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Liken tois correct. Liken to beis wrong.

2. Intend to

3. Intent on

4. So……as to is correct idiom

5. Ground is followed by for.

6. Reason is followed by for.


8. GMAT prefers ‘to’ over ‘for’.

9. Avoid sentences where ‘them, it’ etc. pronouns are ambiguous.

10. A sentence that has ‘by’ in the starts needs to have the subject right after ‘comma’.

11. Because is preferred over ‘since’

12. To include’ is wrong. Use ‘including’ or ‘that includes’.

13. Preposition + Noun+ Present/past participle is always wrong. Example: For society including the kids…….



prefers present tense in the second part of sentence.

With child care included in the……

14. Avoid passive sentences as much as possible.


16. So too are…’ is also correct idiom.

17. Does not merely ‘summarize(First form always).

18. When using ‘not only….but also’ both the parts of the sentences should be perfectly parallel. Both either active or passive.

19. Little’ for uncountable nouns. ‘Few’ for countable nouns.

20. When showing a sequence of events, use past perfect tense.

21. Credit’ goes with ‘with’.

22. Just like’ is not correct for comparing clauses. Correct for comparing nouns.

23. Lower than” for countable nouns. ‘Less than’ for uncountable nouns.

24. To show the result of action in the first part of sentence, use ‘verb + ing’ in the second part.

25. Turn out’ refers to past tense.

26. Moving in frequently enough’ gives ‘so that’ idiom effect.

27. No happier than’ is idiomatic. ‘Not any happier’ is unidiomatic.

28. The clause after semicolon should be a complete and totally independent sentence.

29. Period’ is preceded by ‘in or within’.

30. In danger of’ is idiomatic.

31. More than’ needs a noun right after it.

32. When comparing two verbs, ‘More than’ is preferred over ‘instead of’.

33. Words like ‘before, after, until, when’ are usually not followed by future tense.

34. Motion to….rather than’ is fixed idiom.

35. Just as X…



to be’ is correct idiom.

so Y’ is correct idiom

a. Just as + Sub + Verb……

b. Just as + V…… so + verb

so + Sub+ verb

36. Regard’ is supported by preposition, ‘Consider’ is not.

a. He is considered as a great employee is wrong.

b. He is regarded as a great employee is correct.

37. Considered to be’ may be correct, considered as is never.

38. Pay is always ‘for’ a job, not ‘in’ a job.

39. Like’ is used for comparing subjects, not clauses.

40. Which’ in GMAT refers to immediately preceding noun, not for a phrase.

41. Compared with’ stresses differences. ‘Compared to’ stresses similarities.

42. Idiom: Mandate the budget be good.

43. If the sentence structure is like ‘have reduced X, Y Z and have increased W’, this is wrong. The third term i.e. Z should be connected with an ‘and’

a. Have reduced X, Y and Z while increasing W. This is the only correct way.

44. Allergy is followed by ‘to’, not ‘of’.

45. Because’ is preferred over ‘since’.

46. Crucial’ is always followed by ‘in’.

47. Dated’ is always followed by ‘at’

48. For countable nouns, ‘greater than’ is preferred over ‘more than.

49. X forbids Y to do Z.

50. X prohibits Y from doing Z.

51. When expressing a desire, ‘it is hoped’ is better than ‘hopefully’.

52. Parallelism:

a. To A, to B and to C is correct.

b. To A, B and to C is not correct.

c. To A, B and C is correct.

d. To A, B as well as C is not correct.

e. To A and B as well as C is correct.

53. When connecting three or more things ‘with’ and ‘as well as’, the second last noun

is preceded by ‘and’ and last noun by ‘as well as’.

54. Like’ is used to compare nouns. ‘As’ is used to compare clauses.

55. Due to’ modifies verb. ‘Because’ modifies noun.

56. If’ is used to express condition. Whether is used to express alternatives.

57. Whatever’ is used when indefinite.

58. Conceived of’ is followed by ‘as’, not ‘to be’.

59. Aid to heal, not aid in healing.

60. Idioms.

a. Think of X as Y is correct.

b. Think of X to be Y is incorrect.

c. Think of X being Y is incorrect.