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Address: TECO Industrial Park, Ninoy Aquino Highway,

Mabalacat City, Pampanga 2010

Date of visit: February 1, 2016

I Introduction


TIPCO is a world-class manufacturer of paper products that meet international

quality standards and satisfy customers' specifications, by utilizing 100% recycled
raw materials, employing competent and efficient workforce and adopting cost-
effective, safe and environment-friendly operating processes.


Our primary purpose is to produce quality paper products that meet stringent
customers' requirements. To this end, shareholders, management and employees
are committed to:
Operate efficiently and profitably, continuously seeking ways to improve the
quality of work processes and cost-competitiveness of our products;
Deliver the products to customers on time, with consistent quality and within
stated specifications;
Provide a safe, clean and wholesome workplace that is conducive to
productivity and the continuous growth and development of its people;
Deal with our business partners with integrity, transparency and fairness;
Uphold our corporate responsibility to the environment and the communities
in which we operate.

Company Profile
PAPER CORPORATION. Its name is the
embodiment of the ideals and working
philosophy guiding the Company's business
conduct. The name reflects the foundation on
which the working relationship between the
Company and those it is dealing with is built - TRUST.
The TIPCO mill is located in a 37-hectare lot at the TECO Industrial park
in Bundagul, Mabalacat, Pampanga. TIPCO started the construction and installation
of the first paper machine (PM1) in July 1987 and formally inaugurated the mill site
and PM1 on December 13, 1988. Full commercial operations began in August 1989.
In 1993, the Company constructed a second paper machine (PM2)
purchased from Quebec Canada and built with the capacity of 350 metric tons per
day. Full commercial operations of PM2 started in May 1995.
In 1995, with the vision of achieving global competitiveness, TIPCO
ventured into a third paper machine (PM3) acquiring a J-Former machine from
Avenor, Canada with a capacity to 350 metric tons per day. The J-Former, a twin-
wire paper machine, was the first of its kind installed in the country. Compared to the
usual less efficient conventional fourdrinier type, the machine has advanced J-
formation and sheet stability, the qualities required for copy paper, 4-color printing
and high-speed printing. PM3 was officially declared on commercial operations in
January 1998.
From its simple beginnings as a producer of newsprint paper, TIPCO now
also produces brown paper to meet the packaging needs of its clients.

II Products and By-Products

TIPCO specializes in the production of quality
newsprint, printing and writing paper and packaging,
utilizing 100% recycled paper. It is the only paper
manufacturer in the country that exports newsprint and
printing and writing paper, principally to the Asian region.
Its newsprint paper comes in varying grammage measurements, mainly
45 and 48.8 grams per square meter. As for the length and width measurements,
TIPCO's production technologies allow it to specifically customize the paper rolls
according to the customers' required dimensions.
Primary users of TIPCO products can be grouped broadly into two (2)
sectors: the publishers and the converters. The first group refers to the clients who
publish newspaper broadsheets, tabloids, magazines and books. The second group
refers to the firms that further cut and process the paper rolls into products like
notebooks, school pads, school workbooks, office bond paper.
With the growing environmental awareness on the need to reduce or
eliminate the use of plastic packaging, TIPCO responded by adding a brown paper
packaging line to meet the rising demand for more ecologically safe packaging
All TIPCOs by-products are treated, recycled, and then reuse.

III Environmental and Energy Aspect

TIPCO uses 100% secondary fiber and state-of-the-art environmental

management facilities to ensure compliance to all applicable environmental laws and
regulations. Its ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System guides all
efforts toward the transformation of process by-products into treated, recycled, safe
and reusable forms.

Its ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System guides all

efforts toward the transformation of process by-products into treated, recycled, safe
and reusable forms.

In recognition of its commendable environment management

performance, TIPCO was awarded the Gold Rating by the Environmental
Management Bureau of the Philippine Government's Department of Environment
and Natural Resources (DENR).
Aside from the local recognition of the companys environmental
commitment, TIPCO is also hailed as the first Philippine company found compliant to
manufacture products that are FSC and PEFC certified. The certifications from
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest
Certification (PEFC) assure our clients that our products are environment-friendly
and are produced in ways that conserve the Earths resources so that future
generations can continue to enjoy the bounty of our forests.

The energy source of TIPCO is provided by a power plant owned by

Taiwans giant firm Formosa Heavy Industries Corp. (FHIC).

IV Role of Chemical Engineer

At TIPCO, Chemical Engineer works as

operation engineer. They evaluate and monitor
performance of new process chemicals on the
actual trial run in the machine. They coordinate
with the operations and quality personnel on
adjustments, improvements and recommendations
on the analysis of results of each trial. They calibrate and ensure that testing
equipment is in good working condition. They also supervise laboratory testing of
raw materials, paper testing, DENR parameters such as TSS, BOD, and
COD. Operations engineers were also the one appointed as Health and Safety
Deputy and Quality Management System Coordinator.

Chemical engineers can also work as laboratory analyst and chemist.

They are responsible with all the laboratory related work and small scale testing of
different manufacturing parameters.

Cadet engineer, Paper Machine Supervisor, Raw Materials Operations

Supervisor are more other position that a chemical engineer could had at TIPCO.
There works all involves about monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining the
proper and smooth operations of all the equipment during operations.