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1. In a certain code, PAN is written as 31 and 1. fdlh fuf'pr dksM esa
PAN dks31 ds :i esa rFkk
PAR is coded as 35; what will be the code of dkss
35 ds :i esa fy[krs gSA mlh dksMPATesa
dks fdl
PAT in the same code ?
dksM esa fy[ksaxs\
(A) 30 (B) 37
(A) 30 (B) 37
(C) 39 (D) 41
(C) 39 (D) 41
2. 49 : 81 :: 64 : ?
2. 49 : 81 :: 64 : ?
(A) 36 (B) 100
(A) 36 (B) 100
(C) 121 (D) 144 (C) 121 (D) 144
3. Deepak is the brother of Naresh and Suresh
is the father of Deepak. Ramesh is the
3. nhid ujs'k dk HkkbZ rFkk lqjs'k nhid dk firk gSA jes'k vuw
brother of Anu and Anu is the daughter of dk HkkbZ gS rFkk vuw ujs'k dh csVh gSA jes'k dk pkpk d
Naresh. Who is the uncle of Ramesh? gS\
(A) Deepak (B) Suresh (A) nhid (B) lqjs'k
(C) Naresh (D) None of these (C) ujs'k (D) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
4. Pleasure : Sorrow :: Right : ?
4. g"kZ % nq[k % lgh % \
(A) Wrong (B) Wonderful
(A) xyr (B) vk'p;Z
(C) Happy (D) Sure
5. In the following question, select the correct (C) [kq'kh (D) fuf'pr
option of the question asked when number 5. fuEufyf[kr iz'u esa] lgh mkj dk p;u djsa tc1 uacj
1 is at the top, which number will be at the ij ds 'kh"kZ ij gks] rks dkSu&lk uacj uhps gksxk\
bottom ?

(i) (ii)
(i) (ii) (A) 1 (B) 2
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 6
(C) 3 (D) 6isM+ dk laca/ tM+ ls gS rks mlh izdkj /qvk fdlls lacafkr
6. gS\
Tree is related to root in the same way
smoke is related to
(A) flxjsV (B) vkx
(A) Cigarette (B) Fire
(C) Heat (C) rki
(D) Chimney (D) pwYgk
7. 7. 'WONDERFUL' 'kCn ds vanj fdrus v{kjksa dh fLFkfr
The position of how many letters in the word
;Fkkor jgsxh tc fn, x, 'kCn esa v{kjksa dks o.kkZuqe
WONDERFUL will remain unchanged
O;ofLFkr fd;k tkrk gS\
when the letters within the word are
arranged alphabetically? (A) ,d (B) nks
(A) One (B) Two
(C) rhu (D) dksbZ ugha
(C) Three (D) None
8. 8. ,d O;fDr dh vksj b'kkjk djrs gq, ,d vkneh us ,d
Pointing towards a person, a man said to a
efgyk ls dgk mldh ek rqEgkjs firk dh bdykSrh csVh
women, His mother is the only daughter
gSA og efgyk ml O;fDr ls dSls lacaf/r gS\
of your Father. How is the woman related
to that person ? (A) csVh (B) cgu
(A) Daughter (B) Sister
(C) ek (D) iRuh
(C) Mother (D) Wife
9. 9. uhps fn, x, fodYiksa esa] rhu fdlh rjg ,d nwljs ls
In the given options, three are alike in some
lacaf/r gaS tcfd pkSFkk vyx gSA fo"ke fodYi dk p;u
manner while the fourth one is different.
Choose the odd one: djsaA
(A) Birbal (A) chjcy
(B) Abul Fazl (B) vcqy i+Qty
(C) Faiz Ahmed (D) Tansen
(C) iQSt vgen (D) rkulsu
10. If the Republic Day of India in 1980 falls on
10. 1980 esa Hkkjr dk x.kra=k fnol 'kfuokj X,
Saturday, X was born on March 3, 1980 and dks3 Fkk]
ekpZ1980 dks tUe fy;k Fkk rFkk
Y is older than X by four days, then Y's Y, X ls 4 fnu cM+k
birthday comes on gS] rks
Y dk tUefnu vkrk gS&
(A) Thursday (A) c`gLifrokj dks (B) 'kqokj dks
(B) Friday
(C) Wednesday (C) cq/okj dks
(D) None of these (D) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
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Directions (Q.11-13) : In each question below funsZ'k
(iz-l-11-13) : uhps fn, x, izR;sd iz'u ds nks dFku
are two statements followed by two rFkk mlds ckn nks fu"d"kZ
I rFkkII fn;s x;s gSaA vkidks nksuksa
conclusions numbered I and II. You have to
take the two given statements to be true even dFkuksa dks lp ekuuk gS tcfd ;s lkekU;r% Kkr rF;ksa ls
if they seem to be at variance from commonly fHkUu gS rFkk fn;s x;s dFkuksa ds vk/kj ij fu.kZ; djsa fd
known facts and then decide which of the dkSu&lk fu"d"kZ dFkuksa dk vuqlj.k djrk gSA
given conclusions logically follows from the mkj (A) nsa%
;fn dsoy fu"d"kZ I vuqlj.k djsA
given statements disregarding commonly
known facts.
mkj (B) nsa%
;fn dsoy fu"d"kZ II vuqlj.k djsA
Give answer (A) if only conclusion I mkj (C) nsa%
;fn ;k rks fu"d"kZ
I ;k II vuqlj.k djsA
follows. mkj (D) nsa%
;fn uk rks fu"d"kZ
I u II vuqlj.k djsA
Give answer (B) if only conclusion II 11. dFku %
Give answer (C) if either conclusion I or II
dksbZ bPNk ekax ugha gSA
follows. lHkh bPNk,a nkok gSA
Give answer (D) if neither conclusion I nor fu"d"kZ %
II follows. I. dksbZ ekax nkok ugha gSA
11. Statements :
II. lHkh nkok bPNk,a gSA
No wish is a demand.
All wishes are claims. 12. dFku %
Conclusions : lHkh dkjsa fcYyh gSA
I. No demand is claim. lHkh ia[ksa fcYyh gSA
II. All claims are wishes.
12. Statements :
fu"d"kZ %
All cars are cats. I. lHkh dkjsa ia[ksa gSA
All fans are cats. II. dqN ia[ksa dkj gSA
Conclusions : 13. dFku %
I. All cars are fans.
II. Some fans are cars.
lHkh f[kM+fd;k njokts gaSA
13. Statements : dksbZ njoktk nhokj ugha gSA
All the windows are doors. fu"d"kZ %
No door is a wall. I. dqN f[kM+fd;k njokts gaSA
Conclusions : II. dksbZ nhokj njoktk ugha gSA
I. Some windows are walls.
II. No wall is a door. 14. dkSu&lk vad fuEu rkfydk esa iz'u fpUg dh txg gksxk\
14. Which number should replace the question 17 8 5 5
mark in the following table ? 13 7 5 4
17 8 5 5 6 12 6 3
13 7 5 4 10 6 4 ?
6 12 6 3 (A) 4 (B) 5
10 6 4 ? (C) 6 (D) 7
(A) 4 (B) 5 15. ;fn 'NATION' dks467234 ds :i esa dksfMr djrs gSa]
(C) 6 (D) 7 rFkk'EARN' dks1654 ds :i esa dksfMr djrs gS] rks
15. If NATION is coded as 467234 and EARN is
coded as 1654, then ATTENTION should be 'ATTENTION' dk dksM gksxk%
coded as : (A) 432769561 (B) 956143654
(A) 432769561 (B) 956143654 (C) 766412743 (D) 677147234
(C) 766412743 (D) 677147234 16. ;fn ^uhyk* dk vFkZ ^gjk*] ^gjk* dk vFkZ ^liQsn*] ^liQsn
16. If blue means green, green means white, dk vFkZ ^ihyk*] ihyk dk vFkZ ^dkyk*] ^dkyk* dk vFkZ
white means yellow, yellow means black,
black means red and red means brown,
^yky* rFkk ^yky* dk vFkZ ^Hkwjk* gS] rks nw/ dk jax D;k
then what is the colour of milk ? (A) gjk (B) Hkwjk
(A) Green (B) Brown (C) uhyk (D) ihyk
(C) Blue (D) Yellow 17. fn;s x, 'kCnksa dks ,d rkfdZd e esa O;ofLFkr djsa rFkk
17. Arrange the given words in a meaningful
logical order and then select the appropriate
uhps fn;s x, fodYiksa esa ls mfpr vuqe dk p;u djsaA
sequence from the alternatives given below : 1. eafty 2. cqfdax
1. Destination 2. Booking 3. cksfMZax 4. ;k=kk
3. Boarding 4. Travel 5. ;kstuk
5. Planning (A) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (B) 3, 4, 5, 1, 2
(A) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (B) 3, 4, 5, 1, 2 (C) 4, 3, 1, 2, 5 (D) 5, 2, 3, 4, 1
(C) 4, 3, 1, 2, 5 (D) 5, 2, 3, 4, 1
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18. Find the number of triangles in the given 18. fn;s x;s fp=k esa f=kHkqtksa dh la[;k Kkr djsaA

(A) 21 (B) 23
(C) 25 (D) 27
(A) 21 (B) 23 19. pkj cPpsa ,d iafDr esa cSBs B, GgSaA
ds vkxs cSBk gS
(C) 25 (D) 27 ysfduR ds vkxs ugha cSBk gSA R, F ;fn
ds vkxs ugha cSBk
19. Four children are sitting in a row. B is gS] rks
F ds cxy esa dkSu cSBk@cSBsa gS\
sitting next to G but not next to R. If R is
not sitting next to F, who is/are occupying (A) dsoy G (B) dsoy B
seats adjacent to F ? (C) B vkSj G (D) dksbZ ugha
(A) G only (B) B only 20. WAB, XCD, YEF, ?
(C) B and G (D) None (A) CMN (B) ZGH
20. WAB, XCD, YEF, ? (C) BKL (D) AUZ
(A) CMN (B) ZGH 21. ihVj if'pe dh fn'kk esa
8 fdeh- pyrk gS rFkk nk;sa eqM+rk
(C) BKL (D) AUZ gS vkSj
3 fdeh- pyrk gSA rc og fiQj nk;sa eqM+rk gS rFkk
21. Peter walked 8 kms towards West and 12 fdeh- pyrk gSA og izkjafHkd fcanq ls fdrus nwj gS\
turned right and walked 3 kms. Then again
he turned right and walked 12 kms. How (A) 7 fdeh- (B) 8 fdeh-
far is he from the starting point ? (C) 4 fdeh- (D) 5 fdeh-
(A) 7 kms (B) 8 kms 22. ,flM % fyV~el % % Kku % \
(C) 4 kms (D) 5 kms lh[k
(A) (B) ijh{kk
22. Acid : Litmus : : Knowledge : ?
(C) (D) lks[kuk
(A) Learn (B) Test
(C) Burn (D) Absorb 23. dkxt % dye % % \
23. Paper : Pen : : ? (A) isafly % dye (B) ysM % isafly
(A) Pencil : paper (B) Lead : Pencil (C) dkxt % isafly (D) L;kgh % dye
(C) Paper : Pencil (D) Ink : Pen 24. A, B dh cgu gSA C, B dh ek gSA
D, C dk firk gSA rks
24. A is Bs sister. C is Bs mother. D is Cs
A, D dk ------------- gSA
father. Then, A is the ........ of D.
(A) Grandmother (B) Grandfather (A) nknh (B) nknk
(C) Granddaughter (D) Grandson (C) iksrh (D) iksrk
25. At what angle the hands of a clock are 25. fdl dks.k ij ?kM+h dh lqbZ;ka fVdh gksxh tc ?kM+h e
inclined when it is half past two oclock ? 2:30 cts gksaxs\
(A) 160 (B) 107 (A) 160 (B) 107
(C) 105 (D) None of these
(C) 105 (D) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
26. Total monthly Income of two persons is ` 7500.
They spend 90% and 80% of their incomes 26. nks O;fDr;ksa dh dqy ekfld` vk;
7500 gSA os e'k%
respectively. If the ratio of their monthly viuh vk; dk 90% rFkk80% [kpZ djrs aAgS;fn mudh
savings is 3 : 4, what are their monthly ekfld cpr 3 : 4 gS] rks mudh ekfld vk; D;k gS\
incomes ? (A) ` 5000, ` 2500 (B) ` 4000, ` 3500
(A) ` 5000, ` 2500 (B) ` 4000, ` 3500 (C) ` 5500, ` 2000 (D) ` 4500, ` 3000
(C) ` 5500, ` 2000 (D) ` 4500, ` 3000 27. la[;k 72 dks nks Hkkxksa esa bl izdkj ckVk x;k fd igys
27. The number 72 is divided into two parts
Hkkx dk20% nwljs Hkkx ds ds cjkcj gSA nksuksa Hkkx
such that 20% of one part is equal to 25%
of the other part. Find the two parts. Kkr djsaA
(A) 40, 32 (B) 50, 22 (A) 40, 32 (B) 50, 22
(C) 48, 24 (D) 60, 12 (C) 48, 24 (D) 60, 12
28. What principal will amount to ` 747 in 6 28. 11% okf"kZd C;kt dh nj6lso"kksZa esa ds fy,
` 747
years at the rate of 11 % per annum ? ewy/u jkf'k D;k gksxh\
(A) ` 500 (B) ` 425 (A) ` 500 (B) ` 425
(C) ` 450 (D) ` 600 (C) ` 450 (D) ` 600

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29. If a b = 1, then (a3 b3 3ab) = ? 29. ;fn a b = 1, rks(a3 b3 3ab) = ?
(A) 3 (B) 1 (A) 3 (B) 1
(C) 1 (D) 3 (C) 1 (D) 3
30. If a man sells his chair for ` 720, he would
30. ;fn ,d O;fDr viuh dqlhZ dks
` 720 esa csprk] rks mls
lose 25%. To gain 25% he should sell it for
(A) ` 1,200 (B) ` 1,000 25% dh gkfu gksrh 25%
gSA ykHk ds fy, mls fdrus
(C) ` 960 (D) ` 900 cspuk pkfg,\
31. Find the mean proportional between 49 and (A) ` 1,200 (B) ` 1,000
64. (C) ` 960 (D) ` 900
(A) 54 (B) 58 31. 49 vkSj64 ds chp e;kuqikr Kkr djsaA
(C) 56 (D) 52 (A) 54 (B) 58
32. A train travels at 82.6 km/hr. How many (C) 56 (D) 52
metres will it travel in 15 minutes ?
(A) 20.65 m (B) 206.5 m 32. ,d jsyxkM+h
82.6 fdeh@?k.Vk ls pyrh gSA
15 feuV
(C) 2065 m (D) 20650 m esa fdrus ehVj dh ;k=kk djsxh\
33. If the income of A is 10% more than that of (A) 20.65 eh- (B) 206.5 eh-
B and the income of B is 20% less than of (C) 2065 eh- (D) 20650 eh-
C, then the incomes of A, B and C are in
the ratio : 33. ;fn A dh vk; B ls 10% vf/d gS rFkkB dh vk;
(A) 22 : 20 : 25 (B) 11 : 10 : 8 C ls 20% de gS] rksA, B rFkkC ds vk; dk vuqikr
(C) 10 : 9 : 7 (D) 22 : 18 : 25 gS%
34. 8 men and 12 children can do a piece of (A) 22 : 20 : 25 (B) 11 : 10 : 8
work in 9 days. A child takes double the (C) 10 : 9 : 7 (D) 22 : 18 : 25
time to do the work than the man. In how 34. 8 O;fDr vkSj12 cPps ,d dke dks 9 fnuksa esa djrs gSA
many days 12 men can complete the work :
,d cPpk ml dke dks djus esa ,d O;fDr ls nksxquk le;
1 ysrk gSA fdrus fnuksa
12 O;fDr
esa ml dke dks dj ldrs
(A) 10 days (B) 14 days
(C) 18 days (D) 13 days 1
2 (A) 10 fnu (B) 14 fnu
35. If x = 7 4 3 then the value of x is: 1
x (C) 18 fnu (D) 13 fnu
(A) 3 3 (B) 8 3
(C) 14 + 8 3 (D) 14 35. ;fn x = 7 4 3 gS] rks
x dk eku gS%

36. A number when divided by a divisor leaves
a remainder of 24.When twice the original (A) 3 3 (B) 8 3
number is divided by the same divisor, the (C) 14 + 8 3 (D) 14
remainder is 11. What is the value of the
divisor ? 36. ,d la[;k dks ,d Hkktd ls Hkkx djus 24
ij 'ks"k cprk
(A) 13 (B) 59 gSA tc ewy la[;k ds nksxq.kk dks leku Hkktd ls Hkkx djsa]
(C) 35 (D) 37 rksa 'ks"k
11 cprk gSA Hkktd dk eku D;k gS\
37. Find the missing number in the following (A) 13 (B) 59
series (C) 35 (D) 37
4, 18 ......... 100, 180, 294.
(A) 32 (B) 36 37. fuEufyf[kr J`a[kyk esa yqIr la[;k Kkr djsaA
(C) 48 (D) 40 4, 18 ......... 100, 180, 294.
38. Find the least five digit number which on (A) 32 (B) 36
divided by 12, 18, 21 and 28 leaves the (C) 48 (D) 40
same remainder. 38. ikp vadksa dh lcls NksVh la[;k Kkr djsa ftls
12, 18,
(A) 11019 (B) 10081 21 rFkk28 ls foHkkftr djus ij leku 'ks"k cpsaA
(C) 10059 (D) 10289 (A) 11019 (B) 10081
39. In how many ways can the letters of the (C) 10059 (D) 10289
word 'ASSASSINATION' be arranged so that
all the S are together ?
39. 'kCn'ASSASSINATION' dks fdrus rjg ls O;ofLFkr
(A) 10! (B) 14!/(4!) dj ldrs gSa rkfd lHkh
'S' lkFk gks\
(C) 151200 (D) 3628800 (A) 10! (B) 14!/(4!)
(C) 151200 (D) 3628800

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40. If the numerator of a fraction be decreased 40. ;fn ,d fHkUu ds va'k dks
10% ?kVk;k tk, rFkk gj dks
by 10% and the denominator be increased
9 20% c<+k;k tk,] rks izkIr fHkUu
gks tkrk gSA ewy
by 20%, the fraction becomes . Find the 20
fHkUu Kkr djsaA
original fraction.
3 2
3 2 (A) (B)
(A) (B) 5 5
5 5
5 4
5 4 (C) (D)
(C) (D) 9 5
9 5
41. vk;rkdkj Hkou dh yackbZ mldh pkSM+kbZ
5 ehVj vfkdls
41. The length of a rectangular hall is 5 metres
more than its breadth. The area of the hall gSA Hkou dk {ks=kiQy
750 oxZ ehVj gSA Hkou dh yackbZ
is 750 metre square. The length of the hall gS%
is : (A) 15 eh- (B) 22.5 eh-
(A) 15 m (B) 22.5 m (C) 25 eh- (D) 30 eh-
(C) 25 m (D) 30 m 42. ;fn 6 O;fDr8 ?k.Vs izfrfnu dk;Z djds ,d lIrkg esa
42. If 6 persons working 8 hours a day earn
` 8400 dekrs gSa9rks
O;fDr6 ?k.Vs izfrfnu dk;Z djds
` 8400 per week, then 9 persons working 6
hours a day will earn in a week ,d lIrkg esa dek,axs&
(A) ` 5400 (B) ` 16800 (A) ` 5400 (B) ` 16800
(C) ` 9450 (D) ` 16200 (C) ` 9450 (D) ` 16200

0.01 0.0064 0.01 0.0064

43. = ? 43. =?
0.01 0.3 0.01 0.3
(A) 1 (B) 10 (A) 1 (B) 10
(C) 100 (D) 1000 (C) 100 (D) 1000

3 3
44. I paid th of a bill. If ` 400 of the bill is 44. eSa ,d fcy dk Hkkx Hkqxrku djrk gwA
` 400;fn
5 5
still due, what was the total amount of the fcy dk vc Hkh ckdh gS] rks fcy dh dqy jkf'k D;k gS\
bill ? (A) ` 1000 (2) ` 1200
(A) ` 1000 (2) ` 1200 (C) ` 1500 (D) ` 1800
(C) ` 1500 (D) ` 1800
45. ;fn 1
= 2, rksx = ?
45. If = 2, then x = ? 1
1 1
1 1
1 x
(A) (B) 1
1 3
(A) (B) 1
(C) (D) 1
1 3
(C) (D) 1
3 46. ,d O;kikj esa]
P, ` 600, 4 ekg ds fy, fuos'k djrk gS
46. In a business, P invests ` 600 for 4 months rFkkQ, ` 800, 2 ekg ds fy, fuos'k djrk gSA
P rFkk
and Q invests ` 800 for 2 months. Ratio of Q ds ykHk ds fgLlksa dk vuqikr gS%
the share of profit of P and Q is (A) 3 : 4 (B) 2 : 1
(A) 3 : 4 (B) 2 : 1 (C) 3 : 2 (D) 2 : 3
(C) 3 : 2 (D) 2 : 3
47. fuEufyf[kr esa ls lcls cM+h la[;k dkSu&lk gS\
47. Which of the following is the largest number ?
(A) 20% of 200 (B) 7% of 500 (A) 200 dk 20% (B) 500 dk 7%
(C) 1300% of 3 (D) 600% of 7 (C) 3 dk 1300% (D) 7 dk 600%

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Directions (Q. 48-50): Study the following table funsZ'k
(iz-48-50): fuEufyf[kr rkfydk dks ;kuiwoZd i<+s
carefully and answer the questions given below: rFkk uhps fn, x, iz'uksa ds mkj nsaA
The table shows the number of people work-
ing in various departments of various rkfydk fofHkUu laxBuksa ds fofHkUu foHkkxksa esa dke dj j
organisations. yksxksa dh la[;k n'kkZrk gSA
Organisation laxBu
Production 1050 1015 976 888 1004
IT 1017 960 786 1025 963 mRiknu 1050 1015 976 888 1004
Accounts 1382 1384 1275 1300 1290 vkbZ-Vh- 1017 960 786 1025 963
Legal 786 745 801 800 735
Finance 1542 1545 1550 1570 1580 ys[kk 1382 1384 1275 1300 1290
Marketing 48 54 36 30 53
U;k; 786 745 801 800 735
48. The total number of employees working in
the Marketing Department s is fok 1542 1545 1550 1570 1580
approximately what per cent of the total foi.ku 48 54 36 30 53
number of employees working in the 48. lHkh laxBuksa ds foi.ku foHkkx esa dk;Z djus okys deZpkfj
Production Depart ments of all the
organisations together?
dh la[;k dk mRiknu foHkkx esa dk;Z djus okys deZpkfj;ks
(A) 4.5% (B) 7 % dh la[;k dk yxHkx fdruk izfr'kr gS\
(C) 8.5% (D) 10% (A) 4.5% (B) 7 %
49. What is the approximate difference between (C) 8.5% (D) 10%
the average number of people working in 49. lHkh laxBuksa ds ys[kk foHkkx esa dk;Z djus okys deZpk
the Accounts Departments and that in the
Finance Departments of all the
dh la[;k dk vk; foHkkx esa dk;Z djus okys deZpkfj;ksa
organisations together? dh la[;k ls yxHkx fdruk varj gS\
(A) 331 (B) 231 (A) 331 (B) 231
(C) 430 (D) 546 (C) 430 (D) 546
50. What is the ratio of the total number of 50. laxBuP esa dk;Z djus okys deZpkfj;ksa dh la[;k dk
employees working in Organisation P to the
total number of employees working in laxBuT esa dk;Z djus okys deZpkfj;ksa dh la[;k ls D;k
Organisation T? vuqikr gS\
(A) 45 : 233 (B) 225 : 233 (A) 45 : 233 (B) 225 : 233
(C) 125 : 233 (D) 233 : 225 (C) 125 : 233 (D) 233 : 225
51. Indian ruler, contemporary of Queeen 51. baXyS.M dh jkuh ,fytkcsFk&izFke dk ledkyhu Hkkjrh;
Elizabeth-I of England, was
(A) Akbar (B) Shahjahan jktk FkkA
(C) Aurangzeb (D) Bahadur Shah (A) vdcj (B) 'kkgtgk
52. Which of the following is laughing gas? (C) vkSjaxtsc (D) cgknqj'kkg
(A) Nitrous Oxide
52. fuEu esa gkL; xSl dkSu?lk gS
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Sulphur dioxide (A) ukbVl vkWDlkbM (B) dkcZu eksuksvkWDlkbM
(D) Hydrogen peroxide (C) lYiQj MkbZ vkWDlkbM
(D) gkbMkstu iWjkWDlkbM
53. Accounts of the states are controlled by the: 53. jkT;ksa ds fokh; ys[kksa ij fu;a=k.k j[krk gSA
(A) Governor
(B) Chief Minister (A) jkT;iky (B) eq[;ea=kh
(C) State Finance Secretary (C) jkT; fok lfpo (D) fu;a=kd ,oa egkys[kk
(D) Comptroller and Auditor General 54. ro ,DVhukbM~l ds ijek.kq la[;k gksrs gaS&
54. Actinides are the elements with atomic
(A) 97 ls 104 (B) 101 ls 115
number from
(A) 97 to 104 (B) 101 to 115 (C) 89 ls 103 (D) 36 ls 43
(C) 89 to 103 (D) 36 to 43 55. ,d uSuks ehVj cjkcj gS&
55. One nanometer is equal to (A) 10-6 eh (B) 10-8 eh
(A) 10-6m (B) 10-8m
(C) 10 m (D) 10-5m (C) 10 eh
(D) 10-5 eh
56. In fireworks, the green flame is produced 56. iVk[kksa esa] gjs jax ds ykS dk dkj.k gksrk gS&
because of (A) lksfM;e (B) csfj;e
(A) sodium (B) barium
(C) ikjk (D) iksVsf'k;e
(C) mercury (D) potassium
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57. The Venetian traveler who travelled with his 57. dkSu ls osusfV;u ;k=kh viuh iRuh1420ds lkFk
esa fot;
wife and reached Vijayanagar around 1420 was uxj vk;s Fks\
(A) Athanasius Nikitin (B) Nicolo de Conti
(C) Ibn Batuta (D) Ferishta (A) ,Fksafl;l fudhVhu(B) fudksyks ns dkWUVh
58. Permanent hardness of water can be (C) bCu crqrk (D) iQfj'rk
removed by adding 58. ty dh LFkk;h dBksjrk dks D;k feykdj nwj fd;k tk
(A) chlorine ldrk gS\
(B) washing soda
(A) Dyksfju (B) /kou lksMk
(C) potassium permanganate
(D) bleaching powder (C) iksVSf'k;e ijeSxusV
(D) Cyhphax ikWmMj
59. The Indian Standard Time (IST) is based on 59. Hkkjrh; ekud le;(IST) fdl ij vk/kfjr gS\
(A) 90 E meridian (B) 82 E meridian (A) 90 E ;kE;kskj (B) 82 E ;kE;kskj
(C) 75 E meridian (D) 0 meridian (C) 75 E ;kE;kskj (D) 0 ;kE;kskj
60. LPG consists of mainly
60. LPG esa eq[; :i ls 'kkfey gS
(A) methane, ethane and hexane
(B) ethane, hexane and nonane (A) feFksu] bFksu rFkk gsDlsu
(C) methane, hexane and nonane (B) bFksu] gsDlsu rFkk ukWusu
(D) methane, butane and propane (C) feFksu] gsDlsu rFkk ukWusu
61. Air is a/an
(D) feFksu] C;wVsu rFkk izkWisu
(A) compound (B) element
(C) electrolyte (D) mixture 61. ok;q gS &
62. Production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) (A) ;kSfxd (B) ro
gas which is proposed to be banned in India, (C) bysDVksykbV (D) feJ.k
is used in which of the following domestic 62. Dyksjksyksjks dkcZu xSl ftldk mRiknu Hkkjr esa izfrc
(A) Television (B) Refrigerator
fd;k tkus okyk gS] fuEu esa ls fdl ?kjsyw mRikn ds mRiknu
(C) Tube light (D) Cooking gas esa iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gS\
63. Balloons are filled with (A) Vsyhfotu (B) fizQt
(A) nitrogen gas (B) helium gas (C) V~;wc ykbZV (D) jlksbZ xSl
(C) oxygen gas (D) argon gas 63. xqCckjs esa Hkjk tkrk gS&
64. The industrial organization of Atomic
Minerals Division, Heavy Water Board (A) ukbZVkstu xSl (B) fgyh;e xSl
(HWB) is located at (C) vkWDlhtu xSl (D) vkxZu xSl
(A) Mumbai (B) Kolkata 64. vkf.od [kfut foHkkx dk vkS|ksfxd laxBu] Hkkjh ty
(C) Hyderabad (D) Patna cksMZ
(HWB) dgk fLFkr gS\
65. The famous bronze image of Nataraja is a
(A) eqEcbZ esa (B) dksydkrk esa
fine example of:
(A) Chola art (B) Gandhara art (C) gSnjkckn esa (D) iVukesa
(C) Gupta art (D) Mauryan art 65. ^uVjkt* dh izfl dkaL; ewfrZ ,d mRd`"V mnkgj.k gS%
66. The main constituents of pearls are (A) pksy dyk dk (B) xUkkj dyk dk
(A) calcium oxide and ammonium chloride (C) xqIr dyk dk (D) ekS;Z dyk dk
(B) calcium carbonate and magnesium
carbonate 66. eksrh ds eq[; ?kVd gS&
(C) Calcium bicarbonate and chlorine (A) dSfY'k;e vkWDlkbM rFkk veksfu;e DyksjkbM
(D) ammonium sulphate and sodium (B) dSfY'k;e dkcksZusV rFkk eSXuhf'k;e dkcksZusV
carbonate (C) dSfY'k;e ckbZdkcksZusVs rFkk Dyksfju
67. Which of the following metal was not
(D) veksfu;e lYiQsV rFkk lksfM;e dkcksZusV
present in coinage metal?
(A) Silver and Gold (B) Zinc and Gold 67. fuEu esa dkSu&lk /krq flDds dh izpyu ;qx esa mifLFkr
(C) Copper and Silver (D) Copper and Gold ugha Fkk\
68. The main objectives of the UN are (A) pknh rFkk lksuk (B) ftad rFkk lksuk
(A) to maintain peace and security in the (C) rkck rFkk pknh (D) rkck rFkk lksuk
(B) to work together to remove poverty, 68. la;qDr jkIV la?k dk eq[; m|s'; gS&
disease and illiteracy and encourage (A) fo'o esa 'kkfUr rFkk lqj{kk cuk;s j[kukA
respect for each others rights of basic (B) xjhch] chekjh rFkk vf'k{kk dks feydj nwj djuk rFkk
freedom. izR;sd ds vk/kjHkwr Lora=krk dk lEeku djukA
(C) to develop friendly relations among
(C) fo'o ds ns'kksa ds chp fe=kor laca/ fodflr djuk
(D) All of the above (D) mijksDr lHkh

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69. Which metal pollute the air of a big city? 69. cM+s 'kgjksa dh ok;q dks iznwf"kr djus okyk /krq dkSu lk
(A) Copper (B) Chromium (A) rkck (B) ksfe;e
(C) Lead (D) Cadmium (C) lhlk (D) dSMfe;e
70. Which one among the following groups is 70. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu lk ,d lewg] o"kZ.k dk izdkj dgk
referred to as types of precipitation?
tkrk gS\
(A) fog, dew and rain
(A) dqgjk] vksl vkSj o"kkZ
(B) air, water and soil
(C) fog, water and rain (B) ok;q] ty vkSj e`nk
(D) None of these (C) dqgjk] ty vkSj o"kkZ
71. Which of the following is not an isotope of (D) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
hydrogen? 71. fuEu esa ls dkSu lk gkbMkstu dk ,d leLFkkfud ugha gS\
(A) Tritium (B) Deuterium (A) fVfV;e (B) M~;wVsfj;e
(C) Protium (D) Deutrium (C) izksfV;e (D) M~;wVfj;e
72. Amalgams are 72. feJ.k gS&
(A) highly coloured alloys (A) mPp jaxhu ;kSfxd
(B) alloys which contain mercury as one of (B) ,d ,slk ;kSfxd ftlesa ,d inkFkZ ikjk gks
the contents
(C) ,slk ;kSfxd ftlesa ?k"kZ.k ds fo: lcls vf/d
(C) alloys which have great resistance to
izfrjks/ gks
(D) alloys which contain carbon (D) ;kSfxd ftlessa dkcZu gks
73. Which of the following is the lightest metal? 73. fuEu esa ls dkSu lk lcls gYdk /krq gS \
(A) Mercury (B) Lithium (A) ikjk (B) fyfFk;e
(C) Lead (D) Silver (C) lhlk (D) pknh
74. Which of the following metals remain in 74. fuEu esa ls dkSu lk /krq lkekU; ifjfLFkfr;ksa esa nzo voLF
liquid for under normal conditions? esa gksrk gS
(A) Radium (B) Zinc (A) jsfM;e (B) ftad
(C) Uranium (D) Mercury (C) ;wjsfu;e (D) ikjk
75. Potassium Permanganate is used for
75. ihus okys ikuh dks iksVSf'k;e ijeSxusV ls 'kq fd;k tkrk
purifying drinking water, because
gS D;ksaaafd
(A) it is a sterilising agent
(B) it dissolves the impurities of water (A) ;g ,d thok.kqjfgr dkjd gS
(C) it is a reducing agent (B) ;g ty dh v'kqf;ksa dks vo'kksf"kr dj ysrk gS
(D) it is an oxidising agent (C) ;g vipk;d dkjd gS
76. Which of the following is an element? (D) ;g ,d vkWfDldkjd gS
(A) Ruby (B) Sapphire 76. fuEu esa ls dkSu&lk ,d ro gS\
(C) Emerald (D) Diamond (A) ekf.kd (B) uhye
77. What is t he unit for measuring the (C) iUuk (D) ghjk
amplitude of a sound? 77. ouh dh rhozrk dks ekius dh bdkbZ D;k gS \
(A) Decibel (B) Coulomb (A) Mslhcy (B) dwyac
(C) Hum (D) Cycles
(C) ge (D) vkorZu
78. Reading of a barometer going down is an
indication of
78. cSjksehVj dk uhps tkuk lwpd gS&
(A) snow (B) storm (A) ciQZ fxjus dk (B) rwiQku dk
(C) intense heat (D) rainfall (C) vR;f/d rki dk (D) o"kkZ dk
79. The terra-cotta plough of the Harappan 79. gM~Iik lH;rk dh iDdh feV~Vh dk gy dgk ik;k x;k\
civilization was found at (A) eksgutksnM+ksa (B) cukoyh
(A) Mohenjo-daro (B) Banawali (C) dkyhcaxu (D) yksFky
(C) Kalibangan (D) Lothal 80. ued dkuwu dks rksM+us dk xk/hth dk vkg~oku fdldh
80. Gandhiji's call for breaking Salt Laws was izfrfozQ;k esa Fkk\
in response to the (A) vlg;ksx vkUnksyu
(A) Non-Cooperation Movement
(B) lfou; voKk vkUnksyu
(B) Civil Disobedience Movement
(C) f[kykiQr vkUnksyu
(C) Khliafat Movement
(D) Quit India Movement (D) Hkkjr NksM+ksa vkanksyu

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81. The only operational Naval Base exclusively 81. vuU; :i ls Hkkjrh; ukSlsuk }kjk fu;af=kr] ,dek=k fozQ;k'khy
controlled by the Indian Navy is located at ukSlSfud vM~Mk dgk vofLFkr gS\
(A) Puducherry (B) Okha (A) iqnqPpsjh (B) vks[kk
(C) Karwar (D) Kakinada (C) dkjokj (D) dkdhukM+k
82. Which one of the following is a World
Heritage site ? 82. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu ,d ^fo'o kjksgj* gS\
(A) Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (A) uank nsoh tSo e.My vkjf{kr {ks=k
(B) Corbett National Park (B) dkcsZV jk"Vh; mn~;ku
(C) Rajaji National Park (C) jktkth jk"Vh; mn~;ku
(D) Gir Forest (D) fxj ou
83. Who presides over the Joint Session of the
Lok-Sabha and the Rajya-Sabha in India? 83. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu Hkkjr dh yksd&lHkk vkSj jkT;&lH
(A) President of India dh la;qDr cSBd dh v;{krk djrk gS\
(B) Vice President of India (A) Hkkjr dk jk"Vifr(B) Hkkjr dk mijk"Vifr
(C) Speaker of the Lok-Sabha (C) yksd&lHkk v;{k(D) izkkuea=kh
(D) Prime Minister 84. rkbcku dh izFke efgyk jk"Vifr dkSu pquh xbZ gS \
84. Who has been elected as the first female
President of Taiwan ? (A) lkbZ ?kh&osu (B) osbZ&eh&dw
(A) Tsi Ghi-wen (C) ekvks&ph&dw (D) lkbZ bax osu
(B) Vei-Mi-kuo 85. la;qDr jk"Vla?k }kjk Hkkjr ds ldy ?kjsyw2016mRikn esa
(C) Mao Chi-kuo esa o`f nj dk vuqeku D;k yxk;k x;k gS \
(D) Tsai Ing-wen (A) 7.1% (B) 7.5%
85. What is the India's GDP growth forecast for (C) 7.9% (D) 8.2%
2016 as per the United nations (UN) ? 86. ,f'k;k ds ESCAP vkfFkZd rFkk lekftd vk;ksx dk
(A) 7.1% (B) 7.5%
(C) 7.9% (D) 8.2% eq[;ky; vofLFkr gS&
86. The headquarter of ESCAP Economic and (A) cSadkd (B) tsusok
Social Commission for Asia are situated at (C) lSaVh;kxks
(phyh ) (D) cxnkn
(A) Bangkok (B) Geneva 87. ?kaVh fdl /krq dk feJ.k gS
(C) Santiago (Chile) (D) Baghdad (A) fudsy rFkk rkck (B) ftad rFkk rkck
87. Bell metal is an alloy of
(A) nickel and copper (B) zinc and copper (C) ihry rFkk fudsy (D) fVu rFkk rkck
(C) brass and nickel (D) tin and copper 88. ty vk;fud yo.k dh otg ls ,d vPNk foyk;d gS
88. Water is a good solvent of ionic salts D;ksafd &
because (A) blds ikl ,d fo'ks"k mPp rki gksrk gS
(A) it has a high specific heat (B) bldk dksbZ jax ugha gksrk
(B) it has no colour
(C) it has a high dipole moment (C) blds ikl ,d mPp f}/zqo vk?kw.kZ gS
(D) it has a high boiling point (D) bldk DoFkuakd mPp gksrk gS
89. The Indian Air Force celebrated its Golden 89. Hkkjrh; ok;q lsuk us viuk 'krkCnh o"kZ dc euk;k Fkk\
Jubilee in (A) 1962 (B) 1972
(A) 1962 (B) 1972 (C) 1982 (D) 1992
(C) 1982 (D) 1992 90. ek'kZ xSal gS&
90. Marsh gas is (A) ukbZVkstu (B) bFksu
(A) nitrogen (B) ethane
(C) methane (D) hydrogen (C) feFksu (D) gkbMkstu
91. The headquarter of OAU (Organization of 91. OAU (vizQhdh ,drk laxBu) dk eq[;ky; dgk gS\
African Unity) is at (A) vnhl vckck] ;wFkksfi;k
(A) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (B) okf'kaxVu Mhlh
(B) Washington DC (C) isfjl
(C) Paris
(D) Jakarta, Indonesia (D) tdkrkZ] b.Mksusf'k;k
92. The candidate f or the Officer of the 92. Hkkjr ds jk"Vifr ds mEehnokj ds izLrko dk vuqleFkZu
president of India must be sponsored by at fd;k tkuk pkfg, de ls de
least. (A) nl fuokZpdksa }kjk(B) chl fuokZpdksa }kjk
(A) Ten electorates (B) Twenty electorates (C) ikp fuokZpdksa }kjk
(D) ipkl fuokZpdksa }kjk
(C) Five electorates (D) Fifty electorates
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93. The year 788 AD was a good one for 93. o"kZ
788 bZLoh fgUnqRo ds fy, cgqr vPNk Fkk D;ksafd &
Hinduism. Why ? (A) blh o"kZ 'kadjkpk;Z dk tUe gqvk FkkA
(A) Shankracharya was born that year.
(B) vafre ckS jktk g"kZ o/Zu dh e`R;q gks xbZA
(B) Harsha Vardhana, the last Buddhist
king, died (C) leqnzxqIr us fgUnw keZ esa ifjofrZr
(C) Samudragupta converted to Hinduism. (D) lHkh eqfLye vke.kdkjh ijkLr gq,A
(D) All Muslim invaders were defeated. 94. oS|qr cYc dk rUrq cuk gksrk gS &
94. The filament of an electric bulb is made of
(A) VaxLVu dk (B) ukbZkse dk
(A) tungsten (B) nichrome
(C) graphite (D) iron (C) xzsiQkbV dk (D) yksgk dk
95. Diamond is an allotropic form of 95. ghjk fdldk vi#i gS&
(A) germanium (B) carbon (A) tesZfu;e (B) dkcZu
(C) silicon (D) sulphur (C) flfydkWu (D) lYiQj
96. The Uprising of 1857 was described as the
96. 1857 dh kafr dks fdlds }kjk Hkkjr dk igyk Lora=krk
first Indian war of Independence by
a. S.N. Sen laxzke ?kksf"kr fd;k x;k &
b. R.C. Mazumdar (A) ,l- ,u- lsu (B) vkj- lh- etqenkj
c. B.G. Tilak (C) ch- th- fryd (D) oh- Mh- lkojdj
d. V. D. Savakar 97. lwph-I dks lwph
-II ls lqesfyr dhft, vkSj lwfp;ksa ds uhps
97. Match List-I with List-II and select the
correct answer using the code given below fn, x, dwV dk iz;ksx dj lgh mkj pqfu,%
the Lists: lwph-I lwph-II
List-I List-II (igkM+h) njkZ (jkT;)
(Mountain pass) (State) a. tksft yk 1. fgekpy izns'k
(A) Zoji La 1. Himachal Pradesh
b. fyiqys[k 2. flfDde
(B) Lipulekh 2. Sikkim
(C) Shipki La 3. Uttarakhand c. f'kIdh yk 3. mkjk[k.M
(D) Nathu La 4. Jammu & Kashmir d. ukFkq yk 4. tEew vkSj d'ehj
Code: dwV:
a b c d a b c d
(A) 2 1 3 4 (A) 2 1 3 4
(B) 2 3 1 4 (B) 2 3 1 4
(C) 4 1 3 2 (C) 4 1 3 2
(D) 4 3 1 2 (D) 4 3 1 2
98. Mica is used in electrical appliances such
98. vHkz[k oS|qr midj.kksa tSls oS|qr bL=kh esa iz;ksx fd;k tk
as electric iron because mica is
(A) a good conductor of heat but a bad gS D;ksafd vHkz[k gS &
conductor of electricity (A) m"ek dk ,d vPNk lqpkyd gS ysfdu fo|qr dk
(B) a bad conductor of heat but a good dqpkyd gSA
conductor of electricity (B) m"ek dk dqpkyd gS rFkk fo|qr dk ,d vPNk
(C) a good conductor of heat as well as
lqpkyd gSA
(D) a bad conductor of heat as well as (C) m"ek ds lkFk fo|qr dk vPNk lqpkyd gS A
electricity (D) m"ek ds lkFk fo|qr dk dqpkyd gSA
99. The two elements that are frequently used 99. VkaftLVj cukus esa dkSu ls ro izk;% iz;ksx fd;s tkrs gS
for making transistors are (A) cksjkWu rFkk ,Y;qfefu;e
(A) Boron and Aluminium
(B) Silicon and Germanium (B) flyhdkWu rFkk tesZfu;e
(C) Iridium and Tungsten (C) bfjfM;e rFkk VaxLVu
(D) Niobium and Columbium (D) ukbvksfc;e rFkk dkWyksfEc;e
100. The oil explorations in India is undertaken 100. Hkkjr esa rsy vUos"k.k dk dk;Z fdlds }kjk fd;k tkrk gS\
(A) fgUnqLrku isVksfy;e }kjk
(A) Hindustan Petroleum
(B) Indian oil Corporation (B) bafM;u vkW;y dkWjiksjs'ku }kjk
(C) Oil India Ltd (C) vkW;y bafM;k fyfeVsM }kjk
(D) All of the above (D) mi;qZDr lHkh ds }kjk

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