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Lesson Title:

Sparks: Whats Yours? Lesson # 1 Date: November 3, 2016

Name: Subject: Grade(s):
Amanda Stephens YES2KNOW/SPARKS 8

Rationale: (reasons why this lesson/activity matters to these students connect to 4 Cs and
In this lesson/activity, we as a class will find out what their SPARKS are. We will collaborate, commit,
communicate, and contribute to a slideshow to outline those SPARKS to therefore keep them on the
right path to a happy and healthy life.

Curriculum Connections :
- Think critically, creatively, and reflectively to explore their SPARKS.
- Exchange ideas and viewpoints to build shared understanding and extend thinking on their SPARKS.
- Demonstrate increasingly sophisticated application and/or engagement of curricular content,
pertaining to their SPARKS.

Core Competency: Communication: Connect and engage with others (to share and develop ideas).
Creative Thinking: Generating ideas and Developing ideas.
Personal and Social: Personal values and choices, and Personal strengths and abilities.
Learning Intentions Activity Assessment

1) Students reflect on what they 1) Class discussion on Y2K 1) Involvement/depth of answers

learned during Y2K handout from students

2) Students can identify their 2) SPARK Survey 2) Review SPARK survey and
SPARK(S) and slideshow to determine
development of their SPARK
3) Students develop a plan to 3) Collaborate a SPARK class
nurture their SPARK(S) slideshow 3) Definitive plan of action for
nurturing their SPARK
Prerequisite Concepts and Skill :( for student success)
Grade 8 reading level
Attended the YES2KNOW Summit
Materials and Resources with References/Sources:
YouTube video (
SPARKS survey (D2L)
Google Classroom
For Teacher For Students
Google Classroom Pen/Pencil
Lesson Plan Yes2Know handouts
SPARK survey (30 copies) Device (either their own or class Chrome
YouTube video book)

Differentiated Instruction (DI): (accommodations)

Other student teachers, mentor teacher, and a possible EA are all present to help with the activity.
Allowed to review the SPARK YouTube video again if necessary.

Organizational/Management Strategies: (anything special to consider?)

However the classroom is set up would be fine.
Have SPARK survey sheets on their desks before class
Have SPARKS: Whats Yours? Written on the board.

Lesson Activities:
Activities pacing
Bolded, is what the students will be doing!
Not bolded, is what Teacher is doing!
Introduction (hook/motivation/lesson overview)

Introduce myself because this class doesnt know me yet.

Ask students about the YES2KNOW Summit: 14

What did you like? What did you not like? What did you Learn? minutes
Review worksheets in a class discussion.
(Class discussion about YES2KNOW)

Ask the class if they know what a SPARK is.

(What do they know about SPARKS)

Body (lesson flow/ management)

- is something that motivates, drives, and keeps you focused on the right path. 5
-is something that you can do to take a break from life and relax. minutes
-it can also be something that improves your leadership and teamwork skills.
(Students listen to my explanation)
But this video can explain what a SPARK more clear because Dr. Benson basically
developed it.

Show video- SPARKS: How Youths Thrive. 21

(Students watch video) minutes

After video, conduct Class discussion:

-What did you like about the video?
-Did it give a better explanation on what a SPARK is? 10
-What are your SPARKS? minutes
-Can you name me the various categories? Can you give me an example for each?
(Class discussion on SPARKSWhat are your SPARKS?)

Have students fill out the SPARK survey before activity.

(Do SPARKS survey)

-Develop a class slideshow on Google Classroom.
-I have developed an example for you, to get a better idea on what I am looking for. 23
- I would like for you to include pictures of your SPARK(S), include what category it minutes
falls under, 3 SPARK champions, and your name.
(Commit to developing 1 slide each, collaborate with each other for help, that will
include SPARK(S), category, 3 champions, and their name)
After the slideshow has been developed, wrap up the class by showing the slideshow. minutes
(Watch slideshow; does anyone have similar or the same SPARKS?)

Any questions, or anything you would like to add?

(Ask or add anything)