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Table 12.2.4 Applications of isolating valve types applications. Hydraulic actuator Valve type Genoral applications Actuation Remarks Usually manual, but may be:) Usually applied to higher Shut-off regulation : tne ’ poate . high ‘one Globe valve oud / ges fw, - Manual systems, due to cost. Steam and condensate | Hvdrauic Less suitable for viscous applications, - Pneumatic or contaminated fluids, Used fully open or fully closed for on/of regulation] Usually manual, but may be| Suely used where the ; onsteam, gas and other |- Electric valve beat isto be Piston valve fluid services. Typical |- Manual permanently installed and used on fuids that cause |- Hydraulic maintenance needs to excessive seat weer, be minimised, Not recommended as Normally used fly open Usually manual, but may be:) throttling valve. Solid Gate valve orfully closed for on/off | Elctrig ‘wedge gate is free from regulation on water, ol, |. Manual chatter and jamming, (gs, steam and other fd |. ic Parallel slide valve used in services. steam systems. Relatively simple Shut-off and regulation in| Handwhee! construction. Can be larger pipelines in Electri¢: motor produced in very large sizes. Butterfly valve waterworks, process Pheumatic actuator Eccentric design essential industries, HPI, power | Hydraulic actuator for steam systems, generation. Air motor Typically used on liquid systems, Wide range of applications | Handwhee! . bal Yeive inal ies, including HP. | Electric motor Can hand al id types, Steam and condensate | Pheumatic actuator Lite! maximum pressure rating.