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1. What made you apply for an OC position?

I was motivated to apply for an OC position because I wanted to step

out of my comfort zone. I wanted to take my AIESEC experience to the next
level because ever since I joined the organization I have never tried to be a
part of any organizing committees. I thought of applying because I wanted to
start this term by being a more active member. I know that through this
opportunity I can know more about AIESEC and meet members that I havent
worked with yet. And I believe that this new experience can help me grow
and learn things through a different dimension.

2. What is your main goal in applying for an OC position?

My main goal in applying for an OC position is to be able to help in
making this years recruitment week the best one yet for AIESEC. I want to be
a part of the committee so I can share my ideas with them. I also want to
apply relevant lessons I have learned from inside the classroom into actual
work since I am applying for OCVP Finance and I am a Finance major in the
college of Commerce. I want to be able to stretch my mind, put into practice
and share my special skill with the team through this new experience.

3. What makes you qualified for the position? List down your strengths
and weaknesses.
The strengths that make me qualified for OCVP Finance are the
following: first of all, I am a Finance major so basically I have a number of
experiences in making financial reports and handling and understanding
other financial concerns. I am a detail-oriented person and I always make
sure that everything is organized and accounted for. I am also responsible
and trust-worthy. I make sure that whatever task given to me will be done
properly and on time. And lastly, I can manage my time effectively. Given the
load of academic-related work to do, I can assure you that I can balance my
time and accomplish my responsibilities in both academics and organization
work. However, my weakness is that I do not have that much knowledge
about how certain processes go in AIESECs Finance department because I
am from the business development department. But this would not hinder me
from accomplishing the responsibilities of the position because I am very
much willing to learn something new.

4. What new ideas/plans can you contribute to Recruitment week in

relation to your position?
To ensure that there is stabilized cash flow, my plan is to open a bank
account that is solely for the purpose of the funds and payments needed for
the recruitment week. I also plan to have a cash flow tracker so the
committee can know how money is allocated. And lastly I want to have a
financial budget plan to make sure that all resources are maximized.

5. Be creative and promote yourself.

Hey there! Are you tired of meeting people who does not bring any
more fun to your life? People whore just too boring or maybe even friends
who bring you nothing but negativity and bad vibes? Well, worry no more!
Because I am finally here to make your everyday the best day of your life! Hi!
I am Angelika Bondoc, an incoming junior from the UST College of Commerce
majoring in Financial Management. You can call me Bon for short! And yes
as you can tell, I am a very enthusiastic and fun person to be with! I bring
nothing but positivity! I may be kind of timid at first but hey! When you get to
know me more that impression would completely vanish. Im not only an
affable friend to be with but Im also very trustworthy. And well, heres a
secret! I love gaining new knowledge especially when it comes to math-
related things. Guess what? During my first semester in college, Ive been
ranked as Deans lister number 1. And recently I garnered second place in a
finance quiz bee challenge. Yes I actually have a nerdy side. Haha! But that
doesnt mean Im not as social like the others. I love meeting new friends,
shopping, traveling, and of course taking pictures. So what do you think?
Wanna go hangout tonight? Well, see you!