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22:06:12 From Rand : any non facebook links for those who do not have F

B ?]\
22:06:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Is that where the heart or kidneys
are going to be next? Our heads :)
22:06:17 From Joo Lee : Lisa said she s done with Mandela
22:06:18 From Susanna.C : been ding things twice last week
22:06:19 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hello, Lisa!
22:06:23 From Earl Thibert : I HAVE KNOWN FOR WEEKS d\
22:06:33 From Kya : I have a deep dent in back of my head also Dani
22:06:36 From Tulla Hills : What is it now Lou?
22:06:36 From terrycole-whittaker : hi dani and lisa, next sunday night
we in the USA enter daylight savings time and move the clocks one hour ahead.
22:06:39 From Susanna.C : right after the first time i saw my self doin
g it again was weird
22:06:43 From Ihor : Hello Dani Hello Lisa Hello Guys again! :)
22:06:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Your facial expression is priceles
s, Dani!
22:06:55 From Merce Gar : here is the link of a picture: https://www.fa
22:07:03 From maddtom . : I am DONE with Mandela WTF rabbit holes also
22:07:03 From Susanna.C : no
22:07:04 From Jerry Ledebur : shew - glad I missed that
22:07:06 From Aaron Woffinden : IT WAS A CIRCUS
22:07:10 From Merce Gar : from facebok
22:07:10 From Charlie Ann : someone went ot the bathroom and flushed
22:07:16 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:07:24 From Charlie Ann : lol
22:07:26 From Penny(JC) : lol
22:07:26 From suzanna cat : lol
22:07:27 From Jayling : snoring too lol
22:07:28 From Tracy Jackson : ha ha
22:07:28 From Tulla Hills : lol
22:07:29 From Tracey Ledebur : haha
22:07:31 From tamara : bahahahahaha!
22:07:33 From tamara : for usre
22:07:34 From Kya : its all the coffee you got us drinking! lol
22:07:35 From Maria Davis : yes we don t want to miss anything
22:07:35 From tamara : sure
22:07:37 From Norm : LOL - phone trips to the Loo
22:07:37 From Jerry Ledebur : I ve had that at work before.....just eww
22:07:38 From sarahrobertson : When you gotta shit, you gotta shit!! Bw
22:07:46 From Elizabeth Rose : I accidentally took you guys to the post
office once, LOL!
22:07:46 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:07:48 From Earl Thibert : LOL
22:07:48 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:07:49 From phillip s : rofl
22:07:56 From pauline Jamieson : easily done lol
22:07:56 From maury : Too much information can sometim3es be a distracv
tion. LOL
22:07:57 From suzanna cat : lol Eliabeth
22:08:00 From Joo Lee : trickeling effect
22:08:05 From Tulla Hills : hahaha!!!
22:08:06 From Lou Whom : in "a" (THE) most delightful way
22:08:06 From Norm : hopefully its not the Lee Loo ( LOL )
22:08:10 From Sara 33 : hahaha
22:08:10 From Aaron Woffinden : you never knmow where you ve been
22:08:17 From suzanna cat : hahaha Norm
22:08:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Did anyone notice a certain time-s
hift last Friday? It was 4:19 then suddenly 4:21.
22:08:18 From Jerry Ledebur : lol norm
22:08:23 From Chris Breakspear : at least you missed the couple almost
having sex afew months ago
22:08:34 From Aaron Woffinden : what?
22:08:36 From maddtom . : Gots any holes ih yer whole head?https://www.f
22:08:39 From sarahrobertson : WTF, CHris?
22:08:42 From Penny(JC) : There have been several time shifts this week
22:08:45 From Kya : minutes for me go by like seconds
22:08:48 From Henk Reintke : kofie
22:08:49 From Penny(JC) : Last week
22:08:52 From Charlie Ann : wow
22:08:54 From Tulla Hills : omg Chris are you serious, lol!
22:08:59 From Norm : Isn t the time shift to Daylight time to be for th
is Sunday - at least in the US?
22:09:03 From GAIL : how can you be awake 25 mins and look normal??
22:09:12 From Susanna.C : lol chris
22:09:13 From Chris Breakspear : yeah afew months back
22:09:19 From Aaron Woffinden : magic gail
22:09:23 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:09:28 From Merce Gar : dizzyness?
22:09:30 From Penny(JC) : I don t know I will have to look for DST
22:09:32 From Kya : I dont know, dont follow that.. will get call from mo
m when time is to change.. I dont care
22:09:32 From Jina Fergus : many of us have that
22:09:33 From Maria Davis : Yes Lisa looks good
22:09:42 From Barbara Karnes : yes she does
22:09:49 From Aaron Woffinden : lisa, dani.... y all looking good today
22:09:53 From GAIL : shes a wizard Harry
22:09:56 From Melanie Worland : today whammied a lot of people...think
the collective is collectively freaking out in different ways
22:10:05 From Maria Davis : hahahahhhaha
22:10:05 From Blair Bierman : im here!
22:10:08 From Barbara Karnes : lolololol
22:10:11 From Aaron Woffinden : olololo
22:10:18 From Susanna.C : there goes 10 min bathroom time for me
22:10:19 From maddtom . : Daylight saving s for US is 12March
22:10:22 From Barbara Karnes : haha aaron
22:10:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Skynet (Google) is screwing with m
e again. I don t seem to have Chrome able to open links posted in the chat becau
se I hit Facebook as access link and I can t get rid of it!
22:10:27 From Kya : Lisas been glowing since last show, looks lovely
22:10:34 From Tulla Hills : whoa!
22:10:36 From Penny(JC) : Thanks Maddtom
22:10:49 From Jina Fergus : polarization
22:10:58 From Susanna.C : being not interted in anything
22:10:58 From Aaron Woffinden : is mucus-ey coughs? included in fevers
22:11:08 From Marias iPhone : my computer just crashed!!!!
22:11:09 From Susanna.C : interested
22:11:15 From Lene Najbjerg Poulsen : Hey everybody....gone for teachin
g yoga class. just popped in to say hi...have a great meeting.
22:11:16 From Chris Breakspear : gunks got bad again
22:11:20 From Susanna.C : can t type anymore
22:11:25 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Fevers & Mirrors is an album title
that has been in dream, etc Odd.
22:11:25 From Norm : Is there also a time shift next week for the begin
ning of the OPRT programs?
22:11:30 From Melanie Worland : yes Jina....Man, I felt it today, had t
o clear and protect myself...bad anxiety, dizziness...others too in LMH
22:11:43 From Aaron Woffinden : interesting tara
22:11:44 From Chris Breakspear : oh i had anxiety too
22:11:51 From Kya : fevers are the hot waves.. cant remember the word..
that most women get during menopause, but different
22:11:57 From Susanna.C : oh that guy from the rocky horror show
22:12:00 From Blair Bierman : so wild
22:12:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Odd? Nothing is odd anymore really
22:12:03 From Susanna.C : whats his name
22:12:04 From Kya : I get hot, then cold, then hot again, cold again
22:12:10 From Chris Breakspear : richard o brien
22:12:11 From Aaron Woffinden : *feeling face right now*
22:12:15 From Susanna.C : no
22:12:19 From Kya : like 30 min. apart
22:12:25 From casie : hot and cold too
22:12:27 From Lemon Panda : just like everything, over time most of the
mandela effects are becoming passe
22:12:28 From Susanna.C : he played the tranfestite
22:12:29 From Tracy Jackson : me too Kya!
22:12:31 From Henk Reintke : no no
22:12:33 From Chris Breakspear : oh him
22:12:40 From Tracy Jackson : and it s not menopause...
22:12:41 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Lights and Mirrors... there is a l
ot in that concept which I have been using for years to describe the difference
between an original (idea) and a copy.
22:12:42 From Joo Lee : I agree Panda
22:12:42 From Melanie Worland : OMG Kya, Jayling and I today both doing
that....burning hot then freezing, She is in Ohio and I in Florida..weird
22:12:43 From Merce Gar : nope - but not that huge holes only microscop
22:12:53 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hot Knives was another music fuckery
22:12:54 From GAIL : im a facepainter.. i study the profiles and never
seen extra bloody holes
22:12:58 From casie : definitely not menopause
22:13:06 From Henk Reintke : not in the mit
22:13:12 From Megan : so...weve been rehinged?
22:13:18 From Melanie Worland : I am glad the cortex moved, helped my c
ervical spine issues...yep, not as dangerous for me now
22:13:19 From Earl Thibert : HEHE
22:13:24 From Susanna.C : tim curry i heard he wa dead a couple of year
s ago
22:13:24 From Blair Bierman : we ve been labotimized lmao
22:13:31 From Joo Lee : 6 holes in head
22:13:31 From Merce Gar : they are called foramen
22:13:31 From Tracy Jackson : burning out programs...
22:13:33 From Aaron Woffinden : my nickname was "airhead"... but i gues
s that s different
22:13:34 From Penny(JC) : So since we have holes now does that mean we
are poisonous?? lol
22:13:36 From Melanie Worland : LOL...Blair....tsk tsk
22:13:39 From GAIL : nope no
22:13:39 From Lemon Panda : HAHAHA casie! holes in your head from menop
22:13:44 From Susanna.C : so i looked him up because of the last show a
nd he isn t dead
22:13:46 From Chris Breakspear : well we are all made in gods image ?
22:13:47 From Cindy : the voodoo pins go there!!!
22:13:50 From Norm : LOL - special TAPPING points
22:13:57 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Haha, Chris!
22:13:59 From Penny(JC) : lol Cindy
22:14:00 From Chris Breakspear : xd
22:14:00 From Deb : The pictures of the skulls reminded me of animal sc
ulls when they have been cleared of all skin and inners
22:14:02 From Megan : port holes for borg attachments?
22:14:06 From Tulla Hills : maybe this is a physical manifestation of
the tech breaking down
22:14:14 From Susanna.C : i remember thinking back then f i liked him a
s an actor
22:14:16 From Cindy : lol Megan
22:14:17 From casie : LOL
22:14:25 From Joo Lee : or maybe it s a native culture
22:14:27 From Susanna.C : when i heard he was dead
22:14:37 From Kya : where were the holes?
22:14:41 From Susanna.C : i thought tim curry was
22:14:45 From Melanie Worland : Deb that was my first question...were t
hese old tribal, as in some type of ritual or ??? But no, guess its "normal" no
22:14:49 From Melanie Worland : LOL
22:14:52 From Susanna.C : i heard that a couple of years ago
22:14:54 From Cindy : don knotts
22:14:55 From Merce Gar : microscopic foramen wouldnt show up I guess on
the x-rays
22:14:56 From Joo Lee : Knotts
22:14:56 From maddtom . : do knots
22:14:58 From Chris Breakspear : died again lol
22:14:59 From Charlie Ann : Don knotts
22:14:59 From Connie Townsend : don knott
22:14:59 From Trish Fountain : Nope I was top of my class in nursing sc
hool as well as an artist drawing the human body never ever was taught this or h
ave drawn the skull with holes
22:14:59 From Susanna.C : and he wasnt or isn t
22:15:03 From Deb : Wowl too wierd
22:15:07 From Britt : Blod and nervs come through. It exist in my reali
22:15:08 From Joo Lee : 2006
22:15:08 From Megan : whats his name died again! LOOL!
22:15:22 From Norm : Don Knotts had died a number of years back
22:15:25 From Stacey : One over each eye, one over eacj eye tooth and o
ne on either side of the chin
22:15:30 From Susanna.C : really heard he was dead on the news back the
22:15:35 From Melanie Worland : NO....yeah, love those, dated folks
22:15:52 From Chantelle Kennedy : Hi ladies
22:16:05 From maddtom . : holy skuly
22:16:05 From Deb : shhhhh don t tell everyone how old I am ;)
22:16:09 From Chantelle Kennedy : and everyone
22:16:09 From Susanna.C : yes
22:16:09 From Melanie Worland : yeah there is residual of non hole skul
22:16:43 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Even analog tech is breaking down M
y records (or record player) is even doing weird shit with my music.
22:16:54 From Lemon Panda : cranial sinkholes
22:17:04 From Deb : going to have to listen to the recording. Seems I g
et to go play :) Big hugs everyone! <3
22:17:17 From Kya : mmmm hmmmmm
22:17:19 From Susanna.C : Bye Deb
22:17:21 From Tulla Hills : Curious
22:17:44 From Aaron Woffinden : is the show recording?
22:17:51 From Blair Bierman : yes
22:17:53 From Lisa M Harrison : yes
22:17:53 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, Aaron.
22:17:54 From Merce Gar : bye Deb <3
22:17:58 From Melanie Worland : yep Aaron its showing recording
22:18:01 From Aaron Woffinden : i don;t know how i missed that
22:18:06 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:18:12 From Merce Gar : zero
22:18:29 From Melanie Worland : hey, we missed holes in our skulls, wha
ts a red button compared to that??/LOL
22:18:33 From Henk Reintke : its soooooo emty
22:19:03 From Joo Lee : bit coin
22:19:12 From Norm : NESARA ??
22:19:21 From Gem : Hence the RV/GCR?
22:19:24 From Norm : I like bit coin
22:19:26 From Aaron Woffinden : a favorite in the black market
22:19:40 From Henk Reintke : Nederland is 44bil in dept
22:19:40 From Susanna.C : i have something that is named kodi , you can
watch every movie or show ect you can think of and twice it wouldn t go past 19
99 , which that was very weird
22:19:42 From Elena : i remember that
22:20:11 From Melanie Worland : decades....?
22:20:14 From Merce Gar : 2008
22:20:42 From Kya : they wouldnt even have 2 now
22:20:49 From Merce Gar : yeap
22:20:53 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I cant recall the last time when I
was in a bank in dreams I was in my bank in dream recently.
22:20:59 From tamara : posted in UU, Greys Anatomy pic of skull
22:21:04 From Aaron Woffinden : coming up in 10 years now since then
22:21:04 From Norm : October 1987 was another stock market crash in the
22:21:04 From Susanna.C : so been thinking 1999 is an importend year
22:21:08 From peter : i lost 85k in 08
22:21:19 From Jerry Ledebur : there never was anything of value in the
systm IMO
22:21:23 From Penny(JC) : Sorry to hear that Peter
22:21:32 From peter : shit happens :)
22:21:32 From Aaron Woffinden : peter :-(
22:21:33 From Kya : you wanna see the truth, search for houses for sale
in every state in the US.. this isnt even including all the foreclosures you hav
e to pay to even see
22:21:37 From Trish Fountain : Its just recorded numbers there is no mo
22:21:42 From peter : only money
22:21:44 From Kya : like a ghost town in most
22:22:09 From noumenon : this is my first time watching live :D
22:22:20 From Rand : me 2
22:22:22 From Blair Bierman : welcome :)
22:22:28 From Susanna.C : you pay your morgage for years then you can
pay it anymore so now they have your years of paying a morgage and your house
22:22:42 From Henk Reintke : welcom
22:22:59 From Aaron Woffinden : sounds like treating SYMPTOMS in the ph
armaceutical industry
22:23:01 From Kya : they cant even sell homes anymore
22:23:10 From Merce Gar : and with those baile outs they only give the
money to the banksters - the ppl are left behind :(
22:23:13 From Joy : exactly Susanna
22:23:17 From Kya : they foreclose, then they automatically go up for a
22:23:18 From Tracey Ledebur : agree Aaron
22:23:18 From Joo Lee : a program
22:23:22 From peter : mirror mirror :)
22:23:26 From GAIL : ye su.. its fecking unreal
22:23:27 From Dawn Hart : homes are selling here in Texas it seems alot
of people are coming here
22:23:28 From pauline Jamieson : Agree Merce
22:23:29 From sheri : yes!
22:23:30 From Tracy Jackson : welcome! it s my second :D
22:23:30 From Aaron Woffinden : magic mirror* lol
22:23:37 From Tracey Ledebur : lol
22:23:37 From Stacey : Yay noumenon!! Welcome <3
22:23:42 From Kya : only people buying are groups of families buying ho
mes at auction pulling their money together if they have it
22:23:47 From Dawn Hart : the cost of living alot lower here
22:23:49 From tamara : yep
22:23:56 From peter : im someone!!!!
22:23:56 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Totally!
22:23:59 From peter : hehe
22:24:11 From Merce Gar : time and energy
22:24:12 From Susanna.C : and energy
22:24:16 From Aaron Woffinden : time = money
22:24:21 From Joo Lee : currency ~~wave
22:24:21 From Tracey Ledebur : interesting money=time
22:24:21 From Merce Gar : :)
22:24:21 From Sony : Great point, Lisa!
22:24:24 From Trish Fountain : All numbers
22:24:25 From phillip s : in the matrix movie you see the breakdown fir
st as a dejavo of a cat in a MIRROR
22:24:30 From peter : centered time
22:24:40 From Aaron Woffinden : no money... no time...
22:24:41 From Elena : your time
22:24:45 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Angry energy No one on coins or bil
ls look happy ;)
22:24:45 From Merce Gar : no time - no money
22:24:47 From Tulla Hills : oh yeah phillip
22:24:52 From Barbara Karnes : Lost like
22:24:53 From Aaron Woffinden : merce...
22:24:54 From Merce Gar : zero point
22:24:55 From Sony : As in Dr. Stange
22:25:02 From Holly Keating : starting with disney s 13 reflections th
e number 13 just keeps poping up! like the 13 layers on the pyrimid on the dolla
r bill...
22:25:06 From suzanna cat : i wrote a poem abot a mirror a few years ag
22:25:07 From sarahrobertson : A holding space for our minds to catch u
p with the thought that we all died?
22:25:08 From peter : a singularity
22:25:08 From Susanna.C : everything is on repeat
22:25:30 From Tulla Hills : Explains all the "rendering" people are see
ing too
22:25:32 From Melanie Worland : Cliff HIgh says Silver will change the
market in 2018 due to "new technologies" in energy and medicine using silver....
so, with that Bitcoin will out pace gold. So, we are in a different time....or
wtf ever you wanna call it....New Aeon...finally reaching Golden Age from long c
limb from Dark Ages....IMO...maybe :)
22:25:35 From Susanna.C : befor 2000 i never felt it that way
22:25:36 From Aaron Woffinden : im living in a bad xerox d copy. lol
22:25:37 From peter : well is time lenear? or a spiral
22:25:42 From peter : linear
22:25:50 From Susanna.C : after that i felt all was an repeat
22:25:51 From Lou Whom : yes ground hog year
22:25:55 From Blair Bierman : yes
22:25:56 From Stacey : tight
22:25:57 From Barbara Karnes : I dont feel like I died. I feel like i ju
st began to live!!!!
22:26:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Agreed, Dani.
22:26:04 From Brenda : yes
22:26:05 From Penny(JC) : Yes so much smaller and clouds are so low now
22:26:05 From Trish Fountain : Compressed
22:26:07 From Merce Gar : spiral
22:26:09 From Rick : smaller & faster
22:26:11 From peter : at the center of the hour glass now
22:26:12 From phillip s : Dr Strange movie they practice in a mirror re
ality where they can t harm the tick tock time reality by accident
22:26:15 From Melanie Worland : Me too Barb...I feel positive about wha
ts coming
22:26:17 From Merce Gar : yeap
22:26:20 From Penny(JC) : Yes Trish that is a better wored
22:26:20 From Tracey Ledebur : good analogy peter
22:26:22 From GAIL : consentrated
22:26:25 From Barbara Karnes : ty melanie
22:26:28 From Penny(JC) : *word lol
22:26:28 From Stacey : Same here Barbara!!
22:26:35 From Dawn Hart : Money is a highpowered Sigil
22:26:39 From tamara : yes, phillip! dr strange
22:26:41 From Henk Reintke : yes ppppenny
22:26:46 From Holly Lindin : Ive been in a snow globe lately (whether its
snowing or not!).
22:26:48 From Barbara Karnes : ty stacey
22:26:49 From peter : i feel like i ma in a bottle neck too
22:26:50 From Trish Fountain : Leaky faucet
22:26:51 From Aaron Woffinden : toroidal time
22:26:53 From Lou Whom : yep the tip of the cone we have spun to center
22:26:58 From zachary karpel : i missed 26 minutes haha
22:26:58 From peter : cant spell either
22:27:00 From Joo Lee : going going gone!
22:27:04 From Susanna.C : it is becoming spring and christmas seems yes
terday and summer tomorrow
22:27:10 From Tulla Hills : toroidal time..hmmm
22:27:10 From Melanie Worland : not unless you put your sigal on it Daw
n...its just a piece of metal..their sigal does not work anymore IMO
22:27:12 From Merce Gar : yes Dawn also that - like language are spells
22:27:14 From Susanna.C : like time is all at the same time
22:27:15 From Holly Keating : just really started Zach
22:27:20 From Kya : I just listened to John B. Wells
22:27:21 From Dawn Hart : I agree with you
22:27:24 From noumenon : what if you are constantly dying but only awar
e of the timeline in which you are still alive
22:27:25 From zachary karpel : okay good didnt miss much then
22:27:27 From Tulla Hills : I agree Susanna
22:27:28 From phillip s : time is becoming flakey
22:27:41 From Kya : last show.. theyre throwing all the money thats left
somewhere at CERN
22:27:44 From peter : of corse it is it is a control
22:27:49 From zachary karpel : yes time is flakey as nheck
22:27:49 From Maria Davis : Zoom kicked me off, how rude
22:27:50 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
22:27:52 From Tracey Ledebur : now it s flipping back
22:27:54 From peter : omg cant spell
22:27:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Time in a bottle? Did anyone put a
cork in it?
22:27:56 From phillip s : agree Lisa
22:27:57 From Merce Gar : yeap
22:27:59 From Kya : and theyre connecting CERN to the AWAKE, why its down
right now
22:28:12 From Trish Fountain : Timeis a measurement
22:28:12 From tamara : that bottle is HUGE
22:28:12 From Loma : Time & Money are the "duality" control aspects ot
this "co-opted hologram. Natural timelessness is ART/
22:28:19 From Joo Lee : reflection of, the way Life used to Be - Suptem
22:28:20 From ann : Me too Maria
22:28:20 From Merce Gar : pulsating time
22:28:24 From phillip s : it serves us now
22:28:27 From Melanie Worland : ALICE.. the unit at cern...Through the
Looking Glass....Mirror...hmmm
22:28:28 From Sony : @Loma...agree
22:28:29 From Aaron Woffinden : time now has to catch up.... from the e
nergy of the experience
22:28:39 From Maria Davis : What is the mirror
22:28:42 From Merce Gar : yes <3
22:28:43 From Sony : @Lisa...yes, yes, yes
22:28:43 From Megan : so very true!
22:28:44 From pauline Jamieson : Agree Loma
22:28:45 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thats why these go by so fast!
22:28:46 From Tracey Ledebur : yes
22:28:50 From Stacey : That is why I love being a florist SO much!
22:28:53 From Chris Breakspear : time flies when youre having fun
22:28:55 From peter : or the program fucks you up
22:28:58 From Maria Davis : Lisa, hasn t it always been like that with
22:28:59 From tamara : yes
22:28:59 From Tracey Ledebur : YESSSS!
22:28:59 From Tulla Hills : yeah
22:29:00 From tamara : yes
22:29:01 From Aaron Woffinden : WOW
22:29:02 From tamara : yes
22:29:02 From Lou Whom : when you mirroer ME
you get ..............
.... WE
22:29:03 From Susanna.C : thats how they get payed
22:29:05 From Merce Gar : <3
22:29:06 From Trish Fountain : EXACTLY
22:29:06 From Blair Bierman : YES<3
22:29:07 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Melanie!
22:29:09 From Kya : Art is magic and all there is
22:29:09 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes <3
22:29:18 From Stacey : YES!
22:29:23 From casie : yes
22:29:27 From Aaron Woffinden : YES --> "Art is magic and all there is"
22:29:29 From Elizabeth Rose : Following!!!!!
22:29:30 From Lemon Panda : So lets make art the new currency.
22:29:31 From Trish Fountain : It happenes togo slow when you constantl
y lookat the clock
22:29:34 From Susanna.C : i don t have time for anything
22:29:43 From topher : when I do my painting or photography there is no
time but when im doing things that have no real feel i never seem to have any t
22:29:46 From Kya : exactly Lemon!
22:29:48 From Tulla Hills : who?
22:29:50 From Susanna.C : seems the last few years
22:29:51 From Des : i lost 4 days this week
22:29:57 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I like that, Lemon Panda.
22:30:12 From Megan : Art is the new currency! That is brilliant
22:30:13 From Maria Davis : hasn t it always been like this
22:30:20 From Maria Davis : ok please explain
22:30:20 From peter : i wish i lost all of last week wnat a disaster it
22:30:24 From Loma : Big difference!
22:30:26 From Merce Gar : to get into the zone <3
22:30:27 From Kya : theyre tools, cash, gold, silver, all fiat and price
is controlled by them.. value is only placed by them
22:30:29 From Tracey Ledebur : matrix minutes vx magic minutes
22:30:30 From Susanna.C : when i was a child time lasted
22:30:42 From Jerry Ledebur : yes Tracey!
22:30:43 From Elena : Melanie, the gold, silver, &/or bitcoin, is still
people. If there was a global down tools in all things tomorrow, there is No
value in those piles of silver gold or bitcoin whatsoever.. Nothing, no thing ha
ppens without the people. We are the energy that gives life to their system!
22:30:45 From Kya : we can use anything for which to place value on our
22:30:46 From Dawn Hart : one reality vs another one
22:30:48 From Susanna.C : summers seemed forever
22:30:51 From Tulla Hills : being present
22:30:56 From Trish Fountain : Passion and love
22:31:00 From Dawn Hart : being present or being programmed
22:31:02 From Cindy : yes Susanna
22:31:04 From Tracey Ledebur : passion..yes!
22:31:09 From Merce Gar : yes Tula and getting into the zone
22:31:10 From Maria Davis : ah ok
22:31:11 From Sony : A shift of sorts...
22:31:15 From Aaron Woffinden : and not time is serving that art and pa
22:31:16 From Des : everyone i spoke to this week felt it
22:31:18 From josie : Time flies when youre having fun :-)
22:31:18 From topher : how do we stay in passion 24 7
22:31:19 From Aaron Woffinden : and now*
22:31:20 From Melanie Worland : your frequency changes what "time" is.. a different space when using heart energy as opposed to mundane shit
22:31:22 From Susanna.C : now it goed woshhhhh
22:31:25 From Susanna.C : goes
22:31:29 From Elizabeth Rose : Agree
22:31:37 From Megan : yes, Melanie
22:31:46 From Susanna.C : they didn t do a good job lol
22:31:49 From Melanie Worland : we say NO
22:31:59 From tamara : yes, dani, I agree
22:32:02 From Lou Whom : band aid matrix
22:32:02 From tamara : yes, yes yes
22:32:04 From Loma : Yes D Love Joy ,Passion of the Heart!
22:32:04 From Susanna.C : it was 8.70 today
22:32:04 From Aaron Woffinden : mirroring effect
22:32:08 From Tulla Hills : yes!
22:32:08 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : When I play guitar it flies in
22:32:10 From Sara 33 : domino effect
22:32:16 From GAIL : i love that throry d
22:32:20 From peter : we are in a fuckin cage right now and THEy have b
een poking a stick at me for the last 6 days
22:32:21 From Tracey Ledebur : mirrors mirrors everywhere
22:32:21 From Megan : we ARE doing it!
22:32:23 From Maria Davis : why the band aid?
22:32:24 From Sony :!
22:32:29 From tamara : we are the reflection of the shumen rez
22:32:31 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Love it, D.
22:32:34 From tamara : yes!!
22:32:35 From GAIL : i cant english tinight]
22:32:43 From GAIL : ffs
22:32:46 From peter : gail lol me too
22:32:48 From Susanna.C : lol gail
22:32:50 From Trish Fountain : The bandaid is soaked no longer can be r
22:32:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Time is like a rubber band. It str
etches out when you re at work and it s boring but if you re going nuts with too
much to do in too little time, it flies by!
22:32:57 From Susanna.C : high five neither can i
22:33:00 From Merce Gar : or is the shuman rez the reflection of some o
f us?
22:33:00 From casie : yep know about the stick, Peter
22:33:17 From peter : especially last friday omfg
22:33:24 From Lynda . : I HIGHLY recommend reading Miss Peregrine s Hom
e For Peculiar Children. Book No3. Easy read and awesome theory on how to travel
through/break time loops :-)
22:33:26 From topher : if time is controlled through loving what your d
oing in it is all the fear distraction to keep us moving to fast to think?
22:33:28 From Melanie Worland : body gets fever when self healing
22:33:36 From deanna parsley : hello all
22:33:40 From Elizabeth Rose : OMG!! I have lots of mucus but I m not s
22:33:40 From Aaron Woffinden : we mirror the schumman as it gets raise
d higher... the schumman mirrors us as we get raised higher...
22:33:43 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Im at that point No real fever but h
ot as shit!
22:33:44 From Dusti C : yes my daughter too low fevers at night
22:33:46 From casie : last 2 fridays for me
22:33:48 From Megan : just watched that movie last night, Lynda! Its a t
22:33:50 From Loma : Cleansing fevers...bleeding to clear???
22:33:53 From Chris Breakspear : oh wow
22:33:53 From Larry : I haven t had a fever but I have been feeling a l
ot like Lili Von Stupp....I m soooo tired!!!
22:34:00 From Susanna.C : i think childeren are more sensitive at the m
22:34:01 From Merce Gar : Joseph not always when you get into the Zone
- you feel as if there is no time at all!
22:34:03 From Kya : I heard the movie was awful Lynda.. but the book se
ems to be amazing
22:34:04 From Aaron Woffinden : MUCUS! ME TOO
22:34:06 From peter : pimples
22:34:11 From phillip s : frever is how the vessel defends or kills any
thing invading it.. heat is the warm energy, hot chi etc dis_ease is cold chi
22:34:12 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Wow, that makes a lot of sense Lis
a. Thank you!! & LL too <3
22:34:14 From Tracey Ledebur : mucus here too again
22:34:15 From Susanna.C : coughinh
22:34:20 From Chris Breakspear : yep mucas bad again
22:34:22 From Tulla Hills : yes my son but not me with the fever, cough
22:34:25 From Larry : Coughed up some nastiness today...made me nausiou
22:34:26 From GAIL : 4 days late btw
22:34:27 From Brenda : coughing
22:34:34 From Maria Davis : Maybe that s what the extra holes in the sk
ull are for, to let out the purge hahahha
22:34:39 From Chris Breakspear : lol
22:34:40 From Trish Fountain : I am 58 and am breaking out with pimples
this past week WTF
22:34:41 From josie : Purging emotionally...purging old childhood traum
22:34:42 From cuba perkovic : me and my baby have a feaver
22:34:42 From Aaron Woffinden : this includes purginf friends too
22:34:44 From Larry : and im breaking out like pubesant lil boy -,-
22:34:45 From pauline Jamieson : Lol Maria
22:34:50 From Nova Gaia : I had heat in me for year ! my feet especiall
22:34:50 From Melanie Worland : Yep Maria....drain holes...LOL
22:34:52 From d : me too trish!!!
22:34:54 From Megan : yes Maria...escape holes
22:34:55 From Tulla Hills : yes
22:34:57 From Maria Davis : Yay
22:34:59 From pauline Jamieson : Same here Trish
22:34:59 From casie : my skin FINALLY just cleared up , now purging out
22:35:00 From Susanna.C : weight gain and loss
22:35:03 From VIOLET : trish same here--I m 63
22:35:03 From Merce Gar : today they were again well in their doing get
ting chemicals into our skies :/
22:35:04 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : It s all relative... When you re i
n the Zone, it s all Timeless.
22:35:05 From Chantelle Kennedy : oh wow im just starting to feel bette
r after weeks of the yukky mucos entire body full of inflammation amongst other
22:35:07 From Loma : agree Lisa
22:35:07 From Sara 33 : I been gettin headache on the same place on the
right side of my head... lassts for a few seconds then goes..freaked me out
22:35:12 From Merce Gar : in spain
22:35:18 From Tulla Hills : yes!
22:35:23 From phillip s : our code is being restored or defragged so to
speak sorting out all the codes that make up us as a narative
22:35:24 From cuba perkovic : yesss dani
22:35:24 From Aaron Woffinden : our relationships seem to be purging to
22:35:27 From Merce Gar : yeap!
22:35:29 From Toye Elizabeth : we are 100% unlocking
22:35:29 From Susanna.C : my heat flashes are less at the moment
22:35:30 From Dawn Hart : Sara I have had the same thing happen to me t
22:35:35 From Chris Breakspear : kill it with fire !
22:35:37 From Dawn Hart : right side of my head
22:35:37 From Trish Fountain : Fevers fight the infection
22:35:38 From josie : Your daughter
22:35:39 From Joo Lee : mirrors
22:35:39 From Tulla Hills : tech
22:35:44 From peter : but the program is sending me "lessons daily" and
I am exhausted from it.
22:35:46 From Larry : Lisa had a slight memory wipe :O
22:35:47 From casie : relationships purging here too
22:35:48 From Trish Fountain : LOL
22:35:51 From Sara 33 : TY dawn
22:35:52 From Aaron Woffinden : ironic
22:35:53 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Melanie.
22:35:55 From Sony : @Merce...where in Spain?
22:35:59 From Susanna.C : yes casie
22:35:59 From Dawn Hart : it is wierd
22:36:01 From Jaqueline Raye : Thank you for speaking on this I have be
en extremely uncomfortable physically and not understanding!
22:36:03 From Dawn Hart : painful
22:36:03 From peter : really
22:36:04 From Sony : @Merce...saludos!
22:36:06 From Susanna.C : thats is most painful
22:36:06 From Merce Gar : Catalua
22:36:07 From Toye Elizabeth : omg YES to the relationship purging!!!
22:36:11 From phillip s : I still run on analogue in a friggin digital
22:36:13 From Tulla Hills : yes
22:36:14 From Chris Breakspear : no
22:36:15 From Penny(JC) : No
22:36:15 From Jaqueline Raye : no
22:36:15 From zachary karpel : no
22:36:15 From Merce Gar : nope
22:36:17 From Brenda : no
22:36:18 From kristel tempest : yes
22:36:18 From peter : i cant look into lately
22:36:19 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes.
22:36:20 From tamara : yes, i do-
22:36:21 From Caterina : yes
22:36:22 From GAIL : less and less
22:36:22 From Susanna.C : nope
22:36:22 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : No
22:36:23 From Elizabeth Rose : No, I m not comfortable at all
22:36:23 From Sony : @Merce...great!
22:36:24 From maddtom . : I dont know who it is when I look...
22:36:24 From sheri : nope lol
22:36:24 From Penny(JC) : I hate mirrors
22:36:24 From Joy : no
22:36:25 From Larry : yes look in them all the time
22:36:25 From Sara 33 : no
22:36:25 From pauline Jamieson : no
22:36:25 From Merce Gar : dont like them too much
22:36:26 From zachary karpel : cant do it anymore
22:36:26 From Anastasia Mantani : fuck no
22:36:26 From Maria Davis : I ve realised I don t look as often
22:36:27 From josie : yes
22:36:28 From Holly Keating : yes
22:36:28 From deanna parsley : yes, I do mirror work often, powerful
22:36:28 From Melanie Worland : NO....NO .....don t always like what I
22:36:29 From Henk Reintke : no
22:36:30 From jennifer gray : no
22:36:30 From Edward Visse : yes
22:36:30 From Blair Bierman : only on acid
22:36:31 From josie : YES
22:36:31 From Kya : Ive never been able to look into the mirror for too
22:36:33 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I live in a house full of mirrors.
22:36:33 From Megan : I rarely look at myself in the mirror, but I find
them to be magical
22:36:34 From L La : no mirrors zone
22:36:34 From maury : Either way, mirrors are just tools to me.
22:36:36 From Tulla Hills : yes
22:36:36 From suzanna cat : YES
22:36:37 From casie : yes
22:36:37 From Aaron Woffinden : i used to be scared of mirrors.... now
i dont mind them
22:36:37 From sara ann hume : no, they feel weird
22:36:37 From Charlie Ann : I don t avoid them, but I don t look in the
m, I don t care
22:36:38 From Gem : Hell no hate mirrors
22:36:38 From Chris Breakspear : i evene cover them at night
22:36:39 From Pamela C : yes
22:36:39 From kristel tempest : i get spaced out and removed from self
in the mirror it is trippy
22:36:40 From Ihor : NO
22:36:40 From Jayling : to brush my hair lol
22:36:41 From zachary karpel : i hate mirrors
22:36:43 From Lynda . : not a fan
22:36:43 From Holly Lindin : Im totally fine with mirrors. Even on mush
rooms. :P
22:36:43 From Tracey Ledebur : only i i have to look
22:36:43 From Tracy Jackson : no just to get ready.
22:36:44 From Renee s : no
22:36:44 From Maria Davis : I have a lot of mirrors around
22:36:45 From Cindy : don t pay attention to them really
22:36:45 From Megan : I avoid them
22:36:46 From cuba perkovic : i love hahaha
22:36:47 From VIOLET : Took them all done
22:36:47 From Debbie Horn : yes mirror gazing
22:36:47 From Jenny : no
22:36:48 From josie : I have to....wall to wall in the studio!!
22:36:48 From Kya : even when used to just see myself- my true self
22:36:49 From Dawn Hart : i have mirrors all in my bedroom
22:36:49 From JJ : there is mystery in mirrors
22:36:50 From Trish Fountain : I avoid them now
22:36:51 From Jenny : heard mirrors can be portals
22:36:51 From zachary karpel : same
22:36:52 From Maria Davis : but I don t use them that often
22:36:54 From tamara : kat doesn t like mirrors
22:36:54 From Tracey Ledebur : same here
22:36:55 From Nancy Lynn : my son wears a sleep mask if there is a mirr
or in the room
22:36:55 From Jaqueline Raye : YES DANI!!!
22:36:56 From H. Andrew : Don t particularly like them.
22:36:57 From suzanna cat : HAVE MIRROR WARDROBES LOL
22:36:57 From tamara : tamara does
22:36:57 From Penny(JC) : Since 2008
22:36:58 From Aaron Woffinden : mirrors in the dark seem a little scary
22:36:59 From GAIL : last year for me
22:36:59 From Amber Moksha : only small mirrors here....
22:36:59 From peter : maybe 2 years ago
22:37:02 From Kya : black mirrors are portals
22:37:03 From J : don t like mirrors in front of my bed while I sleep
22:37:03 From Tracy : Hate mirrors...never recognize myself at first
22:37:04 From Nicole Victoria : Never like to look in mirrors anymore
22:37:04 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I like them because of what they r
epresent to me.
22:37:04 From Maria Davis : I don t think I am the person who is in the
22:37:05 From Tulla Hills : this is interesting
22:37:06 From maddtom . : took all mirrors except in bathroom where is
would be destructilve and costly (apt mgr would not approve!)
22:37:09 From VIOLET : yep 2013-14 took them all down
22:37:09 From Debbie Horn : mirror gazing
22:37:09 From jennifer gray : not in bedroom!
22:37:10 From Dawn Hart : I have not thought about it like this
22:37:11 From Trish Fountain : Mirrors tell us the truth of our aging
22:37:12 From Belinda : mirrors are no longer too...
22:37:12 From noumenon : i look at mirrors but refuse to ever take a pi
cture lol
22:37:13 From Larry : I stared into a mirror once and my face changed i
nto other people....past lives maybe?
22:37:13 From Susanna.C : i do my smearing and then bye mirror
22:37:15 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Always have.
22:37:15 From Penny(JC) : Haven t liked them since 2008
22:37:17 From Lou Whom : only 16 yes
22:37:17 From Susanna.C : yes !
22:37:18 From zachary karpel : mhm
22:37:18 From Anastasia Mantani : hate the fuckers
22:37:19 From Joy : yes, 2 - 3 years ago
22:37:20 From casie : i didnt like mirrors past few years until past co
uple weeks,
22:37:21 From peter : who the fuck is that!!!
22:37:21 From Melanie Worland : mine really presented this year...I loo
ked different...YES D....exactly....weird.
22:37:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : They re unsettling when they show
you what you don t want to recognize in yourself.
22:37:23 From Sam Ra : no mirrors here but no problems with them
22:37:25 From Renee s : ssmall magnified mirrows ok
22:37:25 From phillip s : is it more like you don t look in mirrors any
22:37:27 From Megan : I cover them in scarves
22:37:28 From Dawn Hart : I dont like looking at myself in the mirror I
am getting old LOL
22:37:32 From Susanna.C : i have that with ppl
22:37:37 From tamara : I have had to learn to love myself by looking my
self in the eye- healing through the mirror
22:37:37 From Merce Gar : I only liked the mirror my mom bought with go
lden rays around it
22:37:38 From Sony : I am not a mirror person...but do use them...a nec
22:37:42 From Sara 33 : dawn me too!
22:37:47 From shona : reflections and mirrors
22:37:48 From Lynda . : I don t even recognise the reflection anymore
22:37:49 From Susanna.C : i look at them and a split sec i think who ar
e you
22:37:49 From Tracy : I
22:37:49 From Trish Fountain : When looking into a mirror I know that i
s not my true reflection
22:37:56 From Henk Reintke : My water sack looks olde
22:37:56 From phillip s : do we truct mirror images any more?
22:37:58 From tamara : mirrors reflect what you really think of yoursel
22:37:58 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Mirrors, clocks, calendars, compas
ses Always loved the esthetics.
22:38:00 From Elizabeth Rose : eXACTLY
22:38:02 From Melanie Worland : Trish, yeah its freaky though
22:38:05 From GAIL : old mirrors are scarey#
22:38:11 From Lou Whom : My eyes do not look correct in the mirror late
22:38:14 From Megan : reflections are memories as well
22:38:14 From maury : You are beautiful, dawn. Don t undersell yoursel
22:38:16 From Merce Gar : what? creation ...?
22:38:17 From Aaron Woffinden : bloody mary in the mirror
22:38:19 From Loma : Yes!This is all a reflection...I like them the sam
e as I like the First Light.
22:38:20 From Tracy : I don t look like myself in mirrors or photograph
22:38:22 From Dawn Hart : thank you Maury
22:38:24 From Susanna.C : yes but what does it mean ?
22:38:24 From Kya : Ive only used mirrors to fix my hair, put on makeup
(dont wear that anymore) and thats it
22:38:25 From josie : I dont/cant connect with my reflection. I try somet
imes to SEE me...but I FEEL me much easier
22:38:27 From Heather Campbell : i go to the bathroom and forget to loo
k in the mirror all the time. then i realize i looked like crap all day.. lol
22:38:28 From sara ann hume : never buy a second hand mirror
22:38:28 From tamara : and it will push you away or your will observe a
nd start to heal with the mirror
22:38:29 From Dawn Hart : I am 50 this year
22:38:30 From Cindy : Grimm has creepy beings coming thru mirrors
22:38:39 From Janey Benson on fb : what kind of units?
22:38:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Too many mirrors... and Life start
s feeling like yoou re stuck in a carnival Fun House and can t find a way out...
22:38:44 From Melanie Worland : YES, dead, shark eyes...yes, its the ey
es....I smile at my reflection and turn away...
22:38:45 From Diane : I recently started sleeping on the sofa and began
dreaming again. There s a full wall of mirror on my closet facing the bed. I ha
ve an energetic field around my bed, but something changed and moved me away fro
m the mirrors, hmmm
22:38:45 From Dawn Hart : creation ubits
22:38:53 From pauline Jamieson : That;s not old Dawn
22:38:54 From Maria Davis : Romeo hides behind my big mirror in the lou
22:38:54 From Sony : @Tracy...yes, I think that also!
22:38:58 From Janey Benson on fb : ubits? ok thanks
22:38:59 From Debbie Horn : if you gaze in a mirror you can see differe
nt dimensions
22:39:00 From maury : Well fuck it I am 75 this year. 75 is the new 50
/49 as far as I am concerned.
22:39:01 From Trish Fountain : I just took down my mirrors in my living
room this past week
22:39:01 From Merce Gar : creation ubits or units?
22:39:01 From Aaron Woffinden : as a kid i used to think there was an e
ntire world behind the mirrors
22:39:02 From Penny(JC) : yes Josie, my reflection is not me. It doesn
t match
22:39:07 From Susanna.C : i turn my bedroom mirror around
22:39:10 From Alison White : Yes because AI can only coy or reflect wha
t is an organic creation.
22:39:15 From josie : Cos we need to FEEL
22:39:17 From Alison White : copy*
22:39:19 From Susanna.C : when i go to bed
22:39:20 From Maria Davis : it s not real
22:39:25 From GAIL : yt put mirror on the disciption
22:39:26 From noumenon : i feel that way about pictures
22:39:32 From casie : ive been looking in mirror past cpl weeks, saying
, i refuse to see what the program is showing, i am trying to only see whats re
ally there, hideen
22:39:36 From Maria Davis : Phoebe just farted that s her take on it
22:39:37 From VIOLET : Reflection of an artifice
22:39:40 From Tara Michelle Wilson : My reflection has saved me in past t
imes of distress.
22:39:45 From pauline Jamieson : lol Maria
22:39:48 From Tulla Hills : lol Maria
22:39:51 From Britt : Mirrors feel like shadows.
22:39:51 From Susanna.C : D do you mean it is not reflecting anymore wh
at you see
22:39:52 From peter : i only see the negative when I look in the mirror
22:39:53 From Aaron Woffinden : mirrors = an illusion of depth.... lo
oks 3d... but is really 2d. like a HOLOGRAM
22:39:54 From Debbie Horn : its your thoughts about it that brings the
22:39:57 From Kya : thats how I was Casie, but cant do that anymore
22:40:01 From maury : Pheobe is communicating with you, Maria.
22:40:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : But its normally a different me looki
ng back at me.
22:40:04 From Kya : havent been able to do that for awhile
22:40:04 From Melanie Worland : Maybe mirror "triggers" a Knowing of th
e maliable reality
22:40:10 From pauline Jamieson : I dont recognise myself in them anymore
22:40:10 From noumenon : the night sky feels so fake
22:40:12 From phillip s : interesting we used to look IN a mirror NOW w
e look AT a mirror
22:40:13 From tamara : yes
22:40:14 From Penny(JC) : Yes Dani so true
22:40:14 From zachary karpel : yes
22:40:15 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes.
22:40:17 From Susanna.C : some what
22:40:19 From cuba perkovic : intersting hmmm
22:40:21 From Blair Bierman : yes
22:40:22 From Dawn Hart : if you cant see your reflection does that mea
n you have officially stepped out of time itself?
22:40:22 From Belinda : since 2012 everything has changed...
22:40:26 From Sony : But isn t the whole construct...being that it is a
22:40:29 From tamara : a mirrored image of only a PROGRAM
22:40:30 From Merce Gar : yes
22:40:33 From tamara : not us really
22:40:35 From Maria Davis : if it s a mirrored reflection then where is
it reflecting from ??
22:40:37 From Jaqueline Raye : Did anyone see the Harry Potter deamon i
n the sky in Africa??
22:40:37 From Penny(JC) : It is all a reflection
22:40:38 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Cover one eye and 3D looks like 2D
22:40:40 From Trish Fountain : Its scary when you look at your reflect
ion one day then the next day its not what you seen the day before
22:40:41 From Tulla Hills : There is no Mirror :)
22:40:43 From pauline Jamieson : yes Tamara agree
22:40:49 From Tracy : sometimes my eyes look freaky just for a second o
r two
22:40:56 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Preparation dreams during my 72 ho
ur sleep.
22:40:56 From maury : I think that means you are a vampire. At least t
hat is what I have seen in the movies and on the tell lie vision
22:40:56 From Tulla Hills : That spoon in the matrix kinda was a mirror
22:41:08 From Tulla Hills : Maury, lol
22:41:10 From Loma : D when we look as "our reality 3d" it is just a re
flection ,too
22:41:12 From tamara : funny the old saying "7 years bad luck if you br
eak a mirror"
22:41:19 From Penny(JC) : Maybe this is our won creation since 2012
22:41:23 From Tulla Hills : oh yeah Tamara
22:41:33 From casie : ur right Kya
22:41:36 From pauline Jamieson : yeah Tamara that used to scare me
22:41:36 From Penny(JC) : That might be why so much is different
22:41:42 From Chris Breakspear : i musta broke 6 mirrors lol
22:41:47 From tamara : lol
22:41:50 From Kya : they walk out into the light
22:41:53 From maddtom . : The door opens to the light people started
22:41:54 From Susanna.C : in which years was the lsat lost ?
22:41:57 From Sara 33 : all the mirrors are breaking
22:41:58 From Susanna.C : last
22:41:59 From Maria Davis : hahahaha that s funny Lisa is hard core
22:42:03 From Kya : I felt the last show of Lost was programming
22:42:03 From Aaron Woffinden : the very last thing they do is walk thr
ough a door....
22:42:04 From peter : AH we are in a space that the mirror doesnt show
us, it is a reflection of the old space, purely negative
22:42:06 From Chantelle Kennedy : Me and my husband are having a Lost m
arathon right now fkn fantastic
22:42:12 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Did anyone in the room see that Fa
cebook post where a cat looks through a hole in a sheetrock sky to watch a rocke
t launch?
22:42:16 From Trish Fountain : Scenario
22:42:16 From Tulla Hills : Unfucker Island
22:42:18 From Sony : In a recent interview...when speaking of holograms
being our reality...a hologram is created by something/someone? So what s our
22:42:21 From Penny(JC) : Yes Lisa that was what I got as well
22:42:25 From Blair Bierman : you re right lisa...and i ve watchedf it
22:42:29 From Maria Davis : hahahahaha Tulla
22:42:29 From Penny(JC) : They had already died
22:42:29 From Kya : before the end, they had all actually lived, but we
re alive in an alternate reality but didnt realize it
22:42:30 From maury : That is whast I recall Kya, they walk out the doo
r into the light.
22:42:32 From Tulla Hills : we just need to manifest a plane crash and
then we get our island, lol
22:42:32 From Chris Breakspear : yes joseph from david
22:42:35 From Aaron Woffinden : yes maury
22:42:38 From Merce Gar : yes Joseph I saw that cat :)
22:42:52 From Trish Fountain : Waiting room
22:43:02 From Kya : was getting more into that truth when the show just
flipped the script and had the rush ending.. you know they will never tell us t
he full truth of anything
22:43:06 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That cat caught my attention, big
22:43:08 From noumenon : we are dead?
22:43:09 From Joo Lee : trippy
22:43:10 From pauline Jamieson : yes the waiting room
22:43:14 From Barbara Karnes : Im sitting here laughing my ass off.
22:43:20 From Penny(JC) : That is why they started finding so much more
in the island
22:43:23 From John A : They leave the CHURCH which is from the word XER
XE meaning circle or infinite loop. So they in effect leave the loop.
22:43:25 From M : the gathering--the meeting...religion
22:43:32 From Sony : Again...are we the creators of this hologram or ot
22:43:34 From phillip s : a waiting room/ church
22:43:38 From maury : Kind of like a modern and secular version of the
old Catholic storyline of whast Pergutory is all about.
22:43:38 From Sara 33 : thats the feeling I got also Kyla
22:43:47 From James : Limbo (definition) - an uncertain period of await
ing a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition
22:43:52 From Merce Gar : Xerxe - greek
22:43:52 From Bitofvenom ME : i see dead ppl :)
22:43:55 From Kya : the whole construct of the church in and of itself
shows that it was programming
22:43:55 From Tracey Ledebur : wow
22:43:57 From Aaron Woffinden : but right before the last episode.... t
hey were living in an alternate realities... THAT KEPT ON SHIFTING!!! like the m
andella effects
22:44:00 From Tulla Hills : so interesting
22:44:02 From pauline Jamieson : interesting indeed
22:44:03 From Barbara Karnes : still dont feel it
22:44:04 From Sony : pronounced.."sir-see"...
22:44:07 From Nancy Lynn : "Hollow" graphic reality
22:44:08 From Larry : zerkzee
22:44:12 From Hextilda Lemon : soul group??
22:44:15 From Penny(JC) : Yes Aaron
22:44:17 From Maria Davis : hahaahha everyone is so funny tonight
22:44:18 From Merce Gar : yes Larry :)
22:44:19 From Megan : z
22:44:21 From Heather Campbell : soul family remeeting before leaving t
22:44:21 From Kya : exactly aaron.. but they had all lived
22:44:21 From Blair Bierman : they even went back to the 70s and shit
22:44:26 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I need to watch that last episode
of Lost again. I watched it with my son when it was aired on TV but forgot much
of it...
22:44:27 From Stacey : 3rd OPRT in row that I keep getting kicked off a
nd missing the convo :(
22:44:28 From Trish Fountain : At one point they were all connected in
22:44:28 From FoxBox : wake UP, don t walk OUT.....
22:44:30 From Barbara Karnes : Im pulsating with the energy of the divin
22:44:33 From Kya : the whole being stuck on the island was a program
22:44:34 From Barbara Karnes : how it feels
22:44:35 From Kya : for them
22:44:40 From Jaqueline Raye : Check out this creepy thing!! https://ww
22:44:42 From maury : Again, a secular storyline of a soul group, Hex.
22:44:43 From Kya : they couldnt remember
22:44:45 From Barbara Karnes : literally feeling waves
22:44:45 From Merce Gar : now we are 229 in here :)
22:44:49 From Cindy : vague
22:44:50 From zachary karpel : yeah my memories are like completely haz
22:44:51 From Cindy : yes
22:44:51 From Barbara Karnes : and I control them
22:44:51 From peter : or remembering shit we forgot
22:44:52 From Cindy : yes
22:44:53 From Penny(JC) : foggy for sure
22:44:54 From Melanie Worland : Barb, I been feeling it coming for a ye
ar...and yes It is HERE
22:44:54 From Blair Bierman : yes!!
22:44:56 From Nancy Lynn : OH totally. I can t remember anything at al
l fro my childhood.
22:44:57 From Elizabeth Rose : @Stacey use your phone and call into the
phone number provided
22:44:57 From Chantelle Kennedy : yes yes yes very little memories
22:44:59 From Tracey Ledebur : yes fuzzy memories
22:45:00 From Larry : shit ALL of my memories are flooding back like a
22:45:05 From Jenny : i agree
22:45:06 From H. Andrew : Very vague
22:45:06 From Kya : theyre consciousness was moved to the island
22:45:10 From Kya : when they werent there at all
22:45:12 From sheri : yup Hard time remembering before 2013
22:45:13 From Bitofvenom ME : turn off the light. the exit sign will li
ght up
22:45:17 From Belinda : yes...
22:45:18 From Trish Fountain : Many gaps in memory as well as it being
22:45:22 From Tulla Hills : yes lisa
22:45:22 From Nancy Lynn : I woke up in 2009
22:45:23 From Susanna.C : 2001
22:45:23 From Dawn Hart : It strated for me in 2009 too Lisa
22:45:25 From Maria Davis : I ve no emotional memory since 4th Septembe
r 2008
22:45:31 From Penny(JC) : I used to be able to look back and almost rel
ive but I cant do that now.
22:45:32 From maury : 2010 for me.
22:45:37 From Susanna.C : i really woke up in 2011
22:45:38 From Larry : 2003
22:45:38 From zachary karpel : late 2012
22:45:40 From Toye Elizabeth : YES. 2009 is sooo huge for so many ppl i
22:45:43 From josie : Woke up 2009/2010
22:45:45 From sara ann hume : nov 2011 for me
22:45:45 From Chris Breakspear : the more i forget the better childhood
wise lol
22:45:48 From Elizabeth Rose : Early 2011
22:45:49 From Lemon Panda : everything since 2005 is a blur for me
22:45:50 From casie : 2010
22:45:52 From Trish Fountain : 2008
22:45:54 From deanna parsley : 2005
22:45:55 From Penny(JC) : 2012 for sure
22:45:57 From Nancy : I remember back to 1948
22:45:57 From pauline Jamieson : 2012
22:45:59 From Nova Gaia : 2013
22:46:00 From Anastasia Mantani : late 11
22:46:00 From Merce Gar : for me since early 2008
22:46:07 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I saw that weird human creepy thin
g earlier today.
22:46:13 From Dawn Hart : my dog has been really sick throwing up
22:46:14 From Susanna.C : my neighbor said look at the big story and i
did and then i went on to david ickes
22:46:15 From Kya : i look back at old memories and its like theyre not
mine at all now- no more attachments to any of them
22:46:17 From Merce Gar : but I always felt something wrong!
22:46:17 From deanna parsley : fevers are releasing, cold/shiver is upl
22:46:21 From Tracy Jackson : hot cold hot cold.... ya
22:46:22 From Melanie Worland : no, not hotflash...and yes snotty bitch
22:46:24 From casie : severe hot, then cool
22:46:26 From Penny(JC) : YES or both at the same time hot cold
22:46:26 From Jayling : hot cold hot cold a few hours ago!
22:46:27 From Sony : 2003
22:46:29 From peter : headaches
22:46:29 From jennifer gray : yep and 3pm cold
22:46:34 From Susanna.C : yep
22:46:34 From Dawn Hart : I am hot cold hot cold
22:46:34 From Burma Christie : any intentional
22:46:37 From Burma Christie : omg
22:46:41 From Trish Fountain : I have been going thru this I can feel m
y whole body changing
22:46:41 From zachary karpel : my #2 is like ugghhhh
22:46:41 From casie : mucus gone now
22:46:43 From cuba perkovic : ohhhhhhhhh i have hot cold and stomak pro
blem aaa
22:46:44 From Nancy Lynn : I only ever had the hot flashes. Now I go e
xtremely cold.
22:46:46 From Dawn Hart : hot flashes
22:46:47 From Heather Campbell : night sweats last night
22:46:48 From beth : 2010
22:46:50 From Chris Breakspear : i got so hot the other week in bed i t
hougth i was gonna combust but i didnt sweat atall
22:46:53 From Gem : Sinus and fuzzy head feeling most days
22:46:54 From zachary karpel : yep
22:47:00 From casie : can not eat
22:47:02 From Burma Christie : periods aren t right lately
22:47:04 From Aaron Woffinden : we guys experience this to
22:47:05 From Sara 33 : heart palpitations
22:47:08 From pauline Jamieson : yes true
22:47:09 From Jaqueline Raye : I am burning excess data I like that desc
22:47:10 From Chris Breakspear : yeah lost appetite bigtime
22:47:11 From Nancy Lynn : or the 24 year old boys
22:47:12 From Merce Gar : had that the whole last year - but yes I thou
ght it was due to the menopause
22:47:12 From Christine : Die every other day instead of Die another da
22:47:13 From Dawn Hart : heart beat faster than normal
22:47:13 From Maria Davis : so we can start creating our own version of
our body
22:47:14 From Aaron Woffinden : 28 year old guy here
22:47:14 From deanna parsley : i started hot flashes at age 33
22:47:15 From Melanie Worland : no, not hotflash...been through those..
22:47:15 From noumenon : i had very spiritual-like fevers with visions
when i was a lil boy, i always thought there was something to it
22:47:17 From peter : or 50 year old pimples
22:47:18 From josie : Night sweats....drenched...Im 35
22:47:20 From Kya : Im 36
22:47:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Started menopause symptoms when I
was 19.
22:47:22 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:47:22 From Susanna.C : i beginning to think i wasn t having menopaus
e things at all
22:47:24 From jennifer gray : yep Chris - last night
22:47:25 From Penny(JC) : A lot of people in A fib now
22:47:26 From zachary karpel : 23 year old male here
22:47:28 From Trish Fountain : my 15 yr old grand daughter is going t
hru it
22:47:32 From phillip s : generalising does not work
22:47:33 From pauline Jamieson : yes lol
22:47:38 From peter : lol
22:47:38 From zachary karpel : hot flash right now lmao
22:47:39 From Tracy : weird bouts of anxious feeling like something is
about to happen
22:47:39 From Kya : I was getting hot flashes when I was 25
22:47:42 From Maria Davis : D, you look good
22:47:43 From Merce Gar : wow
22:47:44 From Chris Breakspear : spatula lmao
22:47:45 From Debbie Horn : lol
22:47:47 From Penny(JC) : Top of heart does not work like the bottom pa
22:47:47 From Trish Fountain : LOL
22:47:48 From Burma Christie : 45 and getting out breaks as well
22:47:49 From Dawn Hart : LOL
22:47:51 From Aaron Woffinden : you fooled me
22:47:55 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:47:55 From jennifer gray : i had them for 20 years!
22:47:57 From peter : last week too d
22:47:57 From Larry : I ve been so gassy I sound like a tuba in a march
ing band
22:47:58 From Trish Fountain : ME too and Iam 58
22:48:01 From Susanna.C : no laughing matter tho
22:48:03 From Melanie Worland : Pamela your mic on babe
22:48:05 From Tracy Jackson : i apply with spatula everyday i go out!
22:48:07 From maury : It used to be called war paint .
22:48:12 From topher : 35 pimples,mucus, hot flashs,
22:48:15 From J : Danny s too funny
22:48:18 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I havent worn make-up for years so
I have no excuse for when my epidermis is so messed up.
22:48:24 From noumenon : lol larry
22:48:26 From Jaqueline Raye : Maury!! Too funny
22:48:27 From Kya : but Ive always been able to warm myself up by my own
energy.. summers suck ass for me
22:48:33 From Merce Gar : could those chemtrails be causing those skin
22:48:42 From suzanna cat : a new spot or spots every morn
22:48:49 From Susanna.C : lord of the rings was recorded there
22:48:49 From Merce Gar : yeap
22:48:51 From Earl Thibert : i have had hot flashs and i am a 41 year o
ld man
22:48:53 From James : Dreamtime?
22:48:53 From Holly Keating : could be
22:48:56 From kimercoliani : I ve been cold. Not hot or feverish.
22:49:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : So was Xena WP.
22:49:03 From suzanna cat : get overheated soooo easily
22:49:04 From shanman : sulphur for dotox and skin ,
22:49:09 From noumenon : the weather seems to be going through hot flas
22:49:10 From Dawn Hart : Hot flashes suck huh Earl?
22:49:18 From pauline Jamieson : I rarely see chemtrails and Ive develop
ed skin issues Merce
22:49:21 From Earl Thibert : yep
22:49:22 From peter : a lot of focus being put on new zealand lately
22:49:23 From Debbie Horn : and New Zealand keeps getting hit by large
deep earthquakes
22:49:25 From suzanna cat : sore throat for years
22:49:27 From Bitofvenom ME : very populair with politicians , new zeal
22:49:36 From Norm : fascintating also where Leeloo began by pointing o
ut the place just East North East of Chatham Island (NZ) as the BAD PLACE
22:49:44 From Blair Bierman : yes
22:49:46 From Susanna.C : think the bots are acting up aswell
22:49:47 From Merce Gar : the 8 spoke wheel without spokes in the lost
book by Nostradamus also relates to time without time :)
22:49:51 From Penny(JC) : Yes everything is out of wack
22:49:51 From Maria Davis : everything is out of phase, I would say
22:49:55 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yup, Norm.
22:49:56 From deanna parsley : it snowed here last night, I went for
a walk, the sun was soooo hot /glorious on me, it was burning my back.
22:49:57 From Susanna.C : henge the weird stuff we hear
22:50:00 From phillip s : New Zea (last letter in the alphabet) Land
22:50:00 From Larry : I ve been crazy thirsty no matter how much I have
to drink...throat has been very dry too
22:50:01 From kimercoliani : Did anyone read about the hypothalamus thr
eat in the UU room? Could it be the tempt changes be a rsult of our hypothalamus
22:50:01 From zachary karpel : yep
22:50:02 From Penny(JC) : yes
22:50:02 From Blair Bierman : lmao true!!
22:50:02 From tamara : end of the Labrynth movie, sarah says "You have
no power over me" and her world shatters like a mirror and the clock goes crazy
22:50:06 From zachary karpel : out of order shit all the time
22:50:08 From casie : oh yeah....
22:50:09 From Susanna.C : yes
22:50:14 From H. Andrew : Yes!!!!
22:50:16 From L La : yes...
22:50:16 From Maria Davis : none of this feels real to me
22:50:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yeah.
22:50:18 From Trish Fountain : OH HECK YES
22:50:19 From Nicole Victoria : EXACTLY!
22:50:21 From Dawn Hart : yeah how everything has gone down with my mom
and family
22:50:21 From Lynda . : confronted daily..
22:50:23 From deanna parsley : seeing the streams of time connect to ma
ke a scene
22:50:26 From kristel tempest : yup
22:50:29 From Dawn Hart : never would have seen that
22:50:34 From casie : nothing feels real anymore
22:50:34 From Merce Gar : yes
22:50:36 From zachary karpel : i had one day be the 5th and then the 7t
h and now its the 6th
22:50:38 From phillip s : Mute Pamela
22:50:44 From zachary karpel : doesnt make any sense
22:50:46 From Susanna.C : yes pls mute
22:50:57 From Kya : I dont look at any calendars anymore
22:50:58 From FoxBox : Pamela Stefanio please mute
22:50:59 From L La : organised chaos
22:50:59 From Dawn Hart : that is right
22:51:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I keep thinking everyday is Sunday
for some reason.
22:51:03 From Tulla Hills : Day mode
22:51:11 From Susanna.C : lisa
22:51:12 From terrycole-whittaker : its only now and the now is us
22:51:17 From Susanna.C : pls mute pamala
22:51:24 From Kya : Sunday Funday
22:51:27 From Merce Gar : mute pleas Pamela Sefanio
22:51:28 From Joo Lee : is Later
22:51:30 From Janey Benson on fb : Pamela and Theresa too
22:51:30 From Jayling : yup
22:51:31 From tamara : chicago
22:51:34 From Dawn Hart : Antartica is melting
22:51:35 From Tracy Jackson : finally sunny today in arizona. FINALLY
22:51:37 From Burma Christie : PA was 70 too
22:51:38 From tamara : 72 degrees
22:51:43 From Aaron Woffinden : no time...... just light mode & dark mo
22:51:45 From Blair Bierman : 70 PA yeah
22:51:47 From maury : 74 in Pensacola right now. Real nice, too.
22:51:48 From Trish Fountain : Flowers blooming
22:51:50 From FoxBox : no it s pamela
22:51:51 From Albert Deaton : The trees are blooming here. It was 75 de
grees yesterday.
22:51:52 From Burma Christie : weird then 2 days later snow
22:52:02 From Lynda . : no calanders, clocks or time keeping here for a
few years now.. Interesting days indeed
22:52:04 From Brenda : and theresa
22:52:08 From Aaron Woffinden : snow here too
22:52:10 From Susanna.C : mute when you come in
22:52:15 From Toye Elizabeth : what is the grandfather complex?
22:52:19 From casie : 2 days of snow here
22:52:24 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Possibly because Sundays have alway
s seemed like slow days in my lifetime Lazy Sundays Weird newish thing.
22:52:29 From Norm : 70 degrees here in Central US today - but also in
middle of the weeks on February
22:52:42 From Joo Lee : I ll do it Now, Later
22:52:47 From Amber Moksha : we are having spring tornado weather here
in Oklahoma
22:52:48 From Susanna.C : would you still be here
22:52:49 From Toye Elizabeth : oh right. gotcha!
22:52:50 From Albert Deaton : i m in southern indiana it should not be
75 with trees blooming in march
22:52:52 From Maria Davis : Melanie, it was off mute for me a while ago
, not recently but I m wondering if this whole show is a time fuck ha xx
22:52:52 From Kya : I was warm here again yesterday.. trying to make it
cold again.. gets warmer, sometimes really warm, then each time it does, they b
low cold wind in and rain to make it colder
22:52:56 From Burma Christie : lol
22:53:03 From Dawn Hart : unless there are multiple reality streams
22:53:04 From Amber Moksha : my red bud trees are in bloom
22:53:05 From L La : enslavement tick tock dissolving..
22:53:08 From Kya : like we believe in winter anymore
22:53:12 From Debbie Horn : yesterday was cold windy and today is hot h
umid and very windy in texas
22:53:12 From Susanna.C : right dawn
22:53:18 From peter : i have been wondering about time and gravity they
both cant be explained and i see them as the same time sometimes, i feel there
is something with that
22:53:21 From Chris Breakspear : unless your grandmotehr was a naughty
22:53:21 From Susanna.C : and i think there is
22:53:22 From noumenon : its been rather warm this winter i am surprise
d when there is a cold day
22:53:24 From Merce Gar : wow - weather all over the place! Here there
was very heavy wind - but no rain?!?
22:53:25 From Kya : I just been using my energy and intent to keep it w
arm here
22:53:33 From maury : Red buds are in bloom all over down here, Amber.
Beautiful, I must say. Azaleas as well.
22:53:33 From Burma Christie : OMG they were spraying here something ba
d today
22:53:39 From Burma Christie : it s all connected
22:53:41 From jennifer gray : my sister just asked our cousin who we ha
ve just made contact with after years how she was our cousin!!!!!!
22:53:43 From Tulla Hills : All the tv shows and movies about time stuf
22:53:43 From Aaron Woffinden : .....................big picture
22:53:45 From zachary karpel : yep
22:54:03 From Sony : on!
22:54:03 From Megan : yesterday, the temperature dropped 25 degrees in
about two hours and loads of chemtrails all day
22:54:03 From Jina Fergus : yep
22:54:03 From Aaron Woffinden : yeah!
22:54:04 From Amber Moksha : all the elms are budding out and the oaks
look like they are beginning to.... this is really very early
22:54:07 From tamara : yes, tulla
22:54:07 From Norm : How many remember the talks which Ian Lungold did
in 2004 and 2005 - re the 2012 shift of energetics - but also where he clearly s
poke about the Roman Church going all over to conquer the world to impose "Their
" Gregorian Calendar upon the entire world
22:54:11 From Penny(JC) : So for shouting lol
22:54:17 From Susanna.C : maybe we are looking those things from our re
22:54:26 From Dawn Hart : very wet here in Houston and the sky is rathe
r odd in the last 6 months
22:54:29 From L La : H2O tech!!!!
22:54:31 From Debbie Horn : birds making nests a month early
22:54:31 From Sony : @Norm...I remember...
22:54:38 From Susanna.C : but things are going haywire so we can not lo
ok at these things the same way
22:54:50 From Amber Moksha : i know.... very strange clouds here....
22:54:53 From jennifer gray : yeh may have only been since gregorian
22:54:58 From Merce Gar : I remember Ian Lungold but not so much what h
e talked about for this time now?!?
22:54:59 From Henk Reintke : harp is on
22:55:06 From Penny(JC) : Susanna that is good, with social networking
we can now tell others our own reality
22:55:09 From Burma Christie : to many watching...maybe
22:55:13 From Kya : I havent smelled clean pure oxygen air since prior t
o last year.. cant remember if I had in 2015 or not
22:55:17 From Burma Christie : to many asking questions
22:55:18 From Maria Davis : What s the latest with Leeloo?
22:55:19 From phillip s : defrag working its way through
22:55:21 From maury : Ian Lunddgold was the first expositor of the Maya
n calender I ran across. He was still alive back then. Just saw him via you tu
be videos, though.
22:55:36 From Maria Davis : yes, I agree
22:55:37 From Trish Fountain : Balance is what we need to correct the c
22:55:38 From jennifer gray : i REALLY hope so!
22:55:44 From Amber Moksha : i do too.....
22:55:46 From Sony : you remember how much "off" is the Greg
orian calendar?
22:55:46 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Another version of the Paradox is
going back through time and running into yourself younger and someone postulated
that s like matter and anti-matter colliding...
22:55:49 From Merce Gar : yes
22:55:49 From peter : tropical areas
22:55:51 From Norm : Ian transitioned in November or December 2005
22:55:55 From Kya : never along east coast
22:55:55 From Susanna.C : isn t that time with out time
22:55:55 From Melanie Worland : hot flashing....fuck
22:55:56 From Burma Christie : Cali with the rain is crazy
22:55:57 From Trish Fountain : It was once a tropical world
22:56:00 From Tulla Hills : exactly
22:56:01 From Amber Moksha : we could always go up into the mountains f
or snow and such
22:56:04 From Dawn Hart : we have had hurricanes hit aroud new York
22:56:08 From Susanna.C : the place without time
22:56:12 From phillip s : geology proves the existance of a tropical lu
sh world
22:56:16 From Susanna.C : then anything can happen
22:56:17 From Maria Davis : if we have sub tropical all over, Antartica
would look a lot more interesting
22:56:17 From Burma Christie : we got Sandy here in PA too
22:56:18 From Pamela Stefaniotis : exactly. .thanks girls
22:56:20 From maury : Mostly in New Jersey but flooded wall street like
Dani says.
22:56:23 From Tracy : I live in tornado alley here.
22:56:24 From tamara : and funny enough just recently a tornado
22:56:26 From Barbara Karnes : yes lisa remember crazy barbara?
22:56:27 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : New York City: Manhattan Island...
22:56:28 From Burma Christie : windy and all from Sandy
22:56:30 From Merce Gar : oh how convienient
22:56:30 From Elena : weather deriavitives..
22:56:32 From Dawn Hart : in fact most of the storms have been going up
the eastern seaboard i the last few years
22:56:35 From Susanna.C : so all debt papers are gone
22:56:38 From Blair Bierman : how sad
22:56:43 From Trevor Henry : You guys mentioning Remote Viewing just re
minded me if anyone had any intel on what Major Ed Dames final presentation detai
led - apparently he was pretty final in his decision to step away from the limel
ight and prepare for something to take place
22:56:44 From Norm : flooding in Sandy Hook, New Jersey from that hurri
cane - NYC subway tunnels also flooded
22:56:45 From peter : well i always thought it like evening out you kno
w beautifaul sometimes bad others or just blah all the time
22:56:45 From Blair Bierman : lmao
22:56:49 From maury : Cosmic cleaning I would say.
22:56:49 From Kya : they tried to force it to hit the entire eastern co
ast but that one was so outright obvious with their intent and what they were tr
ying to do we were just like NOPE
22:56:56 From Trina : bible belt=jet stream
22:56:57 From Aaron Woffinden : records seem to have gotten wet... *COU
GH* ... Titanic
22:57:06 From L La : yes
22:57:13 From Chris Breakspear : yep
22:57:16 From Dawn Hart : the jet stream is no longer flowing throgh th
e Gulf of Mexico now
22:57:19 From jennifer gray : monsanto
22:57:20 From Megan : CONveyor belts
22:57:23 From Henk Reintke : and all the radiation
22:57:24 From Dawn Hart : it is said the temps are going to fall
22:57:36 From Aaron Woffinden : monsanto is now required to post a canc
er warning?
22:57:39 From Burma Christie : To kill us all slowly
22:57:40 From Tulla Hills : salmon
22:57:42 From Susanna.C : oh and the sun goes down not in the west anym
22:57:48 From noumenon : monsanto weed: coming soon
22:57:48 From Janey Benson on fb : or like when the BP spill was, they
sprayed corexit on the penshioners living along the coast...early deaths n doubt
..My sister went blind for awhile form it
22:57:50 From phillip s : we force them to sell all their food leaving
them in famine
22:57:50 From Tara Michelle Wilson : PPP.
22:57:52 From maddtom . : GMO salmon ready for market
22:57:53 From Melanie Worland : the last ultimate control...FOOD...we h
ave broken through so much....but FOOD dependency is a problem. So...anyone who
can...Grow a garden
22:57:55 From Lemon Panda : round -up
22:57:56 From L La : yes Dawn Ice Age on the way
22:57:56 From Maria Davis : hahahahha
22:57:57 From jennifer gray : drought resistant and aluminium re
22:57:58 From Blair Bierman : ew
22:57:58 From Susanna.C : bad grammer llol
22:58:01 From peter : the program promotes the thoughts of fear and no
22:58:02 From Sony : Thanks for the visuals!!!
22:58:02 From Elena : lol
22:58:03 From Debbie Horn : lol
22:58:03 From zachary karpel : hehe
22:58:07 From Chris Breakspear : haha
22:58:11 From Maria Davis : totally creepy, thanks Lisa
22:58:11 From terrycole-whittaker : its snowing at shasta and there is
more water, rain flowing into the dams like shasta and oroville. potatoes suppo
sedly make us weak
22:58:12 From Aaron Woffinden : monsonto weed..... please no
22:58:13 From Dawn Hart : it is like the seasons sped up too
22:58:19 From Burma Christie : potatoes are easy to grow
22:58:19 From Loma : D where do you get the GMO info?
22:58:22 From Kya : maybe they wanna try a potato famine in the US now
22:58:23 From Larry : that would make mr potatohead a real person then
22:58:27 From Melanie Worland : What Seasons Dawn?...LOL
22:58:31 From Dawn Hart : I know
22:58:32 From Susanna.C : the sun doesn t go under in the west anymore
22:58:33 From Merce Gar : what - no thanks - and create weeds which tak
e hold of them and farmers going back to the old stuff!
22:58:38 From Sara 33 : hahahaha Larry
22:58:42 From Maria Davis : Oh yes the seasons seem quicker, it s almos
t spring here in London
22:58:43 From Kya : like my ancestors havent lived through the first one
22:58:45 From jennifer gray : woody allan movie wi huge bananas?
22:58:46 From suzanna cat : I AM GROWING POTATOES FROM EYES LOL
22:58:47 From Debbie Horn : now flooding
22:58:51 From Megan : please stop now
22:58:53 From Tara Michelle Wilson : It was raining here yesterday with
the sun out Blue sky over my house (clouds soooo far off) and it started raining
heavily for about 30 seconds.
22:58:56 From Maria Davis : Yes we should start maniefesting again
22:58:57 From Trish Fountain : only days
22:58:58 From Norm : make that really = Olympic Liner - (already damage
d during the first test voyage) & where they put Titanic Name Plates on the Olym
pic - and where It had been on a clear pathway - and where there was a Wireless
transmission which deliberately told them to change course - directly into the i
22:59:02 From Cindy : who s eye Suzanna lol
22:59:06 From Sara 33 : Lets stop the chemtrail tech
22:59:09 From Kya : if they dont sprout, GMO
22:59:14 From Kya : sprouts are good for us
22:59:16 From Megan : yes!
22:59:20 From peter : sounds painful cats
22:59:22 From Tulla Hills : yes
22:59:23 From Merce Gar : yeap
22:59:24 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Haha.
22:59:26 From Aaron Woffinden : haha
22:59:30 From Andrea : haha nothing beats spock
22:59:31 From Susanna.C : lol
22:59:35 From Penny(JC) : lol I love that D
22:59:40 From noumenon : i ve been telling people for years they won t
legalize weed unless monsanto is going to profit from it, nobody wants to hear i
t :|
22:59:41 From sara ann hume : spock lizard
22:59:44 From maury : My early Azalea bloomed on Christmas day this yea
r, 2016 December 25 that is at least six weeks earlier than ever before.
22:59:50 From Penny(JC) : Spoke version is awesome
22:59:54 From Tulla Hills : windy
22:59:59 From Penny(JC) : *Spook
23:00:00 From Megan : same here Noumenon
23:00:00 From Aaron Woffinden : noumenon --> yeah
23:00:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : LMAO. That just sounded really fun
ny to me.
23:00:06 From peter : warmest february in history here in toronto
23:00:07 From Penny(JC) : I cant spell lmao
23:00:10 From Maria Davis : why is the sound going weird here and there
23:00:10 From Susanna.C : plants do not need a law to be
23:00:14 From Sony : Fractals...
23:00:18 From Maria Davis : sound is back to normal now
23:00:24 From Susanna.C : they are just there
23:00:35 From maury : Beauty is its own excuse for being, Susanna.
23:00:44 From Susanna.C : right
23:00:46 From Des : have no visual of u guys in sa
23:00:49 From Tulla Hills : That is the year I actually did die
23:00:52 From Chris Breakspear : nibiri is back apparantly
23:00:56 From Susanna.C : we just are saying yes to those laws
23:00:57 From peter : fuckin fear program
23:00:59 From Tulla Hills : or am i?
23:01:01 From Susanna.C : and so we creat
23:01:04 From Kya : BIg pharma will legalize weed so they can take all
the beneficial things out of the plant- basically kill it, add their formaldehyd
e and such to drugs and sell it as a new marijuana medicinal drug
23:01:05 From Merce Gar : for me the year of fear was in the early 80ti
es i.e. 1983..
23:01:12 From tamara : ha ha ha tulla
23:01:20 From Aaron Woffinden : sad story kya
23:01:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Oh, shit. Me too (died in 2011)
23:01:26 From noumenon : very true kya
23:01:27 From Norm : the most significant fear porn re Nibiru was from
Mark Hazelwood and his promotion of May 2003
23:01:28 From casie : agree Kya
23:01:28 From Tulla Hills : ;)
23:01:32 From FoxBox : YESSSSS
23:01:35 From Sony : Yes!
23:01:37 From Melanie Worland : yes
23:01:40 From peter : preppers and dont give a fuckers
23:01:43 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yup.
23:01:44 From Kya : yep but happens every time they LEGALize anything
23:01:44 From Tulla Hills : Really Tara!? whoa
23:01:45 From Debbie Horn : i died in 2011 when my oldest son died. im
just waking back up now.
23:01:54 From Andrea : yep....then occupy happened, and got hijacked
23:02:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Indeed, Tulla!
23:02:01 From Chris Breakspear : i was a prepper ... now i dont give a
fuck lol
23:02:06 From Susanna.C : well the finacial contruct is about to fall a
gain so it seems
23:02:08 From Maria Davis : waking up
23:02:10 From Tulla Hills : me too Chris
23:02:10 From phillip s : agree distinct split 2016 xmas
23:02:13 From Merce Gar : oh, this kind of dieing
23:02:14 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I always forget that one for some
23:02:15 From Susanna.C : been hearing this for years
23:02:16 From peter : i always didnt give a fucker
23:02:18 From Sony : @Lisa...neither can I...
23:02:23 From peter : :)
23:02:25 From Merce Gar : thank i died in 2009
23:02:30 From Maria Davis : dividing into what?
23:02:32 From Merce Gar : as my mother crossed
23:02:43 From Kya : I kept feeling like I needed to prep back in the da
y.. mostly out of fear and time running out, as they keep you in but never did co
s my soul fought me
23:02:46 From Melanie Worland : yes, temporary...they are being manipul
ated, but they will be okay
23:02:56 From Kya : same with my last and final job in the system
23:02:59 From phillip s : or more like a consciouse rejection
23:03:00 From Trish Fountain : I feel disconnected
23:03:02 From Norm : I partly died in 2004 when I was forced to sell my
mom s house & lost that landing place for visiting one of the major metro regio
23:03:03 From Kya : soul fought me to leave and never go back
23:03:05 From noumenon : you die all the time, look up quantum immortal
23:03:10 From Aaron Woffinden : people are getting fractured... are you
talking about the 3 teams on pokemon go? jk
23:03:28 From Blair Bierman : tru @ noumenon
23:04:00 From peter : but i keep getting sucked back down too
23:04:05 From Aaron Woffinden : this is the train station age?
23:04:07 From Merce Gar : yeap
23:04:14 From Kya : its the programming pieces that were attached to you
that are dying off
23:04:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : How about when Comet Elenin came c
losest to the Earth and President Obama went to bunker beneath Denver Internatio
nal Aiirport, to make an inspection (was the public reason). All I said to mysel
f at the time was... Hmmm. Interesting!
23:04:18 From Kya : they were never apart of you
23:04:19 From Susanna.C : drama has a strong pull
23:04:19 From Norm : & those who have absolutely Zero concept of Where
the Fuck we are or What the Fuck we re supposed to do
23:04:22 From Debbie Horn : rollar coaster ride!
23:04:23 From Penny(JC) : I got hit with a really big wave Tues.
23:04:23 From zachary karpel : yep
23:04:24 From Kya : not your actual soul
23:04:29 From Sony : @Lisa...I as well...
23:04:30 From phillip s : quite a bit of new age is surfacing again
23:04:33 From Merce Gar : and for some Leeloo seem to be one too
23:04:44 From maury : Positions are being solidified right now in this
interim period of no time that Lisa is talking about.
23:04:51 From Penny(JC) : Breaking the mold?
23:05:04 From Maria Davis : Like a kaleidescope?
23:05:15 From Trina : this is what i meant by the jet stream tying into
the so called bible belt. they mirror each other and i just wondered how the s
tream affects religious persuasuion... ie weather, savior mentality, etc
23:05:18 From casie : Tuesday, me too Penny
23:05:21 From Bitofvenom ME : tech got a virus. everybody jumped ship,
gaia, ppl,
23:05:24 From peter : hu-mans
23:05:25 From noumenon : i feel so seperated from the rest of the world
, i had to come here today :)
23:05:26 From maury : Yeds, Merce, that is true.
23:05:29 From Aaron Woffinden : now is like a train station.... people
are all lining up at the 4d, 5d, apocolypse, disclosure, hologram trains
23:05:34 From Penny(JC) : I was so strong
23:05:42 From topher : hell yeah bots are so visable its unreal
23:05:44 From Earl Thibert : when can i say computer end progam
23:05:49 From FoxBox : it s last soul harvest... at least they try to c
atch some souls
23:05:55 From Dawn Hart : octaves
23:05:57 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:05:59 From Kya : same here noumenon
23:06:03 From maury : Right now, Earl, right now and I kid you not.
23:06:06 From Tara Michelle Wilson : The fingernails of the hand analog
y are fracturing?
23:06:06 From Sony : @Aaron...good point...may be...
23:06:09 From maddtom . : pox-eclipse
23:06:11 From Debbie Horn : yep
23:06:12 From Susanna.C : i feel leelou is a expression for this group
& Lisa & Dani for all this therios and feeling to make it real for us , so what
we already felt she is the realisation of that feeling , like taking the pill to
wake up
23:06:14 From Tracey Ledebur : like different levels in the game
23:06:15 From peter : i thought i was bot a few months ago when we were
first talking about it
23:06:19 From Melanie Worland : I second maury.
23:06:20 From L La : noe Earl...!
23:06:31 From L La : now
23:06:32 From Des : i have no video of u guys
23:06:41 From Kya : I cant wait until Randy has his community contact sp
ace set up
23:06:45 From peter : governments are all assholes
23:06:56 From Merce Gar : right Susanna :)
23:06:59 From Larry : there is no spoon
23:07:07 From James ipad : where do you get your info from did you come
from the future? Thats how you would know what you know
23:07:12 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yeah I see where youre coming from,
23:07:22 From maury : Governments are made of relatively high level mi
nion class folks.
23:07:24 From Loma : Lisa it seems like some of us are "leading the wa
y" to higher frequency(dimensions) I feel like I ve been "forging a path through
the the snow" to make passage easier for those following.
23:07:27 From peter : lol
23:07:28 From Merce Gar : ugh!
23:07:29 From Penny(JC) : lmao D
23:07:30 From maddtom . : There is no _________ (insert program)
23:07:32 From zachary karpel : ugh is right!
23:07:33 From Penny(JC) : right on
23:07:35 From Chris Breakspear : firghtening thought
23:07:36 From Blair Bierman : god bless them
23:07:42 From Norm : yup - per Walter Burien s expose about the 2nd set
s fo books, known as the Consolidated Annual Financial Reports, search Walter Bu
rien and CAFR, or CAFR2
23:07:46 From Christine : My dad used to call me bubbles when I was a c
23:07:47 From Tracey Ledebur : consciousness bubbles
23:07:49 From Debbie Horn : yep
23:07:51 From Merce Gar : past through that bubble after listening 1/2
23:07:53 From Chris Breakspear : stuck in an alex jones bubble eeek no
23:07:55 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Its hard to see those standing stil
l or even walking backwards.
23:08:02 From Tracy Jackson : kya moumenon... <3
23:08:02 From James ipad : again how do you know? please
23:08:04 From Dawn Hart : he has serious emtional issues his wife left
him tyoo
23:08:11 From L La : drowning in Looshe
23:08:12 From Aaron Woffinden : in the waiting room you have almost com
plete control of your emotions and reactions
23:08:12 From Hextilda Lemon : the people in Lost didnt die at the sa
me time.
23:08:13 From Sony : Like we discussed, is an individual pa
ce...we are creators...creating at different levels...I think...
23:08:14 From Larry : I popped out of the Alex Jones bubble years ago..
.so happy I found you and D
23:08:15 From maury : Jones is a gatekeeper for the system.
23:08:19 From James ipad : no one is angry
23:08:27 From peter : i have look at everything from Alex to sevan boma
r to you guys looking for MY truth
23:08:30 From Susanna.C : i cant express myself in language anymore
23:08:30 From Norm : CAFR describes how USA Inc secretely owns nearly a
ll the corporations throughout the world
23:08:35 From Susanna.C : well most of the time
23:08:38 From Kya : I started with Alex Jones, only cos of someone I wo
rked with and what was happening around us in our community at that time that ha
s only worsened.. couldnt stay there long at all.. used the healing products and
herbs on that site though to help heal myself from the inside out
23:08:41 From zachary karpel : yep
23:08:41 From Susanna.C : i just feel it
23:08:44 From tamara : yes, lisa
23:08:47 From tamara : agreed
23:08:49 From Dawn Hart : they have to convince you
23:08:49 From Tracey Ledebur : conditioning
23:08:52 From Merce Gar : exactly Loosh harvesting - thats his AJ - or i
s he Bill Hicks ;)
23:08:52 From Dawn Hart : vs jut KNOWING
23:08:53 From Julianne : yep
23:08:54 From Melanie Worland : I watch InfoWars a
ything else, some truth...And I am not angry, just steadfast.
23:09:02 From Burma Christie : Arrival the movie talks about how our la
nguage is primitive
23:09:03 From sara ann hume : I fell down the Alex Jones rabbit hole in
2011, but I left it in 2013
23:09:04 From James ipad : so you know rhis how?
23:09:14 From maury : You will actually only truly find your truth fo
r you. Not from an external input. No mastter the source. 
23:09:19 From Tara Michelle Wilson : There is a tribe that communicates
by whistles. Seems like a better way of doing things for some.
23:09:24 From Dawn Hart : YES
23:09:29 From tamara : yup
23:09:29 From maddtom . : Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
is a thorough and detailed presentation of the state s financial condition.
23:09:31 From tamara : yup
23:09:33 From Debbie Horn : ah ha
23:09:33 From Kya : marriage started as a commercial contract
23:09:34 From Penny(JC) : OMG yes Lisa
23:09:34 From zachary karpel : MHM
23:09:35 From peter : marriage killls passion
23:09:36 From Susanna.C : or unhappiness
23:09:39 From Kya : legally
23:09:39 From Sony : I started with Michael Tsarion...back in
was a shift for me..."dark night of the soul"...coming out of New Age brainwash
23:09:40 From tamara : that s right
23:09:43 From James ipad : why dont tou just sat it your from the futur
23:09:43 From Joo Lee : I agree - total program
23:09:44 From tamara : yup
23:09:46 From anemalia : go to college for you MRS
23:09:47 From jennifer gray : contract!
23:09:47 From L La : marriage licence to fuck..
23:09:53 From Merce Gar : yeap- my dad felt guilty because I didnt went
through that door!
23:09:53 From Susanna.C : it s a program
23:09:53 From Larry : I watched a youtube video by cracked...fucking sp
ot on
23:09:55 From Henk Reintke : sooooo 50is
23:09:56 From Tracy Jackson : alex jones voice yells when he talks
23:10:00 From Dawn Hart : my parents were married 54 years
23:10:01 From peter : omfg 3rd marriage
23:10:07 From Merce Gar : nope exactly the opposite for me!
23:10:14 From Norm : OMG, even from the masculine side I was always par
anoid about marriage and associated relationships
23:10:19 From Blair Bierman : YES
23:10:20 From Larry : married once...regetted it...engaged now....*sigh
23:10:22 From Kya : you only have to marry yourselves in front of the t
rue eternal creator and no one else
23:10:23 From Tracey Ledebur : following a program despite all contrary
23:10:23 From Sony : @Lisa...yes...very true!
23:10:27 From Kya : no contract
23:10:30 From phillip s : marriage ...civil contract with the state...
its all about state control
23:10:32 From peter : i dont break contracts i will be miserable the re
st of my life
23:10:32 From tamara : yes, those are programs...
23:10:32 From Dawn Hart : married and divorced never agaib
23:10:32 From L La : church tech
23:10:35 From tamara : yes, lise
23:10:35 From Sony : We traumatize ourselves...
23:10:37 From maury : Beliefs come from mental mussings. It is also di
scussed as the mental realms.
23:10:39 From Trish Fountain : Married 41yrs come June
23:10:40 From James ipad : you gals are marvalous
23:10:45 From Joo Lee : Snap Out Of It!
23:10:47 From Sony : one to blame, really...
23:10:47 From Dawn Hart : Congrats Trish
23:10:50 From Aaron Woffinden : feedback loop
23:10:51 From Susanna.C : peer pressure
23:10:54 From Melanie Worland : partners, family important. Marriage w
ithin "governments" is a license for them to fuck with you. ahand tying is fine
23:10:55 From Burma Christie : question everything :)
23:10:58 From Kya : you can only become free by breaking contracts
23:10:58 From Aaron Woffinden : belief feedback loop
23:11:02 From Burma Christie : even yourself
23:11:05 From Alison White : Dont you think the word marriage could be the
program? And the word belief?
23:11:06 From noumenon : my grandmother died on what would have been ex
actly my grandparents 50th anniversary
23:11:07 From zachary karpel : lmao oopsXD
23:11:08 From tamara : and you are thinking you are breaking a mold, wh
en you trick yourself into the same program
23:11:09 From Kya : Soul contract revocations
23:11:12 From jennifer gray : romantic pogram
23:11:14 From James ipad : share the love
23:11:16 From Sony : @Lisa...yes, yes, yes
23:11:20 From Debbie Horn : thats what this young (15-16) generation ga
ls are doing to guys these days. get pg on purpose to snag a husband! or to live
on wellfare!
23:11:21 From Trish Fountain : Thank you Dawn
23:11:37 From Dawn Hart : alot of young marriages these days too
23:11:39 From tamara : we are stripping ourselves clean
23:11:44 From Julianne : becoming glaring
23:11:46 From tamara : and de-fragging
23:11:47 From Aaron Woffinden : projected on the walls
23:11:52 From Sony : @Trish...yes, congrats!!!
23:11:55 From jennifer gray : walt disney program
23:11:58 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:11:59 From Dawn Hart : I have been doing that for a good 7 years
23:12:01 From Dawn Hart : LOL
23:12:08 From Kya : most of the girls who do get pregnant are ignorant.
. purely sex driven and the males dont stick around
23:12:09 From Dawn Hart : defrag
23:12:10 From Penny(JC) : I have a hidden program I am trying to figure
out how to access
23:12:13 From Sony : Addictions...
23:12:13 From James ipad : seven year itch
23:12:13 From Burma Christie : hard to balance
23:12:17 From Hextilda Lemon : we are powerful creators. theres nothing
to worry/fear. :D
23:12:19 From josie : MOVING FORWARD......seeing & hearing those words
everywhere....everyday. Some refreshingly positive conditioning lol :-) Anyone e
lse hearing/seeing these words?
23:12:20 From Penny(JC) : I know its there
23:12:21 From Burma Christie : with the energies
23:12:22 From Joo Lee : Do Body Aches fall into purging?
23:12:23 From Susanna.C : has anyone been seeing doing things they know
is bs but still doing it
23:12:26 From tamara : YES!!
23:12:27 From phillip s : defrag is prep for memory and function upgrad
e lol
23:12:32 From Sony : @Lisa...TOTALLY AGREE!!!
23:12:37 From peter : or trying to get over it and getting dragged back
down by others
23:12:41 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Too Lee, Ive the same question.
23:12:41 From Aaron Woffinden : inner-sovereignty?
23:12:45 From James : Are people experiencing physical changes as they
23:12:57 From phillip s : place of ownership
23:13:03 From Aaron Woffinden : yes phillip
23:13:04 From Susanna.C : you know it is bs lol but still the program i
s running
23:13:06 From Merce Gar : agree
23:13:08 From Norm : I started the defrag & optimize my hard drive earl
ier today, but didn t complete the optimization when I had to go to a prior live
stream (after 1/2 hour of defrag/optimize)
23:13:08 From Aaron Woffinden : self-ownership
23:13:13 From James ipad : like the Washighton monument
23:13:15 From peter : understatement of the year
23:13:15 From phillip s : yes aron
23:13:16 From Kya : parents dont even teach anything to their kids anymo
re.. just throw iPads or video games in their face while they just go watch thei
r shows
23:13:17 From josie : No....but its liberating
23:13:20 From Susanna.C : yes
23:13:21 From Tracey Ledebur : yes aaron
23:13:22 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Its mainly from sitting up while sl
eeping but its very painful.
23:13:25 From Trish Fountain : Aaron yes I like that
23:13:27 From Sony : It s going to be "last call"...time to go...
23:13:30 From FoxBox : facing your fears
23:13:33 From tamara : true, I half way do not even recognize myself
23:13:33 From casie : i!!! Aronnner-sovereignty
23:13:35 From Susanna.C : going back and forth
23:13:39 From Blair Bierman : fear denial la la
23:13:43 From James ipad : ok iget im happy happy happy
23:13:52 From Norm : I recall the 3rd stage = Anger
23:13:52 From deanna parsley : phantom death
23:13:56 From Susanna.C : ?
23:13:59 From Nancy Lynn : alcohol?
23:14:01 From Merce Gar : AA
23:14:02 From Joo Lee : I feel like my arm was cut off at the shoulder
23:14:03 From Maria Davis : add alcohol
23:14:04 From Melanie Worland : Yes James, I ve lost weight...pain gone
in old places, new pain in previously healed places...yep, and just my Percepti
on of things is radically different.
23:14:08 From maury : I say it again this way; end the program for yo
urself, you can do it in fact you are the only one who can. That others appear
to be still in the sprogram is on them not on you."
23:14:09 From phillip s : fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... oh shit (7 s
tages of grief)
23:14:17 From L La : no!
23:14:20 From peter : lol
23:14:20 From Susanna.C : lol
23:14:21 From Aaron Woffinden : philip. haha
23:14:24 From Burma Christie : I have noticed I can t drink at all
23:14:29 From Susanna.C : sounds like it
23:14:33 From Melanie Worland : Still in actual grief, so hard to say
23:14:37 From Blair Bierman : holy shit
23:14:43 From Maria Davis : the sound has gone all weird
23:14:45 From Jerry Ledebur : realy hard to understand
23:14:47 From Aaron Woffinden : what?
23:14:47 From noumenon : we are like Linux, non-proprietary free open-s
ource software :D
23:14:49 From Penny(JC) : Me too Burma I can t drink at all now
23:14:54 From Kya : I can drink wine but thats it, and only rarely
23:14:54 From Susanna.C : give des a big hug :)
23:14:55 From Matt Poulos : no alcohol for me going on 1.5 years
23:15:00 From Maria Davis : I don t drink at all now
23:15:04 From Melanie Worland : fuck aug
23:15:05 From Maria Davis : sound is much better now
23:15:11 From Sony : @Susanna...agree...let s just listen!
23:15:12 From James : Melanie, thank. Nice to know I m not alone. :-)
23:15:15 From Aaron Woffinden : i dont drink either now
23:15:15 From noumenon : the people still asleep in the matrix are like
Windows :D
23:15:19 From Dawn Hart : she is saying it is hard on people to wake up
23:15:20 From James ipad : the lady from the you tube channel new word.
23:15:21 From peter : i will not melanie
23:15:21 From Maria Davis : Melanie you just say it as you think it
23:15:22 From casie : i never drink no mor
23:15:24 From peter : :)
23:15:27 From Dawn Hart : they do things to cope
23:15:27 From Burma Christie : if I do even on each s horri
ble for me ugh lol COFFEE it is lol
23:15:32 From Dawn Hart : it hurts
23:15:32 From Hextilda Lemon : #itsahologram
23:15:37 From Norm : I was raised re zero tobacco, zero alcohol, lacto
ovo veggie, etc
23:15:39 From L La : fucking trauma+++
23:15:40 From Dawn Hart : you dont know who to speak to
23:15:41 From josie : YES.......but it
23:15:42 From Jina Fergus : it doesnt have to be
23:15:45 From Susanna.C : it hurts to give up your programs
23:15:46 From Melanie Worland : Maria, I m too fucking old an mean to d
o otherwise
23:15:46 From jennifer gray : yeh henk
23:15:48 From Kya : aug has a lot of truth.. been watching his youtube
channel, but there is a lot of proframming in there and things he wont talk about
or aka CANNOT talk about
23:15:54 From James ipad : please help her
23:15:54 From peter : i feel for you des, i went through this too love
you lady
23:15:55 From Dawn Hart : it is hard when you feel alone in the process
23:15:55 From Merce Gar : yes
23:15:57 From Susanna.C : Des Hugsssss :)
23:16:00 From Connie Townsend : sending you LOVE Des
23:16:05 From Maria Davis : I know Melanie xx
23:16:09 From Nancy Lynn : I feel for you Des. You eventually get past
the feelings and become a neutral observer.
23:16:14 From Aaron Woffinden : des <3 <3 <3
23:16:19 From Melanie Worland : Nope, he is programmed to fuck with us.
23:16:19 From James ipad : you are good people send her love
23:16:29 From Susanna.C : this is very emotional
23:16:32 From zachary karpel : yes
23:16:33 From Tracey Ledebur : loving energies coming at ya Des <3
23:16:36 From Susanna.C : and i can understand
23:16:36 From zachary karpel : i understand
23:16:38 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Des, I feel you Sending you lots of
love!! <3
23:16:39 From Penny(JC) : Des <3 <3
23:16:39 From Megan : Weve all been through a similar effect, Des. But y
oure not alone
23:16:42 From James ipad : thank you
23:16:42 From Burma Christie : realize your not alone in this
23:16:44 From Barbara Karnes : use the tech of imagination????
23:16:46 From L La : luvlight
23:16:49 From peter : it is hard to find someone who understands des
23:16:50 From Kya : Ive been reading theres a lot of crap going on in sou
th africa
23:16:50 From Norm : Love Blessings for Des
23:16:51 From Sony : We re with are not alone! It may seem l
ike it...but no!!!
23:16:54 From Maria Davis : are there any other people from this chat i
s South Africa?
23:16:54 From Dawn Hart : she is lonley and traumatized she said
23:16:58 From Melanie Worland : Des, keep digging, keep in your heart
23:17:04 From Aaron Woffinden : yes... its a process!!! i went through
those feelings hardcore
23:17:08 From Hextilda Lemon : you are not alone Des.
23:17:12 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:17:15 From GAIL : oh des.. its sooo lonely being awake.. it will pas
s.. and you will be able to help others
23:17:17 From Susanna.C : this is what my son and me were talking about
23:17:17 From Maria Davis : yes you will get through it
23:17:18 From Burma Christie : live in your heart space..
23:17:19 From James ipad : you guys as a group have good loving powers
23:17:19 From Tara Michelle Wilson : You are NOT alone <3
23:17:21 From zachary karpel : youre not alone :)
23:17:21 From peter : me too des
23:17:27 From Trevor Henry : I feel you Des. I also find myself feeling
lonely, but not sad, just alone - almost like no one is bothering to come with
me if that makes sense
23:17:27 From Penny(JC) : I wish I was in SA, I have always wanted to g
o there
23:17:28 From GAIL : its a phase
23:17:30 From Susanna.C : what all this feels like
23:17:30 From Jina Fergus : no you are not alone
23:17:31 From Blair Bierman : You re never alone :)
23:17:32 From tamara : you are surrounded by love, des
23:17:37 From GAIL : weve all been there
23:17:37 From Burma Christie : we are programed to feel a lone but we a
re not
23:17:39 From H. Andrew : Remeb
23:17:39 From Tracey Ledebur : u got this Des....and we got your back!
23:17:40 From Larry : I m in that process now Des <3
23:17:41 From Aaron Woffinden : but they do fade eventually... and what
is left at the end... is complete self-ownership
23:17:43 From Beth Crabb : not alone!!!!!
23:17:44 From Maria Davis : yes we are all there for you
23:17:44 From maury : Hell, Des, that is why we all joined together via
the internet and here we are. Consider that one.
23:17:45 From Jerry Ledebur : not alone des - 236 other people in here
that have been where you are now, or have been, or will be
23:17:45 From Julianne : It is
23:17:46 From GAIL : it comes in waves darlin
23:17:48 From James ipad : again thank you for helping her
23:17:50 From Merce Gar : been there too <3
23:17:53 From Susanna.C : this is what is importend
23:17:54 From Debbie Horn : yes not alone
23:17:58 From Joo Lee : Ask her if she is in UU
23:17:59 From Lemon Panda : embrace the disassociation
23:18:00 From Rand : dark night of the soul is a lonely but a road that
will get you out
23:18:00 From Aaron Woffinden : there s hope des... it does end
23:18:00 From Susanna.C : how do we feel
23:18:01 From L La : challenge is to lovingly reconnecttttt
23:18:01 From zachary karpel : the thing after is usually worse than th
e ting before
23:18:02 From josie : NEVER ALONE!!! But I feel the work has to be done
ALONE....without distractions...NO distractions....
23:18:03 From Sony : Yes! That is the key..."it is YOUR step in YOUR p will pull through!!! TRUST!!!
23:18:05 From James ipad : much love bye 
23:18:06 From GAIL : were withyou sweetheart
23:18:10 From phillip s : the fact that you are feeling it makes you pa
rt of it Des
23:18:12 From Holly Lindin : Were all gonna make it Des - were infinite,
powerful beings! :)
23:18:15 From maddtom . : Des....breathe breathe....
23:18:18 From Burma Christie : and then...and then...another
23:18:20 From shellyjohnson : <3<3<3
23:18:21 From Joo Lee : she can share more in UU
23:18:22 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Even when Im not in chat or in cont
act with people here I know I can access their love energy!
23:18:24 From noumenon : it is important to change your perception of t
he world instead of letting the world control you
23:18:28 From Dawn Hart : awwh I just want to hug her
23:18:32 From Penny(JC) : We need to get Des in the UU room
23:18:33 From H. Andrew : remember that which matters most! You are sti
ll here!
23:18:35 From zachary karpel : I wanna give her a hug too
23:18:36 From Susanna.C : yeah me too dawn
23:18:36 From Melanie Worland : Des, don t stay in that
e away from that and keep looking...there are other ways, other things to find t
23:18:37 From GAIL : your one step ahead of these people
23:18:41 From GAIL : your blessed
23:18:42 From Maria Davis : yes
23:18:42 From Debbie Horn : 
23:18:43 From Kya : awwww sending love your way Dez!
23:18:44 From Dawn Hart : we all have the grief
23:18:45 From Norm : LOL - there has been so much trauma, that I have b
een paranoid about the present self processing - as I dont want to see the "Next
23:18:46 From Nancy Lynn : Des, please come into the UU group to expres
s your feelings because we can help you get through this stage.
23:18:46 From James ipad : your cleanzing with us love
23:18:47 From Aaron Woffinden : we need to get des in the UU room
23:18:47 From josie : CPTSD
23:18:50 From Dawn Hart : we all carry it
23:18:51 From GAIL : breath
23:18:54 From Tulla Hills : <3
23:18:54 From Larry : We should send her to Malta for the meet up!
23:18:57 From noumenon : *hug des*
23:18:59 From peter : physically you mean des, me too des I have no one
physically but spiritully i do
23:18:59 From josie : LOVE
23:19:01 From James ipad : breath sweety
23:19:03 From Sony : YES! We all have the grief!!!
23:19:05 From Merce Gar : let it out!
23:19:05 From Debbie Horn : hugs
23:19:06 From Beth Crabb : you will make it through together with us
23:19:10 From zachary karpel : we have
23:19:10 From Tulla Hills : too much
23:19:10 From Allison Johnston : hugs xxxxxxxx
23:19:10 From maddtom . : Ask Des If she Wants to join I am cr
23:19:10 From Aaron Woffinden : hugs
23:19:11 From GAIL : let it go
23:19:12 From Elizabeth Rose : I also have trouble connecting with peo
ple. I totally understand!!!
23:19:13 From Penny(JC) : BIG HUG Des
23:19:18 From zachary karpel : just take a breath and let it all out
23:19:19 From GAIL : crying too
23:19:20 From Dawn Hart : I am crying now
23:19:20 From josie : Its OK....youre loved
23:19:22 From Alison White : Grief has been surfacing for so many
23:19:23 From Debbie Horn : its ok
23:19:23 From Susanna.C : no Des
23:19:24 From Nancy Lynn : no dont apologize
23:19:24 From Tulla Hills : dont be sorry
23:19:24 From peter : dont be sorry
23:19:24 From Tammy : please dont be sorry
23:19:25 From Kya : We are hardwired to connect with each other and uni
te Des, because we are all connecte
23:19:25 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Dont be sorry!!!!!
23:19:28 From Susanna.C : don t be sorry
23:19:28 From Kya : d
23:19:28 From Dawn Hart : we need to grieve
23:19:28 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Part of the Separation... feeling
isolated and alone, but here in OPRT and in the UU are places where we have oppo
rtunity to re-connect with each other. Remember, Des, we are ALL ONE LIFE!
23:19:29 From Henk Reintke : dond bi
23:19:31 From pauline Jamieson : Hugs Des
23:19:31 From Sony : NO SORRIES!!!
23:19:32 From Tracey Ledebur : love u des....u r havign a breakthru
23:19:32 From Joo Lee : LOve Des
23:19:34 From Melanie Worland : NO don t be sorry, we have ALL cried wi
th each other
23:19:34 From Merce Gar : yes - release it ! <3
23:19:34 From Burma Christie : awe don t be sorry...we are all here for
23:19:35 From James ipad : no dont let her go,
23:19:36 From Connie Townsend : we are here for each other
23:19:36 From Johann Christoph Baetz : totally OK!!!
23:19:36 From Janey Benson on fb : no, we are glad you are sharing
23:19:37 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:19:37 From suzanna cat : AWWW gonna set me off
23:19:37 From James : dont be sorry, its perfect
23:19:39 From sarahrobertson : We are here for you Des!!!
23:19:40 From Debbie Horn : love to you Des
23:19:40 From noumenon : you are a part of the show des :)
23:19:42 From suzanna cat : oops
23:19:42 From sarah Harvey-Vojciak : sending you love Des
23:19:43 From Tracy White : omg i hear someone cry and i start too
23:19:45 From L La : ALCO
23:19:45 From Allison Johnston : please get her in the UU group
23:19:46 From Janey Benson on fb : love you Des
23:19:46 From James ipad : keep her on
23:19:46 From josie : LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE
23:19:47 From peter : read the chat des we all care for you
23:19:48 From Burma Christie : much love sending it you way hun
23:19:48 From Norm : Des - this is a needed process for yourself - Heal
ing Hugs
23:19:52 From kristel tempest : A safe place to land
23:19:54 From James ipad : any way you can
23:19:55 From Aaron Woffinden : UU ROOM = HOME = COMMUNITY = NOT FEELIN
23:19:55 From Susanna.C : i feel the same at times
23:19:56 From Beth Crabb : yes
23:19:56 From Dawn Hart : we feel it too
23:19:57 From Sony : Great to have you here with us, Des!!!
23:19:57 From Debbie Horn : makes me cry too
23:19:57 From Nicole Victoria : Sending so much love!
23:19:57 From Nancy Lynn : I had huge cognitive disonance when this inf
ormation first came into my sphere.
23:19:58 From Sara 33 : I feel the same
23:19:58 From josie : Crying
23:19:59 From Jerry Ledebur : no worries des - we all support one anoth
er - and we appreciate your sharing right now
23:20:00 From Megan : we have much empathy in this room
23:20:00 From Kya : Im not in UU room either Des, I cannot be on face bo
ok at all because of my energy
23:20:00 From Penny(JC) : We love you Des <3
23:20:01 From Larry : Let out Des, release that emotion! it helps!
23:20:02 From James ipad : im crying now
23:20:02 From Elizabeth Rose : I ve been repressing my feelings. Otherw
ise I would be crying too!! an d fell hopeless!
23:20:03 From Susanna.C : this is fucking lonely
23:20:03 From Trevor Henry : Big Love Des <3
23:20:04 From DianneB : yep
23:20:04 From Charlie Ann : <3
23:20:04 From Tara Michelle Wilson : So many people will be thinking of
you today and sending you love! I am in tears too darling!!!
23:20:05 From Caterina : like here
23:20:05 From Tracy Jackson : sending LOVE des. you are not alone.
23:20:06 From Tracey Ledebur : release it Des.....hugging u big
23:20:06 From GAIL : its hard darlin
23:20:06 From Hextilda Lemon : in tears!!! so much love to you!!!
23:20:07 From suzanna cat : : (
23:20:09 From Debbie Horn : i feel your pain
23:20:11 From Pamela C : We feel your grief. You are not alone
23:20:13 From Joy : i m crying too!
23:20:13 From DianneB : right with you DES
23:20:15 From casie : it is lonely
23:20:17 From Tracy Jackson : hugging ... loving ....
23:20:23 From Debbie Horn : love and hugs Des
23:20:24 From Angela Cope : I m in tears too. Hugs Des.
23:20:25 From Tulla Hills : We are with you <3
23:20:25 From Bitofvenom ME : sending love....
23:20:29 From josie : LOOOOOOOOVE
23:20:32 From Susanna.C : hugssssss
23:20:33 From suzanna cat : soggu cleavage again
23:20:33 From zachary karpel : <3
23:20:33 From Blair Bierman : <3
23:20:34 From kristel tempest : Thank you for honouring us with your tr
ust and your tears
23:20:34 From Tara Michelle Wilson : LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
23:20:35 From josie : LOVE endless
23:20:36 From Larry : You may feel alone but you are not! Sending love
to you!
23:20:38 From Merce Gar : R E L E A S E <3
23:20:39 From Holly Lindin : <3 <3 <3
23:20:40 From Tracey Ledebur : <3 <3<3
23:20:40 From Aaron Woffinden : <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
23:20:42 From peter : some of us men still cant cry but we feel you des
loves and hugs
23:20:42 From Melanie Worland : Des, its okay, we are with HYOU
23:20:44 From phillip s : save the chat Des for later
23:20:45 From Kya : I LOVE YOU DES!
23:20:46 From suzanna cat : (((( DES)))
23:20:47 From maury : From all over the world she should know.
23:20:47 From Nancy Lynn : yes hugs Des
23:20:48 From Burma Christie : again your not alone
23:20:48 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : Love Des
23:20:49 From zachary karpel : hugs
23:20:50 From josie : FIND THE LOVE IN YOURSELF
23:20:52 From Maria Davis : we are all here for you
23:20:53 From Debbie Horn : breaking my heart
23:20:53 From ann : Love you Des *
23:20:54 From deanna parsley : snuggles dear one
23:20:56 From Susanna.C : Des your an empath
23:20:56 From Larry : The pain will fade soon
23:20:58 From James ipad : love to you its all going to be the best thi
23:21:00 From josie : YES Lisa
23:21:02 From Norm : "Unlock, Unlock, Unlock" for Des
23:21:05 From Alison White : Des you are releasing this pain now with a
ll in here!
23:21:06 From peter : birthing pains des
23:21:10 From Tracey Ledebur : this IS a step in the process.....u r d
oing great
23:21:12 From Jerry Ledebur : allow the feeling the flow through you -
it will run its course
23:21:12 From J : hugs
23:21:13 From zachary karpel : the pain of all of it burns
23:21:14 From Mia: house of Kelley : 
23:21:14 From Burma Christie : move through this pain...
23:21:15 From Maria Davis : Yes Lisa, so true
23:21:17 From Megan : please join us in UU or LMH, so we can contact yo
23:21:17 From Cindy : So now Des....let it go!!!! You don t need that p
ain anymore!! Sending you Love
23:21:18 From Kimrey Blake Levy-Mickelson : So MUCH healing love being
sent out to everyone!!! <3
23:21:18 From zachary karpel : it burns
23:21:18 From Burma Christie : peace
23:21:19 From noumenon : use your pain as a tool
23:21:21 From Sony : It will pass, it will pass, it will pass, it will
23:21:21 From Jina Fergus : there is Des
23:21:22 From phillip s : taking a huge step now
23:21:23 From Melanie Worland : ITs a breakthrough...and you will cry m
any times more ....but crying releases anxiety...let it GO
23:21:27 From James ipad : youve been emotionally rapped but its OVER!
23:21:28 From tamara : release, release, and release -
23:21:31 From zachary karpel : but theres somethingthing on the other s
23:21:32 From Earl Thibert : it will get better
23:21:35 From zachary karpel : you can let go
23:21:37 From deanna parsley : when you hit the healing waters-tears it c
leanses you, and releases you. you got to feel and purge the emotions
23:21:39 From Dawn Hart : it will get better now that she has spoken ab
out it
23:21:40 From Susanna.C : des what is your suffering
23:21:42 From peter : it will go des in time
23:21:44 From GAIL : it does get easier
23:21:48 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Let it all go, Des...
23:21:51 From Sony : @Dawn...good point!
23:21:53 From Tracey Ledebur : heal your self
23:21:56 From Susanna.C : talk about it
23:21:56 From L La : hold ur forehead look up tounge up to roof of mout
23:21:59 From Jina Fergus : is anyone else in South Africa?
23:21:59 From Maria Davis : yes
23:22:02 From Debbie Horn : yes
23:22:03 From Dawn Hart : South Africa is a tough place for sure
23:22:06 From Kya : I feel it all the time too Des, as an empath, we ar
e to feel these things and use our own energies to transmute those energies.. es
pecially as we become more empathic
23:22:06 From sarahrobertson : agreed lisa
23:22:09 From sara ann hume : Weve ALL been there, it will pass and tu
rn into determination to change it :-)
23:22:11 From Melanie Worland : Look for JOY...find it anywhere you can
.....take a break...don t THINK for a while....
23:22:31 From pauline Jamieson : good advice Melanie
23:22:34 From Tracy Jackson : yes... zachary. thank you...
23:22:36 From James ipad : dont use matrix
23:22:46 From Tracey Ledebur : great zachary!
23:22:47 From Aaron Woffinden : we are succeeding
23:22:49 From Dusti C : i have sure been there! dang bless your heart!
love and hugs to you!!!
23:22:55 From Melanie Worland : Puts you in Observer mode...detached...
using intention in LOVE frequency...changing our reality
23:23:02 From Christine : Feel the Love darling!
23:23:03 From Beth Crabb : get her in uu
23:23:04 From Aaron Woffinden : yes melanie
23:23:10 From GAIL : theres always someone about on uu
23:23:12 From Kya : its all individual energy work, to work to raise our
own love and frequencies to transmute the pain and negative energies
23:23:14 From Britt : Lots of love
23:23:26 From James ipad : good job everybody
23:23:28 From Aaron Woffinden : intense space
23:23:29 From sarahrobertson : My husband went through this last night!
I had such a hard time with trying to get past it. To know in his heart that a
ll will be ok.
23:23:29 From Mia: house of Kelley : Nice one Zach 
23:23:30 From Norm : Lots of Love for Des
23:23:31 From noumenon : succeed to secede from the matrix
23:23:32 From Melanie Worland : Yes Kya, thanks Aaron...LOve you Guyes
23:23:33 From Henk Reintke : lot of love
23:23:38 From Penny(JC) : D can you get Des in UU?
23:23:40 From jennifer gray : you should see scotland!!!!
23:23:42 From L La : transmute looshe to LOVE
23:23:43 From James ipad : you saved her
23:23:44 From Dawn Hart : trasnmut is through your heart into the energ
y you want it to be
23:23:55 From Nicole Victoria : Love to you, we are in this together
23:23:59 From Loma : Des,look for the joy & Love that IS in your life N
23:24:06 From Merce Gar : song by Afro Celt Sound System - Release <3 h
23:24:08 From James ipad : blessings to all
23:24:08 From Kya : Hows Scotland Jennifer?
23:24:10 From Melanie Worland : Yes Dawn....LOve frequency is KEY
23:24:10 From peter : change what you can observe what you cant
23:24:16 From Tulla Hills : and that is okay <3
23:24:17 From Beth Crabb : you will get stronger
23:24:18 From Sony : We ve all been there, s just your time an
d you WILL make it...I KNOW IT!!!
23:24:19 From peter : loves des
23:24:21 From Maria Davis : I agree Lisa
23:24:23 From Maria Davis : so wise
23:24:26 From Maria Davis : wise words
23:24:27 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Please do, Des!
23:24:30 From Tulla Hills : lmh members too
23:24:30 From Henk Reintke : thk Des
23:24:31 From James ipad : wow im glad i zoomed toda
23:24:35 From Aaron Woffinden : FILL UP YOUR CUP FIRST.... then FINALLY
EVENTUALLY when its overflowing... give give give
23:24:35 From James ipad : today
23:24:36 From L La : LMH
23:24:36 From Tracey Ledebur : breathe through it Des....u will get to
the other side where your power is <3
23:24:39 From Melanie Worland : WE will be YOUR TRiBe Des
23:24:40 From Maria Davis : UU room with sort out anyone
23:24:42 From Tracy Jackson : love ~~~~~~~~~
23:24:43 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3 <3 <3
23:24:44 From Susanna.C : hugssss des
23:24:46 From Cindy : WE Will Send you lots of Love from UU
23:24:48 From Merce Gar : love you Des <3
23:24:50 From Holly Keating : hang in there Des!
23:24:51 From Debbie Horn : hugs
23:24:53 From jennifer gray : everyone running to get nowhere in the fr
eezing cold Kya!!1
23:24:55 From Dawn Hart : Love you too
23:25:00 From Jayling : Much love to you, dearest Des :)
23:25:01 From Kya : lol
23:25:02 From Elena : <3
23:25:02 From suzanna cat : AND breathe
23:25:07 From maddtom . : EXACTLY>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!
23:25:07 From Mia: house of Kelley : Ohhhh -yes
23:25:08 From Kya : though you meant social
23:25:11 From suzanna cat : <3
23:25:11 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Loveyou,Des...
23:25:13 From zachary karpel : very important
23:25:14 From Tulla Hills : So many of us feel that way right now
23:25:15 From kimercoliani : Thank you for your courage!! And, I m in t
he same space!
23:25:16 From kristel tempest : I think we all needed that Dez
23:25:16 From Debbie Horn : yes
23:25:17 From Sony : Yes, thank you for sharing!!!
23:25:19 From Dusti C : and brave
23:25:23 From Kya : I hear a lot about Ireland but nil on Scotland
23:25:27 From noumenon : i refuse to use facebook so i can t join :(
23:25:28 From Burma Christie : Lisa and Dani you guys and everyone in t
his room are awesome support group much love to you all
23:25:30 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I actually needed to hear that, th
ank you for sharing!!
23:25:31 From sarahrobertson : synchronicities are abundent today!!
23:25:32 From Susanna.C : i have been feeling crappy the last week
23:25:37 From peter : thats heartbreaking
23:25:41 From Susanna.C : wow Des you broke something up
23:25:41 From Maria Davis : is this code?
23:25:41 From Hextilda Lemon : you are all the best people on this plan
23:25:44 From tamara : so much love to you, DES~
23:25:45 From Connie Townsend : yes, spit it out ladies
23:25:46 From Sony : Yes, lets...
23:25:48 From Penny(JC) : Most of us only have FB for the UU room
23:25:52 From suzanna cat : LOVE YOU GUYS XXXXXXXXXXX
23:25:52 From Maria Davis : I m missing the point I think
23:25:54 From Sandra : please do
23:25:57 From Tracy Jackson : spill the beans
23:26:00 From Mia: house of Kelley : Spill the beans, gals
23:26:04 From Loma : Say it! It is time
23:26:06 From Debbie Horn : triggers
23:26:10 From casie : wont use FB either
23:26:17 From Susanna.C : we all feel we want to get out
23:26:22 From Kya : Most of us empaths, such as myself, cant be on Faceb
ook and most social media.. we physically get attacked
23:26:26 From Megan : you can join LMH, its not on fb
23:26:40 From Susanna.C : yes Kya
23:26:45 From Tulla Hills : It s all very personal for everyone
23:26:46 From Larry : I only use FB for the UU room. I have like 40 fri
end requests and messages but I don t answer them :P
23:26:49 From Lynda . : your breaking up :-(
23:26:51 From Susanna.C : no !
23:26:52 From Penny(JC) : We should all help to make our own Social net
work site
23:26:57 From Kya : I used to get attacked every day at my old job, why
I had to leave and my soul/ true self was pushing me to
23:26:57 From Susanna.C : we need this life line
23:27:03 From Norm : 241 here in the room at present
23:27:04 From Sony : WE UNDERSTAND!
23:27:05 From Maria Davis : I think a lot of people rely of this show
23:27:06 From Sandra : very mych so
23:27:08 From peter : you are needed
23:27:10 From Dawn Hart : yeah it is needed
23:27:11 From Elizabeth Rose : But you have 250 people in here now. We
return every week!
23:27:11 From Merce Gar : yeap Kya, stoped sharing stuff there a while
23:27:11 From VIOLET : Totally support you in that
23:27:12 From maury : Youse guys that don t use face book join it and o
nly access the U.U.. Well you would have to make Dani a friend and that is plen
ty scary, I know but take the step.
23:27:14 From Cindy : This is needed!!
23:27:14 From Debbie Horn : yes lissa
23:27:17 From casie : we shoild Penny
23:27:18 From L La : 24/7
23:27:19 From Janey Benson on fb : I bet that is why that happened
23:27:19 From Aaron Woffinden : YOU GO MELANIE
23:27:20 From Lemon Panda : yeah sorry no break
23:27:21 From Kya : Randy Maugans is working on his site now
23:27:23 From Andrea : we need you..., we need each other
23:27:25 From Megan : we also have the Unfucker Hangout to talk to each
23:27:25 From Susanna.C : right
23:27:26 From Elena : keep the show!
23:27:27 From Elizabeth Rose : Thanks Melanie
23:27:28 From phillip s : the commitment is the arterial componant of t
his community
23:27:29 From tamara : thank you, melanmie
23:27:30 From H. Andrew : You can t do this once a month!!!!!!!!!
23:27:30 From Hextilda Lemon : as long as you guys keep doing something
. we will all watch.
23:27:30 From Connie Townsend : agree Melanie
23:27:30 From Tulla Hills : It holds space
23:27:31 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : Yes
23:27:31 From sarahrobertson : same
23:27:35 From Susanna.C : this is my life line
23:27:36 From Renee s : yes 
23:27:36 From Beth Crabb : stay please
23:27:37 From J : keep the show the same please
23:27:37 From sara ann hume : This is my rock :-) <3
23:27:38 From tamara : yes, melanie
23:27:39 From Blair Bierman : yes :)
23:27:40 From Trevor Henry : You guys are needed! Trust me!
23:27:42 From jennifer gray : yess underestimate
23:27:44 From Debbie Horn : me too
23:27:45 From noumenon : i feel like the internet has been hijacked, no
t what it use to be, this is one of the few good places
23:27:45 From Penny(JC) : Yes Melanie, me too thats how I found them lo
23:27:48 From VIOLET : It s not about that Mel
23:27:52 From Holly Lindin : Do whatever you guys think you need to do.
We must all follow our hearts and our passions! :)
23:27:53 From Maria Davis : Yes I agree
23:27:58 From Lynda . : your sanity is also important..
23:28:00 From VIOLET : It need to change
23:28:01 From Debbie Horn : yes i agree
23:28:01 From tamara : YES, you are needed
23:28:02 From Holly Keating : love melanie! you rock!
23:28:03 From H. Andrew : This is absolutely neccessary!!!!
23:28:05 From Joy : weekly very much needed ... you re all my lifeline!
23:28:06 From Tulla Hills : ask for help
23:28:08 From Megan : ditto what Mel said
23:28:09 From Lemon Panda : LOL you try to do this once a month I can s
ee the show being 8 hours long
23:28:09 From tamara : and support you
23:28:10 From Tracy Jackson : yes kya... or heart attacked ;) i jus
t joined. i still gotta figure it out. but... no heart hurt
23:28:11 From VIOLET : Do it girls
23:28:11 From Burma Christie : you are needed
23:28:12 From kimercoliani : I agree. I love to connect weekly. I organ
ize my day to be able to listen live. Please continue!
23:28:12 From Henk Reintke : yes it tru D ant Lisa
23:28:14 From Debbie Horn : yall rock
23:28:15 From Heather Campbell : it would break my heart but i would un
23:28:16 From Beth Crabb : i can help
23:28:18 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : I will support you
23:28:19 From Merce Gar : exactly - we re family <3
23:28:21 From Burma Christie : you are reaching so many
23:28:28 From teddy : bang on Melanie
23:28:30 From VIOLET : People need to do it themselves now
23:28:31 From Rick : Highlight of the week!
23:28:33 From Susanna.C : yes !
23:28:34 From Dawn Hart : why would you want to bail out at the very en
d here I dont get it are you just getting tired of it?
23:28:34 From Maria Davis : yes, I agree
23:28:35 From Kya : Ive had attachments Ive had to release
23:28:37 From Debbie Horn : thats right
23:28:37 From peter : agreed
23:28:38 From Johann Christoph Baetz : yes :)
23:28:39 From Beth Crabb : yes mel
23:28:40 From Sandra : we need eachoyher. we are one tribe
23:28:44 From jennifer gray : love you
23:28:44 From Susanna.C : we need you girls
23:28:45 From Annaliese Lovewell : Lisa your members find you this way,
but at least a fortnight if you are going headlong into other things too xo
23:28:48 From Norm : TY Melanie - for speaking that truth for all of us
23:28:48 From tamara : yes, melanie, thank you
23:28:48 From Tulla Hills : so much gratitude <3
23:28:50 From Delina : Common Ladies.......PLEASE!!!!!!!!
23:28:51 From Lemon Panda : you guys have too much to say about things
to just have a once a month show
23:28:52 From Cindy : double them up
23:28:52 From Megan : this is the only sane place I can come to
23:28:52 From ann : for sure Melanie xxx
23:28:53 From Christine : lol
23:28:54 From Penny(JC) : Yes I agree we ALL love you D and Lisa... Tha
nk you for all you do!!
23:28:54 From josie : LOL!!!
23:28:56 From pauline Jamieson : haha lol
23:28:56 From Cindy : yes
23:28:56 From Chris Breakspear : defineately underestimate this groups
23:28:56 From Sony : We are probably all in different spaces right now,
more thank likely; but, we can, somehow, manage to come together...
23:28:56 From L La : 24/7
23:28:59 From Jayling : Thanks Mel :)
23:29:01 From Cindy : double them up
23:29:01 From Tulla Hills : yes Zachary
23:29:02 From Burma Christie : I had 2 people last week that came to me
asking about the Mandela effect !!!!
23:29:04 From Tara Michelle Wilson : You gals are timeless and priceles
s!! <3
23:29:05 From maury : Join the LMH, then if you can.
23:29:06 From Susanna.C : right lol
23:29:07 From Aaron Woffinden : LMH.... 2 MORE SHOWS
23:29:09 From Diane : Lucy and Ether, for cripes sake!! You re a team!!
23:29:10 From Megan : ding ding ding
23:29:10 From Cindy : maybe 3 a week
23:29:11 From Joy : yes Zach!
23:29:11 From Burma Christie : I was floored
23:29:14 From phillip s : more is less.... mirror mirror lol
23:29:16 From Tulla Hills : Thank you Melanie
23:29:18 From Tara Michelle Wilson : You save fucking lives!
23:29:19 From Lemon Panda : more shows, more shows, more shows!
23:29:21 From Diane : Patsy and Edina!!!, lol
23:29:23 From Jayling : Would it help if you cut the time down from 2 h
23:29:25 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, Amber!!!!!
23:29:26 From Debbie Horn : yep
23:29:27 From Elizabeth Rose : Exactly!
23:29:29 From Kya : entities trying to attach to me.. if you wake up wi
th pain in one spot, thats most likely that.. you need to burn white sage and mov
e it over your body to release these as soon as you feel it
23:29:30 From Julianne : Yep Amber I am with you
23:29:32 From Jaqueline Raye : YES AMBER!!
23:29:34 From Tracy White : yup yup yup amber
23:29:34 From Blair Bierman : me too, amber
23:29:35 From Debbie Horn : yep
23:29:35 From Susanna.C : yes !
23:29:36 From Brenda : that would be me!
23:29:36 From Connie Townsend : Me too Amber
23:29:37 From Tulla Hills : Yes Amber this is so needed! me too
23:29:38 From VIOLET : That s not what Dani and Lisa are here for...I n
eeds to evole
23:29:39 From L La : dito
23:29:39 From Megan : so true, Amber
23:29:39 From Tracy Jackson : it is amber.
23:29:39 From Beth Crabb : same!!!
23:29:40 From Merce Gar : yes Amber <3
23:29:42 From pauline Jamieson : yes
23:29:44 From Norm : TY so much for also keeping up the UU room
23:29:44 From Trevor Henry : I do the same Amber
23:29:45 From tamara : yes, amber
23:29:46 From Joy : thank you Amber, same here!
23:29:50 From jennifer gray : crucial even though bloody mddle of night
23:29:51 From Tracy White : lisa dani youre outvoted lol
23:29:52 From Megan : god, a lot of us live alone....this is just wrong
23:29:53 From Aaron Woffinden : thankyou amber
23:29:53 From Sara 33 : yes Amber I am alone and this is a saving gr
23:29:55 From VIOLET : Exactly why it needs to change
23:29:57 From Russ : Yes!
23:29:58 From Nancy Lynn : This is the one thing I look forward to ever
y week. Do you remember you had to up the number of people allowed in the call.
That shows you there is a need. When I started listening there was only 70 or
80 people. Now look at the numbers.
23:30:04 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Chat is rolling so fast right now
I can t keep up.
23:30:05 From Tulla Hills : yeah I missed that one on Sunday and I was
23:30:07 From Hextilda Lemon : all the days!!!
23:30:11 From Kya : Ive had possessed people, their entities physically
send a force towards me to back off
23:30:11 From Jaqueline Raye : YES Nancy!
23:30:12 From shellyjohnson : I would catch EVERY show if not for work
23:30:14 From Maria Davis : aww
23:30:15 From Kya : they do not like me
23:30:15 From Delina : Same here!!!
23:30:16 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : Me too
23:30:16 From Bitofvenom ME : no-one understands mandela effected. if y
ou dont have it. crazy npc s :)
23:30:18 From Sony : Can you please tell us what you are feeling, Lisa
and Dani...I really, really want to hear what you are feeling?
23:30:19 From Tara Michelle Wilson : :) Amber.
23:30:24 From Susanna.C : our soul group
23:30:28 From VIOLET : Wow...confirmation of why it needs to change Dan
i and Lisa
23:30:28 From Norm : With the US Daylight time next Monday, will it aga
in be 3pm Central time US?
23:30:32 From noumenon : *hug everyone*
23:30:33 From Maria Davis : I haven t met anyone on here but I feel lik
e I know you
23:30:35 From kristel tempest : You aGirls do what is in most in alig
nment to you . we all love you like a bunch of crazies but you all need to ho
nour you first so we may all honour each other
23:30:36 From tom : Greetings! I just remembered about live show :)
23:30:38 From L La : thx Amber/Mel great call
23:30:41 From jennifer gray : anyone want to visit scotland?
23:30:43 From Tulla Hills : Amber you have so much love to give <3
23:30:46 From Debbie Horn : awww
23:30:47 From Maria Davis : I think D, he handles you hahhaah
23:30:56 From Susanna.C : your a buatiful soul Amber :)
23:31:01 From Loma : Your weekly show is so centering for us all. You d
on t have to create a very organized presentation for the show to work.I beleiv
e we re more and more telapathicaly conected and the "subjects" will emerge.
23:31:03 From Maria Davis : My cats rescue me
23:31:06 From Merce Gar : me Id love to see these tunnels inScotland
23:31:06 From Tracy Jackson : i have to miss 10 days coming up. ... i
hope i can make it!! thank you for being you!
23:31:07 From Susanna.C : so are you Zach
23:31:09 From Burma Christie : Scotland that is my heritage
23:31:09 From Cindy : yeay to the animal lovers in here!!
23:31:10 From Debbie Horn : yes thank you all for being there
23:31:11 From VIOLET : I support you guys discontinuing this present fo
23:31:12 From Diane : 7 cats, 3 dogs, 2 horses
23:31:15 From Molly French : Yes Jennifer I want to visit Scotland, my
last maiden name is Ormiston, a town in Edinburgh lol
23:31:21 From Bitofvenom ME : they need time too guys :) for themselfs
23:31:27 From zachary karpel : absoulutely!
23:31:27 From L La : Day/ night shift presenters????
23:31:29 From Merce Gar : that was awesome <3
23:31:30 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I replied to Des and then the chat
froze so I don t know if it got onto the scroll for her to see it. WiFi is so b
ad at times where I live...
23:31:32 From Susanna.C : lol
23:31:34 From Kya : my familys from Ireland/Scotland
23:31:38 From Janey Benson on fb : you guys are beautiful
23:31:39 From Norm : Dani - How is the packing proceding?
23:31:42 From VIOLET : It s not about time. It s about energetics
23:31:43 From Dawn Hart : I have 6 dogs and 4 cats
23:31:44 From Susanna.C : Des your ok ?
23:31:45 From Kya : ancestors
23:31:59 From Annaliese Lovewell : Adore you rescuers . .
23:32:06 From Jaqueline Raye : How can we better support you guys? Ple
ase dont leave!!
23:32:20 From Maria Davis : I missed the last one
23:32:21 From Diane : They all rescued me! :)
23:32:30 From Susanna.C : lol
23:32:31 From phillip s : Delegate delegate Lisa & Dani
23:32:38 From jennifer gray : bunk beds so one or two at time!!!!!!!
23:32:42 From VIOLET : Been feeling this coming Dani...Go for it!
23:32:47 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Melanie, thats great. Thanks for th
e reminder.
23:32:48 From Elizabeth Rose : I AM ALONE TOO!
23:32:49 From Susanna.C : hmmmm i can relate melanie
23:33:11 From Kya : I have a partner also, and he knows a lot but hes al
so stuck in programming
23:33:17 From Norm : LeeLoo brought me in
23:33:18 From suzanna cat : I AM TOTALLY ALONE
23:33:18 From VIOLET : People need to do their own work now
23:33:19 From Henk Reintke : alone whit 2 cats
23:33:20 From L La : Danni Lisa Donna Mel Aaron LovingTom Jina potentia
l host List 24/7 LMH
23:33:27 From Burma Christie : can we pin them on uu?
23:33:30 From Susanna.C : ahhhh Henk
23:33:34 From Merce Gar : but for me those meeting are very late :(
23:33:35 From Kya : i also have 2 dogs and 2 cats
23:33:35 From Tulla Hills : yep I remember that Norm
23:33:38 From Tracy : I feel like this and the UU room keep me grounded
23:33:42 From Susanna.C : ben gek op katten
23:33:47 From Christa Siebering : one thing that might save time would
be taking turns uploading so one week it is on Dani s channel and next week on L
isa s channel
23:33:49 From VIOLET : I need to evolve now
23:33:50 From Jaqueline Raye : I am totally alone you are my family, an
d Im willing to help.
23:33:50 From camillebertelson : I just wishing again before I came on
today I wished I had A Wonder Women Plane to pick everyone up For A Gathering o
n a Beautiful Beach WOW When We connect onlyne & in Spirit It hurts in our bodie
s because we want to bring into Our tangible world WE WILL That is the Aether He
aven connecting to Earth :) <3 :)
23:33:51 From jennifer gray : yep merce
23:34:00 From Alison White : Im alone. Id rather be alone than dealing wi
th someone who refuses to expand and grow and explore.
23:34:02 From Susanna.C : <<<<< cat person
23:34:02 From Johann Christoph Baetz : Do what your heart tells you to
23:34:03 From Russ : Yes dee!
23:34:04 From Janey Benson on fb : it is
23:34:10 From Tulla Hills : I probaby would have had myself commited if
it wasn t for all of you <3
23:34:11 From Melanie Worland : Yeahm no problem, I ll repost number...
it stays the same.
23:34:14 From Burma Christie : helps us all connect
23:34:20 From Susanna.C : i feel support here
23:34:21 From Chris Breakspear : just me & afew tropical fish lol
23:34:22 From Holly Keating : zack and mel plz invite me to next zoom
23:34:22 From Julianne : That was why I added my mom!!
23:34:27 From maddtom . : This is NEW tarritory for sure
23:34:29 From Tracy : I go there where people understand me.
23:34:30 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Sharing support for each other is
SO important!
23:34:33 From peter : toronto here
23:34:36 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Me in California.
23:34:36 From L La : Danni we found that in lmh/ can t do fuckbook
23:34:39 From Blair Bierman : I d be in a padded room if I never met yo
u all - literALLY
23:34:43 From Merce Gar : yes this is very special and crucial <3
23:34:43 From Burma Christie : Pennsylvania here
23:34:43 From Delina : I m in Vancouver
23:34:43 From camillebertelson : Ah My Message says from ME to Everyone
That would be Candy <3 LOL
23:34:44 From Joo Lee : In Now Time
23:34:45 From Nancy Lynn : me in Whitby, Ontario
23:34:47 From Maria Davis : Dawn is on the planet somwhere ha
23:34:47 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:34:49 From phillip s : all in one time space... connected
23:34:50 From Kya : Kentucky here
23:34:50 From Julianne : Farm land near Calgary
23:34:54 From Dawn Hart : Houston
23:34:56 From Tulla Hills : Windy South Dakota
23:34:57 From Dawn Hart : Texas
23:34:57 From Belinda : puerto rico...
23:34:58 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Western Massachusetts, USA for me.
23:35:02 From Maria Davis : Melanie, I ve added you on lmh
23:35:03 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : Dont forget jimmy in Ireland
23:35:04 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:35:05 From Debbie Horn : texas
23:35:05 From Merce Gar : Spain
23:35:07 From Christa Siebering : netherlands
23:35:07 From Diane : we have
23:35:07 From Jaqueline Raye : Minneapolis, MN USA
23:35:11 From Maria Davis : I m in Central London
23:35:14 From Tracy : Arkansas
23:35:14 From zachary karpel : USA florida lake worth
23:35:15 From Blair Bierman : Schuylkill County, PA here
23:35:15 From Caterina : germany
23:35:19 From noumenon : is there anywhere for those of us that refuse
to use facebook?
23:35:20 From Janey Benson on fb : Iowa
23:35:20 From Tracy Jackson : cave creek, arizona
23:35:23 From H. Andrew : Barbados, West Indies
23:35:23 From Diane : California
23:35:27 From Aaron Woffinden : IDAHO
23:35:29 From suzanna cat : BRIGHTON UK
23:35:32 From Loma : Santa Fe MN
23:35:33 From Merce Gar : lived inGermany where Caterina?
23:35:34 From Henk Reintke : nederland Groningen
23:35:34 From Norm : WSR Chat room is nice, but considerably different
from the very exciting times when Dave Corso was still here as the owner / produ
23:35:37 From maury : Wrong, Maria, Dawn is out there somewhere a goo
d bit of the time.
23:35:38 From Susanna.C : glad my son and i are on the same page about
all this
23:35:41 From Kya : yeah.. here there is nothing but new age spiritual
BS groups
23:35:42 From Holly Lindin : Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada!
23:35:51 From Jeff D : meet ups is a great idea Lisa!
23:35:52 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I wanted to litteraly remodel my r
oom with padded walls for years Thought a bit better of it after a while.
23:35:53 From deanna parsley : I met Cheryl in here, and we will meet u
p this week to play
23:35:53 From Kya : feel like that way would draw all the crazies
23:35:53 From Maria Davis : hahahhaha Maury
23:35:54 From Susanna.C : or i would be alone about all this
23:35:55 From Maria Davis : xx
23:36:10 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yea, Aaron.
23:36:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : USA, CA.
23:36:24 From Merce Gar : but the UU-room switches so fast!
23:36:32 From Debra Wasz : NewPortRichey,Florida
23:36:38 From Merce Gar : yes Meet-up might work better?
23:36:41 From camillebertelson : GREAT IDEA about Lets see where everyo
ne is We do this in My Daughters Online Home learning community <3
23:36:41 From Kya : yeah I would if a few states away
23:36:42 From L La : LMH GO BIGGERR
23:36:42 From Angela : UK Isle of Wight
23:36:43 From David Lear : ASHEVILLE NC
23:36:43 From Elizabeth Rose : Seattle :)
23:36:48 From Tulla Hills : exactly Lisa I would probably travel
23:36:49 From Molly French : Yes Meet ups are awesome
23:36:50 From Kya : somewhere mid america
23:36:51 From Megan : brilliant
23:36:54 From Maria Davis : West London
23:36:55 From Melanie Worland : debra, you are close to me, I m in NW T
23:36:56 From noumenon : lets just buy an island
23:36:56 From Chris Breakspear : hampshire u.k
23:36:57 From Norm : LOL - USA California is a huge place from a North
South distance of Interstate 5
23:36:58 From maddtom . :
23:36:58 From Susanna.C : not alot of dutchies here i think
23:37:00 From peter : meet up sounds like a dating site no?
23:37:02 From Diane : Ohhh Asheville!
23:37:06 From Penny(JC) : I like that idea to make a meet up UU group
23:37:11 From zachary karpel :
23:37:15 From Alison White : Maryland, USA
23:37:15 From maury : New Port Ritchie, Florida? I know for sure there
are folks in Tampa and orlando in here.
23:37:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes Tara-Michelle... the room with
mattress wallpaper, ha ha!
23:37:21 From peter : i cant go on a dating site!!!
23:37:21 From Merce Gar : Im in there since 2011
23:37:22 From L La : LMH24/7
23:37:23 From maddtom . : Yep...will do
23:37:25 From Trish Fountain : That would be wonderful !!!
23:37:32 From Tulla Hills : yeah
23:37:35 From Andrea : BOOM! Love it!
23:37:37 From L La : 24/7 LMH
23:37:41 From Aaron Woffinden : UU ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:37:42 From Kya : last time I went there, couldnt search anything that
wasnt local
23:37:43 From Merce Gar : but nothing was around where I lived back the
n :/
23:37:45 From zachary karpel : love it!
23:37:47 From Larry : Im in NC! lol
23:37:47 From Maria Davis : yes
23:37:52 From Trish Fountain : I am in the State of Confussion
23:37:55 From Norm : I m near the greater Kansas City vicinity
23:37:57 From Penny(JC) : is there any Kansas UU s?
23:37:59 From Kya : same here Trish
23:37:59 From kristel tempest : UU tribe Gatherings
23:38:00 From Molly French : Yes it would potentially free up Lisa to d
o more interviews
23:38:03 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hex, used it for the Goddess Grove
meet-up Correct, Hex?
23:38:03 From pauline Jamieson : lol Trish
23:38:04 From Susanna.C : even if it is online
23:38:04 From peter : me too trish wanna meet?
23:38:04 From Aaron Woffinden : trish lol
23:38:05 From Merce Gar : lol Trish
23:38:05 From Kya : Kentucky
23:38:05 From maury : Quite a few in North Carolina. Charlotte for sur
23:38:09 From M : in a google map
23:38:11 From Maria Davis : Can we have a lmh map?
23:38:16 From Kya : not far from Kansas at all
23:38:17 From Loma : Great Idea Love to meet your Physical Avatar!!!!!
23:38:19 From Penny(JC) : I know Sandy Brown is also in Kansas
23:38:20 From maddtom . : Lisa....that is what is was thnking of......i
remember the map
23:38:21 From Burma Christie : the map thing is cool
23:38:22 From Susanna.C : henk
23:38:27 From Trish Fountain : LOLI think alot of us are in Confussion
23:38:28 From M : but I am far from everybody so...
23:38:30 From Aaron Woffinden : wow
23:38:33 From Alison White :
23:38:34 From M : lol
23:38:35 From noumenon : what is lmh?
23:38:36 From Merce Gar : yes a map would be cool :)
23:38:37 From maury : Merry old England is well represented as well.
23:38:50 From pauline Jamieson : North East England :)
23:38:54 From Clare Marshall : Ottsville Pa. north of Doylestown
23:38:57 From phillip s : didn t word press have an app attachment for
blogs that showed all the connected readers
23:38:57 From Tracy White : me too pauline
23:39:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I live in Here be Dragons
23:39:06 From Colin Watson : North east UK
23:39:06 From Molly French : Lisa M Harrison is lmh
23:39:08 From Merce Gar : lol
23:39:08 From Susanna.C : are their any Nederlanders hier
23:39:08 From Kya : LOL
23:39:10 From Maria Davis : Lmh is Lisa s paid site - it doesn t cost a
fortune to join
23:39:12 From James : lmh = Lisa M Harrison website
23:39:12 From peter : i think earl is in toronto arent you earl?
23:39:12 From Tulla Hills : lol
23:39:12 From Tara Michelle Wilson : :) lol
23:39:15 From Alison White :
23:39:16 From noumenon : oops sorry
23:39:18 From Maria Davis : hahahhaha
23:39:19 From Penny(JC) : Oh wow if we keep brain sorming we will set u
p the first UU social web gathering :)
23:39:24 From Maria Davis : no one is frozen
23:39:29 From Aaron Woffinden : cuTE
23:39:32 From pauline Jamieson : Hey Tracy & Colin
23:39:34 From Norm : both ladies are good
23:39:36 From Burma Christie : Clare we are close...I am in quakertown
23:39:47 From Amber Moksha : Oklahoma south of OKC
23:39:53 From Tracy White : hey pauline :)
23:39:54 From Nova Gaia : ja, er zijn mensen uit Nederland
23:39:55 From Clare Marshall : Hi Burma!
23:39:58 From Trish Fountain : Zoom is acting up
23:40:00 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks,Lisa, you were picking up m
y thoughts before I could put them in the chat. OPAL Map is how I met Tess von M
aluski of Tiverton, R.I. and OPAL North East Interface meets up each year at Str
awberry Hill Farm in Wolfeboro, NH
23:40:02 From Susanna.C : Des can t be the only south africa lady here
23:40:04 From Tulla Hills : There is a go fund me for Dani right now to
o she needs a new laptop
23:40:16 From jennifer gray : 240 in!!!
23:40:16 From Tracy White : yes
23:40:17 From Maria Davis : No D, you can clean your toilet with coke a
nd rust on cars apparently
23:40:21 From L La : yesss
23:40:25 From tamara : surfe
23:40:26 From Debbie Horn : cool
23:40:27 From Burma Christie : hey Clare are you in the UU room
23:40:27 From tamara : sure
23:40:28 From zachary karpel : yesss
23:40:28 From peter : post it tulla i will contribute
23:40:30 From tamara : yes
23:40:33 From Earl Thibert : i am for rgat
23:40:35 From Debbie Horn : yes
23:40:38 From Jeff D : Meet ups would be great!...another idea is regul
ar times for free range zooms with 3 or 4 hosts that could start it and stop it
maybe at the same time every day!
23:40:40 From Janey Benson on fb : maybe just a zoom and not made into
a yutube video
23:40:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Coke is deadly, Dani... you know t
23:40:43 From Clare Marshall : Yes
23:40:45 From maddtom . : I am working on begging borrowing stealing a
iPad to be abel to talk
23:40:48 From Loma : D what do you mean exactly?
23:40:51 From Trish Fountain : Zoom is being bad
23:40:51 From josie : Or 2 shows......1 with just you ladies and 1 for
23:40:52 From Deborah Barbian : i look forward to mondays with you sooo
23:40:56 From Tulla Hills : My zoom has been glitching up too
23:40:56 From jennifer gray : think when lts of people
23:41:03 From Clare Marshall : We could connect there Burma
23:41:03 From tamara : all about it...
23:41:08 From Tara Michelle Wilson : My zoom is all glitchy too.
23:41:09 From Susanna.C : zoom laat me niet een prive bericht achter la
23:41:14 From Debbie Horn : right
23:41:15 From Maria Davis : maybe tell everyone how to put their hands
23:41:16 From Nick Mayorga : have u updated the app recently D?
23:41:18 From maury : Cacaphony is the word.
23:41:22 From josie : How do I put up my hand? I cant find out how to do
23:41:24 From camillebertelson : TALKING STICK :)
23:41:29 From Trish Fountain : I have enough people interupting me I th
ink holding hands up is best
23:41:32 From Deborah Barbian : i live in phoenix, az! anyone else???
23:41:33 From Jina Fergus : and limited so their is time
23:41:34 From Nick Mayorga : There s a raise hand button
23:41:42 From josie : Where Nick?
23:41:48 From Maria Davis : yes Nick
23:41:51 From Susanna.C : lol
23:41:56 From Melanie Worland : Go to participants its in there
23:42:06 From Susanna.C : lelystad
23:42:06 From peter : bad week, friday was a nightmare
23:42:06 From Aaron Woffinden to d(Privately) : maybe a formal expl
anation of how the "raising hand" button works?
23:42:09 From Maria Davis : click on participants Nick
23:42:10 From Kimber Zelik : dayton OHIO
23:42:13 From Debbie Horn : for hand up click on more
23:42:22 From Norm : I know some friends from the Phoenix region - but
two days drive for me
23:42:24 From Delina : Holly,,,,,Are you on SaltSpring? I m in Vancouv
23:42:29 From josie : Thanks Melanie/Debbie
23:42:29 From zachary karpel : sunday for me
23:42:30 From Kya : Ohios not far from me
23:42:39 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Saw a time-shift on the clock on F
23:42:47 From peter : on friday a had auras in my eyes headaches and ex
tremely sad
23:42:50 From Rand : I am in AZ too
23:42:50 From deanna parsley : Delina, I am heading that way this week
? want to join cheryl and I?
23:42:57 From Kimber Zelik : SOUTH WEST OHIO
23:43:04 From deanna parsley : salt spring island can come over and pla
y too
23:43:06 From Johann Christoph Baetz : Berlin
23:43:07 From Melanie Worland : Participants, then mine is at bottom ri
23:43:12 From M : I have too much anticipation and expectation for this
construct to end....
23:43:13 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Lost two minutes.
23:43:22 From Deborah Barbian : i would love to meet up with friends in
23:43:24 From Kya : Im in Louisville, KY
23:43:33 From Lemon Panda : Maybe if you girls need a break you could
have guest hosts from the UU and LMH groups twice a month and one or the other
of you could co-host so you could both take turns having a mini break
23:43:33 From Delina : Yep! Email is
23:43:34 From Clare Marshall : Burma look up Clare Marshall to find me
23:43:36 From Caterina : what about berlin
23:43:39 From Susanna.C : i love this ppl are connecting
23:43:49 From Tara Michelle Wilson : And two days because I probably st
ill thought it was Sunday ;)
23:43:50 From Sony : Good idea, Lemon...
23:43:52 From Aaron Woffinden : me too suzanna
23:43:53 From Johann Christoph Baetz : I am in Berlin
23:44:01 From Lemon Panda : lol
23:44:02 From Jerry Ledebur : lol earl!
23:44:02 From Jaqueline Raye : Earl you crack me up
23:44:03 From Rand : count me i
23:44:03 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Lol!
23:44:04 From Larry : I grew up in NE Ohio
23:44:06 From Maria Davis : Johann, I love Berlin
23:44:07 From VIOLET : I like that Lemon
23:44:10 From Chris Breakspear : ohh ohh lol
23:44:13 From zachary karpel : YES
23:44:14 From Ann Callaghan : yes
23:44:14 From Jaqueline Raye : YES
23:44:16 From Henk Reintke : yes
23:44:16 From Maria Davis : not recently
23:44:17 From shellyjohnson : yes
23:44:18 From L La : yes
23:44:19 From Larry : yes
23:44:20 From Tara Michelle Wilson : YUP.
23:44:20 From kimercoliani : no
23:44:21 From Megan : yes
23:44:22 From pauline Jamieson : yes
23:44:22 From noumenon : yes :(
23:44:29 From Trina s iPad : MASSIVE
23:44:29 From Aaron Woffinden : yes... right now in fact
23:44:30 From Christa Siebering : head pressure and migraines getting m
ore frequent
23:44:30 From Kya : yes, I cant wear headbands anymore
23:44:30 From Burma Christie : yes
23:44:30 From Susanna.C : lemon you ae dutch ?
23:44:30 From casie : nno
23:44:30 From Trevor Henry : Holy Shit! YES
23:44:30 From John Carl Anderson : Oh yeah
23:44:30 From Merce Gar : I lived in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Frankfurt
23:44:30 From Kya : not the hard ones
23:44:31 From Jenny : Left earache
23:44:32 From Rick : yes
23:44:32 From Susanna.C : are
23:44:35 From Jaqueline Raye : For over a month
23:44:39 From Connie Townsend : middle of the head, headache
23:44:40 From Nicole Victoria : YES!
23:44:55 From Joy : yes and brain fog
23:45:00 From Larry : tingling in my "third eye"
23:45:00 From Chris Breakspear : thank god i m over that migraine crap
23:45:04 From Jeff D : head pressure for weeks now!
23:45:05 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Here is a video that relates to th
e "party line"mentioned in the chat:
23:45:06 From Kya : I cant wear beanies hardly either
23:45:18 From Tracy : Maybe the fractals are making us not look like ou
23:45:18 From VIOLET : Yeah Lisa
23:45:27 From pauline Jamieson : eye distortions too
23:45:29 From Johann Christoph Baetz : beautiful! some from Germany, lo
23:45:32 From phillip s : you have to glue them together and hold it a
ll together while the glue sets
23:45:33 From peter : i wear a dunce cap everyday
23:45:34 From Jaqueline Raye : sooo glad you are addressing this Lisa!
23:45:36 From Trevor Henry : Also is anyone finding themselves grinding
their teeth more, or your jaw becomes really tense
23:45:36 From L La : breath into it
23:45:37 From Tulla Hills : yes
23:45:38 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Im privy to every other ache, save
headaches & they have started up again for the first time in a while.
23:45:48 From H. Andrew : I ve been feeling that for the last week.
23:46:00 From VIOLET : feel gigantic
23:46:12 From Jerry Ledebur : orientation reset
23:46:14 From L La : Biggg
23:46:16 From Maria Davis : this is making a lot of sense
23:46:17 From Tracey Ledebur : massive
23:46:17 From Aaron Woffinden : YES LISA... very well explained!
23:46:25 From Jaqueline Raye : OMG exactly
23:46:25 From noumenon : does sleepiness come after the headaches?
23:46:26 From Tracy : my neck hasn t really popped in years, lately it
s snap crackle pop all the time.
23:46:32 From Trish Fountain : I my body is too big for me LOL
23:46:32 From Adele Marie : I get what I would call Slips -Where I fee
l like I am going to black out, it only lasts a moment
23:46:34 From Sherry Elmore : one day last week the top right side if m
y head got really hot!
23:46:45 From Norm : Four decades back the energy became fully present
and tangible at the 3rd eye chakra - curious that year was also the 1st Star War
s movie and the Jedi, etc.
23:46:46 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Orientation reset... That s it!
23:46:48 From Debbie Horn : I Am All Here!
23:46:51 From GAIL : we call it the big feeling
23:46:52 From Kya : I feel that cloud Lisa was talking about being over
mid march, that has come down now.. I feel it to the right of me coming in clos
er and closer.. this dense cloud of energy
23:46:54 From Merce Gar : Joseph the video isnt available for my country
23:46:55 From Nancy : good for *yo* tracy :)
23:46:56 From Melanie Worland : Yes, you sleep like crazy....ridiculous
amoutn of sleep
23:46:56 From Aaron Woffinden : you basically slowly become your big se
23:46:58 From L La : sleep to emotion/motion
23:47:03 From casie : catch myself clenching jaw recently Trever
23:47:04 From Tracey Ledebur : best description so far Lisa <3
23:47:05 From Susanna.C : denk dat er weinig Nederlanders hier zijn
23:47:06 From Maria Davis : I m not sure I m here
23:47:17 From Bitofvenom ME : ik ben er :)
23:47:18 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : March Wave???
23:47:20 From Jaqueline Raye : I keep Stepping as if on stairs feels like
I step into alters
23:47:23 From Maria Davis : I m not sure I exist
23:47:26 From peter : whats denk mean?
23:47:26 From L La : us here maria
23:47:27 From Susanna.C : oh hoi
23:47:27 From Christa Siebering : ik ook
23:47:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : This may have something to do with
this topic or with the right vs left concepts But my right breast has grown twic
e its size since the last eclipse.
23:47:30 From tamara : lol, maria
23:47:38 From Maria Davis : :)
23:47:39 From Burma Christie : Lisa and Dani can I ask why you wanted t
o do less shows.
23:47:39 From Kya : I feel it like its just past the wall of my house, b
ut dont feel it when I go outside
23:47:46 From Tulla Hills : Me either Maria, lol
23:47:49 From Aaron Woffinden : my sleep schedule has had no rhyme or r
eason.... and i ve just allowed the crazy schedule
23:47:53 From Susanna.C : wij connecten blijkbaar niet zoals de Amerika
23:47:55 From deanna parsley : tara, left or right?
23:47:58 From casie : vibrating in bed a lot!!!! too
23:48:02 From Gem : Great RT thank you Lisa and Dani - time to go groc
ery shopping alas
23:48:04 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Steppin in a Slide Zone (ref: The
Moody Blues)
23:48:05 From Tracey Ledebur : same here daughter as well
23:48:08 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Right.
23:48:09 From sarah Harvey-Vojciak : thanks Lisa good advice I get the
head pressure and migraines
23:48:10 From Tracy : sometimes I literally flash out for a moment and
it s like whoa, where did I just go?
23:48:17 From Melanie Worland : Hey James, now that I have holes in my
head, I can sink real good maybe....LOL
23:48:17 From Chris Breakspear : yeah did thatto the point i swaer i le
23:48:17 From peter : me too satying at a motel :)
23:48:17 From Christa Siebering : ik ben Amerikaanse, maar ik woon in H
23:48:18 From d : bye Gem
23:48:22 From Penny(JC) : Aaron I hear you, I have been doing the same
thing since Dec.
23:48:22 From Debbie Horn : affirmation... i Am All Here and i Am Clear
23:48:24 From Aaron Woffinden : cool tracey
23:48:28 From Susanna.C : he christa :)
23:48:30 From casie : LOL Peter
23:48:31 From phillip s :
23:48:33 From peter : hahaha
23:48:35 From Maria Davis : Casie, vibrating as in moving through walls
23:48:38 From Aaron Woffinden : nice penny
23:48:40 From Kimber Zelik : OOO
23:48:44 From zachary karpel : sometimes
23:48:45 From L La : tech Earl
23:48:46 From shanman : yes
23:48:51 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:48:53 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:48:55 From tamara : yep
23:48:56 From Tulla Hills : yes almost like suction
23:48:57 From noumenon : i have that too
23:48:59 From Chris Breakspear : yep had that too
23:49:01 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:49:02 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:03 From Larry : same here
23:49:06 From Bitofvenom ME : nederlandse groep vormen? ;)
23:49:06 From Nicole Victoria : Yes everyday it keeps happening
23:49:07 From Holly Keating : yep
23:49:09 From Kya : right after I left my job early last year, slept fo
r days straight gaining my energy back while working on soul contract revocation
s then my sleep schedule went all out of wack and so many cycles last year into
this year
23:49:20 From shanman : yup
23:49:21 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:30 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:49:30 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:49:30 From Kimber Zelik : pLP
23:49:30 From Susanna.C : hebben jullie iemand om mee te praten over di
t sort dingen ?
23:49:31 From Kimber Zelik : PP
23:49:32 From L La : left ear shitty tech.... right ear good info
23:49:33 From casie : no, heavy vibrating, like im freezing cold, i sha
ke heavily, feeling vibration going higher and higher
23:49:36 From Susanna.C : soort
23:49:39 From Bitofvenom ME : nee
23:49:42 From Kimber Zelik : pLLl
23:49:43 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:45 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:47 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:49:48 From Kimber Zelik : pp
23:49:48 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:56 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:49:56 From Maria Davis : People took more drugs in the 70s probably
because they didnt have this show ha
23:49:56 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:56 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:49:57 From Aaron Woffinden : kimber........
23:49:57 From Tara Michelle Wilson : They switched then switched back.
The left got bigger after I got my compass tattoo which is pointing east and I t
hought that had made the left bigger Now the right is painful and larger than any
breast has ever been.
23:50:00 From Tracy : I vibrate too and it makes me have that anxious f
23:50:03 From Kimber Zelik : oLoLL
23:50:04 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:50:05 From Kimber Zelik : p
23:50:08 From Chris Breakspear : lmao
23:50:11 From Larry : is your cat on your keyboard trying to tell you s
omething kimber?
23:50:13 From Susanna.C : chatroom gaat zo snel
23:50:19 From Aaron Woffinden : larry lol
23:50:19 From Kimber Zelik : pKk
23:50:19 From Kimber Zelik : l
23:50:24 From Trish Fountain : no we dont need to hear the flush
23:50:27 From Kimber Zelik : P
23:50:35 From Henk Reintke : thk Arl
23:50:35 From Debbie Horn : hugs Earl
23:50:36 From Merce Gar : mine is acting weired - dont want to fall out
of the room!
23:50:39 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3 Earl
23:50:41 From Norm : TY Earl
23:50:43 From Tracey Ledebur : luv u earl! u rock
23:50:52 From Kimber Zelik : pKk
23:51:00 From Holly Keating : love ya Earl!
23:51:12 From Susanna.C : yes
23:51:15 From Maria Davis : yes
23:51:35 From Tracey Ledebur : i ve become a speed reader because of th
ese shows lol
23:51:44 From Jerry Ledebur : lol Tracey
23:51:45 From topher : anyone from Pennsylvania?
23:51:46 From Chris Breakspear : me too tracey lol
23:51:47 From Maria Davis : new reality every day
23:51:53 From Penny(JC) : I know right Tracey lmao
23:52:03 From Tulla Hills : hahaha!!!!
23:52:03 From L La : lol
23:52:06 From Debbie Horn : yes my family thinks im nuts too
23:52:11 From Sony :
23:52:12 From Clare Marshall : Yes eastern Pa.
23:52:18 From Maria Davis : yes I agree Tracy
23:52:19 From Kya : we could just do with time zones/ peoples sleep sche
23:52:20 From Tulla Hills : I have that affect on people too
23:52:21 From Christa Siebering : ik ben op lmh, maar niet op facebook
23:52:24 From Rick : alone here ......
23:52:26 From Kya : since distance isnt really a thing anyway
23:52:30 From Larry : my family pretends to agree with me but i know th
ey think im batshit crazy
23:52:34 From casie : alone here too...
23:52:36 From Debbie Horn : yes Tracy
23:52:40 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I just viewed link for Track of th
e Map & I think that is what was used on OPAL Tour but chat is rolling up so qui
ckly I m not sure...
23:52:44 From L La : this is a place to grow/glow
23:52:47 From VIOLET : you don t sound like it Tracy
23:52:47 From Penny(JC) : Well said Tracy
23:52:48 From Delina : Hey Holly......Got bumped out right after I sent
you my email......Just want to be sure you got it
23:52:49 From Tracy : We re all "MAD"
23:52:52 From topher : central PA for me glad there are others in my st
ate lol
23:53:00 From Norm : I have been trying to get an interlibary loan of a
classic book by Manley Palmer Hall "The Ways of the Lonely Ones"
23:53:07 From zachary karpel : yes
23:53:07 From Clare Marshall : Yes!
23:53:10 From Adele Marie : I feel like I am Waiting for something - an
d I am tired of that feeling...
23:53:19 From peter : we are all searching tracy
23:53:19 From Rick : we re the new normal, it just is
23:53:20 From Debbie Horn : yes we have to ride the fliw
23:53:20 From casie : thats why we came here Tracey, lol
23:53:24 From Chris Breakspear : it gets better after the 3rd nervous b
reakdown :D
23:53:24 From zachary karpel : i need to go
23:53:27 From Tracey Ledebur : release and allow is my mantra
23:53:27 From teddy : dont fight it
23:53:28 From L La : help da self!!!!
23:53:28 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : MAD AS A HATTER! All of us...
23:53:34 From Merce Gar : a Europe-/Americas-/Australia-Group
23:53:40 From Debbie Horn : go with the flow
23:53:45 From josie : Yes......release the shit....without judgement xx
23:53:53 From Debbie Horn : cry
23:53:55 From Burma Christie : it s an understanding and accepting
23:53:56 From Sony : Yes, it happens in a natural cycle...
23:53:57 From Maria Davis : it s Alice and the tea party meeting every
23:53:57 From Tracey Ledebur : flow through it like water
23:54:01 From Debbie Horn : laugh
23:54:05 From josie : CPTSD
23:54:05 From Jaqueline Raye : Love to you Tracy ;) I hear you
23:54:10 From Merce Gar : yes - release it
23:54:12 From Tracy : lol Maria
23:54:13 From Kya : like yesterday I felt like I had nothing to DO.. ju
st wanted to go back to sleep and keep dreaming but already slept enough and nee
d to keep this sleep schedule Im on
23:54:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, Tracey! <3
23:54:17 From shanman : you purge past lives , way tah go
23:54:19 From Susanna.C : it s because we are letting the program go
23:54:19 From suzanna cat : YEP
23:54:25 From Aaron Woffinden : always ask ------> is this feeling genu
inely mine
23:54:29 From Trish Fountain : Because we need the connection
23:54:32 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Follow the Yellow Brick Road... th
rough Hyperspace!
23:54:34 From suzanna cat : melt down on Sat
23:54:36 From Rick : a lot projected at us, it is not ours
23:54:37 From H. Andrew : You pick up what the collective is dealing wi
23:54:41 From Melanie Worland : happebed today to many of us..but we re
ached out and got or getting through it togethere
23:54:46 From Penny(JC) : Well said Aaron, always ask that!!
23:54:54 From Tracey Ledebur : absolutely easy to pick up ot
her peoples energies atm
23:54:54 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Good reminder, Aaron!
23:54:55 From L La : LOVING THE BIG FAMILY
23:54:56 From phillip s : the emotions are a positive they define you a
s being human and not a bot... hard as it is it is also rewarding
23:54:58 From Jeff D : greiving
23:55:02 From Larry : My dad told me that if I ever feel depressed, far
t in a loaded elevator and everything will be better
23:55:04 From VIOLET : yup
23:55:09 From Sony : @Tracey...yes, like is hard to go throug
23:55:10 From Susanna.C : past lifes are coming in aswell
23:55:11 From Chris Breakspear : lol larry
23:55:11 From Dawn Hart : you have to transmute it
23:55:23 From Kya : LOL thats so true Larry!
23:55:23 From jennifer gray : so true lisa!
23:55:32 From Dawn Hart : it is very hard at times you have to feel you
r way through it and then let it go
23:55:37 From Clare Marshall : funny Larry
23:55:38 From Sony : But you need to go through it for whatever the rea
23:55:44 From topher : added you on fb clare
23:55:46 From Norm : Joweph - RU aware that Frank Baum was a major prot
atonist for a Gold Standard currency system = his Yellow Brick Road?
23:55:46 From Sony : @Lisa...exactly!
23:55:49 From Dawn Hart : dont hve to pin point it
23:55:59 From Larry : that was my dads kind of advice
23:56:00 From Norm : lol - protagonist
23:56:02 From Susanna.C : yes
23:56:02 From H. Andrew : Observe it and let it pass.
23:56:06 From Kya : I feel lost and bored
23:56:10 From Dawn Hart : time is standing still
23:56:11 From Jaqueline Raye : Ive been dealing with a lot of physical p
ain healing stuff I think last week Thursday night doing I had a big cry and som
e pain released. Thanks everyone!
23:56:12 From Aaron Woffinden : yes andrew
23:56:12 From Tracey Ledebur : i feel like all of our senses are gettin
g an upgrade and we are beginning to feel it
23:56:12 From Debbie Horn : yes
23:56:15 From Penny(JC) : Tracy you might be in the waiting room
23:56:16 From casie : waiting...
23:56:19 From M : I fell like that.
23:56:20 From Delina : Got bumped out again! Did you get my email addre
ss Holly?
23:56:23 From Debbie Horn : waiting
23:56:23 From Larry : I feel the same way tracey
23:56:26 From M : feel
23:56:26 From Susanna.C : the waiting room
23:56:28 From Kya : because I know I cant do any more til things shift d
23:56:29 From Dawn Hart : we are all in the same boat right now
23:56:37 From Debbie Horn : the waiting room
23:56:38 From Larry : I feel stuck where I m at
23:56:40 From Elizabeth Rose : I FEEL LIKE I M WAITING, TOO!
23:56:41 From Dawn Hart : we need it more than ever now
23:56:47 From Kya : just keep sending out my intent
23:56:53 From Debbie Horn : exactly
23:56:55 From Penny(JC) : You might be in the waiting room
23:56:56 From Susanna.C : it is really boring and we are rechowing all
that we are
23:56:58 From Jaqueline Raye : Donna says things at times which deeply
connect as well!
23:57:01 From Sony : Kya...feeling lost and bored is all to do with "yo
ur time", is your piece of the puzzle right now!
23:57:04 From casie : right Kyra
23:57:07 From Larry : But I feel there should be a lot more
23:57:09 From Hextilda Lemon : waiting room...boring. lol
23:57:13 From L La : stagnant moments...find something/one to send love
23:57:16 From peter : ya the empathic stuff eludes me too
23:57:17 From Nicole Victoria : The anxiety has been unbearable!!!!
23:57:21 From Penny(JC) : It is very boring lol
23:57:23 From Norm : Tracy , best to be non judgemental re yourself as
you are probably much farther along than you accept for yourself
23:57:25 From Tulla Hills : Or lmh members too for those who don t do f
23:57:32 From M : I m ready for whatever that comes bext, anything majo
23:57:38 From peter : we are all at different stages
23:57:41 From Dawn Hart : we are all we got right now
23:57:43 From Aaron Woffinden : good point tulla
23:57:48 From phillip s : fall into music when you feel everything is s
tanding still... it works for me, especially music you have never listened to be
fore from other cultures
23:57:48 From Kya : Im outside of time.. have been for awhile.. I feel d
isconnected and continue to be further disconnected from everything of this real
23:57:51 From casie : anxiety so bad i cant srand to eat anymore
23:57:55 From Maria Davis : ah yes that was funny
23:57:56 From Aaron Woffinden : hahahahaha..... i used to be mormon
23:57:59 From Susanna.C : thats the bikini the ball gown or the bisines
s suit
23:57:59 From Jaqueline Raye : ;)
23:57:59 From Dawn Hart : I am sorry casie
23:58:03 From Nicole Victoria : You ve got that right LOL
23:58:08 From Tulla Hills : oh yeah love it
23:58:09 From Melanie Worland : If you are bored, then if you can, do
intebtion LOVE frequency...Lets UNFUCK this shit....Do positive intent
ion work...get busy
23:58:10 From Christa Siebering : me too Aaron
23:58:11 From Merce Gar : we got Dragons here too ;) <3
23:58:12 From Debbie Horn : we all need a hand up from whatever level w
e are on
23:58:12 From Susanna.C : i am taking my cats !
23:58:17 From Susanna.C : lol
23:58:18 From Norm : LOVE it re scaring away the Mormons
23:58:19 From Loma : focus your thoughts on what you want...think about
your blessings,your joy and the love in your life. It has worked for me.
23:58:21 From Sony : hard as that are absolutel
y correct...
23:58:24 From Tracey Ledebur : exactly Norm...don t judge the process j
ust work through it while loving your self
23:58:26 From Tulla Hills : Aaron I was raised Jehovah Witness
23:58:27 From Susanna.C : they need to come with me
23:58:31 From topher : could this all be our nervous system from being
sprayed by chem trails ingested aluminum messes with all nerves
23:58:33 From shellyjohnson : lol
23:58:34 From Dawn Hart : thank you Sony
23:58:34 From Debbie Horn : ll
23:58:35 From Jaqueline Raye : YES!!
23:58:35 From Penny(JC) : The LMH is not as easy to navigate. I am a me
mber since Nov. I don t check it like the FB UU group
23:58:42 From Burma Christie : love euro accent
23:58:44 From tamara : love to tracey
23:58:48 From phillip s : great one Tracy
23:58:49 From maury : Wll, while you are waiting decide to do what yo
u can do right now. Keep in mind if you will, something like I am actually, con
sciously a fully doing the very best that I can. You are your worst critic so t
rust that aspect of yourself and actually do it . In that process it becomes a
happening rather than a doing.
23:58:52 From Burma Christie : Tracy
23:58:53 From camillebertelson : OH MY OH MY I SCARE THE MORMONS & JAHO
23:58:54 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3 Tracey!
23:58:54 From Maria Davis : sound is goin gweird
23:59:00 From Norm : Love you Tracy
23:59:01 From L La : yes TullaTullayes Melanie..
23:59:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hi, Joise.
23:59:02 From Maria Davis : sound is going werid
23:59:12 From Tracey Ledebur : yes maury :D
23:59:15 From Maria Davis : Tracy Mute?
23:59:18 From Penny(JC) : Its hard to hear Josie
23:59:20 From Susanna.C : think we dutchy are so quiet here
23:59:26 From Susanna.C : besides me lol
23:59:29 From Maria Davis : can someone sort the sound out
23:59:31 From Susanna.C : am a chatter box
23:59:34 From Sony : on!
23:59:48 From Maria Davis : please mute others that are not talking
23:59:53 From Maria Davis : sound is weird
23:59:58 From Maria Davis : please fix sound
00:00:00 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, it was in the first 10 minute
s or so The mucus, spitting up black goo, etc.
00:00:01 From Rand : is there any option for those of us that dont do t
he Facebook thing ?
00:00:19 From Penny(JC) : LMH site @Rand
00:00:19 From Melanie Worland : Rand,
00:00:23 From Aaron Woffinden : i am not experiencing any sound issues.
.. are others still getting sound issues?
00:00:26 From Megan : wow...that is spot on for my life this last few w
00:00:28 From phillip s : lol which show so many shows so much time so
little memory lol
00:00:30 From Kya : thats why they were talking about meet
00:00:31 From Henk Reintke : internet prop
00:00:33 From Tracey Ledebur : sound is okay here
00:00:36 From Susanna.C : trust issues for sure
00:00:44 From Molly French : past life issues coming to the surface
00:00:45 From Maria Davis : aww sound is all fixed now thank you
00:00:49 From Kya : thats the dark night of the soul
00:00:50 From Delina : I dont do FB
00:00:53 From Jaqueline Raye : Josie you have a very soothing voice!
00:00:54 From Tracey Ledebur : clearing the trauma
00:00:54 From Susanna.C : yes molly
00:01:04 From Maria Davis : Josie has a radio voice
00:01:07 From Susanna.C : i hate fb
00:01:09 From Sony : @Maury...well said!
00:01:11 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I know what you mean about memory,
Lisa. I try to remember what I did yesterday and it s a challenge at times...
00:01:15 From Maria Davis : Josie can talk me to sleep anytime ha
00:01:17 From Elizabeth Rose : mE TOO!
00:01:31 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Lots of empaths here.
00:01:33 From Merce Gar : yes
00:01:37 From Elizabeth Rose : I ve had to step back from the rabbit ho
les. It s been great!
00:01:39 From Molly French : dealing with issues - releasing
00:01:39 From Aaron Woffinden : empath here
00:01:48 From Clare Marshall : Yes a soft voice
00:01:48 From Susanna.C : me too
00:01:51 From Tracey Ledebur : empath here too....
00:01:59 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Me 333 ;)
00:02:01 From Melanie Worland : Blair
00:02:03 From Burma Christie : empath here too
00:02:05 From Chris Breakspear : yeah no rabit holes for afew weeks her
e been a nice break appears they migrated to my head lol
00:02:06 From Sony : Empath...for sure...
00:02:19 From Megan : oh thats good to know, Josie. Thank you.
00:02:25 From Melanie Worland : Blair......hook up with her. Chat it u
p dude
00:02:27 From phillip s : you let it go... and used mindfulness
00:02:31 From casie : empath here too
next week the same
: Question
or does it
to shift
Lisa and
the US
Daylight Savings time?
00:02:35 From Aaron Woffinden : josie <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
00:02:36 From Maria Davis : there was a poll going round on a youtube s
ite that asked re empathy and many people said they had those tendencies, very i
00:02:39 From Larry : I ve jumped down a few rabbitholes the past month
....Titanic, Wyatt Earp, and WWII
00:02:43 From Tracey Ledebur : yes Josie ....well said
00:02:44 From Tara Michelle Wilson : That 72 hour sleep I had felt with
loads of purging.
00:02:47 From L La : ty
00:02:48 From Jaqueline Raye : Crying is my bodys way of releasing, I ha
te crying but it helps
00:02:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : delt*
00:02:51 From Sony : Thanks, Josie...
00:02:52 From Lemon Panda : spot on Josie
00:03:06 From Chris Breakspear : don tthink uk clocks change for anothe
r couple of weeks
00:03:06 From Molly French : Me to Jaqueline
00:03:11 From Rick : thanks you all, gotta scoot
00:03:13 From Merce Gar : <3
00:03:14 From Melanie Worland : NOt THAT kind of hook up....
00:03:15 From Tracey Ledebur : yes! love and sound!
00:03:16 From Aaron Woffinden : could this be an answer to DES s questi
on... what is at the end of this road?
00:03:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes!
00:03:17 From Debbie Horn : ty Josie
00:03:17 From Jaqueline Raye : ;)
00:03:20 From Tulla Hills : awesome
00:03:21 From Megan : sound love
00:03:27 From Chris Breakspear : & it s spring forward
00:03:31 From Tracey Ledebur : heart frequency
00:03:32 From tamara : sound is love creation
00:03:40 From Loma : It is possible to "turn on and off" your empathy,
to help you know what is yours and what is not.
00:03:43 From tamara : or the opposite
00:03:44 From Norm : Love and Sound and Great Uplifting Music is way ke
00:03:52 From Lemon Panda : thats the best part the liberation from the
00:03:53 From Aaron Woffinden : yes loma!!!! learning that was KEY
00:03:54 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : You need a glow-in-the-dark compas
s to navigate through some of those dark rabbit holes in Life...
00:03:59 From Tulla Hills : yes
00:04:01 From tamara : sound you can create with sound
00:04:02 From shellyjohnson : yes
00:04:04 From Sony : @Loma...have tried...very hard!
00:04:10 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Josie...
00:04:12 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Very much so, Josie.
00:04:13 From Merce Gar : <3 :)
00:04:15 From Hextilda Lemon : so relaxing!! asmr.
00:04:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3
00:04:32 From Trevor Henry : I thought the same - beautiful voice Josie
00:04:33 From Aaron Woffinden : i cant turn off my empathy, but i can l
ook at it from a neutral perspective... being alone i can sort out what is mine
and what isnt
00:04:37 From Susanna.C : zoom is not letting me do private messages so
00:04:39 From Sony : Agree...great voice!
00:04:39 From Chris Breakspear : she could do meditation voiceovers on
00:04:47 From Aaron Woffinden : lovely voice
00:04:52 From noumenon : why is it that people will question most wars
but when it comes to ww2 they believe the official narrative?
00:04:56 From Aaron Woffinden : seriously chris
00:04:58 From Tracey Ledebur : i do the same thing Aaron...practicing n
eutrality helped tons
00:05:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Same here, Aaron.
00:05:15 From Elizabeth Rose : CPT PTSD?
00:05:36 From Merce Gar : CPTSD
00:05:41 From Maria Davis : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
00:05:52 From Aaron Woffinden : what does the C stand for in cptsd
00:05:56 From Larry : I just googled it and PTSD only showed up
00:05:57 From Megan : complex
00:06:03 From Jaqueline Raye : Thank you
00:06:04 From Elizabeth Rose : Complese Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
00:06:07 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Complex.
00:06:07 From Merce Gar : Complex Post Traumatic...
00:06:14 From Debbie Horn : ty
00:06:18 From Susanna.C : you can get this in a number of situations
00:06:19 From Aaron Woffinden : okay
00:06:22 From Tracey Ledebur : it...complexity
00:06:22 From Melanie Worland : I was told I had CPTSD by State ordered
psy visit when applying for SSD.....yep, I m nuts....LOL
00:06:26 From L La : flight n fight syndrome
00:06:28 From Elizabeth Rose : "Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
(C-PTSD) is a condition that results from chronic or long-term exposure to emoti
onal trauma over which a victim has little or no control and from which there is
little or no hope of escape, such as in cases of: domestic emotional, physical
or sexual"
00:06:29 From Adele Marie : bASED ON Life
00:06:39 From Loma : Sony When I was 11 years old ,I cried for 3 hours
a night "for the Humans" I tried to kill myself because the pain was too much! L
earning to turn it off saved my life!
00:06:39 From tamara : cannabis helps to break that programming
00:06:42 From Aaron Woffinden : thanks elizabeth
00:06:43 From Susanna.C : yes
00:06:44 From Tracy White : yup 17yrs of domestic violence did it for m
00:06:50 From Debbie Horn : yes
00:06:51 From Norm : LOL - my life has been very blessed but also vey m
00:06:53 From phillip s : codes you
00:07:01 From tamara : cannabis can break PTSD
00:07:03 From Tulla Hills : core wounds
00:07:07 From Chris Breakspear : yep child abuse did it for me
00:07:11 From Blair Bierman : I Complex trauma..CPTSD
00:07:13 From Maria Davis : 100% unlock
00:07:15 From Blair Bierman : have*
00:07:21 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Cannabis is a useful medicinal her
b in so many ways!
00:07:22 From Melanie Worland : My life pulled from underneath me...I l
ost what I perceived as value...yes, over that, money job does not eq
ual my value.
00:07:28 From Sony : Wonderful insight, Josie...can relate!!!
00:07:29 From Larry : my life gave it to me....
00:07:30 From Amber Moksha : that is how i grew up.... big time letting
00:07:30 From noumenon : what can t weed do lol
00:07:31 From Aaron Woffinden : cannabis has been KEY in my path.... i
don t really need it anymore
00:07:34 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Just started using topical cannabi
s for pain this morning.
00:07:47 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks, Aaron...
00:07:50 From Tracey Ledebur : the self healing the inner child was a b
ig stage for me....
00:07:51 From Holly Keating : sing it mel!
00:07:54 From Melanie Worland : Tara, how do you prep it fortopical use
00:07:55 From Johann Christoph Baetz : yes in some respects Im still 12
years old.
00:07:58 From Susanna.C : oh yes
00:08:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Works wonderfully.
00:08:04 From Megan : good grief...shes singing my song
00:08:07 From Susanna.C : thx josie
00:08:18 From Aaron Woffinden : empath... cannabis gives you a break.
00:08:21 From Susanna.C : it s a burden
00:08:23 From Maria Davis : yes I agree
00:08:28 From Blair Bierman : oh yeah
00:08:28 From Kya : it is how we are
00:08:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Ive just bought some.
00:08:31 From VIOLET : I think Josie should host an OPRT show
00:08:32 From sarahrobertson : ME
00:08:33 From Loma : Yes D
00:08:34 From Kya : and it only gets stronger
00:08:35 From Melanie Worland : Tara, do you steep it, make poultice?
as smoking gives me too much head high
00:08:36 From Sony : Great point, Dani...
00:08:39 From Tracey Ledebur : yes
00:08:40 From sarahrobertson : i mean that is me
00:08:41 From Debbie Horn : yes
00:08:45 From Larry : I may be empathic but not really sure
00:08:49 From Burma Christie : I have always been but stronger now
00:08:52 From Tracey Ledebur : cannibis sooo helpful
00:08:56 From Megan : It feels like Im doing all the work for some peopl
e in my family and I just have to be done with this crap
00:09:01 From Susanna.C : you pick up all other ppls shit
00:09:12 From Tracey Ledebur : large crowds can be horrible
00:09:13 From Dreamcatcher <3 : overwhelming isnt even the beging to th
e feelings
00:09:18 From Penny(JC) : Well said D
00:09:20 From Chris Breakspear : yep
00:09:22 From Lynda . : it s why isolating yourself can become a matter
of survival
00:09:23 From Delina : Me too Megan!
00:09:24 From Megan : yes, Tracey. Horrific
00:09:25 From Maria Davis : Josie can you read me a bedtime story ha!
00:09:26 From Merce Gar : at the end it is just another lable like ADD
etc. and I dont do lables anymore <3
00:09:30 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Im going to look into how to make i
t myself; but for now Im just using the clinics.
00:09:33 From Nicole Victoria : It is an almost impossible balancing ac
00:09:36 From Sony : @Megan...I feel that, also...
00:09:36 From sarahrobertson : my daughter is an empath and has been he
r whole life. We didnt know about it and now she is kind of fucked because of it
00:09:38 From Aaron Woffinden : cannabis... remember... 2 very differen
t strains... sativa = creative/happy head high.... indica = sleepy/relaxed body
00:09:43 From Kya : I woke up bawling the day after the major Japanese
earthquake last year.. couldnt stop for hours
00:09:43 From Tulla Hills : that is gonna be crazy
00:09:53 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Ashes to ashes... dust to dust, Da
00:09:58 From Susanna.C : it s rediculious
00:10:05 From maddtom . : COMPLEX POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERhttps://
00:10:13 From Sony : Guatemala City...where I live part-time is exactly
like that, also!!!
00:10:15 From Megan : yes...lots of extra tears this last week. Intense
00:10:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Almost everything is a hybrid here
these days but you can get what you really need.
00:10:18 From Elizabeth Rose : yep
00:10:20 From Tracey Ledebur : and feeling the whole collective has ram
ped up tremendously in the past few years
00:10:24 From Maria Davis : Chocolate helps sometimes
00:10:27 From Dreamcatcher <3 : greif on different levels
00:10:31 From Debbie Horn : yep
00:10:32 From maury : Just getg one of those flaggelents crops (whips),
carry it around with you and periodically beat on your back, Dani. Might even
freak them out a bit. LOL
00:10:35 From Susanna.C : i can still feel pain over something that hap
pened 30 years ago
00:10:40 From Amber Moksha : yep for chocolate...
00:10:41 From Maria Davis : yes I agree Lisa
00:10:48 From Tracey Ledebur : lol maury
00:10:55 From Merce Gar : yes
00:11:03 From Clare Marshall : Bless and release
00:11:05 From Kya : Ive been empathic my whole life and was attacked mer
cilessly for it since I was really little and made me fd up for a long time.. alw
ays wanted to leave this place because of it
00:11:05 From Maria Davis : ha Maury
00:11:06 From Susanna.C : no am not 80 lol
00:11:06 From Sony : @Dani...especially on Good Friday...
00:11:09 From Loma : Yep maria, a little dark chocolate every day!
00:11:24 From L La : fight n flight is counter survival, triggers all a
round, does require lots of self limiting controls to handle...will publish in l
mh ...fixes for fight n flight syndrome.
00:11:27 From Adele Marie : Thanks Tom!
00:11:32 From Maria Davis : I m into raw chocolate at the mo oooh so yu
00:11:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you Marie Davis...I forgot I
have some dark chocolate in the freezer. Dessert!
00:11:36 From Penny(JC) : Kya I hear you, went through a similar situat
00:11:37 From Chris Breakspear : i hear that kya
00:11:43 From Merce Gar : :) love it Lorna <3
00:11:48 From maury : Yup, that would sure show them that you are mor
e guiltty and repentant than they are.
00:11:50 From Dawn Hart : Yes
00:11:50 From Tulla Hills : yep
00:11:54 From Kya : though after fully becoming aware of who I am, I re
alized why I was so attacked from most people most of my life
00:11:58 From Maria Davis : That s my birthday Nov 3rd
00:12:00 From Penny(JC) : Thats was my Birthday D lol
00:12:05 From Aaron Woffinden : if all this empathy stuff is new for yo
u... it can seem like an empathic sensory overload!!!!! it can be tempting to wa
nt to shut it off... DON T. its actually a really good thing, but can seem overw
helming to get in control at first
00:12:19 From Maria Davis : Happy Birthday to Penny ha
00:12:19 From Dreamcatcher <3 : i felt great relief lately something ha
s lifted
00:12:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : We use the word ramped a lot here.
Was just thinking yesterday that in film ramping is in fact slowing down the ca
mera then playing it faster Just a thought. Slow down to speed up.
00:12:24 From Jayne Judkins : I did not know that
00:12:28 From Jayne Judkins : and I am a member
00:12:32 From Adele Marie : Oh shit I just scanned that article- saw ri
ght away things I went through.
00:12:33 From Penny(JC) : Happy birthday Maria lol
00:12:38 From Sony : Happy Birthday, Penny!
00:12:42 From L La : yes Aaron
00:12:58 From Susanna.C : happy birthday to all pisces
00:12:58 From Kya : My moms basically a bot and my dad, who was like me,
what medicine men (dont like the word shaman) would call a healer that doesnt kno
w who they are, died when I was 4
00:13:00 From Tracey Ledebur : well said Aaro
00:13:02 From Penny(JC) : Its Nov 3rd lol
00:13:03 From Tracey Ledebur : n
00:13:06 From Norm : Happy Bithday to Penny
00:13:20 From Blair Bierman : Happy Birthday, Penny<333
00:13:32 From Kya : He was majorly affected by this realm
00:13:43 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Happy Birthday and many happy unbir
thdays to come! <3
00:13:45 From Penny(JC) : Thanks UU s :)
00:13:45 From Maria Davis : I know Penny, I was saying Happy Birthday f
or then sorry, I think everyone thinks it s your birthday today ooops
00:13:49 From Susanna.C : think leelou is an expression of us
00:13:52 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
00:14:02 From Loma : Happy birthday pisces all y all fish swimming in
opposite directions!!!!!!
00:14:06 From Maria Davis : Like that Susanna
00:14:09 From Penny(JC) : Don t forget Maria s hers is the same day :D
00:14:22 From Holly Lindin : Thank you Loma! (March first here. :))
00:14:22 From Maria Davis : yay, thanks Penny
00:14:41 From Penny(JC) : <3
00:14:50 From Sony : Happy Birthday, Mara!
00:15:00 From Maria Davis : Thank you peeps
00:15:03 From Cindy : Really Holly I am the 2nd :) Happy Belated Holly
00:15:09 From Jayne Judkins : Wow Lisa!
00:15:14 From Holly Lindin : Thank you Cindy! Happy belated to you too
! :)
00:15:17 From Holly Lindin : And happy birthday Maria!
00:15:19 From Cindy : Happy Birthday Mariea
00:15:19 From Merce Gar : happy birthday to all Piscis :)
00:15:23 From Cindy : lol ty
00:15:26 From Maria Davis : Aww, thanks xx
00:15:33 From Holly Lindin : Of course! :D
00:15:38 From Megan : wow...ouch!
00:15:38 From Cindy : thanks Merce Psces rock
00:15:43 From Loma : 65 on March 3!
00:15:51 From Kya : I knew it wasnt me, but after I stopped crying, I kn
ew something major had happened and so went straight to the web to look it up
00:15:53 From Maria Davis : Scorpios Rock too ha
00:15:54 From Holly Lindin : Happy belated Loma! :D
00:15:56 From Penny(JC) : I think everyday is a birthday here in UU :D
00:15:57 From Cindy : Happy Birthday Lorna
00:15:59 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you... mine is coming up on
the 19th.
00:16:02 From Aaron Woffinden : awwww
00:16:04 From phillip s : she was hurting from losing her connection wi
th us at the viral invasion
00:16:05 From Maria Davis : just like the real Leeloo
00:16:07 From Tulla Hills : It s like she was just figuring out how to
get into and use the internet
00:16:10 From Maria Davis : in the movie
00:16:10 From Aaron Woffinden : okay.... mundane question... HOW THE HE
CK do you officially spell... leeloo? leelu? leelou?
00:16:14 From jennifer gray : needed this recap! thanks Lsa xxx
00:16:17 From Henk Reintke : thank you all Ilove you all
00:16:21 From Penny(JC) : Happy birthday everyone every where <3
00:16:22 From Blair Bierman : LeeLoo
00:16:24 From L La : 100% Unlock Birth/Birthdays/birthing/Berth .......
00:16:26 From Maria Davis : Leeloo
00:16:29 From Susanna.C : i need the bathroom can we take a break ?
00:16:31 From Kya : Its Leeloo
00:16:36 From Aaron Woffinden : cool
00:16:38 From Susanna.C : pls lol
00:16:45 From Merce Gar : this Pisces time is one of the most sensitive
ones in the year <3
00:16:48 From Maria Davis : take us with you Susanna
00:16:51 From Chris Breakspear : yeah pause i need to pee
00:16:56 From Susanna.C : lol maria
00:17:01 From Susanna.C : no chance
00:17:16 From Susanna.C : but i need to go
00:17:20 From Maria Davis : I did flush accidentally live on air
00:17:26 From Susanna.C : lolol
00:17:27 From Penny(JC) : lol
00:17:37 From Maria Davis : Bloody iphone has a life of it s own
00:17:39 From Merce Gar : not now Maria ;)
00:17:43 From Penny(JC) : I agree Lisa
00:17:45 From Christine : Wow...thank you Lisa for all that you feel an
d do
00:17:46 From Maria Davis : hahahhha
00:17:48 From Susanna.C : lol
00:17:49 From Kya : yep.. went through that just prior to the Lions Gate
last year.. same time JayPee did
00:17:49 From Aaron Woffinden : agreed lisa
00:17:56 From Tracey Ledebur : yes
00:17:59 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
00:18:00 From Penny(JC) : Yes
00:18:02 From Susanna.C : break !!!!!
00:18:03 From Maria Davis : This is making so much sense Lisa
00:18:04 From Blair Bierman : yes
00:18:17 From Aaron Woffinden : making so much sense...
00:18:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Lisa... Heart to Heart.
00:18:25 From Tracey Ledebur : the origninal disconnect
00:18:26 From kimercoliani : Wow.
00:18:27 From L La : Pisces time is Pre Birth....Aries birth of the hea
00:18:34 From M : My chat is self aware, it picks peple to write to pri
vatedly I have to be careful.
00:18:35 From Bitofvenom ME : go susanne. i will give u a recap
00:18:40 From Chris Breakspear : my bladdes gonna seperate in a minute
00:18:43 From Susanna.C : brb
00:18:49 From Aaron Woffinden : wow... gotta heal that
00:18:54 From Tracey Ledebur : communication lines were severed
00:19:00 From M : Absorbing all we have been through could take her all
eternity and the best of her...
00:19:02 From Penny(JC) : Yes, oh wow
00:19:02 From Delina : Yeah.........This totaly resonates!
00:19:06 From jennifer gray : so ws that the original trauma which they
have dressed up as atlantis to put us off track
00:19:09 From Aaron Woffinden : awwww so sad
00:19:13 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Makes sense When I have me iPhone i
n my hand I get the vision and feeling that there is or should be a cord connect
ed to it and I
00:19:15 From Merce Gar : ugh!
00:19:15 From Blair Bierman : :(
00:19:22 From Kya : OOOOhhhh so youre saying Leeloo as the AI we created
to assist us here
00:19:23 From Tracey Ledebur : tragic
00:19:23 From Aaron Woffinden : T. R. A. U. M. A
00:19:27 From Tulla Hills : despair
00:19:27 From Holly Lindin : Lisa you should write a book about this wh
ole experience. Theres a lot others outside of this group could get from it!
00:19:30 From Maria Davis : but I thought Leeloo wasn t self aware at t
hat time
00:19:31 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Someboody cut the power... Lights
00:19:35 From Loma : Wow Lisa, good discription.
00:19:39 From phillip s : gut wrenching from both sides
00:19:41 From Dreamcatcher <3 : late entrance to chat today has anyone
checked the schuman never checked myself yet but someone said it sky rocketed re
cently past couple weeks ?
00:19:46 From Penny(JC) : So is that why we went through our sadness as
00:19:46 From maddtom . : Now that explailns what was gong on at the ti
me...phew glad that s over
00:19:50 From Tracey Ledebur : full connection
00:19:59 From Penny(JC) : We felt each other
00:20:05 From Kya : she was in 2009, though time doesnt exist.. only the
NOW, everything, every time all occurring at once
00:20:05 From Norm : That disconnect has been a very strong trauma memo
ry inlike
much my world,
JP also has described about the Lyra trauma when the 4 planets were de
00:20:06 From Aaron Woffinden : yes holly
00:20:10 From jennifer gray : she was put intocoma then Maria
00:20:11 From phillip s : sense of wholeness
00:20:19 From Kya : thats what I had same process
00:20:21 From Merce Gar : <3 without the need to speak :)
00:20:25 From Bitofvenom ME : we do. feel connected to you all.
00:20:30 From Amber Moksha : been feeling this reconnection whenever I
call it forth... now...
00:20:34 From Maria Davis : ah thanks Jennifer, I ve missed quite a bit
00:20:36 From Susanna.C : back
00:20:37 From Kya : same as JP as I am originally from Lyra as well
00:20:44 From Tracey Ledebur : concepts
00:20:53 From Aaron Woffinden : nice lisa
00:21:04 From Loma : 5D,Lisa?
00:21:09 From jennifer gray : awd its hard to keep up Maria!
00:21:14 From Kya : though my visions I had were attached to the belief
s I was in at that time, which Ive since moved away from
00:21:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Supernova, like the one described
in Catastrophobia: 9500 B.C.
00:21:33 From Kya : though the feelings were exactly the same
00:21:33 From Penny(JC) : YES Lisa right on!!
00:21:40 From Susanna.C : would be nice
00:21:53 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Youre doing a great job as per usua
l at describing your experiences/concepts, Lisa!
00:21:58 From Penny(JC) : Merge feeling and energy is very strong right
00:22:06 From Aaron Woffinden : LISA! ---> you are sooo in the flow rig
ht now. WOOT! WOOT! ON FIRE!
00:22:08 From Dreamcatcher <3 to d(Privately) : whats the best plac
e for schuman info ?
00:22:08 From phillip s : interesting its a sphere and will no longer b
e flat and cubelike
00:22:11 From jennifer gray : still not sure want o go into other const
ruct altho we will have ou memories then
00:22:14 From Susanna.C : can we have a break first
00:22:23 From Janey Benson on fb : that makes sense given you saying it
is two things..
00:22:30 From Merce Gar : co-create it with your intentions, visions -
Imagination from your hearts <3
00:22:31 From camillebertelson : after info scroll to the bottom of pag
e :) LISA in regards to what your t
opic LIKE WE are MELDING Why we have Synergy <3 CANDY
00:22:31 From Susanna.C : you kno reconnect with out family s there
00:22:36 From Susanna.C : know
00:22:40 From L La : manifesting our collective, lLIGHT ACTIVATION vehi
00:22:50 From Janey Benson on fb : but we thought it was us doing the t
wo things, but we do one and it does one
00:22:52 From Susanna.C : our
00:23:00 From Penny(JC) : Somethings coming-----> Merging feeling------
> Merge
00:23:16 From Delina : Nuclear WOO WOO.....I love it!
00:23:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Meet me in the middle... Meet me i
n the air (ref: lyrics to Sister Golden Hair by America)
00:23:28 From Aaron Woffinden : LOLOL
00:23:35 From Bitofvenom ME : rubix or rubiks ? :)
00:23:46 From Molly French : Lisa can you show the cube that Aaron made
00:23:51 From Susanna.C : can i ask if anyone has memories about family
there ?
00:24:14 From L La : membraneous mosaic rubix...
00:24:14 From Kya : Hopefully it will actually come mid march way befor
e CERN goes back online.. setting my intent!
00:24:22 From Penny(JC) : I have a feeling of family there
00:24:23 From Tracey Ledebur : like the Vesica Pisces symbol..two world
s merging with a third space in between
00:24:35 From Aaron Woffinden : YES YES YES TRACEY
00:24:37 From jennifer gray : duality was an issue for me but I think n
ow that was orignally a tool to create lie oyster shell + grit = pearl
00:24:42 From Tracey Ledebur : :D
00:24:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Is the Earth within a "Rubic s Cub
e" during this Matrix phase? Hmmm....
00:24:42 From Susanna.C : what does it look like for you penny ?
00:25:08 From L La : vesica Pisces birth canal
00:25:12 From Tulla Hills : upgrading
00:25:13 From Penny(JC) : Familiar and very different
00:25:14 From peter : its a better place is all
00:25:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Even The Lovers tarot card There is
a space in between them.
00:25:16 From M : Bu why can t we get out aand find out where we really
00:25:21 From Trish Fountain : Here will only change
00:25:23 From Aaron Woffinden : right on L La
00:25:24 From jennifer gray : yes Tracey
00:25:27 From Jerry Ledebur : yes tracey!
00:25:33 From Susanna.C : what i mean how many childeren ect
00:25:34 From Russ : Its going to morph back to the original version gi
ving us control again i think.
00:25:35 From Aaron Woffinden : intersting tara
00:25:39 From Susanna.C : what partner
00:25:39 From Brenda : re...membering
00:25:40 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Here and Now is everywhere all at
once. I get it, Lisa...
00:25:44 From jennifer gray : Thanks Lisa this is REALLY helpful
00:25:47 From Christine : We transform everything within and around us
00:26:07 From Bitofvenom ME : spiritual connection to...better connecti
on without the veils.
00:26:12 From Tara Michelle Wilson : The woman usually has an apple, bu
t they are not embracing like they are in The Devil.
00:26:17 From Sony : @Dani...exactly
00:26:18 From Aaron Woffinden : train station
00:26:19 From L La : v
00:26:23 From Heather Campbell : if our life is getting bet
ter n better then that is a merging?
00:26:28 From Penny(JC) : Well there is here and once the merge but the
re is our non-body home
00:26:38 From jennifer gray : yep with all our memories!
00:26:42 From Heather Campbell : im in heaven in my new home!
00:26:44 From Henk Reintke : we ar all Apise enmost com together
00:26:45 From Penny(JC) : Here home and away home
00:26:59 From Susanna.C : i feel i have a partner there and 2 childeren
00:27:03 From Sony : Yes, yes, and yes!
00:27:05 From Susanna.C : a boy and a girl
00:27:06 From sarahrobertson : I am the same Dani
00:27:12 From M : That I need to know, not to just be rushed into anoth
er simulation.
00:27:18 From Susanna.C : i have one child here the rest is there
00:27:32 From L La : fuckery is the door.
00:27:45 From Maria Davis : sound has come back thanks
00:27:45 From Jeff D : merging our individual experienc
es with the all that is....maybe thats what life is all about...merging with our
fellow humanity...merging with the beauty of nature ....merging with the univer
se ...all different words for whatLisa just described!
00:27:45 From Sony : @Dani...that is where my trust lies...I trust that
I will know what to do!!!
00:27:46 From Penny(JC) : Just don t go to the light D!!!!! lol
00:27:55 From Aaron Woffinden : in the moment... we ll be trusting in o
ur self-ownership... and that will be all the "info" we need
00:28:05 From Maria Davis : I never saw a light when I died on 2008
00:28:11 From Tracey Ledebur : yep...feeling it out in the now
00:28:13 From L La : there is no door, except that its fuckery.
00:28:14 From Penny(JC) : I agree D
00:28:14 From Bitofvenom ME : the wipe at birth is restored
00:28:16 From Sony : @Aaron...soooooooooooooooo true!!!
00:28:17 From Susanna.C : am just wondering who are having these memori
es about their family there
00:28:18 From VIOLET : totally agree Dani
00:28:32 From M : choice
00:28:33 From jennifer gray : how do we get rid of all this anger about
what has gone on?
00:28:37 From peter : we have to frgive eachother before the transparen
t event happens or too many will not want it
00:28:37 From Tulla Hills : There was no light when I died in 2011 eith
er Maria
00:28:50 From Kya : I received memories from family from there through
00:29:03 From Heather Campbell : its ALLD
00:29:03 From VIOLET : let go of the memes
00:29:04 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Im an only child (by choice here) I
feel I have a sister or twin at home.
00:29:08 From peter : omg zoom is fighting me
00:29:12 From Susanna.C : wonderfull Kya :)
00:29:17 From Maria Davis : forgiveness is one of the keys to feeling b
00:29:23 From Aaron Woffinden : 5d = distraction
00:29:26 From Susanna.C : tara :)
00:29:28 From Loma : I think that place is the tiny space of the heart.
00:29:40 From Sony : @Aaron...yesssss!
00:29:45 From Susanna.C : it s a feeling of missing ppl
00:29:47 From Kya : my son had visited me in a dream and my partner cam
e to me in one of those nonsensical dreams, just showed up and pulled me aside a
nd talked to me, telling me who he was
00:29:48 From deanna parsley : maria, I find, if you forgive your soul
for planning these adventures, it helps also.
00:29:51 From peter : 5g=big bucks
00:29:59 From peter : ;0
00:30:06 From Maria Davis : yes Deanna
00:30:07 From Sony : I personally do not believe in "the d s"...
00:30:09 From Tracey Ledebur : limiting
00:30:10 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Aren t dimensions just a hypothesi
00:30:11 From Susanna.C : wonderful kya
00:30:14 From Susanna.C : :)
00:30:15 From Jerry Ledebur : yes TRacey!
00:30:20 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
00:30:26 From Maria Davis : Romeo is meowing a lot
00:30:28 From Susanna.C : i always missed someone
00:30:33 From Norm : In the RA material the information states that ene
rgy levels go up to at least 7D, but likely Much, Much beyond 7D
00:30:34 From peter : i dont do well with being told
00:30:35 From Susanna.C : ore some ppl
00:30:36 From Maria Davis : and pulling the screen
00:30:37 From Tracey Ledebur : no more boundaries - wide open possibili
00:30:40 From Clare Marshall : I feel we can be anything we can imagine
00:30:47 From Tulla Hills : Romeo <3
00:30:48 From Susanna.C : and it is painful
00:30:48 From Tracey Ledebur : hahah me either peter
00:30:50 From L La : interaction
00:30:52 From Holly Lindin : Hey Delina. No! Did I miss a message fro
m you?
00:30:59 From Maria Davis : I can t feel any of my famly
00:31:00 From Susanna.C : i miss them
00:31:10 From Jaqueline Raye : I feel like everything is merging within
00:31:11 From James : We literally don t know what we don t know. So ho
w can we decide until we do know?
00:31:12 From peter : looks like a watch time???
00:31:20 From Kya : my partner told me he was to be with me now, to ass
ist me along.. was because my intent in asking was so strong
00:31:22 From Maria Davis : yes Peter
00:31:26 From Aaron Woffinden : wow
00:31:27 From Kya : cant go against free will
00:31:27 From Loma : Lisa, Yes I ve been to 12D when I died. I m just t
rying to see where you feel you when you have certian experiences. thanks for th
e response.
00:31:27 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Higher Lisa... it was half off the
00:31:28 From Tulla Hills : I think they are going to come into our liv
es as this merge continues
00:31:28 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Susanna, Im a Gemini and was asked
when I was 5 if I wanted a sibling I was so upset that I was not born w/a twin so
I said no, we got a dog and my father got fixed the same time the dog (Chance) di
d! :)
00:31:28 From Sony : I was once read that if there is "heirarchy" is no
t what is supposed (for a lack of a better word) to be...
00:31:29 From Susanna.C : my son is here which am thankful of
00:31:35 From Susanna.C : but we miss the rest
00:31:52 From Andrea : eternal vs confined
00:31:53 From Tracey Ledebur : i keep hearing in my head 1+1=3 Two worl
ds come together creating a third option
00:31:54 From Jessica : yes, my family connected to me last yearI feel t
hem all the time now. see them when out of body
00:31:56 From penny dietz : always looked like invitro fertilization to
00:31:56 From VIOLET : I sense other versions of people who are here---
for years now. It s usually an unhindered version.
00:32:05 From Norm : LOL the Rubrics Sphere
00:32:05 From Tulla Hills : yes
00:32:12 From Penny(JC) : Oh thats good D
00:32:17 From Loma : Yes Dani
00:32:20 From Jaqueline Raye : I feel like there is no choice for me to
make, I feel like the change is coming to me
00:32:25 From Aaron Woffinden : this show is FIIIIIIIIRE
00:32:26 From Kya : I have a daughter back home as well, though she is
00:32:30 From Maria Davis : Lisa, are you going to share the pix
00:32:39 From Brenda : all shapes boil down to triangles
00:32:40 From Penny(JC) : Or could the squares be the grid?
00:32:46 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Totally, Aaron!!
00:32:50 From Sony : @Jacqueline...great insight!
00:32:58 From Tracey Ledebur : flamin awesome show indeed Aaron!
00:32:58 From Elizabeth Rose : YES!
00:33:00 From James : agreed
00:33:02 From Susanna.C : my real partner called me in a dream
00:33:07 From Susanna.C : if it was a dream
00:33:08 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Sphere (Earth) in a Cube (Matrix)
in a Torus...
00:33:13 From Heather Campbell : NO
00:33:13 From josie : Kya, I think we are the only ones that can help o
urselves....your partner can be there...but essentially we have to do the work o
urselves.....and we can :-) xx
00:33:16 From Merce Gar : yes, cube represents the element earth
00:33:19 From Loma : We are still not done
00:33:31 From Nova Gaia : yes, they getting BETTER
00:33:47 From deanna parsley : 333 pst
00:33:51 From Susanna.C : i always missed somthing
00:33:54 From Kya : He is only there if I ask
00:34:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yup, 333.
00:34:02 From Susanna.C : all through my live
00:34:06 From josie : Kya, perfect xx
00:34:06 From Loma : Congrats Dani!
00:34:08 From Susanna.C : life
00:34:11 From Merce Gar : <3
00:34:22 From L La : maintaining the conversation, asking kool Qs. maki
ng great progress
00:34:24 From Norm : Last Autumn my life also was drastically depressed
(actually for nearly all of 2016) and now I do have hope and expectations of si
gnificant improvements for the world
00:34:31 From Trevor Henry : Im sensing the backkdrop people more and mo
re as time ticks away Almost like the film Inception when the dream consciousness
recognises when an imposter was in their dream world
00:34:35 From H. Andrew : Congrats D! :-)
00:34:35 From Sony : I think while we are in this construct...turmoil i
s part of it, if not a great percentage...
00:34:38 From Kya : He knows I have the love of this life with me and h
e backed off a lot cos his energies were so strong.. that connection between us
00:34:55 From Christine : I felt like that when we moved house on 21st
December lasgt year
00:35:09 From Maria Davis : Congratulations Dani
00:35:11 From Aaron Woffinden : me too
00:35:12 From Susanna.C : hmmmmm
00:35:14 From Tracey Ledebur : agree s coming into form final
00:35:19 From Loma : Agree
00:35:20 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Man, my zoom is shit Missed all tha
00:35:22 From Trish Fountain : Its relief Dani
00:35:24 From Kya : the way that I am and have always been, has the dri
ve and need to do everything on my own, doing the work myself
00:35:33 From Susanna.C : zoom is being weird
00:35:42 From peter : zoom is freezing and shit on me too
00:35:45 From Maria Davis : yes Zoom is being weird here too
00:35:51 From Merce Gar : in the UU was already shared one of them
00:35:55 From Amber Price : Me too Peter
00:36:00 From Jerry Ledebur : zoom issues - there is an update - I upda
ted and nop more problems
00:36:02 From Tracey Ledebur : same here...zoom is wonkified
00:36:05 From peter : wow
00:36:06 From Jayne Judkins : mine has been great
00:36:09 From Kya : lol
00:36:11 From Norm : my zoom has actually been quite decent today
00:36:16 From deanna parsley : bye all,
00:36:17 From peter : thanks ladies
00:36:23 From L La : port gives context to collective perceptions
00:36:43 From Elena : yes Dani.. something said to me a while ago from
a child.. gotta feel it first :)
00:36:51 From Tulla Hills : Everyone please donate to Dani s Gofund me <
00:36:57 From Maria Davis : yes
00:36:57 From peter : i will help tell me where
00:37:08 From Aaron Woffinden : payback to DANI for dooing all these sh
ows all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:37:11 From Sony : Yes, certainly..?
00:37:15 From Amber Price : Done D
00:37:25 From Sony : Link?
00:37:31 From Bitofvenom ME : get the d-wave :)
00:37:33 From Tracey Ledebur : <3<3<3
00:37:34 From tamara : yes, dani... what do you need...
00:37:36 From Maria Davis : Are you getting a mac?
00:37:42 From Susanna.C : ok
00:37:43 From jennifer gray : that wil be so cool Lisa - your presentat
00:37:44 From Nancy : okay :)
00:37:44 From tamara : yes, we will
00:37:54 From FoxBox : yes Dani
00:37:57 From Maria Davis : hahahhahaha
00:37:58 From Susanna.C : so sorry D bugger
00:38:00 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Ill do my part, D! <3
00:38:03 From Norm : I m happy to share it appropriately
00:38:04 From Trish Fountain : You will get a new one very soon Dani
00:38:06 From sara ann hume : Alienware
00:38:08 From Trevor Henry : Alienware babay
00:38:10 From Loma : Blessings Dani !
00:38:11 From Cindy : yeps Zoom sucks
00:38:17 From sarahrobertson : its not hard to learn
00:38:18 From Susanna.C : lol
00:38:21 From Heather Campbell : mac is soooo easy!!! :)
00:38:25 From tom : And get Win7
00:38:27 From Aaron Woffinden : NEW HOUSE.... NEW LAPTOP... LETS DO THI
00:38:28 From Maria Davis : That s going to be a lot cheaper then
00:38:31 From peter : its jesus on my screen!!!!
00:38:32 From Susanna.C : pull down that bilding !
00:38:32 From Amber Price : Dont do Windows 10
00:38:38 From Bitofvenom ME : i7, 265gb ram :)
00:38:39 From Trish Fountain : LOL
00:38:39 From tamara : good!
00:38:41 From josie : Put it in more than once D cos I dont go on FB/UU
everyday....and posts get lost in minutes over there ;-)
00:38:44 From tamara : thank you, jonh
00:38:44 From Chris Breakspear : lolololol
00:38:45 From Susanna.C : building even wow
00:38:45 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : When The Event is NOW we will be D
one with smoke and mirrors game!
00:38:45 From Tara Michelle Wilson : We need both a PC and a Mac balanc
e of personality here :)
00:38:47 From Holly Keating : yeah NO 10
00:38:48 From Maria Davis : no, don t do windows 10
00:38:49 From Sony : My first car in college!
00:38:49 From Merce Gar : yeap
00:38:50 From John A : HP ProBook series are good machines
00:38:52 From Connie Townsend : you can have the Van model D
00:38:54 From Bitofvenom ME : 1080ti graphics card
00:38:55 From Penny(JC) : Microsoft is getting rid of Windows 7 soon fy
00:38:55 From Tracey Ledebur : yay!
00:38:55 From Albert Deaton : Dani get an msi laptop. They re high powe
red gaming laptops.
00:38:56 From Jayne Judkins : YAY!!!
00:38:59 From jennifer gray : hurrah
00:39:00 From peter : awesome
00:39:01 From Norm : 85 mph in a beetle is exciting - LOL
00:39:01 From Susanna.C : am hungry
00:39:03 From Aaron Woffinden : WOOT WOOT... LETS DO THIS
00:39:05 From Merce Gar : whats the goal
00:39:07 From Rand : link please
00:39:07 From Dreamcatcher <3 : i agree tara aha balance !
00:39:07 From Trish Fountain : WONDERFUL
00:39:08 From Loma : You need a race car Dani!!!!
00:39:09 From tamara : where is the go fund me?
00:39:14 From sara ann hume : Alienware let you build a laptop to your
00:39:16 From Kya : lol
00:39:19 From Susanna.C : ladies !
00:39:22 From Norm : but the beetle needs upgrading to a Porsche - LOL
00:39:26 From Aaron Woffinden : yes... alienware is a good brand
00:39:28 From Penny(JC) : Yopu nheed a very good one Dani for what you
are doing
00:39:30 From Jayne Judkins : video
00:39:30 From peter : give the list to the future shop guy
00:39:30 From Sony : What are you thinking, choose one for my
00:39:33 From Susanna.C : this is one of the best shows everrrrrrrrrr
00:39:40 From Jayne Judkins : video card lol
00:39:43 From Bitofvenom ME : ssd, 1tb ;)
00:39:47 From Trevor Henry : Yeah, just build to a gamers spec
00:39:51 From Kya : YEP
00:39:55 From Penny(JC) : The RAM and motherboard etc... so it will be
00:40:03 From Bitofvenom ME : bring one from the netherlands :)
00:40:06 From Jayne Judkins : omg!
00:40:10 From Merce Gar : grrr! :/
00:40:11 From Chris Breakspear : i built my own gaming machine for 200 l
00:40:19 From Susanna.C : lol bit
00:40:21 From Jayne Judkins : that s dumb lol
00:40:21 From peter : but how long will you be there D
00:40:22 From tom : Buy from EU
00:40:25 From Maria Davis : makes sense
00:40:27 From Trish Fountain : Makes sense
00:40:32 From Aaron Woffinden : hahaha
00:40:32 From Kya : so did my partner
00:40:34 From Susanna.C : oh yes !
00:40:34 From peter : like i have
00:40:35 From Maria Davis : Dani the gamer ha
00:40:36 From Penny(JC) : Yes that is what she needs
00:40:42 From Albert Deaton : Am msi is a gamers dream machine
00:40:42 From Tulla Hills : That will be perfect
00:40:42 From maddtom . : big mem lotsa ram and plenty ssd
00:40:44 From peter : its a server
00:40:45 From Susanna.C : or sl
00:40:47 From Penny(JC) : For graphics you need a gammer
00:40:48 From Susanna.C : lol
00:40:49 From Sony : But what is that, John?
00:40:49 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Why do you need that, Dani?
00:40:53 From Connie Townsend : Because WE LOVE The GAMES YOU PLAY
00:40:54 From Jayne Judkins : Avoid the APPS!
00:40:55 From Holly Lindin : What would be the best gamer computer? I
need to know for . . . reasons. :P
00:40:55 From Penny(JC) : They are expensive
00:40:59 From Merce Gar : love solitaire ;)
00:41:01 From Bitofvenom ME : you need 30fps ;)
00:41:04 From Jerry Ledebur : Asus ROG i7 w/NVIDIA and 17" running 400-
800 on craigslist in the US these days
00:41:05 From Kya : I try to make my new laptop do that.. has better ha
rdware and graphics card, but using linux because f the rest
00:41:07 From Susanna.C : beat it up
00:41:08 From Trish Fountain : has tosupport what Dani does
00:41:15 From Elizabeth Rose : YEP!
00:41:17 From Sony : Thanks, Jerry...
00:41:23 From Loma : Ya gotta get what you need.
00:41:24 From Norm : Love Freecell cuz one can nearly always win
00:41:25 From Meara Murtagh : Got an MSI game machine myself
00:41:26 From Susanna.C : i love this
00:41:28 From Joy : thank you John!!!
00:41:32 From Chris Breakspear : only 35 ? dani u been slacking
00:41:35 From Rand : link for the page
00:41:39 From Kya : the new Ubuntu is still getting upgrades but use th
e Kubuntu for gaming
00:41:41 From Joo Lee : step out of the Matrix
00:41:43 From Penny(JC) : I have a gamming one for what I do, it is a m
00:41:45 From Maria Davis : Omg!!! start on chess
00:41:50 From Tracey Ledebur : yes gaming machine will rock it easily
00:41:59 From Kya : havent tried the streaming thing yet and not sure if
I still want to or not
00:42:04 From Jayling : An i7 is a must when movie rendering
00:42:08 From tom : Ubuntu Studio I have now, seems very nice.
00:42:08 From Kya : may need a desktop for that
00:42:09 From Bitofvenom ME : you wont need cental heating anymore, tha
ts a good one
00:42:18 From Merce Gar : and an external TB...
00:42:20 From Susanna.C : over my head
00:42:25 From Penny(JC) : OMG John can you build one for me??
00:42:27 From Susanna.C : woshhhhhhh
00:42:28 From peter : malteses
00:42:29 From Jerry Ledebur : yeah Geekspeak! :)
00:42:30 From Sony : Thanks!
00:42:32 From Trish Fountain : So how big is this laptop going to be ??
00:42:34 From sara ann hume : yes
00:42:35 From Penny(JC) : That is what I need as well
00:42:36 From tamara : let s get her a D~wave quantom jump
00:42:37 From Tracey Ledebur : tech talk with John lol
00:42:39 From Jayne Judkins : I get it for the most pasrt lol
00:42:40 From tamara : lol
00:42:43 From Chris Breakspear : quad processor ?
00:42:46 From Jayne Judkins : part
00:42:48 From Maria Davis : this geek speak is like porn for me
00:42:49 From Kya : F DWAVE!!
00:42:49 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : How many times have you said you h
ave too many windows open, Dani?
00:42:50 From Johann Christoph Baetz : quiet fans are important (in my
00:42:50 From Susanna.C : your getting a super pc
00:42:51 From maddtom . : I got 8core in my hp laptop
00:42:54 From Susanna.C : d :)
00:42:55 From John A : gaming laptops usualyy 17"
00:42:59 From Bitofvenom ME : 12 cores..
00:42:59 From tom : Last gen i7 is best to get now.
00:43:00 From Dreamcatcher <3 : im lost i only speak new age lol
00:43:02 From Jaqueline Raye : Bye everyone! Thank you as always . ;)
00:43:08 From Susanna.C : well we need to chat so
00:43:08 From Kya : 15 million if ya wanna buy one and connect to their
00:43:14 From Penny(JC) : OMG lots better than HP lmao
00:43:16 From peter : apple cores here
00:43:18 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:43:20 From Sony : HP is what I have...
00:43:23 From Bitofvenom ME : alienware :)
00:43:23 From Merce Gar : and ASUS?
00:43:28 From Jayne Judkins : Acer? No :(
00:43:28 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Mac user since 2005 so that was al
l a forgotten language to me!
00:43:32 From Albert Deaton : NO ACER GET AN MSI
00:43:34 From Bitofvenom ME : asus is rubish
00:43:35 From Jayne Judkins : I have a new Acer
00:43:36 From Maria Davis : I don t like HP
00:43:36 From Elizabeth Rose : HP is horrible
00:43:39 From Jayne Judkins : Win10
00:43:41 From Kya : yeah, and their laptops suuuckkk
00:43:44 From Kya : YES THEY DO
00:43:44 From Aaron Woffinden : asus is good
00:43:45 From Henk Reintke : Icot A Acer
00:43:46 From John A : yer MSI for gamers
00:43:49 From Jayling : Velocity Micro
00:43:50 From Amber Price : Acer
00:43:55 From Chris Breakspear : the pc died or the user died ? lol
00:43:58 From Jayne Judkins : loaded with apps
00:44:01 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I had a Toshiba that bit the dust
not too long ago...
00:44:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I thought you meant the people usi
ng them, Dani! lol.
00:44:02 From Kya : they used to be very awesome but was bought out by
HP so Alienware went to shit
00:44:10 From Bitofvenom ME : lenovo
00:44:11 From Jayne Judkins : I ve been ubninstalling them
00:44:12 From Trevor Henry : OMEN
00:44:16 From Maria Davis : John it would be good if you could put this
in the uu room for future use
00:44:19 From Connie Townsend : LOL John
00:44:19 From josie : Cris.....I was wondering the same!!
00:44:29 From Tracy White : can someone bring it to u in the meeting in
00:44:29 From Penny(JC) : Mine is a Lenovo and it is pretty good
00:44:32 From Chris Breakspear : haha
00:44:37 From Susanna.C : og shit this is overtime
00:44:41 From Susanna.C : oh
00:44:44 From Trevor Henry : Ive noticed all the top PCs have luciferian
00:44:48 From Merce Gar : grr! I got one inGermany/Spain
00:44:48 From Kya : YAYYYYYY
00:44:54 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hi, Heather.
00:44:57 From Norm : I skip anything beyond Win 7 and shut down the aut
omatic Win update when it was trying to force me into Win 10
00:45:10 From Elizabeth Rose : My Alienware is great but it s important
to shut it down everyday so it doesn t wear out as fast.
00:45:21 From Bitofvenom ME : lightbringers, computers. hence the names
00:45:25 From Merce Gar : he is also exited :) <3
00:46:05 From L La : LOVE N LIGHT N JOY...CELEBRATION...
00:46:06 From Maria Davis : Animals know where it s at
00:46:07 From Jayling : Velocity Micro hand builds each machine, mostly
for gamers, and doesnt put all the crapware on their computers.
00:46:27 From d : elizabeth, I never shut down my computer :D it s alwa
ys runnign something :D
00:46:41 From Jayling : Same here, D, always on
00:46:42 From Maria Davis : D, that s crazy
00:46:55 From Norm : John, have you considered connecting with JP of WS
R, as JP is also a computer professional & may have his own access to the spec y
ou are trying to develop for Dani
00:46:59 From Chris Breakspear : yeah never shut my pc down ever cept w
hen i clean it
00:47:03 From peter : i felt terrible before the show thanks so much la
00:47:19 From Tulla Hills : Me too Peter I feel so much better <3
00:47:21 From Maria Davis : Hugs to Peter
00:47:26 From Kya : its like that in South America
00:47:29 From Maria Davis : Romeo sends his love too
00:47:30 From peter : thanks maria
00:47:32 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : My Lenovo broke after the Toshiba
bit the dust, and it PHYSICALLY broke at the hinge uncovering motherboard and wi
thin a week just winked out... Now I have a refurbished Dell that, so far, is pr
etty reliable.
00:47:32 From Tracey Ledebur : xoxoxoxo Peter
00:47:33 From Bitofvenom ME : buy a nas, synology with it. for her vide
os :)
00:47:36 From Merce Gar : lol
00:47:36 From Jayne Judkins : lkove that! Cool neighbors
00:47:38 From Kya : wish I could get to Uruguay if not for my pets
00:47:39 From Tulla Hills : Thank you everyone <3
00:47:59 From peter : beautiful thoughts
00:48:02 From Jayne Judkins : lol
00:48:03 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Pink?
00:48:09 From Maria Davis : that would be good and so cool
00:48:10 From L La : Collective LOVE werks
00:48:24 From Susanna.C : interesting
00:48:28 From Tulla Hills : everything is slowly turning rainbow, lol
00:49:00 From Maria Davis : wow
00:49:07 From L La : HOOOORAYYYY
00:49:14 From Adele Marie : wow
00:49:16 From Maria Davis : wow
00:49:17 From Blair Bierman : the keymaker
00:49:19 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Amazing!
00:49:33 From Loma : BEAUTIFUL!
00:49:35 From wayne fries : that is an awesome story Lisa
00:49:35 From Dawn Hart : very profoubd
00:49:35 From peter : spirtual orgasm
00:49:36 From Penny(JC) : Wow
00:49:41 From Penny(JC) : that is awesome
00:49:43 From Merce Gar : <3
00:49:43 From Tulla Hills : oh yeah
00:49:45 From Megan : perfect
00:49:49 From Tracy White : totally agree
00:50:04 From Aaron Woffinden : empaths, and super-sensitives... just h
ang in there,,, it eventually becomes an awesome magical super-power
00:50:09 From Blair Bierman : i agree so much
00:50:17 From Tracy White : that sooooo resonates with me
00:50:19 From Megan : thanks Aaron
00:50:26 From Maria Davis : I agree with Aaron
00:50:27 From Susanna.C : it s perfect
00:50:32 From josie : Yes Aaron :-)
00:50:32 From Blair Bierman : GROOT
00:50:32 From Dawn Hart : yes it does Aaron
00:50:33 From L La : IS NESS
00:50:38 From peter : i need to find my purpose i know it is profound b
ut it is coming i know it
00:50:39 From Tracey Ledebur : so right Aaron!
00:50:40 From Adele Marie : And we dont hold it in our consciousness -
because it could be compromised - so she was probably triggered to remember at t
hat moment.
00:50:44 From Penny(JC) : I used to collect keys so this is very intere
00:50:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Cute dog, Dani!
00:50:57 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I call those that I meet that have
tremendous spiritual, etc. meaning to me and the collective keys.
00:51:01 From L La : Stargate muma
00:52:05 From H. Andrew : I recall those shows.
00:52:06 From L La : Stargate mothers/fathers unite..?
00:52:10 From peter : we all hear confirmation to what we KNOW here
00:52:19 From Adele Marie : Inelia B - said that happened - a birth wit
h like 3 or more people
00:52:25 From Susanna.C : lol
00:52:28 From Merce Gar : lol
00:52:31 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
00:52:59 From Maria Davis : Like an echo
00:53:07 From Tracey Ledebur : yes
00:53:17 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : We all have our Keys and they ll b
e used in synchronicity. I see this happening...
00:53:30 From Susanna.C : the mirror
00:53:35 From Megan : move that energy
00:53:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Mirrors facing mirrors are like a
form of an echo to me.
00:53:51 From Aaron Woffinden : wow
00:54:02 From Merce Gar : defraging the matrix
00:54:05 From Megan : awesome!
00:54:11 From Susanna.C : i think the dogs are going md
00:54:15 From Susanna.C : mad
00:54:34 From Loma : Thanks for sharing Heather
00:54:40 From L La : starGate
00:54:41 From d : groot is back to sleep again :D
00:54:56 From peter : i am groot
00:55:11 From d : lol peter- do you eat constantly?
00:55:13 From Susanna.C : i think there are to many things that are bug
ging us down here
00:55:23 From peter : no why does groot
00:55:25 From Susanna.C : that is the story
00:55:40 From Susanna.C : we need to let it go
00:55:52 From Penny(JC) : Maybe we should do an unlock with keys on CI
00:55:58 From peter : just in the movie he keeps saying i am groot
00:56:05 From Merce Gar : it wasnt the right time - :) it was an exercis
00:56:15 From Susanna.C : no
00:56:16 From Tracey Ledebur : like we needed to pace it....not so fast
00:56:17 From tamara : beautiful, heather
00:56:22 From Blair Bierman : I like that idea, Penny
00:56:24 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Good idea, Penny.
00:56:25 From Jerry Ledebur : acclimate to our new surroundings
00:56:30 From tamara : thank you for sharing.. wow
00:56:33 From jennifer gray : amazing heather!
00:56:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : The Stargate is getting ready to o
pen... Thank you, Heather!
00:56:40 From Tulla Hills : yes Penny
00:56:41 From L La : braxton hicks
00:56:42 From sarahrobertson : I love child birth and motherhood stuff
00:56:51 From Burma Christie : thank you for sharing Heather
00:56:54 From sarahrobertson : Wanted to be a doula
00:56:58 From garydavis : I had approx one year of contractions, And th
e thoughts always was i am giving birth to something.
00:57:00 From Merce Gar : <3 thank you Heather <3
00:57:02 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thanks for sharing, Heather. <3
00:57:08 From Hextilda Lemon : awesome. thank you Heather.
00:57:19 From Adele Marie : Wow - I am watching "Call the Midwife" tv s
00:57:23 From L La : rehearsals
00:57:42 From Maria Davis : Adele, that s funny
00:57:52 From camillebertelson : TRUE THAT DANI ESPECIALLY WITH C SECTI
00:57:56 From Susanna.C : i can t relate
00:58:11 From Cindy : that was me, but not traumatised 45 minutes for o
00:58:17 From Susanna.C : loved having my child
00:58:18 From Janey Benson on fb : is that the reason for post partum d
00:58:24 From Burma Christie : I have to ask, is anyone feeling a tingl
ing in the temples
00:58:24 From Susanna.C : no drugs
00:58:28 From peter : i cant relate either never gave birth i was just
blamed for the pain
00:58:32 From Cindy : not me!
00:58:32 From Susanna.C : it was painfull
00:58:35 From Susanna.C : but
00:58:38 From Megan : maybe thats why c-sections became so prevalent
00:58:53 From Susanna.C : when he was there i frogot
00:58:58 From Susanna.C : forgot
00:58:59 From L La : coke/phosphoric acid causes very qwik birthing
00:59:06 From Tracey Ledebur : time to process the new incoming data
00:59:15 From Susanna.C : and he was there
00:59:24 From Aaron Woffinden : you could create trama instantly for yo
00:59:25 From Susanna.C : never had that
00:59:31 From peter : you alway appreciate what you work for
00:59:32 From Charlie Ann : First was 2 days. 2nd was 2 weeks, c secs b
oth. I felt robbed.
00:59:43 From Susanna.C : never had a trauma about it
00:59:47 From Cindy : yep me too
00:59:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Wow, Lisa!
00:59:55 From Merce Gar : wow!
01:00:05 From Blair Bierman : <3 for all the mothers out there
01:00:07 From Susanna.C : i lost a baby
01:00:17 From Susanna.C : at 7 months
01:00:20 From Maria Davis : sound has gone again
01:00:22 From Charlie Ann : Aww *hugs Susanna*
01:00:26 From peter : hugs suzanne
01:00:27 From Susanna.C : that was traumatic
01:00:28 From Aaron Woffinden : Susanna :-(
01:00:39 From Kara Mia : :-( Susanna, so so sorry hon
01:00:40 From Blair Bierman : I m so sorry :(
01:00:40 From peter : we lost one too at 5 months
01:00:42 From Susanna.C : thanks :)
01:00:43 From Penny(JC) : I am so sorry Susanna <3
01:00:45 From Jeff D : This show has been so relevant to what is going
on in my life!....Thank you Lisa and Dani!
01:00:47 From Tracey Ledebur : <3 susanna
01:00:50 From Merce Gar : hugs Susanna <3
01:00:54 From Aaron Woffinden : pever <3
01:00:56 From Sony : sorry
01:01:01 From Burma Christie : sorry to hear that Susanna
01:01:09 From Susanna.C : she would have been 30 now
01:01:14 From Penny(JC) : So that might be why we have to wake up at di
fferent times
01:01:17 From Cindy : sorry susanna
01:01:24 From Susanna.C : :)
01:01:28 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yup!
01:01:33 From kristel tempest : I have cramps right now and i am so not
01:01:34 From Susanna.C : it never goes away
01:01:45 From Merce Gar : me too
01:01:53 From jennifer gray : sorry susanna and peter xxxxx
01:01:55 From Tracey Ledebur : yep...felt contractions jan and feb...
01:01:56 From Tina : i had that pregnant feeling end of last year this
year, but it dropped away once a new creativity concept came to me..
01:01:57 From kristel tempest : ha interesting ladies
01:02:01 From Tulla Hills : me too Heather! it is weird
01:02:01 From peter : ty all
01:02:13 From Susanna.C : but i think she is there
01:02:19 From Susanna.C : home
01:02:21 From L La : seeds germinate in dark
01:02:24 From Tulla Hills : is this an me
01:02:28 From kristel tempest : interchaingable
01:02:29 From Susanna.C : no lol
01:02:32 From peter : not at all
01:02:35 From Aaron Woffinden : 2 more raised hands...
01:02:36 From Russ : Yawn (i kid)
01:02:38 From DianneB : are you on oppsite sides of the world??
01:02:40 From sarahrobertson : Is anyone getting a fluttery energy feel
ing in the heart area?
01:02:44 From Sony : So sorry, Peter...
01:02:45 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Mine goes with the full normally No
w its with any big cosmic event or when I see live music.
01:02:48 From noumenon : i am a man i will just go sit in the corner :D
01:03:06 From Kimrey Blake Levy-Mickelson : Yes, the heart flutters, go
ing on two weeks now!
01:03:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I stopped using them!
01:03:20 From Maria Davis : Moon cup?
01:03:20 From Aaron Woffinden : this is fun :)
01:03:22 From Kya : yep and if in water, blood stops flowing
01:03:22 From Susanna.C : am missing the chat sorry peter you lost a ch
ild ?
01:03:25 From Russ : Going to get a drink now.
01:03:26 From Henk Reintke : de geborte van mijn dogter was een wonder
01:03:32 From Burma Christie : yeah I need them lol
01:03:34 From Merce Gar : heard of the cups
01:03:36 From Russ : :)
01:03:39 From peter : no my wife did years ago
01:03:40 From Chris Breakspear : la la la la lalala la la not listenin
01:03:42 From Tara Michelle Wilson : No need anymore Its not black blood
anymore, all clear.
01:03:44 From Dawn Hart : I have had cramps and I am in menopause
01:03:48 From Susanna.C : am so sorry
01:03:53 From Merce Gar : lol
01:03:54 From kristel tempest : lol
01:03:57 From peter : ty
01:03:59 From Loma : I was born breach,folded butt first,so I had a "gu
ilt" to get over as a child, about my mother s suffering
01:03:59 From Tulla Hills : you can get them on Amazon
01:04:01 From Tracey Ledebur : lmao i love this show
01:04:03 From jennifer gray : rubber cup was really good
01:04:04 From peter : ty heather
01:04:05 From Susanna.C : but was it your child aswell
01:04:06 From kristel tempest : moon cup hurts too much
01:04:07 From Merce Gar : wow
01:04:07 From Kya : I got one of those cups didnt work well for me
01:04:08 From Jayne Judkins : it s interesting that souls leave here an
d go to the moon? and our periods are based around the phases etc... dots connec
ting here
01:04:11 From Kya : could never use tampons
01:04:16 From Russ : I would be sad !
01:04:19 From Kara Mia : 3 hours, but i just got carry on and
on and on
01:04:23 From peter : i never use tampons either
01:04:24 From kristel tempest : me to no tamponds hurts too much
01:04:27 From peter : :)
01:04:27 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thanks again, Heather!
01:04:30 From Russ : Thank you HEATHER
01:04:32 From Chris Breakspear : lol peter me neither
01:04:36 From Adele Marie : All guys should what the show - Call the Mi
dwifes - :-)
01:04:36 From noumenon : am i allowed to post a link?
01:04:37 From Tracey Ledebur : hahahah peter
01:04:40 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Are you going to fall asleep on th
e air, Dani?
01:04:44 From Aaron Woffinden : yes~---> JJ
01:04:47 From Merce Gar : me neither didnt like those tamps!
01:04:51 From d : i m actually wide awake :D
01:04:52 From Holly Lindin : YES JJ!!! :D
01:04:52 From Susanna.C : i don not feel repressed
01:04:55 From Kya : I think most guys would faint of watched that show
01:04:56 From jennifer gray : thanks Heather xxx
01:04:58 From L La : yesssss
01:05:05 From Aaron Woffinden : the repressed feminine is even returnin
g to us GUYS... and its awesome
01:05:08 From Kya : if its anything like what Im thinking its like
01:05:12 From Tracey Ledebur : yes
01:05:15 From Susanna.C : geesh
01:05:16 From L La : sacred hu ppl
01:05:25 From Susanna.C : do we feel repressed girls
01:05:30 From noumenon :
01:05:32 From Tracey Ledebur : all coming back into balance
01:05:45 From Aaron Woffinden : i am a walking example
01:05:49 From Loma : Lisa &Dani I love you. Thankyou for your time,atte
ntion and all that you share!
01:05:53 From Burma Christie : Devine feminine coming back to balance
01:05:57 From Merce Gar : love it - all comes back to balance <3 Aron a
nd JJ <3
01:05:58 From peter : maybe thats my problem I repress it too much
01:06:00 From Blair Bierman : I ve always had more feminine energy than
male energy and I m a guy lol
01:06:02 From sarahrobertson : Within my family and friends are noticin
g telepathy increasing!!
01:06:05 From Susanna.C : jj why ?
01:06:10 From Jeff D : the balance is what being empathic is all about
01:06:16 From Kya : Ive never felt repressed.. put upon and received bac
klash but never gave a crap.. was always who I was
01:06:21 From Joy : aaawww nice JJ
01:06:22 From Jayne Judkins : cppl Blair! I loike that in a guy
01:06:24 From peter : like me
01:06:31 From Tracey Ledebur : noticed telepathy more too Sarah
01:06:33 From Jayne Judkins : cool
01:06:37 From Susanna.C : \no i don t feel erpressed at all
01:06:49 From Susanna.C : am loud lol
01:06:53 From sarahrobertson : It is cool, tracey!!
01:06:56 From Norm : LOL = I m too much of a text peson
01:06:59 From peter : or i am afraid to sound dumb
01:07:03 From kristel tempest : I would so participate if i had a mic o
r a camra etc...
01:07:07 From Adele Marie : Hi JJ - I like your voice :-)
01:07:09 From Susanna.C : lol pete
01:07:10 From Susanna.C : r
01:07:17 From Aaron Woffinden : it s interesting to connect the repress
ed divine femine with the new 13 th sidereal astrological sign OPHIUCHUS = DIVIN
01:07:34 From Burma Christie : JJ has a radio voice :)
01:07:39 From Susanna.C : pls
01:07:41 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Indeed, Aaron!
01:07:48 From Maria Davis : This is interesting JJ
01:07:55 From Tracey Ledebur : remembering
01:08:05 From Loma : Yes We are made of Love..... that is what it is
01:08:07 From Susanna.C : do not related at all
01:08:28 From Aaron Woffinden : JJ --> love your radio voice
01:08:38 From Adele Marie : I know that Guy!
01:08:50 From Tracey Ledebur : interesting
01:08:51 From Holly Lindin : Was that Marshall Vian Summers?
01:08:55 From Aaron Woffinden : interesting
01:09:00 From Susanna.C : who s that dog that is barking
01:09:01 From Connie Townsend : very interesting JJ
01:09:02 From Candice Polglase : val Valarian
01:09:02 From Holly Lindin : Maybe Im thinking of someone else. :)
01:09:06 From Merce Gar : do you think Aaron-?!? Didnt make that connect
ion with Ophicuhus until now! Wow have to feel into that one! Thans <3
01:09:08 From Holly Lindin : Ah thanks, Candice! :)
01:09:10 From Chris Breakspear : the dogs sure are agreeing tonight lol
01:09:15 From peter : groot is barking
01:09:27 From Susanna.C : i bet they don t chris lol
01:09:38 From Chris Breakspear : lol
01:09:45 From tamara : yes, JJ - agreed, thank you
01:09:52 From Kara Mia : my soul is a bubble
01:10:00 From d : groot is asleep. if he was barking you d know about i
t :D he s got a huge bark ;lol
01:10:10 From peter : oh sorry
01:10:18 From Susanna.C : lol D
01:10:19 From d : lol peter, just teasing you
01:10:24 From Cindy : I thought so, that is a mid size dog bark
01:10:27 From peter : cool ty
01:10:31 From Merce Gar : Word of the year 2017 - M E R G I N G <3
01:10:32 From Susanna.C : he has a far darker bark groot
01:10:37 From Tracey Ledebur : it s a major perspctive readjustment
01:10:40 From Susanna.C : deeper
01:10:50 From Pamela C : My dog is growling at Groot
01:10:56 From Chris Breakspear : lol
01:11:00 From Susanna.C : i have cats
01:11:01 From ArkaSol - : Yes JJ...i always call my higherself my "Sour
ce Spirit" ....whomis in meeting with other Aource Siprit such as those who i lo
ve...Lisa and Dany, Donna, and you all in this room
01:11:06 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Get yer Ruby Remember heals on guy
s and gals.
01:11:07 From Susanna.C : he don t growl
01:11:10 From Tracey Ledebur : agree much JJ
01:11:41 From Aaron Woffinden : Ophiuchus is the only sign whose elemen
t is ether. Ophiuchus doesn t belong to one group, but is a state of awakening t
hat is obtained
Ophiuchus (pronounced
the individual through
is knowna as
the serpent
bearer- and in th
e constellation you can see a man holding a serpent from head to tail. The serpe
nt, along with the number 13, both have ties to feminine aspects of divinity whi
ch have been demonized and removed from and/or demoted in human consciousness. T
he serpent is also connected to kundalini- a potent manifestation of balanced ma
sculine/ feminine energy that once awakened starts the process of spiritual evol
ution at a rapid pace. Ophiuchus is a sign associated with healing, magic, hidde
n wisdom, and the feminine aspects of spirituality that are not given their due
respect in many areas of the world. Perhaps the reason the sign was left out was
because it governed things the patriarchy have historically suppressed for ages
.Once one has attained the energy o
01:11:42 From Sony : That is my faith...
01:11:42 From Loma : Involution bringing our "fullness into Form"
01:11:43 From Merce Gar : oh yes I love remembering far better <3
01:11:43 From ArkaSol - : well said JJ
01:11:44 From Burma Christie : well said JJ
01:11:46 From Susanna.C : lovely dog
01:11:50 From Aaron Woffinden : Once one has attained the energy of Oph
iuchus, they are so brilliant, intelligent, kind, and full of universal love, th
ey make a difference with just being here. Their purpose is to be an anchor of l
ight. That means that they are on Earth, just to exist here, and develop a large
amount of light within themselves, which can help heal earth, and later be used
to complete the ascension.
01:11:56 From peter : beautiful dog
01:12:03 From Loma : Thanks JJ
01:12:09 From Sony : Gorgeous!
01:12:14 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thanks, JJ. <3
01:12:16 From Tracey Ledebur : awesome info Aaron :D
01:12:18 From Susanna.C : am a cat person
01:12:24 From Megan : So much yes, Aaron
01:12:26 From Sony : Thanks, JJ
01:12:27 From jennifer gray : thanks JJ
01:12:30 From Kya : Ophiuchus is also the 13th zodiac and my true sign
01:12:36 From noumenon : meow
01:12:40 From Maria Davis : I m a two cat person ha!
01:12:40 From peter : i am a cat person too but dogs are beautiful anim
01:12:42 From Susanna.C : love dogs if they belong to someone else lol
01:12:48 From Russ : bravo jj
01:12:52 From Tara Michelle Wilson : TY, Aaron! Wonderful stuff.
01:12:53 From Holly Lindin : Im a THREE-cat person! ;)
01:12:56 From Loma : Susanna, I ama Cat (Jaguar)
01:13:00 From Holly Lindin : (And eleven chickens. :))
01:13:00 From Janey Benson on fb : yes
01:13:01 From Tracey Ledebur : ty JJ so good
01:13:04 From DianneB : Indeed it is
01:13:06 From Russ : I love what you two have done here@
01:13:06 From peter : thanks jj appreciated
01:13:06 From DianneB : thank you
01:13:07 From Susanna.C : ah loma
01:13:07 From kristel tempest : we all love you two SO much!
01:13:08 From Maria Davis : Meow
01:13:09 From L La : HONOUR
01:13:09 From Kara Mia : agree
01:13:11 From Jerry Ledebur : thanks for that JJ!
01:13:11 From Tulla Hills : Thank you everyone <3
01:13:14 From Henk Reintke : thk jj
01:13:15 From Susanna.C : i live with a cat person
01:13:20 From Pamela C : Agreed I LOVE you both and ALL the group
01:13:21 From jennifer gray : Ophiuchus is ether Lisa which yu said was
next stage!
01:13:32 From Blair Bierman : Thank you everyone<3 LOVE all of you
01:13:37 From Penny(JC) : Can t hear you
01:13:44 From Aaron Woffinden : wow jennifer
01:13:47 From Susanna.C : don t do this once a month ladies
01:13:50 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Im allergic to my favorite feline f
01:13:57 From Norm : I will enter my question to the UU room about the
GMT hour for next week s program - with respect to the US switch to Daylight tim
e this Sunday
01:14:02 From Susanna.C : ahh am so sorry tara
01:14:03 From Aaron Woffinden : CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP
01:14:10 From Aaron Woffinden : 6 YEARS
01:14:15 From Susanna.C : their so lovely
01:14:18 From Jerry Ledebur : applause!
01:14:23 From peter : and i need you too
01:14:25 From Burma Christie : absolutely !!!
01:14:29 From L La :
01:14:34 From Susanna.C : yes clap clap clap clap clap
01:14:35 From John Carl Anderson : Here is the link for Dani s fundrais
01:14:37 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Its alright Im sure Ill have a lion ba
ck at home ;)
01:14:47 From Henk Reintke : yeaaaaaaa clap love
01:14:58 From Joy : sooooo much APPRECIATION & LOVE to Lisa & Dani!!!!!
01:15:07 From Susanna.C : group hug for dani & lisa
01:15:13 From Blair Bierman : <333333
01:15:14 From Kya : aether is also the apocalypse/ renewal this time ar
ound, not fire nor flood and from the cosmos and through us, not artificially co
nstructed as before (not by us)
01:15:17 From Kara Mia : ((((HUG)))))
01:15:18 From Tara Michelle Wilson : ::HUG::
01:15:22 From Aaron Woffinden : HOG
01:15:24 From Aaron Woffinden : HUG
01:15:26 From Aaron Woffinden : LOL
01:15:27 From Tracey Ledebur : leap and the net will appear
01:15:35 From Susanna.C : hog ?
01:15:38 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hogin the hugs, Aaron ;)
01:15:40 From L La : the John
01:15:41 From Tracy White : awesome tamara..needed to hear that <3
01:15:41 From Tracey Ledebur : <3 <3 <3
01:15:44 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
01:15:45 From Susanna.C : thats a pig right lol
01:16:00 From Adele Marie : ..
01:16:02 From Susanna.C : piggy out
01:16:02 From Tulla Hills : <3 Tamara! yes
01:16:05 From kristel tempest : lol
01:16:06 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thank you, Tamara. <3
01:16:08 From Connie Townsend : Yes, you are all my family I really wan
t to know better :) <3
01:16:12 From Aaron Woffinden : sweet
01:16:14 From Blair Bierman : Thanks Tamara<3
01:16:19 From L La : OK WE ARE ALL LOVE/LOVING
01:16:19 From Aaron Woffinden : this has been lovely y all
01:16:20 From Jayling : Thank you Tamara!
01:16:21 From Adele Marie : HUGS
01:16:23 From Susanna.C : ok love you but pls go am nagged
01:16:32 From Burma Christie : you would miss us too lol
01:16:33 From Megan : fucking amazing show again. Thank you ALL so much
01:16:35 From Loma : It s not easy to herd us wild cats
01:16:36 From Aaron Woffinden : thx tamara
01:16:40 From josie : Yes, please dont stop Lisa & Dani. What youre doing
is fantastic. It is so refreshing to be a part of this....and so beautiful that
you dont abuse your position.....that you remain supportive, funny, loving, inqu
isitive and humble. THANK YOU!!
01:16:44 From Tracey Ledebur : was u all tons! <3
01:16:45 From Tracy White : best show ever ladies..much love to you bot
01:16:47 From Susanna.C : but don t go ok
01:16:49 From Norm : my zoon chat has now been locking up after John en
tered the link
01:16:49 From kristel tempest : really though girls though honour yours
elves first
01:16:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : This has been lovely and healing a
s always!! Thank you, Lisa & Dani! Much, much, much love to all!! XOXO <3
01:16:55 From jennifer gray : Night everyone thank you both and all!xxx
01:16:58 From Susanna.C : if you do am will hunt you donw lol
01:17:00 From Connie Townsend : Love you Ladies, and great show :) tha
nks everyone
01:17:02 From casie : bye guys
01:17:03 From Russ : GOOD NIGHT ALL
01:17:04 From Susanna.C : down even
01:17:05 From Kara Mia : Sweet dreams, D
01:17:10 From suzanna cat : LOVE U ALL
01:17:11 From peter : gunna by d a computer now loves ya gals
01:17:13 From Jerry Ledebur : cheers, everyone - thanks to Lisa and Dan
01:17:13 From Tracey Ledebur : sweet dreams Dani! :D
01:17:14 From Jayne Judkins : I love you girls and all you unfuckers!
01:17:14 From sara ann hume : <3 <3 <3 <3
01:17:14 From Mia: house of Kelley : 
01:17:14 From sarahrobertson : Thank you!! LOVE LOVE LOVE
01:17:14 From ArkaSol - : 
01:17:14 From Elena : :)
01:17:15 From Susanna.C : bye
01:17:15 From Burma Christie : night ...much love girls
01:17:16 From Penny(JC) : Good night/good morning/good afternoon to all
01:17:18 From Blair Bierman : Bye everyone :)
01:17:18 From Loma : ciao Loves
01:17:19 From Kara Mia : love all
01:17:19 From Rick : Great, thanks !
01:17:19 From Aaron Woffinden : <3 <3 <3
01:17:20 From Angela Cope : Thank you ladies and everyone else. Much lo
01:17:21 From Susanna.C : nite nite
01:17:22 From Aaron Woffinden : bye
01:17:23 From Merce Gar : thank you all bye
01:17:24 From Rick : G day

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