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Brooke Reavis

Student Nurse

503.428.0497 Professional Profi le

I am currently obtaining my registered nurse skills and qualifications as a second year
b nursing student at Southwestern Oregon Community College. At the end of this academic
year I will have obtained my Associate of Applied Science in Nursing and will be able to test
Reedsport, Oregon with the state board of nursing for my Registered Nurse License. I will be applying to
Oregon Health and Science University to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Fall
Term of 2017. After obtaining several years of clinical experience, I plan to continue my
education to become a Nurse Practitioner through a Master of Science in Nursing
Education Program. My long term goal is to provide care for the developing family, including a holistic
approach to overall wellbeing and positive healthcare outcomes.

Associate of Applied Science

Nursing Second Year Student Student Nurse
Southwestern Oregon Community College/September 2015 - Present
Every week is filled with new theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking
scenarios. It is essential to absorb as much information as possible, and to perform at a
Licenses & high level to be successful in examinations, skills performances, and clinical application.
Certifi cations 3.66 Grade Point Average.
Instructor check off on all lab skills to this point.
Working towards accomplishing all skills in the clinical setting under the
Certified Nursing Assistant
supervision of the clinical instructor so that I may independently perform these
Expired January 2017
Average between 60-70% on Kaplan Practice Exams
Basic Life Support Provider Continuously seek new knowledge to improve care plans, patient care, and overall
Oregon concept understanding.
Expires August 2018

Student Nurse
Bay Area Hospital/January 2016-Present
Volunteer Responsible for the care of 1-2 patients during clinical day with the supervision of
Experiences the Registered Nurse. This includes assessments, medication administration,
treatments within my scope of practice, and communication with the healthcare
team in regards to these patients.
Experience in psychiatric, labor and delivery, intensive care, dialysis, emergency,
SWOCC Nursing Club
September 2016- post surgical, rapid evaluation, outpatient infusion, and medical care nursing.
Present Able to independently perform patient assessment, medication administration,
maintenance of a closed wound drain system, colostomy care, catheterization,
Purses for Nurses cardiac monitoring, oxygen therapy, IV insertion, and all activities of daily living
Event Helper 2015, 2016 care.
Biggest challenges include time management.
West Valley Hospital
February 2013 June 2013
Dallas, OR