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5th Six Weeks Exam 1

1. ___ 8.____
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17. Free write below

5th Six Weeks Exam 1

1. The government of India is divided in to three branches. The

people of India get to elect members of their community into
both the executive and legislative branch. This is an example
of, which form of government?
A. Dictatorship
5th Six Weeks Exam 1

B. Monarchy
C. Communism
D. Socialism
E. Democracy

2. Similarly, the Pakistani government is also divided in to three

branches. The people of Pakistan also get to elect members of
their community to positions within the executive and
legislative branch, however, some positions require that
elected members follow their national religion. Pakistan is an
example, of which type of government?
A. Atheistic
B. Socialist
C. Democracy
D. Theocracy
E. Secular

3. 95% of Pakistans population identify as followers of this

A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Sikhism
D. Buddhism
E. Hinduism

4. Diego, Alberto, and Janie have different jobs in a highly

industrialized country. Alberto works as a brain surgeon, using
the latest technology, while Diego is Business manager at a
high tech factory. Janie is a federal employee managing their
countries vast commercial agriculture industry. What kind of
country do they live in?
A. Communist
B. Socialist
C. Developing
D. Developed
E. Democracy

5. Kassandra is a young college student who prays five times a

day, gives part of her income to charity, and is planning her
pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. What religion does she
A. Hinduism
5th Six Weeks Exam 1

B. Buddhism
C. Sikhism
D. Christianity
E. Islam

6. Read the excerpt from India during 1947.


Ministry of Information,
New Delhi November 2, 1947

Eight thousand Muslim refugees who were unable to walk long distances were moved by
train from Ludhiana [India] to Pakistan on October 30. Seven hundred and seven
Muslims were moved by rail from Gidharbaha [India] to Hindumalkot [Pakistan] on
the Abohar-Minchinabad line.

Three non-Muslim refugee trains with 13,000 persons from Pakistan reached Amritsar
[India] on October 31. On the same day four refugee specials carrying 15,500 Muslim
refugees passed through Amritsar and two specials with 10,000 Muslims arrived at
Forozepore fromevent
What Ludhiana enroute
is being to Pakistan.
talked about in the excerpt above?
A. The peaceful independence of India
B. The First Indo-Pakistan War
C. Pakistans government
D. Indias climate
E. The mass emigration of Muslims from India

7. This company controlled India from 1757-1857

A. British West Indies Company
B. British Petroleum
C. Anglo-Indian Stock Company
D. British East India Company
E. Wal-Mart
8. Which law would not exist in a secular country?
A. Muslims must pay a special tax to worship and cannot own
B. Separation of Church and State
C. People of all religions can practice freely
D. Government cannot choose a national religion
5th Six Weeks Exam 1

E. Government may not keep people from worshipping

whoever they want

9. What can we conclude from the population graph below

A. Indias population will begin to decrease around 2070

B. The United States population will cross 1 Billion by 2100
C. Nigeria will have the lowest population from the four
D. Chinas population will remain the most populated country by
E. India will stay the second most populated country

10. Toms country is very successful, however it strongly

discourages its citizens from practicing any religion. What type
of government does he live under?
A. Developing
B. Developed
C. Communist
D. Socialist
E. Atheistic

11. This person is considered the last prophet and founder of

A. Mohandas Gandhi
5th Six Weeks Exam 1

B. Jesus Christ
C. Sikhism
D. Monotheistic
E. Muhammad

12. This monotheistic religion is not a major religion and it

originated in South Asia
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Hinduism
D. Judaism
E. Sikhism

13. Which type of farming is being depicted in the image below

A. Subsistence farming
B. Commercial farming
C. Industrialization
D. Developed
E. Developing
5th Six Weeks Exam 1

14. Place the terms in the correct slot: Secular, Theocratic, and

Anti-Religion Neutral Pro-

15. Because of its economy and military strength, the United
States maintains a ______________ in these categories.
A. Polytheistic
B. Land Reform
C. Power
D. Hegemony

16. Explain what is going on in the political cartoon below. Make

sure to write about what might happen or what they are
preventing from happening.

17. Describe your perfect government. Describe how it would work

and use vocabulary and terms used in this class.