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8 Super, Original Programs In This Issue!

January 1990



Innovations, >
Laughs, And Gaffes
A Look Back at
Commodore's Wacky Decade

Multimedia 64,
Computers Based
On the
Human Brain
What's Ahead
In the '90s

Screen Grabbe
Hot, New
GEOS Tool for
64 and 128!

USA 12.95 CanaaaS3M|


0 7U86

Meet the newest James Bond. You!

James Bond is back with a ven midair. Even water-ski in your
geance in Licence (o Kill, (he bare feet!
movie. But in this adventure, Critics are already raving about
you're the star. this exciting new 007 game.
The powerful drug czar San
"All secticiTts are nicely designed, and
chez has murdered your best
faithfully follow scenes from the
friend's bride. So you're out to take film—just Ukea movie licence should."

him down. Show no mercy as you • Computer &. Video magazine

battle him on land, at sea and in

"At last, a Bond game that will be
the air. appreciated by 007 fans and arcade
You'll need to take the controls of addicts alike." 'The One magazine

helicopters, planes and tankers.

Perform death-defying stunts in Licence to Kill. It's a killer game!

M Six dangerous levels. Distributed By

M Movie-like storyline and action.

M Colorful graphics and animation.

See your dealer or call Brsiderbund at (800) 521-6263 to order.

ms .. | Copyright 1989 Bredmbund Software, Inc and Dorrork, ltd Bredeibund Software, 17 Paul Drive San Rafael, CA 94903-21O1. All Rights Resorved. i6Jca
In our previous ads you saw the SUPER SNAPSHOT
great comments that versions 1, 2 V5 FEATURES:
received from various North All features available at the press
American reviewers. And with V4 of a button Works with all 64 (C}
and 128 (D) Compatible with
it was more of the same except
the comments took on an 1700/64/50 REU Archive any
International tone. For example.... memory resident program into 1 file
Save 7x faster and bad 15x faster
"...a joy to work with I highly
on the 1541,71 and 81. Speeds of up
recommend it."
to 25x faster when using TUR8O"25
Eric Hoyroyd, Sept., 1989
Super DOS wedge GAME
Australian Commodore and Amiga
MASTER menu with sprite killer,
infinite lives generator and joystick
"I personally liked the facilities port swapper Programmable
that Super Snapshot gave me, and function keys Sprite monitor
will no doubt use it regularly." Character set monitor Boot
S Garton, April 1989 sector support Sound sample
YOUR COMMODORE (England) monitor 300/1200/2400 terminal
"This cartridge just keeps getting program [40/80 column) SUPER
better with every release. There's DISK SNAPSHOT - our new super
nothing else that can even touch nibbler SCREEN-COPY now loads
it." or saves from/to disk in more graphic
INFO March/April 1989 formats and dumps to printer in 16
We were happy to receive such 9raV SCaleS Of C0L0R with <he Star
oUPER SNAPSHOT Rainbow or Epson JX-80 Improved
acclaim; but YOU wanted more. So
much more that the memory required SLIDESHOW CREATOR full featured mil monitor that DOES
far exceeded any of the current
cartridges available.
To us al LMS, the solution was u,,,,,, even more versa* and £ Add new , sic ^L*
obvious...we had to double the fonts by using the fonl files captured using our
memory of our cartridge. This meanl CHARACTER SET MONITOR. There are also
a whole new hardware design. That's more display effects an editor screen and you sk0W ,^d QU , Qr 2 dfive ^
right, SUPER SNAPSHOT now can even add sound to your custom slide- ier wj)fl ^ for ^

contains an incredible 64K rom and shows! The sound can be dies generated by
8K ram combination. NO OTHER
our SOUND SAMPLE MONITOR, any of the
popular SKI player files or you can even convert CQp|ERS
OFFERS THIS MUCH POWER! Amiga IFF files into 64 format! Menu driven and USE 0F JHE Sequen|ia| fj|e

easy to use.
Buying 2 or 3 competitive cartridges
rea()er 24 hr BBS fiu m^

would still no! give you all of the disk Plus much more including
fealures listed on Ihe right! 150+ free Kracker Jax parameters

Version 1,2,3 and 4 owners may SUPER SNAPSHOT VS...the most

upgrade to version 5 for S30.00 CALL powerful utility ever developed for
US C128 disable switch or 64 reset "• Clicla n<!ii<ii" S»vK* NumMr 104
switch, add $8.00 ORDERING: Wflacceptnoney order, certified ctecues. VISA. M C am) Discover Prevom $c1va'e Suopwi cusTomorj m^y u»e
C 0 0 and crwqoes Oroeis snippet; io USA |18 siares). F P 0, A P 0. or posM^iioni pleaic aOd S3 SO p*r a«ier (w S1
H US Wiping il by UPS ground in moal ci«5 FAST 2"^ DAY Alfi avflilaNe nnn tH10 per unit aOftoonaiiU S Ifl stale* onty!
DEALER flinka iy Mana i idiiordersshinpeo 2^3oa^a rj please am 17 50 pwrorder for s i H COD ..*.] jl ■? u u S ..j^1 -.-rn,. , i.
states)1 ado E2 7h aloig *4H ^jr s S H charges per ornrtr Fivorgn custortofs may calculate Ihe shipping and charges ty
INQUIRIES adding S7.M oei carmoge and J4 00 ter sotwaro iikh order. Alt monies must oe submitled m V S 'uflcte Detective items are

retraced at r\o charge i< seni post paid All m FIKk wders are cmcessad wilhm 2i fvtuis. Wastiinoton residents please add 7 6n*
adMwaa tor Sale^ T^> All prices EybjccT m chnncc All sales are f.nal unless autnorizefl oy mafligerneni
u> order to Software: nBoarl.««.t,VinCouyer.W*"
hr call our toll-free order line al 1-800-356-1179, 9nm-5pm Pacilii
P0 Box 1212LSackvilleMB EOA 3C0 (506) 536-1809 Aflor hour Orders accepted at (206] 695-96'18 7 dnys a moek. Technk
SS V5 S69.95 Slitleshow Creator S29.95 Cull |206| 695-9648,9am-Spm Pacific limo. Mondfly-Friiia^.
contorts January 1990 Vol. 8, No. 1

Error Trapper
Features David Kokorowski 58 64
■80s Ups & Downs Power BASIC: Sprite Text Scroller
Mickey McLean 16 Shao-Tien Pan 66 64
Future Computing: Machine Language Programming:
Part 1—Neural Networks A File Scanner
Kevin £. Martin 23 Jim Buttertield 79 128/64

Reviews Departments
Apache Strike The Editor's Notes
David and Robin Minnick 71 64 Lance Elko 7 *
Action Replay 5.0 Feedback
Art Hunkins 71 64 Editors and Readers 8 *
The Final Cartridge III Letters to the Editor 9 "
Art Hunkins 72 64 Horizons:
Total Eclipse What Are They Up To?
Len Poggiali 73 64 Rhett Anderson 10 "
Omega Diversions:
Tom Nelsel 74 64 Computer of the 21st Century
Fred D'lgnazio 20 '
Games The GEOS Column: Screen Grabber
Richard A. Rardin 62 128/641
Bug-Swatter: Modifications and
Peter M. L Lottrup 45 64
Corrections 64 •
Royal Rescue
Commodore Clips:
Ligia Latino 50 64
News, Notes, and New Products
Mickey McLean 88 '
The Programmer's Page:
Two Odd Ideas
Typing Aids
The Automatic Proofreader 80 128/64
Randy Thompson 11 128/64
MLX: Machine Language Entry
BASIC (or Beginners:
Program for Commodore 64 .... 81 64
Lesser-Known Commands
How to Type In COMPUTEVs
Larry Cotton 14 64
Gazette Programs 84 *
7581 FastLoader
David W. Martin 29 128/64;
Bitmap Effects
Keith M. Grace 34 64 Advertisers Index 78
Screen Pointer
Mark Turner 38 64 64 Conmoda'e 64. 128 cnrnmouwe 136 ■ General

Cover photo by Mark Wagoner ©1990

COMPUTED GaieUeltSSNOTS'^ieiij^snMmoniniytyCOMPUTEiF^ealrats.irc^

Nrto1 Capital Ciliei/ABC. inc.. BJ5 Sewnlti Art., New rtxli. NY 10019 © 1990 ABC Consurnor Magumo*. tnc A« nghts leseived EOncial offices aro located atSuileJQO. 32dlVe61
WandoverAve ,Gi8en5Coto.NC27<!08 Domestic subscriptions 11 issues, S2J POSTMASTER. SenOFocm 3579 io COMPUTE13 Gareile.PO Bo«3255 HarUin. 1*51537 Secona-dass.
[W5M80 pan) at New York, ny ono aowronai mailing officat
m ffo



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as moy t« rtocirsHary lot hv ing i3fleirwFr incluU^g ihe ann

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ll YAniMr r>.'l. I' nr *Hircr M«

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• *

G'CHJp ViCG PrcSKjonl
Puansner/EBiMiiai Bteciw William Tynan
Associate PuUl^sfMjfyEcEitcri^tl ance o
Associate Publisher/
Advertising Bernard J- Theobald, Jr.
Managing Editor Kathleen Martineh
Ed tonal Operations Director Tony Roberta
Senior Art Director Janice R. Fary
Features Editor Koilh Ferrcll
Editorial Marketing Manager Caroline D- HanlQn
Manager. Disk Products David Hensley

Assooato Editor Palfick Parish
Arl Director flobm L. Strelow
Assistant Features EditOf Tom Nets el
Edtonar Assistant Mickey McLean
Assistant Technical Editor Dale McGane

Anew month, a new year, a new decade. When planning this issue, we decided
Program Designer William Chin
Programming Assistant Troy Tucker
to quit worrying about Commodore's financial situation, the 128's demise, Copy Editors Karen Siepak
Karen Uhlendorf
and the 64's loss of market to Nintendo. We decided to have a little fun. In our Contributing Editors Jim Bultarfield
cover story, '"60sUps& Downs" (page 16), we take a trip down memory lane with (Tojonlo. Canada)
Fmd D'tgnaziQ
Commodore. Remember Commodore's Max Machine or its $60 Digi-Dmm syn [£ Lansing Ml|

thesizer drum kit for the 64? How about the SX-100 portable? Or the Commodore Larry Cotton
(New Bern. NC)
TouchScreen? Whether you're a novice or a veteran user, you're bound to get a ART DEPARTMENT
kick out of this retrospective of Commodore's notorious first decade. Mechanical Art Supervisor Robin Case
Junior Designers Scatty Billings
If we're looking back, we're also looking ahead. "Future Computing; Neural Meg Me Am
Networks," the first installment in a three-part series, debuts this month (page 23). PRODUCTION
Neural computing, one of the hottest topics in contemporary computer research, is Production Director Mark E. Hillyer
based on building computer models that emulate the human brain. It's fascinating Assistant Production Manage* Dp Poltflr
Produc(<on As&istonl Kim Pott»
stuff. Bui what does it have to do with the 64? Author Kevin Martin, a graphics pro Typeselhno Terry Cash
grammer at Data General, has written several example programs for the 64, which Carole Dunton
Advertising Produc|>on.
will appear in Parts 2 and 3. If Kevin's name is familiar, it's because he has written Assistant Tftmmie Tgvlor

a number of popular Gazette applications and utilities over the years. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Executive Assistant Sybil Agee
If you're wondering how the 64 might fare in the 1990s, don't bother with
Fred D'lgnazio's column this month. In "D'lversions" (page 20), Fred altogether Assistant Julia Fleming
Administrative Assistant Linda Eta n son
skips the nineties and looks at the 64 as a multimedia machine in the twenty-first Customer Servico
century. He contends that the 64 has great potential as a catalyst for a multimedia Cooidinnio' Ellreda Chavls

workstation with desktop video, slide shows, and music. And, as usual, Fred asks ABC CONSUMER
for your opinions. President Gary R. Ingersoll
Senior Vice President Richard D. Bay
We have a variety of thought-provoking topics in this issue, and we haven't
Director. Financial Analysis Andrew D Lanflis
left out the programmers. If you consider yourself a 128 or 64 hacker, check out Director ol Ci'CuteDon Harold Buckley

Randy Thompson's challenge in his "Programmer's Page" column (page 11). He CIRCULATION
presents a programming problem and then takes it upon himself to offer a cash re Subscriptions Maureen Buckley
ward for the best solution. Randy didn't check this out with anyone here at the Both Honly
Raymond Ward
office first, so the winner will lie getting a personal check or money order directly NfWHtBAti Peter J. Birmingham
from the columnist. (Just kidding, Randy.) Jnnfl Frindmjin

Our Editor's Choice programs this month are worth a close look. We have a ABC Consumer Mjjrjajmes trtc 1^-
stellar arcade-style game for the 64 in Royal Rescue and an excellent utility for 1581 CH1LTON Company One Ol the ABC PubHsftng Comoan'CS

disk drive users. 1581 FastLoaiter gives both 64 and 128 users lightning-fast data a pan c Caotai Cli&'ASC. tnc

transfer rates (up to nine times faster than the standard Kcrna! load routine} plus Robert G Burton, President
B25 Seven Hi Avenue
the true storage capacity of the 1581. The final Editor's Choice selection is Screen New Yofk, NY 10019
Grabber, this month's "GEOS Column" program. This topnotch desk accessory is ADVERTISINCJ OFFICES

designed for both GEOS and GF.OS 128 users.

Vrjrii NY IIJ019 Eterrwd J TI*nUJtU. Jr . Associflitr Publnnc'i
We have more exciting plans for our 1990 issues, so stay with us. You'll be
GidfniDarO. COMPUtE1 ^IHicainr '% 3?* V¥u*( WOrVUvn Avn .
glad you did. **m &^r^«O.NC?740a | Jl9l J75-9SO9 KalhNt'i I'lQtA'Ti

Hew England 1 Mid AHAnlic Bcr &0 J TTKfltaH Ji (20 H

Hid*E^l A Soulh-**! Je*F)i Tttm IKOn. LucdFe Dnuxi

2605 [Te<M] <303) H5-93OT
[Cotoradai. (Jf5l Ufl 6^? (C*Mcn a]
Wtftl. Nor[h**tl. | Brlti»h Colum Ha: Jeny TrtHrpion (JI5]

Lance Elko 3-iS-B??2 LuCillu OcnnnHlSl B^S-- 90S

Southeast & InltrrUiliOnal DtflWl 1 J ThPdhmki Jr j2Dth DH3-?'553.
Associate Publisher/Editorial
W* 4c noun!» O'llfi J
M ir*ei[- Sr.irt Lmui Nalonal Attu jnn ManflQflf (Si Si 402^2972
151 ^ Gafy A»p 1 Litm li_ H

AjMr4?M U flJvii1,iLmj rnatr-ifl.1? |n Tammie Tafia. COMPUTE1

***.&*« 300. G-wnttCQ

EiJKrai mu«i «nd b* *»«we to Tr« ecky rjou^uTE1«


COMPUTE! s Gazette January 1990 7

Do you have a question or ti problem? column screen is usable in fast mode; the lowing commands in direct modeiwithout
Have you discovered something that VIC-II chip simply can't keep up. line numbers):
could help other Commodore users? In your case, if your 128 is running in
We want to hear from you. Write to fast mode and you're using the 80-column
POKE 11258,1:POKE 16497,1 rPOKE
Gazette Feedback, COMI'UTEl's Ga display, your computer is operating at its
16623,1:POKE 16720,1
zette, P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, maximum speed. On the other hand, if you
OPEN 15,8,15,"S0:INDEX":CLOSE 15
North Carolina 27403. We regret that, must use a 40-column display, there are
due to the volume of mail received, we several ways to speed up your programs.
cannot respond individually to pro In 118 mode, execute a FAST command To run the modified program, enter
gramming questions. prior to your calculations. This blanks the LOAD-BOOT",8,1, You'll notice that
40-column screen while the computer there are a couple of quirks associated
runs at 2 MHz. When your calculations with using a port I mouse. First, the cur
One-Liners have finished, restore the screen display sor in Edit mode flashes rapidly. Second,
I would like for my programs to show by executing a SLOW command. it's a little difficult to edit entries because
only a SYS command when 1 list them. The 2-MHz clock speed is also avail port 1 interferes with keyboard input.
Several of the programs in your maga able from 64 mode on the 128. If you're in
zine contain only one line when they're 64 mode, use the following commands to 64-10-128 Program Conversions
listed (for example, 10 SYS2061). How blank the screen and speed up calculations: I'm trying to convert a BASIC program
do thi1 authors do this? on the 64 to the 128. There are some
Paul Sell PEEKs, POKEs, and SYSs in the pro
53296,1:REM FAST
Franklin, MA gram that I'm not sure how to translate.
Enter the command line below to restore For instance, what would be the equiv
The programs you mention look like they the screen and return the microprocessor alent of the following line on the 128?
contain only one line of BASIC because to its normal speed:
100 POKE 781,LN;SYS 59903
they're written in machine language. The
authors of these programs assembled the What books can I get to aid in these
53296,0:REM SLOW
BASIC Urn 10 SYS2061 at the beginning conversions? Any information you
of their code so that the programs run as if Furthermore, if you blank the screen could give me would be most helpful.
they were written in BASIC. The SYS2O61 on a normal 64, the computer runs slightly William Kempert
command actually executes the machine faster since it no longer has to update the Woodstock, Ont., Canada
language program that follows the line of video display. To blank the screen on a 64,
BASIC. enter the command The best approach to translating BASIC
programs like these is to place a STOP
80-Column Slaw POKE? command at various points in your pro
I'm in need of an 80-column screen- and gram. Then, try to determine what each
blanking routine for the 128. I use my PEEK, POKE, 'or SYS actually does. A
128 at work to do a number of complex memory map of the respective computer is
mathematical calculations using data to restore the screen, invaluable in this process. In some cases,
received from an analytical instrument. instead of accessing a machine language
I've heard that if I were to disable the A Gazette Index Disk Modification routine in ROM, you may find that you
screen, the time for computations I've found the Gazette 5~Year Index disk can accomplish a particular task with one
would decrease. Is this true? very useful. I've changed the default or more BASIC commands, especially con
Ron Horinek settings to drive number 9 and mouse sidering the 128's extensive BASIC, Some
Phillipsburg, KS control. In addition, I've revised pro books you may wish to consider are Map
gram NT to load from drive 9. To com ping the Commodore 64 and 64C, from
This is tritt only for the 40-culumn mode. plete the modifications, I'd like to revise COMPUTE! Books, and Anatomy of the
The 128's microprocessor can operate at the INDEX program so that it reads the Commodore 64, 128 Internals, and
two speeds, 1 MHz or 1 MHz. You can se mouse in joystick port 1, because this is BASIC 7.0 Internals, from Abacus Books.
lect the 2-MHz clock speed, generally where the mouse is connected for use in As for your line 100: POKE 781.LN
known as fast mode, by entering BASIC'S GEOS. Could you please let me know places the line number LN ffl the storage
FAST command. Entering the SLOW com what POKEs are necessary to make this area for the X register, and SYS 59903
mand returns the 128 to its normal oper change? calls a routine which clears the screen line
ating speed. J. Hugh Hulso that's currently in X. On the 128, the
The VIC-II chip, which handles vid Burnaby, B.C., Canada equivalent line would be
eo output (or the 40-column screen, can
100 POKE 7,LN:SYS 50341
only run at 1 MHz, whereas the VDC Before modifying any of the programs on
(Video Display Controller) chip, which the index disk, make a backup copy of the The routine at location 50341 performs
supplies the video for the 80-column disk. Then, to make port I active and to the line-clearing operation on whichever
screen, is capable of operating at the 2- save the new INDEX file to disk, place the display, 40- or 80-column, is currently
MHz rate. Because of this, only the 80- backup disk in the drive and enter the fol active, G

6 COMPUTED Gaulle January 1990


tn tin ralitnr
Back Issues/
Disk Orders
Individual back copies of maga
zines and disks are available by
mail only while quantities last.
Barking Up the Wrong Tree get item changes (say you budgeted $300 Please clip or photocopy, and mail
I've learned that there is a copiers' guild for food and you actually spend $390), completed coupon and check to:
in Indianapolis, but 1 haven't been able type in the new figure and watch your to
to find its name. Do you know of any tal change. You can also set up your COMPUTE! Publications
there? If not, are there any around spreadsheet to carry totals across rows (in Single-Copy Sales
Chicago or the St. Louis area? this example, you could carry a running P.O. Box 5188
Andy Stocker total of the amount spent on groceries for Greensboro. NC 27403
Mt. Vernon, IN three months, six months, a year, or what
ever you choose). When you understand
Sorry, Andy, we don't know of any copi the instant what-if scenarios that a Slroot:
ers' guild in Indiana lor Chicago or St. spreadsheet can create (What if I save
Louis). And if we did, we wouldn't tell. We $200 a month? What's left over if I buy a Clly _

lake a strong stance against illegal copy new car with a monthly payment of
Stale1 .
ing of software and any form of piracy. $300?), you can see why they are must-
have tools for businesses, especially in Type of computer
Eon's Exit financial and accounting areas. Almost all
My son ruined my Monster Movie game commercial spreadsheet programs include Issue Magazine
disk from Epyx. 1 tried to reach Epyx, examples and complete explanations. Quanlity [Month Atari or Disk Name Pnce-

but 1 don't have the correct address. Berkeley Softworks' geoCalc fs a fine
Can you give me the right address? spreadsheet'that runs under GEOS128. /(
Earl Tanner jr. is currently available.
Lafayette, LA
Book Biz
Epyx, one of the eighties' most prolific en 1 remember when you folks used to ad
tertainment software publishers, laid off vertise your books for the 64. What's
most of its staff last September. Whoez<er's happened to them all? Could you
left at Epyx will reportedly be developing please publish a list of books you still
cartridges for dedicated videogame ma have and tell me how to order them?
chines, We've heard that current Epyx ti ARM Bell
tles will be marketed through December St. Maries, ID
31, 1989. By the way, we've had no suc
cess getting anyone at Epyx on the phone. For years, COMPUTE! Publications in
If you'd like to write Epyx, we suggest you SUBTOTAL
cluded COMPUTE! Books. In early 1985,
try this address: Epyx Software, P.O. Box the book company became totally separate Sates Tact

8020, 600 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, from our magazine publications group. Shipping:
California 94063. COMPUTE! Books now carries four titles
for the 64: Commodore 64 Games for
1 Back issues of COMPUTE1, and COMPUTE!'* Ga
Rows ,imi Columns Kids($12.95), by Clark and KathyH.Kidd; iBite ate SB 00 oacfi. No issues dated pjior to Janu
What are spreadsheets? What are they Machine Language Routines for the ary, 1936, are available In add-on, the foilcwing
issues are NOT available Gazette: 1/Bfl. 3/66.
used for? I have a 128 and I use GEOS. Commodore 128 and 64 ($18.95), by
■ Single disks tor COMPUTE!* Gazette are $1500-
Does Berkeley Softworks have a spread Todd D. Heimarck and Patrick G. Partial Disk/magazine comtunabons are S16.00 NOTE No
sheet for GEOS? (a companion disk including all programs dJ$ks rJateO pnor to June 1966 aie available The
May 19B6 and Ociofw. 1987 Gazette ctefcs are no
Alan C. fudd in the book is available for an additional longer available
Durham, NC $12.95); Mapping the Commodore 64 1 Back Issues of COMPUTES PC Magazine are
and 64C ($18.95), by Sheldon Leemon; $16 00 each. This publication is avadaWfl only aa a
magazine/disk combination. Our back issue inventory
Ifi basic terms, a spreadsheet is a two- and Music System for the Commodore consists mainly of magazines WJtfi 5 25-mch disks.
dimensional grid, or matrix, that contains 128 and 64 ($2435), a book/disk combo but w will at tempi to supply 3.5-inen disks if re

boxes in which you can put information, by Craig Chamberlain that features the quested. The renewing issues are NOT available: PC
Magazine: 9/97. n/87. 9/66. Mf8&
usually numbers. Here's a simple example Enhanced Sidplayer, probably the most Back jssues of C0MPUTErs Amiga Re&ouCe maga
of haw you might use one: Enter a list of popular music player and editor ever de zine are available biigmning wiiti Spring, 19B9 for

your monthly budget items (mortgage signed for the 128/64, $6.00 each. Back issues of COMPUTES Amigs fltr-
stucco Dak are availabto beginning wilh Summer,
payment, car payment, phone, food, and These books may be ordered from The 1989 for $10 00 each Drak/msganno com&nations
so on) in the leftmost column. Type in the ChiltOtt Book Company, One Chilian Way, are 512.00

amounts you expect to pay next month in Radnor, Pennsylvania 19089 (Attention: and handing included tot U S and Ca-
nadjan resntenls. Others add $2 00 for surlace mail,
the column to the right, and then type Customer Service Department). In addi $5.00 for air mail,
numbers for the subsequent month in the tion to the price of the book you order, en Payment must be in U.S dollars by check drawn on
US bank MasterCard or Visa Crodit cards accepted
next column to the right, and so on. close $2.00 for shipping and handling, on orders of mofS man £2000
Choose a box, or cell, at the bottom of the plus $0.50 for each additional book in the North Carolina. New VonV. and Pennsylvania res-
flents must ooa appropriate sates (an.
list (call it Total) to hold the sum of all the same order, and the appropriate sales tax 223
numbers in a single column. When a bud for the state in which you reside. G
COMPUTE! s Gbzqug January 1990 9
What Are They Up To?

Rhett Anderson dally as I presented it here, but it makes The 64 could do the calculations,
a little more sense if you understand though not very fast. The problem is
"Horizons" is sometimes frustrating to fonts and what they're all about. that the 64 just doesn't have the resolu
write. Take this month's column, for ox- tion to make a realistic image. Worse—
ample. Try as I might, I was unable to About Fonts it has only 16 colors, and those colors
weave the story of how my cat let eight The Commodore 64 is one of the many cannot be changed.
bees into my apartment this past computers that has a character genera If you're interested in realistic com
weekend. tor built into its video hardware. All puter graphics, there's a new book that
Instead of that story (which really other 8-bit computers (I like to include should be of interest to you. It's called
gets exciting toward the end because the IBM PC in this group) use this tech Visualization: The Second Computer Rev
I'm allergic to bee stings), I had to settle nique. The advantage is speed. To put a olution by Richard Mark Friedhoff and
for something just a bit more tamo: font character on the screen, just place a sin William Benzon. It's from Abrams and
technology and computer graphics. gle number into video memory. costs $49.95. It has some amazing com
Font technology is a tig story in On more powerful computers like puter graphics. As a bonus, the text is
the mainstream computer world, large the Mac, Amiga, and NeXT, the display interesting, if you'd like to know how
ly because of the personalities involved is entirely pixel-based. In other words, human vision works.
in a recent dispute over the future of the system software has to "draw" each The book shows how various
how text is displayed and printed in character onto the screen. This ap shading algorithms work (including
current and future computers. proach is slower, but it leads to some Lambert, Gouraud, and Phong shad
As is the case with most good com nice-looking displays. For instance, you ing), it also shows examples of texture
puter stories, Steve Jobs and Dill Gates can use proportional fonts. That's how mapping, bump mapping, and ray trac
are involved. Steve Jobs is one of the GEOS works on the 64—by using the ing. Unfortunately, the algorithms
cofounders of Apple and the founder of hires screen instead of a text screen. themselves are not given; this is disap
NeXT. Bill Gates heads Microsoft, sup The problem with bitmap fonts is pointing to the programmers among us.

plier of MS-DOS and the BASIC lan that they can't be enlarged or shrunk Some of the graphics are presented
guages built into just about every make very well. If you enlarge an 8. X 8 pixel as stereo pairs, which means that if you
and model of personal computer, In character, it will still look like an 8 X 8 can cross your eyes without becoming
cluding your 64 or 128. pixel character. If you shrink it, critical nauseous, you're in for a real treat.
Here's the background to the story. parts of the letters will disappear.
(Breathe now.) Steve Jobs used the lan The solution is outline fonts, fonts Down to Earth
guage PostScript in the Apple Laser which consist of letters made up of So what is this column all about? Maybe
Writer. PostScript is written by Adobe. straight lines and curves. Take a close it's about looking outside of our every
Desktop publishing went though the look at the letters on this page. Can you day world to see what's going on some
roof, taking Apple and Adobe with it. see the dots that make up the letters? where else. Maybe a programmer will
Every manufacturer that used Post Not without a microscope. The letters be inspired to stretch the 64 into doing
Script in its printers paid large royalties are made up of line segments and curves outline fonts or ray tracing. It wouldn't
to Adobe. Adobe's competitors tried to and are output on a very-high-resolu be the first time that a programmer has
clone PostScript but didn't have much tion typesetter. The typesetter has brought an idea from the so-called high
success. Meanwhile, Apple sued Micro much higher resolution than a Post end to the so-called low end.
Script laser printer, but it works in But I'd like nonprogrammers to
soft for copying its desktop interface for
Presentation Manager. Jobs used Post much the same way. think about the high end, too. Comput
Script in his NeXT computer's laser Odds are that you'll never see out ers are being used to make movies, TV
printer and on its screen. line fonts on the 64. It's just not practi commercials, magazines, and much,
And here are last week's develop cal, But there's no reason that you much more. No single computer is good
ments. (Breathe again.) Apple an couldn't hook up the 64 to a PostScript at everything, The 64 has its limita
nounced that Microsoft will be laser printer and substitute the printer's tions, after all. It's helpful to look up
supporting its new font technology built-in fonts for your onscreen fonts. occasionally and see what other com
(code-named Royal) in exchange for puters are being used for. And after all,
Microsoft's PostScript clone. Adobe's High-End Graphics I suppose that's what "Horizons" is all
John Warnick got nasty, then said he Another thing you'll probably never about. If Commodore decided to make
will release the specifications for the see on the 64 is a high-quality ray- a new 64 with a hi-res screen and a lot
"hints" that Adobe uses to improve the tracing program. A ray tracing is a of colors, you could sea whole new
quality of scaled fonts. Jobs (as you graphic that traces a light ray from kinds of programs appear.
might expect) said that Apple and Micro every pixel on the screen out into a 3-D By the way, if you read last
soft are making a huge mistake. model of the real (or unreal) world. If month's "Horizons," you may be inter
My favorite part is where Apple the ray hits something blue, the pixel ested to know that I received several
will be blue. If the ray hits something more suggestions (each one unique) as
sues Microsoft and then joins up with
them. Capitalism makes for strange red, it will be red. The ray may bounce to who was the first to discover the
off metallic surfaces or move through properties of the sums of consecutive
The story isn't easy to follow, espe- glass surfaces. numbers. The world may never know.G

10 COMPUTEI's Gazette January 1990

pgrammer's page Two Otiti Ideas
Randy Thompson however, you can perform this opera completely relocatable, however. To
tion from machine language: move its starting address, simply
"The Programmer's Page" is interested change the value assigned to the vari
in your programming tips and tricks. able SA in line 111). You might try loca
LDA #$34
Send all submissions to The Program tion 828, the 64's cassette buffer. At 67
mer's Page, COMPUTEI's Gazette, bytes, this routine is small enough to fit
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, North After feeding this code to your 64, almost anywhere.
Carolina 27403. We'll pay $25-550 you can access all of the RAM that the SR 100 REM PRINT SPOOLER
for each tip we publish. computer has to offer. Note that inter PP 110 SA=49152
rupts must be disabled before the RAM HO 120 FOR A=SA TO SA + 66
Did you know that there's 4K of RAM is switched in. If they aren't, the 64 at BS 130 READ D:POKE A,D

hidden beneath the 64's hardware reg tempts to call interrupt routines that no MM 140 NEXT
SP 150 DATA 32,121,0,240,59,32
isters? Or that with some Commodore longer exist. And remember, after this
,231 ,255
printers you can print disk-based text RAM is in place, you lose all access to 32,212,225,165,183
files while the disk drive and printer art' chip registers and ROM routines. You're ,249 ,49,169
completely disconnected from your completely on your own; you can't even KR 170 DATA 1,160,2,32,186,255

computer? change the border color, make a sound, ,32, 192

or read a key from the keyboard. KE 180 DATA 255,169,0,32,139,2

The following is a list of interest
ing, if not useful, facts about the 64 and To return the computer to normal,
AM 190 DATA 162,4, 160,7,32,186
its peripherals. It's the type of infor use these instructions: ,255 ,32
mation that you may have heard at one ER 200 DATA 192,255,162,2,32,2
LDA #$37
time or another, thought Gee, that's 01,255,162
STA $01
neat, and then quickly forgot because PJ 210 DATA 1,32,196,255,32,15
CLI 1,238,169
there was no obvious application for
XJ 220 DATA 0,133,153,169,3,13
such a strange feature. The most obvious use for this RAM
Tips like these can be quite valu would be for data storage. Personally, AK 230 DATA 76,8,175
able in certain situations, however, so I'd like to see someone execute program
take a close look and see what you can code here, although I'm still trying to To use this program, type it in, run
find. There's bound to be something think up practical reasons why anyone it, and then execute a SYS 49152 "file
here to pique your imagination. After should do so. How about you? Do you name",device # where filename is the
all, such arcane pieces of hacking trivia have any ideas? name of the sequential ASCII file and
are often the sparks that ignite great devkctt is the device number of your
new programming ideas. Computerless Printing disk drive (usually 8 or 9). The disk
Because of the way Commodore peri drive will whir and the printer should
Rarely Used RAM pherals communicate via the serial bus, start printing the specified file.
Just like BASIC and Kornal ROM, hard you can print disk-based text files while This routine has a couple of quirks,
ware locations 53248-57343 ($DO0O- the disk drive and printer are complete as you'll find out if you run it. First, the
$DFFF) hide a block of RAM which can ly disconnected from your computer. disk drive doesn't know when it has
be switched in and out by POKEing When the computer wants a device to finished with its task, so it keeps spin
memory location 1. (Note: The video receive data, it sends that device a ning happily along until you enter the
chip always sees this memory as char LISTEN command. When the computer command CLOSE 1. Second, it only
acter ROM.) Because activating this wants a device to transmit data, it sends works with certain printers. To check
RAM blocks access to the VIC II chip, that device a TALK command. By send whether it works with your printer,
SID chip, CIA chips, and even BASIC ing the printer a LISTEN and the disk you II have to type in the program, run
and Kernal ROM, this is undoubtedly drive a TALK, you can get your peri it. and see what happens.
the most unused area of RAM found on pherals to communicate with each oth Now here's a challenge. I'd like to
the 64. er, without having to use the computer see this technique expanded on, and
To switch in the $D000-SDFFF as a translator. most of all, I'd like to see it work on all
RAM, store a 52 (S34) into location 1. For example, the following pro printers. So if any of you adventuresome
This turns the 64 into an all-RAM ma gram prints text files from disk without programmers can get this computer-
chine. Every single byte of memory, tying up your computer's microproces independent, file-printing routine to
from $0000 all the way up to SFFFF, be sor. In fact, once the initial TALK and work on all Commodore-compatible
comes random access memory (this is LISTEN commands haw been sent, you printers, send it to me at the address list
when your 64 truly becomes a 64K can unplug the disk drive and printer ed above and I'll check it out. If it works,
computer). Because the 64's operating from the computer and the file will con I'll print the program here and mail you
system relies heavily on the use of tinue to print. (Of course, the disk drive a check for $50. Get it to work with all
ROM routines and I/O chips, you can't and printer must remain connected to printers on both the 64 and 128, and I'll
execute this POKE from BASIC and get each other.) send you $75. So break out your assem
away with it—your computer will lock By default, this program uses loca bler and your programming manuals—
up. Using the following instructions, tions 49152-49218. The program is you have a job to do. G

COMPUT&s Gazelle January 1990 It

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Circle Reader Service Number 140

for beginners Lesser-Known Commands
Larry Cotton lenglh of one side (S); it's opposite the TOPA (Tangent OPposite over
known angle and is thus called, appro Adjacent)
Happy New Year! If you've been fol priately enough, the opposite side. We
lowing this column for any length of also know the side adjacent to the Solving the Triangle
time, you may realize that we've cov known angle. It's called, not surprising Getting back to our problem; Since we
ered a lot of BASIC commands (almost ly, the adjacent side. (The long side, op- know the side adjacent to the 40-degree
50), and thiit we've done a lot with posile the right angle, is unfortunately angle and are looking for the side oppo
them. How could there possibly be not called the long side, but rather the site it, we use the third of the above
more? Well, there are. hypotenuse.) formulas:
This month, I'll begin a series on Here are the three formulas that
TAN 40 ^ S/3 (opposite side/adjacent
some of the lesser-known commands of you may recall from math classes (past
the BASIC language. Although they or present) which deal with angles of
may be used infrequently, these com triangles: it's extremely important to choose
mands are both powerful and conven the correct formula of the three, so stop
SIN X — opposite/hypotenuse
ient. They are (in no particular order): right now and make sure you under
COS X ™ adjacent/hypotenuse
SIN, COS, TAN, ATN, ABS, SGN, stand why we picked the third one. It
TAN X ™ opposite/adjacent
WAIT, POS, LOG, EXP, AND, and OR wouldn't have worked to solve for sine
(and this still doesn't complete even the where X represents the angle. As you because we don't know either the side
Commodore 64's basic BASIC!). can see, SIN (which stands for, and is opposite the 40-dogree angle or the hy
SIN, COS, TAN, and ATN are use pronounced like, sine), COS (for co potenuse. The cosine could have been
ful In solving certain math problems— sine), nnd TAN (for tangent) are simply used to find the hypotenuse—but not
especially those that involve triangles fractional representations, or ratios, of the opposite side.
and other geometric figures. In turn, so- lengths of a triangle's sides. As a trian Ready to move on? We want to de
lutions to these math problems are gle gets larger or smaller while allowing termine S (which represents our
often required to draw high-resolution the three angles to remain the same, the unknown side's length) on the left side
graphics images on the screen. ratios of the lengths of the sides remain of the equation. 1 use cross-multiplica
SIN, COS, TAN, and ATN arc constant. tion to achieve this (I'm a firm believer
used to find lengths of sides and sizes of A memory aid to help in remem in shortcuts):
angles in certain triangles. There is bering these basic formulas are three
TAN 40/1 - S/3
nothing at all mysterious about these acronyms: SOPH, CASH, and TOPA.
commands; they're quite easy to use, as The meanings of the acronyms are as Multiplying S by 1 is equal to TAN
we'll see. The computer, of course, does follows: 40 times 3. Thus, S equals 3 times TAN
the hard part. 40 degrees. On most hand-held scien
SOPH (Sine = OPposile over
In order to use these BASIC func tific calculators, to find the tangent of
tions (SIN, COS, TAN, and ATN), the 40 degrees, just press 4, and 0, and then
CASH (Cosine — Adjacent Side over
particular triangle you're considering hit the TAN key. Unfortunately, we can
must contain a right (90-degree) angle no/ enter PRINT TAN 40 and press RE-
(or be able to be broken into smaller tri
angles that do). Figure 1 shows such a Figure 1. A Right Triangle
triangle—a tight triangle. Without go
ing into any great trigonometric detail,
we first must become familiar with sev
eral terms, specifically, the labels for Onposlle Side —
the sides and angles of this triangle.
To calculate any one thing about a tri
angle, you must know at least two other
things besides the fact that one angle is
90 degrees. Let's say we know another
angle is -10 degrees and one side is three
inches. (Angles are commonly ex
pressed in degrees in both the English
and metric systems; lengths are usually Known Angle
expressed in inches, feet, yards, or
miles in the United States and Great
90° Angle ■
Britain, while most of the rest of the
world expresses them in meters or frac 3"
tions of meters.)
In Figure 1, we want to find the A[]|;iccnt Side

14 COMPUTE! s Gaiotto January 1990

TURN on a computer. The computer Figure 2. Plotting a Right Triangle on a 64 Screen
works only in radians, unlike the calcu
lator, which can usually handle either
degrees or radians. (A radian is equal to
180/ti degrees.) 320
Here's a short program that con
verts angles from degrees to radians
and then calculates the sine, cosine, and
tangent of the angle.
100 Pixels
20 R=A/(180/n)
50 PRINT"COS OF"A"DEG. -"COS(H) 160 Pixels
60 PRINT'TAN OF"A"DEG. -'TAN(R) ■■"in ■* 160,100

To calculate our unknown side 5, ^-Hypotenuse = 40.31

v 35 Pixels
we simply add one more line:
90° Angle - 100,135
ii ?n Pixels

If we enter 40 at the input prompt,

we now have a final answer of about X = 60.255°
2.5 inches. Does this look like a logical
length for Hide 5? (I'm also a firm be Y=20.7«°
liever in checking to see whether an an
swer makes sense.)

Hi-Res Screen
Use of Trig Functions In Graphics
In plotting points, or in drawing lines
on a computer screen, we often use
trigonometric functions (SIN, COS,
TAN, ATN) to calculate angles. If a
any given number to a power. If we in
point is located at (160,100) on a Com 30 D-R'180/7[:REM ANGLE IN
modore 64's high-resolution screen, it's DEGREES
put 20 and 35 at the prompts, the com
puter squares them, yielding 400 and
160 dots (or pixels) from the left edge 40 PR1NT"ANGLE IS"R"RADIANS"
and 100 pixels down from the top, or 50 PRINT"OR"D"DEGREES"
1225. Adding 400 and'l225 yields 1625.
We then take the square root of 1625 to
approximately in the center of the
To find the upper angle (call it Y), get 40.31 pixels, the length of a line clos
screen. The following are two of the
we write ing the triangle. Try entering 3 and 4 at
first steps in plotting a line from that
the prompts; then enter 5 and 12.
point to another point, say (180,135). TAN Y — opposite/adjacent
Actually, plotting these high-reso
(See Figure 2.) or
lution lines is unfortunately beyond the
TAN Y - 20/35 - 0.5714 (approximately)
• Find the horizontal distance from one scope of this column, but it's covered to
Then change only line 20 in the some extent in the Commodore 64 Pro
point to the other. In our example, it's
above program as follows: grammer's Reference Guide. Next month:
180 - 160, or 20 pixels.
More trig! (j
20 R-ATN(H/V)
• Find the vertical distance from one
(Of course, you probably remem
point to the other. In our example, it's
ber that the sum of the angles in a trian
135 - 100, or 35 pixels.
gle equals 180 degrees. So, once you
know angle X, you could easily deter
Thus, we now have a triangle with
mine angle Y by mere subtraction.)
two sides (20 and 35 pixels) and one an
The length of the long side—the
gle {90 degrees). We should be able to
hypotenuse—can be found by using
calculate everything else about the tri
SIN or COS now that we know the an Looking for a Widget
angle. If we want to know the lower an
gles. Try these. It can also be found for your Printer
gle (call it X), we should again use the
without using any of the trig functions,
TAN function: and need it now?
since we know the two perpendicular
TAN X — opposite/adjacent sides' lengths. We use the Pythagorean Call Precision!
or Theorem, which says that the hypote Precision Images stocks a complete
TAN X = 35/20 - 1.75 nuse is equal to the square root of the selection of parts, supplies, and
sum of the squares of the two perpen manuals for these printers:
We now know the angle's tangent,
dicular sides. Translated into BASIC: C. ITOH, 9UME, CITIZEN,
but not the angle itself. How do we de
termine the angle X? Use ATN (Arc- 10 IN1'UT"HORIZONTAL S1DE";H
TaNgent), which is actually the inverse 20 INPUT"VERTICAL SIDE";V
of the tangent function. Enter this short For V[sa/MC/Amex Cal!
program: 40 HYP-SQR(SUM) 1-800-524-8338
50 PRINT"HYPOTENUSE ""HYP Precision Images
10 H™20:V-35 P.O. Box 573
20 R = ATN<V/H):REM ANGLE IN Recall that the up-arrow symbol Chester. NY 10918
RADIANS (on the same key as the pi symbol) raises
Chcl* lesdni Sum Numboi 133

COMPUTS's GbzbUb January 1990 15


Mickey McLean

The personal computer industry computer in the summer of

has just come through its first 1977—Commodore wasn't a
decade. And what a wacky ten household name until the early
years it has been — a roller- 1980s, when the rest of the world
coaster ride of steep peaks and discovered personal computing.
deep valleys. Commodore's trip Here's a nostalgic look at an
has been especially long and wild. astounding decade of Commo

As an early player—Commodore dore innovations, laughs, and

actually introduced the PET gaffes.

16 COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 1990

After four years of covering Commodore computers in
COMPUTE! magazine, COMPUTE! Publications launches
a dedicated Commodore magazine, COMPUTERS Gazette.
WINTER This magazine, which debuts in July, is an instant hit,
The VIC-20 is introduced at £299. Personal computing tracking as one of the fastest growing magazines in pub
for the masses is now possible, but there are problems- lishing history.
the first units run too hot and radiation emission stan
dards are not met. At Summer CES, the redesigned P128 becomes the
B128/256-80, a monochrome-display, 80-column business
computer. Release date is set for 1984, but the machine
never makes it. The SX-100 portable is renamed the Ex
ecutive 64. It now includes a six-inch color monitor and
sells for $995.
The Commodore Unimax or Max Machine is introduced. Commodore announces that the wholesale cost of the 64
This $179.95 game machine has a full-size bubble- will be cut to $200.
membrane keyboard and uses the same processor chip,
sound chip, video chip, Datassette recorder, joystick, FALL
paddles, and game cartridges as the soon-to-be-re I eased Many new peripherals are released by Commodore: the
64. It is sold in Japan, but never makes it to the U.S. Datassctte, the 1525-E Printer, the 1515 Disk Drive, and
the 1541 Disk Drive. Also debuting are the BMC Color
SPRING Monitor and the Exactron Stringy Hoppy, a high-speed
The 1540 Single-Drive Floppy, long promised for the cassette-based data storage device. Third-party software
VIC, is released. developers bring a flurry of new products for the rapidly
growing market.
Evolution becomes revolution with the Commodore 64. Commodore tops $1 billion in sales. t>
Its 16-colors, eight sprites, 40-column screen, and sophis
ticated sound (SID) chip dazzle the computing world. In Comir KKMItR ISSUI VIC-20'

troductory price is $595.

Commodore announces the P-Series. The PI28 (also
called the P-500) is to be a souped-up 64 with 128K ex i ji> -^-.tjt^ilt^ 71. ■^■■K.>..T -l~ . ■ •- I*. .. ■

pandable to 896K that sells for $995.

AnExdting ££_
AclionUarne *.«...-_„_-
r. ,t*i l ■ - ,.•■.,,— Am ft

^^1EKT* **^dWi *■■*•«

The Consumer Electronics Show becomes Commodore's
main venue to introduce new computers and peripherals.
At the January Las Vegas show. Commodore debuts the
Commodore SX-100, a portable 64. Bundled with a
black-and-white screen, the introductory price is $995. A
version with a color screen and two drives costs $1,295.
This machine is never released—although a later incarna
tion will become available. Commodore's early pre-PET
business product, the hand-held calculator, is resurrected
in the HHC-4 {HHC is an acronym for Hand-Held Com
puter). This calculator-style unit features a 24-character Two music peripherals from
liquid-crystal display and contains 4K of RAM expand Commodore—the Digi-Drum
able to 16K. Commodore sets the price at $199 but never (left), a plug-In synthesized

offers it for sale. Other products showing at CES percussion instrument for
the 64 and VIC, and a plug-in
include a plug-in synthesizer keyboard
synthesized keyboard for
and a voice synthesizer, each listing
the 64 (below)—debuted at
for under $100. Another music the January 19B3 Winter
peripheral Commodore introduces Consumer Electronics Show.
is Digi-Drum, a three-pad syn
thesized drum kit that sells for
$59.95. A four-pen printer plotter
for the 64 and VIC ($199.95) and
a 13-inch color monitor ($299.95)
are also prominent. Commodore also
shows an experimental prototype of the
VIC-20 with a Sony Watchman built into the

Rumors spread about a price reduction of

the 64 to 5399.

COMPUTE-s Gatetta January 1990 17

first MS-DOS ma
chine, the PC 10,
WINTER came to the U.S.
Gazette's January issue introduces SpeedScrifit, the soon- after it was al
to-be-popular word processor for the VIC and 64. ready a proven
success In Eu
rope and
At January CES, the Executive 64 is now known as the
SX-64. This version, priced at $995, features a built-in 5-
inch color monitor and a 170K 5Vt-inch disk drive. The
biggest stirrings at CES center around the Commodore
264 and 364. The 264, which is to feature built-in appli
cations software, 60K of RAM, and 128 colors, is expect
ed to be sold for under $500. The 364 is reported to add
built-in speech and 48K of ROM. Other product introduc
tions from Commodore include the 1703 Color Monitor, WINTER
SFS 481 Fast Disk Drive for the 264 and 364, 1542 Disk Commodore introduces the 1551 Disk Drive, originally
Drive, a plastic screen overlay dubbed the Commodore announced as the SFS 481 for the Plus/4. The 1551 is
TouchScreen, the Commodore Light Pen, ami the Mag not compatible with the 64.
ic Voice Speech Module.
Buzzing at Winter CES centers on the introduction of the
A scaled-down version (16K) of the 264 named the TED- Commodore 128. Commodore announces that this 80-
16 is introduced after CES with a price point under $100. column computer will sell for less than $300. For the
third time in as many years. Commodore attempts to
In February, Commodore founder Jack Tramiel moves to market a portable computer. The under-$600 Commo
Atari. Marshall Smith assumes the leadership role. dore LCD laptop computer features built-in software, a
modem, and a flip-top screen. It never hits the market.
SPRING Other CES product announcements include the 1571
With the May issue, Gazette readers can now purchase Disk Drive, 1901 Monochrome Monitor, 1902 RGBI/
each month's type-in programs on disk. Composite Monitor, Commodore Mouse, and 1670 Mo
dem. Commodore also announces the formation of a na
SUMMER tional service network that includes 160 RCA service
The 264 is renamed the Plus/4. The TED-16 becomes centers, 800 Sears stores, and 1300 other locations.
the Commodore 16.
Pepsi Cola executive Thomas Rattigan replaces Marshall
Smith as Commodore president.
Commodore stops production of the V1C-20.

The 364 is shelved indefinitely. SUMMER

Commodore jumps on the PC-compatible bandwagon by
At Summer CES, Commodore introduces the DPS 1101 announcing availability in the U.S. for the FC10 and
daisywheel printer for the Plus/4 and the MPS 802 dot- PC20, both proven successes in Europe and Canada. The
matrix printer. The MPS 803 dot-matrix printer for the UNIX-based Commodore 900 Business Computer is also
C16 is also displayed. The 1531 Cassette Unit makes an introduced.
appearance. Also at CES is a group from the Amiga Cor
poration, quietly showing a prototype of a new machine Commodore's booth at Summer CES features the 1572
code-named Lorraine. Disk Drive, MPS 1000 Printer, 1670 Modem, and Com
modore Mouse Controller. Third-party software devel
In August, Commodore purchases the Amiga Corporation. opers pledge to support the 128.
Months later, Tramiel files suit on be
half of Atari over rights to the Amiga.
Commodore usually announces its newest products at itie Winter and Summer Consum
er Electronics Shows. Many of these products made their debut more than once.
■ Commodore attempted several times to market a portable computer. The firs! of
these was the SX-100, which was renamed the Executive 54 a year later. Six monttis
after that, it was rechristened the SX-64. The following year the SX-64 was ditched
and the Commodore LCD with a flip-top screen made its debut. The SX-64 was the
Commodore 16 only model to actually make it to the marketplace.
■ Trie Plus/4 began its life as the Commodore 264, while a scaled-down version of the
264 started out as the TED 16 and was later reproduced as the Commodore 16.
Commodore sells its Santa Clara man
■ The planned P128, a souped-up 64, later became the P-500, and then was reworked
ufacturing center and closes its Dallas
as the B128/256-80, a monochrome business computer.
Research and Development center. ■ A strange reincarnation involved the inner workings of a 64 placed Inside the outer
casing of a PET. This was known as the Educator 64.
Commodore announces the Educator ■ The original 64 took on a new, sleeker exterior and became known as the 64C; the
64 computer. Old PET casings are 1541 Disk Drive, which became the 1541C, was also cosmetically changed.
pulled out of warehouses, dusted off, ■ The 12QD was actually a rerelease of the European version of the 128. It was not
and used to house the system. A originally released in the U.S. because the, FCC at that time would not approve the
computer's configuration.
built-in monochrome monitor is

18 COMPUTERS Gazono January 1990

Commodore always had the best of intentions to actually release the products an
The popular
nounced at CES, but many were only prototypes and never made it to store shelves. Commodore
Like all personal computer companies, Commodore now (aces stiff competition
Irom game-machine makers. Most people So not remember that Commodore had a
game machine of its own. ThB Max Machine (sometimes known as the Unimax) was
patterned after the 64 but was sold only in Japan.
Commodore, known for hand-held calculators before entering the computer arena,
announced but did not release the HHC-4. Like many of the hand-helds being released
today, the HHC-4 could exchange data with personal computers, in this case, the 54 and
The Commodore 364 was mostly talk and was patterned after the 264 (or Plus/4). It
would feature built-in speech and 48K of ROM. It was scrapped completely a year after
Commodore's initial announcement.
The portable SX-100, Executive 64, and Commodore LCD never made it. although
the SX-64 portable had modest success. It's now regarded as a collector's item.

198 6 198
Berkeley Soft works reenergizes the 64 with the introduc Commodore's MS-DOS line extends with the introduc
tion of GEOS. tion of the Commodore Colt.

Commodore lays off 140 workers at its West Chester, SUMMER

Pennsylvania, headquarters. GEOS 2.0 is introduced at Summer CES.

Commodore returns to Summer CES armed with the Commodore introduces the Amiga 2000HD and 2500.
new-look 64C and confidence bolstered by the popularity
of GEOS. Commodore announces the bundling of GEOS
with the 64C. Other products on display include the
1541C Disk Drive (a new color-coordinated version of
the 1541 to match the 64C) and the 1802 Monitor with
an 80-column monochrome mode. The Amiga, now posi
tioned by Commodore as a business computer, is con
spicuously absent from the show.

Commodore reveals losses totaling $127.9 million for fis Commodore returns to CES with its complete line of
Amigas and new PC compatibles.
cal 1986.

Max Toy resigns, and Harold Copperman is lured away

from Apple to replace him.

Commodore changes its marketing course and brings the
Amiga 500 and 2000 to Winter CES. The Commodore
128D, with detached keyboard and built-in 1571 disk
drive, makes its U.S. debut. Other new Commodore
products include the $399 1581 Disk Drive, which han
dles 3'/!-inch disks, and the $129 1764 RAM Expansion
Module. Commodore extends its PC line with the PC10-
1 and the PC10-2. Toy Copperman

SPRING Commodore announces plans to reassert itself In the edu

SpeedScript 3.2 is featured in the May issue of Gazette. cation market, with an emphasis on its Amiga line.

Max Toy replaces Thomas Rattigan as president of Rumors of the 128's death are confirmed in July.
Commodore announces profits of S28.6 million for fiscal The Amiga 500 is mass-marketed through outlets such as
1987. Sears. G
COMPUTE'S Ga^artB January 1990 19
Computer of the 21st Century
Fred D'lgnazio Surprise, Surprise! things up, we use the SAM speech syn
The Amiga is clearly Commodore's thesizer. 1 think that a real multimedia
This month, we'll take a break from the multimedia computer of choice. If Nin computer of the future should be able
Great Commodore vs. Nintendo Debate. tendo survives the 1990s (see my to talk to you!"
I'm still getting dozens of letters (some November column, "The Death of Nin Everyone in the class was in shock.
times daily!). We'll leave the debate for tendo"), it will probably have a battle We gathered around the 64 and
now and talk about a surprise subject: on its hands with the Amiga. watched the teacher as he hooked the
the 64 as a computer of the future. computer to a VCR with a simple video
dub cable from the monitor jack on the
The Buzzword ol the 1990s "What sort of computer do 64 to the VIDEO IN jack on the back of
This past Tuesday, 1 was in Hint, Michi the VCR.
gan, teaching a workshop for the Michi you use?" I asked, certain I'd He showed us how he created fan
gan Department of Education. The cy video titles, credits, and animations
subject of the workshop was multimedia. hear him talk about his Mac on the 64 and transferred them to a
Multimedia is the buzzword of the blank videotape on the VCR just by
1990s. It means being able to hook up or his Compaq 386. "This pressing the VCR's record button. He
all kinds of other electronic gadgets to used his 64 to play music and generate
your computer—things like video cam computer right here," he said speech, and he transferred these sound
eras, VCRs, musical keyboards, video effects to the VCR through the VCR's
discs, audio compact discs, CD-ROM quietly, pointing at the meek AUDIO IN jack.
players, and so on. We watched homemade desktop
By the time you've finished plug little 64 sitting on the videos, colorful electronic slide shows,
ging everything in, your computer and students' music videos, all created
bears little resemblance to the familiar desktop. with the help of a lowly 64.
machine you once used to play adven
ture games, do word processing, or sign A New Debate
on to a bulletin board. But wait. Maybe there's another So, readers, what do you think? What
A "multimedia computer" can do contender, a computer so modest, so features should a multimedia computer
all these things. But it can also display humble, so inexpensive that no one has have? And which computer do you
lifelike, color photos, and full-motion realized its true potential. No one has think will carry us into the twenty-first
video; play high-fidelity music, voices, taken it seriously as a multimedia ma century?
and sound effects; and run colorful, ani chine, but it's a computer that could The Amiga is a high-performance
mated slide shows. launch us into the twenty-first century. workhorse, but the 64 has some things
Maybe it's the Nintendo of the Enter the Commodore 64. going for it, too, including its low cost,
twenty-first century! When my workshop began, I dem its ingenious developers, and its incred
onstrated the Amiga as the "multi ible versatility. Which will survive?
Commortora's Canlender media platform of the 1990s." I stressed Write to
The computer I use to conduct multi that, to do real multimedia, a computer
media workshops is the Amiga. The had to have a high-speed CPU, incredi Fred D'lgnazio
Amiga is an obvious choice, given its ble memory, and a hard disk with at Computer of the 21st Century
high-quality graphics and sound, its least 20 million bytes of storage. c/0 COMPUTED Gazette
multitasking capabilities, and the large At that point, a teacher raised his 324 W. Wendover Ave.
number of hardware and software pro hand. "1 don't mean to disagree with Suite 200
ducts that link the computer to video what you've told us, Mr. D'Igna/io," he Greensboro, NC 27408 G
and to electronic music. said politely. "But I've been working on
Commodore has recently been em multimedia projects with my students
phasizing the Amiga's abilities as a for an entire year, and we haven't been
multimedia workstation in schools. At using an Amiga."
the National Educational Computing "What sort of computer do you
Use the handy
Conference (NECC) held in Boston last use?" I asked, certain that I'd hear him
Reader Service Card
June, the entire Commodore booth was tell me about his Apple Macintosh or
devoted to multimedia applications. his Compaq 386, in the back of the
Cartoons, video, graphics, and elec "This computer right here," he
tronic music poured from the Amiga said quietly, pointing at the meek little magazine to receive
computers sitting around the booth. 64 sitting on the desktop. "With my
You could create Hollywood-style trusty 64 and a $29.95 program (Home additional information
special effects—lights, cameras, ac Video Producer from Epyx), my students
tion—on a desktop, all on an Amiga and I can make desktop videos with
on our advertisers.
computer. It was, to say the least, very graphics, sound effects, and animation.
impressive. And when we want to really spice

20 COMPUTED Gazelle January 1990

Version 6.0
The first in a new series of integrated
C64/C128 hardware products from CMD

13 of Gazette's Best 128 Programs on Disk

MelaBASIC 128
Give your system a new lease on life and the power to
A tool ihat will change ihe way v°u program—adds 11 new powerful
commands to BASIC 7.0 compete with today's newer, more expensive machines
BAMdlsk 120
u.'irn-tast muni-line wrial tschrralogy. Lrafcfcs JitlyDOSto outperform Ca images,
Load and save all your programs at lightning jpeeO Gursl ROMs. Turbo ROMs and Parallel Spioms - wirnui any ol ifw dsadvarnagos
90-Column Disk Sector Editor Speeds up all disk optrations. Load. Save, Formal, Scratch. Validate, access
Inspect and alter data anywhere on disk with this exceptionally well- PiSG, SEC REL. JSR & direct access lies up to 15 times taster!
designed program 10014 Compatible-or your money back. GuaranteedloivorkwrJiallyour hardware
anisoftwara. including c»y-proteaed commercial pngrams.
Sort both one- and two-dimensional string arrays at machine language Uus no ports, memory or eitra cabling. The J'HjCOS ROMs upgrade jDur
speed—ideal lor custom-designed databases corrpUer and aVtvefs) inlerruly lor maiimuii speed and corrpatfciHy.
Easy Installation. No eleclroncsaxporiencrj or spscial tooS roquirod
GAMES SuppotU CM, b-'C. 5X61, Ci"a, Ci:jjD. 1541.1S41C, 11-11 II. 1571,1581 and mora
CantucompltttlirswKcrndouL S ever necessary. Iho lip ol a svrtchratums pjuto
Block Out
a 100% suck oor.(( - mthoul resafljng or powering down
Addictive, two-player strategy gome with outstanding graphics
BulIMn DOS Wedge. Plus 17 addnonal commands and oorwemenceleaiures,
Miami Ice Wing litocouier, screen dump, directory menu, and sirvjte-key loari'sawscraich
Frantic arcods-style game that challenges you to keep your car on the
road—an medial nigntmore
C-G4.SX-64 systsms J59.95; (M3f C-123U systems $69.95; Adtfldiive ROMs Si9.95
the Anlmali' Show Plea3« specify computer (wKh setiat number) and drives) when ordering
An animal orchestra plays your favorite composition In this enchanting
program lor kids ot all ages System in-iii.ii i ROMs lor compute and ono drive, User's Manual, iitustraiod step-by^tep
jaan Bo and 90 day r»r B wirronly.
Crlbbage AMS4I5aK.rqh3ndLn5Pnadi>i,plu5S31»laCOD.APO.FPO.AHHt.Pt1JCiruda
Kq5P,p.O..H.JCiuda SlOOO SlO.OO
dtfl IIn caw
adtfl a ovaseas ortas.
rt HA
HArisiderisMoSr.sateslJi. VISA MC. COD. Check, tfeiwy &dn.
Your 128 Is a crafty opponent in this electronic version of the classic AIcu 1 *e*s la pasonal checks U.G ?■ [-"-- <i< i] jjjiatte. Call u mile bim«e<iloniulicn.
card game
• Version 5.0 owners call for upgrade information and prices •
xpressCard 126
Versatile filer lets you store an amazing 116K in memory

JiffyJJQS Version 6.0

Sound Designer
Simulated audio-control board lets you create sounds and saye ony
one you like

Video Slide Show

New Features and Enhancements

Make your own custom slide show with this versatile program—works
with hkes and text screens

128 Math Graphic*

Stunning hl-res graphics display plus a toolkit lor your own
■ Built-in two drive file copior. Copy PHG, SEO, REL and USR filos twiween two
drives of an/ lypo or to and from REU's. Groat tor quick backups and moving
3-D BarGraphsr
programs and dies between 15J1,1571 & 1581 drives. Directory menu, two-key
Transform ordinary numbers into bold, multicolored 3-D graphs
commands, and Control-key combinations enable easy solochon ol source and desti
nation drives and the files you want to copy. Con also bo used to change Metypes.
All programs ore throughly tested and ready to run from our friendly,
easy-to-use menu system. Complete, easy-access documentation lor ■ REU support. The JiffyDOS commands now fully support Commodore RAM
each program is included on disk.
Expansion Units running under RAMDOS. Access your REU jusl like a disk drive
DON'T DELAY' ORDER NOWI without having io load special wedge utilities.

■1581 support. Copy programs and Wos from 1541 and 1571 drives to any partilion
VES' Send me. copies of Gajoffo's 128 Classics disk on your 1581. Movo betweon partitions easily wilh just a low keystrokes.
I've enclosed SI 1 -95' lor each copy
■ Supports CMD HD Series Hard Drives and RAHLInk. Enhances ihe
performance of CMD's new lino of integrated C64(C128 products.
■ Quick printer output toggle. A simple 3-key command switches output from
City Slate Zip screen to printer and back with ease. Eliminates Ihe bother ol having to type the
Wail personal check or money order to Amount complicated OPErM.4:CMD4 and PRINT#4:CLOSE4 command sequences.
COMPUTED 128 Classics Sales las* Redefinable 64-mode (unction keys. If the JilfyDOS function keys are not in
PO. Box 5168
Total your liking, you con easily rcdofmc them lo suit your specific needs.
Greensboro, NC 27403
Enhanced screen dump. Automatic screen mode recognition and prmiingof up
ONLY $9.95! percase/graphics 8 lowercase characters,

(plus $2.0D shipping and handling) Adjustable sector interleave. Enables you to increase disk-access performance
oven wilh hard-to-speedup software.
"Reuaenrs ot New York, Pemsytvcnua. and Ntxth Carolina caa appropriate vi\oi tqk
for your irate Ail aiders must be paia in U S funds by a ctiecK drown on o U E
bank. MailarCatOor VISA occopiod 'or orders ovor 520. Include cwd number and

enpnatlon aote Allow A-6 woeks lor delivery For delivery outtido Itm U S or Creative Micro Designs, Inc.
Canaao. □□□" 51 ror surraco moil or S3 'or onmani
50 Industrial Diive, PD Boi 646 Phone: 413-525-0023
East Longmeadow, MA O1G23 FAX: 413-535-0147
Circlo Header Serince NumDoi US
Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants
PRINTERS • 120 cps draft
•ISO cps speed with Im
drill • 45 Panasonic proved through
cps NLQ • neo ...ties.95* put capabitilies
lour resi 1181 1215.95
dent louts • ■'_ HS4 J287.95
variabla-width tractor •compact
1591 SCALL

$138 95
2161140 dpi re solii I ion and 1595 (CALL design wlbotlom paper feed
print pitches ranging Irom 3 '514 (CALL minimize space requiremnls.
to 20 cpi 1SO0 Series (NEW

Star Panasonic Cltlzon

NX-10QQ 1149.95' OTTico AuloniJirici'i^ \ KX-P1180 110 D . . H3fl B5
NX-IOOO Color 1209 95 \ 1 ISO D . 1154 95
NX-irjOOC 1159.95 •9-Pin personal primer • HSP-500 (315.35
NX-I0OOC Color S209 95 EZ-Sel operator panel • Brothar
NX-10OO Series I! 116S.95
adjustable pushlpull trac M1709 S345.95
NX-2400 SJ7J.95
Ml 7241 $579 95
tor leed • mullipla paper
Epson ■ """■c«"* """"■•
palhs • 19! Cps draft • Okldata
LX-81O S1B3.95
t-O-510 1319.55 33 cps NLO 95* Okimale 20wlr»rt I1B4.S5
172 1195.95
FX-BSQ 1329.95
182 Turbo (220.95
FX-IOSO 1439.95
LQB50 IS14.9S
Oainlllln Limited 183 .. SZ1B.95
azrj 1329 95
$529.35 Printer ribbons, cablet, connections and accoa orrii., avallablo lor
321 1455.35
all application*, plant Cull.


Geopubllsh SJ9.95 MJcroprose; Joysticks: Primer .'".■■ ■.'-■■.
Echelon S26.95 Geollle 128 539.95 Giinshlp ......... .125.95 S12.95 Xetee Jr. S35 95
Mich 128 S29.95
Gbos2.0 135.SS Stealth Fighter S2B.95 Bitriandte .(16.95 Xetec SuperQriphlc 155.95
Mich 5 $20.95
Biodeibund: Red Storm Rising . 128.95 I Controller . . . .112.95 Xetec Sold .174,95
Print Shoe I2B.SS OrtQlfi: 3-Way PPI .129.95
Maniac Manalon S23.95 Prim Shop Camp ., , 122.D5 Ulllmn IV (38.95 MW 350 .149,95
Nouromancer S25.D5 Oliktttn:
OraphlcLlo1.2.3.u. . .115.85 Ulllmi V (38.95
Rampage 522.95 111 Disk Nolernr Printer Ptptr:
Carmen Sin Olsgo Wl 122.95 Titnoworki:
Btltttty Sotlworlti: Xid.I 5Vi DSDD 1003 shool later S16.95
Carmen Stn Olego US 125.95 SwdlCilc 128 ... $11.95
Qsollli 64 S29.95 Xldai )» DSDO Banner Paper 45' Roll .110.95
Data Manager 2-64 112.95
Glos S4 135.95
Data Manager 128 . $18.95 Suetjo Protactors: Drive Maintenance:
Coos 118 139.95 . Call for * Partnnr G4 .117.95 OVS PP-102 .... .(18.95 KM Drfve Cleaner 14,95
Goonrlle 128 139.95 Partner 12B S1B.9S OVS PP-112 . . . .(15.95 3U Dr[«e Cleaner 14.95
Berkeley Tr I Pah S29.95 New Titles Ward Writer 12S . . 131.95 OVS PP-104 .... .323.95
Gnocilc 64 S29.95

■ 13" diagonal ROB/CgmposLtB
Color Display
ftflD S23LH9
* Grppn IdxI switch
• f-ii.ii ii. till siand • Low error data Iran
■ Inlorlace cables Included 2105 i. CompOtH* SG9-95 and reception over Stan da r
H10 CO* 14" - S?15.« up "■■ jphtj-i■■ Unas
14ZD EC* 14" . MU.W • Hayes compdlibFe with lh>
uiiIvo 1 SallyLniCf opiofl AT com-
mana eq|
2105 A
' Automallc Siandjird
GoldStar 1300hc .184.85
and Spoad Ad|jit TaDiuroB
1100 .
• 12"

tnicom IS HINT) . .S5I.9! 2J (INII SII9.SS
E-ercom 24* VHP 1149.55
E.itcom ZIE- HNP 1189.«

Excel FSD-2+ Disk Drive 64C Computer

64 Power Supply
C lit D Drm 141B.9S THo MW 701-A power
100% i 1.1,.i.,■■■■■ i .■ dilvo ccmpa 1541 II Dlik !■,,. 1174.OC Birppl^ made by Micro
bio. the Eicelornlor Plus Disk Drlva 10fl4 Color MorJio- 1278.95 R&D fealuraa double lus-
quiaior. amnrlor, faalor, and muro ad systems Bctinmahcs,
con pc nun

$139 95
ralJibl* ihin (he 1541 and 1541C. 1LI0 Wid.m 1SS.9S and a one-year warranty.
Stay Hhh the bast, stay
with Micro RtB.
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The most basic structure of the brain: the neuron

Neural Networks
Part 1

Kevin E. Martin

This month xve debut the first in a three-part series on neural

networks, probably the most promising line of Al (Artificial
Intelligence) research today. Author Kevin E. Martin,
currently working on graphics development at Data General,
is best known to Gazette readers as the author of several
popular utilities and applications, including SpeedCalc,
Screen-80, MiniFiler, and X-BASIC.

COMPUTE's Gazelle January 1990 23

Future Computing

Someday, computers will be able to speak, some growth process or metabolic change takes
hear, see, and maybe even think. Of place in one or both cells such that A's efficiency,
course, we're a long way from that day. as one of the cells firing B, is increased."
Today, researchers are trying to discover How close are we to building an electronic
the workings of the human brain by brain? Today's technology does allow us to build
building computer models similar to structures that computers that have the size and complexity of the
are thought to exist in the brain. These structures' brain. Computers are made from silicon chips
are called neural networks. The search has spawned which function at nearly 100,000 times the speed of
a new science, neural computing, and we're just neurons. You might conclude that the computer
now beginning to see some significant advances would be that much faster and more powerful than
within ihis field. a human, but even the fastest digital computer of
To understand tomorrow's computers, you'll today cannot tell the difference between an arm
need to understand what we know about the brain and a leg. Although we may have the technology
today. The most basic structure of the brain is the to build a silicon brain, we do not know how to
neuron (see the illustration on the preceding page). organize the elements of the neural computer to
Neurons are connected in a complex structure yield intelligence.
which allows each and every one of us to think. The field of neural computing deals with build
No one knows exactly how the neurons are inter ing computer models of the organizational features
connected, but nearly all cognitive scientists agree thought to exist in the brain. How can a brain be
that the power of the modeled? This is an
brain lies in the way extremely complex
that the neurons are question, but when
interconnected. you choose a neural
The neuron is network as a model
made up of a cell for the brain, the
body, several den- question can be bro
drites extruding from ken down into two
the cell body, and a much more manage
single axon (which is able problems: First,
much longer than what structure
the dendritic connec should be used in
tions). The way most the neural network?
of these cells com Second, what algo
municate to others is rithm should be used
by sending an elec to implement
tric pulse down the learning?
axon and transmit Even the fastest digital computer of Many types of
ting it to other cells neural network mod
today cannot tell the difference
that have dendrites els have been devel
near the active axon. between an arm and a leg. oped over the past
The region where several years. Most
the chemical interac fit into three broad
tion takes place is categories: associator
called a synapse. networks, optimizing
When one cell transmits its pulse across the syn networks, and self-organizing networks. The associa
apse to the another cell's dendrites, an electric po tor will learn to associate an input and an output
tential builds up in the second cell. Once this pattern so that when you present the network with
reaches a certain threshold, a pulse is sent down the input pattern, it will return the correct output
the second cell's axon to yet another cell's den pattern. One example of an associator is discussed in
drites. This is the process by which the neurons in the accompanying sidebar, "The Linear Associator."
the brain communicate. Optimizing neural networks are used in prob
Neural communication is fascinating, but we lems in which an optimum solution is desired, and
still haven't discussed the brain's most amazing no easy algorithm exists. This neural network archi
quality—its ability to learn. In 1949, Donald 0. tecture was first explored by physicist J. J. Hopfield
Hebb proposed a technique by which the brain in 1982. This type of neural network deals with
could learn, and it is now commonly known as the ideas taken from statistical physics, simulated an
Hebb synapse. It can be described as a modification nealing, and thermodynamics. The basic idea is to
of the strengths of the connections between two minimize the energy in the system. First, introduce
cells, but Hebb himself described it best: "When an a parameter into the neural network for tempera
axion of cell A is near enough to excite a cell B and ture and start the network out at a high tempera
repeatedly or persistently takes part in firing it, ture. This causes the processing elements (PEs) to

24 COMPUTE! s Gazelle January 1990

I! has taken more than eight calendar years to create KNIGHTS OF LEGEND, the crowning
achievement in medieval fantasy and role-playing. We've developed the most comprehensive
combat system ever, surrounded by a meticulously crafted world of strategy, action and emotion.
The lands are filled with hundreds of unique personalities and dozensof towns and hamlets—and
the people are filled with spirit, conflict and honor.


Available lor: IBMTandyfcompatibies, C-64/1M, Apple II series: coming soon lor. Amiga. Actual screens may vary.
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Cnctt Hinder Seivlcn Number 170

Future Computing

fire rapidly. Then, slowly cool the network down The LA neural network described in the sidebar
until it settles into a solution. learns to associate patterns of inputs and outputs,
Self-organizing neural networks are much clos but there are limitations. Only certain inputs are
er to the organizational principle thought to exist in leamable by the LA. Unfortunately, the number of
the human brain. Our brain begins in a random these inputs it can learn is limited to the number of
state, and as we learn more and more about the PEs in the input layer. So, even though you may
world and its complex interrelationships, our brain have five PEs in the first layer and you can present
begins to organize itself in a very structured way. 32 different input patterns to these five PEs, you still
No two brains are exactly alike, but generally they can make the network learn only five patterns.
have the same organization. The self-organizing A solution to the problem is found in another
neural networks start from a random state and type of associating neural network, back propagation.
lowly organize themselves into a very structured This architecture is the most commonly used neural
■attern. network today, and we'll discuss it in Part 2. G

layer 1
2) layer 2

a b c

layer 2

d e f

3) layer 1

Processing Elements (PEs) and connections in The connection matrix represents the strengths
3 simple Linear Associator (LA). of the connections between PEs in the LA.

The Linear Associator

Let's take a quick look at the linear associator (LA), a simple neural network used to associate inputs and outputs through a single layer
of connections.
Although most neural networks have very different structures, some similarities can be lound:

• A set of processing elements (PEs) • The learning and retrieval phases

• A connection matrix containing the weights • An input vector

of each connection between any two PEs
• An output vector
• The level ol activation
In a linear associator, each processing element (PE)—represented in the diagram by a circle with a number inside of it—corre
sponds to the body ol thB neuron, or in some cases, each PE corresponds to a group of neurons collectively working together. Each
PE represents some concept in the real world. Maybe a word, a letter, or even a single pixel in a grid where pictures of letters are pre
sented. The PEs are divided into separate groups, or layers, and they are numbered in order by layers. The lines connecting the PEs of
different layers correspond to the axon connections between neurons, and these connections are stored in the connection matrix.
When two PEs from different layers are connected, the strength, or weight, of the connection between them is stored in the
connection matrix. The connection matrix is used to determine how to propagate signals between layers. The signal starts in the layer
listed on top of the connection matrix and propagates to the layer listed along the side of the matrix. In this LA, the signal starts in layer
1 and goes to layer 2. Normally, the signal moves trom a layer with a lower number to a layer with a higher number. This is not the
case in all neural networks, but it generally holds true.
The weight of a connection is normally denoted by a number. If Ihe connection is excitatory (that is. if the PE in the first layer ex
cites the PE in the second layer), the weight of the connection is positive. If the connection is inhibitory (that is, if the PE in the first layer
inhibits the PE in the second layer), the weight is negative. In the LA (and most other neural networks), you need to have both excitatory
and inhibitory connections between PEs.
Every PE can be on, off, or somewhere in between. This is known as its activation level. The range of activation is usually between
Oand 1 or between -1 and 1. The LA uses activations between 0 and 1. where 0 is completely off and 1 is complete!/on. A PE is said
to be active when ils level of activation is near 1. Then, if the connection between it and another PE in the next layer is excitatory, Die
PE in the next layer becomes more active (that is, its activation level increases). The opposite happens when the connection is inhibitory.
The purpose of a neural network is to transform inputs to outputs. It does this in two distinct phases: learning and retrieval. During
Ihe learning phase in the LA, you present Input and output vectors, and the network learns to associate the two patterns. During the re
trieval phase, you present an input vector and the network gives you the output vector it has learned.
To teach our LA the correct patterns, we need to have a learning algorithm which will modify the weights in the connection matnx
so that during the retrieval phase (as above), the correct output vector will be given. The process of neural network learning is probably
the single most important feature of the network model. Without a learning algorithm, the networks could do only what they were de
signed to do when they were created. The most important feature of the learning algorithm to remember is that it works by modifying
the weights in the connection matrix.

26 COMPUTEIs Gazelle January 1990


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on steel. Shouts in a strange

language, Echoes.

Where are they you

wonder. What is this

Battle Station?

Casey clicks off the

safety on her Hyper-

Uzi. It thrums to life.


You flip down

your helmet. The

world goes suddenly

quiet, Your temples scream.

The radar in your helmet

flashes with color. "Here

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Sentinel Worlds "I:

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Role Playing Game

Designed by Karl Buiter
To otdtr Visit you; relailcoriill MO M5-4S2S torn Ui. or
Qnadi 6an id >pn PSTIcr VJu/MCor&ri.OirrdikhedlUSH
oj ViWMC >. urt-ioidtr rurat and rip. dJie to Ekttronk Am
Direct Salt!, P.O. Bai ijJO. Sin Milto. CA 94403. C64 itrsion
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Clrcln Raoder ServlCB Number 103
David W. Martin
Beginning with the 1541, the disk drives Option C allows you to write the
that accompany the Commodore 64 tast-loader machine language to disk,
have always been sluggish, especially and option D lets you create an autoboot
when compared to the drives in MS- file using 7581 FasiLoader, Both of these
Realize the full
DOS machines. With the introduction of options are explained in detail below.
the 1571 and 1581 drives, special burst Option S allows you to select the
potential of your 1581
routines were added to improve load disk drive on which 1581 Fastloader cre
times. But these were only available to ates its files. Pressing S increments the
with this fast-load
12a users; the f>4 user still had to wait. drive number by 1. When the number
Commodore drives are so slow reaches 11, pressing S cycles back to 8.
utility for the
that a whole new class of hardware and Option X simply returns you to
software products, called fast loaders or BASIC.
Commodore 64
lurbo loaders, lias grown up around
them. These products come in a wide Installing Binary Files
and 128.
variety of configurations, ranging from Pressing C from the Fast Loader Op
hardware-only products to hardware/ tions menu causes the following menu
software combinations to software- to be displayed:
only packages. Until now, most fast
Create 1581 Faslload Binary File
loaders have had two things in com sue, to enter ihe program. When you've
+ ) Increment memory location
mon: They sped up disk access times finished, be sure to save a copy of the
—) Decrement memory location
dramatically, and they were incompati program to disk.
Rl Toggle run on bootup
ble with the 1581 diskdrive. Now, 1581 When you run the program, it
I) Install fast loader on disk
Fas/Loader gives you the storage capaci reads in the machine language routines
X) Exit to options menu
ty of the 1581 plus extra speed. and then displays the Fast Loader Op
Fas! loader memory location: 52480
Using customized DOS routines, tions menu shown below.
Run fast loader: YES
I5S1 FastLoadcr provides high-speed
Fast Loader Options Computer: C64
data transfers that are up to nine times
A) Install fast loader at SC0O0/49152
faster than the standard Kernal load You can use the + and — keys to
B) Install fast loader at SCDOO/52480
routine. In some cases, it's almost twice change the starting address of J5S1
C) Create fasi Loader binary file
as fast as Quick!, the 1541 fast loader FastLoader. Pressing + increments the
D) Create fast loader autoboot file
published in the December 1988 issue. starting address by 256 bytes; pressing
S) Select device number
And it works with both the 64 and the - decrements it by 256.
X) Exit lo BASIC
128 without blanking the screen or The 64 version of 1581 faslLoader
Default device: 8
locking up non-1581 drives. Further can reside in two areas of memory:
Computer: C64
more, with the 1581 FastLoader installa from S0400 (1024) to S9D00 (40192)
tion program, you can relocate the The installation program automati and from SCO0O (49152) to SCD00
program to nearly any memory location cally senses whether it's running on a (52480). The installation program al
and create autobnol files that take full 64 or a 128 and configures itself accord lows you to place the fast loader any
advantage of the fast loader. ingly. If you're using a 128, options A where above $0400 (1024). This fealure
and B install the fast loader at $1300/ allows experienced users to place the
Typing II In 4864 and $1900/6400, respectively. 758J FastLoader under the BASIC or
15SI FastLoader is written in machine Options A and B install the fast Kemal ROMs. If you do place the fast
language, but we've listed it here as a loader in memory at the specified ad loader under the KOMs, you're respon
BASIC installation program that runs dresses and then turn it on. The SYS sible for switching them out before
on both the 64 and the 128. To ensure commands necessary to turn the fast loading a file.
accurate typing, use The Automatic loader on and off are displayed on the The 128 version of 1581 FasiLoader
Proofreader, found elsewhere in this is- screen. can be located anywhere in bank 0
COMPUTEI's Gazello January 1990 29
15B1 FastLoader

RAM. However, it works best if located file will overwrite it. Otherwise, leave it dress as part of the filename of the
between $1300 (4864) and $1900 on to speed up subsequent loads. binary file, so you can always deter
(6400). If you place the 128 version of Option I installs the autoboot file mine the deactivation address by look
1581 FastLoader below $1300 (4864), it on the disk. Before you press I, place ing at the disk directory. A less elegant
may conflict with other programs. Also, the disk containing the file to be auto way to disable 1581 FastLoader is by
it may not work with some bank config booted in the disk drive. The installa pressing RUN/STOP-RESTORE.
urations. Experimentation is the only tion program puts 1581 FastLoader in Although 1581 FastLoader speeds
sure way to determine whether the fasl memory and then prompts you for the up disk loads from within programs, it
loader will work with your program. name of the file. Type the name and doesn't speed up saves, verifies, or oth
The R option allows you to select press RETURN. Next, it asks whether er file-handling commands (OPEN,
whether or not the fast loader will be the program you intend to boot is writ PRINT*, GET=, and so on). Also, it
turned on after it's loaded. In some in ten in BASIC or machine language. If may not work with commercial pro
stances, you may want to load 1581 it's a machine language file, you'll have grams which are copy-protected.
FastLoader without activating it. If so, to enter its starting address.
set the R option to No. After you answer all the questions, How It Works
The 1 option installs the fast loader the program creates the autoboot file on 1581 FastLoader initially redirects the
on disk. Before pressing I, place the disk your disk. On the 64, the installation ILOAD vector at locations 816-817
to contain 3581 FastLoader in the drive. program creates one file with the name ($033O-$0331) to itself. Henceforth,
(You can select the drive from the Fast BOOT64. To autoboot and run your pro whenever you load from the disk drive,
Loader Options menu.) The installation gram with 15S1 FastLoader, simply type the program jumps to its own custom
program writes two files to your disk: LOAD"BOOT64",rfeurio,l, where devno routine. Otherwise, it executes the nor
BQOT.mxt and Fyyyy. where xxxxx is is the device number of the disk drive. mal Kernal routines.
the decimal starting address of the fast On the 128, the installation pro Like the Kernal load routine, 1581
loader and yyyy is the hexadecimal gram creates two files, AB128 and FastLoader reads data from the drive in
starting address. The first file is an auto- BOOT128. To autoboot and run your 256-byte sectors. But, unlike the Kernal
boot file that automatically loads and program, you must type LOAD"AB- routine, it uses both the DATA and
runs the second file. The second file is I28",devno,l, where devno is the disk CLK lines so that twice as much data
the code for the fast loader. drive number. 1581 FastLoader isn't (two bits) is transferred at a time. In ef
To use I5SI FastLoader from either compatible with BLOAD. If you try to fect, 1581 FastLoader turns the serial bus
the 64 or the 128, use a command of the autoboot your program by typing into a two-bit parallel bus.
form LOAD"BOOT.mxv':,rfr!»ic>,l. For BLOAD"AB128," your program may Some fast loaders store data in a
example, to load and run 1581 Fast- crash unpredictably. temporary buffer as it's received. 1581
Loader with a starting address of 49152 FastLoader skips this step and transfers
from the disk in drive 8, type LOAD- Fast Loading the data directly to its final memory lo
::BOOT.49152",8,1. Note that 1581 Once 1581 FastLoader is activated, no cation. Another unusual characteristic of
FastLoader isn't compatible with special commands are required to use it. this program is that it resides in both the
BLOAD, so 128 users also should use Simply type LOAD"'filename",S or computer and the disk drive. Each time
the LOAD command. \OAD1'filename",8,1 as usual. DLOAD you load a file using the fast loader, ihe
is supported on the C128, but BIOAD computer sends a 200-byte machine lan
Creating Autobool Files may behave strangely. Relocation isn't guage routine to the drive. The time re
Option D of the Fast Loader Options supported by 1581 FastLoader, so all quired to transfer this program before
menu allows you to create a 1581 Fast- files loaded with it are loaded at their each fast load explains why 1581 Fust-
Loader autoboot file. The installation saved address. In other words, 1581 Loader improves the load times for large
program displays the following menu FastLoader always loads as if you had files more than it does for smaller ones.
when you select the D option: typed lOAD"ftlenome"lB,l-
The difference between loading
Create 15S1 Fastload Aulobool File 1581 FastLoader
with the standard load routine and
A) Fast loader at SC000/49152 HQ 13 REM COPYRIGHT 1990 COMPU
loading with 15S1 FastLoader will
B) Fast loader at SCD00/5248O TE! PUBLICATIONS, INC. -
amaze you. The first thing that you'll ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
R) Toggle run fastioad after booting
notice is that the green light on the disk RF 20 DIMTL(746) ,FL(57| ,AB<97)
I) Install autoboot fast loader
drive flashes during a fast load. Don't ,FM(153],CB<95),ZB(180):
X) Exit to options menu
panic; this is normal. You'll also find
Fast loader memory location: 52480 GJ 30 HS = "0123456789ABCDEF":Hl)
that, unlike other fast loaders, the
Turn i.i-.i loader off after booting; YE5 S="":DN=0:VE=PEEK[772)»2
screen doesn't blank during the load.
Computer: C64 56*PEEK(773)
The normal system-loading messages
Options A and B allow you to se are displayed on the screen. Of course, EM SHIFTED SPACES
lect whore the fast loader will reside the most important thing that you'll no MK 50 CMS="C64":CL=52480:IFVE=

while the autobooted file (the file that tice about 1581 FastLoader is its speed. 17165THENCMS="C128":CL=6

the autobooter loads) is loaded. If With the fast loader activated, load 400
FS 60 GOSUB180: PRINTSPC (13| ;"
you're creating a 128 autoboot file, the times can be as little as one-tenth as
(5 DOWN}PLEASE WftlT..."
fast loader must reside at $1300 (4864), long as those achieved by the standard PP 79 FORI=52480TO53226:READXL
so neither of these options is offered. load routine.
Option R toggles the fast loader on Occasionally, you may need to dis FH 80 FORI=QTO57:READXL:FL(I)«
and off after the file is loaded. 1581 able 1581 Fust Loader and use the normal XL:NEXTI

load routine (for example, when the file QB 90 FORI=0TO9G:READXL:AB(I)-

FastLoader is used to load the autoboot
ed file regardless of how this option is you're loading uses the same area of
set. This option determines whether or memory as the fast loader). You can
not the fast loader remains activated disable 1581 FastLoader by typing HJ 110 FORI = 0TO78:READXL:CB#(I)
after the autobooted file has been load SYSxx.tx.t 4-3, where xxxxx is the fast =XL:NEXTI
ed. You should turn off the fast loader if loader's activation address. The instal SP 120 FORI=0TO179:READXL:£BU

there's a possibility that ihe autobooted lation program saves the activation ad )=XL:NEXTI

30 COMPUTE'S Gazelto January 1990

RN QK 500 FM(50)=ASC(M1DS(HDS,1,1 AX 909 GOTO830
SQ 159 IFCMS="C128"THEN170 }):PH(51)=ASC(MIDS(HDS, EK 910 IFCMS="C128"THEN1020
PE 160 FORI=52480TO53226:POKEI 2,1)) PA 920 GOSUB180:PRINT"f 3 DOVJW1
RN )):FM(53)=ASC(MIDS(HDS, D AT SCD00/5248n"
L (1-6400):NEXTI:RETURN H!l 520 IFCMS = "C128"THENPL-6400 YS52480 TURNS FASTLOAD
XH 180 POKE532B0,0:POKE53281,0 :G0TO54B TSPACEjON"
:PRINT"{CLRj {hOME)<7> SG 530 PL=524B0 BB 940 PRINT"{DOWN]{6 SPACESjS
(N)(hJ(6 SPACESl"CMS" 1 JQ 540 HI=AD/256:LO=AD-HI*256 YS_ 524B3 TURNS TASTLOAD
ER 190 PRINT"{DOWN}";TAB(19);" KG- 560 140:GOTO710
I.NSTALL PROGRAM V2.0" KEPL + 22,111 BC 960 IFCMS = "C128"THE!J1060
QM 200 PRINT"{D0WN}{5> AC 570 POKEPL + 29,HI-l.:POKi-:PL + 4 ER 970 GOSUB1B0:PI!INT"{3 DOWN)
0 compute; ehjbl., inc." MS 530 POKEPL+4 9,HI:POKKPL+80, D AT SC000/491521T
ha 210 printspc(10);"all right III RD 980 PRINT"{DOWN](6 RPACES}S
s reserved.":return SX 599 POKKPL + 12 8,111: POKEPL + 13 ^S 49152 TURNS FASTLOAD
ca 220 ifcm$="c128"then1880 ON"
SR 230 lFYHS = "m "THENFL(33)=2 RR.600 POKEPL+138,HI:POKEPL+14 PG 990 PRINT"[D0WriM6 SPACES)^
34:FL(34)=234:FL(35)=23 YS_ 49155 TURNS FASTLOAD
JH 240 IFYN5="YES"THENFL(33)=3 JG 1000 GOSUB150:AD=49152:GOSU
2:FL(34)=0:FL(35)=CL/25 GK 620 POKEPL+172,HI:POKEPL+18 B520:GOSUB1010:SYS4 915
6 9,HI 2:GOSUB140:GOTO710
PD 250 FS-STRS (CL) :FM$ = MID$(FS DG 630 POKE PLU 98, ill :POKEPL + 21 SQ 1010 FORI=0TO746:FL*PEEK<H-
,2,16) 3,HI 52480):POKEI+4D152,FL:
PS 270 DN=CL:GOSUB430:GOSUB480 0,111 81 FASTLOAD AT S1900/6
DP 380 PRINT#8,CHRS(202);CKRS( SR 660 POKEPLt3B5,HI:POKEPL+39 400"
02); 9,1! I RS 1030 PRINT"(DOWN)(7 SPACES)
CC 300 IFCMS="C128"THEN1950 8 , H I +1 SYS 6403 TURNS FASTLOA
CLOSES:OPEN3,DV,B,"0:F" BJ 700 DV = DV+1:IFDV>UTHENDV = 8 KP 1050 GOSUB150:AD=6400:CL=AD
+1(DS + ",P,W" DO 710 GOSUB18B:PRINT"(DOWN}"; :GOSUB520:GOSUB1820:3Y
JR 330 FORI-524B0TO53226:PRINT CR 720 PRINTTAB(lfl)"(BLU) {3 DOWN} _I_HSTftLLING 15
#8,CHRS(PEEK(I));:NEXTI {21 Y>t5>":IFCMS="C64"T 81 FASTLOAD AT $1309/4
RX 350 BFS="BOOT12B" 1300/4864" D ON"
T:";!INPUTOFS T ?190O/64flO":GOTO770 D OFF{DOWN)":GOSUBl50:
KS 380 GOSUB180:PRINT"!DOWN}BA 0/49152" UB1109:SYS4 864:GOSUBl4
FD 390 GETFTS:IFFT$O"B"ANDFTS T SCD00/52480" 6400):POKEI+4864,FL:NE
FB 440 H3^(DN-INT(HI)*4096-INT EP 810 PRINT"{DOWN)";SPC(11) ; " FD 1140 PRINT"{DOWN}{3 SPACES)
MS 450 H4- (DN-INT (lil) M096-INT V CATION"
(112) *256-INT(H3) *16) KA 820 PRINTSPC(ll);"(DOWN){5} HJ 1150 PRINT"(DOWN)I 3 SPACES}
FE 480 FL(50)=ftSC(MIDS [HDS,1,1 OTO1110 BE 1170 PRINT"{DOWN}{3 SPACES)
2,1)) XA 830 IFAS="D"THENMF=0:GOSUB1 U"
EB 490 FL(52)>ASC(MIDS[HDS,3,1 790:GOTO1340 XB 1180 PRINT"(DOWN}{3 SPACES}

COMPUTE!1* Gaze[(e January 1990 31

1581 fastLoatler
AT ION:fWNT}";CL SG 1550 PRINT"{DOWNlf5 SPACES] 267,194
PD 1190 PRINT"{5}(DOWN) SYJ3"CL" TURHS FAST LOA HF 1860 POKEPL*268,(CL/256)*2:
BC 1200 GETAS N 5,2,16)
MA 1210 IFAS="X"THEN710 PC 1570 AD=CL:GOSOB1540:GOSUB1 RG 1890 IFYNS="NO "THENFM[33)=
CJ 1220 IFA$="R"THENGOTO1270 50:GOTO1340 234:FM(34)=234:FM(35)=
DX 1230 IFAS-"I"THEN1290 XJ 1580 IFCMS="C64"THEN1610 234
RF IFAS="-"THENCL=CL-256: KR 1590 CL=4664:AD=CL:GOSUB154 KB 1900 IFYNS^"YES"THENFM(33)^
GOTO 1110 0:GOSUB150:GOSUB5 20:GO 32:FM[34)=0:FM(35)=CL/
JA 1250 IFAS="+"THENCL-CL+256: SU31820:GOSUB1100:GOSU 256
GOTO1110 B1820 JS 1910 OPEN8,DV,15,"S0:BOOT."
JD 1270 IFVN$""¥ES"THENYNS*"NO CH 16L0 GOSUB1540:GOSUB150:AD= ,"a:SO0T."+FMS+",P,W"
EG 1203 ¥NS = "YES":GOTO1U0 KF 1620 GOSUB180:GOSUB340:PRIN 0
GS 1290 GOSUB180:PRINT" T"(3 DOWN)"TAB19)"CREA PX 1930 PRINT#8,CHR$(107)jCHRS
GA 1660 IFCMS = "C128"THt:NGOSUBl
(DOWN)" GR 1970 IFCMS="C128"THENPL=640
ED 1323 GOSUB150:AD=CL:GOSUB52 990:GOTO1340 0:GOSUBie2B
0:AH=CL/256:AL=CL-(256 KA 1670 OPENS,DV,15,"S0: "tBFS: QF 1980 FORI=6400TO7146:PRINT;*
GD 1330 GOTO1110 FG 16B0 AM=CL/256:AL=CL-[256'A GH 1990 GOSUB2110:OPEN8,DV,15,
(7)(3 SPACESjCREATE 15 FP 1690 PRINT#8,CHRSO8) ;CHHS ( ,DV,8,"0:"+BFS+",P,W"
81 fastload autoboot f 031 ; DE 2000 AH»CL/256:AL-CL-(256*A
ileTblu)" CH 1700 AB(22)=4:AB(56]=AHiAD( H)
CB 1350 print"(2 spaces}{36 yj 87)=AH:AB(30)=AH:AS(51 QK 2010 PRINT*8,CHRS(00] ;CHR5 (
DR 1360 ifcms="c128"thencl=436 )=AH+3 19);
4!GOTO 1390 CG 1710 IFYNS="YES"THENAB(a5)= QF 2020 IFYNS="YES"THENCB(39)=
PK 1370 PRINT"<5}(2 SPACESjA) 32:AB(B6)=3:AB[87)=AH 32:CB(40)=3:CB(41)=AH
ER AT $C000/49152" 234 :AB (M) =234:AB(87) = 234:CB(40)'234:CB[41)=
PA 13BB PRINT"{DOWN)(2 SPACES) 234 234
B) FAST LOADER AT SCD0 PQ 1730 MHE/ ( ES 2040 MH=EA/256:ML=EA-(256'I
0/52480" NT (MH)) :IFMF = 1THENAB(B NT(MH)):IFMF=1THEMCB(4

QG 1390 PRINT"{5J(DOWN) 3]=76:AB(891=ML:AB(90) 5)-76:CB(46)=ML:CB(47)

BE 1400 PRINT"(DOWN(12 SPACES] (89]=96:AB(90)=166 (46)=13:CB(47)=22
KK 1430 PRINT"{DOWN]i5J XT1 HF 2090 PRINTtB,OF$;
TI:CLOSS8:GOSUB14 0:GOT AB 2110 FORI"1T016:ZB(64+I)=AS
{WliT]";CMS 3: YNS = "YES":GOTO1BL0 QH 2120 IFCMS="C64"THESZF5="AB
PC 1450 GETAS XF 1300 CL=6400:YNS="YES" 64":GOTO2140
MH 1460 IFAS="X"THEN710 HD 1810 RETURN XR 2130 ZFS="AB128"
SA 1470 1FAS="A"AHDCMS="C64"TH MD 1820 POKEPL*24,242:POKEPL+2 MP 2140 OPEN3,DV,15,"S0:"+ZFS:
ENCL=49152:GOTO1570 6,103:POKEPL+42,110:PO CLOSES:OPEN8,DV,8,"0:"
FS 1480 IFAS="B"ANDCMS="C64"TH KEPL+4 3,242:POKEPL+69, +ZFS+",P,W"
15 GF 2150 PRINT»8,CHRS(80)fCHRSt
RJ 1490 IFASa"R"THENGOTO1520 BS 1830 POKEPL+70,245:POKEPL+7 02);
BQ 1500 IFAS="I"THENAD=CL:GOSU 6,203:POKEPL+77,240:PO AF 2160 FORI=0TO179:PRINT#8,CH
FA 1510 GOTO1450 246 8:RETURN
":GOTO 134 0 13,24 5:?OKEPL+121,20 7: 4/128
RR 1530 YNS = "Y_ES":GOTO1340 POKEPL + 122,242:POKEPt.^ JK 2180 DATA76,6,205,76,20,205
FE 1540 GOSUBia0:PRINT" 307,17 ,32,155,206,169,205,16
(3 DOWN}(3 SPACES) HJST BG 1850 POKEPLt308,243:POKEPL+ 0,38,141,49,3
ALL ING 1581 FASTLOAD A 324,181:POKEPL+325,245 MH 2190 DATA140,43,3,96,32,169

32 COMPUTEfs Gazette Januaty 1990

,206,169,244,160,165,7 32,79,70,70 142,166,76,174,167
6,13,205,133,147 JB 2430 UATA77,45,82,254,255,1 PM 2770 REM BOOT FASTLOADER Cl
GR 2200 DATA168,238,6,133,144, ,77,45,69,5,2 28
165,183,208,3,76,167,2 CQ 2490 DATA120,162,0,142,1,64 AX 2780 DATA162,3,189,152,2,15
44,32,122,206,173 ,160,8, 152,18,10,-77,1, 7,0,3,202, 16,247,169,5
MK 2210 DATA154,206,201,3,208, 64,41,4 ,168, 166,186
243,201,3,208,239,160, FH 2500 DATA240,246,173,1,64,7 PS 2790 DATA32,186,255,169,5,1
0,177,187,201,36 4,126,0,6,136,208,236, 62,156,160,2,32,189,25
KC 2220 DATA240,231,166, 185,32 232,208,231,76 5,169,0,32,213
,175,245,169,96,133,18 MX 2510 DATA0,6,250,173,139,2, EH 2800 DATA255,32,0,19,169,0,
5,32,213,243,32,70 133,16,165,76-,.133,15,1 141,0,255,88,76,9,64,6
GF 2230 DATA206,32,165,255,133 69,222,141,1
,174,32,165,255,133,17 XA 2520 DftTA64,169,128,133,4,0 RE 2810 DATA77,70,49,51,48,48,
5,165,144,74,74,144 ,250,120,165,4,48,249, 0,173,0,255,142,0,255,
JA 224B DATA3,76,4,247,138,208 201,2,144,49 170,177,172
,8,165,195,133,174,165 SB 2530 DATA16B.0,162,0,136,20 CE 2820 DATA142,0,255,96,72,17
,196,133,175,32 8,253,202,208,250,162, 3,0,255,142,0,255,170,
FJ 2250 DATA210,245,165,175,20 208,176,2,162,216 104,145,102,142
1,4,176,3,76,243,244,3 QP 2540 DATA142,1,64,200,208,2 GM 2830 DATA0,255,96,72,173,0,
2,171,255,32,122 53,232,208,250,176,18, 255,142,0,255,170,104,
DF 2260 DATA206,173,154,206,20 88,96,15,7,13 209,96,142,0
1,3,240,3,76,41,205,32 KQ 2550 DATA5,11,3,9,1,14,6,12 EJ 2840 DATA255,96,32,227,2,13
,53,206,160,0 ,4,10,2,8,0,86,76,232 3,6,134,7,132,8,8,104,
BQ 2270 DATA185,218,206,32,168 AD 2560 DATA175,173,0,64,73,96 133,5,136
,255,200,192,41,144,24 ,141,0,64,174,1,5,134, KP 2d50 DATA134,9,169,0,141,0,
5,32,174,255,120,162 16,173,0
BE 2280 DATA5,200,208,253,202, SX 2570 DATA5,133,15,208,4,232 232,224,3
208,250,185,2,207,32,8 ,142,163,6,160,4,169,2
GM 2H60 DATA144,248,166,2,32,1
0,206,200,208,247 ,141,1,64
XR 2290 DATA173,0,221,41,3,141 QR 2580 DATAia5,0,5,41,15,170,
, 166,7,164,8
,0,221,173,21,208,141, 169,4,44,1,64,240,251,
GX 2870 DATA64,120,76,0,32,107
32,206,140,21 189,5B,6 .2,137,2
HQ 2300 DATA208,173,17,208,141 RD 2590 DATA141,1,64,10,250,25 HE 2880 REM AUTOBOOT FASTLOADE
,37,206,41,248,9,3,141 0,41,15,250,170,185,0, R C128
,17,208,173,0 5,142,1,64 FD 2890 DATA32,7,22,32,138,255
XF 2310 DATA221,41,3,141,6,206 AA 2600 DATA74,74,250,74,2S0,7 ,32,3,19,32,66,193,169
,9,48,178,44,0,221,112 4,170,189,58,6,141,1,6 ,6, 162,38'
,251,80,57 4,10,250,41
MK 2900 DATA160,22,32,86,2,169
RX 2323 DATA173,18,208,233,50, SB 2610 DATA15,250,200,250,250
144,4,41,7,240,245,142 ,192',0,141,1,64,208,19
,0,221,138,41 1,162,2,142,103
RQ 2910 DATA32,213,255,134,47,
QH 2330 DATA3,141,0,221,173,0, BJ 262H DATA6,162,10,250,165,1
221,250,74,74,77,0,221 5,24,142,1,64,240,3,76
,250,74,74 ,14,6,76,29,6,0
BJ 2920 DATA169,0,141,0,255,96
RF 2340 DATA77,0,221,74,74,73, RQ 2630 DATA142,193,207,162,1, KG 2930 DATA32,243,81,32,129,9
0,77,0,221,145,174,230 142,0,255,145,174,162, 0,32,246,74,96
,174,203,2 0,142,0,255,174,193,20
MB 2940 DATA67,79,80,89,82,46,
CD 2350 DATA230,175,173,0,221, 7
201,64,176,199,173,0,2 PF 2640 DATA230,174,96,0,0,0,0 7,0
21,16,247,72,169 ,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 RH 2950 DATA169,0,170,76,104,2
CA 2360 DATA0,141,21,208,169,0 ,0,3,0,0,0 55,32,189,255,32,80,2,
,141,17,20S,104,10, 10, JR 2650 REM FASTLOAD BOOT DATA 96,68,87,77
176,17,169,64 C64/128 AQ 2960 DATA162,3,189,141,2,15
AG 2370 DATM33,144,76,43,245, JB 2660 DATA162,3,139,247,2,15 7,0,3,202,16,247,169,7
165,186,32,177,255,169 7,0,3,202,16,247,169,5 ,162,145,160
,111,76,147,255,169 ,168, 166,186 CH 2970 DATA2,32,189,255,234,2
KQ 2380 DATA0,133,144,76,51,24 SS 2670 DATA32,186,255,169,5,1 34,234,169,5,168,166,1
6,165,186,32,180,255,1 62,251,160,2,32,189,25 86,32,186,255,169
65,185,75,150,255 5,169,0,32,213 FX 2980 OATA0,32,213,255,234,2
DC 2390 DATA162,8,74,72,32,111 SR 2680 DATA255,32,0,128,234,2 34,234,234,234,234,76,
,206,32,111,206,173,0, 34,234,234,234,88,108, 215,21,63,77,198
221,41,19,73 2,160,139,227,131,164 BB 2990 DATA77,66,79,79,84,49,
AJ 2400 DATA48,176,2,41,19,141 MR 2690 DATA70,48,48,48,48,202 50,56,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
,0,221,32,111,206,104, ,2,202,2 SM 3000 DATA0,0,173,0,255,142,
202,208,227,96 DR 2700 REM FASTLOAD AUTOBOOT 0,255,170,177,172,142,
HM 2410 DATA165,186,32,180,255 {SPACEjDATA C64 0,255,96,72
,169,111,76,150,255,32 BK 2710 DATA54,3,237,246,62,24 QH 3010 DATA173,0,255,142,0,25
,53,206,160,0,185 1,47,243,102,254,165,2 ■ 5,170,104,145,102,142,
RH 2420 DATA212,206,32,168,255 44,237,245,169,202 0,255,96,72,173
,200,192,6,144,245,32, FS 2720 DATA32,138,255,169,0,1 AB 3020 DATA0,255,142,0,255,17
174,255,32,112,206 60,4,133,251,132,252,1 0,104,209,96,142,0,255
CD 2430 DATA32,165,255,141,154 69,0,160,192,133 ,96,32,227,2
,206,32,171,255,96,0, 1 MK 2730 DATA253,132,254,160,0, AB 3030 DATA133,6,134,7,132,8,
60,0,135,183,206 177,251,145,253,203,211 8,104,133,5,186,134,9,
RI) 2440 DATA32,7.10,255,200,192 8,249,230,252,230,254 169,0,141
,14,208,245,96,160,0,1 DM 2740 DATA165,254,201,196,20 FJ 3040 DATA0,255,96,162,0,181
85,197,236,32,213 8,239,32,0,192,32,68,2 ,3,72,232,224,3,144,24
HE 2450 DATA255,200,192,15,208 29,166, 186,160,1 8,166,2,32
,245,96 KM 2750 DATA32,186,255,169,16, GG 3M50 DATA137,255,141,0,255,
GR 2460 DATA13,49,53,56,49,32, 162,135,160,3,32,189,2 96,6,96,7,164,3,64,120
84,85,82,66,79,32,79,7 55,169,0,32,213 ,76,0,32
8, 13,49,53,56,49 RX 2760 DATA255,134,45,132,46, MC 3060 DATA96,2,96,2
RF 2470 DATA32,84,85,82,66,79, 32,3,192,32,94,166,32, s
COMPUTEf's Gazette January 1990 33
While working with your favorite paint be able to capture a screen from another
program, you decide that art image program without having to load it from
should be duplicated in several places Bitmap Effects. Just hit the reset button
on the screen. Or maybe you find that it while the screen is visible, and then
should be turned upside down or twist load and run Bitmap Effects. The screen
your artwork
ed. That's when you'll appreciate Bitmap in memory should then appear
Effects. This handy utility lets you copy undisturbed.)
or cut an image from a hi-res screen; flip, the finishing touches To load a hi-res screen into the
rotate, or twist it; and then paste it back program, hold down the Commodore
to the screen. To make your work even it needs with this key and press L; to save a screen, hold
easier, the program features a hidden hi down the Commodore key and press S.
res screen that can serve as a scratch pad powerful utility You'll be prompted for a filename; en
or a backup screen. ter one that's 16 or fewer characters
long. If you wish to return to the help
With Bitmap Effects, you can touch for the 64.
up screens from Doodle, The Print Shop, screen without loading or saving, just
or almost any other hires drawing pro press RETURN at the prompt.
foystick required. To load or to save a Doodle file, use
gram. And when you've finished, you
can reload your screens into these pro the prefix DD at the beginning of the
grams to print the final product. Keith M. Groce filename. When a Doodle file is loaded.
Bitmap Effects replaces the foreground
Getting Started and background colors with its own de
Bitmap Effects comes in two parts: a fault colors (black on light gray). If a
BASIC program. Bitmap FX, and a ma filename doesn't begin with DD—that
chine language program, BFX.ML. To is, it doesn't refer to a Doodle file—the
avoid typing errors while entering Bit program loads only the bitmap data. If
map FX, use The Automatic Proofreader, you wish to convert a screen to Doodle
located elsewhere in this issue. format, prefix the filename with DD
To enter BFX.ML, use MLX, the when you save the screen.
Bitmap Effects has three other
machine language entry program, also
located elsewhere in this issue. When screen commands. Commodore-X ex
changes the visible screen with one in
MLX prompts you, respond with the
memory. Commodore-R copies the vis
values given below.
ible screen to the hidden screen. Com-
Starting address: C034 modoro-l inverts the visible screen;
Ending address: C84B A demo screen created using Bitmap Effects. pixels which are on are turned off and
When you've finished typing in the vice versa.

data, be sure to save a copy of it to disk invert the screen. Also in this group are
before exiting MLX. Use the filename two commands—exchange and repro Edit Commands
BFX.ML when you save the program. duce (or copy)—designed specifically Any modifications to a screen are done
for use with the hidden hi-res screen. within a rectangular region known as
When you're ready to get started,
When you're ready to begin work the edit area. A flashing, crosshairs cur
plug a joystick into port 2; then load
and run Bitmap FX. After the machine ing with Bitmap Effects, move from the sor marks the limits of the edit area. To
help screen to the hi-res screen by move the cursor around the screen,
language program loads, a help screen
that summarizes the program's com pressing the RETURN key (to recall the push the joystick in any direction. You
help screen, press RETURN again). Be can slow the cursor's movement by
mands will appear. These commands
cause the program doesn't clear the hi pressing the fire button while you move
fall into three categories: screen, edit,
and draw/erase. res screen area when it's first run, you'll the cursor.
probably find the screen filled with gar To copy the image in the edit area
Screen Commands bage unless you've previously loaded a to the cursor itself, press the C key.
The screen commands are used to ma screen using another program. To clear Then move the cursor to the desired lo
nipulate the entire hi-res screen area. the hi-res screen area, hold down the cation and stamp the image on the
These include load and save functions Commodore key and press B. (If your screen by pressing either P, E, or T. The
as well as commands which clear and computer has a reset button, you may P key copies the cursor image directly

34 COMPUTE!'! Gazelle January 1990

to the screen; the E key erases pixels di SG 110 PRINT" [X]=EXCHANGE 1 A KQ 540 IFA=133THENSYS49318:REM
rectly beneath the image. And the T key ND 2(3 SPACES][B]=BLANK GOUP
1" CS 550 IFA=134THEHSYS49325:REM
toggles the pixels under the image—on
pixels are turned off and vice versa.
Press O to outline the image within the ]-INVERT 1":PRI«T GORITE
cursor, or press SHIFT-CLR/HOME to RM 130 PRINT"(RVS}EDIT; JOYSTI HS 570 IFA=136T1IENSYS49339:REM
clear the edit area and restore the cursor CK=MOVE BUTTON=SLOW GOLEFT

to the crosshairs pattern. (9 SPACES)(OFF)"; KE 580 IFA = 147T!IENSYS53561:REM

Once an image is stored to the cur
sor, you can be rotate and stretch it. (SPACE)DOTS" RT3UP2
Press the + key to flip the cursor verti RB 150 PRINT" [C]=CUT-COPY FK 600 IFA=138THENSYS49353:REM
cally or the — key to flip it horizontally. {B SPACES) [E)=ERASE AT LT3DN2

The £ key rotates the cursor 90 degrees (SPACE]DOTS" SE 610 IFA=19THENSYS50587:REM

clockwise (note that this crops a few
pixels off the edge, since the edit area is T DOTS" INVERT
taller than it is wide). XP 170 PRINT" [£]=FLIP 90 DEG PB 6 30 IFA=178THENSYS51193:REM
Pressing 15 twists the cursor hori REES" SCOPY
zontally, moving the top to the right CJ 180 PRINT" [+]=FLIP AROUND RK 640 IFA = 189TifENSYS51215:REM
and the bottom to the left, as in itali (EPACE)VERTICAL CENTERL SSWAP
I HE" HM 650 IFA=191THENSYS51174:REM
cized text. Pressing f5 repeatedly in 190
creases the amount of the twist. The f7 (SPACE)HORIZONTAL CENTE GQ 660 IFA=79THENSYS510O6:REM
key twists the cursor in the opposite di RLINE" (SPACE)TRACE
rection. The fl and f3 keys twist the XQ 2H3 PRINT" [F1/F3I-TWIST VE GB 670 IFA=139THENS¥S50908:REM
cursor vertically, moving the left and
right sides up and down.
By twisting the cursor horizontally DM 220 PRINT" [F2/F4]=ROTATE" CJ 685 PRINTA
and vertically, you can effectively ro CQ 230 PRINT" [HOME]=UNTWIST/U EH 690 IFA=88THENSYS50715:END
tate it. A more efficient way to do this is NROTATE":PRINT AX 700 GOTO440
with the f2 and f4 keys. To rotate the DJ 250 PRINT"(RVS)DRAW/ERASE;
cursor clockwise, press (2; to rotate it
(15 SPACES](OFF)";
counterclockwise, press f4. EQ 260
C034:30 40 20 10 08 Si 02 01 60
If you're not satisfied with a twist {SPACE)FIREBUTTO»=DRAW"
C03C:B0 40 20 10 08 04 02 01 68
40 20 10 08 U4 (12 01 70
ed image, you can restore it by pressing 270 PRINT" [F8)=ERASE MODE,
'C04C: 3C 3C 3C 3C 3C 3C 3C 3C CD
CLR/HOME. This will not, however, FIREBUTTON=ERASE"
C054:3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D D5
restore an image that has been flipped. C05C:3E 3E 3E 3E 3E 3E
C064:0D 00 0F FC 39 3F E0 00 DC
DQ 290 REM
Draw and Erase Commands JP 303 REM
C06C:07 B0 30 3D 98 00 19 0C 71
C074:30 31 36 00 60 03
Bitmap Effects has two commands for SH 313 A=USR(0) 00 CO D2
C07C:00 00 00 00 10 00 00 10 8R
changing individual pixels on the QA 323 IFA = 182T[iENPRINT"(CLR]
C084:00 00 7C 00 00 10 00 00 D5
screen, draw and erase. To enter draw (DOWN) LOAD SCREEN:":GO
C08C:10 00 00 00 00 03 00 C0 E2
mode, press f6. The cursor will assume C094:06 00 60 3C 00 31 98 00 DB
the form of a flashing pointer. To draw, (DOWN) SAVE SCREEN:":GO
C09C:19 B0 33 0D E0 00 07 FC B9
press the fire button while you move C0A4:0S 3F A2 01 A0 00 4C CD C5
C0AC:C0 A2 FF A0 00 4C CD C0 CE
the pointer. To enter erase mode, press RQ 340 IFA-13THEN430
C0B4:A2 00 A0 01 4C CD C0 A2 69
f8. Erase mode works like draw mode, XK 34 5 IFA=88THENSYS50715:END
C0BC:00 A0 FF 4C CD C0 A2 03 E4
MJ 350 GOTO310
except that pixels are erased instead of C0C4:A0 02 4C CD C0 A2 FD A0 AA
drawn. C0CCSFE 8A 18 6D 00 C0 8D 00 63
C0D4:C0 10 13 49 FF 8D 06 C0 54
To exit draw or erase mode, press QA 370 INPUT" FILENAME";FS
C0DC:EE 06 C0 A9 FF 8D 08 CO 11
any key. To exit the program itself, MH 380 S=96+4*{LEFTS(FS,2)="DD
CflE4:4C EF C0 8D 06 C0 A9 00 FF
press X. C0EC:8D 08 C0 98 la 6d 01 C0 12
FR 390 POKE50612,S:POKE50631,S
C0F4:8D 01 C0 10 10 49 FF 8D C9
SF 400 IFA=ia2THENSYS50604FS,8
Bitmap FX C0FC:07 C0 EE 07 C0 A9 FF 8D BA
,0 C104:09 C0 4C 11 Cl 8D 07 C0 E9
KF 10 I'OKE51,0:POKE52,8H:POKF,5 FH 410
C10C:A9 00 ao 09 CB AD 07 C0 32
5,0:POKES6,88 ,0 C114:8D 0B C0 D0 06 20 7A Cl AD
C11C:4C 48 Cl 20 89 Cl A9 18 D0
",8,1 FH 4 30 SYS50684:REM GOHIRZ
C124:85 FE 20 CF Cl A0 00 8C 48
RK 33 POKE784,76:POKE7B5,54:PO HS 440 A=USR(0)
C12C:9A C0 AD 09 C0 D0 0C 20 AC
KE786,198:REM USR TO POI BC 450 IBA-13THBH50 C134:93 C2 23 Al Cl 20 47 C2 30
NT TO JOYMOV MQ 4 60 IFA=18 2ORA=17 4THENSYS50 C13C:4C 48 Cl 20 47 C2 20 Al 59
GP 40 SYS53561:REM BESET 715:GOTO320
C144:C1 20 93 C2 AD 06 CO 3D E3
PP 50 SYS50715:REM GOTEXT PG 4 70 IFA=67THENSY550315:REM C14C:0B C0 D0 03 4C 79 Cl A9 45
FK 60 POKE53ZB«,PEEK[646) (SPACE}CUT C154:15 85 FE 20 CF Cl A3 00 6C
FFECTS - (C)1990 COMPUTE (SPACE)PASTE DOTS C164:23 14 C3 20 94 Cl 20 E3 47
I PUB.(2 SPACES)(OFF)"; FS 490
C16C:C2 4C 79 Cl 20 E3 C2 20 E5
SP 80 PRINT" [RETURN) =>i)ELP TOG (SPACEjPASTE HOLES C174:94 Cl 20 14 C3 60 A2 3F 1C
GLE{4 SPACES)X = EXiT":P HP 300 ifa=b4thensys5 04 00:rem C17C:A0 00 B9 C0 5B 99 40 5B B0
HINT (space)paste toggle C184:C8 CA D0 F6 60 A2 3F A9 5E
ER 90 PRINT"(RVS]SCREEH COMMAN XF 510 ifa=43then5y5 50032: rem C19C:00 9D 40 5B CA 10 FA 60 22
DS; USE COMMODORE KEV WI (space]vert C194:AC HA CB C8 B9 IB CO F0 42
TH (OFF)"; SP 52 0 ifa=4 5thensys4 9 987:rem C19C:FA BC 0A C0 60 AC 0A C3 98
QQ 100 PRINT" [L)=LOAD INTO 1 (space)horiz 1U C0 F0 01 60 B9 34 24
{8 SPACES)[E]=SAVK FROM PA 530 ifa=92thensys500h0:rem C1AC:C0 8D 0E C0 B9 4C C0 29 6B
1" (SPACEjROTATE C1B4:03 A8 B9 C0 5B 2D 0E C0 93

COMPUTEIs Garello January 1990 35

Bitmap Effects
C1BC :19 40 5B 99 40 5B C8 C8 AB C304: 3E 40 5B CA 3E 40 5B 88 05 C5AC: 20 D4 El A.9 00 BS C3 A9 9B
C1C4 :C8 C0 40 90 ED EE 0ft C0 ED C30C: D0 EF EE 0A C0 4C E3 C2 38 C5B4: SC 85 C4 A9 00 20 A2 F4 BD
C1CC :4C hi Cl A5 FE 18 4A BD EB C314: AC BA C0 B9 IB C0 D3 01 A6 C5BC: 4C D6 CS 20 D4 El A9 03 60
C1D4 :0F C0 8D 10 C0 AE 0B C0 5A C31C: 60 3D 0B C0 98 0A 18 6D 2F C5C4: 85 Cl A9 5C 85 C2 A9 33 09
C1DC :8E 9C C0 8A HA AA E8 BE C6 C324: 0A C0 HD 0C C0 AC 0B CO E2 C5CC: 85 AE A9 B0 85 AF 20 EA 1A
C1E4 :3B C0 A9 00 AC 0F CB 99 10 C32C: AE 0C ca se 40 5B EB 7E CB C5D4: F5 60 AD 65 CO 0A OA OA CB
C1EC : IB C0 AC 10 C0 99 IB C0 28 C334: 4 0 SB E8 7E 40 5B 88 DO 09 C5DC: OA 0D 66 C0 A2 00 86 FB A7
C1F4 :EE 0F C0 CE 10 C0 10 HB 64 C33C: EF EE 0A C0 4C 14 C3 A9 A8 C5E4: A 2 5C 86 FC A2 04 A.0 33 DF
C1FC :A9 00 A4 FE 99 IB C0 60 F4 C344: 02 8D 17 C0 IS AD 17 C0 85 C5EC: 91 FB C8 D0 FB E6 FC CA A6
C204 :AD 9F C0 85 FD AD 0B CB 12 C34C: AA 69 3C A8 BD C0 SB 48 85 C5P4: D0 FG A9 6D SD F8 S" 60 22
C20C :85 FC 18 A9 00 A2 ne 6a 36 C354: 39 C0 5B 9D C0 5B 68 99 0C CSFC: A9 20 0D 11 DO BD 11 D0 C7
C214 :66 FC 90 03 IB 65 FD CA 6B C35C: C0 5B 38 38 BB EB E8 EB 57 C604: A9 79 8D la DO AD 00 DD 13
C21C :10 F5 85 FC IS A2 0B ft5 B8 C364: E0 IE 90 E8 CE 17 C0 10 ES C60C: 29 FC 09 02 SD 00 DD A9 80
C224 :FD 26 FC 2A 1J0 94 C5 FE 94 C36C: DD 4C 11 Cl A2 00 A0 02 8B C614: 01 BD 15 D3 4C D6 C5 A9 28
C22C :9G 03 E5 FE 38 CA D0 Fl E7 C374: BD C0 5B 48 B9 C0 5B 9D 20 C61C: DF 21) 11 DO 8D 11 D0 A9 10
C234 :26 FC 85 FD 36 A5 FC ED DC C37C: CO 5B 68 99 C0 SB E8 EB 10 C624: 15 8D 18 DO AD 00 DD 09 El
C23C :0C C0 C5 FE 90 02 A5 FE 77 C3B4: EB C9 CB CB Cfl 41 D0 EB ED C62C: 03 BD 03 DD A9 00 9D 15 F9
C2 4 4 :4C E8 Cl AC BA C0 BE IB 19 C3BC: A2 3E A0 03 3E C0 5B 6A 9F C634: DO 60 A9 43 3D 19 CO A9 77
C24C :C0 DO 01 60 B9 34 C0 BD 3A C394: 88 D0 F9 9D C0 SB CA 10 C6 C63C: FE 81) 1A CO 20 58 C6 A0 8C
C254 :0E C0 B9 4C C0 8D 0D C0 24 C 3 9C: Fl 4C 11 Cl 20 89 Cl A9 C2 C644: 02 BA 29 13 D0 02 A0 20 SB
C25C :38 E9 03 CA D0 FB SD 1IC 23 C3A4: B0 8D 11 CB A9 8fl 8D 12 3A C64C: 20 CF C6 20 E4 FF A8 FO 22
C264 :C0 AC 0C C0 Q9 C0 5B 2D B7 C3AC: C0 A9 02 HD 13 C8 A9 04 0B C654: EB 4C A2 B3 AE 92 DC AC 56
C26C :0E C0 F0 09 AC 0D C0 19 0C C3B4: BD 14 ca ac ii ca B9 Cfl AA C65C: 64 C0 CE 17 CO CE 17 C0 C7
C313C: 5B 2D 12 CO FB 0C AC 13 AF C664: 10 03 hC 65 CO ac 27 D0 FD
C274 :40 5B 99 40 5B AE 0D C0 98
C27C :CA CA CA BE 0D C0 AE 0C 31 C3C4: C0 B9 3D 5B 0D 14 C0 99 4C C66C: BA 29 08 DO 19 AD 10 Dfl 08
C284 :C0 Cft CA CA 8E 0C C0 10 59 C3CC: 3D SB 4E 12 C0 90 11 6E 8D C674: 29 01 F0 38 AD 00 Dfl CD 52

C28C :D8 EE 0ft C0 4C 47 C2 AC 39 C3D4: 12 CO AE 11 CO E8 BE 11 54 C67C: 19 C0 F0 OA EE 00 DB DB 6F

"C294 :0A C0 BE IB ca D0 01 60 34 C3DC: Cfl EH 3F D0 33 4C 07 C4 0E C6B4: 05 A9 01 3D 10 DO BA 29 F9
C29C :B9 34 C0 BD he ca B9 4C 30 C3E4 IB AD 13 C0 69 03 8D 13 D7 C 6 BC -. 04 D0 IE AD 13 D3 29 01 06

C2A4 :C0 29 03 ao 0C C0 18 69 0B C3EC C0 C9 43 90 C6 AD 13 C0 2D C694: D0 07 AD 00 DO C9 IB fB D0

C2AC :03 CA D0 FB 8D 0D C0 JVC 0F C3F4 E9 48 BD 13 C0 3E 14 C3 BD C69C: 10 AD 00 Dfl DO 33 AD 10 BC
C2B4 :0D C0 B9 C0 5B 2D 0E C0 ft0 C3FC 90 B9 2E 14 C0 CE 13 C0 6A CGA4: D0 29 FE 8D 13 DO CE 00 FE

C2BC :FB 09 ftC 0C C0 19 40 5B 99 C404 4C B7 C3 A2 3F A0 00 B9 7A C6AC: D0 BA 29 02 DO 0C AC 01 9B

C2C4 :99 40 SB AE 0C C0 EB EB 9B C40C 40 5B 99 C0 5B C8 CA D3 30 C6B4: D0 CC 1A C0 Fa 04 C8 BC E2
C2CC :E8 8E BC C0 AK 0D C0 EB 0C C414 F6 4C 11 Cl AD 03 CO 29 BE C6ilC: 01 D0 8A 29 01 DO 0B AC FB
3F 90 44 C41C F8 85 FB A9 28 85 FC 18 07 C6C4: 01 D0 C0 32 FO 34 88 BC 77
C2D4 :E8 E8 BE 0D CB EB
C2DC :D6 EE BA C0 4C 93 C2 AC B9 C424 A9 00 A2 0B 6A 66 FB 90 CC C6CC: 01 D0 60 EA CE 18 CB D0 F2
C2E4 :0ft CB B9 10 C0 D0 01 60 34 C42C 03 18 65 FC CA 10 F5 85 Cl C6D4: FA 88 D0 F7 63 A9 B0 2C 71
C2EC :8D 0B C0 98 0ft 18 6D 0ft 33 C434 FC AD 04 C0 29 FB 18 65 F6 C6DC: A9 01 BD 02 CO 23 8 9 Cl AC

C2F4 :C0 69 02 8D 0C C0 AC 0B 16 C4 3C FD 85 FB 90 02 E6 FC AD 01 C6E4 : A2 08 A0 00 B9 67 C0 99 60

C2FC :C0 AE 0C C0 IE 40 5B CA 8F C444 05 C0 29 01 F0 02 E6 FC 10 C6EC: 4 3 5B C8 CB C8 CA IB F4 9D
C44C AD 03 C0 29 B7 18 65 FB 77 C6F4: A9 57 8D 19 C0 A9 F9 BD 9E
C454 85 FB 90 02 E6 FC la A9 D6 C6FC: 1A C0 20 58 C6 BA 29 10 14
C4 5C 00 65 FB B5 FB A9 60 65 C3 C734: F0 05 A0 08 4C 33 C7 23 Cfl
Printer Ribbons Oly. C464 FC 85 FC 60 38 AD 01 DO BE C70C: 6B C4 20 18 C4 AE 15 C0 52
Printer 3 G 12 C4 6C E9 32 BD 03 CB 38 AD 00 9B C714: A9 80 E0 00 FO 05 CA 4A 30
Biolher M1009, M1109 5 65 J65 4.15 C474 D0 E9 18 8D 34 C0 AD 10 4B C71C: 4C 16 C7 A0 00 AE 02 CB D9
Citizen 120D, 180D , 5.75 4.75 3.99 C47C D0 E9 00 SD 05 C0 AD 04 4C C724: F0 05 11 FB 4C 2F C7 49 47
Commodore UPS 801 . 4.99 3,99 3.45
C484 C0 29 07 8D 15 C0 60 20 FE C72C: FF 31 FB 91 FB A0 20 20 63
Commodore MPS 802/1526 .. . 5.99 4.99 4.25 C3 4C 47
C4BC 63 C4 A9 03 8D 16 C3 20 17 C734: CF C6 20 E4 FF F0
Commodore MPS 803 5.65 4.65 4.IS
C494 18 C4 A0 00 AE 16 C0 Bl 70 C73C: SI C5 20 39 Cl A0 00 8C B7
Commodore MPS 1200/1250 5.7S 4.75 3.99
C Mori PlQwrilar Jr. 6.99 5.99 5.45 C4 9C FB 9D C0 5B E8 13 9B 69 9B C744: 0A CO 2fl 7F C7 20 97 C7 BA

Epson FX/MX/RXBO. FX/LX 800 3.99 2.99 2 40 C4A4 08 AB Cfl 20 D0 Fl AC IS 33 C74C: 0E 19 C0 2E 18 CO 2E 17 5B

NEC Pmwrilor 2200 6.99 5.99 5.25 CAhC C0 F0 15 CA BA IE C0 5D CB C754: Cfl 20 97 C7 20 7F C7 4E 93
Okldala 80/B2/B 3/92*9 3 2.99 1.99 1.25 C4B4 CA 3E C0 5B CA 3E CO SB 2D C75C: 17 Cfl 6E 18 CO 6E 19 CO A9
Okidata ML 182/183/192 .... 5.25 4.25 3.75 C4BC CA 3E C0 5B A<1 8B DO ED 10 C764: 20 97 C7 C8 BC 0A CO C0 3E
Panasonic K-XP 140/1524/1540 6.99 5 99 5 25 C4C4 EE 03 C0 AE 16 CO E8 EH F7 C76C: 3F DO D7 88 B9 C0 5B 59 34
Panasonic K-XP 1080/1090 5.25 4 25 3 75 C4CC EB 8E 16 C0 E0 3F F3 03 26 C774: 40 5B 99 CO 5B 38 D0 F4 CD
Seikosha SP 800/1OO0/I20O . 5.75 4 75 3 99
C4D4 4C 93 C4 4C 11 Cl A9 00 A9 C77C: 4C 11 Cl AC 0A C0 B9 CO 31
Slar SG10 . 2.99 1.99 1.25
C4DC 2C A9 01 2C A9 80 3D 02 36 C784: 5B 8D 17 C0 C8 B9 CO 5B IE
Slar NX10. NL10 . 4 99 3 99 3.50
C4E4 C0 20 68 C4 A9 00 8D 16 AE C7BC: 8D C0 C8 B9 CO
13 5B BD A2
Slar MX1000 5.75 4 75 3 99
C4EC CB AE 16 C0 Afl 00 BD 40 12 C794: 19 C0 60 AC OA CO 88 BB hi
Quality Diskettes C4F4 5B 99 17 Cfl E8 C8 C0 03 70 C79C: 88 30 83 20 B2 C7 AC OA F6
C4FC D0 F4 A9 03 99 17 CO AC B8 C7A4: C0 CB CB CB 20 B2 C7 AC 74
(Bulk-packed 5.25' DS/OD]
Brand Name 25 50 100 C5H4 15 C0 F0 14 A2 33 5E 17 92 C7AC: 0A C0 20 B2 C7 60 AD 17 D2
BASF (Black) 44 .41 .39 C50C C0 E8 7E 17 C0 EB 7E 17 31 C7B4: C3 19 40 5B 99 43 5B C8 F5
KAO (Black} 45 -42 40 C514 C0 E8 7E 17 C0 88 DO EC 32 C7BC: AD 16 C0 19 40 5B 99 40 B5
KAO (Dark Blue) .49 .45 .42 C51C 20 18 C4 AD 02 CO F0 1A 40 C7C4i 5B C8 AD 19 CB 19 40 5B Cl
C524 30 32 A2 00 AS 00 BD 17 40 C7CC: 99 40 5B 60 20 2F ca bi ab
Other Products C52C C0 11 FB 91 FB 98 18 69 DO C7D4: FB 49 FF 91 FB CB D0 F7 6A
Diskette Holder (Holds 75 disks) S4.96 04 D0 EF 4C A3 C7DC: E3 86 FC E0 80 D0 FO 4C AS
C534 08 A8 E8 E0
Disk Drive Cleaning Kil (12 Cleanings] . S3.25 C7E4: 28 CB 20 2F C8 9B 91 FB 79
C53C 6D C5 A2 00 A0 00 BD 17 DB
Disk Matcher (Use both sides of a disk) S4.95 C7EC: C8 D0 FB E8 86 FC E0 83 8D
C544 C0 49 FF 31 FB 91 FB 98 4C
Order Info: CS4C 18 69 08 .\9 E9 E0 04 DO 6D C7F4::D0 F4 4C 28 C8 20 2F CB 24
All oftJ&ra shipped aamp or nent huamoss dny. There C554 ED 4C 6D C5 A2 00 A0 00 4A C7FC: Bl FB 91 FD C8 DO F9 E6 DA
la nn order piocossing/pacHaiilnu charge of S3. Please
C5 5C BD 17 C0 51 FB 91 FB 98 70 C804-:FE E8 86 FC EO B0 D0 F0 SB
add flnaddiitonal shipping chaigoof 11 por 6 ribbons (or
Iroction). SI per SO Oiskenes (or fraelion), SI por disk C564 18 69 08 AS E8 S3 04 DO 85 C80C :4C 2B C8 20 2F C8 Bl FB E4
holder, and 2SC per disk drive cleaner O' disk noTcher AS 16 C0 E8 50 CB14 :4a Bl FD 91 FB 68 91 FD Bl
Orders sen! UPS ground (UPS 2nd Oay AiJ and Federal
C56C EF EE 03 C0
E. press available- please cnll lor details I C574 E8 E8 8E 16 C0 EB 3F FO DA C81C iCB D0 F3 E6 FE E8 86 FC D3
C57C 03 4C ED C4 60 A0 3E B9 62 C824 :E0 60 DO EA A5 01 09 01 53
American Micro Supplies C584 67 C0 99 C0 5B 8B 10 F7 48 C32C :85 01 60 A5 31 29 FE BS 57
6473 Crater Lake Hwy. CB34 :01 A2 30 86 FD A2 A3 86 99
C58C A9 00 BD 10 DO A9 AC 8D B3
Central Point, OR 97502 C594 90 D0 A9 BC 9D 01 D0 A9 0E CB3C iFE A2 00 66 FB A2 60 86 IB
800-678-5576 C59C 00 BD 03 C0 80 01 CB 8D 17 C944 iFC A(l 00 60 30 00 00 00 82
Circle Rcador Serwco fJumhor 117 C5A4 36 CO 8D 07 C3 4C 11 Cl A0

36 COMPUTE'S GareUe January 1990

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Every programmer, from time to time, Mark Turner Of course, you may want to specify
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her program. After displaying a menu, self. These values are POKEd into vari
most rely on the INPUT or GET state ous memory locations. The pertinent
ments to enter the user's selection. Al memory locations and their functions
though both statements are easy to use, Give your programs a are described in the following list.
each has its own limitations. 49619 This location controls the top
Another way to accept menu selec friendly, Macintosh-like boundary of the pointer's movement.
tions within a program is to use an on
interface with this clever Values can range from 0 to 255. The
screen pointer. Not only does a pointer natural sprite boundary for the top of
make programs easier to use, it also machine language the screen is 50, but since the pointer is
gives them a more professional appear not permitted to move off the screen,
ance. Now, with this short utility for the
routine for the 64, values less than 50 are treated as 50.
64, you can add a joystick-driven point Joystick required. 49620 This location determines the
er to all your BASIC programs. bottom boundary of the pointer. Again,
values can range from 0 to 255. The
Getting Started bottom boundary should be below the
Screen Pointer consists of three pro top boundary.
grams: Pointer, Demo, and Setup. onto a diamond of the desired color; 49621,49622 This pair of locations
Pointer is written entirely in machine then press the fire button. Note that the controls how far left the pointer can
language. To enter it, use MLX, the ma pointer can't be moved out of the color move. Two bytes are needed because
chine language entry program found menu. Select either of the bottom two the screen's width (320 pixels) is too
elsewhere in this issue. When MLX dots to exit the demo. large to be stored in a single byte. Loca
prompts you, respond with the values tion 49621 is the high byte of the left
given below. Using the Program boundary and should be either 0 or 1.
Any program that uses Screen Pointer Location 49622 is the low byte of the
Starting address: C000
must first load PO1NTER.ML from disk boundary and can range from 0 to 255.
Ending address: C20F
and execute a SYS 49152. Setup con 49623,49624 This pair of locations
Be sure to save a copy of the program to tains the statements that are necessary determines how far right the pointer
disk as POINTER.ML before exiting to use the pointer in your own pro can move. Location 49623 is the high
MLX. grams. This program loads POINTER byte (it should be either 0 or 1); location
Demo and Setup are written in .ML, initializes it, and then sets several 49624 is the low byte (it ranges from 0
BASIC. Use The Automatic Proofreader, default parameters for the pointer. to 255). The right boundary should be
also in this issue, to type them in. Be These parameters determine its shape, to the right of the left boundary.
sure to save a copy of both programs to how far the pointer can move vertically 49649 Location 49649 controls how
the disk that contains POINTER.ML. and horizontally, how fast it can move, fast the pointer can move. The speed
To see Screen Pointer in action, and so on. Your own program code can range from 0 to 255, with 255 being
plug a joystick into port 2; then load would start at line 510. Anytime you the fastest and 1 being the slowest. A
and run Demo. Sixteen colored dia need a response from the user, draw a speed of 0 prevents the pointer from
monds representing the foreground, menu on the screen and execute the moving. The best speeds for moving
border, and background color choices statements WAIT 56320,16,16:WAIT the pointer around the screen range be
are displayed in the middle of the 56320,16. Then PEEK locations 49654 tween 2 and 5. Higher speeds could be
screen, along with a flashing sprite and 49655 to reveal the row and column used to jump the pointer between items

pointer. To change an existing color, the pointer was on when the user in a menu.
move the pointer using the joystick pressed the fire button. 49651 The pointer's blink speed iso

38 COMPUTE!'! Gazelle January 1990

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A-501 Memory C-1670 Modem $69.95
Expansion '149 COMMODORE 1350 Mouse $26.95 NX-1000 ZZZ:' $154.95
A-10M RGB Color 1525 Dot Matrix Printer. $99 1802 Monitor XETEC Lt. Kernal ZOMB Hard Drives lor: NX-IO0OC $159.95
NX-1O0OII $164.95
MonHoi '289 MPS-1250. $219 C-64C $799
NX-1000 Rartww KM.95
C-12B1126D $849 NX-1OOOCRainfiow I?O9.96
XETEC Aom Hard Drive for: NX-2400 $277.35
Expansion '699 SEAGATE C-64/128&12BD $1199 Xn-1000....S339 XR-1500...S429
ALL OTHER AMIGA XR-2410....$129 XR5$
160D KiJ.SSS! $149.95
160 121995
$139.95 320
A-2CQC Co mputer WiKayp oa rd A-2000 Comp Ji ei w« 8yb oa rd 1MBRAU WBHanJOfira 183 $249.95 321 .$439.95
dil 3.51 DisX Dme RGBColoi BuiiUnlS'DiSkOme Keyboard P ana sonic
Bui;I-in 3 £" Dj°k DtWa Mouse Morwor
3MB RAM Keyboard Mouse FREE Sofiwara Mouse Amiga Basic Sysism ah.
KXP-1180 177.95
SoltwaiB KXP-1191 229.95

BuUl-Lna.5-DJskDrJve 4QM3Hard
Drlva System Software Amiga '1459
AMIGA 2000 W1084 AMIGA 2000 w'SEAOATE
*3299 Honnor.. .'1739 40MBH.O... ....'1949
Screen Pointer
controlled by this memory location. A Pointer
value of 1 produces a rapid blink, and IS)
C003; 4C 36 C0 4C IE1 C0 AD 14 71 FD 90 FORI=0TO15:ASU)=MIDS(AS
255 produces a slow blink. A value of 0 03
C008: 03 8D D9 Cl AD 15 8D IB , (I+l)*2-l,l> :NEXT:C=PEE
disables pointer blinking. C010: DA Cl 78 A9 2E 8D 14 03 EB K(646)AND15
49657 This is the starting location C019: A9 CB BD IS 03 58 60 78 54 AG 100 GOTO200
of a color-cycling table, Screen Pointer C020: AD D9 CL BD 14 03 AD DA E2 KM 110 PRINTTAB(13)AS(C)"SELEC
starts by sotting the pointer's color to C028: Cl BD 15 03 58 60 A9 7F D7 T COLORS(7 DOWN}"
C030: 38 ED 00 DC 29 0F 0A A8 59 RF 120 PRINT"(22 SPACES)11L111
the first value in this table. It then
C038: B9 DB Cl BD 4D C0 B9 DC 5C ■1

changes the pointer's color to the next C040: Cl 8D 4E C0 A0 00 CC Fl 6C DJ 130 PR1NT"{12 SPACES)0L2345
value in the table, and so on until it en C048: Cl F0 07 C8 20 BA Cl 4C 10 6789012345"
counters a value of 16. At this point, it C050: 46 C0 AD F4 Cl CD F3 Cl 19
starts over from the beginning of the ta C05B::F0 06 EE F4 Cl 4C 80 C0 02
C060:: A9 00 8D F4 Cl IB AD F2 74
ble. If you only wanl one color, POKE
C069:iCl C9 0F 90 05 A9 00 8D 84
that color into memory location 49657 C07O:iF2 CL US B9 F9 Cl C9 10 07
and then POKE 16 into memory loca C078::F0 0C 8D 2E 1)0 EE F2 Cl F3
tion 49658. C0B0::20 3F C0 4C 31 EA A9 00 5B
SK 170
49654,49655 These two addresses C0B8::BD F2 Cl A8 4C 72 C0 AD AB
C090::00 DC 29 10 F0 01 60 20 DB
contain the current location ( JB 180 PRINT"{7 SPACES}QUITB
C093::L4 CL 20 07 Cl 68 AD 0F 03
lumn) of the pointer on the screen. The {7 SPACES}QQ[7 SPACES]-
C0A0::D0 33 E9 32 4A 4A 4A 8D 9S H

value POKEd into 49654 can range C0A8::F7 Cl 60 AC 0E D0 AE 10 8E

from 0 to 39, while the value in 49655 C0B0::D0 8A 29 8B D0 05 9a 38 GE
ranges from 0 to 24. C0B8:iE9 18 AB 98 Ah 4A 4A AB 8C
DH 200 TB%=146:LB%=120:RB%=247
C0C0::8A 29 80 F0 05 98 18 69 15
49656 Memory location 49656 con ;RH»=0:BB%=177:GOSUB760
C0C8::LD AS 98 8D F6 Cl 60 L8 B6
tains the screen code for the character SGOSUB110
C0D0::A0 00 A9 00 A2 00 8D 02 HA
BH 210 POKE 53269,128:POKE5326
that the pointer was on when the fire :C1 CC F7 Cl F0 11 C8 8A 71
2,120:POKE 53263,146:POK
button was last pressed. It's updated C0E0 :13 69 2 9 AA AD 02 Cl 69 DA
E2047,254:SYS 49152
only when the fire button is pressed. C0E8 :0O BD 02 Cl 4C D9 C0 L8 BD
PS 220 GOSUB730
C0F0 :8A 6D F6 Cl 80 01 CL AD AF
' 49409,49410 This pair of memory C0F8 :02 Cl 69 04 BD 02 Cl 60 Bl
RX 230 ONPEEK(PY)-11GOTO240,25
locations contains the screen address of 0,260,270
C100 :AD DB 07 8D F8 Cl 60 20 BA
EP 240 POKE53281,PEEK(PX)-12iG
the pointer. The screen address is found C10B :9E C0 20 AB C0 20 CF C0 B0
with the equation .ADDRESS - PEEK C110 :20 00 Cl 60 AD F5 Cl F0 9B
EP 250 POKE53280,PEEK(PX)-L2:G
6*PEEK(49409). CUB :05 A9 00 8D Fl Cl 60 AD 66
C120 :0F D0 CD D3 Cl F0 07 C9 FF
HP 260 C = PEI£K(PX)-12:PRINT"
C12B :32 F0 03 CE 0F D0 60 AD 78
Other Important Memory Locations C130 : 0F D0 CD D4 Cl F0 07 C9 20

Screen Pointer uses sprite 7 for its point C138 :F9 F0 03 EE 0F D0 60 18 D3 0

FX 270 I = PEEK(PX)-12:IFK7ORI>
er. Here are a number of memory loca C140 :AD 10 D0 29 B0 D0 17 AD 6E
C148 :D5 Cl D0 31 AD 0E D0 CD 69
tions that control this sprite. KJ 280 POKE 53269,0:TB%=98:BBI
CL50 :D6 CL ee 29 C9 L8 F0 25 16
C15B :CE 0E D0 4C 7D Cl AD D5 C9 =201:LB*=104:RB%=111:RM
53269 This location determines C160 :CL FB 0B AD 0E D0 CD D6 03 %=0:GOSUB760:POKE5 3 26 2,

whether all sprites are on or off. Bit 7 of C168 ;CL F0 12 CE 0E D0 AD 0E 55 104

GS 290 POKE53263,114:POKE53269
location 53269 controls the visibility of C170 :DB C9 FF D0 09 AD 10 D0 C3
C178 ;29 7F SO 10 D0 60 18 AD 09 ,12 8:POKESP,2:POKEBS,0
the pointer. The statement POKE
CL80 : L0 D0 29 80 F0 17 AD D7 94 DE 300 SYS49155:PRINT"(CLR)";:
53269,PEEK(53269) OR 128 turns the POKE53269,0:END
C188 :C1 F0 2F AD 0E D0 CD D8 12
pointer on, while POKE 53269.PEEK C190 :C1 F0 27 C9 57 F0 23 EE 66 BR 310 DATA128,B00,000,fl96,000
(53269) AND 127 turns it off. C198 :0E D0 4C BA Cl AO D7 Cl C2 ,0B0,0SB,000
2047 This address is a pointer to C1A0 :D0 08 AD BE L)0 CD 1)8 Cl 56 DQ 320 DATA000,03B,000,000,033
C1A8 :F0 10 EE 0E D0 AD 0E 1)0 91 ,128,000,017
the shape definition for sprite 7. The
C1B0 :D0 08 AD 10 00 09 80 aD 8E HQ 330 DATA000,00B,017,000,000
number that is stored here is multiplied ,014,128,000
CIB8 : 10 D0 60 20 LF CL 4C 3F 5E
by 256 and then added to the starting C1C0 :C1 20 2F Cl 4C 3F Cl 20 32 PX 340 DATA009,064,000,000,1G0
address of the current 16K video block CIC8 :1F Cl 4C 7E Cl 20 2F Cl GC ,000,000,080
FF 00 00 01 53 SM 350 DATA000,000,032,000,000
(by default, the first 16K block). The de C1D0 :4C 7E Cl 00
C1D8 :FF 31 EA BA Cl IF Cl 2F EE ,000,000,000
fault value is 255. so the normal loca
C1E0 :C1 BA Cl 3F Cl BB Cl CL 62 QF 360 DATA0e0,000,000,000,003
tion for the pointer shape data is at ,000,000,000
C1E8 :C1 BA Cl 7E CL C7 Cl CD 9A
memory locations 16320-16383 (255 • C1F0 :C1 03 04 0A 04 00 IB 18 A5 JG 370 DATA000,000,000,000,000
64 + 0 - 16320). Experienced pro C1F8 120 00 0B 0C 0F 01 0F 0C 55 ,000,000,000
grammers may want to change the C200 :0B 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 0F EG 380 DATA000,000,000,00O,000
C208 :00 FF 00 £10 00 00 B0 00 9D ,000,000,000
shape of the pointer or use a different
GJ 390 DATA128,000,000,096,000
area for its shape data. ,000,120,000
53262,53264 These locations deter Demo CK 400 DATA000,062,000,000,063
mine the pointer's horizontal position. EA 10 IFPEEK(49152)O76TilENL0A ,128,000,031
The high bit for the pointer's position is D"P0IHTER.ML",8,l ES 410 DATA000,000,031,000,000
MJ 20 PRINT"!CI.R}";TABf8) "COP* ,015,128,000
represented by bit 7 of location 53264.
RIGHT 1990 COMPUTE! QS 420 DATA009,192,000,000,224
Thus, to reposition the pointer, POKE a
KB 30 PRINTTAB(lfl)"PUBLICATION ,000,000,112
number In the range 0-255 to 53262 S,(2 SPACESjlNC." DS 430 DATA000,000,032,000,000
when bit 7 of location 53264 is 0, and AA 40 PRINTTAB(10)"ALL RIGHTS ,000,000,000
POKE a number 0-87 to 53262 when (SPACE]RESERVED" JM 440 DATA000,000,000,000,000
bit 7 of location 53264 is 1. QG 50 FOB JF=1TO2000:NEXT ,000,000,000
BX 60 GOSUB470:EN=100 QP 450 DATA000,000,000,000,000
53263 This location determines the
BC 70 PRIHT"{CLR}" ,000,000,000
pointer's vertical position. It should be
OR 80 AS="{BLK}Z{WHT)^(RED}£ AP 460 DATA000,000,000,000,000
somewhere in the range 50-249 for the ,000,000,000
pointer to be visible. XD 470 E'ORI=0TO15:FORT = 0

40 COMPUTED Guzatto January 1990

ADA:POKE 254'G4 + 1*8+1,A: Setup ADA:POKE254*64+I*B+T,A:


RP 490 DATA 25 5 SX 5 GOSUB 26H RY
GG 500 DftTA 990,000 JX 10 POKE 53269,12S:POKE 5326 MM 280 DATA 255:REM BOTTOM BOU
SD 510 DATA 001,255 2,24:POKE53261,50:POKi;20 NDARY
BF 520 DATA 001 47,255:SVS 49152 AE 290 DATA O0O,00O;REH LEFT B
KJ 530 DATA 00 4 FA 20 END OUNDAR*
EP 54Q DATA 0,1,16 GA 100 DATA123,00n,000,096,000 MM 300 DATA O01,255:REM RIGHT
HH 550 DATA 000 ,000,08B,000 (SPACE)BOUNDARY
DK 560 TB=49619:READA:POKETB,A JX 113 DATAflflO,038,00H,0HH,033 MD 310 DATA 002:REM POINTER SP
GO 570 BB=496 20:READA:POKEBB,A ,128,000,017 EED

DD 580 LH=4 96 21:READA:POKELH,A SX 120 DATA000,gO0,017,000,3O0 FX 320 DATA 0S4:REM FLASH SPEE
□J 590 LB=49622:READA:POKELB,A ,014,128,000 D

BH 600 Hil = '19623:READA:POKERH,A CB 130 DATA009,064,000,000,160 KC 330 DATA 0,11,12,IS,1,15,12

KQ 610 RBM9624:READi\!POKERB,A ,000,000,030 ,11,16:REM COLOR DATA
DQ 620 SP=4964 9:READA:POKESP,A HQ 140 !3ATA000,000,032,000,000 cx 340 DATA 000::REM BUTTON ST
BR 630 FL=4 9651:READA:POKEFL,A ,000,000,000 OP
RR 640 CL-49657:1-0 MJ 150 DATAO00,000,000,000,000 CM 350 TB=49619:READA:P0KETB,A
XP 650 READA:POKECL+I,A:I=I+1: ,000,000,000 XK 360 BB=4 96 20:READA:POKEBB,A
IFAO16THEHGOTO650 GJ 160 DATA000,g00,000,000,000 CO. 370 LH=49621:READA:POKELH,A
QH 66fi BS=4 9 65 3:READA:POKEBS,A ,000,000,000 KF 380 LB=4 962 2:READA:POKELB,A
HM 67G PX=49654:REM POINTER CO CK 170 DATA000,000,000,000,000 FD 390 RI[ = <19623:READA:POKERH,A
LUMN (X) ,000,000,000 BJ 395 :READA:POKERB,A
KX 68C PV=49655:REM POINTER RO XP 180 DATA128,000,000,096,000 GS 400
W [Y] ,000,120,000 RX 110 FL=49651:READA:POKEFL,A
PX 690 CH=49656:REM CHARACTER ER 190 DATA000,062,000,000,063 =0 423 CL=49657:I=0
{SPACE)POINTF,D TO , 128,000,031 JS 430 READA:POKECL+I,A:1=1+1:
FK 700 LL=49409:REM SCRN POS ( KB 200 DATA0(!0,000,031,000,000 IFAO16THENGOTO430
LOW BYTE) ,015,128,000 DC 440 BS-49653:READA:POKEBS,A
FJ 710 LH=49410:REM SCRN POS { BA 210 DATA009,192,000,000,224 AQ 450 PX=49654:REM POINTER CO
HIGH BYTE) ,000,000,112 LUMN (X)
FC 720 RETURN CB 220 DATA000,000,032,000,000 JS 460 PY=49655:REM POINTER RO
PK 730 WAIT 56320,16,16:WAIT563 ,000,000,000 W (YJ
20,16 FQ 230 DATA000,000,000,000,000 GR 470 CH=49656:REM CHARACTER
KK 7-10 CH%=PEEK(CH) ,000,000,000 {SPACE}POI(JTED TO
KE 750 RETURN BR 240 DATA00B, 0(10,000, (1(50, 000 BO 480 LL=49409:REM SCRN POS (
PH 760 POKERH,RHi:POKELH,LH% ,000,000,009 LOW BYTE)
□X 770 POKETB,TB%:POKEBB,BESi:P RS 250 DATAOO0,000,000,000,300 KR 490 LH=49410:REM SCRN POS (

Statement of Ownership, Management, and THE NEW TESTAMENT GAME

Circulation as Required by 3B U.S.C. 36B5
2. 9 28-69
3 Monthly 3 Game Levels make learning Fun for all ages!
3A Twelve
B25 7tn An. N» ttrt. NY 10019
mitt ni i
D PUHisnei. Wilian Tyrtro. 825 ?lh*e. Now tav NY 10019. 'P Vft
EflJor. Luxe Elko. 324 W. Wsndmer ht. Silts 200, Groonsboro.
NC 2740B. Maruging Frtor, Kathleen Marlinok. 324 W Weralover
tm.. Suite 2CO, Gieensbwo. NC 2740S
Mill® fi
7 ABC ConBi/nef Magazines. Inc.. a division oi ABC ^bkilnng. Jnc
a CapiiaJ CJIes/ABC Inc Company 77 West 56 Street. New ttrii. Nearly 300 Bible Passages per game
NY 1CO23:835 7l!i Hit. few tat. HY 10019
I. N/A
9 N/A
ID. Extent and Nature of Circulation

For fastest service, semi check or IBM 3 1/2" disks available

money order for $29*95 each for an additional Yj.hi) per game.
O-rirjJ DKHirq [MDInrieiJ nurnE
I? imnmi B Ming cue plus S3.0Q shipping/handling to:

A. loi* no Cones (NB Pub Bmj The Family Jewels Latter—day Saints: Piease request
5631 Kent Place a copy of our brochure detailing
w* (won. ni form ntt$ Santa Barbara, CA 93117 our special LDS product line.

C T<iwi Pine Grecian

o FwDmrtMfirbjmo,«n»,o
2JM 3370
:'iiiT ' ', lUiQln. ■ ij ■ iilni"1
Hardware Requirements:
Commodore 64 or 128 with color TV or monitor; or
Commodore 128 with 80 column monitor (color or b&w)
1M1 or 1571 (5 1/4M) or truiz i:oi!i:j.I'.ihi- disk drive
2 Reurnj Iron r 100% IBM Compatible version also available
For more information, or to order by phone
Glilpmenis made by me above are corted arfl
e. William Tyran, PWT Call (805) 683-4568 EC. O. D. orders only]
California residents, please add 6% sales tax
Circle Reader Service Number 132

COMPUTE!'* Gazette January 1990 41

Merry Disk
Our low pricing makes

We have what
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Flint Break ..$19 ■Goo-P4ibiish ...$33
Grand PmCircinl . .S19 ■Requires Gees 641
HoalWO«BoalRa $19 BLUE Li ON
Jack NeitiaiE Gotr .. ..$19 Tickel lo Hoiiywxxl .. ...S19
J N GIT Crimp Courws $9ae Tickiil lo London ...$19

Ho! Ho! Ho! J N Glf mil Courses .. S9B3

Mini Pun
Rack 'Em
Tickel lo Paris
Ticket lo Spain
Ticket 10 Wash D C
. ...523
Serve & Volley ..519

Save Dough, Dough, Dough,

Sled Thunder SIB Bank St Wnter .,.$33
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T D 2 Europe Scenery 1988 CarmenSD -USA . ...$25
T D. 2 Muscle Cars . $968

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Swift Desktop Publisher IGSS
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NBA Basketball S25
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SSSGon Mgr Disk ... -S19 ABC Monday Nile
!!! SDA CLOSEOUTS !!! ABACUSBOOKS PPM 128 ...S39 SQS1BB7 Team Disk ....$14 Footoall $25
Worlds Greatest Baseball $6 66 Home Inwentcry $444 Anatomy ol the 1541 11.1 Speed Term 45J or lie ,..S2fi BadDuOes .S19
Guild or Tfiieves 511.11 WirniB Iho Pooh J999 Anatomy ol the C&t $14 Super C64or 1?B . . $39 Ea
Paperclip Publisher 533 BreaWrru .S19
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GEOSTricks&Tips $13 64or128 . .. $39 Ea. Paperclips S33 Commanflo $14
Gutl Strike $888 MasBrcJMiffC S333
.ip Slik - Joystick. .. $1111 Blowup Graphics .... £11 11 ABACUS SOFTWARE
Aaerruler Monitor SM
KSS: isB«a'"'
Requires GEOS'
Award Maker Plus S25
Guerilla War
Heavy Barrel
Wiurd ol Oz S4366 WnleNow S333
sees Filer*™
mazing PaOQIes S23 RobocOO S23
Typing Tutor 3 BaS!C ..,S» ACCESS
(598 (PO Wrlta now) S3 33 Basic 138 $39 Echulon iv/LipSlik ..., ,S29 VnKioVngos 519 Speed Buggy SID
EnQlm - SSI
'Becker Basic 133 tlosuyMelat 125 BEXKLEV SOFTWORKS Siller Hnnn^on S19
Basic Tool Kit 18430 Graph Now
S8B8 (PQ Wntu now) H 33 Cad Pak I2S Mean Slrimti Call C-.HH1S820... 544 Tiig Tc*am Wrestling 514
Grcil Chefs
$866 Cole Mow(RO Write now)S3 33 Cad Pack 136 S39 Tunm Frame S25 Guo-Calc128 S" Victorynoad 519
Jot SJoyS
$999 Alien Doslmalon Set SI 77 CaaPack Triple Pac* BH1.BHS. GcC"Filel2B $44 Vig.Unlo S16
Prantom ol the SeaSpellH $222 64 or 12a S2S Ea RaiO Ove* Moscow $14 G«»W(J0) $39 DATA SOFT
Asttxoids ,. $2 22 Siogun ■ MiStertroniq $4 44 Coed 64 or 128 526 Ea World Class L B Goll ...S25 ■Desk Pack Pus $19 Alternate Reality
Enlightenment $666 Deep Space $668 Fortran S25 World Class L D Cw'l Fam ■Font PakPlus 519 TneCity $19
Quantities UmitW PPM JS5 Course 1,2or3... S14 Ea 'Goo-Chan ..519 Tfie Dungeon S19

"Pl4ase Read The Following Ordering Terms £ Conditions Carefully Bolore Placing Your Order: Orders with cashiers check or money order shipped immediately on m-stccK items'
Personal&Companycfieck5.allow3weehsclearance NoCO.D.31 Shipping' Continental US A.-OrOerSunderSlCOaddS3. Iree snipping on orders over $100 AK.HI.FPO.APO-add
$5 on all orders Canada & Puerto Rico add $7 60 on all orders Sorry, no oinennlernnlional orders accepted1 PA resKJonlsadd 6*0 sales tax on the total amount of order including
shipping charges CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS Mon-Fn 9AM-5 30 PM Eastern Time REASONS FOR CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE—412-361-5291 (1) Status oloroor or
back order (2 J If any merchandise purchased within EOdayslromSDof A is defective, pleasecall fora return authorisation number We will nol process a return wilhoul a return aulh "f
Defective merchandise will bo roplflcct) wilti the snirm me'rcharaise only Other returns sutipct to a 2Cfii res tocking charqul After 60 days Irom your purchaso dale, pbase refer l
warranty included with Ifie predict purchased & ruti>rn directly lo Die manufaclurei. Qi'ifcr'ner servica willI not accept crtloci ciHsorcallson &D ol A's BCO 1 order lines' Prices 8
availability are subject To change' Now titles are arriving daily! Please call for morn information
mas from SD of A
holiday shopping as easy as matching your list with ours.

you're looking for!

LOGICAL DESIGN Intl Team Sports .. S19
Club Backgammon Si9 Out Run ...S23
Vegas Craps JIB Papertjoy ....S23
Vfigas Gamblor J1& Road Runner ....S23 LEAST
Adventure thru 14 full LEISURE GENIUS
Sflt. Slaughters Awesome gut wrenching
Mai Wars ....$19 football action w/the best
scrolling complex castle Monopoly S19
Ris* SIS Stlinool $19
mazes. Destined to be a #1 SuperSlarlceHockey . $19
digitized sound, graphics &
ScraCEte $19
tavorite ot arcade and ad- Suiwi Star Hockey $23 lileanimationsever! Thisis
ScrupWes S'9
venturegamers everywhe re. Super Star Soccer 523 the game you've been
MEOAUST TtujnOer BlaoB $23
3-D Pool S19 Uninvited 523
waiting (or.
BEYOND Destroy Escort Willow $19 ABCMON.N.TE
Dr Dooms Revenge.. .S23
DARK CASTLE SDA Eliminator ,S19
"Roquiros Gaunlletl
List $34.95 Discount Price S23 Exolon .$19 M1SC LrnLITIES
List $39.95 Discount Price
Netherworld ,S19 Bobs Tom Pro $29
Pro Soccer .$25 Bobs Term Pro 1S8 539 SPECTBUM HOLOBVTE Thud Ridge K3
Bisman* -S19 Jordan vs Bird
Pure State Baseball... Dooakj $25 Tetra 516 519
CosmicFW«f SO Kings Bond Volleyball .sit Final CartnOflO 3 547
Mauaon Fooltafl Savage SO
Firezone............. .519 C.i i
Global Commanow $ig Mnjic CarOle S26 MELBOURNE HOUSE DarWtfJs S19 Dalfl Manager 2 514
Hunt l« RsO October SiS Maniac Mansion 123 Barbarian $19 Sucerbasc S4 $25 Deam Bnnger S19 Evelyn Wood Reaaei
Lancelot S21 Might !• '.'.i ; . ' or2.. 5 Ea Horsnisers Slnke Zone .519 SpeedCBll $19 S , .$14
Supert»se12B $33
Rubicon Alliance 514 PipeDream S19 John ENvay'5 OB ,$19 Superscript 64 $23 Total Eclipse 519 WorflWntef4 S26
Time & Wagih S21 PoAer Play Hockey. .. .S19 Magic Johnson B-BaN .$19 SuperscriDI 128 SSI UNICORN
Video Title SJnp viJ Project Fi restart War in Middle Earth .. .125 SuperSnaR5nol{V4) ...$47 Decimal Dungeon 519
- KmltHraks Available .. Call
Graphics Companion...521 StaiFlmtl 126 World Trophy Soccer . .$19
Settles ol Nnpalaon 532 Percentage Panic $19
The Mars Saga $23 OR EG IN
DAVIDSON MICRO LEAGUE Curse o' Azure Bonds ... $26 Ten Uttle Robots $19
Aigeblaster S19
Zak McKracken S23 Autoduei 125
Baseball .!» O M Mast Asst UNISON WORLD
UslhQljijier $19 EPYX
Knighls ol LcgcnO . .532
Boi Score Stats $16
M S25
lor! 521 fj Art Gallery 1 or2 $16 Ea
Spent S19 Ci'irom.i Games .... $1968 87 or BB Team Disk.. $1J Efl
Omega .533
Demon's Winter $2) An Gallon// Fantasyy 516
Wtwa ARaW., S19 Dual" SwofO S1J68 Genprat Ma rage* $19 Eternal Dnggw 526
Owoi Aire $1968
Quest For Clues Book 2 S19 Pnnl
Master P
Plus $23
DESIGN WARE WWF Wroslling .. .$19 First Ovei Germany S32
LegenU ol Black Silver S19BS SpacoRogiiP 532 VIRGIN CAMES
BoOy Transparonl S19 GottysOurH 539
MetroCroSS $1283 MICROPROSE Tangled Tales S19 Doubts Dragon 2 .,,.., Can
Dcsignasaurua SIS Hillslar $28
Mind-Roll (1-168 Airborne Ranger .. ...$23 Times ol Lorn 525
$39 Ea Heroes ol trta Lanoe $21 WEEKLY READER
DIGITAL SOLUTIONS F-15 Slnke Eaglo . . ,..$14 Ultima4or5
(Winguol Delender ... .$19 Overrun 532 Sliciybear Series
Pocket Filer 2 523 Snow Sinks SHB8 Fooiol Radiance 52S ABCs $23
Pockel Plannei 2 .. .. 523 Technoeoo $1998 MINDSCAPE INC
Storm Across Europe $39 Matri i or 2 523 Ea
Pocket Writs' 2 S33 TtieGanios
Typhoon ol Steel 532 Numbers S23
All 3>n 1 Supw Pak ... .559 WmterEdibon $19 BB 4 Great Mindscape War Game Const Set $21 Oppostes $23
DtGITEK Towb Topper S19B9 sports hit in 1 unbelieva Reading $23
Hole in One M'n Golf S19 SpallgraDbei $29
GAME STAR ble package at a low EZWorkingTn-Pack $U
HoirywooB Pokci S19 Face OH Hockey ,,$19 Typing $29
Weslorn Gamm S19 price. SUBLOOIC
INFOCOM • Ice Hockey Fligm Simulalor 2 $32
ELECTRONIC ARTS BflttMUCt! tSS F S Scunery Disks Call An imnuon Station $49
Aliura , 523 Zurh Trjolofly $16 • Clubhouse Sports Hawaii Scenery $19 Com pii Serve Starter Kit .$19
BarOs TnW 2or3 J26 Ea . Indoor Sports • Soccer Jot $26 Bonus 5a DSOD. .. 54.99 &■
Bard's Hints 1. 2or3.. 59Ea Steaiin Mission S32
K17OC DeluieLP 569 Disk Case (Holds 75) .. S6B8
Beyond uw Black Hole...S26
Ca^fnanUgh-Lympics. .521
■M8dC Lighl Pen 5M SPORTS HITS VOL 1 SDA Ttiurvter Chopper $19
Oisli Orrve Clearer $5 B8
UpPeraccoe S19
C1>ES51TB5»( 2100 S26
Grapnics GsUena "1
Value S130 Discount Price S25 TAITO
1 Controller SM
Chu<* reagm AFT ... S23 Wmner M3 Mouse -.533
Graonics Gflllena 02 S19 Ullima5KmlBook Arkanoio2 Revenge $19 EPVX 5M XJ Joyslicli. .. .$14
Demon Stalker ..E21 Gunsnip .$23 ..S9
Graphics Ihlegrator 2 ... .$19 Operation Won S19 WiCoBnt Handle Joystick 51'
Double Ofagon ..S23 PimHrs .125 Ultima Tnlosy $39
,J» Qix $19 Wico Boss Joystick $12
DragonsUiir ..519 INTRACORP PiO(tct Stealth Figriliw .$29 Windvalhor
$19 Wico EinoEtick Joystick 516
Empire ..$26 Bumper Slicker Maker , .,J33 Rod Slotm flisinH ... .$15 POLAHWARE Rnstan $19 XETEC Super Graphu .. .$39
Ferrari Formula One . Call Bulloii & Baugo Maker... $33 Silent Service All Docjaooto Heaven . .$19 Sky Snark $10 XETECSucerGraplii.Jr $59
Fire King ..$21 Eoarch For The Titanic...Si 9 Ml NO SCAPE PROFESSIONAL
Indiana Jonm Crusade Last Sedunly AHirl $1B 720 Skateboarding .. THHEE SIXTY XETEC Super Graohn
.533 Fleet System 2 Piui $33
Arcade Veision S21 Ullimolc Gtsino G^mrjlinq S23 Action Fignter - .$19 Dark Castk) $23 Gold $79
Fleet System t 128 .S43
Alter Burner .... .saa PSYGNOSIS
Weekly Reader Software | .523
Alien Syndrome ....
Aussie Games ...... .519
Baal -E19
Blockbusier .Sig
We offer the entire line o( BlooO Money $19
Captain Blcod .$23
Captain Foz $19 Unleash your creativity
Wkly. Reader educational Clubhouse Sports ... -S19 Menace (16 w/lhis powerful com
software. These creative CorilDat Course .SIS
Crossword Magic ... .$19 SHARE DATA puter design pad. In
& imaginative titles make Nigrnmoro on Elm Street S19
'Docpor Dungeons - .516 cludes design lab
learning a lun & fasci DoJaVu .$23 SIMON 4 SCHUSTER
graphics software.
nating adventure. Gauntlet .523 Star Trek ReUcrl $23
Gauntlet Z .$19 Typing Tulcd S25 Great Christmas gift'
STICKYBEAR MATH Harrier Combat Sim . .519 SIR TECH
1 OR 2 SDA Hostage .$19 Knight ol Diamonds - - - S2S SDA
List $39.95 Discount Price $23Ea. Indiana Jones Legacy of Uytgarnyn .... £25 List $89.95 Discount Price $49
Temple ot Doom . . .$23 Proving Ground S25
Indoor Sports .,.,,, .519 Wiiardry Trilogy S25
Circl" Reader Scrrvlcd Number 130
1-800-225-7638 Software
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Customer Service(412)361-5291 Discounters
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Greensboro, H.C. 27403.
Flags are used to represent all the na Flags
tions of the world. Each one is unique in
its appearance. Some have stripes, E! PUISLICATIOHS, inc. - A

some have many colors, and some even Peter M. L. Lottrup LL RIGHTS RESERVED
have symbols on them. But for most of EC 10 FORI = 1T024:L2S = [,2S + "^":N
us, they all have one thing in common: EXT:L1S=LEFTS(L2S.17}
They're easily confused with one an XQ 20 FORI=54272TO54296:P0KEI,
other. Flags is a one- or two-player edu
Learn the flags of more RB 30 PRINT'MCLR)";:AAS="(2t
cational game that will help you learn {RVS( ":FORI=1T0 23:AAS=A
to identify the flags from many countries. AS+"{nOWN)(LEFT) "rNEXT:
than 40 different countries X=RND(-TI>
Gelling Started JS 40 MX=41:DIMFLS(MX|,FL[MX),
Flags is written entirely in BASIC. To
with this educational VS(24),AA(MX),CL(MX):F0R
ensure accurate typing, enter the pro
gram using The Automatic Proofreader,
trivia game for the 64. HQ 50 FL(I]=Z:FLS(I)=CHHS(A)+C
found elsewhere in this issue. When RG 60 POKE53280,12:POKE53231,1
you've finished typing, be sure to save a A joystick is required. 2
copy of the program to tape or disk. XQ 70 VS(B)•"iH0HE}":FOR1=1TO2
The game is played with two joy 4:VS(I)=VS(I -L)+"{DOWN}"
sticks. Plug them in, load the program,
SC 80 FORI=1TO30:SPS=SPS+" ":3
and type RUN. (If you have only one
joystick, plug it into port 2.) A menu
will appear, prompting you for a prac 20)
tice round, a one-player game, or a two- JB 90 S5S="{RVS}"+LEFTS[SP$,24
player game. If you choose the practice ):CL(1)=7:CL(2)=6:CL(3)=
2:CL(4]=H:CL{5)=5:CL (27)
round, you can cycle through all the
flags by pressing the + or — key. Each
SC lae S=53248:FORl=704TO704+6
flag and the country it represents will 3:POKEI,0:NEXT
be displayed. To return to the menu, RA 11G FORI=a32TOI+63:POKEI,0:

press Q. NEXT

Playing the Game BX,AlNEXT

When you're ready to play Flags, speci
In Flags, tat your knowledge of world flags El ,A:NEXT
fy option 2 for a one-player game or op BR 14G POKE2040,11:POKE2041,13
in htad-to-htad competition.
tion 3 for a two-player game. The game :PRINT"{CLR}";:PRINTV$(
screen will appear with the scores and a 6)TAB(10)"EBLK)"LEFTS[S
timer at the top. Press the space bar to 38,19]"{F}"
The sooner you provide the an SR 158 PRIKTVS{15)TAB(10)LETTS
At the start of each round, a flag is swer, the more points you score. Be (S4S,19)"{VJ"
Eft 16S PRINTV5[7)TAB(10]"S
displayed in the center of the screen. A careful though; points are deducted for
list of three countries is shown at the incorrect choices. If no one gives the KX 170 POKES+21,0:PRINTTftB(10)
bottom left. If you're playing head-to- correct response in the allotted time, "(RVSJ^IG SPACESlFLAGS
head, the list also appears at the bottom the answer is given and the game con {6 SPACBR)-"
right. Players have 15 seconds to match tinues with the next flag. EM 180 PRINTTAB(10)"(RVS)^
A one-player game ends after ten (17 SPACES}z"
the flag with the corresponding coun
FM 190 PRINTTAB(10)"{RVS!- (1)
try. To select a country from the list, use flags have been displayed. A two-player
the joystick to move the highlight bar game ends when one of the players FH 200 PRINTTAB[10)"TRVS}Z {2)
over your choice and then press the fire reaches 5000 points. To abort a game at ONE PLAYER{2 SPACES)^"
button. any time, press the f7 key. PQ 210 PRINTTAB(10)"(RVS)Z P)

COMPUTEt's GaziMo January 1990 45

PQ 220 PRINTTAB(10)"{ EQ 620 IFPK1THRNP1 = 3 "{X)":RETURN
{17 SPACES)-" HC 630 IFP2<1THENP2=3 AR 1080 AA(X)=1
1$"{X>(OFI'}"VS(7>; XA 650 IFP2>3THENP2=1 8)TAB(15)"{BLU}"MI0S(F
ME 240 FORI=7T014:PRINTTAB<29) CH 660 PRINTVSIP1+19)" LS(X) ,4)LEFT$(S2S,10)
"{6HBLK)<J>":NEXT {2 SPACES)(RVE)"AS(P1): QB 1100 AS=FLS(X)Ift-FL(X)
SA 250 PRINTVS[6)TAB(9)LEFTS(A pa nin ONAGOTO1120,1210,1270,
A$,LEN(AAS)-9) +19)TAB(24)"lRVS)"AS(P2 1310,1350,1390,1420,14
GX 260 PRINTVS (5)TAB(9)"{YEL}A 30, 1470,1500
PC 670 TM=TM+1:IFTM>5THENT=T-1 RJ 1120 PRINTV$(4);:FORI=1TO4:
3"ORCHS=""THEN270 FJ 680 IFT<0THEN890 S5$:NEXT


HQ 290 PL=1:GS=0:PRINT"[CLR) (INT (T)) ,2) ,2) :PRINT" IDS(AS,2,1)S5S:NEXT


{2 SPACES}(YELJ0000" FP 700 Iil= (PEEK (56321 )AND16)/1 IDS(AS,3,1)S5S:NEXT

FG 300 PRINT"{HOME)"TAB(18)" 6:132=1: IFCHS = "3"T!IENB2 = XE 1150 IFX<10ORX>12THEN1170

(PEEK(56320)ANO16)/16 GX 1160 POKES,173:POKES+1,122:
18)"z(2 SPACES}-"VS(2)T HM 710 IFB1ANDB2T!!EN510 POKES+39,CL(X-9):POKES
AB(18) ■'•tZJ^{X>" EQ 720 PP=P2:PL=2:IFB1=0THENPP +23,1:POKES+29,1:POKES
JJ 310 IFCH$="3"THENPBINT" =P1:PL=1 + 21,1
(HOME)"TAB(30)"{BLKlPLA CE 730 TB=17:IFPL=1THENTB=0 FM 1170 IFX<:14ORX>15THEN120 0
YER #2"VS (l)TAB(32)" EH 740 FORI=20TO22:PRINTVS(I)S SJ 1180 POKES+2,158:POKES+3,12
(YEL)00OiJ" 2SMIDS (S2S,2) :NEXT 0:POKES+4 0,CL[X-10):PO
RJ 320 PI!INTVS(12)TAB(12) " EK 750 PRINTVS(22)TAB (2+TB)" KES+23,3:POKES+29,3


TART ":SC(1)=0:SC[2)=0: (SPACE) {BLK)**1"' PP 1200 RETURN
2"THENRR=D:GOTO2000 ! IT WAS "ZS:SC(PL)=SC( (AS,2,1);
PF 790 IFSC (PL)<0THENSC(PL) =0 A$,3,U"18 SPACES)":NE
BH 370 X=IMT(RND(l)'MX)+1:IFAA ECT!":SC(PI,) =SC (PL) +INT B(19)"{BLK)R"
(X)=1THEN370 (T'50):GOSUB1970 AR 124H
JK 380 AA{X)=1:YY=X:ZS=MIDS(FL QD 820 S$=RIGHTS("0OH0"+MID$(S CC 125 0 POKES+2,158:POKES+3,12
S(YY) ,4) :GOSUB1050 TRS(SC(1)) ,2) ,4) 0:POKES+23,3:POKES+29,
KS 390 GOSUB108fl:AS(l)=MIDS(FL
S(YY] ,4]
BF 400 X1 = INT (RND(1)*MX) + 1:IFX S="2"THEN860 BETURN


(XI),4):GOTO42fl TRS(SC(2)),2),4):PRINT" PRINTTAB(8)LEfTS(AS,1)


EK 420 X2=INT(RND(l)*MX)+1:IFX 2)SS XF 1280 FORI=1TO6:PRINTTAB(8)M
2OX1ANDX2OYYTHENAS (3) 850 IFSC (1)>5000ORSC(2)>500 IDS(AS,2,1)S5S:NEXT
= MIDS(FLS(X2) ,4) :GOTO 44 0THEN2000 RX 1290 IFX=30THENFORI=4TO15:P
:AS(X)=AS(2):AS(2)*TS QM 880 GOTO340 AA 1300 RETURN
:AS(2)=AS(3):AS (3)=TS B(5)"OUT OF TIME! IT WA 1490

RC 4 60 IFRND(1)<•5THKNT$=AS (1) S "ZS:GOTO860 JG 1320 PRINTMIDS[AS,2,1);

XS 470 T=15:TS="15":RVS="(RVS] ODE<2>":X=1:PRINTVS(3)T AB(15)"(RVS){2 SPACES}
tr AB(6)AA? ":NEXT
19+1)"{2 SPACESi"RVS" (10 Y>" BC 1350 PRINTLEFTS(A$,1);:GOSU
{BLK)"AS (I) GX 930 PRINTVS(21)TAB(10)" B1490

+-I)TAB(24)RVSAS(I) RR 940 PRINTTAB(10)"(-) PREVIO AB(19)"(RVS)(WHT)

2=1 DS 950 PRINTTAB(10)"(Q) QUIT" MA 1370 FORI=9TO10:PRINTVS(I)T
CR 510 X1=NOTPEEK(56321)AND15: PF 960 GOSUB1050:GOSUBl080 AB(14)»!RVS)"LEFTS[S2S
X2=NOTPEEK(56 3 20)AND15 FH 970 GETAS: IFAS = " + "THEN1019 ,12):NEXT
GJ 520 GETAS: IFAS = "!F7}"TliEN14 EP 980 IFAS="Q"THEN140 JG 13 80 RETURN

0 Dll 990 IFASO"-"THEN970 BX 1390 PR I NT LEFTS(AS,1) } :GOSU

MM 510 IFX1^0ANDX2=0THEN670 BQ 1000 GOTO 103 0 B1490
QJ 540 IFX1O1ANDX1O2TNEN560 EX 1310 X=X+1:IFX>HXTHENX=1 EK 1400 POKES+ 2,158:POKES+ 3,12
FQ 551i l'RINTVS(Pl + 19) " FA 1020 GOTO 960 0:POKES+40,l:POKES+23,
XG 560 IFX2O1ANDX2O2TNF.N580 XL> 1040 GOTO96Q DH 1410 POKES+21,2:RETURN
+ 19)TAB (24)"{OFF}"AS(P2 (3] ; :PRINTTAB(E) "iH 1490:GOTO1160
EF 1430 PRINT"{BLU}":GOSUB14 90
AX 590 IFX2*1THENP2=P2-1 (E)"{OFF)<4J~"MIDS(S5S "S5SVS(5)TAB(8)S5SVS(1
,2)"-":NEXT 4)TAB[8)S5SVS(15)TAB(8
EK 600 IFX2^2THENP2=P2+1

46 COMPUTERS Gazette January 1990

Will they call you
Tinkerbell'or "Deadeye"?
F 1M ■ ■ -

1 ■ '■'' '' ■ ^^^i^^^^B

1 II l::-:8

Take on the- best pilots in onc-
on-one dogfigho m ihe Naval
Rghtet Woiipons School to find
out who h the rciil tOpgUIL



4 You dnn't know what a good

J chewing out is until you've ticked
off Admiral Hawk. Wipe chat
? ! smirk off your face. Lieutenant

■ ; -J J.
Find out, on the toughest fighter training ground in the world. In F-J4 TOMCAT
Master the fine points of aerial combat. Move up the ranks in your tours of duty
aboard the carrier (J.S.S. Nimitz. And test your dogfighting skills against the most
elite pilots in the world.
F-/4 TOMCAT features 80 randomly assigned missions in five theaters. Ist-person
in-the-cockpit realism. And feel-it-in-your-gut aerial maneuvers. It's the best-selling
combat flight simulator on the Commodore today.
Think you're a "Top Gun"? Then prove it, hot-shot, in F-14 TOMCAT.

"F-I4 TOMCAT fe one ofthe "F-14pvesyouashatatbeh\gone

besl cumbm /light simuhltors /or ofAmerica's mou elitefighter pilots'.'
iht' 64. Graphics, sowiJ, and — Computer Gaming World
actiwt are excellent, and thejrame-
uvrk of a career scenario adds a
seme of realism and purpose','
— Ci>mputi:'s Gazelle

See your local retailer, or call 1-800-227-6900 to order.
O W&9 AtmVISKTN All cirjrpd iurnf» vilJ rriJeciufki jif ihe profHTiv tft ihcn fupeedn hukJcr*

Circle Render Service Number 103

)S5S FB 1630 DATA1,28,5,30,"INDIA" KQ 1880 DATA7, 144, 1,1, "DANGLAt)
JG 1450 PRINTVS (6)TAB(8)"(WHT} AK 1640 DATA1,28,5,30,"NIGER" ESH"
"S5SV5(7)TAB[8)S5SVS(1 CC 1650 DATfil,144,28,158,"WEST QA 1890 DATAB,1,1,1,"THAILAND"
2)TAB(8)S5$VS(13)TAB(8 GERMANY" JM 1900 DATA9,1,1,1,"MALTA"
)S5S BH 1660 DATA1,28,158,30,"GHANA MH 1910 DATA10,1,1,1,"OMAN"
QR 1460 RETURN DE 1920 DATA1,141,5,28,"UPPE11
XA 1470 PRINT"(WHT)":GOSUB1490 SD 1670 DATA1,28,5,144,"YEMEN" {SPACEjVOLTA"
:FORI=4T015 KJ 16B0 DATA1,5,30,28,"BULGARI EK 1930 DATA1,30,5,28,"SIERRA
(RED)(RVS}"MIDS(S5S,14 JR 1690 DATA2,31,158,28,"CHAD" XE 1940 DATA6B,0,0,126,0,0,126
):NEXT:PRINTVS(5)TAB(9 FG 1700 DATA2,28,158,144,"BELG ,0,0,255,0,0,255,0,0,1
) "(BLKj+^RETURN IUM" 26,0,0,126,0,0,60,16,0
RE 1490 FORI=4T015:PRINTVS(I)T BG 1710 DATA2,31,5,28,"FRAHCE" ,0
AB(3)S5S:NEXT:RETURN PK 1720 DATA2,2a,158,30,"RWAND ES 1950 DATA16,0,0,56,0,0,56,0
GH 1500 PRINT"(RED)":GOSU31490 A" ,3,255,128,1,255,0,0,1
FK 1510 F0RI=4TO7:PRINT"!VEL} PX 1730 DATA2,30,5,2B,"ITALY" 24,0,0,124,0,0,198,0,1
(RVS)"VS (I)TAB[14)MI[)S JS 1740 DATA2,28,158,30,"NEW G ,1
(S5S.8):NEXT UINEA" RQ 1960 POKE51273,70:POKE54278
JF 1520 F0RI=12TO15:PRINT" KF 1750 DATA2,30,5,30,"NIGERIA ,78:POKE 54296,15:POKES
(RVSj(GRN}"VS(I)TflB(14 4276, 17:POKE54276,16:R
RN OftST" MM 1970 POKE54278,96:POKE54296
FR 1530 DATA1,28,5,31,"NETHERL FG 1770 OATA2,30,28,158,"CAMER ,15
XJ 1540 DATA1,158, 31,28, "VENE7, CG 17B0 DATA2,30,158,29,"SENEG 4273, 50 + 1:POKE542 76,33
MA 1550 DATA1,2B,5,28,"AUSTRIA GS 1790 DATA3,5,154,1,"SAN MAR RN
INO" GD 1990 FORT=1T015:POKE54296,1
EJ 1560 DATA1.28,158,28,"SPAIN SK 18B0 DATA3,28,5,1,"INDONESI 5:POKK54296,0:NEXT:RET

QX 1570 DATA1,28,5,30,"HUNGARY XG 1810 DATA3,5,28,1,"POLAND" BS 2000 GOSUB1970:FORI=18TO23:

BH 1580 DATAl,28,5,154,"LUXEMB CAR" 2) :NEXT
OURG" AC 1830 DATA4,28,5,1,"DENMARK" HB 2010 PRINTVS(18)TAB(15]"GAM
AF 1590 DATAl,28,5,144,"LIBYA" DB 1840 DATA4,31,158,1,"SWEDEN E OVER!":GOSUB1970
JQ 1600 DATA1,30,158,28,"ETHIO AD 2020 PRINTVS(20)TAB(8)"
AR 1610 DATA1,38,158,31,"GABON KB 1360 DATA5,28,5,1,"SWITZERL E> FOR MENU "
XF 1623 DATA1,154,5,154,"ARGEN PJ 1870 DATA6,154,1,1,"SOMALI 0

The Computer Reference Bible

Heir's whi! LANDMARK wit] enable you to do:

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i n I r i p i n rj a i y i! 11 y i ti t h p [U n g! c it u i L ii c i ■. vp&€\ • SEARCimmOUGimiEBIBLE-Find
Phrasa, words orsentenccs.
of Gufllcinota Wfi i ll h •/ DEVEI£)P TOPICAL FiLI-^-Copy from the
Ilible text and search results then add your
'iemple of Tilr own comments and notes,
pfintar of hea«n? '* \/ COMPILE YOUR PERSONAL BIBLE—
Outline texts in color. Add notes, comments,
"Jenny Omit onJiho SpllMerof
and references. Make your Bible Study
Heaven pimtafc oil rfie Anton ond organized and on pennament record!
wpcnse ollho tmlfflfftod ieries, Plus you • CKKATE FI[£S— Convert them for
chon'.e 1 he toursi ol adienlur* witlt wordproccssors like Paperclip and GV!OS.
tnJeiadne dialogue an^undi on fightifil • MAKE SUPPLEMENTARY STUDY FILES- For
sequcntei. TKd world Isyouisto cip!are\ more specific study and developing

anil you will let I like you're in it as you 1 translation variations.

salve punier and mmba! enemiei while K|V Of NTV (tlO.00 royalty charge focNIVJ
one.mpiingtoiolvelliBinysier^ \
Episode One it just the beginning! plus S4.00 shipping in
Stay I lined for furifior inilollntioni into
cont.. U.S.A. 17.50 Canada. Overseas write.
ongoing wiei of si and clone Driven ilOTHKJVandNIV for S189-95 plusilO.CO
NIV royalty and shipping charge.

vl.2 for C64 and v2.0 for C128


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£ i^

ntlet ll is the best home if*
computer version "of an arcade
K-'x ■ ^i!
/ deliver unbelievable s< I
b ■Hfj
jjii ;

: and grap


LXIhtuDOli. i: "■ -i1. C

Circle Refldnr S*rv-ca N>Rib«r 151

Ligia Latino

Rescue the princess from a fire-breathing dragon in this

challenging action-adventure game for the 64. Joystick required.

The kingdom is in a royal mess. It's al Save the Princess As you move from room to room,
most time for your wedding, but the The princess is hidden somewhere with be sure to avoid the Pink Marshmal
princess is nowhere to be found. Word in the Dark Castle's 16 rooms. To move lows—the dragon's unconditional al
has it that she has been kidnapped by a around in the castle, push the joystick in lies. There are two types of Pink
fire-breathing dragon and taken to its the direction you wish to go. Press the Marshmallows: roving marshmallows,
lair—the dreaded Dark Castle. fire button to jump over any obstacles. which you can destroy, and stationary
Hmm, sounds like the king is be marshmallows, which you never can
hind this one. But you have no choice; get rid of. If you collide with either,
you must fulfill your destiny and prove you'll lose a life.
yourself worthy of his daughter's hand. A game ends when you reach the
So, off you ride on yet another perilous princess or lose all of your lives. Press
adventure. fl at any time to start a new game.
In Royal Rescue, you search the
Dark Castle for the princess and at Game Strategy
tempt to rescue her from the fiery drag To increase your chances of success,
on. The castle is a labyrinth of rooms closely watch the Pink Marshmallows.
connected by halls, doorways, and These fiendish blimps always appear at
stairs. Each room is filled with trea the same locations in rooms and follow
sures, keys, and the keepers of the the same paths. A good strategy is to
castle—the deadly fink Marshmallows. enter a room, observe the Marshmal
So get ready. If you're not quick and Royal Rescue reveals a particularly precari lows for a moment, and then quickly
quick-witted, you'll soon find yourself ous passageway. To advance, you must ride a exit the room. Repeat this procedure
well done! moving sidewalk through a series of bobbing until you've learned where the safe
Pink Marslimallows. spots in the room are.
Gelling Started Some rooms in the castle have
Royal Rescue is written entirely in ma areas that appear impossible lo reach,

chine language. To type it in, you'll Some rooms in the castle have even by jumping. But be palient. As
need to use MLX, the machine language doors that are locked. To unlock a door, you become more familiar with the cas
entry program located elsewhere in this you need a key. Keys and other trea tle, you'll find ways to reach these areas
issue. When MLX prompts you, re sures—cherries, flowers, and bells— from other rooms.
spond with the values listed below. are scattered throughout the castle.
Royal Rescue
Whenever you come across a treasure,
Starting address 0801 0801 BA as 00 00 9E 32 30 36 6C
pick it up by touching it. Points are
Ending address 1C20 0809 31 00 00 00 20 44 A6 78 89
awarded for each treasure you capture.
0811 A9 33 85 01 A2 08 ,\n 00 F9
When you've finished typing in the Cherries are worth 50 points; flowers, 0319 B9 00 D0 99 00 39 C8 D0 FC
data, be sure to save a copy of it before 100 points; bells, 200 points; and keys, 0B21 F7 EE IB 08 EE IE 08 CA 97

exiting MLX. 500 points. Also, every door you open 0825 D0 EE A2 3F BD C0 0A 9D 48

gives you 1000 points. 0831 ce 3F 98 9D C0 0A 9D 40 0C

Although Royal Rescue is written in
0839 03 CA IS F0 4C 00 0D 00 0E
machine language, it loads and runs You begin the game with six lives.
0841 BQ 00 00 00 00 00 A8 B0 A2
like a BASIC program. When you're Each bell you capture gives you an ex 0849 aa AS 00 0U AC 00 00 BC ft5
ready to play, plug a joystick into port tra life. You can have as many as nine 0851 Ha 00 3C 00 00 20 00 00 69

2; then load the program and type RUN. lives at any point in the game. 0859 \8 i!0 00 AB 00 00 AS 00 99

50 COMPUTE'S G020K0 JanuRry 1990

0861:90 A8 00 00 A3 00 30 69 4A 0B09:41 23 10 53 04 00 10 40 40 0DB1: A0 50 t\5 B6 85 BO A6 B7 44
0369:00 00 69 00 00 28 00 00 47 0BH:00 9A E0 80 06 85 00 25 5D 0DB9: 86 Bl 20 50 19 20 50 01' 85
0871:28 00 00 28 00 00 14 00 40 0B19:DC 30 63 F3 03 33 30 06 E4 0DC1::A2 07 A9 00 9D D8 50 9D B2
0379:00 14 00 00 15 00 00 00 37 0B21:37 70 0C 3E 60 1C IF E0 E6 0DC9;:C8 50 9D DO 50 BD 41 EO F9
0381:00 00 00 00 03 00 A3 30 E2 0B29:70 IB Cl F0 19 E3 E0 19 B3 0DD1::9D F0 50 CA 10 EC A9 2C 61
0889:00 AS 00 00 AC 00 00 BC E5 0B31:FF E0 OF FF C0 OF FF CO 64 0DD9: BD CA 15 20 E4 FF C9 85 52
0891:00 00 3C 00 00 20 00 00 A9 0B39:03 FF 00 00 78 00 00 00 94 0DE1: DO 33 4C 61 0D 06 B9 90 49
0899:A8 00 00 A8 00 00 AB 00 D9 0B41:00 00 00 00 00 00 A8 00 A8 0DE9: 03 20 07 OE AD CA 15 C9 F5
0SA1:00 AA 00 02 AA 00 01 AA 7F, 0B49:00 20 00 00 AS 00 00 30 DC 3DF1: 4C DO E8 A6 13 3 F0 99 CA 4D
08A9:4fl 01 2B 40 03 28 00 03 C3 0B51:00 00 FC 00 02 32 00 00 DC 0DF9i F0 4C CA D0 19 A9 01 85 FC
03B1:2A 00 00 A2 00 03 41 00 83 0B59:A8 00 32 22 00 00 A8 03 77 OE01: A3 85 AA A9 02 85 04 A9 IB
08B9:00 41 00 00 51 40 00 00 A5 0B61:02 22 00 00 A8 00 02 22 6C 0E09:■2C 8D F8 07 EE FB 07 20 B7
08C1:00 00 00 00 00 00 AS 00 23 0B69:00 00 .AS 00 02 22 00 00 2D 0E11::6E GE C6 04 D0 F6 A2 00 A3
08C9:00 A8 00 03 E9 00 00 F3 44 0B71:A3 00 01 21 00 00 54 00 B6 0E19i 20 19
9D C6 06 20 D7 0E AA
08D1:00 00 F0 00 30 20 00 00 80 0B79:00 10 00 01 55 00 00 00 4E 0E21-:20 0E
6B A5 06 FO 03 4C 8A
03D9:A8 30 00 AB 00 00 A8 00 1A 0BB1:00 00 00 00 00 00 S3 00 A8 0E29::A9 OD A2 0C A0 0F IS 20 04
0HE1I00 A8 00 00 A3 00 01 A4 08 0B89:02 02' 00 00 00 80 32 32 59 0E31: F0 FF A9 79 A0 0E 20 IE 2E
08E9:00 01 A4 00 00 A0 00 00 51 0B91:00 08 OC 00 02 02 20 00 83 0E39::AB 20 E4 FF DO FB 20 E4 6B
0 8 F1:A0 00 00 A0 00 00 50 00 FC 0B99:8B 00 03 02 20 08 00 80 B5 0E41:iFF F0 KB 4C 61 0D A9 B3 F3
09F9:30 50 00 01 50 00 00 00 BO 0BA1:02 20 00 08 88 80 00 02 39 0E49: A0 OE 20 IE AB A9 46 8D 3D
0901:00 00 00 00 00 00 A8 00 64 0BA9:20 08 00 00 02 22 20 00 AA 0E51: 02 DO A3 37 BD 03 D0 A9 OF
0909;00 AS 00 00 E3 00 00 F3 35 0BB1:B0 30 01 21 00 04 00 43 AA 0E59: 02 8D 15 DO 20 E4 FF C9 E7
0911:00 00 FO 00 00 20 00 00 Cl 0BB9:00 10 20 04 40 40 00 03 IB 0E61: 59 F3 EO C9 4E D0 F5 4C 3D
0919:A8 30 00 AS 00 00 A8 00 5B 0BC1:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D7 0E69: E2 FC 2 0 6E 0E A2 00 A0 BC
0921:02 A8 00 02 AA 00 06 A9 89 0BC9:03 00 30 00 00 00 00 00 DF 0E71: 00 CA DO FD 88 D0 FA 60 18
0929:00 04 Al 00 00 A3 00 02 F4 0BD1:00 00 5E 00 01 FF 80 07 C3 0E79i 47 41 4D 45 ID 4F 56 45 9F
0931:A0 00 02 28 00 01 04 00 62 0BD9:FF E0 IE FF BB 13 FE 38 43 0E81: 52 00 93 11 11 11 11 43 7C
0939:01 04 00 05 14 00 00 03 BD 0BE1:60 38 OE El 38 4E E0 IS E2 0EB9i 4F 4E 47 52 41 54 55 4C 41
0941:00 00 00 00 00 04 AS 03 B4 OBE9:06 FC 7F IE FF AA FE FE BB 0E91::41 54 49 4F 4E 53 2C 0D A6
0949:04 A8 00 OB A3 00 08 AS 06 0BF1:00 FE F8 57 3E FD FE IE 62 0E99: 59 4F 55 20 46 4F 55 4E 4B
0951:40 08 30 40 0A A8 83 0A 8D 0BF9-. FF FF FE FF FF FE 3F 00 6A 0EA1: 44 20 54 48 45 20 50 52 94
0959:AA 80 00 AA 80 00 AS 00 E0 0C01:7F 80 00 F3 C0 00 El C0 C2 0EA9:.49 4E 43 45 53 53 2E 0D 0C
0961:00 A3 00 00 A8 00 00 A8 8B 0C09:00 El C0 00 El C0 00 F3 B7 0EB1::50 4C 41 59 20 41 47 41 9C
0969:00 00 83 00 00 34 00 00 9E 0C11:C0 00 7F 80 00 IE 00 00 F9 0EB9:■49 4E 3F 20 28 59 2F 4E 4B
0971:84 00 00 85 00 00 40 00 9E OC19:1E 00 00 IS 00 00 IE 00 5E 0EC1: 29 30 16 18 20 21 22 23 A3
0979:30 40 00 01 40 00 00 00 AD 0C21:00 IE 00 00 IE 00 03 FE B6 0EC9: 25 26 AO 05 20 2C 0F A9 DF
0981:00 00 00 00 00 00 A8 40 25 OC29:00 03 FE 00 00 7E 00 00 DB OEDli 32 A0 DF 20 IE AB A5 F7 F5
0989:00 AS 40 00 AB 30 04 A3 C5 3C31:7E 00 03 FE 00 03 FE 00 E2 0ED9: A4 FB B5 63 84 62 A2 90 F0
0991:80 04 30 80 08 AA 83 0A EB 3C39:O0 IE 00 00 0S 00 00 00 19 0EE1: 38 20 49 BC 20 E2 BA 20 39
0999:AA 80 OA AS 00 00 A8 00 3E 0C41:20 00 00 88 00 00 B8 00 03 0EE9: DD BD A2 FF ES BD 02 01 FB
09Al:00 AB 00 03 AS 00 00 AB CB 0C49:30 20 00 00 A8 00 02 AA 5D 0EF1: DO FA F0 11 A9 30 8D 00 BD
O9A9:O0 00 38 03 33 48 00 30 ED 0C51:00 02 AA 00 02 AA 00 02 FB 0EF9: 01 AO 05 B9 00 01 99 01 33
09B1:48 00 01 43 00 00 04 03 94 0C59:AA 00 02 AA 00 02 AA 00 OF 0FO1: 01 88 10 F7 E8 E0 04 DO E6
09B9:0O 04 00 00 05 00 00 28 ID 0C61:32 AA 00 02 AA 00 0A AA 59 0F39: EB AO 0B 20 2C 0F A9 01 9A
09C1:00 0A 2A 00 2A 0A 83 A8 BE 0C69:80 OA AA 80 2A AA A0 00 DE 0F11: A8 20 IE AB AO 19 20 2C DF
09C9:0A AA A3 0A AA A8 38 48 91 0C71:54 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 B4 0F19: OF A5 06 20 26 0F A0 22 BB
09D1:48 OA 2A 28 0A AA AS OA A8 0C79:00 00 00 30 00 00 00 30 91 0F21: 20 2C OF A5 B8 18 69 30 BF
09D9:AA A3 0A AA 98 AA AA 63 84 0C81:02 00 00 08 00 30 20 00 5B 01-29: 4C 16 E7 A2 17 18 4C F0 BC
09E1:59 69 AB 44 56 A8 55 5A AE 0C89:00 22 A0 OA 88 AS 2A 28 42 0F31: FF 05 53 43 4F 52 45 20 9D
09E9:A8 99 AA AB 11 02 A8 00 78 OC91:2A AS 8A 00 A2 08 30 02 72 0F39: ID ID ID ID ID 20 20 20 6C
09F1:0O AS 00 00 A8 00 00 28 9B 0C99:20 80 0B 20 20 08 20 30 76 0F41: 4C 49 56 45 53 20 ID 20 6C
09F9:00 00 28 00 00 28 00 28 D9 0CA1:30 20 FC FC 30 FC FC FC B5 0F49: 20 20 4B 45 59 53 00 A6 FB
OAO1:00 0A 2A 00 2A 0A 80 AS FF 0CA9:FC FC FC FC FC FC 30 30 5B 0F51: 02 BD 89 10 35 F9 BD 99 3B
0A09:0A AA A8 0A AA A8 08 48 D2 0CB1:FC 00 00 30 00 00 4B 0F59: 10 85 FA A2 00 A0 00 Bl 9E
0Alll4B 0A 2A 2B 0A AA A8 OA E9 0CB9:fl0 00 00 00 00 03 D4 0F61: F9 D0 03 4C E8 OF EB C8 F3
0A19:AA AS 0A AA 9B AA AA 5B B5 0CC1:FF 00 3C FC F0 FF FF FC B5 0F69: 8E 3!) 0F BC 8F 0F 0A OA B3
0A21:59 69 D8 44 57 D3 55 5F C3 0CC9:0F 57 C0 FF 57 FC FC FC FC 0F71: 8D 76 0F 0A 69 00 AS A9 BC
0A29:68 99 9F 68 11 IF 68 00 28 0CD1:FC F3 FF 3C 03 FF 00 00 41 0F79: 0C 85 04 B9 F9 OF 9D 00 62
0A31:7D AS 00 7D A8 30 7D 28 6E 0CD9;2Q 00 80 20 00 A3 20 0A 01 0F81: 50 C8 8A 18 69 33 AA C6 54
0A39:O1 F4 28 01 54 28 00 03 63 0CE1:A8 20 2A 2A 20 AA 2A A2 E0 0F89: 04 D0 FO A2 00 Afl 00 Bl 5A
0A41:50 00 00 54 00 03 A8 0O 14 0CE9:A8 02 AA 83 00 2A 00 00 DC 0F91: F9 9D 98 50 C8 Bl F9 9D CA
0A49:00 AA 00 00 FA 00 00 FA DA 0CF1:20 00 00 20 00 00 20 00 5C 0F99: A0 50 CB Bl F9 CB 48 29 FC
0A51:B0 00 FA 80 00 1A 80 00 76 0CF9:00 20 03 00 03 00 00 A9 C3 0FA1: F0 4A 4A 4A 4A C9 0B 90 D2
0A59:5A 30 01 5A 00 01 5B 00 35 0001:37 85 01 58 A2 2D A9 06 E0 0FA9: 02 09 F0 9D 60 50 68 29 41
0A61:00 54 DO 00 54 00 00 54 81 0D09:9D 49 03 CA CA CA 10 FB EB OFBI: OF C9 08 90 02 09 FO 9D 87
0A69:00 81 55 00 05 55 40 05 6B 0D11:A9 30 85 A3 85 AA A9 8F ,\4 0FD9: 68 SO Bl F9 C8 91) 90 50 24
0A71:55 40 15 55 50 15 55 50 0A 0D19:8D 18 D4 A9 2A 81) OF D4 AF 9FC1: 8E DF 0t' 8C E4 0F 0A OA 4B
0A79:15 55 50 15 55 50 15 IF FD 0D21:A2 07 BC C3 OE BD 00 40 C9 3FC9: AB A9 04 65 04 B9 49 12 2B
0A81-.FF FB 3F FF FC 7F FF FE AO 3029:99 00 DO CA 10 F4 A9 07 85 OFDl: CB 9D 70 50 BA 18 69 03 5E
0A89:FF FF FF DA 2E IB DA EE CD 0D31:8D 18 50 A9 01 8D 20 50 SB 0FD9: AA C6 04 DO F0 A2 00 20 BE
0A91:DB C2 6E IB DA EE FF DA 31 0D39:A2 00 8E 28 50 BE 30 50 66 0FE1: 9A 1A A0 00 4C 60 0F BD A7
0A99:22 FB FF FF FF 7F FF FE BA 0D41:20 9A 1A 78 A9 BD 8D 14 50 0FE9: FD 0F A4 02 39 0E 60 3D 97
0AA1:3F FF FC IF FF F8 00 FF CA 0D49:33 A3 15 8D 15 03 A9 FA CD 0FF1: 15 DO 20 32 1A CA 18 FA 12
0AA9:0O 00 3F 80 00 0F CO 00 6B 0D51:8D 12 D0 A9 81 8D 1A D0 B2 0FF9: AD IE DO 60 01 03 07 0F C7
0AB1:03 E0 00 00 F0 00 00 38 3F 0D59:AD 11 D0 29 7F 8D 11 DO 60 1001: IF 3F 7F FF 27 55 02 05 DB
0Ai?9:00 00 0C 00 00 02 00 55 AC 0D61:A9 4C BD CA 15 58 A2 0F 20 1009: 01 00 30 0O 00 00 30 00 A9
0AC1:55 65 99 99 65 55 55 FF Dl 0D69:A9 FF 9D 00 60 CA 10 FA 55 1.011: 29 00 01 08 01 00 Hi! WO 6E
0AC9:FA EB AF AF EB FA FF FF 92 0D71SA9 09 85 02 A9 30 BD 9B 35 1019: 07 00 00 03 2A 80 02 03 17
0AD1:AF EB FA FA EB AF FF 03 EB 0D79:50 A3 B9 8D A0 50 A9 04 D3 1021: 03 31 00 00 03 00 00 00 81
OAD9:03 0F 03 03 03 OF 03 C0 DE 0D81:B5 91 A9 00 85 B0 85 B8 B2 1929: 2B 55 02 07 00 01 01 00 EA
0AE1:C0 FO CO C0 C0 F0 CO 55 57 0D89:85 F7 85 F8 A9 06 85 06 IB 1031: 02 00 30 00 0D 00 01 07 C3
0AE9;55 FF 00 00 00 FF 00 00 A8 0D91:20 Al 12 20 CB OE AD 9a F2 1039: 00 01 01 05 04 00 00 00 2A
0AF1:00 FF 00 00 00 FF 00 D8 DE 0D99:50 35 B4 AD A0 53 85 B5 B5 1041: 33 30 01 04 00 30 03 01 DA
0AF9:1F 01 00 0C 01 01 0A 88 47 0DA1:A5 B0 85 B6 A5 Bl 85 B7 3D 1049: 03 09 32 00 31 00 01 07 06
0B31:00 00 82 01 80 C3 31 00 EC 0DA9:A5 B4 8D 98 50 A5 B5 8D 11 1051: 01 00 30 01 00 0A 14 01 53

COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 1990 51

&■■ tr


rn in the

1\ latest and greatest version of the

coin-op smash hit!
Featuring more weapons
I ■ Wk ri more powerful
moves, with more
new ions such as
City* the Garden
3if and
Trap Room!

./*' It's martial arts at its bjest, coming

~oon foryobr.JhiDnie computer!

Machine availability:
IBM5-W $39.99 Atari ST $39.99
IBM3-'A" $39.99 Commodore64 $34.99
Amiga $39.99

,«! ^




;B iffr


18001 Cowan, Irvine, 714 Tel ( ;^j 8710

Royal Rescue
1059 :32 00 01 05 01 90 00 01 0C 1301 :BC 05 20 46 13 A0 00 A5 D4 15A9 :73 ID 7D 11 87 12 0E 22 58
1061 :00 06 05 90 33 00 01 05 44 1309 :05 91 F9 A5 F9 18 65 04 AE 15B1 :18 12 22 0B A9 12 B3 0E 9C
1069 :01 00 09 91 00 06 0A 00 46 1311 :85 F9 90 02 E6 FA CA D0 34 15B9 :BD 12 C7 00 AD 19 D0 8D 41
1071 :2F 00 01 04 01 00 00 01 92 1319 :EE 60 20 46 13 24 FC 30 8A 15C1 :19 D0 29 01 D0 03 4C 7E 8B
1079 :02 00 00 00 2F 00 01 04 1A 1321 :08 A0 01 A9 FE 91 F9 D0 31 15C9 :EA 2C 46 IB A2 01 BD 90 14
1081 :01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 32 1329 :0A A0 02 B9 43 13 91 F9 DB 15D1 :50 10 70 BD 98 50 29 03 6D
1089 :A9 C8 E7 06 IB 3F 45 5A C8 1331 :8S 10 F8 A5 F9 18 69 28 44 15D9 :D0 69 BD A0 50 38 E9 05 C4
1091 :7E 93 B2 Cl CD Fl 01 25 06 1339 :85 F9 90 02 E6 FA CA D0 5C 15E1 :29 07 D0 5F BD D8 50 4ft AE
1099 :ia 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 08 1341 :E8 60 FC FF FD A5 F3 85 97 15E9 :B0 27 20 F4 IA C9 FE BO 30
19A1 : 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 C4 1349 :F9 A5 FC 29 03 18 69 04 57 15F1 :52 20 4C 16 30 09 20 E0 FE
10A9 :08 38 37 00 00 07 5B 36 CB 1351 :85 FA A5 FC 29 7C 4A 4A 97 15F9 :1A B0 10 A0 03 D0 07 20 F2
10B1 :22 01 0A 2C BE 11 11 0A 8D 1359 :AA 60 7B 92 B3 DA EF 32 A0 1601 :DD IA B0 07 A0 FD A9 00 79
10B9 :2C 91 11 12 0A 54 D2 IF FD 1361 :5B 76 A5 C4 DD F2 35 50 49 1609 :4C 3E 16 20 3C IA 4C 44 D6
10C1 113 0ft 54 A5 IF 14 00 09 25 1369 :6F 86 13 13 13 13 13 14 9B 1611 :16 20 4C 16 30 1C 20 F9 67
1GC9 :4G 82 00 00 09 5A 32 00 64 1371 :14 14 14 14 14 14 15 15 9A 1619 :1A C9 FE D0 05 A9 03 4C D2
10D1 :00 99 6E 82 00 00 05 20 54 1379 i IS 15 48 Al 5D 78 16 53 DE 1621 :3C 16 20 CB IA 90 05 20 EE
101)9 :44 00 00 05 20 7C 00 00 5F 1381 :53 4D 3B 61 00 00 90 01 44 1629 :D0 IA 90 17 20 26 lft 4C E5
10E1 :fln 58 5A 00 00 00 09 28 23 1389 :44 A5 0C B0 0D 8C IE 54 F2 1631 :44 16 20 FC IA C9 FE 90 5F
10E9 -.31! 00 00 09 38 3B 00 00 E6 1391 :HH 08 00 40 05 4C 15 A0 El 1639 :E9 A9 FD A0 90 20 78 19 19
10F1 :05 9C 7C 00 00 05 A0 7C F8 1399 :09 8C 06 A0 27 35 13 31 ID 1641 :FE D8 50 E8 E0 08 F0 0D Dl
10F9 :00 09 0A 58 BD 0E 02 0A 15 13A1 :34 8D IE 52 30 52 44 00 81 1649 :4C CF 15 BC F0 50 FE FO B5
1101 :S8 7D 0E 03 90 0A 34 55 86 13A9 :15 25 95 2F 00 9C 02 ID DC 1651 : 50 B9 00 A0 60 A5 B2 F0 0E
1109 : 12 04 0A 58 55 12 05 0A 03 13B1 :3A 00 7C CD 09 40 89 41 FE 1659 :04 C6 B2 D0 38 A9 02 85 8E
1111 :7C 55 12 06 06 92 38 00 54 13B9 :09 66 89 66 3D 75 12 30 A9 1661 :B2 A2 07 BD 08 3F 4A 7E 23
1119 :00 00 0A 55 7D 3E 07 0A CE 13C1 : 16 19 0E 11 IE 51 26 B5 44 1669 :D8 3F BD D8 3F 4A 7E D8 10
1121 :55 7D S3 07 0A 55 7D 14 EB 13C9 :5F 4D 00 09 94 13 24 E9 16 1671 :3F BD D0 3F 0A 3E D0 3F E4
1129 :07 0A 55 7D 32 07 0A 55 EA 13D1 :40 CD 31 81 21 75 12 IB E7 1679 :BD D0 3F 0A 3E DO 3F CA BF
1131 :7D 1C 07 9A 55 7D DF 07 02 13D9 :0O 12 30 33 49 39 AA 33 51 1681 : 10 Bl A2 00 20 F9 IA C9 69
1139 :0A 55 7D FD 07 00 06 19 A2 13E1 :5B 20 BC 00 00 IE 31 44 74 1689 :FB D0 03 EE 93 50 C9 FA CB
1141 :33 00 00 00 08 32 70 09 69 13E9 :AA 44 B3 44 BC 00 50 00 B7 1691 :D0 03 CE 98 50 AD IE D0 90
1149 :00 93 46 70 00 00 05 79 B7 13F1 :50 14 50 C8 50 DC 51 68 DC 1699 :2D 15 D0 4A 90 5D A2 08 A7
1151 :94 90 00 0A 93 45 C0 9F A0 13F9 :51 7C 52 08 52 1C 52 A8 03 16A1 :0A 90 22 BD 98 50 38 ED 7B
1159 :00 06 3D 5F 00 00 06 61 08 1401 :52 BC 53 48 53 5C D8 00 16A9 :9B
2E 50 B0 04 49 FF 69 01 AA
1161 ;5F 00 00 06 85 5F 90 00 3D 1409 :D8 27 00 00 94 05 07 49 77 16B1 :C9 30 B0 11 BD A0 50 38 3F
1169 \Sh 34 C5 0E 15 0A 50 AA 53 1411 :10 C9 10 D3 10 DD 10 E7 F2 16B9 :ED A0 50 B0 04 49 FF 69 ca
1171 :02 15 0A 6C C5 0E 15 0A 7C 1419 :11 6E 11 78 11 82 11 8C 50 16C1 :01 C9 2A 90 05 CA D0 D8 FC
1179 :88 AA 02 15 00 01 6F 42 41 1421 i 12 09 12 13 12 ID 12 27 58 16C9 |F0 31 BD 58 50 F0 0C 18 6E
uai :09 00 02 913 75 00 00 03 4C 1429 ; 12 AE 12 B8 12 C2 12 CC 60 16D1 : 65 06 C9 0A 1)0 05 85 06 86
1189 :87 66 00 90 04 5B 40 00 17 1431 :00 U CA 09 00 05 IF 09 A3 16D9 :38 66 B9 BD 50 50 F0 03 77
1191 :B0 00 08 18 48 00 00 08 80 1439 :21 11 2D 05 70 05 34 09 D5 16E1 :20 BB lft BD 48 50 F0 02 54
1199 : 2C 48 00 00 08 46 B9 00 B0 1441 :C1 0D CE 0A 13 0E 23 BE 2D 16E9 :85 A3 BD 38 50 20 97 19 48
11A1 : 00 05 98 B4 00 09 0A 70 E7 1449 :69 0A 70 0A 7C 0E C5 0F 0E 16F1 :BD 43 50 A2 00 20 97 19 0A
11A9::65 04 08 0A 18 8E 2F 09 83 1451 :10 33 49 0F 5A 00 00 07 42 16F9 :4C 82 17 24 B0 30 F9 A2 EE
11B1- 00 09 54 50 00 00 09 68 20 1459 :4A 00 50 CB 38 DF 5D C0 1701 :B0
2A 20 F9 IA C9 20 D0 12 9A
11B9: 50 00 00 09 7C 50 00 00 B9 1461 : IA 52 3E AB 22 BF 89 D2 A3 1709 :A0 00 A9 OF A2 00 20 78 7B
llClt 06 12 3C 00 00 00 0B 54 5D 1469 00 00 94 13 30 CB 24 EA 39 1711 !l9 A9 94 F0 02 85 AA 4C SD
11C9: C5 00 99 00 07 4E 6E C4 Bl 1471: 2D CB 19 D4 00 52 30 3E 7B 1719 i7E 17 AD 00 DC 0A 0A 0A 2F
11D1: 10 07 58 64 C4 10 07 62 E5 1479: 44 50 Al 38 B5 71 6F 0F F0 1721 :0A A2 04 0A 90 03 CA DO 15
11D9: 5A C4 10 07 6C 50 C4 10 0B 14 81: 6C C4 A4 98 A7 98 BO 98 C8 1729 :FA E4 Bl 8E 60 17 F0 35 A3
11£1: 07 76 46 C4 10 07 30 3C 14 1439: B9 98 C2 00 D3 4C B3 60 A4 1731 :8A F0 23 E0 01 D0 10 A2 62
11E9: C4 10 07 8A 32 C4 10 90 C0 1491: 00 0C AS 0C Bl 0C Bft 0D D2 1739: :00 20 FC IA C9 FE 90 25 41
LIPlf 0A 6B AD D9 80 0A 4C 6D 26 1499: 75 0D 7E 0D 87 IE 35 D4 54 1741: :A9 01 85 B0 4C 5F 17 E0 2F
11F9: 30 80 0A 38 4D D0 30 00 CC 14A1: 24 28 Al 00 0C 00 D3 03 2F 1749: 02 D0 0F A2 00 20 F9 lA 47
1201; 0A AC 72 C4 0E 0A 58 66 87 14A9: 0F 48 D8 09 74 0ft 7B 52 2C 1751: C9 FE 90 11 ft9 01 35 B0 54
1209: C4 9E 0A 64 5A C4 0E 0A ft6 14B1: ID C2 BO 27 25 D6 0D 2D 6D 1759: D0 04 ft5 B0 D0 07 ft9 00 A6
1211: 70 4E C4 0E 0A 7C 42 C4 06 14R9: 05 7A 09 84 00 00 □8 05 23 1761: 85 Bl 20 50 19 ftD 00 DC 24
1219: 0E 0A 38 36 C4 0E 05 18 BB 14CI: 29 C3 00 55 IB 2D 35 72 2F 1769: 29 10 D0 15 A5 B0 D0 11 3E
1221: 04 00 00 00 0A 9C C5 30 IE 14C9I 33 12 54 BE 54 7F 43 27 DB 1771: A9 F3 A2 00 20 0E IA A9 DC
1229: 80 0A 9C 45 D0 30 0A 24 B8 14011 67 9A 60 00 00 IE 34 39 7A 1779: 03 F0 02 85 AA A9 80 B5 80
1231: C5 30 80 0A 74 85 D0 80 D0 14D9: 38 A4 19 00 15 18 65 24 62 1781: B0 A2 07 BD 10 50 C9 02 C4
1239: 0ft 4C 85 30 80 0A 60 C5 DB 14E1: 26 30 36 4B 7F 48 00 00 Cl 1789: 90 29 BD A8 50 F0 05 DE BB
1241: D0 80 06 9C AD 00 00 00 E5 14E9: B8 06 39 24 16 4B 07 5B A0 1791: A8 50 D0 IF BD 0B 50 9D 80
1249: 2D D2 0C ft0 36 64 5B 9E DC 14F1: 00 32 39 5F 50 2E 4C 00 76 1799: A8 50 DE B0 50 F0 06 FE 68
1251: A5 BD 00 FF 65 7D 00 FF D8 14F9: AC CC 04 D8 04 DA 84 DC 2B 17A1: F8 07 4C B4 17 20 52 IA DA
1259: 3D C5 25 43 3D C5 49 67 61 1501: 84 DE 2C E0 B5 27 B5 C7 54 17A9: 8ft D0 08 A5 H0 D0 04 ft9 27
1261: 3D C5 6D SB 34 C6 0E 9C 71 1509: 36 67 87 07 8F 57 05 7B 0E 17B1: 02 85 AA BA D0 05 20 CB E6
1269: 32 65 00 FF 7D 8E 18 7B Dl 1511: 06 18 06 BB 05 29 05 2D 94 17B9: IA 90 13 BD C8 50 13 7D BC
1271: 6C 87 34 39 AA C0 00 FF 94 1519: 0F 5D 85 7E 86 IE 86 BE 33 17C1: na 50 9D CB 50 BD 98 50 98
1279: 4E 69 34 80 80 9B 34 80 09 1521: 05 2F 05 CF 96 6F 07 0F 42 17C9: 7D E0 50 9D 98 50 BD D0 25
1281: 36 85 20 83 00 FF 19 93 74 1529: 00 24 CC 24 E8 IE 38 IE 86 17D1: 59 18 7D C0 50 9D DO 50 D4
1289: 32 90 12 87 BE D2 2C 64 A3 1531: 4C 22 54 09 IA 52 53 22 77 17D9: BD A0 50 7D E8 50 9D A0 55
1291: 91 A5 2C 64 BE D2 54 8C 2A 1539: 43 36 00 0E 32 3E 35 0E B7 17E1: 50 8A F0 30 BD 88 50 DD 8A
1299: 91 A5 54 3C AA C5 00 FF AF 1541: 3C 8E 3F BE 46 BE 49 0A FE 17E9: 98 50 90 BA BD 80 50 DD 99
12ftl: A9 0D 8D 86 02 20 44 E5 F6 1549: 50 00 0B 25 IA 53 00 IA 87 17F1: 9B 50 F0 08 90 06 9D 98 BF
12A9: A6 02 BD 5B 13 85 FD BD 77 1551: 30 7C F3 21 93 49 A0 4A 90 17F9: 50 20 26 IA BD 78 50 DD BD
121)1: 6B 13 85 FE A0 FF A9 03 4C 1559: 3C 16 53 56 D3 16 BD 00 C9 1801: A0 50 90 0ft BD 70 50 DD 76
12B9: 85 03 C6 03 30 24 A6 03 CC 1561: as 10 F3 20 FC 0D 0F 21 6B 1899: A0 50 F0 0B 90 06 9D fl0 B4
12C1: BD E4 12 8D DD 12 BD E7 S3 1569: AF 12 33 22 49 00 16 33 IF 1811: 50 20 3C IA 20 82 IA CA A4
12C9: 12 8D DE 12 C8 Bl FD F0 51 1571: 9A 0C 92 0C 27 49 0E 2D 5E 1819: 30 03 4C 84 17 24 B0 10 AE
12D1: E9 85 FC C3 Bl FD 35 FB 05 1579: 00 26 0F 26 19 26 23 00 19 1821: 4E AD C0 50 18 69 48 SD 85
12D9: 8C E0 12 20 FE FF A0 FF 02 1581: 07 •IE IE 31 00 4C C9 38 96 1829: C0 50 AD F,8 50 69 00 3D C7
12E1: D0 EA 60 IB F6 EA 13 12 82 1589: El 11 69 4D 72 21 87 52 64 1831: E8 50 30 3B A2 00 20 F9 F2
12E9: 12 A9 01 24 FC 10 02 A9 B9 1591: 08 3A 21 3A A9 3E 63 39
BC 1839: IA C9 F!5 F0 0a C9 FC B9 E9
12F1: 28 A2 F9 D0 09 A9 01 A2 B2 1599: 49 27 66 00 90 1C CE 10 ID 1841 : 2E C9 20 F0 2ft AD E8 50 3B
12F9: FA 24 FC 10 91 E8 85 04 FF ISftll DB 10 E2 10 EC 11 69 11 29 1849: C9 05 90 06 20 B8 19 4C 74

COMPUTE!'s Gazatto Janjary 1990 53

Royal Rescue
1851: 46 IB A3 00 85 B0 85 Bl 4C 1999: FC 88 D0 13 AD 15 D0 3D AB 1AE1:00 A0 ID 20 BB IB C9 20 04
1859: 20 50 19 AD A0 50 13 69 SB 19A1: 3E IB 8D 15 D0 8A F0 0B 5ft 1AE9:FB 06 C9 FE F0 03 C9 FC 65
1861: 03 29 F8 38 E9 03 8D A0 17 19A9: A4 02 B9 00 60 3D 3E IB 75 1AF1:6B 18 60 BD E8 50 30 03 30
1869: 50 A9 05 FB 02 85 AA A5 FC 19B1: 99 00 60 60 88 DB 0A A9 08 1AF9:A0 ID 2C A0 IE A9 07 8D 83
1871: B0 C9 01 DO 35 A2 00 A5 73 19B9: 4C 8D CA 15 A9 02 85 B3 34 1B01:BB IB 8C 19 IB BD 93 50 F7
1879: Bl C9 01 F0 BE C9 02 D0 99 19C1: 6S 88 D0 BC A5 B8 C9 OA CE 1B09:38 E9 0B 4ft 4A AB A9 01 C3
1881: 29 20 F9 1A C9 FE B0 22 FC 19C9: B0 05 E6 B8 38 66 B9 60 2D 1B11 :8D 34 IB BD hd 50 38 E9 FA

18H9: AC 93 19 20 FC lft C9 FE AC 19D1 88 D0 13 A5 B8 F0 0A C6 9D 1B19 29 F8 BD 33 IB BA 2E D9

1891: B0 18 A9 00 85 B0 85 Bl 31 19D9 B8 A9 64 20 BE 1A A9 03 IB 1B21 :34 IB 0A 2E 34 IB 6D 33 78

1899: 20 50 19 AD 43 19 8D 39 85 19E1 2C A9 07 85 A3 60 88 D0 4E 1B29:1B BD 33 IB 90 03 EE 34 OB

1BA1: 50 BD FB 07 A9 05 F0 02 32 19E9 IF A5 B8 D0 AF A9 00 8D EA 1B31:IB B9 FF FF 60 01 02 04 72

1BA9: 85 19F1 B8 50 8D E0 50 A9 05 BC 44 1B39:B8 10 20 40 80 FE FD FB 77

AA A9 0A CD 98 50 90 IF
1BB1: 0C F0 0A A4 B0 30 5F C6 7B 19F9 98 50 CC 98 50 90 02 A9 22 1B41:F7 EF DF BF 7F A2 0D BD C5

1SUJ9: 02 1A01 FA 7D 98 50 8D 98 50 60 F9 1B49:FB 50 9D 00 D4 CA 10 F7 AD

A9 A3 D0 0F fl9 A3 CD 0B
taci: 98 50 D0 0D A4 B0 30 4E CF 1A09 88 D0 10 A9 E9 20 8A 19 50 1B51:A2 07 B4 A3 F0 40 sa 96 9D

13C9: EG 02 A9 0A 8D 98 50 D0 04 1A11 9D E8 50 /15 A9 29 CB 9D C3 IB 59:3D 60 IB HA 0A OA 69 00 BD

1BD1: 37 A9 2D CD A3 50 90 19 BB 1A19 C0 50 60 A9 01 85 B3 A9 97 1B61:A8 A9 00 95 A3 3D 05 Di 22

18D9: F0 17 A4 B0 10 05 8D A0 38 1A21 4C 8D CA 15 60 BD B3 50 45 1B69:9D 06 D4 BD FC 50 29 FE E0
1A29 49 FF 18 69 01 9D B8 50 DB 1B7119D 04 D4 A9 07 85 ft6 8E D6
18E1: 50 30 40 A5 02 IB 69 04 EF
18E9: 85 02 A9 CB BD A3 50 D0 AF 1A31 BD E0 50 49 FF 69 00 9D 5E 1B79:38 IB B9 C3 IB 9D FB 50 BF

18F1: 17 A9 CQ CD A0 50 B0 33 49 1A39 E0 50 60 BD C0 50 49 FF B3 1BB1:C8 Kfl C6 Afi DO F4 A2 00 39

1SF9: A4 B0 30 32 A5 02 38 E9 61 1A41 18 69 01 9D C0 50 BD E8 81 1B89:B9 C3 IB 95 A5 C8 B9 C3 Dl

1901: 04 85 02 A9 2D 8D A0 50 ft2 1A49 50 49 FF 69 00 9D E8 50 27 1B91:1B 95 hi 4C B9 IB D6 A4 A0

1909: A9 4C 8D Cft 15 A9 00 85 56 1A51 60 BD 00 50 9D FB 07 BD C6 1B99:D0 05 BD FC 50 29 FE 9D 84
1911: FJ3 8D L5 Dfl F0 15 8D 98 BF 1A59 08 50 9D AB 50 BD 10 50 CD 1BA1:FC 50 BD F9 50 18 75 A5 35
1919! 50 A9 00 8D E0 50 8D BS D2 1A6L D0 02 A9 01 9D B0 50 60 74 1BA9:9D F9 50 6A 55 A5 IB 08 47

1921! 50 F0 08 A9 00 8D E8 50 AB 1A69 A0 1C 2C A0 ID 4A B9 03 0A 1BB1:A9 00 9D 06 D4 9D FE 50 3C

1UB9:8A FB 04 A2 00 FB 93 4C 53
1929: BD C0 50 4C 46 IB A2 00 05 1A71 D0 3D 3E IB 90 03 ID 36 D7
1BC1:31 EA 00 02 00 B8 81 BB 8E
1931: 20 9D 19 A9 03 85 B3 A9 D7 1A79 IB 99 00 D0 60 AB 17 D0 33
1BC9:FA 00 05 BB 11 00 08 81 38
1939: 4C 8D CA 15 D0 ED 00 25 B3 1A81 EC 8A 0A AB BD C8 5B 0A 56
02 02 21 1BD1:20 65 00 02 00 08 00 08 B9
1941! 25 23 21 01 02 02 1A89 BD 98 50 2A 99 00 DB BD 9B
1949: 00 00 00 FC 04 00 00 A6 12 1A91 A0 50 99 01 D0 A0 10 D0 67 1BD9:41 00 FF 06 03 00 86 00 36
1951: Bl BD 3F 19 F0 06 80 00 FF 1A99 D5 BC 60 50 BD 68 50 20 49 1BE1:08 41 00 FF FC 03 00 8E EE

1959: 50 8D F8 07 BD 44 19 BD 65 1AA1 7B 19 20 52 1A BD IB 50 C9 1BE9:00 08 81 00 F5 00 02 00 06

19Gli 10 59 3D B0 50 A9 04 8D 2B 1AA9 9D 27 DB BD 20 50 20 69 58 1BF1:C0 0fl 08 41 00 F3 F2 0D 6B

BD 11 1BF9:00 03 00 08 21 10 F3 00 ft2
19S9: 08 50 A9 00 8D A8 50 GC 55 1AE11 1A BD 2B 50 20 6C 1A
19 ft2 00 20 6E 7E 1A 18 65 F7 7F 1C01:10 00 3B 00 03 41 02 Fft 8B
1971: 49 19 I)[) 40 1/11)9 30 50 4C
1979; 0G 1A 98 20 8A 19 9D E0 23 1AC1 85 F7 90 02 G6 F8 38 66 DA 1C09:00 06 0B 09 00 0S 21 00 B5

1981: 50 A5 A9 29 C0 9D B8 50 4B 1AC9 B9 60 A3 0A BC E0 50 30 03 1C11:F9 00 14 00 0A 00 03 15 3E

1C19:00 FC BO SI BB 00 00 00 A0
1989: 60 18 69 80 4a 66 A9 4A B0 1AD1 02 A9 04 AB IE D0 0C BC 05
1991: 66 A9 38 E9 20 60 A8 F0 CB 1AD9 E0 50 10 03 A9 0E 2C A9 4C

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54 COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 1990 Circle Header Service Number 107

PLEASE Don't Call Us The Best Copy Utility On TheMarket! FEATURES
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ol ortencfing do fib-i'ilic-s of your Commodore f;am|iulpi wt»tl beyond it:, ongmal capacity. 64K video RAM support in many modules
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Ihe company |ha( has always pusTiwl itie Commixloia furtlW thai il w*is ever designed 10 go is proud lo presonl Ma wrick VJ GEOS" 2.064 1291581 bootdishlransleruMily
W« ve addetf suvatfF importani nciw fe.iiu'os and many dfamalic^mnnls lo the U.ivcnch plaMorm Fur example 15411571 1581 fast file copier -any direction
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rage \n the I0M worfd -Software Support brings this advanced feature tn your Ccnmorlorrj with the new Maverick VA'
in the 64 mode
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And Ihe power or [he Commndore 64 12Q AutoOoois. irtenifCrts * rese'5. comoFlers urnJocumemofj optodu^. encrTplml programs.
machine lang^Ago GCR dald jecord'ng A confling. cusioin HOS routines Btfl Mdli-iracksr
Not everyone cjrt quaJify to enter Hack U You've goi to lie sell-monvalotJ ■ fsxti&z MOiOnt, ft modiiied 1o"nal5, diicryphon & decoding luchnuiuea. and much mnrei
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y not going lo come to your house and hold your hand. You^
You^e gol
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ven - mastenng
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bo^t knowlndge mro Ifie&e rwo books Voiurne r proviOes an overview cjf copy protociion the new breed of uJtra tough prelection Irvcs Order now S get our famous $19 95 Hacker's
i5^ue5 .ind provides you wilh a loundalion ol intoirn.ilion lo hogin building on Uhhly Kit soltwarrj package FREE'

PLEASE BEtD BEFOflt OROEFIING Wo sov. rrcnt, KM ttiWe! rj*3l VIS* MC aru Discover Mail your order to: ...: 1.-..■ r■ Support, Int.

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2700 rlE Andresen Road I Vancouver. W A 9J661

awmi&ea\ peass*HiI»wB0BlHSl H COD jvjdjtierjus Mumsony 150 Or call our loll-ircft ardor line 31
$Z H 1.800-356-1179, finm-5pm Monday-Friday
Pacific lime

l All norsfi t\us; De WTrriTH! in U S hjrdj CanarJiar^ nu£ cj or wait ^ har^,Jre y-ic^ng Technical support available. Call
traces Fofign custom*s rrwl call or Me I* l*ining charges DMKMl i(wis are rpplaiM ji no charoe i |Z06) 6S5-9648, 9am-5pm - Pacific lima.
I*ns posruaid i, in Sttckotot are prKGHM Win Elton US SOFTWARE orders 0«w tlOOwi'i IH shnxxs ManOay-FrJday.
IW Day Air al our regular 53 50 S S h char« i'B (ii'n ontfi Wishiiqlon woers tfeast *K J 6". Mxrl Orders Outildo USA CBll (206) 695-1393.
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FasTrac/128 by Mike J. Henry

THE RAMBOard Look Who's Come Out Of The Basement
Beyond Super fll Software Suppon Inieriur-Jrt,]! w?vf
rmj5i oui o< Their oxnftj«ir5 Wa us n«vcr
difed d rtipL.-TaiKJri tor proving CCiTi-nodore o*ner5*il."i Ihe pr
^narftj lo da wiiafevei ,r [h* tq provide you wiih rhe best wfiwa
nes fa *n^( or* otrw copy edni on me rrarkBt o»s it was F1AU
*u duodea to prMice ffie uinnmr* 1 ?fl ni y wft/tmp we wenl kKttig U* one nf ir-s ultimata programmers
ED your 1541 disk drive TfiiS RAW I) uwl to apafp a workspace itf-cm bflttH
*?rl*rirr? can Mn>k ite maqT Crjfly proiedi&i is evolving pasl fro port n! nOWnrs
Mifco J Honry. lho bn'iiani young prnqrHimrricir s tho<lJivini] Tcnco bflimd (r«a "Prtsefnsni 0o,£'. rho wllwarfl loam ihn
and OfhOf SOitVpiie-only BfHuiiWli NeliS"- u*. rard b,!*,Pd ccflierJ arO tno lulura w plwnornenal Fast Hack Cm. hn^ turned hs ( abio lalunls onto Hid l?a The rngijit Ffl^TrFic-l^B. Hie TOTAL ulilny ■.
&s ho* rju ynj oorfla i»r*niHi our d srw finnd *"' Doni c 'liJijnr fpiilurttn lobiid In 1 .ivr<.ii: il>8 AM Ukt hoi t Aii mi-hI jl(1 crtlumr* r*|lpu1i bind J u PAL con-r-anblrt w mi-
ft«^iiiii!*i-H)*eiUPlh(i ilifhNiHinil ' Fcnrdn^juil ■pgrtherr1 YD .ir. ,irxl wtw.V- UR^rp. Hhi,i U llIhTuNv FniTirti lj*fl(i h™ vothj truly amanr'B tl unfli
IhJla piL'Py rrxMh n RAMnO.vd w.n ^jrinii "iiim thn very Jjpgi ■ FatTinc 126 Duk Cdp> | ■ | .;..i I". WMv Cc>L>r in l'^i. ll>fll □< lrue 1571 rormni* 1TW-I7M
■n|T^idlrarrr«r«nlnUtk'i>itk ■ JLDrTpoioiyilr-nioriirduva K-3iariJ[if[x]ucli HAM uuyaniion ■ pforT O«1S Viff l?fll ihl :)H»finLil memory
Their tird jul*. Dm &UfW 0< Hw »v-fr (-1 you Arp yav |JCC<J 41 iWdfnng1 You
i FaiT'ac J26 File Copi ■, i - i ■■■- f HP Copy Wt*pC* AN I 1wo CoftriMO'a tcfipjijblf DtivaS <ntljdmq Ihi" £1
MSD tfivOi. hJird flm-pM il'i'l mt4-n Copy Ki 1541 Of UL* 1^71 h>i nail tifll h* Kpy *nri parbUjn ■ 4jp»y1 US" lf« FIAM
teteJ K-ffViUd REQUIRES ff On n m« WJ MMBOvdi kqut- hU
6jk nd« fiam iUDOon 1 Kp ' -w 1 ?i = ail ■, n V memory
KMlenng In mm fw Q«y *ic«tfr Sing 1 hmdUd oUw 1541C& Thtft ■ FuTnc I7SUL ■>.-:.■ iT>n ANvwfteiain memoff fl««s ecu" imn bant* Fun KioJmg in Kun a-, ■CUTQ |r(lL-]Pl srrolinq
notai-DHGtief guy* uyHVr mm in* pure**! fuJ mta! re* w* 1 m»ir»
-5 trey Qora| WRITE paraiTefMS Tho uw u rflqj*Bl B m*e sptoaf PrlcH n«»y Itorjr1 EdJlor: C^1 ,inOni™ nizo ANV slaourj o^eoi VV F*t 1&41 CjihIS?! format Eo>t 1WI oVt>::Dn« wflh
adiuafniflis" B H»y MT#arf SmVi rae creating, pararretert to ifi Dfl TO p vp

Other hand. flAhBOafa usei Han«n* p*ramrtei J#S»g'yT|rjieiW(|i1oiniLinl-)r • FasTrac 128 ISU' «FU Dilh Copier. Copy Standard ®M torratrM 36OH ^ 7S1 *skt wnh yoir 1571 dnve <-tqu.rodl f764'
jrdtj*> cccytcdiYaFcxghnrtir.V) So yfiv The tfhsr guys aay out nw c*d H*W tfipansian Sdppon 64K video OAU support Uses Die i2fls eirrj memory r.o copy m fe"t' P555PS
*i I ccoy 'evpr^fhing' |»ul may Eh Pud - ponling lhal you can ftjuia 0.1 ttu t FujTrac 1?8 ISfll DupJiq*loc ^inglo of iJuol rjfi^e 1764-1 ?M RAM e.rjflnvon TuppW 6<H video RftM Supoorf IJwMfyr l

proper 'copy adftrtimfnr Miing* fra pvo^lrum) flood McK' dddiiionai memoryy Una i> rnc f.nici ($91 ii 15SI copier t^ei created1
Thd dine-enceS go TwyorKl H>» product NinU StfrniVD Supped Murnalinn.H 14 fhn
h"" Wit
fitff fl paCkBge. ph"" W dtjn
d 11 wJrM
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ig'ood y FT
you - F IJflj r«|T I<jr tflpymg
yg proflrtllid &ort*are CHjrn?*n MovencV ■ hTlr

s ilioie bases more trisn Wrtf#fl d lo ,i ik tumoua l?0 u * <o qpll tolai
tli iii off Hr
H c
wmpjny m^tbflflin -rlh Ihtonnfll n-innfi Kr«;k«r Jnii «NM of archival pafflmoi-
-.1 rr
n"n Our eustonuri supr>Ki «yiiarn nab uj'iioi] rtdutiiy firms*. ,indw<ivHi nUj
hif-iMl 3 H-puMl-Vi 1or hiKWBly .ir«1 iluiyily A [Into ™ik al \f- true- rnr/ird ni1 Mike J. Henry's FasTrac/128
rhg othfir g^ will iPhj* [uai how dwp our (Wfpence* mh So when /ou'ro ruddy
to get involved ».1H (Ndrjljir or atruv^i i^frMJiory picl RAMBOard- j pfoduti
you can nni\ Irom j curio J"t VQU CV lru$l Only $34.95
/on may
may Buy
ONE fl)
(1) copy
CO ol FBsTrae.12a tor Duly 120.00
The RAMBOard This offer Is ONLY lor orders placed with Sortware Support.

1541/1541C Version: $34.95

1541 II Version: $44.95
1571 Version: S49.95 THE 1581 TOOLKIT V2
The RAMBOard IS an optional MavencK accessory
If You've Been Wailing For A Sign, This Is It,
l"1«xluciryj The 16B1 TooJkil Vnraion 2. [Mu nGAtst incarnation ol IMo Boil iMtHjr.ini you can rjuy tor youi 1 fli dish iinv
Ho~ jooQi! il? WON VI mcmwKl -1 1 :' Ml oossiolo 5 5inrs liom INrQ- magmnw • and VI is even beri Whit CM
rtQ Irtr you? PicLlhu usirig yaw 16J11 wrth a
* Fo»iDlakCoplor * Track4SecioiEdlior
* FtttlFllcrCoplor * DirDcEory Editor
* BylaPulf Bin Search * trrofScanner

THE 1750 CLONE *

* UltrilaslFornnHcr
* File Track S S«lor Tracer
t Relocalsblc FasrLoarler

4re Vou Overdrawn At The Memory Bank9 Aix) V2 aOtis many pew or enhoncet! 'palures. 1i*e the lac! uial cotn our iingip drive rasE aalu copipr
support ihe 17W lTto RAM *r>nan*;ion umfs lor s^pei-lasl one p*" copies or like o i video HAM iuppcl for 1
Ail, The venerable Commodore &4.12a Stoch. il has belter owners1 And remernlicf alao lhai arj of our 1&B1 Too'kn utiir[*s uso bfpciiati rpac]*nHM
sound than an Alan ST V.--.I ■ cjrauhrcs ih^n a CGA equipped .<i-nw (uJE access b p.idiiiofi^
IBM And morn mirmnry (h,T>
5a whelrVr you re Ihinktrwj jboul buying a lMl drive or you already own a 1£Bl drive j you it rtfv
Uh-oh USE a l&Bi orivir bfihi you vo qot yrmr ruirvjs on tho i&Bi Tooikii
As powerful as Itio Commodorp is, momo'y has Jiwjiys Duon
its weak spol Sonio [>nltinn[ programmers havo iound some NEW LOW PRICE:
ingenious ways k> wofk within mu computer's very limited av- THE 1581 TOOLKIT (3.5 disk) NOW ONLY
iiii.ibli! RAM. but IM13 Kid lornains thai you can only go so iai
wilh64oreven 128K. Bui you can go MUCH further wiifi 512K VERSION 1 OWNERS: Upgrade to V2 by Sending us your Original Toolkli VI disk along with S9.95 plus &H
The bad news ig that Commodores own 1750 512K RAW Ever wish you hnew more about your 1581"? David Martin's oonK, Tho lbOl DOS RefBrmu GuKJe1, i^whfli ynftt bwn
Expansion Unit (RELJ) is expensive and almosr impossible \a
wishing lor Malm's mvflJuatle ri>souicc hold^ o^pr t(>0 pages ui deiaiVd miormaiion that took over a year oi solid research
frrnd The good news iS, wq did something about <1
lo compile Tins ohaushyo mnnual will &how you rho inner wnikiiigs of jho 1SS1 as noihingelse can Order now. and well
We bought brand new Commodoro i^Bi REU'S, which comu -nclude &ome aOdidonflf utililie? iihit .1 nachinn Pflnguage monitor *>(h UnveMcm - the perfect companion lo Tho 1501 DOS
with onfy ^56K of RAM Ne^t, we installed a 256K upgracto Heierpnce Guide1
which was cusiom enflinoored to our domandrng &pnc\hc;t-
lions Once modified, we tesled each and every unii nnd war- THE 15B1 DOS REFERENCE GUIDE / $14,95
lanredlhcmioDeTreofromckrlDCts Tno hnai profluct is CftNrjd
the 1750 Clone, and it* ail the room you N ever need on si SP£CJALOFFEn:GFTBOTHTHEi5aiREFERErJCEGUlOEANDTHE15Bl TOOLKIT FOR OMLYS34.95
simple pJug in c<"irtr»oQc
Once on board, you'll huvo a whopping 512K ol RAW - the
SAME amounl ol mumofy found on the Amiga 500 Your Com-
mgdare will operate at .idviinced levels of performance lhat
the original designers never avon r*-eamed of1 You'N t>o
amazed 31 the enhanced capabilities ol software Itiat takes
advantage of Ihe 1750 Clone, programs like- GEOS, PaperClip
111, and our tiwn Maverick, to name a lew. We Just Made A Good Thing Belter -
Whon CommoiIorQ first ra'aaaed the r-iw i
Tho 1750 Clone works EXACTLY like the original 1750 II will wp yol gnu. npentrj it up and look a ifUod look Without Lifting A Finger.
open Ihe door on yonrK r»f oatondod use from your Commodo'o It duJn'l lake long to discover orm MflJOH iii"nrr
as even newer, moru powtirful saflwarg appears on the ficri- ••net, The &1andaid C-12fl k»|ual ICK of Vlde& Kracker Jan. our (jjciund hrciiking series of copy pnramotGis.
*on. sottwarrt Itint rniiuirns I ho room the 1 750 Clone can pro mas always a superior producl When we made IL wo made
* mat
vide it nghi So tow can wv improve it now'' Easy We siabhwf tho

Twin Cilies 123 m.igafino says they 'can complexly 'OCom- tnonvny iv me poieriri*i price'
mend [he 1750 Clone" Onco you soo i[ wort, you'll leel ihe H color reuUIon And
same way So doni buy a whole new computer |usl to gel Eacn Vaiunwf ol Krachcr Ja* al'ows \ou lo waVo Unp,ro[c-ciBd
more memory Gel (ho 1750 Clone instead -ana get another versions ot.i round 10Q specie popular tides No spoaai knowl
&p1orp now sc*I
decade cf SaTi faction From your CommcxJare- edge 01 loots are required Eacft Volume originally sofd lor
tUPORTAHT NOTES - READ CAREFULLY That tune has amveC F 519 95 So if you wanted all 7 Volumes. i( would have cosl
BASIC S Toofcil you S139 6S But no*, you can buy each Volume tor only
C-64 64c {but WOT Ci?S'l2eD) owners MUST buy a heavy- dnd Ne*s Maker I
duty power supply lo use treso units The power supply 15 [lie run &4K of video ham found an ilia 1 :ao 5
S9-95 Or, lor you bargain hunters, you can buy ALL 7 VOL
NOT included - it is available from us separately. If you AL Soiiyouvc UMES FOR ONLY 129.95! worts oui to a cost ol only
READY own <i 1764 RAM Ciirindgo, wo can upgrade H for you. uirtoo F1AM. 34,29 each'
Ihp mJulnjri
Your unit MUST be in perfect working order for us to upgradu
You cciuiii upqradu nr> you' owi ■ hul if vij <ilsr.> cu| (ho pric* on The Shotgun II, on» of Ihu mo^l
it Thfi lujnarourid limn onu[M]rridO'jis.ipffro< 2woohs It will □f Bpl.ittprDd $0l<Jffl IRJ ii1 Jd
NOT be necessary for you to purchase a new powo' supply iKinrd^ botri
urful nibljinrs num produced Originally t14.t)[), you enn
- Ihoonn lhat camo wilh your 1764 w*H sliil work Uno uii.1 ih,i: |u-.i (j j own il lor only SB.95!
vikionng no hdUltfa No* your cp
THE 1750 CLONE hava [he. Ulna 64K vkftoD "AM Ui IFW ne And |usi because there's a remote chance lhat il mighl be

ONLY $199.95 n .lji"h.' An"1 yowll l.i 1,'.iily Io< *»ijl(.m.T

ruTure hotda
your birthday, we II gc one step lurfher: Buy Ihe Kracfccr Jan
Volume 1 -7 package lor S29.95, and we I throw In The Shoi

gun II metrer FPEEI Ouitc a deal, huh" But it you wan[ il
ONLY $49.95 Deiler hurry - supplies are limiled Afler aiir nothing good 'Sals

PIE*SE BEU) BEFORE OBMRIIW: Ws KtM r»ns7 mlers ratfiW check! VISA. UC and. [Brow Mail your order to: Software Support, Ini.

SOFTLURRE Previous Soiware Bupooir niilomwi may use C 0 0 artf pmonal dwcVs OnJera shipped fo U S A (4Ji s'ale^f.
F P 0. A P 0,51 pftsession^. pJflaw add S3 M w wiw lor S i H US. shflrfiq a Qy UPS ground in mosl
ca^es FAST 2nd DAY AIR available jddSI'MrMipourdaKnonailUS 45jaitfri Aljska w Hawaii [all
2700 NE Andresen Road ■ Vancouver, WA 98661

Or call our r, n n , ,■ order line .1

grfeis snwed Jnd day wl. please add ST 50 per oi*r In S t H COB available to 1) S oisirmers only |M
p v
siaies) aM 32 75 alarQ »rh yojr s 4 H chaross per cder Canadian cusiom?^ rrav catulaif ine S & H chaises Pac<lie irnie
by reudng St CO imnmura dian^l 1« e*!«i*o Mf« of S3FTWWE and Si M 1« saa- sWuhisI pea Techmcdl suppoii OVBlfabrS Cfiii
per stvrenl A0nn«snotu$i£rrrr« ruS Ajiti CarofcarfirtAIa1 l> w'elor'vrGvve^H^ 1206^695 96-18 9am-Spm - Pacilic
Fnfsgn cswnws nus o> H HCt to sitting i?.iges OS1!!** (wrs se replKBl 1! no clanj! (
MdF yy
iw IJODrtuwJlln p US SOflWAftEoi»io«r!'tC-"iWs>inM
Orders Oulside USA Cflll |JDBj69&-T393
y »• I ok rt^n
^ S3 SO S1H &mt V» OR c«(| Wohfffn radgrfi pw» *)J 7 6\ itttr
WSJ« « Tai
Tai Vpnott
Vpnott 5ufc»P
5ufc»P O[f**
O[f** IlllHRVUUScs JjtVllHbyrvJ-JJrfflKl Clrcla R«nd»r £»rvlc» Numbsi 1M
Computers are wonderful things. Ever)'
second, they flawlessly execute thou
TRAPPER David Kokorowskl The variable EN holds the number of
the error that occurred. For example,
sands or even millions of instructions. when a syntax error occurs, EN will
Unfortunately, a computer is only as contain an 11 (see "Table of BASIC
good as the program it's running. Be ADD POWERFUL Error Messages" for a complete list of
cause programs are written by humans, error numbers), LN contains the line
who are not perfect, computers must be
ERROR-TRAPPING number the error occurred in, and EMS
equipped with ways to handle errors. CAPABILITIES holds the error message. By testing the
When something unexpected happens values of these three variables, your
on the Commodore 64, the computer TO YOUR error-trapping routine can recover
frequently locks up or interrupts the pro gracefully from most BASIC errors.
gram with an unfriendly error message.
BASIC PROGRAMS The second Error Trapping state
Some BASICS have tried to over
WITH THIS ment is RESUME. Its syntax is
come this problem. Microsoft BASIC
RESUME lint number
has the ON ERROR GOTO statement; SHORT MACHINE
Applesoft BASIC uses ONERR GOTO. This statement lets your program re
With these statements, program control LANGUAGE UTILITY sume execution after an error has oc
can be transferred to an error-handling curred. It's like a GOTO in that
routine whenever something goes
FOR THE 64. variables remain intact. However,
wrong. Until recently, BASIC 2.0 unlike most GOTO statements, it can
lacked such a statement. But now calculate line numbers. For example, on
there's Error Trapper, a utility that traps the 64, RESUME LN + 10 is legal, but
errors for you. GOTO LN + 10 is not.
20 SYS 4915Z
An interesting effect of RESUME is
Getting Started Error Trapper adds two statements that if the specified line is the line the
Error Trapper is written entirely in ma to BASIC: TRAP and RESUME. These error occurred in. Error Trapper auto
chine language. To type it in, you'll statements can be used only in program matically jumps to the next line. For ex
need to use MLX, the machine language mode, not in direct mode. Furthermore, ample, consider the following program:
entry program located elsewhere in this Error Trapper must be installed in memo
10 TRAP 100
issue. When MLX prompts you, re ry for these commands to work properly.
spond with the values listed below.
Trapping Errors
Starting address CO00 40 PRINT "GOODBYE"
The heart of Error Trapper is the TRAP
Ending address C1CF 50 STOP
statement. Its syntax is
When you've finished typing in the
TRAP line number
data, be sure to save a copy of it to disk Error Trapper catches the syntax error in
before exiting MLX. Use the name After this statement executes, program line 20 and jumps to line 100. Line 100
ERROR TRAPPER when you save the execution is automatically transferred is a RESUME LN (LN is 20). Since this
program. to the specified line whenever an error is the line the error occurred in, Error
Installing Error Trapper is a two- occurs. For example, the statement Trapper returns to line 30 instead.
step process. First, load the program TRAP 1000 tells Error Trapper to jump There are several errors Error Trap
with the statement LOAD"ERROR to line 1000 whenever an error occurs. per can't catch. The OUT OF MEMORY
TRAPPER",8,1. Next, type SYS 49152: The statement TRAP 0 disables Error and FORMULA TOO COMPLEX errors
NEW. To have your programs install Trapper. are not trapped, because doing so could
Error Trapper, include the following as Error Trapper adds three reserved cause the computer to crash. Disk errors
the first two lines of your program: variables to BASIC: EN, LN, and EM$. are not trapped, either. See "Table of

58 COMPUTEI's GazoJfo January 1990

BASIC Error Messages" for a list of C0BB: 36 03 A5 15 8D 37 03 4C B7
trappable errors. C090: 69 C0 A9 8B 8D 00 03 A9 01
Table of BASIC Error Messages C09B; E3 BD 01 03 4C 69 C0 8A D3
C0A0: 10 03 4C 74 A4 A5 3A C9 B5
How II Works
1 Too Many Files CBAS: FF D0 03 4C 3A A4 E0 10 B9
Error Trapper first wedges itself into the C0B0: F0 F9 E0 19 F0 F5 B5 FF 41
2 File Open
CHRGET routine at address $73. As C0B8: 8D 39 03 A5 39 B5 FE 8D 75
3 File Not Open
your program executes, it checks all C0C0: 38 03 BE 3A 03 A9 AC A0 8C
4 File Not Found C0CB: 4E 20 Bl Cl B5 49 B4 4A 70
statements for a TRAP command. Once
5 Device Not Present C0D0- A4 FE A5 FF 20 91 B3 20 E7
one is found, it changes the Kernal error
6- Not Input File C0D8 2B BC C9 FF D0 11 A9 B9 30
routine pointer at $300 and $301 to C0E0 A0 Cl 20 67 B8 20 5B BC 51
7* Not Output File
point to its own error-trapping routine C0EB: A9 BE A0 Cl 20 50 B8 20 F2
8« Missing Filename
and saves the target line number. When C0F0' D0 BB A9 45 A0 4E 20 Bl 83
9 Illegal Device Number C0FB: Cl 85 49 84 4A AC 3A 03 AA
an error occurs, Error Trapper intercepts
10 NEXT Without FOR C100- 20 A2 B3 20 D0 BB A9 45 C2
it, updates the variables EN, LN, and
11 Syntax Error C10B: A0 CD 20 Bl Cl 85 F9 B4 0B
EMS, and then jumps to the target line C110 FA CE 3A 03 AD 3A 03 0A A2
number. When a RESUME command is CUB A3 B9 28 A3 85 FB B9 29 56
13* Out of Data
found, Error Trapper jumps to the speci C120 A3 95 FC A0 00 Bl FB 85 C4
14 Illegal Quantity
fied line (or the following line if the speci C128 FD 29 7F 99A5 CB Cl FD 2D
15 Overflow C130 30 03 C8 D0 F0 CB 98 A0 2F
fied line is where the error occurred).
16* Out of Memory C138 00 91 F9 C8 A9 CB 91 F9 85
17 Undefined Statement C140 C8 A9 Cl 91 F9 AD 36 03 D9
Error Trapper C148 85 14 AD 37 03 85 15 18 20
18 Bad Subscript
C000 :A9 4C 85 73 A3 0D 85 74 52 C150 20 13 A6 90 47 20 A3 AB 31
19 Redimensioned Array C00B :A9 C0 85 75 60 E6 7A DO FA C158 4C AE A7 20 A7 Cl A5 14 48
20 Division by Zero C010 :02 E6 7B 20 79 00 C9 54 71 C160 CD 38 03 D0 EA A5 15 CD 2C
a- Illegal Direct C01B :F0 06 C9 52 F0 02 D0 4D 70 C168 39 03 00 E3 20 13 A6 A0 DC
22 Type Mismatch C020 :A5 3A C9 FF F0 47 98 48 5A C170 00 Bl 5F BS FE CB Bl 5F 82
CB28 :8A 48 A5 7A 8D 34 03 A5 46 C178 85 FF 88 Bl FE D0 05 C8 F8
23 String Too Long
C03O :7B 8D 35 03 20 79 00 C9 5A C180 Bl FE F0 18 A5 FE 69 01 39
24* File Data C038 :54 F0 12 A0 00 20 73 00 D3 C18B 8 5 FE A5 FF 69 00 85 FF 99
25* Formula Too Complex C040 :D9 C6 Cl D0 1A C8 C0 05 20 C190 Bl FE 85 14 CB Bl FE 85 2F
26* Can't Continue C04B :D0 F3 4C 5B Cl A0 00 20 IF C19B 15 4C 4F Cl A2 11 A9 39 A5
27 Undefined Function case :73 00 D9 C3 Cl D0 08 CB 2D C1A0 48 A9 A4 46 4C BB E3 20 44
C058 :C0 03 D0 F3 4C 70 C0 AD A7 C1A8 73 00 20 8A AD 3D F7 B7 28
28 VERIFY Error
C060 :34 03 85 7A AD 35 03 85 E2 C1B0 60 B5 45 64 46 20 E7 B0 E9
29- LOAD Error C068 :7B 68 AA 68 A8 4C 79 00 07 C1B8 60 81 00 00 00 00 90 7F 6D
C070 :20 A7 Cl A5 14 D0 B4 A5 10 C1C0 FF 00 00 52 41 50 45 53 92
Errors marked with a- are untrappable.
C07B :15 F0 17 A9 9F SO 00 03 74 C1C8 55 4D 45 00 00 00 00 00 F2
C080 :A9 C0 8D 01 03 A5 14 8D 2D 6


# Sr


'Controlled Tesi

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U-ivis Ueriton luaehfli Typmg
1 Q EOS FIELATEO 1 ViQeo T'i'o S^op ™>' Gr Cor^p 1
Uartsl Blocfca |?
Rlpp«rba«'lPB, SliperSCI^Hl^B
mvllLVr UlvLnf

OMk Brawn Ui)i EM 1,105 B«ck«'Basic (or CEOS r>< 35
Aproanin 4 Slot Cirll Inkier
a\ti Book paekaflo S69
Rocky & BooE&
SLrppibii'vP i3g-Vtfi^Dri3 $39
Mouse M3(1351 sutratitulo]
Vi^S!ar i^G $49
■/■Aj^. .'■rJ^.ii'--'- -' J'sJ* ' ' l|H Pocket SupBrpFtk 2(Di^ilali $&?
H9 Sl>ckyQ<-Ar fl.BCS 27 GeoMe 123 15 Bndge 5 0
Fon[ma.flte( 12B wlSppHW $39
SlickyQcar Mttft 1 A 2 ^ich J7 Of-fiti Machine Anai^ifH
Sdtky6<?i1r NumMr^ 27 Ow, 129V20 15 Family r-BffC64.Cl2eanO LOS
KF3 Accoui'UnE MS £109
4GrJ0S*.kJi<;.|Wu m 27
PaomOf PuWitTii'r $39
ApFQ LifHidur (us*r por( cjib'p) 15 Vi:r*irll* 12S 145 W 1 C REATIV ITV 4 GRAP HIC9 Muscle. DeveiQ&runt Package
A[ 4 Slut C.lrl Maid"!1 !S
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Blnttr Aulo Fire Uodult S 27
1 HdmeOugrw MS T.rai i?flL 15
Cat1* W8 - MonoCmn ^idnO ti
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C\b>B 6J 1^0-]□ Column jnQriilor
1uii"o^S FO'rH Sf^Op 'fi* 3G StiC-yDfiar typing 37 1 Nnvuk» 121 124 ■ imLITIES A LANGUAC.E5
Dub! Cover* ull tatwrtger 2 LG4] t7 Succei? a MaFi Sor-a^ on fi ?3 I ComoutH Eyw 11 OS H
Eiwdsan doI eilenfle' cdbH IB "l&iif Sv'isrrt J 52 Ware Europe Canren Sar ■ FleO*J- 5 SW SS ■ 1S*T'1S71 Dm* A*onmtrr| S2^
MOOhOt Plui "WrtSCP
'DniFTOSFer l2eA-Sx£er
"Oi^tnUUe' IL64 35
Wr^e USA r^ Camsn San■Siogo
Wtaro ViorV ■& CarcFjn Sj "O^ego
1 ■ Super Snapshot V4
H btOfmtf V3QCopf
12 H-i&uro Mdier 25 ■ BaScS t2
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L>flntpsn Model 1B*e 19 39
s» 1 C«W 128 42
MkJi 1 ?8 Cjt-tr-Jfl« 35 iWC'-D PubL*K*f 39 ^1 1!,]■■■■
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_w 1
M *4rtnPr 64 30 Cen't<ino Uaier ■ ifarr D4Jt 12
■ QAffletvctr Colors l?S 12

Po*fli Supply C1Z8 Repayable Personal Potrfoiio Uirjger 63 29

■ SoaCAH j^H 1 Msm Compeer tyn TD5 Bavc S TodjKiI i;
Power Sj&p't - C&* FlBpi fjidi* 39 PoO-el Oicl'WHry^'l^Q ID ■. >^^ Ox-^ofii 29 &^h; 3 Kqiy fo Go1 U«l Out ol i/
Pnn"*r hleriaco &W.' 15 ^OC».ei Fi«r 2 29 e<j Biu* Raader 6*-12S 3?
Ouitk Bro*i Bdi &*". 10S 3OCKel Pianner 2 Z9 ADfiD Djncifji Mjs^i-r fl ^^i ?? Hor"* Designer 45 BolKlBiTn Pra .12B '2
Quick Brown Bdi G4K LrpQr«a« 118 '□ckel Superpak 2 [Oq&I) 67 ADSD PrjCol HflflbflnCe 29 Home Oflvyn Circuit Symbol bD 10 Botale/m Pro .64 35
HAW f .CnnCei ■ 1750 179 3oc<ei Winer 2 39 AOSfJ - Cuf&flOl [hcrAfUro Borais ?9 icon Faciory 25 CPW Kr: 2:
Com- 123 J9
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HS23? DeiU'Fi Interinca security Analyst 126 35 Batman
Digitals' l ES 7'
R'.bfton flengw Flo Ink. r*. Equip 5 iuperbase 64 ?9 H.-ittieTFtn 29 PC BoaiS MMW 61 79 GnorT'e Kil Efl'IPB
Second D«rh Cavil* 34 PKolo Fim-Lh in Mi Wick V4.0 COpktf r»
Sale? km Keybon rfl PruUfclor* cail SunertaStf^eMpt Qook 126 PACK C9
Seriflf CflDlo - Sonm C Fool 6 lUjwriJiliP EC'iptBuok 64 PAK Csplain F<u ?4 I'Dilor M.ikiT 12a li MeMin l?& 15
Huj^r^.Lr pi l?fl f'J Cwmni IJciriymp.cii 22 Prminiasior G.'!l>'rv<l'^^ n.iCi 15 Merhn 64 39
Serial Sanm CaDld i? luui 0 Hifrirn T'ji^ml 17R 39
Suptir Q'nprii- Go'iJ Prnir imnH.-ic n
Super G'npliii Iniuifdcir Sflmai
Video RAM 64 K Car[r«|go SO

WnrpspeihJ 1?fl;ftJ 35 II Pu*er C 6fl'i£S 20

UMveiSae their shipping policy? jHavs 24 hour tolMrw ordering? II Proorarnrners Toolljon IS
BOOKS QOfler last, frtendly and reliable service? jHava In-hQuse lechntcal support? II Prololerm 13a 1!

jHbvb a (air relum/eKChange program? JTnal you wlih isspact and valua? Jl Siipai 64 L-branan
Sup*rl»MTrwBi»*ifl*M2a (IS S^ps' 81 Uliities 1 ?9 ^ 6^ fltki-'' m

Machinn LangunQW 64 * 113 £uper Aide ?s
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Cfl^112S AwoniNy I nr^ Prcfl 114 .V Cl-l-i-n.^er 11100 ■in Mr.n« -.L.r-i, Pu-, ?5 SyCtr' D'V-i U!ii.hp» 1M
^rtiitnlc 64 w S'dew.i«4 r7 C Cl'iwc* Pr niinop Crj^ipin^n 27 Sdpwr Palic^il 123 < W ChIC" *$
1 &.11 HtMT * H.nnl HjrxfciOOk 16 T*thn-ol Anal^tLjSialem t?E 43 Chuiei ind LBdHn ii Pn ni iMop HoiiOay E D<[or 19 Suflor Snapshot V4
Technical Arulrti5S,liem&l 29 P4ik S-J<t 22 SCFflfii F X 25' SuQVr Sna[H.MQr U4 *T?B DiUDle a
1571 Inlenmlt » 17 Vixilar 126 JS □aam Dnnge'' 11 S*e!tnpad 1^8 ?4 S^^nES Ennjr\ceO
Ana Mm f at CQ4: ■ 1 7 ynnr-.jir T2S IS DouJte Oogofr 27 Sl-J*iJi0w C'Baio- 13
Anatomy Q'|he 1541 17 Warcpfo L2S* SceDei*1 F«e >a 30 Dr. Doom's Revtngg 21
Buc ? □ iiceTuiii 19 Dtagon VVflrs' 33
30 Fa« OH|- 24
tr 27 Gj^afC Frtm[ifll

C'2S Progrd""1* i flo' Gu-M Wr-^e Sr,^ 64 ^ spt',j-«k*.' GaunTlel 2 BRIWALL WANTS TO BE YOUR
17 W'.'u S^fc (hi * "J - 2-= G'f nil Wfl' li

Itotiior* UinJltftGo
» 71
C64 Bane Pro^f■msmrpg 25
VffJlV SluEf Bu»irf|) Forms 10
EDLICATIONAL Jilt* rlnc'ij-ji Ca" ?1
C6* TipiiTncm. 17
C6i rp&jBiotM«>1 A Repair Qufls 1^ »v Tram V, King Ol Cruca^D Free Gift Cards Available
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CSW Prtrrjinrr, PnjtaCi O" Vol 1 24 OeDig^dsaLJiu& %27 1 2*
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G£O5 in&jtfe & Ou; ■ 17 Omega
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Mac'irno L-inrjuHiQD C - Cfllculu? by Nurns'ic M^lhrjifs Rubocop order over $100 S amount.
IS CounLng Pa'aae Flg^hEjT Hfingpr 17 L
Deaignaaaurus 27 Roger Rflbbn 71
TwinCltlM 12BCompiindiurn 1 15 EISP Teslur > C64 19 SDI M
♦ msam mat n dich ha available If En-,y Sign 17 ScfaDtM 28
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i r"n°B* Mhni5Sl1JlCa9 5 Snow'sinko 2T
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Junu'e Book ifiaadir^ 2j 19 Tust Dnvb 2 Thu DLpfll 10
22 Three Stooges
Arcade Mega Hits
Aussie Games
KlS'rcorr.p Total Eci'pie 21 Titles marked wilt! * were not yel available when
Ufikwo^n Gaiman 19 Ultmj Tnlrjgy (1,2,3] 29 this ad was prepared. Please call lor
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firm price and availability.
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•Ww 3 c * bnn»i djyi All UPS Shipu G unt S-g*wu'» B-qu-red No Dnw Rfiu$i ADO t-e Cuilookvik ONLVt AH clXM>S ("utl M ip US OW*<1 arm d-nnn [jn a US Stl"* Thwt U
i to iqw TOTAL * rri^l I LT(h and jOV (J'd <S "O! tJiai fjM U41 *• On-D1

UPS frckjrcI14 50ic t USAON.V] A* fluih*d M l-nckd** (Wra Hc&h*w.i..> ( r SI :> CO - nETuRN POLICY {fur HUwfi* ind Kcviioriat OHLV) Wt? n^'fld ntjflrji -d^rnpoitfy lo Dul*
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Actual Shying . instance EXtiHANrpfSOf'ENCnCOlTS^ilglaflyWis&urjtirijrLr.eiullpurcriflaepJic-'oMri-ilitrti EJEFECTJVE
nems. MjrdwinoiLflTis jnd Special Order Hems mil iw repidCEtd wjih ihparjmo ttuni only
ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS For vour convenience you canf&CG a ph-ate order ?4 HOUHS77 DAYS A
WEEK on ojr TQLL.FPiEE LINE 1-WQ«3fr57S7 QutsideiMp u$A. picrasa use (£l5| 683 5433 PnMj TECHNICAL SUPPORT Call (?i5) 6e3-56M, Mondty - Fhday. gam- Spin EST,
availably, ar^ compatibly checks are alw welcome on our order fine, Monday Fr.*ay, 9 30AM We 00 Our veryP&^Mah&lp jrou wtJ^yOu' prMun StlCc:ion& before you orOer nnfl Jilser jOU 'oCentf ytui
43DPU EST AFIEHt-KXJflS Offers Only Please1 Wtiun pmemg. ai trfl&J.p'flase sc*ci'j yowl c oiMuti GrmpTdiicLimnKis. sucfi j^ price, nunpaiipiiitif. eic «iB rjehar«iuii by ogi ordc staTi atPwtirpe
rrtcn»T Wmb A das-fif-i* l»l«**inff uu^itv. shipjunfl addict c*ypg C3"J nomb«*. cipcflMxi tffll* a you pijts yftj1 coer uur ti you nave tpsotc dt1*»« Queitcns aJ»u! a woojd. prtn*>L
name o* &v*

Circlo Rvatfvr Service Number ioe

us column Screen Grabber
Richard A. llnniin Using Ihe Program whole screen. Now, click on the C in the
To use Screen Crabber from the deskTop, Screen Grabber icon. The program cre
Crab all or tt portion of any graphics double-click on its icon or select the ates a photo scrap containing the graph
screen with this outstanding desk grabber option from the geos menu. If ics region selected and places it on the
accessory for GEOS and CEOS 128, you want to fetch graphics from a page current disk. When the copy is finished,
versions 1.3 and higher. of the deskTop other than the one Screen the two corner markers disappear.
Grabber is on, you'll have to open Screen The U (Undo) option allows you to
Looking for a way to copy graphics from Crabber from the geos menu. To use the cancel the copy command at any time.
just about any GEOS screen? Maybe program from within an application, se If the icon is above or to the left of the
there's a certain file or tool icon that has lect grabber from the geos menu. Be first marker, you'll have to set the sec
caught your eye. Or perhaps there's a cause Screen Crabber is a desk accessory, ond marker before canceling the copy.
graphics image in a geoWritc file that you can't copy graphics from other desk The Q (Quit) option allows you to
you'd like to use. With Screen Grabber, accessories or from applications that exit Screen Grabber and return to the
you can do this and much more. don't support desk accessories. deskTop or application.
Screen Crabber is a versatile desk After you exit Screen Grabber, you
accessory that allows you to copy can paste the photo scrap into any
■■■{Jii- ■
graphics from the deskTop and most GEOS application such as geoWritc or
'•*'?"-■'- ■■•"r■'.' .''.'." ■.■• '■ _i
applications lo a photo scrap. Once in into a photo album via the Pholo Man
this form, you can import the scrap into
iau can cton tui ptmim Ivm ager. Of course, you can also paste it
geoPainl, gcoWritc, gcoPitblisher, or any into a geoPaint document, modify it,
other GEOS program that supports and put it back into the photo scrap
graphics cut-and-paste. using geoPaint's cut command.

Typing It In Screen Grabber

Screen Grabber is written in machine
1503 i BF FF FF FF 90 00 09 BF 63
language, so you'll need to use MIX, 150B: FF FD EH 00 07 A7 C0 05 2E
the machine language entry program 1513: AC 00 05 AC »0 05 AF 00 72
found elsewhere in this issue, to type it Cut ant! paste photo scraps from a variety of 151B: 05 A7 87 C5 A0 CC 65 A0 A2

in. The MLX prompts, and the values 1523: CC 05 A0 CC 05 AF 8C E5 SB

applications With Screen Grabber.
152B: AO 0C 65 A0 0C 65 ftB oc A2
you should type in, are as follows: 07 4A
1533: 65 A0 07 CS EO 03 BF
Once Screen Grabber is opened, a 3F
Starting address: 1503 153B: FF FD 90 00 09 FF FF PF
small icon will appear in the upper left 1543: 83 05 00 30 10 4A 3C 00 92
Ending address: 1DSA
comer of the screen. The icon contains 154B: 10 53 63 72 65 65 6E 47 CA
56 31 2?. 48
When you've entered all the data for four letters: M, C, U, and Q. The M 1553: 72 61 62 20 20
155B: 30 00 00 00 00 52 69 63 ID
Screen Grabber, save two copies to a (Move) option allows you to move the
1563: 68 61 72 64 20 41 2E 20 31
GEOS work disk. Save the first with the icon to anywhere on the screen. Simply G4 69 6E 20 20 11
156B: 52 61 72
filename GRABBER and the second click on M to pick up the icon. Move it 1573: oa 00 aa UO 00 00 00 00 9D
with the name GRABBER.BKUP. One to the new location and click again to 157B: aa 00 00 00 30 00 00 00 A5
00 00 00 00 00 00 AD
copy will be converted by GeoConverter put it down. If you try to drop the icon 1583: 00 00
153B: 00 00 00 03 00 00 ae 00 B5
into a GEOS desk accessory. The other at a point where it's off the screen, it
1593: 30 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 BO
is a backup copy in case you have a will automatically reposition itself so 159B; 30 00 00 00 44 65 73 6B CF
problem with the conversion. that the entire icon remains on the 15A3: 20 41 63 63 65 73 73 6E1 20

Now, type in GeoConverter, (This is screen. It doesn't matter if the region 15AB: 72 79 20 74 6F 20 67 72 F5

the new version of GeoConverter, up you're copying includes the Screen 15B3i 61 62 20 67 72 61 70 68 04

Grabber icon or not. Screen Grabber 15BBi 69 63 73 20 66 72 6F 6D 2D

dated in the December 1989 issue of
15C3: 23 61 6E 79 20 73 63 72 C3
COMPUTE'/s Gazette.) Be sure to use The copies the original screen, not the icon.
15CB: 65 65 6E 2E 00 00 00 00 B2
Automatic Proofreader, found elsewhere The C (Copy) option allows you to 15D3 .00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FD
in this issue, to prevent typing mistakes copy any portion of the screen to a photo 15DB-:00 00 09 00 00 00 00 00 06

when you enter the program. Save a scrap. First identify the area you'd like to 15E3 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0E
15EB :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 16
copy of GeoConverier to the disk that copy. Click the pointer at the upper left
15F3 :80 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 IE
contains Screen Grabber. Be very careful comer of the region. A small corner 3B 8D 44 9F
15FB :00 oa 0a 00 A5
when typing in GeoConvcrter. It writes marker will appear on the nearest byte 1603 :1B A5 3ft 80 43 10 ft5 3C A2
directly to your disk, so a typing error boundary that includes the point select L60B :8D 45 10 A9 10 BS 03 A9 32

could cause it to scramble your disk. ed. You won't be able to move the cursor 1613 :42 85 02 20 5A Cl A9 00 31
161B :8D 3F 17 8D 90 17 20 4E ID
To prepare Screen Grabber for use above or to the left of the marker after
1623 :10 A9 aa 8D 8D 17 A9 00 B6
with GEOS, load GeoConverter and you've placed it. Next, select the lower 29
162B :8D ac 17 A9 00 8D BE 17
type RUN. When prompted for a file right corner of the region by clicking 1633 :20 C3 12 A9 10 8D AA 84 CD

name, enter GRABBER. GeoConverter again. A second corner marker will ap 163B :A9 D4 8D A9 34 60 01 00 65
then converts the file into a GEOS desk pear on the nearest byte boundary, and 1643 :00 00 00 00 00 00 01 01 72
164B :00 00 20 B7 Cl Cl 84 97 AC
accessory. the cursor will be free to move over the

62 COMPUTED Gazelle January 1990

GEQS Column
1653 ;17 40 00 20 B4 Cl 80 00 CA 18FB :43 13 Cl B4 40 00 60 20 78 1BA3:94 17 85 0C A9 00 85 BD C0
165B 40 3A 00 A9 10 85 03 A9 2B 1903 :B7 Cl 97 17 Cl 84 40 00 36 1BAB:A2 0C A0 04 20 69 Cl A9 5E
1663 A0 85 02 20 81 Cl 20 B4 8B 19 0B ;A9 00 BD 8F 17 A5 3B 8D 10 1BB3:00 95 05 A9 28 85 04 A2 83
166B Cl 40 00 30 SB FF A9 13 53 1913 :8D 17 A5 3A 8D 8C 17 A5 9C 1BBB:0C A0 04 20 66 Cl 18 A9 B6
1673 85 SB A9 48 85 0A A9 05 SB 191B :3C 3D 8E 17 AD BD 17 C9 AD 1BC3:00 65 OC 85 0C A9 BC 65 B2
1670 85 08 20 C6 Cl A6 01 A9 31 1923 :01 D0 05 AD 8C 17 C9 29 03 1BCB:0D 85 0D A5 0C IB 6D 41 C2
1693 :35 35 01 AD 00 8C BD 2D 21 192B :90 0A A9 01 3D 9D 17 A9 E7 1BD3:3C 8D 41 3C A5 0D 6D 42 F5
168B -D0 4A 4A 4A 4A 8D 2C □0 52 1933 :2B 8D 8C 17 AD BE 17 C9 7F IRDB:3C 8D 42 3C AD 40 3C 8D 14
1693 :AD 27 D0 SD 28 i)0 3D 29 1C 193B :B4 90 05 A9 B3 8D 8E 17 2F 1BE3:43 3C AD 3F 3C BD 44 3C 51
169B :D0 86 01 60 40 SA 16 FF 50 1943 :20 C3 12 60 FF FF FF C0 7F 1BEB:AD 42 3C 85 0D AD 41 3C 4.7
16A3 :00 00 FF 00 00 C0 00 00 D2 194B :13 03 D8 D9 F3 DD DB IB EC 1BF3:85 0C A2 00 A0 00 Bl 0C B8
16AB :C0 00 00 C0 00 DO CO 00 C5 1953 :DA DB 03 DB DB 03 D3 DB 50 1BFB:4B AD 43 3C D0 09 AD 44 38
16B3 :00 C0 00 00 C0 80 8A 16 43 195B :03 D9 DB 13 D8 D9 F3 C0 49 1C03:3C D0 04 A2 01 A0 01 68 2D
16BB 03 00 00 03 30 00 03 06 9F 1963 :1B 03 FF FF FF C0 18 03 98 1C0B:20 42 14 18 A9 01 65 0C 10
16C3 :00 03 00 00 03 00 00 03 CD 196B :D9 D9 F3 D8 DB IB D9 DB 65 1C13:85 0C 90 02 E6 0D CE 44 90
00 00 FF 00 00 FF 00 00 F7 1973 :1B D9 DB IB DB DB IB D8 DB 1C1B:3C 10 D7 18 A9 29 6D 41 FB
16D3 AD 05 85 10 01 60 A5 3JJ D9 197B :DB 5B CF 99 F3 C0 18 13 EB 1C23:3C 8!) 41 3C 90 03 EE 42 79
16DB 85 03 A5 3A 85 02 A5 3C 9F 1933 :FF FF FF AD 90 17 C9 03 08 1C2B:3C CE 43 3C 10 B4 60 4B BD
16E3 85 04 AD 8F 17 F0 03 4C 51 198B :F0 01 60 A9 00 8D 39 3C 02 1C33:AD 49 3C 95 03 AD 48 3C 10
16EB 03 13 AD 8E 17 85 06 85 5D 1993 :A9 00 9D 3C 3C A9 30 8D 26 1C3B:85 02 18 A9 01 6D 48 3C DE
16F3 07 18 A9 15 65 07 95 07 99 199B :37 3C A9 17 3D 49 3C A9 D2 1C43:9D 48 3C 90 03 EE 49 3C 87
16FB AD 3D 17 85 09 AD 8C 17 CC 19A3 :D7 aD 48 3C AD 91 17 38 0C 1C4B:68 9C 4G 3C A0 00 91 02 91
1703 B5 08 AD 8D 17 85 OB AD 17 19AB :ED 94 17 3D 3D 3C AD 94 80 1C53:AC 46 3C F0 26 A9 16 85 93
170B 8C 17 85 0A 18 A9 18 65 93 19B3 8D 3E 3C AD 93 17 85 CF 1C5B:03 A9 90 85 02 20 38 C2 AB
1713 0A 85 0A 90 32 E6 0B 20 D3 19BB :03 AD 92 17 95 02 A5 02 20 1C63:AD 49 3C 8D D6 16 AD 48 D7
171B B3 C2 C9 00 F0 35 A5 02 B6 19C3 :38 ED 95 17 35 02 AS 03 34 1C6B:3C 9D D5 16 A9 16 85 15 07
1723 38 ED 8C 17 85 02 A5 03 6E 19CB [BO 96 17 85 03 A9 00 85 1A 1C73:A9 8C 85 14 A9 01 85 16 03
172Q ED 8D 17 85 03 38 A5 04 37 19D3 :05 A9 09 35 04 A2 02 A0 9B 1C7B:20 ED Cl 60 50 68 6F 74 F4
1733 ED 8E 17 85 04 A5 04 C9 BF 19DB :04 20 69 Cl A5 02 8D 3F F0 1C83:6F 20 53 63 72 61 70 00 16
173B 0A 90 0C A5 02 C9 0C 90 4E 19E3 :3C 18 69 01 A0 00 20 33 EF 1CBB:80 16 03 15 BF FF FF FF 39
1743 03 4C E5 12 4C 69 11 A5 B3 19EB :16 AD 3D 3C 18 69 01 20 98 1C93:80 40 01 80 60 01 80 60 AC
174B 02 C9 0C 90 03 4C 87 13 E2 19F3 :33 16 A9 00 20 33 16 AE 23 1C9B:01 30 60 OD 30 50 35 80 31
1753 4C E8 12 AD 90 17 C9 03 76 19FB :3E 3C 20 3C Cl E8 8E 3E 31 1CA3:50 D9 80 53 21 90 5C Cl 45
175B D0 01 60 C9 00 F0 03 4C F0 U03 ;3C AD 95 17 18 65 0C 85 DB 1CAB:80 59 01 97 CE 01 9F CB 95
1763 ID 12 4C 9B 11 A9 01 811 A6 1A0B: OC AD 96 17 65 0D 95 OD 6C 1CB3:01 B9 F9 01 Bl FC 01 BF 0D
176B BD 84 A9 3F BD BC 84 A9 D4 1A13: AD 3F 3C 9D 43 3C A0 00 9A 1CBB:6E 01 9C 66 01 80 66 01 3D
1773 C7 8D B9 84 A9 02 85 08 DO 1A1B: Bl OC A2 00 20 42 14 18 C9 1CC3:B0 6C 01 80 38 01 30 00 46
177B 20 D5 Cl A9 00 9D BB 84 34 1A23: A9 08 65 0C 85 0C 90 02 IB 1CCB:O1 FF FF FF 83 04 00 D7 88
1783 A9 00 8D BA B4 A9 00 8D 3C 1A2B: E6 0D CE 43 3C 10 E7 AD C3 1CD3:17 D7 17 D7 17 50 68 6F 29
17BB B8 84 A9 01 85 08 20 D5 DE 1A33: 91 17 CD 3E 3C B0 C0 20 D9 1CDB:74 6F 20 53 63 72 61 70 7B
1793 Cl A3 00 8D 90 17 60 A9 31 1A3B: 6B 15 20 69 11 60 8C 45 6D 1CE3:20 56 31 2E 31 00 00 00 54
179G 01 8D 90 17 A5 3A 85 02 54 1A43: 3C A0 00 8D 3A 3C A5 0D Bl 1CEB:00 52 69 63 68 61 72 64 2E
17A3 8D 95 17 A5 3B 85 03 8D BE 1A4B: 48 A5 OC 48 AD 39 3C D0 AE 1CF3:20 41 2E 20 52 61 72 G4 B5
17 AH 96 17 A5 3C 85 04 8D 94 4F 1A53: 13 AD 3A 3C 9D 3B 3C A9 03 1CFB:69 6E 20 20 00 00 00 00 8A
17B3 17 A9 00 85 05 A9 00 85 34 1A5B: 01 8D 39 3C A9 00 3D' 3C 03 1D03:00 00 00 00 00 00 30 00 3D
17BB 0B A9 08 8 5 0A A2 02 A0 B2 1A63: 3C 4C F6 14 AD 3C 3C F3 B0 1D0B:0O 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 45
17C3 0A 20 69 Cl AD 95 17 38 72 1A6B: 38 AD 3A 3C CD 3B 3C D0 D6 1D13:OO 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4D
17CB E5 12 8D 95 17 AD 96 17 38 1A73: 0D EE 39 3C AD 39 3C C9 69 1D1B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 55
17D3 E5 13 8D 96 17 A9 00 85 B9 1A7B: 7F F0 12 4C F6 14 AD 39 4F 1D23:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 5D
17DB 0B A9 09 85 0A A2 04 A3 D6 1A83: 3C 20 33 16 AD 3B 3C 20 98 1D2B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 65
17E3 0A 20 69 Cl 38 AD 94 17 21 1ABB: 33 16 BB 50 C4 1D33:00 00 00 00 00 00 6D
20 33 16 IE
17EB E5 12 8D 94 17 AD 96 17 40 1A93: AD 3B 3C AC 1D3B:00 00 00 00 00 00 75
45 3C 20 33 4E
17F3 95 0B AD 95 17 B5 0A AD 47 1A9B: 16 A9 00 8D 39 3C 4C 21 92 1D43:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7D
17FB 94 17 85 OC A9 01 85 08 10 1AA3; 15 AD 3A 3C CD 3B 3C F0 9D 1D4B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 85
1993 20 CF Cl 20 D2 Cl AD 96 01 1AAB: 16 20 28 15 EE 39 3C 1D53:00 00 00 OO 00 00 00 00 8D
130B 17 BD BB 94 AD 95 17 8D 69 1AB3: 39 3C C9 5C F0 09 AD 3A D3 1D5B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 95
1313 BA 94 AD 94 17 8D B8 34 A5 1ABB: 3C 8D 3B 3C 4C F6 14 CE Dl 1D63:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 9D
ISIB 60 A9 03 BD 90 17 A9 01 54 1AC3: 39 3C F0 0B AD 1D6B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A5
39 3C 09 46
1823 3D BD 94 A9 3F 3D BC 84 E2 1ACB: 30 20 33 16 20 3C 15 AD D9 1D73:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AD
1B2B A9 C7 8D B9 84 A9 00 3D C7 1AD3: 3A 3C CD 3B 3C FO 0E A9 0D 1D7B:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B5
1833 BB 84 A9 00 8D BA 84 A9 Al 1ADB: 01 8D 39 3C AD 3A 3C 8D 3B 1DS3:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BD
183B 00 8D BB 84 A5 3A 85 02 51 1AE3: 3B 3C 4C F6 14 A9 02 8D 96
1843 8D 92 17 A5 3B 85 03 8D 9F 1AEB: 39 3C A9 01 3D 3C 3C 4C 33
184B 93 17 A5 3C 85 04 8D 91 6C 1AF3: F6 14 E0 00 FO 27 AD 3C 80 GeoConverter
1853 17 A9 00 85 05 A9 00 85 26 1AFB: 3C DO 13 AD 39 3C 0 9 90 OD
185B 0B A9 0B 85 0A A2 02 A0 54 1B03: 20 33 16 CE 39 3C F0 0C 6E HO 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1990 COMPU
18E3 0A 20 6 9 Cl A5 12 49 0 7 F8 1B0B: 20 3C 15 B9 50 06 AD 39 BD TEI PUBLICATIONS, INC. -
186B 19 6D 92 17 8D 92 17 A9 55 1B13: 3C 20 33 16 AC 45 3C AD D7 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
1873 09 6D 93 17 8D 93 17 A9 75 1B1B: 3B 3C 20 33 16 68 85 0C 9E DK 20 PRINT"iCLR)[GRN)"CHRS(14
187B 00 35 0B A9 08 85 0A A2 16 1B23: 68 85 0D 60 8C 46 3C AC 39 2) :VE = PEEK(772)+2 56*PEEK
1883 04 AO 3A 20 69 Cl A5 12 D0 1B2B: 37 3C AD 3B 3C 99 DA 3B AE (773)
1S8B 49 07 18 6D 91 17 8D 91 91 1B33: C8 8C 37 3C AC 46 3C 60 F2 HA 30 IFVE=42364THENPOKE53290,
1893 17 AD 93 17 85 OB AD 92 E4 1B3B; 8E 47 3C 8C 46 3C A9 00 51 0:PQKE53281,0:GOTO50
189B 17 85 0A A5 MA 38 E9 07 60 1B43: 8D 39 3C AE 38 3C BD DA C9 MK 40 LIST0,1:LIST4,1:LIST6,1
18A3 85 0A A5 0B E9 00 85 0B E3 1B4B: 3B A2 00 A0 00 20 33 16 CE ES 50 FORI*1T010:PRINT"|DOWN}"
18AB AD 91 17 85 OC 38 A5 0C EA 1B53: EE 38 3C AD 38 3C CD 37 F6 :NEXT
18B3 E9 07 85 0C A9 02 85 08 74 1B5B: 3C D0 E8 A9 00 8D 37 3C 7C KQ 60 PRIHTTAB(5)"<4>OD1 COPYR
18BB: 20 CF Cl 20 02 Cl 60 A9 32 1B63: AE 47 3C AC 46 3C 60 AD A6 IGHT 1990"
18C3 06 85 08 AD BD 17 85 0B 13 1B6B: 3D 3C B5 0C A9 00 85 0D 26 FP 70 PRINTTAB |5)"GCH COMPUTE!
18CB AD 8C 17 85 0A AD 8E 17 6C 1B73: A9 00 85 05 A9 08 35 04 FB PUBLICATIONS INC."
18D3 85 OC 20 CF Cl 20 D2 Cl C0 1B7B: A 2 0C A0 04 20 69 Cl A5 2A DP 30 PRINTTAB(5)"JFK A.LL RIGH
18DB C6 08 20 CF Cl 20 D2 Cl 68 1BB3: 0C 8D 40 3C AD 96 17 85 6A TS RESERVEDfHOME)"
18E3 60 4C 3E C2 A9 01 3D 8F 47 1BBB: 0D AD 95 17 B5 0C A2 6C 85 QG 90 PRINT"(DOWN] (RVSH8JGEOC
18EB 17 A9 05 85 09 20 05 Cl 39 1B93: A0 04 20 69 Cl A5 OD 8D 02 ONVERTER 1.3(OFF){DOWNJ
18F3: E6 08 20 D5 Cl 20 B7 Cl BA 1B9B: 3C A5 OC 3D 41 3C AD OF {)

COMPUTEIs Gaiene January 1990 63

GEOS Column
(SPACE)"N"{4 LEFTl"; : IN
AH 120 PRIflT"IS DRIVE"N"A 1581
GFS • Smart Disassembler (January 1989 and disk. The following program removes
MP 160 PRINT"[DOWN|SEAPCHING F the Power Tools disk) has two problems. SLIDES from the Gazette Disk without
OR 'GFS The first causes the program to calcu destroying the 128 boot block. Be very
DF 170 HDS="":F0R 1=1 TO 4:REA late forward branches incorrectly. The careful when you enter it. A typing mis
second causes portions of hexadecimal take could ruin your Gazette Disk.
RE 180 FOR I=1TO5;READIE:IDS=I disassemblies to print in decimal. To
DS + CHRS (IE) :NEXT correct both problems, simply load
{2 5PACES)8{3 LEFTj";DN
MJ 190 NLS="":0PF.N 15,N,15,"10 your copy of Smart Disassembler and
:":OPEN 2,N,2,"#" enter the following lines: [RVS}COPY{0FFl OF THE"
EF 210 FOR E=0 TO 7 PS 300 B=LEN<PS*OPS(J)*AS):C-2
RD 220 D$=NLS:GET*2,BS:I=1:IFB 3:BS="":fORrl-TCTOPC-l
JM 230 IF ASC(B$) O130 OR 1-19 NGOSUBB20 RR 50 GETAS:tFASO" "GOTO50
CM 60 OPENL,DN, 1.5 , " I 0 " :GOSUfi 12
QG 240 GET#2,HTS,itSS: 1 = 3: IF HS {UP}";:BS = B$*AS:OC + 4:N
$ = «•' THEN HSS = CHRS (B) EXT II
RP 78 OPEN2,DN,2,"»0":GOSUB120
CR 80 PRINTtl,"Ul:2 0 19 5":GO
SUB 120
RJ 260 IFftSC [BS) = 160ORI = l9T!iEN DK 660 N = USR(PC+1) : IFNM27THEN
MP 90 PRINTtl,"B-P:2,6fi":PRINT
230 N=N-256
f2,CHRS(0) ;
DH 100 PRINT#1,"U2:2 0 18 5":G
EC 280 FOR 1=1 TO 31:GETI2,B$: FHT!iENGOSUB780
Once you've entered the corrections, be DS 110 PRINTtl,"I3":GOSUB120:C
sure to save the program with a new
20 filename.
QJ 320 IF DS=NLS THENPRINT" • In the December 1989 "GEOS Col XR 133 PRItJTEN;E«SET;ES:CLOSEl
iDOWN){RVS)FILE NOT FOU umn," we stated that GeoCottverter was :CLOSE2:STOP
ND{OFF)":GOTO420 new and improved. Unfortunately, we
ME 330 PRINT"{[)OWNlCONVERTIKG Because our disk is write-protected,
listed the older version of the program
!SPACE}"GFS you'll first have to copy its contents to
Bll 340 DTS=TS:SSS = SS:T$ = HTS:S5 (version 1.2) in the column, and we left
another disk. After you've copied the
=HSS:GOSU[1430 it off the Gazette Disk entirely. To those
disk, simply load and run the correction
CR 350 GET#2,MTS,MSS:IF MSS="" of you who typed in the "new" version
THEN MSS=CHRS(0) of GeoCoiwerter, we apologize. Version
JG 360 FOR 1=0 TO 65:GET 12,BS
1,3 of GeoCanverter is listed in this
:NEXT • Triple Search (October 1989) allows
month's "GEOS Column" and is also
AH 3711 GET#2,CTS,GTS:GOS(JJ3430: you to create your own word-search
included on the Gazette Disk.
puzzles and print Ihem on your printer.
5=DTS:SS=SSS:GOSUB4 30 If you haven't typed in the new
One of the program's limitations is thai
EQ 390 FOR 1=1 TO 32"E+2:GKT#2 version of GeoConverter, you may want
you can't use compound words or
,B5:NEXTI to wait for the March issue before doing
JS 390 PRINT*2,CTS;MTS;MS5;:F0 phrases in the puzzles. This is because
so. In that issue, we'll be introducing an
RI=0 TO 15:GET#2,BS:NEX Triple Search fills all the spaces in the
all-new, more user-friendly version of
T puzzle with random characters. If you'd
GeoConverter (version 2.0). GeoCon
KJ 400 PRINT#2,HTS;l!ES;CHRS|0] like to include compound words in your
JGTS; verter 2.0 will include features such as
word-search puzzles, the following
SP 410 PRINTtt2, IDS; :GOSUB440:P automatic drive sensing, simplified file
changes and additions to the program
PINT:PRINTGFS" CONVERTE searching, and better error handling.
will do the trick:
• The September 1989 Gazette Disk con FP 250 DIM LS(NW),LL5(NW):IF C
SA 430 US="U1":GOTO450
PA 440 US="U2" tains a file that isn't documented in the =1 THEN 290
magazine. This file, SLIDES, was creat EX 32H PRINT Z;:INPUT LS(Z):LL
QJ 450 PRINT#15,US;2;0;ASC<T$+
ed by GEOS SlideShaw when the disk S(Z)=LS(Z)sL=LEN(LS(Z))
"0") ;ASC (SS+"0")
:IFL>=S THEN 310
KD 469 RETURN was being tested. SLIDES was later
QG 470 DATA 0,255,3,21,87,10,1 GX 604 FOR J=l TO NW:LS="":FOR
overwritten by the 128 boot block and JJ = 1 TO LENUSU! )
,0-3 G now causes GEOS SlidfSlww to crash AX 605 IF HIDS(LS(JI ,JJ,1)OCH
when you run it from the disk. Actually, RS (32! THEN LS = LS + MinS(
GEOS SlideShBtt! is fine; it only crashes LS (J) ,JJ,1)
BEFORE TYPING ... when you load the corrupted SLIDES XQ 606 NEXT JJ : LS (J]=LS:NEXT J
FP 1230 X=X+l:PRINTil,SPC[INT(
Before typing in programs, please refer to file. The easiest way to correct the prob
lem is to copy GEOS SlideShow to an /2)-LEN[LLS(X))+INT(TA
"How to Type In COMPUTEI's Gazette
other disk using GEOS. /21);
Programs," elsewhere in this issue. Another solution to the problem is DS 1250 X=X*1:PRINT»1,LLS(X):I
to remove the file SLIDES from the V XONW THEN 1230 fi

64 COMPUTE'S Gazette January 1990

The new Star Multi-Font.
How did Star get it all in there?
Friction and Tractor High-Resolution Graphics Paper-Parking
Feeds Built-in (216x240dpi) Built-in

Arnc Eviilorer, lBTS

Four Fonts High Speed Built-in Commodore Interface

Built-in (144 cps Draft; NLQ at 36 cps) Built-in

It wasn't easy. But, we built an incredible there's impressive speed in both draft and near
number of features into the Star NX-1000C letter quality. And an automatic single sheet
Multi-Font ■ So now you and your Commodore feed. Plus, a paper-parking mechanism that lets
can be as creative as you like. you use single sheets without removing tractor
The best feature in this new Star printer is paper. And the Multi-Font's easy-to-use push
built into its name-Multi-Font. It has four button control panel gives you command of
built-in type fonts that give you twenty different over thirty-five functions.
print style options. Just mix these fonts in with Whether it's for serious work or serious play,
its high-resolution graphics to make great the Star NX-1000C Multi-Font has so much
looking reports, greeting cards, posters-what built-in, you'll get more out of your Commodore.
ever you want. To find out where you can see the Multi-Font,
And the list ofbuilt-in features goes on - call 1-800-447-4700.


The ImagePower™ Printers

MutU Fonl printout produced hy FlexMraw6.S graphics software by Inkwell Systems CirtU Header Service Numbvr 109
BASIC Sprite Text Scroller
Shao-Tlen Pan
Add a bit of flair to your programs Here, AS represents any valid string )":REH DEFINE STRING"
with this short text-scrolling routine variable. The string can contain a maxi EH 80 PRINT"(2 DOWNjPQKE 49534
for the 64. mum of 256 characters. ,20S:REM SELECT FONT"
RQ 90 PRINT"E2 DOWN)P0KE 49252
The next command points Sprite
Have you ever tried to scroll a huge Text Scroller to the character set that
ME 100 PRINT"U DOWN}S¥S 49152
banner across the top of the screen you want to use: AS:REM SCROLL STRING"
without resorting to bitmapped graph AR 110 PRINT"{2 DOWN}S¥S 49588
POKE 49534,n
ics? Or have you attempted to place a :REM ERASE STRING"
status line at the bottom of the screen The variable n is the high byte of the HC 1000 FORA=49152TO49620:READ

starting address for the character set. To Aft:POK£A,AA:NEXTA

that wouldn't disappear when the screen
DK 1010 DATA120,169,173,141,20
scrolled? If you've been frustrated by use the standard uppercase/graphics
programming problems like these, then characters, set n to 208; for lower-/
DK 1020 DATA141,21,3,162,7,189
Sprite Text Scroller could be your answer. uppercase characters, set h to 216. ,157,192,157
Sprite Text Scroller is a machine To display your text in a custom JQ 1030 DATA248,7,202,16,247,1
language routine that uses sprites to character set, first place the character 62,0,169,0
MP 1040 DATA157,0,62,157,0,63,
scroll character strings across the definitions in memory. Then divide the
screen. It lets you display strings con starting address of the character set by
XS 1O50 DATA32,139,176,32,133,
taining up to 256 standard or redefined 256 and POKE the resulting value into
characters anywhere on the screen. location 49534. For example, if your BO 1060 DATAl77,71,24O,108,141
And unlike similar routines. Sprite Text custom character set is at 12288, you'd ,64,193,200
Scroller redefines each sprite on the fly POKE a 48 (12288/256) into this JB 1070 DATA177,71,141,73,193,
so that string size isn't limited by the location.
DX 1080 DATA141,74,193,169,3,1
number of sprites. The third command establishes the
vertical position of the text on the
BM 1090 DATA169,8,141,50,193F1
Getting Started screen. 69,255,141
Sprite Text Scroller is written in machine QF 1100 DATA62,193,169,0,141,1
POKE 49252,y
language, but it's listed in the form of a 06,193,162,7
BS 1110 DATA160,14,189,165,192
BASIC loader. To prevent typing errors, The variabley can beany value from 50
use The Automatic Proofreader, found to 234 (this range covers the visible
BJ 1120 DATA202,136,136,16,245
elsewhere in this issue, to type it in. screen). ,162,14,169
When you've finished typing, be sure to The fourth command tells Sprite QG 1130 DATA234,157,1,208,202,
save a copy of the program to tape or Text Scroller which string you wish to 202,16,249
disk. scroll and begins the actual scrolling EJ 1140 DATA169,224,141,16,208
To get started, simply load the pro process: ,169,27,141
KQ 1150 DATA17,20B,173,100,192
gram and type RUN. Sprite Text Scroller
SYS 49152,AS ,141,18,208
prints a series of commands on the AG 1160 DATA169,255,141,21,208
screen and then POKEs the machine A fifth and final command erases ,141,23,20a
language into memory. Once the rou the string and halts the scrolling. CB 1170 DATA141,29,203,169,1,1
tine is installed, you'll see the familiar 41,26,208
SYS 49588 HF 1180 DATA162,7,169,1,157,39
READY prompt. At this point, move the
cursor up to the line of text that starts To add Sprite Text Scroller to your
JE 1190 DATA250,169,127,141,13
with A$ = . Then press RETURN over own programs, include lines 1000-1550;
this line and the three that follow it. If then use the commands listed above to KP 1200 DATA248,249,250,251,25
everything works correctly, a scrolling create the scrolling effect. 2,253,254
message will appear at the bottom of AH 1210 DATA255,24,72,120,163,
the screen. Press RETURN over the
Sprite Text Scroller CR 1220 DATA206,177,192,169,3,
next line to erase the scrolling string.
HQ 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1990 COMPU 208,8,169,3
TE1 PUBLICATIONS, INC. - XM 1230 DATA141,177,192,206,20
Using the Program ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3,192,169,16
Sprite Text Scroller is very easy to use. KG 20 POKE53280,0:POKE53281.0 EP 1240 DATA72,17 3,18,208,141,
Once the machine language routine is RJ 33 PRINT"{WHT] {CLHHdoWN}"T 211,192,238

installed, only four commands are AB(14)"SPRITE TEXT(r)OWM) QX 1250 DATA203,192,162,7,169,

needed to scroll text across the screen.
EH 40 PRINTTA6(13)"COPYRIGHT 1 FP 1260 DATA202,16,250,169,234
Each of the commands is discussed be ,205,18,208
low. They may be entered from direct DB 50 PRINTTAB(7)"COMPUTE! PUB FP 1270 DATA240,249,104,56,233
mode or from a program. LICATIONS, INC." , 1,203,223
The first command defines the DG 60 PRINTTABU1) "ALL RIGHTS JB 1280 DATA162,21,30,194,63,6

string you wish to scroll: (SPACE iRESERVF.D" 2,193,63,62 »

66 COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 1990

UTILITIES UNLIMITED,,no. video digitizer lor the C-64, C-128
A professional diagnostic cartridge IntiQchJcinq the worlds first FULL COLOR! video digitizer for the
for your Commodore 64 Commodore C-&4. &4-C. C-123 S 12B-D computer VIDEO BYTE can give yw
• Simply iriM:rt cartridge & port rorLEWClott
P.O. Box 532 If you wish to place your order by phone digiozed nJao Ircrri your VCft, &W or COLOR CAMERA a OFF THE AIR or CA0LE
■ Tesli sumliI, ureraiid tunirnl polls VIDEO (tnanks to a fast1 II $£C- scan lime). Mew ver&oi 3.0 software features full RE
■ Alkrm (a: a full icsh-wd tta
• Many chip* icslwJ including NMI & IRQ
FULL COLORIZING! s pesstte. dua to a unique SELECT a?xJ INSERT cator [Harass,
■ SihjikJ diaiinck aid ^i^|ihi» irMcJ
wheie you can sel#d one of 15 COLORS atirj insert that cotof imo ore oi 4 GRAY
• BASIC Kfmali ROM leted SCALES, This process wU Give jDU ovei 32,000 ctfttre-tt color co-nftinatiars to use to
• iimerL labli? clearly Aptap Kfc rc^ulls
SUPER-CARD + youf wdeo piciuie&. SAVES 35 XOALASJ Video B/ls IJ a t»rs you to Sa^e alt your
• AIL (Jeftclivt chips jjv hi^hlifiliifil fcve you been watching the war (ivcr the "test" backup utility? We We would pflures to disk as FULL COLOR KOALA'S, Alter wh-tfl lu&i^ K[rfa cr ■suitable program)
• [ in.M^iri am! CBM pjn innn!<^. displayed ike to slate the liicls, and put this war to an end ... once and for all! yoj car go in and redraw Or lecOior youl V.B, picS LOAD and RE-DISPLAY1 \fideo Byte
• Buy ihe p.iris and repiit it voursrlf II allows vffu to load ano is-dstfay all Vfleo Byte pcrures li&m made Video Bjrte's rn&iu.
UErfU DRIVEN! Video Byte H cxr*5 wth an easy io use menj cpsw UTILITV DISK and
■ Or itll your dealer *hai's ■Awn j A v.hun.'
■ Utilities Unlimited «;i> ihe FIRST to create a ftllv fiinaiutial whole track dgmztt program [64 MODE OHLY). COMPACT! Video 3>1e Lr5 hardware s compact! In
copter Our pmtotype mm? designed December 6. 1W4. Since 1b! linii.-. the ■fact no Digger Ihan youi average cartridge! Video Byte comes wiih it's own cable.
pnnJLJL'l ha^ cuil.ol mui ihemoii succewful jrchiier ever created! ■IIEGHATEO] Video Byte II s te$j£ned to be vsti w* V ■*») EXPLODE' V5.0 color
cartruJge Exptate1 V5.QS meflu »- return yw io VIDEO BYTE :."s menu. E*ptode' Vj 0
^' SUPER TRACKER ■ Ullililks Uiiliiiiiiai VIS MKST in ercalinj^ this punljci for ALL disk drives: is [fie PERFECT COMPANION! Video Byte II useis are automatically 5flnt FREE
X-> Ai la$i an ajy way to find out where the protection rej|]y is. Sup*r i54l/1541C/lM1-H/157l/SXM/ALLa.mnitxJotecu[iipaiit>les. Whili; il is SOFTWARE updates along wm ne* flocinnenlalion, when it
^t Tracker «3I display [he local ion uf ymir dri*e head uhile yoo are imc thai some of ihe unit4- required (LOlJerinp. il K ven simple. We offer an bewnesavailable. PRWT! ^ulao Bj'e II *iE pfin-tout pctures m
leading a piece of software Thi> infomialiiHi will he wiy awful in insinuation service for [fiose cuslomers ili.n dc not wish Eo iiimji! ihe trard BLACK and WHITE GREY SCALE to r™g pnntfts. Kcwe^r,
find where tk' protection is. Super Tucker tij* older uuful optims such ;ls (rack thanstlves. ONLY *tien uscdwith Explode! V5.0. yc-jf printouts can b&done IN
FULL COLOR Bxtl'i an the PAINBOW rJX-1000,
and ha]f tract display, t and 9 iwiuh. denary display. *me firmed on/off. This » Why would you WANT to wait tor parameters? During thai watting period, RAIUBOW NX-10MC. J^-80, 5til>ath33M0 AI. (OKIDflTA
incredible lirife (ool is encased in a luiubonitr txw ihat ills on lop rfyeur iliiw. your precicus sDfru^re it«ild be destroyed! NVitii SUPGR-CARJ>f >t)ii need tO2O's (pnn! I^iaei fiT^I LrSER SLIDE SHOW prsgiam
Woriiv with nil C64/] 28 and mod OW corapatlbte drives, Some ininW soldering rot wait! Tte software i1- u«r selectable, Sy if special changes are raiuired.
$79^ W3UW or manual display is standaid with VIDEO BYTE
wilttv required. p:- -■; t. And can be badced up!]
vnu tan do it youriclf! NO WAITING f;0R MONTHS. Wat ^huu: throe
SiptfTrtdcEr -...™ ,„,,,„,,.,,...., $69.95 special changes? lhc\ nf jlTujIK required! arc available by culling our office, Wry DRAW a car. airplane. pe^Ofl or tcs Pat Jnaner...
or through QUANTAM LINK. Wi! can te|] you bo* to backup your soEtWBfiC anything when jcu cen BYTE it.. .Video Bytt it id
^v SUPER CARTRIDGE uiftwaK incluile the bdai sening';. E*en our compciiior agats that *c can
j£^ nic lliimjie Liillii ("artrid^i: packed full inurfful milities. Super copy EVERYTHFNG wiih ihe proper sellings... and «c have than! NEW! SUPER CARTRIDGE EXPLODE! V.5
^^ f:isi lilc copier, mbbler, ieetor editor, jirjphic label iiuker, juil to
• Lljxhies — Approximately every h weeks we releaw an update of our saflware The MOST POWERFUL, DISK DRIVE and PRINTER CARTRIDGE BVtr
BOIlkn a few. 128K of icftwait at your finger GfO, S jper Cartridge
that iaducks new uiiliiics. copiers, and Bettings. Mi. upd^les ere 5^,00— produced for the COMMODORE USER. Sjpei USEft
can he shut off and ojgs no menon.
which] we Feel is j way DCanaable fee. Updates are NOT requin-d. FRIENDLY with all me features most asked lor, Naw
Super Carl ridge „ , , , FEATURES.. [a) Faster ihjd Wanking FASTLOAD [b)
■ AciDSI thy nation, software reslflj stores use SL'PER-CARDf K haekup Llieir
MIRROR imaging of all HI-RES screen*, (c) 4 Way
orieina]s.OiirSL;PER-t'ARD+ hjs been ItMcd il Eurnpeand Iik bem iliovn ONLY color section wilh insen. for a!l HI-RES screens, ((fl
GRAPHIC PACK $24.95 as ihe BEST backup utility! traits FILE COPY !pi a I SEO. & PHG. liles. copy
Our best selling graphic prc^jims plus mote, all do flue disk. Craphfc label ■ SI PEH-CARD+ COOKS compkli; w'nh tin.- hardwaR tard. litKiimentaiiiir. and
$4495 your Me only once, then wrce mat file to as many disKs
maker, Pftotp-Cep?, Super Label, Converter (comerts Prim Shop 10 Print the Ijtcsl software release (version 10). as you l^e... gteal lor sirg1^ lie copyng by smalt -jm
Mater), and Sprite Editor, PJss we'll add rJO graphics. ps (e| FULL COLOR PfllMTIHG Of ALL COLOR HI-
So. the facts are (in the table ... you decide for yourseir. By the way. they
say [fi;it "imiiuiitm is ih? highest [urn; ofjhik'iy'1... thanks guys!'
The company ihas has The M^t Parameters is abouc ro do wRitMlun^ to VIDEO BYTE setose thru EXPLODE! V5.D"5 MENU (g> Supports al! popular
liabelievabk. We arc jitiiji you more of our secrets. Using ihis Verj Ett? ONE BOARD FITS ALL DRIVES printer interfaces, (ti) FfiEE Lpgraded utility diSt
program, it will riot onfy Read, Compare ant) Write Parameters Tar Yuu; il will Single 559.95 Dual
also Customize lbs dufc »ilh your name. [1 will impress you. as weft as your THE I2S SUPKRCH1P - A, B or C (another first)
friends. Tha "Panmltr Consmjaion Sel" is like nrthmg vouvcera- scon. In A — There is an empty yjckei inside )rour I2S just wailing: fcr our Super Chip to
fact, you can tven Rat Pnranitttrs thai \au may have already wrinen; then by FINAL CARTRIDGE III give you 32K worth of great Built-in Utiliiies, all at jusi the Trairh of a Finger. Yen
using yunr tonunictbn srt, te»iit it with your new Cnstotnued Menu. $24.95." No olher cartridge uJd.>i6iK of ROM. TlieaddLiirnal 32K tif RIM i^ Jedicaicd 10 a ga taill-inffcuwia: fte Copier, Nilibler, Hack & Sector Editor, Screen Dump,
iiflkjiu!desk topacLe^sory1. ^nirgit apan from ihe oiheriranndges. aad even a 300/1200 bsmi Terminal Program Oafs \b5Q, 1671) and Hayfs
New twin Europe Ilnal t'Lirlridgt; III is inspired by the Amiga and MaciaHKh The limction keys are compytibla. B*iM o( all, it Joe^nrt use up any mcmor>-. To tae. simply tout-h a
XX Rated Game $24.95 Lock Pik Books t S 2 29.95 laid ou! logically anil are easy to remember. The nwl kii is ihe lai^csi vollection fin function kcv.and it re^wndsioyour wtnmand.
AllNewBJ.S. 19.95 D.N. Coder T4.95 jjiy cunridgc {alcnosf 30 cummarids). Just io menuon \ainc of Ibe features —
B — HAS SUPER 31 tTII JTIES, a complete ufilny padagc ta the 1581. C*py
Super 1 COO Paramters Pak 39.95 Master Lock Fttttoad(l5X) Backup, Frce«-r, Printer FR. Wwd ProWems, Pop-Up Calculamr. whuk di^lii from 154! or 1571 format to 1581. Many opriuflS include 1581 diOt
Ctilor Sen-en Dump iind Windovis. All lor only 5*9.95
Super 3(ffiO Graphics Pak 29.95 editor, drive monitor, Ram writer and will nlw pwfwm may CP/M & MS-DOS
cnlity functions.
Bite Decompiler 19.95 ADD54.00Shippings Handling Allow 3-4 Weeks for Delivery C— "C" IS KOH COMBO and UbCb what >pu get. A super nmbimRiCffl if both
1541 Masri DriueAlgnmerl 1435 ADD $3.00 lorC.O.D. in USA On!y AI! Sales Are FINAL Chips A and B in me chip, switdublc al a gieil HAflgS to you- All Chips Include
Top Secret Siu11& 2 14.95 VISA and MasterCard Accepted 100 Parameters FREE! OiipsAorB:$2».»5adi ChipC: M4.Beach.
Unless Authorized by Management
Xft L290 DATA192,63,62,130,63,6 DM 1490 DATA136,136,16,244,169
COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER 2,129,63,62 ,39,133,1
RIBBONS: Rod. Blue. Gm., Brwn., Purplo. Vbl. HF 1300 DATA128,63,62,66,63,62 SB 1500 DATA169,1,141,14,220,1
,65,63,62,64 69,1,141,25
Ribbons Men Each Block Color Hut GG 1310 DATA63,62,2,63,62,1,63 BA 1510 DATA208,76,49,234,0,0,
,62,9,63,62 64,32,0,64
Broti™ MI109 4.95 5.95 7.00 KK 1320 DATA194,62,62,193,62,6 GP 1520 DftTA128,128,120,169,49
C. Itoh Prowritw Jr. 7.00 9.00 2,192,62,62 ,141,20,3
CtttKI 1200/1 BOD 5.00 6.00 7.95 HA 1330 DATA130,62,62,129,62,6
Commodore MPS 801
PP1530 DATA1G9,234,141,21,3,1
1.50 5.25 5.76 2,128,62,62
■ MPS 302/1526 6.25 7,25
EK 1340 DATfi66,62,62,65,62,62, RQ 1540 DATA208,169,8,141,21,2
■ MPS 803 4.95 5.95 7.00
64,62,62,2 08,169,0,141
-MPS 1000 3.95 4.95 6.75
■ MPS 1200/1250 JC 1350 DflTA62,62,1,62,62,0,62 HD 1550 OAT?i26,208,169,129,141
5.00 6.00 7.95
- 1625 3.50 8.00 ,202,202,202 ,13,220,a8,96 g
Epson MX80/LX800 3.76 4.25 6.76 PF 1363 DATA16,179,206,50,193,
Okidata 82/92 1.75 2,25 4.60 169,8,288
OWdats 182/192 6 50 7.50 6.00 QH 1370 DATA111,169,8,141,50, 1
Pinsscnic K XP 1080 6 75 7 75 93,238,62
Seicosha SP 80011000 5.25 6.50 7.95 DJ 1380 DATA193,162,255,224,0, COMPUTE'S Gazette is looking
Star SG10 1.75 2.25 4.50
Star NX10M10 5.00 6.00 7.95
208,5,162,0 for utilities, games, applications,
MS 1390 DATA142,62,193,189,0,1
Star NX1000 4.50 5.50 6.75
educational programs, and tu
Siar NX1000C - 4C 8.75 torial articles. If you've created
KR 1400 DATA127,201,32,176,11,
T-SHIRT RIBBONS (Hut Tr»n«fwl - Red. Blue. Gm., 173,186,193 a program that you think other
Brwn., Pimple, Yel.. EU*. Call For Piica & Availability. JR 1410 DATA73,128,141,106,193 readers might enjoy or find use
KE 1420 DATA152,74,74,74,74,74
ful, send it, on disk, to:
BRIGHT PACK-200 ShsBtif50 each color: Red.
Blue. Green. Yellow. 9 1/2 x 11 - *11.9typk. Submissions Reviewer
JA 1430 DATA253,172,193,9,0,16
PASTEL PACK-200 Sheoli/50 each color: Pink,
COMPUTE! Publications
Yellow, Blue. Ivory. 9 1/2 k 11 - SI 1.90/pk.
CF 1440 DATA145,193,202,208,24 P.O. Box 5406
COLOR BANNER BAND PAPEH - 46 fl./roll- 59.95/ea. 9,141,144 Greensboro, NC 27403
DX 1450 DATA193,173,145,193,41
For nbbani & paper not liltsd dbova. call for prica A
avail. Pncn a s»c- subject to Changs vtio noiico Mm. ,7,24,105 Please enclose an SASE if you
order >Z6.O0. Mm. S1H 13.50 mm. Vns, MC. COD. GK 1460 DATA201i,141,145,193,16 wish to have the materials
RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES returned. Articles are reviewed
P.O. Bo* 475. Mantano, IL 60950 U.S.A. RS 1470 DATA220,169,35,133,1,1
(USI 800-522-6922 • (Canada) B0O-621-5444 62,7,160,21 within four weeks of submission.
815-4688031 HG 1480 DATA189,0,208,153,194,
Circle Heodoi Service Number 123


by The
video digitizer for the C-64, C-128 Gioup
Introducing itie world's lirsl FULL COLORI video digitizer lot the Commodore the COMMODORE USER Super USER FHIENDLY. will all the features rnosl asked loi
C-64. 64-C, C-128 & 128-D computer. VIDEO BYTE can give you digitized video New FEATURES <a| Faslcr non-blanking FASrLOAD. (li| MIRROR imaging ol all HIRES
from you V.C.R.. LASER DISK. 8/W or COLOR CAMERA or OFF THE AIR 01 screens ic] 4 Way color sclecton with insert, lor all HI-RES screens. ((!] Infinite FILE
CABLE VIDEO (thanks to a last! 2.2 sec. scan time). New version 3.0 software COPY lot all SEQ & PRG files, copy youi iilc only once, then write that file lo as many
features lull RE-DISPLAY with MULTI CAPTURE MODE. MENU SELECT PRINT- disks ns you like greal tar single die copying by small user groups, (e) FULL COLOR
PRINTERS (nol for INK JET printers), (f| Direct ONE KEY access brek to VIDEO BYTE
FULL COLORIZING! Is possible, due to a unique SELECT and INSERT colot software thin EXPLODE' VSOs ?rttl MENU (gl Supporls ,ill popular printer mlerfaces (h)
process, where you can select one of 15 COLORS and inserl that color into FREE upgraded uliiily disk
one ol 4 GRAV SCALES This process will give you over 32,000 different color SUI'f H FASTLOAD .mil SAVE (50K-9 SECS) works witti ALL CM or C-1ZITS NO MATTER
combinations to use in your video pictures. SAVES as KOALAS! Video BytD II WHAT MINTAGE or diskdrives EXCEPT the 1581. M.St) 1 or 2 SUPER FAST FORMAT
allows you to save all your pictures to disk as FULL COLOR KOALA'S. Afler (8 SECS). - plus FULL DOS WEDGE inlandairl lormal! SUPER SCREEN CAPTURE. Cap
which (using Koala or suitable program) you can go in and redraw or color ture and Convert ANY SCREEN lo KOALA/DOODLE. SUPER PRINTER FEATURE allows
your V.B pic's. LOAD and RE-DISPLAY! Video Byte II allows you to load and ANY DOT MATRIX PRINTER even 152&BO2 to print HI-RES SCREENS in FULL COLOR (us
re-display all Video Byte pictures from inside Video Byte's menu MENU DRIVEN! ing 16 sriafle GRAY SCALE). ANY PRINTER or INTERFACE COMBINATION cao be used
Video Byte II comes wilh easy to use menu driven UTILITY DISK with V30 with SUPER EXPLODE! V50. NEW and IMPROVED CONVERT lealuie allows anybody to
digitizer program. (64 MODE ONLY] COMPACT! Video Byte Us hardware is com
pact! In facl no bigger than your average cartridge! Video Byte comes with it's PER FAST LOADING wilti COLOR REDISPLAY of DOODLE or KOALA files SUPER FAST
own cable, INTEGFIATEDI Video Byle II is designed to be used with or wilhout LOAD or SAVE can be lurried Off or ON withoul AFFECTING the RESI of SUPLR [XPinDfS
EXPLODE! V5.0 color cartridge. Explode! V5.0s menu will return you to VIDEO FEATURES THE rcstol E»pWe< V& 0 is still active SUPfH EASY LOADINGand RUNNING
BYTE Us menu. EXPLODE! V5 is the PERFECT COMPANION! Video Byte II users of ALL PROGRAMS from Ihe DIRECTORY. 5U.'r R BUILT-IN TWO WAY SEU. or PflG. tile
are automatically sent FREE SOFTWARE updaies along with new documenta- READEfl using Ihe DIRECT01IY. NEVFH TYPE a FILE NAME AGAIN when you use SUPER
lion, when it becomes available. PRINT! Video Byte II will printout pictures in EXPLODES unique LOADERS.
BLACK and WHITE GRAY SCALE to most printers. However when used with CAPTURE 40 COLUMN C or D-1ZB SCREENS1 (with oplional DISABLE SWITCH).
Explode! V5.0 your printout's can be done IN FULL COLOR 8 by 11 s SIDEWAYS All the above features, and much more!
(OKIDATA 10/20's (print larger 6" by 9") USER SLIDE MAKE YOUH C M. 64-C or C-12S*. D-128" SUPER FAST and
ONLY \ SHOW program w/auto or manual display is slandanJ EASY to use. THE BEST THING ot ALL . IS THE PRICE"' Still
only $44 95 or wrtlisable $49.95.
'(inQ>ii wllh VIDE0 BYTE i1!ll(|nim A|U| can I||; ''■!r-h'11 ""'i 'Note UP GRADES for V50 are otfeied to V4 1 owners only
g|D9u| Why DRAW a car, airplane, person or lor thai matter $2000. w/dis add S5.
V #U / . . anything when you can BYTE it.. .VIDEO BYTE it ■"Note V4.1 owocrs w/disiible will be sent V50 wM<$iib1e for
instead! only $2000

All unit! corns */M day WARftWY All DrQcrs Md S3 ror IPS BLUE LftBEL S.'H UPS BLUE arable only in JB state FOREIGN 0RMRS ire IIS IJNOS ;M3;. S/HI OflOER BO1H WL00E' V5 J VIDEO
BYTE [| together arid receive FHEE" JPS S/H "*Nds all SALES are FIMAL. 90 DAY WARHAUTV covgrs PAHTK f. LABOB WLY All SOt I SH1HIP UTIIIIV UlbKb KM wflwilt m WMW. ill PROOUCIS
i 64 MODE only TO ORDER CALL 1-312-851-6667 IL residents add 6% sales tax
PLUS S300 S/H NO CO.D.'S. FOREIGN ORDERS U.S. FUNDS ONLY $6.35 S/H. Personal Checks 10 Days lo Clear
Circle Rontlei Semco Number 119
Bard's Tale Fans Rejoice! TM
QrasDii Uara


the Im-"J-*o

MOsI o/ ffte creatures you meet ire as,

puy. He mnts to lake te spear arm shishka
your whole party.

• Supports diameters frum Bard's

' Over 60 monsters and 65 spells
• State-of-the-art animated graphics
• A unique combat system: choose
complexity of combat resolution,
determine spell strength, select
tactics of ranged combat
• An easy-to-use pop-up window
• Save the game anywhere m
• A paragraph book for enhanced
• Automap keeps track of your every
move; no graph paper needed
Actual Apple lie screen. Available tor ttie Apple llc/e/
IIGS S C64; Coming soon MS-DOS & Amiga

In a hundred years hacking 1989 SPA Graphics

will get you killeiL^-— Award Winner


Utillimi tor C84, AmlgM.

est Strategy Game
Anllibti tit C«, Amtgl.
MS-DOS, Ami* sirlti. f the Year — MS-DOS. Alirl ST. Appll IWS.
Cbebcok Milttbli. wiga User


A lime-travelling epic far lite Apple II series & C64.
To order these games direct: 1-800-969-GAME
Neummancer is a tradetnaik ol Cabana Boy Productions. Bard's Tale is a trademark ot electronic Arts. Amiga and Commodore are
1575 Corporate Drive
trademarks ol Commodore Business Machines. Battle Chess, Dragon Wars and Mean Time are trademarks ol Interplay Productions.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Total Eclipse Omega

Apache Strike

Action Replay 5.0 The Final Cartridge III
Offers one of the The first megacartridge
finest all-around for the 64 sports
assortments of features a new feature: a set
in any utility cartridge of desktop utilities
70 COMPUTE'S Gazette January '990
The remainder of the screen repre device. Use one box—make sure it car
Apache Strike sents what is supposed to be a view ries the most attractive screen shots—
It has been a tension-filled day, but it's from the Apache's cockpit. By far the and slap a label on it to indicate which
not over yet. You slide into your chair, weakest component of the game, this computer the game is for.
pulse jumping in anticipation. Turn on scene appears more like a computerized It looks good and saves time and
your machine and slip in the disk that targeting device than a genuine view of money for the packager, but it can be
carries your mission data for Apache the landscape. Buildings are represent misleading for the consumer, as in this
Strike, a hot helicopter game for the 64 ed by line drawings; enemy tanks and case. The MS-DOS screens are better
from Activision. helicopters look less realistic than the designed with greater detail than the
After you enter crucial commands, ones in, say, Brflderbund's Choplifter, 64's are. The package leads you to ex
music more than vaguely reminiscent This screen adequately does the job, but pect a certain quality screen, but it isn't
of the theme from Aint'olf surrounds it isn't the kind of view the manual and there. The disclaimer is supposed to
you. A screen lights with images and a a 64's capabilities lead you to expect. cover this discrepancy, but when there
list of choices: Review the roster of More about this later. is this much difference between two
those who have flown before or list Maintain the helicopter's position versions of the same program, a second
those who planned these missions and with the joystick. Control speed and version of the package is in order.
got you into this mess. (It's possible hovering with the function keys. Shoot These problems are peripheral—
you'll want to get even with them later.) bullets with the fire button, missiles the game itself is fun and has the right
with the space bar. kind of challenges for a variety of abili
Everyone is saving the world these ties. If you're not looking for a simula
This game has levels easy days, whether from aliens, monsters, tion but for an enjoyable game that's
ghosts, or our own determined drive to more than a shoot-'em-up, this is a
enough to tempt the ward self-destruction. This premise has game to turn to.
become a classic among game produc —David and Robin Minnkk
novice and ones tough
ers, so it takes something more to make
Apache Strike
enough to challenge the a game different. Apache Strike finds its
niche in the cockpit. It permits enough
Distributed by Mediagenic
expert. extra input for the pilot to advance the
3S85 Bohannon PI.
game from a simple race-against-time
Menio Park, CA 94025
shoot-'em-up to a product that hovers
If you're feeling cocky, you might on the brink of being a strategic simula
choose to fly a high-priority mission. tion. It is still a game, after all, with
You may choose one of five levels. levels easy enough to tempt the novice
Starting at the third level or above gives and ones tough enough to challenge
you a bonus—if you complete your the expert. Action Replay 5.0
mission. You choose to play. The music In the game's higher levels, you One of the most recent and powerful
ceases. Images fade. face more enemies and start farther entries into the 64 utility cartridge arena
Then, you hear it. Rotors com away from your SDC target. In addi is Action Replay 5.0 from Datel Com
mence spin-up. Mission instructions ap tion, the target dances about when puters. Like many English products,
pear on the CRT. In n flash, you're you're trying to blast it. Your Apache AR5 is not high on glitz, bells, or whis
piloting your AH-64 Apache helicopter also sustains more crippling damage, tles—it's just solid, dependable, and
armed with machine guns and missiles forcing you to limp along, trying to easy to use.
through an enemy city in search of the overcome your disabilities and com Though anyone can find items to
Strategic Defense Computer (SDC). You plete your mission. While Apache Strike quibble over, AR5 offers one of the fin
must seek and destroy SDCs in three cit probably isn't as tough as some games, est all-around assortments of features
ies in order to save the world from (what it's a lot of fun. available anywhere. Indeed, it's diffi
else?) complete nuclear destruction. We found problems with the man cult to think of any important function
With one hand wrapped around ual. In laying out the premise, it gives Datel has omitted. Here's a list of
your joystick and another poised at the the impression that the game is over what's included: disk turbo, tape turbo,
keyboard, your eyes are glued to the once SDCs in three cities are destroyed. DOS wedge, directory list to screen,
Apache instrument panel. This panel is Not so. Continue as long as you can; load/run from directory, programmed
the key to the game. It provides a goodly each successfully completed mission function keys and other single-stroke
amount of information which you must advances you to the next level. The commands, reset button, freeze button,
view, digest, and respond to with key manual also notes that to run at slow extensive freeze/backup capability,
stroke or joystick maneuvers. The panel speed, you should press F2; for fast BASIC toolkit, screen dump (multiple
includes a radar screen in the form of a speed, press F3. Instead, F3 and F5, re varieties), file and disk copy, disk drive
grid representing city blocks. This grid spectively, are the keys that work here. monitor, and track-and-sector editor.
helps you know where you are in rela These errors are not enough to ruin Turning on the computer or press
tion to the enemy and to your target. your game—experimentation soon ing the cartridge reset presents a startup
Below is the message center which puts you on the right track—but they screen with four options: configuring
keeps you apprised of your Apache's indicate a lack of attention to detail in memory for a freeze, reset with turbo
condition and other pertinent infor the editing of the manual. functions, reset without turbo func
mation. The distance and bearing indi A further discrepancy brings up a tions, and exit to utilities. Pressing the
cator uses a compasslike pointer that complaint that applies to many other Commodore key during reset takes you
homes in on the SDC. A digital display programs. The Apache Strike package directly to BASIC with turbo enabled.
indicates how close you are to the tar shows three really good screen shots The utilities include excellent file-
get. Additional displays track how from the MS-DOS version. A small no and disk-copy routines. The file copier
many Apaches you have left, how tation states that screen appearances handles batches of files (all kinds except
many enemies remain in the current will vary from computer to computer. relative) and permits multiple copies as
mission, fuel consumption, speed and No doubt you've seen this technique well as mixed drive types. It also can
altitude, and scoring. used on other games. It's a packaging convert files to a proprietary WARI'*25

COMPUTED Gazette January 1990 71

formal for superfast loading either with stopped. The full-featured monitor also ever, AR5 apparently no longer offers
or without Action Replay. As a bonus, permits you to scroll through memory an optional parameters disk for pro
the conversion process compacts files looking for text, freely editing it as well. grams otherwise impossible to back up.
by 20-25 percent, making additional Besides allowing you to enter pub The freezer menu continues to include
disk space available. The disk copy pro lished POKEs while a game is in a fro a parameters option, which requests
gram is designed for the 1541 drive zen state, AR5 includes an intriguing entry of a parameter code.)
only (one or two drives). An attractive Pokefinder routine. Pokcfinder is billed The strengths of AR5 are its com
feature of Ihe routine is its ability to do as "an automatic infinite lives finder" prehensiveness, flexibility, ease of use,
either complete or BAM copies. The lat that will give game players a consider and upgrade possibility. It is a fine, ap
ter saves copy time. able advantage. This feature consists of parently bug-free, all-around utility/
a series of steps to determine which backup cartridge. In a field crowded
memory location(s) hold the number of with worthy products, Action Replay
Action Replay 5.0 is not lives in a game. The routine determines 5.0 is a top contender.
the particular POKE(s) required, installs —Art Hunkins
high on glitz, bells, or them, and tells you what they are for
future reference. The manual claims a Action Replay 5.0
ivhistles—it's just solid, better-than-80-percent success rate. Datel Computers
The eight function keys are pro 3430 E. Tropkana #67
dependable, and easy
grammed to load and load/run from a Las Vegas, NV ,89121
to use. directory list to the screen (the directory S64.99
list is also available through a function
key). List, run, monitor, and freezer com
The disk turbo is particularly mands are also programmed for instant
speedy (one of the fastest serial systems access. Shorthand (single-key) wedge
on the market) because the cartridge options are implemented, including a The Final Cartridge III
contains 8K of RAM as well as 32K of WARP*25 save. The disk-error channel The cartridge war continues. First, we
ROM. The RAM is used as a disk cache is accessed via the @ key. Though it had the 8K accelerator cartridge; then
during disk operations, shaving several would be nice to be able to redefine the came the 16K utilities, followed by the
seconds off the load time of an ordinary function keys, particularly for special 32K supercartridge. Several of the later
turbo. An alternate WARP*25 system is programming applications, this, as with 32K multifunction cartridges also con
even faster. However, the WARP*25 most cartridges, is not possible. tained 8K of RAM for faster disk access
storage format is not compatible with One of AR5's many welcome nu and a more flexible freeze/backup
Commodore DOS, and it requires ances is a unique wedge command that function.
either the presence of AR5 or a special allows you to change a disk name and Mow, with The Final Cartridge III
loader program. (The loader routine is ID easily without altering the directory. (FCII1), comes the first 64K mega-
dumped directly from cartridge to disk Toolkit commands are relatively cartridge. And its features are impres

and resides in extra space in the disk di few in number but represent a standard sive—almost overwhelming. Most
rectory.) All functions, including Fast collection. Notably missing from the es importantly, the additional 32K is de
Format, are sped up except for Validate sentials are find (or change) and renum voted to a totally new feature for a
and Scratch. Turbo load displays both ber, although the merge command multifunction cartridge—a set of desk
starting and ending addresses in hex. offers a renumber prior to MERGE op top utilities. The desktop is the most
Here are a few notes that docu tion. While this routine may be used as important part of the FCIII, according to
ment the great effectiveness of AR5's a renumber from disk, it does not alter the manual.
turbo load and save. It's just about the GOTO and GO5UB line destinations— Inspired by the Amiga and Macin
fastest cartridge I've encountered. For a a major limitation. tosh, the desktop utilities are accessed
64-block program file, a standard load Both append and merge are includ through pull-down menus and multiple
takes 42 seconds; AR5 does it in 8. ed. In addition, linesave stores a portion relocatable windows. You have a
(After an AR5 resave, it takes only 5 of a program to tape or disk, and boot choice of keyboard, joystick, or mouse
seconds.) Saving the same file normally loads a machine language file and then operation. I recommend a mouse.
takes 48 seconds; with AR5, it takes 10. does a SYS to the beginning of code. Using the keyboard's function keys in
The same file saved in WARP*25 for (UtlBSOVe and merge with renumber are stead of the cursor keys can be confus
mat then loads in 4 seconds. These are clearly designed to be used together— ing, and joystick mode is nearly
just about the fastest serial load and another thoughtful design feature.) impossible, even when you slow down
save times I've encountered. In compari PlfaJ and Slat transfer any BASIC the speed.
son, a much more expensive parallel program (or disk directory) from disk to Included in the desktop are a com
system can load a comparable program printer or screen without overwriting plete window-driven DOS wedge, a
in 2.5 seconds and save it in 6.5. memory. Copy (disk file) and backup are notepad, a calculator, and an alarm
The freezer capability includes a also executable from BASIC. The tool clock. Up to three disk directories can
number of advanced and unique fea kit permits hex and other number types be displayed at once. The one-minute
tures. Besides the standard sprite killer, to be directly incorporated into BASIC alarm is a real attention-getter—its
a sprite monitor lets you to view all statements. sweeping sound emulates a car's bur
sprites, save them, load them, and/or The manual, like Datel's produc glar alarm. The notepad includes a
wipe them out. In short, you can tion work generally, is not spectacu range of features, including a choice of
change, personalize, or simplify the lar—but its documentation does offer onscreen fonts that will save you from
sprite content of any running program. all essential information, is reasonably having to load a word processor much
The frozen-screen text editor is an well organized, and contains only occa of the time. However, if you have a par
other singular feature. Delete or add sional misinformation and typos. allel printer and interface, you may
text anywhere on a frozen screen and ROM upgrades cost £16.99 (the experience problems. You must have a
then save the screen, dump it to a print ROM is socketed). Version 5.0, as com relatively recent parallel interface, one
er, and continue—the 8K of RAM al pared to version 4.0, adds a full-screen with internal switches which you can
lows you to pick up exactly where you text editor and the Pokefindcr. (How set to transparent mode. This is because

72 COMPUTE'S Gazette January 1990

FCiH contains its own Centronics inter be helpful to the BASIC programmer. and you're willing to settle for fewer
face, and there is no way to send appro The cartridge monitor is both use features, drastic price reductions on the
priate secondary address codes to it. ful and extensive. It allows data display Final Cartridge II make it an excellent
The Cardco A and B interfaces will not and alteration in five different formats. buy, too.
work properly (Cardco A has no Among them are text, sprite, and char —Art Bunfdns
switches at all), but the Grappler and acter representation, plus a kind of dis
Cardco G + units can be properly set. assembled program option. Data is Final Cartridge III
The difficulty is that a double modified simply by overtyping. The Home and Personal Computers
conversion of the Commodore charac monitor oven contains sprite and char 99 Washington St. and Park Ave.
ter set prints a reversal of upper- and acter editors. East Orange, Nj 07017
lowercase letters. The extra interface is Automatic forward and backward S69.95 (includes parameters disk)
more a hindrance than a blessing here scrolling of BASIC program listings is a
in the U.S.; the situation is presumably small item, but a most welcome one to
quite different abroad, where FCIII is programmers. Scrolling is particularly
made. (An alternative is to try a serial- easy when combined with a single- Total Eclipse
to-Centronics cable, but these cables keystroke method for getting the cursor If you prefer Indiana Jones to Star Wars,
are difficult to locate.) to the bottom left of the screen. These King Tut to Princess Leia, and desert
In two desktop preferences menus, are significant timesavers. To my sands to docking spacecraft, then Total
you can change many default options, knowledge, FCIII is the only cartridge Eclipse is just what the Pharaoh or
such as pointer velocity and accelera that implements BASIC list scrolling. dered. Published by Spotlight Software
tion, default device number (including Like other European products, the and distributed by Cinemaware, this
tape), key repeat and click (on or off), FCIN fully supports tape and contains a European program features enough
screen, border, and pointer colors. full tape turbo. Since normal BASIC puzzles, mummies, traps, and treasures
There are multiple screen-dump commands default to tape, D-prefixes to keep a computer Egyptologist busy
choices, pin densities, and printer are used for disk (dload, dsave, dappend, for quite some time.
types. FCIII is the only general utility for example). Like the knuckleheaded story lines
cartridge with the ability to dump to a There are a few drawbacks. The of most computer adventures, Total
color printer. Simple text screen dumps major one is a glaring omission: FCIII Eclipse sports a plot worthy of a B movie.
are also available from BASIC. lacks file-copy and disk-backup rou Long ago, a wicked high priest, Hahmid
tines, except from the freezer. One can III, laid a curse on the sacred shrine of
certainly argue that these functions can Ra, the sun god. Any object that passes
be handled by other products as between the rays of the sun and the
You won't find more
needed, but this case doesn't hold shrine will be destroyed.
features in any other water: FCIII offers 64K, Even 16K car As the archaeologist who discov
tridges find room for these routines. ered Hahmid's Scroll of Curses, you
cartridge. Be aware, too, that FCIII is not up know that all the other prophecies the
gradable. It doesn't have a socket to re wicked priest made have come true.
place the version 111 ROM with any Soon a total eclipse of the sun will occur
The cartridge's freezer capability is future version. This might have been over the pyramid. This will place the
satisfactory, if not spectacular by to more of an issue earlier in the 64's prod moon directly between a rock and a
day's standard. The freezer allows you uct life; it seems less so now. hard place. Not only will the loss of the
to defeat sprite-to-sprite and sprite-to- FCIN includes a parameters disk, moon leave songwriters nothing to
background collision detection and to indicating that there are a number of rhyme with June, tune, and spoon, but it
use either joystick port, plus it offers heavily protected programs that FCIII will also spell doom to civilization as
unlimited firepower. It does not grant by itself cannot archive. The disk con we know it.
infinite game lives. tains Utilities Unlimited's 100 free In order to save civilization, you
What 1 like most about FCI11 is that parameters and two nibbler programs. must journey to Egypt, find the shrine,
it's easy to work with. In particular, the Making backups of difficult disks is a and destroy it before the eclipse is com
programmed function keys are laid out problem faced by all cartridges, includ plete. This entails exploring rooms
logically and are easy to remember. ing those with 8K of RAM. It is helpful filled with booby traps, killer mum
Though the desktop is fairly complex to have the disk to deal with many of mies, hidden passages, and treasures
and can be cumbersome without a them. too valuable to be overlooked.
mouse, the standard utility portion of If, like me, you're not particularly Survival requires having a sure
FCIII is clear and straightforward, and it in love with desktops and mice, you hand on the trigger, resting when your
saves time and effort. may want to consider another option. energy runs low, satisfying your thirst
The BASIC toolkit is by far the Final Cartridge II is still available at less with regular visits to water troughs, and
largest BASIC extension of any car than half the cost of FCIII. If you go this keeping an eye on your onscreen wrist-
tridge—it features nearly 30 com route, you'll have to do without some watch. For some dumb reason, you al
mands. Unfortunately replace/change is other features as well: only half the lowed yourself only two realtime hours
not one of them, contrary to what it Toolkit (but with all essential com to succeed. Oh, well—what would an
says on the package cover and the desk mands) and no BASIC LIST scroll. Also, adventure be without some handicaps?
top toolkit menu. a less extensive monitor (no alternate Firing your pistol and walking are
Among the toolkit additions are representations of data, no character or controlled easily via joystick or key
commands to list files directly from disk sprite monitor), and no screen dumps to board. Keyboard-specific options in
to printer or screen without corrupting a color printer. clude the ability to speed up, make U-
memory, and an order command, which In summary, if you want a mega- turns, look up or down, stand or
makes dappend act like a bona fide cartridge, Final Cartridge III is for you. crouch, rest, and increase or decrease
merge (lacking in FCIII). There are also You won't find more features in any lengths of steps and the angles at which
dump (for displaying variable values) other cartridge. Since it doesn't cost any you turn. Ascending staircases, walking
and array (for displaying array values). more than other supercartridges, it's a on narrow paths, and moving through
Pack and unpack, as well as trace, may good buy. If you don't need the desktop doorways often require careful manipu-

COMPUT&s GazellB January 1990 73

lation of these step-length and angle- Cinemaware label, its graphics are nei Language gives you a powerful pro
of-tum features. ther as crisp nor as colorful as those of gramming tool for controlling your
To open doors, fill your water bot most Cinemaware titles. Because of tank's actions. You want to design a
tle, collect ankhs (which open locked en this, some figures occasionally are diffi program that will enable your tank to
trances), and accumulate treasure, just cult to recognize. The problem is easily avoid obstacles, yet track down and de
move onto each item. Frequently, it is solved by taking a few steps backward, stroy enemy tanks. When you think
necessary to fire your gun at treasure thereby gaining a different perspective. you have an operational program, give
chests to gain access to their riches. Fire In other ways, Total Eclipse is more your tank a shakedown on a battlefield
also at structural pieces to move walls or substantial than some of Cinemaware's against tanks designed by other OSI en
to drop staircases, and shoot at hiero visually impressive yet ultimately su gineers or yourself.
glyphics to enter some chambers. Malig perficial efforts {Sinbad and the Throne of
nant mummies may also be eliminated the Falcon, for example). The difficulty
in this fashion. Be forewarned, however, of the puzzles and the sheer volume of Omega is a do-it-
that what works in one screen may be activities—avoiding pitfalls and traps,
ineffective in another. Sometimes shoot replenishing your water supply, main yourself kind of
ing at mummies can backfire. taining your health, defeating enemies,
The game screen, which is framed solving puzzles, discovering hidden program—that's the
within the likeness of an ancient scroll, rooms, negotiating illogical mazes, tra
beauty of its design
consists of four sections. Your inven versing multitiered chambers, and
tory of treasure and ankhs and a graph making your way to the shrine—give and what makes it so
ic representation of the eclipse's the program a great deal of depth.
progress appear on top. Directly below Instead of pretty pictures and petty much fun.
is a large action screen and a message challenges. Total Eclipse creates a claus
window in which your current location, trophobic yet ever-changing environ
step length, angle-of-turn size, and oth ment in which you exercise great control Select a battlefield, add several
er pertinent information appear. The while encountering the unknown. tanks of various design, and then sit
action screen presents a first-person —Len Poggiali back and watch the action from an
perspective, with a 3-D view of your overhead perspective. Tanks start rum
Total Eclipse
surroundings. Objects grow in size as bling across the landscape, searching
Spotlight Software
you approach them and get smaller as for adversaries. As they plow into
Distributed by Cinemaware
you move away; views vary according buildings, trees, or streams, and ex
4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd.
to your position, whether upright, change shots with enemy tanks, you
Wt-silake Village, CA 91362
crouching, or looking up or down. can monitor the damage to any tank's
interior, exterior, weapons, and tread.
When damage becomes too great, the
The difficulty of the tank explodes, leaving only a crater to
mark its position.
puzzles and the sheer Omega The key ingredient to Omega is in
Forget about blasting through columns designing a tank's artificial intelligence.
volume of activities give of Panzers or T-80s. And don't even When you feel you have a successful
think about recreating famous tank design, it's possible to challenge other
Total Eclipse a great deal
battles of the past. Omega, a unique and Omega players via modem, even those
of depth. entertaining tank game from Origin, with IBM, Apple, or Atari versions. Cy
instead lets you design computer-oper bertanks can be uploaded and down
ated tanks that fight simulated battles loaded to electronic bulletin boards for
The bottom third of the screen dis of the future. further enjoyment and for tournaments.
plays time, water, direction, and health Omega puts you in the role of a cy Omega packs a lot of entertainment
gauges depicted by attractive drawings bernetics engineer, recently hired by into its two-disk package, but the game
of a wristwatch, water bottle, compass, the Organization of Strategic Intelli is not the kind you can jump right into.
and beating heart, respectively. A rapid gence (OSI), a firm billed as the leading When 1 first received Omega, I knew it
ly pulsating heart must be slowed down developer of cybertanks. Computers was a tank program, but it took me
by immediate rest; otherwise, death will run these battlefield chariots—there's some time to figure out what I was sup
come in a matter of seconds. Resting is no help needed from a human crew. It's posed to do. I was even confused about
so important that the authors have in your job to design the most powerful which manual to read first. (There are
cluded a sound effect so players who cybertank possible and program its arti three of them. Start with the maroon-
glue their eyes to the action screen can ficial intelligence. colored one called New Personnel Ori
hear how healthy or unhealthy they are. As a rookie engineer, with both a entation Guide.)
Press a pause key to stop the action limited budget and security clearance, Two of the manuals are marked
and display a menu from which you you must start with a fairly basic tank Classified, extending the OSI scenario
may save or load a game to disk or tape, chassis. Next, add a drive system; then even to the documentation. Instructions
reboot the system, and turn off the ap specify your tank's fuel capacity, prima go on and on about security clearances,
propriate yet irritating music. ry weapon, and electronic instrumenta passwords, retina scans, and providing
Total Eclipse's documentation is tion. In order to gain the funding to an "ID disc suitable for imprinting per
brief yet comprehensive. It includes access the high-priced tools and toys of sonal identification data." A work disk,
background on Hahmid's curse and the cybernetic trade, you have to dem in other words. This jargon—clever
your mission and easy-to-comprehend onstrate a proficiency at your tank's though it may be—can be confusing.
instructions and diagrams related to artificial intelligence. Remember, these The Security Clearance Console talks
gameplay. Best of all, game hints and a tanks don't have a crew. They depend about an orient button to format a disk.
map of the multilevel, 40-room pyra on your program to guide them around A High-Capacity Storage Device is a
mid are included in the package. a hostile battlefield. hard drive, and an Access Slot refers to a
Although T&fsl Eclipse carries the A special Cybertank Command floppy drive. In some cases, you press

74 COMPUT&'s Gazerto January 1990

NEW! MINIMODEM-C24™ only $9995
the back-arrow key lo activate a command; at other times, you
What's Included? Everything! You don't need to worry about
press RETURN. Don't expect to master this game with a light
cables, compatibility or anything else! Apratek Minimodem-Cs™ plug
skimming of the instructions. directly into your Commodore C-64, C-64C or C-128 USER port. Both
Be prepared to put up with a little initial confusion and are unique in that they have Iwoseparate(switchable) emulation modes
slowly work your way through the chapters in the Cybertank (HayesandCommodore 1670* )
Engineer's Handbook. This thick (more than 100 pages) to make them compatible with
manual guides you through the cybertank design process and ALL available software. Mini'

does it quite well once you've mastered the OS! jargon and mcdem-Cs'" are lull feature,
modems with Auto Answer, Auto
Dial. Touch-Tone or rotarydialing,
Keep the handy 64/128 reference guide nearby, howev
nave status lights and a buiIMn
er. This 13-page booklet explains keyboard, mouse, and joy
speaker. Just plug into your com
stick controls; clicking; dragging; pull-down menus; and puter and standard phone jack
other practical features not covered in the handbook. with theattached cable. Supplied
Omega is a do-it-yourself kind of program. You get the with software and includes a trial subscription to CompuServe.
tools and trappings, but it's up to you to furnish llie meal of Doyou have or plan toget another computer? We have yoursolution.
the program. Programmers have often said lhat the most dif Order our ComModem™ adapter (#5100 below) along with either
ficult challenge to producing an entertaining game is design Minimodem-H,"' used with any computer that has a RS-232 serial
ing its artificial intelligence. Origin sidesteps this problem port as well as with your Commodore. Apratek Minimodems'" are tiny.
Only<W long, 2% "wide and W high. Our highly integrated, state-of-
entirely by leaving it up to you—but that's the beauty of this
the-art circuitry makes our modems the best on the market and a very
program and what makes it so much fun.
smart buy.
Omega uses a structured command language modeled Built with pride in the USA and fully guaranteed tor 1 year.
after the English language. Previous programming expe Order # Item Price Shipping Tola!
rience is helpful but not absolutely necessary. Here's a short
6412 M1NIMODEM-C24'"n«cc<™>o*™ 99.95 _
program example that involves finding and firing at an ene
99.95 _
my tank.
99.95 _
FindTank 6212MINIHODEM-CI"[,!M.c=™«(m, 64.95
Scan for Enemy Tank 74.95
If Enemy Tank Was Found Then Modem shipping-Com. US S6.QO; UPS Blue. CAN, AK, HI, APO $10.00
Branch to CheckRange
Rotate Scanner Right 1
The Original Aprospand-64™
Gives your Commodore 64 or 128 full
Branch lo FindTank
expandability! This superblydosigned
expansion module plugsinto the expan
CheckRange sion port and givesyou tour switchable
If Enemy Tank Is Beyond expansion connectors—plus fuse
Weapon protection—plusa reset button! Before
Range Then TooFar youbuyanexpander.besurelhatithas
Fire Weapon at Enemy Tank a fuse to protect your computer.
Order #5064 ONLY $29.95 + S&H
Branch to FindTank
TooFar Connect and communicate with any
of thepopular RS-232 peripherals using
your Commodore USER Port. You can
now connect to printers, modems and
Use this language to direct your tank across a battlefield, anyotherRS-232device.Comescom-
scanning for tanks and obstacles, retreating if fired upon, plete with sample driver program list
making repairs if damaged, and communicating between ings. Compatible with all Commodore
tanks if engaged in team competition. Select and build com home computers with a USER port.
mands from a menu or type them in directly. Your tank's in 1-year warranty.
telligence can be as simple or as complex as you care to make Order #5232 $39.95 + S&H
it. The language is extremely flexible, and there's even a
"COM-MODEM" ADAPTER — Plug directly into USER port
manual mode if you need to issue immediate instructions. and connect to any RS-232 modem. Order #5100 .. $19.95 + S8H
Even an inexperienced programmer can have a tank up and
running with the preprogrammed intelligence modules and a "USER EXTENDER" — 10"Ribbon cable extender for your
Commodore USER port. Order #5250 $21.95 + SSH
little study.
Don't worry about syntax errors or other programming Shipping per Bach above ItHmiCont. US ■ H.Cin, PR, HI, AK, APO, UPS Bub =S6
mistakes. Omega checks your instructions and lets you know
if there is a serious problem. Also included is a debugger that DIRECT ORDER INFORMATION. Allpricesare cash prices—VISA and
lets you watch your tank perform as your program runs one MC add 3% to total. We ship the next business day on money orders,
line at a time. This is handy for fine-tuning your tank's cashier'schecks,andcriargecards.14-dayclear!ng period forchecks.
performance. Prices and availability subject to change—CALL. Dealer inquiries
Omega is an outstanding product that combines tank tac invited. 1 year warranty plus a 2 week satisfaction or your money
tics and structured programming in a role-playing format back trial period on ail products.

that equals pure entertainment. Its unique design and execu To Order Call: 800/962-5800 «i-s pstj
tion make this game a sure winner. Check it oui. For answers and Information call:
—Tom Netsel Aprotek BBS Answerllne 503-855-9147:1200 or 2400 Baud, 24 hours

Or send
Origin order to:
P.O. Box 161750
Depl. CG
Austin, TX 78716 9003 W. Evans Creek Fid.
$49.95 Q Rogue River, OR 97537
Circle Reader Service Number 177

COMPUTEIsGaieim January 1990 75


Shoppers Hart


Hlltl.I". SEARCH
KJV hi N1V—Complete NCW lMUment KXtUld GHKOrdMCt wills vm fJH WO1"] icirth A NEW CONCEPT IN COMMODORE© CARTRIDGES
ind vcr^r <l<*pLv LM[).ihiliii« Wurdlit m text fan he i<mnd Uld ilnpLnrd in iciuiuJi
Siore up to 30 of your Tawonie programs in a single baltery-backud carindgo lor naay.
Include* tMifh C44 -mil G-ISfl mode pr^gr-imf Pl«« ip«if> IHI, 1571 or 15fil cluV
msiani access C"flng© conT^nli as otlan as you *isri The Quick Brown Box accepts
format KIV-tUAOO iN'e*) N1V-130.00
mosl unprotected and "frozen" programs including me only iword processor tnai saves

HlC. BLUE RI.ADKK I^« lil your (e.l as you type. "Tlw Write Stufl " Cosusls with GEOS - and Commodce HAM
Eipansron Units Loader unities included lor oom C-M ana C-12B mofles
I t.imfcn *<>id |fn>cf»ing, text and A5CII file1* bcl*ren lAimmitdnrc and IBM MS-DOS 1SK S69 32K S99 SdK S139 [plus %3 sfi. MA res. aad 5St). Call lor 1Wme Stuff pkg
ditow Kci|unn 1571 a! I5S1 Dnk Driit. ONLY Hj 9i Broivn Boxes. Inc , 26 Concori) Rfl . Bedford. MA 01730: (617) 275-0090, 863-3675
"Good Reliable Stun"' Into IJan/feb '88)
SOGWAP Software "ft Lltil* G»m" Twin Cifies !?3 IMar/Ap' W)
(219) 7Z4-3900 ■You'll Never Lose Your Cool, or Your Progromi" RUH f/Vov '87)
"A Worthy Product—Long Overdue" Ahoy (fvb '881
] 15 Bcllmoni Rd.. IK,.,i,n. IN 46733




can desigrv VESl We accept

CHARACTER EDITORS (S19.95 each) - Might and Magic, ■ OSCILLftTOFS

Bards Tale (1, 2, or 3), Wasteland, Ultima (2. 3. 4 or 5), ■ AUPLJMER5
Wizardry (1 or 2), Pool of Radiance, Nsuromancer, Elite, - FILTERS
Outside CA 1-800-356-8113
Phantasie (1, 2 or 3) and Mars Saga. and
• LAYOUT CIHCUIT BOABDS In CA (714) 657-4449
HINT BOOKS (S9.95 each) - Wizardry 1. Wizardry 2. Might on your C-84 or C-12B
and Magic, and Legacy of the Ancients. EMTCH ^ctr Fh puT.'Oufpul ti»cil«3[pOnJ 3*2 tno OWnpuKK Otiiqn IT" uf
Mf'Friorxff/ Cc^ipuW ACM Devgn jycpij'jrri wil mft] i^u b
Add S3.00 lor shipping/handling. Specify compute' type on order.



^"" PO. Bo. 1063 ■ Brighton. Ml 48116 • 1313)229.2453 i^M* P O St. JW6 Ejn Ct, CA

Circle Header Semce Number 113

Circle fleeder Service Number 113

■ Jim iiJJIMJi
FuH Commodorw color graphfci ■■ mall »■ ucH.
DWi Mod>BflS40
Game Cartridges for C-64/128
Woru It 3OO-24M Daud auppwtng the 16 SO. 16*0. 1670. AvaMi, Arxolak » EmpinDaiui* S15
yv CarllHfUnwrtCW.OAO. SKH, C12BS C12B0(64 110 Battleione ■ Canlipeda • DelenrJer ■ Donkey Kong - Galaxian - Jungle Hunt
nwd.).17mwn«fWMnipimeS.r..AU154r«immp«lblM, 1571.tWJ1.SrD FrMdy SID Gremlins - Moon Palrol - Ms. Pac Man ■ Pac Man - Pole Posilion
1001 A y»noulh«rddnYMU 2* hour suFo>rtinwp*J»iri'oirirt ill around rtorth BTLC 110 $5.95 Each or Any 5 for $19.95
Amarical FidHt BBS ■ round today b«*uw th» ENTIRE pioarimi> in mamsryl Undarworld $15
^ ■'.Hy oE irnlmtuc] amounb ol us«ra. mss9aQ« obsob. UO directorial, kbrtir Munlor Mo(al SIS Print Shop Graphics BRE Software twpt G
35J W Badtord Avo Suto IM
.'■ .u. ■■! 1 i i i ■ .' I !■ n QQSiamunu driven A «• know you wiling roe ili»1tiomo»l Car Wart $15
For Non Commodore Printers (Punl Snop Disk Fre;ra.CA S371I
u- .i 1-iornJV >'"'' •"'■' ■'■« '"• tin Commodore* 64 tMayl Ateo a.oiloD^ an Ml (331)553-0201
Side A) MOO Graphics (14 Disks) per Package. Customer Sflrvlcs
1 if j-'u.n i'v. :..!.■■.:■ i'-i^ .l_ liL .v.^^r^r'.'-.l'.'!111 -' I .■■ '.t h .iif.your
JW.95 each or all 4 lor $49.95. Or Sand S3.00 (209) «2-3072
tyttom That much morsl Vdu are even prodded a module coratructoolut BO thai Add 53 SSH in U.S.
lor Graphics Print Outs. Graphics may be Shipping S3 00 UPS Ground
youconniriiayoulOWNon-lnsgamBsiaODAYMOrJEYBACK GAUHANTEEI Add 15 SSH in CAN converted lo PrintMaster Plus and/or Newsroom SSOOIo'PO Bo.os
S*nd: rJarrw, Alia, Addrau. Vaical, BBS1, BBS Name. Equipment lining S Sirs C O D 'udd 15
dith. ARTISofl. F'O Eio«M. Glr-n SuTin. M'J 21001 M.J. KfinVr.u Nintendo Cartridges -Buy/SoU-rivo Puce List FREE Catalog (BOO) 3^7-6760

Rnnder Service hum&er 126 Circle Rsadsr Servkcs Number 1

Leroy's Cheatsheets ®
The Write Stuff V2 pfkc *nJ the

CBM 64 = $2 aach CBM128 = $5 each

Plus J2 Shipping and handling (Pa. res. add 6%)
I -rtd-nni; (VI:
«plu\inl[ spell shedqr nJidiurarj ill)
Select from 54 Commodore 64 and 20 Commodore 128 HIpTrmplilct.fai* bunncn/ ttT rh lr|*pc inJc« *10
1311 TiilkctM. Thcipftlyt' (Jtulitnfiwi>rdprKrw>rlr<fks[I<i
Write or call for FREE catalog

CPi PO Box 8369 Pgh, PA 15218 412-731-2460

Circle Reader aervlcu Number 116
'.11 Seivice Number 115


/a ^^

Check out these tMtam:
Hllvo you or a niombor ol your family evef wtmod to Iflorn la pity guiiu? Lei
V17 lypos ol chflcVlng |r»rnaclion* 1/ Schedules periodic transaction*
your computer loach you ■■ ■■ ■ -; Ihia unique now prOflrtm dial illow* yeu 10 learn
■1 home at your own pace. Much Im ei pensive Diin lormtl Jo»ont, "GUITAR V Handles overdraft protection V Custom iransaolon catogorlM
V RememberB payee* tor fas* *ri«y V Monthly balancing
TUTOR' will have you pJ eying in no time. I (a tlme-1o«1«d nMitliods nuko learning
V Full kihh sdfling *nd Mk«tive qutrbei V Optional password protec:on
oftiy and Tunr So. imprcsn your family and friend* by becoming ono ai Uie m>ny
V Hfypfls ol rspons plus check printing V Utiliaa wiih partilion looli lor
pcoprc Uiat know iho joy and satisfaction ol paying the guilkrwelL Specify C-64
at C-l?a and send $29.95 TO: '/C64J*0col andCi2B/B0cDl prugrams sub-dif«ctones on 15&1 dr»«v
V Supports 1&a.1ft57i;i5&1 tfrivsa V Calcufator. and mor* .. .
Northern Star Sottware, P. O, Box 63P Oak Creek, Wl 53154 Compirter CfpUwnm ■ 17066 Arbo ads Way' Tuslln, CA B2ES0

Triielvr Mvrt Infvrawiiva

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76 COMPUTE!* Gazette December 19B9


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Elkon Enterprises 11 S. WRIGHT AVENUE

Sluck In the land of Brltarica or in Ihe city of Skare Brae? Reach for 1-600-282-0333 C.O.D. ■ $5
The Legend Of Ullima or The Bard's Tale Trilogy. The Legend of Ullima (513) 879 C6S9
Coniians walk-lhrus and help to: all live Ullima games. The Bard's 1541C $8.00
Tale Trilogy contians walk-lhrus for all 3 Bard's Tales. For a more
$14.95 a piece plus $2.00 shipping.
Amiga 2000 .... $15.00 Star printers Call
Elton Enterprises Amiga 1000 C128 $9.00
. $16.00 Panasonic printers . .Call
4654 Mistletoe Amiga 500 . . S9.00 Oki 10/20 $800 1581 (3.5'1 $8.00
Wichita Falls Tx 76310 1010 drive . . S7.00 C12BD Keyboard . $7.00

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Award winning programs (Commodore International Ifom Europe, the COLLEEN c= COMMODOnC DI^NOSTlClflN 11
^^^^^— ^— —=\

JUSTPELE^SIiO. Thig Jiewly ijrjjgiffljvers^
^aves >oj money on REPftlBS £ DCWNTlME
Amiga Chins/U&j( mes
8364(PftUl_Af . .. .156 95
Music Theory 1 & 2. Guitar Tutor SID Chip lulor, me Music Creator to easily com
SS1D . - £'095 by DrofTicfly fccaling Fault/ IC dues en;ill COM- S362[DENlSE| , - S56 95
pose and store your cemposmons. a sound elfects generaior and drum machine plus 65!6.. .. £1225 MODOHE conpu^s & TS41 Qnves SkTiois 3562 . J!2.60
more Only *29*». Tne GUITAR COMPENDIUM includes a chnrd generator, chord 5567 . S'5 95 con'ain Cress referencing ' c1 dips S 'block 6520*1 .. (17 95
sequencer, rhythm guitar seciion. 65S1 . $1150 layout' (^cnematic enclo&M as arva) Over S38&GARY 5719} .t 17.25
No FnJi^ Qodwflro MThur 11 am-7 pm PLA 511 9^ 13.000 DIAGNOSTICIANS" K»lrJ wijrlrJ^irjR. 63721NEW /V3NU& S1IB95
gditor an<J a rnij&ic publisher
800 East 23rd Si FniSat n am 5 pm flu HI ROMS . . $10 95 Sou fano&^ic fui psgo rgyiew ^i Mar 69 Com 68841 FIC16 ... . 179.95
(lo printer) Only M9"
Kearney. NE 69047 AND MftNV MC fl£ jwfdr' Sfropfff'. £6 95 pjftjjaul In triu U S. 6eSQl-flC12 .. . 172 50
C&1 H^yDuly Ph '■ " -■ fiBflQ?-nC16 . . . II05 00
OJf-npil VlSliMCuAH'H If ' ■:Mt'l"I Ji'lil Jl^'i^U'J-H^ \f H«|f>
Si-ippiig iU51 "-J HtdpT idd
We nave nearly lO.OCflilcmsior PS fiorn 'l 50 ^^ THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. 1.3 Kictoiarr noM . 127.95
Aljii.a H|*|B rjr PCJ 0L
to '22 per Qisk.PO arid original work Sena M ^^^' 35CHARLDITE DF«V£ - WESLEY HILLS. NY 1Q977
tor all printout Please specify tDrnpLrteiivpe NY (91 d> 354-4345 l-8L">?9?-7445 FflX (9U]3M-6e96 ""-f" °'^C
C6*1?& IBM. Alan. 5t flrp'g (308> 234.6250.
Circle Reader Service Number 144