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Vaughn Jovi D.


Extension Duty Evaluation

There are a lot of things to be expected on this duty and one of them
is performance. This duty from 3 to 11 shift entails for the students to prove
to themselves that they are worthy of graduation. Other than being a
requirement it is also a test to showcase our skills and how much we would
really want to earn the BSN degree and the ultimate goal would be to pass
the Licensure exam.

I may not be the most skilled student on this duty but I did my best to
give my medications on time although it was overwhelming because I had
three patients and I have to give them medications at certain hours and be
considerate to not disturb them and so that was my challenge. At first I was
anxious on such event, because my skill on giving medications via IVTT
was challenged. Although it seemed like it was going to be difficult I took on
the challenge and made the necessary preparation for such procedure.
Other procedures were basic like the Vital signs monitoring, RBS and P.O.
meds which of course is rare since they are usually given early morning or
rather most of the medications are given via IVTT. The skill of charting was
also challenged since they had a different format but the staff nurses told
us that they would observe how we chart and if it was what they expected
then we would be free to chart as long as it was on time and accurate.
Being on this duty made me realize how hard it is to be a Nurse. First of all
you need to monitor IV fluids, when is it due? What time did you hook it up.
Then here comes the medication. For who is it for what is it? Why is it given
then we have the Input and Output monitoring for each patient. It would be
convenient if most of the patients were on Foley Bag Catheter but this was
not the case you personally had to ask them how much fluid they have
taken and if they deficated on that day. My skills were definitely enhanced
because every day I had to the same thing over and over again. This was
to chart monitor V/S give IVTT meds ask the condition of my patient pass
ncps kardex and pharma cards. I took it as not a requirement but a tool to
help me render care to my different patients on that day and true enough it
did help me.

Extension duty may be torture to some but it was worth the

experience for me, I may not be the best student in school but at least I am
proud that I am in this school and they are equipped with the best clinical
instructors as well as the Dean. I could not thank you enough for this
opportunity to be able to go on duty on an area which needed attention or
our care the most.