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W1010 System Installation Instruction

1. Preparation
Tools: A fully charged device, USB disk drive(capacity of at least
8G), USB-enabled keyboard, OTG cable, USB hub, computer.

2. Enabling Disk Drive

2.1. Uninstall the file and get two file folders and a word doc

2.2. 0pen this file folder and run UltraISO.exe as an

administrator, you will see as Figure 1.

2.3. To set the language to English, as Figure 2 shows, click the number 1 tab, and in
the pull-down list, click number 2 tab, in its submenu, click number three

2.4. Click File and in its pull-down list, click Open to open the image file, you
will see a pop-up shown in Figure 4

2.5. As below Figure 4 shows, Choose the image file (saved in file folder UltraISO

), click Open, and you will see a pop-up as below Figure 5


2.6. Plug in Disk Drive to PC (Notice: Before connecting to PC, please make sure the
Disk Drive is empty or youve backed up files in it in case of data loss during the
following procedure), then as below Figure 6 shows, Click the red circled tab
Bootable, and in its pull-down list, click the number two red circled tab

2.7. As below Figure 7 shows, choose the Disk Drive in use under Disk Drive and
select USB-HDD+ in Write Method , select Hidden under Hide Boot

2.8. Click write, and you will see a pop-up shown in below Figure 8, and click
2.9. The image file begins to be written in Disk Drive the progress shows in the
progress bar after its finished, you will see as Figure 10 shows then click

2.10. Select NTFS under File System and change the Volume label into
WINPE, tick Quick Format and then click Start

In the pop-ups, click OK shown in Figure 12, and after finishing the formatting,
click Ok.


2.11. (From My Computer ) Check on the property of Disk Drive to make

sure its file system shows NTFS and its Volume label shows WINPE. Otherwise,
please go back to step 2.10 to re-start formatting.

Until now, the procedure of enabling disk drive for system installation is finished.

3. Copy System Files

Connect the Disk Drive to computer and copy those files (in

file folder ) into the Disk Drive, when its done, unplug the
Disk Drive

4. Installing System
4.1. Please make sure your tablet is fully charged. Turn off the tablet, via USB Hub ,
plug in Disk Drive and keyboard shown as below Figure 15.


4.2. Press and hold the key ESC on keyboard and turn on the tablet, loosen ESC
until the tablet screen shows as below Figure 16. Then Click Boot Manager (Move
the cursor by arrow keys on keyboard to Boot Manager and press key Enter)
4.3. Choose the Disk Drive EFI USB Device (the name behind is that of your Disk
Drive), click Enter

4.4. The tablet will automatically restart and proceed to install system, please wait for
a moment.



4.5. When the start screen shows on tablet, click the tile Desktop to enter desktop
(marked in below Figure 23)


4.6 As below Figure 24 shows, now the system of your tablet is still in testing mode.
You can see a running procedure System Preparation Tool 3.14 on screen, click
Ok to clean and complete the system and the tablet will automatically restart. If by
chance, you ended the procedure System Preparation Tool 3.14, you can go to
procedure Clean up Test Tool.exe on your desktop and proceed to clean the system.
4.7. Now the system is successfully installed and cleaned, the start screen will show
as below Figure 25