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Another game aid by Universal Head

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These sheets are intended only for the personal use of existing owners of the game for additional reference.
Universal Head makes no claim whatsoever to the rights of the publisher and copyright holder, and does not
benefit financially from these player aids. Artwork from the original game is copyrighted by the publisher and
used without permission. This PDF may not be re-posted online, sold or used in any way except for personal use.


Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games (2009)
Aug 2014
Page 1-3: Reference cards
Page 4: Combat reference sheets

Page 5-9: Creature index cards

Print on card (ensure you are printing at 100% scale) laminate and trim to size.

Universal Head. Design That Works.

One free manoeuvre per turn before or after an action. Fortune point tokens can be spent on a one-for-one
Each additional manoeuvre costs 1 fatigue, paid before the basis to:
manoeuvre. add to a dice pool
remove tracking tokens from a talent or action
Assist (engaged ally receives bonus ) card to speed up recharging of an exhausted card
Exchange a talent
Interact with the environment
Manage equipment
All participants in the encounter may:
Mount or dismount from a horse
(if untrained in Ride make an Easy (1 ) Ride check) Move their stance marker 1 step towards neutral.
Remove 1 recharge token from each of their recharging
Movement cards.
Change your range increment:
Recover 1 stress and 1 fatigue.
Between Extreme and Long costs 3 manoeuvres;
Check and adjust their power / favour.
Between Long and Medium costs 2 manoeuvres;
Between Medium and Close costs 1 manoeuvre. Each character may choose one of the following:
Engage/disengage from an opponent within Close range; Perform 1 manoeuvre.
move within Close range if unengaged; stand up if prone Attempt a First Aid check.
Preparation Attempt an Easy (1 ) Resilience check to recover fatigue.
If performed before an action, place one fewer recharge Attempt an Easy (1 ) Discipline check to recover stress.
tokens on the action if it succeeds. Re-roll initiative for partys lowest initiative token.
Use a skill Perform an action with the Rally trait.

Success: If the net result of the check includes
d8 Challenge 2 |2 | | | |1 at least 1 success the task succeeds.
Challenges facing a character taking an action. Righteous Success: Success; plus add the results
from an additional die of the same type.
d8 Characteristic 4 |2 |2 Challenge: Each cancels one success. If there are more
challenges than successes the task automatically fails.
Importance of a characteristic in fulfilling a task. Basis of
a dice pool. Can convert into stance dice. Bane: Negative side effects.
You may succeed at a task and still trigger a bane.

d10 Conservative 4 | 2 | |2 | 1 Boon: Beneficial side effects.

You may fail at a task and still trigger a boon.
Low-risk, low-reward stance; measured, cautious. Banes and boons cancel each other out.
Delay: Encounter mode: after the action, the GM
d10 Reckless 2 | | |2 |2 | 2 either places 2 recharge tokens on one of your actions,
High-risk, high-reward stance; aggressive, brash. or moves the top PC initiative token down a space.
Story mode: the action may take longer.
d6 Expertise | |2 | |1 Exertion: Suffer 1 fatigue (physical task) or
1 stress (mental task).
Dedicated training, exceptional skill or proficiency.
Chaos Star: Serious negative side effects.
d6 Fortune 2 | |3 If there are no eligible effects, counts as a bane.
Sigmars Comet: Powerful positive side effects.
Slight edge; tactical advantages, talents, abilities or the You may count this as a success or a boon. Or, may
expenditure of fortune points. trigger a critical or a Sigmars Comet symbol effect.

d6 Misfortune Dice 2 | |3 Available Universal Effects

Slight complication; tactical disadvantages, talents, Suffer 1 fatigue on a physical characteristic check,
or 1 stress on a mental characteristic check.
conditions or debilitating effects or wounds.
Recover 1 fatigue on a physical characteristic check,
or 1 stress on a mental characteristic check.
Initiative 5. Roll dice pool cancel out . At least 1
Simple (0 ) Initiative Check remaining to succeed. Resolve matching success line.
Social encounters: FEL; Combat: AG. cancel out . Trigger additional effects.
May convert 1 to a / based on dominant stance.
6. Calculate wounds
May adjust stance 1 space in any direction for free.
Extra spaces cost 1 stress each. Add attackers (STR (melee) or AG (ranged) plus NPC/
weapons DR), plus any extras.
Subtract targets (TO + Soak), plus extras.
Combat Sequence
May manoeuvre before or after this sequence. Weapons CR is the number of to convert a wound
into a critical. For each triggered, flip a wound faceup.
1. Choose an action card current stance side faceup.
If wound result is 0 or negative, 1 normal wound still
2. Announce target inflicted. If critical triggered, inflict normal wounds equal
3. Create dice pool based on related characteristic. to the total number of criticals.
A trained skills adds 1 and each specialisation adds
7. Resolve all remaining effects
1 to relevant checks.
May spend fortune points to add .
End of Turn Phase
Must convert into / equal to the number of spaces
Remove tracking tokens: 1 from every brief condition
you are into your stance.
affecting you, and 1 from each of your currently
4. GM assigns and . Targets Defence adds . recharging action cards.
Unopposed Check: based on task difficulty. Check to see if any dependent conditions still apply.
Opposed Check: based on opposing characteristic. Spellcasters/priests above their equilibrium must
You then may again spend fortune points to add . perform a manoeuvre to maintain the extra, or lose 1
power/favour. They may also vent power/favour. Those
Spellcasters/priests below their equilibrium gain below their equilibrium gain 1 power/favour.
1 power/favour.
Flip your Initiative marker to end your turn.

Default difficulty for casting a spell is Simple (0 ). If forced to lose power and already at 0 power,
To cast a higher rank spell: add 1 per rank difference. Discipline (WP) check, equal to the amount of
On a miscast, apply 1 additional per rank difference. power you are unable to lose.
On a success, suffer 1 stress. On a fail, suffer 1 stress
Power = WP = at equilibrium. and a temporary insanity with the Chaos or Trauma
To generate power, take the Channel Power action. trait (place tokens on the card equal to the difficulty
If holding an item attuned to your Wind of Magic of the check).
add to the check equal to its Attuned rating.
Spellcasting: Fulfill the action card requirements, To channel power and cast a spell on the same turn,
then (usually) make a Spellcraft check based on INT. add an extra to the Spellcraft check.
The power is always consumed.
Reckless Casting
Excess Power If in reckless stance and you roll a on a Spellcraft
End of Turn phase and Rally step: check, increase the Party Tension meter by one.
Above equilibrium, perform a manoeuvre or lose 1 power. Miscasts
Below equilibrium, gain 1 power.
If you roll one or more on a Spellcraft check, trigger
If storing more than twice WP in power, spend a appropriate card effects and draw a Miscast card and
manoeuvre and suffer 1 stress, or power returns to find the matching line. Continue to draw cards until they
equilibrium and immediately suffer 1 fatigue per point are all used if there are symbols left.
vented, and roll 1 per point vented. For every suffer
1 wound, and for every suffer 1 stress.
Other Skills
Magical Sight is usually automatically successful if
Losing Power required; more information requires a skill check of
If forced to lose power, immediately remove it from varying difficulty.
your current supply. If there is not have enough, you are
reduced to 0 power and suffer 1 stress. Cantrips are useful, minor spells, trivial (automatically
successful) or of easy to average difficulty.
Spellcasting, Gaining Favour & Invocations.

characteristics, including Channelling,

Add 1 to all checks based on mental
Rest does not heal wounds as normal.

Whenever a character suffers stress,

Any miscasts have one additional

he suffers 1 additional stress.
The severity of all insanities


is increased by 1.

unresolved .
Melee Strike wpn skill (str) vs. def 0 def Guarded Position discipline (wp) 0 defImprvd Guarded Pstn dscpln (wp) 0
Melee weapon, engaged with target Until your next turn, add to any Melee /Ranged Until your next turn, add to any Melee /Ranged
Attack actions targeting you or any allies in the same Attack actions targeting you or any allies in the same
Hit for normal damage.
engagement as you. engagement as you.
Hit for +2 damage.
Until your next turn, add to any Melee /Ranged Until your next turn, add to any Melee /Ranged
Perform a manoeuvre for free. Attack actions targeting you or any allies in the same Attack actions targeting you or any allies in the same
Target may disengage from you for free. engagement as you. engagement as you.
An engaged ally may remove 1 recharge token from Up to 2 allies in the same engagement may remove
any of his currently recharging cards. 1 recharge token from any of their recharging cards.
Ranged Shot ballistic skill (ag) vs. def 0 Suffer 1 stress. Suffer 1 stress.
Ranged weapon, not engaged with an enemy
Hit for normal damage.
Hit for +2 damage. active def Block 2 active defmproved I Block 2
Perform a manoeuvre for free. TO 3+ Shield equipped TO 4+ Shield equipped, Resilience trained
One unengaged opponent in close range may engage you. After you are targeted by a Melee /Ranged Attack, add 2 After you are targeted by a Melee /Ranged Attack, add 2
recharge tokens to this action to add to the actions dice pool. recharge tokens to this action to add to the actions dice pool.
Perform Stunt check based on stunt 0 If Resilience trained, add another . Your Soak value is increased by 1 until the end of the round.
GM discretion
Perform action as intended. active def Dodge 2 active defmproved I Dodge 2
Perform action incredibly well; AG 3+ Not encumbered AG 4+ Not encumbered, Coordination trained
may perform a free manoeuvre.
After you are targeted by a Melee /Ranged Attack, or a Spell After you are targeted by a Melee /Ranged Attack, or a Spell
Physical check: recover 1 fatigue. Mental check: 1 stress. or Blessing that targets your defence, add 2 recharge tokens or Blessing that targets your defence, add 2 recharge tokens
Physical check: suffer 1 fatigue. Mental check: 1 stress. to this action to add to the actions dice pool. to this action to add to the actions dice pool.
If Coordination trained, add another .
def Assess Situation intuition (int) 0 active defmproved I Parry 2
Add to dice pool if engaged with an enemy.
active def Parry 2 STR 4+ Melee weapon, Weapon Skill trained
Recover 1 fatigue and 1 stress. Until your next turn, add STR 3+ Melee weapon
After you are targeted by a Melee Attack, add 2 recharge tokens
to any Melee /Ranged Attack actions targeting you. After you targeted by a Melee Attack, add 2 recharge tokens to this action to add to the actions dice pool.
Remove 1 recharge token from one of your cards. to this action to add to the actions dice pool. If the attack misses, you may add or remove 1 recharge token
GM may add 1 recharge token to one of your cards. If Weapon Skill trained, add another . from one of your Melee Attack cards.
# Henchmen # Henchmen

Name Name

St + D m A g + Dm St + D m A g + Dm

Def To+Sk Def To+Sk

Aggression Cunning Expertise

Wounds Aggression Cunning Expertise

# Henchmen # Henchmen

Name Name

St + D m A g + Dm St + D m A g + Dm

Def To+Sk Def To+Sk

Aggression Cunning Expertise

Wounds Aggression Cunning Expertise
Shaman Bestial
Berzerker Slash (+ Monstrous) Brutal Assault (+ Basic) Skulls for the Skull Throne!
Izka Madtooth Mauling Blow (+ Basic) (+ Monstrous)
Pronouncements of Doom Aerial Assault (+ Flying) Venomous Web (+ Monstrous)
Fearsome Charge Gor, Wargor (+ Leader, Ongoing) Reaving Strike Marauder Storm of Red Ruin
Bestial Frenzy
Savage Strike (+ Basic) (+ Ruinous Power)
Cloud of Gnats Dangerous When Cornered Rampaging Mutation
Undying Ferocity (+ Rank 1, Chaos, Ongoing) (+ Monstrous) Wrath of Uzuhl (+ Epic)
Boar, Giant Wolf
(+ Reaction) Wargor Dragon Chaos Spawn, Chaos Warrior Slayer of Kings equipped
Grasp of the Oberslecht Headlong Charge Boar
(+ Rank 1, Chaos, Ongoing) Ruinous Attack (+ Monstrous)
Inescapable Power (+ Monstrous)
Howl of Chaos Marauder, Chaos Warrior
Scourge Lash (+ Epic) Mauling Strike Breath of Change (+ Chaos,
(+ Rank 1, Chaos, Monstrous) Run Amok
Tooth and Claw Tzeetch, Epic)
Crackling Chaos
Vicious Bite (+ Basic) Flame Breath (+ Fire)
Bestial Howl (+ Monstrous, (+ Rank 2, Chaos)
Trauma) Gor, Wargor


Tenacious Hunt
(+ Daemonic, Reaction)
Axe of Khorne Strike (+ Daemonic) Unstoppable Rush (+ Daemonic) Bubonic Assault (+ Daemonic) Nurgles Kiss Final Caress (+ Daemonic)
Velvet Parlance (+ NPC)
Axe of Khorne equipped Festering Strike (+ Daemonic) Narcotic Caress (+ Daemonic, Ongoing)
Wounded Frenzy Rank 1 Cloud of Flies (+ Ongoing)
Infected Blades (+ Cultist) Peerless Strike
Blood for the Blood God Miasma of Pestilence
Leprous Blow (+ Daemonic)
Nurgles Touch Soporific Strike Rank 1 Lash of Slaanesh
Cornered Frenzy Purulent Attack (+ Daemonic)
Stench of Nurgle (+ Ongoing)
Putrefying Strike (+ Basic) (+ Daemonic, Ongoing) Beguiling Persuasion (+ Social)
Go for the Throat (+ Daemonic) Scourging Lash (+ Daemonic) Rank 2 Magnificent Buboes (+ Ongoing)
Slobber! (+ Daemonic) Swift Severity (+ Daemonic) Dance of Madness (+ Ongoing)
Flesh Hounds Whip equipped Stream of Corruption
Swarm of Filth (+ Daemonic) The Perfect Stroke Enticing Delusions
Hellblade Slash (+ Daemonic) Rank 3 Rancid Visitation
Torment (+ Daemonic, Ongoing) Rank 2 Shards of Slaanesh
Hellblade equipped Charismatic Presence
Skaeling Charge (+ Skaeling) Bellow of Rage (+ Daemonic) Deaths Head (+ Ongoing)
Stream of Bile (+ Daemonic) Curse of Decay (+ Ongoing)
Berzerker Fury (+ Ongoing) Chanson of Caging Desire of Chaos (+ Ongoing)
Spear of Destiny (+ Skaeling) Nurgles Blessing (+ Ongoing)
(+ Daemonic, Ongoing) Manic Frenzy (+ Ongoing)
Skulls for the Skull Throne Listen to the Wind (+ Skaeling) Plague Mass (+ Ongoing)
Favoured Son Rank 3 Flesh Puppet (+ Ongoing)
Tear Out the Throat (+ Daemonic) Skulltaker (+ Daemonic) Dark Experiment (+ Ongoing)
Malicious Seduction (+ Ongoing) Ecstatic Convulsions
Tally of Pestilence (+ Daemonic)


Arcane Blast (+ Daemonic)
Arcane Explosion
Daemonic Strike (+ Daemonic) Breaking the Wheel Slay the Unbeliever (+ Basic) Strafing Talon Strike Furies
Fatebreaker Magic Rift
Profane Rites
Feathered Frenzy (+ Daemonic) The Grand Deception (+ Daemonic)
For the Glory of Tzeetch! (+ Cultist) Tzeentchs Favour (+ Daemonic) Revel in Corruption
Sorcerous Strike (+ Basic) Unravel Reality (+ Daemonic) (+ Ruinous Power) Cult Mutant Chaos Incarnate (+ Ruinous Power)
Horrific Assault (+ Daemonic) Veil of Trickery (+ Support)
Masters of Fate (+ Daemonic) Rank 1 Confusion of Tzeetch
Overrun (+ Daemonic) Empathic Warp
Blasphemous Litany Swarm of Whispers
Wheeling Strike (+ Basic, Cultist) Flickering Fire of Tzeetch
(+ Ruinous Power) Cult Leader (+ Ruinous Power, Ongoing) Imp
Traitorous Flesh (+ Ongoing)
Warp Reality (+ Ongoing)
Feather Dart (+ Daemonic) Rank 2 Bolt of Change
Scorching Flames (+ Daemonic) Boon of Tzeetch (+ Ongoing)
Destroy Magic
The Price of Knowledge Rank 3 Gift of Chaos
(+ Cultist, Ruinous Power) Treason of Tzeetch (+ Ongoing)

Assassins Strike Cloak of Dragonscales Doombolt (+ Rank 1) Strangleroots

Blur of Red Ruin (+ Epic) (+ Active Defence) Dread Malaise (+ Rank 1)
Capture and Contain Sadistic Glee
Feint (+ Clan Eshin) (+ Rank 1, Reaction) Enchanting Visage
Black Nimbus of Arnizipal (+ Social, Ongoing)
Shade Strike
(+ Rank 2, Ongoing) Tree Singing
Soul Drain (+ Rank 2) (+ Ongoing)
Volley of Death Black Breath of Death (+ Rank 3)
Reater weapon equipped


Bounce n Chomp Squig Unquenchable Rage Devastating Swing (+ Basic) Boneripper Rat Ogre Blessing of the Horned Rat
Flying Debris
Chompity Chomp Chomp! (+ Black Orc, Epic, Ongoing) Giants, Trolls Cheap Shot (+ Daemonic) (+ Active Defence, Epic)
(+ Monstrous) Squig Feeding Frenzy/Avalanche of Flesh Fight-Fight! (+ Support)
Chop! (+ Basic) Devouring Grasp (+ Ongoing) Vomit
(+ Monstrous, Ongoing) Run-Run!
Crush em Good! Shaman, WAAAGH! Rend the Flesh River Troll, Stone Troll
Craven Attack (+ Goblin)
Da Big Smash! Orcs Da Brainbursta River Troll, Stone Troll
Ed Butt! The Overwhelming Horde (+ Teamwork)
Gaze of Mork (+ Petty) Snapping Heads (+ Beast)
Jeer n Jab Goblins Sadistic Blow (+ Dark Elf, Chaos) Rank 1 Aspect of the Horned Rat
Gerroff Me! War Hydra
Kiss My Waaagh! (+ Epic) Skitterleap (+ Reaction)
Quit Yer Yappin
Pigsticka Swallow Whole (+ Ongoing) Vermintide
Stick em wif da Pointy End Shaman, Rank 1, WAAAGH! Quick-Quick, Kill-Kill!
Throw Into the Wall Rank 2 Pestilent Breath
(+ Basic) Goblins Fire of Mork Warpstone Throwing Stars (+ Clan Eshin) Warp Lightning
Stomp Morks Know Wotz
Whip Strike (+ Dark Elf, Animal Handler)
Swarm Em! Mork Wants Ya!
(+ Teamwork) Snotlings, Goblins Vindictive Glare


(+ Social, Ongoing)
Grace Under Pressure (+ Basic, Ongoing)
Drag Down A Bone to Pick Skeletons (+ Basic) Beguile (+ Supernatural) Agile Strike (+ Basic) How Dare You Talk To Me Like That!
...Braaaaaaains! Zombies Deathly Presence (+ Ongoing) Bonecruncher Assault (+ Ogre, Epic) (+ Social, Ongoing)
Inhibiting Attack
Delicious Braaaaaaains! Zombies Raise the Dead Dazzling Display (+ Diestro) Ill Make You Such a Deal... (+ Basic)
Overrun (+ Bestial) (+ Necromancy, Supernatural) Grapple Imperious Manner (+ Social)
Grave Blade (+ Basic)
Summon Creatures of the Night I am the Hammer (+ Basic, Sigmar) Quality Work (+ Ongoing, Rally)
Haunting Visions (+ Spirit, Supernatural)
(+ Supernatural, Epic) Make a Stand (+ Basic, Teamwork) Resist the Lure
No Escape, No Hope (+ Basic, Ongoing) Mighty Blow (+ Social, Active Defence)
Induce Panic Scything Death Mob Justice
Relentless Horde (+ Cairn Wraith, Supernatural) Subdue
Rank 1, Necromancy
Seized by Bloodlust Crypt Ghoul Arcane Bolt (+ Basic, Petty Magic,
Hand of Dust
Rank 0)
Mortification Warning Shot (+ Reaction, Teamwork)
Ghostly Howl Rank 2, Necromancy
(+ Tomb Banshee, Supernatural) Curse of Undeath Benediction (+ Basic, Rank 0, Ongoing)
Drain Life Come, Face Me! (+ Ongoing)
Sigmars Healing Hand (+ Ongoing)
Do You Know Who I Am?
Storm Shroud (+ Celestial, Ongoing)
Arachnarok Spider Griffon Gor Characters Chaos Knight Characters
(+ Monstrous) Harpy Ghorgon Foaldeath Chaos Spawn Mydthroth
Boar Manticore (+ Monstrous) (+ Oberslecht) Chaos Warrior Archaon the Everchosen
Bonemauler War Hydra Minotaur Izka Madtooth Dragon Ogre (+ Epic)
Cockatrice (+ Monstrous) Ungor (+ Oberslecht) Sword of Chaos
Dragon Ogre (Shaggoth)
Cold One Wyvern Wargor Khazrak One-Eye Galrauch the Great Drake
(+ Monstrous, + Epic) Forsaken
Demigryph, Juvenile (+ Dragon, + Monstrous,
Characters Marauder + Epic)
Dragon Marauder Horseman
Beast of Fauligmere
Fenbeast (Monstrous)
Giant Spider Krijns Fenbeast
Giant Wolf (+ Arcane, + Construct)


Chaos Champion of Khorne Characters Chaos Sorceror of Nurgle Characters Aesthetes Cultist Characters
Chaos Warrior of Khorne Olaf Warhound (+ Skaeling) Doctor Festus Aesthetes Cult Leader Prince Sigvald
Pit Fighter Cultist Tuula Bloodhair (+ Skaeling) Chaos Sorceror of Slaanesh
Pit Fighter Cult Leader Valkia the Bloody Exalted Champion of Slaanesh
Skaeling Marauder Jade Sceptre Cultist


Sorceror of Tzeentch Cult Follower Characters Chaos Fury
Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch Cult Leader Plague Leader Archbacillus Imp
Cult Mutant (+ Chaos, + Nurgle)
Broken Wheel Leader
(+ Tzeentch)
Bloodletter Beast of Nurgle Characters Daemonette
Bloodthirster Daemon Prince of Nurgle Epidemius Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
Daemon Prince of Khorne Exalted Champion of Nurgle Fiend of Slaanesh
Flesh Hound Great Unclean One Keeper of Secrets
Juggernaut Nurgling Masque of Slaanesh
Karanak Plaguebearer Seeker of Slaanesh
Skulltaker Steed of Slaanesh


The Changeling Characters Assassin Characters Dryad
Coloured Fiend Bobo Corsair Lokhir Fellheart (+ Epic) Spite
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Witch Elf Tree Kin
Disc of Tzeentch Treeman
Feathered Fiend
Flamer of Tzeentch
Herald of Tzeentch
Horror of Tzeentch
Lord of Change
Screamer of Tzeentch


Giant Goblin Characters Cutthroat
River Troll Goblin Shaman Gobspite Merchant (+ Expert)
Stone Troll Night Goblin (+ Night Goblin, + Stromdorf) Noble (+ Basic)
Black Orc Da Skikboyz Goblins Ogre (Ogre)
(+ Night Goblin, + Stromdorf)
Orc Priest (+ Expert)
Zurgash da Noiz-less
Snotling (+ Night Goblin) Ruffian (+ Basic)
Squig Zurgashs Followers Soldier (+ Basic)
(+ Night Goblin) Specialist (+ Expert)
Nakka Townsfolk (+ Basic)
GRimgore Irinhode Wizard (+ Expert)
(+ Black Orc, + Epic)
Faulgimere Stromdorf Altdorf Herald
Matthias Krieger Franz Bieber Emperor Karl Franz Man-At-Arms
Kriegers Zealots Magnus Gottschalk Ludwig Schwarzhelm
Krijn Eduardo Rodrigues Averheim Master Chef
Voluria Niklas Schulmann Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum Money Counter
Grenzstadt Schluesselscloss Captain Marcus Baerfast Steward
Hans Blichter Reinhart Blickstein Federick Grosz
Graf Friedrich von Kaufman Valet
Neues Emskrank Ubersreik
Zara Bok Maximillian Aschaffenberg Luminary Konrad Mauer
Mann Hirsch Leopold von Bruner Katrina Mauer
Willi Ziege Esmeralda Fenstermacher Arta Schaffer
Guthrie von Hammastrat Curd Weiss
Golgfag Maneater Tomas von Karstat Middenheim
(+ Ogre, + Monstrous, + Epic) Klaus von Rothstein Adele Ketsenblum


Clanrat Stormvermin Bat Swarm Cairn Wraith Characters
Clan Eshin Assassin Characters Insect Swarm Crypt Ghoul Count Otto III
Gutter Runner Ubersreik Rat Swarm Skeleton Lazarus Mourn
Clan Moulder Packmaster Grey Seer Rasknitt Spirit (+ Necromancer, + Stromdorf)
Clan Pestilens Plague Monk Gristlegore Tomb Banshee Mannfred von Carstein
(+ Epic)
Clan Skyre Poison Wind Averheim Vampire
Globadier Stichelms Skeleton
Grott Zombie (+ Stromdorf)
Hell Pit Abomination Krasskulk
(+ Monstrous) Scrabb
Rat Ogre Epic
Skavenslave Boneripper (+ Monstrous)
Grey Seer Thanquol (+ Grey Seer)