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by compulsion and otherwise, and take leases and proposed waterworks will be made or be situate,
grants of or easements in, under, and over all or in which any lands intended to be taken are
lands, houses, springs, streams, brooks, water, and situate, and a copy of this notice as published in
hereditaments required for all or any of the pur- the London Gazette will be deposited, in the case
poses of the Bill, and to apply any lauds or of such parish, with the parish clerk of each such
hereditaments now vested in them for all or any parish, at his residence, and in the case of each
such purposes, and from time to time to sell, ex- extra-parochial place, with the parish clerk of the
change, or dispose of any of the lands to be acquired parish immediately adjoining thereto at his resi-
by them for such purposes and upon such condi- dence.
tions and terms as they may think fit. Printed copies of the Bill will, on or before the
To enable the Local Board for all or any of the twenty-first day of December next, be deposited in
purposes of the Bill to levy rates, rents and*charges the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons.
on all lands, houses and property within the dis- Dated this eleventh day of November, one
trict, and also rates, rents, and charges for and in thousand eight hundred and seventy-four.
respect of the supply of gas and water, or gas or Mayhew and Adcock, Solicitors, Wigan.
water and meters and fittings in addition to any Dyson and Co., 24, Parliament-street,We
rates, rents, and charges which they are now minster, Parliamentary Agents.
authorized to levy and to vary existing rates, rents,
and.charges and exemptions therefrom, and confer
other exemptions and to apply such rates, rents, In Parliament.Session, 1875.
and charges, and any money belonging to or under London, Beaconsfield, and High Wycombe Bail
the control of the Local Eoard to all or any of the way.
objects and purposes of the intended Act, and to (Incorporation of Company; Construction of Bail
borrow money for such purposes or any of them ways from High Wycombe to Bickmansworth
by mortgage of or annuities charged on the said and to Harrow; Arrangements with and Powers
rates, rents, and charges or any of them, and other of Subscription, Guarantee, and Baising and
the rates, rents, or charges levied by and moneys Application of Funds to and Compulsory Facili-
and property of or belonging to the Local Board. ties against London and North-Western, Great
To ensure to every house within the: district of Western, London and Aylesbury, Harrow and
the Local Board which can be supplied: by gravi- Bicktnansworth, Watford and' Bickmansworth,
tation from the first-mentioned reservoir a proper Metropolitan and St. John's Wood, and Metro
supply of water,, and to require the owners and politan Bail way Companies;. Banning. Powers
occupiers of all such' houses to procure, such supply over Bailways and Stations of London and
at their expense. Aylesbury, Great Western, Harrow and Bick-
To confer upon the Local Board'powers to make mansworth, Watford and Bickmanswortb, and
special provisions and regulations to prevent' the London and North-Western Bailway Com,
fouling of the water, or the waste of the gas and panies; Other Powers; Amendment or Bepeal
water supplied by them. of Acts.)
To confer upon the Local Board all aueh powers,
rights, authorities, and privileges which are or may
become necessary or useful for carrying into effect
N OTICE is hereby given, that Application is
intended to be made to Parliament in the
ensuing Session for leave to bring in a Bill for
the objects of the Bill, and to vary and extinguish the following, or some of the following, among
all rights and privileges which would in any manner other purposes (that is to say)
impede or interfere with any of such objects, and l.'To incorporate a Company (hereinafter re-
to confer other rights and privileges, and if need ferred to as " the Company"), and to authorize
be to alter and amend some of the powers of the the Company to make and maintain the Bailways
Public Health and Local Government Acts as hereinafter described, or some or one of them, or
applicable to the Local Board. some part or parts thereof respectively, with all
To alter, amend, vary, or repeal so far as may proper and convenient.stations, sidings, buildings,
be necessary for the purposes of the intended Act, approaches, and other works and conveniences
all or some'of the powers and provisions of the connected therewith or incidental thereto, viz.:
St. Helens Gas Act, 1870," and any Act amend- A Bailway No. la, in the Parish of Chopping
ing the same, and particularly to exclude the Wycombe, in the County of Buckingham,
district of Ashton-in-Makerfield and the township commencing in a field situate on the south side
of Haydock aforesaid, or some.part or parts thereof of and adjacent to the Great Western Bail-
respectively, from the operation of that Act. way at" a distance of 240 yards (measured
The Bill will incorporate with itself, and if need along that railway towards High Wycombe)
be, with variations all or some of the provisions of from the post denoting 33i miles from
"The Lands Glauses Consolidation Acts, 1845, London thereon, and terminating in a field
1860, and 1869;" "The Gas Works Clauses Act, situate on the north side of and adjacent to
1847;" "The Gas Works Clauses Act, 1871; "The the public road from High W.ycombe to Loud-
Commissioners Clauses Act, 1847;'J "The Water- water, which field is 100 yard's to the east of
works Clauses Acts, 1847 and 1863;" and "The the bridge carrying the Great Western Bail-
Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845." way over the said road, and which bridge is
On or before the 30th. November instant, dupli- within 120 yards of the post denoting 33
cate plans and sections showing the line or situation miles from London on the said railway.
and levels of the intended works, and the lands in A Bailway No. Ib, in the Parish of Chopping
or "through which, the same, will be situate; or Wycombe, in the County of Buckingham,
made, and the springs and streams intended to be commencing by a junction with the Great
taken and diverted, and plans, showing also the Western Bailway at a point 90 yards or
lands proposed to be compulsoriLy taken* and books 'thereabouts (measured along that railway
' of reference to such plans, together with a copy of towards. High Wycombe) from the post
this notice as published in the London Gazette, will denoting 33i miles from London on that
be deposited for public inspection with the Clerk railway, and terminating at the point herein-
of the Peace for the County Palatine of Lancaster, before described, as the termination of Bail-
at his office at Preston, and on or before the same way No. la.
day a copy of so much of the said plans, sections, and A Bailway No. 1, in the County of Bucking-
books of reference as relates to. each parish and ham, commencing at the point hereinbefore
extra-parochial place in, through, or into; which the. described as the termination of Bailway