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STAR WARS Suite for Orchestra JOHN WILLIAMS I. Main Title IL, Princess Leia’s Theme Il The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) IV Yoda's Theme V Throne Room & End Title HAL*LEONARD* ORPORATION Instrumentation FLUTE1 B) TRUMPET 1 . FLUTE 2 Bb TRUMPET 2 PICCOLO Bb TRUMPET 3 (Flute 3) OBOE 1 ‘TROMBONE 1 OBOE 2 TROMBONE 2 Bb CLARINET 1 BASS TROMBONE BP CLARINET 2 TUBA BY BASS CLARINET BASSOON 1 TIMPANI BASSOON 2 PERCUSSION 1 PERCUSSION 2 FHORN1 F HORN 2 HARP FHORN3. PIANO/CELESTE FHORN 4 VIOLIN 1 VIOLIN It VIOLA. VIOLONCELLO CONTRABASS. Complete Set 04490056 Full Score 04490057 During 1997 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of George Lucas’ classic film Star Wars. All of us connected with this phenomenal movie have been greatly gratified to see an entire new generation of very young film-goers enjoy the Star Wars trilogy and relate so strongly to its story, characters, and music. Also, I am personally delighted to have this new edition of the score available to orchestras and the public. It includes the “Imperial March” and “Yoda's Theme,” both of which have not been available until this present printing Thave always felt privileged to have had the opportunity to compose music for these landmark films, and the ongoing interest in the films and their music has continued to be one of my greatest oys ° [ ™ lL) [ l fom STAR WARS Suite for Orchestra JOHN WILLIAMS Littes0(d = I, Main Title Pele Gi Hom Bb Trumpet ‘rombone J as Trombone Tue Tempest — | Hp Pano/Celeste oe Macsoso(d = 108) oe Lisesso =) ee Vita id c—, Vou contrabass Frog the Luaefim Lid Praduchon: A Twentieth Century Fox Relese STAR WARS 7 WARNER TaNERLANE PUBL SHINGCOR? and BANTHIA MUSIC 90057 “All Rights Ader by WARNER TAMERLANE PUBLISHING COR? STAR WARS Suite fr Orchestra =3 “AllRight Reserved" Used by Peemanon Hp ve ve oO a a a a a ‘STAR WARS Suite for Orchestra =4 uses? Hp vn. ve ve @ ane ~ oo @ o @ STAR WARS Sune for Orcs Timp Hp cuss @” @ @ a @ STAR WARS Sule for Orchestra 7 CF va. ve ve o usm STARWARS Suse or Ohsea-9 Hp ve ve o uss? ‘STAR WARS Suse for Onchestea = 11 Hp ve ve @ uve? STAR WARS Sue for Orch Hp vn, ve ve @ uses? a a o a STAR WARS Sate for Orcas =15 Hp va. (i) Poco Meno (d = 100) Hp ca ve ve o @ o @ STAR WARS Sue for Orchester = 17 uses? Poco Pit Mons Ia Agtnto (d= 108) pect Ha Tp va ve o ures? @ ‘STAR WARS Sutte for Orchestra -18. va, ve e ve - @ ——_— owns w @ o STARWARS Suter Ochs =19 of soe Mn Great Force co Wah Great Force roe [Presto (J = 168) _ vd 3 = (he (BpPresto id = 168) ve [STAR WARS Sulte for Orchestra =21 ca va. ve ve users? [Bi}Poco Meno (A tle more deliberate (d = 126) Ewen Meno (A iti moe deter tei Pee Tee Hp Pro fee ee I [Ba] Poco Meno (A litle more deliberate) (J = 126) ve ve o sens? STAR WARS Sue for Orchestre 23 Timp Hp Pro va. ve ve & uso? @ oo mm [STAR WARS Sule for Orchestea~25. uses? @ fi} fr) ‘STAR WARS Suse fr Orchestra = 27 ‘STAR WARS Suite for Orchestra 29 Nistesso d= 4) ie te 3 Ba Ton| cat mton| cf ve ve @ oot ft) irs3} icsa} = [STAR WARS Sate fo Orcs a uso? ‘STAR WARS Suse for Orchesia =38. ™ Hp Vn. ve ve @ 0057 oa [STAR WARS Salt for Orch 35 . yy ‘Un Poco Meno (d = 120) Tube Timp Brilante Timp ct va ve ve 5 = ‘oxs00s7 wo 13) w@ @ a STARWARS Suite for Orchestra 37 A Tempo (J = 126) 3 y == Hp Pro A Tempo @ = 126) ve ve Vn. ve @ users? ‘STAR WARS Saute for Orchestre 39 (3) Meno Masso (4 = 108) Te 1 Ten } be Ton| Hp [175] Meno Mosso (J = 108) va Taba asi Pacem ve a @ —= — users? w @ iri} aw Maestoso (+ = 100) T mal ve ve @ val a oustas7 ic] w = ‘STAR WARS Sue for Orchesta~41