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Steps to upload the form

1. Go to transaction SFP.
2. Click on Form radio button to upload the form. Type name of the form as IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC
form name and then click on change button.

3. After entering the initial screen follow the path: Utilities (M) -> Uploading form.
4. Select the XML file (SFPF_IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC.XML) which is downloaded from the note in
attachments, and then click on open button. It will automatically upload the XML file.

5. Save, check and activate.

6. Similarly upload IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC1, IDWTCERT_US_1099INT, IDWTCERT_US_1099G ,
IDWTCERT_US_1099K by following the above steps.
7. Save, check and activate