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The 2nd World War
1939 The blitzkrieg against Poland
1 September 1939 at 4.45 clock opens the training ship 'Schleswig-Holstein "fire
aufdie Westerplatte. With the help of the artillery attack of the Navy strike f
orce "Hennigsen" and the SS Assault Company "Danziger Home Guard", which was for
med in Gdansk, the Polish Westerplatte an.Der crew managed to fend off with only
218 men schwachbewaffneten the first attack. Now begins the German air force at
tacks to the bridge at Dirschau strategischwichtige Vistula, which is needed for
the reinforcements to East Prussia, to avert a planned Zerstörungdurch Polish p
ioneers. The 3.Staffel of StG a bombed the burners that are in a shed at the sta
tion were Dirschau to destroy them. The attack succeeded, but the Poles managed
to repair the broken cable and then to blow up the bridge. The 2nd World War sta
rted in that moment. Hitler justified the invasion of Poland in front of the Rei
chstag, as he called him a counter-attack. The SS has staged so-called border vi
olations of the Poles. 150 Polish-speaking SS men put on uniforms and attacked t
wo Polish Silesian duty stations and the station Gliwice. Hitler wanted to make
the world public so believable that Germany was forced. The "Case White" as the
Polish campaign started was called now. There are two German army groups and two
air fleets involved: For the Army Group North under General Fedor von Bock are
the third and the fourth Army. The Southern Army Group under General Gerd von Ru
ndstedt, the 8th, 10th and 14 Army assumed. The two armies were a total of six t
ank divisions, four motorized divisions, four light divisions, three mountain di
visions and 37 infantry divisions with a total of 3195 tanks available. Supporte
d by the army units were ready in 2093 an aircraft of the Air Force under Gen. A
lbert Kesselring and the 4th Air Force, under General Alexander Löhr. On the Pol
ish side were 38 Polish Infantry divisions, one motorized brigade - a second was
only in the statement, eleven cavalry brigades, 1134 mostly outdated light and
small tanks, to 745 aircraft of older design. Army Group South moved from Silesi
a towards Warsaw before while the Army Group North from East Prussia and Pomeran
ia advancing east and then more and more to drift south to attack as the Polish
forces from all sides (pincer movement). In Gdansk, there was only one significa
nt battle. Polish postal officials defended the post office before the "Danziger
Heimwehr" is placed first as the building on fire, they capitulated. All were s
hot after their capture. They were the first victims of terror in nationalist-he
ld territory. On the evening of September 1, the connection will be announced Da
nzig to the German Reich. In France and England will be mobilized and Germany is
sued an ultimatum to withdraw up to September 3 at 12:00 clock all troops from P
oland. Mousolini reported to Hitler that Italy in the war can not, because they
are not equipped well enough. Instead, he tried to initiate a conference, which
end is the same as in Munich in 1938, which was claimed that Czechoslovakia is p
assed to Germany. But for England and France are the conditions unacceptable and
will not interrupt the Hitler of the German advance.
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The Poles, despite their great success with inferiority smaller aircraft attacks
on tanks, but after eight days were German troops in Warsaw. The German newspap
er "Völkischer observer reports" a day later that Warsaw is occupied, although t
he German motorized units the city does not succeed in the movement to remove. M
eanwhile, leading the Polish ambassador in Moscow talks on arms deliveries to th
e Soviet Union to Poland. The course was rejected. The German intelligence did n
ot realize that most festive of Warsaw, the Polish troop concentrations, the Arm
y "Łódź" and "Poznan" was staying. The German army then moves to the west and Ke
sselt a large part of the Polish Army in Lublin. The two armies forgotten with t
he army near Lublin einkesselten try the part of Army Group South, near Warsaw,
to which the 10th and the already weakened 8th Army is to attack and thus to bre
ak the flank of the German main blow. This is the biggest battle of the Polish c
ampaign "battle of the Bzura. The Germans, it succeeds only against cavalry and
light armored vehicles to gain control, as they are supported with Stukaangriffe
n.€On 16 September will be surrounded and bombarded by these armies to surrender
. On 20 September capitulate the three armies and the western front collapsed. N
evertheless, give the Poles do not have in the West, individual military units f
ormed, but at this moment in 17th September the Red Army defeated a defending Ea
stern Poland before the German army. The legend that Polish cavalry saber fights
against tanks is not necessarily true. The cavalry was used against German infa
ntry, who then competed to retreat and the tanks were advancing. The horses were
not fast enough and therefore contact was their only chance of survival zuzurei
ten in a perilous maneuver on the tanks as quickly as possible to get past him.
28 September Warsaw capitulated after it since 9 September was trying to take. T
he Warsaw is the German army documentary material that Polish spies unmasked and
reveal information about the Soviet Union. About 430 German were in the service
of the Polish secret service, including nationals of the armed forces and senio
r officials. On 27 September, Poland is divided between Germany and the Soviet U
nion. Joachim von Ribbentrop, I heard Josef Stalin about the boundaries. Origina
lly, the Germans get the area west of the Vistula, but should Stalin proposed th
e area to Brest-Litovsk to move to the Polish population is not shared and so di
sturbances are forward-programmed. Statements made after 1919 Polish areas and s
maller areas become part of the "Greater German Reich". Poland rest is taken as
Generalgouvernment under civil administration. The Soviet Union, the German Navy
also a port in Zapadnaya-Liza-bay and helps Germany to the fuel supply for the
French campaign. In return, Hitler promised in the sale are under construction,
heavy cruiser Lutzow.
The "phony war on the Western Front"
France and England keep their promise not required to offer protection to Poland
. On the western front, there is no real attack against Germany. Although French
troops violated the German border, but in an unpopulated area. On 27 September,
Hitler ordered the army command a plan of operations against France, "Fall Gelb
work out."
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The German propaganda against the war shows. They put up signs that say the foll
owing: "To die for Gdansk, Poland, or the British." These signs should take the
French soldiers' motivation. While the British send troops to the mainland, they
do not prevent the German mind. However, the German Navy attempted to secure th
e British fleet, to lure in deutschkontrolliertes area. After decoding of German
experts had cracked the Schiffriercode of the French, a weakness in the French
defense line was discovered. The plan for the "Fall Gelb said" so that cross two
army groups, A and B, the northern border of Germany, occupy the neutral countr
ies of Holland and Belgium, and make his way up to the Channel, while the Army G
roup C defends the south of Germany. Hitler gets considerable resistance from so
me officers feel, but he is by his mind and called the violation of the neutrali
ty of neighboring countries as "meaningless".
The naval war
On 3 September 1939 Meet at 13:30 in Germany, the French and British declaration
of war. Buy to open hostilities against England. It will be sent only small sur
face vessels and 18 submarines in naval warfare, but the one big advantage over
the English have ships. The German Navy has been a primitive radar system that c
an locate in a radius of 30 km to enemy ships. First, Hitler ordered no civilian
ships to attack, because he does not want to break the Geneva Conventions. He d
oes so not because of humanity, but because he believes it still steers England
to peace. The British have a problem with their merchant fleet, as German war ef
fort warships seize goods of the merchant ships, what do the English but also ha
ve to get the escort commercial vessels, which represented itself as a very big
problem. At the same time decides England a naval blockade of Germany. Between N
orway and the British Schettlandinseln build on a line where no enemy ship passe
s by unnoticed. Hitler did not believe that England enters the war, and so the G
erman merchant fleet was only on 25 September warned. There were at that time ov
er 100 boats from the lake. On 16 November Decides Hitler€that every enemy ship
should be sunk immediately. The naval war of 1939 has a main mainly on civilian
ships, and it is rare to enemy sightings. The German navy is in a time when many
mines. Overall, no one has higher losses on both sides.
The air war
The British, French and German air forces only take effect only on warships. Tro
ops and factories are not affected. France and England fear the attacks on their
cities and factories. Hitler still believes that England "conflict" ended peace
fully, so does Germany not to cities and factories. On October 1, Berlin, Berlin
is bombarded with leaflets, which was that Britain has no choice to the German
Empire to declare war when peaceful means fail. They thought that this war was u
nnecessary, since no German territory had been threatened and that previously Ge
rman territory had been re-integrated into the kingdom without that countries ha
ve resisted, however. But now the territory of non-German people had been injure
d, one could not allow that. Later, and factories were bombed, but otherwise onl
y small skirmishes took place.
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The Winter War in Finland
29 November 1939, the Soviets invaded the neighboring country of Finland. The Fi
nnish soldiers but to the extremely high temperatures below zero (-40 °) used to
. The Soviet Union has very great difficulty breaking through the so-called Mann
heim line since the fins are supported by the British. The whole world is agains
t the Soviet invasion of Finland. On the 19th December 1939 considered the first
war of the Allies, the Soviet Union to attack. The German Government is, althou
gh no German weapons to Finland but Italian. The Russian army must first heavy t
anks of the type I, KW, against the Finns have little chance of using the enemy
bunker to destroy and occupy so Finland. On 7 March 1940 Finland capitulated.
1940 German invasion of Scandinavia
Already in 1939 makes the UK the ore supplies in Germany. Therefore Hitler plans
to occupy Norway. 1 March 1940 Hitler signed the order for the company "Weser E
xercise". Denmark is to be used as a springboard to occupy Norway. Strategischwi
chtige The port city is also a big problem because it is located 2000 km wide an
d is well secured. Were sent there there for ten destroyers with invading troops
. To ensure the supply of fuel to return to home port turneth to start the Germa
n tanker "Jan Weller" to Narvik in order to create a day before the attack. On t
he night of 6 / 7 April put the destroyers in the direction of Narvik. The entir
e German fleet is involved in this operation. The British intelligence discovere
d the fleet as early as 7 April is doing but they opposed the invasion only afte
r the German freighter sunk one days later, and 120 German soldiers are saved. O
n 9 April starts the operation "Weser Exercise". Denmark follows defenseless. In
Norway, the five major ports of Norway will be attacked. The following evening,
all are in German hands. Mountaineer will be deducted from ships andwith paratr
oopers supported. The Norwegian army does can hardly resist. On 14 Allied forces
in April landing north of Harstad Narvik, and Andalsnes Namsons. Off the coast
are now fighting took place between the entire Home Fleet and the German navy. T
rondheim, which lies between Andalsnes Namsos and should be put in a pincer atta
ck, while Namsos Narvik from the German troops is cut off. But the allies must a
bandon Norway, as their troops by air attacks, which could only be kept by the c
ruisers in the measure, had to suffer heavy losses, and because the British were
afraid to France that has been occupied almost entirely by the German army. On
30 April retreat, the Allies from Norway, but they would still destroy the strat
egically important port but what they do not succeed. For Germany, the ore reser
ves were now secured.
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Campaign in the West
On 10 May 1939 began the campaign in the west, having been moved 29 times. The f
irst phase of "Fall Gelb" provides for the appointment of the neutral countries
of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, without a formal declaration of war. In
this campaign, three army groups work with: Army Group B, which is to push the A
llied troops to the northwest, and so reduces their scope for action, Army Group
A, the break in the middle, cross the Meuse River and then attack the Allied tr
oops from behind, and the Army Group C ,€which should go to the Maiginot line on
hold. The plan works, as the Allied forces had not thought of a lightning war,
and therefore went into the trap. On 14 May capitulated Holland and Belgium soon
afterwards. On 5 June begins the battle of France also "red case referred. 49 F
rench divisions formed the improvised "Weygand Line," which is attacked by the a
rmy group. It breaks through the line to the lower Seine and Marne. The Army Gro
up A penetrates further to the southeast after France and crosses on 9 June the
Seine. Now there is no way for the French to defend Paris yet. At the same time,
the Allied troops were forced out of the Army Group B to the northeast were eva
cuated to England. On 14 German troops occupied Paris in June without a fight. A
t the same time breaking the Army Group C, the Maginot Line. France calls on Jul
11 at air support from Britain, but Britain itself now fears of being attacked
by Germany and fails to help. For aircraft with the German army had not come so
easily on the Seine. On 22 June signed an armistice treaty, France and Germany,
which takes place on the humiliation for the French in the same railroad car tha
t has been used in the First World War for that. The terms of this contract: Del
ivery of the fleet to Germany, cession of the territory of Geneva-Dole-Tours-Mon
t de Marsan were to the Spanish border with Germany, have also allowed the rest
of France only a force of 100 000 men, which also used to humiliation was becaus
e Germany was allowed to have only exactly that number of soldiers. In 46 days o
f the French campaign was over.
Italy enters war
Italy enters into force on 10th June in a war, but achieved no military success
in 1940. The High Command of the Armed Forces and the Commando Supremo work sepa
rately on their battlefields. The result is only a technical and intelligence co
Struggles between France and England
England recognizes the intention of Germany to the French fleet to get in the ha
nds. The English call on the French, either to surrender the fleet to the Britis
h, bringing them into free France, or if they want to abide by the ceasefire agr
eement to bring up the war to India. Since the French do not accept the proposal
s, the British fleet takes on 3 June, the interest in Mars-el-Kebir in French fl
eet, making them unusable. Hitler takes advantage of the situation and allowed t
he French fleet in the Mediterranean operations against England to go.
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The Battle of Britain
On 10 Begin July first strong air attacks on Britain and the Battle of Britain b
egins. The British aviation industry, airports and radar stations are the strate
gic objectives of the German Luftwaffe. Herman Goering said, as has the German a
rmy in 1314 with bombers, 702 fighters and 261 destroyers, a superiority of 700
fighters 500 bombers that had Luftheerschaft over England in 10 days in German h
ands. But England is already prepared for battle, for they have the German Enigm
a code cracked. You are about any enemy attack, is still being prepared, informe
d. Moreover, the British Air Force is much better equipped. Goering, who heads t
he Battle of Britain in person commits, very strong tactical error. On 13 August
Hitler ordered that the airports are no longer attacked, but now only the citie
s. Now the English can repair their considerable damage and strengthen its air f
leet. On the German side are now so great losses to report that the invasion pla
n "Sea Lion" can not be performed.
The naval war
Germany tries to Britain with a naval blockade to bring to fall. Initially, the
German naval success with their U-boat war. The supply from the colonies and the
United States, England since 3 September with vessels and raw materials. But to
a significant result is not the war at sea.
The Tripartite Pact
On 27 September will be signed between the Dreimächtpackt Germany, Italy and Jap
an. In the first ten-year contract will be concluded on the basis of "habitat" -
the signature powers doctrine assured the right, in Europe and Africa by German
y and Italy, in East Asia by Japan to introduce a "new order". Hitler wanted to
Spain and Vichy France to prepare for his ultimate goal the Kontinetalblock from
Madrid to Yokohama. But Spain is not ready for war and VichyFrankreich negotiat
ed secretly with Britain.
1941 battleground Africa
Italy loses more and more territory in Libya.€Hitler promises Mousolini tank sup
port, on 8 February in Tripoli arrive. General Rommel Leuntnant economy from Mar
ch 24 to 12 April recapture by Libya, and later further up before El-Alamein. He
re ended his advancing. Meanwhile, the battle for the oil of Arabia, the Arabs a
re trying to sell the Kononialmacht UK from their country and ask Germany for he
lp. This situation will Germany exploited to make to England to be Ölvoräte disp
ute. Germany sends the destroyer squadron 76 flight, with some support for Iraq.
Churchill commented after the war, that Germany would have allowed Iraq, Syria
and Persia, and so increase the
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Englishman would bring in big trouble. But Germany held the promise not to help
Iraq and Syria, so was Iraq in late May early July in British hands.
The Balkan campaign
Hitler sought at this time Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to win the Dreimächt
pakt. The Romanian General Ion Antonescu Conducator responded very positively to
this proposal and will offer support if Germany attacked the Soviet Union, Bulg
aria's King Boris III. Yugoslavia is still undecided and holds nothing at all. B
ut Ion Antonescu is on 23 January overthrown. But German troops do anything yet.
1 Bulgaria will become the Tripartite Pact in March, as German troops already h
ave been invaded already in Bulgarian territory. On 4 March British troops land
in Greece. On 25 March signing of the Yugoslav Prime Minister Cvetkovic in Vienn
a to join the Tripartite Pact, after Germany to respect the "sovereignty and int
egrity of the Yugoslav territory always" has promised. But two days later, resul
ting in a change of government in Yugoslavia, which has been provoked by a coup.
The new government recognizes the Tripartite Pact not. That same evening Hitler
ordered a lightning campaign against Yugoslavia and Greece. On 5 Yugoslavia clo
sed April from a non-aggression pact and a friendship. On 6 April German troops
cross the Bulgarian-Yugoslav border without declaring war. Previously, Belgrade
was bombed, as the only British port until the supply Piraeus. It was the ammuni
tion ship "Clan Fraser met" and the 250 tons of explosives made the port to the
ground. On April 9, the group encounters a tank in front of Belgrade, which is d
efended by units of the Yugoslav Army. On the same day the second march Panzer D
ivision in Salonika one. The Ostmazedonische army surrendered after the Metaxa l
ine has been broken. On 10 April German troops march in Zagreb, where a new gove
rnment, which was not controlled by Germany, was founded with the help of Utasch
a movement and is proclaimed the "Kingdom" Zagreb. On 15 April the British evacu
ation from Greece. On 17 April capitulated Yugoslavia. A total of 6298 officers,
NCOs and other ranks of Serbian extraction 333 864 captive. Croatian soldiers w
ill be released. The cooperation between Germans and Croats, leading to hostilit
y between Croats and Serbs, which persists to some extent even to this day (Yugo
slavian civil war). On 16 April is the first Greek Army of German and Italian as
sociations surrounded and surrendered on 23 April. 29 April is over, the Greek c
ampaign. The company "Mercury", i.e.. the conquest of Crete, which is important
for the supplies to North Africa fails. After a short time breaks out in Greece
and Serbia under Tito Parti Anne a war that the Germans put down only with hosta
ge shooting and thereafter attempts by troops. Croatia is at this time a friendl
y relationship with the German Reich.
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The invasion of Russia Operation Barbarossa
On June 22 the company launched "Barbarossa" without declaring war. The Überasch
ungsmoment and the complete air superiority will enable the German armored units
to advance 60 kilometers wide. For the war against Russia, the German Wehrmacht
, a total thickness of 7.234 million men of Finland, the fights on the side of G
ermany, has 16 divisions, 13 divisions and Hungary, Romania sent four brigades.
The Red Army was not yet prepared for this war. While Stalin knew that Hitler wa
s planning to attack the Soviet Union, but he thought only after England was con
quered and by then Stalin would have prepared his invasion troops. Goal of Germa
n troops, was to encircle the Russian front armies and defeat so devastating. Th
e Baltic ports will be captured soon, as there was no defense.€On 30 June is con
quered Lemberg. 1 July calls on Foreign Minister Ribbentrop, the Japanese govern
ment to attack the Soviet Union, which would cause the device Russia in a war on
two fronts. Meanwhile, leading the SS and the Wehrmacht pogroms and mass killin
gs among the Russian population. On 5 July advanced the left wing of the German
Army Group South in order to break the "Stalin Line", which is about 70-100 km b
ehind the old Polish border. 48 hours later, the associations of the 48th Panzer
Corps of the breakthrough of Nowogrodek Volynsky succeeded. On 8 July befielt e
ncircle Lenningrad Hitler, which succeeded, but Lennigrad was conquered by the e
nd of the war, never. The German advance is proceeding rapidly to 6 August, beca
use from that date, the Soviet army organized and tried with no small success of
the country to defend. Although the German advance is still going on but very s
lowly. On this day, the first Soviet air raids on Berlin instead. On 7 August Ge
rman troops reach the Gulf of Finland, which the fleet of the Red Army, forcing
the fleet to evacuate. In mid-August decision to conquer Hitler Lennigrad and th
e Caucasus in order to secure the oil fields to Germany. There is now no longer
a question of Moscow before the onset of winter to conquer but to destroy the st
rong Russian organizations in Crimea. Russia now gets Luftunterstüzung from Brit
ain to the German Luftheerschaft break. On 6 September pulls back the German arm
y for the first time. Beginning of October the muddy season, and the German moto
rized units has been slow. Nevertheless, they manage to penetrate Moscow. Hitler
ordered that a surrender of Moscow must not be accepted, but Moscow should be r
azed to the ground. Meanwhile, Soviet forces from Siberia will be deducted to th
e Western Front, as Russia is concerned not an attack by Japan. On 5 December th
e Soviet Union counter-attack against Army Group Centre. Hitler orders that on t
he eastern front that only small Angriffsoberationen to be carried out, or shoul
d we concentrate only on the defensive.
Japan's entry into the war
On 7 December attacks, the Japanese Navy Air Force at Pearl Harbor. The American
associations in Pearl Harbor were not at all prepared for it. Although the Japa
nese government wanted to declare war on time exactly half an hour before an att
ack, as in
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the Geneva Convention issue has been fixed, but the Japanese Embassy did not mak
e it in time to translate the declaration of war. Germany and Italy declare the
U.S.A.. the war. All Flight Flight stationed fleets of Americans were completely
destroyed after the air raid of the Japanese. The fleet was also destroyed almo
st completely by torpedo planes. On 24 Japan conquers Hong Kong in December.
The 1942 campaign in the East
The German army pulls back in January to their winter position. Subsequently, th
e Soviet troops move forward and paratrooper in the back of the German troops. B
ut the Soviet troops suffer heavy losses and there will be no durschlagenden res
ults. Then one spring break and the roads have become impassable through the mud
. The German troops move further towards the southeast. Conquer the Crimea, and
on 17 July Voronezh. The summer offensive Opperation Blue has begun. It now begi
ns a rapid German advance, which also brings problems. The tanks are advancing f
aster than the infantry may follow. Thus, the Soviet army not be completely dest
royed or captured, and are formed Parti Annen. The fast-attack induced Hitler no
t as originally vorgehabt the fourth and 6 to allow army to attack Stalingrad, b
ut, since apparently it could create the 6.Armee only so, the 4th Army to have s
ent to the south to secure oil resources. The 6th Army divides. The fourth Panze
r Army is to first take Rostov as it has done on 23 July following major problem
s society. The rest of the sixth Army attacks since Stalingrad to attack from th
e west and the fourth Panzer Army would then attack from the southwest, while fi
ve Romanian divisions to stop the Sojwetarmee on the southwest front. At this po
int, has the German Reich was largest, but there is also the turning point. As o
f now it's only to keep still or retreat. But the first massive use of tanks on
19 sojwetischer November is the Romanian army no match. It has neither appropria
te nor surrender sufficient anti-tank weapons. The situation is similar to the S
talingrad front.€The Romanian 4.Armee, the horse-drawn consists only of 3.7-cm-P
ak, is inferior to the Soviet offensive hopeless. On 22 November is encircled St
alingrad. In Stalingrad there are the sixth Army with the 4.Armeekorps, the Roma
nian and the Romanian first 20.Division Kavaleriedivision. In total there are ap
proximately 260,000 soldiers, 50,000 horses, 10,000 vehicles, 1,800 guns and 100
tanks. Hitler forbids the surrounded troops at Stalingrad Stalingrad explains t
he outbreak and a fortress. Then Stalingrad is powered by a shuttle, which must
be broken off but just before the end of the year because of high loss.
The naval war
The company is bang on 12 January has been carried out. German U-boats sink a si
gnificant number of American ships are in ports along the U.S. east coast. Hitle
r now reinforced by the naval Norway.
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The Japanese Navy captured more and more strategically important islands in the
Pacific. On 4 June at Midway, the Japanese want a coup to land, as in Pearl Harb
or. But they use a Chifriercode, which the Americans have already decoded. So th
e Americans are prepared for the impending attack. Here, Japan lost a considerab
le part of its fleet and the U.S. could now go on the offensive.
The air war
The Allied cause by first major air raids on German cities, after the German Luf
twaffe London and other major cities in England has laid in ruins. The first "1,
000-bomber raid" will take place on the night of 30-31 May The Americans bombed
Tokyo in April. 1 July, the first American aircraft to land in Scotland.
The supplies to Africa now meets almost undisturbed again. Although the allied t
roops are almost twice as strong as that of the Axis Powers, Rommel manages 26 M
ay to 30 to conquer the strong fortress of Tobruk in June and Fort Bir al Hakim.
His march ends at El-Alamein. But when Lt.. Gene. Montgomery, the leadership of
the British 8th Army takes over Rommel's attempt fails, 17 August to overrun th
e British Army. Rommel withdraws. Rommel's undoing was that the British decipher
ed the Enigma code and was so modest about any German action knew. On 23 October
Axis powers lose the battle of El-Almein where Rommel, who just makes holidays
in Austria, by Gen. Stumme, who has been assigned by the Eastern Front and inexp
erienced in desert warfare, is represented. In December, drag the Axis forces ba
ck to El Agheila.
What else happened
The Japanese conquered Malaya, Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines. The French
occupy after heavy fighting against the French Madagascar.
The 1943 campaign in the East
Surrendered on February 2, the sixth Army of 260,000 soldiers in Stalingrad, who
were on the day of encirclement at Stalingrad, only 90 000 are left. Now begins
a rapid German retreat. End of the year is up to the front to the eastern borde
r of Poland moved westwards. From 28 November to 1 December will be held in Tehr
an, a conference between Stalin, Churchill and Roosvelt, where the division of E
urope is discussed.
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The naval war
The naval war especially, the German U-boat war seems now slowly but surely losi
ng reach. The allied navy has been created very effective weapons against submar
ines. The last great battle combat-capable ship, the "Scharnhorst" is sunk in th
e Arctic.
The air war
The allies have expanded the Luftheerschaft of the German Reich final and now le
ad major air raids on German cities.
North Africa
Rommel has to pull back more and more and on 13 May capitulated to the final bat
tle takes place in North Africa.
The scene of Italy
After the expulsion of Axis forces from North Africa, the Allies put on 10 July
to Sicily on. Hitler and Mussolini agree to give up and Sizielien mainly the ind
ustrial area in the Po Valley to schützen.Am 25th July will be Mussolini and the
Fascist Italy Heerschaft ended when Hitler had not the case "axis decided. Ital
y, then in German hands. But much of the Italian war machine receive the Allies.
On 12 September is freed Mussolini from the mountain hotel Campo by the use of
"Oak" by German troops.
1944 The Eastern Front
The German troops are still in retreat. You leave the Baltic states, are expelle
d from Ukraine and the Crimea beaten. On 22 June, the Army Group Center and shat
tered, creating a hole in the front.€In July, the Soviet offensive was temporari
ly halted for the last time. On 16 October will take place between battles of Ar
my Group North and the Soviet Army in East Prussia. By the end of the year the S
oviet army advances in the north to King Mountain, in southern Hungary and Roman
ia will be taken.
Invasion of Normandy
On the night of 5 / 6 June, "Operation Overlord" takes place, to attend the 4126
landing craft. Overall, 138 warships, 221 destroyers, frigates and corvettes as
convoy security, 287 minesweepers and minesweepers, 936 small combat vessels, 5
8 U-boat hunter, 864 trade and transport ships and more than 300 diverse small-A
mphipien vehicles. On the Allied side in total 6900 units fighting on the German
only 407 on the Atlantic and Channel coast. The heavy units to support the land
ing operations by bombardment of targets on the coast. The lighter units secure
the entrances to the canal and protect the invasion fleet off anticipated attack
s by German U-boats and speedboats. After minor
"Alexander.stolfik" <>
Difficulties it is possible to fix the Allied troops in Normandy two days later.
After almost the entire German troops stationed in France, lost a counterattack
, it should be exempt for the Allied easy for France. On 25 August is liberated
France. Shortly thereafter, Belgium is also free. In order to secure the bridges
over the Rhine takes place on 17 September, the operation "Market Garden" inste
ad. Paratroopers to the bridges keep coming up as long as Allied armored units t
o help. But the company failed because the British intelligence has overlooked m
ore German armored units. The Allies win in Italy more and more the upper hand a
nd move up to La Spezia.
The air war
The Allied Lutfstreitmächt destroy most of the factories that manufacture synthe
tic gasoline. Sun suffered by German troops, high fuel shortages. The V1 and V2
are used in this year. But without much success, because they meet very inaccura
te (the largest difference between the target and impact approximately 100 km).
In addition, the Allied capture more and more launching sites in northern France
The war in the Pacific
While gaining the upper hand more and more Japanese in Burma, they are losing th
eir sea power.
Events in the German Reich
On 20 July 1944 Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg commits an assassination atte
mpt on Adolf Hitler. " Since Staufenberg thought Hitler was dead, triggers Stauf
fenberg from one coup d'etat, but is depressed after a few hours. In the trial o
f conspirators danachfolgendem Total persons sentenced to death. On 14 GFM Erwin
Rommel commits suicide in October, when he was asked by Hitler to the choice of
either committing suicide or tried by a court as a criminal to be. Rommel was a
lso one of the conspirators, but was against the assassination, he wanted to arr
est Hitler pass sentence because of his irresponsible and wrong, war and politic
s. After the invasion in Normandy, he called Hitler to end the war. He died by a
Giftinvusion. The Nazi propaganda, but reported that he had fallen in battle. H
e gets a cynical way, a State funeral. On 18 October is the "People's Storm" mad
e mobile. All able-bodied men between 16 and 60 are obliged to renew the lost wa
1945 End of Nazi Germany
The Soviet army is the end of January at the old border of the German Reich and
some already on the Oder. On 30 March has the long-fought Danzig to be abandoned
. After the unsuccessful German offensive, the Arden West Front is barely presen
t. On 22 March American troops cross the Rhine. They take hardly any resistance
and penetrate in April yet to the Elbe. On 21 April penetrate Soviet troops in B
erlin. After heavy street fighting in Berlin is captured on April 30. Before
"Alexander.stolfik" <>
Hitler himself took with his wife and his sheep dog. In his will he determined D
oenitz as his successor, who just brightening in Schleswig-Holstein. On 9 May ca
pitulated rest of Germany. Germany lost in the war 7.3 million people. The other
nations kriegsbeteiligten 47 million people. On 17 July, the division of German
y into four occupation decided districts. The areas east of the Oder and the jou
rney to Poland in fall. The adopted expulsion of Germans from Poland, Czechoslov
akia and Hungary should go under "humanitarian" conditions ahead.
End of the second World War
Once on Hiroshima on 6th August and 9 August on Nagasaki atomic bomb was dropped
one each, Japan surrendered on 22 August.€While Japan would have lost even with
out the atomic bombings the war, but it would still take a long time.