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CLASS-IV SUB--- EVS LESSONS -15,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,26,27

(A)Fill in the blanks.

01. Vaishalis father is a ____________ seller.

02. Vaishalis father starts working at ___________ at night.

03. Vaishalis father goes to big market on a ___________ with _________,

_________ and some others from the street.

04. He comes back by ___________ with baskets full of fresh vegetables.

05. By ___________ he is ready to go to ______________.

06. Chhotu has to reach school by _________________.

07. He comes back at 10 o clock at night sleeps by ________________.

08. The __________ birds feed the _________ birds with some ____________.

09. Birds have many enemies such as __________, ____________,and_________.

10. Cats have sharp teeth for __________ and _____________ meat.

11. Snakes have __________ and __________ teeth. They _________ their prey.

12. Squirrels keep _________ on things to keep their teeth from becoming________.

13. Nandita came to Mumbai a ___________ ago for her _________ treatment.

14. Nanditas Mama had one room in which he lived with his _____ and ___ children.

15. Nandita used to feel like ____________ when she used to the toilet where her
Mama lived.

16 Nandita used to go to hospital by __________ to see her mother.

17. Nandita was afraid when the __________ went up quickly.

18. Babloos house was on the __________ floor. It had big _______ windows.

19. Rohan and Reena went to the______________ with their parents.

20. The water park had water to play and __________________.

21. News paper said that _________ water had mixed in the _______water-pipes.

22. We lose a lot of _____________ when we have diarrhoea and vomiting.

23. Many people were sick with ____________ and ______________.

25. Abdul was helping his _______________ in the _____________.

26. The pea plant has a _____________ stem.

27. __________ and __________ are roots that we eat.

28. Banyan tree has roots that look like ___________ branches.

29. Desert oak tree is found in _____________________.

30. ________ and _____________ are non living things.

31. Swastik and Divya had come from ____________school.

32. Parents of Manpreet and gurunur had gone to ________________.

33.In Gurudwara ___________ and ___________ was boiling _________ and

____________ vegetables was being made.

34. Manjit uncle was making the ______________.

35. Cooking and eating together in a Gurudwara is called ________________.

36. Manpreets mother was making rotis in _________________.

37. Marietas family had to watch the _____________ match.

38. Pritibha is hurrying home from her _____________ house.

39. Piloo Aunty took the children to the _____________.

40. Kukfi-seller made a ___________________.

41. Anil offered Akshay a ____________ of water. Suddenly Akshay remembered

his grandmothers __________________.

42. Dhondu wanted to buy a _____________ to grind ____________________.

43. Meenus uncle was saying that bring your friend Ritu and I will give you ______.

44. Pratibha thinks it is unfair that there are ____________ rules for girls and boys.

45. Silk is becoming ________________ all the time.

46. The whole family work _____________ to make sarees, clothe, sheets, etc.

47. Chittappan went to Abu Dhabi as he got a _______________ there.

48. Mountains made of sand are called _____________________.

49. _____________ is used to make the food look yellow.

50. Wahida Prism is a ___________ in Indian Navy.

(B) Answer the following questions.

01. How does the day at Vaishalis house begin?

02. Why does Vaishalis father sprinkle water on previous days vegetables?

03. What happens if Vaishalis father is late for bazaar?

04. Why does Vaishalis father take out the previous days vegetables from the

05. Why do birds make nests?

06. Where does koel lay its eggs?

07. When do the birds leave their nests?

08. What are the four different things for which the birds use their beaks?

09. What type of teeth does a cow have?

10. Write four different things for which the birds use their feet and claws?

11. Why did Nandita came to Mumbai?

12. Who came to receive them on the station?

13. What is the difference between Nanditas village house and Mamas house?

14. How did they get water in the village?

15. What does Nanditas Mami do?

16. Why did Nandita want to see Chowpatti?

17. Why was her Mama so worried?

18. Where do people in the village go for ttoilet?

19. Describe the houses in Mumbai in Nanditas words.

20. Why did Appa told the visitor not to drink water?

21. Why was there noise outside the water park?

22. Do you clean the water before drinking? How?

23. Why were the women angry?

24. How do the different parts of the plant get water?

25. What type of roots do banyan trees have?

26. Why could not Abdul pull out the small grass from its bed?

27. Write any four differences between living and non living things.

29. Write about desert plants.

30. Draw a plant and level all its parts.

31. When do Assamese celebrate Bihu?

31. Why did the children want to have a class party?

32. What all preparations were made to celebrate festival of Bihu?

33. How was cheva rice prepared?

34. Why do you think children get mid day meal?

35. What did they get as mid-day meal?

36. Why can not the children pay attention in the class?

37. What do you know about ___(a) Bihu (b) Bhela Ghar (c) Uruka (d) Tao

38. Write occasions when you eat food with many people?

39. What did Divya tell them about hostel life?

40. What activity was going on the kitchen?

41. What are the three things used for making kadhah Prasad?

42. What did people do after finishing the langar?

43. Why is there a quarrel in Marittas family?

44. What does Pratibha think is not fair?

45. What did Akshays grandmother warn him?

46. What did Dhondu want to do? Why he could not do it?

47. How did Pochampalli cloth get its name?

48. Why is this craft in danger? Write in detail.

49. Why was there a lot of activity at Maalus house?

50. What interesting things did Shanta see from the plane?

51. Who is Wahida Prism?Where did she study from?

52. What was Chuskits dream?

53. What plan did Abdul make?

54. Why Chuskits parents had tears in their eyes?

55. What was Wahidas big dream ?

56. What does she do as a medical officer on the ship?

57. Whlch spice brings water in your eyes and nose?

58. Name the spice used for healing wounds.

59. Which spice is used when the tooth aches?

60. Why did Akshay not drink water at Anils house?

(C) Give the reason:

01. Nandita caught hold of mothers hand at station because ------------

02. The toilet at the end of the street is dirty and smells bad because ________

03. It took Mami a lot of time to clean Babloos house because ______________

04. Nandita went and closed the tap at Babloos house because ____________

05. Marittas family was quarrelling.

06. Pratibha was hurrying home.

07. Children will always remember what Piloo Aunty did that day.

08. I will not come to your house, Ritu said and went home.

09. Vani and Prasads home is always filled with brightly coloured threads.

10. Mother puts the threads into boiling water.

11. The loom has many needles.

12. Many weavers are giving up this craft which their family has been doing for

13. It would better if you do not drink this water.

14. The woman in the crowd outside the park was very angry.

15. People were sick with diarrhoea and vomiting in Cuffe Parade.
(D) Write true or false.

01. A person who can not see is blind.

02. A small bridge of cement was made across the river.

03. One group of the children levelled the road.

04. Wahida was the first woman to command a full parade.

05. Chittapan is Maalus cousin.

06. Abu Dhabi is located in desert area.

07. Dates are the most common fruit of desert.

08. There is a lot of oil under the sandy soil of Abu Dhabi.

09. It almost rains everyday in Abu Dhabi.

10. Weavers get good price for their hard labour.

11. Silk cloth and silk sarees are woven from silk thread.

12. Gurunoor was not happy to see her friends.

13. Kadhah Prasad is a kind of halva.

14. Eating together in langar is fun.

16. We should wash our hands before making langar.

17. Every child living in hostel loves to eat home made food.

18. Having a class party is not a good thing.

19. The women were dressed in yellow to celebrate Bihu festival.

20. Children should get fresh, hot and properly cooked food.

21. Birds work in pairs while making nests.

22. Binoculars are used to click photoghaphs.

23. Snakes chew their food with their teeth.

24. Coppersmith bird is also called barbet.

25. Enemies of birds wait for a chance to steal their eggs.

26. In summers the vegetables dry very quickly.

27. Animals have different types of teeth.

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