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Shahrukh Shaikh

Mrs. Pamela Bradley

AP Literature

1 February 2017

Hamlet and his Stress

Throughout the play, Hamlet has been faced with many adverse scenarios and situations

that negatively and profoundly impact his well-being. Whether it be having to leave his

institution of higher education or the death of his father, Hamlet is continuously struck with

things that no ordinary man should go through.

In regard to the play, one can see Hamlets behavior through contextual evidence to pick

up intricate details. For instance, Hamlets quick and blunt reactions such as Oh god! describe

his mental state through minute details.

After taking a number of stress tests in Hamlets point of view. It is unanimous that

Hamlet most likely (considering that tests are not a legitimate diagnosis) is suffering from severe

stress. Harsh moments, such as seeing the figment of his fathers ghosts, are not mundane

occurrences that are experienced. In the real world, if one were to continuously claim that some

supernatural entity is guiding them throughout his or her daily life, a concern would arise. In

addition to this, the way Hamlet presents himself, such as his rash rebuttals towards other parties.