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Lesson Plan

Humpty Dumpty
Lesson Title
The focus of the lesson.

The children will: Have an understanding of rhyming words that make a scenario
Goal/Learning to a story. The story is being told in rhyming sequence where they can also join
Outcome in and make their own rhyming words.
One to three main
actions you want the
children to do in this
(What will the children
do during and/or after
the lesson?)
Three to four year olds
Age Level

Key Vocabulary story
Words based on the fall
topic for the children. king

Childrens Book(s) Humpty Dumpty by David Trumble

Used with the lesson
and/or extension.

In next 11 boxes listing the early learning standards choose at least 3 and describe how they will be met with
this lesson. Florida Early Learning Standards or Four-Year-Old Standards
(One will be the primary standard that ties in with your goal above, the other two or more will be secondary
learning opportunities)
Children will try to have a thought of how they can put humpty back again.
1-Scientific Thinking

The children will have a boiled and non boiled egg to see the similarity or difference.

While in the activity the children will bump their head with their hands softly comparing
3-Motor Development it to the bump humpty had.

The children are introducing to how the eggs are boiled and non boiled how they can
4-Language & compare and contrast both.

In the room we will have a small built for the activity where the children can see the
5-Social Studies activity taken place.

When the children are saying the poem there will be questioning on how they think
6-Social/Emotional humpty felt and how would they feel if they bumped their head.
Discuss why its important to eat cooked food.
7-Physical Health

Introduce to them the poem and give detail on the actions.

8-Approach to

Have the children build the wall as tall or short as they like to go through the scenario.
9-The Arts

While going trough the poem we can also go around the room singing to it.

(This is used if you are teaching something about nutrition during the lesson; it is not what you will
11-Nutrition serve for snack or a meal unless that is part of the lesson).

Eggs boiled
Materials Needed Non-boiled
to teach this lesson. Cardboard

Directions 1. pass out the materials to make the wall

2. have the children cut as how tall or short they want their wall
List an outline of overall 3. color their wall
steps in the correct order 4. have the cardboard stand up by making it into a cone shape wall for resistance
on how you will teach 5. pass out the eggs/ non-boiled and boiled
this one lesson (not your 6. have all children test their eggs boiled and non to be knocked off the wall
schedule for the day).
(add more as needed)

How will you check for Ask the children to compare and contrast the eggs. Have them give their emotional
understanding? understanding on how they think humpy felt and if they have an understanding of the
During the lesson what poem and activity.
will you do or look for to
tell you if the child
understands the primary
Extension Activities Have the activity introduced to the children giving them the time to explore the material
How can this lesson be and use them as they please and to follow with the poem to see if they have an
incorporated into centers understanding of what is being introduced to them.
or follow-up activities?

Accommodations I will have the two types of eggs and if not they can use crumbled up paper and use that
What adjustments will as an egg also we can have fake plastic eggs to see the difference in all three.
you make for diverse
learners with different
needs or abilities?

Evaluation If the children are interested and having fun as well as recalling what they learned and if
How would you evaluate they can express some or all the poem or activity.
whether you met your
goal and that your
lesson was successful?

Revised 01/2015