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Saptarishi Nadi & Timing of Marriage Part 3


This is the 3rd part of the series. As said in the 2 nd part, I am trying to analyse the time of
marriage as given in the Nadi for each of the chart with the help of some independent
methods of timing. In the first part I have taken the assistance of Bhrighu Chakra
Paddhati (BCP) as well as Bhrighu Saral Paddhati (BSP) which are also independent
methods of timing.

In this part, I am taking the method of declaring a year in the life of an individual to be
of an effective one for a specified even be it bad or good. Lal Kitab has dwelt with it
under each planet with greater details. Traditional astrology normally ascribes a year for
each planet as found in Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra Chapter 74 verse 19 to 23. This is
akin to BCP, that is to say each house starting from the ascendant represents one year of
life of an individual. Then there is the Bhrigu Samhita wherein there is normally no
Lagna. Location of Jupiter and Saturn and their progression only are considered. More
about these later. But when we work combining the BPHS principle of taking one house
for each year and the principle of taking the band of years for each planet as outlined in
Lal Kitab, we get wonderful and accurate results. Sri P.S.Mathur has explained this in a
lucid manner in his book How to time events?

Lal Kitab has given the following bands of years for each planet which are tabulated
Planet Lal Kitab years Planet Lal Kitab years
Jupiter 16th To 21st Mercury 34th to 35th
Sun 22nd To 23rd Saturn 36th To 41st
Moon 24th Rahu 42nd To 47th
Venus 25th To 27th Ketu 48th To 50th
Mars 28th To 33rd
After the 50th year which is of Ketu, it will again repeat with the same interval for each of
the planets beginning from Jupiter.

Let us restrict our discussion only to the event of marriage. According to present day
customs, marriage is normally after 25 for boys and after 21 for girls in India. Elsewhere it
may change depending on the custom and practice. Here we are going to discuss only the
charts from Saptarishi Nadi, wherein the marriage age is between 16 and 21 in major
charts and in some cases it goes up or down also. So if a marriage has been held before
16th year, we may not be able to use this method. There are some charts also wherein the
marriage had been held at the age of 11. So taking into account only Jupiter, we are going
to find out the connection which Jupiter makes with the planets or signs meant for
producing the event of marriage. Normally the event happens according to the karakatwa
of the planet with which Jupiter associates himself. Here, marriage being the event, we
must first verify the relationship between Jupiter and Venus both in Rasi and Navamsa
chart. The second point is the relationship with the house with which the event is
concerned as well as its lord. Here again, the 7th house and its Lord Venus comes into
picture as it is Aries Lagna. For other Lagnas this will change. Now the association may
be manifold which should be looked into in both Rasi and Navamsa. They are -
Conjunction, aspect, parivartana, placement of one in others sign in Navamsa, one
planet placed in the constellation of the other etc.

Now one more thing we have to consider here is the progression of the specific planet
related to the band of years. Why this is required? Now for instance Sun gives effect
between the ages 22 nd to 23. Which year it will give? Will it be in 22 nd year or 23rd. Saturn
has got a 6 year band. How to choose the exact year of happening of the event? For this
purpose, the progression is to be worked out. But in this article, it is not being considered
as we require the exact longitude of the planets to calculate the progression which is not
available. Also since birth data are not given in the Nadi, it will be difficult to check the
relationships of the planets in Navamsa too. But wherever possible, I have worked out
the charts with permutation and combinations and have given the charts in Jhora format
with probable birth data. But it cannot be relied upon fully.

So with these shortcomings, I am analyzing the next 10 charts taking into consideration
the following points:
1. The planet responsible for the event which is taken from the table above as the
marriage age has been given.
2. Its association with the karaka Venus who is also the lord of the 7 th house for this
Lagna. In female horoscopes, the association should be seen with Jupiter who
becomes the natural karaka for marriage and also with Venus who will be lord of
the 7th house. There are not many female charts in the Nadi.
3. The association of the planet responsible for the event with the 7 th house/lord from
Arudha Lagna as well as the 7th house/lord from karaka Venus/Jupiter.
4. If we are able to work out the progression, we can also verify the connection
between the planet responsible for the event and the Arudha Pada of the relevant
house or its lord. This portion is not covered in this article.
5. In majority charts the balance of Vimsottari dasa is given in the Nadi. So I have
also tried to establish the relation of the Planet responsible for the event with the
Mahadasa Lord as well as the Antardasa Lord using normal astrological rules.

Hope readers will go through the analysis and point out errors if any so that I can correct
myself in future writings.

Chart No. 21

The marriage was held at the age of 17. 17th year is indicated by Jupiter.
Jupiter aspects Venus both in Rasi as well as Navamsa (as per chart generated in Jhora).
The 7th house for Aries being Libra and its lord being Venus who is the natural Karaka,
the association will not be discussed for the rest of the charts.
The Arudha Lagna is Cancer and the 7th there from is Capricorn whose Lord Saturn is
aspected by Jupiter.
Here we can see the Arudha Pada of the 7th house which falls in Leo and its lord Sun is
placed in the 7th from Ascendant.

Date of birth: 12-11-1868; Place: Kancheepuram; Time: 17.06.

For this data the chart got using Lahiri Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa is given below: Aries
Lagna will change to Pisces Lagna if the birth is before 1 hour, 08 minutes and 40 seconds.
It will change to Taurus Lagna if the time of birth is advances by 38 minutes 38 seconds.
So it is quite possible to adjust the time of birth between 15:57:20 and 17:44:38. Hence it
must be remembered that accordingly the dasa balance at birth may also undergo a
change. Since Chitra Nakshatra in which birth has taken place lasts till 23:24 that day, the
starting dasa will only be of Mars. The balance of dasa at birth for the above timings is
Mars 1 year 11 months and 10 days.
Since the Nadi is silent about the dasa balance at birth, I am assuming the above
I am also giving both the Rasi as well as the Navamsa charts in both South as well as
North Indian formats as Navamsa also shows the link between the planet giving the
event at the age meant for the planet and the karaka of the event.
Marriage was stated to have been held at the age of 17. Native would have completed his
16th year on 12-11-1884. So before 12-11-1885, the marriage should have happened. The dasa
running at this period is that of Rahu. There are two Antardasa-one of Venus which is
from 10-05-1882 and 10-05-1885 and the other is of Sun which is from 10-05-1885 and 04-04-
1886. Let us analyze taking into consideration the principle enunciated in the
Now for the connection of Jupiter with the Dasa-Antardasa Lord. The Mahadasa Lord
Rahu is aspected by Jupiter in Rasi chart and Jupiter is the dispositor of Rahu in
Navamsa. When we have to decide about the Antardasa whether it is Sun or Venus
we find that Jupiter aspects Venus both in Rasi and Navamsa. (Without considering the
parivartana of Venus and Mercury). In Navamsa Jupiter aspects Sun also. So we may be
in a dilemma. But when we look into the Argala factor which is the decisive one, we find
that Venus is having the 11th house Argala from Rahu and hence decision is that Marriage
should have happened in Rahu dasa, Venus Antardasa. Though it is counteracted by
Saturn from the 3rd house, since the Argala from the 11th house is from 2 planets that will
Chart No. 22

Marriage at age of 28. Balance of Rahu dasa at birth given as 1 year 6 months and 20 days.
So calculating further the Mahadasa that will be running at the time of marriage will be
of Saturn. The Antardasa of Venus as well as that of Sun will be running at the age f 28.
Venus Antardasa will be over by 27 years 6 months and 11 days and Sun Antardasa will
start thereafter.
At the age of 28 as per table under introduction Mars will be in effect.
Here Venus being the natural karaka and also lord of 7th house and Mars being lord of 7th
house from karaka Venus decide the event. Venus has got unobstructed Argala from
Mars. In Navamsa (As per Jhora chart) they aspect mutually.
Arudha Lagna falls in Sagittarius and the 7th lord from AL conjoins Mars.
If we consider the Arudha Pada which falls in Cancer sign, its lord Moon has an Argala
on Mars counteracted by Venus.

Marriage in Rahu dasa and Venus or Sun Antardasa. Rahu is with Mars, the effective
planet. Venus gets Argala from Mars and in Navamsa there is aspect of Mars and Venus.
Notes: For the Date and Time as given in the chart (place of birth taken as
Kancheepuram) the planetary positions tally with the chart given in the Nadi. This is as
per Lahiri Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa. However the Dasa balance at birth differs. The
duration of Rahu dasa comes to 4 years and 2 days. Hence the reasoning given above as
per Navamsa may not hold good.

Chart No. 23

Marriage at the age of 21. He was born in Visakha Nakshatra and the balance of Jupiter
dasa at birth is 4 or 5 days.
Saturn dasa is for 19 years. So in Mercury dasa, Mercury Antardasa he will get married
which will start in his 19 years 4 days and will last till he is 21 years 5 months and 1 day.
Jupiter is the planet which will be giving the event at the age of 21 if connected with the
karaka for marriage.
Jupiter is placed in the 7th house from Lagna and it is the house of Venus.
The 7th house from Karaka Venus is Aquarius which has Rahu and Saturn as Lords and
both are conjoined. Saturn is in the nakshatra of Jupiter and in Navamsa (Which cannot
be considered as a correct one as per reasoning given below) both are aspected by Jupiter.
Arudha Lagna falls in Leo and its lord Sun is aspected by Jupiter. The 7th lord from
Arudha Lagna is also Saturn and Rahu.
The Arudha Pada is in Gemini and its lord Mercury has Argala from Jupiter both in Rasi
and Navamsa.
Mercury, the dasa-Antardasa lord receives the 4th house Argala from Jupiter which has
no counter Argala from the 10th house. In Navamsa too Mercury is getting Argala from
Jupiter which is counteracted by Ketu.

The Jhora chart with Lahiri Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa is given below. The balance of dasa
at birth does not tally. The Jupiter dasa is for 4 months and 7 days.
If we are sure of the Longitude of Jupiter at birth, we can work out its progression and we
will find Jupiter placed in Cancer along with the 7th lord from Karaka Venus as well as
Arudha Lagna.

Char No. 24
Marriage is at the age of 18. There will be two marriages. 2 nd wife will come after the
death of the first wife. First wife will die after becoming pregnant. He was born in Chitra
Nakshatra 4th pada. Balance of Mars dasa at birth is 1 year and 1 month. At the time of
marriage Rahu dasa will be running. In that Sun Antardasa will be till his 16 years, 6
months and 12 days and thereafter Moon Antardasa will be running. So marriage will be
in Rahu dasa-Moon Antardasa.
Jupiter is the planet that will be giving the marriage.
There is no connection between Jupiter and Venus, the 7th lord as well as Karaka.
The 7th lord from karaka Venus is Sun who is aspected by Jupiter.
Arudha Lagna is Gemini and the 7th lord there from is Jupiter himself.
The Arudha Pada also falls in Gemini and Gemini receives the Argala from Jupiter and
its lord is aspected by Jupiter.
Jupiter aspects the dasa lord Rahu. The Antardasa Lord Moon receives the Argala from
Jhora Chart could not be generated due to the inability to fix the position of Jupiter.

Chart No. 25
This is the chart of a girl. Marriage will be at the age of 11. The table given in the
introduction does not cover the age 11 as it starts only from 16. Also according to Parasara,
it is not advisable to study a horoscope before the native attains the age of 12. But here the
marriage itself has happened at the age of 11. Also Nadi is silent about the dasa balance at
birth. Jhora chart also did not come out properly. Hence it is difficult to analyse further.

Chart No. 26

Marriage at the age of 16. Balance of dasa at birth not given. At the age of 16 Jupiter is the
planet that will give the event of marriage provided it is connected with the Natural
Karaka Venus who is also 7th lord from Lagna. Jupiter aspects Venus and Venus is placed
in Jupiters house. Venus is aspected by Jupiter in Navamsa.
The 7th house from Karaka Venus is Virgo whose Lord is Mercury who gets Argala from
4th house Jupiter.
Arudha Lagna will fall in Sagittarius and the 7th there from is Gemini whose Lord
Mercury receives Argala from Jupiter.
Arudha Pada falls in Leo and its Lord Sun also gets Argala from Jupiter.

The Jhora chart is shown below:

Ketu dasa balance at birth is 2 years 10 months and 9 days. Saturn Antardasa in Venus
Mahadasa will be running at the time of marriage. This will be over when the native is of
17 years 10 months and 9 days. We have already seen the connection between Jupiter and
Venus, the Mahadasa Lord. Now the Antardasa lord Saturn is aspecting Jupiter and
Jupiter is getting the Argala also from the exalted Saturn. Saturn is placed in the house of
Venus in the 7th house.

Chart No. 27

Marriage at the age of 13. Balance of dasa at birth not given. There is no planet effective
planet at this age as per the table given in the introduction. Chart could not be calculated
in Jhora also. Hence no analysis done.

Chart No. 28

Marriage at the age of 18. Mercury dasa balance at birth is 1 year 4 months and 18 days. At
the time of marriage Venus dasa must be running. Mars Antardasa will be running till 15
years, 6 months and 18 days. Next Antardasa of Rahu will be for 3 years during which
period his marriage has taken place.
Venus receives Argala from Jupiter.
7th house from Karaka Venus is Scorpio whose Lord is Mars/Ketu. There is an Argala
from Mars on Jupiter and no link between Ketu and Jupiter. The dispositor of Jupiter is
with Mars.
Arudha Lagna will be Capricorn and the 7th lord from it is Moon who has no connection
with Jupiter.
Arudha Pada will be Sagittarius whose Lord Jupiter is the effective planet.

Jupiter gets Argala from Rahu in the 4 th house which is counterbalanced by Argala from
Ketu in the 10th house. Dasa Lord Venus gets Argala from Jupiter which is very weak due
to the obstruction from 2 planets in the 12 th to Venus. Still that is to be treated as a
connection between Karaka and the effective planet.
Calculations to prepare chart in Jhora failed.
On the whole in this chart many of our principles are not getting fulfilled.

Chart No. 29

Marriage at the age of 18. Balance of Mars dasa at birth is 2 years, 10 months and 15 days.
So marriage was held in Rahu dasa. Ketu Antardasa will be over by 14 years, 5 months
and 3 days and the next Antardasa of Venus is for 3 years followed by Sun Antardasa.
Either of these two Antardasa are possible for the event.
Effective planet Jupiter is getting the Argala from Venus with no obstruction.
7th Lord from karaka Venus is Mercury which has conjoined Venus and is placed in the
house of Jupiter.
Arudha Lagna falls in Leo and the 7th lord from it is Rahu and Saturn.
Rahu is aspected by Jupiter. Saturn is getting the Argala from Jupiter which is also
obstructed by Rahu and Sun.
The dasa lord Rahu is aspected by Jupiter. The Antardasa lord Venus is placed in the
house of Jupiter.
Keeping the Lagna in border the dasa balance for the chart generated in Jhora comes to 3
years, 5 months and 12 days. This is by taking Raman Ayanamsa. 18 th year starts on 15-1-
1915. Rahu dasa, Venus Antardasa was running. Jupiter aspects Rahu in Rasi and
Navamsa. But there is no connection with the Antardasa Lord Venus and Jupiter in
Navamsa. So it is quite possible this chart is wrong.

Chart No. 30
Marriage at the age of 22. Balance of dasa not given in the Nadi. The probable chart as
per calculations is given below. At the age of 22 the effective planet that will be giving the
effect is Sun.
Sun, the 5th lord is placed in the 4th house of family. Argala from Venus without any
obstruction is there on Sun.
From karaka Venus the 7th lords are Saturn and Rahu. Saturn is placed in the house of
Jupiter. Jupiter is getting Argala from Rahu.
Arudha Lagna falls in Cancer and the 7th lord from there is Saturn. Saturn is placed in the
house of Jupiter.
Arudha Pada falls in Gemini and its lord Mercury is giving Argala on Jupiter.
Since balance of dasa has not been given let us try it out through Jhora. According to
Ramans Ayanamsa the chart is as below:
As per this chart Saturn dasa at birth is 15 years, 4 months and 4 days. At the age of 21 i.e.
on 12-8-1893 Mercury dasa will be running. Till 12-8-1894 which is his 22 nd year, Venus as
well as Sun Antardasa will be running.
Jupiter is receiving Argala from Mercury, the dasa Lord.
Similar is the situation for Venus.
Sun has conjoined Jupiter.

The above chart was the son of one of my relatives. They came around 2011 (month I do
not remember) asking me the time of marriage of the boy. The boy had completed or was
about to complete his 27th year. So I picked up as 28 and fixed the effective planet as Mars
who will give the marriage.
The 7th lord Jupiter is getting influenced by Mars due to Argala both in Rasi and
The 7th lord from Karaka Venus is Venus himself and is placed in the house of Mars in
Rasi Chart and conjoined Mars in Navamsa. Mars and Venus have mutual aspect in
The Arudha Lagna is in Aquarius and the 7th lord from it Sun who is also placed in the
house of Mars and is aspected by Mars. There is no link between Mars and Sun in
So I decided Mars should be in a position to give the marriage.
Now turning to the Vimsottari dasa I found that he was running Jupiter Dasa and hence
marriage is possible in this dasa on account of the link between Jupiter and Mars as
explained above. At the time when they came to me, he was running Saturn Antardasa.
Saturn dasa was to end in November 2012. Saturn has conjoined Mars, the effective
planet, Saturn is aspecting the 7th lord from Lagna, 7th lord Sun from Arudha Lagna and
is placed in the 7th from Karaka. So in all possibility he should get married before
November 2012 was my conclusion.
But to give the effective date we have to work out the progression of the effective planet.
The progression is calculated thus:
Mars is in Libra 29 43 in the natal chart. The band of years for Mars is 6. These 6 years
is to be divided among the 12 houses. Each house will get roughly 6 months. To have
exact days we divide the number of days in a year which 365.2425 by 12 and then multiply
it with the band of years of the planet. Mathematically (365.2425/12) x 6 = 182.63 days
period the planet will remain in one house. Now at birth Mars has already crossed 29 43
and so the remaining longitude of 0.17 alone is to be taken for Mars to remain in Libra.
Thereafter for each 182.63 days it will cross one sign. For 17 the day is roughly 2 days. So
just after 2 days from the effective date Mars will move to Scorpio. Now what is the
effective date? Mars implements from the beginning of 28 th year. So the date on which
the native has completed 27th year will be the effective date. That date is 04-05-2011. So on
07-05-2011 Mars will move to Scorpio where it will remain for 182.63 days.
Now Saturn Antardasa is the dasa I arrived at for probable marriage. That ends on 13-11-
2012. So the number of days between this date and the effective date is 557 days.
Mars will remain in Libra 2 days
In Scorpio 182.63 days
In Sagittarius 182.63 days
In Capricorn 182.63 days
If we total all these days it comes to 551 days leaving out the decimals and rounding it off
to the next higher integer. So after 551 days Mars will move to Aquarius. From this
position we have to look for the connecting links with the planets viz. 7th from Lagna,
7th from Karaka Venus and 7th from Arudha Lagna. Arudha Pada of the 7th house also
must have a link from Aquarius. All the positions of these planets are from the natal
chart. Putting Mars in Aquarius we get the following:
1. Mars is getting Argala from the 7th Lord Jupiter.
2. There is no connection with the 7th lord from karaka Venus which is Venus itself.
3. Similar is the result for the 7th lord from Arudha Lagna which is Sun.
4. Excepting the aspect of Mars on Arudha Pada (Virgo) it is not connected with
Arudha Pada Lord Mercury.
5. The Antardasa Lord is here more important as we are going to pronounce the
happening of the even in the Antardasa. Progressed Mars from Aquarius has no
connection with Saturn also.
This prompted me to take the next Antardasa which is of Mercury. So Mars will
remain in Aquarius 551 + 183 days = 734 days during which time marriage is not
possible. This period is up to 10.06.2013. The next 183 days Mars will be in Pisces. So
this period is also to be examined.
1. From Pisces Mars is influencing Jupiter through Argala.
2. Mars is getting Argala from 7th lord from karaka Venus which is Venus itself, 7 th
lord from Arudha Lagna Sun and finally Mars also aspects Arudha Pada and also
gets Argala from A7 lord Mercury who also happens to be the Antardasa Lord.

So this seems to be the decisive period for marriage which is between 10.06.2013 and 10-
12-2013. Accordingly I informed them that marriage will happen during this period. I
am producing this analysis on two counts. One is that the boy is getting married on
12-8.2013 (I am completing this article on 11-08-2013) and the other is to show the way
how the effective planet manifests itself to fix the timing.

Finally a word of acknowledgement to Sri P.S.Mathur, whose book made me to test

this method and present it to the readers. One addition which I have done is the
linking of the Dasa as well as Antardasa Lord with the effective planet.