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understanding literature

* According to Me, literature is the embodiment of hearts Shape Mind Posts.

Posts Media Was Thinking gushing through language, language can be
represented hearts All Forms of writing, the media can Just Another Form of
images, melodies, a painting or work of built environment (architecture).
Literature Be Part Of cultural 'society. Literature Yang Yang Loading High material
maintained Operates hereditary-By poets, Many Operative Limited Media oral
BECAUSE Posts Very, Just a palm leaf. There have been allegations addressed
to the school teachers OR-formal Education Curriculum The resulting alienation
hearts literary Life of the society, such as the tendency that literary works is A
Must be Beautiful, charming, gorgeous and so on. In fact teachers Lecturer OR
NOT Over realtor matchmaker Yang offers products showed to his literary WITH
Salary Low, Until now. How Many Are kita (media / public) think of as writers TAPI
is not a language teacher OR AN language education graduate high school? One
literary alienation Efforts relation hearts WITH culture 'society is replacing the
University of Indonesia Faculty of Letters Become the Faculty of Humanities. So
WHAT IS literary definition?

In English we know the word literature, absorbed into literature into Indonesian.
Meaning literature (according to the dictionary online WorldNet) are: 1: creative
writing of Recognized artistic value 2: the humanistic study of a body of literature;
'He took a course in French literature " 3: Writings published in a particular style
on a particular subject; "The technical literature"; "One aspect of Waterloo has not
yet been treated in the literature" 4: the profession or art of a writer; "Her place in
literature is secure" Does literature have the same definition as literature? If you
see a comparison of the two dictionary meanings above differences, the meaning
of literature in English has a wider meaning than the meaning in Indonesian
literature. A proverb says "Language represents the nation", the old adage true as
the existence of a nation in the world. Who else should be in Indonesian
language other than our own so as not to lose their identity? Language, besides
preserved as a cultural heritage also have to be developed, an important one is
the new vocabulary. Actually, the new pure vocabulary created by the people of
Indonesia that exist, such as for example is the scan (scan), tikalas (subscript),
tikatas (superscript). But who is using? Is the language institute publications
less? or just the language institute did not publish anything? In addition to looking
for a combination of 26 Latin characters as a new vocabulary, Indonesian has its
own method for forming the innovation vocabulary that is by insertion or affixes.
The most common example is the performance (performance) that comes from
working or continuous (continuous) of the conjunction. Why do not we create for
example tinembak, pinanjang, pinendek, sinempit or linuas?
) Aristotle
It has been introduced by Aristotle WITH concept of wholeness, unity,
complexity, and coherence. An Objective When RATING RATING said ITU
departed from One Value OR convention Yang despite View of Readers.
Thus, ITU Value Value The text is ADA literature hearts, And Not Rated The
ADA hearts Readers Opinion ITU Alone.
2) Taine
* According to Taine, literary works The NO Only Just be imaginative and
private, but can be also a reflection OR Recordings culture, An
embodiment of Certain Thoughts ON At ITU's work was born.
3) Jacobson
Jacabson formulate that literature is a phrase The diversity Yang gave
birth directional ON OR functions poetically focused IN Messages And by
ITU Individual message.
4) Ferdinand de Saussure
Approach Operating Structure Jump Jump OR NOT actually Much
influenced by the linguistic structure The concept was developed by
Ferdinand de Saussure, which essentially relates WITH concept sign and
meaning (Form and content).
5) Luxemburg
Luxemburg has flagged concept signifiant- And paradigma- syntagma. The
sense INDICATES OR A linguistic form is sure Giver And Its meaning is
interpreted. Elements of prayer that will can be expressed something
related to reality. THEREFORE, for a review Gives Meaning OR Understand
the Meaning of Its stated hearts of literature, the reviewers Had to look
based on the study of structure, Yang hearts HAL sure Singer reflected
through language.
6) Terry Eagleton
Reveals that EVERY Unit Structure Of The ADA, will only significantly
associated conjunction IF THE other structures. That relationship can a
parallelism relationship, contradiction, inversion, and equality. The most
important thing is how the relationship functions hearts Meaning
Operating presenting a whole.
Novel Cerpen

1. To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf, 1927) 1. The Holidays : Eva Lie

2. Middlemarch (George Eliot, 1874) 2. After Hello : Salma Fannisha


1. Hamlet by William Shakespeare

2. Macbeth by William Shakespeare
1. A Dream within A Dream :
By: Edgar Allan Poe

2.Fire and Ice :

By Robert Frost