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66 fluency-boosting

Spanish phrases
Olly Richards

Fluent Spanish Academy

66 fluency-boosting Spanish phrases


I asked members of the Fluent Spanish Academy to tell me the most useful Spanish phrases they
have learned in recent months. Not just any old phrases, but phrases that they found themselves
using in conversation over and over, and that have contributed directly to their fluency.

From all the phrases contributed by members, I chose 66 of the best and classified them into 7
different categories. By learning these phrases and introducing them into your Spanish, you will
notice an immediate improvement your fluency, and in your ability to hold a conversation in

The phrases are suitable for intermediate learners, and for any variety of Spanish.


1. Talking about Spanish

2. Language exchanges
3. Connecting phrases
4. Making conversation
5. Phrases for responding
6. Making arrangements
7. Daily life

Guidance for using these Phrases

When you are at an intermediate level in Spanish, you need to be able to respond to native
speakers quickly, and keep a conversation going.

Learning set phrases is a great way to do this! The phrases youll learn here will help you to connect
your ideas, respond naturally and ask engaging questions.

Here is a quick 6-step guide for how to use these phrases in your Spanish practice:

1. Think about what kind of situations you find yourself in most commonly.
2. Look through this guide and select the phrases that are most useful for you.
3. Write them down on a piece of paper, in a notebook or on some flashcards that you will
carry around with you.
4. Listen to the recordings and practice pronouncing the phrases out loud.
5. Try shadowing or copying the recording so that you get the intonation right for each
6. Try to use them in your Spanish conversations as much as possible. Remember, the
more you use them, the easier it will be to remember them!

1. Talking About Spanish

#1 Estoy aprendiendo espaol hace .... (un ao/dos aos)

I've been studying Spanish for ... (1 year/2 years).

#2 Hace cunto que estudias espaol?

How long have you been studying Spanish?

#3 Para m, ....[pronunciacin/la gramtica/etc.] es la parte ms difcil.

Pronunciation/Grammar/etc. is the most difficult part for me.

#4 Cmo se dice...en Espaol?

How do you say in Spanish?

#5 Se me ha olvidado la conjugacin del verbo

I have forgotten the conjugation for the verb

#6 No puedo recordar

I cannot remember

#7 Prefiero hablar slo en espaol, por favor

I prefer to speak only in Spanish, please.

#8 Entiendes lo que digo?

Do you understand what I'm saying?

#9 Me cuesta entender cuando hablas muy rpido.

It's difficult for me to understand when you speak very fast.

#10 Siento que estoy mejorando cada da

I feel like I'm improving every day.

2. Language Exchanges

#11 Me puedes explicar como usar la palabra ... en una frase?

Can you explain to me how to use the word ... in a sentence?

#12 Puedes repetirla por favor?

Can you repeat that please?

#13 Puedes hablar un poco ms despacio por favor?

Can you speak a little more slowly please?

#14 Qu significa....?

What does ... mean?

#15 Puedes escribirlo por favor?

Can you write it please?

#16 Podemos hablar sobre ...?

Can we speak about ...?

#17 Me puedes dar otro ejemplo?

Can you give me another example?

#18 No me siento cmodo hablando de este tema. Podemos hablar de otra cosa?

I don't feel comfortable talking about this topic. Can we discuss something else?

#19 Perdn, no entiendo

Sorry, I don't understand

#20 Lo he dicho bien?

Did I say it correctly?/Does that make sense?

#21 Podemos practicar esa pregunta/conversacin otra vez?

Can we practice that question/conversation again?

#22 Tiene sentido?

Does it make sense?

#23 De qu se trata?

What is it about?

3. Connecting Phrases

#24 Sea como sea.

Be that as it may.

#25 Dudo que eso pasara.

I doubt that would happen

#26 Entonces lo que pas fue

So, what happened was

#27 No hace falta ser un experto pero

You don't need to be an expert but

#28 Solo dura

It only lasts

#29 Me olvid de

I forgot to

#30 Voy a tener problemas si

I'm going to have problems if

#31 Al final

At the end of the day/In the end,

#32 Lo antes posible.

As soon as possible.

#33 Eso es lo que pens.

That's what I thought.

4. Making Conversation

#34 Qu tipo de msica te gusta?

What type of music do you like?

#35 Cmo te parece?

How does it sound to you?/How does it seem to you?

#36 Qu hiciste el fin de semana pasado?

What did you do last weekend?

#37 Me puedes ayudar?

Can you help me?

#38 Me puedes recomendar algunas canciones?

Can you recommend some songs to me?

#39 Qu te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?

What do you like to do in your free time?

#40 A qu te dedicas?

What do you do? (What do you work at?)

#41 Habas estado aqu/all antes?

Have you been here/there before?

5. Phrases for Responding

#42 Es la caa/es la leche

Oh, that's awesome!

#43 Eso es todo lo que tengo que decir

That is all there is to say

#44 Dime lo que piensas

Tell me what you think

#45 No me importa

I don't care

#46 No qu no?

Really, is that so?

#47 Me da igual

Whatever/It's all the same to me.

#48 Para nada

No way!

6. Making Arrangements

#49 Estoy apurado.

I'm in a hurry.

#50 Lo siento, estoy llegando tarde.

I'm sorry, I'm arriving late.

#51 Tengo otro compromiso.

I have another engagement/appointment.

#52 Hoy no puedo, mejor otro da.

Today I can't, another day would be better.

#53 Dnde quieres que te deje?

Where do you want me to drop you off?

#54 Qu vas a hacer hoy?

What are you going to do today?

#55 A qu hora tienes que ir?

What time do you have to go at?

#56 Vamos a salir y tomar unas cervezas.

We're going to go out for a few beers.

7. Daily Life

#57 Nos vemos!

See you!

#58 Este finde no fue lo suficientemente largo.

This weekend was not long enough.

#59 Hasta luego!

See you later!

#60 Ha llamado al nmero equivocado.

You called the wrong number.

#61 Hace mucho calor hoy!

It's very hot today!

#62 Me divert mucho!

I had a fun time.

#63 A qu distancia est?

How far is it?

#64 Yo debera haber mirado ms detenidamente.

I should have looked more carefully.

#65 El saldo a pagar es

The balance to pay is

#66 Tengo que disculparme.

I have to apologize.


Hi, Im Olly Richards from the UK. I speak 8 languages, and I give practical guidance for learning foreign
languages on my website: I Will Teach You A Language.

I also run Fluent Spanish Academy, a membership club for intermediate Spanish learners who want to
become fluent in the language.

I have produced a series of short stories in many languages, including Spanish, which are international
bestsellers. These books provide simplified, accessible, and fun reading material in Spanish for students
who enjoy reading. Accompanying audiobooks are also available on Audible.

Spanish Short Stories Volume 1

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If you have any questions about learning Spanish, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @Olly_IWTYAL

Best of luck with your language learning!