him, knowing fully that this action
was a rare public display of affection on Draco
Malfoy's part.

"Ginny! Ginny!"A panting boy skidded to a halt in front

of them."Malfoy." He acknowledged.

"Gin, can we talk?"

"Sure. Draco, I'll catch you up." The blond nodded

nodded and went to lean against the wall a bite
further on.

"Just to tell you I'm going home for the holidays, and
that I—I… erm…how.."
"You want to dump me?" said Ginny, very calmly.

"Yes! –I mean no—well not, not that way. "

"Ok. In that case, it's finished . See you around." The

tall red head smiled icily at him and stalked besides
Draco. "I gather It went bad." said the blond.

"I'm not sure of who dumped the other first." grumbled

the youngest Weasley.

"Too bad. I found a remedy: stick to bimbo airheads.

Not capable of sticking two words together in a
sentence."said Draco, gently patting the top of her

"Are you implying I am a "bimbo airhead?" asked

Ginny, glaring at him.

" You're not my girl friend."

"By Hades, no! And thank Aphrodite for that!"

"Does that mean you think I'm a bad lover?" The

Slytherin asked mockingly. She sniffed disdainfully
and discreetly packed a snow ball. "Yes." The snow
ball hit him square in the jaw, he lugged at her,
tackling her to the ground. "No! Don't tickle me! NO!"

"-You will pay you blasphemous words!" he roared,

stuffing snow down her neck.

"No! It's wet!" He finally let her go and stood up

panting. She glared at him from her spot on the floor
between his shoes; "You merciless man! Definite
class A Death Eater Material!"

"Well, this 'Death Eater' is inviting you for a drink so

be thankful."

"-Hark at him." she growled, trying to dislodge the

snow stuck under her shirt.

Draco wrapped an arm around her waist and puller

her in the' Tree Broomsticks' and went at the counter
to get the drinks while she found a both for both of
them. Draco came back with a butter beer and a glass
of chilled milk. "So except a never ending supply of
milk, what does her Majesty want for Christmas?"

"I think the person who knows I love milk should hare
no problem finding a decent present for me, so I'll let
you chose." The truth was they both already had each
others present planned, but they were just covering it
up, knowing fully well the other would never say what
they wanted.

"Come on it's evident that you're a milk addict!"

"I can count the people who know about than with one
hand. Including you." said the girl, holding five fingers

"Tell me."

"You, Dumbledore, Lupin, Mad-Eye and the Dark

Lord. It would have been 6 but Sirius is dead."

Draco looked at her curiously."How Does The Dark—"

"You don't want to know." She sipped her milk and

licked her lips thoughtfully."It tastes…different, The
milk. Sweeter and creamier…"

"It's unicorn milk. Don't tell me you never had some!

It's a typical Christmas drink!Like that thing Muggles
drink, Egg Nut or something…" said Draco, frowning.
Ginny had really rubbed off on him for him t know that
kind of thing.

"Egg Nog." corrected the Weasley "And It's the first

time I drink any. It's really expensive you know, and
all my brothers just hate milk. Except Charly, but he's
gone, so I go for like a month per year without milk
and it drives me up the wall!" She laughed and
finished the milk.

"-You have a mustache."

"And you have not shaved." She replied evenly,

licking the milk away and grabbing his chin for closer
inspection. She rubbed her thumb on his jaw."In fact
you haven't shaved in maybe two or three days.

"Any thing to keep my girl friend away. She says it

'Irritates her sensitive skin'." he said, gently prying his
face from her curious hands. Though such attention
didn't bother him, her doing at in public was a
damaged to his already shredded reputation.

"Her loss. Come on, let's visit Honeyducks! I've no

more Chocolate Frogs. "

"Don't tell me you still give them a 10second head

start before hunting them down!" sighed the blond, not
daring to hear her answer.

"What if I do?"

Draco looked at her like she was crazy.

"May I remind you" started Ginny, poking him lightly

"that I'm not the one who feels an insane urge to burn
anything flammable? And just loves eating almost raw
meat, especially lamb?"

"Hey, you do too!" he said defensively "Anyways at

least I have nothing in common with a cat… But you,
you are a cat."

"Are you sure you haven't seen me around catnip?"

asked Ginny, slightly embarrassed.
"I think I'll buy you a cat set, you know with one of
those claw sharpeners."

"Oh but you do a perfect job Draco!" Snickered the


"You shred my best robes to peaces!" Exclaimed the

blond as on old argument surfaced.

"You're the one who said 'search me'." said Ginny


"Yes. 'Search me' not 'Shred me' . " Draco blinked

down at her, deadpan. Ginny rolled her eyes before
answering: "Hel-lo Captain Sarcastic… PMS today?"

They both paid for their treats and went on other

errands all around Hogsmeade. "Thanks for taking the
latest train back to London. Now you'll have to ride
through the night because of me..."

"Well it doesn't really matter, and it makes a nice

change not having your brother glaring daggers
through the back of my head." joked Draco, handing
her a chocolate frog.

"Yea, my brother can sure be—" Ginny stopped in

mid-sentence, her face lost all its color as her packets
tumbled from her arms. She ran across the street
almost getting run over by a horse in process. Draco
picked her things up and went after her, feeling
worried (well as worried as a Malfoy can feel which is
not much). She was clutching a Prophet, and her
body was shaking as her eyes darted over the front
page. "No…"

By the time the paper had hit the ground, Ginevra was
half way down the street, running hard for the castle.
Draco picked it and looked pensively at the titles ,then
pocketed the 'Prophet' watching Ginevra kick a
Thestral at full gallop, in direction of the castle.

The old mans eyes twinkled in the darkness of his

cloak as he watched the young blond shift his
packages and disappear in a dark alley. Somehow
he'd expected more from Draco Malfoy. But, at the
same time, was he really allowed to expect anything
from that impetuous Dragon? Draco Malfoy may care,
but he was a Malfoy. And Malfoys are raised to be…

He suckled on his lemon drop pensively, and smiled.

He knew his optimism would be the death of him, but
he had hoped the young Slytherin would have at least
done something for the only person who really cared
for him with out expecting anything in return.

But it seemed he would not. And that was one of the

rare times Dumbledore was wrong. Because there is
a lot more to Draco Malfoy that anyone could fathom,
and that was one of the reasons Ginevra liked the
handsome boy so much: he had a knack for proving
others wrong.

An/ voila…

Special note from the author TO:

AuthoressMegaRose; (and anyone who bothers to
read it...)

Your question was quite interesting,

Quote:(…)"It seems unlikely to me that dear Draco

wouldn't have reconized the loverly Ginny in the
library. Shes been at the school for quite sometime
now and I think that he just might have known he was
kissing a Weasley"(...)

and that is what half my fic is about: psychologies.

Draco Malfoys psychological profile is one of the

hardest I have ever worked on. In shadow walkers
he's rather easy to understand. But in this fic, he is
very complicated.

Ginny is to.

Any way. Ginny has changed a lot in the past

summer, and in Draco Malfoys books:

Weasley orange hair, freckles, ugly, stupid…ect.

And when that was drummed in your head since

you're a kid it kind of sticks.

His mind could not admit it was a Weasley: it just did

not work (A Malfoy can not be attracted to a Weasley
in any case).

On an other plan, it would be like someone telling you

after the 17 years of your life that what you were told
all your live was a sunflower, is in fact a rose.

But I guess that at a certain level his subconscious he

did know. That's what triggered

" He lost his temper and snatched the file away from

Normally, Draco would not have lost his temper, only

it's a proved fact that we lose our temper when
something we don't accept is being forced onto us.

So there, I hope you don't mind my psycho babbling,

and that it helped understand a little about DM!
V. All He Wanted or What She Needed

Draco entered a side road, leading to one of

Hogsmeade's disreputable alleys, he hadn't bothered
to follow the Cat, knowing very well (and at expense)
she needed her 'alone time', something very few
people understood. Especially Gryffindors, who would
have rushed after their friend only bothering her more.
He entered a very clean shop. A freakishly clean
shop. He often came here for 'affair' because he knew
the owner was as strict about his merchandise than
he was about the neatness of his store.

"I came for the packet I'd ordered about 2 week ago,
under the name of Malfoy."

"Ah, yes I remember clearly, a very fine article you

asked me, very rare."

"You know budget is not my problem, and I do hope

you have found it. It would be sad to have your little
business lost to our services." Draco said pleasantly.
The veiled threat floated in the air for a few seconds.

"-Of course I do have it! When have I ever failed

you?" The man dived under the counter only to
reappear after a few seconds, proudly depositing a
packet wrapped in brown paper between them.

"-Good." Draco tucked the packet under his arm,

dumping a pouch loaded with galleons on the counter
and exited the shop, trudging his way through the
snow to the dark castle ahead.

If his girlfriend discovered he'd just spent almost 200

Galeons on his Kitten, she'd have his head nailed
over her chimney in no time. Ok, he hadn't bought her
a present, but she didn't deserve one either. She'd
gave him a photo of herself as a present. What would
her want her photo for? Did she expect him to frame it
and put it on his bedside table or something?

He spoke the password and entered the all too sunny

realm of the Gryffindors."What are you doing here
Death Eater? This is supposed to be a Slytherin-free

Draco glanced at the boy with mousy brown hair

who'd spoken. He had a camera hanging around his
neck. He recalled Ginevra chatting about him once …
He was a 6th year Potter maniac, president of the
Harry Potter fan-club since Ginny had left. Now if only
he could remember his name…


"Creevey. Colin Creevey."

Draco shrugged, not really caring. "Ginevra is in her


"Yes. I hope you're not the reason she's crying. I tried

to comfort her but she tried to throttle me with my

Draco smirked arching an eyebrow. Typically her. He

took his wand out, making the Creepy-boy take a step
back, searching his wand in a frenzy."Cool down
Creepy. I'm not going to attack you. For now. Expecto
Patronum"A sleek animal slid out of Draco's wand and
strolled up one of the spiraling staircases.
Draco sat on one of the unhealthy overstuffed chairs
and watched the Griffindor boy unblinkingly. And
watched. And watched. And watched. And—

"I think I'll be going to Hogsmeade now." Draco

looked at him harder. The boy gulped and fled out of
the room like all hell was behind him. Witch it was. A
very pleased Draco contemplated the empty common
room, wondering if he could possibly place a few
'surprises' here and there. Something slumped on the
hearthrug in front of a fireplace.

"Don't throw yourself in the fire Kitten."

"You're the one who has an insane fascination with

fire; not me." She said sleepily, peering at him through
her fingers.

"Will you be all right?" he asked gently.

"Of course, I'm just a little sentimental a Christmas,

that's all." She grinned at him and threw him a large
mushy packet.

"Happy Christmas. Don't die; Be happy; Have lots of

kids; Bla-bla-bla…"

"Same for me;" He said throwing her what he'd

purchased minutes ago but then paused,
thinking."Kitten don't bite my head of, but I just can't
picture you baking cakes in a cozy little cottage;
plagued by hordes of red headed kids, waiting for the
'love of your life' to come back from a hard days work
whit a kiss and a nice hot supper."

"Ugh. Creepy." she muttered.

"He's out in Hogsmeade."

"Huh?" Ginny gave him a strange look.

"Are you opening your present any time soon, Kitten?"

asked Draco, rolling her eyes.

Ginny gleefully shred the paper away and unfolded

the magnificent garment. It was a battle robe of the
finest kind. The outside was made of emerald linen
and had heating as well as waterproof spells woven
in. It was lined with very thin black silk, but what made
it special was what there was between the materials:
a feather-light, indestructible dwarf chain mail, cooled
in dragon-blood. It's cut reminded her of a coat from a
Muggle film she'd seen photos of, called Matrix.
"Draco… this is…I…wow!"

"Do you like it?" he purred.

"Are you daft? Of course I do! It's exactly what I

wanted!" She discarded her own robes and slipped
her present over her clothes, it's cut shifted slightly,
adjusting itself to fit her shape perfectly. He surveyed
his choice smugly. He liked to see a woman who
could pull off wearing the clothes he chose for her.
"Well, my good taste has saved you ,once again, of a
major style disaster. I must say I am good at picking

"Draco, I've already promised you more than a 100

times I'd never wear pink again. Okay? Do you feel
safe now? And you know, in the tradition, us poorest
families like seeing our close ones take the paper of
what has cost us weeks of starvation to afford. I
promise this one doesn't bite." Draco peeled the
paper away and unfolded a Slytherin-green turtleneck
sweater made of soft wool and an enormous scarf
made in the same material."Slytherin color, hun'?"
Stated Draco, but his mind was reeling.

Weeks of starvation… weeks of starvation ! Just how

long did she have to save up to buy him this present?
Starvation? Did that mean she didn't eat to buy him a
sweater! He was half panicked at the prospect of her
scarifying her health for him and was about to give
her the sweater and scarf back (which, by the way, he
had somehow become very fond of in the last 20
seconds of realization) and make her give it back to
the store and get her money back. It must have cost a

"Yeah it was green or purple. My mom only sent me

those two colors when I asked her for wool…and I
figured purple wasn't your color."
"You made this?" asked Draco, a sudden weight
being lifted from his shoulders as realization dawned
upon him.

"With mine own hands. No Magic"

"It's very nice."

Ginny beamed at him knowing this would be as close

she would get from having a real non-sarcastic 'thank
you' from him."I must go now. The train is leaving in
half an hour and it takes 15 minutes to go to
Hogsmeade Station. "

"Okay Draco, I'll come with you to the doors." Said

Ginevra gracefully standing and striding through the
portrait closely followed by a slightly disturbed Draco.
She halted, looking happy as usual. Draco looked
down at her.

"Take care of yourself Cat."

"You too Dragon. Tell your father (that you couldn't

speak to anyway because he escaped from Azkaban
and is a very researched convict, but you never know)
that I hate him and tell you're mum she did a wonder
full work on your physical side."

"Yeah. Sure. Do you want me to come back as

disfigured as Potter or something?"
"Why? Would they dare damage my very own
personal talking-walking chew-toy?" She said jokingly
before shoving him in the cold."You're going to miss
your train Draco. Hurry up! Do you realize you make
me sound like mum?" She waved good by at him from
the great doors as he walked deeper in the snowy
road and disappeared shortly after. Draco rapidly
tugged through the snow, thankful for him new ;very
warm; scarf. He couldn't stop him-self from worrying
about the Cat –Even though Malfoys don't worry— He
reminded himself sternly.

But the girl could be very clumsy at times; what is she

fell in a seldom used stair case?—She was always
exploring the stupid dreary places no-one wanted to
know about. And of course, she always did that in the
middle of the night when no-one would hear her cries
for help that is if she could still cry out for help. That
was it, he knew it: she'd manage to pick a fight again;
or worst; Filch would corner her and hang her to a
ceiling with those horrid manacles of his and torture
her and— He jumped when Professor Snape's voice
cut in his thoughts as precisely as a scalpel. "Is Miss
Weasley not with you?"

" She's at the castle, I don't think she would have a

good time at Malfoy Manor with me." answered

"Are you saying that you left her alone after she lost
two of the people she loved the most? Alone, at the
time of the year sweet girls like her think about
family? She's the only person who really cares for you
Draco…for who you are." Draco's head shot up his
brain went on overdrive.

"Tel them I'm gathering information about the Order at

Hogwarts. Tell them I found a lead or something;
studying for ASPICS… I don't know! Just find
something!" He yelled the last sentence over his
shoulder, while running in the opposite direction of the
Hogwarts Express. Snape almost smiled while
boarding the train. He knew it. Dumbledore was

Draco Malfoy could do something good, without

expecting anything in return. The professor shook his
head. ' without expecting anything in return…'

No... Draco would never do that. But he would do

something for the girl…Oh, yes... Snape had the
feeling the young man could do anything for her.
Though deep down... Draco might have been hoping
for something in return without knowing it.

Draco's mind was racing at the same rhythm curses

were pouring out of him mouth. Very fast. He should
have known she was faking. He should have! She
had been too joyous… if she had been okay she
would have wined; just to bug him. But she hadn't.
She'd played happy just to ease his mind.
Sweat and loving… Draco was getting sick of those
typically Gryffindor morals that putt other's welfare
before ones own feelings. It was so…unselfish. He
realized he didn't deserve her.

And that was a new, startling concept to him. He's

stuck with her for the information. The distraction. But
now... now it was more. So much more. She was his.

He burst through to doors and skidded across the

hall, bounding up the stairs, hardly decreasing his
speed as he jumped over Mrs. Norris. Dumbledor
looked at a startled McGonagall.

"It seems Mr. Malfoy will be staying with us this


Draco burst in the Gryff common room for the second

time that day and stopped dead. "Oh, I know I must
look stupid crying over old photos. You can taunt me
is you want, I'm being stupid really…" Ginevra said,
looking at him trying to make up for the tears trapped
in her lashes with a joking; and pitifully shaky; voice.
She was sitting in a large armchair, wrapped in a
cover. A large photo album was open on her knees.

Draco felt his stomach sink. He walked in front of her

and collapsed on his knees, never breaking eye
contact. Taking the book, he closed it and put I on the
floor, wiping one of her tears away with his thumb. He
gently nuzzled his head on her lap and rested it there,
arms wrapped around her waist. His silent way of
saying how sorry he was.

If the Slytherin hadn't come back, she'd have spent

the festivities crying. Alone. He closed his eyes,
silently welcoming Snapes 'advice'. He felt her play
with his hair; he never let anyone but her play with his
hair. A purring noise came from her, encircling him,
soothing his agitated nerves, making him feel at
peace… Or was it just her presence who had that
effect on him?

The blond sighed."I'm staying with you Kitten." Draco

almost smiled. What he'd really wanted for Christmas
was to stay with her.

AN; Thanks for all your reviews!

And I am really enjoying AuthoressMegaRoses'

reviews, now these are questions to rival my genius…
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(Quote Question) 'In Order of the Phoenix Ginny

couldn't see the Thestrals. So does this mean she's
seen someone die?
Or am I wrong and she could see them in the books?'

You are right she could not see them in OoTP, well at
least that's what Harry thinks.

(p674: Ron, Hermoine and Ginny were however

staying motionless on the spot, open mouthed and
staring (…) "How we supposed to get on, when we
can't see these things?" )

What happened may seem complicated, and surreal,

but I like it.

It plays an important part of Ginny's "psyche".

Ginevra, is a very intelligent girl.

When knowing Intelligence is in fact, ones aptitude to

anticipate and adapt to certain circumstances to save
ones hide in a minimum of time in an effective and
convincing way.

She could see the Thestrals, but if she had made

known she could, you (and she) can imagine her
brothers reaction and all the questions that would dig
up(as well as a certain diary…).

The key to the is the Chamber.

Tom said she was alive but 'just', in other words she
was on the border of death.
She saw her own death, it was there, mere inches
from her, before Harry destroyed the diary, sending all
the life back into her in one blow, shoving her back in
the 'living' world from Deaths realm.

Now you know one of the reasons why she can see
the Thestrals.
VI. The Dream Team's return or "Can I camp in your
room tonight? "

She was beautiful, so beautiful… Perfect under every

angle…Harry Potter sighed dreamily, steaming up the
window he was looking out of. Well, giving the illusion
of staring out of and that with the goofiest expression
one can imagine. Right now, though, he was going
back to Hogwarts, after the longest Christmas
holidays he seemed to have ever lived.

A Christmas holiday without her.

The Express rattled noisily, jerking to and fro as it

sped past a meadow full of sheep entertaining
themselves with hay. Sheep… it made him think
about the sweater she'd been knitting not so long time
ago. A green one. She'd told him it was for someone
she appreciated very much. He knew it was for him.
He knew it. She hadn't managed to finish it for
Christmas; that was all.

She was in love with him after all. Oh, he could

picture it now…

She was waiting for him in the castle door, bashfully

clutching a packet. He would stand in front of her and
smile and she would furiously blush before timidly
handing him the packet.

He would open it and discover the sweater.

"I wanted to give it to you for Christmas," ;she would

say; " but I hadn't finished it on time…"

And then he would brush a strand of her hair away,

and say:

"Never mind."

And then he would kiss her, while Malfoy would mop

in the background.

Then Ron would be thrilled and Molly would—Harry!

— be thrilled and there would be a great marriage and
lots of kid—HARRY!—

Harry jumped and looked accusingly at Ron."What?"

He snapped a little more nastily than he intended
to."We're at Hogwarts. Are you okay, Harry? You
looked a little…absent." Said Hermione.

"No, I'm fine. Come on, let's try and get an empty
carriage." Now was the moment of his life! His dreams
were going to come true! After a Malfoy free holiday,
Ginny was sure to realize she was still in love with
him! It would be his moment of glory!At last…

Harry smiled dreamily while Ron and Hermione

exchanged a worried look.

Meanwhile, Ginny was not spending such a Malfoy-

free time. Breathing heavily she pressed herself
between a statue she'd rather not describe and a
slightly damp wall; concealing herself the best she
could. He was there. She knew he was there. She
could feel him close by. Someone placed a hand on
her shoulder. She slowly turned around, dreading who
she would see.

"-Boo." The sound was like a gun shot: Ginny did a

quick judo move on Draco and ran for it; while he
managed to get up from his violent 'fall' and pursue
her. Ginny smirked, somehow managing to increase
her speed and jumped over the railing to the second
floor, hardly bothering with something as futile as
stairs. The Slytherin managed to block her route;
forcing her in the great hall. Straight in Harry's not so
likely dream.

Ron watched as his sister dashed in the hall; or rather

jumped over a balustrade and landed in the hall; only
to be twirled round by none other than Draco Malfoy.
She kicked him, but he caught her foot and made her
fall. A few minutes of skirmishing later Ginevra
screeched delightfully."Weasley! Get of my back this
instant!" Ginny didn't pay head and looked at the mob
from her vantage point. "Hello Ronykins! How was
your holiday?"

Ron looked at Harry with a desperate look on his

face. "Please… please tell me my sister is not
straddling Malfoy's back messing up his hair and
please tell me she didn't call me Ronykins in front of
the entire school."

A slightly puzzled Ginny looked at Ron mutter to

himself furiously while Harry seemed shell-shocked,
glaring at Draco's chess repeating 'my sweater' over
and over again. She leaned her elbows on Draco's
shoulders and rested her chin on the top of his head
pensively."These guys are weird."

"Weasley. May I remind you you're currently perched

on me?"


"Yes Hermione? Can I do something for your


" It would be nice if you could get off Malfoy. For the
sake of your brothers sanity."

"Weasley; you are getting off. Willingly or not I don't
care, but I'll be throwing you off in a few seconds."

"Shut up Malfoy, and don't speak to my sister like that!

Ginny get down this instant! I'll owl mum if you don't."

"-Ronald Weasley; if you owl Mum, I'll tell her about

the loose floor board under your bed. And you don't
want that happening, brother dearest, do you?"

There was a blur of movement and Ginny was being

pined to the wall by Draco in what would have been a
compromising position if someone would have
bothered to picture a Weasley and a Malfoy doing
something else than fighting in a perfectly nonsexual
way. Gold and Sliver clashed, as Draco lowered his
head to Ginny's level, their noses barely touching."I
caught you. You know what that means don't you?"

Ginny lowered her gaze in defeat.

"-We had a deal Ginny. You must do it now."

Ginny met his gaze and glared. "I want it to be clear in

your head, Draco Malfoy, that I won't enjoy it one bit.
And I'm doing it only because I have to."

Draco nodded. "In my room tonight at 10."

Ginny looked at his disgustedly."You want to eat Mint

lamb at 10 in the evening?"
"How about tomorrow at super time in the kitchen
then? In the meantime, do you mind unwrapping your
legs from round my waist? "


To make long things short an hour and many, many

arguments later the golden trio declared they had
some homework to do and left to presumably plot
Voldemort's downfall in a secluded region of the
castle while Ginny fumed and Draco watched in

A few days later a bored to tears Draco was walking

down a deserted hall one evening (or early in the
morning), supposedly patrolling, when Ginny walked
out of a supply closet, calmly buttoning up her skirt.

She spotted him and smiled, now buttoning the top of

her blouse.

"Hi Draco! See, it's only Malfoy, you can come out

There was a mumbling sound, and Ginny sighed: who

ever was in the closet thought Draco Malfoy was a
perfectly good reason to stay hidden amongst Filches
old brooms and boxes of "Squeaky Clean Soap".

"Okay. Be like that." She slammed the boor and took

her tie from of her shoulder, tentatively waving it in
Draco's general direction.

"You know how bad I am with ties."

"The slipknot you did last time was quite impressive.

Did you ever consider a career as hangman?"

"Just do it for me please?" Draco watched Ginny

make a go for the puppy dog look, and manage to
look cute; so he said."Stop puling that face: it looks
like you're suffering from gastric problems. And give
me the horrid tie."

Ginny beamed at him and patiently waited while he

did the knot around her neck, holding her hair out of
the way. "Can I camp in your room tonight? "

"Why? Haven't you got one?"

"Well, seen I share it with a troop of fashion/gossip

victims, I would say no. We can't all be Head Boys
mister I-have-a-private-room. And you don't have the
golden trio waiting for you in the common room badly
in need of an explanation of 'why are you out at one in
the morning?' and craving the 'Who is he? Is it
Malfoy?' question"

"Okay. You can." Draco led her to his room and

muttered the pass word: a seemingly random portion
of wall became translucent and he and Ginny stepped
through it. Ginevra bounded on his bed and curled up,
kicking her shoes of.

"That's my bed."

"It smells like you." countered Ginny, ignoring the


"You're dense."

"No! I'm not. I'm just confident you'll let me sleep on

it."She smiled sweetly at him, but Draco didn't buy it.
"On the couch." ; said Draco.

"That's no way to treat a lady; you should be

ashamed of yourself!"

"On the floor."

"I've changed my mind the couch looks perfect!"

Ginevra opened his dresser and pushed his boxers
aside looking for an elusive pajama top. Draco just
looked at her dubiously, wondering if her dare had
any limits."Take a Shower, I don't want Weasley
germs all over the place." She jumped on him,
wrapping her arms around his neck and licked his
cheek, jumping out of reach and immense smirk
gracing her features. "Too bad." she chanted.

"You are revolting."

"That's why you love me, Dragon, remember?" she
exclaimed shutting the bathroom door in his face.
Draco suddenly wondered how he could let her within
five meters of his person. In Hades name, How? She
used up all his shampoo, borrowed is razor and…
wasn't it yesterday she'd wore one of his blouses
because all of her own were in the wash? Oblivious to
his thoughts Ginevra was taking her shower.

She always loved using Draco's bathroom: it smelt of

expensive aftershave and there were all sorts of
things to use. She especially loved his shampoo; it
somehow did wonders with her hair. Thankful for not
having to use Draco's razor again (he'd thrown a fit
last time: for obscure reasons he seemed to think
razors were like toothbrushes; they can't be borrowed.
Ginny was glad he hadn't noticed the decrease in the
toothpaste level.)

Draco watched Ginny exit the bathroom closely

followed by a puff of smoke, her hair wrapped up in a
towel."You know were to find a comb." He muttered
averting his gaze. He closed the bathroom door and
exhaled deeply, leaning against it, desperately trying
to fend of the image of a half naked girl prancing
around his room in his clothes with a wand stuck in
the band of her boxers. Not her boxers. His boxers.

A man! He was only a man! A mere boy with a case

of raging hormones and a drop dead gorgeous girl
probably lying on his bed. Sneered a very aggravated
voice on his head. He gulped. "It's a cold shower for
you Draco."

As soon as he exited the relative security of the

bathroom; Draco regretted doing so. Ginny was sitting
on front of a mirror, combing her hair wile studying her
reflection. "Why can't I find 'the' man ?" Amongst the
top ten questions no male wants to be confronted to,
closely followed by "What did you buy for my
birthday?", "Why can't I find the man?" Was a definite
3rd place. Well...unless you were gay, but Draco was
not gay. Draco thought fast for an appropriate

"I don't think he's stopped running just yet." was his
clumsy yet sincere answer. Ginny ignored his
comment as examined her reflection closely. "You're
a guy Draco, you must know what's wrong with me.
Am I ugly or something? Am I stupid? I know I'm not
exactly on the light side; but come on; who wants to
date an underweight rat?" she slumped on the bed
and glared at the ceiling. "It may be linked to the fact
that your brother personally hunts down any man who
so much as looks in your general direction, or
because you hang around with the sexiest guy in the
castle. Then again it may be because you can easily
outwit them all. Or maybe you only attract the jerks
and the 'nice guys' are scared off by your gorgeous

"Come on the last one was nice!" said Ginny, resting

her chin over her crossed arms.

"The closet one or the one before that?" asked Draco,

visibly disgusted at both prospects.

"Same thing."

"A complete idiot. I don't like him."

"You didn't like any of the others anyway." complained

Ginny, pouting.

"Well you're the one dating them! I don't have to like

them. And you never liked my girls."

"-A bunch of dumb, plastic dolls. The kind that scar of

common sense and make neurones cower if fear at
ending up stuck in the void between their ears. They
threw themselves at your feet! Revolting; a disgrace
to the female population." Ginny suddenly wondered if
she'd sounded as jealous as she didn't want to fell
she was in the last sentence. Luckily, Draco didn't
seem to notice. "They all do." stated the blond, matter
of factly.

"You don't see me doing that!"

"No you took a short cut and threw yourself in my bed

seconds ago." Ginny threw a pillow at him, he easily
caught it and threw it in front of the fire. Ginny
grumbled something not very polite involving a stick
and made her bed on the couch, while Draco just
smirked at her from the coziness of his bed,
reminding her she was the one who'd wanted to stay.
One she was in bed he flicked his wand: the lights
went out and the fire dimmed itself to red embers.

He felt Ginevra fall to sleep and struggled not to toss

and turn. He absolutely hated sleeping with a top,
even though unbuttoned. But he didn't feel like going
through unasked traumas and arguments. Draco soon
fell to sleep anyway, unaware of the violent
nightmares Ginny had hours later, which made her
crawl in his bed seeking comfort.

She would never admit it but he was the only person

that managed to calm her down after one of them, by
just being there. It has something to do with his
presence, like some enormous almost feral beast,
ready to shred whatever endangered what was his.
And she didn't mind that kind of protection.

Especially after her nightmares.

VII. Blaise Zabini and Night Mares

Waking up with someone cuddled up against your

chess, one leg slung over your side and a breath
warm on your neck, is not that bad of an experience.
As a mater of fact, Draco wouldn't mind it happening
more often, but couldn't help feeling a small shade of
regret since the only reason Ginny Weasley would
willingly share a bed with him was a NightMare.

He always mentally put two capital letters at that word

when associated with the fiery Gryffindor; after all,
something potent enough to scare her merited at lest
one. NightMares… "Who or what haunts your
dreams? What could frighten someone as strong as
you in a Malfoy's arms?"

Looking at her fiery mane fanned on the soft white

pillows, he dismissed the small voice hidden in the
long forgotten corridors of his psych that prayed the
NightMares would never stop. She shifted slightly and
opened her sleepy eyes, their cognac hues glowing
warmly. She looked at him for a while, pensive, and
closed her eyes again, not bothering to say a word.

Neither of them moved for some time, not wanting to

disturb this rare moment of complete and utter peace.
Draco carefully untangled her from his limbs and
clothes, skillfully ignoring her attractive pout, and
stalked to his closet. He was browsing through his
robes when she at last bothered to stand up and
stood besides him, pensively evaluating his choice of
clothes."So, how many have the honor of waking
besides the illustrious Malfoy?"

"One. I kick the others out if they ever manage to

make their way in my lair."

"Really." She somehow managed to make that simple

word sound like a statement more then a question;
but Draco didn't bother to counter her early morning
provocation. She fished a pair of jeans and plain
robes from his fifth year stack; both black, and
borrowed one if his gray V neck sweaters from under
his nose. She paced to the bathroom door and looked
at him dubiously;"I guess we're each others first at
'waking up besides someone' in that case, and I don't
kick them out, I just leave."The door clicked shut.

Draco wondered why he felt relived and frustrated at

the same time; that girl was driving him nuts. He got
dressed and waited patiently for her. Well, not that
patiently, but he at least managed to knock at the
bathroom door only five times, and that; he
considered was quite an achievement.

He felt his knees turn to butter when she appeared in

the bathroom's door frame haughtily arching an
eyebrow at him, one hand on her hip whilst leaning
her weight on it, and resting her shoulder on the

The robes were open, and the jeans had been shrunk
to fit her size, the sweater hadn't been modified, thus
the too large V-neck was hanging off one of her

It seamed the only thing she was wearing under it

was a bra. Hades, she managed to make careless
boyishness look; well; sexy! Draco decided to be nice
for once. "You took your sweet time, didn't you
Weasley?" Ginny managed to look at him down her
nose (even though he was taller than her) and
brushed past him and through the door.

Draco followed suite shaking his head. Deep inside,

he was worried for her. For their- her future; for
everything. Soon; he wouldn't be able to watch over
her anymore…and it scared him.

End of May

A lithe shadow silently made it's way across the dark

dungeons. It stopped abruptly, sensing something
and ducked behind a large statue. Professor Snape
stalked past its hiding place, visibly unaware of the
golden glare following his progress with rapt attention.
His echoing steps dimmed and the shadow resumed
its stealthy progress.

It finally stopped and looked around. The shadow

blurred and a human shape stood in frond of a large
door, deftly picking the lock. Ginny smirked when the
mechanism clicked and pushed the door open.

The frightening boy was there; but he wasn't in any

condition to fight. Far from that. He was holding a
long, jagged, wicked looking knife over his arm. His
arm; Which harbored long red streaks. The streaks;
blood tickling from them gently…marring his dqrk skin
just as surely as the Dark Mark soon would.
Drop by Drop.

Sorrow by Sorrow.

Pain by Pain.

Blaise Zabini was what wizards called a Cutter.

"How long have you known?" he asked without a

trace of anger. Ginny closed the door and faced him,
gently taking his arm and dabbing the blood away
with her handkerchief. "For some time, Blaise."

"You shouldn't be here. Not without Malfoy to protect

you." he said, uncurling his imposing frame.

"Nowhere is a safe place for a Cutter. You know

Cutting is considered a flaw by Voldemort." The tall
dark boy looked at the red head blankly."I have come
to ask you something. I know why you Cut tonight

"Do you." He'd said that making is clear he wasn't

asking a question.

"You love her Blaise..." Ginny sighed, watching him.

"I had to make her go."

"I know. Both of you would have been killed because

of something as pure as love. I don't blame you"
Ginevra sat down on a dusty bench and looked at
Blaise sadly. He looked away. "She could die
anyway." he muttered.

"Luna is a very special person to you. I can see it


"I love her."

"You Cut for her." countered th redhead.

"What about Malfoy? Aren't you worried for him?"

Ginny smiled maliciously at Blaise; but her eyes were
aggrieved. "That is why, I have come… to you. I have
come to ask you to take care of Draco while I can't. If
you do; I will make sure Luna is happy the best I can."
Blaise had a far away look for a moment but it
suddenly sharpened. "I want a Blood Oath."

"We can't. It wouldn't last. When you'll get the Mark,

the Blood oath will break."

"How come?"

"It is not my place to tell you how the Mark is etched

in you. We are both Pure Bloods, let it be in the
traditional way." Blaise nodded. "I'd thought about it,
but a wasn't sure the Weasley Clan had any of those
Pure Blood ethics left."
"I have."Ginny said, taking her wand out and pointing
it at her bared midriff. "Promittum nobilis fidelia

There was a flash of light and a little black tattoo like

circle appeared around her navel. "If I break the oath,
the circle will appear on your skin with a slight heat. If
you break your side of the bargain, the circle will
disappear from mine in the same way."

"I'd heard about the Weasley ring. I'd never thought it

true." Blaise told Ginny as she moved away from him,
reaching the door. "Good night Blaise. And, please?
Take care of him." Ginny disappeared in a nearby
hall, once again, her shadow blurring.

Draco Malfoy's cold eyes bore into Ernie Macmillan,

with something akin to murder. They were making
quite a scene, Ernie frozen in the action of crawling
away as Draco loomed menacingly over his trembling
and bloodied figure. Ernie was like a deer caught in
the headlights; although the headlight was Draco's
glacial expression.

The Dining Hall was dead silent save for Ernie's

ragged breathing. Draco leisurely took his wand out
and deliberately waved it in a painfully slow motion,
making them all wonder if he was going to curse the
poor kid. Instead the disrupted table and benches
rearranged themselves neatly.
Ernie slowly inched away from Draco, trying not to
make any false moves that might make him attack; in
fact the boy had the strange impression the
frightening boy would sooner blow fire at him than
anything else. Draco's expression slowly changed into
a chilling smile that didn't reach his eyes, completely
alarming the audience about their welfare.

Ernie crawled a little faster and Draco slowly walked

behind him, always leaving a few meters between
them. Ernie whimpered and ran for it; crossing Ginny
in the Hall's door way. "Hey guys! Why such long
faces? " Chirped the girl.

The spell was broken, the students resumed their

eating and Draco somewhat relaxed. "Nothing
important." Growled Draco, turning his back on her
and stiffly sitting at the Slytherin table. Ginny followed
him and put her hands on his shoulders."Nothing! Are
you kidding me? Last time your shoulders were that
tense it was after a mysterious meeting with Snape.
Anyway talking of Snape, he does look sick doesn't


"And so do you. You're paler than usual, and that is

something." Draco still didn't say anything, only glared
straight ahead of him, at nothing in particular. Ginny
sighed. She knew why Snape and he were 'sick'. She
gently rubbed Draco's shoulders and grabbed a
croissant before leaving the hall. If he wanted to be
left alone, she wouldn't be the one to impose herself.

That was Parkinson's job.

VIII. Charlie's Socks and a Wandering Ron

Draco looked at Ginevra thoughtfully as she waited

for her brother in the hall. Her brother didn't really
bother him, yet he was there waiting and looking
around fiercely. What bothered him was Potter's new
attitude. It was stranger than usual, especially around
his Kitten, and Draco didn't like his new attitude at all.
"Ron! I'm here!" She said, jumping up and down and
waving frantically almost beheading a couple of
scared first years.

"Great! The three of us just had special training with a

few others. Why didn't you join? I thought you'd been
proposed the course." Draco leaned against the wall
and crossed his arms, dramatically sighing. Ginny
ignored him. "Yes, I was, but I like my free hours to
stay free."

Draco had the sneaking suspicion he was the only

one who had noticed she'd left out the end of the
sentence. Yes, I have but I like my free hours to stay
free from you.

"But Ginny! You must know how to defend your self

properly! We're not talking about scratching them with
your petty little nails! We're talking about real defense
here! Were talking about a world where horny sex-
obsessed Death Eaters are on the loose!" Draco was
strangling himself from trying to hide his laughter by
coughing since the 'defend yourself properly' part. By
now he was blue from air deprivation. "What's Malfoy
laughing about?" snarled Harry. Draco ignored him on
concentrated on the complicated task that was
inhaling and exhaling air without snorting.

Ginny rolled her eyes at men in general and said;

"And you Ronald, suspect that I am not perfectly able
to defend myself?"

"Yes." stated Potter, not caring if his red head fried

wanted to answer himself to his sister of not. "That's
why you will come to the extra courses, I've already
talked to the teacher he said it was okay. You're
already listed and everything. So as I said, I expect
you to be there on time tomorrow." Said Weasley in
the patronizing, condescending tone Draco would
have used when talking to a House Elf.

Draco stopped laughing, instinctively pressing him

self against the wall, ready to duck or run any second.
Hermione suddenly kicked in talking very fast with the
worst acting skills Draco had ever witnessed. And he
had lived half his life around Pansy Parkinson (or
rather Pansy had lived half her life around him). "Oh! I
just remembered I have to pick this really urgent thing
in... erm-my room! Yeah; my room. Harry? Ron?"
"Oh yes, very important you see, this... thing." said
Ron, who's colors had suddenly drained when he
realized it was at him Ginny was looking at with a
clear intent to murder murder and not the portrait of
some one who looked way to much like Trelawney
wearing a polka dotted bikini for comfort.

Ginny's glare never left their retreating backs wile the

three of then hurried away heads bent together, and
as usual; whispering. "Sometimes I get the feeling I'm
one of Charlie's old socks."

"Well there is an improvement: last time you felt like

an empty chocolate frog wrapping." said Draco
pointing out the 'sunny' side of the situation. "No, It's
not an improvement. Charlie's socks smell so strong
they happen to have a personality. Tried strangling
him in his sleep once..."

"See! A chocolate frog wrapping does not have a

personality. Count your blessings were they are and
smile at-" Ginny cut Draco off: "You, Draco, are not

Draco arched an eyebrow at her. "How come?" he

asked innocently. Ginny rolled her eyes. "Keep on
asking stupid questions, and I swear I'll punch you."

"Are you—Ouch!" exclaimed Draco, massaging his

shoulder. He cocked his hear and tried to look
innocent. "Kitten-Kitten, cute, sweet little Kitten, why
must you fight me so?"

Ginny spread her arm out and look a step closer to

him batting her lashes. "Do you want a hug and a big,
sloppy kiss instead?" Draco took a step back,
suddenly serious. "No."

Ginny smirked and went away, tossing her hair over

her shoulder: "Well then... what are you complaining


They were flirting! Ron was ready to puke.

She was grinning at the blond like there was no

tomorrow, while he was rubbing his shoulder, looking
at her reproachfully. She'd touched him! Ron
preferred to close his eyes and run away before he
could witness the sight of Ginny actually hugging him,
like she was about to do.

He was seriously going to be on the lookout from now

on. He'd heard rumors about his sister and the
Malfoy, and he hadn't believed them, but now... he
had doubts.


Ginny noticed Ron following her in the halls as soon

as he started: Ronald was never a discreet person
and his attitude was really getting on her nerves.
"Today you will learn how to transfigure an object into
an animal of your choice. I am now going to give you
a box and in it you will take the object which you will
have to transfigure. You have a little more than one
hour." Professor McGonagall waved her wand,
levitating the boxes on the student's desks. "I trust
you have done as I asked and read chapter twenty-
seven for today, as well as done your essays, with
you may put on my desk. I will check your progress as
you work."

Ginny handed in her essay and opened the box,

discovering a silver necklace . She smirked at it and
concentrated on a way she could braid the different
incantations together. She tried a fist time but nothing
happened. She modified the spell a little but still it
didn't bulge. Ginny sighed and poked the silver chain
encouragingly. Then it struck her: she'd forgotten to
add the energy suffix.

Shaking her head at her own forgetfulness, she

concentrated her mind on the transformation at hand,
clearly visualizing what the animal would look like,
and a few of the intermediary states, before pushing
her magic down her wand an muttering the

The necklace glowed and the shape shifted notably,

growing much longer and fatter. A silver cobra with
black designs strangely like little interconnected
circles bared it's fans at the red-head. Instead on
panicking she rolled her eyes and chanted a petrifying
spell. "Wonderful! Well done Miss Weasley! 20 Points
to Gryffindor for such a talented transfiguration!"

Ginny waited for the witch to go further away and

caught the serpent's neck before releasing it from the
spell. She leveled her face with it to find eyes contact.
"You'd better behave." she hissed, the strange
menacing language of snakes flawless on her mouth.
The snake stopped struggling. "Yes mistress." it
hissed back.

She put a muzzling spell on him anyway and let the

snake slither it's way around her neck. Having nothing
to do, she stroked him absentmindedly until a knock
on the door interrupted her musings. Not waiting for
an answer to come in, the student entered the room
and gave a note to the Gryffindor head of house,
pinching Ginny's side as he went past her. Draco
winked at her; or maybe was it to the pretty blond next
to her. "Miss Weasley, Professor Snape wishes to
speak to you. Since you have already finished, I have
no objection to your leaving right now."

Ginny beamed, gathering her books."Thank you

Professor." They exited the class room side by side
and walked away. "So? What does he want?"

"No idea. Do you know you happen to have a snake

around your neck?" asked Draco, in a light
conversational tone. "Of course I do. His name is
Silverchain." said Ginny quite airily. "A pleasure. May I
venture so far as asking why?"

Ginny shrugged gently, grinning at the tall blond: "He

thinks he's still a necklace and seems to have an
affinity with my earrings."

"Oh." Draco opened the potions room door for her and
let her in, closing it behind both of them. "Ah, Miss

"You sent for me, sir?" asked Ginny. Snape looked at

the two teens, noting the way the Malfoy seemed to
loom protectively over the Weasley with a twinge of
disgust. Teenagers. "Yes, I did. May I know why you
have a potentially deadly serpent around your neck?"

"Old habits die hard. Sir." quipped Ginny, wondering if

Snape would get the double meaning of this
sentence. Draco put a hand on her shoulder about to
cover up her daring reply before Snape tore her to
peaces. This action didn't go unnoticed from the
teacher. "You may go sit with the rest of your class
Draco, I think I am correct in pointing out you have a
potion to complete?"

Draco resisted the urge to growl and went to his desk.

Snape waited for him to be out of earshot and
motioned to the Gryff to step closer."Sometimes, I
wonder how you managed to tame him."

"I didn't. Actually he's quite nice when he's not being a
total jerk. I even got a lovely Christmas present." said
Ginny very softly. "Really? In that case maybe-" Ginny
cut him off, shaking her head.

"-No. I know that at the beginning I was sent to charm

him and get information... but...He's firm. And I've
come to respect him too deeply for any of that. You
know the way I think Professor: It's a lot like yours and
not enough like my family's for their liking."

Snape nodded gravely. Shades of Grey were rare

these days and even harder to assume. He skipped o
the next subject: "Now the reason you're here is
because I will be on business next Tuesday, and I
want Draco to take care of my classes. It's no need to
say some students are terrified of him and that he has
the tendency to dock house points for nothing," Ginny
didn't think it necessary ,or wise, to point out Draco
and the potions master shared that particular quality
and stayed silent at that pint. "So I was going to put
someone else to 'help' him. Since you're the only one
who won't be stabbing him with a knife or anything
sharp and that students usually like you , you seem to
be the best designed person. All you'll have to do is
make sure all houses still have a positive amount of
house points by the end of the day. You will have the
power to give detentions and logically, deduct and
award points. Of course you will have to catch up the
lessons you missed, but, this work will count as extra
credit and a very healthy recommendation to any job
you are aiming at. Draco has accepted already after
making sure for the third time he could deduct points."

Ginny beamed at him. No lessons, Extra Credit and a

Recommendation? "I'll do it with pleasure, sir."

"I have a full schedule on that day, you have first

years all morning, and third years all afternoon in the
usual Slytherin/Gryffindor and Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff
pairs. Here is a copy of my notes for the lessons.
Good luck."

"Thank you Professor. May I use a work space?

There is a potion I'd like to brew." said Ginny, putting
the papers in her bag. "Serve your self in the supply
closet." growled Snape, somehow managing to sound
pained and thoughtfully annoyed.

"Thank you!" Ginny took a free seat besides Draco

and started preparing the ingredient for her potion
wile her cauldron was heating up. "Ginny what are
you doing here?" hissed Ron from the table behind
her were he was sitting with Harry and Hermione.
Ginny looked over her shoulder at him and glanced in
his cauldron. "I'm working, and if you add the
porcupine saliva before the thirteenth newt eye the
potion will explode. Notice the light blue color instead
of white?"
She cast a protective shield between herself and her
brother ,just in case, and kept working on her potion.
A bang and a loud 'SPLAT' told her Ron hadn't
listened. Draco looked at the lumpy potion slowly
slither down both their shields and waved his away.
Without support, the potion splatted on the floor,
promptly making it phosphorescent. The Slytherin
spelled the mess away and lifted and eye brow at
Ron's inert body. "Guess she's smarter than you

"Draco, no need to taunt him, he's unconscious."

sighed Ginny, throwing a couple of new ingredients in
her cauldron as if such events were a daily
occurrence. "I thought I'd saw him move..." Ginny
shook her head sadly, delicately wrinkling her nose
wile an enraged Snape hovered over the catastrophe
enthusiastically deducting points."No,Draco... That
was one of the blisters popping."

"You don't expect me to cry for him, do you Kitten?"

Ginny smirked, bottling her potion. "Not exactly."

Weeks later, Ronald was still furious about what

Ginny called 'the potions affair'. N.E.W.T.s' were close
to come, Malfoy was being a Malfoy and Hermione
was pestering Ron with revisions while he would
rather they find a nice closet.

Actually he was dreaming about the last when he

woke up, only to realize he'd fallen to sleep in the
common room again and that neither Harry or
Hermione had bothered to wake him from his bed of
notes and unfinished essays. Suddenly a door
opened and a girl with flaming red hair had fled from
the tower. Sobbing.


Ron ran up in his dorm and borrowed Harry's

invisibility cloak and his map, clearly intent on
following the dot called 'Ginevra Weasley'. He
followed her from a distance wondering were she was
going in the middle of the night with Death Eaters on
the loose.

He notice two other dots, and it seemed Ginny was

going strait towards them. 'Draco Malfoy' and 'Lea
White'. Ron cursed, took a secret passage and ended
up in the middle of a hall. At one end, Ginny would
soon appear. At the other, Draco was pressing the
curvy blond against the wall, lazily unbuttoning her
shirt while she breathed his name, rocking against

Safely hidden under the cloak, Ron witnessed as his

sister rounded the corner, tears streaming down her
cheeks. "Draco!" The blond stopped whatever he was
doing and looked looked behind him. Ron missed the
flash of intense worry that flickered in his eyes. The
blond girl tried to kiss him but he pulled away from
her, unlocking her legs from around his waist.
She managed not to fall on the floor by pure miracle
and glared at Draco who was dressing up. "What is all
this about?" she asked coldly. "Leave us." came the
cold answer. Ron couldn't believe his ears. By then
Ginny had crumpled in a corner her head in her hand,
shaking with silent sobs. "Did you hear him Weasel-
girl? Get lost!" said the blond quite rudely.

Draco saw Ginny curl in the shadows, sobbing harder

before he rounded on Lea, waves of anger crashing
around him. She took a fearful step back. "I wasn't
talking to her, White." he said, his voice like metal.
Ron shivered against his will. Lea glared at the blond.
"That's it, Go fuck her!"

"Usually," Ron felt his stomach contract in fright, if

Malfoy ever spoke to him like that... " I have this rule
that says to never hit females. But I have nothing
against hitting bitches. So I suggest you run away.
Fast." He didn't have to say it twice.

Ron watched in amazement as Draco's icy glare

followed the retreating girl's back, until the sound of
her steps had died out. The Slytherin then looked at
Ginny his eyes void of any harsh feelings. Ron just
had the time to stand back before his sister sped past
him and flung herself at his sworn enemy, clutching
his shirt for support. She sank her face in the crook of
his neck and cried harder. "Draco; I-I'm sorry... I-I-"
Draco wrapped his arms around her and gently
rubbed her back. "Shut up, Kitten. It's okay." Ron was
at complete loss. Everything he knew about Draco
Malfoy had been denied in the last five minutes. They
were long gone when he woke from his daze. Then
Ronald Weasley did the wisest thing he'd ever done:
he slowly walked back to the Tower, and went to bed.

Draco was furious at Lea for insulting Ginny, but now

was not to moment to rip anyones guts out. Instead
he steered Ginny to his room and put her in his bed.
She didn't go to sleep until hours later and had
refused to let him leave her side. He sat besides her
on the bed, holding her hand, thinking back to what
lea had said.

Fuck her?

He looked at Ginny's sleeping shape. No... she was

too special. There was something about her that told
him he would never be able to just 'fuck her'. He
would never do something so disgustingly crude to
her. Draco smirked. He was thinking like a Gryffindor,
but he knew he was right...

She deserved much better than that.

IX. And So We Felt Our Joy Was Soon To Be Lost...

Its real, the pain you feel

The life, the love
You die to heal
The hope that starts
The broken hearts

Has someone taken your faith?

You gave me something that I didn't have

But had no use
I was too weak to give in
Too strong to lose
My heart is under arrest again
But I break loose
My head is giving me life or death
But I can't choose
I swear I'll never give in

I refuse...

[Foo Fighters]

Dumbledore finished his speech and all the 7th year

students cheered, throwing their hats in the air,
families warmly praised their children, friends
laughed, everyone was happy. N.E.W.T.s' were long
since finished and the diplomas had been awarded.
Soon the ball would begin.

Draco looked around critically at the happy faces and

families discussing about the future or their beloved
children, what they would do 'when they grew up'. A
lot of the other Slytherins were looking at them with a
shade of very well hidden envy. Those young adults
had not thrown their hats in the air, nor had they
cheered. Their families did not smile, nor did they
praise and discuss the different possible futures that
offered themselves to such young talented students.

These subjects were out of bounds. Their future, for

most of them, had been decided since birth. But
sometimes, when discussions about their future
occurred, it was always a quiet talk along the lines of
'soon it will be your turn to serve our Master, if you are

Most Slytherins just looked around sadly. Next time

they would see most of these people, it would be at
wand point. Only Draco's mother was present and she
was discussing with Pansy's mother, trying to oppose
herself to the illusion the Parkinson's entertained that
her son would marry their daughter.

A slow, mocking clap echoed behind Draco. "My

applauds to Mister Best Marks of this year's
Graduation." He turned around and smirked at
Ginevra who was leaning against the wall in the
shadows. "And you'd better be 'mister best marks'
after the endless hours of Quizzing you made me
inflict upon you." she added an after-thought.

"Aren't you supposed to be in something called a

'class room'?"asked Draco. "I didn't feel like enduring
a Charms lesson." she said pushing away from the
wall and standing in front of him, taking a glass of Elf-
made wine from a passing tray. Draco took some
himself and arched an eyebrow. "Let me get this
straight: a Gryff is skipping class to see a Slytherin?"

"Who tells you I haven't been busy for the last...'

Ginny glanced at her watch ' 45 minutes?" They both
smirked at each other, sipping at their drink. A
beautiful blond woman approached then and smiled
warmly at the couple. "Draco dear, are you going to
introduce me to your friend?" Draco smiled, gently
shifting and putting a warm hand on the small of the
woman's back. "Mother, this is Ginevra; Ginevra, this
is Narcissa Malfoy, my mother."

Ginny smiled and inclined her head politely,"Pleased

to meet you Mrs Malfoy." The beautiful woman smiled
before answering "Likewise... So, how long have you
known my son?"

"I think that would be six years, but we've really

started talking at the beginning of the year." Draco
nodded and completed Ginny's information: "At first, I
didn't give her credit because she was a Gryffindor...
a complete waist putting her in that house, if you want
my advice. This girl would have been a successful

"Ah but Draco, a Gryffindor at heart I am, and a

Gryffindor at heart I shall be!" Ginny suddenly looked
over both blond's shoulders and her eyes widened
slightly. "I'll be going, before the class ends and
Flitwick realizes I'm gone... I was glad to meet you
Mrs Malfoy."

"Me too, I'm sure Draco can have you over for tea at
Malfoy Manor some time soon and I'll be pleased to
see you then." Ginny smiled curtly, put her empty
glass on a passing tray before leaving the Great Hall,
careful not to be seen by her family. A few seconds
later, Draco had caught up with her in a deserted hall.
"Kitten! Wait!" Ginny stopped and looked at him

"Will you spend some time with me at the ball tonight?

Maybe a few dances? Please? It's the first time my
mother generally likes a girl I spend time with. It's a
miracle!" said the blond, making sure to use that
boyish grin Ginny affectioned. "Are you asking that
only because she 'likes' me?"

Draco smirked and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"No, I was going to ask you anyways." The redhead
faked thought, tapping her cheek with her index:
"Okay then, but I'll have to sit with my family first."

"Sure." Said Draco, strangely breathless: his heart

had been pounding wildly in his chest. For some
obscure reason, Draco felt strangely elated she'd
accepted while he returned to his mothers side to help
her clobber any hope of him marrying Millicent
Bulstrode (Merlin save him from such extremities...).
Ginny slid in her seat unnoticed and did a quick
'duplicata' spell on Colin's notes. "Anything
interesting?" he asked toying with his quill
halfheartedly. "What ever you do, don't ask Hermione
who got this year's best marks." Colin looked
perplexed for a few seconds. "Why? She got them
didn't she?"

Ginny felt an evil smirk tug at the corner of her lips.

"No. Draco did." Colin paled, his quill snapped in half.
"Oh dear."


They both took notes as the tiny Professor droned on,

Colin trying to figure out how to alert the entire
Gryffindor population to stay away from a certain
seventh year, and Ginny wondering what she should
wear that evening.

She knew the ball would be in two times: 8 to 10 for

the official dinner and dance with the family and
friends, followed from 10 to 12 by the students ball,
were it was no more a question of tango, waltzes and
family but just students, spiked drinks and a
noticeable lack of teachers. Later, Ginny stood in front
of her closet, looking at herself critically. "It'll have to

The Great Hall's doors opened and Ginevra stepped

through confidently. From his corner of the room,
Draco did a double take, she was wearing the simple,
shape fitting robes ,she had purchased at her last
Hogsmeade visit with him, so of course, he'd
badgered her until the chose the Slytherin Green

Now he was a bit upset he hadn't waited until the robe

had been completely tailored and fitted to see the
result close up, without half Hogwarts' population
between them, instead of having a little 'walk' in the
Dark Alleys. But even from afar she looked stunning.

"Ginny! How's my daughter?" said Molly, gathering

Ginny in her arms in a tight hug. "Hi mum! I'm okay."
she said, returning the hug "So, did Ron manage to

"Of course he did and Hermione got second best

mars of the year! Isn't it fantastic?" Hermione, who
was glaring at the Malfoys , didn't seem to share
Molly's' point of view. "And Harry..."

Ginny turned off her mothers voice, nodding or

making a positive response when she should, musing
if her mother would one day notice she had the best
marks of her year since she was 12, or if she'd even
notice the only marks she'd gotten at her O.W.L.s
were 'Outstanding'.

She followed her family, and sat down at the round

tables disposed around the room, while classical and
modern music played in the background. "Gin,
anything new for us? The truth chocolates are selling
like mad!" said George. "Well, I'm working on
Confusion Candy. It's quite simple, the specimen
does everything the other way round, instead of
turning right goes left, instead of forwards, goes
back... I'll see if I can get a victim tonight." She said

"Great!" Chorused the twins. "But... I want sixty

percentage of your benefits on those sweets." she
said with a wide grin. "Ginny! Our own sister! This is
outright theft!"

"It's that or nothing." Both twins sighed in defeat. The

Weasleys ate in their usual convivial humor and
Ginny smirked and laughed every time she saw Draco
being forced to dance with about every one of his
mother's friends and their daughters.

She laughed a lot less when Neville asked her to

dance, and her mother shooed her off, pleased at the
perspective of grand-children. "Willyoudancewithme?"
Ginny winced inwardly and hoped he wouldn't have
the courage to repeat his question. "Er... come

"Will you dance with me Ginny?" Neville asked her

shoes. "Oh Ginny, go and dance with him darling!"
had cooed Molly; fondly looking at the boy "I'm so
happy to see you have success! Especially with such
cute boys!"

Ginny then had had no choice but to endure the toe-

crushing experience of dancing with the clumsiest boy
she'd ever met. Pointedly ignoring Draco smirking as
her from across the dance floor, she concentrated on
the hard task of not wincing every time he crushed
her toes, profusely excusing himself. Her next ten
dance partners had revealed themselves as 'talented'
as Neville and by that time the feline girl was
despairing for a good dancer or a tub of ice.

She almost cried when Neville came back for an other

dance, just as the music switched from waltz to tango.
Ginny looked at him sceptically. "You know how to
dance the tango?" Neville became red as ever and
she had to lean in to hear what he muttered. "My
Gran taught me a bit."

Ginny gulped, mentally prepared herself for the

following torture and told him were to put his hands.
Luckily, a polite voice saved her feet from the
slaughter. "Excuse me, I see you both know how to
dance tango, and Felicity here always wanted to
learn, given I'm not well acquainted with that particular
dance, I propose we swap partners? Could you do
this for me Longbottom?" asked Draco, smiling oh-so-

Even Neville could tell this was not a request: even

though it sounded like one; it was an order. "Of
course Malfoy, Ginny do you mind?"he asked in a
shaky voice. "Not at all. Go teach Miss Felicity, and
don't worry for me." Both boys swapped partners and
Draco and Ginny waited for then to amble away.

They simultaneously sighed in release, exchanging a

rueful glance."That," said Draco, "Was a close call."
finished Ginny. They both smirked at each other
taking their stances. "Does the common Weasley

"As the lordly Malfoy does I'm sure." Draco pulled her
closer to him with the music and placed his lips to her
ear: "Well then... Impress me." he whispered. Ginevra
pushed him away, spun against him so her back was
pressed against his chess and nipped his ear
sensuously, making him shiver. "With pleasure."

Unknown to them a circle had formed around the

dancing couple, as they danced away their emotions.
They danced the essence of tango: a game of
seduction and lust, were love and passion mingled
with envy and hatred. Draco suddenly dipped her
backwards, one arm supporting her back, she half
wrapped one of her legs around his waist and he put
his other hand on her thigh. They finished, Ginny's
head tilted back, Draco's breath hot on her neck.

After a second Draco twirled her in a standing position

and smirked. "And so the Kitten can tango."
"They say Taï-Chi helps." They laughed, and walked
off the dance floor aiming for one of the floating trays
for a drink, Draco one arm comfortably draped over
her shoulders and Ginny's arm resting around his
waist, her thumb provocatively stuck in his belt.

"Come and sit with us," said Draco handing her a

glass of wine and taking one for himself "Mother's
literally dying to speak to you."

"To a Weasley." said Ginny, in a tone as skeptical as

her look. Draco winked at her

They both approached the table were Narcissa was

speaking with a chubby witch, who was dressed in a
violently pink dress several sizes too small for her and
harboring thick curly hair; thus strongly reminding
Draco of an over-sized poodle crammed in a corset.
"Draco is the one who will decide whether there will or
will not be a blood alliance between our families."
snapped the blond woman irritably "And if my a,swer
does not satisfy you, why don't you ask my son? He's
just behind you waiting for the chairs you are sitting
on to be freed."

The woman stood to face the teens, a well practiced

plastic smile baring her yellowing teeth. Ginny had the
feeling that woman scraped of her make up with a
spatula: her original features were barely visible under
the mask of cosmetics. The redhead decided it was a
good thing because the pug nose didn't seem to be a
good start for a beauty contest.

All she knew was that she didn't like that woman one
bit, it may have had something to do about the nose
or the make up technique, or maybe even the color of
her dress, but that woman rang up unpleasant
feelings. The Slytherin and the Gryffindor instinctively
tightened their grip on each other, standing closer
together and adopting a cool superior exterior.

Unknown to them, the woman was worried: those kids

were way to young to have such a feeling about them.
With the mildly interested look she was getting from
them, it took all her self restraint not to stutter.
Animals. That was were she'd seen those looks
before. The look of the predator while it plays with it's
food; just before eating it.

The Malfoy drank from his crystal glass and looked at

her insistently while the red beauty drummed her
fingers impatiently on his hip with the hand she had
insolently hitched on his belt. "I heard you wanted to
tell me something?" She renewed her super-sweet-
plastic-smile and said:"I'm sure young Master Malfoy
will invite my daughter for a dance. She's been dying
for you to invite her!"

Draco looked at her coldly. "You are sure of a lot of

things Mrs Parkinson." Suddenly, the resemblance
between daughter and mother stuck Ginevra to the
highest point: it seemed Pansy had inherited her
mothers sense of style. The Gryff twirled the wine in
her glass absentmindedly and finally looked at Mrs
Parkinson. "I'm sure Pansy will overcome her
deception..." She said arrogantly, imitating the
womans previous words; "There are many other pure-
blooded bachelors with a nice little heap of gold in the
sea after all, and look!" Ginny lifted her glass in
Pansy's direction "It seems our little Slytherin Princess
has discovered Malcolm Baddock was one of them."

All the smiles disappeared and Mrs Parkinson glared

at Ginny. "You'll see Narcissa, this one is like all the
others! A dirty little gold-digger. Fare well with that!"
The pink lump sailed across the room, presenting her
best smiles to the Baddock table. "Oh dear, she has
discovered my secret!" mocked Ginny in a falsetto
voice, over dramatically putting her hand on her
forehead then to her heart "But don't worry Draco, we
won't divorce: there will be a tragic accident in which
you will die,and I will mournfully describe to the
'Prophet' your heroic attempts to save our dog from
the flames..."

Ginny regained her normal voice and continued

sadistically;"Then again, I could invite Pansy for tea
and watch you commit murder, or suicide, or both..."
Draco rolled is eyes and offered her a seat before
taking one besides her.
"So you are a Weasley?" Mrs Malfoy didn't wait for
Ginny to reply and smiled , looking somewhat a little
more relaxed than before. "Good, if there is one sure
thing about Weasleys is that for them, mounds of
money is not all that matters. And if a talk to one more
gold digger tonight, I'll end up doing something I might
regret! Or not. Anyway, it's not important... Tell me a
bit about yourself Ginevra."

Ginny smiled politely and talked a little about her

family and herself, omitting anything to do with the
Order, how implied she and her family were or Harry's
frequent visits at the Burrow.

She was quite surprised to discover she rather liked

Narcissa, although she was not on Dumbledore's
side. Of course she was a little frosty but she was a
good person, or at least, she loved her son. It was
something she, unlike her brothers, could cope with.
For them, the enemy must be evil, the enemy wasn't
even aloud to be human, even less have nice feelings
like love or hope.

Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder, Ginevra

turned around and saw it was a slightly nervous
Harry."Yes Harry?"

"Will you dance with me?" Ginny saw the encouraging

gestures of her mother and looked at the Malfoys with
a regretful expression."I'll be right back." she said with
a smile, gracefully standing up and taking Harry's

Draco had been eying Potter for some time now and
he'd been slightly unnerved when he'd came and
dragged Ginny away for a slow. His Mother sighed,
grabbing his attention. "Do you think she-"

"No. Never. You know how loyal Gryffs tend to be.

And I would never dream of even trying to talk her on
our side." he said softly. "Too much mutual respect? "
asked his mother, a sad look in her eyes. "Something
like that, I guess. It may also be linked to the fact that
she promised she would kill me with as little pain as
possible if we met on a battle field." Both blonds
looked around the festive hall, sipping their wine.
"Potter likes her." stated Narcissa, closely watching
her sons' reaction.

Draco scowled, his expression darkening."He does,

doesn't he? Like half the male population of this mad
house they call a school, he spends half his time
following her around, drooling and the other fighting
for her. Pathetic, really. I'm going to get something to
drink. I'll be right back, do you want something

"No thank you dear." Draco nodded and went to the

refreshment table. Unnoticed to him, Blaise Zabini slid
in the seat he'd just vacated. "Hello Lady Malfoy. I see
you've just been confronted to our favorite Duo?"
"Exactly. And I am rather... perplexed. And Somewhat
pleased. What do you think young Master Zabini?"
asked Narcissa, folding her hand in her lap and
smiling. "What I think? I know Draco drools when
she's around, spits flames when she's not. I know she
has Potter at the end of a leash. I know half the male
population of this hell would be hers, if she did so
much as snap her fingers... simply because of her
looks and reputation. And I know she doesn't even
notice or care for half of it."

Blaise sighed, deciding to omit the evidence that she

was as hooked about Draco than the other way round
and continued in tone of impending doom. "But what I
think? I think we have two very dangerous wild cards
that neither side will be able to control." Saying this,
his gaze flickered to the left corned of the room, were
to him, Luna out-shined all the other girls by her
beauty, even though she was silently crying.

Suddenly his heart ached and he felt his magic flow

thicker in his veins, then he knew he would need to
Cut soon if he didn't want to lose control over it.
X. Our Past, Our Present but No Longer Our Future.

While she and Harry danced, Ginny noticed things.

Things she'd never suspected, things she hoped
would go further... Suddenly she felt very aware of
how things were going to be after Hogwarts for all
those seventh years. No longer would they be
students, they would, more than ever, be enemies.
She suddenly felt very sad. Sad all those beautiful
years would take such an abrupt end for them. So
many unfinished things would be abandoned in these
walls. So many hopes would be snuffed out in one
night. So many dreams would be crushed.

So many beautiful things would stay unsaid...

"I realize the best part of love is the thinnest slice

And it don't count for much
But i'm not letting go
I believe there's still much to believe in"

As the band sang their song, she saw the way Goyle's
eyes lingered on Susan Bones, the unusually mellow
sadness of the deeply resigned seemed to shadow
his expression of deep hatred at anything other than a
Slytherin. Ron and Hermione sitting close together,
hands linked, sharing the uncaring smile of those
deeply in love.

She saw Blaise look across the hall. She saw the pain
he felt: it was there in his eyes, it made him lose his
appetite and sink into insomnia. She was sure he had
fresh gashes on his fore-arms...

She followed his gaze and saw Luna.

"I know It won't be easy

but I'll cling on till Death

for this lost love I had in a Dream

I'll sacrifice my last breath"

The blond didn't radiate her usual outright weirdness,

she was there. Normal. Tear streaked normal. There
was no butterbeer cork necklace or pumpkin-seed
earrings. No shape or color shifting robes. No
Quibbler stuck in her pocket and even less a wand
stuck behind her ear.

She wore make up, normal semi-fitted black robes.

There were no feathers in her hair and instead of
looking like she hadn't combed them that morning,
they were tamed and hung around her face quite...
normally. For some reason, this out-right normality
about Luna worried Ginny more than the girl's usual
habit of walking around the halls wearing 'specter-
specs' .

Luna suddenly stood up and went out of the hall,

pushing people out of the way."Ginny, I—" Hardly
noticing he'd tried to speak to her, Ginny pushed
away from Harry. "Sorry Harry, but I have to do
something important for a friend of mine. See you

"So lift your eyes if you feel you can

Reach for a star and i'll show you a plan
I figured it out
What I needed was someone to show me"

Not waiting for his answer she sprinted from the hall,
trying to catch up with Luna's foot steps. She rounded
a corner just in time to see one of the doors leading to
an empty class room close. Sighing she put her hand
on the door and pushed it open. "Luna?Are you trying
to find a Common Grizby?"

There was a short silence then..."Stop making fun of

me and go away! Every one knows Grisby's don't
exist. I was just being stupid. All those stupid thing I
keep raving about have never existed. The Quibbler is
just some piece of trash! Now, Go away." Luna was
sitting on a dusty table, her knees gathered against
her chest. She was hugging herself protectively as
tears streamed down her cheeks.

Ginny had expected her to be depressed but not to

that extent. And for some strange reason she was
frightened: Luna had lost faith in everything. And what
ever horrors happened, Luna never lost faith. Usually.
"Luna... what's wrong? Speak to me."All Ginny got
was a sob as the blond refused to look at her."Lu—"

"It's Blaise. He dumped me." Ginny went over to the

petite girl and put her arms around her shaking
form."He.. I thought he loved me... I thought he was
the one. You know, THE man of my life! I thought I
would carry his children, I thought we would be happy
together. I love him so much Ginny!" Luna looked the
red head in the eye, and went on, barely whispering.
"Why? Why does this happen to me? Am I so
strange? Blaise always said he liked me that way...
Ginny, why did he have to abandon me?"

Ginevra looked at Luna sadly, she too, had silent

tears clinging to her lashes. Thing she tried to keep
hidden at the bottom of her mind swirled to the
surface of her mind... ...What if I don't get a suitable
work?...What if we loose the war? ...Will Draco be the
one to kill me?...And Voldemort will master the world
and... no... ...and then...

"Ginny, you are mine! You will always be... When I

come back... you will by very personal toy. And no
one will save you. Because, the world is as black with
hatred as I am..."


Ginny closed her eyes tightly, erasing those thoughts

from her mind.

I must not... ...Think..

"-No Luna. No. You—W-we mustn't think like that."

Ginny shivered and opened her eyes again, deciding
to answer to Luna's question with the truth. Well as
much as she was allowed to give."I don't know...
Maybe—maybe Blaise doesn't have the choice?
Maybe he thinks it's safer that way?"
"He's a Cutter you know.' said Luna suddenly, " He
can't go against his feelings, or he'll suffer. And he'll
have to cut his veins so he can keep control of his

Ginny nodded."I think that, to him, your safety is worth

all the pain he feels." Luna's tear streaked face looked

"Yes Luna, I'm sure."

'"So he loves me."

"I don't know Luna. What do you feel."

You know you can't fool me

I've been loving you too long
It started so easy
You want to carry on

"-I feel..." Luna's eyes widened slightly and a small

smile crept on her face " he still loves me."

"How do you know that?" said Ginny

smiling."Because. It's there, right inside me. The
warm feeling of love. It was there all the time, but I
was too stupid to notice it." said Luna, playing with a
familiarly designed silver ring around her engagement
finger. "Luna, promise me something."
"What?" asked the girl, wiping her tears away. "Never-
Ever loose faith again."

Luna smiled sadly. "I Promise."

Lost in love and i don't know much

Was i thinking aloud and fell out of touch?
But i'm back on my feet and eager to be what you

Ginny escorted Luna to her common room and went

back to the Hall just in time to see her family leave.
Skilfully evading Harry, she made her way towards
Draco."Having fun Dragon?"

"Stay close and I'll see what I can do Kitten..." Was

his perverted answer. Ginny grinned and swatted him.

So lift your eyes if you feel you can

Reach for a star and i'll show you a plan
I figured it out
What i needed was someone to show me...

They both sat at the table were Narcissa had been

waiting for them."Well children, I'll be leaving you now:
I'm sure you want some ancestry free time tonight."
Narcissa hugged her son and then hugged Ginny,
frightening her to no end. Narcissa kissed her cheek
and said: "I hope I'll see you soon in enjoyable
circumstances, Ginevra. Goodbye Draco, don't forget
to apparate in the appropriate place when you're at
London." The beautiful blond entered the carriage and
waved at the teens, knowing very well this was the
last time she would see her son with a respectable

"I like your mum. She's nice." mused Ginny. "I'm

glade you liked her because I have a feeling she
wants her grandchildren to have your complexion."
Ginny laughed lightly and leaned against him
comfortably."Is your pack still investing the great
Hall?" asked Draco.

Ginny ignored his mock "No, they left just after I

danced with Harry."

"Great, we can skip the rest of the dance. Or would

you rather stay Kitten?"

"No way. Anyways, my things are already packed so I

don't have to bother later on." Draco chuckled softly, a
surprisingly pleasant sound, and Ginny glanced at
him questioningly. "I take it you'll be borrowing some
of my clothes as usual..." he muttered.

"-You clever little cookie!" cooed Ginny, pulling his

cheeks. Draco lightly bopped her head with his fist as
they disappeared in the dungeons.

Ginevra took a shower and put on the top of his night

clothes as usual. She browsed for a certain blood-
stained book named 'Mentalisme, telekinesis and
Mental issues' in Draco's personal library and
prepared to read the last three pages while the
Slytherin took his shower. She settled in the bed and
arranged the pillows, opening the book intently.

Ginny read the last words and sighed in satisfaction

just as Draco came out of the bathroom, pulling on a
button up night shirt over his shoulders but letting it
remain open. "You've finished that book at last?" he
asked. "Yes... It was interesting." Draco stopped
rubbing his hair dry and looked at her intensely. "It's
yours now."

"Really?" Asked Ginny dying to have the precious

thing but not quite sure if he was serious. Draco took
the time to spell his hair dry before replying;"If you
want it, but be careful, it's not a very popular book
amongst you 'good guys'."

Draco threw his towel on the couch and slumped on

the bed, rolling over to look up at her from his lying
position. He had to know, it had been plaguing his
mind... but he wasn't sure he was aloud to ask. Ginny
put her book away and absentmindedly played with
Draco's blond locks.

They stayed in a comfortable silence for some time,

both deep in thought, happy to feel they were not
alone. Draco sat up and locked her in his intense
gaze, he gently brushed a stand from her face and
made up his mind. "Kitten, what are your night mares

His instantly regretted asking when her warm eyes

suddenly hosted a haunted expression. She shivered
and looked away, before talking. She owed his so
much... Telling him this was a mistake, he knew
it...but... she found herself trusting him. "About fifty
years ago, a young, exceptionally talented Slytherin
prefect created a cursed object, a journal, of the
evilest sort possible. In it, he put a fragment of his
soul, he made a Horcrux, waiting for someone to write
in his journal, to pour his or her life force in it. Thus he
would control this person and continue what he's
started years ago. This person was me, and his
unfinished task was ridding the school of anything but
Pure Bloods."

She looked him in the eye and seemed to reach a

decision."I was the one who opened the chamber in
your second year and let loose Slytherin's creature. In
the Chamber, the young Slytherin killed me for a few
seconds, but Harry managed to destroy the journal
before it was too late and the sudden amount of life
force rushing in me was enough to bring me back
amongst the living. The young Slytherin's name was
Tom Marvolo Riddle, ironically he is a half blood, and
I'm sure you've already met him personally. Only
under a different name."

Ginny slowly reached out and pushed the shirt from

Draco's shoulders,he made a move to stop her, but a
single one of her looks put a stop to any idea of
resistance : he let her take it of him, defenseless. She
took his left arm and gently traced his fore-arm with
the tips of her fingers."Because, after all, he's the one
who carved his mark in your flesh."

Draco was in shock at a great number of things. She

knew... she knew... and that meant that ..."Dragon, a
16 years old Voldemort haunts my dreams." Draco
couldn't move, he couldn't even think! There was only
one thing clear in his mind. "How long..."

Ginny looked at the mark and sighed."I always knew. I

sensed it as soon as I saw you in September."

"I thought you'd hate me if you knew..." Ginny touched

his check, looking at him seriously;"I never did,
Dragon. The Dark Lord has us all marked in some
perversely sickening way. "

Draco smiled ironically. "We all have our secrets don't

we? It must be something about humanity, there is
not trust, no respect. People think you are part of
there lives and try to change you, but they can't,
you're already your own person with thoughts and
experiences for you alone..."

"You see, if I told my brother or my family about my

dreams, they'd have me sent to St Mungos' for mental
stability exams. Again." The young woman added the
last word sardonically, almost as an after thought.
She lay down under the covers and looked at the
ceiling, hoping that somehow, it's shady darkness
would make her feel better. Draco didn't say anything,
he just settled besides her, protectively gathering her
shaking body against his.

Ginny leaned against him and soon the shaking had

subsided. "Train ride together tomorrow?" she asked
and a slightly broken voice. Draco nuzzled her neck
soothingly. "Sure, Kitten." He wrapped his arm around
her waist and both fell into a restless sleep.

It was a rainy day, the sky was packed with graying

clouds and rain was drizzling against the windows of
the Hogwarts Express as it zoomed across the
landscape. They didn't talk much till Platform 9 3/4 ,
just enjoyed one another's presence.

Ginny found herself wishing the train ride would go on

for ever, that she wouldn't have to be confronted to
the harsh reality that was life, war and death. The
train screeched to a halt.

Draco stood and opened the wagon door, leaping on

the platform. Ginny gracefully landed besides him, his
fifth year retouched robes billowing around her. He
couldn't help a stab of satisfaction that she was
wearing something of his. They stepped a little away
from the crowd, Ginny noticed her family near the
apparition booth, waiting for her.
Draco and Ginevra solemnly shook hands, eyes
locking. The blond man suddenly reached out tangling
his other hand in her hair, tilting her face and planted
a firm kiss on her soft, warm lips. He pulled away
slightly, their noses almost touching. "I think that's a
fair exchange for the kiss I stole you in the library." he

Ginny felt her hear beat harder than ever, threatening

to burst out of her chest. Her throat hurt and her eyes
felt dry. She wanted to scream. Draco nodded gravely
at her silence and walked away. "Hey, Malfoy!"

Draco's shoulders tensed and he stopped walking, but

didn't bother to turn around. If he did, he wouldn't find
the strength to leave. Ginny straightened herself and
held her head high, her eyes danced and a grin
appeared on her face."See you on the battlefield."

Draco shook his head disbelievingly and apparated at

Malfoy Manor. The nerve she had...but that was why
her cared for her wasn't it?

Ginny watched Draco disappear, and smirked.

Suddenly she felt happy for an undetermined reason.
In fact the hole situation was just so strange it had to
be laughed at.

So she did.
If she wouldn't allow herself to cry, she could at least
laugh. Stuffing her hand in her pockets, she struggled
to keep her fit of giggles under control, failing
miserably. Something cold touched her fingers.
Surprised, Ginny clutched it, withdrawing her hand
from her pocket and examined the silver ring
encrusted with two emeralds witch were designed to
be eyes. Serpents. It was Draco's Slytherin ring. Still
laughing, she put it on her engagement finger and
fisted her hand as it adjusted magically. "Thank you,

Then, all Hell broke loose on both of them.

And It wouldn't leave them be in a long, long time...

XI. The Messages of the Gods or The Glow in the


All the dreams Dumbledore had, every single one of

them, had an influence on his actions, and thus on the
future. A perfect example was the Draconis Malfoy
case. He remembered the day he'd been granted a
wonderful present by the gods like it was yesterday...

The dream of the Dragon and the Tiger.

Then years had passed, and as human beings tend to

do, he's forgotten it. Oh, not completely... just enough
so that it wasn't always present in a corner of his mind
at all times. He was Dumbledore after all. Then he'd
saw the Dragon...

Draconis Malfoy had disappeared, revealing the

powerful creature, coiled upon itself, It's wing spread,
fangs bared, claws unsheathed.

Had he not had this vision, he'd never have let him
near his school, even less attend the classes, with the
Dark Mark etched in his forearm. He'd thought maybe
something would happen. He'd hoped anything would
happen. And things had happened, but nothing had

So it seemed...

(Eight years later)

Dumbledore was old now; well, older than he ever

remembered being, and the latest developments in
the battle against Voldemort were not helping.

Right now, he wasn't at Hogwarts, even though he

was walking down a stone-walled hall. This particular
building had nothing to do with his beloved school
(but most students insisted on saying it was basically
the same ).

All because of a Dream. A Dream where he'd seen

wonderful things, terrible things. A Dream he'd had at
least nine years ago, a Dream he'd had once again,
four days ago. A Dream he thought impossible. A
Dream whose ending had been modified, lengthened.

In his Dream, he'd saw a tall, graying building, made

to keep people in as well as to keep them out. A
dungeon perched on a single rock, barely big enough
to support the building and barely high enough to be
over the level of the sea. Because a sea there was,
and it snarled and spat and foamed and racked and
leaped tirelessly at the gray edifice, night and day...
and light had come from this castle.

Blazing golden light. Bars officiated as walls at regular

intervals on either side of him as he visited the High
Security Department of Azkaban. The few Dementors
still loyal to the ministry were busy Vampirising this
zone in particular, making sure not one of the most
dangerous wizards on earth escaped.

Dumbledore was here because he was desperate, he

was looking for someone who would be able to keep
them afloat, a leader at the very best. In the place
where they locked up murderers and criminals. That
was how desperate he was. The dream had finalized
his decision.

He was heading to the Lesser Security Section,

hoping to find some petty burglar suffering of
patriotism (Merlin save them all, he didn't need
another Mundungus Fletcher) when a voice
interrupted his musings. Not a mad, gibbering
diatribe, a real sentence, with a proper articulation
and a perfectly sane tone.

This was a rare thing in the most Dementor-swamped

part of the prison; where they kept the Death Eaters
and the murderers. "You are dying old man..."
Dumbledore stopped walking and turned around. In
the time it took him to do so, he realized several
things: This was supposed to be the most Demented
section of the prison but the dark creatures tended to
stay clear of this cell, keeping their nauseous
influence at bay.

Were they afraid? Had the person in this cell done

such terrible things even Dementors kept out of the
way? And how come this prisoner was so far from the
others? Was it that dangerous?

He finally looked in the cell. It was relatively bare, a

lone cracked toilet, a drippy tap, no window and...
Dumbledore almost forgot to breathe. It was lying on
the bed, it's long tail lashing the air, one of it's paws
lolling negligently over the edge of the bunk. Blazing
red, charcoal black, ivory teeth gleaming in the semi-

It got up. The Tigers' golden eyes gleamed with

unsuppressed intelligence as power rolled of her in
waves as surely as her sharp claws clicked on the
cold stone floor.

The feline creature leisurely paced behind the bars,

it's eyes never leaving Dumbledore. It's toned
muscles rolling under the soft fur coat; a soft but low
growl rumbled from her throat, making Dumbledore
thankful for such things as solid iron bars.

Then the vision faded.

Ginevra Weasley stood in front of him, beautiful as

ever. She seemed to have evaded the sunken,
haunted look prisoners usually had after a long time
stay in the wizards prison.

Her golden eyes glowed inquiringly, and Dumbledore

realized the sweet schoolgirl he'd protected the best
he could for seven years had grown to become at
least as dangerous as the Tiger.

And a lot more than any random Death Eater.

The Ministry would be furious with him. Dumbledore

smiled inwardly, letting the Slytherin in him take the
better of his logic: if the Ministry wasn't happy that
was just an added bonus.

XII. The Criminal and the Heroes

(somewhere; some when )

"Did you know that, long ago, Gryffindors and

Slytherins actually worked together?"
"Of course! At the time of the founders, but not since

"That's where you're wrong. It's happened since, but

it's a very rare occurrence..."

"Tell me!"

"How do you know that I know of a story about

Slytherins and Gryffindors getting along?"

"Because you know everything that ever happened to

any Slytherin!"

"Ok ay,then. The Gryffindor was a girl, with hair just

about as red as her habits were strange. She was
honest, brave and loyal, but incredibly cunning. As for
the Slytherin? Well, let us just say he was devilishly

(somewhere; meanwhile )








The still shadow didn't move an inch as the night

trudged on and the tap dripped loudly in the stillness
of the bare cell. Hour after hour, sitting cross-legged
on the cold, rough floor, hands poised imperiously on
her knees. A dead breeze making a strand of her
long, blood-red hair wave silently; her eyes were
closed, her dark lashes brushing the fragile sun-
deprived skin of a prisoner; a prisoner she had been
for so many years— that she still was.

Her strong yet supple body, albeit clothed in the

standard threadbare grayish robes of Azkaban, did
not shiver in the frosty atmosphere 'generously'
provided by the Dementors. The only sign of her
breathing was the smoke that occasionally swirled
from her lips before disappearing into nothingness.

Facing the door, facing her freedom...

She was waiting. Never moving a muscle.

Waiting...Like a feline waits, after stalking for days on
end, before pouncing on its prey. Steps echoed in the
hall as a guard walked towards her end of the
corridor, it's heavy steps clearly indicating it was a
man. A heavy, strong and most probably wary man.

One didn't end up in Azkaban without reason and for

that same mysterious reason, people liked to face her
at all times. They reminded her of Mad Eye.

But Ginny didn't like thinking of him; it always made

her sad, and made her think about Death Eaters, then
of course, her thoughts were drawn to a certain blond.
A blond she had vowed to kill so long ago...


The voice had been so soft it could have been the

wind, or the wind was so soft it could have been a
voice: anyways, no-one was never really sure were
the sound came from. Not even Ginevra herself. Her
eyes snapped open as the door creaked and a
strangely familiar man stepped in, his lips set in a
warm, crooked smile.

Ginny gracefully stood up, looking at him

insistently"Come on Weasley, follow me to freedom!
D'you know y' don't look half as mad as you should?"
He said in a deep but merry voice.

Ginevra's sense of 'déjà vu' increased ten fold. She

knew him..."A friend of mine would have said
something like 'Looks may deceive'." she muttered.
"Malfoy would." answered the man.
Then it dawned onto her. Tall, strong, brownish hair,
bulky shape... "Crabbe!"

"Yup. But now it's Smith. Vincent Smith." said the man
in his rumbling voice.

"It's been ages... but you... how come... Vincent

you're a Death Eater!" said Ginny, grinning for all she
was worth.

"I know that Weasley. I was there when he did it. I

was there when Malfoy got it."

"Sorry." said Ginevra "I didn't mean to offend you.

How come...?" Vincent shook his head and kept on
walking. "Thanks to Dumbledore. The old hooter." He
added with another one of his crooked smiles" It
happened years ago. I was wounded and left for dead
by his army in battle. I guess the 'enemy' found me
and took me to the hospital. I was gravely wounded
and couldn't move or even sit up on my own before
one month, much less speak! But all the time, there
was this nurse who took care of me all the same,
even though I was a Death Eater... She was beautiful,
I fought to keep on living just to see her face, to hear
her voice... We fell in love. By then I could speak and,
with Dumbledore's help, I managed to bargain
information for a new identity, a job and freedom. Now
I and Lavender have two beautiful children."

"That's great!"
"Who would have thought I would marry a Gryffindor,
ey?"Ginevra laughed. "Who would have thought you
would be the one to get me out of jail?"

Both of them looked at each other sadly. The Past

was a hard thing to bear for both of them.

Ironically, the bricks were yellow, and the road gently

sloped in and under the level of the grayish,
tormented sea. The wind blew, shaking the dark
Azkaban. A pair of heavy boots thumped on the wet
bricks, and the massive doors, their hinges screaming
as they snapped closed with an air of finality, clicked
into place.

The hem of an Emerald green battle-robe swept

around her feet, her hair whipped the air, looking like
some blood covered banner. She tilted her head back
and breathed in deeply, angling her face to where the
sun should be.

In her left hand she held a small suit case. In it, there
were all her belongings. She hefted it over her
shoulder and looked in front of her expectantly, a half
smile gracing her features.

Soon enough, a gurgling sound emitted from the

water and suddenly, it parted as efficiently as the Red
sea on the distance of about a hundred meters.
At the end, the yellow brick road disappeared in a
bluish tunnel that seemed to be cut straight out from
the sea, without anything to stop it from collapsing.

The sound of hoofs slamming against stone echoed

out of it and around Ginny, making her half smile turn
into a real one.

A carriage, pulled by two pitch-black, winged stallions

sped out of it, closely followed by a third , pitch black;
winged horse. It was unmounted. The carriage
stopped and a door opened. Ginny knew the carriage
all to well: It was a Hogwarts carriage.


The old man stepped out, and, albeit the use of a

walking stick, Dumbledore still radiated the same aura
of what Ginny could only describe as 'Home'.
"Ginevra..." Ginny stepped in front of him and bowed
her head respectfully. "Thank you." She breathed out
before looking him one again in the eye, " Do the
others know?"

Dumbledore looked at her for a few moments before

shaking his head softly. "They have no clue as to why
I exited their Order meeting without a word."
answered the most powerful wizard alive. "I wasn't
talking about myself Professor." said Ginevra looking
him in the eye, only harder.
There was a sharp pain as Dumbledore violently
closed his mind shut and Ginevra stepped back,
looking at Dumbledore with utter shock. "Don't do that
Miss Weasley. And no they do not. And I would like it
that whatever you found in my head stays between
the both of us." The words were said with a soft voice
and a smile but Ginny knew that she should not push
the affair.

But how had he noticed her presence in his mind?

Ginny suddenly remembered a tidbit she'd overheard

from Harry and Co. :Dumbledore was a very powerful
Occlumence. She could have banged her head
against a wall for her lack of professionalism, but, as
always. 'curiosity killed the cat.'

"I'm afraid I'm getting too old to ride horses so I guess

you'll have to ride besides the carriage... Do you mind
this?" Ginny beamed. She adored horse riding. Then
she remembered the water and eyed the tunnel
distastefully."I remember your aversion to water
Ginny, but I'm afraid that this is all we have for the
moment; but I guarantee you the way is safe... By the
way, I know you're a fine horselady, and I'm sure you
will appreciate the newest magical breed the
American's created from Thestrals and the finest and
swiftest horses on the world... We cal them 'Pegasus
Nox'. Or just Nox. They are stronger than Thestrals
and way more pleasant to the eyes but otherwise they
share all his particularities, except that anyone can
see a Nox."

"-Beautiful." said Ginny, petting the animal she was

about to ride. Impatiently, she opened her case and
took out her hooded cloak, un-shrank it and put the
case in the carriage along with Dumbledore.

She mounted her horse and checked that her sword

was safely in place across of her back. The carriage
shook and the horses sped in the tunnel, its darkness
swallowing it up. Ginny gulped, glaring at the water
and kicked her horse to a gallop, after Dumbledore.
Soon, nothing was left of their encounter but a slightly
foamy sea. "I need milk..." muttered Ginny to herself,
darkly, glaring at her watery surroundings.

Soon, the yellow brick road became a steady upwards

slope and suddenly, the carriage and horses broke
free from the water and out of a very large pond near,
to Ginny's surprise, Hogsmeade. They bypassed the
town and alighted in front of Hogwart's main entrance.
Dumbledore got out of his carriage and waved his
wand. A massively purple three-story bus appeared
out of nothingness, screeching to a sudden stop.

Ginevra violently pulled Dumbledore back, just in time

to save him from the mass of steaming metal. Then, a
young man jumped out and started reading loudly
from a card, never looking up to see if his passengers
were alive. "Welcome to the Day Bus! My name is
Stan , and—"
"You almost killed both of us you idiot! Were did they
get the marvelous idea to let you so close to killing
innocent people? They should send you on the
battlefield with this bus from hell!" Said Ginevra
menacingly "I didn't come out from—"

But Dumbledore spoke loudly enough to cut her

sentence:"Ginevra, if you could just help me of the
floor instead of terrorizing Stan, I'm sure we could talk
of merrier subjects than my own death." Stan was
looking at both of then hesitantly: who was this
cloaked woman besides Dumbledore? The cloaked
woman in question sighed and helped her old
Headmaster up. "Sorry for yelling at you like that
Stan. I'm a little on the jumpy side today..."

They shook hands, confidently on Ginny's part and

hesitantly on Stan's."My name is Ginevra, but you can
call me Gin if you like." she said drawing back her
hood and flashing him a winning young man visibly
relaxed and led them to a couple of free seats near
the front. "So where are Professor Dumbledore and
his Body-Guard going?"

Ginny smiled at the nickname and slumped on her

seat, while Dumbledore said they were going to
Diagon Alley.

"-You look very familiar, but I just can't seem to

pinpoint exactly where I saw you before..." Said Stan
looking at her over the edge of his 'prophet' Ginevra
resisted the temptation to smirk at seeing a picture of
herself blink disdainfully on the front page of the
newspaper, the words


politics operate in the shadows..."

Flash enticingly beneath it.

"I wonder where..." she said mockingly. They arrived

in front of the official Ministry entrance, and, to
Ginny's displeasure, the place was swarming with
Aurors. Nervously she tugged her hood securely over
her blazing hair and followed Dumbledore out of the
bus. "Do you think such a cloak is necessary?"

"Aurors don't like me all that much, and I don't feel like
attracting unneeded attention." Three Aurors were
seemingly in charge, seeing as they were shouting
orders at everyone. "Of course Ron and his friends
would be in charge of this..." said Ginny darkly. "They
are the three principal generals of our army..." said

"-NO wonder we're loosing!" said Ginevra "The men

who think some king of three headed gods is leading
them to victory, are persuaded that once again,
whatever happens Harry, Ron and Hermione will save
the day. Again. I'm not saying they can't save their
own necks, but, can they save the necks of hundreds
of people at the same time?"

Dumbledore stayed silent. "Professor!" called on of

the trio's members. "Harry, Ron, Hermione..." he
greeted with a slight nod. "Professor there has been a
raid on the ministry, six Death Eaters have tried to
break in the Department of Mysteries..." said

"We managed to capture three of them before they

fled. They didn't manage to take anything with them
though." explained Harry, glowing with pride. Ron,
though, didn't seem happy about something."Still, we
shouldn't have deprived the battle field of so many
skilled men! I think it's—"

"A trap." Finished Ginny, making all of them jump,

except Dumbledore. "Are you really that foolish? Send
them all back on the field immediately, there may be a
massive attack any moment now... if it's not happened
already! " Dumbledore nodded, and Harry and
Hermione blanched. "But who are you exactly?"
asked Harry, pointedly eying her cloak.

"Why Harry, I would have hoped for a little more

courtesy on your part..." said Ginny, pulling her hood
up just enough to reveal her face."Gin?" exclaimed
the redhead, training of all color..

"Hello Ron."

Morsmortis, HQ of the Dark troops,

Residence of Lord Voldemort.

"I say to you, Death Eaters, we have the difficulties of

today and tomorrow. I still have a dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up

and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold
these truths to be self-evident that all men are not
created equal.

I have a dream that one day out in the red hills of our
kingdom our sons will be free or the influence or the
such of Mudbloods and Muggles. That blood traitors
will rot away in our dungeons as our children will be
free to exercise the supremacy of their bloodline.

I have a dream that we will one day live in a nation

where we will rise above the Ministry and create a
new government."

The man felt his insides churn as Voldemort recited

his speech. He knew that behind his mask, he must
have paled several shades, of disgust... of shame?

Across the circle, he could read all too easily the

hatred and revolt in his childhood friend's eyes. He
had known the crazy Ravenclaw had changed him,
but at that point...

Besides him, he'd felt his old potions master tense

and with some irony, he realized he himself felt like
dry-heaving. He put a hand on his son's shoulder, as
much to sooth the boys' young mind as the stop him
from saying something as stupid as 'Martin Luther

Mindless of all this, Voldemort spoke the distorted

words of a peace-loving Muggle, and most of the
other Death eaters listened in awe as an abomination
was committed to their very eyes by the one that led
them all.

And they knew nothing of it. Draco closed his eyes

and opened them again, wishing all this was a bad
dream. Tonight, he would teach him son, and as
usual, to the young boy, what he would tell him would
sound like fairy tales, because after all, who would
believe in in a Gryffindor and a Slytherin getting

He did...

So much...

He missed her...

Chapter XIII: Past and Present.

Everything went very fast, all of a sudden, Ginny was
caught in a bear-hug and was being twirled around.
Ironically, she noted her brother must have grown
taller when more pressing matters became evident.

"Ron " she choked- " breath..."

Run stepped back, holding her at arms length, and

smiling. Ginevra was shocked to discover she had
cried silent tears when Ron brushed them away with
his thumb.

"I missed you so much Ron..."

"Me too Ginger-snaps , me too... God, my sister's

grown so beautifully... But...Azkaban?"

"Dumbledore." was her answer. "How are Mum and


"Stressed, worried... Mum works at the Black

mansion, it's became a kind of Inn for Order members
and other. She loves it, but it's tiring. Dad got
promoted again and he's working with the new
minister. Gin, They'll be so happy to see you! Will you
be at the Burrow Sunday?"

"Of course I will... But Ron, now is not the moment,

you have a war on your hands and men who should
be on the battle field."
Gin smiled as Ron almost saluted and pulled both his
friends towards the Aurors, yelling orders. She turned
to Dumbledore, smiling.

"So, what now?"

"We are going to get you a wand at Ollivander's."

Ginny stopped spinning on herself and looked at him


"Ollivander was captured by the Death Eaters when I

was in my seventh year."

Dumbledore's eyes sparkled mischievously, all of a

sudden it seemed to Ginny that the old man looked a
lot younger, then the impression was gone. She stood
tall and breathed deeply, marveling at how much
Diagon Alley had changed.

"Lead the way Professor,and let us visit the missing

and presumed dead, shall we?" smiled Ginny, taking
his arm.

The room was dark and rather dusty, the kind of place
Dumbledore loved and made Ginny sneeze. In the
shadows, the old mans eerie, moon-like eyes
gleamed as he filed through the wands. "Ah... the
older the wizard the choosier the wand... This one
Ginny took the wand and waved it dutifully. It
backfired, throwing her back violently. "No. definitely
not." said Ollivander, not seeming to bother about his
fallen client. Ginny blinked, realizing she was staring
at the ceiling."Ouch..." she muttered.

"Try this one."

This time Ginny didn't get a chance to touch the

wand: it suddenly grew legs and wriggled out of
Ollivander's hand before dashing for the relative
security of the cardboard wand boxes.

"-No. Not unicorn, not phoenix... maybe some dragon

heart string?"

The man disappeared in the darkness and gloom he

seemed so fond of and reappeared with a dusty box,
reverently opening it. "This wand is rosewood and has
a dragon heart string at its core... Very particular
mix..." Olivander held out the wand, and Ginny
tentatively reached out and waved it. Silver and red
sparks emitted from the tip as a warm wind made the
papers and boxes ruffle.

"So this one has found it's master... This will be

eleven galleons."

Some time later a thoughtfully spooked Ginny and a

smirking Dumbledore were admiring Madam Malkin's
window decorations.

Even though Ginny was happy of having finally

escaped the crazy wand-man's custody, she couldn't
help getting worried at the look Dumbledore was
giving the socks... something lost between the
deprived chocoholics' look and an anonymous diet
victim caught having a cheat.

The tall redhead took a cautious steep away from

him; hopping temporary madness didn't catch.
'Thought the girl just released from Azcaban...' said
her ironic inner voice, sounding way too much like a
certain blond Slytherin for comfort. "Don't worry Miss
Weasley, I am perfectly sane as long as you are
concerned.' said Dumbledore smiling brightly. ' Now
we shouldn't have to wait long Miss-"

"GINEVRA!" Ginny couldn't believe her ears, could it

be... "Luna?"

Both girls hugged each other warmly before taking a

step back and surveying just how much their best
friend had changed. Luna had grown into a tall
willowy woman, so slender and delicate it seemed a
gust of wind would break her; but the feeling was
quickly overshadowed by the thick aura of sheer love
of life and strength she possessed. Or maybe was it
her eccentric style?

She was clad in a black Armani suit, pepped up with a

pink tie. Her blond hair was braided with pink crystals
and feathers and her eyes sparkled merrily. Ginny
noted the Slytherin ring she always wore on her
engagement finger was still firmly in place, the
emerald snake eyes glinting in the sun light.

She felt her heart fill with joy and grinned at her best
friend, remembering how she had always been there
for her. Even it the most difficult of times... Especially
in those...

( Platform 9 ¾ ; end of Ginny's sicth year)

Ginny watched Draco disappear, and smirked.

Suddenly she felt happy for an undetermined reason.
If fact the hole situation was just so strange it had to
be laughed at.

So she did.

If she wouldn't allow herself to cry, she could at least


Stuffing her hand in her pockets, she struggled to

keep her fit of giggles under control, failing miserably.

Something cold touched her fingers.

Surprised, Ginny clutched it, withdrawing her hand

from her pocket and examined the silver ring
encrusted with two emeralds witch were designed to
be eyes. Serpents.

It was Draco's Slytherin ring.

Still laughing, she put it on her engagement finger and

fisted her hand.

"Thank you, Dragon."

Luna silently walked besides her and put an arm

around her shoulders, pulling Ginny in a hug, knowing
her laughs were fake and forced, knowing Ginny
didn't want to realize her laughter was an act.

"I'm sure he'll be alright..."

"I know Luna...' she said calmly, but the laughter had
died and her voice cracked lightly, ' But—this—I feel
so selfish— I don't want him to leave me... I don't
want him to be a nameless face in the midst of our
stupid war..."

Ginevras' resolve crumpled and what she pretended

was a hearty laughter was lost as her cries finally
broke loose and she wept, clutching her friend like
unto dear life. "I don't want him to die... please ye
gods... please... don't be so cruel... please..."

After their last year in Hogwarts, both girls moved into

a flat near Diagon Alley, as Luna took up to being a
journalist, endlessly slashing at the ministry and more
often than not taking care of the Quibbler; Ginny
studied to be a Mentalist and traveled around the
world with her master for three years.

When she came back she was one of the youngest

and most talented Mentalists of her era. But sadly, her
profession, even if it was not outlawed, was
considered by Most like Dark Magic. But Ginny didn't
care:after all she had chosen to be like this. And
Draco had warned her. Even if indirectly.

' She browsed for a certain blood-stained book named

'Mentalisme, telekinesis and Mental issues' in Draco's
personal library ...

"-It's yours now."


Asked Ginny dying to have the precious thing but not

quite sure he was serious. Draco took the time to
spell his hair dry before replying;

"-If you want it, but be careful, it's not a very popular
book amongst you 'good guys'."

Maybe her profession had everything to do with her

imprisonment. Or that was what most liked to think;
for you didn't end up in the high security quarters of
Azcaban for nothing.
Ginny had been to Japan, were they had called in for
her services in order to interrogate a terrorist. She
should have stayed for a week, but the man's mind
was feeble and easy to break. And she also wanted to
surprise her fiancé. After all they were about to get
married in one month's time.

Only, when she apparated in his flat, she found

clothes strewn on the flood.

Some were not his. The others were certainly not


Ginny took out her wand and slowly used it to lift a

thong at eye level, her smile was gone now, and her
sensible ears had picked up strange sounds coming
from down the hall.

Were his room was.

Now Ginny was positively livid. She stalked down to

his room as swiftly kicked his door open. He was
there, right between his secretaries thighs, looking at
her like a deer caught in the headlights.

"I swear this is not what you think."

Ginny blinked, registering his words. Then she lost

her temper, as well as the control of her powers. The
sheer blast of magic and mental power was
channeled straight at the couple.
Ginny had fled the secretary's screams ringing in her
ears. She apparated in her and Luna's flat, throwing
herself in the puzzled blonds arms, crying bitterly.

The next weeks of trial were horrid. The jury was

merciless, the fear of Dark Magic rising at the news
from the battle field was whispered from ear to ear,
phobia and panic slowly spreading, like a disease.

She was life-sentenced to prison for the murder of her

fiancé and for mentally incapacitating the secretary.
All that time, Luna was right besides her, publishing
scorching articles about the jury, or merely holding
her hand.

Chapter XIV: My Friend... My Foe... My Lover?

Ginny watched the steam rise gently from her cup

with unhidden contempt. It felt so good to be home...
Sitting at the kitchen table, sipping at a mug of hot
tea, Ginny could have fooled herself in believing she
had never left . But she had; and the world hadn't
stopped spinning for so little. Things had
changed."You father is dead!"Gasped Ginny looking
at Luna in horror.

"Yes. About one year after you were imprisoned. An

accident. But I know better... He was murdered..."

"How? Why? Who?"

"I'm not sure why precisely." sighed Luna, peering at
her tealeaves and turning the cup distractedly "he was
publishing the truth about certain... things... the
ministry did. Corruption, fraud... Who? No one

Ginny looked at Luna sadly and impulsively took hold

of her hand. "I should have been there Luna..."

"It's not important Ginny. I don't blame you. I... I took

up the Quibbler and started something new,
something devastating... The Quibbler became a
secondary paper, I use it to find new promising
reporters and journalists. It's still the same old. But I
created the 'New Quibbler'... It's a freelance journal,
with paid reporters and photographs. It's the same
price at the Prophet, but there is a free Quibbler with
every number. It sells like mad: it seems people are
thirsty for new, uncensored news about the war and

Ginny grinned. "That's great Luna!"

"Let us just say that I'm a very rich bachelorette!" Both

laughed, happy to be together again. The inseparable
duo. The sad remnants of a quartet.

The tall red-head beauty stood in front of Hogwarts

gate's, the breeze playing with her long black cape,
blowing the hood from her head and tugging at her
hair playfully. Ginny was clad in a black, leather like
armor, a large belt around her waist, holding a sword,
her wand and different metal, and undoubtedly razor
sharp, contraptions.

The material was in fact extremely light and immune

to almost everything. Only a dragon could damage it;
and for reason: It was dragon hide of the finest
quality. Upon a closer look, someone had traced
intricate patterns on the leather; very thin wisps of
silver mixing, dividing and swirling. On her upper left
arm was tied a dark red band sporting the mentalist
crest. On her other arm was another band, still red,
but sporting a golden phoenix. Ginny taped her foot
impatiently and finally, the gates opened with a creak.
She stepped through and walked across the grounds,
trying to block out her invading memory. She couldn't
afford of thinking about Draco now.

A few teens interrupted their snow fight to watch her

walk past (one of the boys gave a low whistle and his
girlfriend tried to stuff some snow throat down his
throat). Ginny smirked, doing a discreet move with her
wand, thus making a snowball crawl up his pants, like
she'd done to Dra-.

Ginny shook her head and climbed the stairs at a fast

pace, soon knocking at Dumbledore's office. The door
opened and a sulky looking seventh Slytherin boy
exited, holding a bloody hankie against his nose
closely followed by a grinning seventh year Gryffindor

"Really Miss Berth... you shouldn't go around hitting

fellow students because of mere words... Detention
tonight." The girl looked shocked and the boy
smirked. "Both of you."

Now both looked horrified, but mumbled a 'Yes

Professor' all the same. Ginny winked at the students
and smiled at Dumbledore. "Do they not remind you
of a certain couple, Miss Weasley?"

Ginny laughed."I'm afraid so headmaster..."

Dumbledore instructed both of them to the time and
place of their detention and banished them with a
lemon drop each. Ginny heard them start arguing as
soon as they were out of view.

"You called me Headmaster?"

"Yes. I need you to work at Hogwarts for the next

week. We need mental shields and protections.
Runes. Dream Catchers. Everything to ward off an
enemy Mentalist." Ginny tensed violently. "The Death
Eaters have a Mentalist?" she gasped.

"Yes a very talented one at that." Without a word,

Ginny sat on an armchair and closed her eyes.
Dumbledore regained at his desk and sensed Ginny's
conscious level evolve and expand, merging with the
web created by thousands of beings as her body
became covered with a very thin crust of frost. Ginny
gasped, finding a strong point. A strong mental knot,
tugging on all those around it.

At the other end of England the man's eyes shot

open, feeling the familiar yet unfamiliar presence of
someone. "-They found a Mentalist..." He whispered
to himself, ignoring the strange look he was getting
from his young son.

Ginny stood up abruptly, and started pacing. Then

stopped, looking at Dumbledore almost happily."He's
strong... As strong as me, maybe more."

"Will you do as I asked you?"

"I'll have to do more Dumbledore! Much more! First, I

want to see every teacher in a personal meeting to
evaluate their mental heath and search for anything
that could put students in danger. Second, I want the
two students that just came out of here to help me.
This will be their detention. Three, I'll do all you asked
with added bonuses, including Dementor repulsive
shields and maybe a dragon pentacle.

Dumbledore smiled shaking his head. "And you get to

play matchmaker..." Ginny grinned cocking her head.

"Your pay will automatically be transferred on your

Gringotts account. Five hundred Galleons, per usual
for this kind of job." said Dumbledore, returning to his
papers and giving her a large gold pallet from one of
the draws. "And I expect this should cover any
expenses you may encounter for your job."

Ginny nodded standing and taking the Wizard version

of a credit card before putting if in one of the
numerous pockets of her Mentalist uniform."I'm sure it
will, Headmaster."

"Your apartments are located in the Dungeons, where

the Head Boy's room used to be. I'm sure you
remember were it is... When will you begin?"

"I must go the Knockturn Alley to get some materials,

so I guess I'll be ready to start tonight. It's the full
moon, so it'll be perfect... Unless you have another
werewolf under your care?"

Dumbledore smiled, stood up, and guided her to the

door. "Not that I know of! Have fun Miss Weasley.
Don't forget you're supervising a detention at eight
tonight." He said with a final smirk and shut the door
on her back.

Ginny breathed deeply, smiling the ever present smell

of rosemary and ginger lingering in the dark streets of
Knockturn Alley. She's just finished her shopping and
had banished her purchases to her room, but just
now, she was walking around, enjoying her freedom.
She still had one hour before going back to

Maybe I could visit Fred and George? Or then again,

how about a glass of warm milk?

Smiling, she pulled her cloak around herself tightly,

fighting against the cold when a large figure bumped
into her, making her fall back. She would have hit the
floor but two strong arms wrapped around her waist,
steadying her. The cloaked man pulled away bowing

"Excuse me Madam. Are you all right?"

Ginny looked at the man attentively for a second,

trying to guess his shadowed features, but the
shadows seemed to darken under her inquisitive look
as he pulled back imperceptibly... His voice seemed...
so... familiar...

"Yes sir. Excuse me, It's my fault I wasn't looking at

were I was going..." Said Ginny, pulling back her
telltale red hair back under her hood, never revealing
her face. The man seemed to freeze for a second
then looked down as a six or seven year old boy
tugged at his sleeve. "Uncle! Dad says we have to go

The man ruffled the blonds hair and chuckled softly.

"All right Lex, we're leaving..." the man tuned to Ginny
and bowed his head again. "Madam." he rumbled
politely. "Good Day Sir, Merry Christmas." muttered
Ginny, not able to take her eyes away from the boy as
both of them went down the street at a swift pace, the
man berating the child for taking his hood off.

"The child looked just like Draco..." she whispered,

shaking her head and apparating with a loud cracking
noise, all thought of visiting her brothers forgotten.

At eight o'clock sharp, Ginny was sitting on the Great

Hall's stair case, watching the Slytherin disarm the
Gryffindor with a swift kick while she menaced him of
screaming 'Rape' if ever he came any closer, and
wondering how long it would take them to notice her.
The red head sighed and walked over to them,

"Stop flirting and follow me. We have things to do."

There was a horrified gasp from both students, and
they didn't follow her as she walked towards the
Dungeons. Ginny glanced at them over her shoulder.
"Well? Are you coming?"

"Who are you?" asked the Slytherin. Ginny noted that

he'd stepped protectively in front of the girl with a
mental 'hooray'. "I'm Ginny, we met earlier today. I'm
working here for the next week. You are Ethan and
the lovely girl you're currently trying to protect even
though you don't want to admit it is Sarah."

The brunette girl shouldered her way past the

Slytherin and opened her mouth but Ginny silenced
her in one move and continued her speech. "Now,
you have a detention to serve and I have things to do:
let's kill two flobberworms with one stone and work
together shall we? Unless you'd prefer to clean the
bathrooms Muggle way, with our dear Mister Filch?"

Ginny paused and smirked evilly before adding: " And

I've head there's a bad case of flu on rampage
through Hogwarts... "

With that she walked down the steps and down to the
Potions lab and soon, she heard both teenagers
shuffle behind her."I told you she was a Slytherin!"
hissed Ethan. Ginny laughed opening the door and
letting them walk in. "Actually," she said closing the
door "I'm a Gryffindor." Sarah grinned and Ethan
looked crestfallen."But the ring..." he muttered.

Ginny looked at her hand and smirked, flicking her

wand at the blackboard, making the instructions
appear. "It was a present. Now, we're working on a
three dimensional mental shield, and to create it, we
need two potions, magic and a full moon. And tonight,
all that is missing are the potions. The one you are to
make is fairly simple, but it requires the work of two.
Make it. The ingredients are on the table. Be careful,
some are extremely unstable or hard to get."

Ginny smirked, watching them argue over who would

do what and walked to an open space, shrugging her
cape off and staying in her leather Mentalist uniform.
She raised her hands and slowly started chanting until
a complicated pentacle had appeared under her feet,
glowing softly with her as a center.

She moved out of it and the glowing decreased

slightly, but the circle remained. With a flick of her
wand a large cauldron levitated at the circle's center,
an unnaturally dark red fire burning under it. She
pulled out her ingredients and started preparing them,
checking the teen's potion from time to time.

"Mentalist blood?" Muttered Sarah, looking at the

bullet sized vial with disgust. "Mentalists are very
powerful and ruthless wizards. They manipulate your
mind and make you crazy. They give life to the
monsters under your bed and hear your deepest
thoughts... The best also have use of telekinesis."
hissed Ethan, evilly.

Ginny chuckled softly, and completed the information.

"Mentalists also have a formation in psychology and
profiling, as well as ancient runes and potions. Spell
casting, Dark Arts, and other things." Ethan looked at
Sarah attentively, not wanting to miss her reaction as
she realized what he already knew.

"But... how did you...?" the brunette gasped, dropping

the vial in shock. Ginny raised her hand stooping the
fragile object's fall before it hit the ground and made it
levitate and land softly on the counter.
"I am a Mentalist and you're assisting me protect
Hogwarts... for tonight."

Ginny grinned as their thoughts hit her as though they

had yelled them out loud.


Chapter XV: Of Pentacles and Dreams'Be careful you

might get hurt!'

"-Give me the knife you blubbering idiot. You'll just

ruin the mandrake roots!"

'Is that a new cologne? Lovely...'

"-What is that smell? Did you bathe in the toilet again


'That cauldron is way to heavy for her...'

"-Let go of the cauldron Berth, you'll drop it, we'll have

to make it again, and that will be more time to waste
with you."

Ginny rubbed her temples tiredly, blocking away their

thoughts. All night it had been like this... They never

And she certainly didn't need to know they both had a

biting fetish!

The Berth girls' voice cut through Ginny's thoughts of

locking both of the students in a closet and see what

"-The potion is finished Ma'am."

Ginny opened the eyes she didn't remembered



Ginny stood up and stretched like a cat, giving their

brew a satisfied glance.

Walking over to her pentacle, she checked on her

potion and smiled as silvery wisps of smoke escaped
from under the lid. Carefully, she ladled some of the
dark blue potion in a bowl and motioned for Sarah to
do the same with the potion the students had worked

"-Follow me." said the Mentalist, walking out of the lab

and up the stair, out of the dungeons.

"-Be careful not to spill anything. We're going on the

roof." continued Ginny, climbing an other series of
steps and leading them through a trick wall, "earlier
today, I did a little tour of Hogwarts grounds and drew
a very special pentacle around the grounds with my
magical aura. A Mentalis Pentaculum. Since we're in
the middle of the night, and since we'll be high up and
able to see all the grounds, you'll be able to see the
pentacle light up... It's quite a spectacle and very few
people get to see it at least once in their life."

By then, the unlikely trio stood on a large flat roof over

what the students assumed (and that Ginny knew) to
be the Great Hall. In the middle, was a simple stone
basin on a pedestal. Ginny looked at both students

"-What ever happens, don't disturb me. Don't speak to

me. Don't interrupt me. Watch and Learn. Got it?"

The girl nodded and the boy rolled his eyes. Ginny
nodded gravely and walked over to the pedestal,
taking both bowl with her.

The 7th years gasped, instinctively stepping closed to

each other:

All around the castle, the darkness had light up,

pattens of white light dancing on the ground for miles
on end, shifting so no one knew the exact pentacle,
but shining gloriously, sparks floating like dust in the

Ginny closed her yes, feeling all the magic from the
grounds drawn to the center... drawn to her. The
prickling sensation of the magic making her light
headed as she held one bowl in each hand, standing
in front of the bigger stone bowl.

On her armor an other pentacle glowed, slowly

shifting, slowly expanding around her feet and in a
circle around her, climbing up the pedestal, making
the bowl glitter.

All was ready.

Ginny breathed deeply and spoke in the magically

enhanced voice of the mentalist; tones of soprano,
alto and baritone blending harmoniously with her

"-I who chose not my Name

I who chose not my Past

I who carry the marks of your Claim

I who tonight bind this Cast

Ginevra Alexandra Weasley ."

Ginevra poured the potion containing the mentalist

blood in the stone bowl, the one Sarah and Ethan had
made, the one with her blood in it. Suddenly the lights
on the bowl turned red, the color expanding like ink in
water, until soon, the entire pentacle glowed Red.
Gryffindor Red.

Weasley Red.

Blood Red.

Ginny swallowed, feeling the pull in her essence,

knowing a part of her was now anchored in the
grounds of Hogwarts forever. Again she spoke, and
again her voice was layered with power.

"To protect these Children

To protect their Finds

To protect their Brethren

To protect their Minds

You who hear my Call

Take heed to my Query

Help me build a Wall

My power I give Freely"

Ginny poured the second potion, the Red suddenly

turning blue, then white, then a blazing Silver,
illuminating the grounds like it was midday.
Ginny felt her energy and power leave her body all at
once and fell on the ground, kneeling and breathing
deeply. The world seemed to go black for half a
second, but she clung to consciousness, balling her
fists, her nail breaking her flesh, blood dripping in the
ground unnoticed.

"- I Ginevra Alexandra Weasley

I Mentalist,

Bind this shield today

Make this oath today."

Suddenly everything went black. The sudden loss of

light making the Darkness as oppressing as ever, the
moon as round and as bright as ever in the sky
seemed dull. The stars inexistent...

Ginny lay on the ground panting, struggling to stand,

breathing heavily.

Sarah whimpered, unconsciously clutching Ethan's

arm, the boy stood tall, watching attentively, waiting...

But noting happened.

Ginny rolled on her back gazing at the black sky.

There was silence for an instant.

"-Well..." her voice sounded rough and sore "That
should give their Mentalist something to worry about.
Help me up you two... we're going to bed."
((...Somewere far away... but closer than most would
like...)) He'd felt it.

The nudge... The tug at his consciousness.

The blast of energy: A barrier being raised.

He knew it now: they had a mentalist.

And a powerful one.

He had to know.

He had to work.

And as much as he regretted he needed to get rid of

his son to do that.

The man ruffled the young blonds hair, smirking.

"-Hey Lex, how about you go find Uncle Blaise so he

can finish this mad story he was telling you?"

"-The one about the strange Ravenclaw?"

The man frowned slightly, wondering what exactly his

best friends stories were about.
"-Er... yes. That one."

The boy looked at his father for a second, beamed

and ran to his 'uncles' chambers.

The Father set to work.

((Hogwarts...))At the end of the week, after what felt
like hundreds of mental shields and booby traps,
Ginny smiled at her old transfiguration teacher, sitting
comfortably behind a large comfortable and
luxuriously decorated bureau.

"-Welcome Professor, I will only be asking you a few


The professor nodded and sat on a leather chair

facing Ginny.

Ginny mentally hoorayed: most people hadn't been as

co-operative at Mc Gonagal...
(Flash back)

"-Weasley If you expect me to let you trifle with my


"-Professor Snape I-"

"-AND if you expect me to lie on the couch so you can

take advantage of me-"
Ginny chocked and fought against the mental

"-Boyfriend number 34 was a sweet heart, but way too


Ginny discreetly poured some firewhiskey in her tea,

listening to Professor Sinistra go on about her love
life, wishing Death Eaters would turn up soon.

"-Now dear... What I see on this ink stain? Why a

Demetra Tantacula of course! Notice the lichen and
the slight tangent of the poisonous branches..."

Ginny turned the picture around and looked at it

before glancing back at professor Sprout, trying to
look professional. She cleared her throat nervously.

"-And what is your feeling about this?"

"' wasn't until my 6th year hen I finally lost my


Blushing deeply, Ginny pulled up her note pad trying

to hide behind it, wishing the ground would open up
and swallow her.

'What made me give Snape sedatives again?'

Trelawney wailed, blowing her nose in yet an other

"-Thank you... You have no idea how hard it is to be a
real Seer now days... And I was saying... Well, that
was my second hear at Hogwarts, and-and-and- all
the boys made fun of meeeeeee..."

Ginny leaned back slightly, holding out the hanky box

as an ultimate defense.

(end flash back)

"-...Miss Weasley?"

Ginny blinked a couple of times and smile at her old

Head of house.

"-Excuse me. It was a long day... All I will do is say a

word, and you must answer with the first word that
comes to mind. Ready?"

The professor smiled.






Ginny paused, McGonagall smiled sheepishly.







Ginny stopped, closing her note pad with a final

sounding SNAP! Afraid of what would come next.

"-I think that will be enough." said the beautiful red-

head; sounding way to joyous. "Thank you for your

Ginny watched McGonagall exit the room with a smile

plastered on her face and waited a few seconds after
the door closed to cast a locking spell on it. Suddenly
feeling paranoid, she added a second.

"-Leather?" she muttered to herself, before turning

back to her notes with a slightly worried expression.
Hours later, there was a slight knocking on her door.
Ginny looked up and flicked her wand, making the
lock click and the door swing open.

Ethan walked in, sitting in front of her without a word.

Even though he didn't say a thing, he wasn't making
an effort to hide his thoughts like he usually did:
strangely his concentration was low. Too low. He was
tired and the Mentalist felt it.

'-What do you want?'

Ginny smirked, tilting her head and waving her wand,

making all the papers on her desk sort out and fly
neatly in her canvas bag.

"-What I want? I'm not sure yet..."

The 7th year growled, sitting up straight and

slamming up his defenses.

"-Do NOT do that..." he hissed.

Ginny smiled dangerously, folding her hands over the

desk and leaning forwards. Ethan suddenly had the
feeling this person was not to be fooled with. He'd
though she was too nice to be taken seriously, after
all,- this woman was always acting like a child!- but
now... he wasn't so sure anymore.

Now he realized how dangerous she really was.

He leaned backwards slightly.

"-Who are you to tell me what I can or can't do ?" she

said in a cold voice, standing up and walking to the
window before continuing. " I called you to ask you

The boy- the man –though Ginevra, looking at him

attentively, had no idea of what awaited him...
Whatever he chose to do...

His life would be hard.

What was why she wanted to help him:

She didn't want him to be like her.

She didn't want him toregret-

Ginevra softened, thinking of Sarah and how both of

them had become closer in one short week, hardly
able to stop themselves from seeking the other in the
halls, hardly able to stop their feelings from breaking
'the way things should be'.

"-Listen Ethan. I know that you've got a choice to

make. I know what Voldemort and your parents ask
you to do... But I offer choice. Because there is
always a choice."
Ginny walked back to the desk and sat on it, looking
sharply at Ethan. The man looked away.


Ginny took his silence as a prompt to go on with her


"-Join Voldemort... or join Dumbledore."

"-Why do you give me such a choice?" he said, voice

shaped in perfect neutrality, sporting the all too
familiar bored expression of the typical Slytherin.

"-Because... I don't want you to live every day of your

life wishing you were some one else. I don't want
Sarah to live everyday of HER life hating those
around her for not giving you a chance. I don't want
you to live in regret. I don't want you to be afraid of
meeting the one you love at wand point..."

Finished Ginny, in a harsh whisper.

Ethan glared at her.

Ginny smirked.

"-What? Do you expect to neversee her again? Trust

me, if ever the Dark Lord discovers your feelings, he'll
make sure you're the one to kill her..."
Ethan stood up suddenly, making the chair fall back,
looking at her angrily.

"-You have no idea of what you're talking about! So

stop pretending you understand! You're just like the
other Mentalist! You just manipulate those around
you! Just stay away from me! Leave me ALONE!" he
yelled stepping away and storming out in the hall,
slamming the door behind him.

Ginny sighed tiredly, playing with her Slytherin ring.

"-I think this got little too personal..." she muttered,

looking sadly at the door.
Sarah looked at Ethan with worry as he sat angrily
across from her in the library, slamming several large
volumes on the table.

She kned he'd been to se the mentalist, but didn't

want to pry. Instead, shelooked at the heavy volumes.

"-Year books? Don't you think that would be too

easy?" she said softly.

Ethan sighed, looking at her tiredly, all trace of anger


She had that effect on him...

It would be nice if things could stay- He growled,

pushing those thoughts away and opening one of the
books with a newfound determination.

"-Maybe. But we lose nothing by looking. We know

she wasn't at Hogwarts while we were, so these are
years books dating at least 7 years back."

Sarah nodded and took one of the books, flipping

through the pages. A few minutes later she spoke.

"-Hey, Ethan... I think I found her... It's a graduation

photo. Her 7th year. She graduated the year before
we entered."

The young man did a quick maths.

"-That makes her 25 years old! Let me see!"

She pushed the heavy book over and both peered at


Sarah chocked a sob.

"-Oh Merlin... she looks so sad..."

Ethan was a little more practical.

"Is that Harry Potter standing besides her?"

Sarah peered at the picture and text.

"-Yes. That's him. With Hermione Granger, Ronald

Weasley, Luna Lovegood..."

"-The most prominent Aurors and a high score

journalist..." muttered Ethan. "She graduated top of all
her classes and she was know as a 'serial-dater, and
famous heart breaker'. "

Sarah read an other tibit of information. "-She is also

famous for her unlikely friendship with Slytherin Draco
Malfoy... who graduated the previous year!"

Ethan's eyes widened as he grabbed the designed

book , furiously flipping the pages and stopping at the
'Draco Malfoy' page.

"-Wow." said Sarah. Watching in amazement as

Draco and Ginny smirked at them, looking very happy
and comfortable with each other.

It was a photo from the graduation ball, Ginny

provocantly hooking her thumb in Draco's belt while
hehad his arm wrappedposessively around her waist.

"-Draco Malfoy, known as the 'Slytherin Prince',

graduated top of his year, famous for befriending
'Ginny' Weasley, and surviving her brother." read
Ethan disbelievingly.

Sarah look at Ethan, impulsively taking his hand,

blushing slightly at her action, but holding it firmly.
"-What's the matter?"

Ethan looked in her eyes for a moment and smiled,

kissing her knuckles affectionately.

He laughed softly as she blushed some more.

"-They knew... Both of them knew what they were

talking about..."

Chapter XVI: Poisonous Victory or Glorious Loss"-

And what do you expect me to do? Erase everything
I've done!"

The Mentalist paced in Dumbledores office, visibly in

a bad mood. Somehow, the Minister, a usually tall
and athletic man with a fierce temper seemed
unusually small and subdued.

"-But..." whatever words he was about to say seemed

to die in his throat and crawl back down to the pit of
his stomach under Ginevra's hard golden gaze.

Dumbledore was delighted.

"-Listen carefully Minister Garder... I do not think there

is a need to remind you how much I love the Ministry.
Especially after wasting so many years in Azcaban...
But I also happen to know you're a brave man. A
good man. Alas..."
Garder winced, leaning back in his seat trying to
oppose a minimal amount of target for the enraged
woman and Dumbledore refrained from summoning
some popcorn.

Ginny elegantly sat on the head masters desk,

directly in front of the minister, pushing aside a few
papers and primly clasping her hands on her crossed
legs. She smiled leaning forwards.

The smile was not a nice smile; it was the one of the
cat who had cornered the mouse, greedily eying it
before extending it's paw and playing.

"-Alas Sir... You keep interfering with my business...

Hogwarts had a right to ask for my protection since
the competent authorities were busy partaking in
mass slaughter thus you don't have a word to say
about this. But... you come here... and.. give me a
paper saying... what did it say already?"

Ginny took one of the paper from besides her and

read, her tone soft and dangerous.

" Ah... yes... 'As you are not part of the Auroring
Unites nor a high ranking military authority, you are
forbidden to engage in any activity related to the war
such as assuring the protection of a given ministry
dependent territory or any other land under the
ministry's Jurisdiction.' "
There was a short silence as Ginny put the paper
down, the room seemed to hold it's breath.

"Well then minister...congratulations... it looks like

you've just found yourself a new Major..."
(Not so far off...)Ethan smirked at the dark haired man
known to the world as his father; his eyes gleaming in
the dull light offered by the fire.

"-why would i want to go home? What awaits me

there? A loving family? A future? A chance of being

He snorted disgracefully, shocking him parents and

making the mentalist laugh silently.

"-No. Nothing but death and betrayal. I'm staying.

Don't expect me back for Christmas, or hasn't the
Dark Lord canceled it already? Nor after that. I've
made my choice."

He looked at the blond man with respect and

understanding a secret meaning to his next words
shared only with the mentalist.

"-I don't want to live in regret."

The Mentalist smirked knowingly at the teenager and

spoke softly.

"-Leave it Smith ... Your son made up his mind. There

is no use in insisting."

The man cursed profusely, and Ethan winced slightly

as his own father called him names, but didn't back
down: at last his fathers' head disappeared from the
fire with a flurry of green flames. His mother looked at
him sadly and sighed.

"-What's her name?"

Ethan hesitated for a second before replying.


His mother nodded.

"-Take care." she said and she too vanished.

There was a comfortable silence in the room and the

mentalist finally spoke.

"-He must have been stubborn to be able to convince


Ethan laughed, standing whilst smirking


He walked to the door and looked pensively over his


"-I'm sure she would have convinced you if she'd tried

Draco." he said sincerely and left, closing the door
behind him softly.

Draco's head sat in the fire for a few seconds more,

his expression unreadable, and vanished.

Moments later the fire was dead and the room dark.

((3 months later

location: unknown.

Approx time: 15 minutes to sundown.

Classifcation: Top secret.))

The shadows' muscles stiffened suddenly as she
swung her katana loosely, eyeing her surroundings
with evident doubt.

She slowly lowered her blade, sweeping her left foot

backwards and bending her knees.

There was a sudden move on her right and a high

pitched hum as a silver flash cut the air at high speed
followed closely by the muted sound of tarring cloth.

There was a pained gasp and a thud as the burly man

hit the ground, blood bubbling at the corner of his
mouth as he expired, a look of awe in his now dead
eyes as the flaming angel of death stood over him,
looking at him with predatory eyes and a sad smile.
Ginevra wiped the crimson liquid from the silver
weapon with her thumb and index,using them to
smear it in two horizontal lines under her eyes, a cold
smile completing her make-up of blood.

Raising her weapon like a flag she tilted her head

back and yelled a battle cry, screaming bloody murder
as an other enemy tried to strike her in the back.

Ginevra crouched, keeping one of her legs stretched

and bringing it upon her new enemy in a swift
sweeping motion, making him fall besides her: in one
smooth practised motion, she stabbed him through
the heart but was fast enough to pull back and parry
the next blow for yet an other death eater who
believed women made easy targets.

The red head killed him in an instant, licking the blood

from the back of her hand and laughing as she
bogged a curse, her golden eyes alight with blood

This was what most feared about the mentalist; she

seemed to enjoy the killing.

She stood straight, looking around her at the large

radius of dead men laying around her with the
impassiveness of one who was used to it and growled
softly as the sun set started and the glorious orb
drowning in the earth.
Casting a long look as the hill where she knew most
of Voldemort's highest ranked were directing the
troops moves, she was about to take a step forwards
when there was a familiar tug at her navel as the
world shimmered out of focus and spun wildly, making
her dizzy.

She landed softly in a large and peaceful meadow,as

well as all the troops that had left that morning at sun
rise, her eyes and mind fast to spot her brothers in the

No-where near satisfied, she repressed a frustrated

growl and walked the the manor, shoulders tense,
chin high and temper explosive.

She'd been close, so close to their camp!

So close to eliminating a few of their top rankers!

But no.

The sun had set and she was summoned back with
the rest of the troops.

Ginevra growled silently,absentmindedly taking the

ladle of water one frightened looking camp aide had
just served her and draining it in one gulp before
ordering him to get the bucket and ladle to the men
with an encouraging smile.
The smile in question vanished faster than ice cubes
in a hot pan as she had an over all view of what was
left of this mornings proud army.

Standing at the top of the hill, she looked down as the

medics tended to wounded men, she watched as the
soldiers pulled the corpses away, taking their
weapons and personal objects for the families.

Men held their heads, breaking down in nervous sobs,

women stared out into space, muttering to

In the midst of the decay, small groups of people

pulled themselves together and staggered towards
the camp and their tents, leaning on each other,
debating whether or not they should stop at the mess.

Seeing those Ginny felt the ever present void at her

side ache more than ever and scoffed, looking
towards the setting sun for a distraction, straightening
in defiance.

No, she didn't miss Draco, she would kill him.

But of course she knew it was a lie.

She took a piece of stale bread from the kitchens,

filled her flask with water, wishing it was milk and
walked towards her tent, hardly noticing as people
stepped out from her path, nor the blood left from
those she had killed gently dripping off her armor.

She entered the dimly light tent and put her food on a
small desk, and walking over to a stand. She
unclasped the heavy metal protections from off her
shoulders and set it a side, peeling off her trusty
green battle robes, her most prised possession,
reverently hanging them on the stand, performing a
cleansing spell on it as well as on the armor.

She slumped on the bed and reached down to her

knees, starting to untie her heavy leather metal
enforced boots, exchanging them for a pair of fluffy
bunny slippers. She flopped back on the bed and
rearranged her pillows,food forgotten, too tired to do
anything else but sleep, even though she was still
wearing blood crusted pants and blood on her
Ginny woke up long before sun break, the cold night
air calling to her. She stood up, hardly bothering
about covering up and stepped out, looking upwards
at the stars, seeing the camouflage nexus she had
created shimmer beautifully.

She sighed, scenting the sweet smell of the air,

listening to the soft winy coming from the Nox stables.

She silently padded to the fire she usually went to,

leaning in the shadows, unnoticed by the soldiers
busy socializing, sharing the little news they had from
home or sometimes... Sometimes...

The circle of soldiers hushed as a burly man

reverently opened a case and pulled out a guitar, the
chords humming softly.

The soldiers looked around as Ginevra sank further in

the shadows, falling to a crouch.

"-Do you think..."


The burly man never talked. He never made a sound

and no one knew his story. All they knew was that he
had more scars to himself than all the warriors sitting
around the fire put together. And for that he was

She struck a series of chords, winding them up in a

melancholy tune, each of them vibrating with a heart
breaking grief. Ginny stood and closed her eyes,
catching up with the melody.

She took a deep breath and sang the man's agony as

he played it, her low voice throbbing with bottled

Singing the words he wouldn't say.

She would do that sometimes, walk to the circle, sing

and leave as the man muted the chords or when the
sun started rising.

The guitar was silent now, her voice died, silence

lived on.

Ginny smiled and laughed softly walking away,

waving over her shoulder.

A sentry walked past, nodding politely but keeping a

hand on his wand.

Ginny nodded back, walking in her tent and getting

ready for the day.

It was a ritual really, she thought as she walked to the

showers: wash the blood from her body, from her
clothes, from her hands, her weapons and her face...

But never from her soul.

She a Mentalist should know that more than anyone


19 years old Ginny stood uneasily on a metal rod,

3meters in the air, looking down at her old Japanese
sensei, clutching a katana uneasily. The old man hit
the rod with a long stick, making it tremble
dangerously. Ginny swayed, but kept her balance.

"-Balance, is the key to success. Balance is

everything. The yin and yang is universal... If you take
away the yin, a small part of the yang will vanish. If
you take away someone's life, a small part of you
vanishes with it."

Ginny leaned her fore-head against the cool tiled wall,

letting the burning water stream down her back,
steaming up the small tent.

She didn't enjoy killing, she enjoyed the fighting, but

never the kill; the millisecond of horror as her blade
cut in a new soul, breaking it.

Breathing deeply she balled her fists.

"-On the battle field Draco... On Deaths land."

Same instant

Location: unknown
Draco breathed deeply, watching the crimson water
slowly clear and lighten to it's original colorless state.

He hadn't had the strength to wash to blood away the

previous night, and now he was paying the price: if
there was one smell harder to wash off than that of
Pansy Parkison's perfume, it was blood.

Luckily , he could stomach the last.

He growled again as a new thought entered his

decidedly annoying consciousness.
Draco scrubbed his face and neck with unusual
enthusiasm, getting soap in his eyes, hoping self
inflicted pain would keep his mind from her.

For the two months he'd been dispatched with the

military, she had been popping at random times in his
mind, tormenting him with her smiling eyes and
cheeky smile.

Even though it had been years since he'd last seen

her, he knew she'd been in Azcaban... He knew she
was a murderer...

And ... that was it.

Draco growled softly, pressing his back against the

cold tiled wall, tilting his head back and welcoming the
pounding spray of boiling water.

Draco closed the tap and loosely tied a towel around

his waist, stepping out of the cabin and walking in his
room, never looking up, rubbing his hair dry.

"-Get out Parkison... I must change..."

Pansy grimaced at his tone and walked over to him,

trying to look seductive.

"-Doesn't a great warrior like you want to... relax... A

bit before going on the field today?"
Draco paused and looked at her coldly. Pansy backed
away a few steps, looking frightened then her
expression turned into one of sick enjoyment.

"-Oh... You want to play that game do you?"

Draco looked at her in disgust, pushing her out of the

room, he paused before closing the door in her face.

"-Pansy, you make mass slaughter look enjoyable."

He hissed dangerously and slammed the door,
casting a few locking spells just for safety.

There was a light patter of bare feet on a stone floor

and a yawn.

A blond boy threw himself on the bed, looking like he

owned the world, even though he was nearly being
swallowed by the thick duvet.

"-You know Dad, one day, she'll get desperate and

actually develop a personality."

Draco laughed, pushing his son backwards, making

him disappear in the duvet.

"-Be nice Alexander... And never forget... Beware of

women who are too nice with you. Never trust them."

Said Draco, looking at his son seriously. Lex nodded

and curled up in his fathers bed.

"-But all women are not like Mum and Parkison,


Draco came back in the room, hair dry and clad in

baggy pants.

"-Remember those stories uncle Blaise tells you?

Well, women like those in his tales exist."

The child spoke in a sleep layered voice as Draco

pulled the covers over him.

"-I wish they did..."

Draco smoothed his sons hair and finished preparing

himself, pulling on the rest of his clothes and giving
strict orders to the house elves to take good care of
his son: they were lucky Pansy had confused her
perfume and the poison last week, even though Lex
was positive that given one minute more, the noxious
scent would have done the job just fine.

Ginny confidently walked down the path that lead to

the Mission Field, where her name and rank would be
recorded, and where a timed summoning spell would
be placed upon her body.

Just as regulations required.

Ginny knew it was pointless though, because less and
less bodies came back: it seemed the Death Eaters
had found a way to counter the summoning spell.

Now, they were making prisoners.

But Ginny calmly stated her name and rank anyway,

throwing in a smile for good measure.

"-Oy Gin!"

The sharp call made her smile and turn around.

"- What are you doing here?"

Ron grinned, gathering her in a hug.

"-Can't a man visit his sister?"

Ginny smiled at him and pulled his head to her level.

"-Not when he's on a top secret mission for the

Order!" she hissed warningly.

Ron suddenly became serious.

"-How do you know?"

Ginny arched an eyebrow in response. Ron put his

hands up in defeat.
"-Ok; ok... I don't want to know. Damn, even after so
many years the Malfoy hasn't rubbed away from you

He grumbled moodily. Ginny shrugged, smiling softly

at him.

"-I missed you too Ron."

Her soft voice seemed to cut through Ron's

mumbling, calming him.

"-I want to make this clear, I'm not happy about what
they're making me do, but orders are orders. I was
sent to share an information with you. It's fresh from
our spy, who at last managed to discover how the
placement of the high rankers tent worked. And you
were right: it's totally random. They do it by throwing a
dart at a map!" exclaimed Ron.

Ginny cut in.

"-But how useful is that! Haven't you a location?"

Ron grinned roguishly.

"-Be patient Gin, I was getting there! Now, ever

wondered how our spy discovered this? Well he was
present as they elected today's spot! And the spot is
marked... On this map."
Ron gave her a velum parchment, neatly folded and
sealed with the symbol of the Order. Ginny reverently
took it.

"-The red spot it todays apparition drop-spot. The

green one is the tent."

Ron pulled Ginny in an other hug and held her at

arms length again.

"-Listen Gin. I must go so you take care. I know

you've come up with quite the killers reputation, but
be careful, ok? Mum still expects you for Sunday

Ginny laughed, messing her brothers hair up.

"-I always come back Ron; and especially for roast

turkey. You guys won't get rid of me that easily."

Ginny stepped back from her brother and looked at

the east, were the sun was about to rise.

She securely put the map in the inside pocket of her

trusty battle robes, puled her katana loose from it's
scabbard, smiling as it hummed in the morning

She smirked at Ron and waved, just as the first rays

of sun hit the field.
There was a tugging feeling at her navel, the world
spun and Ron was gone.

All Ginny could do was clutch her sword and her

hope, that today, the light side would score big.

Only, sometimes things don't turn out quite the way

on would like.

For Ginevra, things started going down hill when

she'd crawled fifteen meters from her target.

As she fended off the attack of several specially

trained men, she distractedly wondered how come
she'd triggered an alarm without noticing.

It was simply impossible!

Her questions found a swift and not so agreeable

answer as the Ministry Beta Unit barreled through the
entire territory, fighting with the black and silver clad
Serpent Guards.

Growling harshly, she stabbed a Death Eater and

made a break for the tent, hoping the main targetshad
not left already.

She raised her sword and slashed the thick material

open, entering the tent, ready for the mass slaughter
of it's occupants.
Only the tent was empty.

Ginny looked about, letting her guards down for half a

second, completely forgetting to sense her
surroundings for a threat.

That was the moment they chose to strike .

It was a vicious hit, the kind a even a Slytherin

needed to be taught how to do.

The flat of the sword hit the base of her skull with
expert precision knocking her off her feet, making her
loose her barrings.

The man disarmed her in an instant, caught her firmly

around the waist and pressed something hard on her

Ginny could only clench her teeth as a familiar tug

made her world spin out of focus.

As soon as her feet hit the ground, she collapsed on

herself, rolling away from her captor.

She stood fast, pulling a dagger free and taking in the

advantaged of being in the center of circle of grimy
Death Eaters.

Her conclusions were not encouraging.

She closed her eyes, emptying her mind, breathing
deeply,concentrating on her adversaries.

She killed the first two easily enough, pulling her

dagger from the third corpse, she smeared blood on
her face in the traditional make up, glaring coldly at
the dark wizards standing around her.

Two others attacked her almost immediately, she

evaded the sword and the others dagger by rolling to
the side, only, she didn't see the arrow.

The archer had aimed for the slit in the sides of her
battle robes.

She gasped in pain a the delicate flesh on her thigh

was torn open by the sharp metal, blood spreading,
dripping from the new wound.

She cursed standing fast and holding her ground

against the ever growing mass of death eaters the
best the could.

She hardly felt the cold bite of the metal as she knelt
on the ground, exhausted, bleeding, her vision darker
every second, trying to keep them from killing her...

She couldn't let go now... Not now...

Ginevra lost her balance and fell flat on her face,

dagger lost from her grip.
She tied to push up and fight as the dark warriors
closed in, but her body couldn't take any more.

She fainted, lying in the midst of her already cold

victims her blood mingling with theirs in the mud.

Chapter XVII: Grim Prison and Hallucinations

location: (hypothetically) Europe, Death Eater HQ,

Grand Hall.

Approx time: Evening.

Classifcation: Top secret.

Source: Spy.
...The hall was cavernous and held an uncanny
resemblance to that of Hogwarts, minus the fantastic
charmed ceiling of course. Here... the arches just
seemed to be swallowed by the shadows.

In it, the death eaters stood, and amongst them Draco

watched, standing a little to the Dark Lord's left, clad
in his mentalist uniform and covered in the standard
Death Eaters cloak, as today's prisoners were
presented to the assembly.

He'd just spent the day fighting for his life and
now...This ...
He gently squeezed his son's shoulder, wishing the
young boy's presence was not necessary: no-one his
age should have to watch humans, often bleeding or
missing a few limbs , be tortured or forced to fight
each other for the sake of 'entertainment'.

At last, they brought the last prisoner in.

Instead of the usual two men, there were five of them:

one holding each of her arms, the three others
bringing up the rear, wands at the ready.

Draco watched her and tilted his head in awe.

She hung limply, held up by her captors, letting them

literally drag her across the Hall, looking only half
conscious of her surroundings.

They threw her unceremoniously on the floor, her

brilliant blood red hair fanning around her like a silken
halo, her green battle robes outlining the elegant
curves of her body.

Draco swallowed somewhat difficultly; in spite of the

situation, there was one thing he couldn't ignore.

With grime on her face, cuts on her hands and

knees...In all her bloody glory... she was beautiful.

And somehow, he felt he was missing a crucial point,

only, Draco couldn't seem to convince his mind to
work properly.

The woman groaned and tried to lift her upper body.

Draco tried to see her face through the mass of red

Suddenly he froze in muted horror, his heartbeat

increasing tenfold, his grip on his son's shoulder
tightening abruptly.

Voldemort spoke.

"-And who are you to present yourself before me?"

The woman didn't reply, a guard stepped forward and


"-We believe she killed more than 60 of our men on

the field today my Lord. And not ten minutes ago, as
we fetched her from her cell, we were 12. Those
missing are all dead."

There was a shocked silence then-


The guard screamed in pain, letting go of his weapon

as curling in a tight ball on the ground, shrieking,

Voldemort raised his wand turning his cold eyes to the


"-Answer my question woman... Who are you?"

She still didn't reply, steadily getting on her hands and

knees with apparent difficulty.

"-Speak when the Dark Lord addresses you!" barked

Lucius, kicking her at the side.

She growled, caught his foot and knocked him

backwards on the floor, slamming the heels of her
heavy boots on his chest.

There was a sick cracking sound as bones broke, but

she was already standing.

Minutes later, only two of the guards were alive.

Not for long though.

In an instant she'd slid behind them, snapping their

neck with skilled efficiency.

Draco watched silently from the sidelines, scarcely

believing how cruel fate was to him.

Ginevra stood tall amidst her victims, her cognac eyes

burning with defiance as she stared down Voldemort.

"-Missed me Tommy?"
There was a shocked silence, broken by a sharp

Ginny hit the ground, clutching her cheek, Voldemort

stood over her, blood dripping from the nails of the
hand he'd struck her with.

The Mentalist fought back the terror of her

Nightmares and concentrated on a new emotion.


She growled, standing, keeping her head bowed


This thing; this creature had ruined her life...

It was responsible for the death of thousands of

innocents, children, mothers, fathers ...

Because of him, so many people would never be


Including her.

Because of this-

"-MONSTER!" screamed Ginny.

Her head shot up, teary eyes burning with white hot
hatred, Ginevra made a gesture, an unseen force
flinging the closest wizards against the wall.

Voldemort stumbled backwards, looking surprised.

Draco instinctively pulled his son behind him, creating
a protective shield in from of him.

Ginevra stumbled, clutching her head and fainted,

drained of all energy.

Lex peered at the fallen beauty pensively, but not as

intensely as his father.

"-Men, bring her to our best cell, you may do what you
please, but I want her alive."

Sneered Voldemort, calmly standing near Draco.

The blond cringed, feeling the sudden rise of

testosterone as way too many men smiled greedily.


The room's occupants all froze, Draco walked towards

the fallen woman, crouching besides her.

He delicately touched her face, tilting it towards him,

ignoring the softness of her skin or the prickling
sensation in his fingers.
Concentrating, he tried to enter her mind, but was
violently kicked back.

His suspicions confirmed, Draco tried to make the

best of them, but without getting personally involved:
he had a son to take care of.

"-She's a Mentalist, Lord, she deserves the treatment

due to her rank."

The Dark Lord scoffed, waving his hand in the air as if

to clear Draco's words.

"-She's a blood traitor Malfoy, she has no rank. "

Draco opened his mouth to protest as she was carried

away, but Blaise pulled him back, firmly shaking his

Draco growled and shook him off, stalking away, his

robes flapping behind him.

location: (hypothetically) Europe, Death Eater HQ, the


Approx time: unknown.

Classifcation: Top secret.

Sharp pain.

Sharp enough to pierce through the darkness in the

woman's coma.

Ginny stirred and groaned as waves of pain wracked

her bruised and torn body.

Her eyes opened, and she stared at the drippy ceiling,

mentally readjusting to her new environment.

And what an environment indeed.

The cell was dark and musty. A complex scent of

sweat, mold and urine tainting the air.

It was damp too, which would explain why the main

source of light was the slightly fluorescent fungi
covering the main part of the walls and ceiling.

There was no window, in fact it seemed the cell was

some kind of small, inside cave with iron bars where
the opening should be and a small heap of what must
have once been hay in a corner.

Ginevra was unpleasantly reminded of a low class


A drop of water landed on her forehead.

Ginny frowned and gathered her strength to at least

putt what was left of her clothes together.

She slowly crawled to where her pants were and

slowly pulled them on.


Her blood.

All over her thighs.

Looking away, Ginny quickly finished getting her

clothes back on, but she couldn't stop shivering.

She was alone.

Alone with the cold.

Those bastards had raped her.

Over and over again.

This was sick.

Silently, Ginny crawled on her bunk and curled in a

tight protective ball, crying herself to sleep.

And the silence lived on, punctuated by the drip-drop

of water and tears as the prisoners mourned their
location: unknown.

Approx time: unknown.

Classifcation: Top secret.


"-Has she come back yet?"


"-And her body?"

"-None was found."


"-Lemon drop?"

location: (hypothetically) Europe, Death Eater HQ, the


Approx time: unknown.

Classifcation: Top secret.

A voice in the darkness.

Faint... So faint...

Ginni frowned slightly, groaning and rolling.

Why wasn't she in her tent?


The voice... Ginny ignored the pain and cracked an

eye open.

In the dim light he saw a child. She closed her eyes.

Ah... yes... prison...but- What was a child doing here?

She tried to sit up and groaned in pain.

"-Ma'am... you must drink this."

Ginny looked at the boy fully and laughed.

She was hallucinating: a child Draco was offering her

a potion.

The boy blinked and waved the potion tentatively.

"-Ma'am... you must drink it if you want to get better."

Ginny pulled herself to the metal grid separating her

from freedom and hallucination-child-Draco, and
leaned her back against it, looking at him, blowing a
few strands of hair from her eyes.

"-What If I don't want to get better?"

The boy looked puzzled for a moment then thrust the

bowl at her, looking determined.

"-Then you get to live to see your situation get worst."

Ginevra looked at him for a second, and decided this

was not a hallucination created by her wacky mind.

She knew Her mind just wasn't THAT twisted yet.

"I have a mind to take a club and beat you over the
head with it."

The boy smirked as she took the potion and gulped it

down after checking it wasn'tpoison.

"-Where would you find a club Ma'am?"

Ginny shook her head, feeling the potion slowly

working on her system.

"-Don't call me Ma'am kid; I'm not that old."

"-And I'm not quite that young."

Ginny nodded and took the sandwich he was offering.

"-Thank you k-" she looked at the young boy, arching
an eyebrow.

"-Lex." he said.

"-I'm Ginevra." she replied through a mouthful of food.

The boy nodded in acknowledgment, looking at her

up in down critically.

Ginny swallowed and tilted her head on the side,


"-I'm afraid I'm too old for you young man."

Lex blushed slightly and shook his head with


"-No! I was just thinking you would look very beautiful

wearing one of Parkinson's dresses."

Ginny snorted in a very unladylike way, choking a little

over her sandwich. She graciously took the water he
offered and washed it down, still after checking for

"-I wouldn't be caught dead wearing what she wore at

school! I'm not even sure those things were made to
cover anything..." She added pensively.

By now, the potion and food had boosted her system,

and she was starting to be aware of her surroundings
and situation.: she was talking fashion with a kid in a
guarded prison.

She looked at the youth with unusual sharpness, Lex

paled a little. That look reminded him of his father.

"-Are you supposed to be here?" she asked

suspiciously, ripping another piece from her little feast
with her sharp canines.

Lex shook his head, shrugging.

Ginevra winked at him, finishing her food with a last

wolfish grin.

"-Then maybe you should leave before then man who

is walking down the hall sees you..."

Lex looked up sharply, his eyes widening and took off

at a silent run in the opposite direction.

Ginevra's sensible ears picked up the soft noise of

moving rock. She smirked to herself crawling back to
her bunk and faking sleep as the sentry walked past.

A secret passage...
Lex cautiously slid from behind the tapestry, making
sure the passage was well closed behind him, when a
heavy hand alighted on his shoulder.
He looked over his shoulder with mounting dread and
gazed into the dark faced Zabini.


The young boy gulped audibly.

"-Uncle Blaise?"

"-She's beautiful isn't she?" said the tall man, cracking


The young boy visibly relaxed, and seemed suddenly

very excited.

"-It's her? Isn't it?" she asked in a barely hushed

voice, as they walked down the hall.

Blaise put his hands in his pockets and looked ahead

of him, smiling mysteriously.

"-A long time ago maybe... but now... she is a


Lex looked at the floor as they walked, his shoulders

slumping slightly.

"-Must all adults forget who they once were?"

Blaise looked at the young boy sadly, but the question

had struck a nerve.
...Must all adults forget who they once were?...

...Must all adults


...who they are?

XVIII: The Murderer And The Lies.

Her hair had bits of hay in it and her face looked paler
than ever by contrast to her damp crimson locks. Her
eyes were shut, her long lashes shading her now
colorless cheeks.

Her lips were slightly parted, the only sign that she
was breathing.

Her chest did hardly rised any more, her ribs visible
under her shirt, thin pale scars criss-crossing it in a
morbid patten.

Her pale hands lay curled at her sides, twitching now

and then as she shivered because of the cold and


- ding


Ginny opened her eyes and looked at the noises

source dolefully.

She already knew who it was: such an unhealthy aura

could only belong to one person.

And she hated this person with a passion...


(flash back)

Location: Hogsmead

Time: Ginny's 6th year

She stopped in mid-sentence, her face losing all its
color as her packets tumbled from her arms. She ran
across the street almost getting run over by a horse in

Draco picked her things up and went after her, feeling

worried (well as worried as a Malfoy can feel which is
not much).

She was clutching a Prophet, and her body was

shaking as her eyes darted over the front page.

By the time the paper had hit the ground, Ginevra was
half way down the street, running hard for the castle.

"-Bellatrix." hissed the red head, her eyes flashing

with anger.

Suddenly the frail wounded woman looked extremely

dangerous and any sane person would have suddenly
had doubts about the solidity of metal bars.

But the Lestrange woman stepped closer, saying the

most stupid thing she could say.

"-Another Weasley to kill, I see."

Ginny sprang her arm shooting through the bars and

catching the front of the Death Eaters robed, violently
pulling her forward and slamming her against the

The dark haired woman fell on the floor, rapidly

crawling backwards, out of Ginevra's grasp, her face

Ginevra smiles coldly standing over her.

"-You killed you killed Charlie... you killed my

brother... and you killed my FATHER!" she screamed,
her face pale as death.
Suddenly, Ginevra's eyes glowed golden and the bars
trembled a little... Slowly, the dark witch's expression
of sick pleasure vanished, slowly turning blank as her
eyes lost all expression.

Ginevra's eyes glowed a little more and her hair

seemed to crackle with power.

"Get the keys..." she said, her voice layered with

power, tones of soprano, alto and baritone blending

Bellatrix stood up slowly and docilely pulled a set of

keys from her pocket, eyes still void of any spark of
intelligence or personality.

"-Open my door." Belatrix slowly found the right key

but froze as shadow of resistance passed in her eyes
but the red head spoke again, more forcefully this

"-Open the door. NOW."

Belatrix nodded and stretched her arm about to-


Ginevra growled in anger, as the witch fell to the floor,

his hard by the spell, unconscious, the keys too far to
be reached.
A few guards came and quickly picked her and the
keys up, afraid Ginevra would somehow get them, as
she would have if only she wasn't leaning against the
wall, breathing deeply.

Her head spun under the violent effort she'd just had.
She almost fainted but managed to clung to

The next day, Ginevra's prison was upgraded: now

she was stuck in a dark granite room, with a trap for
food at the bottom of the door.

That is, when they remembered feeding her.

The room was cold... so cold...

Draco stepped in the top security cell, his breath
coming out in little puffs of smoke in the cold air.

She was curled in a corner, shivering, her bare arms

pale in the dim light... Draco felt his heart and throat
tighten. He felt disgusted, he felt...

The woman looked at him distrustfully, her golden

eyes gleaming in the dim light.

Ginevra stood up gracefully, and faced him, her

expression one of pure determination.

Underneath, she was screaming.

But she did what she had to do anyways: she lifted
her hand, sending a wave of sheer magic towards the
handsome blond.

"Back off Death Eater." she hissed in a low, throbbing


He didn't move and a shield crackled to life around

him, his eyes darkening dangerously as he realized
what was happening.

Hogwarts was over: battle field was now.

He prepared himself to attack, watching as Ginny

used the same semi defensive opening stance as she
did when they trained at Hogwarts with an almost sick
feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I'm here for you, filth... Give me information and no

harm will come to you." said Draco, in a cold tone.

"Like hell I'll do that." said Ginny, shaking her head

with a smirk.

"In that case..."

He closed his eyes and when he opened them again

they were empty, emotionless pits of void.

The red head shivered, already, she felt the little

energy she'd built up dwindle, she would have to be

She sprung as a tiger, her foot connecting sharply

with his jaw. His head snapped to the side, but he
didn't seem affected by the pain, as droplets of blood
oozed from a small cut on his cheek.

Instead he caught her foot and twisted so he stood

behind her, his breath, slightly ragged, warm on her
neck, pulling her foot over her shoulder and towards
him, pinning her against him.

Ginny turned her head and bit his hand, drawing

blood, he ignored it and pushed her forwards,
violently slamming her against the wall.

The woman fell back, spiting blood,a sharp muscular

pain in her leg, as Draco slowly advanced on her,
emotionless as ever.

She looked as him with as much hatred as she could

manage to achieve.

"-I'll kill you Malfoy..." she seethed, rolling away,

avoiding his boot as he tried to kick her fallen body.

He smiled coldly.

"-Don't make me laugh Weasley... The likes of you

never live long, that's why you breed like rabbits..." he
said acidly.

Ginny was glad his words were so hateful, or she

would have lost all will to fight. And his voice...

Ginny dogged of his fists, elbowing him in the ribs,

pressing against him.

The man groaned in pain, as once again, the little

vixen went out of his grasp.

"You know Malfoy, I don't know why I put up with you

for one year, just for info I never got." she declared
acidly, smirking at him with disgust.

Both of them tried to kick the other at the same time,

and both fell on the ground in a struggling heap of

Ginny managed to get away from him, but he caught

her foot as she tried to stand, making her slam
forwards her head hitting the ground, hard, making
the world spin.

Draco violently flipped her on her back straddling her

waist and pinning down her legs with his. Ginny
struggled as his strong hands encircled her neck,
slowly choking her, his eyes filled with anger and

The best moments of his life had been a lie. Those

moments who made him think he could be a good
father... Void.

Her mind ran in circles as the oxygen became scarce,

her body lost its strength and sagged a little under

Ginny looked in his cold handsome face, so

emotionless at this moment except for the eyes and
almost cried and smiled at the same time.

He'd bought the act.

She stopped fighting back at last. She didn't want to

win this battle, just as she didn't want to kill Draco

In Azkaban she'd realized she would never be able

to…only he didn't have to know this.

Dark spots danced around her vision, her mind

loosing focus.

Pretending a feeble attempt to claw out his eyes, she

lifted her hand and lightly stroked his cheek.

She felt herself slowly slipping, and looked at him

steadily in the eye, where she saw only hatred and
loathing, before closing hers and tilting her head back
in abandon, her body going limp against him.

Abandoning, at last, remembering aways...

(Platform 9 ¾; years ago ….)"Hey, Malfoy!"

Draco's shoulders tensed and he stopped walking, but

didn't bother to turn around.

Ginny straightened herself and held her head high,

her eyes danced and a grin appeared on her face.

"See you on the battlefield..."

Chapter XVIV: Bit's And Pieces or Past Meet Present

Suddenly she was pulled upwards, and against a hard

chest, the strong hands that seconds ago were killing
her, cradling her against a warm body.

Ginny greedily sucked in the air, eyes still closed,

clutching desperately at the man.

A breath hot against her cheek, shapely lips roughly

kissing hers, drawing blood.

Draco kissed her harshly, possessively, his hand

fisting her thick hair, tilting her head back, growling

Just as she responded he pulled back.

The woman opened her eyes mewling weakly in

disappointment, only to meet his , pupils dilated in
anger and fear.
Her mind focused suddenly and she tensed.

Draco growled once again, deep and soft, the feral

sound making shivers run up and down the woman's
spine, as he pulled her so her body moulded his, till
she couldn't tell where she finished and where he

She felt hot, so hot, his fingers digging in her back, his
face and lips so tantalizingly close...

"It's too easy for you to leave me again Kitten..." he

said softly, his voice broken and breathless, making
her heart beat faster and her mind reel.

"Kill me." she whispered, her nails digging in his

shoulders in anguish. "Please..."

He kissed her again if not with more violence than the

last time, but softened it as she responded, bringing it
to a slow, drugging pace, making the red head purr
against him, trembling in his arms.

He pulled back slightly, their noses still touching.


Ginny growled, leaning her head in the crook of his

neck as his fingers drew small patterns over her back.
"I'm sorry Dragon, I didn't mean what I said earlier..."

Draco leaned his head over hers, and unseen to her,

his eyes were filling with anger as he felt the thin
scars on her back and sides.

"Yeah... But what I said was true: Weasleys breed like


"Seems Malfoys breed faster than this weasel." she

said cheekily.

"You met my son?" he asked softly, lips sensuously

brushing her ear.

But Ginny didn't reply: she was fast asleep. Draco

pushed a strand of hair from her face and stood up,
cradling her uncomfortably light body against his and
exiting the room.

Grim thoughts occupied most of his mind, and lackeys

instinctively flattened against the walls as he stalked

Draco growled as he kicked the door to his quarters

open, then smiled grimly as a plan formed in his head.

To Hell with Voldemort.

Alexander's eyes widened briefly as he sank lower in

the shadows, watching his father walk by, then he
smiled brightly.

...Must all adults forget who they once were?...

"-You remember Dad... You remember!"

location: London, Central

Approx time: early morning

Classifcation: Top secret.


Ethan growled softly, pulling the warm bundle of

covers closer to him. The bundle in question didn't
mind at all and snuggled closer.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

"Ethan... shoot the bird or get the mail..." said a

groggy voice.

Ethan smirked, kissing his girlfriends nose

affectionately and got up, throwing the curtains wide
apart, thus flooding the room with light.

"-You Slytherin!"

Ethan grinned, feeding the owl a treat and retrieving

it's message.

"-Ah but Sarah... It's so Gryffindor-like of you to

expect the best of me..."

Sarah looked at him accusingly from the bed.

"-You're as much a part of the order than me. If not

more; mister 'mysterious informant'..."

Ethan rolled his eyes and opened his letter, swiftly

picking up the information. Sarah got up with a
worried expression when her husband paled
suddenly, reaching out to hold himself against the wall
and wordlessly handing her the letter.

She gasped and looked up at him questioningly.

"-Is he your informant from the start?"

"-No. It's the first time he contacts me since we were

at Hogwarts two years ago..."

Sarah clutched his shoulder and took the letter.

"-We must show it to Dumbledore."

Ethan shook his head sadly. "He's very sick, he can

hardly get out of bed nowadays without use of
strengthening potions..."
The young woman took hold of his shoulders and
rested her forehead against his.

"Ethan. Dumbledore deserves to know about that. It

could mean the end of the war!"

Both of then shared a look and smiled, simultaneously

reaching for their clothes.
Memory of Vincent Smith (né Vincent Crab)

(5 yeas ago...)

Vincent and Gregory put their battle robes on, readied

their wands and apparated at the base camp.

Draco was waiting for them, mentalist ceremony

uniform shining proudly in the sun. He briefly gave
them their orders patting their shoulders distractedly.

Vincent almost smiled when he notices the blond give

a wistful look in the direction of the battle field... visibly
his friends was still on the lookout for a certain red
head. The tall bulky man knew for a fact that Draco
checked every corpse they managed to bring back.

As usual both men took their sealed parchments and

went away. Only, on that particular day,Draco took
hold of Vincents shoulder, discreetly motioning for him
to let Gregory Goyle lumber off.

Leaning in close, Draco spoke in a very low voice.

"Whatever happens today... Remember you ow
nothing to Voldemort except pain, hatred and loss."

Then Draco had stepped away and disappareted with

a wave and a few last words.

"Live happily my friend."

Only later did Vincent understand the Mentalists

words, for it was that day he was left for dead in the
field. It was the day after that he met his future wife
and old time crush; Lavender Brown.
Vincent grinned at his youngest son spat out his
mashed carrots, and slowly wiped the projectile from
his face.

The Azcaban guard was a proud father, especially

since his son had uttered his first word.


"Isn't that a good boy? Choo Choo! Here comes the

carrot train! Open up!"

There was a hopeful pause as the ex-death eater

nudged his sons lips with the spoon. The tyke grandly
decided to open up, but sent his father an 'I'm-not-
impressed-by-your-baby-talk' look all the same.

Vincent blissfully ignored it.


Lavender walked in the room, holding a redundant

looking owl.

"Vinc dear? This owl seems intent on ripping my eyes

out, so I guess this message is for you?"

"Thank you, love." smiled the father, wiping away a

new yogurt based missile coming from his daughters

The man loved his twins dearly, but he was happy to

grab the letter excuse and leave his wife to deal with

He stood up and washed his hands before grabbing

owl and letter.

Lavender waved her wand and the spoons came to

life, feeding the children, the projectiles, instead of
spreading havoc in the sparkling clean kitchen,
peacefully sailed back to their respective bowls.

"Really Vincent, I don't know why you insist on

feeding them without magic..."

Vincent didn't reply, he was already in the hall

grabbing for his cloak.

The man smiled, grabbing his wife by the waist and

twirling her in the air, before kissing her soundly.

"Lavender I love you so much! I'm going to see

Dumbledore! Don't wait for me!" said the man
excitedly, before apparating away.

location: (hypothetically) Europe, Death Eater HQ,

Grand Hall.

Approx time: morning

Classifcation: Top secret.

Source: Spy.
Mrs Malfoy was not know for being a patient person.
Especially when it came to her sons suitors and
especially, to her sons ex-wife. In fact, most rumors
said that she had something to do with her death, but
no more than a few people knew the truth about that
particular case.

Narcissa had only liked one of the females his son

had presented her, and by circumstances only the
fates were cruel enough to create, the subject of her
son-marrying affections was sprawled in a bed, pale
with fever.

The blond delicately waved her wand, casting a

cooling charm on Ginevra.

The woman coughed in her potion induced sleep and

muttered softly.


Cissy smiled sadly, and sat on the seat besides the

bed. She'd managed to shoo her son to bed and her
grandson with the Zabini, but she knew they were
plotting something.

And that something would change the outcome of the

war: she wanted to be part of it.

Voldemort had changed, all those with a minimum

muggle culture were coming to realize he was acting
and thinking more and more like one. All the smart
death eaters could see it now, their master was
getting old. He was scared of dying and his plans
were getting more and more desperate, killing off his
army like it meant nothing.

Of course the enemy thought they were losing... but

the truth was that the followers had lost their

As much as the new generation was made off

fanatics, It was also made of children who asked a
question that made the elders tremble in their beliefs:
Draco's son was one of those, only, that kid asked
more disturbing questions than others:

'Aren't we worst than Muggles? We kill them when

simply because they don't understand us.'

Mrs Malfoy rubbed her eyes tiredly. She was getting

too old for this.

location: France

Approx time: Midnight

Classifcation: Top secret.

Source: Unknown.
Gregory Goyle shivered softly, but didn't make a noise
as her crouched under the window, watching what
was inside the house, currently curled up on a chair
buried in a cover. The woman was petite and curvy ,
with sharp green eyes and a soft smile, dust blond
hair... The death Eater paused for a moment feeling
his heart beat harder in his chest.

This was not normal... thought the chestnut haired

man, he was not supposed to feel anything particular
was he... after all this was only a casual murder.

Greg growled softly and cast a vanished in a swirl of

dark robes, silently climbing on the roof and stopping
over a glass pane . There he took off his glove and
examined a ring mounted with a large diamond point
before balling his fist and using the jewel to cut
through the glass. He pulled the pane away and
silently slid in the house, knowing any spark of magic
would set off the alarms.

He crept out o the library and slunk down the stairs,

checking every room for occupants keeping the room
he'd been watching for last.

No one.

The small house was empty.

How foolish she was... he thought with a certain

bitterness. He stood in front of the last room and
breathed deeply, mildly startled at how ... Her... it
smelt like. He grimaced, but took a second breath

Oh... how he'd longed for that smell at Hogwarts...

Greg's eyes snapped open, eyes he never

remembered closing.

Realization his hard.

It was HER; she still had that effect on him... thinking

of her made his feel strange inside, her smell made
him week in the knees, the sight of her made the base
of his neck heat up.

After all these years... she still managed to do to him

what no one else had ever managed.

She made him feel alive.

That's when the door opened. A cover-clad Susan

Bones looked up at his with wide innocent eyes.

Her glass dropped and shattered on the stone floor.

"You." she said in a soft hushed voice.

Goyle looked at her intently, feeling the blood rush to

his head. "Me." she said simply.

The woman crouched and picked up the shards, to

the Death Eater, the situation was surreal. She was
calm... perfectly calm.

The blood beat loudly in his ears as he did the only

logical thing he could think of at the very moment. It
was a dream... surely... a dream...?

He bent down and helped her pick up the peaces. His

hands felt clumsy, his fingers too big for the tiny
peaces of china.

She paused and watched him carefully.

"Are you not going to kill me?" she asked softly,
holding the chards in her lap. A drop of blood trickled
from the tip of her index.

At that moment, something in Gregory Goyle went


He couldn't kill the girl he'd had a crush on since his

4th year. The girl he'd spent the graduation dance
watching in sercet. The girl he'd sent secret
Valentines to every year since the day he'd made her
fall in the stairs by accident and carried her to the
hospital wing.

The Death Eater closed his eyes and turned his head

"No. I can't." he said in a hushed voice, then looked

up at her, catching her square in the eye. "But
someone else will."

He stood up letting go of his little peaces of china, and

looked around with sharp eyes.

"You must hide, so will I. And wait for Voldemort to

end. Draco told me to get a life before I left. And that's
what I'll do. I-" he stopped talking and looked at
Susan, or rather at the hand she's slipped in his much
larger one.

"Do you know I had this insane crush on you when we

were at Hogwarts? I remember that every year I'd get
an anonymous Valentine... and with it was you." she
said with a small smile. She gently squeezed his hand
and said " Come with me... I know someone who can
help us."

Chapter XX: Werewolves and Spies

'Some things on this earth should stay untouched.

Some people will willingly kill to mare them. And

others are ready to kill those people.'

Lex paused in his writing, brushing his cheek with the

soft feather of the quill before continuing.

'I know many people who are of the first sort, and
hiding amongst those, a few of the second sort, only
they don't remember who they once were, they let
what I can only call 'the Darkness' convince them they
are part of it.

Those people were never given a chance, while

heroes like Harry Potter automatically deserved love
and admiration from those around him, they, on the
other hand, only got scorn.

No, it never crossed anyone's mind that those people

had no choice.

No one even took the time to realize that for them, it

was be a Slytherin or be Nothing.'

Alexander paused as his father came in the room,

affectionately ruffling his son's hair as he went past,
collapsing on the couch and falling asleep before his
head hit the pillow.

Lex sighed and went to his room, coming back a few

seconds later with a cover. He somehow managed to
pry his fathers over robes off and spread the cover
over the older blond without waking him up.

He was close enough to hear his father mutter under

his breath.


Lex smiled and went back to the desk, pulling a new

sheet of parchment out and writing a short letter on it
before folding everything together and sealing the lot
with a stub of cursed wax.

He hated to use that thing, but the menace of extreme

pain was the only thing that kept unwanted people
from opening his mail.

And he wanted no-one to know a death eater's son

was a writer working for the infamous Quibbler.
A few weeks later

Snape sat in the chair, bored... Bored... In the room

with him: half the order, an almost death eater, two ex
death eaters (each of them firmly posted near a
woman of the order), an eccentric journalist, aurors,
teachers, the Golden Trio, and way too many
werewolves for comfort ( and what's worst, one of
them was Remus.).

Dumbledore looked positively delighted. If Snape

hadn't been the one who force-fed him his potions, he
would have sworn the old man was least

The old master cleared his throat and the room

suddenly fell silent.

"We are all here today for the same reason... we all
got a letter... some of us know who it is from... and
others don't. This is not a matter of importance... what
is important is that today we have a chance to make a
decisive move over Voldemort..."

At this Dumbledore paused, looking at each of them.

Snape hated his theatrics, but he admitted it had an
effect: everyone was smiling... except him of course.

"We were informed by our different sources..." at this

Dumbledores motioned at Luna, Ethan and Gregory
"But maybe should Remus explain this."

The silver haired man smiled and stood up, clearing

his throat.
"Greyback, the Werewolf Chief, is becoming old... We
all know how things work amongst wolves: If another
Werewolf kills him... that wolf gets command of the
Lycan corps." Lupin paused, almost looking pained by
what he was about to propose.

"A few months back, we caught his son, Chris, in the

streets of Paris frightening some random Muggles...
We illegally used Miss Weasleys' abilities to discover
why the young man was not with his father in the
death eater HQ. It turns out she discovered the son
doesn't share his fathers' thoughts. All he wants is to
be left alone, and he doesn't care one bit about those
around him. He is selfish, arrogant, moody, violent...
yet... we need his help. And that's why I brought him.
If we manage to convince him... we can win from the
inside, for a werewolf pack obeys its leader whatever

Lupin motioned at the door and one of the order

members opened it, jumping away just in time as to
not get slammed between door and wall.

The man walked in the room, tall, dark blond, with

dark disdainful blue eyes and a superior expression.
His chest was bare and his wrists were chained close
to his neck.

He sneered at the assembly.

"Anyone got a fag?"

He kicked back a chair and slumped on it, putting his

feet on the table on leaning his chair in its hind legs.

The crowd was dumbstruck. The man looked at them


"Fag... Cigarette... tobacco..." he said in a slow

dragging tone.

"You're not here for a smoke Chris..." cut in

Dumbledore's soft voice.

The werewolf shrugged, his chains jingling softly.

"What ever you want, the reply is no." he paused,

scenting the air. "Where is the feral red head? I can't
scent the wild cat on any of you."

"That's why you are here!" snapped the woman on

Lupin's right, her long chestnut hair crackling with
anger. "You b-"

"Calm down Wolf..." interrupted Lupin in a soothing

voice, putting a hand on her shoulder.

The woman snarled, revealing slightly elongated

fangs, betraying her werewolf nature. She violently
pulled away from the man and retreated in the
shadows, her eyes glowing menacingly, never
straying from the chained prisoner.

"I can't believe I ever accepted to see this guy! Least

of all work on finding him!"

All the occupants of the room silently shook their


Severus just watched on, vaguely wondering if this

could be considered a soap.

Chris's head snapped up.

"So it's your fault I'm here?"



Dumbledore sat down again, as if he hadn't broke his

cool a few seconds ago. He folded his hands over the

"Excuse out rough manners Master Chris, but we

need your help. Your price will be ours. We have a
unique chance to put an end to Voldemort's folly. This
plan is not even mine... so we don't have any other
options that to do exactly what it says, for we have no
idea of the exact situation in the enemies HQ."

There was a low growl from the shadows where Wolf

stood, arms crossed, still piercing daggers through
the prisoner.

"We need you to take command of the Lycan corps

and fight against the death eaters when we launch an
attack against their fort."

The chained mans' eyes narrowed dangerously.

"My father is leader of that corps."

Wolf scoffed, interrupting Ethan that was about to talk

by brushing past him, motioning at Chris with disdain.

"See, I told you he couldn't do it! Let us quit losing out

time with the trash and get moving."

"Silence female!" snarled the chained man, his voice

laced with a growl as he stood up violently, staring
down at her.

"No chance in hell scoundrel!" she thundered back,

her voice laced with the resonant snarl of an angry

Both werewolves glared at each other, growling low in

their throats, standing nose to nose.

Slowly, Chris spoke, his eyes never leaving the tall

werewolf woman.
"I'll do it... in exchange, I want 5 million galleons, and
free access to the forbidden forest for myself and
whomever I chose. And juridical absolution for all I
have done and will do."

Wolf gasped, her eyes narrowing at the blond man.

"Accepted, of course you know better than me what

taking control of the corps implies..." mused
Dumbledore before she could start cursing them all.
"And it seem you are already getting along
wonderfully well with your partner."

At this Wolf smirked disbelievingly.

"I have to work with that pup? I can't believe it!"

Meanwhile, Lupin had spelled the chains away from

the now ex-prisoners wrists. The man was busy
rubbing the marks away and wasn't paying attention
to those around him.

"And you're to masquerade as his mate." said Lupin


At this both werewolves snapped to attention, looking

at him with wide eyes.

There was a short silence, then...

"I'm out of here. I'll be in my room for further orders

about the mission. Leave me alone." said the woman,
hastily exiting the room, strangely subdued.

"Someone, show me where is my hovel. I want to

sleep." he said in a dead calm voice, heading towards
the door, closely followed by Vincent Crabbe.

There was another silence in the room.

"Could someone explain..." started Tonks, her

violently pink hair styled straight out of a Japanese

Luna cleared her voice, feeling she was the unofficial

magical creature expert here.

"Those two are pure werewolves: they are born of the

union between two of their kind. Thus, they are very
close to their animal shape at all times, and can
transform at will, even though they are forced in the
'werewolf' shape at the full moon. That explains why
they growl and snarl just like a wolf when angry. Now,
the thing about pure werewolves, is that once they
mate... they mate for life. In other words, the first
female Chris will have sex with will be his mate till his
death. It's a very sacred noting amongst that kind,
what we ask of them is to pretend to share their pain,
thoughts and lives. Mates rarely part. There are very
intricate rituals between male and female: biting for
example... Scent too. The male leaves a scent on his
mate, clearly attesting that she is his female, and vice
versa. The problem is that that particular pheromone
is only produced after mating..."

Luna paused, looking at the assembly to make sure

they got the point.

Only Dumbledore, Lupin and a few others seemed to

have understood.

"What she means..." said Snape in a dark tone,

surprising everyone by talking "is that we are asking
them to mate for life, to bind together physically and
mentally. Till death."

The room went still again.

"It's up to them really, to make this credible or not.

They just have to chose their lies carefully." said
Lupin with a sigh, tiredly rubbing his balding scalp.

Upstairs, a vase crashed against a wall, but no-one

reacted, because Wolf had always been a highly
expressive person. And they'd have reacted like her
Location: Death Eater HQ

Source: Top Secret

Ginevra stared at the food.

Mounds of food.
Tons of food.

And only, exclusively... bread, pasta, rice...

Ginevra didn't care, she was already halfway through

the lot now, and more kept coming.

She'd been moved back to her old cell after what she
guessed was about a week of medical care, though it
seemed she'd been given a cover, fresh hay and a

It also looked like all her scars had been repaired and
her wounds healed.

But best of all... she knew what was happening.

Or she thought she did.

She hadn't seen Draco since he'd kissed her, and she
wasn't even sure the kiss had really happened: after
all she'd been half gone at that point; but she liked to
think that-

Ginevra stopped eating, shaking the mere thought

from her head.

This was not a time for feelings.

All she knew was the she hadn't drank or eaten for 24
And now, she was given all starchy food she could
eat, and only that: no meat, no vegetables.

Ginevra smiled, biting down on a piece of bread.

It was the beginning of a mentalist ritual, to regain

ones full powers.

She'd be eating a lot in the next week: but in the end,

she'd be at her top Mentalist level.

Now she knew something big was up, and she knew
Draco was the origin: only a Mentalist could know of
that physical preparation.

She leaned against the wall, eyes alight with her

mounting power.

A few floors above, Draco was feasting on a plate of

location: 12, Grimbaults place

source: unknown
It was the middle of the night now, and the young
werewolf was restless, prowling through the manor,
when a scent caught his attention, and curiosity told
him to follow.

Chris closed the door behind him as silently as he

could. He'd followed the sweet female scent to find its
room... and realized who its owner was.

He didn't really know why he was here.

He guessed it was for the mission... he told himself it

was for the mission.

He stood over Wolf's' bed, watching her sleep, the

sheets tangled just enough for him to know she was
unclothed underneath.

The young blond felt something snap in him, his

instincts awakening to her purely female scent and

He bent down, mentally convincing himself he was

doing that for the mission and put a hand on her
shoulder, waking her up.

His hand slid to her mouth, blocking any sound as he

straddled her body over the sheets. Her sleepy eyes
cleared suddenly, widening with fear. He felt her body
tense and recoil from him and suddenly understood
what the situation could look like to her.

"Sh... I'm not raping you. "He said softy, not taking his
hand of her mouth yet, even though she was biting it
rather painfully. "I'm not my father... I'm not raping
you. I'll never do that... please? You're hurting me..."
she stopped thrashing and trying to claw his eyes out,
her eyes sharp and interrogative, daring him to move,
so he felt it safe to lean close, breathing in deeply,
gorging up with her scent, whispering in her ear:
"calm down..."

He waited for her to relax some more and took his

hand from her mouth, as his mind seemed to shut
down once more, his instincts taking control again.

His face went down to her neck, his nose brushing

against it, softly nuzzling her jaw as his lips met her
skin, gently kissing it, he waited for her to relax
completely under his touch before beginning the biting
patters of a mate.

He shivered when she started purring, opening her

neck for him, and felt his most primal side begging
him to take her then, to complete the binding, but he
forced himself to stay calm, gently brushing her hair
from her neck and shoulder contenting himself with
her skin.

He couldn't resist anymore, and hardly realized his

hand were gliding down her shoulders and lower.

Something hard hit him and he fell of the bed,

sprawling on his back with a loud thud.

"Get out." said Wolf in a cold voice, holding the sheets

against her.

Chris stood up dusting his clothes off.

"We'll have to sleep together... Or at least I'll have to
hold you at some point." he said flatly, his eyes fixed
on the faint mark of his bites, a strange feeling
growing in him. "If you don't smell like me, even if you
are marked as my mate, we won't be plausible a

"I said leave." she snapped, throwing one of the

books on her bed side table at him.

Chris caught easily it and shrugged, leaving the room,

glancing one last time at her shivering form.

In the darkness of the Death Eater HQ, the spies

whispered amongst themselves. At last... things were

Chapter XXI: Tick tick BOOM!

Chris watched as she sleepily walked in the kitchen,
wordlessly accepting the plate of food Mrs Weasley
had shoved in her hands.

Wolf took the bowl and walked past him without doing
so much as look as him direction. The blond man
stared at her intently, almost snarling as she sat next
to an other young werewolf. He felt his instincts tug at
his mind, the beast in him snarling as her scent
invaded his senses: there was no trace of him lacing
it. It was as if nothing had happened between them.
He battled the urge to go over to her and fight for the
mate he'd chose before marking her as his, showing
to all they belonged together.

Belonged together...

The young man put an abrupt end to the thought.

That he'd chose? He hadn't chose her! He had no—
He paused, running his eyes over her figure and
groaning softly.

She was exactly what he'd have chose. Strong.

Fierce. Wild.

That night... unknowingly, he had chose her.

He tensed as she put her hand on the other male

werewolf's arm, his fork slamming in his plate with a
clatter. He looked down and realized he's twisted it
from gripping it too hard. He didn't care. He saw the
man blush as she laughed, leaning close to whisper
something in his ear.

He snapped for a second and stood up suddenly, the

beginning of a snarl rumbling in his chest, before
regaining minimum control and storming out of the

Wolf looked up as he left, smiling faintly as she turned

back to the young werewolf sitting besides her.

"As I was saying... Or..." she sighed a bit sadly. She

hated doing this. "See for yourself." she said, pulling
her hair from her neck and pulling down the collar of
her sweater. The young man groaned in dismay.

"So it's no..." he said in an almost silent voice. "But...

you carry no scent of a potential mate..."

Wolf nodded and leaned over, kissing his forehead

and ignoring the last past of his sentence .

"I'm sure you'll find the one" she said standing up and
walking back to her room.

Wolf had hardly walked into her room that someone

had slammed the door and pinned her against it, two
brilliant silver eyes glaring at her with barely
suppressed instinct.

"Chris what-" she stopped speaking when the tip of

his nose connected with hers. She shivered as his
eyes bore into hers, his fingers glided over the tiny
pinpoint bruises his canines had left on his skin.

"What is it wit you..." he started softly "that makes me

that way..."

Wolf was transfixed, his eyes were pulling her in,

drawing her inexorably to him. What made her react
so violently to him in the first place... it was that- that
call, the attraction.
She suddenly pushed him back making him trip and
landed on him, pinning him down. The young male
growled. "You wanna play that game, huh?" he said
and made her tumble from on top of him, rolling on
the floor. She laughed, and pounced him again, but
before she could react, he had her pinned below him.


He growled lightly as he rolled over. He was too quick

for Wolf to hold on to, so she took the opportunity to
move to her feet. He was on all fours looking at her
with spots of red in his eyes. Her cheeks were flushed
and her eyes were dilated with anger and indignation.
"What's your obsession with having me on my back?"
She asked as she maneuvered her legs to roll them

"I should ask you the same thing." He growled

grabbing her legs and pulling her forward until he
threw her off balance. Pulling one of her legs higher,
he pinned it to his waist as he leaned over her. "I think
I like you like this." He teased as he looked down at
the flushed girl. Her scent spiked, and he growled
appreciatively. His animal instinct stirred causing his
eyes to glow green. His mouth watered as he realized
what that scent was. Wolf looked at him in confusion.
He wasn't going to… was he? He leaned down and
growled, "You smell good."

The room became silent as his eyes met hers. He

smirked, leaning down before the silence of the room
was broken by an annoying ring.

Wolf growled kicking him off. "The door..." she said

with an annoyed look before exiting the room. Chris
stayed sprawled on his back, staring at the ceiling.

"Dammit.." he growled, crawling over to her bed and

slumping in it. If he couldn't make her carry his scent
yet, at least his scent on her bed would warn of any
industrious male.
(Death Eater HQ, the same day.)The dark shadow
exited the underground prisons at high speed, the
only solid figure, in a strangely distorted monochrome
world made only of shadows and light. It's cognac
colored eyes scanning the walls, growling silently as it
came closer to the Darkness.
A swarming Darkness, slimy tentacles reaching out
around it ant tainting all they came in contact with.
Sick tendrils of darkness... in their center a beast,
decaying, rotting, it's red eyes demonic and mad. The
tiger-like shadow walked right trough the tendrils of
darkness, making them break like glass, the pieces
suspended in the air as if gravity had only been a
myth or that time was frozen... most probably both.

The red eyed Beast shuddered and looked around it,

screeching but could see nothing. It was only a
shadow in this world. The Tiger stepped into a patch
of light, eyes mocking and walked on, silently prowling
through the halls of this space were time had little
importance. Where it walked...the light grew... this
was bound to attract the attention of whatever else
resided in this dimension.

Suddenly, a soft noise, though muted as of coming

through the other side of a wall, seemed to echo from
all around the Tiger, then silence.

"Ginevra! What are you doing here?"

The Tiger looked over it's shoulder and sat, purring

gently. A second later, Ginny was crouched in it's
place, her feline eyes never leaving the man who'd
just spoke to her.
"Dragon..." she said softly, standing.

"Are you crazy? To come in Avalon in the State you

are!" raved Draco, stalking towards her and placing
strangely warm hands on her shoulders, his brow
creased with worry.

"Ah... you should know a trip to the Mentalists'

Dimension is nothing for me." she said gently, tilting
her head.

"Kitten! You walked through Voldemort." he hissed,

"He felt something weird and sent me to inspect."

Ginny shrugged out of his grasp, growling softly.

"Calm down... This place only shows the mental
imprint of people. Only someone with out training
could be a nuisance." The red head raised her hand
and gently stroked his cheek, feeling her insides
quake. "Draco..."

The older man felt himself revert back to him teenage

days, pulling the girl closer and tenderly hugging her
against him before he even knew what was really

"Ginevra... we have to stop all this... I..." he paused,

closing his eyes. "I have become a spy. I never
though I would. Muggles are a nuisance... yes... but...
One cannot be a mentalist without understanding that
a life is a life. A life..." he held her tighter. "I missed

Ginny pulled back, eyes serious. "I missed you too."

Draco let her go, all traces of emotional breakdown

erased from his features. The couple was the only
seemingly solid thing in this world of light and

"Eat all that food... in 2 weeks time... there will be a

great fight. I have your robes in my chambers... If Lex
hasn't sneaked them down to you already."

"Like father, like son." said Ginny.

"As long as he's not like his dead mother..." he said

with a growl, though a sparkle of humor remained in
his eyes.

"... You killed her didn't you?"

Draco waited a moment before answering, deep in

through, through it was clear he didn't regret a thing.
"She made me think she was a good person, I was
foolish enough not to see through her lies. Mother
suspects a love potion... All I know, is that one
moment she was holding my 2 months old son over to
be marked by Voldemort, the next, Agatha
Dumbledore was killed by my wand."

Ginny couldn't help gasping. "Getting marked would

have killed him."

"Yes." Draco's answer was simple, cutting off all lines

of discussion. His eyes looked far away and ... sad.
"Now leave, people are coming to you." he ordered
and vanished suddenly.

At that moment, Ginny felt her body calling to her.

She shifted and opened her eyes, gasping for air, her
muscles aching and stiff.

She smiled and dug in a plater of fresh vegetables...

Stage two was no the roll.

A little down the hall, the stone wall slid open and a
lithe figure crept to her cell.
"Hey Ma'am."

Ginevra sent Lex a sharp look. "I'm only 25..." she

muttered. Truth was... she was observing the child
with more intensity than before. Now she could see...
his oh so familiar blue eyes were not Draco's... No.

They twinkles like Dumbledor's; but after all...this was

his grandson.

"I was told to give you this." He said, pushing a bundle

of clothes through the bars. The red head reached out
and smiled upon recognizing her green battle robes,
her mentalist uniform, her katana and her wand.

"Won't those go missing?" she asked, hiding

everything under the hay in a deep corner.

"No... My Grandmother is in charge of your case. So

she's the one keeping track of your belongings."

Ginny laughed very softly, making Lex shiver. It was

not a happy laugh, more of a dark foreboding thing
one made to ease ones nerves.

"Soon...everything will be over." she sighed, putting

down her empty bowl of salad and grabbing a new

Lex smiled, walking away. "Yes... maybe I'll even get

to go to Hogwarts..."
(one week later)

location: Europe, Death Eater HQ, Grand Hall.

Approx time: Evening.

Classifcation: Top secret.

Source: Spy.
Voldemort shifted on his golden throne, lazily stroking
Nagini while watching the werewolf couple who stood
in the center of the 'U' the tables were shaped in.
Around him, slaves served dinner in utter silence.

Greyback was standing near the doors, looking

angered beyond belief, while the werewolves slowly
trickled in the room, silently lining the walls to get a
good look at what would soon be happening.

"My Lord, I have come to claim my right as leader of

the Lycan pack who serves under your banner. As
legitimate son of Fenris Greyback, I am legally and
genetically rightful to this through the Ancestral Law of
Blood Moon." said Chris, holding his head high and
looking at prideful as possible. "For there is no greater
honor than to serve your cause, My Lord, and I feel
my father's time as Alfa Leader is long past."

The werewolves broke into wild howls and growls,

only to be silence as Voldemort raised his hand.
"And this female?"

Wold stepped forwards and bowed slightly. "I crave to

taste the blood of the impure on the battle field. I
wave been long to come to thee, my Lord, please
forgive me. As the mate of Christofenis, it is my duty
and pleasure to kill in your name."

Voldemort smiled, looking immensely pleased. "Such

devotion in your followers... to bad you are only half
breeds. I will let you sort all this out by your
traditions... The winner will have my trust as Alfa
Leader." The dark Lord paused and laughed a bit,
looking suddenly pleased as an idea came to him. "Or
better yet... entertain us with this dogfight as we eat."

Chris fisted his hand over his heart with a slight 'poof'
and a bow.
"I live to serve my Lord."

Fenris growled and stepped foewards before Wolf

could move.
"You bastard son! How dare you?" he thundered,
pushing her away. She only landed a few feet away,
light as a cat thanks to her reflexes, but already felt
Chris's temper flare. It was almost as if she could feel
his emotions... the protectiveness... the fear, not for
him but for her. And something else, so strange and

A werewolf took her arm and pulled her amongst a

large group of werewolves.
"Come... we side with Chrisophenis... are you sure
you're his mate? You smell like a virgin."

Wolf blushed. "Erm... It's a little complicated."

The other female smiled. "I don't care... Look. He's

yours anyways."

Chris snarled. "How dare you touch her with your

filthy paws?"

Fenris barked with laughter. "Touchy about your

bitch? Oh... when I'm done with you... I'll make her my
bitch. I will have her so hard that she will scream
louder than she ever has, like the good female she

"Then DIE!"

Wolf felt her temper flare and the werewolves around

her growled in agitation. She'd never seen Chris in his
wolf chape. Now... she knew what he truly was.

The large golden beast was at Fenris's throat in an

instant, only to be kicked off at the elder took his own
lupine shape. Some wolves cheered, but most howled
in deceit.

Chris landed supply, and all could admire the two

wolven figures. Chris was larger than his father, high
on his paws with sleek strong muscles, while
Greyback was a little small, a ball of dirty gray matted
fur riddled with thick muscle.

Wolf cheered on, while around her, certain

werewolves moaned about not being a pure werewolf
and their inability to change into wolves at wish. Wolf
didn't care, her eyes were glued to the two circling
wolves. Geryback attacked, knocking Chris down. It
was evident who was the strongest in brute force, but
Chris was fastest, easily avoiding the attack and
snapping at the paws.

Both wolves separated, circling again. Greyback was

now limping and Chris was untouched. The youngest
attacked, going for the second front paw, there was a
scuffle and several yelps. Chris managed to pull
away, growling terrible at the now immobile opponent.

Both of Greyback's front paws were badly damaged,

and Chris had a long cut along is face. Wolf gasped
and was held back by the wolves at her sides.


He looked up at her and barked sharply, his now only

eye never leaving his father, but Greyback knew it
was over. He couldn't move without pain anymore,
and he would never be able to run or walk correctly
His lime was over, but he could at least take his son
away with him. He launched an attack and clamped
his teeth around his sons neck, slowly cutting his air
supply. Chris struggle and scratched, but Greyback
held fast.

He gathered his strength and sank his paw in his

fathers flanks, dragging them towards himself and
shaking free, clamping his own teeth to his fathers
neck. The scratches on the older wolfs flanks were
pouring with blood, Wold distractedly thought an
artery must have been cut, for Greyback soon went

Chris shook his head sharply, making the neck in his

mouth crack with an air of finality. He gently let go,
licking the blood from his chops and turned his head
to look at Wolf with his only remaining eye. At the
woman he wanted to be his mate.

And she would only be his mate in a world without

Voldemort. Loosing an eye was a small price to win

Wolf nodded. Around them the wolves howled like

wild, dancing and clapping. The werewolves by birth
had joined Chris in the center, getting acquainted to
his smell and showing allegiance to him.

Besides Wolf, the female who'd talked to her earlier

smiled "I have a feeling things are about to change..."
she said purring.

Wolf smiled back and shifted shape. She crept up the

Chris and gently licked some blood from his face.

Voldemort stood up. The werewolves went silent,

shifting back to their human shapes.

"Well done, Alfa Leader Chrisofenis Greyback. You

may leave this room now... And someone clean up
this dirt."

At the Death eater table, several people took a sip of

wine to hide their pleased smile.

"Dad... this one is worst than his father! He's so..."

Lex shivered. Blaize patted his head.
"You'll learn that all is fair in love and war."

The young blond rolled his eyes. "What happened

was only a matter of power."

Blaize nodded. "Yes... exactly. Now eat your


Draco chuckled softly; sharing a secret with Blaize,

while Snape shared a look with Narcissa.

Inside Draco was feeling hope stir and come alive.

Things were going so well. If things kept on going so
well, maybe Parkinson would wind up being a secret
spy and a smart one at that!

Draco looked over as the woman and almost snorted.

She was half drunk, furiously kissing Avery while he
fondles her, both visibly drunk.

There was no chance of THAT ever happening.

But... very soon... all this would be over.

(the next night, not as far as Voldemort would have
thought)Ethan shared a look with his wife. Around
them, the most trusted members of the order stood,
minus the spies, all looking solemn.

"My friends..." said Dumbledore. "I am proud to say all

will be over sooner than any of you think."

In the tend, no one stirred.

" Each of you will take a group of 100. And 7 days
from now... we shall invade the Death Eaters'

"But the Dementors guarding it-"

"The research department has found a way to destroy

them." cut in Dumbledore. "Miss granger if you would

Hermione put what looked much like a grenade on the

table. "This is a Patronus Grenade. The PG when
activated, send a wave of positive force so strong that
it disintegrates Dementor on one blow without use of
a wand and without risk for the usual... except good
mood. One grenade can kill 5 of them at a time, but if
there are more than 5 it won't work. You will have to
use Patronus spells to cut them in groups. It's the best
we have."

"It's great." breathed Lupin. "it will work."

They all shared a look.

They could win.

"Today... is D-7." whispered one of them.


Time: midnight.

Place: Malfoy Quarters of Death Eater HQ

Draco woke up with a start, pulling his wand from

under his pillow. "Show yourself." he said calmly,
scanning the darkness with the light at the tip of his

Something stirred and someone stepped in the circle

of light provided by the wand. "Dragon... "

Draco didn't relax right away, sending his mind out to

check if it wasn't someone using polyjuice potion. He
relaxed, realizing it was his Kitten, but tensed again,
putting his want back under his pillow.
"What are you doing here?" he hissed angrily. "Are
you crazy?"

Ginevra sighed, stepping closer to him. "They gave

me a bath today." she said conversationally.

Draco smirked.

"You're avoiding the question." he said softly as she

sat on the side of his bed. All those memories from
Hogwarts came flooding back to him. How sweet she
smelt, how soft she felt... how beautiful she still was.

Something stirred at the pit of his stomach at the look

she gave him. "I realized I love you." she said simply.
Draco couldn't believe his ears

His kitten was in love with Him? His kitten was in Love
with him! .

The room went dead silent, before Ginny continued,

eyes far away, looking at a place where only a few
could go. "Ever since Hogwarts. Ever since that day...
you understood me." She gulped, choking back
unshed tears. "I realized I didn't want to die tomorrow
without you ever knowing my feelings. Without you
knowing I'd have liked us to be more than friends.
How... How much I regret not telling you earlier.
Maybe...Maybe things could have been different
between us?"

Draco couldn't believe his ears, his emotions were

whirl-winding around his head. But one remained:
love. He wanted her so badly it ached. He wanted to
wake up next to her in the morning, he wanted her
smile and her bad temper. He wanted her as his, and
his only. He wanted to protect and love her.

He reached out and took her hand, pulling her

towards him. His heart missed a beat when he
realized she was wearing nothing under her battle

"I love you." he said softly. "I love you more and better
than anyone ever will. I'll protect you and take care of
you better than anyone ever has. I always have and I
always will. You were mine in my heart since you
came to me crying. I want to feel you near me till I
die." He said, softly tangling his hand in her hair and
pulling her in for a kiss.

She shifted, pushing him down against the bed,

kissing him back as if her life depended on it. Draco
growled softly, pulling her firmly against him. He
shivered when the woman he loved slid her hands
over his chest.

"Are you sure you...?"

"You have do idea of how much I wanted this back at

Hogwarts..." breathed Ginny, pulling his nightshirt off.
"I don't want to die regretting to never have known
you. To never have felt you this way. I want you... all
of you. We wasted so many years... let us forget the

"Just for tonight..."

"And tomorrow if we live." she continued.

The blond man chuckled, reaching up to open her

robes. They fell on the bed around them. He stayed
silent, observing her soft curves bathed in the feeble
light filtering through the window.

"You're beautiful..." he choked, pulling her down in a

heated kiss and rolling on top of her. She moaned
softly, feeling her body react to the soft caress of his

"I love you Ginevra Weasley." he breathed.

Hours later, they lay tangled together, panting heavily

and covered in each others sweat. Draco lazily trailed
a hand down her neck between her breasts, over her
stomach and further down, loving the way her body
reacted, her sighs, her moans.


He smiled more. "Say my name again..." he breathed

against her neck, as she moaned slightly. He felt
himself grow ready again, but held back, letting his
hand wander. "Say it..."

The red head laughed, shuddering gently against him.

"Draco... what's that with your name?"

The blond smiled, moving between her thighs again,

kissing her deeply and swiftly entering her, swallowing
her moan.

"I love the way it roles of your tongue..." he teased,

moving slowly between her arms. The red head
closed her eyes, arching against him.


He kissed her neck softly. "I love you... I want this to

last forever..."

Mrs Malfoy closed the door as fast and silently as she

could. She'd only been there a few seconds, but that
was enough for everything to click into place. Mrs
Malfoy was immensely pleased: they had certainly
took their time!

Also, she was pleased her sons' room had silencing

charms on them.

Time: midnight.

Place: Alfa Wolf Quarters of Death Eater HQ

"Are they all with us?" asked Wolf.

Chris crashed on the bed, exhausted. "Yeah... all of

them. They were tired of serving someone who saw
them as dogs. Only I had to promise a human status
to them. Equality. That's only fair."

Wolf nodded though she didn't really look pleased.

She reached out, gently stroking his face.

"Does your wound hurt?"

"No it's okay... We're lucky Snape managed to save

my eye. The scar is nothing."

Wolf shrugged, putting her book down and leaning a

little more against her pillows. Chris sniffed the air and
growled gently, crawling over to her and pulling her in
his arms. "I smell a male on you." he said, burying his
nose against the crook of her neck.

Wolf shivered, instinctively leaning against him. "You

know I don't submit easily." she muttered, feeling his
canines graze her neck over the mating spot.

"I know..." he growled back, tightening his hold around

her possessively. It was a purely feral sound, that
increased when her scent spiked. He felt his insides
stir in response.


"Don't worry... I won't."

There was a shocked silence.

"Why?" she asked, as he gently licked the mating spot

on her neck, making her shiver in pleasure and
"Because..." he said in that same particular growl. "I
don't want to ruin your life if I die tomorrow. I want you
to be willing. I want you to fall in love with me the way
I have with you."

Wolf looked sharply over her shoulder. She'd thought

he was arrogant, and cold. All high and mighty in his
manners. All this was the truth in fact. But he had a
heart. If he acted cold it was not because he didn't like
people. It was because he liked them too much. It
was who she'd discovered he was that make her
heart beat for him.

"But I did."

Chris froze. "What?"

Wolf gulped, feeling herself blush. "I love you."

"Marry me."

It was Wolfe's turn to freeze. "What?" she yelped


"When the war is over, if we win... will you be my

mate? Will you marry me?"

Wolf turned around, hardly believing her ears, smiling

widely. "Yes." she breathed, and flung herself at him
in a hug. "Yes I will!"

Chris smiled and kissed her deeply, purring. "Then

let's sleep... We have a hard day tomorrow."


The sun was rising, gently bathing the castle with it's
golden rays, blessing the scenery with warmth. In the
woods, people were hiding, their dark eyes almost
feverish with hope.

Today was the day. Today was D-Day. The day they
would die for their cause of live for it.

They all crept closer, taking down everything on their

way with the same patience Hermione Granger had
when reading a book. Every trap and every ward,
gently cut down and broken apart, from the inside as
well as from the outside.
The army separated, a small group going for the
castle bathed in sunlight that seemed to loom ahead
of them, the other, heading for the fields in it's east.
The fields who were dotted with the tents of the Dark
Lords' Army.

Inside the castle, the werewolves were working

silently, killing the guards one after the other, silent
and deadly creatures of the nigh, leaving a trail of
blood in their wake. The trail of blood the Order would
follow. The trail of blood that led to Voldemort.

"Alert! The Enemy is in our walls!" shrieked the death

eater woman. She ran up the hall, shooting hexed
over her shoulder, but nothing would work; there were
too many of them. Wolf suddenly appeared in front of
her, a dark smile on the werewolf's features.

"Game over scum."

She lashed out, knocking the wand from the Death

Eaters Hand and snapped her neck in one clean
move; but the damage was already done.

The alarms went off.

The Dark Lords enraged screams resonated

throughout the halls. Now it was all a matter of life
and death.

Luna stood in the middle of the hall. She'd lost the

others, pushed my some strange sixth sense telling
her to go left. Luna had obeyed, and now, Luna was
staring cross-eyed at the wand pointing at her

Suddenly, the hall seemed so much darker, the Death

Eater so much taller... she'd dropped her wand in
shock, totally frozen on the spot. And all she could
think of as the Death Eater slowly raised his want to
kill her, was that she'd never be able to see Blaize
again before she died.

Biter tears flowed from her eyes, as she stared at the

horrible mask the DeathEater was waring. Voldemort
had taken everything away from her. Everything. Her
life, her love...

"Blaise..." she muttered, closing her eyes as the wand

came down.



Luna opened her eyes, watching the Death Eater

crumple before her, an other one standing over his
fallen body. The dark wizard reached for his mask
and pulled it away, making it turn to dust between his

She swallowed, feeling herself tearing up again. He
was so dark... a long scar crossing his left cheek,
running down to his neck and disappearing under his
robes. His eyes were as black and deep as they were
at Hogwarts, only much sadder... the eyes of
someone who had done and seen things no one
She threw herself in his arms, hugging him for all she
was worth. She didn't care if he was a Death Eater, a
murderer... she didn't care. She loved him... so
much... He was hers now. She'd never make the
same mistake as in Hogwarts. She'd never let him go.

"Luna, we have to get moving..." he said softly, prying

her away, gently squeezing her shoulders.

She looked up at him, the hope and love her saw in

her eyes almost made him grab a knife and cut, so
much the emotions they stirred in him brought up his
magic. He couldn't hold it anymore and pulled her
against him, bending down and crashing his lips
against hers. He let the intensity take over and
transferred his magic into her through the kiss.

"We have to get moving before more DeathEaters

come." he declared, grabbing her hand and pulling
her down the hall.

Luna nodded, pulling away long enough to scramble

for her wand, and went with him, vanishing around the
corner. She was confused at what he'd done and
immensely happy. Sharing magic was only done on
rare occasions amongst wizards. Marriage was one
off them. The tingling sensation beneath her skin as
her own magic got accustomed to his made her
slightly giddy, but strangely stronger. She was no
longer alone.

"What's are we doing?" she asked softly as Blaize

stopped in the middle of the hall, seemingly tapping
the wall at random with his wand.

"We are retrieving Draco's son."


Blaize paused, turning to look at Luna."How-"

"He writes anonymously for the Quibbler." she cut in,

as a young boy walked out of the alcove, followed by
a tall elegant woman. Both looked very much alike, so
Luna gathered the woman must have been Mrs

Blaize shook his head at the boy. "You write for the

Lex smiled sheepishly, looking at Luna curiously.

"How are you? I always imagined you'd look like this."
he said with an almost cheeky smile.
Mrs Malfoy smirked, as they all raced down the dimly
light hall, aiming for a safe exit.

"She is the editor of the Quibbler, Luna Lovegood."

she lightly answered her grandson as if they were
strolling down Diagon Alley and not running away
from bloodthirsty Voldermort worshipers. "And the
love of Blaize."

Narcissa was not a stupid woman. She had eyes. She

could see. And she was not in the mood to be
delicate. Especially about acting as if clearly evident
feelings were not there because two idiots hadn't
bothered to live them out years ago.

Blaize and Luna seemed passably shocked and

blushing, but managed to control themselves. This
was not the moment. And Blaize knew better than to
contradict or even look wrong at a Malfoy under


Ginevra rolled to the side, holding her wand tightly.

Things were getting complicated. She hissed and
jumped to the other side, rolling on her back and
blindly throwing curses behind her. Since she's crept
out of Draco's room and back into her cell to get
ready, life had been hell.

A bolt of lightening flew past her and she cursed

loudly, throwing dark purple beams right back at her
invisible opponent. Smoke was everywhere, resulting
from walls caving in and fogging charms used my the
fighters to hide best they could in the narrow
hallways. She coughed a couple of times, reaching
behind her and grabbing her faithful katana. Once
again, she mentally thanked Lex for weaseling her
things to her the previous day. For a moment, her
mind rested on how he could have known she would
need them, but shrugged it off before disaparating.

With a loud snapping sound she appeared behind her

opponent and brought her sword down before
vanishing once again. She concentrated, careful to
make as little noise as possible when she
materialized , furtively creeping up the hall.

There were screams coming form everywhere,

distorted by the echo provided my the halls. The mist
was light up with strange colored colors and beast-like
shadows seemed to be doing a morbid dance all
around her.

A rabid howl made her shiver and a wolf bound past

her running down the hall with a low growl Springing
at a Death Eater, taring it's throat apart before the
robed man could so much as react: the wolf let go
and licked his chops before vanishing with a cracking

Ginevra smirked and jogged towards the center of the

fight. She knew it wouldn't be long now, the fights
were getting more and more desperate on the Death
Eater's part. The Mentalist could sense the strong
magical barrier around the castle, stopping anyone
from dissaparating anywhere out of the war zone..

She laughed, and charged a group of Death Eaters.

She waved her sword, sending a wave of energy to
knock their wands out of they hands and jumped
above their heads. The metal flashed and blood
sprayed the walls, accompanied by the sickening
sound of a man begging for his life.

She lifted her head when she sensed Draco's aura

surge throughout the castle, making her insides tingle
pleasantly with static electricity. Even his magic called
to her... just like it had that night, when they had been
so closely entangled in each other... She responded,
letting her magical aura flow from her in waves,
signaling her position. In the castle's air, electricity
crackled as both magical auras mingled and became
complementary for a second. Then everything was
back to normal.

Draco closed his eyes. She was alive... His Kitten was
still alive. He parried the blow, throwing his father
from on top of him.

"Traitor!" screeched the man, panting heavily and

charging again. Sparks flew as the swords crashed
together. For every blow the father sent his way, the
son parried, twisting and turning to keep his father
from trapping him against a wall.

"I'm only doing what is right! I've grown tired of the

nonsense you have imposed unto me. There is
nothing profitable to us in what Voldermort has to
offer! Can't you see?" said Draco, kicking his fathers
stomach and aparating behind him. "And you have
wounded us all enough."

Lucius gasped as he felt his son's sword pierce his

back and go through his chest. He touched the sullied
blade of the silver instrument in awe, watching his
own blood on the tips of his fingers. He coughed,
blood welting from the back of his throat and
splattering down the front of his robes.

He collapsed down, yelping in pain as the swords cut

his flesh a little more, taring his insides apart. He was
dying. Draco pulled his sword away and lifted it over
his head.

"I'm sorry Dad... but you've hurt us all enough." he

said, before lowering his sword and closing his eyes.

The blade stopped and instant before the Elder

Malfoy's lips. Lucius's eyes rolled back in his head,
and he exhaled softly. From his open mouth, floated a
small pearl of tainted light. Draco touched it with the
tip of his sword and it vanished. The body went
completely limp. Lucius was dead.
"Ron!" snapped Hermione "Now is not the moment!"

The redhead glared at his wife, cradling the phone

against his ear. "Okay, okay... You can have the
phone... Wait a sec." he shifted in the alcove while
Harry and Hermione kept guard. Harry didn't know if
he should be angry or touched by the father's attitude.

"Okay sweet, you be a good girl with you Granny

Molly huh? I love you honey, here's mommy... She
wants to speak to you."

Ron and Hermione exchanged places and Harry gave

his best friends a hard look.


"You realize you're cooing at a magical dolly right?"

Ron shrugged, blushing. "Hermione wants us to

prepare being parents, so we bought that... It's always
better than a bag of flour right?"

Harry shook his head. "You guys are mental."

"You'll see when you're a father." muttered Ron.

Hermione snapped the phone shut and rounded on

them. "Okay... Let's get killing some Death Eaters."

"You! What the Hell are you doing here!" shouted a

shrill voice. Thee wands pointed in it's direction,
curses being half said. "Oh! Put those down for
Merlin's sake!" barked the shrill voice as it's owner
flailed at them rather uselessly.


"No! Santa Claus! What are you doing here? You

should be corridors ahead! You-"

She was silenced when Harry ran up to her and

crushed his lips against hers. She stopped flailing.

Draco felt and other wave of her aura, calling him

closer, mingled with spells of power and destruction.
He responded, feeling her come near as he ran down
the halls, taking down opponents as he went.

Everything was snapping into place now... He felt all

the important powers of the castle moving towards the
pit of dark magic that was Voldermort.

Suddenly he felt her besides him and they ran side by

side down the hall.

"I felt you take a soul..." she panted.

Draco winced... when Mentalists stole souls, they

gained power. It was also the Execution method
delivered by the darker Mentalists.
"Yeah.. My Father's." he answered, not knowing if
she'd be angry.

"Don't be tense... I don't condemn that. It's part of the

job. He was your father after all. It's understandable
that you wanted a part of him to stay with you."

They stopped before a set of large doors, caching

their breath. Ginevra reached out to take his hand,
looking up at his face.


Draco reached down and kissed her, stealing what

might be his last kiss. "Now we both are."

They put forth their hands and blasted the doors open
before stepping in the room.

"Well well well... Looks like you're too late..." hissed

the high pitched voice that could only belong to


Voldermort smiled crudely, holding the blond boy by

his neck. Against the opposite wall stood chained
Blaise, Snape and Luna, struggling to get to Lex and
to the person who lay shivering at the monster's feet.

"Cissy! Hang on!" yelled the battered potion's master

in a rare show of emotion.

Suddenly, the other set of doors burst open and Harry

Ron and Hermione clatered in, followed by Pansy

"I'm glad you all made it to my little party!" giggled


"Let go of my son you bastard!" yelled Draco,

stepping forwards and unsheathing his sword.

Ginny shivered, feeling his aura shudder and tare

around him. He was in the darkest rage ever. The red
head smiled coldly. She was not in the best of moods

"Ginny! Step away from the Death Eater!" hollered

Ron as Harry threw a curse at Voldermort. The curse
rebounded and skimmed Lex's ear.

"Potter! Don't you shoot the bastard while he's holding

my son!" snarled Draco, glaring at the dark haired
man, who returned his glare full force.

"It won't work anyways!" hissed the boy who lived

"there is something protecting him."

Ginny growled, stepping ahead of Draco. "Just shut

up Potter and watch how Mentalists work." she
snapped. Her eyes glowed and strange golden hue as
she gathered all her power.

Voldermort shook his head and pointed his wand at


"Pity... I was planning on having you carry my heir.


Draco smirked and lifted his sword, slashing in the air

with it. With a flicker, the shot of green light died out.
Ginny was chanting softly and suddenly, Lex was
gone only to reappear by her side. She let her arms
fall with a thud and keeled to the ground, crossing her
arms over her chest with a wand in one hard and her
sword in the other. Soon her body covered with frost.

Pansy ran forwards and caught Lex's hand.

"Come with me, we'll free the others."

"You? but how-"

"Malfoy! You should know no one can truly be as

stupid as I acted!"

"But since when were you..."

"A spy? My first year at Hogwarts. Now get moving

kid." snapped Pansy, dragging Lex towards the
prisoners. Draco spotted Ron helping his mother up
and nodded to Granger and Potter.
"Make sure he doesn't touch our bodies. Count to ten
and take Voldemort down." he said loudly, before
kneeling besides Ginny in the same position as her,
his body frosting over.

Where the prisoners were standing, Hermione

suddenly screamed. Frost covered the wall, darkness
leaked in the room. Despair ruled. Dementors swept
from the holes in the ceiling, grabbing every one of
the wizards who were trying to help those chained to
the wall.

One of the dark beings swept over Narcissa and

crouched over her, inhaling deeply. Hermione's cry
died out into silence.

Everything grew deadly silent as one my one, Harry's

friends fainted, dropping their wand, loosing their

Voldermort sighed. "And to say all this is for nothing...

You'll die Potter, and the world will me mine. Never
again a child will be able to defeat me. The tall pale
man rose his wand. "Nothing can save you now."

Harry stilted his head watching Voldermort as if he

was seeing him for the fist time "But I am not alone..."
he said before smiling very softly. The bark haired boy
didn't seem phased at all my his friends distress... he
calmly raised his wand.
Suddenly, two specters shot from his chest. Two
shadows, crawled on the walls and floor at high
speed. Almost too fast for the eye to follow and
leaped on Voldermort. Rising from the ground, a
dragon wrapped itself around the dark wizard, roaring
silently as it spread it's wings. Suddenly, a tiger
seemed to leap from the shadows and bound straight
into Voldemort's chest as the dragon plunged, getting
sucked into his mouth, nose and eyes as the greatest
wizard of all times screamed in fear.

Tom Riddle toppled over, clawing at himself in sudden

silent agonny while the Dementors seemed to waver,
unsure of what they felt should be done. The whisper
of Harry's voice saying "Expecto Patronum."was the
only sound in the room.

Everything surreal, as the stag shot from the wand

and galloped straight at the cowering Voldemort, the
beams of pure positive energy it was emitting making
the Dementors open their mouth at impossible angles
in silent scream and turn to shadows, scattered on the
floors and walls like oil stains.

It hit Voldermort.

There was a flash of intense light.

A warm gust of air lifted dust from the dirty corners of

the room, the world seemed to twist around this

Harry chuckled.

And then ... nothing.


Two years later...

"May his memory stay with us for ever, as we reunite

on the anniversary of his death."

The dark crowd stood silently, walking over to the

large marble slab in a long procession; each person
lovingly laying a single white rose on it. A great man
had died. But he had died with the Great War. On the
night the world was freed of its greatest enemy, it was
also deprived of one of its greatest benefactors.

"She could have come..." muttered Chris, nervously

sliding a hand under his collar to release the pressure
of his tie. Wolf reached up and swatted his and away.
As usual, the reception that always followed the
commemorations of Dumbledor's death was splendid.

"I agree." grumbled Ron with a frown. He didn't frown

long, since the bundle in his arm gurgled something
close to 'Ghreroa' but that Ronald instantly took as
something else. "See? Even Amy is asking after
Ginevra. Ain't you Amy? Ain't you Amy? A couchy
couchy coooooo!"

"Ron stop baby talking her. She could end up with

your IQ and we don't want that happening." drawled
Pansy, resting her back against Harry as he stood
behind her, resting his hands on her very pregnant
belly. "Or worst..." said the dark haired man "It could
be contagious and affect my little girl."

"Boy." corrected Pansy.

"Girl." answered Harry. They shared a look, they eyes

narrowing playfully.

The other adults rolled their eyes as the young couple

argued. " are Ethan and his young wife?"
asked Vincent, gently squeezing Lavander's hand,
trying to ignore fact that one of his children had just
thrown a dessert in Snape's face. A very creamy
desert by the look of it.

"Honey moon." answered Susan Goyle née Bones,

she too so pregnant she looked about to burst.

There was a cracking noise from the apparition zone

and Hermione bustled in, strangely underdressed in
her simple black robes surrounded by a crowd
wearing only muggle evening gowns. "Oh! So the
Headmistress shows up as last!" cooed Luna as
Blase smirked, spotting the trademark expression
Hermione was wearing. That expression only mean
one thing. Hermione's following yell confirmed his
suspicions: "I'm gonna kill that Malfoy!"

She harshly kissed Ron hello, but softened fast,

breaking the kiss and gently saying hello to her
daughter. "Is Ginny here? And Draco? He'd better, his
son is driving me crazy!"

There was a short silence. Hermione closed her eyes.

As usual, Ginny and her husband were never where
they were expected to be.

Like the night they had defeated Voldemort. There

was one reason Voldermort was destroyed. And it
was them. Harry had only described that night once
and the magical record of this conversation was kept
preciously in the Departement of mysteries.

"The moment they frosted over, I felt them enter my

body." had said the blood covered Harry just after
he'd aparated in the ministry straight after the raid.
"and I felt it. Them, I mean. Their feelings. The love
they felt for each other. I felt them... It was magical.
And then they spoke to me, telling me exactly what to
do. That Voldermort was only a dead memory,
something like a super dementor that fed on
mysticism and old fears. They said is was old and
very dark magic. I did what they told be to do. We
won. It's all over now... All over..."

Back at the time, the popular opinion had been to get

rid of all death eaters with no regards for their actions,
but Harry and the others had worked hard for those
who were worth it. Lives had been saved and rebuilt
since. Many had died, but a new generation was

And it seemed the most illustrious couple of the Great

War had vanished...yet again. Hermione couldn't help
but smile, along with all those who knew Draco and
Ginny. They guessed the couple was most likely in a
room somewhere, most probably wearing as litle
clothes as they had exiting their mothers womb.

"Why do we always end up like this?" asked Ginny as

she lay on her back, staring at the ceiling, panting.
Draco smirked, stretching like a cat next to her, but
not bothering to get up. "I mean..." continued the
redhead, twisting her head to look over her shoulder.
"We were almost in the apparition room this time."
The blond man twisted his head to look in the same
direction as her before answering:

"Don't blame me for the manor being so big. My

ancestors built it."

Ginny sighed, looking back at the ceiling, searching

for her underwear with her foot, too lazy to sit up or
look around for it properly. "Draco, It's not about the
size of the house! It took us three hours to get from
our room to here! That's only 20 meters! I had to get
dressed four times and it took us twenty minutes to
find that tie of yours!"

Draco laughed, sounding very smug as he said "The

tie you ripped of my neck, vixen."

Ginny slung her arm out and slapped him in the chest.
"We're just lucky Lex is at Hogwarts. Anyone could
come any moment to see if we're still coming."

"At least we can now rest assured it won't be your

brother." rumbled the pale man. Ginny winced at the
memory of her brother walking in on them having sex
in the middle of the hall, yelling they were two hours
late for the diner party before stopping dead and
fainting. The next week he spent mopping around and
begging his wife to erase his memory or gorge his
eyes out.

Draco suddenly reached over and caught her waist,

pulling Ginny smugly against him. "Now Draco I'm
warning you-"

"I love you my wife." muttered the man, cutting her off
and burying his face in the crook of her shoulder.
Giny's voice dies in her throat while she hugged him.
They stayed like that for a few minutes before Ginny
spoke again.

"Okay...where are we going this time?" she growled

softly. Draco smirked faintly. The woman knew him
too well. "Krakatoa." answered Draco. "Human
sacrificed again." Ginny sighed dramatically as they
both stood up and started putting they clothes on. "Do
you suppose we could leave for the mission now?"
asked Draco, hope transpiring through his voice. The
young man finished doing his tie and turned to
arrange his wife's hair. "Are you joking?" she asked.
"If we don't go, Hermione will have our heads."

Standing in the aparation booth, they shared an

amused look: "Funny how we're more scared of your
brother's wife than a bunch of dark wizards." muttered

"And I'm sure Lex would have come up with

something interesting this week also." answered

"And I'm sure she'll complain about it for hours. Not

mentioning all those pregnant women. Mood Swings."


"Baby talk."

"Unwanted attention."

The couple shared a new look, eyes widening in

realization. "You get the weapons, muggle passports
and get us a clearance, I do the suitcases." said
Ginny, rushing towards the stairs.
"Done. Meet here in ten." said Draco, rushing in the
opposite direction.

Fifteen minutes later, Hermione apparated at Malfoy

Manor, looking quite angry, only to find a note pinned
on the door, she snatched it and unfolded the paper,
her eyes narrowing as she read Draco's neat script.
"Will they ever grow up?" she hissed before spinning
around, vanishing with a snap.

The paper fluttered in the wind, detaching itself from

the door and landing open on the floor. The script
seemed to shimmer then...fade.

"Till next time, suckers!

-G. & D. Malfoy "