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Suggested Specification

DuoPhase System
Variable Pressure
(Vertical Turbine Pumps with Tank)
Water Pressure Booster System

1.01 Summary
Furnish and install a prefabricated DuoPhase model ________________ water pressure booster
system as designed and manufactured by SyncroFlo.
1.02 References
A. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
B. American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM)
C. National Electric Code (NEC)
D. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) - Electrical Assemblies - UL 508
E. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
F. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
G. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70
1.03 System Description
The system shall be capable of automatically providing a minimum system pressure of _____
psig while at a flow rate from 0 to _____ GPM with a suction pressure of _____ psig minimum,
_____ psig maximum. Incoming power shall be 3 phase/60 cycle/ volts. Major components of
this SyncroFlo DuoPhase system shall include vertical turbine pumps, vertical hollowshaft
motors, pilot operated regulating valves, HydroCumulator tank, gauge board, drip-tight shutoff
valves, pressure and flow sequencing, and NEMA 1 control panel.
1.04 Submittals
A. Prior to Fabrication
Submit six copies to the Engineer for approval, including the following:
1. Certification that the manufacturer is a UL listed control panel manufacturer
2. Manufacturer's NRTL approval as a manufacturer of factory assembled pumping systems
meeting OSHA safety standards
3. Easily readable functional description of the proposed equipment
4. Sequence of operation
5. Electrical schematic showing internal and external wiring connections
6. Test facility location, flow capacity, and all standard measurements taken
7. Pump performance curves plotting flow, head, efficiency, and NPSH required
8. Panel face diagram showing location of components
9. List of job name, city, state, system type, model number, consulting engineer, and
contractor of the past 30 projects that used similar components
10. System data sheet listing all mechanical components and overall size
11. Control panel data sheeting listing major components and pressure switch settings
12. System warranty
13. Detail drawings or descriptions of all components listed in section 2.01
B. Prior to Final Acceptance
1. As-built drawings for all components and software listed above
2. Flow test results (X-Y plot)
1.05 Manufacturer's Qualifications
A. Equipment under this section shall be furnished by a single supplier.
B. The supplier shall have the sole responsibility for proper functioning of the system and
equipment supplied.
C. Equipment shall be products that the manufacturer regularly produces.
D. Manufacturer shall have in place a quality assurance program.
E. Manufacturer shall have thirty years manufacturing and pump system application experience.
F. Manufacturer shall have a facility capable of testing the specified system at design flow and
system pressure. Facility shall be capable of providing suction pressure throughout the specified
1.06 Warranty
The SyncroFlo internal multistage pumping assemblies and pressure regulating valves shall be
guaranteed for one year from date of shipment against defective material and workmanship. The
motors shall also be guaranteed for one year from date of shipment against burnout from any
cause when equipped with the pumping system manufacturer's over-temperature protection and
maintained according to instructions.
The complete pumping system shall be guaranteed in writing by the manufacturer for a period of
one year from date of startup or eighteen months from shipment, whichever comes first, against
defects in design, materials, or construction. Warranties and guarantees by the suppliers of
various components in lieu of single-source responsibility by the manufacturer will not be
1.07 Spare Parts
Ship the following spare parts with the system: 1 pint of touchup paint, spare control power
fuses, and spare light bulbs.
2.01 System Performance
A. Attributes
1. Normal Operation
The lead pump shall start based on system pressure. Lag pumps shall be sequenced on and off by
an insertion-type paddlewheel flow sensor. As backup, lag pumps shall be sequenced on and off
by the low system pressure sensor.
Automatic sequencing shall include the following features:
1. Successive and 24-hour alternation of equal capacity pumps
2. Pump overlap during 24-hour alternation
3. Lag pump exerciser function
4. Sequential pumps starts and stops
5. Minimum run and stop delay timer for each pump
6. Field adjustable time delay for low system pressure start signals
2. Low Flow Operation
Provide pressure switch and flow sensor to automatically control lead pump operation. These
controls shall prevent lead pump short-cycling while maximizing the stored water available from
the HydroCumulator tank.
3. Emergency Alarms and Control
Automatic alarm sequencing shall include the following features:
1. Sequence shifting that adjusts the pump sequence when any pump is disabled
2. Each pump shall have a temperature relief valve
3. Sequencing to reduce hydraulic or electric surges after power restoration or alarm reset
4. All pumps shall stop and require manual reset in the event of low system pressure, high
system pressure, or low suction pressure alarm conditions.
B. Code Compliance
All packaged equipment shall be Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) certified as
a packaged pumping system suitable for the intended use in accordance with OSHA Federal
Regulations and National Electric Code (NEC) Article 90-7. Safety certification label shall be
permanently attached to pump system.
C. Factory Prefabrication
The entire booster system shall be factory prefabricated on a structural channel or I-beam steel
stand with all interconnecting piping and wiring completed and operationally tested prior to
shipment. The assembled package shall also include lug type butterfly or full port ball valves for
isolating pumps. Suction and discharge headers shall be stainless steel. Header piping
connections shall be flanged. All discharge-side piping shall be rated for the specified maximum
suction pressure plus pump shutoff pressure. Tubing for pressure switches and gauges shall be
copper with brass isolation valves. The only field connections required will be to the suction and
discharge headers, and the power connections at the control panel.
D. Factory Test and Certification
The factory shall certify in writing that the water pressure booster system and its component
parts have undergone a complete operational electric and hydraulic flow test prior to shipment.
The test shall include a SYSTEM operating test from zero to 100% design flow and suction and
system pressure conditions. The certification shall include copies of the flow and pressure test
data as recorded on 11" x 17" X-Y plot. The system test may be witnessed by the owner,
architect, consulting engineer, or contractor by reporting intent to do so to the factory no later
than 2 weeks before expected system shipment. After flow test, manufacturer shall conduct hi-
pot voltage test of system.
2.02 Components
A. Pumps
The pumps shall be of the vertical multi-stage design with the motor mounted directly to the top
of the pump. The pumps shall be capable of operating at continuous temperatures up to 230
degrees F and working pressures of 175 psig. The pump motor stool, base plate, and shaft
coupling shall be constructed of cast iron. The pump suction and discharge chambers, pump
shaft, and diffuser chambers; shall be constructed of 304 stainless steel. The pump impellers and
impeller seal rings; shall be constructed of 316 stainless steel The impellers shall be secured
directly to the pump shaft by means of a stainless steel tapered split cone and locking nut or by a
splined shaft arrangement. Intermediate and lower shaft bearings shall be bronze or tungsten
carbide and ceramic. Pumps shall be equipped with a high temperature reversible mechanical
seal constructed of tungsten carbide mounted in a stainless steel housing.
B. Motors
Electric motors shall be NEMA design B, constant speed, squirrel cage induction motors, having
normal starting torque or breakdown torque not less than the value specified in NEMA Standard
MG-1. Motors shall be rated for 15 HP, 460 Volts, 3-phase, 60 Hertz, TEFC, and a 1.15 service
factor. The minimum Nema nominal motor efficiency must be 90%. Motors shall not be
overloaded beyond their nameplate rating at any design condition or at any point within the
operating range.
Pump Flow Head Power Max. Speed Min. Eff. Voltage
(GPM) (Ft.) (HP) (RPM) (%) (3/60~)

C. Check Valves
Provide non-slam check valves on the discharge branch of each pump.
D. HydroCumulator Tank
Provide a factory precharged, ASME code and NB stamped, HydroCumulator tank rated for
maximum suction pressure plus pump shutoff pressure. Tank shall include a replaceable FDA
approved flexible membrane to separate air and water. No water shall come in contact with the
walls of the tank. The HydroCumulator tank shall be shipped precharged to the proper design
The tank shall be located near the top of the building, as indicated on the plans. Contractor shall
install the tank and provide floor drain as required by the manufacturer for adequate
E. Power and Control Panel
Furnish a single compartment SyncroFlo power and control panel. Enclosure and base pan shall
be steel and coated with an industrial grade enamel. It shall house all control components and
include control power transformer with control power light, pulsating audiovisual alarm system,
and other necessary controls. Include fused disconnect switches with external operating handles,
magnetic starters with 3-leg overload protection, pump run lights, and hand-off-auto selector
switches for each pump. All of the electrical components shall be factory wired and tested by the
pump system manufacturer in accordance with the provisions of the National Electrical Code. All
control wires shall be individually numbered and each component shall be labeled accordingly.
All internal wiring shall be copper stranded, A.W.G. with a minimum insulation of 90o C. Pump
manufacturer shall certify the complete power and control assembly with the UL mark for
Industrial Control panels.
F. Programmable Controller
Provide a UL listed programmable controller to control all pump starts and stops and indicate
alarm conditions. The controller shall have the following features:
1. Nonvolatile EEPROM memory to prevent program loss due to power failure
2. Program cartridge or loader which allows program changes to be made by the factory and
sent to the field for simple loading by the operator
3. Input and output "on" status lights for ease of monitoring
4. Controller shall be designed for use in locations where electromagnetic noise, voltage
spikes, 32 - 130o temperature, 35 - 85% humidity, and mechanical shock within the range
certified by JIS 0912 exist.
G. Flow Sensor
Flow Sensor shall be accurate within 1.0% of full scale and repeatable within .3%. Flow sensor
shall detect flow to FPS when flow rate is decreasing.
H. Instrumentation and Emergency Controls
1. Temperature relief valve shall be mounted in the pump casing or seal bypass line for fast,
accurate response.
2. Individual 4" ASA grade A pressure gauges for each pump, system, and suction
3. All pressure sensors shall be control panel mounted.
4. Pressure gauges shall be mounted on a gauge board with 5 sides enclosed, located
adjacent to the control panel.
5. Provide pressure sensors for high system pressure, low system pressure, and low suction
pressure conditions.
3.01 Installation
The contractor shall install the system in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
1. Include a floor drain sized according to local code. Drain shall provide emergency
drainage to prevent building damage in the event of seal failure, over- temperature, or
tank discharge.
2. Install pump system on a concrete pad at least _____" tall.
3. Anchor pump system in accordance with system manufacturer's recommendations.
4. Pipe temperature relief valve discharge to drain
5. Install isolation valves on each header.
6. Pipe pumping system bypass line with isolation valve
7. All field anchoring, piping, and wiring shall comply with local codes.
3.02 Startup Service
The service of a factory-trained representative shall be made available on the jobsite to check
installation, supervise startup, and instruct the operator.