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ae (KENPO JIU-JITSU) age ae | LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES IMPORTANT NOTES FOR BEGINNERS The following exercises should be read and memorized before practi ing Remember in olf the following exercises, when striking your board, do not think it is just © board but think it is your opponent or enemy, that means evil of this world. Keep your eyes shorply on it and watch it os you strike, Right-handed persons should always start with the left punch, with double exercises on the left punch to develop speed ond strength, same (05 the right, while left-handed persons begin with the right, with double exercises on the right punch, When practicing your punching, (if your punching speed is bout 10, be sure your feturning speed is 13) that means your returning speed must be faster than your punching speed Reason: To be prepared for the next ottock or defense, especiolly if your opponent knows: judo or jiu jitsu; they may be able to arab your arm or sleeve and throw you down, so the speed is needed for quick preperetion of the next atteck. After you have develoned your fist, stand close to the board and practice short punches. Remember when your fist touches the boord, tighten your fist ond ot the some time put in abedomen and waist strenath or “Kiai“ LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO. 1 KENPO ART OF PUNCHING (STRAIGHT PUNCH) TLLUSTRATION strated with beth ed slightly tight at the side 9! Be sure thot your palin side ie omaight left punch Note—-An of! gr hall wey immediately let Being your lett orm bock te the some pes! tien aw iihatration (al then thro your tight rm in the seme manner as Wlusisation Noto—Bractice this nanner ot punching felt and sigh! until your Fists ore developed LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO.2 KENPO ART OF PUNCHING WITH FOREARM COVER LUSTRATION fol Assume @ Kempe siance in the manner forearm brought. ua Hist clonehed clenched the ide > to) Eercorny corey i> demonairaicd, Gringo ee ostated Bevery punch our opponent's left forearm ax he punches and SS Tate eur ane Eadie oes SR TRe boar fe boos cnrulnecnutte: phi very Torrone, Woe lll rate thar hep method of punching’ is dong with focefinger Rruchle oniys untiaro boners fot punch, tre Purine fer punching “OHA inc foelinper Civehte is a pone od vil spots Of the becky, WHICH “sonnel bo eeeory- 11d ein fh eu a wl ole that the Reepo punch ts colevred Steger fom the bode ond your punch ised with knuckles facing uewerd oll way irnmestorely oho porting end sinking, return your sight oad ‘tat, uitng. elbow. punch. Wor boekat- Toak ged rte Soper with your eke forse Fetes of a right punch by eppcnent. Repoot coercise, Homa teft punch, ie prasticed the same wove Se Wes hoki conor chtue'yeor foe Rs thon from left foot Io ght foot acmaed, Ree < pect tanec, 3 LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO. 3 KENPO ART OF PUNCHING WITH SIDE OF FIST ILLUSTRATION fa) Stand sideways’ as illustrated, with your left forearm raised across to just below your chin, ‘Your right hore should be clenched inia a fist and hold against your wai (B) Strike boord with side Of Left Band fit, Bring erm bock with speed te first position, Re- poot exercise “ Charge position by moving to the other side of the stick, Punch this Time with your right fat, Repeat exorcise, LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO, 4 KENPO ART OF PUNCHING (CONTINUOUS SIDE PUNCH) ILLUSTRATION Ya) Stand with left foot forward and ome rained of Mlustiared, ready to. strike, lp) Punch stiek with side ol left hand fist os ilhaatfated, el Immediately alter striking, bring your felt fist quickly over your right. shoulder, at the same tieme punch board with sige of your Hight hand fst 94 illusteated, Repeat exercise Changs position, this time stand with your fight foot forward. Repeat exeecine, LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO. 5 KENPO ART OF STRIKING WITH KNIFE EDGE OF PALM ILLUSTRATION: Ka} Stond sideways os iHustrated, with left erm, brought up-ncross just below your chin ond fingers held clove together, putting warte strength in the middle Finger. Right hind is clenched ints @ fist ond held egainst the waist, Be sure thot your left hand thumb is olways held bert 1 jlustrated. 4b} Strike board with the knife edge of your left hond polm, Bring back quickly te first posi- tian, Repeat exerciso, ‘Change pesition by moving to the other side of the stick. This time ateike with the knife edge of your right hand palm, LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO. 6 KENPO ART OF ELEOW PUNCHING ILLUSTRATION fo) Assume Kengo stence ina manner illustrated, Your left foreaem saized to just below your chest ond your right clenched into a fist end held lightly agoinst your waist. Your left foot forward, (hb) Twist your body os you strike the beoed with Jour right elbow, of the some time swing your left arm quickly fron your right side tm your left side using elbow punch at illustrated. Bring bock beth arms with speed te first position, Retvmn right orm fest, using dlbow punch. Ropoat exercise, time with your right foot forward ond striking with yeur left elbow, Change pesitien, Repeat exercise, LESSON | — THE KENPO ART OF EXERCISES NO.7 KENPO ART OF FOREARM PUNCHING ILLUSTRATION fo) Stand sideways es illustrated, with Init forearm raised to jit below yo ‘Your right hond should be clenched Fist ond hold fightiy egainst your waist, th) Strike board with the knits edge of fo rm of your Taft hand a ilustroted. Kec Should be facing uewerd. Bring erm bock first position, (cl ‘This time strike Boor with the inside of your left bord forearm as illustrated. Kowekles should be fozing downward. Bring ‘arm bork with peed 10: first position, Repeat ‘Chonge position by moving ta the other side of the stick, Sirdke with your right fersarm. Repeat exorcise LESSON Il — THE KENPO ART OF KICKING EXERCISES IMPORTANT KICKING NOTES It is important that immediately after kicking, foot should be brought back with the some speed and strength os punching speed (kicking speed 10, retuming speed 13), In other words, the returning speed should be foster thon kicking speed. Reason: Kicking is @ powerful weapon, but the leg is larger thon the arm, so it con be eosity seen by your opponent, who will be able to grab or cover. LESSON Ii — THE KENPO ART OF KICKING EXERCISES NO. 1 KENPO ART OF KICKING WITH BALL OF FOOT ILLUSTRATION } Assume Kergo position os illustrated. Hold fiat lightly ogginst your waist ‘with your eight fovt forward. Bend right knee elighily, (bt Kicking i+ done from leg length with the bell Sf your Fett foot ox illustrated. Aiwoys use and leg strength ond oucfect balonce, After kicking, bring foot bork with speed ta first position, Repeat exercice Change position end repeat exercise. This time with your left foot torward, LESSON Il — THE KENPO ART OF KICKING EXERCISES NO. 2 KENPO ART OF KICKING (CONTINUOUS KICKING) ILLUSTRATION fa} Stand on your right foot, your left foot crassiag behind your right leg ae illustrated Hold fists lightly egoinst yaur wisi, This needs perfect folance. i) Kicking is done’ at close quarters, to the port or mad-iection oF epponent’s’[eg. Without shoes, kicking fs done with the bell of your left fgot (with shoes, the print of the sheer). Use short kicks, Bring foot quickly bach to first position, Repeat exercise Chenge pacition, this time stond on your loft foot with right foot crossing behind your left leg, Repeat axercese: u LESSON 11 — THE KENPO ART OF KICKING EXERCISES NO. 3 KENPO ART OF KICKING (CONTINUOUS KICKING WITH KNIFE EDGE OF FOOT) ILLUSTRATION fo} Stand Gn your leit foot with your right foot erasing in feent of your left Knee, Hak fists lightly agcinst your worst. {) Kicking the mid-section of opponent's leg or knee with the knife edge of your right foot ir illustrated. Bring. you foot back quickly ta first position. Repeat exercise Change position, this tiene stord on your right foot with your left foot tossing in feant af your right knee. Repest exercise, V2