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Paper presentation is an individual competition where each participant is required to make a
paper (essay) in English about a given theme, and then present it by PowerPoint presentation
in front of the juries. The presentation has to be interesting, creative, and deliver the
participants ideas that have been previously written in the paper.
This competition will be held on:
- Saturday, April 8th 2017 for High School
- Sunday, April 9th 2017 for Varsity

Paper due (softcopy) : Friday, March 31st, 2017
PowerPoint Submission : Monday, April 3th 2017
Paper due (hardcopy) : Thursday, April 6th 2017
Technical meeting : Thursday, April 6th 2017
Oral Presentation : - Saturday, April 8th 2017 for High School
- Sunday, April 9th 2017 for Varsity

The participants consist of 20 high school participants and 20 varsity participants.

The purposes of this competition are to enhance participants ability of making papers in

English, as well to develop the participants ability and creativity in making and delivering
their presentations, and also to build the confidence and courage to deliver ideas to the

1. Every participant in this competition must be a high school student or a university
2. Each institution within the participating high school or university must be
represented by maximum two (2) students.
3. Every participant should already be re-registered before the competition (oral
presentation) starts.
4. The participants who re-register on Thursday, April 6th 2017 or the day of the
competition must be the same participants who signed up online or otherwise would
not be accepted and the committee has the authority to conduct a disqualification.
5. Every participant should be present punctually (at least 1 hour before the competition
starts). We dont compromise with all of the tardiness. The name of the participant
will only be announced 3 times and if the participant absent, he/she will be
disqualified. Every participant or the representative has to attend the Technical
Meeting Thursday, April 6th 2017.
6. The contents and materials used in this competition originated from the committee
cannot be altered except for the parts designed in the special rules. Every participant
should make their own opening and closing sentence.
7. The juries' decisions are final and there is no correspondence pertaining to the
judging process will be reconsidered. All participants should respect and appreciate
every judgment from the juries.
8. The first winner from High School and Varsity must perform in the Grand Final
Exhibition Tuesday, April 11th, 2017.

9. Every participant should respect and appreciate every decision disclosed by the
committee. The registered name of the participants would be the name printed on the
10. The certificates can be taken ONLY in the closing ceremony on Tuesday, April 11th
2017 by the participants or the representative.
11. The prize and the trophy for the winner can ONLY be taken by the winner in the
closing ceremony on Tuesday, April 11th 2017. On condition that the winner cannot
be present at the closing ceremony due to several significant reasons (which are
allowed by the committee), the prize and the trophy can be taken by the
12. Every rule must be followed. Disqualification of participant is necessary for any
participant who violates the rule.

I. Competition Structure
- The competition will consist of one round in which all competitors will present their
- All the competitors will be judged by the same judging panel for the oral component.

II. Paper Specifications
- Each participant is required to make a paper in English about the given theme:
High School:
The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents,
and Families
The Importance of Freedom of Speech and Its Impact on Democratic Society

The paper should be typewritten and require the following format:

Font Type : Times New Roman

Font Size : 12
Line Spacing : 1.5
Paper size : A4
Margin : right: 2.5 cm; top: 2.5 cm; left: 3 cm; bottom: 2.5 cm
File format : Ms. Word 2003 (.doc) or Ms. Word 2007 (.docx)
Total words from all pages are within range of 3000 to 3500 words, meaning:
The paper is to be no longer than 3500 words (maximum word limit)
The paper is to be no shorter than 3000 words (minimum word limit)
Failure to meet minimum word limit or exceeding word limit will be given
penalties of score reduction. The score will be reduced by 7 marks for every 50
words. The reduction will start if the total words: 2999 words and less, or 3501
words and more.
The paper must not contain racism, not morally offensive, have never been published
before, and does not contain plagiarism.
The participants are not allowed to change the paper after it has been submitted.
Each participant may submit 1 (one) paper only.
The deadline for softcopy submission is Friday, March 31st 2017 at 23.59 Western
Indonesia Time (WIB).
The paper must be sent to:
After sending email of the paper, the participants should send a confirmation message to
AHZAB_VARSITY_PAPER). The submission of the paper (softcopy) after the deadline

will be considered as a resignation from the competition.

Each participant has to submit four (4) hard copies of the paper on Tuesday, April 6th,
2017. (at the Technical Meeting). All submissions after the Technical Meeting will not
be accepted and the corresponding participant will be considered resigning from the

III. PowerPoint Specifications
Each participant is required to make a PowerPoint presentation in English based on
his/her paper.
The PowerPoint presentation should follow the following format:
Range of the presentation slides: 5-8 slides
Maximum words on each slides : 30 words. If there are more than 30 words, the
score will be reduced 10% every 15 words.
Using animation is permitted
Using background sound is prohibited
Use clear and readable writing
The presentation may contain picture(s) and it must not be dominating the slides.
File format : Ms. PowerPoint 2003 (.ppt) or Ms. PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx)
- The content of the presentation must contain the substantive basis of the paper and does
not contain racism, not morally offensive, never been published before, and does not
contain plagiarism.
- The participants are not allowed to change the presentation after it has been submitted.
- The presentation must be sent to: Subject of email:

- The deadline for softcopy submission for PowerPoint is Monday, April 3th 2017 at
23.59 Western Indonesia Time (WIB).
- After sending email of the presentation, the participants should send a confirmation
message to Adeline (0812-8964-1174): NAME_HIGHSCHOOL/VARSITY_PPT (E.g.

IV. Oral Presentation
- Every participant should be present punctually, at least 30 minutes before the competition
is scheduled to start. We dont compromise any of the tardiness.
- All participants are only allowed to use the presentation that has been submitted before.
- All participants are required to wear the following dress code:
o For High School : School Uniform
o For Varsity : Formal Attire + Alma Mater Blazer
- Each participant will be called three times in a row based on his/her turn to perform.
Participant who doesnt come up after being called three times will be put on the last
turn. Participant who doesnt come up after being called on the last turn will be
- Upon being introduced, the participant shall proceed immediately to the speaking
position. Timing will begin with the participants first definite verbal or nonverbal
communication with the audience. This usually will be the first word uttered by the
participant, but would include any other communication such as sound effects, a staged
act, etc.
- The presentation is divided into two parts:
Firstly, the competitor will present their paper without interruption for no longer
than 10 (ten) minutes. Time warnings will be given as the timekeepers will raise
the warning flags at the following intervals:
A green flag will be raised as a sign for a participant to start delivering

their presentation.
A yellow flag will be raised twice, on the 4th and 9th minute.
When the 10 (ten)) minute time limit expires, the timekeeper will raise a
red flag up.
15 (fifteen) seconds will be given as a tolerance time right after the time
limit expires.
If the competitor disobeys the maximum duration 10 (ten) minutes time
limit plus the 15 (fifteen) seconds tolerance time), the jury or committee
will stop the presentation immediately.
Secondly, the juries will question the competitor on their oral presentation for up
to 10 (ten) minutes. During this Questions & Answers session, only the juries
have the right to ask the questions. Thus, other participants and spectators are not
permitted to ask any question.
Therefore, the total time given to each participant is 20 (twenty) minutes.
All participants are allowed to watch the ongoing presentation of other participant. And
must remain silent while other participant is delivering his/her presentation.
All participants are allowed to bring companion/supporters. Each participant is only
allowed to bring 5 (five) people at most.
Smoking and making noise is strictly forbidden in the presentation room.
Nobody is allowed to enter and/or exit the room when the presentation is ongoing.
Cell phone and other communication devices must be silenced or turned off at the
presentation room.

The competition evaluation consists of two parts: Written Paper (50%) and Oral Presentation
(50%) :
- Written Paper Judging Criteria

Written Paper (45%) Score

1 Adequacy of introduction 10
2 Logical content development in the body 10
3 Adequacy of conclusion 10

4 Argument is reasoned, persuasive and supported by 10

appropriate evidence
Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and choice of
5 15
6 Originality of ideas and analysis 15
7 Compliance with paper competition guidelines on format 20
Total 90

- Oral Presentation Judging Criteria
Oral Presentation (55%) Score
1 Clear structure and organization 15
2 Logical content development 15
3 Effective and interesting use of visual aids 10
4 Appropriate stance, expression, gesture and eye-contact 10
5 Variation in tone, pace, and volume 10
6 Grammar, fluency, and choice of words 10
7 Mastery of the subject 15

8 Compliance with presentation competition guidelines on 15

9 Direct and focused response to questions 10
Total 110

These rules apply to all participants of this Paper Presentation competition. These rules may not

be supplanted or modified except by the authorized Committee. All participants are obligated to
obey the rules.

Adeline (081289641174/ line id : adelineahzab); or
Thata (081317708367/ line id : thatarts).
Email :