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Biografi Soekarno Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Soekarno was born in Surabaya on June 6 th 1901. Ir. Soekarno is also well-known as the
founding Father of Indonesia was the first president known as proclaimer with Dr. Mohammad
He graduated from Technische Hoge School (*Bandung Institute of Technology), Bandung In
On July 4th 1927, Soekarno founded the PNI (Indonesian National Party) to achieve the
independence. His charisma and intelligence made him famous as an orator who can excite
Dutch feel threatened by the attitude of his nationalism. In December 1929, Soekarno and
other PNI leaders were arrested and imprisoned.
PNI itself dissolved and changed into PARTINDO. His struggles continued after he was
released, but in August 1933, the proclamator of Indonesian re-arrested and exiled to Ende,
Flores, then moved to Bengkulu.
Soekarno was released when the Japanese took over the Dutch. Japan called Ir. Soekarno,
Mohammad Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara and K.H. Mas Mansur founded PUTERA (Pusat Tenaga
Rakyat) for the benefit of Japan.
However, more precisely PUTERA fight for the peoples interests. As a result, Japan disperses
PUTERA. When his position in the Asia Raya started recessive War Allies, the Japanese
established BPUPKI.
At the hearing BPUPKI on June 1st 1945, Soekarno put forward the idea of a basic State called
After BPUPKI disbanded, he was appointed as chairman of PPKI. After that Japan call
Soekarno, Hatta, and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to meet with
General Terauchi to discuss the issue of Indonesian independence.
After returning to Indonesia, Soekarno and Hatta were kidnapped by youths who had heard the
news of the defeat of Japans and brought to Rengasdengklok.
Finally, an agreement was reached so that Soekarno-Hatta returns to Jakarta for preparing the
manuscript of Proclamation. Together with Hatta, Soekarno proclaimed Indonesias
independence on behalf of Indonesian on August 17 th, 1945 in East Pegangsaan street no. 56,
This independence is the result of the struggle of the entire of Indonesian. One day later, he
was inaugurated as the first President of Indonesia. He ruled for 22 years. Soekarno passed
away at the age of 69 years and was buried in Blitar, East Java. The story of Soekarno is
filmed by Hanung Bramantyo with title Soekarno:Indonesia Merdeka.
Biografi Mohammad Hatta Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Mohammad Hatta is one hero who greatly contributed to the independence of

Indonesia. He is known as the proclaimer. He was born on August 12, 1902,

precisely at the high hill of West Sumatra. He is better known by the name of Bung

Hatta. Mohammad Hatta was born of a mother who named Siti Saleha and a father

named Muhammad Jamil. Hatta was raised in a religious environment. His

grandfather is a cleric who founded a mosque in Batuhampar. Her family

background that merchant. Belonging to the family of his mother a successful


Mohammad Hatta studied in Europese Largere School (ELS) in New York City who

currently renamed SMAN I Padang. He also studied at the Meer Uirgebreid Lagere

(MULO) in Padang. He also studied related to trade that Handel Middlebare School

(High School of Commerce) and the last one he was educated in the Netherlands,

namely in the Netherlands Handelshogeschool. This is where he was awarded Drs.

Religious knowledge are also not spared from the education which he passes. He

even studied religion by scholars who are in Indonesia, among others, Abdullah

Ahmad, Muhammad Jamil Jambek, and several other prominent scholars.

Mohammad Hatta not only serves as a proclaimer, but he is also active in the field

of organization and politics. His role in politics begins He was elected as treasurer

Jong Sumatranen Bond in Padang. Political knowledge has grown very rapidly

when he often attend political meetings. He also joined a social organization. The

organization called Indische Vereeniging. This organization eventually turned into a

political organization. This happens because of the Ki Hajar Dewantara which has

considerable influence in the development of the organization.

Mohammad Hatta became vice chairman of the preparation of independence in

August 1945. The event was chaired by Sukarno. At the time of Muhammad Hatta

ordered by Sukarno to write the text of the proclamation to be read out at the event.
However, he still wants the manuscript was written by Sukarno. Finally, Soekarno

Hatta typed and sent to join the signed copy of the proclamation.