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A Simple Choice Utilizing the Universal Contrast

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Universe Vibrationally Matches Your
A Simple Choice So now, the desire is within you. It was born out
of the lovely contrast, and now your work is,
singularly, to align your Energy with this new-
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
found desire, which means think about this
1999 (pdf)
subject that has been born within you— and feel
From the recording G-3-21-99 Buy Recording
good at the same time. That’s the modulation
Also in GASP99 (ten tapes) Buy Album
process: Think about your desire until it feels
Phoenix, AZ
good. Think about it until it feels familiar. Think
about it until feeling like this, feels like the most
Vibrational Frequencies and Creations of Realities
normal thing in the world to you. And when you
and your new desire are in alignment— then the
Guest: I’ve heard for many years that we create
manifestation occurs.
our own reality, and I have always wondered,
more specifically, how do we create our own
Born of contrast, that new desire within you is the
reason the entire Universe Exists.
Long before my Spirit took part in this flesh,
I have been projecting thought into this reality.
We often say to you: “Think about what you want
Abraham: When you say, “We create our own
and decide what you want; decide what you
reality” or “I create my own reality,” the first
want.” And the reason that you hear us
thing you have to do is accept that “I” didn’t just
hammering about that, so much, is because most
start with this body that was born back in
people are running around making decisions about
whenever it was born. I am a very old being that
what they don’t want. We are wanting you to let
has been projecting thought into this time/space
the contrast, of course, tell you what you don’t
reality long before my Spirit took part in this
want, but then always look for the nugget within
flesh. And so, I and others like me, have projected
it. We want you to feel the nugget, the prize, the
all of this.
wonderful uncovering. The fresh new desire that
is born is the reason that the entire Universe
GUEST: Okay. So what I’m understanding from
exists— and once the desire is born within you,
you is that there are lots of different vibrational
then the Non-physical Energy will answer it.
frequencies and groupings of frequencies, and the
The saddest thing that exists in the human
platform that is my current agreement has an
experience is when a being allows the contrast to
average vibrational frequency. And it is out of that
let a desire be born, and then keeps himself,
average frequency that my contrast occurs, and
through old habits of thought, vibrationally out of
my desires come out of that. And all I need to do
sync with the new desire. Almost all of the
is use my Guidance System to sense the things
philosophies that you have inherited, and that you
that are basically of a higher vibration— things
teach to one another, on this planet about why
that make me feel better. And by controlling the
things work the way they work, come from that
focus of my attention on those things, then that
“not understanding how I could possibly be
pulls forth the Energy from my Inner Being that
deprived of the things that I want?” And yet it’s
flows toward that and creates more of it...So, the
such a simple thing, once you begin to understand
main thing that I should be working on is my
the vibrational nuances, and once you begin to
ability to focus and to maintain a focus?
understand: The reason that I have feelings, is
because of two things: I’m summoning the Non-
physical Energy by virtue of my desire. And I’m
Does Your Desire Feel Good? allowing it, or not allowing it— by virtue of my
thought or belief.
Abraham: Here’s the thing that we want you to
hear: The contrast provides stuff to focus upon When we first began articulating through Esther,
and gives you the variety that, naturally, without the words that we used were these: When your
effort, gives birth to the desire within you. So desire and your belief are the same— it is. And, in
that’s just a natural consequence of coming into those early days, the words that Esther found to
an environment that produces that. express what we are offering here, with many
more words, said: When there is something that poverty, which feels better? Connection or
you want— you must believe it. resistance...?

That’s a hard thing for people to grasp, because And so, it isn’t complicated, but we have to do
you’ve been carrying some of these such a sales job to convince you dear beings that
uncomfortable beliefs around for a long time. And it is right for you to seek that which feels good.
we would like to help all of you let yourselves off Somehow you’ve come to believe that if it feels
the hook, because you can’t buck Law of good, you should be feeling guilty about it. If it
Attraction (That which is like unto itself is feels good, there must be something wrong with
drawn). If you’ve been thinking this thought and it. And we say, however did that become such a
thinking this thought and thinking this thought, big part of your mass consciousness, when there is
that’s the thought that’s active in you now. And not a shred of evidence that supports that
Law of Attraction is going to bring you more stuff anywhere in the Universe?!
that matches that thought all the time. And then
you beat up on yourself. You say, “I shouldn’t be Everything’s out there pulsing. So here’s someone
thinking those thoughts,” when, in truth, you can’t experiencing a terrible experience. And I see it.
stop thinking those thoughts, because your “radio And I don’t want it. I don’t want it for them, and I
signal” is programmed to those, and so Law of don’t want it for me. But as I address it, my
Attraction is bringing you more. That’s the “switch” is on. So I’m not only adding to it for
trouble that most people have with this business them, I’m adding to it for me. Now most humans
of “You create your own reality.” Try as you will, would say, “Well, Esther, do not turn away from
you can’t buck that current, you see. this and put your head in the sand.” And Abraham
would say, Esther, turn away from this— and
Dormant Beliefs Don’t Affect You achieve vibrational harmony with something else.

We don’t want you to try to buck that current. We If Esther sees some horrible thing and she says,
want you to start setting a Tone that is more in “No, no, I want not that, what I want is...” and out
alignment with the current that is really already of this abhorrent thing a desire is born, and Esther
you. You can be chuck full up to the brim wtih is wise enough to turn her attention now only to
beliefs that do not serve you well— and not one of the desire, and find vibrational harmony with the
them will affect you unless it is activated. And desire— now that situation has benefited All-That-
when it is activated, you’ll have a feeling response Is, because something very powerful and very
to it. good has come out of it.

When a belief that is not in harmony with your But if Esther does like many people do, and gets
Source Energy is activated, you’ll get that funny stuck in what she sees here, so she suffers, in
feeling in your stomach. And as you get that despair, and adds to the negative, or even if she
funny feeling in your stomach, what it is telling takes the next step where she says, “Oh I don’t
you is: This thought in this moment does not want this, I don’t want it to touch me,” and looks
match who you are and what you are wanting. away, but then feels guilty because she’s not
And so, you have a simple choice. You can go helping— no good comes from any of that. Then
with it, you can try to beat it to death, you can get she has just started one of those other vibrations,
people together, you can try to isolate it, you can so all kinds of bad things start showing up in her
add to it and get it bigger and bigger, or you can, experience. And then, on her tombstone, it says,
as Jesus said, turn the other cheek, and allow that “See, I told you this is how it was.”
vibration to become inactive again, while you are
tuning your vibration to that which feels better. Esther is always reaching for the best possible
feelings that she can find prior to one of these
If It Feels Good, Choose It gatherings, because she wants to be as connected
as she can to Source Energy before you begin
And so, you see, it’s all about choices. Which summoning Abraham through her. And she said
feels better? Does it feel better to be connected to to Jerry, this morning, “What’s one of the best
my Source, or not? Connected would feel better! feelings that you can ever remember from one of
Clarity or confusion, which feels better? Vitality these gatherings?” She was reaching for a feeling.
or a tired body, which feels better? Abundance or And Jerry said “Are you asking for a room or a
face or a question?” Esther said, “I’m reaching for Let the desire be born, and then try to find the
the feeling.” And Jerry said, “Well, I always love feeling place of that. Try to remember something
the feeling at the end of the session, when else like that. Come back into your power. And
everyone is feeling fulfilled and satisfied and then stand on that new platform where you will
connected and glad and empowered and secure, now have access to things in your environment
and knowing who they are.” And Esther said, that a moment ago, you didn’t have access to.
“Yeah, that’s what I meant, that’s what I meant.” This is the eternal evolution of the spirit that is
She’s reaching for the feeling, the feeling of pulsing within you.
empowerment. There isn’t anything in the world
that feels better to a teacher than to empower Jerry and Esther checked into a hotel, and the
another. person at the front desk was in a terrible mood.
And as Esther stood there, she couldn’t help but
take responsibility for her rendezvous point with
In This Moment, Which Thought Feels Better? it. And that even irritated her more. It’s bad
Let’s say that someone made you feel a little enough that somebody’s being rude, but to accept
insecure. And out of that feeling of insecurity is your responsibility in meeting up with them…
born, in this moment, a stronger-than-usual desire
to feel empowered and know who you are. Use And so, Esther thought about it and realized that it
whatever means you need to, but just reach for the was sort of where she’d last left her vibration
best feeling. How did it feel? What’s the best about that hotel, and so it was logical. And as she
feeling? And so, here’s this new desire pulsing, was talking to us about it, she was still wanting to
this fresh new nugget. Oh, it’s alive and well, say, “But Abraham, don’t you think that maybe it
summoning Life Force through you, right here in would be beneficial for the hotel to know that they
the now. So here you’re feeling it, right now. This have a really rude person behind the desk?” And
fresh, new desire. And then, you just try to we said, well, but which feels better, to pursue
remember ever having felt like you now want to that thought, or to choose another thought that
feel. And just by reaching for that, just by saying, feels better? And Esther said, “Well, yeah, yeah,
“Have I ever felt like that?..” right away, those yeah. But Abraham, don’t you think that under
things will become be active again in your these conditions, shouldn’t somebody call
memory of when you felt like that. And you’ll somebody? Shouldn’t something be done about
say, “I remember this, and I remember this, and I this?”
remember this… and you’ll cross the 17-second
mark and the 34-second mark and the 51-second The business person in Esther, says, “Well, if my
mark focused on that which feels good, and you’ll employees are mistreating people, I would like to
stand here in your powerful now, having activated know about it.” And we say, no, you wouldn’t.
every powerful moment that you’ve ever lived. You’re better off not knowing about it. In other
And here it is, an apex, a vortex, right here and words, let Law of Attraction shake it all down.
now. This is what you’ve achieved, all out of You don’t have to be the monitor of that sort of
some little slight that someone offered you. Oh, thing.
what a gift that was!
You have one question: Which feels better?
Which feels better, this thought or this thought?
The Eternal Evolution of Spirit Sometimes that seems like such a big thing to
Just go through your day-to-day experience, let choose from, because there are infinite thoughts,
your exposure happen as it will, because Law of but there are not infinite thoughts in this moment.
Attraction says that it must, and when and if you In this moment, your environment is so perfectly
get an emotional response— whether it is positive established. In this moment, there are only a
or negative— stop in the middle of that feeling, certain number of thoughts for you to consider.
and acknowledge whether it’s connecting you to Not too many for you to choose.
Source or not. If it is connecting you to Source, go
with it. Milk it for all it’s worth. If it isn’t
connecting you to Source, but doing the opposite, As you choose thoughts that feel better on day
then take your pivot: “I know what I don’t want. one,
What is it that I do want?” on day two, you’ll have access to a whole
different set of choices.
And on day three, there’ll be available to you, get off to yourself, and reclaim your connection to
a whole different set of choices— Source Energy. And that is the freedom that you
because each day you will have re-established are looking for.
your Vibrational Tone to your pure, positive
Source Energy. You have the ability to look here where there is
not resistance. Jesus said, to turn the other cheek,
and that’s exactly what he was talking about.
As you start, on day one, deliberately choosing Resist not evil. Turn the other cheek— and
the thought that feels better— on day two, you will achieve vibrational harmony with that which feels
have access to a whole different set of choices better.
than you would have if you had not made those
choices on day one. And on day three, there will All of you have access to Source Energy! It is
be a whole different set of choices now available always within you, always radiating through you.
to you— because each day you will have Sometimes you are providing a shadow that
established your Vibrational Tone to your pure, doesn’t let it shine, more than others, and
positive Source Energy. Until in thirty days of sometimes you are letting it shine fully. But the
playing with this, you can be a living, breathing, more you are letting the fullness of who you are
eating, light being. radiate through you, the better you feel about
everything— and the more you are contributing to
Being Deliberate Does Take Practice the whole of things. However, in any case, you
But it takes some practice to say, which feels cannot get it wrong!
better? Which feels better, this thought of my
mother, or this thought of my mother? “But
Abraham, you don’t understand. This is who my
mother is, mostly.” That wasn’t the question.
Which feels better, this thought or this thought?
“But Abraham, you don’t understand...” That
wasn’t the question. Which feels better, is the
only question--that’s the only question that your
Guidance System is asking. Which feels better,
this thought or this thought?

Which feels better, to praise or to criticize? “Oh,

but you don’t understand, there’s nothing to praise
and there’s lots to criticize.” That’s not our
question. Which feels better? Which feels better?
“But Abraham, you don’t understand. You didn’t
see what happened.” No, we didn’t. We’re not
vibrating there with you. But our question to you
is, which feels better, which feels better? “But,
but, but, but Abraham, you need to be here where
we are so that you understand what we’re trying
to tell you.” Which feels better?— is the only thing
that your Guidance System is asking you.

So which feels better, to pronounce to the world

or to myself, I’m not free? Or to pronounce to the
world, I can make more decisions?

Nobody can get inside your head and make you

think. Sometimes it feels like it, because they’re
clamoring in your face so loud with whatever
they’re saying. But you have the ability, if it is
your desire, to feel good. You have the ability to
withdraw from whatever thought is bothering you,
A State of Perpetual Creative So, if there is no such thing as assertion, if it’s all
Motion about attraction, can you understand that we are
eternal beings because the contrast gives birth to a
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar desire and the desire summons the Life Force?
1999 (pdf) We are not standing in the Nonphysical asserting
From the recording G-6-21-98 Buy Recording at you. You have, from the Nonphysical,
Also in GASU98 (ten tapes) Buy Album imagined yourself here. You set the desire out in
Seattle, WA advance, and you summoned yourself here from
that vantage point. It is all about attraction. You
Often people are very uncomfortable about the tip toe around this when you think about the idea
word want, because wanting sounds like not being of perpetual motion. But at the basis of it is Law
there yet or wanting sounds like still being in lack. of Attraction: “Here I stand. I imagine. I give birth
Law of Attraction abounds, and when it is said to to a desire. That desire springs forth, and then that
you, “Ask, and it is given,” there is no more desire, which is a part of me, now summons Life
powerful statement that is at the basis of what Force to itself through me. And then, there I stand
makes things happen than that. in that new vantage point with a new set of
contrasting experiences to give birth to new
“Ask, and it is given.” There is no more powerful desire, and that new desire then moves forth,
statement that is at the basis of what makes things summons Life Force to itself through me, and I
happen than that. stand in a whole new place with a whole new set
of contrasting experiences to give birth to new
Now, how is it that you think you ask? With your
words? The Universe doesn’t hear your words. You’re never going to get it done, and those of
You ask with your desire. The desire that is born you who have been tired, we know that is
out of the contrast. That desire. That wanting. depressing to you. But we say to you, the only
That’s what summons the Life Force. And so, we reason you are tired is because you are full of
want you to always be in that place of wanting. resistance.
Always in that place of desire.
Oh, to have desire and get it out there and know
Sometimes, someone says, “Well, I don’t want a that it will be fulfilled, and the Energy flowing
new car. I’ve got it.” Well, we still want them to through you. And then, another desire that you get
desire the car. We want them to continue to desire out there and you want it to be fulfilled, and the
the benefit of the car. We want them to desire Energy flows through you, the passion, the eternal
transportation. We want them to still desire passion that flows through you, eon after eon after
movement around the city. Because if you ever eon. Can you imagine that sort of Energy flowing
get to a place where you have not desire, you’ll through you? You’re trying to summon it, but not
cease to be. Don’t worry. It can’t happen. You letting it through.
could pinch yourself off from it here, and croak,
but you’d re-emerge back into the Nonphysical And so, what goes wrong for many people is that
where your wanting is sublime and eternal. And they summon more Energy than they have learned
you would re-emerge back into the physical very how to allow, or they don’t summon Energy. For
fast, because wanting is your most natural thing. the most part, you’re summoning more Energy
than you can allow, so you give yourself a
Are we eternal beings? Do you accept that? Do headache. Or you’re afraid to summon it, so your
you understand why we are all eternal? Do you bored. It’s a fine line. Isn’t it? It’s a balance.
understand, or yet believe, that Law of Attraction You’re constantly refiguring. Constantly making
is dominant? Law of Attraction, which says: That new decisions. Making a new decision, finding a
which is like unto itself, is drawn? new desire, and feeling the freshness of the desire.

From the Nonphysical, you imagined yourself The other day, Esther broke something as she was
here. You set the desire out in advance, and dusting, and she said, “Oh, good, something else
summoned yourself here. It is all about Law of to buy.” For years, she says to Jerry as she walks
Attraction. past a beautiful thing, “What do you think of
that?” Jerry says, “Where would we put it?” Now Most of you don’t quite yet get it that life is
she has a place. Something to want. supposed to be fun, and that you are here in a
Creative Workshop of enormous proportion, and
That feeling of desire feels so good. We highly it is your work to use the data of this time and
recommend it. In fact, we think it would be space to create, within your imagination,
wonderful if when you went home, it was gone, combinations that please you. And when you hit
altogether. Ah, to be in a state of all new, in a upon one that really pleases you, the Universe
state of all new. It would be so wonderful to be in knows that. The Universe feels the signal and
a place where your desire was peaked again. It’s a starts moving things into place.
fine line because, in truth, you have enough desire
within you to keep yourself busy for 20 or 30 life Life is supposed to be fun. You are here in a
times, but there is something so delicious about Creative Workshop. It is your work to use the data
personally articulating a desire and then finding of this time and space to create, within your
your balance within it and feeling the imagination, combinations that please you. And
deliciousness of that fresh desire bubbling within when you hit upon one that really pleases you, the
you. Universe feels the signal and starts moving things
into place.
A desire that is within you that is not laced with
doubt, is divine. A desire that is within you that is
covered with doubt, is yearning. And yearning has Esther said, how odd it is they keep finding
resistance in it. So, feel your way through this, themselves in a building, and one or the other of
and if it doesn’t feel good, back off. them will say, ‘Isn’t this the way our windows are
going to be?’” How odd it is that the Universe is
If you have desires and they’re not coming, step even designing where they eat lunch, in order to
back from the specifics of them and begin talking give them the data that they have achieved
about why you want them. And in the more vibrational harmony with.
general discussion of why you want them, you
will lower your resistance, and the desire will then You have an enormous staff working on your
begin to bring you pleasure. behalf ready to give you any information that you
desire and any information that you are ready for.
Jerry has been such a meterer. He wants to savor Toward what end? Toward completing the
the creation. Esther wants it all, now. Jerry wants building? No. Toward some physical
to savor it as it comes. They are that way with manifestation? No. Toward some reward in
their food. Esther eats hers quickly. Jerry, 20 Heaven? No. For the sheer joy of the expansion
minutes later, still pondering. Esther is trying to that you feel as Life Force flows through you.
snatch his plate out from under him before he is
finished. There is something wonderful about “But, Abraham, there must be more. There must
savoring as you go, and in the savoring, be another reason. There must be a bigger reason
understanding that there is no limitation, but than for my joy.” There isn’t. “Aren’t I here to
wanting to milk each moment for all the pleasure serve something? Isn’t there some end that I’m
that it can bring. getting to?” There is no end. Everything, all life,
is in the moment. All life is in the moment, and
They are in a process of building a new office, you have this magnificent body and this incredible
which means, they could hire an architect and consciousness, that is your focal point, right now,
have it built and go home and find it there, or they where you focus the Energy that creates worlds
could get involved in it. Yesterday, as they are into this powerful now.
driving about, they stopped at several buildings
and just looked at roof lines and surfaces and We give this to you not because you have
structural design and the way it sits in the land responsibilities that you are not fulfilling. We say
and window treatments and how the doors open, this to you because we want you to relax and
and received more pleasure in an afternoon of just accept the perfection of what you are. We want
observing a combination of things, than most you to understand that you cannot get it wrong.
receive in the whole process of building a We want you to understand that you are a
building. decipherer of data. We want you to understand
that all of the contrast exists to assist you in, here
and now, coming to a decision of how you, you
magnificent Creator, would like to flow the
Energy that creates worlds, now. This is who you

So, you can’t get it wrong. You can’t squander it.

You can’t not use it enough. You can’t do
anything wrong, and you, individually, get to
decide how much Life Force, or Energy, you
summon. If it’s too much, or more than you are
able to allow in this moment, back off. Of that
which you have summoned, how much are you
allowing to flow through you? Or are you
disallowing or resisting the Energy? You get to
choose every part of this. This is who you are.
All Ailments Resolve Just allow yourself to receive what the Universe is
offering. Before you know it, your body will be
Themselves back in alignment.

From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun

2002 (pdf) Every bit of allowing is going to bring you greater
From the recording G-8-25-01 Buy Recording and greater results. Give the cells of your body an
Also in GAF01 (ten tapes) Buy Album opportunity to make their request; give yourself
San Rafael, CA the opportunity to receive what the Universal
Forces are offering— and before you know it, your
All things do resolve themselves, if allowed. All body will be back into alignment.
things do. ALL things do resolve themselves— if
allowed So many people are convinced that their physical
bodies are in a state— once you reach a certain
You say, “Some things resolve themselves,” and stage of life— of steady decline. It is amazing the
you believe that. And when we say all things amount of expectation that is wrapped around
resolve themselves, you don’t really believe that. that. And it is absolutely opposite of what you’ve
You want to, but you don’t have personal proof intended, of what your cells know how to do—
about it. and of what Source Energy is supplying.

There’s the belief that says, “Well, I really don’t You do not need to decline. It is only your
believe all things resolve themselves,” and as you negative expectation— or your worrying about this
activate that vibration, all kinds of people start and that, and the other— that pinches off the
showing up with un-resolved things. But that’s Energy. You don’t decline because your body
not the evidence you’re wanting to attract. You’re wears out. You decline because you disallow
wanting evidence that says, “All things can more of the resources that keep you feeling good.
resolve themselves.” That’s all. Every single time. There are no
exceptions to that
Bridge your locked off statement by saying,
“Well, I don’t know how I’ve been disallowing it.
I’ve been doing it without knowing I’m doing it.
But now I am aware that negative emotion means
I’m doing it, and I’m going to start watching for
those moments when I’m not allowing it.”

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we’d

lie in bed every night and talk to the cells of our
body, and expect the recovery, and we would feel
the sensation of it. We would put ourselves in as
much comfort as we could, as often as we could—
for about a week— aligning Energy, relaxing into
the discomfort, talking to the cells, knowing that
they are summoning and that Source Energy is
answering, knowing that we are receiving and
allowing; and acknowledging, “In this moment,
I’m not doing anything that’s causing any
discomfort in my body. I feel perfectly
comfortable. I feel such appreciation in this
perfectly comfortable moment. In this mode of
distraction, or in this mode of focused comfort,
I’m in this place of appreciation— I’m in this
place of allowing.” (Our attitude would be, “Let
me see my physical progress.")
Allowing Your Natural Well- Source--and if you could not vibrationally
summon Source, then we would all cease to be.
being The entire Universe is based upon our ability to
conclude the new idea, which is the summoning
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun forth of the new life into the new space.
2003 (pdf)
From the recording G-7-20-02 Buy Recording And then you say, “But wouldn’t it have been
Also in GAF02 (ten tapes) Buy Album better if we could have had an environment where
Ashland, OR it was easier to stay connected?” And we say,
there is no environment that is easier to be
The only reason that you don’t allow your natural connected than an environment in which you are
Well-being is that you have experiences-- free to choose thought.
presented by others, presented by your own life
experience, presented by your own conclusions-- Find a thought that feels good, and practice it.
that cause you to offer vibrations that do not allow
the Well-being that is natural to you. That is the
only reason that you do not allow. And you say, “But it’s hard to choose a thought
that feels good, when there’s so much around me
Little ones allow. In other words, we think that that feels bad. And we say, it’s only because you
you get a little older in your thinking when you haven’t practiced it that way. It’s only because
think about the newborn that comes forth, because you’ve been convinced that you’ve got to clamor
they appear to be so dependent. And, in fact, they around the problem in order to find the solution.
need your physical support. But then, when your And there is truth in some of that. The clamoring
assumption is that you’ve got it all figured out, around the problem is what is giving birth to the
and you decide that you’ve lived the struggle that desire, you see. And so, it’s all an integral part of
you now want to protect them from--what you do all this.
is perpetuate an activation of the struggle.
Is Desire Not Painful?
Wanting to protect them activates the struggle. There are some who say that we should not
encourage you to have desire. And yet, we cannot
stop you from having desire; the Universe is
So it’s like feeding them with one hand, and established to produce desire.
taking the food away with the other. It’s like
saying to them, “Welcome to this world that is There are some who say that it is inappropriate to
hard in all of these ways--and let me activate have desire. And we say, those are only those who
within you all the troublesome things that will have not figured out how to find vibrational
certainly make this a hard world for you.” alignment with the desire, so the desire is always
painful. And we understand why you would not
Why Is It So Hard? want to have a desire that is painful--but the only
Often people will say, “Well, Abraham, why are reason it is painful is because you have not yet
we set up this way? Why does it have to be hard? learned how to allow.
If we are Pure Positive Energy, and then we are
born into these bodies, why are we so assured that So then you say, “Well, how do we allow?” And
there will be resistance surrounding us? Why does we say, you find a thought that feels good and
it have to be? Why does there have to be so much practice it until it becomes your proclivity. And
that we worry about that gets our attention and you say “Oh, that’s far too simple. There’s got to
sets up resistance within us, and keeps us from be something bigger than that. There’s got to be
being in the place of allowing that we so much something a lot more than just feeling good.” And
want?” And we say, it is because the benefit of the we say, there is nothing more important than that
contrasting environment is millions of times more you feel good, because when you feel good,
valuable than it is detrimental. you’ve got control of your vibration. And when
you’ve got control of your vibration, you are the
If you did not have the ability to discern deliberate creator of your experience.
difference, you could not prefer; and if you could
not prefer, you could not vibrationally summon
Why Must We Allow? coming up with a new idea. And you say “Well,
So when you say, “Why do we have to allow?” it’s painful, because now I have to learn how to
We say, it is because you were born into an allow all over again.” And we say, you’ll be all
environment where there are choices; you were right. You can use your Emotional Guidance
born into an environment where there is variety. System to know.
In other words, if you lived in a household where
everybody thought exactly the same way, and If you don’t get too far from where you are, it’s
nobody had any contention about anything; always easy to bring yourself back to center. And
everybody wanted everything exactly the same; even if you do get far from where you are, it’s still
you were all born to love pizza, and you were all easy to bring yourself back to center. It just takes
born to love milk, and you were all born to love deciding that feeling good is worth something,
the color yellow, and you were all born to love and practicing, with real determination, to feel
hardwood floors instead of carpeted floors, and good for no other reason than to feel good. And in
you wereÉIn other words, if you were all born time you show yourself that Allowing is not a big
with these samenesses, you say “Oh, we would issue.
get along so famously. We all sing the same
songs, and do the same things.” And we say, you It’s Easy to Allow
would not be stimulated to a new idea. And a It’s easy to allow. In fact, it is your dominant
continuing Life Force could not continue to be proclivity. You would much rather love than not
drawn within you, because you need, we all need, love. You know how we know that? When you
an active calling. (That’s big!) We all need an don’t love, you feel miserable. You would much
active calling. There has to be an activation of that rather praise than criticize. You know how we
summoning of Energy. And as long as there’s know that? When you criticize you feel awful, and
summoning of Energy, then life continues. And it when you praise you feel wonderful. You would
is our promise to you that life will always much rather know your success and know your
continue. value than to feel that you do not have value. You
know how we know? Because we feel your pain
We all need an active calling. when you choose the other. In other words, we
think that it must be easy to know “the stove is
hot”. In other words, that does not feel good to put
Why Learn Allowing? your hand on a hot stove. And we do not
And so, you say, “Well, this activation of this understand sometimes why it is so hard to take
Energy is a good thing. But my resistance to it is your hand off the stove.
not a good thing. Why do I have to learn
allowing?” And we say, you would not have to “Do I dare take my hand from the stove?”
learn allowing if you had not learned disallowing.
And you say “That’s my point exactly. Why was I
born into an environment where I learned And you say, “My mother had her hand on the
disallowing? Why do I have to go back now and stove, her mother had her hand on the stove, our
learn how to allow? Shouldn’t I just naturally family puts its hand on the stove, that’s what we
allow?” And we say, because you wanted the all do. (Fun!) The day I was born they put my
environment of difference, and you needed to find hand on the stove.” And we say, but now you get
your bearing, and you needed to find your place, to decide how you like it. And you say, “But it’s
and you needed to decide what you want. hard. Do I dare take my hand from the stove?”
And we say, risk it and try it. And you say “Ah, it
We promise you, you did not want to come into is sweet relief to take my hand from the stove.”
an environment where you just said yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes to all of it. You wanted to say These Are Your Choices
“Yes, no. Well, maybe. Well, what do I think? “But look! My mother still has her hand on the
What do I conclude? What is my preference?” stove. And my government still has its hand on
Otherwise, your perspective has no value if you the stove. They’ve all got their hands on the stove.
are not here to decide, to discern, to prefer. Who am I to find the relief of not putting my hand
on the stove?” And we say, alright, put your hand
So then you say, “But I thought we were all one.” back on the stove if you want to. (Fun!) But
And we say, we are all one, for the purpose of
understand that you get to allow or not allow. the natural state of who you are. There is great
These are your choices. love here for you. We are complete

We are wanting you to understand it’s not hard to

allow. In fact, the hardest thing of all is to learn
patterns of not allowing who you are: It’s a lot
harder for you to be confused than to be clear
minded. It’s a lot harder to be sick than it is well.
It’s a lot harder to not have enough money than to
have enough money. It’s a lot harder to be
negative than to be positive. It’s a lot harder to be
pessimistic than to be optimistic. The hard, hard,
hard, hard thing is not allowing. It’s easy to allow.
You just have to give yourself permission to do it
and practice it a little bit.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. We

think you have it. We think that you know what to
do. And we think that together we’ve practiced
very well.

But you are on your own in this, and you like it

that way. You came into this environment
knowing that you would be an individual
Consciousness. An individual Consciousness that
would have your individual preferences, and that
anything that you, in your powerful
individualness, identify as your desire--Source
Energy will answer.

It is good to feel good!

And over the next few weeks, it is our expectation

that you will prove to yourself that you have the
ability to let it in. It is so much easier than you
think. There’s just one thing that you have to
remember: It is good to feel good: It is goodÉ

It is Natural To Be Joyful
Clarity is your natural state of being. Healthy is
your natural state of being. Eager is your natural
state of being. Loving is your natural state of
being. It is natural for you to have desire, and it is
natural for you to anticipate happy outcomes. And
it is natural for you to love. It is natural for you to
sing. It is natural for you to play. It is natural for
you to skip. And it is natural for you to be joyful.

It is natural for you to know Well-being. It is

natural for you to expand. It is natural for you to
question. It is natural for you to find interest. It is
natural for you to want more, and it is natural for
you to feel good. And anything else is resisting
An Emotional Journey From stream of Well-Being that is offering itself to you
and through you in every moment of your life. We
Fear to Hope want you to let that be not only something that
you are aware of, but the most important thing
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2005 (pdf) that you are aware of. Because when you begin to
From the recording G-10-16-04 Buy Recording feel your way through your thoughts, when you
Also in GAW04 (ten tapes) Buy Album begin to realize that you have options about the
Washington, DC thoughts that you activate and entertain— then you
will be the Deliberate Creator of your own
Abraham: It is good to come together for the experience.
purpose of co-creating, do you agree? You are
knowing what you are wanting? An evolving As long as you think you don’t have a choice
thing? Are you enjoying the expansion and about what you think because you don’t have a
clarification of your own desire? choice about the circumstances that surround you,
then you are like a cork bobbing on a raging sea,
It’s the most important question that you want to going wherever it bounces you. But when you
be able to sincerely answer yes to, because understand that you have options, choices in every
expansion is what we are all about… We cannot moment, on every subject, then you begin to make
cease expansion. The variety will always inspire those choices because of the way those choices
within you the new idea, and that new idea will feel as you make them. And now, you are using
always generate a vibration in you— it always the Guidance that comes forth from within you to
will. guide you to the Well-Being; to the prosperity; to
the love of self and others; to the experience that
And so, as that new idea is vibrating within you, you knew you would have— the experience that is
you could call it preference, or a desire, or a possible for all— to the experience that really is
thought, but as it begins its own expansion, its only experienced by those who come to
vibration causes within you something that understand the Art of Allowing.
belongs to you; it’s something that you must align
with because if you don’t, there will be discord in So, it is good for you to reach for some thoughts
your vibration. that give you some relief from the discord or
resistance that you have presently going on, for
And so, you just can’t run around in your physical with each attempt at reaching for a thought that
world and look here, there and everywhere— feels better, you release more resistance. And as
taking no deliberate care to vibrate purposefully— you release more resistance, you fill back up with
and be assured that it will cause you perfect who-you-are, and your thriving resumes. And we
alignment with your Source Energy, because your want to really emphasize the word "resumes,"
Source Energy has specific characteristics: Your because thriving is always the dominant part of
Source Energy is non-resistant in nature. Your your experience. But, we will acknowledge that
Source Energy doesn’t push against anything. some of you are going to have to croak before you
Your Source Energy is a high frequency, non- resume thriving, (Fun!) because some of you have
resisted, Pure Positive Energy vibration. So, when pinched it off pretty good. Some of you have
you get crossways of your Source Energy, you developed some powerful habits of thought. Some
feel it, and that is what negative emotion is. of you have developed some strong enemies that
Negative emotion is your indicator that somehow you take great delight in every day pushing very
you got crossways of your Source Energy hard against. And some of you thrive on some
vibration. subjects and suffer on others. You have different
vibrational frequencies, depending upon the
We want you to understand the vibrational content subject at hand that is activated. But we want you
of the thoughts that cause different feelings within to know that you have access to Guidance that
you. And we want to show you how, with far less will lead you always in the direction of your
effort than it takes you to learn Quick Books on thriving on all subjects. But you’ve got to figure
your computer, you can remember your alignment out which direction is going toward your
with who-you-are, and utilize it on a day-to-day, objective, and which direction is going away from
moment-to-moment, basis, and bring yourself your objective. And before you can do that, you’ve
consistently into alignment with that steady got to figure out what your objective is.
So many of you have come to the place where you "And then, I have to find a doctor who has learned
think if it feels good, there might be something the skill and is capable of administrating it. And
wrong with it. (Fun!) And if there’s a lot of then, I need the resources so that I can apply this
struggle and suffering in it, then it’s virtuous. And specific medical procedure to me, and I need the
we say, you must have been allowing yourself to resources so that I can stop doing whatever I’ve
be guided by someone else who would benefit by been doing that makes the money I’ve been
your doing whatever they ask you to do in your making, that makes my life go ‘round." And we
struggle. Because it is our promise to you that you say, oh, just shoot me in the head now. (Fun!) In
cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy other words, there is so much that needs to be
journey; it cannot be. It is illogical. It defies the done, and so many obstacles and so many reasons
Laws of the Universe. to feel defeated, and so many reasons to realize
that it’s not going to happen fast enough… Oh,
Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto and then, by the way, you’ve only got six months
itself is drawn. Which means, you cannot achieve to live, anyway. (Fun!)
a vibrational frequency with something unwanted
(which is evidenced by the negative emotion that That’s the Action Journey. Now, granted, we did
you feel as you embrace the thought) and be on tilt it so that you wouldn’t want to take that
your way to something that you want— it’s not journey because we have a much better plan for
possible — it defies all logic and all Law. you, and that is the Emotional Journey.

So, as you begin to pay attention to your An Emotional Journey says: I want to travel from
emotions— as you begin to reacquaint yourself fear to hope. That’s it!
consciously with your own Guidance System—
what begins to happen to you is, you not only The Emotional Journey you can achieve in ten
consistently reconnect with the Source Energy minutes with the right application of thought. The
that is You, but you begin to take what we call the Emotional Journey is the journey where you just
Emotional Journey. You begin to discover the art try to find a thought that feels better, and when
of shifting vibration, and therefore shifting the you feel a little better, you have traveled a
way you feel, which is delicious because you feel distance toward where you want to go. The
good all the time. And then, the big bonus (not Emotional Journey quantifies your journey. The
from ours, so much, but from your point of view) Emotional Journey lets you know whether you’re
is, manifestation acquiesces around the vibration headed toward or away from your objective.
that you’ve discovered.
Many people who are on their way to wellness get
So, let us clarify the difference between the Action half-way there, and get discouraged because there
Journey that so many of you seem to be is not manifestation, and turn around and head
embarking upon, and the Emotional Journey, back toward illness. Many people on their way
which is guidance from within: If someone is sick, from financial disaster get nearly to where they
really sick, (they’ve got one of those big labels want to be, where the manifestation is nearly
"incurable" attached to them, maybe more than about to show up, but because they take score
one) and of course they want to be well. The about the manifestation, they get disoriented and
Action Journey goes something like this… "I have discouraged and turn around and go back to not
to find out what’s wrong with me. I have to find a enough money.
specialist who has done the most leading edge
research, because the research that exists says that In every moment of your experience, as you have
this is not curable. So, I need a specialist who’s been banging around in this contrast, you have
willing to take some risks and be out there on the been launching preferences, and as these
leading edge, and that’s going to take a lot of preferences are radiating from you, they are
money. So, I need to get together with large prepaving your future experience; they are going
groups that can gather resources. But I need to get out like a heavenly rocket into your future
involved in the political format so that I can get experience, and Law of Attraction is lining up
the laws passed that will allow the research and around them. And your future experience is being
attract the funding that I need in order to discover made for you before you approach it— that’s why
the cure to this thing that I’ve got. 99% of all creation is complete before you begin
to see the physical evidence of it.
So, most of what you’re doing is an Emotional of attraction. And when you’ve shifted your
Journey. And if you’re taking the Emotional vibrational point of attraction— you’ve shifted
Journey that feels lovely as you’re taking it, not your life.
only do you enjoy the desert, and enjoy the
journey, and see the vistas, and have a wonderful So, are there problems in your future?
conversation and a very good time; but when you Undoubtedly. But there are solutions right on the
get there, you recognize it as that which you have heels of them. You could close the gap between
been in alignment with all along. (That was the problem and the solution so tightly that you
good!) would never even know there was a problem;
your problems can be solved before they
It is our desire to show you how to take your manifest— when you clean up your vibration.
Emotional Journey. We want to show you that if When you make it an Emotional Journey, you’re
you are in depression, and you find anger, that solving problems today that could be in your
you are on the right path because there is less future experience, and as you feel good now, you
resistance in anger than there was in depression. If never have to walk through the problem— you just
you’re in fear and you find anger, that relief— that go from solution to solution, to solution.
your anger gives you— means you’re headed in
the right direction because there is less resistance It doesn’t matter if you’re looking past, present or
in anger than there is in fear. future— you’re doing it now. There are people on
the other side of the planet that are sleeping
And even though much of the world would tell maybe, but it’s still now. There are Non-physical
you that your anger is misplaced, (they would tell Beings like us who have no time, but it’s still
you that you should not be angry) you want to say now. In other words, now is now, is now, is now.
to them, "You should be in here where I am! And And all of the Energy of all of the Planets, of all
if you were, you would know that this anger is of the Universes, of all of the decades, of all of the
better than where I was." And then they might say centuries, of all of the years, of all of the
to you, "Yes, but you should have love in your beingness, of all of the consciousness, it is
heart." And then we want you to say to them, "I culminated into this now. It is a huge source and
would like to have love in my heart, but right stream of knowledge and Energy and Well-Being,
now, this anger is serving me fine, thank you. and it is all available to you now, now, now.
Because there’s a big vibrational difference
between anger and love, and I can’t make that So, the question that we want to put to you, is,
jump right now just because you tell me I should. what are you doing in your now? And you can tell
I made the jump from despair or fear to anger, so I by the way you feel: If you’re angry, if you’re
am on the right path. So, if you’ll just excuse me, frustrated, if you’re petty, if you’re jealous; if
I wouldn’t get around me too much for a few days you’re pushing against, if you’re blameful, if
because this anger is feeling pretty good. I might you’re critical— you are not in alignment with the
milk it. (Fun!) I’m going to move as quickly as I resources of the Universe now.
can into frustration and overwhelment. And from
there, there’s a possibility I could jump into So, as you make a decision: Nothing is more
humor and hope, and maybe even love… But for important than that I feel good, what begins to
now, I’m doing the best I can." happen to you is, you begin to guide your thought,
your every word, and your action. You guide your
You can’t tell someone else the direction of their memory, you don’t say, "This is how I grew up
journey, because you don’t know the details of the and therefore I have to deal with it and dig it up
pre-paving that is calling them forth. every day and suffer over it." You say, There
were things in my past that were unpleasant, but
You can’t understand the vibrational mix of there were things in my past that were pleasant— I
anyone but you. And when you try to guide will choose those that feel pleasant. Or, There are
someone from your vantage point, you are things in my now that I have imagined into the
disallowing them their vantage point. future that are awful, or there are things that I
imagine in the future that are wonderful— I will
You do not have to control conditions, nor can focus upon those that are wonderful. But you
you— but you can feel better. And when you do can’t jump vibrations all at once. So, stop beating
feel better, you’ve shifted your vibrational point up on yourself.
We want you to be willing and happy to make the
jumps incrementally; we want your journey to be
about the improvement about the way you feel.

There’s relief everywhere you go, and there’s

reward for you everywhere you go. Do not equate
how you feel about something with how anybody
else feels, because they’re not in on your
equation. You’re not being compared to anyone.
But there is an absolute comparison between the
vibration of who-you-really-are, and the vibration
of your moment. And it’s your job, and only your
job, to bring harmony to that.

You have to take the Emotional Journey, first.

And when you decide to take the Emotional
Journey on every subject that’s important to you,
you’re going to discover— by tomorrow— how
much better you can feel about things that you
haven’t been feeling good about, and in the
moment that you change the way you feel, even
the slightest bit, everything related to you, related
to that subject, will begin to shift— and there will
be evidence on your doorstep by the weekend.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely.

An Introduction to the Art of even know and maybe not love) as you are in that
place of feeling good— you are in the place of
Allowing allowing. You are in the place of allowing what?
Allowing Source Energy. Allowing connection
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec with who you are. Allowing wellness. Allowing
2000 (pdf) clarity. Allowing abundance of all things desired.
From the recording G-5-16-00 Buy Recording When you feel negative emotion, such as anger or
Also in GASP00 (ten tapes) Buy Album fear or frustration or rage, even anxiety, those
Ashland, OR feelings of depression… when you feel that which
you call negative emotion, what that always
We’ve been calling this gathering The Science of means is, for some reason, right now, you are not
Deliberate Creation, and surely it is that. But we in the state of allowing. Allowing what? Allowing
are wanting to give it a new and emphatic subtitle. Source Energy, allowing clarity, allowing all that
(a subtitle that you place even more importance is good. You are, instead, in the state of resisting.
upon than the title) We are calling this workshop You are in a vibrational state where, for whatever
The Art of Allowing. reason, you have found some reason to focus in a
way that disallows the Pure, Positive Energy, the
Because when you discover how to achieve Source Energy, the Energy that creates worlds
vibrational harmony with your Source and with from flowing to you and through you in the way
your desire, then you are in the vibrational state of that you’ve intended it.
allowing the things that you want. And it’s not a
difficult thing to do once you understand the way
your Guidance System works, and that Law of You Live in a Sea of Well-Being
Attraction is always consistent. Law of Attraction
says— that which is like unto itself is drawn. And
everything is managed or organized by Law of What a magnificent Guidance System, your
Attraction. Law of Attraction is gloriously, emotions. Not something that has to be translated
blessedly, lovingly consistent. It never plays by another. Not something that has to be written
favorites. It never behaves differently for one than in a book and studied for years to be understood.
another. It is always what it is. It’s like the law of It is right there within you in the moment.
gravity--you can count on it.
Why Aren’t More Using Their Guidance System?
Your Emotions are Your Guidance System So why aren’t more people utilizing their
Your emotions tell you everything that you need Guidance System to hold themselves more often
to know about your state of allowing or of not in a state of allowing the things that they want?
allowing. In other words, when you feel positive Because you have become accustomed to the
emotion it means you are in vibrational harmony feeling of resistance, so much so that your
with your Source, and you are allowing the good Guidance System is sort of numb. It feels normal
things that you are wanting to come to you. It is for many of you to feel a little ornery, or a little
that simple. aggravated. In other words, you have become so
accustomed to the feeling of resistance that you
don’t understand the Guidance System when it is
As You Are in a Place of Feeling Good, You are there within you.
in a Place of Allowing “Good”.
And because most of you have not been made
aware of the process of Energy flowing, and how
When you feel that which you call positive it feels as it flows through you, most of you have
emotion, such as joy or appreciation, or a feeling lost your place in your Creative Universe in terms
of love or well-being… those feelings that make of flowing Energy. You have become those,
your heart sing, those exhilarating feelings, those almost without exception, human beings who are
feelings, whether it ranges from contentment to charting the results of how you and others have
passion, those feelings that you would call good flowed Energy. You have become post Energy
feelings, those feelings that you would wish for all studiers. You are looking at the manifestation,
people that you love, (and if you are very wise which is the result of how the Energy has been
you would wish them for all people that you don’t
flowed, instead of being aware of how you’re Every Stick Has Two Opposite Ends
flowing in the moment. Every subject is two subjects. It’s like a stick with
two ends on it. On one end is what is wanted and
on the other end is that which is not wanted. So
Your Power is All In The Now when you pick up the stick that says wellness,
The only thing that matters is how you’re flowing you’re also picking up the stick that says lack of
in the moment. Right now is where all of your wellness. When you pick up the stick that says
power is. Right now you are either open and abundance, you’re also picking up the stick that
allowing your Life Force to flow or not— and you says lack of abundance. Every possibility has two
can tell by the way you feel whether you are ends. “So how do I be in the place of allowing,
allowing or not. when I pick up the stick that says abundance?
How do I keep from picking up the other end of it
You are receivers of Well-being in extraordinary that says, not enough?” And we say, that’s where
fashion. You live in a sea, or an arena, of grace. your Guidance System comes in. You can tell by
Well-being is the sea that surrounds you. But the way you feel whether your propensity for
sometimes, without meaning to, you can get vibration on a topic is one of resistance or one of
focused upon a piece of something that somebody allowing.
has manifested in their “art of resistance,” and as
you focus upon it, and as you achieve vibrational When you pick up the stick that says abundance,
harmony with it, you include it in your vibration, do you feel confident? Do you feel free? Do you
as well, and now you, too, are practicing feel glorious? Do you feel exhilarated? Or when
resistance. How is that so? Because everything is you pick up the stick that says money, do you feel
about attraction. restriction? Do you feel shortage? Do you feel
worried? Do you feel fear? Do you feel anger?
What is the feeling that you hold when you
Your Attention To It Includes It activate the subject of dollars? Or of wellness, or
When you look at something that you want and of any subject?
you give your attention to it— by your attention to
it you include it in your vibration. As you say yes
to it, you include this thing that you want in your Are You Selfish Enough To Feel Good?
vibration. But when you see something that you
do not want, and you shout no at it— by your Nothing Matters More than that I Feel Good
attention to it you include it in your vibration. In
this Vibrational Universe, there is no such thing as
no. Everything is yes. So when you see something With much less effort than you have ever thought
wanted, it is yes. When you see something not before, you can learn to bring yourself into
wanted, it is yes. vibrational harmony with Well-being at all times.
But there’s one thing that you have to decide
before any of it will begin to make sense, or
You Know What is Wanted By seeing What Isn’t before anything that we are going to teach you
here today will be able to be applied by you: You
must be selfish enough that you are willing to feel
It is by your very objective nature, as you weigh good. You have to reach the place where you say,
the pros and the cons and the pluses and the “Nothing matters more to me than that I feel
minuses, that you keep including things that you good.” Because until you are willing to actively
don’t want in your experience. “But Abraham, work at feeling good, you’re not going to know
isn’t that a logical thing? I thought you said that when you don’t. Until you deliberately reach for
I’m here to examine the content of the Universe, the conscious feeling of the higher vibration, you
and that out of this sea of contrast will be born won’t be able to recognize the lower vibration.
rockets of desire? So how can I help but see those
things not wanted?” That’s right. You have to be You and the Cork are Naturally Buoyant
able to see things not wanted. How would you Imagine a cork bobbing up here on the surface of
know what is wanted without your awareness of the water. On the surface of the water is where
what is not wanted? your natural vibration is: high, fast, pure. It all
means the same. High, because there’s no
resistance, fast, because there’s no resistance, are driving. Something about the rhythm of the
pure, because there’s no resistance. That’s who road, or the lack of something to focus upon.
you naturally are. Now take hold of that cork and
hold it under the water. That’s what negative Here is the process of meditation that if we were
emotion is. But, as soon as you let go of the cork, in your physical places we would utilize: Every
it floats right back to the surface. day for 10 or 15 minutes, and not for much more
than that, we would sit quietly by ourselves
And so, we’re not here to teach you to raise your somewhere. Maybe under a tree, maybe in our
vibration, because your vibration is naturally car, maybe in the bathroom, someplace where we
raised. We’re here to help distract you from the would not be interrupted.
lower vibration. Jesus said, turn the other cheek,
and that’s exactly what he was talking about. Turn We would do our best to shut down our physical
your attention from what holds your vibration in a senses. In other words, we would draw the
lower place, and your vibration will naturally curtains if it is bright. We would close our eyes.
raise. We would put ourselves in a place where there is
not much sound. We really would not even play
music. Some people play music, but even that can
Meditation, the Practice of Allowing Well-Being be distracting in nature. Something like the
Many teachers, we are among them, teach ticking of a clock, or the dripping of a faucet, or
meditation, because meditation, when you achieve the trickling of a waterfall, something of that
it effectively, means you distract yourself from nature can be very soothing. And some music falls
the physical stuff. It’s like a withdrawal of into that same category. But it must be something
consciousness when you are still awake. When that does not stimulate thought.
you are asleep you withdraw consciousness too.
But when you slumber and withdraw And we would focus inward, even on our
consciousness, your consciousness is not breathing. We would be consciously aware of air
consciously aware of what it feels like to be in in, and we would be consciously aware of air out.
that higher vibration. But when you are awake and We would concentrate on long breaths in, and we
in a state of meditation, now you are consciously would concentrate on long breaths out. We would
aware of what it feels like to be in that higher breathe air in, and when we thought it was all our
vibration. Which means, you will be more aware lungs would hold, we would bring still more in.
when your vibration dips. And when we think it is still all our lungs could
hold we would breathe more air in. And then, at a
place of full expansion of lungs, we would take a
Use Meditation as a Process to Allow Connection long, slow, delicious time to let the air out. And
to Source Energy our intention would be nothing more than being in
this moment, and being consciously aware of
breathing. We would let it be our fullest
Sometimes people say, “Abraham, is it normal for responsibility. Not fixing breakfast, not combing
all hell to break loose in someone’s life when they hair, not wondering how someone is doing, not
begin the meditation process?” And we say, yes, thinking about yesterday, not worrying about
because what happens is you are bringing yourself tomorrow, not focusing on anything in this
to a place of heightened sensitivity, so that moment except air in, and air out.
formerly achieved patterns of lower vibration are
less comfortable to you. Now, during this process, within 2 or 3 days of
There are other ways than meditation: doing it, you’re going to begin to feel a
Appreciation, a rampage of appreciation raises detachment from your physical experience. A
vibration. Listening to music that makes your very common thing that you will feel is a sort of
heart sing raises vibration. Petting your cat raises numbing sensation. Some describe that they
vibration, or sitting and watching the river go cannot tell their toe from their nose. Some, if their
by… Often you are in your highest states of eyes are closed, and we recommend that, may
connection to Source Energy while you are begin to see movement of light around under their
driving. It is the reason that there are fewer traffic eyelids, or even flashes of color.
accidents, because you are, as a mass
consciousness, often more connected when you
There is no right or wrong in this process of auric field a vibration that, for the time, was not in
meditation. There is nothing that you should be the state of resisting the things that you’ve been
reaching for. This is a state of allowing. This is a asking for. And progress is made in that time.
state where, for just a few moments, you stop
running the show. You stop trying to make
anything happen. This is your time of allowing. Bring Your Guidance System Alive Again
This is your time when you are saying unto your “Well, Abraham, if I’ve been really negative for
maker, unto your Source Energy, unto your Inner 50 years, is it going to take me 50 years to turn it
Being, unto your God… whatever you’re wanting around?” 15 minutes ought to do it. “In 15
to call it, this is your time of saying, “Here I be, in minutes I can undo all of the disallowing that I’ve
a state of allowing.” And what am I allowing? I’m learned to do?” In 15 minutes you can allow, you
allowing Source Energy to flow purely through don’t have to undo anything. “Well, what if I’ve
me. really developed habits of negativity? Is 15
minutes going to change that?” Probably not. But
15 minutes a day of that effort will change your the next time you go to one of those negative
life. Because it will put you in the state of thoughts, you’re going to be more aware of it.
allowing the Energy that is natural to you to flow. Your Guidance System is going to say, “Hey!”
You’ll feel better in the moment. You’ll feel more You’re going to feel your state of resistance in a
energized when you come out of it. keener way. Your Guidance System is going to be
brought alive again so that you will be aware,
You may spend 14 minutes before you achieve probably for the first time in your life, of what
any state of detachment. You might not ever be you’re doing with Energy.
consciously aware that you’ve achieved any state
of detachment. It doesn’t matter, you are making
enormous progress as you allow yourself to be. Everything that happens to you is created by the
Energy you are Summoning and Allowing (or
“Ask and it is given.” Not, ask and get worthy…
It is Ask and it is given. Ask and Allow
And that means everything. What you’re doing
with Energy is what you do. You do everything
A big benefit that you’ll notice, right away, is that with Energy. You are Energy flowing beings.
things that you’ve been wanting will begin Everything that happens to you and everything
showing up. “Now, why is this? Abraham, I didn’t that happens to everyone you know, happens
sit and intend. I didn’t sit and set goals. I didn’t sit because of the Energy that you are summoning
and clarify what I want. I didn’t tell the Universe and allowing, or not allowing. Everything is about
what I wanted. How come 15 minutes of just that relationship with Energy. Everyone you know
being will set those kinds of things in motion?” who is having every experience that you know is
Because it has always been, ask and it is given. It having it because of the focused desire that their
has never been “ask and do something right and it life has brought to them, and the state of allowing
is given”. It has never been “ask and get worthy”. or resistance that they are in at any moment.
It is ask and allow. Ask and allow.
And so, every day, you’ve been asking. You’ve You Could Release any Deadly Disease, Now
been launching all kinds of intentions. You cannot You could have every deadly disease known to
live in your physical body, you cannot be part of man, and some they haven’t even figured out yet,
this physical environment without endless desires you could have them all in your body right now—
being born within you. And as these desires are and tomorrow they could all be gone, if from one
being born within you, the Universe is answering day to the next you learned how to allow the
them. And now, because of your 15 minutes of Energy to flow. We really are not encouraging
allowing, whether you were petting the cat, or those kinds of quantum leaps, they are a little
practicing your breathing, whether you were uncomfortable. What we really are encouraging is
listening to a waterfall or listening to happy every day being selfish enough to say: “Nothing is
music, or whether you were on a rampage of more important than that I feel good. And I’m
appreciation… what happened, for that time of going to find ways today. I’m going to begin my
allowing, is, you set up within your vibrational day by meditating and bringing myself into
alignment with my Source Energy. And as I move
through the day, I’m going to look for
opportunities to appreciate, so that all day long I’ll
bring myself back into Source Energy.

“If there’s an opportunity to praise, I’m going to

praise. If there’s an opportunity to criticize, I’m
going to keep my mouth shut and try to meditate.
If I feel like criticizing I’ll say, here Kitty, Kitty,
and I’ll pet my cat Ôtil that feeling goes away.”
Within 30 days of mild effort, you can go from
one of the most resistant people on the planet, to
one of the least resistant people on the planet. And
then those who are watching you will be amazed
at the amount of manifestations that begin to
occur in your physical experience.

Manifestations, On Other Side of Your Door

Open the door and allow your natural Well-being

to Flow

If you could see an aerial view of your life, an

aerial view, where we are seeing you, electrically,
it’s like you are standing here, and over there is a
doorway, and on the other side of the door is lined
up all of these things that you’ve been wanting.
They’re just leaning on the door, just waiting for
you to open it. They’ve been there from the first
moment you asked for them: Your lovers, your
perfect mates, your perfect bodies, your perfect
bodily conditions, all of the money that you could
ever imagine ... all things that you’ve ever
wanted. Things little and big. Things that you
would call extraordinary and significant, and
things that you would call not very significant.
Everything that you have ever identified that you
wanted is lined up right outside that door. And in
the moment that you open the door, all things
wanted flow to you. And, then we will hold a
seminar on how to deal with the manifestations,
with all this stuff that is flowing in.
One of the most significant things that we are
wanting you to realize is that you are not here
about the manifestations. You are here about the
feeling of Energy flowing through you. You are
here to give birth to the desire. It is the desire that
is alive within you that is everything. It is the
desire that is alive within you that we are all
about. But the manifestations are fun, too, aren’t
Are Economic Business Slumps administration, have economic disaster? It is
because a handful of people began saying a
Natural Phenomena? handful of things that a few billion listened to.
And so, it affected a few billion vibrations, and
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar now you’re having the ripple effect of all of that.
2002 (pdf) It is a powerful example of the power of mind.

Guest: Is there such a thing as an economic cycle? There are popular trends and there are unpopular
Is there a natural law to economics, like summer trends. And positive attitude has, as long as
is summer, and fall is fall you’ve been in your physical body, not been a
very popular trend. It doesn’t sell newspapers. It
Abraham: Your economics are, in terms of your doesn’t sell television programs. (It doesn’t sell
individual success, your exposure to contrast “protection”.) If you are in a position that you are
which gives you your idea of desire, and then wanting to soothe people’s troubles, then isn’t an
your success has to do with your alignment. So, aggravation of their troubles beneficial to you?
the alignment of your own Energy is the only That’s sort of what is at the heart of all of that.
thing that causes anything to affect you. Of
course, your Energy is affected by what you think You are having glorious economic times, and
about other things. And so, your economy is the there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you
consensus of the mass consciousness thought, individually.
because, as you have become a global world, and
as you are all tied into the same media
information, you can simultaneously be You are having glorious economic times. And
affected— and therefore mass consciousness is there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you
affected— therefore your economic conditions are as individuals, or you collectively. But don’t let
more worldwide experiences. what they are doing, collectively, affect you
individually. It need not. Begin making statements
Economic declines are always false, always man- that always keep you in the receiving mode: “I’m
made, never necessary, and they always serve not affected by what’s happening outside of me.
some extremely well. I’m only affected by the alignment of Energy
between my desires. I’m actually benefiting by
what’s taking place here, because I’m giving more
These are rip roaring times. This is the leading thought to what I am really wanting. I am fine
edge of thought. There is not a reason for there tuning my desires in a more powerful way. I’m
ever to be a decline. And the declines are always pulling more Energy through me than I ever have
false. Always man-made. Never necessary. And before. And I’m more deliberately paying
they always serve some extremely well. attention to when I’m in the receiving mode than
when I am not.
As we watch your television and we see, through
Esther’s eyes, the newscasts, we notice that “I anticipate that I will thrive even more during
although the good news of your planet is huge in these economic times. These are boom times for
proportion to the bad news— the bad news is what me. I’m clearer about what I am knowing. I’m in
is amplified and given to you. a much better place this time than at any other
time. All is really well here, and the Law of
What the media is showing you, is the bleakest Attraction will sort everything out, and we are all
picture, in order to get your attention, because that doing extremely well.”
sells newspapers or television programs, or
whatever. And even if they are all doing it, it does When you hear others that are expressing
not need to affect you. But, it usually does affect otherwise, sometimes it is to your advantage to
you. And as it affects you, then there is a greater stop, just for a brief moment, and ask: what is
ripple effect. their reason for perpetuating this? In many cases,
they haven’t thought it through. But, sometimes
How could you go through eight years of one the answer will be, it is to their economic
presidential administration, having economic advantage to do so. And as you begin to
booming times, and then days into a new acknowledge how many people are using this to
their economic advantage— you won’t worry
about the economy any more.

Economics has always been about supply and

demand. So if you are the diamond dealer and
people are digging diamonds up in their back
yard, you might want to go find something more
rare, like a chunk of coal, or something like that.

There is no shortage. We know that there is no

shortage, because we know that when you ask, the
Universe has the ability to yield. There cannot be
a shortage. All there can be is an individual or a
whole bunch of individuals cutting themselves off
from the supply of Well-being— by finding one
thing or another to be upset about.

It does not matter what games anybody else is

playing. You have the ability to stand in a place of
prosperity— no matter what.

Remember, there are the three pointsÉ You ask,

the Universe yields, and you just must be in the
receiving mode. It does not matter what games
anybody else is playing. You have the ability to
stand in a place of prosperity— no matter what.
And so, is there ever, really any shortage? There
is never ever, ever, ever, ever any shortage! It is
all something that is man’s making. Sometimes
deliberate, sometimes indeliberate. But it is never
reality. It is only a perception of reality.

Life is good, let it be. It is our powerful wanting

that you let yourself receive half the benefit that
we all receive in our interaction through you. It’s
time for you to begin letting it in.

There is great love here for you.

Are You As Selfish As Your because you’re stuck on a station that you could
change so easily if you just would look at it in that
Cat? way.

From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec Select what you give your attention to.
2003 (pdf)
From the recording G-1-25-03 Buy Recording
Also in GASP03 (ten tapes) Buy Album We want to assist you in feeling, more, your
San Antonio powerful, in-this-moment, opportunity to select
what you give your attention to, in order to adjust
Are you aware that whatever you are giving your your own vibration. And when you select what
attention to, is really focusing You? You are you are giving your attention to, in order to adjust
Source. You are Nonphysical Energy. You are your own vibration, then, you affect either your
mostly Vibration, but as you are expressing allowance or your disallowance, either your
through these physical bodies, it’s easy to forget allowance or your resistance, either your good-
who you really are, because, as you stand in your feeling or your bad-feeling--either your positive
bodies, living the results, or manifestations, of all emotions or your negative emotions. It’s all the
of that focus, you tend to get wrapped up in the same thing!
end product of the Vibration, rather than being
aware of your being, in the moment of your You are able to adjust your Connection with your
offering the Vibration. Source, which is everything. When you are fully
allowing your Connection with your Source, you
So, physical human life sometimes is not as sweet are radiant; you are clear-minded; you are joyful;
and delicious as it could be, when you, instead of you feel good in the moment; you’re usually
being aware of your in-the-moment vibration, and smiling; your heart is swelling; you feel
therefore your in-the-moment Connection to the appreciation; you feel love; you feel fantastic; you
Source, and therefore your in-the-moment are in love with life. It’s like that first day of
creation of your experience, you sometimes spend vacation feeling all the time. In other words, it’s
more time evaluating what has been created, than that feeling of awakening and feeling free, and
you do being in the moment of creation. knowing that all is well, and feeling adventurous
and eager about the way your life unfolds. That’s
As you stand in your now and you look out into what Connection to your Source feels like.
world events, or even those events that are up
close to you, and you see unwanted things, there And we say, folks, you’ve just got to start
is this tendency to let whatever it is that you are focusing, because you cannot control the
seeing be more important than it ever needs to be- conditions of your environment. And you cannot
-because everything is changing constantly in feel good when you look at conditions that do not
response to the Vibration that you are emitting. please you. And the reason you don’t feel good
when you look at conditions that don’t please you,
It would be sort of like setting your radio dial on is because you are choosing to look at something
one station and then complaining about what that your Source does not join you in.
you’re hearing, when there are so many other
choices that you could tune into. It’s like Jerry and Esther were saying goodbye to LC,
sometimes you have it stuck on one station which (Lovable Cat) and Esther said, “Goodbye, LC,
you really don’t like very much, but then, you just we’re going to be gone a really long time.” And
keep commenting to one another how unpleasant LC looked at Esther and said, “I don’t care.” And
that one station is. Esther said, “But LC, you are going to miss my
sweet face. I’m not going to be petting you every
Anything that’s happening in your experience, day. I’m not going to be looking out for you. I’m
whether it’s a physical condition, even one of a going to be gone a really long time.” And LC
diagnosed illness that is dramatic and scary, or, said, “So long. Goodbye. I’ll be fine. In fact, I
financial troubleÉ even if it is looming very large won’t even think about you while you’re gone.”
and very big, or, a relationship, unsteadiness or And something within Esther, while she adores
discomfort, even if it is strong, we want you to this little cat, really would feel better if LC would
realize that those things are only happening to you miss her a little, because, isn’t suffering in the
absence of someone you love, proof of love? But, Match to that which you, personally, have
we’re really wanting to help you to feel the identified as that which is good.
absurdity of that, even though it’s rampant in your
society. Whenever you look out into your world and see
things that are wanted, we know how good that
Your cat will do what is best for it. feels. And we can understand how you would
want to promote those good things. And then
when you look out into your world and you see
We’re wanting you to want so much for your own things not wanted, we can understand how you
personal joy, that you can be as selfish as your would not want to promote those bad things. But
cat. Your cat, who may focus upon you in the what we are saying to you here is--the promotion,
moment, or may not, but we promise you, your every bit of it, happens by your attention to it.
cat will do whatever is best for it. And where
humans got the idea that their own individual, There are those who say, “If we do not give our
personal suffering was in any way good for attention to unwanted things, then the unwanted
anybody else, defies all Laws of all Universes that things will overtake us.” And we say, when you
we have ever encountered. Feeling good is good, give your attention to unwanted things--more
and is your indication of your full Connection unwanted things will come.
with who You are. So, we’re wanting to help you
to remember, to reorient you, to, almost to shock The basis of your life is freedom; you are so free,
you into, the awareness that every Consciousness, you can choose to direct your thought anywhere.
which includes your full human form, and even Joy is your quest; feeling good is what matters
the cells in your body--every Consciousness is, most; and, of course, your expansion, or growth,
and must continue to be, selfishly oriented. is the natural result of your being focused.
Because, unless you are reaching for what is
individually best for self, you cannot stay So, as we are moving forward here, realizing that
connected to Source. And the Whole, that is Well- all things are possible, what’s the best utilization
Being based, cannot continue to be. of this time together?

Your freedom will truly come to you when you Let’s look for the path of most allowance.
learn to exercise the power of your own focus.
And we have never met anyone who could
exercise the power of their own focus, who didn’t We’re going to look for Paths of Most Allowance;
first decide, “I really, really, really want to feel we may call it the Path of Least Resistance,
good. Nothing is more important than that I feel because, whether it is the Path of Most Allowance
good. Everything other than that is irrelevant. I or the Path of Least Resistance, it’s the same
am going to focus upon that which feels good.” thing. It’s the path that allows; it’s the thought
As you begin to let feeling good be your dominant path, the words, the imagery, the picture, the
quest, everything in your environment begins to memory, the projection of thought, the processes,
take shape to that--because your environment is the tools, the tricks.
coming in response to your thoughts.
Esther was telling Jerry that one of the strongest
Do you get that? Your environment comes in feelings of highs that she has ever felt was when
response to your thoughts. So often, humans play she was pulling the monster bus into the RV resort
it the other way around. Their thoughts come in in Chula Vista, and she had that feeling of
response to their environment. That’s why you’re anticipation of getting onto their parking space,
quite often wanting to control your environment. and taking their walks on the bay, and feeling the
You say, “Let’s get the bad stuff out, and the good ocean air in their lungs, and watching the sunsets.
stuff in. Let’s vote it out. Let’s bomb it out. Let’s In other words, there was that moment: she pulled
boycott it out. Let’s penalize it out. Let’s find through the gate, and pulled the big parking air
some ways of punishing enough that the bad stuff brakes that go “pssssst!” when she does it, and it
stays away.” You can’t punish enough that the was sort of like announcing to the world, “Here
bad stuff stays away. You’re wanting to adjust we are.” And it was a high that was almost
your vibration, so that you become a Vibrational indescribable.
So then, as Esther was trying to regurgitate that time you ate out together. Maybe it was the first
feeling, she discovered that when she thinks only time you drove somewhere together. But all of
about the monster bus being parked there, that you have those moments in time, that, every time
although she gets a little hit from it, it wasn’t very you reflect on them, they take you to that high,
much. But, she discovered that if she would start good place.
at about the time when they reached El Paso, and
think in terms of the delicious meal that they had And our question to you is, why not let as many
at La Posta in Mesilla, and then drive across the moments of your day, as possible, be in thinking
desert and notice the sunset, and then park at that about those things that take you to that high, good
place that is such a beautiful place out in the place? Because that’s the only thing that you need
Arizona desert and take her walk, and then get to do to open your valve to allow the Universe to
back on the freeway and drive through the open deliver to you, right now, all of the things that
freeways with hardly any traffic, and then setting you’ve been asking for.
the cruise control on about 87, and feeling the
power of the monster bus as it sailed across the You don’t have to explain anything to anyone.
desert. And then stopping at a rest stop and having You don’t have to justify anything, and in fact,
a picnic with Jerry, and then anticipating where you cannot. The best use of your time is to find a
they were going. And then, when pulling into moment that is pleasing, and milk it for
Chula Vista, oh boy, did she ever get there! everything that it is worth. And then, if we were
standing in your physical shoes, we would add
In other words, just by wanting to milk some them together; we would pretend as if all the
joyful experience for the purpose of feeling good happy things happened at the same time; we’d add
now, Esther has discovered that that is one that to it; we’d make it up; we would float it into the
she can use over, and over, and over, and over future. In other words, we would just get on
again. Very often, she goes back to their Center in rampages of joyous mushing and mashing of the
Texas where a stream has been man-made, but it deliciousness of our life experience.
looks very, very real. In fact, people who see it
don’t know that it has not always been there. And Today’s potential for joy is beyond anything
Esther sits on a bridge, that is made of a big rock, anyone has ever lived.
with her feet not quite dangling in the water, but
close to it. And as she sits there, Lovable Cat
comes up from a rock ledge and decides to jump We would never stop talking about how good it
over to another rock, and literally flies through the is! We would never stop talking about how good
air over her head in order to get there. And when it is, because it is so very good. We have watched
Esther remembers that moment in time, she all of the humans who have lived all of the lives,
connects to Source Energy in a very powerful and we have never seen anything with the
way. And then, Lovable Cat runs up the tree and potential of what you are standing on now. The
stops long enough to say, “Did you see that?” And potential for joy in this time/space reality is
then runs down the tree and stops long enough to beyond anything that anyone has ever lived. And
say, “Did you see that?” And runs up the tree, and if we were standing in your physical shoes, we
stops long enough to say, “Did you see that?” in would be using every excuse that we could
order to demonstrate her powerful joy in the possibly find to connect to the Source Energy.
moment. And Esther cannot focus upon that And in doing so, every fleeting little dream that
without using that as the moment in time to we ever had would float into our experience like
connect to Source Energy. butterflies and say, “Here I am. Here I am. Here I
am. Here I am. Remember me? You dreamed me
Are most of my thoughts good-feeling thoughts? when you were 12. Remember me? You dreamed
me when you were 18. Remember me? You asked
for me yesterday. Remember me? Remember me?
All of you have these moments in time. Maybe it Remember me?”
was a day you met someone you loved, and you
knew it, for the first time. Maybe it was the first Because every one of them remembers you. Every
thing that they said to you that made you know desire that you have ever held has been encoded
that you really loved them. Maybe it was the first with your Vibration, and has been making its way
time you slept together. Maybe it was the first to you. And you don’t have to get them all at
once. You wouldn’t want to get them all at once.
They are strung out in a perfect array to give you
a never-ending unfolding of perfection. You don’t
eat all of your meals at the same time--you
wouldn’t want to. You want them to come and to
be satisfying as they come. And so it is with
orgasms, and so it is with empires, and so it is
with compliments, and so it isÉ

In other words, this is a life-giving experience.

This is not only your life--this is Life living
through you. You are the livers of all of this, you
Are You Letting It In? that is--off of what is evoking this unpleasant
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun
Decide to lift up off of it.
2001 (pdf)

Guest: I have a personal question about

Begin to take pleasure in feeling relief from it.
developing the ability to let go of things from the
past. I can see that my now is colored by all of
Have you ever been in the middle of a negative
these things. And it’s difficult for me not to
conversation when someone tried to change the
constantly remind myself that I missed out on this
subject to something that felt positive? You didn’t
or that.
necessarily want them to change the subject--you
had some good juices flowing about that topic!
Abraham: Well, that is logical, isn’t it? Because
But they persevered, because they had decided
that’s where your vibration is, it’s logical that you
they were going to lift away from it.
would be reminded of things like that.
And so, you went with them in the different
We have a fun way of looking at it: Let’s say you
conversation, and stayed there for a moment.
have a piece of very fine sandpaper, and you rub it
Then you, too, began to feel relief. We want you
with your fingers. It is so fine that at first, it feels
to get hooked on asking, “Which thought feels
almost like velvet. So you rub it a little more, and
better?” Let the feeling of relief become what is
a little more, and a little moreÉ
most important to you.
In the beginning, there is no detriment to this
We want you to say, “I am practicing the art of
experience. But the longer you rub it, the more
letting in Well-being. The art of keeping out, or
unpleasant it becomes. Your skin is beginning to
the art of resistance--that may be the art of
feel some sensitivity--and after an hour or two,
Ôreality’that I’ve always practiced. That may be
maybe even some beginnings of blisters. Yet
the way my mother does it, and my sister does it,
sometimes, that sandpaper is really the only thing
and the way that everybody that I know does it.
visible in the room. And even though the
Keeping it out may be the art they’re all
experience is not very pleasant, you’ve got this
practicing--but I’m practicing the art of letting it
habit going.
in. I’m lifting off of my discomfort and, in so
doing, letting fresh Energy flow into my
Then, all of a sudden, you realize “Hey, I don’t
have to do this!” and you simply lift your fingers
up off the sandpaper!
When we talk about Deliberate Creation, we can
feel some of you thinking, “I must constantly hold
This is a deliberate intent to remove yourself from
my thoughts rigidly in better places.” And we hear
this irritation. The sensation of lifting up is
you dictating to one another, chastising one
wonderful. As you lift off, it almost feels like
another: “Now, you know that’s not what
spider webs pulling from your fingers. We want
Abraham teaches.” And we say, “And that’s not
you to begin reaching for that ensuing sense of
what Abraham teaches, either!” (Abraham smiles)
We encourage the art of Allowing--the art of
You don’t have to do it. You do have a choice.
letting it in. The tricky thing is that sometimes,
even though this sandpaper is not pleasant and can
get really unpleasant, the key is in developing a
You’ve had your eye on this sandpaper. It seemed
more sensitive awareness.
justified, it seemed important. People talked to
you about it, there’s evidence of it in your life,
We don’t know many of you who would rub your
and everything seems to be somehow about
hand until it is bloody. Yet, that’s the way you
sandpaper. But in reality, there is it, and there is
tend to handle some not-good-feeling subjects.
the absence of it, and you do have a choice of
You rub yourself all over them, until you have so
whether or not to lift your fingers--your thoughts,
severely disallowed Well-being that negativity
begins showing up in your life experience in what’s right or what’s wrong, and then you defend
different ways. your opinion, almost to the death.

We want to get your attention, by saying that no So, when something begins to turn out the way
matter how bad that reality was and no matter you prophesied it would, part of you wants to say,
how justified it may seem to be, none of it needs “See, I told you! I knew that!” If it didn’t feel
to have anything to do with your now. The only good when you knew it, and it doesn’t feel good
question we want to ask--and the only question now while you examine it--then you’re just using
we ever want you to try to answer, ever again--is, it as a current reason not to let Well-being in.
“Am I letting in Well-being right now? Does this
thought let it in? Does this memory let it in? Does And so, when you hear unpleasant things, the new
this statement let it in? Does this discussion let it words we encourage you to offer are, “Oh, that
in? Does this fantasy let it in? Am I letting it in?” doesn’t matter.” Say, “There isn’t anything worth
pushing against and using as my excuse for not
When you begin to focus upon this “lifting off,” letting it in.”
you discover a whole lot of things you habitually
think about, that are not letting it in. And as you As Esther will say to Jerry, “I knew it was going
start playing with this, you’ll start having fun with to turn out this way, I saw it coming, and now
it. Perhaps you’ll make a button or a bumper look at the manifestation of this.” When he looks
sticker: “Are you letting it in?” back at her blankly, as if to say, “This doesn’t
matter,” then she has nothing to go on. If he
Are you letting it in? Letting your natural Well- defended himself even a little, then she’d have
being in? something to build on.

It’s sort of like fighting with a pillow. When you

Are you letting what in? Are you letting in the slug it, it just remains a pillow, and you lose your
Well-being that would be there if you weren’t enthusiasm for the fight. And so, what you want
letting it in? Are you letting it in? “Well,” you to do is be a “pillow” to yourself, and to others.
ask, “how do I know if I’m letting Well-being “It doesn’t matter. That was then, this is now.”
in?” If you are letting it in, then right now you You will defuse the past and, little by little, you
feel great--you feel appreciation or love. If you’re will leave it all behind.
letting it in you will feel good--but if you’re not
letting it in, you won’t feel good. Nothing else has We wanted to talk with you about letting go
any bearing. Well-being has to be important because you are pointedly speaking about what so
enough that you let it in. So you say, “Abraham, many are living and feeling. When you wanted to
when I reflect back, 99% of my life doesn’t let it come here, what was on your mind?
in.” Well, we say, then don’t think about that.
How can you not think about 99% of your life? Guest: I had been recognizing that things missing
Selectively sift your way through it. If you look or unpleasant in my childhood experience were
back with enough intent, you can find something-- now coloring my adult life in a way that doesn’t
within every aspect of every part of it--that would match with what I want.
let it in.
Abraham: From the broader perspective of what
To assist you in lifting off from some of those you intended, everything was exactly the way you
thoughts that don’t feel so good, we’ll give you thought would be of greatest value. You are
some good words to begin: “Oh, it doesn’t matter. actually saying--and part of you is believing--
That’s not important.” In other words, if you find "Had things been different for me as a child, I
yourself wanting to harp on something that would have developed different patterns of
happened, say, “Oh, that doesn’t matter.” thought, and now I’d be in a different place.” And
we say, that contrast was important for the
At the heart of it is, you have felt yourself launching of the desire within you now, and that’s
competing--for goodness, against badness, for all that matters. Do you believe that your
approvalÉ You want, so much, to be in the right childhood deprived you of fulfilling some of your
place, and you have been sorting out all those desires then?
piles. You’ve come to lots of conclusions about
Guest: Not really. I believe that those early you have the power to let it in right now.
experiences shaped me into the person I am today. Anything you’ve lived before has far, far less to
But now, I need a new shaping! do with letting it in right now, than any of you
allow yourself believe.
Abraham: You--and a lot of others--are feeling
inadequate about where you are now, wanting to We offer some “mantras” for you: It doesn’t
blame, who knows what, for your being there. matter. It doesn’t make any difference. No big
We’re saying to you that it does not matter how deal. I didn’t like that, but so what? What
you got here, or how long you’ve been here. The happened was really unfair, but it doesn’t matter
only thing that matters is how you feel--because now. That doesn’t have anything to do with where
the Universe is responding to how you feel right I am now. It really doesn’t matter.
now. And you cannot change the way you feel by
condemning all of the things that got you here. That is about then. You don’t know what the
vibrations were, back then, much less what the
You cannot change your feelings by criticizing surrounding circumstances were. You couldn’t
their cause. possibly go back and sort out why everybody was
behaving the way they were. Even if you could,
that has really nothing to do with now--unless it
That’s why we say it’s better to just lift off from may have shaped you to be clear about what you
it. Easier said than done, we know, but there is currently want.
something to be said for the feeling of relief in,
“Oh, it doesn’t matter.” Can you feel the defusing power of those words to
help you lift off? Doesn’t really matter. What does
You hit upon the very key of what this moment in matter is, right now, am I letting in Well-being?
time is really about when you said you were When you’re letting it in, you feel clarity, vitality,
fussing over the past experiences that shaped you. enthusiasm, and eagerness.
And we say, You are the vibrational offerer that
you are, only because you haven’t chosen to lift “Well,” you say, “those are pretty strong
off. You have so much more power right here in emotions. What if I’m not feeling any of them?”
the now. You could pet your cat, go to a concert, We say, just reach for something that once made
you could focus here, there, or in a million you feel eager, or appreciative or enthusiastic.
different directions--and you could stand in a Hold it as the object of your attention.
different place of letting it in.
This is how to create from the inside out: Remove
What is “shaping”? Shaping is the habit of yourself from the thought process a little bit--and
thought that you picked up along your physical reach more for the feeling. That’s why we use this
trail. And we say, never mind the reason. Just sandpaper analogy: You can actually feel the
know that from wherever you stand, you can relief of lifting up off of something irritating. And
reach and reach and reach--and you can lift off. when you do, you’re letting it in.

Non-Physical Energies, flooding to you and That’s why quantum leaps sometimes work--
through you, do not say, “We’re not flowing because the contrast in your lives causes very
because of that thing you did when you were strong focused desire, helping you find a way to
twelve. And we’re not flowing to you because you lift off of the resistance. And now, suddenly,
learned bad habits then.” The Universe is you’re vibrationally in harmony with something
responding to you right here, and right now. Right very different from just a little while ago.
here and now, you have enormous power--to
laugh or to cry, to reach for thoughts that feel Be easy about it, and more playful. Try to release
better. You have the power to ignore a subject words like struggle, as in “The struggle I’m
altogether and pet your cat. having.” Put it in the past tense: “The struggle I
used to have, which I don’t have as much any
You have the power, right now, to let it in. more.” Can you sense how better that feels?

If you want, badly enough, to let Well-being in,

Esther used to begin many sentences with, “Well,
I used to think--” And we would ask, What do you
think now?

What is your now-thought? “I’m more powerful

than I ever knew.” What now-conclusions have
you come to? “Universal Energy is flowing to me
and through me.”

Other now-conclusions? “Non-Physical Energy is

aware of me, and everything I’ve ever wanted is
being offered to me--if only I will simply let it in.

“Nothing past has anything to do with anything in

my present, except how I allow it in, right now.
The past has nothing to do with my current
Allowing. Either I’m letting it all in, or I’m not.
Either I’m feeling good now, or I’m not.”

It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter.

You’re not feeling so good? It doesn’t matter.

“That doesn’t matter, that doesn’t really matter.”

Well, look over there.

“That feels better . . . “

Good! Now you’re letting it in!

Be Kind To Yourselves You cannot get it wrong, and you never get it
done. And there is no possible way that you could
ever displease that which is Non-Physically
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun
rooting for you and acknowledging the value of
2001 (pdf)
that which you are.
We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is
There is great love here for you. We are
delicious. It is intoxicating. It is fulfilling. It is
complete.— Abraham-Hicks
satisfying. It is beyond verbal description to
interact with the likes of you. It is thrilling to
know what you are about. It is exhilarating to
anticipate what is before you. It is satisfying to
see the expertise with which you are evaluating
your experience. It is satisfying to feel the desire
that is born within you.

Our favorite thought is that of you allowing the

Well-being that you are identifying to flow into
your experience. But whether you do or not, we
are eternally appreciative of your chewing on the
data, and giving birth to the new idea, which takes
us and all that we know forward into the new
eternal arena of everlasting life.

Be kind to yourselves.
We want you to love you as we love you.
We want you to know your value as we know
your value!

Be kind to yourselves. We want you to love you

as we love you. We want you to know your value
as we know your value. But that’s something you
will have to find on your own. Because while we
know it, and while we express it, and while we
want it for you, we cannot vibrate for you. We can
hold you as the object of our attention, and we can
know your power and your value. But it is really
your work, to come to know your own power and

The way you come to know it is through self-

appreciation, through acknowledging the Well-
being that is for you, and by looking for the
evidence of it that is flowing to you eternally.
And, by looking for the evidence that is flowing
to others. And, by no longer keeping score about
the physical comparisons. And, by feeling the
exhilaration of the new idea born within you.
And, by feeling the zest and exhilaration of life
pouring through you toward the new idea. And by
reaching for the idea of visualization to find the
feeling-place, to find the new idea, and to make it
feel familiar, or not.
Begin Enjoying Practicing impossible. When you want to control the
conditions, and you can’t, because you can’t, and
Your Virtual Reality then you are frustrated because you can’t; but you
need to in order to feel good— you’re sort of a
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2001 (pdf) prickly sort of being and hard to be around.
From the recording G-12-15-01 Buy Recording
Also in GAW01 (ten tapes) Buy Album When you discover the freedom of choosing
Orlando, FL thought which connects you with who you are and
causes you to radiate the powerful Pure Positive
Are you knowing what you are wanting? More or Energy that is You, your heart is singing— and
less? Changing all the time--joyously? Evolving, you are so good to be with.
becoming more, clearer, sharper, different? Is
contrast serving you? Are you among the rare The Three Steps
humans who have come to appreciate the contrast There are three steps in the Creative Process. The
of your time and place? first step is: ask for what you want. You can ask
with your words, but your asking is really
We have noticed that you eagerly acknowledge happening on a vibrational level.
the value of contrast when there isn’t much, but
when there is very strong contrast, then it’s The second step is: answer the request. That’s not
difficult, we know. We see you stepping into the your job; that is the job of Source Energy and
category where you really would like to control Universal Forces. Law of Attraction (That which
some circumstances, because, after all, when you is like unto itself is drawn.) is the manager of that.
are observing something that makes you feel But that answer always comes, and it always
good, it seems like the better choice than when comes swiftly and accurately and precisely, and
you are observing something that causes you to fully in the moment of your asking.
not feel good.
“When you ask, it is always given, now,”
“So let’s control the conditions so that we can all surprises many people, because they say, “Can’t
feel good.” It’s impossible, have you noticed? It’s be right. I know, I’ve been asking, and my stuff
an attempt in futility. It’s a life-waster. has not shown up yet.” And we say, that’s because
you are unaware of your job in the third step.
When you discover it is not your work to control
conditions -- Focus on The Third Step
you are finally free. And the third step is: you must be in the receiving
mode of what you’re asking for. You have to be a
vibrational match to your own desire, or, in this
You Are Free vibrationally based Universe, you’re not letting it
Whatever you are giving your attention to is in. Usually, the asking is born where your
vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, you vibration is not pure. So, in the middle of the
include it in your vibration. You can choose asking, you are rarely in the receiving mode.
something that causes you to reverberate in such
fantastic harmony with your Source, that your We think the thing that confuses so many of you,
heart is singing all the time— or you can choose is that you think you are asking with your words,
something to focus upon that is gut-wrenching, or and when you ask with your words, if the answer
unsettling. You do have those choices. And the is coming, it should come right now, and it should
more you deliberately exercise those choices— be in a form that you could recognize. And when
and choose those things that feel good and it doesn’t come right now, in the middle of your
therefore connect you with the whole of who you asking, you assume that something has gone
are— then the less inclined you are to try to wrong. And we say, nothing is wrong. You’re just
control the conditions around you. And that’s a in step one. When you get in step three, you’ll let
happy day for you. When you discover that it is it in.
not your work to control the conditions around
you— you are finally free. It’s good for those In your anxiety, anger, blame, or guilt,
around you, too. Because nothing is more you are not in the receiving mode.
frustrating for you, than to need to do the
(We don’t like to make it sound that permanent,
So, as you are moving through your day and you because all a belief is, is a habit of thought, a
notice that you have more desire or need for thought you keep thinking.) then you will
money than you actually have money, and you continue to offer the vibration that you’ve been
have this conflicting feeling, where you want to offering, which means you’ll continue to live the
spend it for that, but you should spend it for this, life that you’ve been living.
and even if you do pay it where it belongs, there’s
not enough to really go around in the way that you To have different, feel different.
are wanting it to. And in this frustrating moment Look less at what is.
of weighing the pros and cons of your experience, Look more at what is becoming.
you have asked in a very powerful way. But the
answer, even though it’s given, is not received,
because you are more aware of not having enough If you want something different, you have to think
money than you are of having enough money. In a little different. You have to feel a little different.
your frustration, in your anger or blame or guilt, Which means you have to look less at what-is,
in your awareness of not enough money, you are and more at what is becoming.
not in the receiving mode for enough money, so
more money can’t come, not right now. A Virtual Home
Jerry and Esther met with a very lovely man who
Why Isn’t It Here? has started some preliminary work on a new
You’ve asked. Source Energy hears you clearly, house for them. It’s a house that they plan to build
adores you fully, and answers swiftly. So the much later, but they know where they want it, and
answer is not just on the way— it is given. The so they’ve begun the initial phase. And so, he
money should be there now. Why isn’t it? brought them the drawings, and he said, “Take a
Because you’re ornery. You’re worried. You’re look at this, and we’ll meet again, and let me
frustrated. You’ve got your receiver set to a whole know what you think.”
different channel.
Jerry and Esther were at home for about five days,
And so, even though the circumstances are lined and during those five days, Jerry went to a sort of
up, everything’s there for you— you’re zigging virtual world. He took those plans, and with a
while your stuff is zagging. Your request is fully contractor that’s working on another building, he
answered, but you have just been confused about staked it out with posts and string, and stood in
step one and step three. every room, in every closet, on every porch, under
every tree, and tried to look out of every window.
Is it wrong for you to launch your desires from a He walked through his virtual house.
place of negative emotion? Certainly not. It’s
what this contrasting Universe is all about. The Esther said, “Come back to me, oh, husband of
only thing that is going wrong, if anything is mine. Come back to me and live with me here.”
going wrong, and nothing is really going wrong; But Jerry almost missed Thanksgiving, altogether,
but in the way you mean something is going as he spent his week doing virtual laundry,
wrong, is: once you launch a desire, if you do not washing virtual dishes, parking in the virtual
soon become a vibrational match to what you garage, and moving through virtual space. Until,
want, you’re going to hold yourself apart from it in his vibration and in his mind’s eye, that
until you do. beautiful house is now standing.

Practice Different Vibrations Enjoy A Virtual Reality

So the key is, once you become consciously aware Begin to enjoy the fun of going to a Virtual
that you want something different than what-is, Reality, because that must be done before the
you have to, through the power of your mind, reality can join it; you must imagine it and feel it,
practice until you achieve a different vibration and be there. And, most significantly, it must be a
about that subject. You’ve practiced the vibration more dominant vibration than what-is, if what-is
that you have, that’s why things are going as they is going to shift. Because what-is, is. What-is
are. And if you continue to offer thought, if you really has your attention, doesn’t it? What-is, is
continue to think the thoughts you’ve been causing knee jerk response from you. What-is
thinking, which is what some call holding beliefs, keeps perpetuating the vibration of what-is.
What Will Tomorrow Bring? You would be better off spending more time in
If you keep perpetuating the vibration of what-is, your virtual future than in your real past, because
guess what tomorrow is? Pretty much like today there is a tendency, as you re-work the past, to re-
is. And, for the most part, we know your lives are live the problems. Now, you don’t have to, and
good. But we also know that you are insatiable you don’t always do that, but you often do that—
creators, who will never get enough. And the because it’s natural. You are born knowing that
reason we know that, is because we are in you, you are launchers of new desire, with this impulse
and that’s how we feel. for comparative experience.

So, since there is step one, step two, step three, we The Past Helps Define Wanted
think it is such a good idea for you to stop beating The past is serving you enormously well, because
up on yourself when you’re in step one. Step one it helps you to define, over and over and over
is a natural step. And we think it is a very good again, what it is you want from your now
thing when you say, “It’s alright for me to feel powerful platform. Just for a little while, for a
this frustration, it is part of the honing process.” month, spend more time in your Virtual Reality
But then get off of it. Let the frustration launch future, or in your imagination, than you do in
the rocket, but then as quickly as you can, turn perusing your past— and watch how quickly your
your attention to the rocket and start enjoying the life begins to transform into those things that your
fun of the Virtual Reality of your imagination. past has helped you know that you want. But
Start enjoying the fun of giving your attention to don’t look for all of the details of your future
where you’re going. Because where you’re going reality in your now. Pluck them from the
can be infinitely more pleasurable than where you experience of the past, mold them into a powerful
are. picture, right now— and now, use your power to
focus into your virtual future.
Now is very brief in comparison with all that has
passed, and because you often think that those are How do you use your imagination? Well, first of
your only two choices, you spend so much time all, you put you in the picture. And then you live
focused in your past, that you do not really as you would like to live, from an inside feeling
productively use the power of your now as place. Feel how your body feels, that’s a good
effectively as you could. place to start. Now, this is your call. You are the
architect. You are the creator. So you can be as
Look For What Feels Good vital and alive and youthful and flexible and good
It is a wonderful thing when you are looking into feeling and slender and eager, and happy as you
the past, as it is a wonderful thing when you are want to be.
looking into the present, as it is a wonderful thing
when you are looking into your Virtual Reality, or And so, stand in your body, put yourself
into the future. But the key that you are always anywhere that pleases you: on a golf course, in a
wanting to hold is: Wherever you are looking, swimming pool, on an airplane, in your motor
past, present or future— you are wanting to look coach. Put yourself in any environment, and feel
for that which feels good when you see it. how good your body feels. Since it’s a Virtual
Because all of your power is in your now. Reality, make the temperature exactly as you want
it to be; make your clothing exactly appropriate to
Wherever you are looking, that, and breathe in the deliciousness of the air
past, present or future, that is there. Make the sky blue. Put clouds in it if
look for that which feels good. you want. Make it sunrise. Make it sunset. Make
it the middle of the day. You get to do whatever
you’re wanting to do.
As you use your past as a sort of justifying
platform to launch your “reasonable” desire, when Be there by yourself or bring your favorite person
you feel that it is necessary to justify your desire in. Take a look at your favorite person. Give that
by explaining what has been happening in the person the mood you would like that person to
past, you hold yourself in the vibration of what’s have. Make that person playful. Make that person
gone wrong in the past— which means you’re beautiful. Make that person happy. Make that
using your powerful now to recreate something person in perfect vibrational harmony with you.
you really do not want. And, together, go someplace you know the two of
you would adore being. Have a conversation with play within. This is going to be a really, really
that person. Say what you would say under those good time!”
conditions. Bask. Applaud. Praise. Appreciate.
Approve. Listen. Receive compliments. Blush And so, here you are in this well-stocked kitchen
with them. Return them. Adore. Be adored. Move on Planet Earth with all of the ingredients to
your body. See delightful things. Have create anything that you could ever dream for,
stimulation, relative to conversation, relative to hope for, or want. And it’s time for you to start
anything that you care about. utilizing the ingredients that make the things that
please you. And you won’t know Ôtil you try.
Get on a subject that’s really important to you.
Solve problems. Find solutions. Sit with your In your Virtual Reality, make yourself feel good.
president. Talk to anyone on the planet that you
would like to talk to. Bring them in. Give them
the mood. Give them the attitude. Give them the So many physical human friends are creating
ability to hear you. You get the sense of this? everything in their experience, every moment of
Some say, “Too much work.” We say, it’s your every day— and they have no idea that they are
life. doing it. They think all kinds of outside
circumstances and events are responsible for
You are walking into the future of whatever you what’s happening to them. Most people think that
do with your mind. their creativity goes only as far as their bank
So, where is your mind? account or their credit limit. Creativity has very
little to do with that— and everything to do with
the way you feel.
You are walking into the future of whatever you
do with your mind. So where is your mind? Is it Your work, now, is to get into your Virtual
perusing the puzzles and problems of the past? Is Reality; make yourself feel good in your dream—
it perusing the problems of the world? Is it and then watch how quickly feel-good stuff
looking for reasons to feel good? Is it looking for amasses to your point of attraction.
reasons to feel bad? In other words, it is your life,
you get to focus wherever you want to focus.

We Create Our Dreams

Jerry awakened from a very stimulating dream,
and he said to Esther, “I just realized that I put the
words in every person’s mouth that was in my
dream: If they’re adoring me, I put those words
there. If they’re mad at me, I put those words
there. I am the creator of every dream.”

And we say, you are the creator of everything.

And when you realize that you are creating in
your dreams, then you become even more aware
that you can create your future experience, which
will, almost as quickly as you know, become your
now experience.

You are the creator of your reality. But you do it

from your powerful now, as you anticipate into
the future.

It’s A Good time

When you were getting ready to launch this
portion of your consciousness into these bodies,
you said, “No better time and no better place, no
better combination of circumstances and events to
Contrast is essential to decision that vibration, too. So, now you have the Universe
responding to two contradictory vibrations, so
nothing changes for you.
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar
1997 (pdf)
From the recording G_6-6-96 Buy Recording
Most people cannot make it through a whole
Also in GASU96 (ten tapes) Buy Album
sentence without contradicting the vibration of
their desire. They will say, “Abraham, I want to
The contrast of your time and place is such an
be well...I’m so tired of being sick.” Or,
important part of your reason for being, because
“Abraham, I want more money...I’m very tired of
the contrast of your time and place is helpful in
the struggle.” They’re outputting two
your decision of what you want.
contradictory vibrations, and the Universe is
responding to both of them, so nothing is
You Cannot Exclude Excluding from your
changing for them.
When you offer contradictory vibrations,
You are extensions of Creative Energy. You are
the Universe responds to both of them
flow-ers of the Energy that creates worlds. But if
so nothing changes for you.
you have not come to a focus or a decision of that
which you want to flow Energy toward, then you
A Deliberate Creator is someone who lines up the
cannot begin to be that which you really are.
Energy. Somebody that offers a clearer output.
Decision is a focusing of Energy. Most physical
You know from your own experience if you tune
beings don’t really understand that they are
your radio to the frequency that matches the
Creators and thereby focusers of Energy. So most
output from the station, you get a nice clear
physical beings give their attention to all kinds of
signal. But if you get it somewhere in between,
things all over the place, and in doing so, they
it’s sort of fuzzy. The reception isn’t good. And
don’t focus purely enough to really direct the
that’s what’s happening to so many of you who
Energy in any way that they can recognize any
want things that are not coming to you. Your
result from it.
signal is not clear. We prefer the word “pure.”
“Pure” means is not contradicted.
You understand
In order to really clarify what’s happening (in a
when it comes
contradiction of Energy which gets you nowhere
to cookies!
as opposed to an alignment of pure Energy, which
is powerful) hold in your mind these two words.
We want to give you a formula for Creation:
The first word is “inclusion,” meaning “Things I
Simply identify your desire, which simply means
would like to include in my experience. I would
come to a decision, and then achieve a vibrational
like to include abundance. I would like to include
match with that decision. Now what do we mean
wellness. I would like to include vitality. I would
by you achieving a vibrational match with your
like to include oriental rug...” Anything you are
own decision? In every moment that you are
wanting to include in your experience. Inclusion.
awake, you are literally emanating a vibrational
The other word is “exclusion,” meaning things not
signal, not very different from a radio signal— and
wanted. “I’d like to exclude death. I’d like to
the entire Universe responds to that signal. The
exclude sickness. I’d like to exclude violence.”
entire Universe accepts that signal as your point
Exclusion. Things not wanted.
of attraction and responds to whatever it is that
you are outputting.
When you say “yes” to something,
you are including what you do want in your
Most of you are not outputting a pure signal. For
example, when you say, “I want a new red car,”
When you say “no” to something,
the Universe is responding to the vibration of that
you are including what you don’t want in your
desire. But then when you say, “But a new red car
is too expensive,” the Universe is responding to
The thing that we so much want you to hear is that that decision just erupted out of an awareness of
there is no such thing as exclusion— and every what you don’t want. Unfortunately, that’s where
time you attempt it, all you really do is include in most physical humans leave it. In other words,
your vibration something you don’t want. you live the contrast. The contrast serves well.
The contrast helps you make a decision about
what you want. You make your decision in words,
You have been trained to exclude. You’ve been but you don’t line up the Energy. And so, your
trained to say, “Watch out for that. I don’t want decisions just sort of serve to torture or torment
that.” And all along you are including that thing you because you can’t see that unless you line up
you don’t want. So when you say, “I want more the Energy they’re not going to come to fruition.
money… I don’t want debt,” you’re actually And so, in time, those decisions become less and
including two contradictory vibrations within your less important to you because you don’t trust your
vibration. ability to make them come about.

Your desire does not have to be loudly offered, When it comes to cookie counters,
or offered for a long period of time— most of our physical friends correctly apply the
but it must be offered PURELY. process of inclusion,
rather than exclusion.
Now the good news is you can always tell, always See all things as a cookie counter where you
you can tell, when you are including something simply make your choice--
that contradicts your desire— because when you and it is done.
do that, you feel negative emotion. That is what
negative emotion means. It means that you are We’re here to show you that when you take the
including in your vibration something not a time to line up the Energy, and by that we mean
vibrational match to who you are and what you line up your Energy with your desire, which in
want. We have noticed that most decisions come simple terms means a pure vibration, no longer
out of that contrast that we were talking about contradicting your own desire— things will
earlier. You see something you really don’t want, happen fast for you.
and you push against it. And you’ve learned from
your conscious exposure to the Law of Attraction
that anything you give your attention to gets We want so much for you to hear us when we say,
bigger. So those things you do not want, the more “No one can deny you anything. Only you do it
you think about them and the more you talk about through your own contradiction in your own
them, the more of them you experience, until desire. Nothing outside of you is keeping you
finally you reach a place where you really don’t from what you want. Only your own contradiction
want that any more and you begin to say, “No!” to within your own vibration. Most of you have no
it as it begins to rear its ugly head in your idea about your signal. You weren’t born and they
experience. “No, I want not that!” Esther teases as began to tell you about this signal that you were
she quotes from an old movie and shouts, “I’m offering. Instead of being taught to be aware of
mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” the Energy that you were flowing, you were
And when you reach that strong decided place of trained to notice the results of what others were
knowing that you do not want that, “I’m going to doing with their Energy. So you were trained to
lose that twenty pounds,” we hear you shout. Or look at the results and say, “These are good
“I’m going to find a job where they treat me results and those are bad results,” but few of you
nicer.” Or, “I’m not going to put up with that ever learned how to affect the results through your
garbage anymore,” we hear you say. When you Energy flowing, and that’s what we are doing
reach that place of really knowing what you do here.
not want, in the midst of that, erupts a decision.
You know it. You’ve felt it. And then you say, “I
don’t want that. What I do want is this.” Your desire does not have to be loudly offered or
long time offered. You just can’t contradict it.
Now, if you are contradicting it, your Guidance
Now, even though your words have begun to System will show you every time that
speak what you do want, your Energy is still at contradiction is present in your vibration. When
this point grossly contradicted because, after all, you feel negative emotion, it always means, in
this moment, you’re including in your vibration
something that is not in harmony with who you
are and what you want. So then your work is
simple. Your work is to identify what it is you’re
trying to exclude, because if there is negative
emotion, you are wanting to exclude something.
“What is it I’m trying to exclude?” Once you
identify what it is you’re trying to exclude, then
it’s easy to identify what you want to include.

You understand the game of inclusion relative to

some things. Pretend that you’re standing in front
of a cookie counter, and there are many kinds of
cookies there— just about every kind you’ve ever
heard of is represented in this magnificent bakery.
When you stand there, inclusion comes natural to
you doesn’t it. You say, “Well I’d like one of
those and I’d like one of those.” You don’t say,
“Oh, look at those icky peanut butter cookies.”
You don’t say, “I worry that those peanut butter
cookies are going to take over the counter.” You
don’t say, “We’d better get rid of those peanut
butter cookies because you know how they
spread. If we don’t nip it in the bud, they will take
over.” In other words, you don’t play the game of
exclusion when you’re talking about cookies, and
what we would like you to understand is it’s all
about cookies.

You live in a land of contrast because contrast is

essential to decision. But if you will become
includers of what you do want rather than
excluders of what you don’t want, you’ll purify
your Energy. And when you begin to line up your
Energy, you will be amazed at how fast the
Universe responds to you.

Instant manifestations will become a daily

occurrence for you when you, yourself, are not
contradicting your own vibrational desires.
Discover the Thrill of the in the post office basking in the deliciousness of
something. You’re driving in your car basking in
Flowing of Energy the deliciousness of something. Sitting on an
airplane basking in the deliciousness of it. Every
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 1996 (pdf) time you achieve that mental imagery, you vibrate
there, just for a little bit, which means the
We want you to begin to discover the thrill of the Universe sees that as you. Your point of attraction
flowing of Energy. begins to shift again and again and again and
again as your Well-being is known not only to
Jerry and Esther have a new landscaper friend you but the entire Universe— you begin emitting
who was telling them (he planted butterfly such a vibration of Well-being that only Well-
gardens around the house, and so there have just being can be your experience because Law of
been waves of beautiful butterflies and humming Attraction says, “It must be so.” You see? And
birds surrounding their house for months now) then somebody says, “Where are you going?”
and he was telling them the story of some And you say, “Oh, I’m on my way to a fantastic
butterflies that the researchers have noted migrate house, to a delicious relationship, to a perfect car,
thousands of miles, and they have also noted that to healthy, thriving body.” And they say, “Well,
it takes three generations of these butterflies to you’re not there yet.” And you say, “I didn’t say I
reach the destination. And as we relate the story, was there, I said I’m on my way there.”
often our physical friends will say, “Then why
go?” In other words, if you’re not even the guy Aren’t you usually more exhilarated on your way
that gets where you all are going, why bother? somewhere than you are after you get there? We
And we say because the butterfly understands the watch you. You have things you want for years,
joy of the journey. and in the desire you are inspired, and then you
get it and it thrills you for about a day. The
He’s not so fixated on where he’s going as he is physical manifestation does not have the power to
upon the deliciousness of the becoming. And thrill you.
that’s what we want you to begin to experience as
physical creators. The Nonphysical Energy that is your birthright
must be flowing through you if you are to
We want you to take so much pleasure in the experience the joy that is natural to you. Feel the
privacy and clarity and power of your own mind difference between that feeling of peace and that
that the physical manifestation is just a natural feeling of passion. Passion is utilizing the Energy
consequence. No big deal. But you make the and flowing it toward something.
physical manifestation such a big deal that you are
tormented in the absence of the manifestation that Whenever you identify that you want something,
you have chosen instead of enthralled in the there is an automatic crevasse between what you
vision of what it is becoming. want and where you stand, and to the degree that
you are aware of the absence, that’s that negative
When you start taking the pleasure in the edge that some of your feel, but to the degree that
envisioning, you’ve got it. In other words, what you stay involved in the vision, it softens that.
we want you to do is peruse the data, identify Now, the labelers will say “Dreamer. You’ve got
what isn’t wanted, identify what is wanted, take your head in the clouds. Last week you wanted
all of that data and conclude and choose, and as this. This week you want that. Make up your
you do a little bit here - collect data here, here, mind.”
here, here, the Nonphysical Energy of the
Universe has heard you make a lot of statements We want you to make your statements of desire,
about a lot of things, and as you are vibrationally make your demands to the Universe,
projecting Energy about nice people and about from a place of absolute knowing
beautiful things and about friendly animals and that you deserve it and that it is there for you.
about good flowing traffic and about happy
comfortable clothes and about beautiful Those who want everything to be simple enough
surroundings and about good food and about that they can put a label on it, will be
delicious you’re projecting this, uncomfortable in your unrealistic joy because
here and here and here… You’re standing in line they think your joy is only realistic or justified
when you have the evidence to support it. You’re guide you toward anything except knowledge that
not supposed to be happy about something that’s the Stream is there for you to do with it whatever
coming. That is delusionary. You’re not supposed you choose. You see. We have enjoyed very much
to be happy about something that might be. That’s this interaction. There is great love here for you.
dreaming. That’s sticking your neck out too far. We are complete.
That’s setting yourself up for disappointment and
failure. In other words, “Let’s face reality.” And
we say, you choose. Which feels best? In other
words, if there were a law written “Don’t dream.
Don’t imagine.” Many of you would follow it and
you would condemn others who didn’t. You’d
hear somebody hoping for something and you’d
say, “That is not allowed. It is not right to hope.”

“We must face reality!” is what society screams at

you, and we say, if you do, you can only get more
of the same. You are visionaries. You are creators.
You see. And the more of it you do, the better
you’ll get at it, and the better you are at it, the
more you’ll want to do it, until you’ll find
yourself awakening in the middle of the night and
rather than beating up on yourself for not being
asleep, you’ll say, “Ah, there must be some reason
I’m awake. What might I ponder now.” And
you’ll just lie there, and when you meet your mate
in the morning, you’ll say, “I had the most
wonderful experience last night.” Just like when
you come home from Paris you tell your friends
how good it is. When you come out of one of your
envisioning sessions, you’ll say, “Oh, I had the
best vision. Oh, Oh, did I have the...” Rather than
“Oh, I saw the best movies where I sat and
responded to what somebody else wanted to
evoke from me.” Or “Oh, I saw the most horrible
thing on television or I saw the best thing on
television.” What you’re saying is, “Oh, I got the
best thing in motion last night. I brought so many
things that I wanted into one time and place that I
found a feeling place beyond anything I’ve ever
experienced. You’ll even find yourself saying,
“Doesn’t matter if I ever live it or not, I had a
good time last night. The reality of it couldn’t
have been any better than this.” Getting the sense
of what we are talking about?

We want you to utilize the enormous Nonphysical

staff more efficiently. We want you to recognize
that it is there for you, and we want you to make
your statements of desire, make your demands to
the Universe, from a place of absolute knowing
that you deserve it and that it is there for you.
Most of you have not been making demands
because in your humility you do not think you
should. We’re not trying to guide you towards
mansions or toward opulence. We’re not trying to
Do What You are Here to Do You are GOD, embodied in physical bodies,
taking thought beyond that which it has been
before. But if you are not letting the Source
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
Energy, that you are, flow to you and through
2001 (pdf)
you, then you cannot begin to do what you’ve
come here to do.
What is a desire? A desire is a natural product of
living in a diverse environment. Desires are born
So you say, “Oh, good, now we’re getting to it.
naturally within you. And when the desire is born,
Why am I here? What did I come here to do?”
the desire is the promise of the future. The desire
And we say, you came here to have exposure to
is the summoning of life.
more joyful experience. And you say, “For what?”
And we say, for exposure to more joyful
Although many of you do not understand what
experience. And you say, “Yes, but for what? I’m
you’re saying when you say it, you say “Ask, and
willing to pay any price I need to for that joy.”
it is given.” The asking occurs through the desire
that is born within you. When contrast helps you
The only price you can pay for joy is joy. You
conclude a new decision or desire, that desire is a
cannot suffer for joy. “Well,” you say, “maybe
vibrational summoning of Energy.
I’m not here for joy. Maybe I’m here for growth?”
You cannot cease the expansion of the Universe.
The desire is the asking. The Life Force that
You cannot stop doing your part in that
comes in response to the desire is the answering to
expansion, because you are consciousness
that asking.
focused. And as you focus upon the variety, new
desires are concluded within you, and Life Force
“What am I doing with my vibrational
is summoned forward— and you are fulfilling
countenance in the moment of desire summoning
your reason for being. And then, if your objective
through me? Am I allowing the Life Force to flow
is joy, it all comes together in the way that you’ve
through me in a non-resisted way, or am I
pinching it off?” You can tell by the way you feel:
If you feel good, it means you’re allowing it. If
You say, “Hmm, joy. The purpose of my life is
you feel not so good, it means, to the degree that
joy? I’m here to pleasure myself? Surely, no good
you do not feel good, you’re not allowing it.
can come from that! Isn’t that about greed and
Severe depression means really not letting it flow.
selfishness and all of those things that I’ve been
While passion means really letting it flow.
encouraged not to be?”
Whether you feel passion or strong rage, both of
And we ask, who encouraged you? Other greedy,
those emotions mean there is strong, strong,
selfish people? “Don’t serve your desires, serve
strong summoning of desire. If it feels good,
mine,” they say.
you’re letting it flow, but if it feels bad, you are
Universal Laws are always consistent. And if
expansion of the Universe is a good thing, then
There is another part of you, your non-physical
your expansion is, too. If God is good, then you,
inner being. And that other part of you, that God
as an extension of that, must be, too.
force within you, adores that which you are. And
the sooner you get to that self adoration, the
Jerry and Esther stopped at a rest stop, and a
sooner that you will allow the Energy that is really
bright, happy group of young men were standing
you to flow.
around, visiting with an older man who was riding
a motorcycle. And when Esther came back to the
You are extensions of source energy. You have
car, Jerry had already been talking to them. And
come forth as leading edge creators. You’re not
he said, “Esther, come and read this fellow’s T-
here broken, groveling, trying to earn your way
shirt.” And Esther could see, by the twinkle in
back into the grace of something that is complete
Jerry’s eyes, that she was going to like it.
and finished. You are the leading edge extensions
of that.
And she read, “It’s all good.”
Jerry and Esther loved reading the essence of
what they are coming to know, on the T-shirt of a
stranger. As they drove away, they said to each
other, “It is all good, isn’t it! The variety gives us
the ability to desire, and then Life Force comes in
the answer. When we come to our own
conclusions and allow the Energy to flow— and
allow everybody else to come to their conclusions
and allow the Energy to flow— then we continue
to expand. All really is well!
Does It Feel Like The Next being able to discern anything about anything.
Because now they’re saying to you, “The way you
Logical Step? feel means nothing. Follow me and be good or
don’t follow me and be bad.” So you follow along
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 1999 (pdf) and you follow along and you follow along, and
From the recording G-10-18-98 Buy Recording then you say, “Where’s the purpose in life?” And
Also in GAW98 (ten tapes) Buy Album we say, If you have disconnected yourself from
Tarrytown, NY your own Source of joy, you have no guiding
light. It is that joy factor that guides you. You can
GUEST: I would like a clarification on purpose, acclimate to that. You can feel where you are in
which, I understand from your tape, is coming relationship to it. You can feel when you are not
forth and creating a joyful life for yourself. there.

I’ve thought of purpose as destiny. You play a GUEST: So the only lesson that we have to learn
part in it, but then a greater force comes in and is to go out and make ourselves joyous, and by the
plunks you where you are going to do the greatest contrast of trying everything that we can possibly
good. I don’t know the right words. But, is try, we sort out the things that we want, to make it
everybody kind of on a destiny path if they think work for us— for me— personally?
they are?

The purpose of your life is joy. Is Joy Enough For You?

The goal of life is joy! ABRAHAM: We have one question for you: Is
that enough for you?
It is enough for you life time after life time. You
ABRAHAM: We say to our physical friends, the say, “Oh, good. More contrast to give me more
purpose of your life is joy. And they say, “Yeah, desire.” Because you understand that birthing of
but for what? Toward what end? What will that desire is like the plucking of the ripest fruit. When
get me?” And we say, really, the purpose of your that desire bubbles up inside of you… Ah. The
life is joy. The basis of it is absolute freedom to beginning of something more. The summoning of
choose. And the result of it will be growth. So more life, The summoning of more Energy. The
then they say, “Oh, then the real purpose is greater reason for being.
growth because the joy gets us to our growth—
and so the real thing we are after is growth.” And So is there any risk? Let’s say somebody comes
we say, well, you cannot help but have expansion. forth. They don’t remember this. They’re born
Your purpose really is joy, because if your into an environment where what they observed
purpose is anything other than joy, you won’t be took them far from their vibration. They bring
able to find the vibration that allows the Energy some terrible experience to themselves and then
which is the reason for growth. And they say, they croak. And once they are fully focused from
“Oh, so the real purpose is growth after all.” And their Nonphysical, they say, “That was fun. What
we say, “The purpose is joy. The purpose is joy!” now?” They don’t say, “Oh, I’m not going to do
And they say, “Yeah, but for what?” And so, then that again. I’m really tired of climbing the karmic
there comes this belief: “There must be some ladder. I really want to get off of this merry-go-
price to be paid for any real growth.” round.” They don’t say anything of the kind,
The goal of life is joy. Now we know that’s hard because from that broader perspective they know
for you to hear because you’ve been told that if it the value that came forth as a result of their
feels good it probably isn’t. And when you started banging around.
to question that… When you saw those who kept
the rules not thriving and those who broke the GUEST: I’ve heard people say that everything is a
rules thriving, and you pinned somebody down to lesson. And Abraham doesn’t say that everything
say, “Hey, what gives here? I’m keeping the rules is a lesson, but that everything is…
and I’m not thriving, and they’re not keeping the
rules and they are thriving.” Somebody said to ABRAHAM: Everything is the opportunity for
you, “Well, you can’t judge it now. It’s after you new desire which is life. Everything is about life.
die that your reward or punishment comes,” The only question that, if we were standing in
which left you in an utter state of never again your physical shoes, we would ask ourselves is,
“In this moment, am I making the best use of my The worst thing that could happen to you is
life?” In other words, “As the idea of my mother negative emotion. The worst thing that could
comes, am I choosing the most uplifting thought happen to you, in all of the Universe, is you
about her? As I focus upon my mate, am I finding a thought that deprives you of who you
choosing the most uplifting thought? As I focus really are. And so, there are some who say, “Well,
upon my physical body, am I choosing the most then, because the negative emotion only comes up
uplifting thought?” And most of you are not. Most when I really goose up my wanting, I’ll stop my
of you are choosing the loudest thought. Most of wanting, and then I’ll always feel peaceful and
you are choosing the most present or the most contented. Every time a little desire comes up I’ll
obvious. bring it back down, and if there’s no strong
wanting, then there can be no strong negative
emotion.” And we say, “All that does is not
When the question is, “Am I choosing the thought summon life.” It doesn’t pinch it off, but it doesn’t
that feels the best?” summon it to begin with. If you had a choice,
Then you cannot help but live out your experience would you choose passion or peace? If you say,
in the way that you have intended. “passion,” it means you’re eager and ready to
expand. If you say, “peace,” it means you are
focused more on what you don’t want, which
When the question is, “Am I making the best use means your vibration has been beating up on you,
of this moment, am I choosing the thought that is which means you need a good rest. We would
of the highest vibration— which is the same thing encourage you to take it. And when you wake up
to say as “Am I choosing the thought that feels the you will feel eager again.
best?” Then you cannot help but live out your
experience in the way that you have intended. GUEST: When I listen to the Abraham tapes I am
Before you came forth into this physical body the in a wonderful, wonderful place, and it makes me
intentions that you held from your Nonphysical happy. Which to me means that Abraham is
Perspective were general in nature— but they were communicating with my higher being to know,
joyful in nature. From the Nonphysical part of “Yes, this is the right stuff. Just go for it!”
you, you knew that you would be exposed to
contrast. And you knew that the Energy that ABRAHAM: What it means is, as you focus upon
flowed forth from within you would be so those words, it reverberates within you and causes
penetrating and so clear that it would be really you to be a vibrational match to who you really
difficult for you not to recognize whether you are.
were in vibrational sync with it or not.

And so, from the Nonphysical Perspective there When Feeling Limited By Time
was no feeling of guardedness. There was no long GUEST: There are an unlimited number of things
list. You did not make a long list and tuck it into I want to achieve, but I’m faced with a limited
the umbilical cord pocket that says, “Now, number of hours to achieve them. I can’t find the
remember this and remember this and remember time to make it all happen.
this and remember this,” because that part of you
knew— knows— that eventually you will always ABRAHAM: Have you heard it said that time is
come back to it no matter how long you do not illusive? That time is responsive? That time is
remember it. And the best thing that could happen perceptive, is perception? In other words, have
is that you’d bang around, find desires, focus on you ever had a piece of time that was long but
the desires, let the Energy flow and live happily seemed short or a piece that was short but seemed
ever after in this life time, too. The worst thing long?
that could happen is that you would bang around
in contrast, disallow the Energy from flowing Time is a very flexible commodity that is acted
through you, which would make you desire the upon by Energy. Most of you are action oriented,
Energy stronger— which would only bring you which means most of you expect to perform a
back to the Energy Stream eventually, anyway. certain amount of activity in order to get a certain
That is as bad as it gets. amount of results. Well, what that means is, you
are very limited in that which you can create
because, as you say, there’s only so much time.
Or better said, there is only so much action that practiced my imagery so often that the vibration
you can offer within the confines of so much time. of this success is so familiar, even more familiar
than the reality.” Now you haven’t allowed that to
Now, as you come forth into this physical be, relative to this subject. You keep saying,
environment, there are many things that you agree “There’s not enough time. There’s not enough
upon. The idea of gravity, that’s an idea that you time.” Where if you would get into a visualization
agree upon. In other words, the physical state and imagine that there is plenty of time—
time/space reality has within it many things that you would begin to offer a different vibration.
have been set into motion by many thinkers like You are trying to justify your value through your
you from a broader Nonphysical perspective. So hard work or through your action. And what we’re
there is this platform, or launching pad, that has wanting you to hear is that you need not justify.
much that you agree upon. And that is the reason You don’t have anything to justify. Think about it.
for the passage of time. You wanted a focal point, If the Universe is responding to your vibration, do
where when All-That-Is is focused into a specific you think it makes any difference whether the
time/space reality, it gives you a sort of agreement vibration is in response to what you are observing
or platform from which to launch your Creation. or in response to what you are imagining? So you
can image plenty of time, you can image all kinds
When you visualize, or when you get in that of help, you can image…
imaginary place, when you vibrate on purpose,
when you take the time to set your Tone— what And so, the answer to time is, there isn’t any. But
you set into motion is so much more powerful and that’s hard for you to find any belief in when you
so much more productive than anything that you are here with clocks and calendars and others that
could do with your action. When you’ve taken the are in agreement about it. And so, change and
time to set your Tone, and from that vibrational modify it by saying, “time is perceptual.”
place you are called to action— now that action is
not what actually creates. It’s just the way you Let’s say you are in a canoe and you have 30
enjoy or pluck the fruit that you have created minutes to go a half a mile and you can go
through thought. upstream or downstream. It’s your choice. What’s
logical? Let the current carry you. You see. But
when you have created a current that’s going that
Envision more and act less. way and you say, “I want to go that other way,”
Let action always come on the heels of then there is not enough time in the world to ever
visualization. get you there. It’s like saying, “I want some hot
Make a decision that your action is action that is tea.” So you turn on the fire under your tea kettle,
inspired rather than action that is motivated. and just before the water boils, you turn it off.
Then you turn it on again, and just before it boils,
you turn it off. And then you turn it on again, and
You, like almost every other physical human, are just before it boils, you turn it off, and then you
under the misunderstanding that it’s through your complain, “For ten years, all I’ve wanted is a cup
action that you are getting things done. And so, of hot tea.” And we say, “Just leave it on.”
you work many hours a week, usually, in action or
behavior, to try to make things happen— and you To Make Time Expand For You
spend 15 minutes a day, maybe, if you’re really
hard after it, in your visualization. And we’re not The way you make time expand for you… The
suggesting that you flip-flop those completely way you get greater productivity from any
because it would upset your orientation to this moment in time is by flowing with the current—
time/space reality. We certainly would envision and the way you flow with the current is by
more and act less. We would make a decision that finding thoughts that feel good when you think
our action would always come on the heels of our them. One who is connected to the Energy Stream
visualization. We would make a decision that the is more powerful than a million who are not.
action that we are offering would always be action There is not enough action in the world to
that is inspired rather than action that is compensate for a misalignment of Energy.
motivated. (Inspired meaning, “I’ve visualized it.
I’ve imagined it. I have made it familiar...") These Most people who are acting to create, can create,
are important words for you to receive: “I have at best, only mediocrity. It isn’t until you step into
the vibrational realm of visionary that any big So how would one go about expanding time? By
things happen. It is a really rare one of you who acknowledging leverage. Imagine a big heavy
has ever allowed yourself the benefit of focusing box. You want to pick it up. So instead of trying
upon something long enough that the Energy to pick it up, you take a pole and a fulcrum and
began to move with you. When you do that, it is you stick it under and then you push on the other
effortless. Doors open. It’s as if the entire end of the pole. Leverage. Use the leverage of the
Universe is conspiring— and it is— to assist you in Energy that creates worlds… When you get into
what you are wanting. But most of you spend the flow with the Energy that creates worlds, you
your actions rather than aligning your Energy, and will have leverage beyond your wildest dreams.
then you feel overwhelmed because there is not Seventeen seconds of focus that is not
enough action or you can’t muster enough effort. contradicted is equivalent to over 2,000 action
hours. Only twice that— 34 seconds of non
Most of you have convinced yourselves that you contradicted thought— is equivalent to 20,000
prove your worthiness through your effort or action hours. Add another 17 seconds to it and
action. Well, what we are wanting you to do— if you can multiply by ten again. 68 seconds of non
you’re wanting to prove something— is prove contradicted thought is equivalent to more action
your connection to the Energy Stream. hours than you could work in ten life times.
Esther said, “Why don’t I know that? If I have
access to this kind of leverage, why don’t I know
Is This The Next Logical Step? that?” And we said: You rarely hold yourselves
Don’t try to take action about anything until you on a subject for 17 seconds, long enough to allow
have visualized it and made it real enough that it that thought to combust into a more specific, and
feels like the next logical step. therefore more powerful, thought. “You are like
most people,” we said to Esther. “You are so
A friend said about her daughter, “My daughter caught up in the reality of what you are living,
has found something that she really, really, really that the vibration that you offer is mostly only
wants, and she said to me, ÔIf this happens… If about what you are living.”
this really happens like I want it to, then this
joyous thing will make up for all of the things that So whenever you say, “I don’t have enough time,”
have gone wrong in my life. All of the things that that’s the vibration that you offer, and you don’t
I haven’t been able to make happen, it will make have access to exercises or thoughts or ideas or
up for all of them if this just goes the way I want people that you could delegate to. You don’t have
it to.’” And we said, when your desire feels that access to the way the world works without so
big, you’re not really on the brink of it. You know much action.
when you’re on the brink of it when it feels like
the next logical step.
Haven’t you been mystified when you see people
So if we were to say to you, “Does it feel logical who seem to not work very hard at all that have so
to you that all of a sudden time will open up, that much coming to them?
you’ll have time on your hands, that you’ll have While those that are working the hardest— seem
leisure, that money will be flowing to you to be getting the least.
effortlessly, that your action will not be really a Haven’t you ever wondered what was wrong with
part of the magnificent things that come?” And that?
you say, “No. Right now that feels like a pipe
dream that I want to believe, and if I believed,
Abraham, that you could take your magic wand Haven’t you been mystified when you see people
and zap me with that, for this moment, I would be who seem to not work very hard at all that have so
thrilled beyond description.” But it doesn’t feel much wonderful stuff coming to them? And then,
like the next logical step. Does it? And the reason you see those that are working the hardest— and
it doesn’t feel like the next logical step is because they seem to be getting the least. Haven’t you
you have not practiced that imagery. That imagery ever wondered what was wrong with that? They
doesn’t feel familiar. That vibration is not just haven’t learned the leverage of aligning
familiar. Therefore, it’s not the next logical step Energy. They are going about it the hard way.
for you. They are trying to use their action to create—
rather than their alignment of Energy.
Earth Wasn’t Created by Action
So now, is it starting to make sense when we say
to you, “Seek joy”? Joy is the purpose, because in
your joy, you connect to the Energy that makes
things happen. Aren’t you knocked over by this
Earth? Isn’t it awesome this massive space? This
big chunk of matter? Don’t you find it
remarkable? Now try to find action in any of that.
Who built it? Who scooped up that much dirt?
Who used physical action to scoop it up and make
it be? This is not the nature of Creation. Creation
is not and has never been about action. It has
always been about alignment of Energy. So when
you focus upon alignment of Energy time
becomes irrelevant. And when time is irrelevant,
it will be so expansive that you will wonder where
it always was.
Every Clam in the Universe is and fully allowing yourself to be a vibrational
match to the desire that is born.
Naturally Selfish
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun
2000 (pdf)
From the recording G-9-18-99 Buy Recording
Also in GAF99 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Atlanta, GA

There is so much we would like to tell you about

the selfish nature of every cell in this Universe…
Jerry brought a very big question to the forum.

He said, “Abraham, I’ve heard something all my

life, and I’m wondering if it is true. Are clams
really all that happy?” And we said, it may seem
like an unimportant or even silly question on the
face of it. But happiness is always about the
alignment between the desire and allowing. So in
the clam’s or the amoebae’s, or the cell’s
perceiving, as it perceives, even though its
perception is different from yours, it is still
selfishly making a judgment about which feels
better. And as it selfishly concludes that this
would feel better than that, and it holds itself in
vibrational harmony with this, the Universe yields
it to it. Thus, the evolution of all species. Thus,
the motion forward of All-That-Is.

The Universe always yields. That which many of

you are calling God always answers every
request— no matter how big or small it may seem
to any of the rest of you. Every request is
inherently known to be of utmost importance. As
these complicated species, like humans, begin to
evaluate the rightness or the wrongness of their
own species or any other species in their quest for
what they are desiring— that’s when things get all

As you stand in your exaggerated, powerful,

creative, human existence, and you let the contrast
inspire you to your important desire which is
shining through you in this moment, and you are
wise enough to reach for the feeling that matches
this desire that you have given birth to— so that
the heavens open and God force flows through
you for the creation of this thing— now you are
living as you’ve intended to live.

Everything in the Universe exists to enhance and

help your creative endeavor. And you will never
be satisfied, until you are fully utilizing contrast
Every Preference Summons So, if you have things that you’ve been wanting
for awhile that seem to not be happening, it’s only
Source because you have developed patterns, (some call
them beliefs) patterns of thoughts that hold you in
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun vibrational difference from the very desire you are
2004 (pdf) talking about.
From the recording G-9-24-03 Buy Recording
Also in GAF03 (ten tapes) Buy Album Sometimes you say, “I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck
Cincinnati, OH where I am.” And we say, that can’t happen
because you can’t stand still. You can’t be stuck.
Are you feeling the life-giving quality of a desire What could be happening is that you keep
formulated within you? And even though creating the same thing over and over so you think
sometimes the desire is not manifesting as quickly you’re stuck. But it’s not because you’re standing
as you would like it to, do you still understand and still; it’s because you keep looking at what-is and
appreciate fully the value of the desire, even in its offering a vibration about what-is, and recreating
unfulfilled form? When you get there, you have it more of what-is. So, you’re not stuck, you’re just
all figured out. creating the same thing again.

You wanted to come forth into an environment of In other words, if you’ve been in a position where
contrast and variety so that you, a specific you say, “As long as I can remember, I haven’t
individual perceiver, or experiencer, could had enough money.” We say, well, that’s because
actually give birth to your own desire or you keep looking at not having enough money
preference. You knew that the moment that that and talking about not having enough money, and,
pulsing, vibrating preference happens (whether more importantly, feeling what it feels like to not
you talk about it or not; it happens vibrationally) it have enough money. And then, the money that
is the summoning of Source Energy itself. you really want can’t come to you because you
are emitting a vibration that says, This is how it is.
Contrast. Sometimes you think you would like to And when you emanate a vibration that says,
do without it, but you don’t really mean that. You “This is how it is,” guess what? This is how it is.
certainly don’t mean it from your broader,
Nonphysical perspective because anything that So you say, “I’m stuck in this place I don’t want
stirs that desire is literally the summoning of to be.” And we say, you’re not stuck, you’re just
Source. You knew, when you came forth, that creating it again and again, and again. And you
desire would happen and that the desire itself say, “But still, it feels like I’m stuck.” And we
would summon Life Force, and therefore, you say, well, that’s because you keep looking at
would be in your physical body and alive. what-is and creating it again and again, and again.
And you say, “But I’m stuck!” And we say, no
You knew that your life, the life of the Universe, you’re not stuck, you’re just creating the same
the very evolution of All-That-Is, is dependent thing over, and over, again. And you say, “But
upon you coming up with a new idea of I’m stuck; I can’t get off this place. I’m stuck; I
something that would make your life a little bit cannot get off of this place.” And we say, that’s
better (spoken or not spoken). And you knew that because you’re predominantly looking at this
in the moment a desire emanated from you, that place. That’s because you have been born into an
all of the resources that create worlds would come environment that has touted the virtue of being
forth to fulfill it. historically accurate for so long; so you say, This
is how it is.
So, you knew that you would have desires, and
that every desire, large or small, would be You look out into your environment and you
answered by Source— you knew that. And we’re gather your statistics and you say, “These are the
here to talk about the part that many of you seem facts; this is the truth.” And we say, that is so
to have forgotten, which is how to line up with screwy, because what you’re actually saying is,
what you want so that you don’t hold yourself “I’m looking into manifestation, which is only the
vibrationally apart from your own desires. result of how somebody else looked, and I’m
seeing the results of their looking and I’m calling
it history or fact, or truth. And now, because I’m
looking at it, I’m offering the same vibration, that you can really hear it, is: You get to choose
which means now I’m proving their “truth” in my what you expect.
experience, and now I’m calling it truth again.”
And we say, why not just call it what it is? Why As you practice a thought, you will come to an
not call it create what I look at? expectation of it. And when you come to an
expectation of things desired, then things desired
So, if I’m looking at where I stand and I don’t will be your life experience— it must be that way!
have enough money, then rather than saying, “I’m
stuck,” why don’t I say it like it is? I keep looking Your life is a perfect vibrational mirror: what you
at this not-enough-money aspect of my are living is always a perfect vibrational match to
experience, and because of my attention to this that which you are giving your attention to, which
not-enough-money aspect of my experience, I is also always a perfect vibrational match to how
continue to recreate over and over again not you’re feeling.
enough money in my experience. “But, dear
friends,” you might say to others, “I’m not stuck. When you make the correlation that what I think
I’m not stuck; I just keep creating the same things and how I feel and what manifests is always a
I don’t want over and over again.” (We’re getting match, then you begin to understand that you can,
your attention, aren’t we?) with a little selective sifting, with a little
deliberate thinking, with a little deliberately
So, you look out into your society and you see offering words, with a little deliberately sifting
things you don’t want, and you say, “Oh, we need through past, present and future for things that
to keep track of those things we do not want.” feel good to you while you focus upon them— you
And we say, why not tell it like it is? I’m looking can train yourself into a vibrational expectancy
out into society and I’m finding things I don’t that will yield you a life that you, or anyone
want, and then I’m subscribing to cable news; I’m watching you, would have to call a very lovely
subscribing to newspapers; I’m subscribing to life. Not a perfect and complete life, because it is
information that goes all around the world and always changing.
looks for things that aren’t working well. And
then I hold my magnifying glass on them and look In every moment, you’ll be collecting new data
at them, too, so that I can be sure that I can that will give you a new idea of something that
recreate those unwanted things in my experience. you would like to flow your attention to. But then,
friends, that’s what life is. Life is eternally
Now, we have to admit, we are exaggerating moving. Life is always unfolding. You cannot
things a little bit, because, fortunately, you have cease to be.
so many things to look at so there are many
wonderful things that you give your attention to We want to help you to find conscious awareness
that you recreate constantly. Many of your of what you are doing with your vibration. If you
expectations are serving you very well. Look at are consciously aware of how you are feeling,
the lifestyle that you are living. It is amazing, by then you will have the opportunity (if you want
world standards, the things you have come to to) of reaching for the thought that feels even
expect, and therefore, the things that you hold better. And that is really the most powerful tool
stable and constant in your vibration, which you that we could ever give anyone, because when
continue to recreate. you think about it, I am my vibrational center, and
everything that’s happening to me is coming in
You expected this room to be here when you got response to the vibration that I’m emitting. So, if
to this Workshop. And you expected to be able to I’m aware of the vibration that I’m emitting— and
come into it freely. You expected the roadways to I’m constantly reaching for a better vibration—
bring you here in comfort and speed. You expect then is not my life on all fronts improving in a
the food that you will eat today to be there for steady way? And we say, yes, it has to be.
you. You expected these chairs to hold you. You
expected this meeting room to be beautiful and for Stop beating up on yourself about where you are,
it to be comfortable for you. There are all kinds of and start appreciating what is going well about
things that you expect, and therefore you live. where you are. Your new mantra is, “I’m going to
And what we are wanting to give to you, in a way start beating the drum that feels better. I’m going
to start making the best of things, making the best
of things, making the best of things.”

One thing, the only thing, that is really important

for you to decide (and there is such power in
decision): Nothing is more important than that I
feel good. And we’re going to modify that to say:
Nothing is more important than that I feel as good
as I am capable of feeling.

Nothing is more important than that I reach for a

better-feeling thought. Nothing is more important
than that I be aware of how I feel and that I want
to feel good, and that I am willing to reach for a
better-feeling thought.

I’m not ever again going to beat up on myself for

not being able to get to the goodest to the goodest
to the goodest, to the goodest, of all thoughts. I’ll
take the goodest thought that I can find, and I’ll
pat myself on the back— and I’ll keep reaching.
Feel the Freshness of Your When you give your attention to anything, it is
already vibrating, and by your attention to it, you
"Eternal" Now begin to include its vibration in your vibration,
and by Law of Attraction, it and you become very
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec close friends. By Law of Attraction, it cannot get
1998 (pdf) away from you if you are holding it in your
From the recording G-4-11-98 Buy Recording vibration, and as you are holding it in your
Also in GASP98 (ten tapes) Buy Album attention, you are holding it in your vibration.
Virginia Beach, VA

Most physical beings, even though they know we Life Experience Teaches
want them to appreciate the contrast of their time Words really do not teach. It is only life
and place, do not quite yet. Most physical beings, experience that teaches. And so, we are always
because they are predominantly observers of appreciating you when you are living contrasting
what-is, like it better when what they are experiences, and through them, coming to
observing is exactly as they would like it to be. understand the Laws of the Universe as they are.
And we understand that, because when you are It is the way you decide to become Deliberate
giving your attention to something that is pleasing Creators. The manifestation, which is always a
to you, its pleasing vibration reverberates within perfectly matching by-product of whatever it is
you. There is, then, no contradiction between your you are offering, is the very best way we know of
vibration and your Source vibration, and so you for you to fine-tune the vibrational offering of
feel very good. your being.

We understand your desire, or your seeming need, Jerry and Esther have purchased some property on
to control circumstances so that what you observe the interstate highway. Very lovely land. Has
makes you feel good. But that is a big task. In some big oak trees on it and lots of cedar trees on
fact, it’s an impossible task, because you cannot it. And then there is a five acre parcel between
control what others want. And so, what is the their 20 acre commercial property and their
alternative? residential property. They have been trying to
purchase the five acres between the two, but the
If you look out into the physical realm that you people who own it are not ready to sell it, and so,
are living, or even sometimes right in the middle they it to a landscaping company who began to
of your own experience, and as you look at this clear out some of the cedar trees in order to make
reality, you see something that you really do not more room for their equipment. Which is
want, what are your options? To look at it and feel perfectly all right. In other words, it is part of the
the discord of it or to change it? There is an option process of the unfolding of the land.
that few physical beings identify early on or
easily. And that is to take your attention from One day, Jerry and Esther came to their
whatever it is that is not pleasing and then to give commercial property and they saw a big pile of
your attention to something that is. And yet, smoldering cedar. Their new landscaping
sometimes the thing that is not pleasing is so neighbors had been clearing the land, and they
pressing in your experience. It’s so in your face. It have made a very big pile of the trees that they do
is so much affecting your physical senses that it not want, and the trees had been burning. But now
seems nearly impossible for you to take your the pile is smoldering, and on top of the
attention from it. And we say, in that case, just smoldering pile, these youngsters are piling bags
ride it out, and at your first opportunity take a nap of leaves. As Jerry sees this, he is aware that this
or go to a movie or meditate. Do anything you can is not a good idea. He knows that the pile, even
to break the “evil spell”, so to speak, because Law though it is not in flame, is still hot. He knows
of Attraction is a powerful thing. Isn’t it? that there is potential for them to ignite, and sure
enough, later that day, they do. And the wind
When you’ve begun to give your attention to catches them and carries them off into the trees,
something, it continues to come into your and now the fire department is there putting out a
experience, because by Law of Attraction it must. rather large fire.
As Jerry and Esther observed these conditions, happening, in your experience, you achieve
feeling vulnerability because they have two vibrational harmony with whatever it is, and it is
properties neighboring this property, and there is a our promise to you that Law of Attraction will
mini forest fire taking place, Jerry begins to use give you more.
some words to describe what is happening, and he
said, “They are careless.”
Perfect Vibrational Manifestational Matches
So, as Jerry and Esther talk to the owner of the The young man is very embarrassed. He does not
land, they express their apprehension about the realize that Jerry and Esther have that property,
carelessness of these new tenants, who have too. He knows they are the neighbors he
managed, within two or three days of being there, threatened with his forest fire, not once, but twice.
to take Jerry and Esther’s fence down and not His eyes got very large as he saw that they were
replace it and to set the forest on fire. the same people that have this property. Jerry and
Esther smiled at him, and said, “Are you all
A day or two later, they hear the sirens again. right?” He said, “Yes.” He could barely speak. He
Another forest fire. Same group. Same pile. Same was shaken to the core of his being. He had
scenario. And now, Jerry and Esther can hardly narrowly escaped a very harrowing experience.
stand not to notice. In other words, now they are Jerry and Esther were not angry with him, for they
really talking about it. And so, a few days later, as accept, wholly, their part in this co-creative
they are driving past the property, they notice that experience. In other words, they know, especially
the fence has still not been repaired, and as they after the fact, that there is not another person on
are observing what seems to be the characteristics that street more a vibrational match to that
of these well-meaning but very careless accident, on its way looking for someplace to
neighbors, Jerry finds a new word to describe happen, than they were. They were perfect
them. He calls them, “a bit reckless.” vibrational matches to it.

Now, the thing that we want you to hear from this

Gatecrashing Landscapers is: Manifestation is always a perfect by-product of
And then they get a phone call from their office. whatever your vibrational offering has been.
Their business property is on the same street but
down about three-quarters of a mile, and Jerry and In every moment, you are offering your signal,
Esther’s staff called, breathless, and said, “You’re and your signal is about what you are perceiving,
not going to believe what happened. A truck with what you are musing, what you are imagining,
a trailer with a big piece of equipment has just what you are remembering, what you are focusing
crashed into our gate, and they have it completely on in this moment. Your signal is about what you
blocked.” And Esther said to Jerry, “I wonder are giving your attention to.
who that could be?” Because without even seeing
the name on the truck, they knew, without We want you to begin to enjoy and appreciate
question, who it was. your manifestations for the enormous amount of
information that they give you. Certainly, it is
So, they went down to assess the damage, and nice if you are able to hold yourself in pure
sure enough it is the same landscaping company, positive vibration all of the time so that you are
who have not tied their big piece of equipment only attracting pure positive experience. But, so
down properly on the trailer. So as they are going often, we see you tentative and guarded, afraid to
down the hill, it slides forward and causes the offer your thought for fear that you will not create
truck to jack-knife right into the gate, right into some perfect creation.
the gate! It was wedged into the office gate. Those
inside could not get out. Those outside could not
get in. Jerry and Esther began to laugh as hard as You’ll Never Get It Done
they have ever laughed about anything, as the The essence of what we will give you today, in
manifestation had given them very clear report on fact, the theme of our gathering together is: You
what their vibrational offering has been. will never get it done, and you cannot get it
No matter how much attention you give to
something that is happening, or even peripherally
You are constantly molding your experience, and that something other than that might happen. They
the manifestation that occurs is there specifically have made several bids on this property, wanting
to give you the information, or the contrasting very much to purchase the property. They have
information, that helps you more clearly to talked about building a very big fence to buffer
identify what you are wanting. You are creators. them from whatever awful thing might be there.
They’ve talked about buying just a 50-foot strip of
You are creators. You are extensions of Source the land to give them a buffer from what awful
Energy, and you’ve come forth in these bodies thing might be there. Their vibration, without
intending to evaluate the contrast. And we didn’t even realizing it, relative to that land, is,
say conflict. Contrast. Differences. You’ve come “Something awful might take place right next
forth to evaluate the contrast of your physical door to us.” It was a subtle vibration. It wasn’t
time/space reality, with the predominant intention something that they thought about every day, but
of letting that contrast evoke within you clarity of it was something that they talked about quite
decision, because it is through the decisions, that often. That vibration brought to them the closest
you formulate, that you focus, or channel or thing to match the vibration of what they do not
harness or flow or extend, or point the Creative want.
Energy, the powerful Energy that creates worlds.
For Heaven’s sake, these people came in with
Everything is about Law of Attraction, which their bulldozers and knocked trees down and then
means, it’s about what comes to you. There is no set the forest on fire. What could be worse? In
such thing as assertion. In other words, those other words, it is a perfect match to the vibration
young men, reckless little buggers that they are, that they have been offering. But now they have
do not have the power to assert themselves into been given an opportunity. Nothing terrible
Jerry and Esther’s experience. It cannot happen. happened. The whole forest didn’t burn down.
That’s why Jerry and Esther are perfectly willing They can’t even see the char from their home. It
to take responsibility for their part in this co- will be repaired, and it will be of little
creative experience. Because, if Jerry and Esther consequence to them. The gate was easily
had been vibrationally different about them, they repaired. Nothing has happened, that is not easily
could not be having this experience. repaired, except that Jerry and Esther have been
now alerted to the fact that they had within them a
So, where did it begin? How did this reckless vibration that was attracting stuff they don’t want.
bunch end up next door to Jerry and Esther? In Now they have an opportunity to say, “Hey, wait
other words, Jerry would say to you… He has said a minute. I know what I don’t want. I mean, I
this to us on many occasions, as he has been really, really know what I don’t want. What is it
witness to something not wanted, and the more he that I do want?” Now they have an opportunity
focused upon it the more it occurred, “But, not only to understand, more clearly, how directly
Abraham, I was not vibrating there before they the Universe is responding to their vibration but,
did that.” In other words, “I was not calling them most importantly, what has been the vibrational
reckless before I met them. They showed up and content of their vibration. How nice that is.
be-ed reckless before I called them reckless.” And
we say, there is always something in your We want you to get a very clear sense of the
vibration, always. And it is evidenced to you, if it powerful now in which you stand. The Universe,
is something that you do not want, by uneasiness purely and simply, by Law of Attraction, matches
or by apprehension or by negative emotion. the signal of whatever it is that you are offering.
So what we want you to do is feel the freshness of
where you now stand.
Why Do You Want It?
So, as Jerry and Esther ponder this, they realize Your Fresh Eternal Now
they had been wanting to buy that land because it How wonderful it is that you have the opportunity
is commercial land that borders their residential to live here in a physical time/space reality where
property, and they have given talk to wanting the Universe will give you vibrational
whoever utilizes that land to utilize it in a way manifestational matches that are perfectly
that is pleasing to them. But they have made those matched to your vibrational offering. How else, as
statements not from a vibrational place of creative creatures, are you ever going to know
expecting that but from a guarded, fearful place what you are outputting. But, so often, you, in a
tentative way, output carefully because you don’t
want to mess up some manifestation. Afraid that Matching Your Desire
you might manifest something that somebody The formula for getting anything says, “Identify
might see, and then they might say, “Hm, not a the desire.” That’s not hard. Contrast helps you to
very good creator over there.” And that’s why we do that. But once you’ve identified the desire,
say to you, you never get it done. Every moment then your work is to vibrate the same as your
that you are attracting unto you, and as it is desire vibrates, and when you are a match to your
manifesting, that’s just the launching place, that’s desire, Law of Attraction puts you and your desire
just the jumping off place for much, much, much in the same place.
You would not set your radio dial in your car on
We want you to get a very clear sense of the 101 FM and expect to get 98.6. You know that if
powerful now in which you stand. We want you there is a signal being offered, that you have to set
to feel the freshness of the now in which you your tuner to receive it. That’s how the Law of
stand. Think about it. Think about how important Attraction works. So if you’ve got a desire that’s
and powerful your now perspective is. Oh, sure, vibrating here and a belief or a habit of thought
you got here because of this and this and this. In that’s vibrating there, they’re not going to come
other words, a forest fire or two, someone together. In other words, you have to be a
crashing into your gate. It’s not hard to vibrational match to your own desire.
understand, as you look back to what you’ve been
living, why you stand where you stand. But what You cannot love your children and worry about
we want you to do is to not try so hard to explain them at the same time. It’s two different
how you got here. Just be here, in this fresh place, vibrations. You cannot want something and notice
feeling the freshness of the desire that is burning that you don’t have it and get it. You can’t say,
within you. “This is something that I would love to have, but I
don’t have it”, without holding it apart from you.

The Universe And You Talk about what it’s like. Imagine that you have it.
The Universe does not know or care why you are Pretend that it’s already there. Find the feeling
vibrating as you now are, and it does not know if place of what it is.
you’re vibrating, as you are right now doing, in
response to something you’re observing or in Jerry and Esther did not find the feeling place of
response to something you are imagining. The lovely neighbors, respectful of land… Instead,
Universe does not question why you’re offering they worried that their neighbors wouldn’t be
the vibration that you’re offering, or whether you respectful of the land, until they got some that
should be offering it or not, or whether it is even a weren’t. And then they observed that they had
match to something you want. The Universe, neighbors that were not respectful of the land, and
purely and simply, by Law of Attraction, just then they brought out aspects of their neighbors in
matches the signal of whatever it is that you are stunning proportion. Their neighbors have not
now offering. So what we want you to do is feel ever known, before, how irresponsible they are.
the freshness of where you now stand. They’re scratching their heads. “How can we be
this bad in such a short period of time?”
Jerry and Esther can just now feel the power of
the clarity of the decision that they have reached We are wanting to, as creators, offer a vibration
as a result of all they have lived, and they can that matches our desire rather than offering our
resist the temptation of dipping back into vibration that matches our observation. That’s
justification or explaining anything which would really the key. Isn’t it? We call it Setting the
drag that stale stuff in and cause their fresh now to Tone. Offering the vibration that is in harmony
be stale and just like it was before, so nothing new with what you want rather than offering the
happens. Stand here in the freshness of where you vibration that is in harmony with what you’ve got,
now stand, and simply say, “Universe, I’ve lived and little by little, Law of Attraction will make
all of that, and as result of that, I now know this. masterful creators of you. It doesn’t take much
This is the desire that burns in my belly right now. flowing and noticing what you are getting, before
Answer this desire!” you really get the sense of how this all works.
Stand here in the freshness of where you now The emotions that you feel are your indicators of
stand, and simply say, “Universe, I’ve lived all of these more subtle vibrations. Some call it the sixth
that, and as result of that, I now know this. This is sense. We call it sixth, seventh, eighth, twentieth,
the desire that burns in my belly right now. two thousandth, four thousandth...These
Answer this desire!” vibrations that you begin to sense through your
emotion center are infinite. To make it easy to
These Wonderful Times understand: The better you feel, the higher the
You live in wonderful times, friends. The Energy vibration.
of your planet is so significant. Many of you have
been asking, even though many of you are not a The better you feel, the higher the vibration.
vibrational match to that which you are asking
for… So, even though you’re asking, many of What Floats Your Cork?
your desires are not being satisfied. Still, your Imagine a cork bobbing on a body of water. It’s
asking is summoning quantities of Nonphysical up there in that Pure Positive Energy, high, clear,
Energy, the likes of which we have never pure, no resistance, vibration. Now take hold of
witnessed in the physical arena. It means the the cork and hold it under the water. That’s what
manifestation time is shorter. The time between negative emotion is. The good news is, in the
the conception of the idea and the achieving of the moment that you take your attention away from
vibrational harmony between the idea and the whatever it is that has caused your cork to go
manifestation, is the shortest that we’ve ever seen under the water, as soon as you take your
and getting shorter all the time. It is much easier attention from it, the cork bobs right back up to
to have a thought, get a manifestation, and then the surface.
make the association that the thought caused the
manifestation, when the buffer of time is shorter. We want very much for you to hear us when we
And so, that is our strongest message to you here say, it is natural for you to vibrate in that pure
today: We want you to begin to be infinitely positive place, and if were not for thoughts that
aware of the signal that you are offering. you’ve picked up along your physical trail, you
would all be vibrating up there in that place of
clarity, in that place of wellness, in that place of
To Understand Vibration abundance, in that place of Pure Positive Energy.
Everything is about vibration. Physical beings It’s who you are. It’s natural unto you.
sometimes are uncomfortable talking about
vibration. They say, “Abraham, never mind
vibration. Tell me what to do.” And we say, “All You Are Eternally You
right. Vibrate. Vibrate on purpose.” As you stand here in your physical bodies, you are
an extension of Nonphysical Energy. You are not
You understand vibration pretty well through your here as physical beings sometimes and in the
physical senses. What you see with your eyes is Nonphysical realm, as souls or spirits or ghosts or
an interpretation of vibration. What you hear with dead ones, at other times. You are always
your ears, is an unconscious interpretation of Nonphysical Essence or Energy or Perspective or
vibration. Even what you smell or taste or feel Perception or Consciousness… The Nonphysical
with your fingertips, this is all your sensual part of you is an eternal existence, just like
interpretation of vibration. The reason that red sometimes you choose to come here and
looks red and green looks green is because they sometimes you choose to go to the movie and
are different vibrations. They are similar sometimes you choose to go to work, sometimes
vibrations, but they are different vibrations. The that Nonphysical Consciousness chooses to
reason that one thing smells one way and one perceive or to exist or to flow into a conscious
thing smells another or one thing tastes one way physical perspective, and that’s what is happening
and one thing tastes another is because they are with you here. You are extensions of Nonphysical
vibrationally different, and you have the ability to Energy.
discern the difference. What we want to assist you
in doing is awakening, bringing forth to your The Nonphysical part of you, which is your
conscious awareness, the sensors in your Energy Source Energy, is the essential, eternal part of
Center. you. Your Nonphysical Energy could exist
without the physical extension, but the physical
extension could never exist without the as law of detraction, as you are giving your
Nonphysical Energy. You are an extension of that. attention to the thing that you do not want and you
are shouting, “No!” at it, you are not sending it
away. You are calling it closer. And as you calling
You Are Consciousness it closer, or including it, the inclusion of this
Now, that Nonphysical part of you is all vibration. lower, slower vibration slows the overall vibration
In other words, not physical stuff, not matter, not of you, and you are filled with resistance. You are
flesh, blood, or bone. It is a Consciousness. no longer up to speed with who you really are,
Electricity. Energy. and the negative emotion that you feel, is your
indicator that you are off your mark. You have
The Nonphysical part of you is Consciousness. just set your tuner on a different station than your
It’s a bit like the you that you know in your dream Source Energy.
state. This Nonphysical Consciousness that is you
or that is your Soul or your Spirit, or the God that Why do we want to help you with this
is within you, that part of you vibrates at a very manifestation? Is it because we want you to have
high, fast frequency, and the reason that it is high all of those things you think you want? Certainly,
and fast is because it is pure. in part. We want you to have the manifestation of
all things that are important to you. But the
Imagine a room fan blowing air at you, very manifestation is really not what it is all about.
quietly. You know it’s on. You feel the air. You
can’t hear it, but you can feel it. Now stick your
pencil in the fan. That pencil in the fan would Desire Summons Life Force
make quite a racket. Wouldn’t it? That pencil in The desire for the manifestation is just your way
the fan would slow the fan. So you would say the of focusing so that you can summon Life Force
pencil in the fan is resistance. In other words, it through you to it.
slows the motion, or lowers the speed, of the fan.
Well, resistance, in your physical realm, in terms Desire is life. Contrast is what causes you to
of Energy, is the same thing. decide, and that decision is the asking. Have you
heard the expression, “Ask and it is given?” Well,
When you introduce a lower, slower vibration to a that desire that burns within you is the asking.
higher, faster one, the result is a slowing of the
faster vibration. So when you give your attention Life is nothing without desire because desire
to something that is in vibrational harmony with summons the Life Force and when that Life Force
who you are, there is no resistance. is flowing through you that’s when you are truly

When You Appreciate

When you are praising, when you are Life is nothing without desire because desire
appreciating, when you are acknowledging value, summons the Life Force and when that Life Force
when you are looking for positive aspects, when is flowing through you, that’s when you are truly
you are laughing, when you are applauding, when alive.
you are joyous, when you are feeling that feeling
of appreciation pulsing through you, in those Can’t you feel yourself more alive when you have
times, there is no resistance within you. You are, a project or an interest? Remember that lover that
in those moments, vibrationally up to speed with you wanted or that mansion that you were
who you really are. working on, or that hike out into the woods that
you had planned? Don’t you always feel better
When you are feeling anger or frustration or fear when you have an object of desire and no
or loneliness or guilt, or those feelings that you resistance in your vibration, and your object of
describe as negative emotion, what that always desire is summoning life through you? That’s
means is, you are looking right at something that your natural state of being.
you do not want.
Nothing is more delicious than to be physically
Since there is no such thing as exclusion, no such focused, letting the contrast help you to define
thing as law of get it away from me, no such thing whatever it is that, in this powerful now, you are
wanting to give your attention to. And when you
give your attention to something in a non-diluted
fashion… Rather than saying, “I want it but… I
want it but… I want a new red car, but it is too
expensive.” Contradictory Energy. You don’t get
anywhere. But when you say, “I want a new red
car, and I love the way it smells, and it is
wonderful the dependability of the newness, and I
love the way it drives.” When you stay focused
upon what it is you do want, without contradicting
it with what you don’t want, now your vibration
lines up with what it is, and the Energy flows
through you.

Sure, you get the car, and that’s great. More

importantly, you get the enthusiasm of that feeling
of Energy flowing through you on your way to
that. And when you get there, the good news is,
you’re still not done because you never get it

Once you get the manifestation, not only have you

fulfilled that manifestation, not only is that desire
now checked off your list, but now you have a
new perspective from which to want. Now you
have another vantage point from which to find
something else that you want to flow the Energy
toward. And it is the Energy flowing through you
that you are all about.

The formula for creating anything is a very simple

formula. It is simple to understand. It takes a little
practice to implement. The formula says, “When
my desire and my habit of thought or my thought
in this moment or my belief...” A belief is just a
thought you keep thinking, isn’t it? “When my
desire and my vibration in this moment are a
match, then my desire must be.”

When I am offering a signal that is a vibrational

match to my desire, then, by Law of Attraction,
we are vibrating in the same place, and the Law of
Attraction will bring whatever my desire is to me
and me to it.”
Feel the Joy Of Your feels familiar, until it feels like the manifestation
of it is the next logical step.”
Unfulfilled Desires
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar The goal must exist to summon the Energy, but
2000 (pdf) the goal can’t matter that much— or it stops the
From the recording G-6-6-99 Buy Recording Energy.
Also in GASU99 (ten tapes) Buy Album

You don’t stop very often to think about how you Let us bring this to a place that if you get this, you
are feeling. And yet, how you are feeling is will have quantum leaped into a new place of
everything. How you are feeling is your point of deliberate attraction: Most everybody stands here,
attraction. How you are feeling is your asking dissatisfied to some degree, longing to be over
from the Universe. How you are feeling is there. But the whole point of that point of
everything that is coming to you! attention to over there is not to get over there. The
whole point of the goal or the desire is that the
How You Are Feeling is Your Point of Attraction desire summons Life Force through you. That’s
why you’re always wanting another goal, another
Most of you have not discovered that the Universe goal, another goal. That’s why we say you will
is conspiring to assist you. And so you work hard never get it done. So, “Why do I want that?” It’s
from an attitude of unworthiness, from a feeling an interesting thing, isn’t it? The goal must exist
that you are not enough, from a feeling that you to summon the Energy, but the goal can’t matter
have to justify. And what we want you to begin to that much, or it stops the Energy.
do is recognize that the Universe is responding to You’re wanting the goal for the sake of the
the way you feel. So think about the way you feel. Energy that will flow through you, not for the
sake of the manifestation.
Don’t think so much about what you’re thinking
or about what you have or about how you A woman, one day, said, “Abraham, I don’t think
compare with your actions or your possessions to you care if my lover ever comes to me. I think
others. Instead, think about how you feel. Ask you want me to envision him so clearly that in my
yourself, “Am I sitting here in a feeling of well- mind’s eye, he is real— so real, that it doesn’t
being? Do I feel intimidated? Do I feel self- matter that he’s not really there.” And we said,
conscious? Do I feel inadequate? Do I feel that’s exactly right. We know when she feels him
unworthy? Or do I feel pretty good? Do I feel in that way, the pain will be gone from her, and
cocky? Do I feel full of myself? Do I feel in love the Life Force will flow through her, and all of her
with life? Do I feel exhilarated? Am I feeling fun? goals will be achieved. And we also know, then
Am I feeling some passion?” How you’re feeling he must come. But it is not about him coming. It
is what your point of attraction is. is about him being a goal that is reason for her to
focus, that causes Life Force to flow through her.
It is about the Life Force flowing through her.
Your Point of Attraction
If you’re feeling unworthy, you can work day and We are delighted that you have unfulfilled goals,
night, night and day, every day, and yet not allow because as long as you have desire, Life Force is
the very things that you want to flow, because still flowing through you. From our Nonphysical
your vibration is not allowing it, and the Universe perspective, we see the unfulfilled goal as the
cannot buck your current. How you’re feeling is constant summoning of life. You say, “We want
everything. So if we were standing in your fulfilled goals!” And we say, Your goals will all
physical shoes, we would let the contrast naturally be fulfilled when you get over being so unhappy
produce the desire, for it will. And when we feel a that they’re not fulfilled— when you start being
desire within us, we would look at it, we would satisfied in the unfulfillment!
recognize the weirdness of it, we would recognize
how unfamiliar it feels, and then we would do
what is our work: “I will do the work that I have The Cycle of Creation
been born to do: My work is to take that new “Here I am. Here is this contrast that gives birth to
desire and play with it in my mind’s eye, until it a new desire. The new desire feels weird in the
beginning, because this is where I’m used to still have wanting, I’m still summoning life. That
vibrating. So I look at it; I talk about it; I visualize means I still have the future ahead of me. That
it; I play with it; I imagine it until it becomes means Life Force is still flowing.”
familiar— and now it is the vibration that is me.
And now we are one. Have you ever found yourself eating an ice cream
cone and wanting to make it last? Do you find
“Now I have a new platform from which to yourself ever in a sexual interlude or in a delicious
examine contrast, which gives birth to another book, wanting it to last? You can tell you’re
desire, which is weird in the beginning. I’m a getting to the end of it, and you don’t want it to be
Ôfailure’again; I haven’t succeeded. But I look at over? You know that feeling of savoring? That’s
it; I visualize it; I find the feeling place of it; it the way we’re wanting you to be with your goals.
gets familiar; I imagine it; and it becomes the next And that may be why you’re not so eager to get
logical step. It manifests, and now here I am on with the completion of everything. You’re
again...” You never stop that cycle so long as you recognizing that you have all of this life before
all shall live— which is forever. you— so much wonderful stuff to do— never
getting it done.
You said, “I will go forth into this physical
time/space reality, because this is the best Where you now are is the perfect place to be, the
environment that I know of that will keep perfect place to move from, the perfect place from
producing new desire within me. And nothing in which to attract. Nothing is inappropriate with
all of the Universe is more delicious than to have where you are. There’s not one reason in this
new desire within me!” world for you to feel anything but proud about
where you are and eager about what it will
produce for you.
Celebrate the desire that is within you and stop
cursing the fact that it isn’t yet fulfilled. All things are possible. Oh, you can’t even begin
to get your thoughts around what is before you!
But you see, none of you are ever asked (and it’s a
Celebrate the desire that is within you, and stop wonderful thing) to stand here and plan
cursing the fact that it isn’t fulfilled! It is the everything forevermore. Just stand where you are
desire that is within you that is worth and let the natural desire that is born out of that
everything— it is life itself! You keep thinking come into alignment with you. That’s your work:
that it must be manifested before you can feel Contrast produces it. You feel it, recognize it, and
good, and that is backwards. The fact that it exists then line up your Energy with it.
is the reason for the Life Force.
There isn’t anything that you want or have ever You are born into an environment that will
wanted, or anybody has ever wanted or ever will produce the goals. Your work is then to choose
want that is for any other reason than this: You from those goals, focus, as the creator that you
want it because you think, in the having of it, you are, and in your focusing, allow the Energy to
will feel better. And we are here to say to you, flow to the completion of those goals. There are
you want it because in the wanting of it, Life endless possibilities.
Force is summoned through you— and you are
more alive. You are in the flow. So many of you spend your lifetimes arguing
about what is an appropriate goal. We’re not
Being In The Flow is having goals that cause kidding when we say you cannot get it wrong.
Energy to flow through you. It is being in such a There are no actions that are deemed
place of expectation and acceptance of your inappropriate as such. Sometimes people say,
eternal motion forward, that you are eternally in “Well Abraham, you scare us, because as you talk
the flow. So people say, “How are you doing?” about absolute freedom, we are afraid that you
And you say, “Great!” And they say, “Well, is might give people permission to do bad things to
there anything not going well with you?” And you other people.” Whether we give them permission
say, “Everything always goes well with me!” And or not, everybody’s gonna do what they’re gonna
they say, “Oh, but I see there are all these things do, and you can’t get enough laws into place to
incomplete in your experience.” And you say, keep that from happening. But we promise you,
“Yeah, isn’t it great? That means I’m still alive. I no one would ever do anything bad to any other at
the same time they were connected to Source
Energy. You never connect to Source Energy and
lash out against anyone else.

As you are pushing against wrongdoers, even

though they might be really doing wrong, your
pushing against them disconnects you from any
real power. You think the strongest one wins. But
your pushing against them is disempowering you,
and their pushing against you is disempowering
them. So if your opponent wins, it is actually
because you pushed against hardest. When you
are pushing against someone --you are weakening
yourself. “My adversary won because I did a
better job of disallowing my well-being. I pushed
harder against him.” We’re just wanting to get a
little twist on this, so that you can give up all that
pushing against, because it never helps.

There has been co-creating here that has taken this

thought beyond that which it has been before.
Once you have an opportunity to review this, you
will realize that together, we have achieved a sort
of quantum leap in understanding.
Good Feels Good And Bad got your dial set. And the easiest way to
understand where you’ve got your dial set is by
Feels Bad paying attention to the way you feel— because the
way you feel lets you know everything about your
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec vibrational frequency. We are going to give it to
2001 (pdf) you in the most precise way that you will ever
From the recording G-1-27-01 Buy Recording need to know: Good means good. Bad means bad.
Also in GASP01 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Boca Raton, FL If it feels good to you, you’re in alignment with
something you desire.
Because you do not understand the Law of If it feels bad to you, you are not.
Attraction, you have picked up utterly illogical
beliefs. And then you try to make those illogical
beliefs fit into the framework of where you stand, If it feels good to you, you’re in alignment with
moment by moment. something you desire. If it feels bad to you, you
are not. Don’t let anybody else’s determination of
We are wanting to assist you in releasing those what is good or bad, mess up your ability to know
illogical beliefs by looking to the logic of Law of what’s good and bad.
Attraction and letting it prove out in your own life
experience. When you look out into the If your house is on fire and the firemen come, and
experiences of others, and try to make sense of take their hoses and spray the water into your
what they’re living, from your framework, you are house and extinguish the fire, everyone says,
extraordinarily handicapped, because you do not “Good job, firemen. Let it be known that the
have access to their vibrational meter. You can’t firemen who came and broke out your windows
feel whether they are in alignment or not. As you and sprayed the water into your house are
try to figure out how it’s working for others, by forevermore known as heroes.” But if they come
the handful of flimsy beliefs that have been given on a day when there is no fire and break out your
to you by parents or by churches or by windows and spray water into your house, you
government— or by anyone who seeks to control say, “It must still be good, because it is written
you in order to help their experience be better— that that action is good.”
you come out of that confused about how it
works. Well, that one was easy, because it’s easy for you
to say, “Fire. Firemen. Good. No fire. Firemen.
Law of Attraction is the order of this day. Not good.” And yet you dig up histories of long
It always has been and it always will be. ago, where major pieces of the information have
been left out, and you still come to the conclusion,
“Firemen, good under all conditions.”
We are here to tell you, simply and purely, how it
works: Law of Attraction is the order of this day. We are appealing to your logic. We’re wanting
It always has been and it always will be. What you to use the guidance that comes forth from
Law of Attraction says is, “This is a vibrationally within you to determine the appropriateness or
based Universe. Everything vibrates, and Law of inappropriateness of any thought, word or deed—
Attraction sorts it all out.” In the same way that in your now. Not because there is some outside
when you turn on your radio, you’re going to arbitrator who’s getting his feelings hurt if you go
receive the signal that your radio is tuned to, Law astray, but because, in this moment, you may be
of Attraction sorts out matching vibrational pinching yourself off from the Life Force that is
frequencies and gives everybody exactly what so natural unto you, so much what you want, and
they’re tuned to. so much what you deserve.

The thing that is confusing is that you are tuned If you think in terms of your connection to
into lots of different things. And most of you are Source, first, your life will align. If you will let
not aware of what you’re tuned in to until it the thing that is most important to you be your
manifests, and then you want to give somebody alignment to who you are— your alignment to
else the credit for it coming to you, when it is only Source— then every desire that is born out of this
about your tuning. It’s only about where you’ve
magnificent contrasting experience will flow inappropriate, while your Inner Being concludes
easily unto you. that you are appropriate.

Many of you are standing in a place different than Any individual or a society who is, in this
you really would like. Sometimes you have moment, allowing Source Energy to flow is not
physical conditions that you would like to release. something that you need fear— but something that
Sometimes there are things not in your life that you would all revere.
you would like to draw into your life. Sometimes
your life is feeling very good, but you are wanting
more of that which feels very good. And the Art Now, some feel uneasy as they hear us express
of Allowing is your key to living happily ever this, because they believe that the only way that
after. the society can ever be contained, to not be
outrageous foolish victimizers, is by holding them
Now, when we say, “Happily ever after,” we’re down with restraints or laws, or worrisome things
only talking about “Happily ever after,” here in like promises of punishment after death. And we
this physical body, because happily really ever say, any individual or a society who is, in this
after is a sure thing. You cannot help but really moment, allowing Source Energy to flow is not
live really happily, really ever, really after, something that you need fear— but something that
because you are Eternal Beings. And you are you would all revere.
destined to joyous experience.
You put yourselves in an impossible situation,
Sometimes you are not living happily ever after, because you live in an environment where there
here and now. The only reason that any of you is are lots of different approaches to life. And then
not living happily ever after, in the here and now, you wrestle one another to the ground, eternally,
is because you are holding incompatible as you are warring over whose beliefs are really
vibrations within you— that have been given to the right ones. As if there could ever be one set of
you by others, and by your own exposure to life beliefs that is right in all cases.
conditions and experience, erroneous conclusions
that do not measure up to Law of Attraction as we Were the firemen right, or wrong, to put out that
know it to be. fire? Were the firemen right, or wrong, to break
out those windows? And if they were right under
You know you’re in alignment with Source that condition, then are they right under all
Energy when you feel good. So let’s say you’re conditions? Of course not. The condition has a lot
remembering something about your behavior from to do with it, doesn’t it? You must be allowed to
past experience. Maybe it happened yesterday. make your determination, in the moment. You
Maybe it happened when you were 16. And as must be allowed. And you are.
you remember it, you feel uneasy. You feel guilty.
You feel uncomfortable as you think about this. You are Eternal Beings, eternally moving
forward. You cannot get it done, and you cannot
Now many would say to you, “Well, that means get it wrong because every place that you stand is
you are guilty. That guilty feeling is because you a new place of conclusion.
did something really, really bad. And that guilty
feeling is what it feels like when you’ve done So let’s say something happened when you were
something really, really bad.” And we say, that 16, or yesterday. And you are uncomfortable
guilty feeling doesn’t mean you’ve done about it having happened. Your work, today, is to
something really, really bad. It may mean you bring yourself to a place of comfort. So, we ask
think you’ve done something that is really, really you, do you think that place of comfort will come
bad. But what it really means is, right here and to you by further condemnation? Do you think it
now, you are choosing an approach to a thought would come to you by going back and reliving the
that is not consistent with your Source Energy. event? Or is it even possible to go back and relive
the fact over again? You can’t go back and relive
Your Source Energy adores you, and, in this it. And it has nothing to do with your now.
moment, you are choosing not to. You are
choosing to remember something that someone The only thing that has anything to do with your
else said. You are concluding that you are now, is, are you letting it in? Are you letting in
your Inner Being who adores you? Are you you stay Connected. If you’re not Connected, you
allowing God Force or Creative Life Force, or don’t feel good and you have nothing to give
whatever it is you’re wanting to call it, flow them.
through you here and now? Or are you using some
flimsy excuse of something that happened when Joining the ranks of the condemning?
you were 16, or something that happened last It serves nothing. All it does is spread the
week, as your excuse to not let in who you really disconnection.

Accept yourselves as the eternally evolving, So who does it serve by joining the ranks of the
blessed beings that you are, who have only one condemning? It serves nothing. All it does is
question to ask, and that is, “Here and now, am I spread the disconnection. Disconnection and
lettin’it in? Never mind what happened back resistance are not letting it in; allowing, love,
then. I can’t go back there and let it in. I can appreciation, and looking for positive aspects
remember not letting it in, or I can remember does.
letting it in, but here and now, the question is, am
I letting it in or not?” We’ve been talking about the power of bridging
beliefs: Looking into my experience and finding
When you choose a positive aspect, you choose a something that allows the Energy to flow, now,
point of view that is consistent with the GOD relative to something that, maybe, I have not been
within you. allowing Energy to flow about.

As you move through your day-to-day experience,

When you let in who you really are, you feel so you cannot help but absorb philosophies and
very good. When you look at yourself and say, attitudes that surround you. And it’s a very
“These are positive aspects of me,” you feel confusing thing, because the greater your sphere
wonderful, (when you mean it). When you look at of influence— the more contradictory information
your mother or your sister or your mate or a comes to you.
friend, or at an enemy, and you look for positive
aspects, you feel good. Because when you choose When you’re little, if your parents are in absolute
a positive aspect, you choose a point of view agreement, you have a sort of sense of stability.
consistent with the GOD within you. And as long as you do what they want, provided
that they’re consistent in what they ask of you,
When you say, “He makes me so angry, I could then you have some measurement that you can
kill him!” you are choosing a point of view not measure your life against. But if your parents
consistent with who you really are. And it’s not were in disagreement, and one of them said one
ever going to serve you, no matter how much he thing, and another one said another, and one of
deserves your wrath. He might really be a rascal, them took you aside and said, “Well, don’t worry
and he might really have disappointed you, and he about that, we’ll work it out between us,” then
might really have done something that by most you began to get a little confused early on. And
standards is considered to be wrong, really wrong. when you went to school, and your teachers had
He might have broken out the windows on a day different philosophies than your parents, and then,
that there was no fire, and sprayed water all over when you got that boyfriend who really had a
the house. He might have done that. He might be different philosophy than your parents, you began
wrong by most standards. But our question to you to feel like you did not know what to believe.
is, why would you use him as your reason to not
let something so important in, here and now? Most of you have bounced around like corks on a
raging sea trying to find your place. When all
You’re not ever going to get them all lined up. along, the place has been within you: good feels
That’s the approach that so many physical beings good, bad feels bad.
take. They think, “If I can just get everybody
behaving well, or being happy, then, once and for “Good for who?” Good for you. “Bad for who?”
all, I can be. But as long as they’re not happy, or Bad for you. In other words, when you allow
something’s not going well with them, then I Source energy to flow through you, you thrive.
cannot.” And we say, you can’t help them unless
When you pinch it off, you thrive to lesser
How Powerful Is Scripting? HEY, MY SHOP IS IN WEST SEDONA!— now,
I was mumbling to myself in earnest - Elaine is
due to open at 10— and it’s 8:45 - “another 4 or 5
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
hours”— how can the shop open if there is no
1995 (pdf)
power, no air conditioning, no lights? I sat at the
desk glumly staring out my window when it hit
For some months, I’ve been working with
me— It is a perfectly beautiful day!! Those are
Scripting and Place-matting— and getting some
perfectly spectacular Red Rocks!! Sedona is
really fantastic results! Then, I heard Abraham
soooooo beautiful!! I felt myself relax.
talking about a movie Esther enjoyed,
DELIRIOUS— naturally, I rushed out and rented
Elaine lives in VOC and probably doesn’t know
it. Great!! I got a whole different feeling—
the power is out here, I’d better let her know. I
Scripting has taken on a new flavor.
called - we talked and figured how she might
handle it without power. As I was about to hang
Last night, I remembered the carpet cleaner was to
up, I had a flash of insight— John Candy, in
call me early to meet him at the shop about 8 or 9
Delirious, when his car was in the shop— I
(we had a big leak during the monsoons and part
declared, “Heck, I’ll just re-write this thing, do a
of the carpet is still smelly)— so I closed down my
new script.” Elaine said, “I will, too.” We hung
computer at about one A.M.
up. I grabbed a pad and scribbled.
This morning I rolled over, gradually opened my
“Wed a.m., Today, West Sedona— The power
eyes, it sure is bright this morning— squinted at
company finds the solution to the power outage
the wall— it’s 8:35. Oh, my gosh! He didn’t call. I
immediately and is able to restore power promptly
jumped out of bed, headed for the bathroom, and
to the entire area. We are so pleased to have it
flipped the light switch * no lights. What the
restored and businesses can open as usual...”
heck! I reached back and flipped the switch in the
bedroom * no lights. Two more switches ** the
Oh, I thought, I need to put a time on here - it’s
power is out! Mumbling to myself— how am I
8:52, and I did say immediately— so I wrote
supposed to do my hair with no hair dryer and no
deliberately, “8:55.” I put down my pen, leaned
curling iron? Is the water still hot for a shower?
back in my chair, again appreciating the glorious
How am I going to put on makeup in the dark? I
day, grinning to myself— the power is still out -
thought, I’d better call the power company and
circumstances have not changed, but I feel good! I
see what’s wrong. I rushed down to the hall to my
was feeling pleased that I had been able to catch
office, still mumbling— it’s always impossible to
my Energy Flow, open my Valve, and think to
get through to the power company when there’s a
Script. At that moment, I heard some little
problem— yes, I paid my bill already— I snatched
clicking and chirping noises— as the cooler
the book to look up the number. About then, I felt
switched on, the FAX reset itself, and the
a “hand” on my shoulder— I caught my energy
refrigerator began to hum. By my clock: 8:55.
I DOING? Taking some deep breaths— blowing
“How POWER - full is scripting?” If you’re in
them out, I declared out loud. This time will be
Sedona, stop by Angels, Art & Crystals, and
different, I will get through immediately. I dialed,
you’ll see the lady behind the counter with pen
and a man answered.
and pad in hand (between our multitudes of
customers, of course), joyfully scripting away—
WOW! I got through— this is a miracle! I said,
that’ll be me! It works!
My power is out. He replied, “We’ve having a
power outage all over West Sedona...AND it
Thanks, Esther and Jerry!!! Thanks, Abraham!!! I
could last another 4 or 5 hours.” So, that’s why
surely do love you all!!!! What a family!!!!!
Peter has not called to do the carpet— he knows
the power is out. OK, I won’t open my
refrigerator. Clever, Joy, what about breakfast? “4
or 5 hours”— well, maybe I’ll just go uptown for
breakfast— I can’t— my hair’s a mess! and all the
drive-thrus are in West Sedona.
I Make the Best of Every Satisfied with what-is while reaching for more.

Situation! When you stand in your place, observing what-is,

and letting what-is be primarily the reason, or the
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar basis, for the vibration that you offer, what-is
2004 (pdf) cannot change, because your vibration is only
From the recording G-6-21-03 Buy Recording about what-is.
Also in GASU03 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Billings, MT Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto
itself is drawn. So, if you stand in an awareness
Do you know what you are wanting? Are you that you don’t have enough money, and you talk
enjoying the evolution of your desire? Do you like about it and you feel around it, and you perpetuate
that fresh, new feeling of a new desire just a continuing vibration of not enough money, even
hatched; the awareness that there is something though you’re asking for more, and even though
more to move toward, even before it is you may be offering action which should
manifested? Do you still like that? accommodate more--more cannot come because it
is vibrationally different from the vibration that
That is the most significant question, and your you are usually offering.
coming to a confident answer of yes is a most
significant thing for you, because when you have And so, an attitude of satisfaction about what-is,
reached the place where a new, unfulfilled desire an attitude of making the best of what-is while
feels life-giving to you, then you have completely you are eagerly anticipating an evolution of what-
reconnected with who you really are. is--that’s the perfect vibrational stance.

When there is something that you desire and it has Anticipate an evolution of What-is.
not yet manifested, and you cannot yet see the
path through which it will manifest, and you are Optimism brings you so much; pessimism keeps it
discouraged, then you are forgetting that you are from coming. Eagerness brings you so much;
an Eternal Being and that you never get it done. disappointment keeps it from coming. Happy
But when there is a new, unfulfilled desire, and anticipation brings you so much; discouragement
instead of torturing you with its absence, instead it keeps it from coming. Joy and love and
calls you with its idea--then you are Source appreciation brings you so much, while anger and
Energy, physically embodied, and right on track. depression and fear keep it from coming.

So often, our physical friends feel frustration in Now, those emotions don’t actually keep it from
their unachievement of something, as if once it coming. They are just indicators that while you
manifests, then everything will be better. And feel that way--it’s not coming. In other words,
while we do agree that it is fun to manifest, and your emotions are your indicator of what you are
we wish for you that your every desire be doing with your vibrational mix.
fulfilled, we want to remind you that when each
desire is fulfilled, many more will be newly Emotions are indicators of your Vibrational mix.
So, the happier you are, the more you are allowing
Once a desire takes flight a new one is hatched. who you really are and what you really want to
come. The more unhappy you are, the more you
And when you finally relax and accept that you are resisting it.
and we are all Eternal Beings, and that we never
get it done, then sometimes, perhaps if you will let We call this gathering the Art of Allowing as
it, it will take the sting out of what is not fulfilled. compared to the art of resisting. In other words,
When you are no longer feeling uncomfortable allowing your connection with who you are,
about what is not fulfilled, but are satisfied with allowing the receiving of what you’ve been asking
what-is, while you are eagerly reaching for more, for. And the easiest way to hear “Allowing” is,
now you are in the perfect vibrational stance to letting in the good stuff--letting in what is
allow steady fulfillment of ever-evolving new naturally Well-Being, and what is naturally yours.
Sometimes when we talk about Allowing, people what-is and less of what you are wanting. In other
misunderstand and they think that Allowing words, most people offer a tremendous amount of
means finding something unwanted and just their vibrational outpouring in response to what
putting up with it--allowing whatever is to be, and they are observing. And that’s why you want so
not fussing over it. That isn’t what we mean by much to control the circumstances around you.
Allowing at all. By Allowing, we mean, finding, When you look at circumstances that make you
through choosing thought, things that feel good feel good, it feels good. When you look at
when you think them, and practicing those kinds circumstances that don’t make you feel good, it
of thoughts that feel good, so often, that they doesn’t feel good. And then you say, “We’ve got
become the dominant vibrational proclivity within to do something about controlling these
you. In other words, you just practice it until it’s circumstances. We need more laws. We need
easiest to go there. more rules. We need to contain the others. We
need more parental guidance. We need more
Deliberately choose the thoughts that feel good. governmental control. We need more protection
against this and this, and this.”
The Art of Allowing, is deliberately choosing
thoughts that feel good, with an ear to how the And what we want you to realize, is that there is
thought feels as it evolves within you. The Art of no protection against a vibration that you achieve,
Allowing, is wanting so much to feel good, that because Law of Attraction says, that which is like
whether you are perusing the past or the present, unto itself is drawn. So, if you look at that thing
or the future, you’re deliberately looking for the that you want, often, and you talk about it, and
best-feeling thought that you can find. And as you you say yes to it, then you achieve vibrational
choose the best-feeling thought and practice it harmony with it--and it must come into your
until it becomes a sort of natural feeling within experience.
you, then more and more of that which you want
flows to you. But when you look at that thing that you don’t
want, and you shout no at it, it must come into
There is not a source of illness and there is not a your experience, because this is a Universe based
source of poverty, and there is not a source of upon attraction--it is all about inclusion. There is
darkness. You know that. You don’t say, “The sun no exclusion in an attraction-based Universe.
came up this morning and brought the light, and
the blob came up tonight and brought the Every time you spend time looking at something
darkness.” You understand that there is a Source unwanted, you just practice the vibration that
that can be muted or resisted, or disallowed, and attracts it to you. That’s why diseases get worse
that’s how it is with Well-Being. Well-Being is after diagnosis, usually, for awhile, until
natural to you. somebody convinces you that there is a remedy
that you can focus upon.
Comparatively speaking, proportionately
speaking, Well-Being is so huge and the lack of it Our encouragement to you is that you make a
is so small. So how does lack of Well-Being get decision today and practice it every day from now
such a foothold in anyone’s experience? It all has on, that says: I am one who makes the best of
to do with the vibrational airtime you give it. In every situation.
other words, the more you look for reasons to feel
good, the more you find the vibration of that. And When you are making the best of something, no
the more you find the vibration of that, the more matter how bad it is, it’s got to get better. And as
Law of Attraction brings you other things that it gets a little better, and you still make the best of
match it. Haven’t you noticed that sometimes you it, it’s got to get better. And as it’s still not very
can get on a positive roll? And haven’t you good, but you’re making the best of it--it’s got to
noticed that sometimes you can get on a negative get better.
roll? When you get focused upon something that
doesn’t feel good--Law of Attraction will bring Sometimes, you catch yourself deliberately
you more things like it. making the worst of something, and exaggerating
your problem. And we know where you got that.
As humans become more observers and less When you were little, you had to plead a pretty
deliberate thinkers, then you can get more of needy case to your parents who appeared to be the
vortex through which all your Well-Being came. know that Source has the resources to flood to my
And when you said, “I really want something,” new idea. All I have to do is flow with my new
their answer was often, “But you don’t need that. idea, too.”
“ And so, you developed, very carefully,
deliberately calculated patterns of expressing need So, you stand in this place where contrast
to those that you believed were the givers of the produces a desire within you--an unfulfilled
goods. “I neeeed it! See how I’m suffering desire--a desire that has not yet been manifested.
without it?” And we say, it might have worked a And if you will, in the moment of the new, fresh
little bit with your parents as you eked out a desire being born, turn your attention to the new
mediocre improved life, but it does not work with idea and think about how it will be, and feel the
the Universe that has the ability to grant all refreshment of the new idea, then Source flows
desires. through you and to you, through you and to you,
through you and to you, in this life-giving format.
Whatever it is you are achieving vibrational But if the contrast stimulates you to the new idea,
harmony with is what you are living. If you ever and then you stand where you are, looking at
want to know what the vibrational content of your where you stand, and you say, “Oh, I want this
outpouring is, just look at the manifesting around new thing, but look where I stand in relationship
you, because the manifesting around you is to it. I feel so far from this new thing that I want.”
always a perfect Vibrational Match to the Now you’re beating the drum of what-is. And
vibration that is dominant within you. when you beat the drum of what-is, you are
vibrationally resistant to the new idea.
You are here because you are wanting to really be
Deliberate Creators. And we want you to know So, the Art of Allowing is about recognizing the
that a Deliberate Creator is really a deliberate fresh, newness of the new idea, and as quickly as
feeler. A Deliberate Creator is one who says, “I possible achieving vibrational alignment with the
want so much to feel good, because when I feel new idea. Deliberate Creating at its best.
good, I’m in alignment with that which is my
Source.” A Deliberate Creator does not demand Every time you practice the beating of the drum of
that circumstances change so that you can have a something desired--Law of Attraction brings it
better-feeling response to the circumstances. A closer. But every time you beat the drum of what-
Deliberate Creator says, “I will choose--from is, Law of Attraction holds it to you. There is
what seems to be available--the very best-feeling much about your life that you want to keep--So
thought, past, present or future, that I can find, beat those drums.
and I will fixate on it until it becomes the reason
for my vibrational offering. And I know that Law There is much in your life you want to keep--So
of Attraction will then accumulate around that beat those drums.
vibrational offering. And then, I will reach for the
better thought and the better thought, and the Every day we hear Jerry and Esther talking about
better thought.” And what you will discover is the perfection of their life. On and on and on, and
that there is always a better thought. on, they go. They have a motor coach that they
travel in that delights them so much, because it is
There is always an even-happier thought than the home away from home but always feeling as if
happy thought you’re thinking now. There is they are home, and they talk about how wonderful
always even a better feeling--your capacity to it is over and over and over, and over. Anyone not
achieve a better feeling is unlimited. understanding, listening to them, would think they
had gone mad as they recount to one another how
Source expands to the desire that is produced lovely this is, and how good thaat is, and how
within you. So you said, “I love the idea of going much they appreciate this.
forth into this physical time-space-leading-edge-
reality on Planet Earth. I love the idea of the When you find things that you appreciate and you
variety that is there. I love the idea of all of the use them as your point of focus, your world has to
others that I will co-create with. And together, we get better on all other fronts.
will, for one another, stimulate new ideas--new
ideas that have never been before unto all of the You could have 99 things going wrong in your
Universe. And with each new idea that is born, I life and one thing going right, and if you would
beat the drum of that one thing going right, the
other 99 would either have to go away, or
improve, because Law of Attraction cannot abide
in your vibration something that does not match.

You cannot feel good and be sick at the same

time. You cannot appreciate something and blame
something at the same time.

As you begin to practice, with a deliberate

orientation, your vibration that feels good while
you practice it, your life has to get better--Law of
Attraction says that it must.
If Abraham Were in The And it seems that if we respond in kind that we
will stir up more of the same, and we will ensure
White House on 9/12/01 more of these pockets of disaster happening,
globally, as time goes on.
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
2001 (pdf) And so, we have decided that we will do the
unthinkable, or the unexpected, and not respond.
Guest: If you, Abraham, were in the White House, Not because we think that they are right— but
what would be your decision of how to respond to because we do not think that in doing that, we
the current world situation? would be right either.

Abraham: Well, they would never allow Abraham Now, don’t be sad because such a report will not
in the White House, because it is a different be coming. Because it is not necessary that your
vibration. But if we were assigned the awesome government understand the powerful Law of
responsibility of making a decision for a whole lot Attraction in order for the powerful Law of
of people— we would do our best to empower Attraction to continue doing the good work of
individuals. And the most significant thing that Well-being that is so predominant on your planet.
we would offer would be: Let’s let this be as And we would like you to understand that it is a
insignificant as possible— and let’s get back to the non-issue. It does not matter what they do and it
details and the brilliance of our own physical life does not matter what they do not do. Your Well-
experiences. Our encouragement would be to get being is assured
on with experience and continue to anticipate
wonderful things unfolding.

If you are asking about military retaliation, we

would offer none whatsoever, because we are
understanding that that’s how you got there to
begin with.

A Muslim teenager was found in Israel. He had a

bomb strapped to him and it hadn’t detonated
properly and he was wounded. He did not get the
triumphant results he was seeking. He did not
blow up himself and the people that were around
him, and so he was captured. And when the
newsman was asking him, “Why did you do this?”
he said, “They killed my friend.” It was that
simple. “They killed my friend and I wanted to
die.” We think that those pure and simple words
speak to this more clearly than all other words that
have been spoken. It is that feeling that, you’ve
done this to me, so I’ll do this to you, then you’ll
do this to me, and then I’ll do this to youÉ and it
just gets bigger and bigger— and no one ever
wins. There is no triumph that ever comes from
any of that.

It does not matter what they do, or do not do—

your Well-being is assured.

We would gather a world forum, and this is what

we would say: It seems that this act has come in
response to other actions. It seems that someone is
seeing this as a way of leveling the playing field.
Is A High School Drop-Out A with a sense of fulfilled purpose. In other words,
satisfied when they died or satisfied as they
Sure Fire Failure? continued to live. The majority of them would tell
you they have no degree. Now, that doesn’t mean
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec those who have a degree cannot goose up their
1996 (pdf) power of imagination…
From the recording G-4-13-96 Buy Recording
Also in GASP96 (ten tapes) Buy Album Let us give you a definition of education as it is
offered through the structure that exists today.
GUEST: I dropped out of high school because of The system would proclaim itself to be the holder
a personal problem. Not because I was dumb or to the answers to all questions, and there is
anything. In fact, I really loved school. I really limitation right there. The system would say to
did. But something happened. And I haven’t got you, if it could verbalize as a mass consciousness
my diploma yet. I don’t know if I want it. The entity into one voice, “I exist. I am complete.
only reason I would get it is because society says Observe me, and you will be too.” And that
that if you don’t have it, you can’t get a good job, cannot be, for nothing is ever complete. “I am
or you really can’t do anything. closed to new ideas. I am rigid in thought. You
must conform to me. If you are to succeed in this
Is A High School Drop-Out A Sure Fire Failure? system, you must follow the rules. Deny your own
intuition. Learn what is written. Care not about
“I will go into this sea of contrast, the reason behind it. Learn the statistics. Don’t get
and from the contrast will arise within me true a sense of the feeling of how it came about. Learn
desire, what happened. Doesn’t matter how it came to be.
which is the beginning of all real Creation, And when you are finished, I will give you a
and when I feel an inkling of desire, diploma that says you are now a walking storage
I will follow it and I will let the cabinet with no ability to think, no ability to go
Universe assist me in expanding it beyond, but stuffed full of fact about something
until the inkling of desire has erupted somebody else did.”
into full-blown passion
-- and then I will follow my bliss Now what you came forth to live is a little bit
to success wherever it carries me.” different from that. You said, “I will go into this
sea of contrast, and from the contrast will arise
ABRAHAM: Well society is wrong. Society has within me true desire, which is the beginning of
been pushing against, and society keeps having a all real Creation, and when I feel an inkling of
fulfillment of that negative belief. In other words, desire, I will follow it and I will let the Universe
do you know anyone who is successful that does assist me in expanding it until the inkling of desire
not have a high school diploma? has erupted into full-blown passion— and then I
will follow my bliss to success wherever it carries
me.” It’s quite different you see.
And so we congratulate you on your very freeing
choice, and we say you have just taken the first
ABRAHAM: Really? So they defy what society step in joining the ranks of the truly successful.
says. They are just a fluke? A freak? A lucky
chance? In other words, identify your desire and
the Universe will deliver to you lots of evidence
that matches your desire. What we have noticed is
that the truly creative minds didn’t go to school
because in school they learn to observe and their
power of imagination is squelched. If you were to
make a decision to go on a search and you were
going to search out fifty of the most successful
people of your physical time and place. Go back
fifty years and pick out fifty, and by success we
mean a combination of affluence, joy, and dying
Is This Worth Giving Up My outside of them— so they miss the value of the
collective power. That pushing against something
Life Force? is what we call resistance— and resistance is the
only thing that keeps you from the Stream of
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun Well-being that is natural to you.
1996 (pdf)
From the recording G-9-10-95 Buy Recording There is one constant steady Stream of pure
Also in GAF95 (ten tapes) Buy Album positive Energy flowing to you at all times, and in
San Francisco any moment, you, as an individual, are allowing
or resisting that Stream. When you’re allowing
These are truly gatherings that we see as co- the Stream, you feel wonderful, you feel clarity,
creating at its very best. We often notice one of you feel vitality, you feel health, you feel
you beginning with a train of thought and as abundance. You feel good. But if you are not
others listen in and add their Energy, their allowing the Stream, you don’t feel so good.
questions, their life experience, even mentally— That’s what blame or doubt or fear is about.
silently— to the question, the question expands far
beyond what the one could speak.
These three things are always true of resistance:
The wanting that all of you have been gathering, Resistance is the only thing that keeps you from
even before you ever knew of Abraham, that your natural Well-being. Negative emotion is
wanting becomes part of the Stream of Attraction. always present as your indicator of resistance.
So you reach into a Stream of Non-physical, And resistance always, always, always means you
Infinite knowing and you attract, into this sort of are pushing against something.
vortex of articulation, a knowing that goes beyond
that which has been before— and that is what
physical experience is about. Resistance, is using the contrast to decide what
you don’t want.
Physical experience is a format where you focus Allowing, is using the contrast to decide what you
pointedly, and through your pointed focus, you do want.
attract to this time and place. As you vibrationally
are, you vibrationally receive unto you. You came forth into this sea of diversity, this sea
of contrast, but you did not intend to make that
contrast resistance. Contrast is seeing all the stuff
The power of a gathering such as this is that you to choose from— sort of like a breakfast buffet—
inspire the best from each other. Collectively, you and choosing from it what you want. That’s
become more than you usually do individually. saying, “Ah, I don’t like that. Don’t like that.
And we say that to you not because we are Ooh, I like this. This is better. Ah, this is what I
wanting to encourage you to join together in am wanting.” That is benefiting from contrast.
groups but because we want you to feel the
poignancy of your physical experience. We want Resistance, is saying, “Oh, I see all of this stuff.
you to recognize the enormous value that you as I’d like to have that. But I don’t want that. I don’t
one person has to you as one person has to you as want that. I don’t want that.”
one person.
Most physical beings are oriented to push against
The amazing and wonderful diversity what they don’t want because somehow you got
that you hold upon your planet some idea that that stuff has the ability to assert
is truly the power of your attraction. itself into your experience. And so, most of you
If you did not have your differences to bump up believe that if you don’t get real strong and real
against, capable of holding bad things away, that they’ll
you would not have the clarity with which to slip in and get you. So you’ve gotten very, very
attract. good at developing a resistant stance, believing—
wrongly— that, in your resistance, you will keep it
Physical beings so often defeat that great value, away, never dreaming that, in your resistance, the
because as they singularly view what is outside of only thing you manage to hold away is your own
them, they tend to push against much of what is Stream of Well-being.
A man said to us, “Abraham, I have cancer and very often, even though you and every body else
they tell me I have only a few weeks, maybe a on the planet would agree with you as you are
few days, to live. But I’m going to beat it.” And having your conversation, that you’re right by all
we said, “Well, you see, you cannot. As long as it physical standards— you are still in a vibration of
is the object of your attention, as long as you are resistance to your own Stream. And so, we keep
looking at cancer and saying, `I’m going to beat looking for ways of helping you feel your Stream
it,’you are achieving a stance of resistance. You rather than fall into the same old intellectual knee-
are achieving vibrational harmony with the jerk habitual thought patterns. There are thoughts
cancer— and, therefore, you are resisting the that feel perfectly normal to you that are full of
Stream.” We said, “Envision a stick— two ends of resistance, and you keep getting entrapped in
the stick. On one end is cancer and on the other them, because they feel so normal, because you
end is the Stream of Well-being. When you focus and everybody else has been thinking them for so
on the cancer, you are disallowing the Stream of long. Thoughts like, the economy is struggling, or
Well-being.” We said to him, “You have to get thoughts like, there isn’t enough to go around, or
your eye on the Energy Stream. Never mind about thoughts like, you have to work hard to succeed,
the stuff you are trying to hold away, focus upon or thoughts like, I’m inappropriate in some way or
the stuff you want there, because the cancer is the I am not capable in some way, or thoughts like, I
absence of the Stream. Don’t call it cancer, shouldn’t do that. There are all kinds of thoughts
anymore. Call it what it is:— absence of the that you wrestle with that are vibrationally not in
Stream. Call a new friend, `Hi… I have absence harmony with your broader knowing. And so, we
of the Stream.’`Well, what do you mean by that?’ are going to expose some of those to help you feel
your friend says. `Well, I’ve been vibrationally a new powerful guidance coming forth within
disallowing my Stream of Well-being.’Your you.
friend would say, `Why do you do that?’And you
would say, `I don’t know. I don’t mean to. I just
have habits of pushing against, that I’ve learned Imagine that your Source Energy, your Inner
from others, who have learned it from others, and Being, your God Force, your God Self, your
now I’m focusing on the Stream.” Soul— whatever you want to call that Non-
physical part of you— is projecting to you at all
times a strong, clear, beautiful musical note, and
When you first came forth, no one said to you, you can hear it in the background all the time.
“There’s this Stream of pure positive Energy and When you give your attention to something,
it flows forth to you at all times and you can feel whether you are looking right at it, whether you’re
it and it feels good, and if you ever feel less than remembering it, whether you’re imagining it,
good, that means you are not vibrating with that whether you’re Scripting it— whatever you are
Stream. So feel around for thoughts that feel giving your attention to causes you also to offer a
better, and you’ll find them easily, and once you note. So if you are basking or finding value in
do that— all is well again. And if you will do that, something— appreciating something— in that
you will live happily ever after.” case, the note that you are offering is in such
vibrational harmony with your Inner Note that
They didn’t say that to you. Instead they said, you can feel the resonance between the two notes.
“There are good things and bad things, and we
must embrace the good things and we must hold That’s what joy is. That’s what appreciation is.
the bad things away.” They literally taught you to That’s what love is. It’s your resonating with who
say, “This is good, this is bad, this is good, this is you really are. But let’s say, instead, that you are
bad.” And you all got really carried away with the finding fault— seeing lack, seeing something you
“This is bad” part. “I don’t want this. I don’t want don’t want, trying to hold it away, pushing against
this...” Remember, the Law of Attraction and the something. In that case, your note would be so out
Stream of Well-being is abundant. It is of harmony with your Inner Note, you would feel
outrageously disproportionate to the lack of Well- the discord of that. That’s what negative emotion
being. The Well-being is dominant. is.

We have noticed that when you talk about issues,

when you talk about whether something’s right or When you start feeling how your thoughts feel,
wrong, or whether it’s wanted or not wanted— then you start recognizing when you are allowing
and when you’re resisting. But as long as you are Life Force?” that in every case the answer would
just thinking thoughts, those old habitual thoughts be no.
feel normal even though they’re full of resistance.
For example, the other day, Jerry and Esther were You cannot improve your life by pushing against
waiting for their landscaper friend, and he was what you do not want.
supposed to be there the day before and didn’t
come at all, and Esther had many things she Now we know that sometimes things get quite a
wanted to do in the afternoon in her narrow bit of momentum going, so much so that you can’t
window of opportunity to run and do errands, and stop it, or so it seems. Sometimes a nice lobotomy
Jerry did not want to leave because he did not would help, or a bit of unconsciousness, a little
want to miss this landscaper, and so they didn’t slumber or nap, some sort of distraction from
leave. And then, the second day, he was supposed whatever terrible treadmill you are upon. But the
to be there first thing in the morning, and it was more you are in conscious connection with your
noon and he was still not there. Esther was resonating pure positive Energy Source, the less
irritated, and she said, “This just isn’t right. He able to tolerate any deviation from it you become,
must not have any idea how busy we are. I and, therefore, the more aware at the early stages
wonder if he treats all of his clients like this. I when you are stepping into that sort of situation.
wonder how he stays in business. This is just not
right.” And Jerry was grinning from across the
room as he was watching Esther walking right
away from her Note. About then, after she got out
there pretty far, Esther felt it, too, and then she
said, “Well, I know he means well. Must be quite
a trick to keep all those plates spinning all the
time. He is running many crews now. He knows
what he’s doing. The plants are as much his risk
as they are ours. I’m sure he’s taking care of that.
I suppose I should just relax and lighten up and
acknowledge that all is well.” And now Jerry was
really grinning because in less than a minute he
watched Esther walk right away from her Note
and then right back to it. In other words, because
we are making Esther more and more aware of her
resonance, because we are letting her know who
she really is, when she walks away from who she
is, she can’t stand it. But before she understood
about the resonance, those knee-jerk thoughts, she
would be out there believing that she was right,
and really, by all physical standards, she was
right. Wasn’t she? In other words, it is
inappropriate to say you are going to be there and
not be there, isn’t it? She wasn’t wrong, was she?
She was “right” in her resistance. You see.

The big question is, is this “rightness” worth

cutting myself off from Life Force? Because
that’s what it amounts to. The very Source of life,
the Source that keeps my blood pumping, the
Source that keeps my cells working, the Source of
Well-being, the Source that keeps the planet
spinning in its orbit… I’ve got myself cut off
because the gardener did not show up. And we
think that if you stop in the midst of any negative
emotion and ask yourself, “Is this worth giving up
Joy In All Beasts flowers: it was more about the benefit that the
species could add to the ecology of things. In
other words, in physical human terms, you could
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun
say it was a practical serendipity.
2004 (pdf)
From the recording G-6-28-03 Buy Recording
Guest: A solution?
Also in GAF03 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Seattle, WA
Abraham: A solution to something that was
Guest: You’ve talked about evolution. And I can
understand how a single-celled organism can have
Jerry and Esther have put some water gardens in
preference, and I can see how, over time, we have
at the Abraham Conference Center in Texas. And
spiders and whales and monkeys and humans, and
they put in a man-made stream that looks very
much like a stream. You wouldn’t know that it
hadn’t always been there if you hadn’t been there
What’s a little tricky for me is understanding
before it was there. And all of a sudden, water-
birds, insects and bats, the animals that fly.
borne things began growing in the streams. The
streams were suddenly full of frogs. And Esther
Abraham: Well, is your assumption that
said, “Where are the frogs coming from? Are they
everything physical came forth or evolved from
raining from the sky? These are water frogs. Were
one cell?
they out there in the bushes? How did the frogs
find this stream? There was no water here, and yet
Guest: No, not necessarily. But my assumption is
here there are frogs.” And then reeds and all kinds
that everything did develop from simpler forms;
of water-borne plants began growing in the water.
and I can see how everything developed over
time. I don’t understand how things got airborne.
Jerry said, “The birds bring them. The birds who
spend time in one lake fly to another lake.” There
Abraham: Energy is airborne.
is so much about your world that is encouraged
and assisted by your very mobile participants.
Guest: But I can’t sprout wings out of my back.
Guest: Well, could you say that some animals are
Abraham: You could if you had come forth with
just naturally more in touch with joy and
the intent of a bird; you could if you were the
happiness among the beasts (I’m not talking about
Energy that was focused in a bird.
humans) than others?
Guest: Okay. Were they ever land animals before
Abraham: We have to say to you that all beasts
they became airborne?
are in touch with joy, whether you see it
demonstrated in their behavior, or not. But there
Abraham: Yes, but the in the same way that it
are those that you relate to more fully.
took physical humans some time to figure out
how to get airborne… your birds are descendants
People try to explain this by talking about the
of beasts who did not fly initially, but the intent
evolution of the species, or by talking about how
for flying was there before the first of them came
high they are on the food chain, or how much
intelligence they have. And we say, you can get
really off track with that. If you’re looking at joy
Guest: Do birds have relatively more fun; do they
factors— then you can discover joy in all beasts.
have relatively more joy than other beasts?
Esther sat on a rock one day and watched a merry
Abraham: The birds came forth, yes, wanting to
band of ants, and they were very determined as
have the experience of moving about. And we
they were moving from one place to another, and
have to say to you that (in the same way that you
the longer she watched them, the more she began
dream it) it is glorious to soar as the birds soar, to be vibrationally in sync with their sense of
but the intent for moving about in that way was purpose. And she thought, “These guys are
more about distribution of seeds around the motivated!”
planet; it was more about the pollination of the
Esther could feel the intensity of their direction,
and she could feel the harmony of their troop.
And as she focused upon the ants, she could feel
the vibrational alignment that they were feeling,
you see.

But it’s not a normal person who gets in

vibrational sync with a troop of ants. In other
words, most would think that they are very low on
the food chain— but they are not very low on the
joy train.
Life Without Contrast Is Life your Energy, and by Law of Attraction, what is in
alignment with your Energy must come to you.
Without Fulfillment
The way you become a creative force, utilizing
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec Energy is by your perspective, by your belief, by
1997 (pdf) your attention, by your focus, by your decision.

Most physical beings still struggle with contrast, When No Means Yes
and if they could, they would eliminate contrast When you say, “Yes” to something, when you
from experience and take only their favorite of look at the contrast and you say, “Of these things,
everything. But from your broader Nonphysical I know I don’t want that, but I do want that...”
perspective, you would not eliminate contrast, When you choose something, in your saying
because you understand, from that perspective, “Yes” to it, you are vibrationally including it in
that, as creators, the contrast is essential to your vibration— and by Law of Attraction. the
decision. Universe will match your vibration. When you
say “No” to something, when you look at the
Power In Decision contrast and you say, “This is nice. That’s not
You could not begin to decide what is wanted if nice. This is nice. I don’t want that...” “No,” you
you did not have the contrast of what is not say to that. What most of you do not realize is that
wanted— and from your broader Nonphysical in your saying “No” to this thing you do not want,
perspectives, as creators, you understand that you are still including that in your vibration— and
what a decision is is a literal focusing of Energy. as you include it in your vibration— now you’re
In other words, everything is about Energy, and not a match to your own desire. When you say, “I
the way you express it, the way you focus it, the want a new red car,” the Universe is responding to
way you channel it, the way you guide it, the way the vibration of your desire. When you say, “But a
you utilize it, the way you become a part of it, the new red car is too expensive,” the Universe is
way you get involved in it. The way you become a responding to that vibration too. So now you have
creative force, utilizing Energy, is by your the Universe responding to two contradictory
perspective, by your belief, by your attention, by vibrations. So nothing changes for you. You’re
your focus, by your decision. including what you do want and including what
you don’t want— and the net result to you is no
Can you feel the difference in the power in motion forward.
saying, “I would like to have that or I want that”
and “I’ve decided.” In decision, there is simply a Most people believe that they can say “no” to
focusing of Energy, and our dominant intent, as something and that by their pointing out that they
we are interacting with you here— is to help you don’t want it that it should go away, but nothing
understand, without any question whatsoever, ever does. There is no such thing as law of getting
how to know, how to sense or feel, whether you it away from me. There is only Law of Attraction.
are a vibrational match to your own decision. You don’t have the ability to uninvite
something— because everything that you give
your attention to is an inclusion.
Vibrational Harmony
Contrast helps you come to a decision, but rarely
do we find a physical being in harmony with their Your Vibrational Signal
own decision. And that’s why those things that Everything that is coming to you is, without
you know you’re wanting do not come easily to exception, a vibrational match to what you are
you. It’s because, vibrationally, often, you are not outputting. In every moment, you are offering a
in harmony with your own decision. And the sort of radio signal, a literal vibrational output,
reason that you are not vibrationally in harmony and The Universe is responding to it. Sometimes
with your own decision is because you are not you speak words such as “I want more money”,
using your sensors to determine what you are from your feeling place of not having enough.
offering vibrationally. You’re using thoughts or And the money cannot come to you, because you
ideas or beliefs or words or actions or behavior. are outputting the feeling of not-enough money
You’re trying to control things through behavior, while you are speaking your desire for more
where all you have to do is learn how to align money. The money cannot come because it’s not
coming in response to your words— everything is silent. But you know it’s on because you can feel
coming in response to your vibration. the air blowing toward you. Now stick the pencil
in your fan. It wouldn’t be so silent anymore.
Would it? Quite a ruckus as the pencil is slowing
The Good News the blade of the fan. You might call that
The good news is that with a little bit of practice, resistance. We would relate it to negative
and a little bit of understanding of how it works, emotion.
you can learn to offer a vibrational signal that
matches your own desire. In order to do that, When you introduce something that is moving at a
though, you have to begin to be aware of what slower vibration to something that is moving at a
that vibration feels like. higher, faster vibration, the result is a slowing of
the vibration, and what that feels like to you is
There is no such thing s law of getting it away negative emotion. Negation emotion is what you
from me. There is only Law of Attraction. You feel when you, for whatever reason, are focused
don’t have the ability to uninvite something— upon something of a lower, slower vibration.
because everything that you give your attention Now, we want to talk about this because unless
to, is an inclusion. you are aware, moment by moment, of what your
vibration is, you cannot control what comes to
Knowing Your Knowing you.
Each of you has a sensing mechanism within you
that lets you know the vibration of your being at When you say, “I want to be well. I’m afraid of
any moment. Some would call it solar plexus. being sick,” that’s not a pure vibration. When
Some would call it emotional center. We would you’re making your statements of desire for
call it all of that, but we would also call it the wellness from your fear of illness, that’s not a
emotions that you feel. In other words, when you pure vibration.
feel elation or joy or a feeling of adventure or a
feeling of enthusiasm, those feelings you call Rightness or Wrongness
passion or appreciation or love, those emotions We watch you. Bless your hearts. We wonder
that most would call positive emotions...when you how you ever decide what is right or wrong for
feel those emotions, what that means is, in this you, what is appropriate or inappropriate, when
moment, whatever you are giving your attention there are so many different opinions and voices
to— whether it’s a memory or something that’s trying to get your attention and trying to get you
happening right now or whether it’s something to follow. In other words, if you have a very
you’re imagining— whatever you are giving your narrow experience, if you are one little child and
attention to, in this moment, is a vibrational match you had only one parent, and this one parent is
to your Core Energy. very consistent in what he or she offers to you,
you could get a fairly good sense of what is right
You use many different labels to describe this and wrong by the opinion of that one person, and
source of Energy that flows to this physical plane you could learn to modify your behavior to please
from the Nonphysical. It’s a very high, fast that person, and you could keep yourself on a
frequency. It’s a pure frequency, and by pure we pretty even keel. But if you’ve got two parents,
mean not contradicted. When you say, “I want to who do not always agree with each other, now
be well” and you think about what wellness is, your trouble begins already, as one thinks this is
that’s a pure vibration. When you say, “I want to all right and the other does not. As you get a little
be well. I’m afraid of being sick,” that’s not a older, and you move out into the greater
pure vibration. When you’re making your community, and you go to school where teachers
statements of desire for wellness from your fear of have different religious beliefs or different beliefs
illness, that’s not a pure vibration. about what you should eat or the way you should
dress, now you have greater contradiction within
Your Nonphysical Energy, your Source Energy, is your experience. And the more you step out into
a high frequency, very pure Energy and we want this very diverse and expansive physical
you to understand the difference between a high experience, the more you bump up against the
frequency pure Energy and a lower frequency not- great variety of ideas that other people have about
so-pure Energy. Imagine a room-fan flowing air the way you should live. The things they think
in your direction. It is so well made it is almost that you should eat or the things that they think
that you should say or the things that they think them, but in doing so, you have just caused
you should appreciate in terms of music or sports yourself to no longer be vibrationally in harmony
or religion… In other words, the variety is with who you really are.”
enormous. And so, many of you try to find the
biggest group in order to please. Follow Your Bliss
What we’re really talking about here is beginning
What we want you to do is to discover that you to move through life more on a feeling basis than
have within you a Guidance System that lets you on an intellectual, thinking basis. You want to
know, in any moment, what you’re doing with reach the point where you can just tell by the way
your vibration. You can literally feel, once you you feel, “Am I vibrationally up to speed with
have listened for it a little bit, whether you are a who I am and what I want, or have I chosen— by
vibrational match to your Core Energy or whether influence of others or by some old habit of
you are not. thought— have I chosen to focus somewhere
that’s lower and slower in vibration?”
If you had one goal and that was to feel good, you
would never again need to hear another word If you had one goal and that was to feel good, you
from anyone. You would live successfully and would never again need to hear another word
happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s from anyone. You would live successfully and
purpose ever after. happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s
purpose ever after.

Different Philosophies Someone coined the phrase so beautifully it

We were visiting with a man recently who was cannot be improved upon when he said, “Follow
talking about his concern about so many different your bliss.” Because when you are choosing
religions and even so many different people like thoughts, when you are choosing memory, when
Jerry and Esther, who are conducting seminars you are choosing moments in the now, when you
where they are projecting an attitude or opinion or are choosing things that feel good to you while
a philosophy of life, and he said, “How do you you think them or while you focus upon them,
ever know whether what you are choosing is then you are choosing a vibration that matches
really right.” He said, “I was reading a book that your Source— and only things that are up to speed
is written by someone who was offering some with that then have access to you. Isn’t that nice?
very strong opinions about something.” And he
said, “I’m not living any of them, and yet, this
writer is saying ‘if you’re not living these things,
you are subject to judgment and possible
prosecution once you have re-emerged into
Nonphysical.’” He said, “Abraham, how would I
know?” And we said, “How did you feel as you
were reading that?” And he said, “I felt terrible.
My stomach was in a knot. I guess I would say I
felt fear. Fear that what if I’m not doing what I’m
supposed to do.” And we said, “Now, think about
what fear is. Fear is your emotional center, solar
plexus guidance, that is letting you know that
whatever it is you’re focused upon right here and
now is not vibrationally up to speed with who you
are and what you really know. In other words, that
negative emotion is the pencil in the fan. Your
attention to this subject is not a vibrational match
to who you really are. You have just introduced a
lower, slower vibration to your higher, faster
current, and in doing so, you have offered
resistance in your vibrational Stream— and your
emotions are telling you that you are free to think
these thoughts, you are free to participate within
Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit As my new life in was taking form, I became
stronger in my connection to the teachings of
Abraham. My vibrational tones started rising to
Since 1988 I have been studying the field of
new levels and I again found that “Clicking into
metaphysics and the science of how the mind
Place” that I had always experienced, before, here
works. Although each teacher I had was
in Los Angeles.
wonderful and great in their own way, it wasn’t
until I found Abraham in 1991 that everything
My feelings were so strong about connecting with
began to “click into place”, and in the four years
the Energy that creates in the direction of what is
since my introduction to the concept of “Flowing
wanted, that I had to share my “earthquake” story
Energy”, my life has changed dramatically!
with others. The next time a studio taping date
came up, I decided I would utilize that time to
I have been producing and hosting my own talk
share my experience with the audience of 200,000
show on the local cable station here in Los
that watch me each week. In telling my story, I
Angeles for over eight years. The focus of my
led the conversation right into teaching the
show has changed a few times over the years,
material that I had been taught by Abraham.
depending on where I was on my journey to self-
growth. I started the show with a friend as my co-
My phone rang off the hook! I had more people
host, and at that time I only interviewed local
call who were interested in this material than at
celebrities that both of us knew. When he left Los
any other time in the history of taping my shows!
Angles, I kept the show, changing the name from
I knew I was on to something! I then completely
“Up Close and Personal”, to “The Linda Latique
changed the focus of my show from health and
beauty to what I have been learning from
My show’s focus soon changed to one of health
and beauty, since I had been in that field for over
It has been almost eleven months, and now, in
ten years, and I thought I would be getting closer
response to people interested in the material, I am
to self-growth as my studies outside of the show
going to be holding weekly meetings for all
interested in this fabulous teaching and way of
It was satisfying for a couple of years, as I was
meeting very uplifting and interesting people in
It’s amazing how staying clear and focused on
the health and beauty fields, and then we had the
what is wanted in life can bring about so many
earthquake in January of 1994. I began to have a
changes for the better.
tremendous amount of fear and doubt about my
teaching. I ran away from Los Angeles, as far as I
When my show settled into everything that I
could go in this country, and ended up in Florida.
wanted it to be, I knew it was time to make a
decision for my personal life. I knew I wanted to
I had been living in Los Angeles for over 10
meet someone to share this beautiful life with, so I
years, and starting over in a new place— with fear
decided to do something about it. Because I had
being my motivating factor for moving— did not
been so busy with everything else, I had let this
make for a smooth outcome.
area of my life fall by the wayside.
Everything seemed to go wrong when I got to
I knew the only way to accomplish this goal was
Florida, and after a short time I began to re-
to be as clear as possible with what I was wanting,
examine my faith in the universe and my
and to let it manifest, as had everything else
connection to it. After convening once again with
before this. So I sat down with pad and pen, and
my “Inner Being” I realized that the only place I
made a list of what I wanted in a mate. I really
wanted to be was back in Los Angeles. My
zeroed in on the specifics, as I wanted to be as
creative time there was not over. So, I packed
sure as possible. After making my list, and
everything once again and moved back! I was so
meditating on it, I put it close by, where I would
elated to be home again! I wanted to kiss the
always be able to look at it, and it would be first
ground, my new apartment, and all the friends that
(top priority) in my mind.
I had missed.
The next day, after a metaphysical meeting, in
which thought was placed on meditating on what I
wanted in a mate, it happened! I stopped at a yard
sale on the way home, and the young man having
that sale caught my attention. We started talking,
continued to talk and we got to know each other.
Before long I realized that he began to match
everything that I had written in my list.

We spent every day together, and we let our

feelings for each other grow. We fell in love, and
I am elated to say that in May, 1995, we were

This was the greatest proof for me as to how mind

works and creates, to manifest beautiful events for

What are the feeling tones of what you are


Linda LaTique also has weekly Abraham

Limiting Beliefs and the Art of answered, and the manifestations that are
occurring are perfect vibrational matches to that
Allowing which you are about.

From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec It is nice to know that whatever it is that you are
2001 (pdf) feeling is a true indication of what you are
From the recording G-11-11-01 Buy Recording offering, vibrationally. And that when you are
Also in GAW01 (ten tapes) Buy Album able to understand the basis of your feelings or
Dallas, TX emotions, that then you can consciously
understand exactly what your vibrational offering
Are you among the rare humans who have come is, so that you could, if you wanted to, adjust it
to appreciate the contrast of your time and place? before the manifestation, that always answers it,
Are you understanding that when desire is born occurs. That can be very helpful.
within you, that it comes from the same contrast
that sometimes you would like to do away with? This Very Important Moment
Are you coming to recognize that the desire, that The Art of Allowing is about paying attention to
is so life giving, could not be without the variety? the way that you feel in any moment. This
Are you coming to recognize that the variety is all moment is a very important moment because in
about choosing? this moment, where all of your feeling is, is where
all of your power is. In this moment you hold the
It is not different from the buffet or the vibrational leverage to allow the Well-being that
department store where you appreciate variety. you want and deserve, or not. No one else that
You do not walk through the clothing department you have ever known, whether it is government or
petitioning against those ugly clothes. You are that which you call God, certainly not your family
satisfied and even comfortable in recognizing that or peers, no one has the ability to pinch off the
someone else might choose them, while you Well-being that flows to you. Only you.
might not. You do not feel that someone’s going
to knock you down and make you wear them This moment is a very important moment because
anymore than someone would fill your plate and in this moment where all of your feeling is, is
make you eat it. Although, that did happen to you. where all of your power is.
Maybe that’s where your fear of contrast really
began, with those bigger people, sure that they
knew what’s right, forcing you to accept their “In terms of in this moment, am I letting it in or
beliefs until you were big enough that you could not? Am I letting in my abundance when I’m
at least run away. dissatisfied with my current financial state of
being? No. I’m not letting in more Well-being
Through the powerful Law of Attraction, all when I am feeling unhappy with the Well-being
things that you are offering vibrationally come that exists.
back to you.
“If I go to the doctor and he takes an x-ray and
announces that I have arthritis in my shoulder, am
We’re wanting you to realize that beyond that I now allowing the Well-being that my body is
which your parents attempt, there is no assertion. asking for? Or in my concern, that has been
In other words, Law of Attraction (That which is amplified by this diagnosis, am I disallowing?
like unto itself is drawn) is the order of the day When I see my friend’s gorgeous new car and I
here. And when you come to realize that as you feel thrilled beyond measure at her achievement
offer a vibration, your vibration is answered, and of it, am I allowing my own abundance? Oh, yes!
that through the powerful Law of Attraction, all When I feel jealous of my friend’s amazing new
things that you are offering, vibrationally, come car, am I allowing my own abundance? No!”
back to you, then this business of assertion is no
longer something for you to worry about. Because The Power of Your Emotions
there really is not any of that. Your emotions are your indicator of what you are
doing. Your emotions don’t have any power. All
You are offering a signal, that is coming forth of your power is in your choice of thought. All of
from you in every waking moment, that is being your power is in your ability to focus your mind
upon those things that cause you to feel good the Energy begins to move more quickly— the
when you focus upon them. That’s the power of limiting Energy becomes more evident. Should I
your emotions. Is It a Limiting Belief? Lower My Desires?

Do you know that the only thing that can ever It’s sort of like if you drive your car at 100 mph
hold you back is your own limiting beliefs? Now, through a forest of trees, the trees are more
what is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a apparent to you. They are more hindering to you
belief that contradicts your desire. That’s it. Well, than if you are driving your car through a forest of
how did you get those beliefs? You just picked trees at 5 mph. At 5 mph, you feel you have more
them up along your physical trail, and now you discretion to pick your way through them. But at
drag them everywhere you go. 100 mph, you’re crashing into a lot of trees. So
the more deliberately you are focused, the faster
Do you do it deliberately? Do you say, “I think I your Energy is moving. And the faster your
will carry limiting beliefs around with me, to keep Energy is moving, the more important it is for you
me from thriving, to keep me from being clear to release those limiting beliefs. Otherwise you
minded, to keep me from being safe, to keep me sort of have a rocky ride.
from being well, to keep me from being
prosperous. I think I will just pick through the Often, once you become aware that you’re having
rubble of physical human experience, and I will the rocky ride you, almost without exception,
just gather up a whole parcel of things that don’t begin to slow down your car. You begin to slow
serve me well. And I’ll carry them around and down your desire, and it gives you some
pass them on from generation to generation, and temporary relief. When you say, “Oh, never mind,
I’ll make my life miserable with them and, I don’t really want that,” your angst goes away
hopefully, I’ll pass them on to my children who because you slow the Energy deliberately. And so,
will do the same.”? It’s not like that at all, is it? the contradictory feeling is not so hindering or so
Not one of your limiting beliefs did you pick up apparent or so uncomfortable, or so noticeable.
deliberately intending to do yourself or someone But we want to say to you, this is really going
else harm. You did not do any of this in a about it the hard way. And the reason that we
deliberate way, you did it in an indeliberate way, know this so powerfully, and that we want to
because you did not understand the power of your speak it to you so emphatically, is because the
emotions. You did not believe that feeling good entire Universe has been established to produce
meant that it was good for you. the contrast that will constantly give birth to
newer, fresher, more leading edge desire within
You did not believe that feeling good meant that it you. And deciding that you will then go against
was good for you. all of the Universe, and keep yourself in a place of
not letting yourself focus the desires that are born
naturally within you, is a lifelong challenge. You
It does not matter how you picked up these have to work very hard at talking yourself out of
limiting beliefs. The only thing that matters is that the things that you were born to conclude.
you recognize that the negative emotion is
pointing them out to you. Negative emotion is I Am Consciousness, Watch Me Create
saying to you: You’re holding a belief that is So, what is a Creator in this human body? You are
thwarting your light from shining. It’s thwarting a focuser of Energy, just like we are, not in a
the God Force or Creative Life Force that is human body. In other words, whether you’re Non-
naturally being drawn through you. Physically focused, or whether you’re physically
focused, you are far more than these physical
Sometimes we see you moving through your day- bodies. You are Consciousness that is projecting
to-day experience, and you can tell that you have thought. There is Non-Physical Source Energy
a limiting belief, or at least you can tell that that is really You flowing through you. You are
something is screwy within you because you can the leading edge extensions of so much more.
feel the strong negative emotion that is within
you. It often comes forth right after you have You are far more than these physical bodies. You
clearly identified that you want something. When are consciousness that is projecting thought.
you clearly identify that you want something,
when you heighten the focus of some desire and
you. You may have had parents who asserted, or
When you allow the true Non-Physical essence of they seemed to, in their quest for your Well-being.
You to flow through you, when you become in It may have felt to you in the early days of your
perfect vibrational harmony with the whole of experience that you were without choice about
You— this is when you are at your very best. what got put on your plate and about what got put
in your mouth. And that may have been one of
When you allow the true Non-Physical essence of your earliest points of resistance.
You to shine through you, or to flow through you,
when you become in perfect vibrational harmony Your Emotions Hold the Key
with the whole of You,— this is when you are at We are wanting to help you to dissolve that
your very best. feeling that you must push against those unwanted
things. Pushing against those unwanted things
never pushes them away, all it does is set you up
When you are allowing the Non-Physical essence for resistance that keeps you vibrationally apart
of You to flow through you in a non-resisted way, from the things that you do want.
that’s when you become a consistently passionate
being. Because when you allow your Inner Being Pushing against those unwanted things never
to shine through you, we promise you, you will be pushes them away.
continually concluding new desires. It’s like your
Inner Being and you are partners in this motion
forward, leading edge experience. There’s no such thing as “no” in this Vibrational
Universe. Everything is “yes”. So when you look
In the beginning, as we spoke to you about the at something wanted and you shout yes at it, you
physical you and the Non-Physical You, it almost are including something wanted in your vibration.
tended to separate you. It made you feel as if you But when you look at something not wanted and
were two pieces. And the reason that we spoke you shout no at it, you are including something
about the physical you and the Inner Being You, not wanted in your vibration. And that, right there,
is because so many of you were not really aware is the basis of all resistance. Looking at unwanted
of the partnership you have with this Eternal, things and saying, “No, no, no, no, I want not
Non-Physical Energy. We did not want to that,” is the very thing that holds you in
separate you. In fact, our intent was to help you to vibrational discord with that which you do want.
become One— one powerful, conscious Being.
So, are you getting the sense that your emotions
We want you to understand the important role that hold the key to all of this? It is our desire to assist
you play as Consciousness focused here in these you in recognizing— by paying attention to the
physical human bodies. You come forth with such way you feel— how closely you are vibrationally
powerful deliberate intent. But sometimes you matching your desires, or how far apart from
say, “Well, why would we come forth into an matching your desires you are in this moment.
environment where there are things that we do not
like?” And we say, because you understand the “In this now moment where all my power is, am I
power of variety. You understand that it is like the allowing that which I’ve been telling the Universe
smorgasbord where you go for Sunday brunch, in many ways every single day what I want, or
where the more variety there is, the better it is. not?” When you feel passion, it means you have a
And as you are moving through that smorgasbord strong focused desire. There’s lots of summoning
you say, “Yes, I would like some of that and I power. There’s lots of asking. And it’s probably
would like some of that, and I would like some of been happening over quite a period of time and
that.” But you don’t find yourself being very you’ve honed it to quite a sharp edge. Passion
uncomfortable with the things that are there that means pointed, powerful summoning of Creative
others may choose, that you do not choose. You Life Force. Passion means Creative Life Force
do not find yourself feeling great resistance for coming at your request to satisfy your desire. In
the things that you do not want to put on your the feeling of passion, you are in a state of utter
plate and put into your own mouth— because you allowance. There is no resistance within you.
do not fear that someone else is going to put them There are no contradictory beliefs that are not
on your plate and put them into your mouth, letting the Energy pass through you.
although, that may be where all that got started for
Relationship of Desire To Passion or Rage As you stand in your now and you are aggravated
Whether you feel rage, or any strong negative or fearful or embarrassed or feeling unworthy, if
emotion, it means almost the same thing. The you are frightened, if you are frustrated, if you are
desire is equal. It means you have been moving angry, if you are blameful, if you are guilty, then,
through contrast; it means you’ve been in this moment, you are hindering the Universe,
calculating; it means you’ve been fulfilling your who adores you, your Inner Being who assists
purpose; it means you’ve been looking at variety; you, and all of the Well-being that is your
it means you’ve been honing the Energy; it means birthright. You’re pinching it off. To the degree of
you’ve been coming to conclusions; it means you the intensity of your negative emotion, that is the
have come to an important conclusion. degree of the intensity of your pinching off your
Whether you’re feeling passion or rage, they both
indicate strong desire. Our favorite analogy is the cork that bobs on the
surface of the water. And when you hold it under
the water, it is unnatural. It is natural for you to let
Whether it is passion or rage that you are feeling go of it, and it is natural for it to bob. But when
in the moment, they both mean strong focused you take hold of a thought that does not feel good,
desire through you. It means you are being a and the negative emotion sweeps over you, you
powerful creator— but in passion, you’re letting it remain in an unnatural state for as long as you
in. And in rage, depression or fear, those strong hold your attention upon it.
negative emotions are saying you’re not letting it
in. Why? Because you are choosing to focus upon You talk about a teacher you call Jesus who
something that is opposite of that which you expressed it as clearly as we’ve ever heard it when
desire. That which you are focusing upon is he said, turn the other cheek or look the other
dominating your Vibration so that you have set up way, or resist not this thing you fear. Because
an Energy field that disallows the very thing that when you take your attention from whatever it is
you are asking for. In short, you’re not a match to that is drowning your cork, your cork will bob
what you want. right back to the surface.

Becoming A Conscious Vibrational Match to Every illness that you know of is because you
Desire hold beliefs that are not allowing the Energy to
If there are things in your life that you don’t want, flow through.
it’s because you are a vibrational match to them.
If there are things not in your life that you do
want, it means you’re not a match to them. Upliftment is natural to you. This gathering is
more about distracting you from the things that
This workshop is about matching up with what I you have come to believe that are important that
want. It’s about talking about what I want and you are using as your excuse to hold yourself in
why I want it. It’s about pretending it, visualizing an unnatural vibration.
it, playing with it until, little by little, I become a
vibrational match to the thing that I want. It’s Now, we have to say to you that if you could
about not letting your now reality dominate your effectively hold yourself in an unnatural vibration,
vibrational sphere any longer. It’s about no longer and keep yourself from wanting anything, that
allowing what-is to be the big hairy deal that I’ve your physical body would not take such a beating.
been making it. It’s about no longer letting what- Every illness that you know of is because you are
is be such a powerful point of my attention, that I holding natural desires that are summoning
cannot move from this spot. It’s about finally Energy— but you are holding beliefs that you’ve
bouncing on the trampoline and catapulting into picked up along your physical trail that are not
the new idea and becoming the passionate, allowing the Energy that you’re summoning to
powerful, forward moving creator that I am. flow through.

Well-being is Your Natural Birthright You Eagerly Anticipated New Thought

As you stand in your now and you feel pretty You are the holder to the keys. You have come
good— that means that you are pretty much forth as genius Deliberate Creators, knowing that
allowing the things you’ve been saying you want. you hold in your hands the ability to create
anything that this time/space reality can cause you
to imagine. You said, “I am so eager to go forth
into this magnificent variety to give birth to a new
thought. And once it is born within me, I will turn
my attention to it, and I will achieve vibrational
harmony with it— and I will become one with it,
and the universal forces will yield it to me. And
once that happens I will stand in a new, clear
place with a new set of contrasting experiences
that will give birth to yet another desire, which I
will then turn my full attention to, using my
powers of imagination and concentration. Until,
by paying attention to the way I feel, I have honed
this new desire into a blended Energy so that it
resonates through every fiber of my being, until
the desire that I say with my mouth, I feel with
my being.

“When I hold a desire and it thrills me, I am a

match to my desire. When I hold a desire and it
tortures me, I am far from a vibrational match.
When I hold a desire and love pours through me
whenever I think about it, my desire and I are one.
And manifestation is around the corner.

No one is holding me apart from this thing that I

want but me and my choice of thought. Am I
letting it in?

“When I hold a desire that frightens me or

threatens me, when I feel unworthy of it, or
blameful of others who have achieved it, when I
feel jealousy, yearning, or fear, then I am holding
myself in vibrational disallowance. No one, not
God, not Mother, not my sister, not my mate, not
my friend— no one is holding me apart from this
thing that I want but me and my choice of

Am I letting it in? Letting what in? What might

that be?” Well-being, clarity, vitality, enthusiasm,
abundance, stamina, the ability to articulate,
understanding, broader view, Inner Being, God,
all that you consider to be good. There is not
anything that you want that you will not be in a
place of letting in once you understand how
important it is to ask yourself in this moment,
“Well, how am I feeling? Am I letting it in?” The
Art of Letting It In.
Lock On to Your Receiving Three Points to Your Creation
Mode There are three points to this fulfilling legacy that
is yours: The first point in creation is the desire, or
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar asking. That happens just by your association with
2002 (pdf) your experience. So, the asking happens.
From the recording G-5-8-01A Buy Recording
Also in GASU01 (ten tapes) Buy Album The second point is the answering to that asking.
Portland, OR Universal forces, some call it God Force, we call
it Creative Life Force— always gives the answer
When the new desire is born within you, and it in the moment of the asking. The third point: You,
has not yet manifested— are you still okay with who is asking, must then receive. You must be in
that? the place where you allow the thing that you are
asking for.
The contrast will continually give birth to desire
within you, and if, even though it has not yet So, if there’s something that you have been
manifested, you are satisfied with where you wanting that is not yet manifesting in your
are— while you are eagerly anticipating your experience, it isn’t because of one or two: It isn’t
inevitable expansion— then everything about your because you haven’t asked, and it isn’t because
vibration would be perfect for the perfect eternal the Universe has not yielded it. It can only be that
expansion that. you are not in the receiving mode.

Your Dissatisfaction Hinders The Satellite Dish Receiver

Your most common hindrance is that feeling of You may have seen the Monster Bus that Jerry
dissatisfaction about something that you want, and Esther are moving about in. On top of it is a
that you do not have. Either there is something satellite dish. So when they come into a
that you’ve got that you don’t want, and you’re campground, Esther will say to Jerry, “Where is
unhappy that you can’t get rid of it, or there is Houston?” She wants to know, because
something that you desire that has not yet come somewhere over Houston is the satellite that is
fully to you, and you are irritated or depressed going to beam the television signal to their dish.
that it has not yet come. Your feeling of And Jerry will say, “It’s off that way.” And Esther
dissatisfaction is your biggest hindrance, and it is will look to see if there is a tree between her dish
also the simplest one to release once you and what she thinks the satellite position is. And if
understand how it all works. it looks clear, she gets out a chart that tells her
what the elevation should be set at, depending
Your feeling of dissatisfaction is your biggest upon where they are on the planet in relationship
hindrance. to this satellite dish, and then she pushes some
buttons which set the elevation on the dish. And
then the little dish begins to turn around and
Ask, and it is Always Given around on the top of the motor coach, until it
Many of you have heard it many, times: When locks on to the signal from the satellite.
you ask, it is given. Whether you are a cell in one
of your magnificent bodies, or in a plant’s body, If they do not have the elevation set properly, that
or you are the fully conscious personality that you little dish just turns around and around, and
know as you, when you ask for something— and around. It would work its heart out. It would spin
you are asking constantly whether you use words all night long. (Every now and again it does.) But
or whether your experience just helps you to if it is not in the proper receiving mode, they do
conclude the desire— when you have desire, it is not have the satisfying results that they are
always answered, every single time. looking for.

Three Points of Creation: Sometimes we see you that way. You are willing
1. Your Desire Asks. to put forth endless effort. You’ll work 24 hours a
2. Universe Answers. day. There is no end to the work or struggle that
3. Allow Your Desire to Manifest. you are willing to put forth in order to try to
achieve. But if you are not in the proper
vibrational mode, no matter how much energy or disconnected from Source Energy. Disconnected
effort or time, or money you put into your is too strong a word; you can never be
endeavor— you don’t lock on. disconnected, you just get it pinched off pretty
Am I In The Receiving Mode?
Whether it feels good or bad is the indicator of Two factors are involved in what makes people
whether you are in the receiving mode or not. So feel the way they are feeling: There is the factor
it is always accurate to say that whatever you are of desire: how much focused desire there is. And
living, abundance or poverty, wellness or then there is the factor of allowing: how much
sickness, joy or despair— whatever you are living, allowing is going on. When you see someone in
in this moment, is a perfect vibrational match to poverty, in anger, in violence, in pain, or in
your mode of allowing. Whatever you’re getting, sickness, rather than judging the correctness of
that is where you’ve got your dish focused. their desire, which none of us have the ability or
the right to do, instead just stop and evaluate (if
All of that stuff you don’t want, whether you you are wanting to be of value) whether they are
name it violence or sickness or poverty or pain, all connected fully to the Source of Well-being, or
of that is a product of someone being whether they have found some way of pinching
disconnected from Source Energy. themselves off.

We believe that you will never again be in a place

Pretend that there are 100 satellites in the sky, of not understanding why you or anyone that you
some of them thrill you when you hook up with are observing is getting what they’re getting. You
them, some of them horrify you when you hook can tell by the things they say, and by the way
up with them, some of them amuse you when you they are feeling, whether they are holding
hook up with them, and some of them depress you themselves in a vibrational match to their own
when you hook up with them. But the operative desires or not.
words are: You hook up with them. It is your
vibrational countenance that is making all of the You Are Here Because It’s Fun
difference. We don’t need to teach you about what to want.
That part comes naturally to you. It’s not
Do you receive the Well-being that is being anybody’s business what you want, anyway; you
offered to you? Or are you holding yourself in are freedom based Beings who get to choose. We
some sort of tension without even knowing you’re don’t need to tell you about who you are from
doing it? There is only a source of Well-being. Non-Physical; you innately know who you are:
You may be letting in the fullness of that Well- You are Source Energy expressing in this physical
being, or you may be pinching it off a bit— but body. You’re not here to prove some kind of
depending upon how you’re doing with that, you worthiness. You’re not here to fix something that
are living your life experience. is broken. You are here as expanding Beings to
assist with the expansion, not because it needs
The way you feel is your indicator of whether your assistance, but because it is fun. It is
you’re letting it in. Letting what in? Letting in fulfilling.
Well-being. Letting in the clarity that is really
you, and letting in the abundance that is natural to In this inevitably expanding Universe, you genius
you. Letting in your resilience, your physical creators said, “I will go forth into this contrasting
stamina, and your flexibility. Letting in your experience, where all kinds of choices will be laid
ability to intuitively know your path. Letting in before me. And out of this buffet of opportunities,
your sensitivity to your surroundings, your I will conclude— sometimes unconsciously,
opportunities to expand, and your joy and sometimes fully consciously— new desires; in
appreciation. Letting yourself be who you really some cases, desires that have never been unto this
are. Letting in whatever you desire. Universe, or any other, ever before. And when
that new rocket of desire is born within me, my
Why You Feel What You Feel work is done, because when that rocket is born,
All of that stuff you don’t want, whether you the asking is now in place. And when the asking is
name it violence or sickness or poverty, or pain, in place, the answering is in place. And so, the
all of that is a product of someone being
expansion of the Universe happens joyously, words, it is the vibrational harmony between the
naturally, creatively, and eternally”. vibrational meter of your desire and the
vibrational meter of your now expression, or your
We come forth in response to your asking, not belief, that matters. If you’ve concluded, through
because your lives are inadequate, but because it your exposure to contrast, that you desire
thrills us when you deliberately line up with your something different in your experience, and that
own desire. It is not our desire to guide your desire is vibrating here: It is this dream, this idea,
desire. that when you first thought about it thrilled you,
but now you stand here mostly noticing what-is,
It is not our desire to guide your desire. talking about it softly to your friends, “Wish this
were different; wish this were different; wish this
were different;” in every moment that you’re
When you made the decision to come forth into talking about what-is, instead of where you’re
this physical experience, you knew there would be going— instead of what you are desiring— you are
enormous variety that would help you come to holding yourself vibrationally apart from the thing
conclusions. And you knew that you were, then, a you want. You are not locked onto your signal.
part— and would, in this body, be a part— of a
Universe that is freedom based. Which means, no Catch yourself in the act of doing that thing that
one seeks to control that which you identify as you do.
your desire.

This gathering is not about that. Desire happens. Catch Yourself in the Act
This gathering is about assisting you in achieving It would be helpful if you would begin to catch
vibrational harmony with your own desire, so that yourself in the act of being locked off your signal.
you can, right now this red hot minute, express Because we hear so many of you saying, “What’s
yourself in the fullest sense of the word. going on here? I want it. I’ve been saying I want
it. I know I’m using the right words. I know I’ve
None Need Fear An Aligned One got the right expression on my face. Why isn’t it
Now, that’s frightening to some. They say, happening?” The answer to that is: it is because
“Abraham, if everyone really felt free to desire you keep doing that thing that you do that locks
anything, wouldn’t we need to hide out from a lot you off the signal.
of them?” And we say, we don’t think so, because
everything that everyone wants— no matter what Some time ago, Esther went out to the chicken
it is— is always because they believe they would coop and found a possum in the nest where the
feel better in the having of it. And we have eggs are, with egg all over its face. She loved it.
noticed that when you align with that which “Egg on its face! Imagine that!” Esther said, “I’ve
makes you feel better— no one would ever need to heard that all my life, and this is the first time I’ve
fear you. ever caught someone with egg on their face.” And
if you could have seen this little possum, with the
Align Your Thoughts and Desires guilty look on his face, he was the epitome of
As with all analogies, our satellite dish analogy is being caught with egg on his face.
not perfect. The biggest difference between it and
what’s happening with you is that your contrast, Catch yourself in the act of doing that thing that
which causes you to give birth to your rocket of you do when you are not allowing the Pure
desire, sends the signal. In other words, it is your Positive Energy to flow; when you’re not
desire that is beaming to you. So when we say allowing yourself to be a vibrational match to
you’re wanting to align the Energy within you, your own desire.
we’re talking about aligning the Energy of your
now thought— your habit of thought, your belief, So what happens is, you tend to evaluate the
your day-to-day vibrational expression— with the content of your now experience so fully that you
vibration of your desire. find the more familiar vibration of what-is, rather
than finding the better feeling vibration of what
So, you launch the rocket that is sending the you desire. And that, right there, is the only thing,
signal to you, now all you’ve got to do is line up the only thing, that ever holds you apart from
with the signal that you’ve sent to you. In other anything you want.
It’s Only A Little Bit of Poison your desire or not— whether you are in the mode
We tease a little bit. It’s like being willing to of allowing or receiving, or not.
endure just a little bit of poison. It’s like, every
day, finding a little poison and just tasting it. It’s a And so, by paying attention to your emotions, or
little bitter at first, just a little bit. Hmm, doesn’t by paying attention to the way you feel, you are
kill you right away. Diminishes your experience getting a very clear indicator of what your
almost unnoticeably in the beginning. But then vibrational offering is.
you sort of get a taste for it. It’s like it becomes a
habit. It becomes so familiar that even though it We want you to be aware of your vibrational
doesn’t really feel good while you do it, it doesn’t offering while it is in the emotional stage rather
really give you immediate detrimental results. than waiting for it to be in the manifested stage,
And so you just sort of lap it up a little bitÉ. although that works too. You can pay no attention
whatsoever to the way you feel, just offer your
Sometimes we visit with our physical friends who thoughts, and therefore your feelings or vibration,
feel that they are very far apart from something all over the place, and the Universe will match
they want. Maybe their body has been labeled you with perfect vibrational matches. And as you
something that is frightening them. Or maybe they receive the manifestation, you can say, “I would
have some economic disaster, or a personal have rather this truck did not fall on me.” And
relationship disaster. And as they come to us, their then, it is a little bit more time consuming to bring
attitude about self is, “I must have done yourself back to your fully unflattened state.
something really, really wrong. There must be Although it can be done— it is cumbersome.
some major thing that I’m doing or have done that
is now keeping me from this thing that I want.” You are extensions of Source Energy.
And the more you are allowing the fullness of
It isn’t anything big. your Source Energy to flow through you— the
It’s just the steady habit of holding yourself more you thrive.
locked off the signal.

You are extensions of Source Energy. And the

It isn’t anything big. It’s just the steady habit of more you are allowing the fullness of your Source
holding yourself locked off the signal. It’s a whole Energy to flow through you— the more you thrive.
lot of simple little things that usually don’t Source Energy is likened to your electricity that
amount to much more than slight aggravation or flows through your walls. And some of you are
slight irritation. It’s just that edgy feeling of not having rolling blackouts, we notice. Not only in
being in the place of fully receiving. your houses, but in your day-to-day experience, as
you find things that you use as your excuse to
When the satellite dish is off the signal only a pinch yourself off from the Source Energy that is
little bit, there is no picture on the TV screen. You You.
can’t get a little bit close to it. It’s either locked on
or it’s not. The same thing is happening with you. It would be like plugging in your appliances and
When you’re locked onto your signal of desire, having only half of the electrical current. And
you feel good. You feel this feeling of your lights are flickering, sometimes they are on,
exhilaration. You know that you are locked on sometimes they aren’t, your buzz saw just turns
when you are. slowly. And you say, “I am wanting to be hooked
up to a stronger grid. I am wanting purer
Pay Attention to Emotions electricity to flow through my system.”
Your emotions tell you everything that you need
to know about your relationship with your Source Am I Letting It In?
Energy. Your emotions tell you how specifically Discover how to clean up your vibration so there
focused you are, which means how strong your is not so much resistance within you, so that you
desire is, and how much of the Source Energy can be the fuller receiver of that which you are
you’re summoning through your focused desire, asking for. It is not a difficult thing to do, once
right now. And your emotions tell you whether you are understanding the process --it is really
you are, in this moment, a vibrational match to about setting yourself into vibrational harmony
with that which feels good. We would encourage
you to ask yourself on a regular basis, maybe things like, “Oh, this is interesting,” to “Oh, this is
hundreds of times in every day, “Am I letting it satisfying,” to “Oh, don’t you love that,” to “Oh,
in? Am I letting it in?” Letting what in? You I’m really enjoying this,” to “Oh, this is
could call it Creative Life Force, God force. “Am interestingÉ.” All of those feelings of life-giving
I holding myself in vibrational harmony with emotion are the natural way that you are, and the
those things that I have identified that I’m way you felt as you came forth into this physical
wanting to experience?” experience, to begin with,— and the way you
would always feel once you get the hang of
The only reason that something that you want is catching yourself in the mode of doing that thing
not coming to you, is that you are holding that you do that keeps all of that from happening.
yourself in vibrational harmony with something
other than what you want. You Are Eternal Beings
You are eternal Beings, which means you never
get it done. How does that feel? You never get it
Why Isn’t It Coming To Me? done. If that feels like, “Oh good,” then you are
The only reason that something that you want is hooked up with Source Energy; you are recalling
not coming to you, is that you are holding who you are; you are eagerly anticipating the
yourself in vibrational harmony with something unfolding; you are remembering that the
other than what you want. And the good news is: destination has never been what it’s about. The
every single time you’re doing it, every single destination just gives you something to focus
time, without exception, you are feeling upon so that the Energy flows, so that your
something less than positive emotion when it journey is exhilarating.
happens. So if you are asking yourself on a fairly
regular basis, maybe two or three hundred, or a When you realize that you are eternal Beings, that
thousand, times every day, and if you’re catching must mean that there’s way more before you than
yourself in the act of doing it now— it won’t take there could ever be behind you. In other words,
30 days of being aware that you’re doing it now to eternity means forever. And so, when you get in
stop doing it now. sync with eternity, doesn’t it make you sort of
want to relax and enjoy, and savor?
Once you realize what the receiving mode feels
like, it is such an easy thing to hold yourself in What’s The Big Rush?
vibrational harmony with the Well-being that is What’s the big rush? What is the clamoring
natural to you. And that is what the Science of toward one destination or another? Why not kick
Deliberate Creation is about. back a little bit; take in the perfection of where
you stand? Think about where you’re going; reach
You Are Vibrational Beings for feelings, past present or future, that feel
You are vibrational Beings much more than you good— and enjoy who you are in your powerful
are flesh, blood and bone beings. You are more and pointed now.
vibrational, you are more electrical, than you are
anything else. And the way that you read the
vibration of your Being is through your emotions.
Your emotions tell you everything that you will
ever need to know about your relationship with
your Source Energy. And we can’t think of
anything that is more significant for you to be
aware of than your relationship with your Source
Energy— because the Source Energy is life itself.

When you are fully connected to and fully

allowing Source Energy, you are the extension of
that. You are that Blended Being. You are
allowing the whole of You to flow through and
live this physical experience. In that state of
being, eagerness would be your most common
emotion. You would vacillate between saying
Make Peace with Where You So, in the same way, we say, your current
financial affairs could be not good. You could
Are have more bills than you have income. You could
have people hounding you on the telephone or
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec beating on your door every day… And we say, so
2005 (pdf) that’s what-is; that’s the action journey that you
From the recording G-1-29-05 Buy Recording are upon. But you could have that financial
Also in GASP05 (ten tapes) Buy Album condition percolating along and you could feel
San Antonio, TX hopeful, or, you could have that condition
percolating along and you could feel fearful. And
Are you knowing what you are wanting? An the difference between fearful and hopeful is the
evolving thing? Are you enjoying the expansion difference between things improving for you.
of your desire? And are you noticing that it is
expanding? This is a Vibrational Universe and you are
Vibrational Beings. You don’t set your radio dial
As you begin to recognize that you get to decide on 630 AM and expect to hear what’s being
all of it, and as you begin to appreciate the broadcast on 98.6 FM. You understand you’ve got
contrast that makes deciding or concluding, or to line those frequencies up, and so you do. You
preferring, more obvious, then you begin to don’t stubbornly set it on the station that you
sincerely enjoy the contrast. don’t want to hear and then demand that the laws
of physics change so that you can hear it anyway,
We always begin by asking: Those manifestations without you doing anything about it… You can’t
that have not yet come about are still pleasing to be beating the drum of things gone wrong— and
you, yes? And some lie and say yes, others say no, offering a vibration about things going wrong—
but we want you to come to the place where you and be in the vibrational place of receiving what
say yes and really mean it. "Yes, there are things you are wanting.
that I want that have not come into manifestation
yet. There are things I want that I can’t even see Make peace with wherever you stand. And here’s
any way of them happening— but they are still the most important part: When you feel despair, or
refreshing and delightful to me. I still feel anything that doesn’t feel good, and you reach for
anticipation. I still feel encouraged. They still feel a thought that feels better, what comes right along
fresh and good to me." And we want that for you. with that is a conscious awareness that you do
have some control of your experience. And
We want your unfulfilled desires to feel good to friends, we cannot emphasize enough the
you, because, well, there are two reasons: If you importance of that conscious awareness that you
cannot make peace with where you are, then the can do something about the way you feel.
unfulfilled desires are very slow in becoming
fulfilled because that angst you feel about things When you choose a thought that feels better than
not yet happening, is an indication of a vibration the thought that you were choosing before, and
that’s literally holding it apart, from you. you consciously acknowledge that you had the
power to choose it, and that you did choose it, and
So, when you’re sick and you want to be well, and that it did change your vibrational frequency—
you’ve been sick for a long time and it doesn’t now, there’s no place you cannot go. Now, that
seem like you’re getting better, or when you have cloud of despair, that cloud of not being able to
one of those diagnoses that says you’re probably control your own experience goes away.
not going to get better, and so, instead of feeling
hopeful, you feel fearful— improvement is very There is not anything that any of you want—
hard to come. In fact, it cannot come under those whether it’s a material object, a state of being, a
conditions. relationship, a circumstance or event… there’s
nothing that you have ever wanted or anybody
The vibrational difference between feeling hopeful you’ve ever known has ever wanted— that is for
and feeling fearful is the difference between any other reason than you think you will feel
getting well and not getting well. It’s the better in the having of it… And when you show
difference between holding this condition on and yourself that you can feel better just because
on and on, or letting it go. you’ve decided that you want to feel better, and
that you have the power to choose a thought that angry. And it’s the best I can do. So, don’t ask me
feels better, now, you’re on your way. And there’s to jump up there in your bright, fluffy, sunshine,
nowhere that you cannot go along this Emotional lollipop and roses vibration; it’s not possible. It’s
Scale. And when you make it up there into the a quantum leap I cannot make. Go away, unless
consistent range of feeling pretty darn wonderful, you like to be around an angry person."
then wonderful things become the basis of your
experience. Decide that you’re going to be aware of how you
feel, and that how you feel really matters, and feel
Sometimes well-meaning people will encourage exhilaration when your vibration shifts. When you
you to get happy faster than you can. And the move from despair or fear into anger, we want
reason that we say that is because, as we said you to have a triumphant feeling of celebration
earlier, you cannot put your radio dial on 630 AM because that was enormous, important movement,
and hear what’s being broadcast on 98.6 FM; the vibrationally, and because once you get angry,
frequencies have to match up. And if you are in you can move rather quickly into frustration, and
despair, or fear, or anger, you can’t jump all the when you find that fresh breath of air that
way into bliss; you can’t even get a whiff of bliss. frustration gives you, we want you to stop and
It’s a different vibrational frequency. celebrate your achievement— but you’re not going
to be able to do that if you are trying to compare
So, what we have noticed as we’ve been watching yourself with where others are… .
you, we notice that when you try to jump from
anger or despair all the way to bliss, you don’t Your creativity, has only to do with your
make the jump; you can’t possibly do it. And it’s relationship with the Source Energy that creates
not because you’re not good; it’s because Law of worlds. And your emotions tell you everything
Attraction is not going to give you access to you need to know about that relationship. So, it
thoughts or memories or experiences, or other doesn’t matter how happy somebody else is; it
people, that’s very far from where you are only matters how happy you are.
offering your vibration.
Do you know how, in the classroom, they’ll give
It is so important that you decide today (well, you you an A for this behavior, and a B for this
can decide tomorrow; you can decide any time behavior, or an E, or an F for that behavior. And
you want to, but it will be important to you when so, you begin to think that somebody up there in
you make this decision) that you’re not going to joy and appreciation should get the A, and
try to jump frequencies… It doesn’t matter where somebody down here in depression should get the
you are; you can move gradually into increasingly E or the F. And what we want to say to you is,
better places. when you move from depression or fear into
anger, give yourself an A, because that movement
The thing that is so important is that you, now, means everything.
once and for all, make a decision that the
relativity you’re going to be aware of is only What it means is, you’ve shifted enough
going to be the relationship between how I am vibrationally that you now have access to a whole
feeling, and how I want to feel. In other words, My other range of thoughts and experiences. And, of
dominant intent is to find the best-feeling thoughts course, you do not want to get stuck there in
that I can find from where I am. Not the best- anger, but from anger you have a prayer of
feeling thought I’ve ever thought, or not the best- reaching frustration, where you can’t usually find
feeling thought that anybody has ever thought, but yourself in the fresh breath of air that frustration
just the best-feeling thought that I have access to, is from despair or from fear; it’s too much of a
right now. vibrational jump.

Decide, really soon, that you are not going to If you’ll look back into your experience, you will
compare your emotional state with anybody begin to notice (and we don’t want you to look
else’s, because their emotional state is only about back too much, but just begin to viscerally feel
their emotional state; it doesn’t have anything to around) that emotions are always coming in
do with you. Your friend that says, "Cheer up; be response to what you are giving your attention to.
happy; come with me," say to your friend, "I was And with far less effort than it takes to learn
depressed yesterday, and today I’m really, really QuickBooks on your computer, you’re going to
discover that you can be in control of the way you have to say, Nothing is more important than that I
feel, which means, you now have mastered the Art feel good. And, right now, I’m going to do my best
of Allowing. That means, no matter what’s going to find the best-feeling thought that I can find.
on around you, you have discovered a way to feel
good and remain in Connection, and when you’ve Now, sometimes, you can change the subject. It’s
discovered that— then Well-Being must follow easy to change the subject. Or, you could
you everywhere you go. meditate; just quiet your mind; put your brain on
pause; that makes you feel better immediately,
Esther talked to a friend who’s a magnificent too. But if there are circumstances that are
counselor, (using many of the techniques that hammering you, things that come up often:
Abraham has offered over the years with her somebody in your experience that is there every
clients) and she says, "I tell my clients, ‘find the day, or often, if there’s something happening in
eye of your hurricane and stay there.’" And Esther your experience that you consistently feel bad
said, "I sort of like that. When you think about all about, then you’ve got some work to do on this
the things that are going on in the world that could Emotional Scale.
be upsetting to you, but there is this calm here
where I am. In other words, I don’t have to Once you show yourself that that person, or that
change the world; the world doesn’t have to circumstance, does not have to change for you to
change for me." Do you know that is truly what move from fearful up to hopeful, or from despair
the meaning of unconditional love is? up to anger to frustration… once you show
yourself that nothing has to change, in terms of
Most people, when they see conditions that make the action journey, for you to have real movement
them feel bad— they just feel bad. And when they in the emotional journey, once you show yourself
see something that makes them feel good— they that, then watch what happens to your action
just feel good. And then they conclude, "We’ve journey. Once you shift; once you beat that drum;
got to control the conditions." And so, they make once it settles in; once you find the groove of that,
laws, and they get all kinds of patrollers, and they once you are there, once you’ve shifted that
get all kinds of people that then try to enforce the belief, once you’ve modified that vibration (far
laws because they believe that if they could just less effort than you think), everything will begin
control these conditions, then they would never to shift in your experience.
have to look at anything that upsets them again.
But then you discover that the tsunami will come, So, contrast causes you to offer rockets of desire.
and that there aren’t laws or rules, or armies, that The desire is nowhere near where you’re
can stop that. Or the hurricane will come, or the vibrating. So, you’ve given birth to an idea of
earthquake will come… In other words, there’s something you want that you are not a vibrational
always going to be something that is going to match to it. So, you do your best to find thoughts
challenge your idea that you can control that feel closer and closer and closer to it. And
circumstances. when you begin to feel the elation that you will
feel when that manifests, even before it manifests,
You cannot control circumstances. You never now, it must manifest, and it must manifest fast.
intended to control circumstances. You intended
to discover unconditional love. You intended to That’s why we asked you that all-important
discover a way to feel good, no matter what, question as we began. Do those unfulfilled desires
because you have the facility; you have the please you?
power; you have the ability to focus. You have the
ability to choose where you focus, therefore, you And some of you lie and say yes, some of you say
have the ability to offer vibration deliberately, no. But we want you to work on getting to the
therefore, you have the ability to choose the way place where you say, "Yes, I love this unfulfilled
you feel. But it takes some practice. desire! I love knowing that there’s something in
the offing for me. I love knowing that it’s out
As you practice, every day, something will there percolating, and I love doing my work,
happen and you will feel it viscerally in your which is, gradually, gently, consistently bringing
body. Somebody says something or does myself into vibrational alignment with it."
something, or you see something on television,
and then you’ve got to stop, right then, and you
When it feels like the next logical step— then it
comes right in. So your work, as you stand in the
absence of something wanted, is to pretend it, to
imagine it, to become so familiar with the essence
of what it would feel like when it comes, that even
though it hasn’t come, you still feel good. (You
get this?) Even though my lover hasn’t come yet,
I’m excited about the idea of my lover coming.
I’m anticipating. I feel excited about it. But if I’m
depressed, if I’m discouraged, if "all the good
ones are taken," then, it’s not the next logical step.

We think you heard that. Our work here is done.

Matches are Exciting computers. She had an example of a High School
web Page and it was from Stuttgart Germany
(That’s a match!) I went to a dinner for one of
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
Stan’s co-workers and the toilet tank was at the
1996 (pdf)
ceiling (just like when I was a kid in the 50’s in
Germany), (that’s a match!) Our campus is for
Dear Esther & Jerry,
students who are working independently and
therefore, we have enrollments every week. Most
Thank you for hearing, feeling, and sharing the
of our students take Spanish and French and then
energy that Abraham has to bring to all of us. I
drop it when they come to our school because it is
had periodically lost touch with my own good
difficult to learn a language independently. We
feelings, and last year, our friend reminded me of
had a student who wanted to complete his, yup
the Abraham tapes.
you guessed it, German, class. I had to set up a
special program with another high school for this
She shared a few with me, and then I started the young man. I was successful at that, and he
weekly tape series about 6 months ago. So many received an A for his work (Another match). Stan
positive things have occurred since then. I have passed his MFCC exam (in April— results came
been able to share the teachings with several mid May) and we wanted time to settle down after
people I work with in an alternative high school in spending about 12 years working toward that
Fair Oaks, CA. goal. July 16 he applied for a job transfer (this is
out of normal sequence). We went on vacation
Our joint manifestations brought us a new and returned. His boss E-mailed an inquiry to his
principal who was able to help the staff become a friend in Germany— response followed with a job
more cohesive unit. My attitude has become more opening (perfect fit for Stan’s skills and abilities)
positive, and when negativity comes forth, several and when Stan called his former supervisor (from
of us begin to chuckle and re-focus the energy. 6 years ago— she is in Idaho now) she had already
My knowing has become more clear, and my been asked for a recommendation— she gave it
personal manifestations have been exciting and so with pleasure. To cut to the chase— We have to be
quick to come to pass. in Germany by October 15— I have been giddy
these last weeks. The matches ARE as exciting as
When I learned of the “Place Mat” technique, the real thing. Thanks for reminding me.
about March, I began to ask the Universe for
assistance— and I was able to have my husband, Oh, and in the meantime, Stan’s sister introduced
Stan, join me in the creative process. Some of the us to a co-worker who is a perfect match for a
original requests from the fairies included: lots of house sitter. She will care for our home just the
money; living, working, playing, traveling in way we would.
Germany (this has been a dream since the early
60’s— I knew it would happen, just didn’t know
Due to all the excitement with the move, my
how); licensing of Stan as a Marriage, Family,
closing down my therapy practice while I am out
Child Counselor; our newly built home ready for
of the country and organizing for another new life
someone else to temporarily take care of it while
experience, I will be temporality stopping my
we were in Germany (to our specs of course).
weekly tapes. I will resume when I am settled and
have a new address.
I giggle a lot now. Every time I find money on the
ground, I know it was left there for me— I pick it
Thank you for ALL the loving energy you send
up and thank the fairies. I dropped an overdue bill
out to others— it is exciting for me to be a part of
(from a former client) into the mailbox one
morning— when I arrived at my office later that
day, a check and arrived from that client for
With sincere love and appreciation,
partial payment on the bill...Thank you! Thank
you! Thank you!

I began “Place Matting” on Saturday, and at the

next staff meeting at my school (Wed) my boss
began discussing the world wide web for our
Moving Up The Vibrational agreeing with you, in general terms, about the
reality you are perceiving. But, in truth, you are
Stick! all interpreting uniquely from your perspective.
We approach your physical experience in a rather
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun unusual way because once you understand that
2000 (pdf) you are vibrational interpreters,then you can
From the recording G-7-31-99 Buy Recording deliberately take it further. Then you can go
Also in GAF99 (ten tapes) Buy Album beyond your physical senses, which are
San Diego, CA interpreting vibration by utilizing your emotional
basis, which is a further interpretation of more
Are you understanding that you are vibrational defined, intricate interpreting. Your emotions tell
beings? Are you understanding that everything is you more subtle vibrations.
vibrational and that your experience, no matter
who you are, whether you are physical or Non- Everything is about vibration. And everything that
physical, whether you are human or insect, your you are perceiving is already vibrating. When you
perspective, or that which you perceive, is only give anything your attention— whatever its
about your translation of vibration? vibration is— it now becomes included in your
vibration. So it is true that everything that you are
You Are Creating From The Inside Out allowing yourself to ponder or remember or
imagine or observe affects your vibration. And
In this tangible, physical world, where you can many would say, “Well, so what?” And we say, it
see and smell and hear and taste and touch, your is a very important “so what.” Since Law of
physical senses are literally your interpreters of Attraction is what is sorting all of this out, then
vibrations. And so, the world you perceive is whatever it is you are offering in your vibration is
about your sensors that are interpreting it from what Law of Attraction is giving back to you.
vibration to perception. When you look at your Whatever you are observing, or whatever you are
television, a similar thing is taking place: A pondering, or whatever you are imagining, or
mechanism has projected and translated, and now whatever you are giving your attention to—
you are using other physical human sensors to whether you are remembering it from past, or
further translate. You don’t look at your television observing it in the now or imagining it in the
and assume that somehow those people are really future— whatever you are giving your attention to
in that little box. You know that the screen, or the is causing your vibration to be what it is. And
process, is giving you an interpreted version of whatever it is, is your point of attraction.
something. And everything in your world is that.
It’s hard for you to get a sense of that, because As Esther was watching the television and hearing
you are surrounded with so many other about some recent violence, she said, “Abraham,
interpreters who are born with similar sensors or if we were to turn off our televisions, if everyone
senses to yours. on the planet were to unplug the television today,
would that decrease that violence we are seeing?”
We said, dramatically and instantly: It would
Whatever You Give Your Attention Affects Your become a new world in a moment.
Whatever It is, It Becomes Your Point of Then we said to Esther: If you were to turn off
Attraction your television, you would no longer be a part of
it. You could allow whatever other people are
choosing. By withdrawing your attention, you
And so, when we say to you, what you see with would no longer have vibrational access to any of
your eyes is an interpretation of vibration, what it. And that is really a much better way to
you feel with your fingertips, what you hear with approach it. Rather than asking everyone to do
your ears, what you smell with your nose, all that what you think needs to be done so that they can
you are experiencing is vibrational interpretation, all feel like you think they need to feel, why not
you say (because so many of you are having a you just do it? Because whatever you are offering
similar experience) “Well, this interpretation of in your vibration is only what will affect you.
vibration is reality.” And we say, the reason you
are calling it reality is because so many others are
You don’t even have to turn your television off. you access to things you don’t want.
You can just be so clear about who you are and We call this seminar the Science of Deliberate
what you want that you could get the best from Creation. ("Science", because it is forever
your television. You could become such a expanding, and deliberate because you are being
vibrational selective sifter, that in the same way purposeful about it.) The “Science of Deliberate
that violence never touches you out in the world, Creation” is about offering your vibration on
it would not come to you through your television. purpose, perceiving on purpose, pondering on
You would never cower in a corner, hiding from purpose, remembering on purpose. It means
someone. You would not dodge bullets, or even thinking on purpose. It means observing on
dodge mayhem in traffic, because your vibration purpose. It means reaching for, in a purposeful
does not include that… As you would give your manner, those things that you would like to
attention only to what you are wanting, your participate with.
vibration would be such that you would not
rendezvous even with those negative things that
are projected on the television. Your Point of Power is Right Now!
Your Guidance System, your emotional
If you would make a determination that “There mechanism, is your mechanism by which you
are plenty of things on the television that are in understand more fully the vibration of your being.
vibrational harmony with that which I want and And since everything is vibration, your Guidance
that which I am, and those are the things that will System is the mechanism by which you
come to me,” then you will find yourself not understand your creating in this moment. And all
cowering in some corner of seclusion trying to creation is taking place in this moment.
prevent yourself from rendezvousing with those
things you do not want. Your power is here and now, because here and
now is where you are vibrating. You cannot
attract your past. You are not vibrationally there.
Law of Attraction Says Anything you Give Your Perceptually, you are standing here, you are
Attention Is Like Saying YES To It. perceiving here, you are attracting here. This is
your point of power. This is your point of
attraction. So how you feel right now, right now,
Deliberate Creating is adjusting your vibration so how you feel right now, right now… Whether you
that you have access only to that which you are are thinking about then or now, or tomorrow, it
choosing. You have been deliberate, or have doesn’t matter whether you are perusing past,
wanted to be deliberate, about controlling your present or future— how you are feeling NOW as
own experience. But the thing that most humans you are perusing past, present or future, IS your
have not understood in their sorting out the details indicator of your point of attraction.
of life and in the choosing of the specific details
that you are wanting to live is that the sorting is Creating from the inside out says, “I will generate
not about looking at the results of what has been the feeling, which will cause the vibration, which
created and then dividing it into piles of wanted will affect the attraction.” Creating from the
and unwanted, saying yes to these things and no outside in says, “I will ponder that thing that has
to these things (That has not been working very happened, and then I will have a feeling response
well for you.) because Law of Attraction says, to it.” If you are creating from the outside in,
everything that you give your attention to is like which almost everyone is, then you become one
saying yes to it. In Law of Attraction world, there of the millions on your planet who then believe
is no such thing as no. Because when you’re that you must somehow join together, and with
looking at something wanted and shouting yes to enough force, that you can demand behavior from
it, you are including it in your vibration. But when other beings, so that you can feel better about
you are looking at something you don’t want and what you see: “When I see you, sweet one, I feel
you are shouting no at it, you are including wonderful. But when I see you, rotten one, (fun) I
something you do not want in your vibration. And feel terrible. So you need to change your behavior
so, as you are sorting out the piles of creation, and so that when I see you I feel better. You, rotten
you are saying yes to these things, and no to those one, need to behave more like you, sweet one.
things, you are creating a sort of jumbled And when you do, I’ll be happy.”
vibration, or point of attraction, that is allowing
The problem is, rotten one doesn’t even know falling out of the sky in airplanes— they are all
he’s rotten. All he’s trying to do is satisfy his own valid beliefs, but they do not serve you well.
desires. And the fact that his desires differ from
your desires is what makes you call him rotten And so, what we’re wanting to begin to help you
one. And it is not a problem for him, because he do is to sort out your beliefs, but not in terms of
calls you rotten one, too. You are using each other their reality, because, in truth, everything is real.
as your excuse to not feel good a good part of the You say to your children, “Well, you don’t have
time. And what we’re wanting you to understand to believe in that, because that’s not a real thing.
is that that very conditional approach to life, That’s a pretend thing.” And we say, if it is
which says, “Under these conditions I feel good, evoking negative emotion within them as they are
let me applaud and support these conditions. But watching this horrible thing at the movie theatre,
under these conditions I feel bad, so let me join on television or wherever, whether it is real or not
forces to try to destroy these conditions” will is not the issue. How it is making them or you feel
never get you anywhere. You are born in a diverse is the only issue that is important. Anything that
Universe where there will always be more that affects your vibration is affecting your overall
you disagree with than that with which you agree, experience.
on the peripheral leading edge of thought.

When you believe that you have to clean it all up Every Stick Has Two Ends
in order to feel good, you’ve got a task you cannot Every subject is really two subjects: There is that
complete. But when you understand that it’s about which is wanted and lack of it. There is the
creating a vibration, which is your point of subject of wellness or not. There is the subject of
attraction, from the inside— then you only have abundance or not. There is the subject of light or
access to those things that you are wanting. not. Every subject is of that which is wanted or of
the lack of it, or the absence of it.
As you learn to adjust your vibration or affect
your emotions deliberately, now you have access
only to those vibrational things out there in the Every Subject is Two Subjects: That Which is
Universe that are a vibrational match to that— and Wanted and the Lack of It!
it is an ever so much easier way to create. And it
is in keeping with what you know from your
broader, Non-physical perspective. You said, “I When you pick up the very long Stick (or subject)
will adjust my vibration, which is my way of that has two ends to it, the stick that has the label
allowing the Well-being that is natural to me, to “money” or “abundance”, the only question that is
flow.” The key word in there is: “allowing”, really important to you is: “Which end of this
because Well-being is flowing to you. And you Stick am I vibrating on?” If you really want to
are, in differing degrees, allowing or not allowing know: what you are living is your evidence of
it. No one is depriving you of anything. But that— because whatever you are thinking and
sometimes you do not allow the Stream of Well- feeling, and whatever you are getting, is always a
being that would flow to you otherwise. vibrational match. The manifestation that you are
living is a true indicator of what the vibrational
You have established rather definite, habitual content of your offering is.
patterns of thought relative to many subjects. And
some of your habits of thought serve you very When you pick up the Stick that says “money”,
well, because they matche your now desire. But you can tell, you can feel it in your solar plexus,
some do not serve you very well, because they do which end of it you’re vibrating on. You can feel
not match your desire: Your belief in illness, your eagerness and enthusiasm, or you can feel worry
belief in decline, your belief in aging, (in the way and concern. You can feel whether you’re thriving
you mean it, not moving through time, but or whether you’re worried. When you pick up the
declining through time) those beliefs do not serve Stick that says moving through time, maturing,
you well. Your belief in vulnerability, your belief aging, living… You can feel which end of it
in violence, your belief in bad things happening to you’re vibrating on: “Eager, happy for my
good people--those beliefs do not serve you well. evolution, worried, or not liking the wrinkles
Your belief in cancer, in AIDS, your belief in under my eyes...” You can tell.
getting run over by big things, your belief in
When you pick up the Stick about wellness, you the contrast, and out of it is born a new desire.
can feel whether you have confidence in your Now, in the beginning, this desire feels very
vitality, or whether you’re worried about some strange to you, because it is not anything you have
limitation. You can tell by the way you feel. And felt before. It was born out of the contrast. It’s a
that’s really what we’re wanting to help you with. new and different vibration for you. It feels weird,
We want to help you to identify clearly what your because this is not where you are accustomed to
now vibration is relative to things that matter to vibrating. So now your work is to turn and look at
you. And we want to show you (and we promise this new desire. Never mind what produced it—
you we have endless ways of going about it) how turn and look at the new desire. Talk about it.
to vibrate more with the end of the Stick that you Think about it. Imagine it. Play with it. Let it
are choosing than with the end of the Stick that become familiar. And when it becomes more
you chose without knowing you were choosing it. familiar than where you were when it was born,
It’s what we call Creation by Default: Vibrating now you and it are vibrationally the same, and
all over the place by virtue of what you’ve been Law of Attraction must bring you together, and a
observing, so you’re offering vibrations that are manifestation occurs…
limiting you and offering vibrations that are
keeping you from some things that you are
wanting. You are offering vibrations that are
attracting to you things you don’t want, and you
are offering vibrations that are attracting to you
things you do want.

You are full of vibrations— many of them are

serving you, many are not. We want to help you
to deliberately, consciously clean up your
vibrational offering and to start offering a purer
signal. It’s what we call Setting your Tone.

You get to choose what you offer vibrationally—

and in doing so, you get to choose what comes
back to you. But if you are letting what you’re
observing choose it, then you’re vibrating all over
the place.

Then you are feeling a little bit like Esther was

this morning after watching the violence, “Please,
let’s just all unplug the televisions and stop this
madness.” And we say, it will only stop some of
it, because you’d be out there with your eager
eyes exploring things that are none of your
business, causing vibrations within you that are
attracting things you do not want. And all of that
is part of the fantastic voyage through human
consciousness. You wanted every bit of that. You
said, “I will go forth into this sea of contrast,
because I know, in my exploration of these things
of variance and difference, that out of it will be
produced within me a focusing mechanism, a
creative genius. Out of it will be focused within,
new desire, new unto the Universe, new unto
me— new unto All-That-Is.

The Cycle of Creation

So here’s how it works: Here you are, examining
Now Reality as your Platform It is logical that when you see something that
pleases you and you have that good feeling
for Growth response, that then you would want more things
that please you to be out there for you to observe.
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2000 (pdf) And it is equally logical that when you see those
From the recording G-11-6-99 Buy Recording things through your observation that do not please
Also in GAW99 (ten tapes) Buy Album you, and you feel bad when you see them, that
Philadelhia, PA then you would want to try to control those outer
“Now Reality” as your Platform for Growth
The thing of it is, you cannot control those
Have you noticed that as surely as you identify circumstances. So what you begin to say is, “I
something that you desire and achieve it, that need this and this and this to be different so that I
there are more desires bubbling forth can feel better.” And we say, really frustrating
continuously? Are you beginning to understand isn’t it? Because as soon as you get this and this
that you never get it done? lined up, then that doesn’t line up. And as soon as
you get that lined up, then this and that doesn’t
Have you noticed that as surely as you identify line up.
something that you desire and achieve it, that
there are more desires bubbling forth
continuously? Are you beginning to understand Destroy the Broadcasters or Turn Your Dial?
that you never get it done? That as physical and as It’s a little bit like somebody giving you a radio
Nonphysical beings, we are standing upon an and you are new to the idea. They explain that
eternal future, never ending, always unfolding? there are broadcasting towers out there projecting
Are you among the rare humans who have come a signal, and that when you plug your radio in,
to appreciate the contrast of your time and place? you will receive the signal. And so, you plug it in
Are you coming to acknowledge that you are and what you hear is really unpleasant. And you
creators? And that as creators, what that means is, say, “Now let me see, there are towers out there
you are offerers of vibration that a Vibrational broadcasting, and those broadcasting towers are
Universe responds to? the reason that IÔm hearing this?” And since what
you are hearing is so appalling, you spend most of
You are upon an Eternal, Always unfolding your life destroying radio towers. You cut them
future, and You will never get it done. off at the ankles, you tip them over, you blow
them up. And finally you get all of the towers
destroyed except the one that is broadcasting
Is it beginning to ring clearer to you that creation something that pleases you. And we say, that is
is really about attraction? That it’s about you one way of going about it— but it would have
setting a Vibrational Tone which causes you to been much easier for you to just adjust your dial
offer a vibrational offering, which this Vibrational on your tuner receiver.
Universe then responds to, and that your
manifestations are a byproduct of the vibrational
offering that you have established and the Every Thought, Ever Thought, is Still Out There
Universe’s response to it? Are you coming clearer
to a point of really knowing that what creating
really is about, is focusing your conscious mind? And that is really what deliberate creating is
That attention to a subject is a vibrational offering about. It is recognizing that every thought that has
that then will be matched by All-That-Is? ever been thought is out there. And if you are not
You are offering vibration continuously. You specific about the way you have your tuner
never stop. But most, especially in the beginning, receiver set, you may be receiving some of that
before they’re clearly remembering what creation stuff that is being broadcast that does not please
is really about— most offer almost all of their you. But instead of trying to destroy the
vibration in response to something that they are broadcaster, or trying to get everybody to behave,
observing. And that puts you in a position where even if it is somebody close to you, like a family
it becomes very important to you that what you member, rather than trying to ask them to alter
observe lines up in a way that pleases you. their behavior so that what you observe makes
you feel better, what we’re wanting to help you to and think about it. Pretend it, imagine it, fantasize
do is set your Tone so that you then only have it, until this rocket of desire begins to feel more
vibrational access to the parts of them that please familiar than where you were before.
You are multidimensional beings. As human And when this rocket of desire is the most
beings, you have lots of vibrations relative to lots familiar vibration— now, there is a manifestation.
of subjects going on within you. You are stuffed And now you stand in a different place, a new
full of beliefs that you’ve picked up along your place with a new set of contrasting experiences.
physical trail. And new desires are continually
being born in you. Creation is about lining your Everything in the Universe now will respond to
Energy up within you. Setting your Tone in a you differently because of the difference in
consistent behavioral pattern, so that what you are vibration that you’ve achieved through your
broadcasting, vibrationally— as it is matched by visualization. You have access to new thoughts,
all Universal forces, and as it comes back to you you have access to new memories, you have
in manifestational form— will then please you. access to new acquaintances, you have access to
different people in traffic, you have access to
Even before it comes back to you, in the form of different people at the front desk at the hotel. All
manifestation— the feeling response that you things begin to change incrementally.
receive as you are offering your signal is the most
important part of life experience as we know it to And now, in this new contrasting experience,
be. We want to show you how to bring yourself another Rocket of Desire is born, which feels
into full and perfect alignment with your desires. weird in the beginning, because you’re
Because when you are a vibrational match to accustomed to vibrating here. So now your work
those things you want, you are manifesting them. is to give your attention to it, talk about it, make it
That usually pleases you. And from our feel familiar, and when it feels more familiar than
perspective, the even more important thing is, this, now there is a new manifestation, and now,
when you are a vibrational match to your desires, there is a new set of contrasting experiences…
when your Source Energy is fully flowing through This is the way your life is. You are constantly
you— you are, in that moment, living as you’ve experiencing a new set of contrasting experiences.
intended to live. And you are experiencing the And we want to help you let go of the idea that
instant manifestation, the delicious sensation of you have to bang those contrasting experiences
being fully inflated with the Energy of Life. into less contrast. We want you to begin to let go
of the idea that you need to have your world all
Nothing is more delicious in all of the Universe lined up so that you can look at it and it please
than to be physically focused, having something you.
that is calling Life Force through you, and you be
in allowance of the Life Force. It is literally that
which you call God, the part of it that you are, The Rocket of Desire is the True Essence of Life
fully in connection with the Whole of it, and it
flowing through you. You taking thought beyond
that which it has ever been before. The Rocket of Desire, that is born out of the
contrast, is the nugget that we all knew would be
here for you when you came forth into this
The Cycle of Deliberate Creation physical experience. It is the true essence of life.
So the process works like this: You experience the So the contrast produces the rocket, and almost
contrast, and out of the contrast is born a desire. immediately you feel uncomfortable, usually mad
We call it a Rocket of Desire, because it happens at yourself, that you’ve got an unfulfilled desire.
quickly and it usually is a flash, it doesn’t last
very long. Because as this rocket is born, it is a
different vibration than you are accustomed to Without contrast that produces desire Life Force
living. Your average vibration is not where this would not be summoned
rocket is. So this rocket of desire feels weird in
the beginning. So now your work is to turn your
attention from what you’ve been living and turn it And we say, “Well, good for you.” The unfulfilled
to this new rocket of desire that has been born, desire means contrast is still working for you in
the way it was established to be. Without the smell differently than you? It has different
contrast that produces the desire, there would not interpreters. You see differently, you feel
be a continual summoning of life. And remember, differently, and you taste differently. You have
it is summoning of life. It is Law of Attraction. incremental differences among you in the way
There is no assertion. That’s one of the things that your interpreters work, but all of these physical
has gotten you set off. You’ve been thinking that senses are nothing more than vibrational
you are here waiting for Nonphysical Energy, interpreters. And because you are so good at using
God, whatever you want to call it, to assert Life them, and because you are, so many of you, in
Force within you. And we say, you are the agreement with what you see, you have
summoner of it. It is the contrast that produces the collectively concluded that this reality is stable,
desire— you are the summoner of it. maybe even stagnant. It’s sort of like cement. “It
You have been the summoner of it; you were born is, because my eyes see it, my nose smells it, my
the summoner of it. Look at the little ones, it is tongue tastes it, my fingers feel it. This is as I see
obvious they are the summoners of it, isn’t it? The it.” And we say, no it isn’t. It is your “now”
eagerness that you see within them. But when you snapshot vibrational interpretation of it. But your
have natural eagerness that is summoning desire, “now reality” is a passing parade. There it went
and you have not known how to bring yourself again. There it went again. There it went again.
into vibrational harmony with your desire, so that We would like to assist you in getting your
you spend a week or a month or a lifetime with attention off of the “now reality,” and begin to put
desires that you were not a vibrational match to, it into the imagination of that which is to come.
we can understand how, in time, you would begin We want you to begin visualizing. We want you
to try to bring down the level of desire a little bit, to begin to experience more pleasure from the
because we acknowledge it does not feel good to power of your mind, and use your “now” only as
be in this place of wanting something that you do the leaping off place that it is. Not this stable:
not have. “This is how it is, I’ve got to drag it with me from
place to place to place.”

Reality Is Seen Through Your Personal We see you as you meet new people. You’re so
Perceptions fresh and bright and alive as you meet, because
We want to help you understand the preciousness you don’t know very much about each other. So
of the unfulfilled desire. If you could, in this your “now” has no real footing. And then you say,
moment, begin to feel appreciation for the fact “Tell me about yourself.” And then you begin to
that the desire exists, and feel anticipation about drag all that stuff, all the “important stuff” like
its unfolding, rather than instant disappointment your insecurities, and your failures. And then you
that it has not manifested, your Energy would say, “Now, how do I look to you?” And you look
clear up by 95%. And your manifestations would at each other and you go, “Ick. You don’t look
begin to flow to you so much more easily. nearly as good as you looked just a little while
ago, when we were standing in this fresh new
If we could just get it across to you that the place without all of that.”
manifestation is not the big deal you all make of
it; if you could see your Vibrational Universe—
you would not hold to the “now” and to the “Now Realty” as the Springboard for Growth
manifestations in the tight way that you do. You Have you ever seen the acrobats on the big
see, the reason that you see reality as you see it, is trampolines, or the people in the circus on the big
because you were born with these exquisite, bounding nets? And they hit that net and they
extreme, powerful perfect interpreters of spring forth into flight. Well, the moment that
vibration. Your eyes interpret vibration. That’s they hit the net, that’s like the platform of your
why you see. Your ears interpret vibration. That’s life. But it is the flying through the air that is the
why you hear. main event. We want you to think of your “now
reality” as nothing more than the net that is
springing you— but it is the flight through the air
Your “Now Reality” is a Passing Parade that is your life.

So many of you, you hit that net and then you lay
Have you ever wondered why the dog can hear or on your stomach, and then you wrap your fingers
and toes into it, and you put your face tight into it,
and you say, “I’ve got to face reality.” And we
say, you didn’t come forth to face reality. You
came forth to spring off of reality. You came forth
to let the reality be the basis from which you take
flight. And that’s really what we want you to hear.
We want you to be in love with the contrast that
produces the desire. And we want you to milk
those new desires for everything they’re worth.

When you get a new desire, if it is big or if it is

small, we want you to fantasize around it and give
your attention to it, and take every bit of pleasure
you can from the power of your mind— knowing
that manifestation will follow. But it is not your
manifestation that we are here rooting for. It is
your moment-to-moment thrill with the power of
your flight.
NOW, Is Always On the communication between the office to work, and
had been talking, just hours before, about this
Leading Edge "bleeding edge" that they are living on, in terms
of technology— and almost longing for a simpler
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun time.
2005 (pdf)
From the recording G-9-1-04 Buy Recording
Also in GAF04 (ten tapes) Buy Album She said, "My parents still have the television we
Albuquerque, NM had when we grew up. They still have the same
telephone, the same 10-key adding machine, the
same electric typewriter… And while they do
Do you like taking thought beyond that which it have a computer, they still have the same can
has been before? Do you want to set aside opener, the same Mixmaster — all of these old,
everything that you have come to know and reliable machines that mother still knows how to
believe, all at once, and just jump into a whole use that were built to last, and did. And Esther
new understanding? Well, if that is your desire, was longing for the good old days, just a little bit.
you are really going about it the hard way. And it
also implies that what you have is not working—
when it is. Jerry was reading from a woman’s perspective,
who was, at that time, on the leading edge
(because the NOW always is the leading edge,
The way you evolve is from where you now are isn’t it?) who was, in her day, struggling to keep
standing on your current platform, and a large part up with what was new. And what we want to say
of your current platform equals a large part of is that, the vibrational basis that you are now
your current vibration— that’s what your belief standing in is the basis for the majority of your
system is. But you don’t need to uproot your vibrational offering, and your vibrational offering
entire belief system in order to evolve. There is is your point of attraction.
much that you believe that is serving you
extremely well.
And so, there are some powerful points to be
made of Jerry and Esther’s new awareness of how
Someone handed Jerry and Esther a copy of a fast the leading edge of the 1930’s felt to those
book that they had found in a bookstore that was who had just stepped from 1929 into 1930 just as
written in the 1930’s. And the reason they were so sometimes your leading edge place feels almost
eager to give the book to Jerry and Esther is faster than you are ready for… Whether it was
because it mentioned the "Law of Attraction." then or whether it is now, or whether it will be
And as Jerry perused the book, much of what he is tomorrow, your work is always the same: Your
hearing today from Abraham was written in this individual work is to keep yourself, yourself, in
book. And then as he read closer, he saw that the vibrational alignment with your own desires. It’s
author gave credit for her inspiration to Ernest not to keep up with what everybody is thinking
Holmes (who in turn gave credit to Thomas about. It’s not to understand what everybody
Troward for much of his inspiration). And Jerry understands. It’s not to mesh your desires or your
has long seen a vibrational sameness between beliefs with everyone else’s. Your work (and the
what they were receiving and what Esther is work of this woman who was living in 1930) is
receiving, (from Abraham) even though there are always to bring the vibration of your thought, in
many years difference. this moment, as close as you can, in this moment,
into vibrational alignment with the desire that you
hold— in this moment.
The author, a woman, was talking about "what an
extraordinarily fast-moving environment we are
all living in, in this modern day," and how hard it As Esther listened to Jerry read this woman’s
is to keep up. And Esther nearly drove off the brief account of what it was like then, it was
road in the monster bus as Jerry was reading this interesting to realize that almost everyone who is
to her, because she had been working to get her standing in their leading edge place has this sense
satellite dishes to work, and working to get the of urgency about getting it to the point of
completion; getting it figured out, getting it
solved. And there was something so interesting to You didn’t come forth into this physical
Esther as she was listening to this woman experience on a mission to save the world, or to
speaking about solving it all, way, way, way, way correct the world, or to make the world see the
back when. And Esther couldn’t help but notice error of their ways. You didn’t come forth to align
that between 1930 and today— it didn’t get solved, the world, or to unite the world. You didn’t come
and it didn’t get finished; it didn’t get forth to do anything other than have experience,
completed— and all of that striving seemed ill- give birth to your preferences, align with your
placed. own preferences — and to live happily ever after.

It is ill-placed if you’re trying to get things fixed, You didn’t come to earn worthiness — you
if you’re trying to figure it all out, if you’re trying already are worthy. You didn’t come forth to
to get to the place that you think you were sent become intelligent — you already are Intelligence.
here by God to conclude. But when you get it, that You didn’t come forth to achieve godliness— you
whether you are focused in 1930 or 1940, or already are God. You came forth for the pleasure
whether you’re focused right here, today, your of being the powerful creator that you are, and
work is about being; observing; vibrating; you knew that there would be a world full of
concluding new preference, aligning with others doing the same thing, and that you would
preference — and the world just goes around and mix and match. And sometimes you would agree,
around, and around— for what? For what? and often you would not agree. But out of all of it
a powerful thing would happen: New ideas would
be born.
Were those in the 1930’s sent here to make it
some way so that by some deadline it will be
some way? There are so many who want you to You knew that the new idea would be born. And
believe that "We’ve got to get ready! Gotta get you knew you would have the opportunity to feel
ready!" For what? For eternity? For more the thrill of being on the leading edge as the new
opportunity to be? What is it for? What is any of it idea is born, and to feel the rush of creative Life
for? What has any of it ever been for? What will Force flowing through your focused viewpoint.
any of it ever be for? You knew you would have an Emotional Center
that would let you know whether— in this
moment— the idea that has been born within you,
What it is for, is for your creative pleasure in your aligns with other conclusions that you have
NOW. It is for your opportunity to conclude what already achieved.
you would prefer and for your opportunity to
align that preference with the Source that is You.
And when you use the Guidance that comes from As Non-physical Energy— you decide that you
within you to help you know whether you’re in will focus into this time/space reality, and this
sync with the desires that you have set forth, or worthy, loving, Pure Positive Energy
whether you are not— then you’re in alignment. Consciousness focuses here, for the express
Then, you’re in alignment with your NOW. Then, purpose of providing an opportunity for Broader
you’re in alignment with your Source. Then, Perspective to move forward, for the achievement
you’re in alignment with All-That- Is. Then, you of what? Expansion? Yes, but expansion is
are living that which you came forth to live. inevitable. Joy? Yes, for the purpose of joy.
That’s why we all exist.

When you decide that you’re going to go on a

vacation, do you tell your friends, "I’m going to We exist for the thrill of our powerful NOW.
meet these specific requirements… There are Whether you are east coast or west coast, it’s still
many things I need to do, and I’m getting them NOW. Whether you are on this continent or the
done. And I’ll be back when I have fulfilled this other side of the world, it’s still NOW. Whether
responsibility," or, do you go for another reason, you are physical or Non-physical, it’s still NOW.
like pleasure and adventure and stimulation and
exhilaration, and refreshment?
through me. I will be Source Energy in physical
NOW is the powerful juncture where all form. In fact, I will be Me."
Consciousness has awareness, NOW— NOW!

So, who are you? You are magnificent. You are

So, in 1930, this woman is aligning or not genius. You are in the right place at the right time.
aligning, fully or not fully, with the Broader You’re doing just fine. And as you work to
Perspective of her that is focused NOW— and appreciate and approve of who you are, right here
you’re doing the same thing. In other words, the and right now, instead of working so hard to
juncture where the physical and the Non-physical compare yourself with every other point of
converge is NOW. It’s the converging of the Consciousness on the planet… and if you will let
Energy of who you are with the Energy of who your variety inspire you to your personal
You are. preference — you will not worry about how
anybody else is doing, and you will let your
dominant desire to be to align with You.
So, as you stand in your NOW and you’re loving
your moment, you are in alignment NOW, totally
with who you are. We call that blending. Some NOW, you can be a member of this diverse
call it allowing your soul to be present. Some call Universe, magnificent in your unique way,
it inspired. Some call it tuned in, tapped in, turned complete in your unique way, and, most
on. Some call it in the flow. There are a lot of important, therefore, happy in your unique way.
different ways of expressing this conscious That’s what we wish for you.
connection with who you are… We call it the Art
of Allowing. We call it the art— the art of
deliberately adjusting my vibration, as often as I We wish every moment of your experience to be
can consciously manage, for the sole purpose of joyful like it is for us. We want you to look
allowing the juncture NOW of the fullness of me, around your world and not worry, but to revel in
to be focused through the fullness of Me… and its beauty. We want you to look around your own
when you meet someone who is achieving that, life and not worry, but to revel, in its
you would describe them in a variety of different magnificence. We want you to look at your own
words, you would say, "That’s a happy person." body and not nitpick about a wrinkle or an extra
You would say, "That is such a balanced person." pound, or 20 or 30 or 40.
You would say, "Oh, do you see how coordinated
that person is?" Have you watched the Olympic
Games? Do you see those kids standing on those We want you to look at yourself and adore
diving platforms, or getting ready for their race? yourself. If you will make this small effort to
Do you see them aligning with who they are? (or appreciate you and what is yours NOW, you will
working to do that?) Do you see them recognizing soften, so quickly, any resistance that has been
that they have untapped resources that they want keeping you apart from the things you want. It is
to align with, right here and now. the magic formula that you’ve been looking for. It
is the key to your blending. It is the key to your
allowing. It is the key to you getting what you
Do you see the musician, so at-one with his want. It is the key to your abundance, your
instrument that it seems as if there is no separation clarity, and to your stamina. It is the key to your
whatsoever? And the music flows through him in energy. It is the key to your vitality. It is the key
a magical rhythm that sets you upside down, and to your flexibility. It is the key to your wellness. It
turns you inside out as you hear the harmony of is the key to all things that feel good to you.
his Source flowing through his instrument?

Make some small effort, every chance you get, at

You never said, "I will come forth and go it looking at where you stand NOW and doing your
alone." You always said, "I will come forth and best to soothe and appreciate you NOW, to soothe
allow that which is Source to (demonstrate, is the and appreciate your NOW… .
word in the book that Jerry read) demonstrate
Many of you have been hearing us talk about
Guidance System, and many of you understand
that Law of Attraction abounds, and that it is the
manager of this Universe, and that it organizes all
circumstances and events.

Many of you understand that you are offering a

"radio signal" always, and that Law of Attraction
answers it, so that what you’re offering
vibrationally and what you’re getting back always
matches. And many of you now understand that
what you think and what you feel, and what
manifests, always matches.

We want to show you, from where you stand, if

we were standing in your physical shoes, the
effort that we would be making, if we were
standing in your physical shoes, of soothing
ourselves, if we were standing in your physical
shoes, back into alignment with Us, so that we can
stand in your physical shoes.

When you feel good, you’re got Source flowing

through you. That’s the reason you feel so good,
it’s all of the reason that you feel so good. That’s
what good-feeling is? Goodfeeling is allowing
who-you-really-are to flow, in this moment.

So, no matter the topic, no matter the subject, no

matter the question, our first order of business is
to help you get into the vibrational place that you
can allow in what you’re asking for. Whether it’s
an answer to something that you’ve been
wondering about, whether it’s just a curiosity
question that’s been bugging you, or whether it’s
how to bring yourself from a place that is not
pleasing you to a place that is pleasing
you… because there is nothing off limits for you.

If you have the ability, in this time/space reality,

to identify a question or a desire, it is our promise
to you, that we can show you how to soothe
yourself, in very short order, into a place of
allowing your desire to come into your


Place Mat Process the things she is going to do. And anything else
that she wants, whether it’s today or a year from
today or 10 years from today— she writes it on the
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
right side of the list and allows the Universe to
1995 (pdf)
deal with it.
From the recording G-3-10-95 Buy Recording
Also in GASP95 (ten tapes) Buy Album
The other day as they left one of the restaurants,
Jerry said, “Do you want to take that place mat
The “Place Mat” is the most powerful process of
with you?” And Esther said, “This is the best part.
Deliberate Creating offered, so far, because it
There’s no follow-up.” There was only one thing
helps you to clearly focus, without resistance. A
on her side, anyway, and 45 on the Universe’s
woman said, “Abraham, this is like magic!” We
side. She just left it there for the Universe to deal
replied, “It seems like magic because you have
with. There is no follow-up, you see, not anything
been wanting these things for years. But now you
for her to drag around and hound herself about.
want, with no resistance.”
And so, these are the sorts of things that you are
doing there.
Esther and Jerry have been using this process for
about a month. Very often, when they are having
You see, there is this constant steady Stream of
lunch, they are at a hotel or at a coffee shop
Well-being flowing to you, and do you know that
somewhere and there’s often a paper place mat
in the moment you say, “I prefer or I like or I
there. If there is not, Esther gets a big piece of
appreciate or I want anything— in that moment,
paper from her purse. They draw a line right down
the heavens literally part for you and the
the middle of the paper and on the left side they
Nonphysical Energies, in that instant, begin
write, Things to do— Jerry and Esther. And on the
orchestrating the manifestation of your desire— in
right side they write, Things to do— Universe. On
that instant.
their side of the page they write what they plan to
take action on. On the other side they write what
Faster than you can speak it, the Energy begins to
they would like the Universe to act on.
flow and circumstances and events, in an
orchestration that we cannot begin to describe,
Now the power of this Placemat Process is this:
begin to take place in order to give you exactly
When you tell the Universe what you want, you
what you want— and if it were not for your
accomplish the only two prerequisites in
resistance, it would come really fast, you see.
Deliberate Creating. The first is, you identify your
object of desire. The second is, you have no
You don’t have to keep telling the Universe what
resistance. More positively stated, you allow it.
you want. You really only have to tell the
Want it and allow it— and it is, you see.
Universe once. The advantage of continuing to
talk about it is that you get clearer about it. In
Sometimes people say, “Well, Abraham,
other words, usually you cannot speak everything
shouldn’t I face reality?”
that you want with your first statement, and so,
We say, no, never do that.
the more you talk about it the more you fine-tune
Never face reality unless it is perfect in every
But as you say, I want it, the Universe begins it,
Esther has always been a big maker of lists;
and then you say, I would like it to be this way,
Esther has always had about 10 days’work on her
and the Universe modifies that, and then you say a
Things To Do Today List— and very often the list
little bit of this would be nice, and the
serves as an excuse for her to become see what we’re getting at? And
overwhelmed. In other words, she has so many
once you are clear about what you want, once you
things to do that she cannot possibly do them, and
have zeroed in on it and you know what you
so the Things To Do Today List sort of drags her
want— it is on the way to you. It is done. The
manifestation of it will probably follow later,
because there is, most often, enough resistance so
What Esther is discovering now is that she only
that you don’t have it instantly.
puts on her list what she really intends to do and
in that way there is very little resistance even in
The Universe will never fail you.
The Universe will always give you what you have microbiology of the planet, make sure that the
asked for. The question is, how soon will you water content remains stable, don’t let any water
allow it? How many things will you use as your evaporate from our atmosphere so that we become
excuse to have resistance that does not allow it? a desert, maintain the oxygen content of our air,
That is the only question. “How long am I going make sure that the seeds continue to come from
to hang on to these habits of thought that don’t let the parent plants, so that we always have food.”
it in.” And the good news is, if ever you are not We don’t see you putting any of that on your
letting it in— you’ve got a signal that’s telling Things To Do Today List. Somehow you accept
you. That’s what negative emotion is. Negative that there is something that is going well.
emotion means, “I’m right now vibrating in a
place where I can’t let it in.” And so, whenever you find yourself sort of
bamboozled by the condition of your moment,
It is not more difficult step back and look at what’s on the other side of
to create a castle than a button. the place mat and how well things really are
Most of you have more buttons going. “Let’s see, the earth is spinning, yes, that’s
than castles, going well. The sun comes up every morning and
however, gives our plants what they need to grow. That’s
because they’re easier to expect. going very well. Yes, still plenty of air for all of
us, that’s going well. The fish are still growing in
the sea, that’s going very, very well. The contrast
The statement that we like to make that’s very still abounds, which gives us opportunity to
powerful is: when you are looking at the problem choose. That’s going very well, and people are
you’re resistant to the solution because when still coming forth in great numbers and the planet
you’re looking at the problem you’re vibrating seems to be surviving and actually thriving.
there. So the Energy of solution cannot come to That’s going very well.” In other words, as you
you. It wants to because within you there is the acknowledge how many amazing, extraordinary
desire, but it cannot come to you because your things of momentous importance are going very
vibration of resistance is there because of your well, you come to acknowledge, “We’re nit-
attention to the problem. picking. Maybe we’re finding too many things, in
our feeling of vulnerability, to push against, and
Sometimes people say, “Well, Abraham, maybe I’ll not do that anymore. Maybe everybody
shouldn’t I face reality?” We say, no, never do else will keep using things as an excuse, but
that. Never face reality unless it is perfect in every maybe I’ll enjoy the Stream of Well-being,” you
way. see.

All really is very well with you. It is our strong Lighten up. Have fun with it. Challenge no one
wanting that you relax and acknowledge that. about anything. If somebody is screaming in your
Have fun with all of this. You’re all making much face that you’re wrong, say to them, “You’re
too much of all of it. You act like it’s like life or probably right.” If somebody says, the world is
death, but there isn’t any death. And so, what it’s coming to an end, say to them “Maybe, but aren’t
really about is fun or more fun! Pleasure or more we having a good time, today?” If somebody says,
pleasure! Clarity or more clarity! It’s about Well- “There is a disease running rampant and it’s going
being that you’re eking out or Well-being that to sweep across the earth and it’s going to kill all
you’re allowing to flow rambunctiously. Well- of us,” say, “I don’t believe that that is possible—
being abounds. Sometimes you have to step back because I know that Well-being abounds. I don’t
from the circumstances of your moment in order believe that anything that is bad could ever take
to recognize that. over all this that is good. It is illogical. Well-being
abounds. Oh, I think there are pockets where
Next time you’re in a really bad place where it people have focused and caused a sort of shadow
feels like everything is crashing down around you, that is disallowing the Well-being, I don’t
go outside and acknowledge that the earth is still disagree with you there. I think there are places
spinning in its orbit, and say, “Somebody is taking where Well-being is not being allowed— but I
care of that.” In other words, you don’t usually think it is minuscule in comparison with the Well-
put that on your side of the place mat. “Make sure being.” Radio Tower Controlling
the earth spins in its orbit today, manage the
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar We are wanting you to realize that your work, as a
2000 (pdf) creator, is not to control the circumstances around
From the recording G-7-3-99 Buy Recording you so that you can have a good feeling response.
Also in GASU99 (ten tapes) Buy Album Your work is to set your Tone so that you have
only vibrational access to those things that will
When you observe something that is pleasing, by give you a good feeling response. It is so much
your standards, you have a good feeling response. easier to learn how to offer your vibration. And it
Life feels better when you are not looking at also puts you in a place of great freedom.
something that makes you feel bad.
When you finally get it that it’s not your job or
And so, there’s a very human tendency to want to anybody else’s to control anything anybody else is
control all conditions, which usually means you doing, and when you discover the flexibility and
have to limit the breadth of your experience, the ease in deliberately offering your vibrational
because any time you decide you’re going to offering— it can give you an enormous amount of
control something, it must be rather small. And freedom.
we have to say to you that in all of the humans
we’ve watched, (and we’ve watched all of them)
we have never seen anyone successful in
controlling conditions. That is why it is rather
amazing to us that so many of you keep trying.

In every moment, with every thought, you are

offering a vibration, sort of like a radio signal, and
the entire Universe is responding to that signal.
And so, by Law of Attraction (that which is like
unto itself is drawn), those things that are a
vibrational match to the signal you are offering
are what you receive back. It’s not so different
from your radio tuner. You are dialing in to that
specific station you’re wanting to hear.

Sometimes, in your attempt to control your

circumstances, it would be a little bit like sitting at
home with the first radio you’ve ever actually
seen, and no one has shown you the tuning dial on
it. And so, you haven’t realized you had choices.
So, you turn it on, and something very offensive
to you, by your standards, comes to you through
your radio. Let’s say that you understand basically
how the radio works. You understand that there is
a broadcasting tower out there somewhere
sending the signal. So you decide that since you
want to hear only good things on your radio, you
will go out and destroy all of those towers
broadcasting the things that don’t please you.

So you cut the legs out from under one of them,

and you set a bomb in another one, and you burn
another one down. It takes you quite awhile, (to
shut them all down) but eventually you get all of
those broadcasting towers knocked down, except
the one that was broadcasting what you want to
hear. But all along, all you had to do was change
your tuning dial a little bit.
Recognize the Essence of Your vibrational signal, your preference, your
desire… Step Three is what this essay is all about.
Thoughts Step Three is about you bringing yourself into
vibrational alignment with your desire.
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
2004 (pdf) The reason that, often, physical friends are not in
From the recording G-2-21-04A Buy Recording vibrational alignment with their desire is because
Also in GASP04 (ten tapes) Buy Album they’re focused on something other than their
San Rafael, CA desire. Now, think about it. Law of Attraction
says, that which is like unto itself is drawn. So, if
Even if something that you really want has not yet you want something and you’re focused on that
manifested, do you feel joyful anyway? something that you want, then you are offering a
vibration about that something that you want, and
Wanting is a good thing because when you get to you are fulfilling all three steps: You’re fulfilling
the place that unfulfilled desire feels fresh like it the two that are your responsibility— and Source
did when you were two or three, or four, then you is fulfilling the other.
have returned to the vibrational stance that you
have always intended. So, then you say, “Well, there must be something
I’m missing, because I believe that there are
From your broader, Non-physical perspective, you things that I desire that have not come to me…
understand that there is no question about you I’ve got stuff in my life I don’t want, and there’s
being able to receive anything that you desire, stuff missing that I do want. And I’m pretty sure
because, from that vantage point, you understand that I’m thinking about what I want.” And we say:
the Laws of the Universe— you understand that not possible. If you were thinking about what you
when you ask, it is always given. And so, there is want, in time you would develop such a
not a particle of discouragement or worry about vibrational habit around that, that it would have to
things not yet manifested, because it is so clearly be yours. In fact, you can be sure that whatever
understood that all you have to do is focus and you are getting is what you’ve been thinking
relax, and allow it to be. about.

In your physical format, you get caught up in a But then you say, “Can’t be true. I have a disease
feeling of competition. You worry that someone I never thought about. Never even heard about it
else might get your prize, when, in reality, there is ‘til they assigned it to me. How could I have been
prize enough for everyone. You are the creator of thinking about this thing if I didn’t even know it
your prize and the Universe will deliver it to you. exists?”

It is not possible that you could be deprived of You develop patterns of thought which cause you
something that you want because someone else to offer patterns of vibration, which equal what
achieves it— that could not possibly be. In fact, you are living. What manifests is always an
the Universe expands in direct proportion to the accurate reflection of the thoughts that you’ve
desires that you conjure here. The Source Energy been thinking. And so, it is helpful if you think in
Stream exists in its powerful, focused force terms of the vibrational essence of the thought
because of your focusing of your desires. that you are thinking.

There are three steps, simple steps, (really, laws You might not have assigned it a name, but if you
are like that, aren’t they? Simple in theory and a are focused upon the absence of Well-Being in
little trickier in application) Step One is ask, and some area of your life, and you have held your
you can’t stop doing that; preference is born attention upon that, enough that you’ve, sort of,
constantly out of your observing and beat the drum of it, meaning, you develop a
remembering and focusing, and imagining. So, vibrational cadence; it’s where your thoughts
your asking is the byproduct of your living in this easily go; it’s where your conversations easily
focused environment. Step Two is not your work; turn; it’s just the way you feel about this or about
Source answers what you ask for. It answers the this, or about this...those practiced, conscious or
cells in your body. It answers spoken requests; unconscious, vibrations, then become your point
Source an-swers unspoken requests: your
of attraction. And what you’re getting matches embarrassed about dollars? Are you fitful about
that perfectly, every single time. them; worried about them; eager about them,
happy about them?
So, it’s really a wonderful thing when you realize
that, because then you can start watching for When you think about the greater economy, are
evidence of your vibration. Now, there are two you grateful for economy? Do you love it when
ways to watch for that evidence. You can wait ‘til someone thrives? Are you jealous when someone
something manifests, and then say, “Oh yeah, I thrives? Do you feel happy for a friend
recognize that.” Or, you can pay attention to the succeeding? Do you feel unhappy about your not-
way you feel and say, “Oh yes, I can feel what’s so-much success when you see friends
coming.” succeeding? Do you blame the government? Do
you blame your employer for not paying you
Your emotions are these fabulous indicators that more? How do you feel?
let you know what your vibrational content is.
And your emotions feel the way they do because It turns up in all of these different ways. All day,
of two important vibrational factors: The factor of every day, you have opinions and attitudes. Most
desire, which is the summoning power. And the of them you didn’t even figure out on your own.
factor of allowing— which is the letting, or the You hung around with somebody else who hung
not letting what you’ve summoned flow. If you around with somebody else who hung around with
really, really want something, you’re summoning somebody else… And often, you’ve developed an
Energy in a stronger way. If you’ve wanted it for attitude, an attitude about money.
quite awhile, you’re summoning it even more. If
you think about it often, you’re summoning it There’s a pervasive attitude about money, that
specifically. says, rich people somehow are inappropriate.
“They’ve done something wrong. How dare they
So, just like you can take a spectrum of light and succeed and point out to me my lesser success? Or
focus it into a very powerful laser beam, you have even worse, how dare they succeed and take such
desires that you have focused into very powerful a big piece of the pie so that the rest of us are left
beams. So, the more focused thoughts, are the with crumbs, or maybe nothing?”
thoughts where the Energy moves faster. And in
that faster Energy, any contradiction shows up If you are not sure what your vibrational essence
more. Just like if you’re driving your car 100 mph is, we understand because most physical friends
and you hit a tree, the tree is a bigger factor than if have not been noticing the emotional correlation
you were going 5 mph. between thoughts that just feel normal. In other
words, you trusted your mother, she gave you
So, the two factors that your emotions are always food, she gave you shelter; she seemed like the
letting you know are: how focused the Energy is vortex through which a large amount of your
by virtue of your desire, and how your normal Well-Being flowed. And so, she seemed like
thoughts around the subject resonate or don’t someone to listen to, and she was bigger than you,
resonate with that desire. Easier way to say it is, and she always thought she was right, especially
“what’s my attitude or what’s my mood about in the beginning. (Fun) And so, you began to
such-and-such? pattern your thoughts around the same kinds of
thoughts that she was thinking— because things
“When I think about my body, do I love it? Am I went better for you when you did that. (Fun)
grateful? Does it annoy me? Does it embarrass When you disagreed with her, it didn’t go as well.
me? Do I praise it? Do I condemn it? Do I adore Then, when you went to school, there were others
it? Do I compliment it? Do I criticize it?” In other who wanted your agreement… And as you get out
words, what kinds of things do you say about your into the world, or into new relationships, there are
body? others who want your agreement… And so, you
find yourselves (bless your hearts) upside down
When you think about dollars, do you feel joyful? and all around as you are trying to conform to the
Does the subject of dollars make you feel free? primary stream of thought, relative to subjects:
Do you feel eager and enthusiastic about dollars? You want to do what’s socially acceptable, for
Do you feel afraid when you think about dollars? you do not want to be an outcast. And you want to
Are you angry about dollars? Are you do what’s politically correct, because you do not
want to be an outcast. And you want to do what movement; no one can organize a religion; no one
your family expects of you, because you don’t can say, “These are the things that are important
want to be disinherited, and you want to do what for you to do, and these are the things that you
your religion says, because you don’t want to be must not do,” because no one knows the mix of
disavowed or go to hell— which is far worse than intentions and the mix of beliefs that you hold.
any of the other things. (Fun) You get to choose all of it.

Most of you have been using standards or So, some worry, “Oh, I liked it better when I
measurements that are outside of you— and that thought there was a religion,” or, “I liked it better
have nothing to do with you— in order to try to when I listened to my mother… I like it better
formulate your thoughts or opinions or attitudes, when there’s someone that I think is wise that sets
or actions. And in the process, what has happened the course and then I just copy them.” And we
is, you have picked up an incredible hodgepodge say, that’s fine. It’s fine to copy someone who is
of beliefs, some of which serve you— some of thriving successfully, but when they croak of
which do not. But, most of our human friends feel cancer, you say, “Hmm, maybe I would like a
powerless in what comes to them because they’ve different role model now.” And we say, what
been practicing this vibration and practicing that you’re wanting to do is use the Guidance that is
vibration, and practicing that vibration, and within you.
picking up thoughts and beliefs based upon the
evidence that the society produces around them. Jerry and Esther have a navigational system, (it’s
And so now, you find yourselves often with a really marvelous) in their vehicles. It (Magellan)
whole bagful of beliefs that are not serving you. calculates the distance and gives directions
between where they are and where they want to
This is the greatest message. This will free you go. The satellites in the sky and the antenna on the
from vibrational resistance, as you hear it, and roof identify where they are, and then they just
internalize it, and then practice it: The thing that is program the address where they want to go, and
most hindering: You look at what people are Magellan says, “Go this way; go this way. Take
living and you gather your evidence or statistics, the next exit. When it is possible, make a legal u-
and then you claim it as true. turn.” Magellan never says to them, “Where have
you been?” because it is utterly irrelevant. It
You say, “It must be true. They warned me about would only complicate things if they factored all
that, and sure enough, it happened.” And what we of that in. Magellan never says, “How long have
are wanting so much for you to hear, is: What you been here?” (Fun) Magellan never refuses to
anyone is living— your culture, your environment, give information about where they will go now
your society, your city, your family, your because they didn’t listen last time. (Fun)
person— what anybody is living, the truth, or the
evidence that you are producing is only the truth Sometimes, they will program a route and then
that manifests in response to the habit of vibration they will get another idea. And before they can
that you offer. reprogram Magellan, she kicks up quite a squawk.
She keeps insisting, “Please, return to the
So, when you look out into your society and you highlighted route! Please, return to the highlighted
see something, wanted or unwanted, and you route!” And Jerry will say, “No, we’re not going
proclaim it as true— which is the reason that you to do that. Leave us alone!” And then he will say
give that others should think about it, write about to Esther, “Shut that broad up!” (Fun) But
it, talk about it, understand, and accept it as Magellan is insistent because she has been given
truth— do you feel how screwy that is? That’s like (we call it a girl because it is a lovely woman’s
saying, “There’s something out there that I do not voice; the man’s voice was too bossy, [Fun] they
want, but because somebody else created it in turned it off)… She has one mission only: To give
their experience and it became their truth, now I directions between where you are and where you
must beat the drum of it, and make it my truth, want to be. And she’s relentless about it. (Fun)
too.” And we say, fortunately there are a variety Never stops letting them know. “You’re going in
of truths for you to pick from. the wrong direction; make a u-turn.”

Fortunately, you are the creator of your own truth. Your Guidance System is the same way, because
No one can write a book; no one can start a all of the days of your physical focus, and long
before you got here, your intentions were set into You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting,
motion. And every day that you live and more than life itself, because it is life itself, to
experience contrast-variety, you make new adore the vessel that’s you through which this
determinations about what you want. And you are Source Energy flows. You are God. You are
emitting them constantly— constant amendments Source. You are creator.
to your desire going out to the ethers— and Source
Energy is receiving every one of them, and then, You always feel good from your Source Energy
giving you a signal constantly, that you translate, perspective.
in the form of emotion, that lets you know
whether you are on your way to where you’ve You don’t feel regret; you don’t feel doubt; you
been saying you want to go, or whether you are don’t feel worry; you don’t feel shame; you don’t
not. feel guilt; you don’t feel anger; you don’t feel
hate… You feel joy; you feel appreciation; you
You can tell by the way you feel if you are in feel worthiness; you feel eagerness; you feel
alignment. When you feel eagerness, you’re on passion.
your path. When you feel enthusiasm, you’re on
your path. When you feel anger, you’re off your You feel like the little kids feel— watch them:
path. When you feel frustration, you’re off your they’re sure; they’re arrogant; they’re not afraid.
path. When you feel despair; when you feel You say, “They’re not smart enough to be afraid.”
depression, you’re really off your path. We say, they are still smart— and not afraid. You
say, “But they don’t know enough to worry.” And
So, we call these teachings the Art of Allowing. we say, they know everything— and they do not
And what that means is, deliberately choosing worry. The children are still more vibrationally
thoughts that cause me to offer a vibration that imbued with that feeling of passion and joy— and
causes me to allow myself to receive the things that is what this work is about. It’s to assist you in
that I’ve been asking for. returning to the natural state of Well-being— the
natural state of being that is really You.
So, creation really is more about loving yourself;
it’s more about feeling your worthiness; it’s more
about appreciating a friend; it’s more about
enjoying the sunset; it’s more about enjoying the
beautiful flowers. It’s more about finding reasons
to relax into Well-Being, rather than gather up
your strength and valiantly go forth to achieve
your tasks, and serve your cause… because your
“cause” is, to be the receiver and radiator of the
love and Well-Being that is You.

You are an extension of Source Energy. You are

one who loves, and you are one who loves to
think, and you are one who loves to create, and
you are one who loves to contemplate. You’re one
who enjoys stimulation of thought. You’re one
who enjoys choosing; you enjoy considering; you
enjoy pondering; you enjoy fashioning. You enjoy
putting things together. You enjoy figuring things
out. You enjoy knowing. You enjoy not being
sure and then becoming more sure. You enjoy the
evolution of a thought. You enjoy the expansion
of an idea. You enjoy the expansion of life
experience. You enjoy the pleasure of being this
genius focused in the most creative environment
that has ever existed, for the fulfillment of things
that satisfy you.
Set the Tone of Your hard to let go of the complaining thoughts, but
when you do it, just for a moment, and you see the
Vibrational Matches Universe’s quick response to your different
thought, before you know it, you can begin to
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun exercise true Creative control of your own
1998 (pdf) experience.

If you are not appreciating the contrast of your This vibrational magnet that is bringing things to
time and place, if you are still sifting through the you that you do not want, is also bringing you to
stuff and saying, “These things I want and these this thing you do not want.
things I don’t want and these things I would like
to come to me and those things I would like to go
away from me,” you are like most physical You are living the exaggerated, finely tuned
humans in your approach. physical manifestation result of vibration. And in
your physical format you have learned to interpret
But you are having trouble, because you cannot vibrations rather well. What you see with your
push anything out of your experience. Those eyes is your physical apparatus’interpretation of
things that you do not want, as you hold them in vibration. Your differentiation between the colors
your consciousness you hold them in your in your color spectrum is your literal deciphering
vibration. And so you cannot say, “No” to of the different vibrational frequencies in the color
something and get rid of it, because the Universe spectrum. That’s why red looks different to you
does not understand words. The Universe is than blue. They are vibrationally different and
responding purely to vibration. you’re visually interpreting the difference. You
interpret vibration through your ears, every sound
When your vibration is, “No, I do not want that” you hear is your physical interpretation of
you are holding your vibration in harmony with vibration. What you feel with your skin, what you
that thing you do not want, and by Law of smell with your nose, what you taste with your
Attraction you cannot separate yourself from the tongue, these are interpretations of vibrations. Do
thing you are saying you do not want. There is no you know that the reason sugar tastes sweet and
such thing as exclusion in all of the Universe. lemon tastes sour is because they have different
There is only inclusion. And the way you include vibrations, and your body interprets the vibrations
is by your attention to something. differently?

What I think and what I feel and what I vibrate We are wanting to assist you in utilizing a sensor
and what I receive are always a match. or interpretator of a most subtle vibration, the
vibration by which all things are created: The
emotions that you feel are still another interpreter
This is always true. “What I think and what I feel of vibration. When you feel elation or joy or
and what I vibrate are always a match. Therefore, appreciation or love or passion or enthusiasm,
what I think and what I feel and what I vibrate and those feelings are interpretations of vibration.
what I receive are always a match.” And with When you feel anger or fear or blame or guilt or
most of you, “What I think and what I feel and disgust or any of those negative emotions, those
what I vibrate and what I receive and what I keep feelings are interpretations of vibration.
talking about is always a match.” We’re wanting
to show you that you have been thinking it and You are physical extensions a much bigger part of
you have been feeling it and you have been you that is expressing that Energy Force, and your
receiving it, but right now, you can stop talking physical mechanism is the receiver and interpreter
about it. Right now, you can ignore whatever it is, of the Energy, or the Spirit or the Soul of that
just for a moment, and give your thoughts some which you are. As you stand in these physical
place else, and for that moment you will free bodies, you are a literal extension of the
yourself from the vibrational magnet that is Nonphysical you, and when you are in harmony,
bringing that in. That’s the thing that trips most of when you are vibrationally a match, when you are
you up. This vibrational magnet that is bringing vibrationally up to speed with that Core Energy,
things to you that you do not want, is also that’s when you feel those positive emotions. The
bringing you to this thing you do not want. It’s more in sync with Source Energy you are, the
better you feel. And the more out of sync with watch you, that you are never more pure in your
Source Energy you are, the worse you feel. vibration than when you are in the mode of
The more in sync with Source Energy you are, the
better you feel. And the more out of sync with The Universe is responding to the vibration that
Source Energy you are, the worse you feel. you are offering, and while it is true that often the
words you offer are a reflection of your vibration,
you don’t have to speak it in order to offer it.
Imagine a cork, floating on a body of water, as Everything in the Universe is offering a vibration,
being your connected point of view. That’s when and everything else in the Universe is responding
you are soaring, that’s where your appreciation is to the vibration. It is Law.
high. You are tuned in, tapped in, turned on.
You’re up there in that high natural frequency. What we are wanting to assist you in doing is to
Now take hold of the cork and hold it under the consciously offer thought that causes you to offer
water. That’s what negative emotion is. That’s a vibration that is in harmony with Source Energy
where you are ornery or irritated or insecure or so that you can be the extension of the
fitful or frustrated or overwhelmed or blameful or Nonphysical Energy that is you, so that you can
guilty. That’s the negative emotion. The good do what you came to do, and most of all, so that
news is, in the moment that you take your you can live happily ever after.
attention away from whatever it is that’s holding
you in that vibration, you let go of the cork and it When you are in the vibration of appreciation you
floats right back to the top. And that is perhaps the are in perfect harmony with your core, and you
most important thing that we want you to hear are in perfect harmony with all that you consider
from us today. It is natural for your cork to float. to be good and truly with all that is good.
It is natural for you to feel good. That is what is
natural. Anything less than that is not natural. And
that’s why we see, with so many of you, a true We want you to vibrate on purpose. We want you
and justified indignation when you find yourself, to say, “Nothing is more important than that I feel
by virtue of whatever it is that you are observing, good, because when I feel good, that means I’m a
feeling less good than you naturally would if you vibrational match to my Core Energy. And when
were left to your Nonphysical Energy current. I’m a vibrational match to my Core Energy, I’m
fulfilling my reason for being here, and I’m of
Imagine yourself at a buffet with all of this food advantage to anyone and everyone with whom I
prepared by some other nation and you are really interact, even those that I focus upon from afar.
not sure what it is. But you fill your plate,
anyway, because everyone else did. And when Usually, the emotion that you are feeling is one of
you get it in your mouth it is horrible. What would these three: It is either blame or it is guilt or it is
you do next? You would spit it out. Wouldn’t appreciation. Now imagine one of those pie charts
you? We don’t think you would eat more. Your that shows percentages. Blame is two/thirds of
vibrational interpretation has shown you you have this pie chart, and guilt is the next biggest piece.
something that does not suit your palette, and so Then appreciation is a nice little sliver, in there
you do not tolerate it. And what we want to somewhere, for most of you. We’re wanting you
encourage you to begin doing, from this point to reverse that, so that appreciation is the biggest
forward, is, when you bring something into your chunk of it and eventually the whole of it. When
vibrational arena that causes your cork to go down in the vibration of appreciation, you are in perfect
under the water, we want you to be as unwilling to harmony with your core, and you are in perfect
allow that as you would to put something icky in harmony with all that you consider to be good and
your mouth. We would encourage you to spit it truly with all that is good. When you are in the
out right away, and turn your attention to mode of blame or guilt or fear or anger or any of
something that feels better so that your cork those emotions that feel so awful, what it always
floats. Because when you are reaching for feelings means is, “In this moment I’m giving my attention
that make your cork float and make your heart to something I do not want. I’ve included it in my
sing, then you have chosen to give your attention vibration, and I am now holding myself in
to something that is vibrationally up to speed with vibrational disharmony with what I do want and
who you really are. And we’ve noticed, as we in vibrational harmony with what I don’t want.”
So let’s say you are in an interaction with are vibrating in harmony with Source Energy and
someone at work and they are just being then holds that Tone, no matter what, so that
themselves, and whatever they’re being is others may acclimate to it. That is the true
annoying you in this moment, and you can feel definition of an uplifter. Setting your Tone. Most
discomfort in your stomach. Your cork is well people don’t set their own Tone. Most people let
under the water. And you stop in that moment and the circumstances that they are observing set the
ask yourself, “Is this blame, guilt or Tone. So if there is something good that they are
appreciation?” It’s probably going to be blame. observing, they feel great. But if there is
And so, in that moment, say to yourself, “Does something bad that they are observing, they feel
this benefit me or them? Is this who I really am? awful. And that is the reason that, as humans, you
Is this a vibrational match to who I am? Or am I try to do something that isn’t possible. You think
wanting to rise above this? Am I wanting to set you have to control the behavior of each other.
the Tone? Am I wanting to vibrate differently You think that you have to control the conditions
than this circumstance is calling forth from me? I around you before you can feel good. And so, you
get to choose. I have absolute freedom to pick any embark upon an impossible task of legislation and
object of attention and, therefore, establish my rules and laws and punishments and monitoring
Vibrational Tone anywhere I want to.” And as that never gets you anywhere except confused and
you stand there right in the middle of this buried and further from Source Energy.
uncomfortable moment and you decide, “I am an
appreciator,” and you look for something to It is absolutely accurate to say that if there is
appreciate. Maybe it’s within this situation. something that you want that is not coming, you
Maybe it’s far outside of this situation. But as you are not yet matching it with your vibration. Or if
find something to appreciate, your cork begins to there is something that you’ve got that you would
float as your vibration begins to raise. And all of a like to go away, it cannot leave because you are
sudden it is as if that person stepped into another matching it vibrationally.
time/space reality, because you and that person
are no longer a vibrational match. He just lost The Universe is standing by ready and willing and
contact with your signal and you’ve just lost capable, beyond our ability to find words to
contact with his. He is getting static and so are describe, to give you, in every moment of your
you. Nothing further can happen here, because day, exactly what you are vibrating. It is doing it
you are not on the same vibrational wavelength. constantly. So if you’re wanting a real bird’s eye
And in the moment that you do that, other things view of how you’re doing vibrationally, look
that are a vibrational match to you will come into around. Because what’s happening around you is
your play. And we promise you, it is not different the perfect match. It is the perfect reflection of
time-wise than changing the signal on your radio whatever it is that you’re sending out in your
dial. In other words, the new Tone can come that signal. Good.
quickly. Somebody walks into your space, or the
telephone rings and somebody rings into your
space. In other words, all kinds of things happen.

Everything that is my object of attention benefits

by being my object of attention as long as I am
connected to Source Energy while I’m holding
them as my object of attention.

Everything that is my object of attention benefits

by being my object of attention as long as I am
connected to Source Energy while I’m holding
them as my object of attention.

Do you realize the gift that you have to give? Do

you realize that you are uplifters? Now, what is an
uplifter? An uplifter is someone who, some way
or another, connects to Core Energy so that you
Seth Material's Influence very well in business for yourself. Napoleon Hill:
“...what do you want?” Olaf Tuhkanen: “...I’m
excited about your potential.” Richard De Vos:
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar
“ can do this.” Seth/Jane Roberts/Robert
2000 (pdf)
Butts: “...You create your own reality… in this
present moment.” Esther Hicks: “...I want to be
While thumbing through the mail the other day,
with you.”
my eyes were arrested by a familiar
handwriting— one that I hadn’t seen in years, but
Of course I could go on like this about the many
somehow familiar (printed block letters)...
men, women, children, beasts and aspects of
physical and Nonphysical Nature that have added
I expectantly turned the post card over and saw a
to the Joy and the Growth that I have appreciated
brief, encouraging, note from Robert Butts (He
through these decades of physical experience, for
and Jane Roberts and Seth produced the “The
I have truly been blessed… just as I feel blessed
Seth Material” books that since the 1960’s have
by this beautiful opportunity to work with
had such a visible influence on the philosophical
Abraham and Esther and the multitudes of you
world view.)
loving, questioning beings who are seeking to
become more deliberate creators of lifetimes of
When we began receiving information from
joyous and meaningful value.
Abraham regarding “You Create Your Own
Reality”, I wrote to Rob, and six months later he
The proverbial “Johnny Appleseed”, from his joy
responded with a hand printed letter stating that
in giving, was said to have planted many
he was six months behind in responding to letters
thousands of apple seeds along country roadsides
regarding the “Seth Materials”.
from which he never expected to reap a personal
harvest of fruit. And in like manner— through our
Robert Butts has had a major role in the
observations and expectations of the positive
dissemination of the “Seth Materials” that, in turn,
aspects of others— you and I are planting latent
have had a major positive life (and career)
seeds of Well-being that may bear fruits of joy in
changing influence on our lives and on the lives of
those observed. And whether or not you ever get a
many millions of others— and Esther and I feel
taste of the fruits of the seeds you’ve sown, as you
both delighted and honored whenever we hear
learn to take joy purely in the experience of
from him.
giving, the receiving may just become irrelevant
... but it still feels good!
The Seth materials were a catalyst to our meeting
and beginning to work with Abraham back in
November of 1985— and we will remain eternally
appreciative of Robert Butts for many years of
commitment to the purity of the Seth teachings.

This time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s

Eve always finds me filled with deep feelings of
love and gratitude for those who have had an
influence on this delicious physical life that I
continue to experience. And it strikes me as both
strange and enlightening that most of them (as in
the case of Robert Butts) were not at all aware of
the enormity of the joy that they were adding to
my life (nor was I) at the time that it was

For example: Grandpa Hicks: “’re a good

kid.” Grandma Cora: “...for a six year old, you
have a good singing voice.” Ben Piers: “...just one
more push-up, kid.” Ben Hanley: “...kid, I like the
way you walk.” Joe Prensky: “ would do
Silver Dollar Dream someone else? We talked about that yesterday and
that was something that resonated very deeply
with you because there is this usual feeling in the
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar
physical environment that there really is not
1996 (pdf)
enough. That there is only so much good to go
around and if I take more than my share, I might
GUEST: I want to ask about a dream I had last
be depriving somebody else from some of it.
night. I was walking through, what felt like, an
amusement park, but it was more like a gambling
This feeling of lack is a physical anomaly. There
casino, and a gambler, who had won all this
is no lack. The Non-physical Energy is endless
money...coins were just falling on the ground, like
and always streaming forth.
silver dollars...and I got all excited, and I ran and I
picked up these silver dollars. And now I am on
And the only thing that ever causes the Energy to
this pursuit, of watching for these gamblers who
come, or be allowed or not allowed, is the
are dropping money.
individual vibration of allowing or resisting.
Physical beings still don’t get that. This amplifies
And I see more and I pick them up, and then I
the hardest part of this for all of you.
come upon what appears to me like a homeless
person sitting with clothing and different things,
Most of you still think, that somebody or
and I see a gun there. But right near that person
something else is eking out the goodness: The
are more coins. And I could just see this look of,
economy is allowing it, or the employer is
they didn’t like that I was picking the coins up,
allowing it, or Mommie and Daddy are allowing
but I picked them up anyway. And then I went
it, or the government is allowing it or God is
back to an area, like a pavilion, where my friend
allowing it. In other words, it feels to you like
was sitting and I started counting my coins. And I
some other benevolent or not-so-benevolent being
said “Gee, I found all this money, and we can go
holds the keys to all of this, and that you are all
out to dinner on this.” And then a policeman
sort of going through the paces trying to do
comes up and he says, “I want you to know that
whatever is appropriate in order to justify or earn
there are homeless people that live in this area and
your Well-being. And that basis is exactly
they are dependent on those coins that you picked
backwards, you see. It is not even close. Because
up.” And that was the end of my dream.
the Well-being abounds, it gushes, it oozes. Look
around you.
ABRAHAM: Your dreams are always offered to
Acknowledge the food content of your planet and
you from your broader Non-physical perspective.
acknowledge how long this planet has been
Insight, knowing, in response to questions you
around and acknowledge that those seeds keep
have been asking. The dream, as it unfolds, is
coming forth. Don’t you find that amazing? You
always your interpretation of the vibrational
look at a little garden patch, and you plant
something and it makes it or it doesn’t and if it
doesn’t, there is this barren patch, and you think,
Now, here is what we are sensing from all of this.
“Gee, there are no flowers there, or there are no
As you say, “It felt like an amusement park,” a
plants there.” But don’t you find it amazing that
sort of game of life, it is sort of representing the
after the eons that physical beings have
physical environment in which all of you are
experienced upon this planet, that your food
playing. And then you said that it felt more like a
content remains constant. They are not trucking in
gambling place, indicating the sort of feeling of
any new food from other planets. In other words,
risk or the feeling of adventure or the feeling of
this is a self-perpetuating eternal environment of
some winning and some losing. In other words,
Well-being. Can you feel the enormity of that?
the attitude of physical environment is very much
that, isn’t it. There are those that are doing very
And so, what happens to you, is that rather than
well and very happy in it, and there are those that
being aware of, or being consciously sensitive to,
are not doing very well.
whether you are allowing the Stream through you
or whether you are not, you have, instead, become
This is your issue of value or worth. Or your issue
fixated on looking at the results of how others
of, if you get something, does that take away from
have flowed.
You see a prosperous person, and you say, “Well, If they are not vibrationally allowing it, you could
that’s prosperity and that is good.” And you see a drip it all over the place and they could not
poverty person, and you say, “Well, that’s poverty embrace it or benefit from it, you see. Have you
and that is bad.” But most of you don’t make the ever tried that?
correlation, “This is one who allowed the
abundance, and this is one who didn’t.” You think Have you ever gone down to the part of town
it’s happening from the outside, so you want to where the homeless live and offered them a job?
condemn society, or you want to condemn their Jerry has. They do not want it. Now, does that
circumstances, or you want to condemn their make them inappropriate? No, it makes them
intelligence… vibrationally resistant to your job. It makes them
vibrationally resistant to playing the game the way
So you got right inside of this feeling. You got you all want them to play the game. They have
right down there inside of it: Here you were in got something working for them. They are eating;
this game where there was obvious abundance, they are free. You might not choose it so it may
and you recognized that some were getting it and be inappropriate for you, but do you see what we
some weren’t, and you weren’t even really are getting at?
playing the game with any sort of intensity. But
those who were playing the game were dripping The physical environment...we are onto
their leftovers all over the place. You were something here that we want to explore, expand.
allowing yourself the little bit that they were If you are a sea of physical beings— extensions of
wasting. In other words, you weren’t one of the this Non-physical Energy— and you are each
winners, you weren’t the one with the baskets of intuitive to the Energy, and you recognize that
money. You were sort of picking up the crumbs you come forth in amazing diversity or balance,
that they did not care about, and then, you felt diversity/balance being exactly the same thing.—
guilty because you took crumbs from others. in your diversity, you add balance to the whole.
Which is pretty much they way most people feel Some of you like to do this; some of you like to
about money. In other words, you wanted it, you do that. And as you all work together… Jerry and
were eager for it, it felt good to find it, but then Esther have been basking in the deliciousness of
you felt guilty right away. Right away, you the workers who worked on their house, every day
created a scenario that made it inappropriate for appreciating that there are people who have
you to even have that, you see. decided to make that their life’s work. Seeing how
hard they work. Seeing how much physical
It is good, and we look forward to a future dream energy they are willing to put forth and
where the money is falling into your basket, and recognizing that if they were all like Jerry and
you are doing with it what you want. We look Esther, your housing conditions would be very
forward to your seeing those who have not money different than they are today. (Group laughter)
and smiling at them and saying “Life’s good isn’t
it. We are all getting what we are choosing. I’d be There is much value in the diversity of your
happy to give you a hand-up if you are wanting...” desires. And as you are physical beings,
experiencing this delicious balance, appreciating
Did you notice in your dream that even though the balance and appreciating the difference, then
that one didn’t want you to have the money, he this intuitive knowing flows through you, and you
didn’t do anything about it. In other words, he had find yourself in your never blaming or resisting
a gun. He looked at you as you were taking the but always appreciating and allowing vibration,
money, but he did not reach out for it, you see. always attracting whatever you are wanting
Because they know not how. In other words, they whenever you are wanting it. And everybody else
do resent you all attracting it. But if you were to is doing the same thing. So it’s this magnificent
leave it there, he would have still been living in dance, you see.
the street.
But most of you have not been trained to be
You can’t get poor enough to help the poor ones intuitive about whether the Energy is flowing. In
be prosperous. Because it’s not about the money, your desire to be good, or in your desire to be
it’s about their vibrational allowing. right, or in your desire even to be at the right
place at the right time, or in your desire to get the
things that you are wanting, most of you, rather
than being aware of how the Energy is flowing,
which is your true and only guidance, you instead
look at the results of how others have flowed
Energy— and you have decided that by defining
which of those results are right and which of those
results are wrong that you can guide your life.

You start asking your secular government, “Give

us laws or rules to live by.” You ask your
religious people, you ask your God to give you
laws or rules to live by. And then you do
something that never works for you, you ask
everybody else to live by those same rules or
laws. And more people on your planet die as a
result of the warfare over this battle about whose
rules are right and whose rules are wrong than all
other diseases or accidents put together.

The thing that goes wrong is that rather than using

your guidance to guide you, you use the results,
the negative results, to push against. And as you
push against the negative results, you lose your
connection to the guidance. That, in a nut shell, is
the whole problem.

You say, “Well Abraham, will there be a time

when everybody will get this?” And we say, “It
matters not at all.” The only thing that matters is
that you get it, because in the moment that you
understand it, then you are able to allow. You are
able to allow the Energy to flow through you—
and as you allow the Energy to flow through you,
then anything that you hold as your object of
attention is the recipient of that beneficial Energy.
Stop Fixing And Start And you say, “Well, I think I’ll start with this
issue.” And we say, reach into your life for things
Savoring that feel good. And your human tendency right
away is, “Oh, well, then I’ll deal with the issues.”
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2003 (pdf)
From the recording G-10-26-02 Buy Recording You don’t have to deal with the “issues”.
Also in GAW02 (ten tapes) Buy Album

As you are reaching, in a determined way, for the And we say you don’t have to deal with the issue;
Path of Least Resistance, anything that is resistant don’t activate the issue. Start looking for things
within you will certainly pop up within 20 days. that feel good. Start with something easy. Turn
And as you are deliberately reaching for the Path your attention toward things that feel good. And
of Least Resistance and finding it, then you will you say, “Well, that’s easier under some
have shifted your vibration on every subject that conditions than others. What if I find myself in a
is important to you, and you will become resistant situation where I’m looking right at something
free. that makes me feel bad, and I can’t get away from
it, no matter how hard I try, it’s so in my face?”
You just have to want to feel good more than
anything else. That’s the only criteria that is And we say, there’s where your real work begins.
necessary in order for you to achieve this. You That’s where you say, “I’m going to take some
have to really want to feel good. You have to want baby steps. I might not be able to get myself
to feel good so much that you’re wanting to reach completely away from this resistance, but I sure
for a better feeling thought any time you are in the can pick a path of less resistance.”
midst of one that doesn’t feel so good.
And so, you just start. Just try to find something
Nothing is more important than that I feel good. that feels better. Try to change the subject if you
That’s the mindset that you have to be at. Nothing can, (That’s the fastest, easiest way.) but if it
is more important than that I feel good. And that keeps coming up, then you may want to find the
doesn’t mean getting rid of things that don’t feel Path of Least Resistance. And you get so good at
good, because you can’t. In other words, you can’t it.
make people go away. You can’t make people
stop thinking about you. You can’t rid the world You get so good at it that after you’ve got a few
of terrorists. You can’t rid the world of disease. things conquered, so to speak, or deactivated, then
You can’t get rid of the things that you feel need you can just say “Oh, well, I can do to you just
to be gone. what I did to those other things. I just don’t have
to think about you any more. You’re a non-issue
You’ve got to decide, “I’m going to find a Path of to me.”
Least Resistance relative to this. I’m going to find
a way of either thinking about this in a way that The thing that we most want you to focus upon is,
feels good, or I’m going to find a way of not we don’t want you to see this big bag of issues
thinking about this. But this is no longer going to that you’re trying to diffuse. We want you,
be an issue that keeps me from allowing the Well- instead, to see this moment that I want to feel
being that would be there if I were not doing this. good--and now, this moment that I want to feel
Nothing is that important.” good. Sometimes we think that you think that
you’ve got all of this work that needs to be done,
Sift through your life for things that feel good! and you’re hoping that you’ll get your work done
before you die. And the work, to many of you,
feels like all of these issues that you have to
Your “starting point”, is being determined that overcome or understand, or conquer. And so, it’s
you’re going to feel good, no matter what, and like, you’re tenaciously out there just digging up
then sifting through your life for things that do stuff so that you can fix it. And we’re wanting you
feel good. So we say, sift through your life for to understand that the way you’re wanting to
things that feel good. spend this moment is by tending to your
vibrational hose, by opening the flow, by opening
your valve.
The best use of this moment is by finding flows through you toward your inspired idea--that
something to use as your reason to allow the is life at its very best.
Energy to flow.
We know you can’t always be there. We know
Why would I tolerate any negative emotions? that sometimes you want things so clearly, and
you are so aware of where you are, that you
cannot focus upon what you want without
We’ve been teasing you. We say, sometimes we activating where you are. And so, we understand
think that it would be better for you if, instead of that it’s easy for your vibration to become
emotions, you had this creeping fungus that was muddled. We also know that you can feel your
taking over your body. And then you would have way out of the muddle.
more of a motivation to slow the fungus. Where,
you tend to tolerate negative emotions because If you want more than you believe you can
you cannot see the negative result of them so achieve, you’re out of balance. And if where you
quickly. And so, you just have to decide how are standing is less than what you want, you’re
important it is for you to feel good. Sometimes out of balance. And so, you, individually, have to
it’s not all that important for you to feel good find your balance. We are just here to tell you, as
because you’ve gotten along pretty well, so far, we have watched all of you, endlessly, generation
with some reasonable resistance within your after generation, that the achievement of these
experience. It usually isn’t until the resistance gets properties, or of these houses, or of these events,
pretty big that any of you make a very strong does not hold the answer that you’re really
effort to get rid of it. looking for. It is an elusive dream. They are there
in order to inspire the focus. And it is the focus of
That’s why we love terminally ill cases. because clarity that feels good in life experience.
once you’ve reached the place where the doctors
have said, “We can do nothing more for you,” That’s why, as you look at the joy factor of those
that’s usually at the first point that you begin to on the planet, it is as likely to find a joyful child,
pay attention to what you’re thinking. In other who has very limited ideas of desire, who is, in
words, “Oh, you mean there’s nothing else you this moment, not in contradiction to the desires he
can chop off of me, or there’s no more pill you does hold, it is more likely to find him in
can give me, or there’s no other possible method? outrageous joy than it is to find someone who has
You mean I’m going to have to align my Energy? lived enough life experience to have achieved a
Well, all right then.” very great desire, and has not found a way to be in
alignment with it, in joy.
Within this 20 days, that we spoke of, you have to
already have come to this place where you want to Life is about joy, which is about alignment,
align your Energies, not because you’re trying to which is about your choice of thoughts.
fix something that is broken, but because you
genuinely, with all of your heart, want so much to
be connected to Source that you are not willing to We want to find different ways of helping you
tolerate, for very long, thoughts that keep you understand that life is about the joy factor. And
from it. the joy factor is about the alignment factor. And
the alignment factor is about the choice of
Someone said, “I have 27 questions.” And we thoughts factor.
said, we have one answer: You like knowing that
you are the creator of your experience. You like If there is anything that we want you to take away
knowing that everyone else is too. You like from this, it is the sentiment that you never get it
knowing that Source supports you in everything done. We want you to start easing up on yourself,
that you desire, and that there is nothing that you and realizing that you’re not ever going to get it
can identify, whether you articulate it or not, that done. There’s always going to be something else
the Universe withholds from you. All things are that you desire that is summoning life through
given in the moment that you ask. you. Accept that and use that knowledge as your
reason for slowing up a little bit and smelling the
When you are specific about what you want, and roses a little more, and savoring a little more, and
you find that Path of Least Resistance, and Energy complimenting a little more, and appreciating
yourself and others a little more. In other words, simple things. But in the moment that the savoring
just be more of a basker than you are anything begins, the alignment falls into place.
Endless things happen when you are savoring. As
Sometimes going slower is the best choice in the you are always reaching for an improvement on
moment; sometimes going faster is the best what-is, there is an inherent dissatisfaction that
choice. In other words, there’s no perfection in won’t allow the improvement. But when you are
going fast; and there’s no wrongdoing in going savoring the improvements that are already there--
slow. there is an alignment with what is more.

Jerry and Esther picked up their new monster bus; We’re not saying don’t want things. We want you
it is another Eagle. It is two feet longer and has to want things. We know you can’t not want
more bells and whistles, more things to enjoy. things. And we know that the Universe will yield
And Esther had this picture of what she wanted. endlessly to you. We just want you to savor. As
And as they were receiving it, there were some you’re savoring in the vision, things come into
things not quite in alignment with that. And so, alignment.
she could feel that she was out of alignment. And
Esther had a sort of mindset that “we’re only “Let’s stop fixing and start savoring.” The way
going to be in this area for a short period of time, you fix is through the savor. We don’t know of
and this is the place where the experts really are. any way to fix your life, or align yourself, or
So if there’s anything that needs to be tweaked allow your Source, or to achieve what you want--
into perfection, we’d better get it done while we don’t know of any way to do it other than
we’re here.” And so, she got herself in a sort of savoring your way there.
fixing it mode. In other words, she was sort of
scouring the thing from top to bottom wanting to Your Path of Least Resistance leads to all the
make sure that if there were anything wrong, she good that you desire.
had it on her list so that they could tend to it.

It’s time to stop fixing and start savoring! So as you make a determination that you’re going
to be a big time savorer; a big time complimenter,
and a hardly ever criticizer; a big time appreciator
Finally, after several days of that, Jerry said to and a hardly ever noticer of something wrong; and
Esther, “I think it’s time that we stop fixing and a big time lover, and a hardly ever hater; and a big
start savoring.” Because it began to appear to him time reacher for thoughts that feel good--as you
that as fast as she was fixing, more things were are reaching for these thoughts that feel best, you
turning up. And he began to have this vision of are automatically finding your Path of Least
this endless loop where the fixers would fix one Resistance. And when you find your Path of Least
thing and then break another thing. Resistance, you are connected to your source of
clarity and abundance and physical stamina, and
And so, he said Let’s stop fixing and start Well-being.
savoring. And we said, that is the best mantra for
life that we have ever, ever heard: Let’s stop All things that you consider to be good, all things
fixing--because nothing is broken--and let’s start that you desire, come to you through this
savoring, because that’s the way you tend to your Connection of Source that is known to you by the
valve--and live happily ever after. joy that you are finding in this moment.

And so, there are two ways of going about this. So when we say, Nothing is more important than
She can do her best to make it what she needs it to that I feel good, speaking from your vantage
be in order to get into alignment, or she can relax point, we really want you to internalize that
and choose alignment anyway. sentiment: nothing is more important than that
you feel good, because when you feel good, you
When you find something that does not please are hooked up to that which is good--and allowing
you and you focus upon it, it can’t be fixed continuous manifestations of same.
because you are out of sync with the fixers. So,
perfectly capable, talented people cannot do
There is so much love here for you. We are
Take the Emotional Journey that you are never again confused about how
things work.
Law of Attraction won’t pull strings for you. It
From the recording G-4-23-04 Buy Recording won’t let you behave one way and attract another
Also in GASU04 (ten tapes) Buy Album way. It will be so very consistent that you will— if
Atlanta, GA you’re paying attention— learn exactly what it is
you are doing that nets you the results that you are
Just like when you set your radio tuner on 98.6, getting. In other words, with a little bit of paying
you can’t hear what’s being broadcast on 101 FM: attention to the way you feel, you will always
Your frequencies have to sync up. So, the know.
frequency of your desire and the frequency of
your day-to-day thought about your desire have to As Jerry and Esther travel between Phoenix and
be on the same vibrational wavelength. And how San Diego, their destination is San Diego. They
do you know when it is? It feels good to think are clear about where they are going. And as they
about it. How do you know when it isn’t? It get about half-way between Phoenix and San
doesn’t feel good to think about it. Diego, they find themselves in Yuma, Arizona— a
nice enough place, but it is not where they are
So, it might be a good idea to start talking about wanting to be. Yet, when they find themselves in
where you’re going instead of about where you Yuma, they do not get so disoriented about not
are, and where you’ve been. Because, as you talk being where they want to be, that they turn around
about where you are, or about where you’ve been, and go back to Phoenix.
that’s the signal that you offer— and that’s the
signal that everything Universally is responding It’s really important that you understand the
to. That’s why it feels sometimes like you’re stuck essence of this story, because what this story tells
on this spot. You’re not stuck because things are you is that because they understand this distance
always changing. But if it feels like you’re stuck, between Phoenix and San Diego, they don’t lose
it’s because they’re changing to the same thing their way; they don’t lose hope; they don’t lose
over and over again. heart— they know that if they just keep pointed in
the right direction and make some reasonable
Your motor’s always running and the Universe is effort in moving in that direction, that— sooner or
always responding to it, and wherever you’re later— they’re going to be where they want to be.
pointed is where you’re going, and if you’re
pointed to the past, then you’re just recreating We want you to understand that that is true of
more of the same, or if you’re powerfully looking everything that you have ever wanted— whether it
at what-is, then you’re just creating more of the is a magnificent career; whether it is a
same thing. But if you are looking forward; if you magnificent relationship, a new one or improving
are looking into the future; if you are looking for one that already exists; whether it is attracting
change; if you are looking for new, if you are dollars, which feel like freedom, (so that you can
looking for improvement, then that’s what’s do more of the things you want to do) whether it
coming to you— it has to be. It is illogical for it to is an improved situation with your body… No
be otherwise. matter what your desire is, no matter where you
are, you can get from where you are to where you
The Laws of the Universe are constant; they want to be— but you first have to make it an
respond to you unerringly. You never get understandable journey.
something that you are not a vibrational match to.
It has never happened to anyone, and it is not Every journey— whether it’s from no money to
happening to you. tons of money; whether it’s from a really sick
body to one that is magnificently well; whether it
You can get to wherever you want to be from is from relationships that make you want to run
where you are. And if you will stop trying to do it and be a hermit in the desert to relationships that
all at once, it will go better for you because Law make your heart sing… it does not matter what
of Attraction is the best friend that anyone has your request is, every single time— it must be an
ever had, but it’s this consistent, fair-minded Emotional Journey first.
friend that always responds to your vibration so
Rather than saying, “I’m in deep, deep debt; I’m same thing to you that it means to somebody else,
scared to death; I can’t pay my bills; I’m but that’s the general vibrational range. We like to
disappointing people who I care about; I’m call it the Emotional Range.
disappointing strangers, and the strangers are
making my life miserable, and I want more On the far end of the Emotional Range, where you
money,” instead, what you want to say is, “I want are truly Connected to who-you-really-are, there
to go from the pain of not enough money to the is one word that stands out above all others, and it
feeling of freedom of more money. I want to go is the word empowerment. It is the word
from the fear of a sick body to the feeling of free...being in complete alignment with the
security of a well body. I want to go from the Energy that is You. The only place that freedom
anger and discord and frustration of an exists is in that vibrational place where you, who
argumentative relationship to the joy and hold all of the power to you, (nobody else does)
satisfaction of an open, communicating where you have discovered the way to create
relationship.” Because if you will make it first an within yourself a pattern of vibration that allows
Emotional Journey, then we can show you how to you full Connection to who-you-really-are. That’s
change the way you feel, no matter what the topic. the only place that you can ever be free. Nobody
When you manage to change the way you feel, on else can give it to you; you have to do it to
any topic, you’ve changed your vibrational point yourself. And, on the far other end of that is the
of attraction and manifestation must follow. But feeling of disempowerment. It’s the feeling of
until you make it an Emotional Journey, until you powerlessness.
figure out how to change the way you feel even
though circumstances haven’t changed yet— When do your children most act up? Is it when
nothing changes. they feel empowered? Is it when they are
inspired? Is it when they are full of themselves?
Begin saying, I can get to wherever I want to be, Or, is it when they are being restrained? Is it when
but right now, I’m just going to reach for the best- they are being told that they are inappropriate in
feeling thought that I have access to— right now. some way?
And when you get there announce to everybody,
“I am so angry I could wring your neck, and I feel As you pay attention to yourself or to anyone that
so much better than I did earlier.” And then, if you know, begin to notice that the feeling of
you have it within you, you might say to them, “I empowerment is bliss, and the feeling of
will try to restrain myself, but meanwhile, you disempowerment is as far from bliss as you can
might want to go someplace else. Eventually, I get. And everything about your emotions is about
will be in frustration, and then, I will be in that range, no matter what you call it.
appreciation. But right now, I am in anger and I
like it here. I did it on purpose.” And those are the So, as you make the decision that you are going to
key words… I did this on purpose. reach for the best thought that you have access to,
there’s something very important that you have to
Watch your children. Watch anybody who finds decide right along with that. (Some of you are
themselves in a place where they feel powerless. going to like the sound of this; others, it will
In fact, you know, this entire range of emotions… frighten you.) You have to decide that you no
Oh, let’s talk about some of them. So, here is longer give a rip about what anybody else says,
despair and powerlessness and then, not too far because they’re trying to guide you from all kinds
from that is a feeling of rage. And not too far from of other ways.
that is anger, anger, anger. There are lots of
degrees of anger. And then, you can get into that Sometimes people will say, “Abraham, you teach
place that you would call frustration- selfishness.” And we say, indeed we do because
overwhelment. Then, you could get into you have perspective of self; your Guidance
pessimism, hopefulness, optimism… then, you System is about self; every point of
could get into appreciation, belief, even those Consciousness has this awareness of self. Think
feelings that you call love, even those feelings that about it. If there are all of these Consciousnesses,
you call knowing, into that place that you call and we’re not just talking about the human
empowerment or Well-Being. And, of course, Consciousness, although we are mostly talking to
there are many, many words that we did not you about that, but think about it. If every
speak, and sometimes, the word doesn’t mean the Consciousness, even the one-celled amoeba in the
ocean, even the cellular Consciousness that is away from it? [away] You see, you know this
within you… if every point of Consciousness is stuff. You know the way you feel. You can tell
reaching for what is best for it, must that not be the way you feel.
what is best for the whole?
So, somebody’s watching you, someone, from the
Humans think that there is competition. They outside, who has a list of rules and requirements
think that you are in competition for the good to get into the good clubs, and they see you in
stuff. “So, if somebody over there wants what’s your depression, and then they see your anger. Do
best for it, then it might get it, and it might they understand that you’ve made an
deprive you of what’s best for you.” But that’s not improvement in your anger? Usually not. In other
the way this Universe works. This is an expanding words, no one outside of you knows that you have
Universe that expands proportionate to the desire made a vibrational improvement. No one knows
that is conjured within all Consciousness. but you.

When you understand that there is no competition; And so, if you’re asking someone else to tell you
nobody can get your good stuff, only you can the way to go, you will be lost in the desert
allow it or disallow it, then you begin to because they’ll say, “Go that way. Go that way.
understand that that’s how the Universe Go that way.” They’ll tell you what they’ve done
expands— you don’t need to worry about what in their past; they’ll tell you what you’ve done in
anybody else is doing; they’re not getting your your past. In other words, you get so scrambled,
stuff. you’re upside down and all around— but when
you are paying attention to the way you feel, now
You are the creator of your own experience and you’ve made this an Emotional Journey. And
your dominant intention becomes a vibrational when you make it an Emotional Journey, you’ll
match with the Well-Being that flows… oh, that’s never again… you never… you knew… you already
so much what we want you to hear. That’s why know. You can feel which way was an
we call this gathering the Art of Allowing. When improvement.
you don’t feel so good— you’re not letting it in.
(the Well-Being that you want and deserve) The It’s like, your cork floats on the surface of the
better you feel— the more you are letting it in. water; that’s where you’re supposed to be. You
can hold it under the water, but that’s unnatural,
When your mantra is, I’m going to start making and when you let go, it’s going to bob back up to
the best of things; I’m going to make the best of the surface. And you will, too, if you’ll pay
it, what you’re actually saying is, No matter attention to the way you feel and let your new
where I am, no matter what I’m focusing on, I’m mantra be, “Nothing is more important than that I
reaching for the best thought that I can find, and feel good, but I’m not going to follow my bliss
when you’re in despair, the best thought that you today. I can’t even see my bliss; I can’t even smell
can find might be anger, but you can find it. And my bliss; I can’t even remember the last time I felt
when you find it and say, There, that feels better. bliss. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt bliss. I’ve never
Now, I’m going to still reach for the best thought I known anybody that felt bliss. I hate the idea of
can find, it might be a thought of true frustration bliss! (fun) I hate everybody that’s ever been in
but you can find it. And when you find it, you will bliss. I’m perfectly happy here in my rage.” And
feel better. And then when you say, I’m still going we say, good for you. Just make another statement
to reach for the best-feeling thought I can find, it that says, “I’ll only be here for a day or two
might be a thought of overwhelment; it might be a because I know that there’s something that feels
thought of blame… even better than this.” And then, keep reaching for
it. And try to disregard anybody else’s response.
Where is blame on the Emotinal Scale? So here is And it is our promise to you, within a matter of
despair, and here is anger— where’s blame? Does hours (in many cases), certainly within a matter of
blame improve your Connection or is there more a few days, you can go, on any topic, from
resistance in blame? So, “I feel powerless and wherever you are to wherever you want to be.
now I feel angry, and now I feel blameful.” Is
blameful improving? It really is, isn’t it? “Now, I And this is the most important thing you will ever
feel guilty. I feel guilty about being blameful, hear anybody say to you: Once you have made the
actually.” Did I move toward my Connection or
Emotional Journey, the physical manifestation
must follow— it is Law.

You can’t feel as good as you are going to begin

feeling without doors opening everywhere;
without smiles coming everywhere; without the
Universe catering to you… People will watch you
and say, “When were you anointed king of this
world?” People will say, “I cannot believe the
good things that happen to you! How is it that all
of this wonderful stuff happens to you?” And you
will humbly say to them, “Not only to me— to all
of us. I’ve just figured out how to stop blocking it.
I’ve practiced beating the drum of praising and
appreciating. I’m beating the drum of making the
best of things. I’m trying to make the best of
everything. And, in doing so, I’m achieving
vibrational alignment, more and more, every day,
with the Well-Being that we all deserve. Now,
I’m glad that it’s showing up in my life. I hope
it’s not making you jealous, because it’s there for
you, too.” Good.

Well, there isn’t anything else that we could ever

give you that would be of one bit of value beyond
that. That’s the whole thing: You’re good; you
deserve good; good’s flowing to you; get happy—
it will. We have enjoyed this interaction
The Beasts of Your Planet (and conducive to my joyful experience, just a little
more conducive to my joyful experience… Until
how they relate to you) you finally end up with an atmosphere and a
time/space reality that supports you all in this
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2000 (pdf) dramatic Energy of Well-being.
From the recording G-1-18-00 Buy Recording
Also in GAW99 (ten tapes) Buy Album So why would one say that those earlier creators
Tampa, FL and askers and receivers and discerners of contrast
and birthers of desire were less significant than
The beast, whether it is your dog or cat or those that are here today? We are all in this
squirrel, or no matter what beast you are together!
affectionately addressing, is, for the most part,
less specifically focused than you are.

He is less of a deliberate creator. He deciphers

contrast less specifically than you do. Therefore,
he creates less deliberately than you do. The
advantage to him, in that, is that he does not push
against as much. So he stays more connected to
the Energy Stream. And because he stays more
connected to the Energy Stream, he is guided
more by intuition, or that which you would call
Because he reaches his full capability very early
in his life, the beast does not mind coming and
going frequently because he achieves almost his
full capacity almost instantly. So he enjoys his life
expression in the fullness of his beingness very
quickly. And so, he comes and goes easily with
less resistance than you do.

The physical human, who is more specifically

focused, runs a greater risk of choosing a
vibration that separates him a bit from the
Nonphysical Energy. The greater specifics puts
you in a place where you may be less allowing of
the Pure Positive Energy. You are less willing to
just get run over by a truck and then come back in
another body, because it takes you more time, in
your earth framework, to reach the majority where
you really begin to enjoy the deliberateness of
your creation. But the evolution of your species
makes it possible for you to conjure images and
be a more specific deliberate creator.

All of the beasts are a very important part of your

planet. Long before human walked, beasts of
immense proportion were utilizing their
experience as sort of sensors of the atmosphere. In
other words, the creation of the atmosphere, that
supports your life form today, exists as it does
because of all of the beasts who selfishly breathed
and walked and wanted. All of this cellular matter
coming forth and concluding and asking for
something that would be just a little more
There's Not One Truth Or One
Religion That Is Appropriate
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2005 (pdf)
From the recording G-10-2-04 Buy Recording
Also in GAW04 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Boston, MA

Have you ever known someone whose life was

not based on what you thought was moral or
appropriate behavior? And yet, they continued to
win. You know why? They don’t listen to the
other side of the argument and mix up their
vibration. They focus upon and hold themselves
in alignment with what they want— and the
Universe delivers to them what they want. It
doesn’t matter how many others stand back and
claim injustice, foul play, or inappropriate, the
Law of Attraction always answers your vibration.
And it doesn’t have anything to do with what
anybody else is doing— or thinks about what
you’re doing— unless you change your vibration
because of what they think about what you’re
doing. That’s why a variety of medical remedies
work differently on different people. That’s why a
variety of religious intentions work for different
To My Dear Children You will have whatever you summon. No
exceptions. And if you guys REALLY take this
seriously and learn this system, it will put
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun
Harvard, Stanford degrees, Rosie O’Donnell,
2000 (pdf)
Arthur Anderson, Bonnie, Andy, etc. in the
permanent rear view mirror. Tag— You Are It!
Dear Jerry and Esther,
TO HEART. Find your place of joy as tho’it is
I am forwarding this email that I sent to my two
the most important search of your life, and when
children after they attended the Abraham get-
you find it— STAY THERE, and from there,
togethers in Westlake Village and South San
orchestrate those events that you want. Talk about
knowing somebody in High Places. It’s you! And
the Universe and your life will absolutely mirror
It was very meaningful to my wife and I that the whatever you believe they will give you.
kids had a chance to see and GET the Abraham
message, and we both wanted to communicate our
So, Dad’s advice: Be insatiable. Demand and
thanks to you.
expect the best. Become churning Vortexes for
whatever you desire. Order the best meal in the
Happy Vortexing…
house. And then find a new best meal. You are a
fully enfranchised part of the power of life itself.
M.A.— CA Learn that. Feel that. Allow that. That is your
MASTER’s degree…
To My Dear Children,
I think a father can only write a letter like this EVERYTHING YOU SEE WILL
once a lifetime. It will be relatively short and to CONSISTENTLY ALTER ITSELF TO
the point. But print this and reference it for the REFLECT WHAT YOU SEE YOURSELF AS.
You have been raised in love. That is adventures, from this point on, will come to
unarguable… You even finally have come to love reflect this larger, happier and more empowered
each other, as well as translate your love natures YOU.
into healthy and blessed relationships with current
partners. This is the edge I can give you. I am proud to say
that it is the ULTIMATE edge any parent can give
The big buzz with you guys has been: “What will their child. So the time approaches for your
I do? Be? What profession? When? Where?” I adulthood, and I wanted you to understand your
have been on the sidelines, coaching, listening, TRUTH and to see the truth demonstrated in the
supporting, counseling— as you each continue to light of day. Now walk and breathe and command
parachute into your lives as loving beings. this truth. Become the emerging gods/goddesses
that you are. Bring in the money, friends,
However, I’ve felt restricted in communicating adventures, skills, and challenges. Your degrees
with you. The bandwidth of possibilities, choices, are important. But if you ALLOW yourselves to
the possible and probable futures were missing to grow and operate from your true stature, you will
communicate the other key component besides summon THE BEST.
Love, Truth, and its attendant clarity… Thank
goodness for the living confirmation of Divine Over and out,
Intelligence and the clarity of teaching that you
have now witnessed with Abraham. And what you Dad

You have a living, all-Knowing, Godlike Inner LullABEy for an Abebabe

Being, who absolutely knows what you want and
helps you get it. by Ivy Brown
hush little baby don’t say a word
abe’s got a sara book about a bird to buy fine things,
and when that wise old bird gets shot mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
abe’s got a way to make the sadness stop sensual perfume of every kind—
and if that sadness still won’t quit as many sensual perfumes you can;
abe’s got a workshop where you can sit and may you visit many Egyptian cities
and if that workshop is too far away to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.
jerry’s got a tape of every word they say
and if that tape goes over your head Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
abe’s got a process you can do instead Arriving there is what you are destined for.
and if that process seems hard to do But do not hurry the journey at all.
abe gets louder and begins to spew Better if it lasts for years,
and if that spewing makes your thoughts pause so you are old by the time you reach the island,
abe can explain the universal laws wealthy with all you’ve gained on the way,
if those universal laws sound crazy not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.
abe teaches how to be selfish and lazy
and if being real lazy is not your style Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.
abe says to pet the cat for a while Without her you would not have set out.
and if that cat won’t sit in your lap She has nothing left to give you now.
abe says to chill and take a nap
if that nap won’t connect you to source And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have
abe says to summon more life force fooled you.
if that life force don’t make you grow Wise as you will have become, so full of
abe says to allow and let it flow experience,
if the energy won’t flow as it should you will have understood by then what these
abe says to focus on feelin’good Ithakas mean.
and if feelin’good can’t make you smile
just float your cork for a little while
if your cork stays sunk and you hurt like hell
just croak to where we are— and all is well.

Submitted by D. Gordon


by C.P. Cavafy
As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseideon— don’t be afraid of them
you’ll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as a rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon— you won’t encounter them
unless you bring them along inside your soul,
unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

Hope the voyage is a long one.

May there be many a summer morning when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you come into harbors seen for the first time;
may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
Universe Vibrationally is accepting that
as your point of attraction
Matches Your Observations and is matching it.

From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec Over the next few days, we would like you to hold
1996 (pdf) in your mind a phrase, “Vibrational Match.” It’s
From the recording G-2-24-96 Buy Recording an easier way of talking about Law of Attraction.
Also in GASP96 (ten tapes) Buy Album In other words, that which is like unto itself is
drawn.” So when I vibrationally match the
The Universe Vibrationally Matches Your vibration of my own desire, then there is no
Observations contradiction. There is no resistance. The Energy
is pure. And when that happens, the Universe
We’re wanting to give you some formulas and must deliver to me that which is in vibrational
processes to assist you in your deliberate creating. harmony with my desire, my decision and my
We notice that you are utilizing the contrast of point of attraction.
your time and place well, because very often from
the dramatic— sometimes very dramatic, Most people don’t make it through a whole
sometimes less dramatic— contrasting sentence without contradicting their desire. They
experiences, you are coming to quicker will say, “Abraham, I want more money. I am so
awarenesses of what it is you are wanting. tired of the struggle.” For example, when you say,
“I want a new red car,” the Universe responds to
We feel that eruption of desire— (a good word, the vibration of your desire. But then when you
“decision") coming forth within you. But then, say, “But it is too expensive,” the Universe
often, even though the decision has come forth responds to that vibration too. So now you have
and the decision is loud and clear and you could the Universe responding to two contradictory
speak it in words that anyone would understand, vibrations, so nothing changes for you.
very often you are not vibrating anywhere near
your own decision. The other phrase that we want you to hold in your
mind for a few days is the phrase “purify my
Now, the formula for Deliberate Creation, in very vibration.” And what we mean by that is simply
simple terms, says, “I will identify that which I getting your vibration all going in one direction.
am wanting,” which means make a decision, “and Once you’ve identified what you want, then your
then I will achieve vibrational harmony with my work is to offer a vibration that matches that— and
own decision.” Now, what we mean by that is that you can tell by the way you feel whether you are
in every moment that you are awake or conscious, matching that vibration or whether you are not.
you are literally radiating a signal, not so different When you say, “I want a new red car because
from a radio signal, and the Universe accepts that mine is a junker and won’t run,” can you feel the
signal as your point of attraction. Every moment contradiction in the vibrations? What you are
that you are conscious or awake, you are literally focused upon is not in vibrational harmony with
pulsing an electronic vibration, and the entire that which you want. Or you say, “Oh, it is too
Universe is accepting that electronic vibration as expensive.” Or, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m going
your point of attraction and is matching it with to do.” Or, “Oh, I am so unhappy...” In other
other things that are like it. What we’ve noticed is words, even though you are using the word
that, often, even though you are saying, “I want “want,” your vibration is not in harmony with
more money,” your signal is not in vibrational want. Your vibration is in harmony with lack,
harmony with that. So your words are empty and with need, with not having what you want. As you
hollow while your signal is actually often in direct do that, you sometimes, if you are paying
opposition to the very thing you are saying you attention to the way you feel, can feel the
are wanting. disharmony in the vibration. So then, you can
soften that by saying things such as “Well, I don’t
know how it’s going to come but I believe it will.”
Every moment That’s a little bit better match. Or, “I see a lot of
you are pulsing people with beautiful new cars and many of them
a vibration, are in the same situation that I am and so I know
and the entire Universe there must be a way.” That’s a better match. You
can tell by the way you feel, what you’re doing Before we leave this gathering tomorrow, it is our
with your vibrational alignment. absolute promise to you that, if it is your wanting,
you will know without question how to flow
Energy in vibrational harmony with your own
Once you’ve identified desire. Then it will take you two to three weeks to
what you want, practice it and get so that you can really feel that
then your work is to offer you are directing the Energy. And we say to you,
a vibration when you do that, you are then the Deliberate
that matches that -- Creator that you have come forth to be.
and you can tell
by the way you feel The most important thing
whether you are matching that vibration or not. that we will say to you
is that no one, nothing,
It is our wanting to assist you in recognizing can deny you your desire.
where it is that you are vibrating, because in every Only you
moment, everything that is coming to you is can deny your own desire
coming in response to your vibrational output— through
every single thing. contradictory vibration.
In other words,
The reason that most people do not do a very no one has ever kept you
consistent job of matching the vibration of their from anything
own desire is because most people are such
dogged observers. We have a very strong
statement that we want to make here— two or You said, “I will go forth into this contrasting
three of them, in fact— just to get you sort of experience, because out of contrast always erupts
oriented in the direction of wanting to match your decision— and decision is necessary before any
vibration. The most important thing that we will Deliberate Creating can begin.” Can’t you feel the
say to you is that no one, nothing, can deny you power in decision? Have you ever lived
your desire. Only you can deny your own desire something that you didn’t like? Something about
through contradictory vibration. In other words, it was wrong. Maybe a little wrong. Maybe a lot
no one has ever kept you from anything. wrong. Have you ever reached the place where
Nobody’s keeping you from being rich and you said, Esther’s favorite line from a movie,
famous. Nobody’s keeping you from being well. “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any
No one but you. And the reason that you do it is more!” Do you ever get to that place where you
because you observe things that cause you to offer just cannot stand what is happening. It’s just not
a vibrational outpouring that doesn’t match the right… That’s a very powerful place to be. It
vibration of your own desire. won’t get you what you want, but it’s the
beginning of the process, because when you reach
One who is predominantly an observer, which that place, always within that contrasting
includes most humans, thrives in good times but experience erupts clarity of what you want. And
suffers in bad times, because what you observe is so, then you say “I don’t want that. What I do
reflected in your vibration. The Universe accepts want is this. I don’t want that. What I do want is
that vibration as your point of attraction and then this.” And even though your words, or our words
matches it with other things like it, and then you here, sound negative, it is the beginning of
have more to observe which causes you to offer Deliberate Creating.
more of a vibrational offering which the Universe
accepts as your point of attraction and gives you However, now this is the part we want you to
more like it. So the good gets gooder and the bad hear, because this is the part that begins to go
gets badder. But when you have learned to wrong for almost everyone. In that place of
visualize...a visionary thrives in all times— decision, you know what you want, you are still in
because a visionary is one who learns to flow a very contradicted Energy position because your
Energy because of decision, not because of what statement of desire is coming out of the keen
is. awareness of what you do not want. So you are
not in a place of purely attracting what you want.
You are in the beginning of your creation. Now
your work begins and it usually takes two to three Now sometimes, as we watch our physical
weeks. Now that you know what you want. Your friends, we see you, especially once you begin
work is to find thought and words and actions— this Deliberate Creating Process, we see you
most of all the feeling place— that matches the feeling guarded and tentative in your offering,
decision that you have just made. afraid that you might miscreate, afraid that you
might get a manifestation that does not please
you. And what we want to say to you, in a way
What you are getting that you can hear it, is that that is what physical
always matches manifestation is for. It helps you in the learning of
what you are vibrating the flowing of the Energy.
and what you are vibrating always matches
what you are getting, It is true. What you’re vibrating is what you’re
without exception. getting. It’s also true, what you’re getting is what
They are always the same. you’re vibrating. So if you have something in
your experience that feels a little out of whack, no
So here is the cycle that we see most of you— problem. Just offer your thought in a little bit
once you really get the hang of this— living: You more consistent vibration.
live some contrast. You know what you don’t
want. You reach that place of shouting “No” at it. When Esther makes candy, her recipe book says,
Out of the “No,” erupts clarity of what “Yes” is. put these ingredients in the pot and cook it on
You feel your strong decision. You’re still very your stove and it doesn’t say for how many
contradicted in your Energy. Then you spend two minutes because the recipe book doesn’t know
to three weeks getting the Energy lined up. When how hot her fire is or how well her pan conducts
it lines up, you feel it. You can feel it click into the heat. Instead, her recipe book says, cook this
place. It feels like relief. And when the Energy substance to a soft ball or to a medium ball or to a
lines up, then almost instantly there is physical hard ball. So as Esther is cooking this mixture,
evidence of the alignment. And at the same frequently she takes a little spoon full of the
moment, you are now standing in a new boiling candy and she dribbles it into a clear glass
perspective with a new set of contrasting elements of cold water. If it is nowhere near ready, it just
in your experience. Then the process begins again. dissipates into the water. It makes the water
In this now different level of achieving and cloudy. If it is getting closer to be ready, it forms
wanting, you now are examining contrast again, a little clump in the bottom and as Esther pinches
and again you are saying “No” to some things it, she can feel if it’s soft or if it’s medium or if
which bring you to the conclusion of “Yes.” And it’s firm. She can tell by doing and testing when it
again your Energy is contradicted, and again now is right where she wants it. And that’s the way we
you must find the vibrational alignment. want you to use your physical manifestation.
Don’t stand guarded and afraid that you might
The thing that we most want you to know is that make a mistake. Instead, just keep saying “What
in every moment, you can feel whether you are I’m getting is what I’m vibrating. Hum. What I’m
matching or mismatching. Now we want to talk getting isn’t pleasing me in every way. I think I
about that a little bit. When Esther was a little girl, could use a little more visualization and a little
she played a card game with her sister. They less observation.
called it “Memory”. They would lay a deck of
cards face down all over the table, and when it
was your turn, you turned over two cards looking The Universe does not know
for two that matched. That’s the thing we’re if your vibrational offering is because of
wanting you to hold in your mind. You’re looking what you are observing or visualizing.
for Vibrational Matches— and you can tell by the In either case, the Universe is matching it
way you feel when you’ve achieved that with things like it.
Vibrational Match. But the thing we are wanting So your work is to deliberately offer
you to get a sense of is that what you are getting thought vibrations that are
always matches what you are vibrating and what a Vibrational Match
you are vibrating always matches what you are to what you want.
getting, without exception. They are always the
Here is a very powerful line: The key for most of
you will be to goose up your visualization and
play down your observation.

As far as your observation goes, we would like

you to become very good selective sifters,
because there’s so much that you can observe that
does match your own desire. But most people are
not looking for those things, purposefully,
because you have not known the power of
thought. Sometimes you’re careful about what
you say or sometimes you’re careful about what
you do— but few of you are really deliberate
about what you think. You sort of offer your
thoughts as if they don’t matter, and then you
watch your words as if your words do matter. And
what we want you to hear from us is that what
matters is what you are radiating which means
what matters is what you are feeling. If you’re
feeling fearful about something, you are sending
contradictory Energy. If you’re feeling angry
about something, you’re sending contradictory
Energy. It is really as simple as that.
Utilizing the Universal You live in a physical vibration, a physical
environment where there is a buffer of time where
Contrast you do not experience instant manifestation,
something wisely and deliberately chosen by you,
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar we might offer. You said “Ah, it would be nice to
1996 (pdf) be physically focused, where we can flow our
Energy, give our attention, achieve a vibration and
Are you aware that the only thing that ever keeps attract, but we will have a buffer of time so that
any of you from living precisely as you are we can work the bugs out of it before the physical
wanting to live is your own level of resistance. It manifestation of it.” You said, “Indeed, this looks
is delicious to figure that one out, isn’t it? like the perfect arena for deliberate creating.”

Because while you cannot control what others As physical beings you are extensions of Non-
want or what others do, you control with relative physical energy. Extensions— in other words, you
ease your own vibrational frequency. You can are on the leading edge. You are the further-most
literally, deliberately offer your vibration. And extension of All That Is, which makes you very
since Law of Attraction is responding to your integral to the heart of All-That-Is because you
vibration, you can literally attract anything that are out here on the leading edge exposing yourself
you are wanting— but in order to do that you must deliberately to increased contrast, to more
deliberately achieve that vibration that will then exaggerated contrast.
allow what you do want while it does not allow
what you do not want. Contrast is extremely important to the Creative
Process. The most important element in deliberate
Everything is about Law of Attraction. Not law of creating is conscious decision. And you cannot
going out and getting it. It’s not law of deserving. make a conscious decision without contrast. And
It is not law of earning, It is just law of achieving so, the contrast serves you extremely well when
vibrational harmony with that which you want, you use it as contrast, but it buries you and defeats
and then it cannot not come. It must come to you. you and discourages you and makes you sick
When you vibrate as it is, it must come. In fact, when you cross the line from contrast into
when you vibrate as anything is, it comes to you. resistance or into lack. Here’s what we mean by
that. When you are giving your attention to
Achieve vibrational harmony something, you begin, within a very short time, to
with that which you want, vibrate as it is. And you can tell by the way you
and then it cannot not come. feel as you are mentally involved with it whether
It must come to you. this object of attention that you are now
resonating with . . . you can tell very quickly
Now, how is it that you achieve vibrational whether your resonating with it also allows you to
harmony with something? Well, you observe it, resonate with who you really are. If you are an
you contemplate it, you chew on it, you talk about extension of Non-physical Energy which is pure,
it, you think about, you muse about it, you positive Energy and you give your attention, then,
consider it, you remember it, you stew over it. In to something that is not in harmony with that, you
other words, by giving your attention to are going to feel the diversity. You can literally
something, if you spend any amount of time in feel the change in the Energy frequency.
your observation of it, you, within a few seconds,
usually 14 or 15 or 16 seconds, begin to achieve Because you are extensions of pure, positive
vibrational harmony with your object of attention, Energy, you are extensions of absolute
and once that has been achieved, it is yours. It unconditional love. You are appreciators, you are
may not manifest instantly, but it is on it’s way. lovers to the very core of your being.
And if you know that, then you can wait for it,
and if it is something you do not want that you You are the furthermost extension of All-That-Is,
have achieved vibrational harmony with, it’s a here on the leading edge,
good idea to change that vibration before the deliberately exposing yourself
physical manifestation occurs. to extremely important exaggerated contrast.
So as you are acknowledging a beautiful vista,
you are in vibrational harmony with who you The reason that more amazing things don’t
really are. There would be no contrasting or happen in the deliberate lives of more of our
contradictory or resistant Energy there, and you physical deliberate creative friends is because
would feel very good in that. Doesn’t appreciating often you are identifying your object of desire but
something feel good to you? So as you are your level of resistance is so high that the desire
appreciating a beautiful smile, all is still in cannot be satisfied. That’s not fun, is it? So then,
harmony. As you are acknowledging your own what you usually do is lower your desire, because
value or strength or clarity, as you are basking in that makes you feel temporarily better. It also
something in your now, there is only harmony, allows you to pick up big clumps of resistance in
and you can feel it. But then, someone says every single day. So every day, you get a little
something to you and you think, “Oh, that was not slower in desire and a little bigger in resistance,
a very smart thing to say,” and in your critical and that is literally why you decline as you move
judgment, ugh!, you feel that. You feel that you through time.
have changed the frequency. You are no longer in
harmony with who you really are. You’ve just We’ve been watching Esther. She’s been listening
gotten off your path. You have just introduced a to us talking about deliberate creating for years.
vibration that is contrary to that which you really She certainly understands it. But she is like most
are— and you can feel the resistance. In the of you in that she has these conditioned knee-jerk
moment that that contrary, contradictory, lackful, responses to things, that do not serve her very
blameful, fearful, angry thought is introduced to well. In other words, quite often there will be a
this pure, positive Energy, it’s like throwing sand thought that is of a resistant nature but the thought
on the ski slope— ugh!— you come to a sort of feels normal because it is a thought that is so
screeching, slowing, grinding, uncomfortable prevalent in the environment. “It is what
place. everybody thinks.” It’s what she’s always
thought. It’s what her mother thinks. It’s what you
So what we are wanting you to realize is that the do under these conditions. When that happens,
only thing, the only thing that ever keeps you you say this, when that happens, you say that,
from soaring with the angels that are within you— when that happens, everybody says that. And
is your own attention to lack. Lack is really a everybody is in the mode of resistance when they
physical thing. It doesn’t exist anywhere else in do it. But it doesn’t feel wrong because
the Universe. It’s only in the physical. everybody’s doing it. There’s not a law against it,
it’s not legislated against, they don’t lock you up
Any time you start wanting, you summon Energy. for it. It feels like normal behavior. And so you do
Any time you identify something as an object of it because it feels normal even though it’s full of
your desire, the entire Universe begins to flow, resistance.
through you, toward your object of attention. It is
a powerful thing. You have no idea how
influential you are. When you are open to the We were saying to some friends recently, “We
Stream, and when you focus, the Energy that don’t know why you are having trouble with this
creates worlds, flows through you. Most of you Deliberate Creating stuff. After all, we are only
are too modest to acknowledge the enormous giving you a whole new orientation for life.” And
power of influence that you hold. what that whole new orientation is “feel your way
through it, don’t think your way through it. Think
You are trustees of this Energy that creates and feel, think and feel, think and feel, think and
worlds. And as you allow it to flow through you, feel, but be guided by the way you feel.” If it
amazing things happen. Not only within the doesn’t feel good, it isn’t good. If it doesn’t feel
framework of your own physical experience, but good, it’s full of resistance.
the entire Universe is affected by that which you
flow. So any time you, even any time a cell of Resistance is what’s killing you. Resistance is
your body, any time anyone in the Universe, what is making you sick. Resistance is what is
focuses, anytime a thinker thinks and that thinker slowing you down. Resistance is the only culprit
is thinking in vibrational allowance of the Stream, in your physical experience.
amazing things happen.
It is our wanting, if you are willing, to help you to
feel your resistance relative to the different
subjects. In other words, when you talk about
what you want, we want to help you feel a release
of resistance. Now it doesn’t matter how much or
how little resistance you have, you will feel a
shifting in it if you are willing to walk through it
with us. We are not here to tell you what you
should want. That is literally up to you. We are
here to help you get what you want. And so the
process that we move forward is two-fold. Its
purpose will help you in the clarification of what
you want, and its purpose is to assist you in
achieving the vibrational stance that will let you
allow what it is that you want. And that, in a nut
shell, is what Deliberate Creating is: Identifying
and allowing. Identifying what you want and then
achieving a vibration that will allow what you
want to come to you. The work that we see that is
mostly your work, however, we have to say this to
you bluntly— your primary work is to lower your
level of resistance. In most cases, you have done
enough wanting to keep yourself busy for twenty
or thirty lifetimes. You are not short on wanting.
You are not short on the clarity of what you want
but you are, most of you, short on vibrationally
allowing what it is that you want. Have fun with it
and be easy about it.
Vibrations, It's All About you are extensions of Source Energy, which
means you are electronic Beings. You are
Vibrations vibrational, first and foremost.

From the recording G-12-13-03 Buy Recording Sometimes you’ll have a sensation in your body
Also in GAW03 (ten tapes) Buy Album (you call it sickness maybe, or discomfort or
Boca Raton, FL uneasiness; you call it an imbalance) and your
first assumption is, “Oh, I have a sickness,” or, “I
Are you knowing what you are wanting, and are have a virus,” or “Maybe I’m coming down with
you enjoying desire pulsing within you? If you something; I think there is something of a
are, then you are somewhere in the vibrational physical nature that is wrong with me.” And then,
proximity of your desire. If your desire is not you try to figure out what viruses are afoot and
pleasing you so much it only means that, for how you can immunize yourself against them. Or,
whatever reason, you have not yet achieved a you’re looking for something to soothe it; you’re
close vibrational harmony with your desire. For looking for some sort of remedy. You wonder, Is
when you find up-close vibrational to your own it something I ate? Is it something that is going
desire, then your desire feels satisfying; it feels around? And we are in the background smiling
interesting; it feels life-giving. And the further but shouting: It is Energy! It is Energy! It is
you are— in vibrational proximity— from your Energy!
own desire, then the more it aggravates you and
the more uncomfortable you feel. Now, it might be Energy that is manifested into
something that you would call sickness. In other
So, if you find yourself wanting to think about the words, dis-ease is just not-ease. Dis-ease is not
things you want and wanting to talk about them allowing the ease that is natural to be— but
with others, if the desire is calling your interest everything is vibrational. And so, begin to pay
and calling your attention and calling your action, attention to the way you feel. And when you hear
then you’re pretty well lined up with it, and it is a “buzz,” we would encourage you to do
unfolding. But if it feels like work; if you’re something about it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t accept
thinking about your desire because you have been it as normal. Don’t assume that it’s something
told that goal-setting is important and that outside of you that you cannot do anything about.
Deliberate Creation is about thinking about what Understand that whatever you are feeling is an
you want; if it feels like you are making it happen indication of your vibrational countenance.
rather than letting it happen, then there may still
be some resistance within your vibration. Now, why is that such a wonderful and such an
important thing? It is because you are extensions
It is interesting as we hear this buzz in your of Source Energy. You have come into this
meeting room because it is almost the same sort of physical body as the leading edge… hear that: the
thing that happens in your body. It is something Leading Edge Extension of Source Energy. You
that is vibrationally not in alignment. In this room are the further-most focus of this Energy that
you hear it in the electrical system and the sound creates Worlds; you are creative genius and you
system, but each of you has that same awareness, have access to all of this Energy— and the way
that vibrational sensing, when things are out of you create with it— the way you utilize it is
alignment within you. through your attention.

But sometimes you just get used to the buzz; it’s Whatever you are giving your attention to is
been there for as long as you can remember it . . . vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, a
you don’t quite know what to do about it, and so, reverberation between you and whatever you are
you just acclimate to the buzz of the resistance focused upon takes place. You are like your
rather than releasing the resistance and bringing wireless computer, and so you don’t have to plug
yourself into alignment with your own desire. yourself in with some wire in order to connect to
the network which is Source Energy. So, as you
Vibrational alignment: that is what everything is connect to this Source Energy network, so to
about. You are flesh, blood and bone, yes you are. speak (in your wireless way) you can always tell
You can see it; you can pinch it; you can lick it; what you are doing as this Leading Edge
you can see the physicalness of your Being. But summoner of the Energy.
Now, let’s say you have an electric toaster and away. (Fun!) It means that you are disallowing the
your 7-year-old child has taken it apart (had a Well-Being that would be there, otherwise.
good time doing it) but when he put it back
together, he got some wires crossed inside. And Now, you are an extension of Pure Positive
when you plug your toaster in, exciting explosive Energy, and that Pure Positive Energy is the only
things happen. And you say, “The toaster, which Stream that flows and you are allowing it or not
is the leading edge extension of the utilization of allowing it. You are allowing it a lot, or not
the electricity, was misaligned.” And we would allowing it very much . . . but whatever you are
like you to understand that you are the toaster, and doing with the allowing of the Stream is what
that you always have access to this pure Energy your emotions are telling you . . . negative
Stream, but depending upon how you’re aligned emotion is your indication of the diminishment of
in any moment, that’s what equals the way you the Stream of Well-Being that would be there if
feel. you weren’t thinking whatever thought you’re
thinking that’s got that vibration going within you
The Stream is always perfect; the Stream is that gives you that negative emotion that is the
always Pure Positive Energy flowing toward you. sensation that is the indicator of what you are
But you have so much leeway, latitude, ability, doing vibrationally.
flexibility . . . You have so much ability to align-
misalign, align-misalign with this Energy Stream. Everything is about vibration, and everything you
feel is related to what you are doing with
So, when you look at your dashboard on your vibration. But, we know, especially at first, when
vehicle and you focus upon your fuel gauge and it you hear some Non-physical “angel” expressing
tells you that your tank is approaching empty, you to you about vibration, (Fun!) we know that it can
don’t feel angry with the gauge. You don’t take a be a little off-putting because you are accustomed
hammer and just beat it out of the dash because it to approaching your world through your physical
told you something you did not want to know. sense.
You also don’t stick a “Happy Face” sticker over
it so that you can’t see it. In other words, it seems It does feel more logical to you, when you feel
fairly important to you to know the level of fuel in something in your body, to start looking for
your tank. And when your tank is approaching physical clues. But we want you to look for
empty, you do something about it. vibrational clues, because at the heart of
everything that you are living is a vibration of
See your emotions as a similar gauge. When your alignment or a vibration of misalignment— and
“tank” is full, you are aligned with your Source that is all there is.
Energy; you are full of yourself. But when you are
approaching empty, that’s where that orneriness, So, your emotions are very important; your
fitfulness, despair, depression . . . that’s where emotions are your Guidance; your emotions are
those strong negative emotions are. And so, when your constant indicator; and as you make them
you feel an emotion, we want you to, first of all, your friend, and as you do not stick a “Happy
appreciate the fact that you are feeling the Face” over them, but instead, you let them be the
emotion and then understand that your Guidance indicator that they are, and then you do something
System is fulfilling its reason for being just as you about improving your state of emotion— which
knew that it would. It is giving you a clear, means raising your vibration, which means
constant, always-accurate reading of your lowering your resistance to your Source Energy
vibrational countenance. vibration— now, you are a Deliberate Creator.

Now, what does that “fuel gauge on empty” mean We want to point out that your “tank” can never
in terms of emotion? What does negative emotion really be empty. You can pinch it off pretty good,
mean? It means, whatever you’re focused upon but you will never empty out. In an ultimate
has a vibration activated within you that’s enough physical withdrawal you just re-emerge fully into
off the signal of that which is your Source that Non-physical. In other words, when you die, your
you have introduced a “buzz” in your system. It tank fills right up. Death is the ultimate fulfillment
doesn’t mean you’re going to die; It doesn’t mean of your fuel tank.
terrible things are going to happen. Not right
We would just like you to discover (on a you are allowing or resisting, whether or not you
consistent basis, and without dying) a full are in alignment or misalignment with your own
extension of that Source Energy. And we know desires.
that the only way that you’re going to be able to
consistently do that is by reading your vibration Understanding the Law of Attraction, and more
and knowing what the feeling of your vibration importantly, understanding the way you feel, will
means— and then adjusting your thought for the give you creative abilities beyond your wildest
purpose of finding the relief that releasing dreams. There is nothing that you cannot be or do
resistance always brings. or have; there is nothing that you cannot reach for
and achieve— and there is nothing that needs to
It is not vibrationally possible for you to jump take a long time to come to you.
from that place of depression into that place of
empowerment just because your friend or Source Energy is very fast-moving Energy, and
counselor wants you to. It is vibrationally not manifestation is much faster in these days than it
possible because Law of Attraction will not let has ever been before. And it is time for you to
you make that kind of jump any more than you reclaim your power by paying attention to
could set your radio on 98.6 and hear what is whatever you are doing that is causing you to
being broadcast on 101 FM— the frequencies have divert your power or to resist your power.
to match up. You have to be a vibrational match
to what you’re reaching for, or you cannot be the Pay attention to the way you feel. And make your
receiver of it. essential, determined stance be that you’re going
to make the best of things. That’s really the
Step One is, you ask. Contrast helps you to ask all mantra that will put you on course: I’m going to
over the place. You never stop asking; you are make the best of this. No matter where I am, I’m
asking endlessly. Step Two is, that which you are going to make the best of it! Hear what that
asking for is always given— every single time. means: No matter where I am, if I make the best
Source hears your request, and answers every of it, it’s gotta get better. And then if I still make
single time; there is not an exception to that. Step the best of it, it’s gotta get better. And if I still
Three says, those who ask must vibrationally line make the best of it, it’s gotta get even better. . . .
up with that which they are asking for. In other
words, you have to be in the vibrational proximity People are going to find you to be very nice to
of your own desire if there is to be any evidence with. Children may be a little shocked as they
of movement toward your desire. Not because you discover you are not riding herd on their behavior
have been bad in past lives, and not because you so much. They will be delighted as they discover
are inappropriate now, but for the simple fact that you are giving them an up-close example of
vibrations have to line up. someone who is joyous. Other’s will discover,
through their exposure to you, their own joy— for
Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is you will teach through the clarity of your
drawn) is this powerful, consistent Law and your example.
very best friend because when you get a sense of
what your vibration is, and when you pay You never teach anyone anything by pointing out
attention to the way you feel so you can feel how what they’re doing wrong and then trying to
much of who you really are you are focusing in discipline them into doing something that you
this moment, then you will never again be believe is right. All you do is distort their
uncomfortable or surprised about anything that awareness of the only Guidance that will ever be
happens to you, or to anyone else. of any value to them.

No one else is keeping you from anything that you No one else can evaluate anyone else’s Emotional
want. There is not an agency, not a parent, not an Scale. It’s an inside job. It’s a personal job, and
influence, there is not another— nothing can nobody else can do it.
prevent you from the fulfillment of your own
desires— only you. And only you can do it
through offering a vibration that is not in
alignment with your desires. And, your emotions
are telling you in every moment whether or not
Virtual Reality Process Defined speaking it in words. If things move too slowly
and you find yourself bored, you make a
and Refined decision— without needing to speak it in words—
to speed things up.
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
2002 (pdf) What we desire for you is that you relax and enjoy
From the recording G-3-23-02A Buy Recording and savor.
Also in GASP02 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Phoenix, AZ
All of this just naturally unfolds for you. You
You intended to come into these bodies cannot get it wrong. What we desire for you is
that you relax and enjoy, and savor.
Sometimes you find yourself out there on the raw
and ragged edge. (We call it the leading edge; you Allowing good; or pinching the good off?
call it the bleeding edge) But it is what you “Allowing” means, how much of who I really am,
intended when you came forth into these bodies. I’m allowing— by my choice of thought— to be
You said, I know how this works; I understand present in this moment. When you’re ornery,
Universal Forces; I know about Law of you’re pinching some of it off. That’s why you
Attraction; I know that I am Source Energy feel ornery. When you’re allowing who you really
projecting myself forth into the physical are to flow, you feel good. You feel as we feel:
dimension, into a physical embodiment--and I You feel clear; you feel sure; you feel invincible;
know that in that personality I will be on the you feel powerful; you feel eager; you feel
leading edge of thought. I know that I, with all adventurous; you feel kind; you feel willing; you
other physically focused Beings, will play with feel compassionate; you feel understanding— you
one another in a sea of fantastic contrast to evoke feel like giving others the benefit of the doubt.
from one another new, precise, clear, leading edge
desire. And I know, you said, that when that When you’re edgy, when you’re feeling a little
desire is born within me, that the asking (that that vulnerable, or defensive; when you’re feeling
desire is) will summon forth unto it. And you said, guilty or blameful, when you’re feeling fearful—
Let me at it! these feelings are indications that you’re pinching
off who you are. And it’s no wonder you feel bad.
You also said, I know I will have a Guidance
System within me that will help me modulate the Instead of saying, I think I feel bad because you
amount of desire that I focus in any point in time. said such and such to me, or because outside
I can go fast; I can go slow. I’ve got my hands on circumstances have happened in this way Éwe
the steering wheel and my foot on the throttle. I would like you to stop for a moment and say, Oh
get to choose all of that. And, you said, I will use wait a minute, I feel bad for one reason only: I
my glorious Guidance System to know, in any feel bad because I’m not allowing who I really am
point in time, how well matched I am to my to flow. And this is what it feels like when I pinch
desire. I will be able to tell by the way I feel how that off.
much harmony I have with my own desire, or how
much disharmony I have with my own desire. I Shouldn’t Somebody do something about Violent
will be able to feel my degree of allowing or my Uprisings?
degree of resistance. I will be able to feel how We say, somebody should do something about
aligned with Source Energy and with my own that. And guess what? There is only one person
desire I am— or how misaligned I am. who can. So we have a new game for you to play,
and the game goes like this: I’ve decided, in my
So here you are. Welcome to planet earth. physical human form, that I’m going to take
Actually, you could welcome us as easily, for this complete, ultimate responsibility for everything
is where you reside. We come to visit you that happens to me. It’ll take a little getting used
occasionally. We are always aware of you, but it to, I’m not ever again going to blame somebody
is your perspective, it is your point of attraction, else for where I am, for how I’m feeling, or for
that does the summoning. You get to choose all of what’s happening to me.
that. If things get moving too fast, you make a
decision for things to slow down without ever
Only you can do anything about your life
experience. In fact, somebody pretty much needs to gather up
everybody that doesn’t think just like me, and get
rid of them. And then in this not-much-to-worry-
Can you imagine if everyone would say, my life is about world my fear will be gone. And we say, so
my job? So you don’t blame your mate anymore. will your creative edge. So will your ability to
You don’t blame your kids, your parents; you decipher. So will your ability to create new desire.
don’t blame your teacher; you don’t blame
circumstances. You say, “I take full You have the ability to guide your experience in
responsibility.” powerful ways because you have the ability to
focus your attention, which means you have the
The reason that this is ultimately so satisfying, is ability to activate vibration within you, which
because you have only ever always, only ever means you have the ability to match your Source
always been the one who could only ever always Energy any time, anywhere.
do anything about anything in your life
experience. Nobody else can contain their Who is responsible for ruining my life?
behavior so that you will feel better— you are the Can you imagine how wonderful and peaceful
only one ever that could do anything about it. experiences could be, if each individual would
understand that “Hey, I can do something. I can
And so, when you stop and think about it, and you do something.” And what is it that we’re asking
think, Hmm, let’s talk about the uprising, the you to do? We’re asking you to choose any
seemingly eternal uprising in the Middle East— thought, any word, any action that allows who
everyone thinking that somebody else should do you are to come back in this moment.
something different, and nobody else willing to do
it different for the other. So you are so angry at your mate, or your mother,
or someone; someone you work with, someone
When feeling joy you are allowing Well-being you work for. And they just seem to be ruining
And so, we are calling this gathering the Art of your life, because they will not change their
Allowing, because what we want you to focus behavior. You do not seem to be important
upon is: Am I, in my physical body, right now, enough to them for them to change their behavior,
focused upon something that is activating a which hurts your feelings a great deal.
vibration within me that is causing me to be in the
state of allowing the Well-being that is me? The And then you discover, “Wait a minute. They
Well-being that I so much want and absolutely don’t have to change a thing in order for me to
deserve? feel better. I can start looking for positive aspects.
I can look for things within them that make me
So when you feel joy, you’re there. When you feel feel good. Oh, that’s impossible,” you say. “There
exhilaration, you’re there. When you feel love, is so much that is bad and not much that is good.
you’re there. When you feel appreciation, you’re In fact I haven’t seen a glimmer of anything good
there. When you feel frustration, you’re not quite for so very longÉ”
there. When you feel anger, you’re even further
from being there. When you feel depression or And we say, are there other subjects to which you
fear, you are not there. could give your attention? “Well, maybe,” you
say, reluctantly. “My dog. My dog is easy to love.
Now, many would say; Somebody should do Or my cat.” And we say, do whatever it takes to
something about that. Somebody should get those find something to be your object of attention, and
fearful things and get rid of them. Somebody as you give your attention to something that
should round up all the terrorists and kill them, so allows you to feel good, you’ve done something
that I don’t have to be afraid. And somebody about this relationship that was bothering you.
should round up all of the diseases and snuff them
out, so that I don’t have to be afraid. Make it your work to feel good.

Choose any thought or word or action that allows

your Well-being. If you will make it your work to feel good, every
relationship that you have will be one that pleases
you. Now that’s offensive to some of you. none of that is here right now in this moment, and
Because you’ve been holding others as being yet images are coming forth in your mind. So you
responsible for you feeling good for so long, that know how to imagine. Imagery is only about
it’s sort of hard to let loose of that. It’s sort of telling a story, and maybe it’s a verbal story,
hard to let them be whatever they need to be, maybe it’s a story that brings pictures in your
while you selectively choose whatever it is that mind. Imagery, it’s about expressing something
you need to choose to feel good. that is not happening here in this moment.

The Universe Responds to You And so what we are wanting to encourage you to
You are the creator of your experience, and the begin doing, is to use the power of Visualization,
way you feel is the indicator of what you’re a Virtual Reality Game, so to speak, where you
offering vibrationally. And what you’re offering get to make things just as you want them to be,
vibrationally always matches what comes back. and in doing so, you conjure a Vibration.
So you can play it one of two ways: you can wait
Ôtil it comes back in manifestational form (That’s A different perspective of using virtual reality
an exciting life) and then do something about it. Some of you have been doing something like this
Or you can wait Ôtil it’s reflected back to you in for some time. Some of you have been doing what
emotional form before it manifests. (It’s not as we have called Creative Workshops, or
exciting) It’s just as much in control; ultimately imagination for awhile. But the thing that we want
more satisfying--and really what Deliberate you to hear that may be different for you here
Creating is all about. today than what you’ve been doing before, is that
when you are working in your Virtual Reality,
Everything that comes to you, comes in response you make everything as you want it to be. In other
to your vibration. words, you would not take a broken relationship
into your Virtual Reality and fix it. You would
just take a perfect relationship. We think that is
The Universe responds to you, (which includes the thing that is tripping so many of you up.
every person, every attitude, every conversation, Because so often, you go to your Creative
every person in traffic), and everything that comes Workshop to try to fix something that is broken.
to you, comes in response to your vibrational And then you drag that energy into it, which
offering. And the Universe that is responding to causes your Virtual Reality moment-in-time not to
you does not know or care, or distinguish in any be any more pure in vibration than what you’re
way, the difference between the vibration of some actually living.
fact that you are living, or something you’ve
imagined, or something that you are In your Virtual Reality, make it as you want it to
remembering. In other words, vibration is be.

You are visualizing whenever you are Something that really trips you up, is that you
remembering have been trained to believe that you should face
One day we were talking to some friends about facts, that you should tell the truth, that you
Visualization, about creating a sort of Virtual should tell it like it is. And what we’re really
Reality, which would then conjure a Vibration. wanting you to hear is that when you are seeing it,
And this person said, “Well, I’m not very good at remembering it, imagining it, telling it like it is,
that, because I cannot imagine.” And we said, can then you are offering a vibration like it is— and
you remember? And this person said, “Well, yes, I you’re not doing something about changing
guess.” And we said, do you remember where you anything. In other words, all you’re doing is
live? Do you remember where you parked your practicing the same vibration that is bringing you
car? Do you remember how the furniture is to the same place that you were before.
arranged in your living room? Do you know
where you keep your wallet when you are living And so, as you begin to utilize this Virtual Reality
at home? in the powerful way that we are offering it to you,
you will take 15 or 20 minutes, maybe two or
And of course, all of those images came to his three times a day, on subjects that are important to
mind. And we said, you can imagine, because you, and you will jump in and imagine something
just as you want it to be. Dart in, have fun--and So what does that mean in practical terms? “I’m
get out! going to feel good.” That’s all it means. Because
if you feel less than good, you’re not aligned to
And if you find your mind wandering into the who you really are.
arena or area of trying to fix something that is
broken, just laugh about it and leave the Virtual When you’re angry, when you’re fearful, when
Reality. And say, I’ll come back later and I’ll be you’re fretful, when you’re tense, when you’re
as pure as I can be. In other words, dart in, have grouchy, when you’re defensive, when you’re
fun, and then get out before you get negative. Dart blameful, when you’re guilty--you are misaligned.
in, have fun, and then get out before you get But it is unnatural that you feel this way. It is
negative. natural that you feel buoyant. It’s natural that you
feel eager. It’s natural that you feel good. It’s
Try to control yourself. Try to keep from trying to natural that you feel love. It’s natural that you feel
fix anything in Virtual Reality. And, in time, what abundance of all things that you consider to be
will begin to happen to you, is your Virtual good.
Reality vibration will become more dominant than
your reality, or your telling it like it is. And as that Learning to practice thoughts that feel good
teeter-totter or weight-and-balance tips, then you And anything that you need— to live happily ever
will begin to see manifestations coming that after— we’ve already given you. In other words,
reflect your new-found vibration. there isn’t anything that you need to do now
except practice.
What vibrations are your emotions indicating?
Do you believe us when we say that you are more Practice feeling good. Practice being the one that
electrical than anything else? Are you beginning does something about it. Practice letting
to get it that you are Vibrational Beings? Do you everybody else off the hook. Practice standing in
understand that your emotions are your the middle of everything that does not please you
indications of vibrations? And can you not just and say, “Somebody should do something about
really feel that if you could get into a Virtual that!” And then look right at yourself and say,
Reality where you conjure some images that “And I’m the guy. I’m the one, and I’m going to
really thrill you, that this is practicing a different start right now. Now, let’s see, what can I do
vibration than you might have been practicing about this?”

And can you get it that with a little bit of

concentrated practice, that you could activate a
vibration within you that’s different than anything
that’s been there before? And then can you see
how your life can change???

Get into the mode of practicing so much thoughts

that feel good that they dominate. It is not a
difficult thing to do, but it does take some
practice. You’ve been practicing the other in most
cases without knowing that you’re doing it. This
will be so much faster.

Feeling less than good is being misaligned

If you’ve been practicing a thought of
vulnerability, or insignificance, or
inappropriateness, or unworthiness for a period of
time, 20, 30, 40 50 years— in a month or two you
can shift that vibration entirely, by saying, “Inner
Being, I know you’re in there, and I’m going to
align to you. I’m going to align to you.”
Whatever Floats Your Cork When you feel elation, when you feel joy, when
you feel passion, when you feel love, when you
feel appreciation...when you feel those emotions
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar
that you would call positive emotions, those
1998 (pdf)
emotions are your indicator, your “sixth sense”,
telling you that whatever it is that you are focused
You are Creators who came forth to identify new
upon right now is, in this moment, vibrationally
desires, not just to observe that which already is.
up to speed with your Source Energy.
New ideas, and the feeling of new desire, that’s
You don’t have to work at your high vibration.
what puts the Eternalness in Eternity.
Your higher, purer vibration is natural to you. But
you do have to let go of the thought that is holding
your vibration down.
You might say that contrast is essential to
decision, and decision is essential to the
summoning of Energy. Therefore, contrast and
So, as you are embracing this thing that you are
decision are essential to the perpetuation of life.
observing or remembering or imagining, whatever
The coming up with the new ideas, the feeling of
it is that is producing that positive emotion within
the new desire, that’s what puts the Eternalness in
you, is a vibrational equivalent to your Core
Energy. So there’s no slowing of your vibration.
You remain connected to your Core Energy. But
Most physical beings do not have any real sense
when you feel anger or fear or frustration or guilt
of how their life unfolds and what vibrational
or loneliness...or any of those emotions that
creative control each hold. Most do not
you’ve come to describe as negative emotions,
understand that everything is about vibration. And
what that always means is that whatever it is that
the reason that you don’t understand that
you are giving your attention to, in this moment,
everything is about vibration is that you have
is not vibrationally up to speed with who you are.
come to rely on only your five physical senses.
But because you are observing it and you’ve
maintained your interaction with this thought for
Because you have come to rely on only your five
longer than 17 seconds, it takes about 17 seconds
physical senses, most do not understand that
before it begins to register within your vibration,
everything is about vibration.
now you have included this lower, slower
vibration in your mix. It is slowing the vibration
of your being and causing what feels to you like a
The vibration that you interpret as vision, the separation between your vibrational current and
vibration that you interpret as sound, or the your Source Energy.
vibrations that you interpret as smell or taste or
touch, these are all vibrations that you have
Imagine a cork floating on a body of water, and
learned to translate through your five physical
it’s bobbing up there right on the surface. That is
senses. But there are other vibrations that you
like the high vibration of your Source Energy.
cannot decipher through those senses. And so, you
Now take that cork and hold it under the water.
must use another sense. Some call it your sixth
That’s what negative emotion is. It means that you
sense; we are calling it your emotional center, that
are focusing on something that is causing you to
feeling that you get in your solar plexus. Those
vibrate at a lower vibration than is natural to you.
emotions that you feel are also interpreters of
Now, the reason we offer this cork analogy is
because we want you to recognize that if you let
Your Inner Being, that from which you came, that
go of the cork, it bobs right back to the top. In
Nonphysical Energy, that Source that is really
other words, you don’t have to work at your high
you...that part of you vibrates at a very high, pure,
vibration. Your higher, purer vibration is natural
fast frequency. And when you introduce a lower,
to you. But you do have to let go of the thought
slower vibration to that higher, faster one, the
that is holding your vibration down. That’s where
result of that resistance is a slowing of the
the expressions like, “Let go and let
vibration, and the way your sensors tell you that
God.”...That’s really what allowing is. Allowing
you have done that is through the way you feel.
is the release of the resistance that keeps you from
soaring. What you have to do is not focus upon has the power to assert itself into your experience.
those things that cause you to vibrate in a different So, you never need again stand in a place of
vibration than is really you. saying, “No, please not that.” And it is ever so
important that you come to understand that,
Now why would anybody choose a vibration that because every time you pick out that stuff you
is lower and slower than their Source Energy? don’t want and focus upon it and feel your
Well, you wouldn’t do it if you knew you were aversion to it, you are not avoiding it or averting it
doing it or if you knew how to maintain your or excluding it. You are including it, inviting it,
higher vibration. You would always choose the allowing it into your experience. And that’s what
higher vibration. But you do it, most of you, causes you to, sometimes, without meaning to,
because you haven’t come to understand offer a vibration that’s not up to speed with who
vibration, and most physical humans don’t really you are.
understand that Law of Attraction is the most
powerful law in the Universe. You see, the formula for Deliberate Creation is
really a very simple formula. It says, “Identify
There is no such thing as law of detraction or your desire.” Contrast helps you do that. “And
exclusion. Law of Attraction, or Law of Inclusion, then once you’ve identified the desire, achieve a
is the only Law that exists. When you say “yes” to vibrational match with the desire.” And once your
something, whatever it is that you are focused desire and you are vibrationally the same, it’s a
upon,, you are including it in your vibration. done deal. The Universe must give you that which
When you say “no” to something, whatever it is you are wanting.
that you are focused upon, you are including in
your vibration. If there is something that you want that is not
coming to you, it is for only one reason: you are
It’s that habit of saying “no” that trips more of vibrationally different from it. If there is
you up than all other things put together. It’s that something you have that you don’t want, it’s for
looking around your physical contrast and seeing only one reason: you are vibrationally same as it.
some things wanted and saying “yes” but seeing And the reason that so many of you are vibrating
some things not wanted and saying “no”. differently than you mean to is because of your
habit of observation.
Every time you say “no”, every time you get into
that resistant stance, every time you think, “Oh, I What you are experiencing is what you are
really do not want this” or “I hope that doesn’t observing, and what you are observing is reflected
come to me”, by your attention to it, you are in your vibration, and what is reflected in your
inviting it. You are including it. You are lowering vibration is what the Universe is accepting as your
your vibration. You are separating yourself from point of attraction, and what the Universe is
your Core. You are drowning your cork. You are accepting as your point of attraction becomes your
not in vibrational harmony with who you are. And future manifestations.
most of all, you don’t feel good.
What you are observing is reflected in your
It would be a very short and effective seminar if vibration, and what is reflected in your vibration
we said to you, “The secret of creating anything is what the Universe is accepting as your point of
that you want is get happy and stay there, because attraction, and what the Universe is accepting as
in your joy, you are always in the place of your point of attraction becomes your future
allowing that which is in vibrational harmony manifestations.
with who you are and what you are wanting.” But
even though you can hear it, it is a little difficult
for you to apply it because as you’ve been We are wanting to show you how to use your
banging around in this physical world, you have power of visualization, your power of
developed some habits of pushing against some imagination, to set the Tone of your own
things. vibration.

There are no unwanted things, no diseases, no We want to bring you to the place of recognizing
accidents, no ill acts of fate, no perpetrators, no that there is enormous Well-being in this sea of
monsters, no bad things...nothing in the Universe contrast, and that as you come to embrace and
appreciate and adore the contrast, then from the
contrast, you will be able to come to conclusions,
and from coming to those conclusions, or
decisions, you’ll be able to set your own Tone,
and by setting your own Tone, you’ll be able to
control what comes to you at all times.

The secret of creating anything that you want is

get happy and stay there, because in your joy, you
are always in the place of allowing that which is
in vibrational harmony with who you are and
what you are wanting.

We want to help you to bring your vibration from

wherever it is into vibrational harmony with your
desire. And we can’t think of anything that will be
more beneficial for you than to find ways to
deliberately find vibrational matches with your
heart’s desire.
Whatever You Like Is necessary for anyone to attempt the impossibility
of controlling the content of the mix.
It’s like saying, “I’m a chef in a well stocked
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun kitchen, and my palette prefers this limited
2002 (pdf) variety. I pretty much eat only one or two things.
From the recording G-8-18-01 Buy Recording So there is no need for anything else in the
Also in GAF01 (ten tapes) Buy Album kitchen. So, let’s throw out all of the things that I
San Francisco,, CA would not put into my pie. I don’t need it, I don’t
want it, and I’d prefer if others around me don’t
Are you among the rare humans who have come eat it, too.”
to appreciate the contrast of your time and place?
But in the very throwing out of the unwanted
When we ask, “Are you appreciating the contrast ingredients, they come right back— because this is
of your time and place?” we are not asking, “Do a Universe that is based on attraction. There is no
you like the bad things that are happening, and do getting rid of anything unwanted.
you applaud them right along with the good
things?” What we are asking is, “Are you In your very effort to rid yourself of this unwanted
acknowledging that in this environment of perfect thing, you achieve vibrational harmony with it—
balance and utter freedom, if that which you adore and it comes more fully into your experience.
must be allowed as part of the mix— then that
which you don’t adore must be allowed as part of When we say “Are you appreciating the contrast
the mix?” of your time and place?” we’re asking
conceptually, not specifically as you look at those
Sometimes our friends say, “Well, I could accept awful things you do not want. Can you accept that
it if you would say that that which I adore must be the Universe is big enough for all to create
part of the mix. Yes, I like that! And I can also whatever they choose, and what someone else
accept that that which others adore must be part of chooses need not affect you?
the mix. But I have a hard time accepting that
something I abhor could be something someone Many of our friends say, “Well, Abraham, I’m
else adores. Aren’t horrible things just horrible certainly not wanting to disagree with the Laws of
things?” the Universe, but still, are there not extreme
situations where there are those things that are so
Can We Eradicate It? abhorrent that they deserve scrutiny and
There is a case to be made for that, and you keep attention?” And we say, Whatever you like is
trying to make it in your world courts. You want appropriate.
to sift through the content of your time/space
reality to find those things that most can, if not We Can Choose It!
agree on, at least accept. But most of you still Whatever you choose to give your attention to is
want to eradicate those things that you believe your choice, and whatever you give your attention
that most would vote against. And that can never to, will activate a vibration within you. Whatever
be, nor need it ever be for your joyous fulfilled activates a vibration within you, will eventually
experience. manifest into your experience. And whatever
manifests into your experience is always a perfect
If what you adore must be allowed, then, what vibrational match to your vibration. The way
you don’t adore must also be allowed. you’ve been feeling matches your vibration; your
vibration matches the way you’ve been feeling—
and everything is in perfect order when you
Can We Control It? understand the management of Law of Attraction.
This is a vibrational Universe that is attraction
based, and as you offer a vibration, you match up As we talk about Creation, we say to you that
with vibrations that abound— and those matching there are three parts in the equation: The first is
vibrations manifest in your experience. This asking: When you ask, Source Energy always
vibrational Universe, managed by Law of answers. Step two: Source Energy answers. Step
Attraction, is so superbly managed that it is not three: You allow it.
The Universe is big enough for all to create We want so much for you to discover the joyous
whatever it is they choose. delicious freedom in recognizing that you cannot
control others— but that you do not have to. You
cannot control what others are choosing to do or
We Can Prefer It! experience— but you can control your vibrational
You are not asking with your tongue or words, participation with it.
you are asking with a vibration that emanates
from you. You’re asking from that which you Once you understand vibrational participation,
feel, know, and desire. You are asking from your then, you are able to be the absolute allower that
preferences. And every preference is read, and you were born to be. Many misunderstand, they
instantaneously responded to, by the Energy that think that allower means, let someone spit in your
creates worlds— by the Energy that has the ability face and don’t spit back, or let someone abuse
to line up circumstances and events for the someone that’s important to you, and just
fulfillment of any amazing thing that you have passively do nothing about it, grin and bear it.
conjured or determined in your physical Tolerate the injustice.
environment. And the next thing that you must do
is be a vibrational match to that which you are Tolerate It?
asking for. So the big question is, what are you In allowing there is no tolerance. In the moment
going to allow? of tolerance there is usually anger or fear, or
rage— there is just absence of action about it.
We Can Allow It! While in the Art of Allowing, it is true there is not
It is a vibrational Universe. The Universe is the aggressive action, but there is also not the
magnetic, in the same way that your radio signals pushing against, in the form of anger or fear.
are, and when you come to accept that what you What allowing truly is, is standing in my physical
think and feel is always a vibrational match to now, and choosing a vibration that allows who I
what you get— then everything else falls easily really am to be fully present within me, in this
into place. moment.

When you understand that nothing comes to you When you are in the state of allowing, your
that you are not vibrationally inviting or allowing, Source Energy is flowing through you in a non-
then you are less needing to change conditions resisted way. You are feeling love or appreciation.
around you— that you really have no control You are acknowledging Well-being. You are
about— in order to be in your happy place. knowing that all is well. You are looking for
evidence of that. And you are reverberating your
Bomb It or Vote It? resounding affirmation of Well-being in your
It is a very confounding place, for most humans, moment of allowing.
to stand in a sea of contrast, much of which they
disapprove of, in fact, much of which they greatly Justify It?
fear, and to recognize they have no control over it. So, in your moment of fear, or in your moment of
And then they attempt, with their puny vote or hate, even though there are circumstances where
their puny bomb, or their puny influence of a everyone would agree that you are utterly justified
physical action nature, to control the in your temporary disconnecting from who you
circumstances that surround, hoping that they can really are, there is no value, and nothing good has
hack away, that they can obliterate, in some small ever come, from that feeling.
measure, part of the scourge of the planet, so that
maybe they can then relax a little, for a little Could I, as one Allower, make any real
while, in their belief that they have gotten rid of difference?
something unwanted, and now, they can live in a
wanted space.
Some say, “Well, I’m getting better and better at
We cannot control what others choose. We can practicing the Art of Allowing. I’m discovering I
control our vibrational participation with it. can choose my own thought, and take counsel
from my own Source Energy. But the world
around me calls me Pollyanna. They say, I have
Free to Choose my head in the sand. But what happens when
those around me, most of which do not have a attraction based Universe, and when you ask, it is
clue about the Art of Allowing, or the Science of always answered. The question is, are you going
Deliberate Creation, or the Law of Attraction, to let it in?
what if they all get worried or frightened about
something? Will that resounding, global collective The Rich Get Richer
consciousness not have a devastating effect upon If you trace back through history you will
all of us? Could I, as one allower, make any real discover that every time there is upheaval the
difference?” thrivers thrive exceedingly well, while those who
are not thriving do not thrive exceedingly well.
What Can I Do? The magnifying glass that is laid over that which
You, as one allower, can make a big difference. you are, is more powerful. So whatever it is that
But the only difference we’re wanting you to you are feeling, whatever it is that you are
make is in your own experience. We’re not asking radiating, whatever the vibrational content of your
you to line up your Energy so that you can save being— is amplified. So those who are sick are
the world. The world does not need to be saved. sicker than usual. Those who are well are weller
than usual. Those who are rich are richer than
The most significant thing that we’re wanting to usual. Those who are poor are poorer than usual.
give to you here, is that, in a time of great Wherever you are vibrating, your level of
upheaval, where there are billions of people resistance indicates the degree of the Well-being,
focused simultaneously upon the 9/11 event, that that has been asked for, that you allow into your
brings forth within them strong determination experience.
about something, can you feel the power of the
asking that is coming forth from your global You have come to believe that you cannot trust
community? your feelings.

A Time of Asking
We’ve never seen greater asking in a focused When you are feeling good, you are letting it in.
period of time, ever, in your time/space reality. When you are not feeling good, you are not. We
That’s a tribute to your mass media, to your cannot put it in any more simple terms, but we do
interconnectedness. In other words, you realize that together we have some hurdles to
collectively sent out a big one. Now, Step two overcome, because somewhere along your trail,
takes place: Source Energy answers. you have programmed yourself, in most cases, to
the unbelievable: you actually have come to
A Time of Summoning believe that you cannot trust your feelings,
Some of you are getting it that the more you ask, because if it feels good, it probably isn’t, and if it
the more Source Energy flows— the more current feels bad, it’s probably right.
there is for you to ride on. This is the Energy that
creates worlds, that you are summoning through Does Feeling Good Feel Wrong?
this powerfully focused desire. You have come to believe that struggle and
suffering is virtuous and therefore good. (And on
You are personally and collectively, summoning many levels you set yourself up to some of that
more Source Energy than ever before. This is suffering.) On the other hand, you’ve come to
good news. Then our friends say, “But Abraham, believe that joy, or following one’s own bliss, is a
aren’t we, as a planetary consciousness, more sort of decadent thing. If you are joyful and doing
disconnected today than usual?” And we say, what feels good to you, somehow you will be
Your resistance globally is not greater than punished for it later, because, “after all, not
usual— it’s just about a different subject. feeling good must surely be the order of the
“So, are you saying that turmoil and contrast, and
conflict, cause a summoning of Source Energy We don’t know how you get that stuff. You are
through the power of desire? But the same focused in the most joyful of environments. You
contrast, which produces the powerful resistance are Universal focusers of Energy, and the Energy,
within us at the same time, is not equally itself, that you have to focus toward your
devastating proportionate to the power of the individual and collective creative endeavor, is joy
desire?” And we say, remember, this is an itself. It is love itself. The Creative Energy is joy.
Source Energy is the only Energy that flows. think about the CD projects. She did not have to
There’s not a Source of dark, there is a Source of think about the book projects. She did not have to
light, which you may be allowing or you may not. think about the water garden project. She did not
Well-being flows. have to think about the new grandbaby on the
way. She did not have to specifically think about
Allow The Wanted In any of these things that she wants to be perfect in
And so, rather than saying, “I think I will go on a every way. All she had to do was admire the
diet in order to keep the fat out,” what you’re beauty of a moment and hold herself not in
wanting to say is, “I’m wanting to allow the resistance to what she’s been asking for.
slender in.” When you’re allowing slender in, you
are a vibrational match to slender. When you are You do not have to hammer anything into place.
trying to keep the fat out, you’re a vibrational Universal Forces know how to make it happen.
match to fat. When you’re trying to get rid of Universal Forces know how and where and
sickness— you’re a vibrational match to sickness. who— and when. All you have to do is not be in
When you are trying to allow wellness in, you are the place of disallowance. All you have to do is
a vibrational match to wellness. not be in the place of doing that thing you do that
doesn’t allow yourself to receive all that you’ve
When you are wanting people to experience the been asking for.
joy of Connection to Source Energy— you are
offering words that are soothing or uplifting in Find something to be happy about.
nature. When you’re wanting to depress them and
suppress them— you’re pointing out their flaws.
With each moment of bliss, more of that which
Turn your attention toward what makes your heart you’ve identified as your desire flows to you, until
sing while you turn your attention toward it, and if another moment of bliss comes and another, and
your heart is singing, or if you are in this place of another, and it seems as if the entire Universe
appreciation— then you are in the place of revolves around you— and it does.
So, a very short seminar would serve you, if you
Appreciate Something could hear it. And it would go something like this:
All day long, every day, you are launching Find something to be happy about. Goodbye!
vibrational desires. And Universal Forces are
receiving that and answering that. And Law of ace?
Attraction is managing all of that. You are being
answered, steadily.

As Jerry and Esther drove across the Golden Gate

Bridge, the city was so beautiful. The sun was
beginning to set, and the light was shining on the
buildings in the city, and there was a fog muting
everything; and the combination of the grays of
the background of the city with the lights in the
windows, that the sun was reflecting, and the pink
in the sky… Esther nearly stopped the car on the
bridge to savor it. She said, “Have you ever seen
anything so beautiful?” She said, “I’m going to
remember this always, always, always.”

In that moment, as she found something to

appreciate, she was in the utter state of allowing,
so that every desire that she had ever uttered,
vibrationally or verbally, was being allowed fully,
in this moment. She did not have to think about
the building projects. She did not have to think
about the computer projects. She did not have to
When Our Wants Differ, Who they want to bring their really bad looking stuff
into my life. But I’m not getting upset about the
Wins? current state of what-is. I’m looking for things to
appreciate. I’m more focused upon the other
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun positive aspects of our relationship. I’m focused
2002 (pdf) upon my furniture. So, could she, in her purity of
From the recording G-8-21-01 Buy Recording vibration, throw all of my furniture out,
Also in GAF01 (ten tapes) Buy Album vibrationally?” And we say, as she finds
Monterey, CA vibrational harmony with her furniture and with
her life, and with her relationship, the Universe
Co-creating with another person can be fabulous. has the ability to find furniture that pleases you
Two or more people thinking a little differently— both. And in the process, there’s this magical
can add balance and breadth, and depth, to one blending. Oh, the Universe’s ability to please you
another’s desires. Two people, master minding, all, on all fronts, is unlimited. But most physical
can add power to a desire. Beings get in the way of it, right away— because
they’re “sure” it cannot happen
Although you assist in adding variety and further
perspectives, you often hinder by worrying about
control issues or things of that nature. So the
optimum creative experience is to be able to open
to the breadth of more input without closing to the
breadth of more input. It’s like a two-edged
sword; it can stimulate you; it can shut you down.

So, whether it’s one or a hundred that you are co-

creating with, use the stimulation factor, but don’t
allow yourself to get worried about their choice or
their control. Just know that Well-being always
flows to you.

What they think about anything does not matter.

Only what you think. But when you start thinking
about what somebody else thinks, and forming a
judgment about what they’re thinking— now
you’re thinking, and now you’ve introduced
resistance. And then you say, “Well, I didn’t feel
resistance before I was thinking about what you
were thinking, so if you’d stop thinking about it,
then I wouldn’t have resistance.” And we say, you
could stop thinking about what they’re thinking,
and there wouldn’t be any resistance, either. And
you say, “True enough, but it would be a lot easier
for me to not think about what they’re thinking if
they’re not thinking it, especially if they’re not
speaking it.” There is where allowing really
serves you.

The Ability of the Universe to please you all is


Let’s say that I have a specific style of furniture.

I’m a vibrational match to it and I don’t have
discord around it. Then I hook up with someone
who has a very different style in furniture, and
Words to Uplift An Addicted - you found a way to diffuse your awareness of
how you were feeling.
Loved One?
We see no solution in pushing against. The
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2002 (pdf) solution that we see is in soothing them back into
From the recording G-1-5-02 Buy Recording their Connection; you don’t demand them back, or
Also in GAW01 (ten tapes) Buy Album condemn them back— you appreciate them back.
Houston, TX
We do not see a way other than helping them to
Guest: There are some members of my family that understand the whole picture: “You’ve got Source
have a problem with alcohol. If they truly want to Energy that is flowing to you and through you,
stop drinking, and they come to me, what do I tell and when you’re allowing it, you feel great— and
them? when you’re not, you don’t feel so good. We
would teach them about the emotions that are
Abraham: The most significant thing that you their Guidance System.
could do for anyone who is asking you, is to
diffuse their trauma about it. We would diffuse We would say to them: “When you think those
any labels. We would explain to them that all who thoughts of condemnation about yourself, and you
are physically focused have this powerful desire feel all of that guilt or grief, or self-condemnation,
to feel good. You want, more than life itself, you are, in that thought, holding yourself apart
because it is life itself, to connect with that which from the vibration and the thought of your Source.
is your Source. Because your Source adores you. And when you
choose to hate yourself rather than adore yourself,
You want, more than life itself, you’ve set up a wall of resistance. And under
because it is life itself to connect with Source. those conditions, I don’t blame you for wanting a
pill or a drug, or a drink of something, to soothe
yourself from that . No one, especially someone
Some of you are born more sensitive to that as sensitive as you, could endure such
vibration. You said about them, “You’re too disconnection.”
sensitive. You let things bother you too much.”
They were sensitive to things that they felt that You must be willing to talk about
they could not control, and they did not know how Inner Being, Source Energy, Vibration and
to choose the thoughts that allowed the Source Emotion.
Energy to flow. The more the Source Energy You can’t tippy-toe around the Essence of who
didn’t flow, the worse they felt, because they you are.
came forth intending— in a stronger way than
others you might meet— to be Teachers of that
flow of Energy. And so, they discovered that the So, if we were talking to anyone who is wanting
alcohol diffused their ability to focus, and in the to relieve themselves of the tool that they had
diffusion of focus, they allowed more Connection. discovered— that turned out to have side effects
And as they allowed more Connection— they felt that they did not want— the tool that was soothing
better. their disconnection, we would teach them how to
reconnect. But you can’t do it unless you’re
It is with very well-meaning intent that they have willing to talk to them about Inner Being, about
found that action, and— while it is not an action Source Energy, about Vibration. You must talk to
that we would encourage— sometimes the respite them about Emotion. In other words, you can’t do
of the alcohol or the drug is the only means to it by tippy-toeing around the Essence of who you
soothing that they can find. all are.

We would not say, you are bad; we would say— People go to church, people are having
you are sensitive. We would not say, you are metaphysical experiences all over the place, it’s
weak; we would say— you have this powerful time to stop pussy footing around the idea that
desire to feel good. And in the midst of not being you are Source Energy in physical bodies. It’s
able to find a way to control what was happening- time to start saying, You are Source Energy in this
physical body, and the better you feel, the more of
who you really are is flowing through. And the
worse you feel, the less of it you are allowing to
flow through. And it’s not being disallowed by
Source— it’s being disallowed by you.

We would love them, love them, love them! We

would love them when they’re drunk. We would
love them when they are high. We would love
them when they’re coming off of it. We would
say, “It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. You are
valid in your reason for being here. You are valid
in your reason for this action. I understand what is
happening to you. Let me talk to you about what I

“You are a powerful being,” we would say. “You

are perfect in the eyes of Source, or All-That-Is,
or whatever you’re wanting to call that. You are a
creator. You’ve come forth with very real intent.
And when you love yourself the way you are
loved by Source Energy, there is nothing better
than that.” That’s the point we would make.
You are creators
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar
2000 (pdf)
From the recording G-7-7-99 Buy Recording
Also in GASU99 (ten tapes) Buy Album
Spokane, WA

You are creators, and you are vibrational beings.

You are more about electronics; you are more
about electricity; you are more about vibration
than you are about the physical stuff that you
think you are about. This physical stuff that you
think you are about is all vibrational.
You Have Creative Control of focus, then I more specifically, deliberately
vibrate, and as I more deliberately vibrate, then I
Your Life have deliberate creative control of my own
experience--because the Law of Attraction is
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar matching my vibration to me.
2003 (pdf)
From the recording G-5-11-02 Buy Recording As I deliberately vibrate, I have deliberate
Also in GASU02 (ten tapes) Buy Album creative control.
Silver Spring, MD

Do you believe that when things happen around Vibrational Control?

you, and as you observe them, that those things Ah, it is so much simpler to control your vibration
cause you to vibrate, and therefore you have not than it is to control the world. And since you, now
control of the way you feel? in your time/space reality, have visual, sensual
interaction worldwide, and since you have a news
If we were to poll the majority of your population, mechanism in place, believing that it is to your
they would answer yes to that. Most would say, “I advantage that they point out everything going
look out into my world, and I see things which wrong, there has never been a better time in all of
affect the way I feel. And therefore, if I had some the history of physical Beings, focused in this
measure of control over those things, then I might time/space reality, to make a decision that:
feel better.” “Nothing is more important than that I feel good,
therefore nothing is more important than that I
To Control Conditions? learn creative control of my own vibration.”
And we say, you might if you could do that, but
from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, you A Guidance System?
don’t even want to do that. You do not want to As you look out into the world and you see
control or limit conditions or possibilities, because unwanted things and you shout no at them, you’re
you understand that this Universe, in which you actually, for the time of your attention to them,
and we are all focused, is vibrationally based and including them in your vibration. As you look out
is managed by Law of Attraction. into the world and you see things that you shout
yes at, you are including those in your vibration.
So, since you can control that which you give And so, most of you, by virtue of your ability to
your attention to, you can control what your observe, have quite a mixture of vibration. Some
vibrational output is, therefore you can control of it serves you well, and some of it does not, and
what Law of Attraction matches you up with. Can it is fortunate that you have within you a
you hear the difference? Guidance System (your emotions) that lets you
know which part is which. You can tell the parts
One way says, “I look out and I see bad things of your gaze or focus or attention or comments or
and I feel bad, so let’s do something about memories or speculations or imaginations, or
controlling the bad things so that I can feel good.” observations which are serving you in the moment
You’ve been working on that for eons--how is it of them, and you can tell which of those objects of
working out? attention are not serving you well--by the way you
Selective Focusing?
The other approach that we are really selling to Achieve Worthiness?
you here is, “I am a Vibrational Being and I Because you live in a Universe that is freedom-
vibrate because of that which I give my attention based, you get to give your attention to anything
to. So as I am more selective about that which I that you choose. Because you live in a Universe
focus upon, then I have a measure of control of that is joy-based, in a Universe that, at the basis of
what my vibrational offering is, because, as I give it, is utter Well-being, Well-being flows
my attention to something, I include it in my abundantly. It is your legacy. It is your birthright.
vibration. And as I begin to more selectively It is what is natural unto you. It is not something
choose that which I remember, or that which I that you must earn. It is something that you
focus upon in my now, or that which I already deserve. It is not something that you have
contemplate into my future--as I more specifically
to achieve worthiness of--you are already worthy In like manner, we’re suggesting that you decide
of it. to gain dominant control of your vibrational
offering by setting some scenes of your own. And
To Start Over? we suggest really quick scene-setting, about 30
Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is seconds is really good, where you decide where it
drawn) is a wonderful thing, because it is will be, choosing, hopefully, something that feels
responding to the vibration that is within you. And good to you. You decide what the time of day is
sometimes we know that you feel like you wish so that you set the lighting and evoke the mood
you could start over. You wish you could be rid of from yourself. You then identify how you feel,
opinions and attitudes, and points of frustration. even putting words to it, maybe even
You wish that you didn’t have to have had that remembering things like it. Then you decide who
experience that now is affecting the way you feel. else is going to be there with you, and you give
them their attitudes or moods. And then you
And we’re wanting you to take delight in every exchange just a few brief words--and in doing so,
experience that you have lived, because out of it you affect your vibration.
has been born the new preference. And as you
begin, more and more, to turn your attention to the We’ve called this using your imagination; and
new preference, then the things that you are we’ve called it a Creative Workshop. Today we
specifically choosing will dominate the patterns are calling it Virtual Reality.
that are unfolding in your experience, and you
will proudly proclaim yourself the deliberate We have noticed that most of you are vibrating in
creator of your experience. response to what is happening around you, but
very few of you are deliberately conjuring images
How does one go about gaining creative control that cause you to offer a vibration. And in order to
of one’s experience? be the deliberate creator of your vibration, you
have to be able to deliberately conjure some
vibrations. The reason that we are encouraging
To Gain Control? this process of Virtual Reality is because that’s
It is a wonderful thing to gain creative control of the way you make a dominant vibration dominant
your vibration. We like the ring of those words. on purpose.
Do you? “To gain creative control of my
experience.” How does one go about gaining It’s all happening because of your dominant
creative control of one’s experience? By directing vibrations.
thought. By choosing what you think about. More
importantly, by choosing how you want to feel.
The Virtual Reality Process is for one purpose
Pretend that you are a director, a creative director only, and that is to practice a vibration and make
of a movie project, and there is an audience that it dominant. Everything that’s happening in your
will be viewing your product. So you decide in life is because of whatever vibration is dominant.
advance how you want this audience to feel. If Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make the
you want them to be frightened, you make a really vibration dominant on purpose? Wouldn’t it be
scary setting. You make it dark. You might even nice that instead of vibrating as you learned to
make it dirty or uncomfortable. If you want your vibrate from your mother when you were 4, (and
audience to feel light-hearted and laugh, you without knowing it you’ve just continued to
might make it in a bright, happy setting. practice that, so it still dominates your vibration
today. So something that you’ve picked up a long
You would set the place, and the time of day, and time ago that doesn’t have anything to do with
you would adjust the lights to create the mood. who you now are or what you now want, is still
And then you would parade your characters across controlling the way people respond to you, and
the screen, and your characters would have controlling things that come to you, and
definite personalities. And in their personalities controlling the way your body works and looks)
they would interplay with one another. And in wouldn’t it be nice if you could today make
their interplay they would exchange words--and another decision about how you want to attract,
you would affect the response of your audience. and make that vibration dominant? Don’t you
think it’s worth a little bit of effort? We do.
You now have creative control of your Life unfold relative to these subjects: or are you not
Experience. enjoying the aspects of your life as they unfold
relative to these subjects? You can tell by the way
you’ve been feeling. And what we are suggesting
We want to remind you that the purpose of the to you here, in the most powerful way that we
Virtual Reality is for one purpose only: to cause could ever suggest it, because it is our absolute
you to offer a vibration that is dominant on knowing, is that you have creative control of your
purpose. And here’s what we mean by this: life experience; you just have not been exercising
it--because you have let what you’ve been
How Money Feels? observing be the reason for the dominant
When you think about most subjects, you already vibration.
have a dominant vibration relative to those
subjects. We’ll show you what we mean. When What Affects You?
you think about the subject of dollars, abundance, It’s why so many of you form relationships;
money, do you feel more adventurous, they’re good in the beginning, then they go sour,
exhilarated, excited, unlimited? Or do you feel and then you reach for another; they’re good in
more worried, concerned, frustrated, limited? You the beginning, then they go sour--and it is because
know. most of you are not doing anything about
stabilizing your own dominant thoughts. You’re
Sometimes you say, “Well, it’s a little of both.” just letting whatever floats across your “television
And we say, if it’s a little of both, that’s good, screen,” so to speak, affect the way you feel. You
because you can choose which you want it to be. have become audiences that have watched what’s
But most of you know, easily, as we throw out happening. Audiences that have allowed others to
those possibilities, where your dominant vibration make a decision how you will feel.
about the subject of money is.
Esther can tell, when she hears the music; she will
How Relationship Feels? say, “Oh, it’s going to get scary, I don’t want to
Relationships. Does your dominant relationship watch it.” Or, “Oh, it’s turning to an unhappy
feel like fresh air, joy, expansion, freedom, place, I don’t want to watch it.” In other words,
exhilaration? Or does it feel like hard work, “I’m she wants to watch it when the music is happy,
always in trouble,” struggle? You know. You can because the potential of something happy is more
tell. probable.

How My Body Feels? You Have The Ability

When you think about your physical body, does it You have the ability to deliberately activate
feel vital and alive and flexible and eager? Or do within yourself vibrations. It doesn’t matter where
you feel about your body, pensive, uncertain, you stand on any issue that is important to you,
insecure, not sure? You know. When you think you have the ability, with a little bit of work, a
about your physical appearance or weight, do you little bit of consistent work, of shifting the way
feel frisky and hardy and adorable and perfect? Or you feel and therefore shifting your point of
do you feel inadequate, flawed, needy, broken? attraction, and therefore shifting every
relationship with every other Being, and every
Bickering or Cooing? relationship with your own physical body, and
You can practice Virtual Reality and cause every relationship with economic conditions...!
different activations within you. In other words,
we throw out a game like this, like feeling where You will never stop wanting to adjust or amend.
you are relative to these aspects, and you can feel, You will never get it done.
but even more importantly, you see the
manifestation of it. In other words, are you
bickering all the time? Or are you cooing all the You Can Change It!
time? Are you romping and feeling good: or are You can change everything! You can modify
you feeling guilty when you eat? everything that touches you into that which
pleases you, explicitly. We just have one small
Enjoying Your Life? warning: You will never get it done. You will
Are you enjoying the aspects of your life as they never stop wanting to adjust or amend. And that’s
the fun, when you get the hang of this; when you
begin to understand that you can control the way
you feel, then you get this constant feedback of
what comes back to you. And if something comes
back that doesn’t feel all that good--then you just
amend your Virtual Reality.
You Have Within You A Stream through you into this leading edge
Trusty Vibrational Meter
Now, as this Stream flows to you, this Energy
From the Quarterly Journal Apr/May/Jun Stream that creates worlds, there are two things
1999 (pdf) that you are wanting to be aware of relative to the
From the recording G-8-22-98 Buy Recording Stream, and as you understand these two things,
Also in GAF98 (ten tapes) Buy Album only these two things, relative to this God Force,
San Francisco, CA or Life Stream, that flows forth to you, you will
forevermore understand how it is that you can be
If we could eliminate contrast, then we would a Deliberate Creator. You continue to be a Creator
eliminate choice, and if we could eliminate because you can’t turn your vibrating mechanism
choice, then we would eliminate asking. If we off, but when you understand these two things,
could eliminate asking, we would eliminate relative to this Stream, you will be a Deliberate
summoning of Source, we would eliminate Creator: First, “How much of this Stream am I, in
leading edge thought— and we would eliminate my now perspective, summoning through the
eternity. power of my desire? How much do I want? How
much do I desire? What is my desire?” That’s the
ABRAHAM: Are you understanding that you are first thing. The second thing is, and the only other
Creator? Are you understanding that in every thing, “Of that Stream, which my desire is
moment whether you know it or not you are summoning, how much of it am I allowing to flow
offering a vibrational output and that by Law of through?” And everything that you are living and
Attraction, the Universe is responding to that everything that you are feeling and everything that
output? Are you coming to understand that what everybody you know is living or feeling is all
Deliberate Creation is is deliberately offering that about those two aspects of that Stream.
vibrational signal? Are you coming to understand
the role that your emotions play in your You are vibrational beings interpreting vibration
understanding of your signal? Oh, it is a on many levels. For the most part, you are doing it
wonderful thing when you begin to understand unconsciously. So we want you to do this part of
that how you are feeling, or the emotion that you it consciously. Here’s what we mean: What you
are projecting,is an emotional/vibrational see with your eyes is an interpretation of
indicator of whatever your output is. vibration. That’s what sight is. What you smell
with your nose, what you hear with your ears,
Do you know that you are physically focused what you taste with your tongue or feel with your
extensions of Nonphysical Energy? Are you skin, these are all interpretations of vibration. But
understanding that you are eternal beings that are you say, “Abraham, I didn’t have to learn how to
now partially focused through this perspective, or do that. I was born seeing. I was born smelling.”
perception, that you know as you? Are you Smelling, not smelly. Smelling. “I was born
coming to understand that there is a fuller, smelling. I was born feeling. I was born with these
broader, Nonphysical you that flows to you and physical sensors. I didn’t have to learn them.”
through you when you allow it? And we say, you were born with your emotional
sensors, too.
As you stand here in these physical bodies, you
are literally on the leading edge of thought. The
furthest extensions of the powerful Nonphysical Your Trusty Vibrational Meter
Energy Stream. And as you stand here in the Imagine, with us, a Vibrational Meter. And we are
perspective, or personality, that you know as you, going to stop at four places on this meter, even
understanding your relationship with this Stream, though there are infinite stops, in order to give
some call it God Force, some call it Creative Life you an understanding of what we mean by the two
Force, some call it Energy, Creative Energy, it things, that it is important that you know of,
doesn’t matter what label you give it, but as you relative to your Life Force: Feel with us, for a
stand here on the furthest edge of this Energy moment, the feeling of passion. Relative to the
Stream experiencing the contrast of your time and first subject, it means much desire, and relative to
place, out of that contrast is born desire that the second part, it means much allowing. When
continues as a summoning or a perpetuating of the you feel passion or enthusiasm or invigoration,
those high, good, fast feeling feelings, what it vibrational way, ask, that God, if you want to call
means is, in this moment, your desire is strong, so it that, or Nonphysical Energy or Creative Life
you are summoning lots of Nonphysical Energy. Force or All-That-Is, answers the vibrational
Or better said, your desire is summoning through request.
you, lots of Energy, and, in this moment, you have
no resistance or no contradictory vibration that is And so, here you are, running around in your
hindering the flow. That elation or passion means physical lives, exposing yourselves, bless your
you’re summoning Energy and you’re letting it hearts, to all kinds of contrasting experiences that
flow. Now, feel with us the feeling of are producing within you desire that is
peacefulness or contentment. Not much desire, summoning Life Force. Do you feel how perfect
right now, but no resistance. Can you feel that? that is? And now, your primary work, as
Now, feel with us the feeling of frustration, mild Deliberate Creators, which means as modulators
negative emotion. That indicates some desire, of this Energy, which means as creative molders
now, and some resistance. Resistance is that of this Energy clay, your work is to allow the
contradictory thought. And now, feel with us the Energy that you are summoning, by virtue of your
feeling of strong negative emotion, anger or desires, to flow through you towards your object
depression or strong frustration… That means of attention. So when we say to you, “Do you
strong desire and strong resistance. So, as you know that you are Creators of your own
begin to pay attention to the way that you are experience?”, what we are really saying to you is,
feeling, you can know, in every moment, these “Do you know how to modulate your Energy so
two important things: I, as a physical extension of that you summon and allow, summon and allow,
Nonphysical Energy, who is a Creator out here on summon and allow?”
the leading edge of thought, am exposing myself
to contrast. For what reason? It is through your perspective that you create, it is
through your perception, it is through your focus,
it is through your attention… When you are
What is the Value of Contrast in your Physical pondering, when you are observing, when you are
Environment? imagining, when you are remembering, when you
Contrast is what gives birth to decision or desire. are fantasizing, when you are visualizing…
When you say, “desire” or when you say, Whatever you are, in your conscious moment,
“asking”, or when you say, “decision”, it is all the perceiving, that is the way that you summon and
same thing. The contrast brings you to that flow, summon and flow, summon and flow…
focused desire or to that focused summoning. What we notice as we interact with so many of
you is, it is a rare one of you who is perceiving or
We want you to focus with us, for just a little bit, flowing on purpose. Most of you perceive or see
and get a sense of this very important contrast. or muse, or ponder, in response to the reality that
We don’t mean conflict. We don’t mean agony you are observing. And the problem with that is
and defeat and ecstasy and exultation, although that the reality that you may be observing may be
agony and defeat and ecstasy and exultation something that you want to continue to perpetuate
certainly is a contrasting experience. We mean and create, but it may not be.
It is Through Your Perspective That You Create

Ask and It is Given

We want you to feel the power that the contrast If you have a habit, only a habit, of deliberately,
provides you, because in contrast, it causes you, or indeliberately, flowing or vibrating in response
even without your consciously knowing it, to to what you are observing, then if you are
focus a desire or a decision, and that is the true observing something you do want, now you are
meaning of asking. Have you heard the including it in your vibration and attracting it into
expression, “Ask, and it is given”? You said, your experience. But if you are observing
trustingly and knowingly, from your Nonphysical something you don’t want, now you are including
Perspective, “I’ll go forth into this perfect Earth that in your vibration and attracting it into your
time/space reality because I know that it is the experience.
perfect environment to produce, within me,
natural asking, and I know that when I, in a
We want to assist you in understanding how you observe it, you include it, and then you vibrate
are doing with this Energy. We want you to know there, and then you say, “That is a very bad thing.
how much of it you are summoning and how That thing has made me feel very bad. That thing
much of it you are allowing in this moment. It is should go away. We should have a law. We
natural for you to feel good; it is natural for your should do something to separate that from me,
vibration to be high; it is natural for you to have because as I observe it, I don’t feel very good.”
no resistance in your vibration. That high, pure, And what we are wanting you to realize is, it’s not
fast vibration is what is most natural to you. about needing to deal with all those things. As
observers, that’s your conclusion. You say, “Since
I haven’t learned to flow Energy, and I have no
Feeling Good Is Natural clue about the Energy I’m flowing, all I’m doing
Imagine a cork bobbing on a body of water, up is running around and observing, and when I
here in this high, pure, fast vibration. High, observe good things, I feel good and good things
because there’s not resistance. Fast, because come to me, but when I observe bad things, I feel
there’s no resistance. Pure, because there’s no bad and bad things come to me. So we need to, as
resistance. So, here is your cork bobbing up here a people, get rid of all bad things. And if we could
in this pure, positive Energy place. Now take hold just get rid of all bad things, then we’d have peace
of your cork and hold it under the water. That’s on Earth.” Not passion on Earth. Peace on Earth.
what negative emotion is. The good news is, in We would have sameness. We would have
the moment that you turn your attention away absence of desire. We would have ending of
from whatever it is that is causing you to vibrate beingness.
here, whatever it is that you have included in your
vibration that’s holding you in that lower, slower If we could eliminate contrast, then we would
vibration, in the moment that you turn your eliminate choice, and if we could eliminate
attention from it, your cork bobs right back to the choice, then we would eliminate asking. If we
surface. Most of you have heard us offer that could eliminate asking, we would eliminate
analogy over and over and over again, and yet summoning of Source, we would eliminate
most of you still believe that you have to leading edge thought, and we would eliminate
somehow pull your way back up the vibrational eternity.
It is the contrast that puts the eternalness in
It is not a matter of deserving the higher vibration. eternity. It is the contrast that you think you don’t
You don’t earn the higher vibration. That’s want, that you really do want. You don’t want to
natural to you. You just have to ignore whatever it get rid of contrast. You want to learn to feel what
is that has brought you to the lower vibration, and you’re giving your attention to, and be more
your vibration will go right back where it belongs. deliberate in your choice of vibration.
When you sleep at night, that’s what happens.
When you meditate, that’s what happens. When It may make it sound more complicated than it
you appreciate, that’s what happens. When you really is when you call it a science. “The Science
are basking, that’s what happens. Anytime that of Deliberate Creation.” But the reason that we
you are not looking at something that is vibrating have encouraged the terminology of “science” is
lower and slower, and therefore including it in because it is never-ending. There is always more
your vibration, your cork floats back up where it to discover as you apply these very basic and
belongs. So, your work isn’t nearly as always eternal, ever consistent rules, or laws, to
complicated as you think. your ever-changing experience.

It is the best of all worlds to be here in these

Passionate Observers physical bodies, focused in this time of higher
The reason many of you have felt great contrast than ever before. Which means, more
complication in your physical experience is people are asking than ever before, which means,
because you have become such passionate more Energy is flowing than ever before. As
observers, and as you observe, whatever you are Deliberate Creators, and as teachers of that, this is
observing dictates your vibration. You are, for the your heyday.
most part, vibrational reactionaries. Whatever you
are observing is vibrating. You observe it. As you
place with a clearer idea of what you desire. And
One More Time: you can now offer the clearer Tone that matches
Through your vibration, you communicate with what you are now wanting. There is no danger for
All-That-Is. Everything in the Universe has a you.
vibrational basis, and it is through your
vibrational offering and by the powerful Law of
Attraction that you come together. Buffer of Time
You live in this time/space reality where there is a
Are you wanting to deliberately offer your own glorious buffer of time between the offering of
Vibrational Tone? When you are remembering, your vibration and the yielding of the
you are offering it. When you are imagining, you manifestation. And even if you are not aware of
are offering it. When you are observing, you are what you have set in motion, and what you are in
offering it. This vibrational offering, sort of like a the process of creating, even if you are oblivious
radio signal, is projecting from you at all times to what you are flowing and you are oblivious to
that you have conscious awareness. You are what is coming to you until it absolutely gets
always projecting your signal, and the Universe is there, still, it does not matter. When you are living
always responding to it. something that you do not want, out of that
contrasting experience comes a very clear, loud
projection of desire from you, and that new desire
Setting Your Tone then begins a whole other range of attraction.
It is always true that what you think and,
therefore, what you feel, and what you are getting
back in terms of manifestation are always a Never Done or Wrong
vibrational match, and you are wanting to begin to You never get it done. Everything that you focus
deliberately offer your vibration. We call it setting upon and everything that manifests leaves you in
your own Tone. another place to focus for a continual
manifestation. You will never be in place where
Many of you who are students of, and teachers of, you will say, “There, now, my vibrational offering
Deliberate Creation are coming to this strong is complete.” You are eternal beings. You will
desire of projecting your own deliberate always be attracting unto the perspective that is
Vibrational Tone. And what that really means, it’s you.
a rather simple transition for most of you, it
means that you must deliberately make the You cannot get it wrong. With each moment of
decision that you will offer your vibration by awareness of that which you have created, is also
deliberate intent rather than by default. a vibrational offering that is now attracting unto
you, still. Wherever you stand now is wide open
Rather than perceiving or flowing on purpose, to any kind of change that you might desire.
creating deliberately, most are perceiving in
response to the reality that they observe, creating You can hold right where you are. Some want to
by default. do that. You can release most of what you are
living and replace it with entirely new
experiences. You can release a little bit here and
All things come to you, all things come to you, all add to it there… You have absolute and total
things come to you in response to your vibrational creative license. And once you understand the
offering. And so, we think it would be a good idea vibrational nature of your being, and once you
to pay attention to what you are offering, begin to offer your vibration by deliberate intent,
vibrationally, but we also think it is a good idea to then you will begin to be the being that you
evaluate the content of what is manifesting, in intended to be when you came forth into this
order to understand more clearly what your physical environment.
offering has been.
You said, “I want to go into an environment with
Don’t be guarded or protective or worried that lots of contrast.” Not conflict. Contrast. “Because
you might offer a vibration that might net you in all of this variety, I will be able to make more
some result that you don’t want, because if that deliberate, more definitive, more ongoing
were to happen, you would now stand in a new choices.” You said, “I will go forth, evaluate,
constantly, and from the contrasting experience, I so that you may attract unto you anything that you
will come to conclusion through my physical choose, and that it is not possible for you to
awarenesses… In the saying of “Yes, I choose choose outside of the realm of that which is
this. Yes, I like this. Yes, I prefer this.” In the intended as you come forth. You said, “Let’s go
comparison and concluding, I will focus my forth into this balanced environment, bang around
perspective and create my own reality.” together, come to eternally new conclusions, and
have a very good time in the process.
Most of you are creating your own reality by
observing anything and everything that comes
along, because most of you are not keenly aware
that everything is about attraction. There is no
assertion. Every-thing is about Law of Attraction,
which means, “Whatever I, as a perceiver,
perceive, by my attention to it, I am including it in
my vibration.”

Everything is vibrating. So when you observe it or

remember it or ponder it or imagine it, whenever
you focus upon it, by your focused attention,
whatever its vibration is, becomes a part of your
vibration. And so, the more often you visit it, the
more a part of your habit of vibration it is.

Everything is vibrating and so, whenever you give

attention to anything— it then becomes a part of
your Vibration

When you see something you want, by your

attention to it, you are including it and inviting it.
When you see something you don’t want, by your
attention to it, you are including it and inviting it.
So the key is to examine with an eye to choosing
what you do want.

Little by little, be one who consistently finds what

is most pleasing, to be most familiar, to you.
Make a decision that nothing is more important
than the way you feel, since the way you feel is
the indicator of what you are including in your

You have creative control. When you begin to

notice the correlation between what you’re
thinking and what you are feeling, and then what
the consequential corresponding absolute
matching manifestation is, then you finally get it
that you do have control over your own

There is nothing that we are wanting to guide you

toward or away from. It is not our job or anyone
else’s to choose for you. Our work, as we see it, is
to assist you in understanding that you are
Creators and to help you in aligning your Energy
You, the Visionary Law of Desire is a natural thing. When desire is born
within you, and you are blocking or resisting or
Attraction, the Manager not allowing the desire that is flowing through
you— that is what resistance is. When you learn to
From the Quarterly Journal Jan/Feb/Mar allow the Energy, that is being summoned through
2001 (pdf) you by the power of your desire, to flow in a non-
From the recording G-5-20-00 Buy Recording resisted manner— that is creation at its best. That
Also in GASU00 (ten tapes) Buy Album is fulfilling your reason for being. That is living,
as the extension of Nonphysical Energy that is
Are you knowing that you are the creator of your you, out here on this leading edge of thought—
experience? Is that a good thing? Have you allowing the Energy that creates worlds to flow
noticed that there is a continual new desire within through you.
you? Are you beginning to understand that the
desire that is focused within you is the most What confuses most people about this is that you
natural thing in all of the Universe? Are you have not learned to be discriminating in that
beginning to understand that the desire that which you are giving your attention to. When you
continually focuses within you is the natural see something that you want, and you say, “Yes
consequence of the contrast in which you are so yes, more of that,” what’s actually happening, not
dramatically, emphatically, and precisely by your yessing but by your attention to it, you are
focused? including that vibration in your mix, which
You are focusing mechanisms and your ability to means, when Law of Attraction acts upon that—
perceive within the framework of the variety that you are going to get more of this that you are
is around you causes continual focus, or desire, to saying “yes” to. But when you see those things
be born within you. The entire Universe is that you do not want and you shout “no” at
established to help you— a creator out here on this them— because this is a Universe that is based
leading edge of thought— assume your new stance upon attraction, and there’s no such thing as
or conclusion or determination or decision or idea, exclusion— when you say “no” to something it’s
or desire. really the same as saying “yes” to it. Yes means
yes, and no means yes. Whatever you give your
Desires are born within you, constantly, whether attention to means yes.
you verbalize them, or not. You are focusing
mechanisms creators out here on the leading edge
of thought, in this natural environment where you Don’t Put It On Your Plate
synthesize data and conclude. What we are wanting you to begin to recognize is
that there are differenct ways to evaluate contrast.
DESIRE is natural. The Universe is established to There is that light way of making choices, like
help you give birth to Desire. you do at a smorgasbord of food: “I will have
some of that, and I will have some of this, and I
will have some of this,” where you don’t get all
We are here to assist you, if it is your desire, in upset about the stuff you don’t want on your
helping you to find vibrational harmony with the plate— you just accept that you don’t have to put
desire that is flowing through you. And, it is your it on your plate. But in the smorgasbord of life,
work to allow the desire that has been concluded most of you get all bent out of shape about those
by your process. things you don’t want in your life, and so you
offer a vibration of resistance, as if, if you could
We have been calling this gathering, “The Science shout “no” loud enough, or push hard enough, you
of Deliberate Creation,” for it is a wonderful thing could keep those things out of your experience.
when you are standing in a place of deliberate And Law of Attraction (that which is like unto
focus. But we think a very important subtitle for itself is drawn) says you can’t.
this gathering would be “The Art of Allowing.”
Because unless you have learned how to bring The harder you push against something, the more
yourself into vibrational harmony with the Energy you vibrate in harmony with it, and the more you
that you are pulling through you, (under the title vibrate in harmony with it, the more Law of
of “desire") then you stand in a place of Attraction yields it to you. Not because you’re
bad, but because you are vibrating mechanisms from the eagerness and clarity and abundance and
that are saying “yes” to things you do not want. Well-being that you want. In other words, you
feel pretty rotten, right now, let’s say, and so, as
you’re feeling really, really rotten, and some
Your work as an allower, is to get happy and stay bright-eyed, shiny person comes in and says,
there. The Universe knows exactly what you “You know, you are the creator of your own
want. And because you are blessed, worthy reality,” you sort of want to just punch their lights
beings, this benevolent Universe is yielding to out. You wish they would just go away, because
you, constantly, all this good stuff. you are vibrationally very different from where
they are, and that’s the last thing that you can, or
Your Mission: Get Happy and Stay There want to hear.

Well-Being is Natural to You

You are magnificent beings in this perfect In Harmony With Disharmony
time/space reality, and we are wanting to assist When you feel rotten, you’re saying to the
you in finding fewer and fewer excuses to Universe, “Don’t yield me anything that I deserve,
disallow the Well-being that would be there and don’t give me anything that I want, for
otherwise. We are wanting you to realize that heavens sakes! because I have decided to use this
Well-being is your legacy. Well-being was your nitpicking thing as my excuse to hold myself in
plan. Well-being is what is natural to you. And vibrational disharmony with all things that I
anything less than absolute Well-being, which consider to be good. I’m out of harmony with
means anything less than passion, anything less clarity. I’m out of harmony with good. I’m out of
than clarity, anything less than eagerness, harmony with abundance. I’m out of harmony
anything less than exhilaration, anything less than with wellness. I’m out of harmony with eagerness.
perfect vitality and physical Well-being, anything I’m out of harmony with all things that I want.
less than abundance and prosperity relative to all I’m in harmony with feeling rotten, and I hate it.
things that you desire, anything less than that But here I am.” That’s what you’re saying when
means only one thing: you’ve picked up some you’re standing in that rotten feeling place.
habits of thought— that you are holding as
beliefs— that are pinching off the Well-being that So, what do you do about it? Well, you can’t
would be there otherwise. reach for a joyful thought because you do not
have vibrational access to a joyful thought. It is as
We want you to be able to recognize, from now if there has never been a joyful thought in your
on, when you are in the place of disallowing the head. That bright-eyed shiny person would like to
natural Well-being. Because when you get that, get you to think a happy thought. They’re
then you become one who is looking for rampages dangling them in front of you like carrots. To you
of appreciation. You become one who is looking they look like scum. In other words, you can’t see,
for positive aspects. And it’s a gradual thing, through those eyes, in the way that they would
friends. Don’t beat up on yourself if you cannot like you to.
go instantly from aggravation to joy. Or from a
place of depression to exhilaration. Or from a Moving Up Your Vibrational Range
place of confusion to clarity. Don’t ask yourself to So, what does one do? Well, you stand right
do something that defies Law. where you are, in this rotten feeling place, and
you say, “Which thought feels best?” And in this
Look for Postive Aspects. And go on Rampages rotten feeling place, you have a range of choices.
of Appreciation. And as you choose the first thought that feels best,
not much will happen. You might not even realize
that you feel that much better. But just by making
We want to show you how to switch your the effort of choosing— from all these rotten
vibration, little by little by little— by reaching for choices— the thought that feels a little better than
the thought that feels better from right where you the other, just by choosing this thought that feels
now stand. You may be in the middle of best out here on the edge of your range, and by
something that has your attention, that has caused holding it for as little as 17 seconds, you have
you to regurgitate feelings from a long time ago. shifted.
And the vibration within you may be very far
Now your vibrational range has shifted. That standing in an easier and easier place to anticipate
thought that was on the edge of your range now more good stuff.”
becomes the center of your range. You can’t go
back, in this moment, to that further negative edge
of your range. But you now have more available Should I Take Action?
that feels even better. What we see, so often, is, you stand in a place
where you don’t want to be. And you say, “I
It takes a selfish person: You have to want to feel really don’t want to be here, I really don’t want to
good, and if you are selfish enough to reach for be here, I really don’t want to be here, I want to
the thought that feels better, the same thing be over there. Okay, I think I’ll take this action to
happens again. And if you maintain it for just a get over there.” And we say, before you take the
little bit, 17 seconds is really enough, that action to get over there, take another step first:
becomes the center of your range. And now, in Imagine being over there. Imagine the finished
less than a minute, you don’t even have access to place of being over there. Imagine the thrill of
the really wretched thought that was touching you being over there. Get excited about being over
a moment ago. And you now have access to range there. Feel like you’re over there more than like
of much better feeling thoughts than you did you’re over here.
Do the Energy work first, and then take the
Be selfish enough to reach for the thought inspired action. Because when you take an action
to try to correct something that is wrong, all the
action does is amplify what is wrong… There’s
Try it another couple of times, and you might be not enough action in the world to compensate for
back in range with your bright and shiny friend. your vibration. Guide Your Own Visualization
Maybe not. But one thing is always true: When
you make the effort and you shift, even slightly, Just find something fresh in your now that you’re
the entire Universe yields to you differently. excited about, and turn your attention to it. You
Which means, you now have opened to a whole see, there’s a whole world out there with all kinds
new range of thoughts. A whole different set of of different vibrations. And you could choose all
memories is now to accessible by you. A whole around it. But the tendency is to believe that I
different pod of traffic is accessible to you. A have to clean all of that up before I can feel better.
whole new range of ideas… That with which you And so, you say, “Well that’s ridiculous. I could
will rendezvous, physically, mentally, through never get that done. I don’t have enough time in
memory, reaching into the future, or right here in this lifetime.”
your moment, has shifted because of this very
minor effort that you have made. You reach the Instead, say, “Where I stand is a very good place,
place where you easily get to this really good because where I stand is the culmination of a
place of feeling wonderful. But that’s does not whole lot of things that I’ve been wanting. And I
mean that you cannot go all the way back to don’t have to go back and figure out all the steps
where you started in 17 seconds. along the way. All I have to do is figure out, from
where I am, what do I now want? I don’t have to
We are not asking you to look at something awful, explain or figure out how I got here. All I have to
and call it good. What we are encouraging you to do is figure out, from where I stand, where do I
do is develop such a propensity for vibrating up want to be?”
here, that before long you have established a
medium of vibration that no longer yields you And envisioning that gets easier and easier.
access to the rotten feeling stuff like that. Someone said, “I’m not very good at visualizing.”
And we say, most of you haven’t practiced
So, your life just gets better and better. The better visualizing. You’re good at turning on the
it feels, the better it feels, the better it feels, television, or you’re good at reading a book, or
because, as you offer the vibration, the Universe you’re good at watching a movie. You’re good at
yields it, because it is always true: “What I’m watching someone else’s visualization. Most of
thinking and feeling and what I’m manifesting are you have not guided your own visualization that
always a vibrational match. So now, as I’m much.
manifesting this good feeling stuff, now I’m
Wouldn’t It Be Nice If? done.” You have such an extraordinary manager
Here is the key to guiding your own visualization: that you are free. You’re not dealing with the nitty
Here’s a nice way to do it: Play the Wouldn’t It gritty in the parking lot, not dealing with raises or
Be Nice If? game. The reason the Wouldn’t It Be vacations, you’re not worried about any of this
Nice If? game is so important, and so powerful, is stuff. You are the visionary. And you have a
because when you say, Wouldn’t It Be Nice If?... manager that deals with it effectively and
you’re choosing something that you want, and in perfectly. And you count your lucky stars, every
your Wouldn’t It Be Nice If? you’re soft and easy day, that you found this manager.
about it. It’s not the end of the world. It’s a much
softer vibration. And now, we’re saying to you, you have such a
manager— and it’s called Law of Attraction. But
“Wouldn’t it be nice if I stumbled on something most of you do not know that you have that
that really worked for me? Wouldn’t it be nice if manager. And so, you keep thinking that you need
the desires that I’ve been holding for a long time to step into those many roles, and be the
sort of came to a peak like a guiding light? facilitator. And then you get bogged down in all
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could meet someone who that nitpicking, nitty gritty stuff that doesn’t have
had just run across something that really worked anything to do with who you really are or with
for them, that would light a fire in me? Wouldn’t your vision.
it be nice if I could reclaim the body weight that I
had when I was such and such an age? Wouldn’t Our message to you is: You are a visionary. And
it be nice if?...” of course it is lovely to be an actionary too. But if
you will let your vision be real and full and you
Your logic may tell you: “Hey, I’ve been at this find full alignment with it before you take
for a long time. If I knew how to do it, or if I was action— then the effort that you offer is always
good at it, I’d have already gotten it done. So joyful, fulfilling, satisfying effort.
there’s something screwed up in this.” And so,
you hold yourself in that vibration. Where, when And so, keep telling the “manager” what you
you’re playing the Wouldn’t It Be Nice If? game, want. Not because the manager (called Law of
much of that vibration will be diffused. Attraction) needs to hear it, but because every
time you talk about it, and every time you come
Play the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If.....” Game. into vibrational harmony with your own desire—
you open your vortex of allowing so that the
Universe can yield to you a little bit more of what
Imagine that you are the owner of a huge it already knows you want.
corporation. There are a hundred thousand people
who work at various stages and places in this You are all working much too hard at all of this. It
corporation, and you are the one who created it. goes like this: You are wonderful beings. You are
You imagined it. You saw the need for it. You blessed beings. You are deserving of Well-being.
dreamed it. You found vibrational harmony with Well-being is on its way to you. Chill out and let
your dream. And now it’s yours. it in. Play more. Do the Hokey Pokey. Someone
gave Jerry and Esther a little note: “Wouldn’t it be
And there are a thousands who don’t know how to funny if it turned out that the Hokey Pokey is
use their computers, they don’t know how to file what it’s all about?” It turns out, it is. It is!
very well, they are learning at different stages, it’s
a constant turnover of people, they’re in and out, There is great love here for you. We are complete.
they’re squabbling over parking places, some
have windows, some don’t. It’s an immense

And you have a manager that is just incredible.

Because this manager takes care of all of this, you
don’t have to deal with anything. You get an idea,
and you express it softly. And the manager says,
“Consider it done.” You get another idea and you
envision it, and your manager says, “Consider it
You Will Come Back Lifetime
After Lifetime for the Joy of It
From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec
2005 (pdf)
From the recording G-2-26-05 Buy Recording
Also in GASP05 (ten tapes) Buy Album
San Rafael, CA

You will come back lifetime after lifetime— not

because there are some rungs on a ladder that you
must climb (not because there is some hierarchy
that you are hoping to achieve; not because you
are wanting to achieve some sort of perfection and
then never come back again) but for the joy of it!
You are creators who love creating! And there is
no place anywhere, any time, that is more
delicious than this time/space reality in which you
are focused. The contrast is so prevalent; the
variety is so amazing. Your ability to focus has
never been better. And now, you are remembering
who-you-are and coming back into alignment so
that you will be the absolute enjoyers of the
joyous life that you are creating.
Your Influence in this want you to come to feel the oneness of your
physical perspective and your Nonphysical
Vibrational Universe Perspective. We want you to feel the fun and the
clarity and the passion and the enthusiasm and the
From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 1998 (pdf) fulfillment of being a physical being focused in
this physical body, using your focusing
Usually our physical friends are not at one with mechanism, your very individual perspective, to
the idea of contrast, because most still believe focus Energy. We want you to feel the hands-on
some version of “the world is not as it should be, creating that molding Energy really is. We want
and we have, or you have, or all have come forth you to begin to direct Energy on purpose and to
in order to make the world a better right know, by the way you feel, how you are directing
the wrongs and get rid of the bad stuff.” it, how in alignment with Source Energy you are
to begin with, and how much of the Source
But from your broader Nonphysical Perspective, Energy, that you are summoning through your
you do not see this time/space reality as broken or desire, that you are allowing to flow toward your
inferior or as something that is supposed to object of Creation.
become something else. Instead, you see it as a
delightful, balanced, contrasting experience that is Most have not been taught to be aware of Energy.
the best of anything that you know for bringing a Instead, you have been taught to pay attention to
focuser, like you, to a place of focus. the results of how others have flowed Energy. So
you are evaluating the results and reacting to the
Contrast is essential to new decision, and a new results and cataloging and pigeonholing the
decision is that leading edge thought that takes results, but it is a rare physical being who, in the
thought beyond that which it has been before. moment of the Energy flow, is aware of what he is
Without contrast, you could not focus Energy, and
focusing of Energy is nothing more than coming The Universe is vibrationally based, and you, as
to conclusions, or becoming decisive. And since physical extensions of this Nonphysical Energy
everything is about Energy, and since you are that has created all of this, are vibrational beings
molders, or focusers, of Energy, nothing will ever too. Everything vibrates, and everything is
be more exhilarating or satisfying to you than to communicating and reacting, responding and
sift, or sort, through contrast, find a clear decision integrating with other things that are vibrating.
from the contrast, focus upon that which you have
decided and align with the decision, and then feel
the Energy, that creates worlds, flowing through The Universe is vibrationally based, and you, as
you for the Creation of that which you are holding physical extensions of this Nonphysical Energy
as your focus. that has created all of this, you are vibration itself.
You are vibrational beings too.
Most of you still are at your happiest when
conditions are at their best, for most of you are Everything is about Energy, and everything is
still primarily observing the conditions and then about vibration. Everything vibrates, and
having vibrational responses to the conditions. everything is communicating and reacting,
And it is our desire to assist you in setting your responding and integrating with other things that
own Tone, so that no matter what the conditions are vibrating. In other words, this is a Vibrational
are, that you may observe, they will not influence Universe that we are all a part of.
you to a vibration different from your Source
Vibration. That is the ultimate physical Everything is vibrating, and as you give your
experience: Be so well connected with your Core attention to it, and hold your attention upon it for
Energy that no matter what you see, or observe, it as little as 17 seconds, whatever it’s vibration is,
does not drag you off into the bushes into a begins to be included in your vibrational mix. And
vibration that is foreign to who you really are. so, as that which you give your attention to is
included in your vibration, your vibration is then
We want, very much, for you to come to the affected by that which you are giving your
conscious knowing that you are Creators and that attention to. And as your vibration is affected by
what a Creator is is one who focuses Energy. We whatever it is you are giving your attention to, the
entire Universe now responds to your vibrational If you can’t control your own vibration, then you
output differently than it did before. want to control what other people do. Because, as
you see them doing things that are upsetting to
you, and you believe that the only way you can
Your Sixth Vibrational Sense feel good is if you don’t see things that make you
In your physical environment, you have become feel bad, then that’s a tricky trap. Isn’t it? So we
accustomed to translating vibration into meaning want to give you a basis of understanding of how
for yourself, in many ways. Your physical senses this all works.
are, without exception, vibrational translators. In
other words, what you see with your eyes is a
physical interpretation of vibration. What you The Powerful Law of Attraction
hear with your ears is a physical interpretation of Everything is vibrational, and the way you attract,
vibration. Now, that isn’t quite so hard to or the way you are allowing, things into your
understand. Is it? You’ve come to know that experience, is by the powerful Law of Attraction.
vibration and sound are same, and so that’s easy It is really the only law that is worth spending
for you to accept. Through your radio and much time talking about, because everything
telephone and television airwaves, you understand happens by Law of Attraction. What Law of
that vibration can be translated into things that Attraction says is, “Those vibrations that are
your physical senses can understand. But what we same, come together.” In other words, “That
want you to hear from us is that you have a sensor which is like unto itself is drawn.”
within you that understands and translates, for
you, even the most subtle of Universal Vibrations. Whenever you are offering a vibration, other
Since the Universe, in which you live, even this things in your physical Universe that are vibrating
physical extension of the Nonphysical Source, is in that same vibration, you and those things now
all vibrational, then when you come to understand have a relationship. Whenever the transmitter of a
that what you are feeling is telling you about radio signal sends out a signal, and whenever you
vibration, then, for the first time, you become tune your tuner to the same signal, you can hear
powerful in your own experience. what they are saying, and the same sort of thing is
happening to you on an unconscious, vibrational
Most people are not powerful in their own level all the time. When you offer a thought, the
experience because they are observing only with thought is vibrating, and as you offer this
their eyes or ears or nose, or fingers. They are vibrating thought, other thoughts that are like it,
using their physical sensors to observe. And as you now have access to.
they are observing, they take on that vibration.
That vibration, whatever it is that they are In order to really understand Law of Attraction,
observing, good or bad, is now radiating within we want to give you this one simple example,
them. It now becomes part of their point of because once you get this, everything else will
attraction, and they are now affected by it, begin to make more sense to you: Law of
profoundly. Attraction means inclusion. In other words,
there’s no such thing as “law of detraction”. There
is no such thing as “law of get it away from me”.
When Observers Become Bombers There’s no such thing as “law of exclusion”.
Most do not understand that they can set a Tone There’s no such thing of “law of no, I do not want
that will keep them from taking on all those that”. There is only inclusion, and what that
different vibrations. And so, most feel absolutely means is, whatever I am giving my attention to, I
susceptible, or vulnerable, to whatever vibration is am including in my experience.
out there. That’s why you cower and defend.
That’s why you feel vulnerable and defensive. Set your own Tone and the Universe will respond
That’s why you have all of those laws and rules to your Tone.
that bog you down. That’s why you bomb those
who don’t understand you. That’s why you isolate
yourself from those who are different. Because, as Attention To It Includes It
long as you feel susceptible to their vibrations, When I see something I want and I look at it and I
then you want to limit their vibrations. spend as short a time as 17 seconds observing it,
feeling it, being a part of it, talking about it,
giving my attention to it...and I say “Yes” to this sick, and in your discomfort you begin to say
thing I want, I am including this thing I want in things like, “Oh, I wish I were well. I really want
my vibration. It literally becomes a part of my to be well again,” but your attitude is, “I am sick.”
signal, which means, by Law of Attraction, now I That’s your mood, “I’m sick.” That’s the way you
have more access to that. But when I see things feel, “I’m sick.” So, from that place of not feeling
that I don’t want and I say “No” to them. “Get good, from your place of sickness, you say, “I
away from me. I want you not, burglar or want wellness. Why does the Universe not answer
murderer or disease or this unwanted thing...” my request? What’s all this garbage about ‘Ask
when you observe this thing that you do not want, and it is given’? I’ve been asking and asking and
in your shouting of “No” at it, you are including asking and I still am sick.”
this thing that you do not want in your vibration.
When you say “Yes” to something, you include it. The Formula for Creating says: Identify your
When you say, “No” to something, you include it. desire and then be sure that you are a vibrational
It is attention to it that includes it. match to your desire. So that the signal that you
are offering is a pure signal rather than a
So here you are, bless your hearts, moving around contradicted signal. So that when you are offering
in your physical environment, looking all over the the signal of wellness, then wellness becomes
place, including all kinds of things in your your experience. Then you say, “Well, Abraham,
vibration, and then wondering, “Why is this that’s easy to do for someone who is already
happening to me? Why isn’t that happening to feeling well. It’s easy to offer the vibration of
me?” wellness when I am well. But how do I offer the
vibration of wellness when I am sick?” And we
Once you get it that the Universe is responding say, by remembering when you were well, by
absolutely, utterly, sensitively, to the vibration imagining that you are well, by pretending that
that you are offering, and once you begin to you are well, by de-emphasizing the fact that you
understand how to offer your vibration on are sick and re-emphasizing the feeling of
purpose, now you are in absolute control of your wellness. That is your work. In other words, that’s
experience. You are an extension of your Source what Creative endeavor is about.
Energy, fulfilling your reason for being.
You did not come forth just to regurgitate what-is:
You did not say, “I’ll go forth and look around,
You Are A Creator and as I look I’ll vibrate and as I vibrate I’ll
The Energy of your Source, some call it Soul, create, and whatever will be, will be. There’s
some call it God Force, this Source Energy is good. There’s bad. And I’ll just look all around.
flowing to you and through you at all times. It is I’ll be very objective. I’ll be very balanced. I’ll
the Creative Energy that continues to Create. And see bad things and I’ll create bad things, and I’ll
you are a Creator, like a vortex or a channel or a see good things and I’ll create good things.” You
vessel, intending to take this Stream of Energy did not say that anymore than you said, “I will eat
that Creates worlds and funnel it, through your food that tastes bad as much as I eat food that
desire, for further extension of Creation. tastes good.”

Have you heard it said, “Ask and it is given?” You said, “I will go forth, and through my
Well, what that means is, when, through your experience I will conclude what I desire. And
physical experience and through this powerful and once I have come to the conclusion of what I
wonderful contrast that you live, you come upon a desire, I will achieve vibrational harmony with
new conclusion or a new decision or a new that, and by Law of Attraction, it will then be my
desire… when that desire is within you, even if experience.”
you do not speak it with your words, the
Universal Energy begins to flow toward your It is our desire to assist you in understanding how
desire, and if you are a vibrational match to your it is that you offer your vibration. We want to help
desire, it happens quickly. you to become conscious of the vibration that you
are offering, and to help you offer a vibration that
Often, you are not a vibrational match to your does match your desire, because when you do, the
own desire because your desire was born out of Universe must deliver to you that which is the
contrast. In other words, let’s say that you are object of your desire. And, in time, and not so
long from now, you will be one who is not so indicator that in this moment you are not
fixated on the Creation of the thing, but you will vibrationally up to speed with your Source
be one who is fascinated with the process of the Energy, and if you don’t realize you have the
Energy flowing through you. negative emotion because, after all, as to most of
you, negative emotion has begun to feel rather
normal… In other words, isn’t it normal to feel a
Enjoy The Process little ornery or a little aggravated or a little
It’s wonderful to create all of those things. We overwhelmed? And so, as you acclimate to a
want you to have everything that you want. We feeling of negative emotion, what you’re actually
want every idea that comes to you to manifest in doing is acclimating to a lower vibration. You are
your experience. But we do not necessarily want it actually becoming accustomed to a vibration
to happen quickly, because we want you to enjoy that’s not up to speed with clarity. It’s not up to
the process of creation. In other words, if you speed with wellness. It’s not up to speed with
could, in this moment, think of whatever you want abundance. It’s not up to speed with who you
and have it instantly be manifested, you would really are. It is up to speed with what many are
find yourself instantly bored. What brings life, is living, and it is up to speed with what you are
the process of life flowing through you. It’s the observing a good deal of the time, but it is not up
feeling of the Energy flowing through you. It’s the to speed with who you really are. But, because it
process of Creation that is life. feels normal to you, your Guidance System isn’t
as alert and alive, and so you don’t receive the
When you see something you want and you hold benefit of your magnificent Guidance System.
your attention on it and you give birth to a new
idea, that new idea literally summons Life Force If we were standing in your physical shoes, we
to itself through you. That’s what that feeling of would not allow or accept or tolerate long-
passion is. But if you give birth to an idea, and as standing negative emotion. Instead, we would use
it begins to summon Life Force to itself through negative emotion in the way you all intended. We
you, you begin to doubt it or worry about it or test would feel it and know it for what it is: As an
it… now what happens is you are no longer a indicator that, in this moment, I have my attention
match to your own desire. So while it’s doing it’s upon something that is not in vibrational harmony
best to summon Life Force to itself, for the with who I really am or with what I am wanting.
completion of your idea, you are vibrationally out Not forever, but in this moment. Or for as long as
of sync with it now because you’re including I hold this belief or attitude or attention to this
opposite vibration within you. So even though it lower vibration.
begins to summon, you don’t feel very good in the
process because the Energy that is flowing Imagine a room fan blowing air in your direction.
through you is being hindered by the It’s quiet. You can’t hear it, but you know it’s on
contradictory Energy that is within you. That’s because you can feel the air blowing across your
what negative emotion is. body. Now, stick your pencil in the fan. It would
make quite a ruckus. Wouldn’t it? It might even
Negative emotion is what you feel like when you chop your pencil off. Well, that pencil in the fan is
introduce a lower, slower vibration to a higher, what negative emotion is. When you introduce the
faster frequency. lower, slower vibration into the higher, faster
frequency, the result is a slowing of the Energy
Once you understand what it feels like to summon that was there before, and when your Energy
Energy and what it feels like to summon a lot of slows from it’s natural Source-like Vibration, you
Energy and to allow the Energy to flow, once you feel crummy. That’s what negative emotion is. It’s
begin to, through your own trial and error, what you feel like when something that you are
decipher Energy as you summon it and as you giving your attention to, and, therefore, something
allow it to flow, you will never again receive, by that you are including in your vibration, is now
default or by not recognizing, something that you causing you to vibrate differently than you really
are not wanting. are.

You are, in your natural state, vibrating at a very

When Negative Emotion Feels Normal high, pure, fast vibrational rate. But when you
If you have negative emotion, which is your choose a thought that is not up to speed with that,
and you introduce or include that vibration in your attention upon it for more than 17 seconds, you
vibrational mix, the result is that it slows the begin to vibrate as it is vibrating. And then, the
vibration of your being. Which is just fine. You Universe accepts that as your point of attraction
have free will. You can do that all you want. But and matches it with other things like it. The better
when you slow the vibrational content of your it gets the better it gets, or the worse it gets the
being, you feel the slowing. And what that worse it gets, because the Universe is responding
slowing is is negative emotion. That’s what it to your signal.
feels like to you.
As you are responding to the things around you
rather than Setting your own Tone, or sending
Why Does Illness Happen? your own signal, you feel not in control of your
Just as elation is a raising of vibration, or own point of attraction, because you are offering a
appreciation is a raising of vibration, or the signal, not on purpose, but because you have not
feeling of relief is the feeling of a raising of quite yet learned, or come to believe, that you can
vibration, the feeling of negative emotion is the Set your own Tone and that the Universe will
feeling of including a lower vibration. And that is respond to whatever Tone you are setting.
why all illness, all things that you consider to be
bad, everything that happens to any of you that is
not up to speed with what you really want, is Why “No” Means “Yes”
always accompanied by negative emotion. And As you come to understand that “no” doesn’t
because most of you have not understood that mean “no,” it always means “yes,” then you begin
negative emotion and positive emotion are your to notice how often you’re saying “no” to
guidance to let you know where your vibration is, something. And the thing that we want you to
you have learned to acclimate to the negative understand is that it is your habit of saying “no”
emotion. that is most responsible for your impure vibration.
It is what is responsible for the static in your
In every moment, you are offering a vibrational vibration. It is responsible for the contradiction in
output just like a radio transmitter. It’s like you your vibration.
are a radio station, and you are always on the air,
and in every moment that you are offering that When you say, “I want a new red car,” the
output, the entire Universe is responding to it. The Universe responds to the vibration of your desire,
Universe recognizes your signal and matches it but when you say, “But a new red car is too
constantly. expensive,” the Universe responds to that
vibration, too. When the Universe is responding to
Most physical humans don’t deliberately offer two contradictory vibrations, nothing changes for
their signal, because they have not decided what you. Nothing very bad happens, but nothing very
signal they are wanting to transmit. Instead, most good happens, either, when you are as objective
humans offer whatever signal they are observing. as most of you are.

The 17 Second Process Ten Years Without Hot Tea

If you are observing something wonderful, as you So often, you say, to us, “Abraham, I want more
observe it, it is vibrating. And as it vibrates, if you money but I don’t know where it will come from.
hold your attention to it for as little as 17 seconds, I would really like to have more money. I know a
you begin to vibrate as it is vibrating. So whatever lot of people that have money. I believe that
it is is reflected within your vibration. As the money could come to me, but it doesn’t come to
Universe sees the signal that you are now me. I don