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School Counselor Curriculum Results Report

A Path to Success

Lesson Will ASCA Process Data Outcome Data

Be Presented Mindset & Curriculum (Number of Perception Data (Achievement,
Grade In Which Behavior and students (Surveys or attendance and/or
Level Lesson Topic Class/ Subject Standard Materials Start /End affected) assessments used) behavior data) Implications
10 A Path to Classroom M: 4 California 10/31-11/4 654: All Attitude: Achievement- -School
Success Lessons M: 5 Colleges Sophomores Prior to the Related counselors
delivered in B-LS: 1 (CCGI) intervention: 86% of 10th continue
all 10th B-LS: 5 Overview 90% of students grade students talking about
grade B-LS: 7 believed it was have started a CCGI with
government Counselor important to have four year plan students on a
regular basis.
classes generated a four-year plan 70% of
lesson graduates
-Should be
After the satisfy A-G implemented
Computers intervention: requirements with 9th
95% of students graders
Handouts believed it was
important to have Achievement-Data -Next time do a
Notecards a four-year plan 80.8% of test run with
graduates one class to
Knowledge: enrolled in identify
Prior to the college potential pitfalls
intervention: 95.1 % and glitches
12% of students graduation rate
knew what CCGI 3.2% dropout -Next time give
was rate more time for
After the
-Next time
every student.
61% of students
knew what CCGI

Prior to the
23% of students
knew how to login
to their CCGI

After the
99% of students
knew how to login
to their CCGI