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exterior work but for interior work will need extra drying in a

kiln or an acclimatisation period inside a heated room to make

The following is a page of helpful explanatory notes and advice it reliable in service.
on our products and how to order them.
M3 Cubic meter a volumetric measure of timber useful in
large transactions but a big unfriendly unit of measure for small
Glossary of terms transactions.

Botanical Name This is the only definitive way to name a Ft3 Cubic foot a traditional imperial volumetric measure of
timber. Vernacular and trade names are notoriously inaccurate timber that remains in use because it is user friendly for small
in this regard. It is also possible to assume some familial transactions. There are 35.315 Ft3 to the M3.
similarities between timbers in the same genus.
Ft2 Square foot M2 Square meter an imperial measure
Density We give the densities of the timbers in kilograms and a metric measure we use for veneer and thin stock. There
per cubic meter. Water has a density of 1000kg/m3 so any are 10.78 Ft2 to the M2.
timber with a higher density than that will sink in water.
The density of the timber can be used as a rough measure of Kg Kilogram some timbers are sold by weight because an
hardness, strength and comparative workability of a timber. accurate measure of volume is not practical.

Two square Edged Most imported timbers come to us

sawn with two square edges. This saves on shipping space and
Prices explained
excludes bark dwelling insects. It can normally be assumed
that most objectionable defects such as sapwood, heart shake, Our pricing system is designed to work fairly for small,
ring shake and most knots will also have been removed. medium and large transactions. The pricing allows for personal
selection and is arranged in four price bands. This discount
One square edged Some larger logs are sawn this way for structure only applies to the timbers section of the catalogue.
the convenience of the saw mill and to make the boards easier
to handle. The log is first sawn down the middle and then each Reading from the left, price bands are as follows.
half log is milled to boards square to the original sawn face
leaving one edge square and one edge waney. It can be (1) Price per Ft3, pc. or kg. for net sales over 750.00.
assumed that some objectionable defects will be present. (2) Price per Ft3, pc. or kg. for net sales over 300.00.
(3) Price per Ft3, pc. or kg. for net sales over 150.00
Through And Through A simple milling method typically (4) Price per Ft3, pc. or kg. for net sales under 150.00
used in the cutting of smaller diameter logs. Planks are sawn in
sequence from the crown of the log and have two waney
edges. Objectionable defects may still be present.
All prices are plus VAT
Squared logs A method sometimes used to present small
exotic timber logs. Four faces are cut around the log to
remove worthless sapwood and to expose the beauty of the How to order
wood within. This method also stops the logs from rolling
about during shipment. Inquiries can be placed by phone to 01732 355626, by fax to
01732 358214, or by email to
Cylinders Lathe turned logs with most of the sapwood
removed. A method normally associated with Lignum Vitae. The minimum mail order consignment is 25.00 plus
carriage plus vat.
Flitch A trimmed up portion of a log usually of heavy
section produced with the intention of further conversion into We send out orders after payment has been made. Payment
veneer or more finely wrought pieces of solid material. can be made by card, please phone in your details to
01732355626 or by cheque, payable to Timberline. For
Dimension Stock 2 Square edged boards or squares sawn to payment by bank transfer our account is with Lloyds bank plc
fixed sizes suitable for specific purposes. in the name Timberline, sort code 30 99 66, account number
150mm and wider, 1900mm and longer an indication of
board size that is self-explanatory. It can be assumed that a Carriage is charged at cost. Small to medium sized orders to
smaller minimum specification will also indicate a smaller U.K. mainland addresses are sent by overnight courier as
maximum board size. standard. Scottish highlands, Northern Ireland and Irish
republic orders will be quoted against the most cost effective
Part Seasoned The wood is in the course of being air dried transportation method we can find. Larger orders will be sent
and would require further drying to be reliable for any use. palletised and quoted on an individual basis.
Kiln Dried The wood has been subjected to one of several Typical carriage rates for Tuffnells overnight service.
different drying procedures that leave it with moisture content
suitable for interior work. Mainland Britain excluding Scottish highlands.
9.95 for up to 20kg
Air Dried The wood has reached the end of the natural 0.30 per kg. Thereafter.
seasoning process and will have moisture content perfect for

November 2015
For guidance please read through the page of explanations

African Blackwood English Boxwood

Dalbergia melanoxylon East Africa Buxus sempervirens England

1200kg/m3 910kg/m3
Turnery grade squares Logs and loglets.
Air dried/Part seasoned Air dry

Other names Grenadilla, Mpingo. Other names By origin, English, Pyrenean, Turkish etc.

A quite singular material deep black with hard, fine almost A compact light yellow timber occasionally streaked with grey
metallic texture. with the finest possible texture. Traditional uses include wood
engraving, barometer sumps, and violin pegs.
Stock sizes changing regularly e.g. 305 x 37 x 37mm
Logs A grade 4.46 4.94 5.36 5.95kg
305 x 37 x 37mm 10.13 11.21 12.15 13.50ea. Loglets 4.46 4.94 5.36 5.95kg
Logs B grade 3.19 3.52 3.83 4.25kg

Bocote Bubinga
Cordia geranscanthus Mexico
950kg/m3 Guibourtia demeusei West Africa
2 square edged boards 80mm and wider x 900mm and longer. 890kg/m3
Kiln dried 2 square edged boards 150mm and wider 1900mm and longer.
Kiln dried.
Other names Mexican rosewood, cyp, cypre, canaletta,
grande palisander and others. Other names African rosewood, kevasingo.

A quality cabinet and turnery timber. Firm, solid and stable.

Light pinkish brown in colour often lightly veined in red.
Brown, beautifully marked with darker brown stripes. Hard Sometime useful as an alternative to rosewood.
and heavy with an oily feel. A rosewood substitute.
26mm 93.75 103.75 112.50 125.00ft3
52mm 337.50 373.50 405.00 450.00 52mm 93.75 103.75 112.50 125.00ft3
Cigar box Cedar South American Cedar

Cedrela odorata. Belize Cedrela spp. Peru

480kg/m3 480kg/m3
2 square edged boards 120mm and wider, 1900mm and longer. Two square edged boards 150mm wide and wider, 1900mm
Kiln dried. long and longer.
Kiln dried.
Other names Cedrela, cedro, Spanish cedar, or by origin, e.g.
Honduras cedar. Other names Cedrela, cedro, Spanish cedar, or by origin, e.g.
Brazilian cedar, Honduras cedar.

Mahogany brown in colour, medium textured and straight

grained. The spicy fragrance lends itself to uses such as drawer Mahogany brown in colour, medium textured and straight
linings, humidors and wardrobe interiors. grained. The spicy fragrance lends itself to uses such as drawer
linings, and wardrobe interiors.
This special grade of cedar from Belize is the most reliable
choice for humidors. In our experience resin spots are much We are occasionally able to find an especially high grade in this
less likely to develop when Belize sourced timber is used. timber suitable for the exacting requirements of guitar makers.
52mm 93.75 103.75 112.50 125.00ft3 80mm standard 63.75 70.55 76.50 85.00ft3
80mm luthier 93.75 103.75 112.50 125.00ft3

Cedar of Lebanon Ebano

Cedrus Libani - England Caesalpinia ebano Columbia
500kg/m3 1300kg/m3
Two square edged boards 150mm wide and wider, 1900mm 2SE boards 80mm and wider, 1000mm and longer.
long and longer. Air dried
Kiln dried

Other names Lebanon cedar

We imported this stock in squared logs several years ago. We

put one log through the saw and found the most beautiful
dense, dark wood but the saw had such a tough time getting
Light brown with a pronounced growth ring figure, Light in through it we did what any sensible person would do and hid
weight and smooth in texture, a more uniform texture than the rest of the stock beneath several tons of other stuff.
most soft woods have. The strong and very pleasant fragrance
repels and kills moths, hence the traditional use of this wood in To cut a long story short we recently found the courage to put
wardrobes and for drawer bottoms. it through the saw and have some fantastic wood available.
Standard 26mm 29.62 32.79 35.55 39.50ft3 38mm 270.00 298.80 324.00 360.00ft3
Nearclear 26mm 52.13 57.69 62.55 69.50ft3 52mm 270.00 298.80 324.00 360.00ft3
Standard 100mm 29.62 32.79 35.55 39.50ft3 65mm 270.00 298.80 324.00 360.00ft3
Nearclear 100mm 52.13 57.69 62.55 69.50ft3 78mm 270.00 298.80 324.00 360.00ft3
African Ebony Asian Striped Ebony

Diospyros crassiflora West Africa 1030kg/m3 Diospyros spp. Malaysia

1 square edged boards 60-120mm wide, 400-1300mm long. 1000kg/m3
Squares. 2 square edged boards 70mm and wider, 700mm and longer.
Kiln dried/well air dried. Air dried

Other names by country of origin, Camaroon, Gaboon, Other names Kayu malam, Amara.
Nigeria, etc.

Black grade
Variegated black with light brown stripes. Hard, heavy and
fine textured. Very similar to Macassar ebony but with the
delineation of the stripe figure being slightly less well defined.

A match for the Amara or Asian ebony veneer that is now

being sold as, or alongside genuine Macassar ebony veneer.

24mm 487.50 539.50 585.00 650.00ft3

Indian ebony
Coloured grade
Diospyros spp. India
Mostly jet black but sometimes streaked or flecked with grey 1100kg/m3
brown. Hard and heavy and can be worked to a superb level of Original sawn turnery squares 25 x 25mm up to 52 x 52mm
finish. Kiln dried

The main black ebony of commerce and a mainstay of our Other names Malabar ebony

Over many years we have developed careful production

methods that result in ebony that is dry, stable and in good
condition. The accuracy and quality of our product is vastly
superior to African production and our wood does not suffer
the stability problems that arise from the hurried kiln drying
methods used by others.

The coloured grades of African ebony can be extremely

attractive. There is a growing acceptance and use of these
coloured grades and an understanding that it makes sense to Indian ebony is currently exported in small amounts as musical
use this wonderful timber in a more responsible fashion. instrument components. The quality of the milling and some
of the grading is below our normal standards and the prices
Coloured grade ebony is available in the complete range of below reflect this. This is half price ebony.
sizes priced at 75% the cost of the black grade.
The mixed grade bags contain random sized turnery squares.
26mm lumber 690.00 763.60 828.00 920.00ft3 Most are free of defects, some will have a little knot, worm
38mm lumber 731.25 809.25 877.50 975.00ft3 hole or other small defect to work around. The C grade guitar
Squares 50x50mm 701.25 776.05 841.50 935.00ft3 fingerboards will have a slight deviation from perfect straight
Squares 70x70mm 746.25 825.85 895.50 995.00ft3 grain, a pin knot or a single hairline crack.
500 x 38 x 38mm 20.03 22.16 24.04 27.50ea.
500 x 35 x 35mm 17.63 19.51 21.15 24.50ea. Mixed bag 2kg 24.38 26.98 29.25 32.50ea.
510 x 70 x 9mm N/A N/A N/A 20.00ea. Mixed bag 5kg 52.12 57.69 62.55 69.50ea.
710 x 80 x 9mm N/A N/A N/A 29.00ea. 530x65x9mm C 5.63 6.23 6.75 7.50ea.
Macassar Ebony Lacewood/London plane

Diospyros celebica Celebes islands Platanus hybridus England

1090kg/m3 800kg/m3
2 square edged boards 70mm and wider, 800mm and longer. Through and through sawn boards
Kiln dried. Kiln dried

Other names similar to coromandel, calamander wood.

Plane tree is a hybrid tree often planted in towns and cities.

The wood is hard, with a close grain and is light brown in
Black, finely streaked with bands of yellow to reddish brown. colour. There are numerous medullary rays of medium size
Very hard and heavy, with a beautiful surface when finished. that are very conspicuous and decorative on quarter cut
Very well suited for fancy work of the highest order giving surfaces. Boards showing this figure are known as Lacewood.
consistently impressive results.
Quarter/rift 52mm 56.25 62.25 67.50 75.00ft3
Macassar ebony is cut on an annual quota set by the Slab sawn 52-80mm 37.13 41.09 44.55 49.50ft3
Indonesian government. Demand is consistently high and it is Burr (not k.d.) 4.46 4.93 5.35 5.95kg.
therefore a very difficult wood to source.

26mm 712.50 788.50 855.00 950.00ft3 Lemonwood/Castelo boxwood

Calycophyllum multiflorum Paraguay

Hickory 800kg/m3
2 square edged 80mm and wider, 1000mm and longer.
Air dried and kiln dried
Carya glabra U.S.A.
820kg/m3 Other names Maracaibo box, Genero lemonwood.
Dimension stock.
Air dried

Other names Pignut hickory, red or white hickory.

Probably the best substitute for European boxwood being pale

yellow brown, very fine textured and wonderful to work.

It has been a staple for inlay work for centuries and is also a
Nearly white in colour with a brown heartwood and a coarse favoured wood for the making of traditional archery bows.
grain. Almost without parallel for toughness and elasticity.
2000mm and up
These dimensions are cut in the USA as ski blanks but in this Archery grade
country are considered ideal for laminations in the manufacture 52 and 65mm 183.75 203.55 220.50 245.00ft3
of traditional longbows. Clear grade
52 and 65mm 138.75 153.55 166.50 185.00ft3
2050 x 110 x 38mm 47.63 52.71 57.15 63.50ea. Standard grade 105.00 116.20 126.00 140.00ft3
Lignum vitae Palo Santo wood Cuban Mahogany

Bulnesia sarmienti - Paraguay Swietenia mahagoni West Indies 800kg/m3

1200kg/m3 Squares.
Lathe turned cylinders 50 200mm diameter. Air dry
Small blocks clear 4 sides (Pilotines) Other names Spanish mahogany, San Domingo mahogany.
Air dry

Medium reddish brown, darkening with exposure. Stable, fine

textured and with a solid feel. A wonder of workability,
exceptional on the lathe and a polishers delight.
Greenish brown to brown with a tight and pronounced
interlocked grain, very dense, waxy with self-lubricating This stock is a fantastic find, unused old stock from a factory
qualities, hard wearing in almost all the contexts in which workshop originally imported from Jamaica in 1908. It is very
lignum vitae (Guiaicum spp.) has traditionally been used. rare, very famous and very desirable

Cylinders 4.88 5.40 5.85 6.50kg. 12 x 2 x 2 7.13 7.89 8.55 9.50ea.

500 x 35 x 35mm 5.21 5.77 6.26 6.95ea. 15 x 2 x 2 11.81 13.07 14.18 15.75ea.
500 x 38 x 38mm 6.56 7.26 7.88 8.75ea. 18 x 2 x 2 18.15 20.09 21.78 24.20ea.
500 x 52 x 52mm 12.56 13.90 15.08 16.75ea. 21 x 2 x 2 21.00 23.24 25.20 28.00ea.
Pilotines/slabs 6.56 7.26 7.88 8.75kg. 24 x 2 x 2 24.38 26.98 29.25 32.50ea.
18 x 2 x 2 9.38 10.38 11.25 12.50ea.
21 x 2 x 2 13.88 15.36 16.65 18.50ea.
24 x 2 x 2 18.15 20.09 21.78 24.20ea.
African Mahogany

Khaya ivorensis West Africa 640kg/m3

Mahogany Cuban spp.
Squares 3000mm and up long and dimension stock.
Kiln dried Swietenia mahogani India
Other names Khaya mahogany Squares.
Air dry.

Other names plantation mahogany

A wood that hangs on the coat tails of genuine or Swietenia

mahogany and is a readily available alternative very close in
colour and general appearance to the real thing.
There are, here and there, around the world occasional
plantation grown Cuban specie mahogany trees. They are
It differs in being slightly coarser in texture, slightly less stable,
scarce and sought after. This stock is from India and the
slightly less durable and has less perfect workability. These
traditional qualities are there almost like the real thing.
aspects of the timber are reflected in the much lower cost.
1000 x 65 x 65mm 22.13 24.49 26.55 29.50ea.
105 x 105mm 63.75 70.55 76.50 85.00 ft3
1000 x 78 x 78mm 31.88 35.06 38.25 42.50ea.
80 x 80mm 56.25 62.25 67.50 75.00 ft3
1000 x 90 x 90mm 42.38 46.90 50.85 56.50ea.
800 x 80 x 52 7.13 7.88 8.55 9.50 ea.
Honduras Mahogany Birds Eye Maple
Swietenia macrophylla Belize, Guatemala. Acer saccharum USA and Canada 720kg/m3
560kg/m3. 2 SE boards 100mm and wider, 2000mm and longer.
2SE boards 100mm wide and wider 1900mm long and longer. Kiln dried
Kiln dried.
Other names none
Other names Central American mahogany, big leaf mahogany

Medium reddish brown darkening with exposure. Medium

textured, strong, stable, lustrous and easily wrought. A wood
of classic beauty eagerly sought after by many generations of Cream white with a reddish tinge, growth rings distinct and a
craftsmen. hard fine texture. The birds eye figure is rarely available in the
solid and the cause of it remains a mystery.
28mm 101.25 112.05 121.50 135.00ft3
52mm 103.12 114.13 123.75 137.50ft3 Graded regarding the intensity, prevalence and depth of eye,
80mm 105.00 116.20 126.00 140.00ft3 and the lack of knots, brown heart or other discolouration.
380mm + wide 136.88 151.48 164.25 182.50ft3
26mm 1st 176.25 190.05 211.50 235.00ft3
26mm 2nd 97.50 107.90 117.00 130.00ft3
South American Mahogany
Swietenia macrophylla Bolivia, Peru, old stock Brazil Curly Maple
2SE boards 150mm wide and wider 1900mm long and longer.
Acer saccharinum and macrophyllum USA and Canada
Kiln dried.
Through and through sawn boards.
Other names Big leaf mahogany, or by country of origin,
Kiln dried

Other names Ripple, fiddleback, tiger maple.

The identical tree to the Honduras mahogany. Different

aspects of growth result in a denser wood with a little more
depth of colour and figure.

Board sizes are normally larger and grade is usually better than
that of wood sourced from Central America. There is more Cream white with a reddish tinge, growth rings distinct and a
perfection of grain in South American Mahogany making it a hard fine texture. Curly figure is much sought after and rarely
more interesting prospect for musical instrument makers and available in the solid. In the UK we would know this figure
antique restorers needing to match the quality of the old. more correctly as ripple figure.

28mm 126.75 140.27 152.10 169.00ft3 Graded according to the intensity of the ripple, prices vary
38mm 129.00 142.76 154.80 172.00ft3 because of this. The prices below are relevant to current
52mm 131.25 145.25 157.50 175.00ft3 boards stock and the level of figure in each thickness.
65mm 133.13 147.33 159.75 177.50ft3
80mm 135.00 149.40 162.00 180.00ft3 38mm medium 101.25 112.05 121.50 135.00ft3
110mm 138.75 153.55 166.50 185.00ft3 52mm heavy 138.75 153.55 166.50 185.00ft3
380mm + wide 142.50 157.70 171.00 190.00ft3 60mm light 71.25 78.85 85.50 95.00ft3
Bog Oak African Padauk

Quercus robur England Pterocarpus soyauxii West Africa

880kg/m3 720kg/m3
Lumber Two square edged boards 150mm wide and wider 1900mm
Kiln dried long and longer.
Kiln Dried.
Other names none
Other names Barwood, Camwood.

Inky black to very dark brown and with a significantly higher Rich orange red, moderating and darkening with age to a deep
density and hardness than ordinary oak, bog oak was created red brown, medium to coarse texture, very stable. A popular
when prehistoric forests were submerged under water and silt choice for woodturning and for detail in cabinet work.
in anaerobic conditions thousands of years ago.
26mm 71.25 78.85 85.50 95.00ft3
This stock has been carbon dated and is 5300 years old. 65mm 82.50 91.30 99.00 110.00ft3
Bog oak requires careful kiln drying and lots of time and skill to
make useful as timber. This is the most cared for bog oak Burma Padauk
available anywhere.
Pterocarpus macrocarpus Burma
26 52mm 277.50 307.10 333.00 370.00ft3 900kg/m3
Two square edged boards 150mm wide and wider 1900mm
long and longer.
Ovangkol Kiln Dried.

Guibourtia ehie West Africa Other names Pradoo

Two square edged boards 150mm wide and wider, 1900mm
long and longer.
Kiln dried

Other names Amazaquoe, shedua, tropical olive.

Rich deep red, dense and with a fine texture and subtle figure
that shows best on slab sawn faces. It is this and the Andaman
specie that made padauk a valued and desirable timber.

This stock is a rare survival. It was bought from a gentleman

that came by it as old stock in the mid 1950s. The actual age
Mid brown with more or less dark greyish stripes, straight of it is impossible to say. I have not seen it traded in the UK
grained, hard and fine grained. A high quality timber useful as within the scope of my 35 year tenure at Timberline.
a substitute for European walnut.
26mm 168.75 186.95 202.50 225.00ft3
52mm 82.50 91.30 99.00 110.00ft3 52mm 168.95 186.95 202.50 225.00ft3
Black Palmira Steamed Pearwood

Caryota urens India Pyrus communis Alpine Europe

800kg/m3 700kg/m3.
Two square edged boards 80mm wide and wider 900mm long Through and through sawn boards.
and longer. Kiln dried.
Kiln dried.
Other names Swiss pear.
Other names kitul

An even pinkish brown colour with little apparent figure, super

Black palmira has a unique structure with dark, almost black, smooth in texture, and with a lovely dense surface. Many see
hard streaks in a paler background matrix. the plainness of this wood as a virtue.

Rather difficult to work but very dramatic results. Pearwood is a popular choice for finely crafted items but is
only available in limited lengths.
52mm 176.25 186.75 211.50 235.00
28mm 86.25 95.45 103.50 115.00ft3
52mm 86.25 95.45 103.50 115.00ft3

Caesalpinia paraguanensis Paraguay

Small planks and squares
Aspidosperma vargasii - Brazil
Other names Brown ebony 900kg/m3.
Half logs.
Air dried.

Other names Pequia amarello

Dense and glassy deep coffee brown with a layered structure

like wenge, but with a much finer texture, resulting in a classic
partridge wing figure on slab sawn faces.
Bright lemon yellow, hard and heavy with a smooth, tight grain.
Partridgewood is generically related to the ebano listed earlier Another wood found to be impressive for making archery
in this catalogue. It is marginally lighter in weight and in bows, also useful in turnery and inlay work as a basic and
colour but just as dangerous if you drop a piece on your foot. perfect yellow colour.

Squares 206.25 228.25 247.50 275.00ft3 Half logs 5.63 6.23 6.75 7.50kg.
Small Planks 168.75 186.75 202.50 225.00ft3
Purpleheart Indian Rosewood

Peltogyne pubescens Brazil Dalbergia Latifolia India

880kg/m3 880kg/m3
2 square edged boards 150mm and wider 1900mm and longer. Kiln dried
Kiln dried. Squares and 2SE boards.

Other names Amaranth, Pao roxo, Violet wood, Morado. Other names Bombay rosewood, Bombay blackwood.

Deep purple brown to reddish brown, more or less striped.

Dull brown when freshly cut quickly turning to an amazing Hard and heavy. Used widely for musical instruments.
deep purple on exposure. We buy selectively to ensure the
most intense colouration. Indian rosewood is historically one of the chief rosewoods of
commerce and has been traded for hundreds of years. Felling
Popular for woodturning, archery bows and for detail in is now strictly controlled by the Indian government and the
cabinet work. logs are only sold to government approved buyers at auction.
Export is also strictly controlled by the Indian Government to
65mm 74.63 82.59 89.55 99.50ft3 reinforce the value and precious nature of this timber so that it
will remain available long into the future.

Export controls in this specie go back to the early 1980s and

Honduras rosewood require the wood to be produced in to a high added value
commodity such as veneer or into components for musical
instruments and furniture. Available sizes of current imports
Dalbergia stevensonii Guatemala and Belize are therefore rather small.
2 square edged boards 80mm and wider, 900mm and longer. We were recently able to buy some old stock Indian rosewood
Kiln Dried. that had been held by a Japanese importer since before export
restrictions began. This was reimported to Europe via
Other names Nogaed. Germany and now represents the finest Indian rosewood
boards and the best available sizes in the UK. A must for all
Indian Rosewood afficionados and timber museum curators.

32mm B grade 131.25 145.25 157.50 175.00ft3

Standard grade 262.50 290.50 315.00 350.00ft3
38mm B grade 131.25 145.25 157.50 175.00ft3
Standard grade 262.50 290.50 315.00 350.00ft3
52mm B grade 131.25 145.25 157.50 175.00ft3
Standard grade 262.50 290.50 315.00 350.00ft3
930x52x52mm 28.13 31.13 33.75 37.50ea.
Prime grade
930x65x65mm 43.88 48.55 52.65 58.50ea.
Prime grade
Pinkish brown to purplish brown with fine dark stripes. Hard, 930x80x80mm 63.75 70.55 76.50 85.00ea.
heavy and strong. As is common in rosewood species both Prime grade
colour and figure can vary considerably. 530 x 70 x 9mm 2.96 3.27 3.56 3.95ea
Standard grade
Used by antique restorers to mimic old rosewood, by furniture 34mm 371.25 410.85 445.50 495.00ft3
makers just because its nice and by musical instrument makers Very old stock
as a resonant wood for woodwind instruments, marimba bars 52mm 371.25 410.85 445.50 495.00ft3
and guitar components. Very old stock
78mm 371.25 410.85 445.50 495.00ft3
54mm 262.50 290.50 315.00 350.00ft3 Very old stock
Santos Rosewood Reclaimed Thai Rosewood

Machaerium scleroxylon Bolivia Dalbergia cohinchinensis 950kg/m3

850kg/m3 PAR boards 26mm 52mm thick x 50mm 150mm wide x
2 square edged boards 80mm and wider 1200mm and longer. 600mm 2000mm long
Kiln dried. Kiln dried.

Other names Caviuna, Jacaranda, Morado, Pau Ferro. Other names Siamese rosewood, T racwood.

A substitute rosewood of great beauty, red brown to deep From the Harry Hill book of silly things to do with nice wood
purple brown, fine textured and beautifully marked, showing we can offer Thai rosewood reclaimed from a Conservatory
much of the character of the best rosewoods and superb for built in Oxfordshire in 1992.
cabinet work. Santos rosewood can cause a skin allergy.
Typically used in carved antique Chinese furniture, a more
28mm 232.50 257.10 279.00 310.00ft3 appropriate use might be for the restoration of these pieces.
55mm 243.75 269.25 292.50 325.00ft3
2000mm up 296.25 339.70 355.50 395.00ft3 26-52 206.25 228.25 247.50 275.00ft3

Sonokeling Rosewood
Sri Lanka Satinwood
Dalbergia latifolia Indonesia (Java)
800kg/m3 Chloroxylon swietenia Sri Lanka
2SE boards 80mm wide and wider, 1000mm long and longer. 980kg/m3
Kiln Dried 2SE boards 80mm wide and wider 900mm long and longer.
Squares 52mm x 52mm
Other names East Indies rosewood, Plantation rosewood. Kiln dried

Other names burutu, bhera, behra, mutirai

Deep purple brown, reddish brown, sometimes greenish

brown, more or less striped, hard and heavy.

Sonokeling is the same tree as Indian rosewood but differs,

presumably because it is plantation grown, in having a broader Golden yellow with an incredible lustre and the fragrance of
colour range and being a little less hard and heavy. coconuts. Frequently shows ribbon figure and occasionally
develops beeswing figure.
27mm B grade 121.88 134.88 146.25 162.50ft3
Standard grade 243.75 269.75 292.50 325.00ft3 Sri Lanka satinwood matches modern satinwood veneer and
40mm B grade 125.63 139.03 150.75 167.50ft3 the satinwood used from the late 19th century to the present
Standard grade 251.25 278.05 301.50 335.00ft3 day.
52mm B grade 127.50 141.10 153.00 170.00ft3
Standard grade 255.00 282.20 306.00 340.00ft3 32mm boards 232.50 257.10 279.00 310.00ft3
78mm B grade 131.25 145.25 157.50 175.00ft3 38mm boards 232.50 257.10 279.00 310.00ft3
Standard grade 262.50 290.50 315.00 350.00ft3 52mm boards 232.50 257.10 279.00 310.00ft3
52mm squares 243.75 269.75 292.50 325.00ft3
Rippled and plain Sycamore Zebrano

Acer psuedoplatanus England Microberlinia brazzavillensis West Africa

610kg/M3 740kg/m3
Through and through sawn boards. Two square edged boards 120mm wide and wider 1900mm
Kiln dried. long and longer
Kiln dried.
Other names Great maple, Plane (Scotland)
Other names Zingana, Zebrawood.

Creamy white in colour, very smooth textured and lustrous.

Usually with a straight grain, but very occasionally producing Golden yellow finely marked with regular dark brown streaks.
the ripple figure highly prized for furniture and musical Coarse in texture and a bit smelly but looks great.
instrument building.

Standard 28mm 29.63 32.78 35.55 39.50ft3 27mm 118.13 130.73 141.75 157.50ft3
Near Clear 28mm 45.00 49.80 54.00 60.00ft3 52mm 123.75 136.95 148.50 165.00ft3
Standard 40mm 32.63 36.10 39.15 43.50ft3
Near clear 40mm 48.75 53.94 58.50 65.00ft3
Standard 54mm 34.88 38.60 41.85 46.50ft3 All prices are plus vat
Near clear 54mm 51.75 57.27 62.10 69.00ft3
Light ripple 56.25 62.25 67.50 75.00ft3
Medium ripple 82.50 91.30 99.00 110.00ft3
Additional items
Wenge Steamed and natural
There are also small stocks available in the following species

Millettia laurentii West Africa Medium Banksia Nuts

880kg/m3 Large Banksia Nuts
Two square edged boards 120mm wide and wider 1900mm Carretto
long and longer. Pencil Cedar
Kiln dried. Chechen
English Cherry
Other names Panga Panga is related and similar. Mediterranean Cypress
Australian Goldfields Burrs
Columbian Kingwood
Belize Logwood
American Hard Rock Maple
Old Andaman Padauk
Amazon Rosewood
Columbian Rosewood
Grenadilla Rosewood
Roupala Lacewood
Very dark chocolate brown with lighter fine parenchyma Sapele
streaks giving a partridge wing figure on slab cut faces. Utile
American Black Walnut
The steaming process is performed to make the dark colour of
the wood show evenly through the thickness of the board

27mm 118.13 130.73 141.75 157.50ft3
52mm 123.75 136.95 148.50 165.00ft3
All prices are plus vat
20 90 101.25 112.05 121.50 135.00ft3

Call it what you will it does not have to be for boxes.

This popular item arose from the need to supply wood in
thicknesses of less than 26mm for a multitude of special
purposes. It is quite rare to find rough sawn lumber under this
thickness because of the difficulty keeping the wood flat and
straight through the drying process.

This stock is re-sawn from thick material that has already been
fully dried, and then accurately drum sanded to the range of
thicknesses listed below. For practical reasons the range of
lengths is normally 800 1200mm and the range of widths is
normally 100 175mm. Sizes beyond these can be produced
to special order subject to an acceptable order size.

There are five thicknesses to choose from and three price Box by Andy Poder in Lacewood
bands, prices are per square foot. The timbers listed below are
normally available from stock, other timbers can be produced
to order subject to an acceptable order size.

Priceband 1 2 3
Thickness 3mm 8.35 10.80 14.95ft2
4mm 8.35 10.80 14.95ft2
6mm 9.00 12.10 16.40ft2
10mm 11.35 14.95 20.25ft2
13mm 13.25 17.20 22.70ft2

Timber choices Bubinga Band 1

Camphor Laurel Band 2
Cigar box cedar Band 1
Lacewood planetree Band 2
Lemonwood Band 2
Honduras mahogany Band 1
Detail of same box
African padauk Band 1
Steamed pearwood Band 2
Purpleheart Band 1
Sonokeling rosewood Band 3
Sycamore Band 1
Wenge Band 2
Zebrano Band 2

There are thousands of top quality pieces cut specifically for
lathe work available at all times. Our quality is well known and
appreciated and will meet with the expectations of the mail
order buyer. There is no separate list dealing with these items
so please visit or inquire by phone, fax or email.


A separate list is available for the special woods used in

acoustic guitar building. This was once our core business and
all of our other activities have sprung from it.

We have more than 30 years experience in the import and

production of tonewoods for guitars and we do the job
accurately and properly with knowledge derived from the
proprietors experience and training as a professional luthier.

All prices are plus vat

VENEER LIST knife cut 0.6mm thickness SAWCUT VENEERS
English Ash crown cut 1.50ft2 16.20M2 We produce these in house on our band saw using hi-tech
English Ash quarter cut 1.50ft2 16.20M2 tungsten carbide tipped blades that cut accurately and
Beech crown white 1.40ft2 15.10M2 smoothly. There will still be saw marks to clean up afterwards
Masur Birch rotary cut 8.50ft2 91.60M2 but these are shallow and easily removed with a cabinet
Castello Boxwood crown cut 3.75ft2 40.40M2 scraper.
Bubinga crown cut 2.20ft2 23.70M2
American Cherry crown cut 1.60ft2 17.25M2 Limited Sizes
English Cherry crown cut 2.50ft2 26.95M2 2.0mm Black Ebony 25.00ft3 269.50M2
Macassar Ebony quarter cut 9.95ft2 107.25M2 3.0mm Black Ebony 29.50ft2 318.00M2
Elm Burr 9.95ft2 107.25M2
Douglas Fir quarter cut 0.75ft2 8.10M2
Lacewood quarter cut 2.75ft2 29.65M2 DYED VENEERS
Madrone burr 7.95ft2 85.70M2
Honduras Mahogany crown 2.20ft2 23.70M2 Standard thickness 0.6mm dyed veneers in Yellow, Red,
Honduras Mahogany quarter 2.20ft2 23.70M2 Green, Blue, and Black.
Honduras Mahogany ripple 3.50ft2 37.70M2
Honduras Mahogany curl 5.95ft2 64.15M2 Dyed Veneers 2.25ft2 24.25M2
American Maple crown 1.50ft2 16.20M2
American Maple quarter 1.50ft2 16.20M2 VENEERING SUNDRIES
Birds Eye Maple rotary cut 5.95ft2 64.15M2 Pearl Glue 1kg. 9.50
Figured Movingue quarter cut 2.20ft2 23.70M2 Pearl Glue 500gm 4.95
English Oak crown cut 1.60ft2 17.25M2 Hide Glue - powder 1kg. 11.50
English Oak quarter cut 1.90ft2 20.50M2 Hide Glue - powder 500gm 5.95
English Oak burr 7.95ft2 85.70 M2 Hot Melt Glue Film 1m x 0.74m 6.50
African Padauk quarter cut 2.50ft2 26.95M2 Hot Melt Glue Film 3m x 0.74m 18.50
Steamed Pearwood crown cut 4.50ft2 48.50M2 Veneer Hammer ea. 19.95
Steamed Pearwood quarter cut 3.50ft2 37.70M2 Veneer Saw ea. 12.75
American Poplar quarter cut 0.75ft2 8.10M2 Veneer Inlaying Saw ea. 13.20
Purpleheart quarter cut 2.50ft2 26.95M2 Scalpel Handle no. 3 ea. 2.75
Indian Rosewood crown cut 5.50ft2 59.30M2 Acrylic Handle no. 5A ea. 5.95
Indian Rosewood quarter cut 5.50ft2 59.30M2 Retractaway Handle ea. 3.95
Santos Rosewood crown cut 4.95ft2 53.35M2 Scalpel Blades 10A, 11, 15, 15A pack 5 0.80
Sapele - crown cut 1.10ft2 11.85M2 Scalpel Blades 10A, 11, 15, 15A pack 100 9.75
Satinwood plain crown cut 4.95ft2 53.35M2 Scalpel Handle no. 4 ea. 2.75
Satinwood figured quarter cut 8.50ft2 91.60M2 Acrylic Handle no. 6A ea. 5.95
Sycamore crown cut 1.50ft2 16.20M2 Scalpel Blades nos. 25A and 26 pack 5 0.80
Sycamore quarter cut 1.50ft2 16.20M2 Scalpel Blades nos. 25A and 26 pack 100 9.75
Sycamore rippled crown cut 3.95ft2 42.50M2
Sycamore rippled quarter cut 3.95ft2 42.50M2
Teak crown cut 2.25ft2 24.25M2
Tip Hot glue veneering in a nutshell.
Teak quarter cut 2.25ft2 24.25M2
American Black Walnut crown 1.95ft2 21.00M2 The Glue Improvise a glue pot using an old saucepan and a
American Black Walnut ripple 3.20ft2 34.50M2 clean jam jar. Put 25mm of pearl glue into the jar, bring up to
American Black Walnut burr 9.95ft2 107.25M2 the 50mm level with cold water and allow it to stand for at
European Walnut crown cut 4.75ft2 51.20M2 least 2 hours. Half fill the saucepan with cold water, place the
European Walnut quarter cut 4.75ft2 51.20M2 jar of glue in the middle, and bring to a gentle simmer. The
European Walnut burr 13.50ft2 145.50M2 glue will be ready to use.
Zebrano quarter cut 2.50ft2 26.95M2
Laying the veneer First brush a layer of glue onto the
groundwork, then lay the veneer on to the groundwork
allowing it to overlap the edges in case of shrinkage. Use a
warm iron over the surface of the veneer to re-melt the glue.
SPECIAL THICKNESS VENEERS Dampen the veneer with a water spray if the heat causes it to
curl. Using the veneer hammer, work the blade from the
We seek these out for our antique restoration customers. centre to the edges to squeeze out the excess glue. As it cools
They have become harder to get over the years. Please call to the veneer becomes held down by the tack of the glue.
check current availability of these items.
Joining veneer in the width Lay the veneers as described
above, overlapping the edges by a small amount. Using a
straight edge and knife cut through both veneers with a careful
succession of light cuts and remove the waste. Apply a little
fresh glue, hammer down and tape over the join with veneer
All prices are plus vat tape.
INLAY LIST Multiple line inlays

All inlays are 1000mm long unless otherwise stated

no. 220
Inlay lines and squares boxwood or dyed black no. 236
no. 235
no. 233R
no. 233

no. 234

no. 60

No. 220 1.00 9.00

No. 236 1.00 9.00
No. 235 1.00 9.00
No.233R 1.25 11.25
No. 233 1.25 11.25
No. 234 1.45 13.00
No. 60 1.65 14.85

Walnut feather inlays

0.7mm thickness each per 10
1.3mm 0.32 2.90
1.5mm 0.32 2.90
1.8mm 0.35 3.15
2.7mm 0.48 4.35
3.4mm 0.59 5.35
4.5mm 0.80 7.20
6.0mm 1.05 9.45

Square 1.0mm 0.35 3.20

1.5mm 0.48 4.35
1.8mm 0.53 4.75
2.7mm 0.83 7.45
3.4mm 1.00 9.00

Rosewood lines

4mm 2.25 20.25

6mm 2.45 22.05
10mm 2.75 24.75
13mm 3.15 28.40
16mm 3.95 35.55
Square 1.5mm 0.90 8.10
3.4mm 1.65 14.85 Walnut feather inlay with white line
Ebony lines

Square 1.5mm 2.05 18.50

1.8mm 2.30 20.70
2.7mm 3.15 28.75
6mm 2.55 22.95
3.4mm 3.65 33.00
800 x 6 x 2mm 3.00 28.00 16mm 3.95 35.55
19mm 4.30 38.70
Tulipwood crossbandings boxwood outside black Satinwood crossbandings

4mm 2.80 25.20

6mm 3.15 28.35
10mm 3.50 31.50
13mm 4.05 35.45

4mm 2.35 21.15

Boxwood outside only 6mm 2.55 22.95
10mm 3.35 30.15 10mm 2.80 25.20
13mm 3.20 28.80
Tulipwood crossbandings black outside box 16mm 3.50 31.50
22mm 4.35 39.15
Longgrain 10mm 2.35 21.15

Rope inlays

no. 15
no. 23
no. 8A



No. 15 3mm 2.25 20.25

No. 23 3mm 2.25 20.25
No. 8A 3mm 2.25 20.25
No.231A 6mm 2.75 24.75
4mm 2.70 24.30 No. 237 6mm 2.90 26.10
6mm 3.05 27.45
10mm 3.40 30.60 Fancy feather inlays
13mm 4.00 36.00
22mm 5.35 48.15
no. 68
Kingwood crossbandings no. 76


no. 63

no. 100


No.68 6mm 2.95 26.55

No.76 6mm 3.15 28.35
4mm 2.75 24.75 No.72 6mm 2.50 22.50
6mm 3.05 27.45 No.63 8mm 3.20 28.80
10mm 3.40 30.60 No.100 8mm 3.45 31.05
13mm 4.00 36.00 No.34 5mm 3.15 28.35
Dentil inlays Pearly stuff

Mother of Pearl Green Abalone

no. 94
each 100pc each 100pc
no. 78
Dots 1.3mm thick.


no. 103 2mm dots 0.25 22.00 0.25 22.00

3mm dots 0.25 22.00 0.25 22.00
no. 87 4mm dots 0.25 22.00 0.25 22.00
no. 3A 5mm dots 0.25 22.00 0.25 22.00
6mm dots 0.25 22.00 0.25 22.00
no. 85
Notched square inlays 1.5mm thick.
no. 84A
no. 159

no. 75 5mm 0.85 75.00 0.85 75.00

6mm 0.85 75.00 0.85 75.00
no. 532
Notched diamond inlays 1.5mm thick
no. 99

no. 909 11.5mm 0.95 85.00 0.95 85.00

14.5mm 0.95 85.00 0.95 85.00
No. 94 3mm 2.25 20.25
No. 78 6mm 4.35 39.15
No. 48 10mm 3.55 31.95 Inlay strip 1.5mm thick about 25mm long.
No. 103 6mm 3.30 29.70
No. 87 3mm 2.25 20.25
No. 3A 3mm 2.25 20.25
No. 85 6mm 4.25 38.25
No. 84A 6mm 4.25 38.25 2mm 0.60 50.00
No.159 6mm 4.25 38.25 3mm 0.60 50.00
No.75 5mm 3.15 28.35
No. 532 5mm 3.75 33.75 Groundstock high grade pearl pieces ground flat to 1.5mm
No. 99 6mm 3.50 31.50 thickness for inlay work and restoration. Sold in 50 gram bags
No. 909 10mm 6.90 62.10 of mixed shape, size and figure.

All inlays are 1000mm long unless otherwise stated

Mother of pearl groundstock 50gm bag 19.50
Green Abalone groundstock 50gm bag 29.50
Shell inlays

Type A Type B Type C

2 5.90ea.
4 7.70ea.
6 8.85ea.

Measurement is taken across the wide part of the oval. Mother of pearl Abalone
WOODFINISHING Friction polish - this is a form of shellac polish used for
lathe work which have a high concentration of shellac and
added ingredients which allow the application of the polish
Shellac polishes Known generically as French polishes while the wood is rotating on the lathe. This is almost instant
this group of products will produce the traditional high gloss woodfinishing.
finish as known and loved on antique furniture. It is normally
applied by hand using the traditional French polishers rubber. Myland friction polish 500ml 13.95
French polish is not suited to areas which may be subject to 1 litre 24.95
heat, dampness or abrasion.
Chestnut friction polish 500ml 12.25
1 litre 21.60
Myland French polish 500ml 13.95
1 litre 24.95 Tip
Chestnut French polish 500ml 10.40 (1) A little goes a long way.
1 litre 18.75 (2) Can react with if stored in metal containers.
Myland special pale polish (transparent) 500ml 13.95 An improved result may be had with more grainy woods
1 litre 24.95 using an undercoat of sanding sealer
Myland button polish 500ml 13.95
1 litre 24.95 Lacquers and varnishes there is a fair variety of
Myland garnet polish 500ml 13.95 finishes listed here all of which are more durable than the
1 litre 24.95 other finishes we sell because they use synthetic resins. They
Myland black polish 500ml 18.30 can all be applied by brush with relative ease.
Myland white polish 500ml 13.95 Acrylics are water based and are recommended if you have any
Shellac flake 500gm 21.75 concerns about fumes.
Blonde dewaxed shellac flake 500gm 33.50 Brushing French polish is spirit based and can be built quickly-
2 or 3 coats an hour to a high gloss which looks and feels
Tip like French polish.
(1) Never use old polish, it does not harden off Rustins plastic coating is the toughest finish listed here being
properly. Buy polish only when you need it and buy able to withstand higher levels of heat, moisture and abrasion
only as much as you need for the job. than any of the others.
(2) Do not attempt polishing in the cold and damp.
(3) Do not skimp on preparation and grain filling. Myland brushing French polish 500ml 17.40
1 litre 31.35
Rustins acrylic varnish satin 500ml 7.40
Sanding sealer - designed to be an easily applied basecoat 1 litre 13.95
on which other finishes can be applied. Additives are included Rustins acrylic varnish gloss 500ml 7.40
which make it easy to sand back without clogging the abrasive 1 litre 13.95
paper. All types are normally applied with a brush and will dry Chestnut acrylic lacquer gloss 500ml 9.10
well enough to be sanded back in just a few minutes. 1 litre 16.60
Chestnut acrylic lacquer gloss aerosol 400ml 6.05
Myland pale lacacote sanding sealer 500ml 13.95 Chestnut acrylic lacquer satin aerosol 400ml 6.05
1 litre 24.95 Chestnut acrylic lacquer ebonise aerosol 400ml 6.05
Chestnut shellac sanding sealer 500ml 11.00 Myland no. 8 polyurethane varnish satin 1 litre 23.35
1 litre 19.75 Myland no. 8 polyurethane varnish gloss 1 litre 23.35
Chestnut acrylic sanding sealer 500ml 8.95 Chestnut melamine lacquer 500ml 9.10
1 litre 16.05 1 litre 16.45
Chestnut acrylic sanding sealer aerosol 400ml 6.05 Chestnut melamine lacquer aerosol 400ml 6.85
Chestnut cellulose sanding sealer 500ml 8.30 Rustins Plastic coating kit 18.60
1 litre 14.95 250ml 9.60
Chestnut cellulose sanding sealer aerosol 400ml 6.85 1 litre 21.40
Rustins clear metal lacquer 125ml 2.80

(1) Can be used to mask off and preserve the original
colour of specific areas when wood staining. Tip
(2) Can be used on marquetry or inlaid areas where Gloss finishes look awful when applied to rough textured
many different coloured woods are present to woods such as oak or padauk without proper grainfilling.
prevent the dust of a strongly coloured wood Satin or semi gloss finishes can give a professional look in just
contaminating the pores of a paler coloured wood. a couple of coats because for some reason it looks fine even
(3) Use for the sanding sealer and wax finish, one of the with the roughness of the wood showing through. This is a
fastest professional looking finishes there is. great time saver.
Procedure brush one coat shellac sanding sealer
after a couple of minutes lightly rub down (de-nib) (1) Oil based finishes such as the polyurethane
with 320grit lubrasil or garnet paper burnish with varnishes are much easier to apply evenly by brush.
0000 wire wool to remove any scratch marks apply If you do not mind slower drying times use these.
one coat wax polish in the normal way.
Oil finishes the oils used as woodfinishes all change from Woodstains a selection of easy to use woodstains in a
a liquid to a solid state with exposure to the air. When used wide variety of colour. Acrylic waterstains are non grain
sparingly they penetrate the wood more deeply than other raising and lightfast. Any finish can be applied on top of it
finishes leaving a low lustre finish. Extra applications will and it can be used to tint acrylic lacquers.
build the finish to a gloss. Oil finishes offer good water Spirit stains are light fast and can be mixed with cellulose
resistance and are easily restored if damaged. based lacquers or thinned with cellulose thinners.

Rustins Danish oil 500ml 7.20 Myland acrylic waterstains 250ml 9.60
1 litre 12.95 1 litre 15.90
Rustins Teak oil 500ml 6.70 Antique pine Brown mahogany
1 litre 11.60 Dark oak Golden oak
Chestnut Finishing oil 500ml 8.25 Jacobean oak Light oak
1 litre 14.95 Medium oak Red Mahogany
Chestnut food safe finish 500ml 7.90 Walnut Yew
1 litre 14.35 Chestnut fade resistant spirit stains 500ml 8.75
Chestnut lemon oil 500ml 8.25 Trial set 25ml 14.35
Chestnut Tung oil 500ml 8.25 Antique mahogany Antique pine
1 litre 14.95 Brown mahogany Dark Jacobean
Chestnut hard wax oil 500ml 11.25 English walnut Golden oak
1 litre 19.95 Light mahogany Mid oak
Red mahogany Rosewood
Tip Teak Yew
(1) The biggest cause of failure when oil finishing is to Chestnut fade resistant spirit stains 250ml 6.60
use it like a paint or a varnish. The correct Black, blue, green, orange,
application method must be observed, that is to Purple,red, royal blue, yellow.
apply an ample amount by brush and to remove any Trial set 25ml 14.35
excess after only a few minutes leaving the thinnest Van Dyke Crystals 100gm 5.35
of films on the surface. Several hours drying time Rustins wood bleach A & B solution 1 litre 17.20
must be allowed between coats. Oxalic acid crystals 500gm 10.40
(2) The rags you use to rag off the excess oil should
be considered a fire hazard. Tip
(1) We have found when discussing wood staining
Wax finishes wax finishes have the least of all resistance with our customers that the most common and
to heat, moisture and abrasion. They remain popular as a enduring mistake is where the woodstain has been
protective layer over French polished finishes, for pine applied like a varnish or paint. It is important to
furniture, and where durability is not important. apply the stain liberally and to remove the excess
Staining waxes are intended to colour and age antique with a rag well before the surface begins to dry.
furniture. (3) All woods react differently to the stains because
Liming wax produces the limed oak effect. the absorbtion rates are different and the
The woodturners wax stick is applied and burnished with the background colour of the natural wood affects the
lathe in motion. end result.

Myland wax 400gm 9.75 Solvents and sundries

Clear Light brown
Dark oak Antique mahogany Chestnut cellulose thinners 500ml 7.25
Antique brown Antique pine 1 litre 13.10
Chestnut wood wax 22 450gm 7.90 Mylands brushing French polish thinners 500ml 9.95
Clear Medium brown Rustins plastic coating thinners 500ml 7.45
Golden brown Mellow brown Rustins pure turpentine 500ml 7.10
Myland beeswax polish 400gm 11.40 Rustins methylated spirits 4 litre 19.35
Mylands liming wax 450gm 12.45 Rustins methylated spirits 500ml 2.75
Mylands woodturners wax stick each 4.70 Rustins raw linseed oil 500ml 5.45
Chestnut microcrystalline wax polish 225ml 8.75 Rustins boiled linseed oil 500ml 5.75
Chestnut burnishing cream 500ml 9.95
Rustins finish reviver 250ml 4.65
Mylands furniture cleaner 500ml 6.80
Tip 1 litre 12.50
(1) Wax finishing is always easier and better over a base Rustins Strypit paint stripper new formula 1 litre 14.90
coat of sanding sealer. Rustins grainfiller in 4 colours 230gm 3.75
(2) For durability and practicality less is more. Natural, Oak, Mahogany, Teak.
(3) Application with a 0000 wire wool pad gives a Zap finishing resin a clear grainfiller 340gm 15.70
thinner more even coat. Mylands pumice powder 500gm 11.40
(4) Beeswax is not great for items that are going to be Mylands rottenstone 500gm 13.55
handled a lot because the melting point is so low Chestnut wax emulsion end seal 1 litre 7.45
that it can mark up just with the heat of the hand. Paraffin wax pellets 1 kg 7.45
ADHESIVES Zap Ca is thin and watery and will successfully and instantly
repair hairline cracks and heat checks in wood and can give
an instant and effective fix when trickled into loose mortice
A selection of traditional and modern adhesives especially and tenon joints in chairs and other items of furniture. We
suited for general or special elements within the many have no other glue that has such a strong capillary action.
woodcrafts that we cater for including many hard to find
products and offering good value for money. Zap A Gap is almost instant setting but is a thicker more
viscous formulation that has very good gap filling properties
Cascamite 1kg 12.25 and is therefore of great use for loose fitting joints or more
Urea formaldehyde glue water resistant substantial repairs in wood.

Titebond original Aliphatic resin glue 473ml 6.05 Slo Zap is a viscous slow setting formulation allowing more
946ml 9.10 time for assembly and alignment of parts and can be used with
3.8 litre 24.10 zip kicker to speed up the final bond.
Titebond II water resistant 473ml 7.30
946ml 10.80
Glue Film 1m x 740mm 6.50
3.8 litre 29.10
Titebond III waterproof 473ml 9.95 3m x 740mm 18.50
946ml 14.95 Hot melt glue on a roll
3.8 litre 40.80 A simple and popular iron on glue method for small scale
Titebond extend Long open time 473ml 7.05 veneering jobs.
3.8 litre 27.05
Titebond liquid hide glue 237ml 6.45
Mirox paper 80, 100, 120, sheet 0.39
Used cold straight out of the bottle 150, 240 grit pack 50 14.95
Titebond polyurethane glue 237ml 9.10 Yellow aluminium oxide paper with a flexible backing for
Gorilla glue polyurethane glue 120ml 6.30 coarser and faster hand sanding of work.
This is an immensely strong type of glue suitable for wood, Carat paper 240, 320, 400 grit sheet 0.45
metal, masonry, fibreglass etc. It is completely waterproof and pack 50 15.95
foams slightly as it dries to fill gaps.
Open coat flexible aluminium oxide paper treated with zinc
Pearl glue 1kg 9.50 stearate to prevent clogging. Excellent for painted surfaces
Pearl glue 500gm 4.95 and wood finishing or for bare wood surfaces where the wood
Hide glue 1kg 11.50 might have an oily nature such as rosewood or teak.
Hide glue 500gm 5.95
Gelatine based animal glues. Waterproof paper 400, 600, 1000 grit sheet 0.49
pack 50 17.50
The traditional glue pot glue animal glue remains a very
strong performer for general use and is the superior glue for Can be used lubricated with water or white spirit on painted or
traditional hand veneering methods because the hot water varnished surfaces as part of the wood finishing process.
content helps the veneer lie flat.
The pearls or granules must be pre- soaked in cold water for a Nylon web abrasive medium, fine sheet 0.95
few hours and then are brought to a simmer in a glue pot and ultra fine. Pack 20 14.95
applied hot. Animal glues are not waterproof so are ideal for
use in joints which may need to be opened up for repairs. Like a scouring pad but impregnated with abrasive particles.
Devcon 2 ton epoxy 256gm 13.95 Silverline dome sanding mop 6mm arbor 50mm 2.50
Epoxy resin glue 75mm 2.95
Traditional epoxy resin in a large value for money pack. 100mm 3.50
Zap finishing resin 340gm 15.70
An epoxy that can be used as a transparent grainfiller Silverline rolls 80, 120, 180 grit 10m roll 3.50
Zap CA 2 oz. 9.90
Zap CA 1 oz. 5.30 Heavy duty aluminium oxide paper 115mm wide x 5 m long.
Zap a gap 2 oz. 9.90
Zap a gap 1 oz. 5.30 Silverline rolls 240, 320, 400 grit 10m roll 2.25
Slo Zap 2 oz. 9.90
Slo Zap 1 oz. 5.30 Stearated aluminium oxide anti-clog paper for finishing.
Zip Kicker Accelerator aerosol 2 oz. 6.85
Cyanoacrylate adhesives Superglues. Abrasive belt cleaner 200 x 38 x 38mm 8.75

Top quality examples of this very useful group of adhesives Wire wool coarse no. 2 250gm 3.75
with some unique properties. medium 0 250gm 3.95
extra fine 0000 250gm 4.40
Pfeil chisels and gouges

Cut 1 2mm 15.60 Cut 1S 3mm 15.60

3mm 15.60 5mm 15.60
5mm 15.60 8mm 15.60
8mm 15.60 12mm 16.95
12mm 16.95 16mm 16.95
16mm 16.95 20mm 20.25
20mm 20.25 25mm 22.65
25mm 22.65 Cut 1 Cut 2

Cut 2 3mm 15.60 Cut 3 2mm 15.60

5mm 15.60 3mm 15.60
8mm 15.60 5mm 15.60
12mm 16.95 8mm 15.60
16mm 16.95 12mm 16.95
20mm 20.25 16mm 16.95
25mm 22.65 20mm 20.25
30mm 27.20 25mm 22.65
30mm 27.20

Cut 5 2mm 15.60 Cut 7 2mm 16.05

3mm 15.60 4mm 16.05
5mm 15.60 6mm 16.05
8mm 15.60 10mm 17.55
12mm 16.95 14mm 17.55
16mm 16.95 18mm 20.55
20mm 20.25 20mm 23.20
25mm 22.65 25mm 23.20 Cut 3 Cut 5
30mm 27.20 30mm 29.10

Cut 8 2mm 16.05 Cut 9 2mm 16.05

3mm 16.05 3mm 16.05
4mm 16.05 5mm 16.05
7mm 16.05 7mm 16.05
10mm 17.55 10mm 17.55
13mm 17.55 13mm 17.55
16mm 20.55 15mm 20.55
20mm 23.20 20mm 23.20
25mm 23.20 25mm 23.20
30mm 29.10

Cut 11 0.5mm 17.95 Cut 12 2mm 18.40

1mm 17.95 3mm 18.40
2mm 17.95 4mm 18.40
3mm 17.95 6mm 18.40
4mm 17.95 8mm 21.10 Cut 7 Cut 8
5mm 17.95 10mm 21.10
7mm 17.95
10mm 19.90 Cut 15 3mm 18.90
15mm 22.80 6mm 20.80
Cut 2A 8mm 15.60 Cut 3A 8mm 15.60
12mm 16.95 12mm 16.95
20mm 20.25 20mm 20.25
Cut 5A 8mm 15.60 Cut 7A 10mm 16.05
12mm 16.95 18mm 20.55
20mm 20.25 25mm 23.20
Cut 9A 3mm 16.05 Cut 11A 2mm 18.65
7mm 16.05 4mm 18.65
Cut 12A 3mm 18.65 Cut 25 6mm 20.10
6mm 18.65 12mm 20.10
25mm 25.10 Cut9 Cut 11 Cut 12 Cut 15
Pfeil chisels and gouges contd. Pfeil products
Cut 1F 8mm 16.75 Cut 3F 6mm 18.80 Straight gouge
14mm 18.10 8mm 18.80
20mm 19.70 12mm 19.90
14mm 19.90
Cut 5F 6mm 18.80 16mm 22.65 Longbent gouge
8mm 18.80 20mm 22.65
12mm 19.90
14mm 19.90 Cut 7F 6mm 18.80
16mm 22.65 8mm 18.80 Spoonbent gouge
20mm 22.65 12mm 19.90
14mm 19.90
Cut 9F 10mm 20.55 16mm 22.65 Fishtail gouge
20mm 24.60 20mm 22.65

Cut 5L 16mm 19.80 Cut 8L 13mm 20.55 Scorp
20mm 23.10 18mm 24.40
25mm 26.60

Other Pfeil products

Scorp a tool for rough hollowing out 20.80 Drawknife
Drawknife exquisite, small and very sharp 33.70
Brienz carvers knife 12.05
A long skew blade multi purpose tool designed by 12.05
the Brienz carving school in Switzerland
Blockcutting set A 6pc in a box 69.50 Brienz knife
Short carving tools with mushroom shaped handles
Cut 1/8mm, 1S/8mm, 1A/8mm, 5/3mm, 11/4mm
Blockcutting set B 6pc in a box 69.50
Cut 5/3mm, 7/6mm, 7/10mm, 9/5mm, 11/1mm
Blockcutting set C 6pc in a box 69.50
Cut 8/3mm, 8/7mm, 9/2mm, 11/0.5mm, 12/4mm Blockcutting set A

Chipcarving knifes

No. 1 9.20 No. 6 10.20

No. 2 7.75 No. 7 7.75
No. 3 7.75 No. 8 7.75 Blockcutting set B
No. 4 7.75 No. 9 7.75
No. 5 10.20 No. 10 7.75
1 2
Other makes
Lignum vitae carvers mallet 3 28.95
3 4
Veritas journeymans mallet 570gm brass head 15.80
150mm long.

Veritas carvers vice 69.00 5 6

Comes with dog hole mounting assembly.
7 8
4000 grit multiform slipstone 17.80
A Japanese waterstone for various shapes of gouges
and v-tools. 9 10

Chipcarving knifes

Crown hand tools all high speed steel

Bowl gouge 21.70
3/8 27.05
33.50 Roughing out gouge Bowl gouge
Roughing out gouge 30.15
1 35.40
Standard spindle gouge 14.65
3/8 16.30
Ring tool 25.00
Parting tool 1/16 18.00
1/8 20.10 Spindle gouge Standard parting tool
Diamond section parting tool 3/16 23.50
Beading and parting tool 19.30
3/8 20.25
Standard skew chisel 18.55
1 27.35
1 36.80
Oval Skew chisel 20.65 Diamond parting tool Beading and parting tool
1 25.85
1 36.85
Square end scraper 18.30
1 24.15
Round nose scraper 18.30
1 25.90 Standard skew chisel Oval skew chisel
Side cutting scraper round 21.85
Square 21.85
Bowl scraper l/h 1 37.60
Dovetail scraper 20.65
Bead forming tool 17.70
3/8 18.15
Captive ring tool double bevel 19.50
3/8 21.35
Set of thread chasers 12tpi 47.65
18tpi 47.65
Springett tools for Chinese balls 91.90 Round nose scraper side cutting scraper
New Revolution Hollowing Tools

5/8 complete system 132.90

Texturing tool 40.30
Swan neck and egg scraper 23.50
14 Hollower and 2 x blades 33.60
1/2 Collett 14.95
Shear scraper and extender 23.50
45 degree articulation piece 15.75 Bowl Scraper Dovetail scraper
Spare super ring cutter 13.65
Spare fat key cutter 10.65
Spare long key cutter 8.80
Spare large heart shaped scraper 13.50
Spare pear shaped scraper 11.70
Spare egg shaped scraper 8.80
Spare blade for long hollower 13.50
Bead forming tool Captive ring tool
All prices are plus vat

Kataba saw
Kataba saw 265mm 19.55
Spare blade 8.30
The kataba saw has a relatively fine tooth and a short
back and functions as a cross cut panel saw.
Hassunme saw
Hassunme rip saw 250mm 26.25
Spare blade 13.30
Designed for fast rip sawing of long boards.

Dozuki me tenon saw 240mm 30.80

Spare blade 17.50 Dozuki saw
Mini dozuki saw 150mm 19.15
Spare blade 9.15
The dozuki saw has a very fine tooth and long back
and is used in place of a tenon sawn

Ikedame dovetail saw 150mm 18.30

Mini Dozuki saw
The Ikedame is a small saw with very fine teeth and a
long back particularly well suited for dovetail cutting.

Kugihiki flush cut saw 125mm 19.55

Flexible blade to flush cut through dowels & tenons.

Laminated steel oiri nomi chisels Ikedame saw

3mm 32.05
6mm 32.05
12mm 33.30
18mm 35.40 Kugihiki saw
24mm 38.30
4pc set 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm. 132.50
Laminated steel tools combine a very hard layer of
steel with a softer shock absorbing back resulting in
A durable tool that holds an exceptional edge
Laminated steel chisel
Laminated steel knifes

Kiridashi marking knife 12mm (right hand only) 9.15

Kiridashi marking knife 18mm (right hand only) 9.95
V point marking knife (left or right hand use) 12.50 Laminated steel knife

Japanese saw rasps

Japanese double sided saw rasp 230mm 13.30
Cuts fast without clogging Japanese saw rasp


Bench stone medium/800grit 200 x 63 x 30mm 18.30

Bench stone fine/4000grit 190 x 63 x 19mm 19.55
Multiform slip stone fine/4000grit 14.55
Waterstones are man-made from very sharp particles
fused together in a friable bond. This allows new
sharp abrasive particles to be constantly exposed and
the stones maintain a very fast cutting action. Japanese waterstones

Veritas range offer some of the most accurately made planes

available today. This combined with some interesting and
unique aspects to the design make them an ideal choice for the
serious craftsman in wood.

Plane bodies are made from stress relieved ductile cast iron DX60 Block plane
surface ground to very fine tolerances. Where possible we
supply planes fitted with the new PM-VII blades as standard
for extended edge holding on all types of wood.

Most planes have adjustable mouths and blade adjustment is

via a single screw/lever Norris style mechanism that adjusts
the blade up/down and laterally. Grub screws from the side
ensure correct blade alignment.
Standard block plane

DX60 Block Plane 129.00

Supplied with a 35mm PM-VII steel blade

12 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel

Standard block plane 108.00

Low angle block plane
Supplied with a 41mm PM-VII steel blade
20 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel

Low angle block plane 108.00

Supplied with a 42mm PM-VII steel blade

12 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel
Miniature block plane

Toothed blade 41mm A2 steel 18.30

Suitable for low angle or standard block plane

25 degree bevel.

Miniature low angle block plane 60 x 19mm 24.95

Supplied with a 12mm A2 steel blade Small bevel up bench plane

12 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel

Small bevel up bench plane 225 x 59mm 137.50

Supplied with a 44mm A2 steel blade

12 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel

Low angle smoothing plane 254 x 63mm 160.00 Low angle smoothing plane
Supplied with a 50mm PM-VII steel blade
12 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel

Low angle jack plane 380 x 70mm 175.00

Supplied with a 57mm PM-VII steel blade

12 degree bed angle, 25 degree bevel

Prices do not include vat Low angle jack plane


No.4 Smoothing plane 240 x 63mm 165.00

Supplied with a 50mm O1 steel blade

No.4 Smoothing plane 254 x 73mm 175.00 No. 4 Bench plane

Supplied with a 60mm PM-VII steel blade

No.6 Fore plane 457 x 73mm 195.00

Supplied with a 60mm PM-VII blade

No 6 Fore plane
Large shoulder plane 210 x 32mm 144.00

Supplied with a 32mm PM-VII blade

Small shoulder plane 155 x 13mm 121.50

Supplied with a 13mm PM-VII blade

Large shoulder plane

Miniature shoulder plane 62 x 6.3mm 21.50

Supplied with an A2 6.3mm blade

Small shoulder plane

Side rebate plane 69.00

Supplied with O1 steel blades

Miniature shoulder plane

Wooden plane hardware kit 33.50

Supplied with PM-VII blade

Spokeshave choose flat or curved base 47.50 Side rebate plane

Supplied with A2 steel blade

Scraping plane 109.50

Supplied with A2 steel blade Wooden plane hardware kit


No. 4 Bench plane Scraper plane

Tenon saw 62.50

Cross cut teeth 12tpi

Blade length 400mm

Tenon saw
Small cross cut saw 32.90

Cross cut teeth 16tpi

Blade length 235mm
Small cross cut saw
Dovetail saw 32.90

Blade length 230mm
Dovetail saw
Fine tooth dovetail saw 32.90

Blade length 235mm
Fine toothed dovetail saw

Variable burnisher 18.30

For raising a burr on cabinet scrapers

Angle can be set from 0 15 degrees
Carbide rod bearing surfaces.

Cabinet scraper holder 19.55 Variable burnisher

Absorbs the heat and stress on the hands when using a cabinet
scraper. The appropriate bow can be set using the central
screw adjuster. Aceepts scrapers 140 150mm long

Glass reinforced nylon and brass construction.

One veritas cabinet scraper included in the price.

Cabinet scraper holder

3pc Super hard curved cabinet scraper set 7.50

These Veritas scrapers are hardened to HRC 48-52 for

increased edge holding capability, somewhat harder than most
standard scrapers. The thickness of 0.4mm makes them
suitable for fine and delicate work.

3pc Scraper set

4pc Super hard cabinet scraper set 9.55

Harder than most cabinet scrapers at HRC 38-42 this set of

standard 150mm x 60-mm cabinet scrapers includes four
thicknesses: for fine work 0.4mm and 0.6mm and for heavy
work 0.8mm and 1mm.
4pc scraper set

Marking and measuring tools Sharpening tools

Stainless steel rule metric/imperial 150mm 3.95 Ezelap diamond sharpening plate 8 x 3 fine 49.50
300mm 6.95 Ezelap diamond hand lap 2 x fine 5.75
600mm 17.95
1000mm 33.65 Ice bear 800 grit bench waterstone 200x63mm 18.30
Ice bear 4000 grit bench waterstone 190x63mm 19.45
Ice bear 4000 grit multiform slip 100x50mm 14.55
Rosewood try square Crown tools 3 9.00
4 9.45 Cutting tools
6 10.95
9 12.95 Miniature brass plane - Silverline 75mm 6.50
12 16.50 Miniature bullnose plane 75mm 6.50
Miniature scraper plane- Silverline 75mm 6.50
Rosewood mitre square - Crown 10 22.95
3 pc scraper set Crown 7.75
Rosewood dovetail square Crown 3angle 1:6 10.80 4 pc mini scraper set Crown 8.25
3angle 1:8 10.80 Cabinet scraper Crown 5 x 3 2.95
Scraper Burnisher 8.85
Rosewood bevel Crown 3 8.25
7 11.35
9 12.25 Swann Morton scalpel handle No. 3 2.75
Acrylic scalpel handle No. 5A 5.95
Rosewood marking guage Crown miniature 6.95 Retractaway handle Each. 3.95
Standard 15.60 Scalpel blades 10A, 11, 15, 15A 5pc. pack 0.80
100pc. box 9.75
Rosewood cutting guage Crown miniature 9.35 Swann Morton scalpel handle No. 4 2.75
Standard 17.95 Acrylic scalpel handle No 6A 5.95
Scalpel blades 25A or 26 5pc. pack 0.80
Rosewood mortice guage Crown screwslide 33.50 100pc. box 9.75

Rosewood marking knife crown l/h or r/h 4.75 Clamps

Silverline precision square 75mm 3.40 Silverline deep throat F clamp 200x100 6.50
100mm 3.70 300x120 9.50
150mm 4.95 500x120 10.50
1000x120 14.50
Diatec dial calliper 150mm 26.95
Digital vernier calliper 150mm 17.50 Silverline quickclaw clamp 50x60 5.30
Outside calliper 6 4.60
Inside calliper 6 4.60 Silverline spreader clamp 300mm 9.95
Double ended calliper 12 16.75 450mm 10.95
Locking pencil compass 6 12.80 600mm 11.95
Locking pencil compass 10 16.95
Silverline locking dividers 150mm 4.95 Silverline light spreader clamp 150mm 4.50
300mm 5.50
Silverline band clamp for framing each 6.40
All by Crown hand tools
Other useful stuff
Tenon saw Beech handle 12 43.50 Moulded dust masks FFP1 grade 20 pack 9.95
Dovetail saw Beech handle 8 41.50
Gents saw Rosewood handle 4 25tpi 10.75 Letter and number punch set 5mm 36pc 12.95
6 17tpi 11.15
8 17tpi 11.90 Adjustable roller stand 673 1016mm 14.95
10 17tpi 12.50
Model makers saw Rosewood 6 20tpi 12.90 Veneer Hammer 19.95
Flush cutting saw Rosewood 6 20tpi 9.75
Veneer saw beech handle 3 12.75 Leather chisel roll 6.95
Veneer inlaying saw Rosewood 3 13.20
Luthiers fret slot cutting saw 8 16.50 Wood moisture meter 19.95

All prices are plus vat