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I am aware of my purposes for reading: I take note of information about the text:
Why am I reading this text? What is the title?
Reading closely begins by
In my reading, should I focus on: Who is the author?
considering my specific purposes The content and information about the topic? What type of text is it?
for reading and important The structure and language of the text? Who published the text?
information about a text. The authors view? When was the text published?

QUESTIONING TEXTS I begin my reading with questions to help me understand the text and
I pose new questions while reading that help me deepen my understanding:
Reading closely involves:
1) initially questioning a text to Structure: Language:
focus my attention on its How is the text organized? What words or phrases stand out to me as I read?
structure, ideas, language and How has the author structured the sentences, lines, paragraphs, What words and phrases are powerful or unique?
perspective scenes or stanzas? What do the authors words cause me to see or feel?
then Topic, Information and Ideas: What words do I need to define to better understand the text?
2) questioning further as I read to What information/ideas are presented at the beginning What words and phrases are repeated?
sharpen my focus on the specific of the text? Perspective:
details in the text. What stands out to me as I first examine this text? Who is the intended audience of the text?
What information/ideas are described in detail? What is the author's/narrator's stance or attitude about the
What do I learn about the topic as I read? topic or theme?
How do the ideas relate to what I already know? How does the authors language show his/her perspective?
What do I think this text is mainly about? What is the authors personal relationship to the topic or

I analyze the details I find through my questioning:

Patterns across the text: Importance:
Reading closely involves analyzing What does the repetition of words or phrases in the text Which details are most important to the overall meaning of
and connecting the details I have suggest? the text?
found through my questioning to How do details, information, characters or ideas change across Which sections are most challenging and require closer
determine their meaning, the text? reading?
importance, and the ways they How do the texts structure and features influence my reading? Relationships among details:
help develop ideas across a text.
Meaning of Language: How are details in the text related in a way that develops
How do specific words or phrases impact the meaning of the themes or ideas?
text? What does the text leave uncertain or unstated? Why?
What words or phrases are critical for my
understanding of the text?