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Keith N.

1403 Clear Stream RD Seeking a position as a Waste Systems Operator so I can utilize my skills and passion for
Apt D treating waste systems and furthering my employers goals.
Essex, Maryland
(433) 579-6464

Employment History

Wastewater Technician
2009 - Present Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant , Baltimore, MD
Making sure the nitrification/denitrification process is running in an efficient manner, doing
lab work and making the necessary changes during high flows, etc.
Collecting samples, checking clarifiers, pumps as well as reactors in a detailed oriented
fashion. Also, making sure equipment , lines etc. are operating correctly
Working the chlorination/dechlorination building making sure all flow rates are correct as well as
making the necessary changes to equipment to ensure we meet permit requirements.

Diesel Technician
2007-2009 Self Employed, Baltimore, MD
Utilized excellent customer service skills while supplying on road assistance to disabled
Assessed vehicles and equipment for preventative maintenance and component
Responsible for recording maintenance schedules, performed inventory and budgeting

Diesel Technician
2006-2007 Travel Center of America
Aided and assisted customers on road calls; efficient in air brakes, air systems as well as
electrical maintenance. Troubleshoot and repaired fleet vehicles and equipment for
preventative maintenance up to major component replacement.
Assisted in keeping the shop clean and participated in keeping safe working

09/01/1984 Southwestern High School, Baltimore, MD

04/01/2007 North American Trade School , Baltimore, MD
Professional Certification- Diesel Technician
03/01/2008 Community College of Baltimore County, Hunt Valley, MD
Commercial Driver Training


North American Trade School Diesel Technician


03/15/2008 - Commercial Drivers License Class A

06/07/2013 Wastewater 5A Operator- State Of Maryland


Available Upon Requests