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17481 Kent Ave

Morley, MI 49336

Educational Experience
Beach Elementary: 2 -3 Grade Resource Jan.-June 2017 Objective
Cedar Springs Public Schools: Cedar Springs, MI
Modified lessons for Math in Focus curriculum To obtain a special education
Used the Responsive Classroom approach, with Logical Consequences position where I can create a
Wrote a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) safe learning environment,
Developed and taught social skills lessons support student learning, and
provide individualized instruction.
Sand Lake Elementary: 3 Grade General Education Sept.-Dec. 2016
Tri County Public Schools: Sand Lake, MI
Utilized school wide PBIS expectations Education
Developed instruction aligned with GoMath, and MAISA
(Social Studies, Reading & Writing)
Grand Valley Apr. 2017
Helped administer NWEA testing
State University
Participated in the development of a reading intervention group
Bachelor of Science
Taught phonemic awareness intervention group using Phonics for Reading
GPA: 3.6
Created lessons for RTI math
Co-lead parent teacher conferences
Assessed students using Words Their Way Certifications
Lincoln Developmental Center: Severe Multiple Impairments (SXI) Jan.-Jun. 2015
Grand Rapids Public Schools: Grand Rapids, MI Comprehensive Science and
Adapted the Four Blocks Literacy Model Arts for Teaching: Special
Collaborated with OT, PT, and Speech staff to create Education
multidisciplinary lessons
Worked on a Student Study Team to write IEPs CPR/First Aid Feb. 2017
Assisted students in daily physical exercise Red Cross
Incorporated technology (Ipads, AAC devices) into daily lessons
Modified settings on students assistive technology CPI Blue Card
Planned Curriculum Based Instruction (CBI) to the Art Museum

Lakeshore Middle School: 7 Grade Resource Sept.-Dec. 2015 Endorsements Apr. 2017
Grand Haven Public Schools: Grand Haven, MI
Collaborated with general education teachers to create lessons Elementary Education (K-5)
Assisted students in general education classes Cognitive Impairments (K-26)
Led small group instruction and provided accommodations for students in Emotional Impairments (K-26)
general education
Used 1:1 technology, and provided instruction using Google Classroom

Jaffery Academy May 2015

Arusha, Tanzania
Engaged in cross cultural instruction
Volunteered in a special education school
17481 Kent Ave
Morley, MI 49336

Professional Development
Related Experience
Michigan Council for Exceptional Children Conference March 2, 2017

Students for 2015-2016

Social Justice Jan. 24-25, 2017
Special Olympics
Calvin Terrell
Advocacy: Co-president
Lead club meetings
Math in Focus Workshop Jan. 7, 2017
Scheduled community
4 hours
Advocated for awareness
Celebrate Literacy Conference Oct. 8, 2016
of persons with special
AAC Workshop May 18, 2016
Organized club fundraisers
Dynavox Compass Software Training
Kent ISD
Volunteer May 2015
Samaritan Village
Grief, Loss, and Trauma and its Impact on Behavior April 12, 2016
Orphanage in Arusha, TZ
Donated supplies
Michigan Council for Exceptional Children Conference March 4, 2016
Read stories with the
IEP Boot Camp November 6, 2015
Facilitated group games
Rebecca McIntyre: Kent ISD
and activities

QPR Suicide Prevention Dec. 10, 2015

Students for 2014-2016
Gatekeeper Program
Special Olympics
Advocacy Member
Council for Exceptional Children Symposium Nov. 7, 2015
GVSU Student Chapter
Reading Tutor 2014
Zeeland Christian
Nonviolent Crisis Sept. 4, 2015
Administered interest
Intervention Training: 8 hours
CPI Blue Card
Designed reading lessons
around student interest
Council for Exceptional Children Symposium Nov. 8, 2014

Math Tutor 2014

GVSU Student Chapter
Sibley Elementary
Designed and implemented
Invited Talk lessons for individual math
Patandi Teachers College of Special Needs May 25, 2015
Arusha, Tanzania
17481 Kent Ave
Morley, MI 49336


Substitute Teacher May 2015-present


Disability Support Resources June 2015- Mar. 2016


Childcare June 2015-Aug. 2016

Childcare Sept. 2013- Jan. 2015

Night Nanny Aug.-Nov. 2014