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What I know What I want to explore further What Ive learned

ELLs might already be How to perfect classroom It takes two years to

fluent in more than one dynamics so that all become fluent in spoken
language, and sentence students are willing to English, but it takes at
structures/grammar might help each other in their least five years for
be completely different learning academic English
when compared to How to make learning Adults learn foreign
English relatable for students who languages very
ELLs might find phonics are not used to traditional differently, as their
difficult, as their mother classroom settings environment is
tongue has no alphabet How to organize time so completely different
You have to be aware that ELLs with very basic compared to a childs, so
if students are just English skills are getting it will take longer to
memorizing words, effective instruction, acquire a new language
rather than decoding while the rest of the class Other factors are
and reading them is not being held back involved, such as
ELLs all have unique How to help shy ELL maturation of the
strengths they can bring students speak out more brain
to learning It takes from one to two
The amount of time for years to learn a new
an ELL to become fluent
in English differs for all,
but all students benefit Adults learn foreign
from support and languages in much the
encouragement same way as children
ELLs should be given learn their native
natural/realistic ways to
practise using English
Do not focus on all the process of learning
writing errors; focus on English may cause some
the most important, like ELLs to feel that their
sentence structure, until identity is being
the student is familiar