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Lesson 1 Can our thoughts shape the future? 5
Lesson 2 The spirit of place 7
Lesson 3 The power of the collective 9
Lesson 4 Peace through group power 11
Lesson 9 The prayer of the singing mantra 13
Lesson 11 The brighter side of life 17
Lesson 30 Peak intensity 21
Lesson 32 Moving aside 23
Lesson 33 On the same wavelength 25
Lesson 34 The mental dry run 27
Lesson 36 Heavenly bodies 29


Can our thoughts shape the future? Lesson 1
Thought is a tangible energy that can cessfully produced a number of desired
have a physical impact on events, and e ffects. The system has changed the pH
on living and non-living things. This of solutions (by a full pH), sped up the
section explores how to use positive larval development of fruit flies (by up
intention in daily life as a positive, to 15 per cent), changed water and air
infectious energ y, and how to shield temperatures, and increased the activity
yourself from negative intention. of the liver enzyme alkaline phos-

ur connectedness implies that In Tillers study series, he enlisted
our intentions are an energ y four highly experienced meditators and
force that can shape our world. sat them around a table bearing an
Evidence from Princeton and other unimprinted IIED. The meditators went
research centers around the world indi- into a deep meditative state and, after
cates that human consciousness is a non- mentally cleansing the entire space
local energy force that can influence liv- around them, they mentally held a spe-
ing and non-living systems, and create cific intention for the device for about
order. 15 minutes. After mentally sealing in
Many studies show that the quantum their intention to prevent leakages of
frequencies that make up thought are an their imprint signal, the IIED was physi-
e n e rgy that is not sensitive to time or cally sealed in aluminum foil and placed
spaceonce we have an intention, it can in a special cage, designed to block elec-
a ffect our future or our past. Physicist tromagnetic interference. The boxes
Helmut Schmidt showed that people can were then shipped 2000 miles to a lab
a ffect the results of random electronic where the experiments were successfully
devices days after theyve been used.1 carried out over the next two to three
The evidence suggests that present or months.
future intentions act on initial probabili- Even more incredible, Tiller found
ties and influence what events actually that when a lab participates in studies of
come into being. conscious intention, the Zero Point Field
If that is the case, can our thoughts within the lab soon develops coherence,
travel into and shape the future? Some or a higher degree of order (measured
scientific evidence suggests that they by highly sensitive instruments). While
can. New evidence shows that we can conducting his experiments, it became
actually store our intentions and put apparent that a kind of conditioning
them to use whenever we need them. was going on around the site of the IIED
The extraordinary studies of Dr tests. Tiller and his experimenters began
William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of to observe oscillations in air and water
physics at Stanford University, illustrate temperatures, water pH and water elec-
that we can embed these conscious trical conductivity. No such changes
intentions in a simple electronic device were seen in areas more than six feet
with a standard electrical circuit gener- away from the test sites. The sites them-
ating less than 1 microwatt of power and selves began to develop similarities in
that, once captured, these intentions can the physical environment, even when
be used at some future time to affect a they were as much as 900 feet apart.3
living system. What appeared to be happening was
Tiller has successfully carried out that the intention charg e released some
studies in a variety of labs throughout sort of organizing principle, which
the US in which black boxes, or changed the natural thermodynamic
Intentional Imprinted Electrical Devices processes. These changes, which violat-
(IIEDs), as he calls them, charged with ed conventional physics, tended to aid
particular human intention, have suc- the process of change sought by the
intention. Indeed, this coherence tended down or improve many chemical
Lesson 1 to grow the more the IIED devices were processes. It may be possible for us to
used. a ffect the development of breakthrough
Here was specific, physical proof drugs by improving their targeted eff e c-
that intention is a power which alters the tiveness and minimizing their side-
world, irrespective of time or space. e ffects. A doctor could improve the per-
Human intention, even when captured centage of his patients who get better by
electronically, appears to have an infec- thinking his waiting room into a healing
tious power that extends out and affects place. A surgeon could improve his
the world. patients outcome by thinking positive
That human will can be collected in a thoughts during surgery. The power of
black box, and stored and shipped for human intention could potentially affect
use at a later date to affect any process every technology on the planet.
or object around it has enormous impli- Each of us is a potential Franken-
cations for every possible aspect of our stein, with the awesome power to affect
lives. Could we, for instance, use our the living world around us.
intention to affect the outcome of sur- Lynne McTa g g a rt
gery, make a business grow quickly, pre-
vent a child from dying or end a world 1 McTaggart L. The Field: The Quest for
conflict? the Secret Force of the Universe,
If we can use simple human intention London: HarperCollins, 2001; 1701
to affect the chemistry of an array of 2 Mat Res Innovat, 2001; 5: 2134
substances, then we can speed up, slow 3 Sci Med, 1999; May/June: 2833

The spirit of place Lesson 2
Is there such a thing as a spirit of place increasing enzyme activity or speeding up
or genius locia mysterious quality the development of fruit flies. They also
or power exuding positive energy and found that they were conditioning the
aiding your intention? space in the particular labs where repeat-
ed tests with IIEDs were carried out.

ncient peoples were sensitive to As the studies went on (for more than
the earths signals, and claimed three months at any lab), changes in air
to read and pay attention to cer- and water temperature, water pH and
tain configurations. Indigenous popula- water electrical conductivity were noted;
tions claim to have built their sacred sites indeed, the amplitude of the electrical
on ley lines or vital currents running conductivity of water exceeded by 100
through the earth over vast distances, and times the sensitivity of their detection
early cultures like the Mayan actually systems. Changes occurred such that the
prefigured many of these lines. level of free energy was raised, manifest-
New evidence shows that these ley ing different material properties, like a
lines may indeed exist as a result of geo- charged environment.
magnetic activity in the earths crust, or Tiller tested this by placing a direct-
as accumulations of the electrical charge current magnet under a pH vessel with
from groundwater seeping through one pole pointing upwards for several
porous chalk deposits, which is particu- days, then turning it over so that the oppo-
larly prevalent in the UK. This type of site pole faced upwards for several days.
charge accumulation can be redistributed In ordinary reality, electric and magnetic
and spill over into other sites on the dipoles do not exist. However, in these
ground, offering a moving target for charged spaces, conventional physics was
electrical discharges coming from the air, violated, and both electric and magnetic
thus creating a moving line of energy. dipoles coexisted and functionedsimi-
In the case of sacred sites such as lar to the reality supposedly present in
Stonehenge or the pyramids in Egypt, are exotic physics theories such as super
they sacred because their use over the symmetry states.
centuries has invested them with that They also found profound changes in
quality, or is there a subtle quality imbued the ambient Zero Point Field. Somehow,
in the site from the beginning, leading the ordinarily random fluctuations of the
humans to naturally select it for that pur- ZPF were becoming more ordered. There
pose? Does the energy of the inhabitants also seemed to be a kind of local coher-
coalesce at a site like an energetic whorl, ence developing in their results. Strong
or is some sort of energetic resonance correlations were seen between data from
always present? multiple test sites, even when these sites
The latest scientific evidence suggests were more than 900 feet apart.
the former: that we create our own spirit Interestingly, Tiller also discovered
of place, depending upon its use over this special super-symmetry physics in
time. In the black box experiments of one other place in nature: at sites along
William Tiller, a group of meditators the meridian system of the human body.
charged a black box (an Intentional Unlike conventional electromagnetic
Imprinted Electrical Device [IIED] with fields, these points also contain a higher
intention which was replayed later at a electromagnetic energy system.
different lab (see Lesson One). The exper- Tillers results appear to mirror those
imenters not only found that they could of the former Princeton Engineering
successfully produce their desired Anomaly Research (PEAR) scientist Dr
effectschanging the pH of a solution, Roger Nelson concerning the nature of
changing water and air temperatures, sacred sites. Nelson tested several sites

such as Wounded Knee in the US, and the an inventor finds that he is able to pro-
Lesson 2 Queens Chamber in the Egyptian pyra- duce spectacular results in his own
midusing a random-event generator garage, where his experiment has been
(REG), an electronic device that can reg- repeated over and over. However, once he
ister any changes in the randomness in wishes to bring forth his discovery to the
the ambient Field. world and attempts to carry his experi-
In some of these sacred sites, large ments out in another laboratory, he sim-
effects were registered on the REGs, as if ply cannot replicate his earlier results.
the location itself continued to hold a high Tillers findings also suggest several
degree of resonating consciousness, a sort profound elements not only about the
of vortex of coherent memory. power of intention, but also about the
Even more incredible in the case of place where we choose to carry out our
Tiller, this ordered environment was intentions. In effect, our intentions are, in
somehow aiding the outcome of the a sense, infectious and reach out into our
experiments. Tillers results were better world to create an ordered environment.
after three monthsafter conditioning This order then helps us to achieve better
of the lab space had occurred. Control results, the more we use it. Choosing one
labs, which had received IIEDs that did particular space in which to carry out
not contain stored intention, failed to these intentions will enhance their effects
demonstrate any changed outcomes or over time. It may be that, for best results,
improvements over time. we should choose a special room in our
Tillers results offer a scientific quan- house and condition that space over
tification of a phenomenon that is well- time by making it the one place that we
known to inventorsthe so-called use for healing or any directed intention.
garage-inventor effect. In this situation, Lynne McTaggart

The power of the collective Lesson 3
If the intention of one person is an ener - events occurringthat is, shifted the
gy with a physical effect in the world, odds of something happening or altered
does the signal get stronger when mul - the tendency of a system to behave in a
tiplied over an entire group? Is it true certain way. It is like persuading a per-
that a group of us can literally be on the son standing at a crossroads, momentar-
same wavelength or establish some sort ily undecided as to whether to head
of heightened group coherence, particu - down one road rather than another. T h e y
larly in a situation of heightened would, in other words, have created
a w a re n e s s ? order.
When a participant pressed a button,

he answer would appear to be he would set off a trial of 200 binary
yes, according to a few interest- hits of 1 or 0, each lasting about one-
ing studies that grew out of work fifth of a second, during which time he
first developed by the Princeton would hold a mental intention to, say,
Engineering Anomaly Research pro- produce more than 100 1s. The PEAR
gramme in Princeton, New Jersey, using team usually asked each operator to
a random-event generator (REG), the carry out a run of 50 trials at one go, a
21st century equivalent of an electronic process involving 1000 button presses,
toss of the coin. but taking perhaps half an hour. The
The random movement of these researchers examined scores for each
machines (to either heads or tails) is operator in blocks of 50 or 100 runs
controlled by the white noise you hear (25,000 or 50,000 trials, or 5 million or
when you turn the dial of your radio in 10 million binary hits)the best-sized
between stationsthat tiny roaring surf chunk of data, they determined, for reli-
of free electrons. This provides a mecha- ably pinpointing trends.
nism by which to send out a randomly These kinds of tests use a tried-and-
alternating frequency of positive and tested statistical device called cumula-
negative pulses. The results are dis- tive averages, which entails continually
played on a computer screen, then trans- adding up your results for each trial,
mitted online to a data-management averaging it and plotting it on a graph.
system. This would show the mean or average
With machines using such a process, and standard deviationsmargins where
youre dealing in the realm of probabili- results deviate from the mean, but not
ty and fluiditya machine governed by significantly so.
atomic particles that, in turn, are gov- In trials of 200 random binary hits,
erned by the probabilistic universe of the machine should throw an average of
quantum mechanics. Their output con- 100 heads and 100 tails over timegiv-
sists of perfectly random activity which, ing a bell curve with 100 as its mean or
in physics, is viewed as a state of disor- highest point. If you were to plot each
der. result every time your machine ran a
If some information transfer or trial, you would have individual points
ordering mechanism were going on on your bell curveat, say, 101, 103,
what physicists like to term negative 95, 104each representing a score. But,
entropy, or negentropy for shortit as any single effect is very tiny, it is dif-
would represent a move away from ran- ficult to see an overall trend.
domness, or disarray, to order. But if you continue to add up and
If it could be shown that the partici- average your results, any effects you
pants in a study had altered some ele- have, no matter how slight, will lead to
ment of the machines output, they a steadily increasing departure from
would have changed the probabilities of expectation. Cumulative averaging high-

lights any deviation from the norm in During the studies, Rowe planted
Lesson 3 bold relief. REGs in the Spielraum groups and kept
REGs were used at PEAR to deter- the machines running continually. He
mine if the intention of individual opera- also asked an observer as well as all the
tors could affect them. They were then other sensitive members of the group
used to assess the ability of an intently to record those times of what he consid-
focused group consciousness to order or ered focused group intention, the times
influence these machines. As the REG they felt the group had reached a kind
machine is so exquisitely sensitive, it of coherence.
was thought that it might just pick up on After 11 experiments, eight were
whether there were good vibrationsat, found to show a significant correlation
say, a prayer meeting or orchestral con- between the REGs outputwhen it
certso that the consciousness of the danced well away from its random activ-
group might somehow be able to func- ity to orderand those times when the
tion as a magical whole. sense of the group achieved a moment of
Experimenter William Rowe decided intense likemindedness. The machines
to test this hypothesis by examining the output even paralleled a day when the
coherence of the group attending a series group held a non-engaging business
of intensive three-day Spielraum work- meeting, and when it turned into an
shops in Virginia.1 Spielraum sessions intense celebration.
constitute a method of combining play Rowes conclusion was that the
and creative work with the goal to quick- REGs provide direct evidence that
ly bring forth the artistic and creative episodes of focused group energy occur
spirituality within each workshop partic- that are both sensed by the individual
ipant. These sessions have become participants and physically measurable.
known for producing a feeling of group Lynne McTa g g a rt
energy so palpable that the participants 1 J Sci Explor, 1998; 12 (4): 56981
themselves claim to feel it.

Peace through group power Lesson 4
Perhaps the most impressive body of receiving intention compared with the
evidence for the positive effects of controls.1
g roup intention has been put together A similar experiment was repeated in
by adepts of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Netherlands over a 10-year period in
who brought Transcendental Medita- which the adepts endeavored to influence
tion (TM) to the West. levels of crime and traffic accidents. On
every occasion that they intended a drop

hese adepts have carried out over in crime and traffic levels, the levels duly
500 experiments in group inten- fell, as confirmed by the Dutch Central
tioncalled the Maharishi Effect Office for Statistics.2
to test their influence over military Since 1979, a group of TM partici-
escalation in war zones, crime levels in pants, ranging from a few hundred to
crime-ridden areas and even the London 8000 people, has met twice a day at the
stockmarket. For each experiment, each Maharishi International University (MIU)
adept practices TM until he reaches what in Fairfield, Iowa, to create coherence
the Maharishi describes as transcendental within the US as well as the rest of the
consciousness, a state of restful alertness world. Their efforts were monitored until
that is distinct from normal waking, 1985, and a significant reduction in the
dreaming or deep sleep. In this heightened number of violent deathshomicides,
state, says the Maharishi, we are creative suicides and traffic fatalitieswas report-
and dynamic, and can be more effective in ed. Crime levels fell in New Delhi by 11
our own lives andhere is the nubin per cent in 1980 when 3000 TM-Sidhi
the lives of others, too. experts met in that city,3 whereas crime in
This conscious intention can have a the city of Washington, DC, dropped by
positive impact on collective conscious- 76 per cent between 1981 and 1983, a fall
ness. The Maharishi defines conflict in that was attributed by some to the inten-
society as stress in the collective con- tions of TM groups.4
sciousness of a nation and the world. These experiments in crime and traffic
These stresses are ultimately caused by accident levels have been repeated many
violations of the laws of nature, actions times around the world in different cities,
that are not in accord with the laws that and each has had an effectalbeit, on
govern progress, development and happi- occasions, a small one.
ness in human life, says the Maharishi But even advocates of the Maharishi
(see box, page 12). Effect might have their credulity tested
Each experiment has been carefully when it comes to the experiments on
constructed to meet exacting scientific seemingly inanimate constructs, such as
standards, says the Maharishi, and the the stock exchange or unemployment
results have all taken into consideration indices.
any other factors that might have other- One group of adepts sought to influ-
wise influenced the figures. ence the misery indexthe sum of infla-
Perhaps the most extraordinary effects tion and unemployment ratesin the
have been achieved with the 22 studies USA and Canada between 1979 and 1988.
that have tested the positive impact of the Indeed, the index in the US fell by 40 per
Maharishi Effect on crime levels. One cent and, in Canada, by nearly 30 per cent.
concentrated on 11 American cities with A similar result was achieved during
populations greater than 25,000 people. the same period when another group was
Each city was matched with a control city attempting to influence the American
of a similar size and with similar crime misery index, and the monetary growth
levels. Between 1972 and 1973, crime and crude-materials price indices. In this
levels fell by 16 per cent in the cities case, the misery index fell by 36 per cent

and the crude-materials price index fell people, ratio of police to population,
Lesson 4 by 13 per cent. Although the growth rate neighborhood watch projects and so on.
of the monetary base was affected, it was This perhaps gives us the how, but
only by a small margin. the more interesting question of why
Economic indicators can, and do, fluc- remains unanswered. An understanding of
tuate dramatically over long periods of collective consciousness as described by
time, and critics could argue that it was the Maharishi may help (see box below),
the inevitable cycle of the economy, rather but the reasons for its possibility were
than the effects of a TM-groups intention, well put by astronomer Sir James Jeans.
that was being witnessed.5 He once said:
Nevertheless, leaving to one side the When we view ourselves in space
effects on economic measurements, there and time, our consciousnesses are obvi-
is little doubt that the TM groups have had ously the separate individuals of a particle
a positive impact on crime. Many skeptics picture, but when we pass beyond space
have pointed to other factors that must and time, they may perhaps form ingredi-
have influenced the figures, such as a drop ents of a single continuous stream of life.
in the number of adult males during that As it is with light and electricity,
given period of the research, or perhaps so may it be with life; the phenomena
the fact that a local community was sud- may be individuals carrying on separate
denly seeing the benefits of an education- existences in space and time while, in the
al programme that may have been insti- deeper reality beyond space and time, we
gated years before. may all be members of one body.
But the Maharishi groups say that, Bryan Hubbard
where they have been aware of any possi- 1 Sci Res Maharishi Transc Med TM-Sidhi
ble confounding influences, they have Prog Coll Papers, 1976; 1: 63948
allowed for them when arriving at the 2 Ibid, 1989; 4: 256682
final statistics. Each of the studies into 3 Ibid, 1989; 4: 25838
crime has controlled for population, col- 4 J Mind Behav, 1988; 9: 45785
lege population, population density, geo- 5 Proc Am Stat Assoc, 19889: 4916,
graphical region, percentage of young 799904

The power of consciousness

Consciousness can affect consciousnessmore exactly, directed and coherent con-
sciousness can organize incoherent consciousness that violates the laws of nature,
or so the Maharishi maintains.
Each of us has a consciousness that gives us our identity, a sense of who we are.
Similarly, argues the Maharishi, a family has a collective consciousness, as does a
local community, city, nation and the world. It may be easier to understand this con-
cept at a simpler level: a family or neighborhood can be of a type, and even a city
has a feeling about it. However, at this level, it is harder to see the single, unifying
consciousness that determines it.
Even at the macro level, the collective consciousness is ultimately made up of
individual consciousness. Our own consciousness influences the whole just as the
whole influences usin a kind of symbiotic exchange.
But how many people are needed for an intention to have a positive impact?
According to the Maharishi, it takes the square root of 1 per cent of a population
or 1600 people to have a positive impact on the USA. To influence the world on
this reckoning, 7000 people would be needed.

The prayer of the singing mantra Lesson 9
R e s e a rchers have discovered the The tempo of the chanting can be
e x t r a o rd i n a ry effect that a group can slow or fast, although slow may be an
have on intention experimentsthe easier pace for a group to follow; even
g reater the number of participants, the then, it may be a good idea to elect a
g reater the concentration or magnifica - conductor, who can indicate when to
tion of the effect, it seems. start, when to change syllable and when
to stop, at least for the first run-through.

s with group intention, so with Once everyone is sure of the tempo and
group chanting: the more people the changes, its safe to close the eyes.
chanting in the same room at Each syllable should be sounded for
the same time, the greater the effect. up to two seconds, and there should be a
(Nevertheless, it appears to help individ- pause between syllables. For instance,
ual chanters take a deeper, inward jour- your group could be healing someone
ney whereas group intention is, by defi- called Barbara, which would go some-
nition, an outwards movement). Indeed, thing like this: BAAAAA (breath)
some forms of group chanting involve BAAAAA (breath) RAAAAA (stop).
chanting the name of one of the partici- This can be repeated for up to two min-
pants, so its not surprising that an indi- utes.
vidual may feel affectedor even Broken down into long syllables, it
healedby the group. ceases to be an identifiable name and
If the idea of group chanting is a becomes a vibration instead, which some
secret, its one that has been shared with mystics believe your name is anyway.
every religion in the worldand for Chanting someones name can be
thousands of years. Worshippers have very powerful; it is, after all, our most
always gathered together to sing hymns, fundamental identifier, and there is a
chant or pray, so perhaps someone, school of thought that believes that
somewhere, knew about the magnifying names have a mystical power. Musicol-
e ffect of the group. ogist James DAngelo wonders if a
Setting up your own church of group of people chanting the word tree
chant could not be easier. All you need could cause a tree to grow healthier roots
is a large, airy and light room, and and stronger branches.
enough chairs to go round. People can This may not be quite as bizarre as
stand, or everyone can agree to sit on the first it sounds. Examples of the magical
floor, but provide chairs for those whose power of names are littered through var-
back problems make sitting on the floor ious religions and ancient cultures; the
for long periods uncomfortable or even Aborigines of Australia still believe the
painful. world is sung into being whereas, in
What is important is for the group to the Christian Bible, Adam named all the
form a circle, with the person to be animals. (For more examples of the
healed lying down in the middle. power of names and words, see Lesson
Everyone should have their eyes closed S e v e n).
so that the concentration is on the sounds
being generated. Singing mantras
If you all decide to chant the persons Weve seen that we can sing vowels,
name, try to do so in his or her funda- consonants and even peoples names.
mental tone, if this is known. (For more But probably the most effective form of
information about the fundamental tone, chanting is with mantras, considered
see Lesson Eight). Alternatively, the per- by every religion to be holy sounds that
son could instead choose a tone that he will bring us closer to the Creator or
or she likes intuitively. creative force, or expand our conscious-

ness. They can also have a more prag- May you live in the peace of the univer-
Lesson 9 matic effect, such as ridding us of nega- sal sound. It still incorporates the OM
tive thoughts and feelings of ill will, or sound, but then adds to it the SHAHHN
encouraging greater calm. and TEE sounds. The tempo of this chant
Most mantras can be chanted on one is, again, down to personal choice, but
tone, and should last from between five its usually best to begin slower, even
and 10 minutes at a medium-to-high if you are naturally inclined towards a
volume. The sound should fall away as relatively fast tempo. To begin with, try
you near the end, until your vocal chords to work on the basis of one beat per
are merely shaping the sounds without second; giving two beats to the OM
actually making the sound. This inner sound, one beat for SHAHHN and three
silence can continue for up to 20 minutes beats for TEE. If breathing is difficult,
after the chanting itself has finished. stop between each syllable, and then
Perhaps the most famous mantra is extend the TEE sound beyond two beats.
the OM sound. To the Hindu faith, it Another wonderful mantra is
represents the echo of the divine word, SOHAM, or SO-HAHMMM, which
or the universe beyond form. But it also means: I am That, a profound expres-
has resonance with other cultures; in sion from the Vedas. Its purpose is to
Latin, omnes means everything, and unite you to universal consciousness.
the Mayans of Mexico and South The two sounds are supposed to rep-
America thought of the OM sound as resent polarities: SO is the male Yang
the bridge between Heaven and Earth. e n e rg y, and HAM is the female Yin. It
The Hindus also believe that the OM also joins inspiration, or cold, and expi-
sound represents the beginning and end- ration, or warmth. Unlike most mantras,
ing of the world, which coincides with it can be sounded inwardly, or you can
the first syllable of the Greek word chant the SO silently, and the HAM
omega, which means the last (as in audibly, or you can chant both syllables
Alpha and Omega). out loud.
When chanting the OM sound, the The SO sound should be produced on
movement of the sound should go from the inbreath by drawing in air through
the head, where it begins, down into the the mouth which, with the help of the
belly. This is more easily achieved if you tongue, can make a snake-like hissing
begin with the AHHH sound, so that sound as it enters. As the air reaches the
OM sounds like AUM. The AHHH throat, create the OH sound almost as a
sound should be made with a mouth that whisper. Then, on the outbreath, the
is wide open. whispering should change to a HAH
You can take it even one stage before sound. Finally, close your lips to create
the AHHH sound by beginning with the the final MMM sound, which will be
ERR sound. This is achieved by moving almost inaudible.
the lips, and it should be sounded for just According to the Buddhist tradition,
a few seconds before launching into the the OM MANI PADME HUM mantra is
AHHH sound. one of the most sacred. The OM sound
As you can see, there are several has the same meaning as in the Hindu
interpretations of the OM sound and, to faith, while MANI refers to the divine
a large extent, it depends on personal that lives in all our hearts, and PADME
choice. You could, for example, be more is the lotus. At the end is us, the individ-
phonetic, and just stick to the OHHH ual, a finite spark from the eternal con-
sound before moving to the MMMMM sciousness, represented by the HUM
chant, so creating a sound closer to OM sound. Chant OM for two beats, then
itself. MA, NI, PAD and ME for one beat
A prayer-like mantra is OM SHAN- each, and finish with HUM, sustained
TI, which (very roughly) translates into: for three beats.

The Islamic faith offers the ALLAH Finally, no collection of mantras
HU mantra, both sacred sounds for would be complete without one from the
Lesson 9
God. Usually, the ALLAH sound, split Native American culture, famed for its
into two syllables, with one beat given to chanting. These chants work well in a
the A H L sound and two for the LAH, is group, and can be accompanied by a
repeated a number of times before the simple drum or rattle. One such mantra
HUU sound is introduced. The HUU to try is WOA YEA, which is pro-
sound should be held for nine beats. T h e nounced woe ya. You can extemporize
Sufis, the esoteric arm of Islam, often and go with the flow, possibly repeat-
sing the HUU sound over a series of ing each of the syllables 10 times or
notes rather than a single note. more, and across a few notes.
The Christians also have their It reminds me of the last lines written
mantras, such as AMEN. But a beautiful by the ballet dancer Nijinsky in his diary.
one for any chanter is ALLELUIA, He wrote that his little child was singing
which means praise the Lord or, more some nonsense such as da-da-da. I
literally from Hebrew, praise ye d o n t know what he is saying, wrote
Yahweh. As with the ALLAH mantra, Nijinsky, except that life is good. A n d
there is a strong emphasis on the L so it is with the mantras of the Native
sound, requiring the dexterous use of Americans.
the tongue on the upper palate. The AHL B ryan Hubbard
sound requires two beats, the LAY one,
and the LOO sound three beats, as does Further reading
the YAH, which can finish with a DAngelo J. Healing With the Vo i c e .
cadence before you take a well-deserved London: Thorsons, 2000


The brighter side of life Lesson 11
Now that weve learned how to deter - Psychiana, put it, A thought is a
mine what thoughts make us weak or THING.
strong, we can begin learning some of This suggests that directed thought
the basic ways to send out an intention. can have a physical impact on every-
This article is the first of a series of thing in your world that may be practi-
intention exercisesdeveloped from a cally usedfrom increasing the chances
m i x t u re of those used in scientific of your baby being healthy to making
experiments and those used in tradi - your garden grow. We know already
tional culturesto effect changes in from scientific research that intention
various aspects of your life for your can be used to affect computerized sys-
c h i l d ren, yourself, your home, your tems, influence living systems, calm
c a re e r, your community and even the down or help to focus nervous or dis-
planet. Begin keeping an intention tracted people, heal remotely, affect the
workbook for the exercises over the growth of plants, transform our body and
coming lessons. even change the physiology of our brain.
An intention with power doesnt

hen we think of our thoughts, have to be a singleminded aim that you
desires, wishes and inten- effort to accomplish. A powerful and
tions, we think of them as e ffective intention can be a simple
something locked inside our heads. A thought that you continue to think of as
strong intention, to our minds, is a pur- often as you can and from which you
poseful aim to accomplish a desired will not be deflected. Consequently,
result. using intention effectively is a matter of
However, our understanding of quan- disciplining your mind to learn how to
tum physics makes us realize that inten- direct energy and how to harness your
tion is an energy with a corporeal form thoughts.
that is every bit as real as the chair you Every moment of every day, your
may be sitting in at the moment. We also thoughtsall the endless chattering
know from earlier lessons that reality is inside your headis manifesting itself
not fixed, but fluid, or mutable, and as your reality. If your internal voice is a
hence open to influence, and that living monologue that constantly criticizes
things are central to the entire process as your every move as a failure (Look how
master influencers. you muffed that one, Ace.), you will
Human thoughts and intentions are fail. If you think you cant do math, you
an actual physical somethinga tangi- w o n t be able to do it. A negative
ble energywith the astonishing power thought about yourself (Im untalented
to affect our world. The latest scientific and lazy.) or your children (Hes such
research proves that every thought we a slob.) may manifest as a physical
have is a tangible energy that changes energy that makes such a statement self-
the molecular structure of the object of fulfilling. If you keep thinking that your
our intentions. Our thoughtsour children cant do math because you
hopes, desires, wisheshave an inde- couldnt, they too will prove to be poor
pendent energy that transforms the at sums.
nature of our world. So, the first important exercise is to
This inexhaustible and simple stop thinking negatively. Here are some
resource can be called upon to focus exercises to help you do this:
our lives, heal our illnesses, clean up our Clear your mind of the negative
communities and improve the planet. As thoughts that fill your head every
Frank B. Robinson, founder of the New day. No intention is going to work if
Thought religious movement called your real desire doesnt match your

internal monologue. Your inner Im going to fail.
Lesson 11 thoughts are your real intentions The answer isnt out there.
the ones your subconscious really Write down any others of this variety
believes. Write down how many of that regularly claim your thoughts.
the following thoughts are regularly Remember, these thoughts are your
played out in your mind: reality. In the beginning, you must
Why does everything have to replace the negative with the posi-
happen to me? tive. Every time you catch yourself
Its going to be a hard slog. thinking or saying something like
I just dont have enough money. that, simply replace it with a new
Nobody loves me. blueprint, the sort of thoughts such
Things are getting worse and as:
worse. I am going to have a positive
Im confused and lost. dayall good things will flow to
Im frightened and alone. me and everything thats sup
Its hopelesstheres no way posed to happen will happen.
out. I have all that I need.

Intentionality goes mainstream

Psychiatrist Dr James S. Gordon, the chair of the White House Commission on
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, recently commented, We're just
beginning to think about how to apply some of the ways of looking at things that come
out of the new physics, such as understanding the influence of the observer on the
These ideas have even begun to filter into mainstream medical practice, with many
medical schools experimenting with the power of intentionality. Teaching hospitals
such as Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Harvard Medical School now
advocate that hypnotists teach self-hypnosis techniques to surgical patients to help
speed recovery. Increasingly, doctors are referring their patients to one of the
countrys 1000 or more certified hypnotherapists.1
Furthermore, in September 2003, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
hosted a weekend conference, attended by many renowned scientists, to examine the
latest findings on the power of meditation, including the ability of trained Buddhist
monks to affect their environment through thought alone. Indeed, Eric Lander, a leader
of the Human Genome Project, announced before the group that the time may soon
come when the US Surgeon General will advise Americans seeking to improve their
health to put aside one hour several times a week for compassionate meditation.
This remark was sparked by the presence of Surgeon General David Satcher last
June as the keynote speaker at a special forumthe Congressional Prevention
Coalitioninspired, and partly organized, by the Institute of Science, Technology and
Public Po l i c y, on the use of meditation for improving heart disease.
Recently, the US National Institutes of Health funded research into the effective-
ness of Transcendental Meditation in reducing cardiovascular disease in high-risk
1 Carey B. Hypnotic reach: Doctors find recovery is aided by helping patients into healing trances.
Los Angeles Times, 5 January 2004: F.1

I am cherished and loved. thoughtabout the weather, another
Things are getting better and bet driver, the woman across from you
Lesson 11
ter. in the train, your spouse, your chil-
I know where I am headed. dren, your coworkersis banished
Im going to succeed. immediately! All critical thinking
I will trust that the universal about your work, your looks, your
mind will send me the answer. love life, your salary, your home or
In your journal, list your typical your pets goes out.
thoughts and write underneath each Now, decide what thoughts you want
one your new positive alternatives to put in their place about yourself.
where you want to end up. These new thoughts can also be
Refuse ever to destructively criticize where you want to end up. Set your-
yourself. You are human. Let your- self one clear, challenging, achiev-
self off the hook when you slip up able goal. From the science, it seems
and use mistakes as a learning expe- evident that specific intentions work
rience. best. So be highly specific in your
Simply refuse to entertain a negative goals (to pay off your credit-card bill,
thought. Every time you catch your- to learn yoga or Spanish, to earn
self thinking a negative thought, ban- 5000 more each year). Write them
ish it and replace it with the positive down, make an intention poster and
one you have noted down. list it so you can look at it every day.
Go through your day without a single Work on the new image and these
negative thought (its more difficult goals as your internal chatter.
than you think). Any negative Lynne McTaggart


Peak intensity Lesson 30
In this first of a series on sending inten - six Protestants while praying, it was dis-
tion, we examine the importance of covered that, rather than their brain-
reaching a peak of aware n e s s . waves slowing, they actually sped up.3
Research by Daniel Goldman, author

he received wisdom among the of Emotional Intelligence and other
scientific community is that, dur- books about the science of meditation,
ing psychic events, the brain also shows that the brains neocortex in
slows down. Much of the electro- meditators speeds up while being cut
encephalographic (EEG)-based research off from the limbic system, and that
on meditation shows that meditation portions of the brain are selectively
leads to an increase in alpha rhythms switched off so that the brain can con-
(slow, high-amplitude brainwaves of centrate on a particular area with height-
frequencies of 813 cycles per second). ened perception, without the overlay
In our ordinary waking consciousness, of emotion or meaning.4
our brain operates on beta waves (around Other researchers have discovered
1340 Hz). that different forms of meditation can
A rich body of meditation literature produce strikingly different patterns on
had shown that an alpha and theta state EEG. Yogis strive for anuraga, or a sense
predominates during meditation.1 of constant fresh perception, whereas
Similarly, the literature on meditation Zen Buddhists strive to eliminate all
and researches into parapsychology have response to the outer world, and studies
stressed the importance of the alpha comparing the two have found that med-
state. itation can lead to a heightened percep-
However, there have been notable tual awareness or inner absorption,
exceptions. During his sessions with depending upon whether the type of
Michael Persinger, master remote-view- meditation practiced is object-based or
er Ingo Swann, whod been wired up object-less.
to an EEG machine, showed bursts of Yet other studies show that medita-
fast beta activity, which were found to tion can actually shut down the response
be in the gamma range (3540 Hz), of the limbic emotional center and
intermixed with alpha rhythms in the enhance perception of the neocortex.5
temporal lobes during rest. Persingers Sara Lazars functional magnetic res-
algebraic equations showed that those onance imaging (fMRI) work on experi-
bursts of high frequency (consisting of enced practitioners of mindfulness med-
7-Hz spikes) occurred primarily over the itation (see Science of The Field) shows
right occipital region of the brain, and that signals are significantly increased
corresponded to moments when Swann in the neural structures of the brain
was receiving information. Swann, it involved with attention. 6
seemed, had calmed himself down so And new evidence of hers using ordi-
that he could enter a superconscious nary MRI shows that, in practitioners
state. 2 of meditation, those portions of the brain
Other studies of deep meditation associated with attention and sensory
have shown that, during the deepest processing are thicker in people who
states, experienced meditators have meditate compared with controls and
bursts of high-frequency beta or gamma that, like Davidsons results, these
waves, often associated with moments changes are dose-dependent: the
of ecstasy or intense concentration. increases in cortical thickness are pro-
During these moments, the heart rate can portional to the amount of time the par-
also accelerate.1 In fact, in a study ticipant has spent meditating in his or
where investigators took the EEGs of her lifetime.

Other brain research shows that cer- Lazars meditators were working on
Lesson 30 tain repetitive practices requiring a high mindfulness, a state of peak attention.
degree of attention, such as playing a They had turned their attention receptors
musical instrument or even juggling, to peak awareness, and it is likely, as
cause similar increases in cortical vol- with Ingo Swann, that they had trained
ume. their brain to pick up more than one
Although the thickness of the neocor- channel.
tex usually deteriorates with age, regular Lynne McTa g g a rt
meditation appears to reduce or reverse
the process. Also, over time, it causes 1 Murphy M. The Physical and
the brain to increase the cognitive and Psychological Effects of Meditation: A
emotional processing for only those spe- Review of Contemporary Research.
cific activities that the meditator regular- Big Sur, CA: Esalen Institute, 1988
ly engages in. Those who pay strict 2 Percept Mot Skills, 2002; 94 (3 Pt 1):
attention to their breathing or to sensory 92749
stimuli, for example, will have taught 3 Psychol Rep, 1978; 43 (1): 13543
their brain to be hyperaware. 4 Am J Ps y c h o t h e r, 1976; 30 (1): 4154
So, if the brain is simply a giant 5 Am Sci, 1975; 63 (3): 31424
receiver picking up and beaming out var- 6 NeuroReport, 2000; 11: 15815
ious frequencies from its environment,
then it is possible to create, in effect, a
larger radio.

Peak intensity for intention

Practice daily meditation for at least 30 minutes
Focus on somethingyour breathing, a mantra, a sound or tone or mindfulness,
the practice of non-judgmental awareness of present-moment sensory stimuli
Observe your own state of awareness
Make gentle note of times when your awareness moves from simple relaxation to
a state of calm, but focused, peak intensitya sense of hyperawareness of every-
thing happening outside of you
Practice until you are able to reach a peak intensity with regularity.

Moving aside Lesson 32
In a number of studies of healers, the to saturate his entire consciousness with
one common thread within a huge vari - the goal that he was trying to produce.
ety of techniques is a willingness to Sometimes, they had to make use of
surrender to a greater healing forc e symbolic or mythical ideas to augment
beyond themselves. They put out their their own sense of reality.
intention and then step backa tech - Initially, it required a peak of atten-
nique we can all use in our everyday tion and an increase in control (see
lives. Living the Field Lesson Thirt y). But this
intense concentration seemed to dissolve

alifornia clinical and forensic their own boundaries. At some point,
psychologist Allan Cooperstein inner chatter would cease and, some-
has examined the common times, the only thing left was pure
thread among 20 healers for his doctoral image.
thesis. 1 Eventually, increased effort and con-
Overall, what distinguished them trol gave way to an effortless entry into
from any other type of ordinary healers a heightened awareness of inner process-
was their conscious attempt to get out es and, ultimately, a sense of being
of the way. The essential thing for them engulfed by aspects of the person they
was to merge with the sea of conscious- were focusing on. One healer actually
ness, experienced by some as an energy felt his body changing, with shifts in the
sea, by others as a vision of spiritual patterns and distributions of energ y.
being and by yet others as extra-human Although healers dont usually actually
abilities suddenly manifesting in them- take on the pain, there could be a sensing
selves. mechanism for it. They might imagine a
The important first step was to use situation producing the desired change.
some technique to prepare themselves
for accessing this other state. For this, Blurring the boundaries
they modified their attention, their sense Cooperstein discovered that, in every
of self and separateness, and also their instance, his healers began to think in a
entire means of processing information. d i fferent way. Their perception was
Most of these healers found that they markedly altered, their preferences
had to work hard initially to concentrate changed, their motor skills diminished.
their attention to a single focus. They They might pick up the image of a circle
used meditative techniques or prayer to but, in the healing state, the circle would
center themselves, or sought some way take on an altogether different and more
of making their intention real. Some significant meaning.
used verbal affirmations as a kind of Time also took on an expanded pres-
autosuggestion, mental imagery or even ence, so they were unaware of time pass-
beliefs without picturesall as a sort ing.
of warm-up exercise to loosen the tight These healers began to feel a sense of
grip of the everyday on physical reality. energy as wave-like oscillations, rever-
Usually, they began with a strong berations, currents or even thermal
intention to enter the other state and changeseither increased warmth or
increase all of their cognitive processes coldnessalmost like an atmospheric
and then, at a certain point, it just hap- layer around the body. If certain prob-
pened. In most instances, they had to lems of excess, such as a spine with too
concentrate on some internal or external much calcium, felt intensely hot, other
focus and censor out the everyday dis- problems, such as spinal cord injuries,
traction. In one instance as a technique could feel freezing cold, as though none
for focusing attention, the healer decided of the bodys own energy had managed

to reach this damaged outer boundary. Words would appear, seemingly from
Lesson 32 What had been ordinary intention nowhere, giving them the diagnosis;
grew impersonal to the point where they realized that something beyond
whatever personal will theyd been their conscious thought was doing all the
exercising before began to slip until they work. Even if they were still conscious,
just let go. As one healer put it: clearly they were operating on two
My conscious control is completely levels.
sidestepped, like Im standing, watching. The healers lost awareness of the
Then something else takes over and for boundaries of their own bodies. They
me thats a very spiritual time. I dont felt taller, lighter. As they began to iden-
think that I ever lose complete awareness tify with the patient and also The Field,
that Im sitting there. their bodily sense of self also began to
At this point, they also felt a sense of drift away.
total surrenderto a higher being, or to The most important aspect of all was
the process. All of the healers had a the surrender, the willingness to give up
belief that they themselves were being their sense of cognitive control of the
lifted up to be a part of a larger whole. processto allow themselves to become
With this change of consciousness pure energy and to merge with The
and expanded awareness, they had what Field.
felt like an open line to the subcon- Lynne McTa g g a rt
scious, offering flashes of information,
symbols and images that appeared to 1 J Am Soc Psychical Res, 1992; 86:
originate from beyond themselves. 99133

Merging with The Field

Meditate. Use your breath and meditation exercises to reach a relaxed state
Power up. Keep highly focused on the present, on every detail, and take note of
when you reach a moment of quiet hyperawareness
Fo c u s. Keep focused on your intention in your mind, and be highly specific
Ask for the outcome. Ask the higher powers to allow this to occur
Surrender. Observe when you feel your self slipping away into the warm bath of
The Field.

On the same wavelength Lesson 33
In Lesson Thirty, we discussed how to lish some sort of connection by spending
power up to peak intensity. The next 20 minutes with each other in meditative
step is to become entrained with the silence.4
object of your intention. Recently, investigators from Bastyr
University and the University of

ntrainment refers to two oscillat- Washington gathered 30 pairs of people
ing systems, such as two pendu- with strong emotional and psychological
lums, moving in synchrony. connections, and a good deal of practice
Physicists believe that entrainment results in meditation. The pairs were placed in
from tiny exchanges of energy between rooms 10 meters away from each other,
two systems until the two are in phase. and hooked up to EEGs from the occipi-
During acts of intention, the recipi- tal (visual) lobe of the brain. The study
ents brainwaves, as measured by elec- used the alternating checkerboard, used
troencephalography (EEG), become by the Freiburg group, as the image that
entrained with the senders. Studies show the sender was to attempt to send to his
that, during healing, the healees EEG partner.
patterns synchronize with the healers.1 Of the 60 people tested, five, or 8 per
Some seven studies done since 1963 cent, showed significantly more brain
demonstrate that, under various circum- activation during the times their partner
stances, the brains electrical signaling was sending his visual images.2
between people becomes correlated.2 The Washington researchers then
All the studies were similar. Two peo- wired these five participants up to a func-
ple wired up for EEG (and sometimes tional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
other devices) were placed in different monitor and repeated the experiment.
rooms, and one stimulated by some- During the times the thought was trans-
thingan image, a light. Their EEGs mitted, the recipients experienced an
were then assessed to see if the receiv- increase in blood oxygenation in a portion
ers brainwaves mirrored those of the of the brains visual cortex. This increase
sender when being stimulated. didnt occur when the sending partner
Scientists at the University of was not being visually stimulated.5
Freiburg in Germany gave the sender In every one of these studies, some-
visual stimulation in the form of an alter- how, the brains of the pairs had become
nating black-and-white checkerboard entwined; the recipients were seeing or
called a pattern reversal, known to feeling what their partners actually saw
evoke high-amplitude brainwave poten- or felt, in real time.
tials. The EEG of the distant, shielded G r i n b e rg-Zylberbaum and others
receiver began to show the same brain- remain staunch proponents of the view
wave patterns. The two were becoming that this transferred potential, as he
entrained.3 terms it, is only seen after some sort of
Neurophysiologist Jacobo Grinberg- psychic connection has been established,
Zylberbaum, of the National Autonomous and only among those whod created
University of Mexico in Mexico City, coherence in their own brainwaves
used the same protocol, but sent light through mental preparation, usually some
flashes to the sender. Again, the senders form of meditation.
brain patterns were mirrored in the brain Research by Rollin McCraty of the
of the receiver, sitting in an electrically Institute of HeartMath shows that touch,
shielded room. Grinberg-Zylberbaum or even focus, on the heart is a powerful
also made an important discovery: syn- means of causing brainwave entrainment
chrony only occurred among pairs of between people. When two people touch
participants whod had a chance to estab- while focusing loving thoughts on their

hearts, the coherent heart rhythms of between physical and asensory isolat-
Lesson 33 one can entrain the brain of the other.6 ed human subjects: Two case studies
Lynne McTaggart [abstr]. Proceedings of the Quantum
Mind Conference, March 1519, 2003,
1 Cade M, Coxhead N. The Awakened Tucson AZ
Mind, 2nd edn. Shaftsbury, UK: 6 McCraty R et al. The electricity of
Element Books, 1986 touch: Detection and measurement of
2 J Altern Complement Med, 2004; 10 cardiac energy exchange between peo-
(2): 30714 ple, in Pribram KH, ed. Brain and
3 Neurosci Lett, 2003; 336: 604 Values: Is a Biological Science of
4 Physics Essays, 1994; 7: 4228 Values Po s s i b l e ? Mahwah, NJ:
5 Richards T et al. Preliminary evidence Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998:
of correlated functional MRI signals 35979

Entrainment and compassion

Before you set your intention, create an empathetic connection:
Try this out on someone with whom you already have a strong bonda partner,
child, sibling, a dear friend
With someone you dont know, exchange an object or a photograph
Get to know the person: go for a walk together or meet
Spend a half-hour meditating together first
Ask the person to be open to receiving your intention while you are sending it.

During your own meditation:

Concentrate on the breath and be mindful of the present (see Living the Field
Lesson Thirty)
Focus your attention on the heart, as though you are sending light to it. Observe
the light spreading from your heart to the rest of your body. Send a loving thought
to yourself, such as May I be well and free from suffering
On the outbreath, imagine white light radiating from your heart while thinking: I
appreciate the kindnesses and love of all living creatures. May all others be well.
Buddhists recommend first thinking of all those you love, then your good friends.
Move on to acquaintances and finally to those people you actively dislike. For
each stage, think: May they be well and free from suffering
Concentrate on the kindness and compassion of all living things, and their contri-
bution to your wellbeing, then send your message of compassion to all people
and living things on earth
Now, direct your loving thoughts to the object of your intention
Hold his or her hand.

The mental dry run Lesson 34
In our earlier lessons, we learned how messages to obtain a desired goal. It can
to create a space, power up and move be used for any desired outcometo
aside. This lesson is about making your change or improve your living situation,
request highly specific. job, relationships, physical condition or
health, state of mind (from negative to

tart with smaller goalssomething positive), outlook on life, or even a spe-
realizable within a reasonable cific aspect of yourself, including your
timeframe. If you are 40 pounds personalityor you can send your inten-
overweight and your goal is to be a size tions to a loved one.
8 by next week, that is not a realistic Self-guided imagery is a little like
timeframe. self-hypnosis. When carrying out visuali-
Think of intentions in terms of grand zation, many people believe that you
and smaller schemes. Take on the grand must see the exact image clearly in your
schemes in stages, so that you send out minds eye. But, in fact, it isnt necessary
your intentions in steps leading towards to have a sharp internal image or, indeed,
achieving the grand scheme. But always any image at all. Its enough to just think
keep the big picture in mind. While you about an intention, without a mental pic-
are still practicing, start small and build ture, and simply create an impression, a
up as you gain experience. Learn to over- feeling or a thought.
come a natural tendency to dismiss the To visualize your intention, first work
process. it out carefully ahead of time as estab-
lished fact.
God is in the details Now, create a picture in your minds
Make sure that your intentions are highly eye of the desired result. Imagine it as
specific and directed. If you are trying to already existing, with you in that situ-
heal the fourth finger of your childs left ation.
hand, specify that finger and, if possible, Try to imagine as much sensory detail
the problem with it. as you can about the situation (the
State your entire intention, and look, smell and feel of it).
include what it is youd like to change as Think about it in a positive, opti-
well as to whom, when and where. Use mistic, encouraging way, and use
the following as a checklist (as news mental statements, or aff i r m a t i o n s ,
reporters do) to ensure that youve cov- that confirm that it has or is now hap-
ered every specific detail: who, what, pening (not that it will happen in the
when, where, why and how. Be highly future). For instance, for someone
specific, as specific intentions seem to with a heart problem, say to yourself:
work bestthe more detailed, the better. My heart is healthy and well.
It may help if you draw a picture of it, or For healing, try to imagine yourself
create a collage from photos or magazine being filled with healing energy (per-
cutouts. Place this somewhere that you haps as white light or as your person-
can look at often. al deity), and observe it healing that
portion of your body that is illsay,
Visualize, visualize, visualize seeing a diseased organ turning into
You also need to plan what you want to a healthy one. Imagine the hero cells
visualize well ahead of time. As with elite battling or eating up the bad guys.
athletes, the best way to send an intention Visualize damaged cells or tissue
is to visualize the outcome you desire changing into healthy cells, or picture
with all your five senses in real time. healthy cells replacing diseased cells,
Visualization, or guided imagery, or imagine your entire body with that
involves using images and/or internal specific part in perfect health.

Visualize yourself often as being per- through your arteries to the nerves,
Lesson 34 fectly healthy, carrying out your daily until they are soothed and healed.
activities. Find an image of the body Send out the visualization often, both
part on the Internet or in a book as it during meditation and throughout the
looks when it is healthy, and imagine day.
your own body part looking like that. Keep firmly fixed in your mind the
If you are in pain, try to picture the desired outcome and dont allow
nerve endings in the whole of your yourself to think of failure. Dismiss
body and see healing energy being any it-wont-happen-to-me type of
taken in with every breath, flowing thoughts.
through your muscles and blood cells, Lynne McTaggart

Heavenly bodies Lesson 36
The re s e a rch conducted to date sug - on the ability to send intention to human
gests that mind-over-matter intention blood cells and to other people. Like
(or psychokinesis) works best when the Krippner, he discovered a significant
earth experiences increased geomag - trend: that the success of intention was
netic activity. linked to a noisy sun producing high
geomagnetic activity.1

s it possible that increased geomag- Other research demonstrates that the
netic fields (GMFs) affect the success of intention depends on the time
minds ability to alter the physical of day.2 The best results (an increase in
world? Psychologist Stanley Krippner e ffect size of 380 per cent) occur around
has demonstrated this with his work with 1 pm local time, the midpoint in the
Brazilian sensitive Amyr Amiden. In a suns daily journeyknown as local
series of studies, Krippner compared sidereal time. Other peak times occur-
Amidens famed psychokinetic ability red every 13.8 days, which correlate to
with the local GMFs. roughly twice the suns rotation, the
Krippners team concluded that usual time of modulations in solar wind.
Amidens psychic abilities preceded British scientist Peter Fenwick, who
both a rise in his diastolic blood pressure has extensively studied near-death ex-
(the pumping of the blood as it returns periences and altered states, discovered
to the heart) and a rise in geomagnetic that we all possess an internal cycle in
activity. (Blood pressure tends to rise which the brain peaks from morning till
during times when geomagnetic activity noon, hits a low at 3 pm, rises again until
is turbulent.) 9 pm, then falls to its lowest state of
They also found a significant correla- activity around 2 am in the morning.
tion between his psychic feats and the This brain activity is independent of
daily geomagnetic index for the entire specific neural activity and of how busy
Southern Hemisphere. we are, but determines how well we
In one instance, two religious medal- mentally or physically perform through-
lions appeared to drop to the floor from out the day. Various math tests demon-
the ceiling. These sorts of strange occur- strate that the time of day the test is
rences usually preceded a blip in the taken is crucial in determining how well
earths geomagnetic calm. The same did we do.
not occur after the event. It may be that Another critical element is our bodi-
humans anticipate geomagnetic noise, ly position. Studies show that the brain
and that such anticipatory windows more actively generates thoughts when
o ffer them more psychokinetic power we are sitting than walking. But it is
than usual. most active of all when were lying
When Krippners team compared down.
days that Amiden performed the most Finally, the air quality and the type
feats with the daily Geomagnetic Indices of ions in the air also plays a role (see
Bulletin for March 1994, they found that Living The Field Lesson Fourteen).
the two most magnetically disturbed Several researchers investigating the
days of the month were also the days e ffect of air quality on consciousness
when Amiden performed the most feats. and health have discovered that low
The day that Amiden produced nothing concentrations of either positive or
much out of the ordinary was March negative ions will produce fewer alpha
20listed in the Indices as the quietest frequencies in the human brain. Higher
day, magnetically, of the month. levels of positive or negative ions pro-
Psychologist William Braud has also duce rapid and profound brain wave
studied the effect of geomagnetic fields changes, changing the alpha frequencies

in the EEGs of individuals exposed to 3 Krueger AP, Sobel DS. Air ions and
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The right time and place

Send intentions only during days of high levels of geomagnetic activity. To find the
current geomagnetic levels, visit the following websites:
today2.html, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)s
Space Environment Center (SEC) website, Americas official source of space
weather activity; http://sohowww.nascom/, the Solar and Heliospheric
Observatory (SOHO) website, a joint project of the European Space Agency and
the US NASA.
Remember: geomagnetic activity is measured on a K index, with 0 being the most
quiet and 9 the most turbulent. The a index is similar, but uses a larger scalefrom
0 to 400. When youre sending an intention, plan to do so on a day when the K
index is 5 or more (an a index over 200).
Send your intentions during local sidereal time (about 1 pm).
Lie down on your back when you are sending your intention.
Fill your intention space with negative ions by installing an ionizerunless you
live in the mountains and can open your windows to clean mountain air. Adding
plants and a source of water, like an indoor desk fountain, will also improve ion
levels in your intention space.
Keep your intention space free of electrical gadgets and computers, which can
give off electrical emissions of up to 11,000 volts, creating a positive charge on
any ions within range.