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f£_ 8 Super Programs Inside!

a Flight
|f Simulator!!
Nearly 1.5 million copies of this classic, premium flight simulolton program hove been
sold to date, and there's still nothing even dose to if. Compatible with SubLOGIC Scenery


Winner of the 1988 CES "Best Strategy Game" Software Showcase Award. This advonced-
technobgy strategic simulation is o stunning success, with sales challenging those ot
Flight Simulator With nothing comparoble on the market (despite simitar titles). Stealth
Mission's programming polish and strategic gomlng excellence set new industry
standards. Scenery Disk compatible.

This award-winning jet tighter simulator defines the state of the art in action/combat
simulation. Exciting and beautiful carrier-based sea missions complement multiple land-
based combat scenarios. Jet's quick-reading documentation and easy flight controls
provide unequalled action and fun. Scenery Disk compatible.

Special "Discover the World of SubLOGIC" promotional packaging:

' Jet for the Commodore 64/128 now includes o FREE

beautiful Japan Scenery Disk, a $24.95 extra valuel

" Jet Is also available without Japan Scenery Disk for the special low
"discover SubLOGIC" price of $29.95 through selected discount channels.

S24.95 each. For use with all SubLOGIC flight simulation products.


Our latest and hottesti Detailed scenery
covering southern Great Britain, northern
France, and southern West Germany, The
basis of our fun "Find Red Square"
promotion, Sea vour dealer, or wrile or call for more In
formation All croaucH or* ovoilaDfe on dak
fern© Commodore 64/12B compilers for
JAPAN SCENERY DISK duoci .■.■-■"'! please Indcole which oroduci
Detailed scenery trom Tokyo to Osaka. vou wort, ana enclose me coned amount

Delightful International adventure! DfcflSZ 50 (or shipping ana hofWIinB [SI SO t»

each oacitionai package). Please iDectfy
UPS or fir&i class moll delivery Visa, Ma&ler-
SAN FRANCISCO CchcJ. American Eipreu. and CWnera Club
Concentrated scenery covering San ctioigsi accep'ea

Francisco and the Bay area. A consistently

best-selling favoritel
it CwTmadow l«-wia "0

Eastern Seaboard. Includes: Washington,
Charlotte, Jacksonville, Mioml. Another
best-sellerl *LOGIC
501 Kenyon Road
North-Eastern Border, Includes: Detroit,
Champaign, IL 61820
Lake Huron. Incredible variety, from (217) 35*6482 Telex: 206995
industrial Detroit to beautiful Niagara Fallsl ORDER UNE: (800) 637-*983
Now you can take home some of the best Arcade games you've ever played,
to play on your own personal computer!
Skillful programming has taken the superb graphics and addictive game play of Arcade hits Double Dragon and
Sidewinder and faithfully reproduced them in home computer versions.
Join in deadly combat with the savage street gang of the infamous Shadow Boss in Double Dragon.
Indulge in an orgy of action and destruction in the high-energy shoot-envup Sidewinder (part of the Awesome Arcade
Action pack on Amiga and Atari ST). Go on the rampage and smash buildings and munch tiny natives in Aaarghl
Nothing but endless Arcade action - Arcadia has spared no quarter!

"*'-*. j > 2

Double Orafon ii a joint publication of flreadia and Trade west

Arcadia ii ■ nwnber o( tlw H uttnrmlc Group,

D 1 XX
ARCADIA 711 West 17th St, Unit G9P Costa Mesa. CA 92627.
$m- Tel. (TI4)«|.tOOI.

Make AmigosWith OtherAmigas.

The largest group of Amiga' users in the world somebody who's been through it all. There's no better
shares its problems and solutions online every day in way to get more out of your Amiga.
CompuServe's Amiga Forums. And you can join them. To join CompuServe, see your computer dealer.
Whether you're an Amiga novice or a professional To order direct or for more information, call 800
user in broadcasting, film special effects, animation, 848-8199. In Ohio and Canada, call 614 457-0802.
or music production, you'll find support from thousands If you're already a member, type CO AjMIGA
of Amiga users and nearly every third-party Amiga at any ! prompt.
software and hardware vendor,
Looking for a solid CAD program? Want to make
the most of your Amiga's multitasking capabilities Ask
fln H Jt Jl*i Lumjuny

January 1989 Vol. 7, No. 1

A Guided Tour of Major Online Services Tom Nelsel 19
How to Get Published (and Make Money) David Hensiey, Jr., and Randy Thompson 26

Pool of Radiance Neil Randall 30 64
Bubble Ghost Ervin Bobo 32 64
AfaWs Beacon Teaches Typing Keith Ferrell . 42 64
The Games—Summer Edition Steve Hedrick 44 64

Disc Blitz Peter Marino 46 64
Bombardment Forrest Bentiey 48 64
Jewel Grab Brian Casey .... 50 64

Smooth Scrolling Windows Peter M. L Lottrup and Pablo Garibaldi 54 64
Deluxe Input Erie Slimko 62 64
128 Animator Earl Kanady 66 128
Smart Disassembler Louis Giglio 70 64
Handy Filer Walter L Smith 74 64
The Programmer's Page: Shorter, Faster, Better Randy Thompson 82 128/64
BASIC for Beginners: More Disk BASIC Larry Cotton 85 128/64/+4/16
Machine Language Programming: String Passing Jim Butterfield .. 87 128/64

The Editor's Notes Lance Elko . 4 •
Letters to the Editor 6 -
Commodore Clips: News, Notes, and New Products Mickey McLean 8
Feedback Editors and Readers 14
User Group Update Mickey McLean 52
Horizons: The Brain's Tricks Rhett Anderson 88
D'lversions: Where in the World? Fred D'lgnazio 80
The GEOS Column: Becoming a geoPalnt Pro Roger T. Conroy 90 64
Bug-Swatter: Modifications and Corrections 91 *

program listings
MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Commodore 64 108 64
The Automatic Proofreader 114 128/64/-i-4/16
How to Type In COMPUTEt's Gazette Programs 116 *

Advertisers Index 101 '-General 64-Commodore

61. +4-P1L15/4. IS-
CortTptwto lltitslratitiii byjobn ScbntMtf/Crvat/tv Concepts. <Dl'JHH
CommoOora 16 12H
Commodore 128

COMPUTEI'S Oazslie (ISSN 0737-3716) is a COMPUTE! PuBFicabon, and Is puBllshoD monlriiy Of ChiHon/ABC Consumer Magazines. Inc., 825 Seventh- Avs., New Vbrk, NY 10019. 0
dinsiOflolABCPuWlshing.ltit.aCBpilalCilios^BCIncconipany. ©1988 ABC Consumer Magalines. Inc. All fights raseiUKl.Eflrtonal offices aialncaiod HI Suits 200.324 WeslWondovm'
Ave .Greonstxwo, NC 2?dW Domestic subswlptions: 12 Issues, SE4. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to COMPUTE'S GaiBHO. PO. Bo> 10957. D09 Mcunes, IA 50340 Second-
class poslage paid al New York, NY and additional mailing offices.

L,in( i' Elko

AssiStanl Art Director Robin L. Sirolow
Assistant Editor RfiBlI Afideraon
Features EdJtor Keith Fflrrell
As&stant Features Etfrttir Tom He (sol
Tecnrucal Editor Patrick Pflrnsh
Assistant Technical Ednor Dale McBane
Assistant Editor,
Submissions & DisK Producis David Honsley
Editorial Assistant Mickey McLean
Copy Editors Karen Stopnk

In a recent interview published in the Wall Street Transcript, Irving Gould, Commo Tflmmle Tnylor
Karen Uhlendorl
dore's chairman .ind CEO, offered a candid appraisal about the company's current Programming Assistant Troy Tgcher
Contributing Edrto*s Jim Butlerhftld
state of affairs. Indeed, 1988 has been a good year for Commodore. Earnings and (Toronto. Canada)
profits are up. Despite the good news, Gould acknowledged that Commodore con Fred D'lgnauo
[E, Lansing, Ml)
tinues to have problems in the U.S. market, where MS-DOS machine sales are still David Engliih
dramatically booming and Apple holds a sizable chunk of the market. Randy Thompson

Gould reminded us of the true global nature of Commodore's business, some ART DEPARTMENT
thing U.S. consumers often overlook. For example, In 1988, the European market Jurat* Do5>gner Meg UcArn
Mechanical Arrests Scotly Bniingi
represented nearly 70 percent of total Commodore sales. In West Germany, Com Robin Caiv
modore holds a commanding position, close to 80 percent of the consumer market;
in the German business sector, Commodore is second only to IBM. The market
profile for the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland is similar. In Australia and Production Duector Mark E, Hlllyer
AssiStani Production Manager De Potter
Canada, Commodore is looking at a solid 70 percent of consumer market share.
Production Assstant Kim Polls
The work ahead, then, lies in the U.S. Gould noted that the U.S. should repre Typesetting Tarry Cn»h
Carole Duntcn
sent at least half of any company's business. So what will Commodore do here? Advertising Production
After acknowledging that 64 and 128 sales have slackened, Gould stated, "Our fu Asssfant AnMa ArmNeld

ture lies in the corporate business part of the market as well as the educational and COMPUTEI PUBLICATIONS
Group Vice President,
government markets," and the machine that fits the bill is the Amiga. Gould added
Pu Wisher/ Editorial Director William Tynan
that he believes the Amiga is the perfect home computer. Managing Editor Kathleen MflMlnck
Senior Editor Lance Elko
It is on this point that this writer raises a flag—a big red one. Editorial Operations Director Tony Roberta
Is the Amiga really the computer that should be sold to the office, to the Senor Art Director Janice R. Fary
Executive Assstanl Sybil Agee
schoolroom, and to the home? The question is not whether the Amiga has merit in Senior Adminisuflbva

all these environments. It is a marvelous computer on a number of counts. Rather, Assistani Julia Fleming
Adminislrativo Assistants Iris 8 rooka
how realistic is Commodore's approach in positioning the Amiga head-on against Cathy Me All liter
a 386-based PC or a Macintosh in the office? Or against Apple in the classroom? Or
against a PC compatible, a Tandy, an Apple, or even its own 64/128 in the home? MAGAZINES
Serior Group Vico President Richard Dr Say
It's naive to think that Commodore has the resources or marketing savvy to effec Vice Resident. Production Hen? BflrBOn-Wftinar
tively wage war in all three arenas. Vice President. Adverting Peter T. Johnimeyer
Director. Financial Analyse Andy L&ndi*
It's clear that the Amiga is Commodore's future. Sales are climbing but not yet
breaking any records. (Gould pointed out that the Amiga started off slow for lack CIRCULATION
of software support, but added that the number of titles now exceeds 1500.) How Vice President Robert L Gurshn
ever, Commodore's bottom line shows that the Amiga's movement, along with Circjlabon Subscription Stall Ora BlacVmon-DcBrown
Harold Buckley
that of its MS-DOS machines, is more than offsetting the gradual decline in 64/128 Maurvon QucklAy
sales. For years, Commodore did a great job of marketing the 64 and 128. In fact, Beth Healy
Thomas D. Stater
these machines are still selling at a respectable rate. A. Heather Wood
But the key to Commodore's future does not lie simply in the existence of the Newsstand Sales Mitch Frank
Amiga, but in how this machine is positioned and sold in the U.S. market. If Subscriber Service {S00) 727-6937

Gould's comments are any clue, the company is in for a long, steep climb. In order
OneoftheABCPlRUSttlSG ©Companies
to compete dynamically, Commodore must do more than run occasional spot ads Pres«Jent Robert G Burton
suggesting that the Amiga is the machine of choice for business, school, and home. 1330 Avenue ol the Americas
Now York. NY tOQ19
A much more aggressive—and specific—scheme is in order.
The Amiga, to some, might be an everything machine, but the decision mak ADVERTISING OFFICES
Ho* York: ABC CoftfWtf MaguzirM]*. Irt. a?& SamMM Ave , New
ers at Commodore need to find a strategy to convince a very tough, competitive ■ftnfc. MY lOOifi Tal (2l!] 265-8380 Bernard J Tr^makl. Jr. Group
AiKacNSirg Direc'or
market that this is true. As long-time Commodore supporters, we wish them luck. ar*«naboro: COMPUTE1 PuCtcatPOfts Suite TOO. 324 Wwt WerCove*
fl.g. jrewiKWO ■.~?71Z& TaL (9l5j 27S-9809 KatfWtfn lr*;ram
NBn En^li-d A Mid-AOftFlttc Bernard J :-;■;.'.■ ■:'-
315-1665 Peler Haray (W$J »1 90CO. Kaim»n ingfim (919>

MidMtSl A SOLJltlWHl: Jnrry ThOmpWn. LlKiHO Dwm. Jermiier Derfs

{.11?} 72G-CHW7 fCrucneo|. tf 13> 731-2605 [Texi*]

rtff*t, HO«h*Bt(, Si OrlUlri ColumW*- Jerry ncm

Dunrfi. JurmikT Do-n (JlSi M8 8222
Sou1h«»l t Irilirnnlionsi ►"■■-. rWOf i:■.■■.'■ ' /-I

Lance Elko EUilc^al Lnqjifies slKjulrj It utMrirSSetJ *j . COMPUTE1 s

Senior Editor QKtBB, S(ji[b 200. 324 WBI Wendove* flve n^two NC ^7dO

A COMPUTE! s Gazelle January 1989

There's so much to do on Q-Link, it can't: all fit
into this ad. For that, you'll need our full-color
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It's time you and your Commodore got out and
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Commodore ^^r
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each other. US -- is-*—

Welcome to Q-Link. 1 IftiltelPV^ ^^ *"

ind your
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breeze with them in a whole new way. On your (mode] 1660) and my QIC Q-Link Statter Kit Enclosed is $9.95
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Add new life to your Commodore:

Back Issues/
Disk Orders
Individual back copies of maga
zines and disks are available by Send questions or comments to Letters grams or routines, In fact, this is some
mail only while quantities last. to the Editor, COMPUTEI's Gazette, thing we strongly encourage. But if you
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, North write software for personal or financial
Please ciip or photocopy, and Carolina 27403. We reserve the right gain using one of our programs, you arc
mail completed coupon and to edit letters for clarity and length. clearly outside the bounds of the copyright
check to: law. One obvious exception: You can use
our programs or routines in any software
Amiga and 64
COMPUTE! Publications you submit to us for publication.
Single-Copy Sales I wanted to let your readers know: If
you're planning on upgrading to an
P.O. Box 5188
Amiga, do not plan on storing your 64 A 128D Owner's Solution
Greensboro, NC 27403
and equipment away somewhere. 1 use I've read several letters in your column
my 64 as much as the Amiga. 1 love the about problems with the 128D system.
Name Amiga's graphics, sound, keyboard In response, I'd like to report that I've
feel, and the ability to tinker with MS- owned my system for about a year and
Strom. DOS. I'm proud of the Amiga, but the think it's fantastic.
64 can do practically everything the Most of the problems that have
Amiga can do. been reported are really disk drive
The 64 is still my favorite when it problems, not system problems. First,
State: Zip.
comes to home computers. When I had the drive mechanism that was installed
my new desk built, I had it made big in early models did not function well.
Type of compute!
enough for my Amiga and 64 (both run Second, the 128D does not come with
off of a 1084 monitor). Remember, plan an 8/9 switch. Third, the new drive
Issue Magazine your computer space to include your ROM will not load some 64 software. I
Quantity Month/Year) or Disk Name Price"
64. You'll be glad you did! had problems in all three areas. I took
Steve Franklin my system to an authorized repair cen
Bossier City, LA ter while it was under warranty. They
replaced the drive mechanism and in
Right Product, Wrong Machine stalled an 8/9 switch free of charge. I
In your "Buyer's Guide to Word Proces still have the ROM problem but have
determined that the new ROM does not
sors and Spelling Checkers" (Novem
like 64 fast loaders. If I stay away from
ber), I noticed that Term Paper Writer by
those programs and find alternatives,
Mediagenic is listed as a 64 program.
there is no problem—a small sacrifice
When it was first out, I anxiously tried
to obtain a copy. 1 was disappointed to to gain a faster drive and twice the stor
find that it is available only for the 128. age space of the 1541, plus autoboot
Tony Pattoti
Louisville, KY Wes Eardley
SUBTOTAL: President, SPUC Computer Club
You are correct. It is available for the 128 Springfield, IL
NY residents—Add 8Vt% Tax:
only. We regret the error.
NC residents—Add 5% Tax:
PC SpeedScript
TOTAL: Whose Copyright? Is SpccdScript available in an MS-DOS
I am incorporating one of your pro version?
Bat* issues of COMPUW, COMPUTE'S Gaiello,
and App'.o Applications are S6 00 eacn Tne rolkrwing grams, "3-D Sprites" (August 1988), Jack Babcock
issuss a'e NOT available COMPUTE; Tall 1S79-3/B1. into a BASIC program of my own. Is the Rialto, CA
9/31, 11/B1. 2/SZ-12/82. 2/83.4/83. 1/85. 11/&S-
13/85 CaieHe: 7-83-12-83. 1/84-7/8J, 9/84.
resulting program (or part of it) still
It wilt be soon. COMPUTE! Books is pub
11/14-12/64, 1/85-7/85, 9/85-11/85, 3/86. Apple considered copyrighted by you? Could
Applications: 6/S8. lishing PC SpeedScript, by Randy
it be public domain?
Single Disks lor COMPUTE!. Gajorie, or Apple Thompson (Gazette columnist and con
Applications are SI 5 00 NOTE No flisks dated pnor
David Ferris
tributing editor), in June. The price is
to January 1986 are available West Casino, Ol
Back issues ol COMPUTE's PC Magsuni art $23.95. Written in Turbo Pascal, this MS-
Si6 00 saen and dock issues of Atari ST Drnk & Our program retains Us copyright under DOS version of SpeedScript is very close
Magnum are S8.00 eacn (These publications are
any circumstances. In the case you have ly modeled after its namesake. The book
available only as rnagazine/uish combinations.) The
following Issues are NOT available1 PC Magailno: cited, our copyright would protect that will include source code and can be typed
9/87. 11/87. Altri ST Disk i Magazine: 10/86 part of the program which is ours. Since in using Turbo Pascal 4.0 or 5.0, or with
Disk/magazine combinations are Si 6 00
our program—alone or as part of yours— "MIX" using BASIC. A disk will be avail
Shipping and handling included
is copyrighted, it is not in the public able for SI 2,95 plus S2.50 for postage and
Payment must be in U S dollars by check drawn on domain. handling. Beginning in May, orders will
US bank.
If you write programs for your own be taken from COMPUTE! Books, P.O.
2U use, it's fine to incorporate any of our pro Box 2165, Radnor, PA 19089. «B

6 COMPUTErs Gazelle January 1989

Now the world of
Wizardry comes t
Commodore 64/128

Also available for:

Apple II Series, I
IBM PC & compatibles,
r*"dy WOO SX & EX.

ft. '.i.v .

With your Commodore 64 or 128 you can

now experience an exciting initiation into the
internationally-acclaimed world o) the Wizardry
Gaming System.
Begin with the first scenario': Proving
Grounds of the Mad Overlord. It challenges you
to overcome devious tricks and sudden traps,
strange and mysterious encounters, maze upon
maze of puzzles, stimulating and intricate sub
plots and sophisticated themes. Ingenious multi
level, mind-bending tests abound with vile
creatures, unspeakable villains, courageous
adventurers and strong allies to hinder and
help you achieve ultimate victory.

Sir-lech Software. Inc..

P.C. Box 245. Ogdensburg. NY 13669
ie; |315) 393-6633

: ■o' Registered trademark of Sir-tech Software, Inc. T

9 Copyright by Sir-tech Software, Inc,
;' Commodore is-a registered tra oi CommodQr'e i

By Mickey McLean

Play with the Pros

Tee it up with Jack Nicklaus, play
one-cm-one with Michael Jordan or
Larry Bird, butt helmets wilh John
Elway, or match managerial wits with
Pete Rose. Sports-celebrity endorse
ments are a hot commodity in the en
tertainment software industry. Some
titles feature the player or players in
animated action on the screen while
others simply carry their
Accolade's Jack Nicklaus' Greatest
IS Holes of Major Championship Golf
($29.95) features Nicklaus' favorite 18
holes along with two additional Nick
laus-designed courses.
You can arrange a tee time with
either three human opponents, a com
puterized Jack Nicklaus, or a variety
of computerized men and women.
Battle it out for big money using Michael Itirttan details the finer points of Ill's game for Electronic Arts.
Skins scoring or choose stroke play.
You also have a choice of pro, men's, the sport," Giuffre said. "Jack Nick John Ehcay's Quarterback ($29.99)
or ladies' tees. Designed as an updated laus is golf. You know it's a golf prod from Melbourne House (711 West
version of Accolade's popular Mean 18, uct, and you know Jack Nicklaus has 17th Street, Unit G9, Costa Mesa,
the new edition has added wind inten high standards." California 92627) is based on the
sity and direction and uphill or down Another recent release that relies co in-opera ted game of the same
hill lies for more realistic play. on sports celebrities is Jordan vs. Bird: name. Elway does not appear in this
jack NfeWfliis' Greatest 18 Holes of One on One ($29.95) from Electronic arcade-style football game; rather, he
Major Championship Golf is the first Arts (1820 Gateway Drive, San Ma- contributes as the game's endorser.
joint project produced as the result of teo, California 94404). The game pits Yet another release scheduled for
a three-year agreement between Jack the NBA's two hottest stars in a one- this spring, from Gamestar (Media-
Nicklaus Productions and Accolade on-one battle. The game also features genic, 3885 Bohannon Drive, Menlo
;550 South Winchester Boulevard, an Air Jordan Slam-Dunk Contest and Park, California 94025), is the Com
Suite 200, San Jose, California 95128). a Larry Bird 3-Point Shootout. The modore 64 version of Pete Rose Pen
Nicklaus, recently named by Golf two stars assisted the game's design nant Fever (S34.95). The game
Magazine as the Player of the Centu ers by offering suggestions concerning designers have incorporated Rose's
ry, plans to work wilh Accolade on their playing style and personal philosophies of playing and managing
additional home computer golf simu characteristics. baseball into the game.
lations including several course disks.
"Together, our goal is to create a
new breed of golf simulations—prod
Charting GEOS
ucts that will help bring the special
character and tradition of the game of The most recent addition to the GEOS family of products from Berkeley
golf to millions of computer owners," Softworks (2150 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California 94704) is geoCharl
Nicklaus said. (S29.95).
Ralph Ciuffre, vice president of Users can design charts with data imported from GEOS 1.2, 1.3, and 2.0;
marketing for Accolade, said that the GEOS 128; geoWrite Workshop; geoWrite Workshop 128; geoFile; geoFile 128; geo-
use of the name of a celebrity such as Cak; geoCalc 128; and the Note Pad desk accessory. Chart types include pie,
Nicklaus in association with a game unibar, area, point, line, column, bar, scatter point, and scatter line.
gives the consumer an instant famil Features include the ability to manipulate charts by changing type, fonts,
iarity with the product. point sizes, and styles. It also supports all 53 fonts in FontPack Phis. Charts can
"The celebrity needs to transcend be saved in photo and text albums or copied into GEOS applications.
[ COMPUTEI's Gazs/re January 19B9

California Here We Come

Personal computer users have seen the world, thanks to Blue Lion Software (90
Sherman Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140) and its line of adventure
simulations. With the help of Blue Lion, we've visited Paris, London, Spain,
and Washington, D.C., without leaving our homes. Its newest release takes
players on a journey through eight decades of movie history in sunny Southern
Gameplay in this series involves traveling around a city or country, collect
ing clues and answering questions. Ultimately a mystery must be solved.
In Ticket to Hollywood ($29.95), you must use six detailed 3-D maps to lo
cate famous landmarks. The maps also help you track movie stars around
town. While moving through Tinseltown, you are quizzed on trivia to test your
knowledge of such stars as Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Humphrey
In addition to sightseeing, the object of the game is to follow leads and
gather clues which lead to the solution of one of 25 mysteries. You can also
question the "director" about your favorite stars or movies.

It's Tax Time Again

Pull out your shoeboxes full of re
ceipts, sharpen your pencil, and get
ready to pay your fair share lo the
federal government. It's time to file
your income tax, Taxaid Software
(606 Second Avenue, P.O. Box 100,
Two Harbors, Minnesota 55616) has
released its all-new version of the
Taxaid ($49.95) income tax prepara
tion program for Commodore

The new edition includes all the

current changes in the tax laws for the
19RH tax year, Taxsid prepares IRS
Form 1040; Schedules A, B, C, D, E,
and SE; and l:orm 2441. Features in
clude automatic calculations and built-
in tax tables.

The Freedom Slick front Qtmerka operates

n wireless remelt control.
The Envelope, Please...
Look! No Wires!
Awards in all three computer gaming
Have you ever felt cramped playing a The arcade-style joystick can be categories at ihe 1988 Origins Con
computer game, especially in head-to- switched from manual play to auto vention were swept by MicrtiProse
head competition? Camerica {230 matic rapid-fire action. You can even Software (180 Lakefront Drive, Hunt
Fifth Avenue, Suite 1100, New York, aim the stick away from the screen Valley, Maryland 21030),
New York 10001) has alleviated this and it will still operate the game. Si PinUes! was named Best Fantasy
problem with a wireless joystick. The multaneous two-player games can be or Science Fiction Game, and it also
Freedom Stick (S69.95) utilizes infra played using two controllers. picked up the award for Best Screen
red technology similar to a television The package comes complete Graphics. MicroProse completed the
remote control, enabling you to move with the Freedom Stick, an infrared sweep with Project; Stealth Fighter
more than 20 feet away from the receiver tc attach to the computer, winning the prize for Best Military or
screen. and four suction cups. Strategy Game.
COMPUTES Gazetto January 1969 9

Save Toontown Dungeons and Dragons

Race Benny the Cab Joins the Computer Age
You've seen the movie,
read the hook, and through the streets
of Tinseltown, try to Strategic Simulations (distributed by
listened to the sound
retrieve Marvin the Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive,
track. Now you can re
Gag King's missing San Mateo, California 94404) recently
live the movie exper
will, and then use reached an agreement with TSR to
ience on your 64.
Movie merchandise gags to get past the produce software based on the popu
evil weasels at the car lar Advanced Dungeon & Dragons
tie-ins are nothing
new, bul with the toon Gag Factory. A game.

map screen displays Dungeon Muster's Assistant, Vol

popularity of
home computers, your progress against ume 1: Encounters ($29.95), a utility

movie merchan Doom. Screens also pop program designed to be used with
up to reward you with TSR's Advanced Dungeon & Dragons,
disers are looking
hard at computer games animated prizes present reduces gamu prep time by several
to extend their reach. ed by characters such as hours per session. The database con

The latest example is Who Framed Jessica Rabbit. tains over 1000 encounters and over
Roger Rabbit ($29.95) from Buena Vis The program is throe games in 1300 monsters and characters. The
ta Software (Disney Consumer Prod one, each with multiple skill levels, data can be modified by adding origi

ucts, 3800 West Alameda Avenue, music, sound effects, and animated nal monsters and encounters.
Suite 325, Burbank, California 91505). color graphics. The package includes a Heroes oj the Lance (529.95), de
Players must help Roger save Quick Start Card, a full-color poster, rived from the first AD & D Dragon-
Toontown from the evil Judge Doom. and a 12-page Gag Factory Catalog. lance game module, Dragons of
' Despair, takes you into the ruins of
■ the temple Xak Tsaroth to recover the
1 Disks of Mishakal. You control eight
■ companions with various skills and
\ Arcade Mania ■ attributes in battles against monstrous
■ The conversion of coin-operated ar- expands." ■ Draconians, giant spiders, skeletal un-
■ cade hits into home computer games Konami's current list of titles in . dead, and Khisanth, an ancient but
■ has become one of the hottest trends cludes Contra, Jacket, Rush '>i Attack, , formidable black dragon.
. in Commodore 64 entertainment soft- Boot Camp, Ajsx, CQBtlevsnia, Metal
. ware. Some arcade companies offer Gt'iir, Life Force, and Teenage Mutant
their own games for the computer Ninja Turtles.
market, while others have made li Taito Corporation of Japan has
censing agreements with existing soft set up a North American home enter Other companies jumping on the

ware manufacturers. tainment software subsidiary called arcade bandwagon include Mindscape
Two arcade heavyweights, Kon- Taito Software (267 West Esplanade, (3444 Dundee Road, Northhrook, Illi
ami and Taito, are moving quickly Suite 206, North Vancouver, British nois 60062), with a licensing agree
' into the Commodore arena. Konami Columbia, Canada V7M 1A5). ment with Sega to distribute its arcade
■ (815 Mittel Drive, Wood Dale, Illinois Arcade titles available from Taito titles, and Acrivision (Mcdiagenic,
■ 60191), the largest independent pro- include Operation Wolf, Rastan, Bubble 3885 Bohannon Drive, Menlo Park,
■ ducer of videogames for the Nintendo Bobble, Sty Shark, Alcoa, Arkanoid, and California 94025), with the release of
■ Entertainment System, launched its Renegade. Bally's Rampage. B
. home computer effort at last sum-
. mer's Consumer Electronics Show.
"It was a 'natural' for us to get
into home computer games, given our
experience in videogames," said Emil
Heidkamp, vice president of Konami's
consumer division. "We're ready to
' grow with the industry, providing a
■ continuous library of popular games
■ to home computer users as the market
10 COMPUTE-s Gazelle January 1989
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Editors and Readers

Do you have a question or a prob xs 160 IFWL>S(J-H)<VSTHEN190 program because it must initially de
lem? Have you discovered some HA 170 WD$(J)»WD$(J-H):J=J-H:I code the file.
thing that could help other sx 180 GOTO160
Commodore users? We want to AM 190 WDS(J)=VS:NEXTI
hear from you. Write to Gazette FS 200 IFHO1THEN150 Disk Drive Memory
RE 210 PRINT"[DOWNlSAVING ENTR I've been using a cassette drive with
Feedback, COMPUTED Gazette,
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, NC 0i"+LS:GOSUB310:IFER<>l
my 64 for the last three years. Now
27403. We regret that, due to the Til EN 2 70 I'm trying to learn machine lan
volume of mail received, we cannot JD 220 OPEH1,8,8, "0:"+LS + 1',S,W guage, and it seems to me a disk
respond individually to program drive is a necessity. One thing is not
ming questions. RA 2 30 PRINT#1:FORI=1TONW:PRIN clear in my mind: Does a disk drive
TWOS 11) add memory to a computer?
FE 240 FORJ=1TOLEN(WDS(I)):K=A Robert Snellman
Alphabetizing "SpeedCheck" SC(MIDS(WDS{I),J.D)AND
Wyandotte, MI
Dictionary Files DK 250 IFJ=LEN(WD$(I))THENK=KO
When you turn on your Commodore
] frequently use "SpeedCheck" for R128
JR 26(1 PRINT*1,CHRS(K);:NEXTJ, 64, it shows 38911 bytes of free RAM.
the 64 (December 1985 Gazette and
I Adding a disk drive docs not change
the SpeedScripl disk). Is there a way CG 270 CLOSE1 :CL0SE15 : IFLO0TH
this number. So in that sense, a disk
to alphabetize my SpeedCheck dic ENPOKE828,L+1:GOTO30
MH 280 drive does not add memory to your
tionary so that I can more easily END
MI 290 LS=CHRS(L):OPEN1,8,S,"0 system. But a disk drive does provide
check the entries for spelling errors?
:"+LS:GOSUB310:IFER=0TH a different type of memory—external
A. J. Parone, Jr. ENGETS1,K$:RETURN
memory. The disadvantage of exter
Philadelphia, PA FM 300 CLOSE1jCLOSE15:END
KR 310 INPUT*15,ER,EMS,ET,ES:E nal memory is that it takes longer to
The fallowing short program reads in RS=STRS(ER):ETS=STR$(ET read from or write to than internal
each SpeedCheck dictionary file (64 RAM. The advantage is that it is not
version only), sorts it, and writes it [DOWNHRVSI DISK ERRORi volatile—write your data to a disk
back to the disk: ";ERS;" ";EMS;ETS;ESS: and your information will be safe.
CLOSE1 If you think of a disk drive as a
eq 10 poke53280,12:pok£53281,1
2:print"[clr)[wht}[n} super-fast, ultrareliabie cassette
[down!SrvsIsort dictiona drive, you won't be very wrong.
Lines 10-20 clear the screen and
rv entries"
wait for the user to insert the diction One matter that confuses the is
TIONARY DISK(DOWN)":WAIT ary disk. Line 30 opens the disk error sue is the fact that Commodore drives
203,64,64:POKE198,0 I POKE
channel (using the subroutine at 290- have small RAM banks of their own.
828,ASC("A"I They use this memory for temporary
GB 30 CLR:OPEN15,8,15:L=PEEK(8 300) and then opens the dictionary
28):GO5UB290:NW=0:PRINT" file (with the subroutine at 310-330). workspace. In general, this RAM is of
READING [RVS]";CHR$tL);" The number of words in the file is de no interest to beginning programmers.
Toff) words" It has been used to rewrite portions of
termined by lines 40-60. Lines 70-
110 40 GET#l,KS:K=ASC(KS+CHRS(t>
120 read the words from the file and the Commodore DOS. For example,
NW=NW+1 place them in the array WD$. The GEOS writes its disk speedup routines
shell sort in lines 130-200 sorts the into this RAM for faster operation.
KJ 60 IFST<>64THEN40
FG 70 CLOSE1:IFNW<2THEN270 array. And finally, lines 210-280
RE 80 DIM WDS(NW):GOSUB290:FOR write the file back to the disk.
N=1TONW:WD?(N)="" SpeedCheck has a unique way of Printer: Are You There?
GF 90 F=0:GET#1,K$:S=ST:K=ASC(
storing words in its dictionary files. Some time ago, 1 wrote a budget
■KAND127:F=1 First, it leaves off the first letter of program in BASIC. I took great care
se 100 ifk<>39thenk=kor64 each word, since all words in a partic to put a lot of error trapping into it
bs 110 wds(n)=wds(n)+chrs(k):i ular dictionary file begin with the so that common mistakes wouldn't
f f then if s<>64 then
same character. Second, instead of exit the program with an error mes
kj 120 ifso64then90 using .a separator character between sage. My problem is I can't figure
gf 130 cl0se1:print"(down] words, it sets the high bit of the byte out how to test for a printer. If I try
(rvs)sorting..•" representing the last character in a to print out my final results without
ge 140 h=3*h+1:ifh<nwthen140
xc 150 h=int(h/3);fori=h+1tonw word. This storage format makes dic having the printer turned on, 1 get
:V?-WDS{I)iJ=I tionary files smaller but sloivs the sort "DEVICE NOT PRESENT" and
14 COMPUTED Gazette January 19B9
lose all my data. Please tell me how ucts are designed primarily for use in
to test for this. schools. Write to RTC Multi-Link, 110
A Commodore Network
Alan Moyer Riviera Drive, Unit 10, Unionville,
I own a Commodore Plus/4, a
Natick, MA Ontario, Canada L3R5M1; or Berke
Commodore 128, and a 1541 disk
From BASIC, it is quite easy to check drive. I was wondering if I could
ley Softworks, 2150 Shattuck Avenue,
Berkeley, CA 94704.
whether the printer is online. Output connect both computers to the
a null character—CHRKGto—and then drive at the same time. Would this
read the reserve variable ST. The burn up the circuitry inside any of
short routine below performs this test: the units? Random Noise
Benji Courliss There are some applications, espe
100 COSUB900:END
900 OPEN4,4,0:PR1NT#4,CHR$(0) Goldsboro, NC cially in the area of scientific re
PRESENT':CLOSE4:RETURN We connected a Plus/4 and a 128, a function just isn't random enough. I
920 PRINT"CHECK PRINTER":CLO5E4 have heard that there is a way of
64 and a 128, two 64s, and two 128s
directly to a single disk drive—a 1541 generating random numbers on the
940 CETAS:IFAS = ""THEN 900 and then a 1571—without much suc 64 using the SID chip. I assume this
950 GOTO9J0 cess. In all cases, the drive failed to involves PEEKing some location
operate properly or at least was which holds a random value from 0
You can use the same technique
unreliable. to 255. But I can't find this location.
in machine language, or you can rely
There are some commercially Also, how would i convert this out
on the Kernal routine CHKOUT.
available "black boxes" that permit put to a specified range—say, a ran
CHKOUT specifies the file number
two or more computers to be hooked dom number from 1 to 10?
representing the current output chan
up to a single peripheral. In fact, in Mike Nichols
nel and must be called just prior to
our listing room, several computers Kansas City, MO
sending a character with CHROUT.
Many Kernal routines, including share the same printer. Indeed, you heard right. Voice 3 of the
CHKOUT, return with the carry bit When the Commodore 64 was SID chip can be used to produce ran
set if an error occurs. An offline print- new and disk drives cost $600, there dom numbers, and with very little code.
er is one such error that CHKOUT was more demand for these black box In October 1988 "Feedback," we
recognizes. es. Now, it may not cost you much showed how to produce random num
Here is a short Mi routine that more to buy a second drive. If you are bers using this technique front ma
redirects output to the printer and still interested, try writing to Black chine language. Here's how to do the
checks for its presence using CHKOUT: Box Catalog, P. O. Box 12800, Pitts same thing from BASIC.
burgh, Pennsylvania 15241. Somewhere near the beginning of
; Check printer rouline
Many schools connect Commo your program, initialize the chip for
dore computers together using random-number generation. First, set
SETNAM SFFBD networking systems such as RTC's the frequency to maximum so thai
CLOSE SFFC3 Multi-Link Networkuig System and the random-number value changes
OPEN SFFC0 Berkeley Softworks' geoNet. These rapidly. Next, select the noise (or ran
systems allow the teacher greater dom) waveform and turn off the audio
STROUT $AB1E flexibility and control over a class output so you won't have to listen to
GETIN SFFE4 room full of computers. These prod- the noise.
PRCHK LDA #1 ;use channel 1
LDX #4 ;jii inlLT is device 4
20 POKE54287,255:REM SET VOICE 3
LDY#0 ;sccondary address
JSR SETLFS ;sel logical file
LDA #0 ;length of filename is zero
40 POKE54296,128:REM TURN OFF
LDA #1
JSR OPEN ;u|u-n printer channel
LDX #1
60 LL-1:UL-10:COSUB1000
JSR CHKOUT ;send output Io channel 1
990 END
BCC PROK ;carry is clear - no error
LDA #1 otherwise, handle error NOW, whenever you need a ran
JSR CLOSE ;close channel to prinler
dom number, just PEEK location
JSR CLRCHN jrestore I/O
LDA #<MSG ;Print error message 54299. This returns an integer value
LDY #>MSG in the range 0-255. Since you want an
JSR STROUT ;using ROM string printer integer 1-10, you must adjust this
WAIT JSR GETIN ;wait for space bar number so that it's in the proper
CMP #32 ;space is ASCII 32
range. The subroutine below does this
JMP PRCHK ;space pressed, so try again for you. Before calling it, set the vari
PROK LDA #1 ;printer is online able LL to the lower limit of the range
JSR CLOSE ;clo9e printer channel and the variable UL to the upper limit
JMP CLRCHN .■restore screen output and RTS
(see line 60).
.BYTE 13,0 1010 X-I NT<A*UL) + LL: RETURN HH

COMPUTE!'s GaiBtm January 19B9 IS

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WicroProse. and inMtration as a singio $01- HJanous NeanBaithals1 Project Stealth Fighter
oior conuoiiabis in 8 Oireciions. Go lor the gold in (Mis precur Experience me innii'
From MicroProse. sor 10 moOam Olympics. From Pilot a slale-ot-lhe-arl U.S. Air
Electronic Aits. Force COSAIR (covert, sur-
^ivabte, jn-Aealher. recon)
str*e f^hter From MicroProsa

Experience, try out and get n taste of To boot, receive your own complete samples of
challenging game demos, realistic simulations, and some of the best COMPUTE! disk programs ever
more. This is your chance to check out hundreds of published . . . with our compliments.
dollars worth of software programs from a special We can't think of a better way to help you
group of commercial software developers decide what software to buy. But hurry! This offer
participating in COMPOTEf'S Demo Disk Pack expires January 31, 1989. Order your own Demo
promotion. Disk Pack today. And order some for your friends.
They make great gifts.

•Each Oemo Disk Pock contains 4-6 disks. All MicroProse programs ate contained on one disk.
l!'s Demo Disk Pack!
he latest commercial software— developed
louses in the personal computer industry...

S receive as a special
bonus ai^c COMPUTE! sampler
P5 cross-section of
some of the best of COMPUTE!
itions'own disk programs,
I r the Commodore 64;

I ■'.■

Strike Fleet
Muni fto*ti trw enemyl
Command <i lugniecn naval
task force. Vour ifoacfwrous
meatec s d' Dperaw>n me Per
sian GuN. Die FalkanOs, « the
Hath AUantJC. From Betnomc

Here's all you do. Send J995 plus 52.00

postage and handling to:
COMPUTE!' Publicationsjnc.
One ol ir« A6C Puomruno Componiei
A port at CopilO Citlm/ABC. Inc
COMPUTEl's Demo Disk Pack
Dept. G
P.O. Box 5188
Greensboro, NC 27403
{New York Cllf rtsidcms adil HM'l. |iei Jemo illsk.)
(Norlh Carolina ttlldtnU aild JVliB pit demo disk.)

F-19 STEALTH FIGHTER will turn your computer into the holiest You'll discover hundreds of action-packed scenarios in real-
(lying machine on today's electronic battlefronl. The graphics are world regions — from a deep-strike mission in North Africa to
thai vivid ... the game play that challenging ... and the realism a reconnaissance fligh! over Central Europe. We'll train you in
that convincing. the basics, but only your skill and cunning can save the day.

Learn the secrets of stealth flying — maintaining a low Featuring

electromagnetic profile to evade enemy radar and 0 I.. !
mastering the tactics that only a stealth pilot dares to J^ ■ Advanced electronics, counter-measures
try. MicroProse has painstakingly researched stealth ■ ■ Intelligent enemies — land, sea, air opposition
technology — and we make it real! ■ Realistic flight experience
(Pitt ■-.'■■

Fqi Commodore C -64/128

Canf find F 19? Outside MDcatt BOOGJ5 0G32. wofedays &un ro 5pm EBT
nnd order by MC'VISA: or mail checkmoney orde/ far $44 95 for C-64/T28.
U S turxls only MD it'sirfenti inM 5% sales tai Kree shipping in U S , ■jrWUL*ItOh • ^O'

$b00iriiurnauo'iiii Allow l-3*(mlisfof US dekivft^y

■ rguably, the dullest piece of to national telecommunications-
Tom Netsel
11 software is a terminal program. service subscribers. Some services
Assistant Features Editor rt You may get a message saying are available 24 hours a day, but
/ 1 it's activated, but in most cases most charge higher rates during the
Do you collect baseball cards? the program just sits there—no day or during prime-time hours.
Play games? Travel? Read news? whistles, no flashing lights, no in Other services are available only at
vading aliens. But watch what it night and on weekends, when con
Shop? Invest? Chat? These are
does when you plug in a modem nect charges are lower. Compu
just a Few things you can do Serve recently dropped its prime-
and log on to one of the major tele
from the comfort of your home communications services. time rate entirely, charging the
with your computer, a modem, Within seconds your screen same price for day or evening calls.
conies to life with a world of possi Look for other services to drop or
and a few extra dollars. Here's a
bilities. Tap your keyboard and buy substantially reduce their prime-
look at each of the major online a camera, check airline schedules to time rates as well.
services and what they offer Rome, chat with other callers, battle If a service is in Virginia and
Commodore subscribers. invaders from space, play bingo or you live in Arizona, don't worry
chess, read the latest news from Chi about your telephone bill. The ser
na, research a term paper, get help vices maintain local phone num
with a program you're writing, or bers in most metropolitan areas or
download free computer software. provide access through one of the
All this and more is available telecomputing carriers, such as

COMPUTED Gaiolls January 1989 19

Tymnet, Telenet, or Datapac (for
Delphi continues to expand and en
Canadian subscribers).
Here's a look at the leading on hance its numerous online services
line services and their fees, and a and features. Younger subscribers
rundown of the major features they will want to check out their own
offer Commodore subscribers. conferencing and message base in a
new forum called Person-Person,
located in Delphi's entertainment
Other recent additions include
CompuServe calls itself the largest a twice-weekly trivia contest called
online information service, with TQ!, an anagram puzzle called
more than 460,000 business and Scramble, and Immortality, an on
consumer subscribers throughout line adventure game. Subscribers
play traditional board games as
the world. CompuServe is so popular
in Japan that arrangements are under well as interactive and single-player
way to establish a local telephone adventure games.
number to serve that country's Delphi's Commodore SIG for
64 and 128 users contains a library
growing list of subscribers, says Commodore forums
Dave Kishler, CompuServe's super of public domain software for
visor of corporate communications.
and SIGs downloading, a message board,
CompuServe supports several and a conference area. MANIAC is
Commodore forums, or special-
Hardware help devoted to computer art and graph
interest groups (SIGs), dedicated to ics. Artists post their masterpieces
Software libraries
the 64 and 128. Each forum has its and download the works of others.
own message board, library of soft Electronic mail If you have questions about any 64
ware, and conference area. The or 128 painting or drawing pro
Commodore Users Network in Current news gram, MANIAC supporters can
cludes an Arts and Games forum, a probably supply the answers.
Communications forum, a Pro Several SIGs are devoted to
gramming forum, a Service forum, noncomputer subjects such as writ
and a Commodore Newsletter. ing, theology, science fiction, mu
If you have a question about sic, movies, and aviation. Users
Commodore equipment or a specif with an interest in foreign lan
ic piece of software, you'll find oth guages may want to check out Terra
er users ready to supply an answer. Nova. This SIG, designed primarily
If you're having trouble getting a for international callers, lists all
new word processor to work prop Delphi menus and help files in five
erly with your printer and interface, languages. Terra Nova also offers a
chances are others have experi Serve's electronic mail system, translation service that is beneficial
enced the same problem and are EasyPlex, is now tied into MCI and for many business subscribers.
more than willing to pass along a Telex. Log on to CompuServe, go to Menus and files are available in
solution. There's even a hotline to your EasyPlex mailbox, compose a Japanese, French, German, Span
the Commodore factory if no one message, and send it to any Telex ish, and Esperanto.
else can help. machine in the world. By the time Merchant's Row offers sub
In addition to computer-related this issue appears, CompuServe will scribers online shopping, including
areas, CompuServe has 150 other have added a worldwide fax link, al access to Comp-U-Store, a discount
forums, covering such topics as avi lowing subscribers to transmit fac shopping service. Going on a cruise
ation, entertainment, finance, similes of printed documents. to the Caribbean or flying to Hawaii
health, sports, and travel. Each fo CompuServe has a $39.95 reg this winter? The Electronic Connec
rum has its own library, message istration fee. Charges are £6.00 an tion provides a database for plan
board, and conference area. hour for 300-baud and £12.00 an ning your vacation or business trip
Sending written messages hour for either 1200- or 2400-baud, and offers discounts on cruise and
electronically is a popular feature 24 hours a day. CompuServe re airline tickets.
on all the online services, and it's cently dropped its prime-time Delphi also offers callers com
especially true with CompuServe's charges. plete financial news and reports,
broad base of international users. CompuServe, P.O. Box 20212, electronic mail, and two electronic
But communication is not limited to Columbus, OH 43220; 800-848-8199; encyclopedias.
CompuServe subscribers. Compu- Ohio residents, 614-457-0802 Delphi's $49.95 registration fee
20 COMPUTE'S Gazetta January 1989
includes two hours of connect time. GEnie
The non-prime-time rate for either
300-baud or 1200-baud is $7.20 an "We have a significant number of
hour. The prime-time rate between new customers who have never
7 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays is used a computer before, never used
$17.40. Premium services, such as a modem, and they're looking for
Telex, fax, and some financial re help," says Bill Louden, GEnie's
ports, carry a surcharge. general manager. "If they have a
Delphi, 3 Blackstone St., Cam question about their computer or a
bridge, MA 02139; 800-544-4005; piece of software, they can go di
617-491-3393 in Massachusetts rectly to our staff of experts and get
an answer. GEnie is a great people-
resource for consumers who have
Dow Jones News/Retrieval questions."
GEnie supports more than 60
Dow Jones emphasizes news and fi RoundTables, and these SIGs in
nancial information for the busi clude all major computer brands.
ness community and for consumers Ask questions, post messages, ac
who want to access such infor cess software libraries, or join con
mation from their homes. ferences on a variety of computer-
"The service is designed for related topics. Commodore users will
the individual looking for infor be particularly interested in GEnie's
mation in the corporate sector," ac 6100 games, graphics programs,
cording to Dow public relations and utilities for the 64 and 128.
manager Carla Gaffney. "If a com In addition to computer SIGs,
pany is interested in tracking the GEnie has expanded its Round-
competition, acquiring another Tables to include such topics as
company, or just checking a rumor, photography, writing, science fic
our service will help them." tion, scuba diving, politics, games,
You can search through more education, and genealogy. Recent
than 45 databases for financial additions include religion and eth
information from the Dow joues ics, aviation, and radio and elec
News Service and the Wall Siree! tronics.
journal. If you need to check back The GEnie Mall has more than
issues of the journal, Dow Jones has 40 merchants who sell wine, cloth
complete issues dating back to Jan ing, coffee, computer items, fishing
uary 1984. supplies, and jewelry. One even
Dow Jones' online information provides quotes on new automo
includes company profiles, statisti biles and accessories, information
cal information, and financial infor vestors considering a particular of that will help you negotiate a fair
mation on 10,000 publicly held fering like to know its record. Trade price for your next BMW.
corporations. Information is sup Line, a recent Dow addition, pro NewsGrid provides users with
plied from such sources as Zack's vides historical information dating current stories compiled from 18
Corporate Earnings Estimator, In back 15 years on stocks, bonds, op news services such as the Associat
sider Trading Monitor, Disclosure, tions, and mutual funds. ed Press, Reuters, and China's offi
and Investext. The Dow Jones registration fee cial news agency, Xinhua. Specify
Quick Search is a Dow Jones is $29.95, which includes five hours key search words or phrases and
service that provides a full report of connect time. After the first year, quickly locate news, sports, busi
on specific corporations. Compiled there is a $12.00 annual fee. At 300- ness, or weather stories of interest.
from multiple databases, Quick baud, the rates are 95 cents a min GEnie offers stock quotes, trav
Search includes late-breaking news ute between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and el information through American
stories, a company profile, and com 20 cents a minute during non- Airlines' EAASY SABRE reserva
plete financial information in one prime time. At 1200-baud, the rates tion system, and a 40-channel CB
package. An online portfolio alerts for those times are $2.09 a minute simulation called LiveWire. GEnie
subscribers to any late-breaking and 44 cents a minute, respectively; has a special $50-a-month charge
stories or announcements that they go to $2.47 and 52 cents at for unlimited access to LiveWire.
could affect a firm's stock prices or 2400-baud. Stellar Warrior and Stellar Em
earnings. Dew Jones News/Retrieval, P.O. peror are popular science-fiction
Although past performance Box 300, Princeton, Nj 08543; 800- games that offer a degree of com
can't guarantee future trends, in 522-3567 plexity that should challenge the
COMPUTERS Gazelle January 1989 21
avid game player. Other multi- tem," Panzl says. "That has to do
player games include flight simu with us being a smaller system. I
lators, chess, blackjack, back think people just get to know each
gammon, and Gemstone, a D & D other better on PlayNET."
adventure. PlayNET's $19.95 registration
GEnie charges $35.00 an hour fee includes the necessary terminal
for access weekdays between 8 a.m. software. A monthly maintenance
and 6 p.m. and $5.00 an hour dur charge of $12.00 includes three
ing non-prime-time hours for hours of access time. PlayNET is ac
either 300- or 1200-baud. There is a cessible between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m.
surcharge of $7.50 for 2400-baud. weekdays and al! day weekends for
A one-time registration fee of $3.60 an hour, 300-baud only.
$29.95 includes two hours of access PlayNET, 105 Jordan Rd., Troy,
time. By the time this article ap NY 12180; 800-PLAYNET
pears, GEnie may have announced
a significant reduction in its prime-
time rates. QuantumLink
General Electric Information
Services, 401 N. Washington St., Designed for 64 and 128 users ex
Art clusively, QuantumLink, like Play
Rockville, MD 20850; 800-638-9636
NET, requires its own special ter
International links
minal program. Its easy-to-follow
PlayNET Shopping menus are controlled by the func
tion and cursor keys, eliminating the
If you're looking for games and you Travel reservations need for special commands. Down
like to chat online with other 64 loading programs is especially easy.
and 128 users, consider PlayNET. Although PlayNET and Q-Link re
Designed exclusively for Commo semble each other, their terminal
dore owners, PlayNET offers 11 on programs are not interchangeable.
line games that incorporate color written by other users. Program Q-Link provides guest speak
and graphics, including chess, mers upload their program to Play ers, special events, contests, tutori
backgammon, and bridge, and NET and offer it for sale. If other als, and live seminars. There's
three text-only games, bingo, pok subscribers download the program, something scheduled almost every
er, and blackjack. PlayNET bills their accounts, cred hour. Astronomy, foreign lan
Traditional rnultiplayer games iting the full amount to the seller. guages, cooking, human sexuality,
have been enhanced for the 64 and Tutorials, message boards, baseball cards, trivia, and a teens-
128 by the addition of color graph game shows, online shopping, role- only club are just a few of its
ics. "You see a full-color chess playing games, and live discussions forums.
board on your screen," says Play are other popular features. Play Hardware support groups,
NET president David Panzl, "and NET plays host to about 40 special news, graphics, music, program
your opponent sees the same thing. events each week. Its forums tend ming, CP/M, and games all have
It feels remarkably like sitting to cover social issues, computer-re dedicated message boards, confer
across the table from the guy, and lated topics, and education. Trivia ences, and software libraries for the
you can talk back and forth while contests and games patterned after 64 and 128.
you play." "The Dating Game" and "The People Connection is Q-Link's
PlayNET's menu makes it easy Newlywed Game" are especially social center where subscribers chat
for subscribers to find their way popular. CB-style. Up to 23 people can occu
around the system, which supports Like QuantumLink, PlayNET py a room at one time. Rooms have
a variety of interesting SIGs. The requires special software to take ad names that give users some idea of
CB simulation is especially popular, vantage of color graphics on the 64 what to expect before they enter, if
but keep an eye on the clock—chat and 128. These Commodore-specific you don't see a room you like, you
ting with other users is addictive. systems compete more with each can open your own. Rooms called
PlayNET has a large library of other than with the other ASCII Teens Only, Girls Only, Argue with
public domain software available services. Q-Link has more subscrib Me, Alternate Lifestyles, Over 30,
for downloading. Another library, ers, but PlayNET has a dedicated and Sex are just a few of the popu
the Software Trading Post, offers following. "A lot of people tend to lar gathering spots.
programs for sale that have been feel PlayNET is a friendlier sys The Commodore Information

22 COMPUTED Gazette January 19B9

Network supports a hot line to The Source
Commodore, and representatives
are often online to answer ques The Source offers a wide variety of
tions. GEOS information, updates, business and consumer online ser
and patches are available from vices and continues to update and
Berkeley Softworks. Electronic enhance its databases and other
Arts, Braderbund, and other major features. Find answers to your
software companies often host on questions about computer hard
line discussions. ware, software, and applications
QuantumLink, available only from industry experts or subscribers
during non-prime-time hours and who have faced similar problems.
on weekends, has no registration Each SIG has its own message
fee other than the $9.95 software, board, member directory, data
which is supplied at no extra charge bases, and software files. The
with GEOS and other software. Us Source supports all major computer
ers pay $9.95 a month for unlimited makes, in addition to offering SIGs
basic service, plus six cents a min for game enthusiasts, science-fiction
ute for certain selected services.
Financial information
fans, and business professionals.
QuantumLink, 8619 Westzvood CHAT lets subscribers con
Stock quotes
Center Dr., Vienna, VA 22180; 800- verse with other members, and
392-8200 Research SOURCEMAIL handles the elec
tronic mail. There is even an area
Horoscopes for holding online business
People/Link meetings.
Film and book reviews The Source's bulletin board
Talking with other users online is a service provides more than 70 cate
popular feature on most systems, gories of online classified ads. Post
and it's no exception at People/ messages or buy and sell items or
Link. In fact, this division of the services. An online shopping cata
American Home Network offers log offers bargains ranging from
100 PartyLines for People/Linkers, popular feature that's being electronic equipment to sporting
or Plinkers, as they're usually expanded. goods.
called. People/Link's registration fee Stock-market reports, financial
Commodore users will want to of $15.00 includes a one-hour cred newsletters, and online portfolios
stop by several of the 22 Clubs and it. Non-prime-time rates between 6 are just a few of the investment op
Forums to see what's happening p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday through portunities on The Source. Other
with other 64 and 128 owners. In Friday and all day weekends are areas of interest include news,
addition to the computer SIGs, if $4.95 an hour for 300- or 1200- sports, weather, airline information
you have an interest in business, baud and $11.95 for 2400-baud. and reservations, software and
games, education, writing, or sci Prime-time rates are $11.95 for movie reviews, horoscopes, and the
ence fiction, People/Link has a SIG 300-baud, $12.95 for 1200-baud, Grolier Academic American Online
for you. There's also a group for and $14.95 for 2400-baud. Encyclopedia.
teens. Join the Frequent Plinker Club The Source charges $30.00 to
Electronic Mail lets Plinkers for $15.00. Club dues are $10.00 a register and has a $10.00 monthly
compose, edit, and send mail to month but members get a 25-percent fee that applies to connect time.
other users at the touch of a key. discount on all rates. This can save Prime-time access between 7 a.m.
Subscribers upload letters, docu you money if you are online more and 7 p.m. is 36 cents a minute for
ments, binary files, or programs than eight hours a month at 1200- 300-baud, 43 cents a minute for
that have been written offline, sav baud. 1200-baud, and 46 cents a minute
ing on connect charges. Plinkers who call via Telenet's for 2400-baud. Non-prime-time
Plinkers buy discounts on PC Pursuit are charged $3.00 an rates are 14 cents a minute for 300-
cruises, tours, and other travel- hour, day or evening, at 300, 1200, baud, 18 cents a minute for 1200-
related services and products. or 2400 baud. baud, and 20 cents a minute for
TWA's online TravelShopper pro American Home Network, 165 2400-baud.
vides information and reservations N. Canal St., Suite 950, Chicago, IL The Source Information Net
for airline tickets, hotels, and rental 60606; 800-524-0100; Illinois resi work, 1616 Anderson Rd,, McLean,
cars. Online shopping is another dents, call 312-648-0660 VA 22102; 800-336-3366 m
COMPUTE! s Gazelle January 1989 23

It/man f»* /«tm rlw hsthaiige Some-

/Mrt W» inwois «Yuf low

^uw v*jucj" fait the wvrkTs ttufiibt-i one iirtjdt!»? f/o""1' Alt Vw .iciton-packed arcade thrifts of
this owesofe liost,itje ivscnn we >vaily lor tio>ni> video piny


Now you an Ilirifllo oim> at the b-ggcsl-irvvr cv'ii-op ti<!s on you'home computer, fiasten's n
graphics Idles you to s m.igtc^t tdmi of •idvcifiurc nmt exctement.

Tatto? An\3notd,'" ReiyegodeJ0 Afcoii'v Bubble 8ol>bl(-!v S*y Srt.i't,'*' ft.Klun'v J 983 Atf rights rrsrrved Commodore ts a irademarh olCommodore
and Operation Wolf'^arorrjdcmjrisat Ttm Anwricv Inn Copyright Ltd Advertisement by. Oudtty & Company. !nc (Chicago}.



The rj game In EurofM for 3 months. Scw'b'c through WO screens as your Don't settte tot tf>"tatn)ns. The game vofetl "one atlhe best hprntf ynfito g.imcs
braniovfwus hutitiies. Bub and Boh. itnvit you craty with fon-siop dclicni evor" by Eiectmn'c Game Player Magfl/irw is nreily to blast into your homo.


Take the omadv'* meanesT &r borlte home tot Jeeps Strop «> lor explosive Th,s is Ihe graphics ot this lost.
high-flvng ncftfi- Ho/don for VQurMoas you soar through mcredibto gmphtcy paced. 51nrBr.5tyle karate brawt. fitut uul what real acCron js aft a

5) INTER-PLANETARY WARFARE. Taito games will make your Commodore

scream with the sights and sounds of arcade
action, adventure, survival, destruction, heroes,
villains and heart-pounding thrills.
These are the world famous arcade originals
and they're ready to wail on your Commodore.
Arkanoid;" Alcon'," Bubble Bobble"' Operation
Wolf;- Rastanr Renegade'1' and Sky Shark'"
will make your Commodore do things you didn't
think were possible.
Everyone knows that arcade games are the
benchmark for all other video games and Taito
has been an arcade leader since 1953. Since then
we've made over 1,000 classics for arcade and
homeplay. Counton Taito to bring the heat of the
arcade to your home computer.
Buy Taito products at leading stores every
where. Visa/MasterCard holders can order direct
nto one of the holiest urcatia spues gomes rtgfii tr> your own
hom\ itv irtter-pti/wtarY conihot- You've never seen act-on like this. anywhere in the U.S. by calling 1-800-663-8067.

David Hensley, Jr. and Randy Thompson

Want to see your name in print? way. From drafting the main article the program does in the first two
Each year, thousands of people to preparing your software, it's all paragraphs of the article, and then
tike you arc getting their work pub here. explain how to use the program.
lished In computer magazines. Try to make your instructions
COMPUTE! Publications alone as easy to follow as possible. That
publishes more than 150 programs way, all users—from beginners to
each year. Where do these pro Learn how to get your experts—can benefit. Before you
grams come from? Most of the time start writing, study articles from the
programs published by a
they come from you, our readers. magazine you're planning to sub
How you present your pro
computer magazine and mit to. By looking at previously
gram is often just as important as make money published articles, you can judge
the program itself. You can't just programming. Here's the such considerations as article
mail your program on disk to a length, style, and other things rela
inside scoop on what
magazine and expect it to be pub tive to your program.
lished (you'd be surprised how magazine editors look for. More than anything else, your
many submissions arrive this way). article should be informative and
Although it may be the best thing clearly written. Editors are more
since SpeedScrlpt, without docu concerned with the content and
mentation and a cover letter, it's What Does It Do? readability of an article than with
likely that your submission will be All submissions should include its style.
rejected upon arrival. documentation. More than any the first page of your article
If you're serious about getting thing else, a program article must should contain the following infor
a program published, the tips in explain what the program does and mation: your name, address, tele
this article will help you on your how it's used. It's best to state what phone number, the title of your

26 COMPUTED Gazelle January 1989

program, and the date of your sub This is especially true of utilities. If request a copy of the magazine's
mission. Also, list the program's re- your program uses or requires cer author's guide. This guide will give
quirements. Does it require a tain files, such as hi-res pictures or you a more detailed description of
joystick? Does it need a printer? text files, provide those files on what the editors expect to see. Au
Does it run in 80-co!umn mode on your disk. Machine language pro thor's guides are not intended to
the 128? grams should be accompanied by serve as a directory of what types of
Ideally, articles should be typed source code. programs a magazine is currently
or printed on a printer. Handwritten seeking—that changes too often
articles are difficult to read. All lines and is influenced by a variety of
within the text of the article should DO factors—but it's meant to remind
be double- or triple-spaced. If you • State what the program does in you of form and style of articles and
use a word processor to write the ar the first two paragraphs of your program submissions.
ticle, send a copy of the article on article.
disk in ASCII format. Most word • Save your article on disk in It's in the Mail
processors provide an option for ASCII format. There are several things to consider
saving a document as plain ASCII before you drop your submission in
• Provide a cover letter. .
text or in unformatted form (Com the mailbox. Publishing companies
• Include a demonstration
modore ASCII is acceptable). Here receive a tremendous amount of
at GAZETTE, we welcome articles mail. It's always possible that some
written in SpecdScript format.
• Keep a backup of your disk and will be temporarily misplaced or
a copy of your article. misguided. Although these situa
Take the time to write a short
cover letter to accompany your arti DON'T tions are rare, it's a good idea to
cle. Cover letters help identify a make a backup of your disk and a
•Send in a program without pro
submission. Your cover letter copy of your article before mailing
viding documentaion. .
should explain that the program is a them.
• Forget to include your name Package the submission se
submission, and then it should de
and telephone number, the title curely. Large-sized office envelopes
scribe briefly what the program
does, why it's useful, and who of your program, and the date seem to work best. To avoid dam
of your submission on your ar age, place your disk in a disk mailer
would use it.
ticle or cover Setter. or tape it between two thin pieces
Presenting the Software • Submit a program that requires of cardboard. To ensure that your
Documentation is important, but the use of an obscure hardware article is directed to the correct per
the most crucial element of a pro device. son, address the envelope to "Pro
gram submission is, of course, the ■Send more than one submis gram Submissions Reviewer."
program itself. Avoid submitting sion in an envelope. Before sealing the envelope,
programs that cover narrow topics • Submit a program to more than check to make sure everything is in
or ones that require obscure hard one magazine at a time. cluded. The package should con
ware devices. Editors and submis tain the following: a disk that
sions reviewers look for programs contains at least two copies of the
that contain new and original ideas, Supply and Demand program, an article, a cover letter,
but, to be accepted, the program What type of software is in de and a self-addressed, stamped en
must also appeal to a broad mand? Games, educational pro velope. Screen shots, photos, and
audience. grams, and short, original artwork are not necessary, but in
Program size is another con programming utilities. Here at some cases they're helpful. Do not
sideration. Most publications list COMPUTE!, we're continually send more than one submission per
their program submissions within swamped with sprite editors, DOS- envelope, and be sure to provide
the magazine, making it impossible enhancement programs, and spe the correct postage.
to publish extremely long pro cialized databases (bowling The next step is simply to wait.
grams. As a general rule of thumb, secretaries, record collections, vid Most magazines reply to submis
BASIC programs should be no eotape filers, and so on). Utility sions within 4-8 weeks.
more than 15K in length, and ma programs are fine, but computing
chine language programs should be should be fun as well as productive. Getting Published
no more than 5K. Every time we receive a quality Getting a program published can be
Want to catch the magazine game, such as "Arcade Baseball," a rewarding and satisfying expe
editor's attention? Include a dem "Basketball Sam & Ed," or, more rience. There's a certain pleasure in
onstration program. A demo also recently, and in this issue, "Cross seeing your name in print. Besides,
saves an editor's time—something roads II: Pandemonium," we getting a program accepted by a
almost all will appreciate. And a snatch it up. It's the same with edu computer magazine means money
demo gives the evaluator an imme cational programs. Commodore in your pocket. And what better
diate idea of what your program is computers are widely used in way is there to share your work
and what it can do. schools and in homes with chil with the world?
The longer it takes to get your dren, yet good educational submis With a little ingenuity and the
program up and running, the less sions are rare. tips listed here, you, too, can be a
likely it is that it will be bought. To fine-tune your submission, published program author. Of

COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 1989 2?

With our new software, your favorite arcade games come alive
n on your home computer, r
If you own an IBM, Amiga or Commodore
computer-Watch outl Because 4 of Konami's I-

most awesome adventures are about to invade.

Mdu'II confront the missions you've dreamed
of in Rush 'N Attack, Contra, Jackal and Boot
Camp. And you'll find yourself face to face
against unequaled challenges, with incredible
graphics, awesome music, and sound effects
that'll blow you away
So check out Konami's newest action
wherever great software is sold. And be
prepared for war.

HEirASI Lecrf 1 C«nputBF M*t
Compuieor Flay ikyijqric Sofrware 103 Onto" Avt.
lOQO Firsts Mali 22 Miller S!, (716) 325-2787


Wieet Sofrwafe

■^uliw.irp FJtr Merm.fiios 108 Wnftiwk Auf
2701 Mir*;A«. B4 5wefJenSt fSISJ 382-7886

H^tkKOti Computtft

i6W)«26- ?01l (207JB'j4-IISb

Micjcrware Magic
6625 Oiue H*v

f4l3|4*?2«S l
BABBAGES Homr Computing
ii2si: aw.
Ram»F?un Ctirrpyter
#■103 3%^fdsliHKj(unSl. £591 rV. Court
7*W0 Silwrtnn Aw. Die kjlrw.ire y-iop WFET REDDJNG

CHILD WORLD AND |6l"?j 74O-0tl3

22 Front y
(S08| 756-M52 fiOSRemvAve

HT Elements MfCHfGAN

|fl OSJ7 3 ?-0900 Sc-Ftwjre UeiXft
230S Many T01 W N.11K* Fftl
197(11 H.iriil(ynAv«t ftOONSOCKEf
|713J53B?JI* l24N0ITHMirr
33/ Fiivri it

l/OSoiiw:ire H^AUWONI
SoftWiiFP RfJiraF


KOtneK Home Ccfnpmer\
43?WWaJnSl. Cenltf FO^T \XOflTH


' ' **'*'''*'
WWJge-wooiJ Solhwd

|fil ?^2W-?3Sj
rkiiwli Flookiton- JIW.t'EWSE ClfV
1614 W UnwrMly Thr ?oftv«i(e Ukx) HOUSIOW
I9O1I 376-5406 7POCc(3tipS| FtoFfy yw/.irt]
271 Mi-frwmf


Midwwc CiimpiHPrs

Camp uier Ewerlence


[305| 735-6700
FWMAliWCITlf WPJf JERSEV [S12) 5-10-2901
Gull Ca^ii bkidgeuwef;


Computers SoTTWfT rf £1C
4M Cwnrncm MLSy
Annirfilln OrDihcrj-1



T69SM MitoaiyTrafl 11200 Mprngcncy

|HO7f4 71-1976 NE |304j 263-1333
Vrrgi»ii>3 Witro
Micro- TkJi Solutions' AJJtrtFVY

991A ALirOj.* A\rt- COFTlfJirWT CfJIWr

CAN IOW |703J49|--6EO2

ENTERTAINMENT 1 7S ^ Mam Soitw«ieEft WAiHirvtjiorv

CHICAGO ScFtw^rL' Depot
CHEEKlOWAGA l3IOOceanbca(h
6212 W tt¥itFmA«e\ f^piii Cwnpurefwarj;- HWy

rofi N VtrmiFion
(206) 775-3530
(Boston and Washington D,C. Area Stores OnJyJ 39-01 Mipn Si
Software PiuiMttii HfGHlAND IALLS
Nibbles & Bytes
|3l2fB3?-69OO A0?0% Swli-Si *105


Unicwi HalF Inc HOLBKOOK Cupirir rn[pri"[^ul
6521 N. ?ndSl. Trading Pbst
i6tjl SuntJieHwy 3S2d VftaxJLtJKT Rgric
Him ioftwart CtfWf ?
Attention Dealers: 2036 S MCAnrwr
Soltwa re Supernvirtart1
|206f 54 7-A6M

For further information on Konami's line 3570[>rLiiA..ifcAi*. ' VANCOUVER

ioftw.irc Ptut |7!4jaJ3-532l Software liuf^xirt In I.
of computer games, call customer service 731 WDimdwftJ. LATHAM
J700 N E AntfrrijOT
at (312) 595-1443. |JI2JS2{H/]7 Conipmfmr.Try
C93 Imrtin Pd JANE^VILLp
|SIJi| JH3-ltiaH RomeTn SoFiwaw
Sunniy SfiFivv^ri1
rdEWVOPKcriv 2100E Mrr^rlufcW


Corr\pucfrr feF^w^rt
Coffiputer Dimerrsions (?[2| 732-BdCO
T7(WU>wryUi Ltujl's Compuln T07IQWOfclahoma
F^75ThiJMA^ Awe.
Dfitouni Civrputer RICGEUOQO ConpuiCT;idiw
Only Rush 'N Attack and Contra wifJ be available Ol» WWll 4901 U'nJtnglon
far Amiga in I98S, c 1988. Konami Inc. W*E KirwsHvty 7f>70 Frt-yi Pund Qtt Arf-
Pool of Radiance the game, but, before long, you'll want
to settle back and study the other
ridding the swamps of lizard men, pre
venting a band of nomads from attack
Dungeons and Dragons virtually created booklets. ing Phlan, discovering the source of
the entire genre of role-playing games. As in most role-playing games, river poisoning, and rescuing an heir. As
In these games, you typically become a you begin by forming your party of ad you might guess, none of these is easy.
character in a fictional world, trying to venturers. Once this is done, you send In keeping with AD & D's origins in
stay alive to gain wealth and experience your party out into the ruined city of war gaming, Pool of Radiance's combat is
as you move from adventure to Phlan. In the small, civilized part of quite elaborate. When you join a battle,
adventure. Phlan, you'll find shops to buy equip the display becomes a battle display.
Even from its beginnings as a ment and goods, a training ground for You can set the computer to control any
board game, D& D quickly expanded furthering skills, several temples and or all of your characters in combat, or
its influence. The publisher, TSR, taverns, and a city council for receiving you can take control of as many of them
added books of rules; coined a new news and missions. Civilized Phlan as you want. Taking control means
name, Advanced Dungeons and Drag also has a dock area, where you can moving them into position against the
ons (AD & D); and watched the games catch a ship for the Sorcerer's Island. enemy and directing them to attack or
become a cultural phenomenon. The main screen display shows the defend in various combinations. Char
Groups of teenagers, almost exclusively world from the character's point of acters can aim at specific targets, change
boys, spent entire summers playing the view, looking straight ahead down a weapons, bandage injured party mem
game, and more than a few college stu street or corridor. Other views include bers, turn undead enemies away from
dents sacrificed their studies to take an overhead area map and, when appli the party, use items, cast spells, and so
part in endless D & D sessions. The cable, a wilderness map. on. Of course, all this takes time, espe
newspapers were full of sensational cially when fighting a large group of en
tales of youthful obsession, many based emies. As 1 write this review, my 128D is
on stories that were almost certainly running through a computer-controlled
apocryphal. School boards banned it, battle of six characters against many
parents forbade it, and—quite natural ores, and the fight has taken 20 minutes
ly—the game's popularity increased as to execute. If you control all your charac
a result. ters individually, expect battles to run as
All computerized role-playing long as 60-90 minutes.
games have their roots in the AD & D To judge Pool of Radiance fairly, we
board games, including the text adven need to ask two questions. First, how
tures and even some simulations and ar does it fare as a recreation of the
cade games. If you've played Wizardn/, AD & D gaming system? Second, how
Bard's Taic, Phattiasie, Wasteland, Ultima, does it fare against its competition in
Zork, Beyond Zork, The Pawn, Starfiight, the computerized fantasy role-playing
Star Commander, Road Wars, or one of genre? The rest of this review will con
many, many others, you have experi centrate on those two questions.
enced Dungeons and Dragons' influence. After visiting the city council and Pool of Radiance does not attempt
AD & D itself has never been com receiving a mission, you begin by tak to recreate all of the rules of AD & D.
puterized, at least not in a licensed ver ing control of Phlan from the monsters What it does, instead, is concentrate on
sion. Banking on its considerable and evil characters. First stop is the the "feel" of the parent game. For ex
reputation with the war-gaming hob slums, which you work block by block, ample, there are only six character races
byists, SSI has released the first of a gaining experience and treasure as you available—dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf,
projected line of licensed AD & D prod go. With inexperienced characters, halfling, and human—but these repre
ucts. SSI's intention is obvious; to bring you'll have to leave the slums after de sent quite well the kinds of races possi
AD & D to the computer in a faithful, feating each group of enemies; later, ble in AD & D and its offspring. There
competent, and intelligent manner. To you can explore and clean out addition are also only four classes—cleric, fight
that end, SSI plans a series of adventure al blocks without having to go back er, magic-user, and thief—but again the
games, action games, and Dungeon each time to the civilized area. range is represented. The game uses
Master's aids. Of course, you'll find items in the AD &: D's alignment system, with the
Pool of Radiance, a role-playing ad slums that will help you later. When the program keeping track of whether or
venture, kicks off the whole thing. Re slums are finally cleaned out, you go not the characters act according to their
leased first for the 64, the box is packed back to the city council, collect your moral guidelines.
with four disks (not copy-protected), a praise and rewards, and receive a com Because they demonstrate most
code wheel (which provides the copy mission for another adventure. You'll clearly SSI's commitment to the AD & D
protection), a 30-page rules manual, a find other opportunities listed on the model, character creation and the use of
40-page adventurer's journal, and a 4- walls outside the council or by over magic deserve special mention.
page quick-start card for 64 users. The hearing rumors in the taverns or from Creating a character involves sev
quick-start card lets you jump right into characters vou meet. Missions include eral steps, which the program guides

30 COMPUTE''* Gazelle January 19B9

you through. First, you choose the char vidual color for arms, bodies, and so on. of the other two games as well (to say
acter's race; then you choose the gen It's a nice touch, and it allows you to nothing of Wizardry or Alternate Reality
der. Next, the screen shows a value (up identify the characters as they enter the on this system). Certainly, Pool ofRadi
to 18) for each of six characteristics: battle display. ance includes too much fighting and not
Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexter You can also cast magic spells. One enough character interaction, but only
ity, Constitution, and Charisma. You method is to memorize spells, which Ultima has made definite steps towards
can keep these characteristics, or are forgotten when cast, as in AD & D. easing that problem. Pool's combat sys
choose Roll Again to generate new ones Magic-users can enter spells in a spell tem is clearly too time-consuming, but
as many times as you like. Then you se book and cast them using a Read Magic for some it will address an omission on
lect the character's class. In the case of spell. This spell is also used to cast the part of the other games. All in all,
nonhuman characters, combinations spells from a scroll. Unlike magic-users, SSI's first AD&D product holds up
are possible: a half-elf, for instance, can clerics pray each day to get their spells; well against its impressive competition.
be anything, including a combined as you might expect, clerical scroll spells It will be interesting to watch the
fighter/magic-user/thief. Next, you se can only be cast by clerics. You'll also system develop. Bard's Tak and Ultima
lect the character's alignment, and fi find that spells do not always succeed. have both undergone substantial im
nally you give him or her a name. Overall, how does it compare? Pool provements, and Pool of Radiance will
So far, this is the standard proce of Radiance comes with the built-in le likely go through the same process.
dure for creating characters in an gitimacy of AD & D, so role players Will future adventures add more
AD & D game, but this next step is both new to the electronic version, especially AD&D features? If so, will they vary
new and impressive. A picture of the those with AD & D experience, should with each adventure? Will character
character appears in the top-right cor probably start here. As the system classes, races, and magic spells grow in
ner of the screen. You can then choose evolves, incorporating more AD & D number in an effort to keep the AD & D
from a variety of heads and bodies, cus features, it will become increasingly ap players happy, or is the system basical
tomizing your character's appearance. pealing to a crossover crowd. The ad ly set? Whatever the outcome, AD & D
The only drawback is the amount of venture plays well, maintains interest, players have a fascinating package to
time needed to load the individual has a well-designed interface, and takes examine and explore. Pool of Radiance
graphics from the disk (this could have a long, long time to complete. In other won't satisfy them completely, but it
been smoother), but the idea is very words, it's like most other computer represents a good and significant start.
good. After selecting the appearance, ized role-playing games. —Neil Randall
you then design the icon for the charac But is it better than Bard's Talc? Or Strategic Simulations
ter, as it will appear on the battle Ultima? Obviously, that's a matter of 1046 N. Renplorff Ave.
screens. You can choose from several personal opinion. On the 64, Pool's disk Mountain View, CA 94045-1716
weapons and stances, as well as indi access is much too slow, but that's true $39.95

Faster than a Speeding Cartridge
More Powerful than a Turbo ROM
1-800-772-7289 It's Fast, It's Compatible, It's Complete, It's...
1312)879-2888 IL

C64 Repair ...n ., . 42.95 Amiga Repair

,„,„„„ 99.95
C128 Repair m 64.95
Amiga Drive
1S41 Permanent
Repair 149.95
Alignment 29.95
Printers CALL
1541 Repair 79.95
Monitori CALL
1571 Repair 79.95 Other Equipment .. CALL ! Ultra-Fast Disk Operating System for the C-64, SX-64 & C-128
■ Spwds up ail disk operation*. Load. Save. Formal. Scratch. VaKdaie, access
PARTS AND LABOR INCLUDED PflG, SEO. REL S USH Mes up To is :,:■.=; hs!t-:
■ lb« no port!, hot my. or titra cabling. The JillyOOS ROM; upgrade your
|APO. FPO. AIB ADD 110.00|
compuier and dnve|s) into malty lor maximum speed and compalfciGty.
ISubJcci Id Pans Avall?blllty|
- Ouir>nt»«d10D14compallbl#iiiilhall5oHwar«andhirdimn>. JflyOOS weeds
i p I Ik told, nfl ,i nd mi ?m\ I Me- acce s s op era) c n ol vi rtually al I co m to rcial software.
Built-in DOS WwJgi plus 14 additional commands and convenionca features
including ona-koy loaoVsave/sciatch, directory manu and screen dump.
COMMODORE PARTS Easy do-H-your»lt Installation. No electronics experience or special loots re
C-64 Power Supply 34.95 quired. Ill uslrated step-by- step insitiKiions included.

128 Power Supply 59.95

JrtlyOOS is available lor C-64,64C, SX-64, C-1E3 S C-126D {JilfyD0SA2fl speeds
C-64 Over Voltage Senior 19.95
up boih6<t and 128 modes) and 1541.1541C, 1541-11,1671,1581. FSD-1S2,MSD-
Other Parti CALL 1&2. Ewe! MOi, Enhancer 2000 disk drives. System includes HOMsfor computer
[Plm lirni Shipping'Handling)
All parti for Commodore equipment usually in stock inslructbra. Usars Manual, Money-Back Guarantee, Sunlimiiod customer sipport.
For Parti Call [3I2| 879-2350
Dealer Discounts Available C-64(SX-64 Systems S49 95; C-128 C-138D systems $59.95; Addldrive RDM's S24 95
Please add S4.25shipping<handlingpef order. VISA'MC, COD. Money Older accepted
TEKTONICS PLUS, INC. Call Of wriia lor more inlormation. Dealer, Disiribuior. a Useis' Group pricing available

150 HOUSTON STREET Please specify computer and drive when ordering
Creative Micro Desians. Inc.
P.O. Boi 789. Wilbralum, MA 01095 Phone: (413) SIS-OOiJ
5[>lridii:.m;ilDr.,Uoxf>tS, :■ loiigiiHMdon. "A 01026 FAX:(413) 525-01*7

COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 19B9 31

ADVERTISEMENT Bubble Ghost counterproductive, but it also makes
you look stupid.)

Well, ( can't help it if you've never heard If you blow too hard, the bubble
of a bubble ghost. Everyone else knows will hit the ceiling and burst. So be
tlint ghosts spend their time blowing ready to get above it and blow it down
notes bubbles. If you didn't lake in this bit of ward. (Yes, I realize that now you're
wisdom along with your strained baby blowing toward the floor, but this time
#3A food, then blame your parents. it's necessary.)
Actually, ghosts don't blow bub If the bubble touches anything, it
-4* Belter Loops with Flight Simulator - White will burst. The fact that many rooms
bles. They create bubbles from soapy
the "Flight Physics" manual description is
water, or whatever that stuff is, and use have sharp objects means little, except
adequate for most, we gel enough calls from
frustrated computer pilots unable to perform a loop
their ghostly breath to push bubbles for its psychological effect. You could
to warrant the following additional instructions. For through 35 rooms (or levels) of a dank just as easily pop your bubble against a
those already successful at looping the aircraft and moldy laboratory. The ghost must down pillow as an industrial drill bit.
these Instructions should heip make your loops complete the hazardous course before
rounder and more satisfying. he can find eternal rest. At any rate,
After diving to the suggested looping airspeed (180 that's what it says in Accolade's docu
knots will do), add as much up elevator as possible mentation for its new game.
without stalling the aircraft- A5 you pitch up and Blame the bubble ghost for the
airspeed slows you will have to reduce, some of this game's hazards—the apparition is the
elevator pressure, Many people leave the elevator
spirit of a crazy inventor vs'ho haunts
setting on high and become frustrated when the
aircraft stalls before pointing straight up. fn a
his own laboratory. He filled his lab
perfectly round loop your elevator should be almost
with crazy inventions, and, for some
all The way back to neutral by the time you're upside strange reason, they all have sharp
down. Since airspeed is veiy slow at the top of the edges. (Maybe it was one of his inven
loop (and the portion of the circle traveled is small), tions that got him into this mess.) It's up
your pitch attitude change should be gracefully to you to help him blow his bubble un
slow bs well- Start adding up elevator pressure
der, over, around, and through 35 levels
again as airspeed increases. By the time you get to
the bottom of the loop, the up elevator setting
of insanity.
should be where it was when you began the
At the start of the game, you'll be
maneuver and your airspeed should be adequate presented with a menu for choosing op More meaningful hazards come in
to begin another loop. tions for one or two players, sound on the form of electric fans that can alter
or off, and a practice mode that works your bubble's course. To test your tim
with any level except number 35. My ing skills, you'll encounter rooms with
knowledge of the various obstacles extremely narrow passages and inter
comes almost exclusively from this last mittent laser beams.
option and from watching my children At the start of the game, you re
play the game. I prefer not to say which ceive six bubbles. Break a bubble, and
level 1 reached on my own, but with the you get another one, until you've de
same number of dollars, 1 wouldn't ex pleted your supply of six.
pect any change back at McDonald's. At the end of a game—which
As the game begins, you find the comes very soon for some of us over the
ghost and a bubble floating in midair at age of 13—you'll have the chance to
the right side of a room with stone walls. type your initials next to your score on a
Press your joystick's fire button, and the hall-of-fame board. You may have the
ghost puffs his cheeks and blows the chance, though I never did. My children,
bubble across the room toward an open Mike and Kelly, filled the board with ri
ing. One puff won't be enough, and diculously high numbers that didn't give
you'll have to follow the bubble by their father a ghost of a chance.
= 1M KTS.
moving your ghost with the stick. That's Bubble Ghost. It's distin
As you go through the opening, guished by good graphics; good anima
In summary, up elevator setting varies throughout
the loop. The faster your airspeed, the greater the you'll see your score advance. You get tion; a theme song that, thankfully, can
up elevator pressure. Flight Simulator is the only bonus points based on how few bub be toggled off; and a delightful ghost
simulation on the market that accurately portrays bles you used, whether you caused the with a good range of expressions. It's
the flight characteristics of a light aircraft when ghost to blow so hard he got red in the fun, frustrating, silly, challenging, ridic
performing this maneuver. In reality there's little
face, and how much time it took to ulous—all the things that make pure
room for etror in the amount of up elevator you can
complete the level. arcade games worth playing.
use. and meeting the challenge of performing a
The first room is easy enough. Ac One note of caution: Animation
perfectly round bop can be a very satisfying
experience. You may even find yourself more colade starts you there to get you famil and graphics of this quality use most of
knowledgable about loops than many iar with the game. From then on, the memory locations of your 64; you'll
non-acrobatjc pilots who fry real airplanes. Happy prepare for frustration. probably need to disconnect your print
trolls.! In the next room, a spinning object er and/or second disk drive before the
5 lib LOGIC Corporation is in your path. You may be good game will run.
501 Kenyon Road enough to pass over it just at the right —Ervin Bobo
Champaign, IL 61820 moment. It's possible, but not likely. In
TELEPHONE: (217) 359-8482
stead, rotate your ghost 90 degrees, Bubble Ghost
ORDER LIME: (600) 637-4983
move him under the bubble, and blow Accolade
V\cbk address any feedbatWccrrespondence regarding the bubble upward. (If you rotate in the 550 S. Winchester Blvd.
SubLOGIC products, operations, O' this "Flight «ot«"
column to ATTN: Chalrmnn1* Dtflc*.
wrong direction, you'll find yourself San lost; CA 95128
blowing at the floor. Not only is this 534.95

32 COMPUTEfs Gaz&tte January 1989

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DovTitn.' \\k jL'tuin Create scn- vjufN Tonsnffun Extended holiday hours (11/1/88-12^15/88)
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ndnJLnioierSKXliiUhctijnliiiciild 11 S. Ononl«Minifcr$IOI)ail(JJ3.00. RkAK, HI, FPO,
I'M II", llll.'7- . IM.iv.w.O'A r>2J"
ai\). oa/S antes. FW Canada & Puerto Rico, mtdS7.JO loutfarden
Software Discounters Of America
Abacus Books Access
"It is a pleasure to do Anatomy of ihc 1541 $14 Hchelon w/Lip Stik $29 "In the past 2 months
Anuiomy ofthc 64 $14 Bamous Course Disk #l I have ordered three
business with a ibrWirklClussL.B $14
1571 Internals $14
company thai does (;i:<)Si[isidL-&Om $13 Famous Course Disk #2
times, and every lime I
truly care about GKOS Tricks & Tips SO IlirWorklChissL.B SI4 have been impressed
Abacus Software Famous Course Disk #3 with howfast I receive
customer satisfaction." far World Class L.B $14
T. Sudol
Assembler Moniior $25
L^dcr Board (Original] my software."
Basic $25
3 Puck $14 Jim [:iunlln
Basic 128 S39
Icnlh [Tame 525
BeckerBasic* S33 Triple 1'ac.k: HH1. BH2,
CadPak $25 Raid Over Mdsl-ow $14
C:idl>:ik I2W $39
World Class Leader Board $25
Chart Pak $25 Steel Thunder S19
Chart Pak 128 $25 Accolade Test Drive S19
Coboi $25 Apollo 18: Mission lo The Train: Escape to
Cubol 128 $25 iheMoon S19 Normandy S19
t'ortrun $25 BubbleGhosst $19 T.K.O Call
['I'M $25 Card Sharks $19 Ad ion Soft
PPM I2K S39 frisi Break $19 Thunder Chopper $19
Speed "tern 64 or 128 525 4lh& Indies'learn Up Periscope! S19
SupcrC $39 Cons! rue I ion Disk.. . ,$'J.K8
SupcrC 128 $39 Grand Prix Circuil Call
Super Pascal $39 Jack Nkklaus Golf Call Black Jack Aeadenn S25
Super PasCLil 128 $39 Mini Pun $19 Crossbow $19
TAS S25 Power ai Sen $19 I--18Hornel $23
TAS 128 $39 Rack'Em SI9 Paery Tale Adventure S25
•Inquires OBOS! Serve & Voilev S19 Mainframe $23
Maniac Mansion $23
Might & Magic S25
data Victory Music Suidio 523
EAST Road Ocean Ranger $23
The heroes from Ikari Postcards $16
Wiirrwrs are back Shanghai $19
Sky travel $33
ii'. linn:, jnu'n; up :i|>ain*t the ni™-
ThcLasiNinja $23
oos Stonchud and iiK Lrizano Bimy.
vmi hjvt; wtiiu it tiikcs latmd Vic- ZakMcKracken $23
American Educational
Biology S12
LiMl'rio: SIIA
■IIA $U) Learn lo Read (Gr. 1-4) S25
$24.95 *rict 17
Science: Grades 3/4 $12
Science; Grades 5/6 $12
Science: Grades 7/8 $12
US Geography $12
USHistory $12
Platoon Ikari Warriors World Geography $12
Guerilla warfare in Fas I-paced arcade World Hisiory $12
southeast Asia excitement Artworx
Bridge 5.0 $19
lixpcrfcncc the lull impactofihe Bxpviflncc iln.' puUc»pQund&ig i'vciu Cycle Knighl $14
uward-winning Film as you Itud yoiB ment ofgDCrills war&reBsyouApd Daily Double Horic Racing $14
your partntM" KiMk >iwi iaj> behind
International Hockey $14
Vietnam. tnciny lines.
Linkword Trench S16
Ultra Linkword German 516
t.isl I'ricc SWA *■«(» UaPilce Shut $|/TSS Linkword Russian 516
H9.9S Mee 1" s:'>.'J5 Wee ' 10 UnkwonJ Spanish S16
Strip Poker $21
Data Disk # I Female S14
Mien C. Hush
The Hunt This issue's winners of Data Disk #2 Male SI4
Bolingbrook, IL Data Disk #3 Female $14
For Red "Winter
James N. Hoik Avalon Hill
October Games' Overfield Hatch. FL NBA Basketball $25
Deadly undersea adventure are: NBA'86 Season Disk $14
Gt'ur^e T. Kubin
As cjptoin »l Husiij'a nem."»T ttUC-of- Spitfire'40 $23
Si. Louis. Ml
Ihc-tfi flib you're trying la escape rod Super Sunday $21
R'lsdezMXj'.vnlluhe American Niivy Kenneth Smith SBSWKfi Team Disk 514
The enemy will do anything Easlop you. RohnmePark, CA SBSOen.Mgr.DiBk $19
Will you stjecjcd?
Batteries Included
Michael Waldron
LN Price .SOA Pocateih, ID Paperclip 3 S33
i.W.95 Prii* Paperclip Publisher $33
Winners must contact us by II3II89 to claim their prize.

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Software Discounters Of America

ALCON Arkanoid Rastan Renegade

Battle for space in the year The legendary arcade classic Arcade adventure in an Blistering, fast-paced, real
2059 ancient world of danger! life street-style karate action

The plhintt Or-ic iMiihicr alien »ccu]\i' Only CPPMIUCTIhW .wd lijihlnmj! VUu ancient, mylhical U>prJth, siy jungs ntini Ihc Ueepiny
lion, ind [hcALUcdLcAguaoTCoEinLc reflora ciin bnffli ihmugh tk- .'1 walls l-viI !()nh. ^Illv deadly dregonSi :inil cBy. Only yiHi can pui ibaH ilui^s in
Niitii")1.1 ALCON I tiii\dn>.«L'ii you us ol1 living energy hclween yon and the Ehcirpkicc face down in the puller!
fiawKlcfs East hopa bo stop the enemy destroyer tit'[he urn verse. Kins.

Lisl Price Lisl Price Saier <'|/'88 Liy Price SDA .
Price S29.95 Price 10 S.M.9S frkt Lj $34. MJ Price

Baudville Central Point Designware Electronic Arts

Award Make; Plus S23 Copy 2 S23 Body Transparent $19 Alien Fires $19
Bla/.iny Paddles $23 Cinemaware Spellicoplcr $19 Bard"sTalelor2 $26 Ea.
Rainy Day Games $19 Digital Solutions Bard's Tale 3;
Defender of the Crown . .. .523
Video Vegas $19 The Thief Of Fate $26
Sinbad: Throne of the Pocket Filer 2 519
Berkeley Softworks Falcon 523 Pocket Planner 2 519 Bard'sTale 1. 2.or
GEOS 64(2.0) S39 Warp Speed* 533 Pocket Writer 2 533 3 Hints $9Ea.
GEOS 128 $44 •All 3 in 1 Super Pad! $59 Caveman Ugh-lympics.. . .$21
Gc«-Caltl2S $44 Chessmasler20<X> S26
General Acct. 128 $119 Digitek
Chuck Yiicger'sAI'T 523
Geo-File 128 $44 Inventory 128 $49 Vampire's Empire $19 Deaihlord $21
Geo-Write Workshop 128. .$44
Desk Rick Plus* $19 Data East Demon Stalker S21
Fon! Pack Plus* S19 Breaklhru 519 Dragon's Lair 519
Gco-Calc* S33 Commando S14 Double Dragon 523
Goo-File* S33 Karnov $19 Instant Music 521
Gco-Programmer* $44 KidNiki $19 Jordan vs. Bird $21
Legac)Of The Ancients .. ,S2I
Geo-Publish* $33 Lock On Call The Games
•Requires GEOS 64! Speed Buggy S!9 Master Ninja 519
Winter edition
Tag Team Wrestling S14 Mavis lk-acon Teaches
Box Office Typing ., $26
California Raisins S16 Modem Wars 523
Alternate Reality
Psycho S16 Monopoly $21
The City $19 Pegasus $21
The Dungeon S19
Roadwars 521
Arcade Game Const. Kit ..$19 Android Decision S19
Rockford S2I
Bank St. Writer $33 Annals Of Rome $19
Scrabble $23
Carmen SandiCgO! Battle Droid/, 519 Scruples $23
Europe $23 Bismarck $19 Skyfox2 $21
World $25 Cosmic Relief S19 Skate or Die S21
Downhill Challenge Cull Hire/one $19 Star Fleet 1 526
Print Shop 526 Global Commander $19 Strike Fleet S21
RS. Companion $23 Napoleon In Russia $19 The Mars Saga 523
RS. Graphics Library Rubicon Alliance 514 Twilights Ransom 523
#l.#2,or#3 SI6Ea. Tomahawk 521
Wasteland 526
RS. Graphics Library Video Title Shop w/
Holiday Edition S16 Graphics Companion .. .521
Toy Shop $19 ACtton-poCfctid tlmlK lit Ihc winter edj-
Davidson "/ know of no other
urai (if the official I'JKR U.S. Olympic
Algeblasler $32 ibUD gfm»l Downhill skiing, speed place I could go to buy
Bionic Commantlo $19 Math Blaster $32 •kJimg. cn»s-ci>untr) skiing, iiguri;
software, where I cart
Ghosts & Goblins SI9 Spell l! S32 sLilin^. slalom, and luge.
Gunsmoke SI9 Word Attack S32
get this kind of great
Side Arms $19 LIfl Price service."
Speed Rumblcr $19 Price
Jim Roberts

Free shipping on orders over $100 in the continental U.S.

Software Discounters Of America
EPYX Gamestar Mindscape Origin
California Games $24 GFLCh. Football $23 Alien Syndrome $23 Auioduel $25
Champ, Wrestling $14 StarRankBaxing2 $19 Bad Street Brawler -$19 Moebius $25
Create A Calendar $19 Tbp Fuel Eliminator $19 Blockbuster $19 Ultima I or 3 $25 Ha.
Dealh Sword $19 lnfocom Captain BIimhI $23 Uliima4 $39
Destroyer 524 Beyond/.orkl2S $29
Clubhouse Sporis $19 UItima5 $39
Fast Load® $24 Color Me: The Computer Professional
BorderZane $23 Coloring Kit $23
Final Assault $24 Fleet System 2 Plus $33
Sherlock: The Riddle ofthe
4x4OffRoadRacing ... .$24 Crossword Magic $19
Crown Jewels $23 Reet System 4 128 $43
Impossible Mission 2 $24 Deeper Dungeons* $16
Zork Trilogy $29 Rainhird
L.A, Crackdown $24 DeJnVu $23
Inkwell Systems Gauntlet $23 BlackLamp $14
Metiocross $16
Sporting News Baseball.. .$24 #170 Deluxe I..P. So9 llitrrierComhaiSim $19 Corruption $25
Street Sports: #I84C Light ftsn 544 Indiana Jones & The Enlightenment $14
Baseball $14 FI«idraw5.5 $23 Temple ol Doom S23 Guild ol1 Thieves $25
Basketball $14 QraphlcsGalleria#l $19 Indoor Sports $19 JinMer $23
Soccer $14 OraphiGsGalleria#2 $19 Infiltrator 2 $19 Starglidcr $14
Sub Buttle Simulator $24 Graphics Integrator 3 S!9 Into ihe Eagle's Nest $19
Summer Oames $14 Intracorp Out Run 523
Summer Games 2 $14 M1SL Soccer 523 IconTroller
liiimpLT Sticker Maker... .$33
The Games: Paperboy $23 Faster, more versatile, mure
Business Card Milker $25
Summer Edition $24 Perfect Score SAT $44 accurate than a mouse
Builon&Badgu Maker.... $33
Tower Tt>p pier $24 Power Players Joystick ... ,$19
Logical Design Road Runner $23
Winter Games S!4
World Games $14 Club Back namniun $19 720 Call
WSBsCraps $19 Space Harrier S23
Vfejps Gambler SI9 Super Star Ice Hockey $23
Melbourne House Super Star Soccer $23
Uarhiiriati $19 Uninvited Call
Heavy Metal 'Requires Gauntlet!
JohnHlway'sQB $19
Modern l.uuI combiit MISC
Baseball $25 Hob's Term Pro S29
Box Score Stals $16 Bob's Term Pro 128 $39
Doodle $25 Great lor iiiin-iiriien software, pull
Genera! Manager $19
Final Cartridge 3 $47 down maws. litkI pain! softwait. E'in-
I9M7 Team Data Disk $14 ^criip contiDl withDQt rejiiuvini! \inir
WWF Wrestling $19 FonlMasier2 $29
hand lmmllK'kt'\ board.
Fmi Master 128 $35
MkroProse lit™
Airborne Ranger $23 Lin Prtce .Suitr
P-lSStrike Eagle $23 (19.93 Price 12"
(iiinship $23
Pirates $25 Where In
Project Sieallh Fighter $25 The U.S.A. Is
Red Storm Rising $25
Silent Service $23 Carmen Sandiego? Tac-5
Siurt u Bsetwid HeuKflaM ud ■>*<nK The exciting sequel to Where Controller
ynur Wiiy iipllirnu^hllicriiuksli.isL'i! In the World Is Carmen Exclusive new Micro-Switch
ljjvml your performance at ,i lidd
SandtegQ? technology
Dark Castle
SDA Mutants, ruts, bats,'IS Price vultures, whips, and chains

Computer design .mi!
graphics program


The ulliirulc gamejuystkk, Mil
J]~hc lv\t
lilo-judtbk' ttt'dtutk lor hSUS
and lustier Kans. Supcr-duriih
C'jn you survive Mil" DiLikCisllL-lo
EanghuxMcaltta Bbcfc Knijihi".1
UJusUali", deMpn Lnuk'rcjlc uilli llus List IYiic List IVilc SDA j
Mjn> h;i\c Ini'd aitd nnn> liii\-e Tm
sclf-bjonumcd drafting hatrd Works Pria I19.9S Prici--
Ntjn il\ tourlurn.
\Mih movi [vtpuLir primer*.
List Trice SDA $ t.i>t Pru-c
Suht .
Pritt 19' " Your fast delivery and low prices are outstanding!'
S89.W Mm

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Software Discounters Of America
"I' m ready to explain Hubble liobble $23 to you, and lake Three Sixty
your order." Warlock Call

16 Order Call: Timeworks __^_

Data Manager 2* $14
US. & Canada Data Manager 128 $33
iivclyn Wood Reader SI4

PartuerW S25
Partner 128' $33
.Swiftcalc/Sidewnys* $19
(PA Orders— 1-800-223-7784)
Swiltcalc/Sidcways [28 . ,$33
visii Us On CompuServe (GO SDA) orGEnic (SDA) Sylvk Porter's Personal
rin.PlanncrM $25
Sesame Sylvia Porter's Personal
Matterhorn Street Print 'Tin. Planner 128 S33
Screamer Kit Word Writer 3* $25
It lakes skill, timing atui Word Writer [28 $33
Includes 60 Muppet *All.Vml Power Pack ... .$39
luck to win
characters, 20 borders,
I-Xuki- inotjiii.nii gotui, leap in pud ooi Unicorn __^_
7 typefaces in 3 sizes, and
(if hnh*li"dsL .mil wjtdu'ut tuf sck'lesnis Decimal Dungeon SI9
special effects
Fraction Action $19
MallcrtKirn Percentage Panic $19
Lisl Price Jccorjtiuns, po-jcrs. bjnner^. anJ Race Car Rithmetic SI9
S9.93 Price" man. Com^uUc %viih rrintPowc 'ten I.iitlc Robots S19
Unison World
Art Gallery I or 2 Slfilia.
I.]si I'rii-
S14.W I'rli-i' 7
Art Gallery 3: Fantasy $16
Print Master Plus $23
Weekly Reader
It makes learning fun Stickvbcar Series:
pLils fLiiiiilNiri/i: early readers ABC's $16
wilh WOnJ rct'dgniiinn and spelling pul- Mathlor2 $16 Ea.
icms in ihis leuer matching ami spelling Numbers $16
Opposiies $16
Spdlgrabber $16
Ua ;»8 Typing $16
Animation Station S49
liunus SS. DD $4.99 Bx.
HonusDS. DD $5.99 Bx.
CompuServe Starter Kit .. .SI9
Simon & Schuster Kampfgruppc 139
Contriver Mouse $33
JKUsserMoneyMgr. . -. .SI4 I'an/erSirike! S29 Disk Case (Holds 751 . . .56.88
Typing Tulor4 $19 Phanlesfel,2or3 ... .526E;i. The Three Disk Drive Cleaner $6.88
Sir Tech Ouestron2 $26 Epy\50OXJ Joystick $14
Rings of Zilfin $26 Stooges
Deep Space $2.1 Wieo Bat Handle $17
Roadwar20(X) $26 It's like starring in your own
Wizardry Scries: WlcoBoss $12
Road war Europa .$26 Stooges movie
Knight of Diamonds S25 WicoErgosticklS $19
Shard of Spring S26
Proving Ground $25 'nicThrccSt(K>gcsarc/anierlhainBBcr XETEC Super Graphix $59
Shiloh: Grant's Trial S26 JCETEC Super Graphix
jslflcv tr> alii we jiutld bJ)1 jrnJlKT
Springboard Sons of Liberty S23 Ihfit hcjuliful daaghtCB ttimi jnoil Gold S89
Certificate Maker SI4 Typhoon nf Steel S32 ImiiVlt. FEtfUTCS M'V, l.^irr) and XETEC Super Graph]* Jr. .539
CM. Library Vol. 1 ... .S'J.KK War Game Const, Set $21 Curlj 's nc[ujl voices. *A11 programs on disk unless
Newsroom S14 War in S. I'acilic $.19
UtIPricc SDA otherwise noted.
N.R. Clip Art Vol. I ... ..$').88 Warship $39 134.95 Wee
N.R. Clip An Vol.2 ... ,$>J.88 Wizard's Crown $26
N.R.Clip An Vol.3... .$9.88 Sublogic
RS. Graphics t-\pander . . .S23
Flight Simulator 2 S32
SSI I:S. Scenery Disks Call 4th & Inches
Advanced Dungeons & Jet $26 Football so real you'll need a
Dragons: Stealth Mission $32 helmet and shoulder pads!
HeroesoflheLanee $21 I f.rJ inn nr pru I. ■ ■ I uctiun. com*
Pool Of Radiance $26
"I'm only 13 anil do plOO wilh blitzasi bomts, uml goal lb»
Battle Of Amietam $32 ^mni!^. 1b win vi>u ik'cJ Ih^ iiios'c^of a
B-24 $23 not have a lor ofmoney si ar placer and Iheycm us d .1 vclcran
Demon's Winter S21 to spend. So SDA ™*1v Ultra
Eternal Dagger 526
is great." Us Prim Sntr $-|jrsj(
Gettysburg $39 I29.9S Prira ' It)
jLNin M.

Free shipping on orders over $100 in the continental U.S,

Stocking StuffersUnder $10
Accolade Onc-ffli-Ooe S'l.ns Slam Dunk Ifi.xs
Rattan vs. Rommel. 49.88 Squash 16.KS
Ace of Aces $9.88
I'iiiIkiI! Consl. Sel . .V> KH
Win, Lose, or Slorm S6.88
l-iglu Nighi $9.88
Hardball S9.8S
Hating Desi. Sel . ..S9.B8 Draw Ten Speed Sfi.XX Reading activities Tor
Seven CUIes of Gold J9.88 Vejiiis Poker & graduates of
Activision Skyftn I9.8B Jaekpii! S4.NH Sesame Strut:!
Aliens . . S9.8H SirporBoutderDash SlJ.88 Walerhiln S6.SS
Cnss Country Ulumale Wizard .. .S1.KH RS Mimlsaipi:
RoadRBM S'l.HK VibridiburOolf.. ,.$9.88
'link's Advenmre. . .J4.K8
OhoflbuslBre S'J.Sfi EPYX finis's Mazes S4.S8
Hsclwrlora ,..S9.88Ea,
PltstopS S0.8« Tiink in Ihc Lund nt
Lillll! ClimpillUr
Gamestar Buddy Bols S4.NS
Reopla S9MS
TukCinesioTown . .S4.88
Transformers S9.88 Champ. Baseball. . .S'J.88
Artworx Chomp Bajkeiball .59.88
On Court Tennis ..S9.8S Congo Bongo' S4.NS
Beach Uhlikel
Stu League BasdnlU
\WI»ybal] S1.K8
On Field iwiball 19.88 Shnrc Da In
Equestrian Show
Jumper VJ.KK HES fuiKTin ration S9.8K
Highland Games...$9.88 MiwosoflMulliplanSy.K8 FamilyRjud $k.kk
ThaiBoxhMj S4.NS Hi-Tech Expressions Based on (he Jeopardy SM.kk
Avanlage Jenp:irdy2 S9.SM
Aw.irdWare Sl).K« fast growing cn [odtselop vntububry
Wbed iil'Kunune. . .S8.8S
Decepnif S9.XK Card Ware S6.S8 syndicated TV show Includes 50slon fnrnmis
Wheel .it hHiune2.S9.88
Desert Im S9.8K I'anyWare S9.88 Guess fjmt>UM]H-»[i."h, lilies, jiid JOOiMxddkilomiy Ages
Jet Boys S9.8R Print Pwrer S9.SK Sierra
Plasmatron sy.xx "liim Sawjer's Island S6.E8 ctxnpnicr in bright, humorous Frogner Sfi.KN
Li si Price
P.wlt S9.KH High-iich graphics. Fun i"i iba whole Grog's Revenge M.88 ™*$8S
Project Space Ii family, Wizard*
Station I9.8K ThePrlncess ....$6.88
Sesame Slreel Scries; UsiPrice SIX\ \tt--,s
Siyma? S9.8K Wi/lype Sfj.KN
AMro-Grover.. . .$6.88 m.fs Price O SSI
Spy vs. Spy I&2...S9.88 Simon & Schuster
itiil Bird's Special (,uiim-h:.-H.-;iI-.t s" XX
Box Office "Delivery S6.88 Greet liu'l. Paper Airplane Gcmstonc Warrhir. .S9.KX
AIT 59.8H Ernie's BigSptasliJ6.S8 Hv per Spi iris Constraclion Sel S9.SS Quearon Sv.xx
High Rollers S9.KK Ernie's Magic i'intt [^lny .... . .S9.8H SpvclrumHolobyte 'icliirium
IIMJJOO Pyramid. J9.8E Shapes ..$6.88 [raek&l;ii-ld,... ..S9.KK Ohio . 59.88 Nine Princes in
Bruiicr btn id Drover's Mastertronii;
Animal Adv....$6,88 ■Spin maker Amber $9.88
Cauldron . , .. ,$l).SK Action Biker .... . MM Perry Mason; Case of
Pals Around Cosmic Combat,.. MM
Chop! i fie \! David's itomufcr . .$6.88 Mandarin Mulder $9.88
Town $6.«S Dark limer .$4,88
MidnteiuMegie. .$9.88 CspUiin Zjp . ,16.88 Thunder Mountain
Infocom Delia Drawing.... .S4.HN
Kjraleka S9.KK Hne^a^ \Varrior.. . .$6.88 Facfliuker....... .S4.HN Army Moves Sfi.KK
L,»derunner S9.8K Hiichiiikcr'iGuidt WSS E\ca]iba .......
Film MAer .S4.KM DigDug SX.XH
Magnetron S9.8K Infiicomics: Feud . .Sd.88
Fraction Kever .S4.KS Dm ihe Destroyer. .$6.88
CBS Qamnui Force .. .S8.KK Kane . - -
Cioltl Record Race . .S4.XK Felonry ,.,..$9.88
LUK Mastadon . .SON Knight Gimies.. . .,$6.88
A150S Expedition . .54.88 Karate Chop 56.88 Oalaxkn SK.KK
ZwkQuesi %x x* LiistV-S . .S.4.KN
Math Mileage S4.KK Learn the Alphabet $4.KK Great Escape $6.88
Leather Goddesses VJ.xs MasterOfMaglc. ..S4.KN
Tiiih'tiouiul S4.8H Learn [O Spell .S4.88 [mplosion $9,88
WatherThmeis....54.88 Zorkl S9.8B .S4.XH
Learn to Add Jr. Put Man S8.KS
Konami/Action City ProOolf .,S4 XH
Rail road Tycoon .. .S4.NX
CDA Leviathan Sfi.KK
Circus Charlie S9.8K Prowler, War Ranch .S4.8S
America Cnoks Series: in7!5l) . .S6.8S M, IVMiin $8.88
Slorv Machine . ... .S4.88 Murder by the
American S9.88 Shiwun . MM
Chinese Sy.KH Dozen S9.SH
Music Writer S6.88
J-rcneh S9.8J*
Tb Order Call: U.S. & Canada Mutants
Italian S9.88
I'acMan S8.88

Mexican (9.88
Data Musi
PolePosilfon SK.MK
Rambo: l-'irsi filiHKl
Impress Raider .. .SX.KK Partll $6.88
Q-Bert SOX ll'A Orders —l-mHI-I2J-77SJ)
SlotCarRacet M1.B8
TNKIII 5B.SS SuperPacMao S9.K8
Easy Working/ Tai-Pan S9.S8

Spinnaker TbpGun S6.88
1-iler S6.88
Winter Challenge.. ,S9,88
Wizlrall S9.S8
Planner S6.8S
WrilH S6.SB Value Ware

Electronic Arts Ariial S4.8R
lidutaior W.MS
Adv. CimM.Sct . . . .S'J.HK
Arctic Fox Enlertiiinec S4.KN
Hniiic Ranthw S4.H8
F.:inhOrbiiSiaiioi. S9.NH
Home Manager . ...$4.88

Of America G
Kicchen Manager.. S4.88
MarbL-Mjdness .. .$9.88
*Uuy any 3 Value Ware
Movie Maker S9.88
lilies and gel I FREE!

P.O. Box 111327 — Dept.CG —Blawnox, PA 15238

You're landed for hear and taking an
prisoners, with Sea Sparrow and Harpoon
missiles. 75mm cannon, depth charges,
inlrared ctiaff. and [CM radar jammer.

In the Briefing Room, you learn that some

body's messing y/ith Uncle Sam again. Get
your orders, outfit your ship, assign yout
crew, and head tor the action.

Full aerial map shorn the theater of

oparalions. while dual radar screens
mooitor close -in combs! maneuvers and
long-range strategic movements.


CALL1-800-227-B900, TO ORDER

Mavis Beacon moned at any point by way of consis
tent, minimal commands. 1 would,
you do, the shadow typist strikes the
same key. (The shadow, needless to

Teaches Typing however, appreciate a list of available

lessons—home-row keys, top-row
say, always uses the correct finger.)
Thanks to excellent animation and a
Unlike its typewriter counterpart, a keys, and so on—from which to select. well-designed screen, this section of the
computer keyboard is connected to a Other needs and requests have been program makes learning finger place
device capable of acting as a typing in anticipated. A formatted data disk is re ment and keyboard layout as painless
structor. Software Toolworks takes full quired for storing your progress—act as possible.
advantage of this capability in Mavis ing as Mavis's gradebook, as it were— I particularly like the fact that the
Beacon Teaches Typing. and a format command is part of the in classroom can be called up exclusive of
Combining solid instruction and troductory menu. specific lessons. This is a convenient fea
reinforcement stralegies with smooth At startup, you are asked to intro ture worth leaning on for those keys your
animation and entertaining lessons, duce yourself; afterward Mavis includes fingers just don't want to remember.
Mavis Beacon provides a pleasant envi your name in her lessons. You must also Actual drill takes place in the
ronment for acquiring or honing typing rate your typing skills by one of several workshop, where more specialized
skills. The depth of its lessons is im broad categories, from Beginner to Ad :ools are added to the basic classroom
pressive, from the variety of words in vanced. A fairly smart program, Mavis display. These include meters which
even rudimentary drills to entries from Beacon adjusts the difficulty of your les register speed, accuracy, and progress
The Guinness Book of World Records. sons to suit your abilities. toward completion of the current as
Mavis Beacon can be tailored to any skill At the lower levels, a sound bal signment. A metronome is available for
level and is filled with many thoughtful ance is struck among the lecture, prac setting the proper typing pace. Drills
extras and asides lhat enhance the illu tice, and drill categories. Beginners are consist of real words, with numbers and
sion of personalized instruction. Tor ex first introduced to the home-row keys— punctuation marks added as your abili
ample, for young typists, rhymes and a to the apostrophe—the most impor ties increase. The instruments flank the
riddles serve as diverting drills. The il tant on the board. Tutorials consist of lesson screen but don't distract from it—
lusion of personality is so complete, in text screens, designed to resemble unless I'm really off the mark, at which
fact, that I find myself referring to blackboards, telling which finger serves time I only have eyes for the gauges.
Mavis as though she were real. which key. At the end of each drill, your re
The command interface evidently Those keys, in turn, are practiced sults are posted, showing your words
received as much care as the instruc in the classroom, which is where Mavis per minute (wpm) along with accuracy
tional aspects. Drop-down menus are Beacon really starts to shine. A 64 key and an adjusted wpm to reflect your
used to good effect here, simplifying board and screen appear, with shad errors. When the program determines
movement among the many modules owed fingers at rest on the home-row that you could do better, it gently sug
and options. Both overall program and keys. You are prompted to type a par gests that you try a drill again. Recur
lesson-specific menus can be sum- ticular key with the correct finger. As rent errors can be addressed through
42 COMPUTE'S Gazollo January 1989
wanted plus jab
steps, pump lakes,
blocks, steals, .160°dunks and The Classic Confninutlon: (hit1 On
OlK-ThC crnwii £nos CfflS BS
Put Michael ■mil L-irn unload all ttor

yourself One On One is Three. patented moies.

Jordan vs. Bird vs. You in

in their three ultimate matchups-
shoes. One On One, the Slam Dunk
He Michael Competition and the 3 Point
"The Slam Shootout.
mer" Jot1- JORDAN Designed by
dan or BIRD Ciarth Hitchens,
Larry The Mark Madland.
Shooter" Michael Jordan Aerial Warfare: The Air.lordan Slam
Bird. You and Larrv Bird. Dunk CbnlssL (p io 4 players chal
decide who lenge each oihflr or Michael hirn-
HirlHM/Tandy. seli jn a bailie of fewer Jams,
wins. Is it today's Commodore 64 and ed by Jordan.
most exciting player, 12H citnitiutcrs.Visil
your ruiuilur or call
MVP Michael Jordan, or
800-245-4525 ftom
ihe Player of the Decade. US or Canada, 8am in
Larry Bird'.' 5pm Pacific Standard Time. IBM is a
registered trademark oflnlcrnationul
Jordan and Bird: Business Machines, Tandy is a rcgis-
tared trademark oFTJuidy Corpontii on,
Software Designers and Commodore 64 and 128 is a
Michael wanted quickness, registered milk-mark OfCommodore
Electronics Limited.
speed and air. Larry's fadeaway
and sweelspots were critical. I in11; !{.iiii;i- Hiiititunt;1 i 1'iiiiK
Sliooloul. 25 shots in W seconds
Power Jams tor Michael. from 23' out. tlon'i blow the money
Lam's 3 point bombs.They hall. Land's signature event.
Electronic arts'

special lessons that you can request or splat of something on the windshield. manual contains an elegant, literate his
design yourself, After the race, your results arc available tory of typewriting. The history makes
A more technical picture of your in a variety of formats. As typing games fascinating reading, highlighting the
skills—or lack thereof—is available via go, this is a nice one, well animated and many attempts to perfect mechanical
Mavis's graphs. Here, bar graphs dis colorful; still, it was my least favorite writing machines. Among the anec
play your relative levels of facility with section of the program. dotes is an account of Mark Twain's in
each key. the keys with which you are Mavis's higher levels might chal teresting, and typically cantankerous,
most familiar, and so on. lenge even experienced typists. Here, a role in typewriter development. A bibli
With records for each session default rate of 60 wpm is supported by ography includes both historical and
stored on the data disk, a cumulative a madly ticking metronome. Keys are technical references; sections of the
picture of your progress quickly ac shown being depressed, but the shad manual and Ihi? bibliography deal with
crues, and the acuity of Mavis's insights ow hands are gone, The words thrown the Dvorak keyboard, which many ad
into your typing increases. With more your way are maddening, too. In one herents feel is superior to the standard
data, Mavis is better able to customize exercise I encountered intumescence, ar QWERTY.
lessons aimed at solving problems. As boretum, inundated, and dozens more This is a large program, filling both
the program's admirably literate and multisyllabic Latinate words selected to sides of two disks. As a result, there's a
thorough manual points out, there are send my fingers all over the keyboard. fair amount of swapping during setup.
many categories of typing errors, in The further you progress into Ma Loading the program takes time even
cluding poor accuracy, dropped letters, vis's store of teaching tools, the more with a fast-load cartridge, but the
mistyped keys, transposition of letters, practical the tools become. Fundamen wealth of entertaining instruction
and more. According to the manual, tals of computer keyboards are ad makes the wait more than worthwhile.
Mavis analyzes your typing through 30 dressed. You are shown proper page I've waited, in fact, for a couple of
different "yardsticks," keeping an eye setup for single- and multipage letters decades and a few million words of
out for the error areas mentioned and documents. Mavis Beacon's hand published work to shift from a propri
above, along with 15 other error cate some, oversized manual includes sever etary three-finger typing system to a sen
gories. The program quickly identified al sample letters for typing. A whole sible ten-finger one. What I was waiting
and focused on my particular typewrit section of the manual and, more impor for, it turns out, was the right typing
ing shortcomings and also caught delib tantly, of the software, addresses prop teacher. Muvis Beacon is that teacher.
erately created error patterns. er resume format. —Keith Ferreli
When drill becomes tiresome, the Mavis Beacon's manual is a model Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
classroom can be abandoned in favor of of documentation. In addition to thor The Software Toolworks
the arcade. This turns typing into a fast- ough coverage of the program's goals One Toolworks Plaza
paced road rally, with your progress de and methods—with Commodore oper 13557 Ventura Blvd.
termined by the accuracy and speed of ational specifics on a reference pam Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
your typing. Mistyped keys earn a nice phlet included in the package—the 539.95 >

COMPUTE'S Gazana January 1989 43

The Games— Allow me to take you on a tour of
this computerized world of international

Summer Edition camaraderie, sportsmanship, and world-

class competition. After you've loaded
Like most Americans, I participated in the program, you're greeted with pleas
the Olympic Games in Seoul, South ant Oriental music and a pictorial map of
Korea, only by watching the events on South Korea overlaid with photographs
television—sitting in the comfort of my reminiscent of the opening ceremony.
sofa or standing on top of my coffee ta Following a brief animation sequence,
ble, depending on the pace of the ac you quickly move on to the Olympic
tion. Now that the roller-coaster ride of Village to prepare for the competition
emotions is over, my coffee table is safe and your chance to win the gold.
for another four years—or is it? Like the best athletes, you should
To the delight of coffee-table man practice your sports vigorously, espe
ufacturers everywhere, Epyx has intro cially if you want to stand on the tallest
duced an Olympic simulation, The of the three blocks at the awards cere- your adversary once you get your tim
Games—Summer Edition, Although ing down. It does take a while to extend
Epyx has produced other interactive your legs over the hurdles, so jump ear
Olympic games, this latest version may ly to avoid tripping.
I dtdnt expect to be
be its best. I didn't expect to be im Moving to the center of the track,
pressed with The Games, thinking it impressed. Instead, 1 we find the field events. At the hammer
would probably be a copy of Epyx's throw, strength and timing determine
discovered a game that how well you'll throw a heavy cast-iron
earlier hit, Summer Games. Instead, 1
discovered a sports game that captures hall attached to a chain. The faster you
truly captures the spirit
the spirit and emotion of the XXlVth rotate and the more precisely you time
Olympiad, distilling the Olympic ambi and emotion of the the release of the chain, the further the
ance into two double-sided disks and a ': ■ ■ hammer will fly.
companion coaching manual. iXlVth Olympiad. In the pole vault, you'll use a flexi
Buying this game is a lot like pur ble pole to jump over an adjustable bar
chasing a commemorative coin as a and land on a foam mat. Electronic fire
keepsake of the recent games. Because mony. You'll need to practice each of works explode on the stadium's Dia
the- software is officially licensed by the the eight events time and again before mond Vision screen to celebrate a
United States Olympic Committee, fu starting the competition. As many as successful jump.
ture U.S. athletes will benefit from the eight players can compete for Olympic Now that you've worked up a
sale of the product. fame and glory, with each player sweat, it's time to cool off in the diving
choosing to represent any of 18 coun competition. Five persnickety judges
tries. Multiple players can also choose rate your dives as you springboard to
MAIL TO: to compete as a team under the banner glory and gracefully descend into the
COMPUTERS GAZETTE of one nation. water. With a little practice, you'll be
SUBSCRIBER SERVICE The enclosed coaching manual ex nailing inward back pikes and forward
plains the joystick moves you'll need to twists that would make gold medalist
P.O. Box 1Q95B, Des Moinas. IA 50340-0958
master for both practice and competi Greg Louganis turn green with envy.
Change of Address: Please advise as early as
tion. The manual also gets you into the Finally, we move over to the ar
possible. Attach label with youi old address ana
write m new address below.
spirit of the games with true stories of chery range, where arrows travel the
past Olympians and great moments in length of a football field on their way to
New Subscriber Fill in your name and address
Olympic history. the target. You'll learn to judge the
bolow. Use separate sheet lor gift orders.
A quick tour around the gymnasi wind's speed and direction, with the
um reveals two very difficult events— twang of your bow signaling the launch
difficult even for the best of athletes. of each arrow and renewed hopes for
The uneven parallel bars and the rings success.
require your steady concentration as The closing ceremonies feature the
you put together and perfect your gym competitors who have won the most
nastic routines. With persistence, a per medals, along with the national anthem
fect 10 is possible. 1 came nowhere near for the Olympian on the highest plat
Renewal: Attach label.
this score, even when 1 assumed the form. The closing graphics are as de
One year S24.CO Twd years S45.00
role of a Soviet gymnast. tailed as the opening scenes, creating
(Foreign subscribers please add S6.00 per year lor
postage) In the velodrome, the 1000-meter again the feeling of actually participat
cycle sprint pits two players against each ing in the XXlVth Olympiad.
other, or one player can race a computer Because The Games—Summer Edi
opponent. Drafting techniques and tion revives the same excitement I feel
strategy help you conserve energy for every four years with the real Olym
the all-important bell-lap sprint to the pics, I rate this game a 9.975. It could
finish. The monitor screen is split in half just as well be a 10.
so you can view the race from cycle level —Steve Hedrkk
„ Pleasa bill ma . Payment enclosed
and from a bird's-eye perspective.
For other subscription questions or problems, Over at the track, the hurdles event The Games—Summer Edition
please write a note and send entire lorm to the requires you to clear ten 42-inch-high Epyx
above address. OR CALL TOLL-FREE: hurdles over the course of 400 meters. P.O. Box 8020
To run well, you'll need speed, spring, 600 Gdvesion Dr.
1 -(800) 727-6937 and timing. Your computer opponent is Redwood Ci!\/, CA 94063
swift and sure, but you can overtake S3 9.95

44 COMPUTEIs Gazette January 1989

The MonsterArcade Hit

Now avail able for Tandy 1000,

IBM PC and 100% Compatibles?
Apple II Series, and Commodore 64/128.
See your retailer or call
800-227-6900, to order direct
•includes both 5)1 end 3M Inch disks

:ti vision.

nnd e U<illy t.''\lwt\( XAty. Co *lI "«Jfil« i oft Inindy ft viarm iKomfi Kf i'.-t>niirji .firy demanding oil cnmpWfir sys-tom TondyictrrDdqimihol Tandy Coiponllor f i>vor*d by limltAf) wnirant



Disc Blitz
Do you believe in flying saucers? If Peter Marino
you don't, you will soon. "Disc
Blitz" pits you against endless
hordes of alien flying saucers.
You only have a few short
lives. Use them well. Battle ever-changing
Typing It In formations of aliens
Disc Blitz is written in BASIC, but it
includes some machine language in this fast-paced
code in DATA statements. Type in
the program using "The Automatic
arcade-style game
The aliens are relentless. If you're not
Proofreader," which can be found
for the 64. careful, your next move could be your
elsewhere in this issue. Be sure to last move.
save a copy of the program to tape A smooth-scrolling
or disk before you attempt to run it.
When you're ready to take on background and a avoid their nasty aggression.
the aliens, load "Disc Blitz" and When a flying saucer runs into
type RUN. You'll see the Disc Blitz space-age musical you, you lose a life. You start with
title screen. Press the fire button to four lives, so you must play careful
begin a game. score set the stage ly. There are five levels, but it will
In Disc Blitz, you control a take quite a bit of practice to make it
for this addictive that far.
fighter that hovers on the left side
of the screen. You can move up and Since the program is written in
down only. To fire, press the fire BASIC, it can be easily modified.
button. Hold it down for rapid fire. You can change the levels, add
The flying saucers you face fly in bonuses, or give yourself a great
several different formations. You're number of lives.
on your own as you learn how to Sec program listing an page 96. W

46 COMPUTE!* Ga/elle January 19B9

LTMPIC5 By Dynamix, Inc. and Greg Johnson
Before corporate sponsors and fashion gear, there were Cavemen.
Competition was ug/i-ly. Athletes won by bashing the other guy
first. Pick your favorite Ugh-lympian. Club your way through six
pre-hysterical events. Beat your friends to the Caves Of Fame.

Dino Vault

"Become one with club. Don't

foil for look-at-birdie-in-sky trick.
Don't check feel for f oos."
— Glunk.

"Swing fast circles. Remember The greatest "I like plant pole in totally
let go. Good for medals. Not good cave-ularsand, soar high in air, wave
for gelling dates" Neanderthal to way-hungry dino"
—Crudla. —Thag.
of all time Sabcrtooth Tiger Race
their secrets.

Fi remaking

"Club dino head, go faster. "Run fast fast from liger. Watch
Too much club, dino bite dust. out for cactus. Trip other cave-guy.
Vincent hate dust" Him big lunch for kilty!'
— Vincent. —Grank.

"Rub slicks fast. Moke bright,

ouchy, hot thing first. Try not get
dizzy. Remember to duck''

Visit your retaile'S or coll 800-145-4525 dom U.S. or Canada

8om lo 5pm PST Screen shot* ruprcjenr C64 version C6d is
o fegistered Itodemark of Commodore Elecirorucs limited
Forrest Bentley

This two-player arcade-action game for the 64 will keep you and a friend on the move. Take
advantage of your weapon—the powerful PlasmaBlaster—but don't shoot yourself in the foot.
Two joysticks required.

You had hoped it wouldn't come to Type in the data for the program. Dodging Plasma
this. You and a friend started an Before exiting MLX, be sure to save The joystick plugged into port 1
argument in the Galactic Council. a copy of the data to tape or disk. controls the player on the right side
Arguing is strictly forbidden in To start the game, plug two of the screen. The other joystick
Council chambers, and rightly so— joysticks into your computer. Now, controls the player on the left.
how else could all the business of load the program with a statement Move your player by pressing the
the Milky Way get done? You were in the form LOAD"/j7en<j?n<?",8,l. joystick in any direction. Fire your
sentenced to settle your disagree Tape users should use a statement PlasmaBlaster by pressing the fire
ment in the Plasma Pit. Only one of button. Each time you squeeze the
you will emerge. Hopefully, the trigger, you'l! fire a deadly ball of
victor will have learned a lesson: It plasma. The pit is magnetically
doesn't pay to argue. sealed, so the plasma ball ricochets
So here you are, you and a around the room until it strikes
friend-—now mortal enemies. You something (namely, you or your
face each other across the pit, Plas opponent). The more plasma balls
maBlaster to PlasmaBlaster. It's sad you and your opponent shoot, the
to think that one of you will die just more frantic the game becomes.
because you couldn't agree whose If you run while you shoot, the
turn it was to pay for the coffee. plasma ball you fire will move even
faster than a normal ball of plasma.
Getting Started Be careful not to run into your own
"Bombardment" is written entirely Get ready (or "Bombardment," a fast shots; they're just as deadly to you
in machine language. Type it in twO'player action game that keeps you as they are to your opponent.
using "MLX," the machine lan running for your life. Both players begin the game
guage entry program found else with five lives. The winner is, of
where in this issue. When MLX in the form LOAD"filename" ,1,1. course, the player who survives. At
prompts you, respond with the val Specify the filename you used the end of the game, you'll be asked
ues given below. when you saved the program from if you want to play again. Press Y to
MLX. Type NEW and then SYS play another game or N to quit and
Starling address: C000 49152. You'll see the infamous return to BASIC.
Ending addiess: C90F Plasma Pit. See program listing on page 95. W
4B COMPUTE'S Gazette January 1969

New Sports
Television ft bb*& analyst
Radio voice qfNFL Mondny Night Fbotbaii
1988 Olympic batingeommtntatai

"What do I expect from a computer "I've seen some great moves on "I used to think my broadcast
tennis game? Realism. I want the football field but nothing com booth at ringside was the closest
lo sense the power of a strong fore pares to the moves youll find on I'd ever come to the true boxing
hand, the ease 4th & Inches computer Football. experience.Then I played T.K.O.
of a smooth This is real pro football action computer box
backhand. with 11 animated players per side. ing. Talk about
Accolade's It's great! The balls snapped and "up close and
Serve & Volley you have 22 guys running around personal!" T.K.O.
gives me the screen buttin' heads! put me right
that realism—and more. "But the best part about 4th & in the ring, face
"Serve & Volley truly captures Inches? The control. I pick the to face with a heavyweight champ.
the essence of the game—the starters. I control the key players "During a fight I like to do all
action, the strategy, the pressure. on offense and the jawing. With T. K.0.1 got to jab
You can select and place your defense. Heck, at a fighter's jaw. I threw a right...
shots via the animated "Strobe-O- this is a head it landed! I could actually see
Stroke" graphics. There's match coach's dream those familiar signs of wear and
or tournament play, three levels of come true! And tear on the champs face. At the bell,
difficulty, even three different the playbook? the champ had a black eye, a fat
court surfaces. Fantastic. You get a pro style lip and—I suspect—a bruised ego.
"Why should I leave the office playbook with 20 plays and 11 "It's a unanimous decision.
to cover a tournament? Now I can different formations. Accolade's T.K.O. captures the feel
play one on my computer with "Somebody at Accolade realty ing of boxing like no other game.
Serve & Volley." knew their X's and 0's when
they drafted 4th &. Inches. Great
game plan, guys!"
Available tin




compatibles at

Aspic IICS.

"Jack Nicklaus is unquestionably "To play championship basketball,

the greatest golfer of his time and you've got to have a great fast
I've been for break. To play three-on-three, full Available OH

tunate enough court computer basketball you've HIM PC,

to follow liis got to have Accolade's Fast Break. Tandy &
play on the great "No other computer basketball
est golf courses game gives you this much control
in the world. and playability. You run the offense
"Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 and defense. There are more plays, Amiga "»''

Holes Of Major Championship Golf more players and more shots. Apple I1CS.

is the Golden Bears personal And the thing that really impressed
selection of the most chaUenging me was the network television
holes in all of golf. Holes that court perspective. The animation Available on
have decided the four major was so fluid—I thought I was
CM! 128 ami
championships. watching my monitor at The Forum!
'Accolade lias come up with a "Take it from a guy who's
simulation that not only recreates seen his share
each hole with stunning accu of great fast 'vinpatibk's.

racy—but it allows the player to breaks-

golf against a computerized Jack Accolade's
Nicklaus. Quite an accomplishment. Fast Break is
How to order:
"Jack never settles for second a slam dunk!'
Visit yourfavorite retailer or cull
best. This is the computer golf 800-245-7744
game that others will be judged (In Colorado, mil' 303-352-fflX))
by for years to come!'

Win your choice ofa Sports Fan Fantasy for two!


Complete and ituil in lime lor receipt by 3/31/80 to ACCOLADE PLAYUYM.AY

SWKKPSTAKFS,VQ. Box 914 Wilton. CT 0689801)14.
My choktfffSports Ftin b'ttHlusy is tin opportunity in.. ,<ttin k i)l\Y, pkitstl
11 Visit mill and attend a boiiiigmlchbio,i<liiist by Mail-Albert
Li Visit n-iih and attend a Los Angeles Lakers ftirae broadcast liy Chick He.ini
CI Visit wills and attend aii SFI. Monday Night Football game bro.ukast by
G Visit wilh and attend a tennis tonmaiEent broadcast by Rud Collins
H Visit with and attend a PGA golf tournament broadcast by Jack Whilakcr.

YOUH NAME (&*av print





Type n( Computer Owned: □ lllM/Tandy ft Compatibles I') Commodora 'i4/138

LI Apple II Sctos LI Apple liliS U ()ther_

x rrr»i \


HnwioEnltr. Puiv hJu ill I ihin n l

rnnf^syonni). or on nM Ins sonic ini ^tionnnaDi.imU't ^iL pii^j'ui i^n-ir umi rrunl ydun-nfFym^mwim im:i»i[>f li
M.iFifin Win in ftcc<w."Tp Piav-Ey 4 LnKir rw citron aa volp wh
[>U[fljtlnHlrvriiu5lpvscnl:nuEi?pa(ilfl?^rT.(3lnp«Vr4lFirilCU^ MlIiF
Prli« Awardt, Trin Nve(5)flltfefenlSDOiiFiin FdnlHiiei I'HeiJ on Ire onHV (ijnn comjutwHliiSEmUlMmiD'tfC
rjtftnimj biitcfi Pjr^yfrjt™ii^d^i^n FrHn!;p<i[ld[iorliirrdnyO'rii'n^dfH]orrii'r,icc^rTirTi,i,i,iri,1|L3,i', ftf/b*AKMHry ft*
r<vu iMnsori trjvflkng logotncr including ine ^Mrf^ event dc^ets AllarranQompn[&5tviii[jom*Joriv AccnWdn ji ns
cl-K(etion a? lo announcer vi5.[r,mea«l clace and event setecticm Arol-^iDlo kukxJ loi 'an Tjnlasv a" jnaormr^ti $Ti4ll
M4.'f5-!2'3ir'S9 Each t^nn^r wiii be aieiei] me option o! TH^iviriy st.5COcmsTi ny*ydolihH ^FitaniisypfTeFU'Cwu
wni be chosen fof kkm of (he five dirferenrStPOrtsFjn Fanra^v Dtuns by meana
ndrawingsta&■ corvtLKtfidon 1'1 a^byAMA LTa.arnrK»cend(?ni|iAiQi*»goroafiijjHionivno*j-
l PrizoiWLnner&i*ilJlM nolifuNl Dv rruil tv * 8 69 OAtto* Aindnoiho5DOFi*Fjn.ij5ymrticiirpo]iis an
thpnumbpratfHi[r»^trc»'r^^ Wirmcmvll

emplo-,ee»ol Accol*tlo lnc lijF

wimHfE Mrtd a wit-i

CT 36897.7160



Win Awards!
* Best Screen Graphics
1988 Origins Awards ■*■
presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design

* Best Fantasy or
Science Fiction Game

1988 Origins Awards

presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design


* 1988 Action Game

Of The Year
Computer Gaming World

u^HH^H 3ffi3HP

■■■-■.■• V-:, =■:'.

" " "-.■'■".'" ' ' ""■.-■■"■■■-.
Ui:,tt the fiocer™-

pi iw rft? f(*F tht* pjunoft/'

Cnod i iifopn,<Mi on

v.;. rmttcii >:m>\ IBM/ Tandy



r _, ™—.,! TOh

cni'iatH mcai.nno I use? SIMULATION •-

ronci:: m mch .^m hi;h

'fiti"i"tn;.'iiMii""1 ""'•""■"" >'"■'"'■■ ■'■■■r- "
Now lor '-'.i. ■■'i.'-i Also lor IBM PC "^f cs-pr = cs Apple MGS. lie.
!2BklFB Commodore 6J'1?fl
Can't Imd Piralea' Call |W1) 771 1151. «eckdo^ flam lo 5pm EST ana
C-64/ 128 !■■■• '■■■:■ r !-, r.'.c •■/".'-\ or mail chKh;mon&y order Ic 1*4 9£ (soecily il 5k
me lor IBM) US funds ■»!■ Mt) r*sKT*nis add S% saisi lai. F-M
^ippinj »nUS..*5 »irilemalHyifli. Allow i 3 we^tfo'US delivery
Brian Casey

Outwit roomfuls of smart robots to nab precious gems in this build a path to the stubborn jewels.
challenging arcade-style game for the Commodore 64. Joystick To pick up or drop a girder piece,
pull the joystick down and press
the fire button. To pick up or put
No one knows who built the mine Robot Guards down a section of ladder, simply
that was recently discovered on the Each room has at least one sentry. press the fire button alone. The
far side of the moon. But frankly, The sentries operate by first scan number of girders and the number
you're not interested in the archae ning for your position and then of ladder sections that you are car
ological significance of the find. moving to that position. Some sen rying are both displayed at the top
You've been hired by the MegaBux tries scan often and home in accu of the screen.
Corporation to do what two previ rately but move very slowly. Other
ous expeditions have failed to do— sentries move quickly but scan in
bring back the loot. frequently. You'll have to adjust Freeze, Buddy
To do that, you'll need to avoid your strategy depending on the Each room is equipped with a clock.
the dangerous sentries that the few types of sentries that you face, If you grab the clock, the sentries
survivors of the second expedition If you're zapped by a sentry, will be confused; they'll freeze for a
speak of. Those sentries will chase the room you're currently in is re few moments. Keep an eye on the
you down if you take too long to get stored to its original condition (the red bar at the top of the screen—it
the jewels, most of which are jewels are replaced). shows the amount of time that the
placed inconveniently in the mine. sentries will be frozen. The sentries
When you decide to play "Jewel are still deadly while they're frozen,
Grab," bring a joystick and your so don't walk into them.
wits. If you manage to capture all
the jewels, you'll be awarded a bo
Getting Started nus life (you can have up to ten
Jewel Grab is written in machine lives). There are 24 screens in all.
language, but it loads and runs like You win if you make it through all
a BASIC program. Type it in with of them.
"MLX," the machine language en It pays to be patient when you
try program found elsewhere in this play Jewel Grab. Try moving to a
issue. When MLX prompts you, re bare part of the screen for a while;
spond with the values given below. the sentries will begin to gather
Make money the hard way—collect jewels
Starting address: 0301 around you, and you can dart away
from an archaeological dig on the far
Ending address: 17B8
side of the moon. to grab the jewels on another part
of the screen.
Carefully enter the data for the pro
gram. Before exiting MLX, be sure You have several resources The sentries memorize your
to save a copy of the program to with which to gather the jewels and position every time they execute a
tape or disk. avoid the sentries. Use the joystick scan, so you can get a head start if
To play a game of Jewel Grab, to move along the girders and lad you begin running as soon as you
plug a joystick into port 2. Load the ders that are strewn throughout the hear the telltale sound that indi
program and type RUN. The game mine. Jump by pressing the fire but cates scanning. Each sentry on a
asks you to select a speed in the ton while pushing the joystick left, screen scans at a different time, so it
range 1-4. For your first game, try right, or up. You needn't worry may take some fancy footwork to
1. Start the game by pressing the about running off the ends of the get around them all.
fire button. You begin Jewel Grab gilders—because of the moon's Press the SHIFT LOCK key to
with five lives. weaker gravity, you can survive a pause the game. You can quit Jewel
The mine has four levels. Each fall from even the highest of girder. Grab by pressing Q. (By the way,
level consists of six rooms. Sus Sometimes, you just won't be Jewel Grab features a special cheat
pended in each room are several able to get to a jewel. In these cases, key: Press R to advance to the next
jewels. Collect them all to progress you can carry up to four girder sec room.)
to the next level. tions and four ladder sections to See program listing on page 92. W
50 COMPUTED GazBKe January !9E9
d Prix Circuit

"gracing simu-

you to an


and performance.

You'll race for the world-

renowned teams of McLaren.

Ferrari, and Williamson the

greatest Grand Prix courses.

Slither through the curves

of glamorous Monaco. Blast down

the straightaways of Germany.

Snarl through the tunnels of

■ SET'

Japan. Compete against a diverse

corps of international rivals

who seek the same prize—the

title o( Vtorld Driving Champion.

Uninhibited speed. Unchained

exhilaration. It can only be

found on The Grand Prix Circuit.

How to order: Visit your

favorite retailer or call 800-

245-7744 (In Colorado, call


TIid li-'.[ in cilN'ii mi-ill Mili«.ii !■

Mickey McLean

The following list includes updated entries to our annual "Guide to SOUTH CAROLINA
Commodore User Groups," which last appeared in the May and June 1988 Commodore Ham User's Group ICHLGI, P.O.
Ekrx 221,Goom Creak, SC 294-15-0221
Send typed additions, corrections, and deletions for this list to
Commodore Uscih of LynchburglC.U.O.I..), P.O.

COMPUTE! Publications Bn^ 33S6. RIvtfiTrDnt Station, LynchbiArj;, VA

24503 (BBS" ti04-o45-3135)
P.O. Box 5406
Greensboro, NC 27403 Commodore Order of Renegade Programmers
Attn: Commodore User Groups IThe COUP). 911 Belvedere Dr.. Chariw Town.
WV 2?«4
When writing to a user group for information, please remember to en WISCONSIN
close a self-addressed envelope with postage that is appropriate for the M.idison Area Commodore Users Group (R (MA-
CUC), P.O. Box 1305, Hldlion, VVI 53701-1.
country to which you're writing.
Outside the U.S.
User Group Notes

The Commodore Technical User Group (CTUG) has changed its address The Muenster Gariison User's Group, c/o linn
to P.O. Box 1497, Costa Mesa, California 92628. doll Harper, 3B3rd Ord, Co.. APO, NV 09D78
International Commodores Owners Network
The correct address for the Suncoast Commodore Club is P.O. Box 6628, (ICON), e/0 Glrnn IVhiicliead. E. Co. 7(ISth
Ozona, Florida 34660-6628. S.0., APO, NY 09185
Chicksaniis Computer Club (C cubed), Attention:
The NorthEastern Computer Rappers of Illinois 64-128 of America Gimput.'r Club RecrBallon CenWt/SSRR, KAV
Chicksands, APO, NY 091^3
(NECRIA) from Lockport, Illinois, has disbanded.
The Knox Commodore Club has a new address and a 24-hour bulletin Commodore Hints md Tips Swapping ICHATS),
board service. All club correspondence should be sent to P.O. Box 494, P.O. Bo\212. Euenfon, 3040. Victoria, Australia
Slawell Cummodare User Gmup, P.O. Bin 299,
Galesburg, Illinois 61402-0494. The club's BBS number is (309) 343-1556. Stowell, 3 3 HO, Austialla

The Rainbow International C-64 Users' Group has a new address: 55 Ex I1RAZIL
pressway Village, Niagara Falls, New York 14304. lrjsil Com moil ore Users Croup OICL'GI, lidson
Qmsrlhi'ira Kuj Chico PunU-^ 1621, Sjo J'jtilo,
The Sanlee Commodore Club has changed its address to 514 Colonial SP 02067, Br-isil

Drive, Sanford, North Carolina 27330. CANADA

Kclowna Computer User Group, *11-41J1 Lake-
shure Rd.r Krli^vna, BritiE^li Columbia, Canada
New Listings
V]W 1V8


l:,ts\ County Commodore Users Croup, I'.U, Box Computer Club, P.O. Box4339] Elmtrt, NY U9Q4 llrnkenSoftwjre Inc. Commodore 64 Users Club,
31.199, El Cajun, CA 92f(21 Pule «fi R.iilw.iy Line, Longdfltivllle, Trinidad,
Fresno Commodore User Croup/64UM, P 0. Bo» NORTH CAROLINA West Indies (JjJ
ihdie, Fresno, CA 93755 aik'ss User Group (BUG), P.O, [\(i\ 7tl, Holly
Hub Area Commodore Club (HACC), 18391 Sisil Springs, \"C 275-10
l.n., Penn Vat lev. CA 95946
United Commodore Users Group, 5665 Trout
Commodore Users Group o( Atlanta, P.O. Bo- Creek Rd., Mi, Hood/ Parkdale, on "7041
COMPUTE! Publications is Interested in
21131. Tucker, CA 3O0R5-2O3I Crash-h4 Salcm Area's Commodiiri1 Utei'i
Group, P.O. Bon 241, Salem. OR 97.1118 (BBS" compiling a list of Amiga user groups. If
INDIANA your group supports Amiga computers.
Moomington Commodore Users (Jroup (HCUGJ, please send this group's name and .id-
Albany CorvallisCommndore Ustlt Group I AC-
403 H. Auduhon Dr., Bloomlngton, IN 47JD1 CUG1, P.O. Box 1 ] 24, CorvaltiS, OR 97339 dress and the name of the pruup contact
Computer Operators (COME1), 2937 E. Woodland
Scranton Commodore Users (Jroup, P.O. Box COMPUTE! Publications
Dr.. Fort Huron, Ml 450611 (BBS* 313-364-ft4R9)
21 l.Cbrks Summit. PA 18411
Saginaw Area Commodore User's Group ISA- P.O. Box 5406
cugi, P.O. B..v 2393, Sagfran* Ml 4Hfciii RHODI. ISLAND Greensboro, NC 27403
Hay Area Commodore Club, 33H S. Sheridan Ct., .irr.isansett Coninmniitc Users t.toup, P.O. Attn: Amiga User Croups
Bay City, MI 48708 S707, Cranston, Rl 112921)

52 COMPUTE! $ Gazette January 1989

other instruction manuals.
Marry into the family.
Now, when it comes to improv
ing your looks, the best way is
by marrying into our family.
Because GEOS Text and
Graphics Grabbers take your
old data (like Word Writer,'
Paper Clip,1 Print Shop ■' or
Newsroom1) and convert it
into GEOS format so that your
C64 or 128 can deliver beauti
ful offspring quicker than
you can say, "Yeah, but how
am I gonna convert all my
non-GEOS files?"
And that's pretty darn quick.
So if you'd like your soft
If your productivity programs Same menus. Same icons. So ware to relate to each other
don't relate to each other, it's once you learn how to point better, why not move in with
time to consider adopting and click a mouse, you pretty us? Afterall, the last thing you
GEOS,™ the totally integrated much know how geoPublish, need from your software is
family problems.
software img^lM^r''1'1'.^^'-'1'''''-'1! geoI?le'
GEOS 2.0* $S9.9S
TTk Graphic Knviiunmcnt Operating System (in
C64's and C128&. Willi WYSIWYG mini processing
spell cheeking, mini imTtfitiK. full color paintinu, fasl-
Joadin^ disk-IUrbo iind support lor all GE()S-com-
paHUemntiratk^GBOSlfflOTailabte at $69.93.
Computed A" (;I-OS program look and work the same way. simple, hull? GEOft'BUSH* $-10.95
Tha desktop publisher with n tiost of professional
Gazette have recognized as Well, that's the idea. feattmn for creating fjjnre, n™-slc!icr=. brodwia
;uid nioic.
Commodore's first family of GEOS family members DESKRICK ftX'5* S2'J.95
Graphics GntttKf lot imporunKan from Prinr
software. freely swap data with one Sbi^, NcA^infj]]] -tikI Print blaster C^lciJdir:
km EAixor, lilackjack: BJODfflcand^dVfarga. Kims
Like any good family, another, too, so importing mtjoth-IU and ^K"i>luiun mode.
FONTl'ACK 1'I.HS' $29.95
GEOS products work together text and graphics between A mik'ctiiJii o(63 f"i ik for we with GKSBpplfcB1
iujtis. Huns in both40 imdSGcolumn noda
and grow together. In fact, for programs is never a problem. GBOCALC* $48.95
Speadsheet br analyzing all tnws of numerical
every application you add, Which means you spend more data. AvaiUilr for lHWs nt $69.33.
your capacity for production time creating stuff and less Database IRWUlCi' Ihd BOCtB, edits and priorilizt-^
dasa. A\-ailablc for l^i a) (69.95.
actually multiplies. time deciphering all those GE0PR0GRAMMER2.0* S69.yr,
An ai^cmblv Lirn.'u.'i^.'iiuihorinR tool and ddiuKKtT.
A strong family Takes full.idvani.iKc uftnetnory space in both ClM's

resemblance. El Berkeley and Clffi's.

'liionlyr. .-all IMiXI-.H.'1-lOll lixl. 234 <>r Ha ym

All GEOS products work and Softworks local Commodore dealer.

•TtedBxadui ol I ti ■ i ki'lfy Soft works.
I'HcjILStcrt'd Iradi'inaiks of o[!h-'ih.
look pretty much the same. The brightest minds arc working with Berkeley.
"Smooth Scrolling Windows" takes
the work out of adding fine-scrolling
windows to your BASIC programs.

A single command tells Smooth
Scrolling Windows whore to place
the window, how large to make it,
what text to scroll, and how fast to
scroll it. You supply the data;

Smooth Scrolling Windows does
the work.

Typing It In

Program 1, ML-SCROLL, is written
in machine language, so you must
use "MLX," the machine language
entry program found elsewhere in
this issue, to enter It, When MLX
prompts you, respond with the val
ues given below.
Starting address: SCCOO
Peter M. L. Lottrup and Pablo Garibaldi
Ending address: SCF9F

Be sure to save a copy of the pro-

Here's a great new special gram with the filename ML-
SCROLL before leaving MLX.
effect for BASIC
Program 2, SCROLL.DEMO, is
programmers—pop-up an example of how to use Smooth

windows with smooth- Scrolling Windows from within a

BASIC program. To prevent typing
scrolling text. For the errors, be sure to use "The Auto
Commodore 64- matic Proofreader" when you enter
Program 2.

Scroll Your Own

Using Smooth Scrolling Windows
is a two-step process. You must first
call the subroutine to set up the
window to be scrolled and then call value in 702 is greater than the own routine to do so or blank the
the routine that actually scrolls it. number of lines of text defined for rest of the screen and use the VIC-
Both subroutines are called using the window, Smooth Scrolling II's registers to scroll the whole
the SYS command. The call for the Windows repeats the text. A value screen.

setup subroutine must be followed of 0 in 702 causes the text to scroll Smooth Scrolling Windows
by a series of parameters to define until a key is pressed. does not operate on the whole
the window and text to scroll. The Two commands turn scrolling screen. In fact, you define the size
format is as follows: on and off. The first, SYS 52227, of the window in which to scroll the
starts scrolling the windows. The text. Although this window is limit
SYS 5222i,rmv,col,vlen,)tlen,speeif,text
second, SYS 52230, stops the scroll ed to a maximum of 128 characters,
Row and col are the coordinates of ing. By having separate calls for de you decide the length and width of
the top left corner of the window. fining and activating the Smooth the window. The program does not
They may contain values in the Scrolling windows, you may place require a hi-res screen or any sprites
ranges 0-24 and 0-39, respectively. several windows on the screen and to operate—the text is scrolled di
Vlen is the vertical length or height then activate them at the same rectly on the text screen.
of the window. Hlen is the horizon time. The drawback to this method Smooth Scrolling Windows
tal length or width of the window. is that all windows scroll the same scrolls the text using custom char
Speed is a value that specifies how text at the same speed. You can take acters. The smooth scrolling routine
fast the text should be scrolled, and advantage of this to achieve a simply uses the reverse character
text defines the text to be scrolled. scrolling backdrop effect, as shown set to create the window. The
There are several restrictions in the demo program. smooth scrolling effect is created by
you must keep in mind. Vlen must redefining these characters on the
be a value in the range 1-25. Hlen fly.
must be in the range 1-40. If you To use custom characters,
enter a value outside of these Smooth Scrolling Windows recon
ranges, you'll get an ILLEGAL figures the VIC-II to use bank 3 vid
QUANTITY ERROR. A window eo RAM. Before it starts scrolling
may contain no more than 128 the text, Smooth Scrolling Windows
characters. If vlen ' hlen is greater copies the text screen to a new text
than 128, you'll get an ILLEGAL screen at $C800 in bank 3. If your
QUANTITY ERROR. Finally, the program accesses the screen direct
whole window must fit on the ly (with POKEs or PEEKs) while the
screen. If row + vlen is greater than This program offers new effects, like this Smooth Scrolling routine is active,
25 or if col + Men is greater than 40, full-screen scrolling window, it should access the alternate screen
Smooth Scrolling Windows prints at $C800-$CBFF. When you deacti
ILLEGAL QUANTITY ERROR. Special Characters vate the routine using SYS 52230,
There are 256 possible speeds If a string is longer than the current the computer is returned to its
for scrolling the text. A value of 0 window, it's truncated to fit in the standard configuration.
selects the fastest scroll rate; a value window and the remaining charac Smooth Scrolling Windows de
of 255, the slowest. The actual ters are ignored. A string that's activates switching between upper
scrolling speed varies according to shorter than the window width is case/graphics and lowercase/upper
the size of the window to be padded with trailing spaces. If you case using the SHIFT/Commodore-
scrolled. (Large windows scroll need to place blank lines in the text, key combination. To switch
more slowly than small ones.) simply enter null strings (" "). character sets, use one of the fol
The text parameter must be a Smooth Scrolling Windows will lowing commands before you start
string-array element. Text defines print a line of spaces. scrolling;
the first element of the string array Smooth Scrolling Windows POKE 52293,208 for uppercase/graphics
to be scrolled. For example, if you doesn't display reversed characters, POKE 52293,216 for lowercase /uppercase
want to scroll the text in an array cursor-control characters, color Also, be careful with RUN-
TX$() starting with the fifth ele characters, and other control char STOP/RESTORE. Pressing RUN-
ment, call the setup routine with acters correctly. Be sure not to in STOP/RESTORE while a window
clude any of these characters in is scrolling restores the text screen
SVS 52224,7,12,9,14,0,TX$(5t
your text. to bank 0 but leaves the alternate
Place a left-arrow character in a screen active. To return the text
string by itself to mark the end of screen to normal, type POKE 648,4.
the text to be scrolled. For example, How It Works (You'll have to type this command
if TX${8) is the last string you want The VIC-ll chip has two smooth- blindly.)
printed, TX$(9) should be "-". scrolling registers, one each for the Finally, you may want to allow
Smooth Scrolling Windows horizontal and vertical directions. only specific keypresses to exit the
uses the value stored in address 702 The registers make it easy to scroll smooth-scrolling routine. Whenever
to determine how many lines of text the screen pixel by pixel, but they a key is detected, Smooth Scrolling
to scroll. If it's a value other than 0, control the whole screen. If you Windows exits to BASIC and stores
that many lines of text will scroll want to scroll only a portion of the the keypress in address 2.
before returning to BASIC. If the screen, you must either write your See program listings on page 97. V
Lyco Computer
& Consultants
Since 1981

Air orders processed within 24 hours.


COMMODORE 128D COMMODORE 64C S4C Comcular 1149.95

■ 3 Mode Operation
95 • Commodoro 64C
C12BD Compuler/Dnve S439.95

System 1541 II Disk Dn.e J179.S5

1-64 Runs 64 • EicbI FSD-2 Dish
158! Di5kDnve $189 95

$459 95
software 2-C128: £«BlFSD-2» CM Drive 1149.95
Faster, mofG mercury • Slar NX1OOOC
Commodoro Ready 1B02C Monilor S179 9S
for Increased
Pnnler 10B4MonilOf S279.B5
3-CPM Uses C1351 Mouse S39.95
Standard com tritos 1764 RAM C64 S117.95

'C128D Computer 4 Col! PC S679 95

Thornton 4120

Laser Compact XTE 640K S5S9.95
64C drive compatible, Laser Turbo XT Modal II S629 95
this Evceleraior Plus Blua Chip Popular 1A S629.95
disk drive is Quieter, Vendei Headstan Color S969 9S
smarter, (asier, and
Vendex Haadstarl Monn . . . SB09 95
IBM PC Compatible mora reliable than me
Vendei Hoadatart 888 LTD
640K Sill. 1541 and 1541C. Color SCALL
Two 5V. Drives SM.
Expansion lor Hnrd
95 Sharp PC "501
Sharp PC 4502
Zucker CGA CoiorCarfl

Turbo Procossor Serial 4 Parallel Porls
95 BCC CG ColorCard $W 99
MSDOE + GW Basic Mono/RQB Color Card Mitsubishi 310/AT S122S.95
ATI Graphics SolulUn S129.9S
ATI EGA Wonder 199 95
ATI VIP S299.95


• 16 Bit 8088 Intel
$529 95 Kraft PC Joyslirt Card SM.95

Running al 4.77/10 MHi
• 640 K RAM

$589 95
640 K RAM ■ One 360 K Floppy. 1
BuiM-in FMS Board l« Parallel Pon
Memory Expansion to • Mulu IO (inclixMs 1
166K Senal Purl. 1 Game
5.25- Hall Hctgnti
Suitr-in 5v» Dnve Pon. Clock Calendar.
Disk Control let Ic Two ST225 20 meg 65msec HFM .S319 95
Built-in EGA Board
ST225N 20 mog SCSI S2B9 95
Parallel Primer Port
(B) Eighi Eiriansion IO ST238R 30 me^ HLL S229 9S
Serial RS232 Slots ST251 40 meg 40 msec MFM . S339.95
JoyslKltGamo Port Jr. AT Case w Keylock • One Year Warranty on
ST2SI-140 meg 2BmwcMFM. S*19.95
Turbo, Rosol LED Ports & Labor
ST277RS5n>eg40msooBLL. J379.9S
101 Kay Keyboard • Morale Optional
ST125 20 mog 40 mssc MFM 1235.95

Color System HEADSTART Iff/LASER ST125r4SOmegSCSI $299.95

STt33R30megRLL J249.95
Ready to plug in and use
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Turbo XT ST157R 49 meg RLL S399.95
512K RAM memory oxpjirxla-
Model II ST1S7N 48 meg SCSI $439.95

Seagals Caida

Dle to 768K
Dual Spend 4.77-0 WKz ST125 20 mog Internal CorO ... S299 95
2-360K disk drlvoa atarHJard
640KSld ST157R 49 mog Internal Cnrfl J4B5.95
Flrsl complete sysiom with
BuiH-ln ColorCard
clock caiendHr iirtd built-in ContrDllart
pens lor printer, RS232. 2 8 Expansion Slots
MFM Conlroller (XT) $55.95
joyeti cks. ntDuse and light pen Can Expand lo 2 Floppy
RLL Controllei (XT) S64.B5
Includes 1500 worth FREE & 2 Hard Drives
Cat tor kit pneing and spoc/afe.

$969 95
software programs Graen. Amber & Color
HI R05 odor moririoi included I Monitors Available Ask about our
Ptlrnd Solullontl

Avatex 1200e Avatex 1200i Avatex 2400

Compare and Save! Avalex Hayes

$65 95
Warranty PbiiW
Software tw IBM PC induOM
2 V*trl
vs. 12001
Auto-dial YES YES
Auto-answer YES YES
Automatically hangs up phone YES YES
Complete AT-cof pa!ible commard sat YES YES
Speaker volume-software YES YES
Avatex 2400
Avatex 1200e Prica HS.tS $279.85

US Robotics: Avatex: Free Shipping on Prepaid Cash Orders

Counor 1200 $169.95 1200a S65S5
Courier 2400 S289.95 12001 PC Card $65.95 Over $50 in the Continental U.S.
Sporisler 1200 PC $79.95 1200p M9 9S Hayes:
Courier 2400e £319 95 I200nc Modem S89.95 SmartmoOem 300 ... SI 39.95 See Page 2 of our 6 Page Ad.
Courier 2400 PS S259.95 2400 SI 49.95 Smartmodem 1200 . $279.95

Conner 9600 MST $619.95 2400i II PC Card S129.9S SmartmoOem 2JO0 . S419.9S

Starter System
Commodore 64C
64KRAM 500XJ Joystick Excel FSD-2 +

Serial Pod
r ■[• i'i .ii.ri Pan
Disk Drive
Two Joystick/ • 100% Commodes WC
Paddle Ports Drive Compatible
VlOeo Port Smafiar, taster, and mav
RF TV Port letiaolo than the IS"
Built-in Basic 2.0
SKC 10 Diskettes anfl 1541C.

Word Processing System

Commodore C128D
Magnavox 7622 or 7652
• 900 > 350 Resolution
• 20 MHi AMP Seikosha
• Built-in Tilt SlanO
• 126K Std.
• Interface Cablos
• 3 Wodo Operation —
• 1 -Year Warranty
1-64: Runs 64 Software 100 cps
2-C 12S: Faster. More Mercury (choice or green or amber 24 cps NLQ
Im Increased Productivity monlUH)
3-CPM: Uses Standard cpm ■ Tractor S Fndlon Food
Titles ' Commodore Direct Conned ■Softwsro nol mcluOod.

PC Super Value

Star NX 1000 Commodore

Printer Colt PC
144 ops Draft IBM PC Compatible
36cpsNI_Q 640K Slandard
Blue Chip Green F_Z Sort Touch SolodKin Two 5V. Drives Std.

TTL Monitor Paper Parking Expansion For Hard Dnvo

Turbo Procflsaor
Epson Std. A IBM ProprtniSf
• 720 i 34S in Graphics Mode I! Compatiole MS DOS Si GW Basic Included
• Eflparate TTL Signal
• Non-glare "Flicker Free" Tube
Lyco Computer
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Star's answer to 9 pin dot

main* pnnJors A soft (oucn

conlrol panel and Star1 a paper Superior 24 pin performance is now a luxury you can
park feature solves your murii-
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1091 i Model II KXP 1524 KXP4450 Laser Partner

95* High rosotuton toner qualify

printing al 240 ■ i . ■ :m'i nnd

$559 95
B0 cps LO mode. 24 pin
priming and Panasonic s 2
year warranty provide lor a
sup&rO 15" wtde cainagg

Speod and :lj mv lor your

oWce or home. Panasonic
combinea 192 cps draft with Move your buslnats '« n«i laser ago win Panasonic. 512
38 cps NLO for a wide variety K memory comos standard. 11 pagas per minule pnnl
of printing needs. Quality speed makes II itie (aswsl in Its class. Panasonic's laser
support through a 2 year leefinoWgy ana 2 year warranty — commJlmBnl to your
warranty from Panasonic, printing needs.

10BCW Model II SI49.95' 3151 $CAU_

!091i M0O0I II $195.95' KXP 4450 Laser $1599.95
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Optical Scanner
Office Automation(f::==w]\
'quantities limited

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□SOD ..

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Turn tha paga tor tnorv graal buys!

Eric Slimko You've just put the finishing touch
es on your latest program. You've
spent hours getting your screens

Customize and just right, and now you're ready to

try out your program on someone
control user else. Everything goes well until
your tester inadvertently enters a
input in your comma or a colon. The 64 defaces
BASIC the screen with the error message
programs. This "Deluxe Input" solves the
versatile routine problems caused by BASIC'S IN
PUT and GET statements. It pre
for the 64 is an vents users of your programs from
excellent cursoring around the screen. It lim
its input to selected characters, and
replacement for it offers ways to customize input.

the awkward Because it's written entirely in ma

chine language, it's very fast.
constraints of
Typing It In
the INPUT and
Deluxe Input is written entirely in
GET statements. machine language. Type it in using
"MLX," the machine language entry
A demonstration program found elsewhere in this is
program is sue. The MLX prompts, and the val
ues you should enter, are as follows:
included. Slariing address: C000
landing address: C317

When you've finished typing in the

data, be sure to save a copy of De
luxe Input to tape or disk before
leaving MLX. Use the name DIN-
PUT when you save the program.
The demo program expects that

Easy Input
Deluxe Input is easy to use. First,
load it by typing LOAD "DIN-
PUT",8,1. Then, to call the im
proved input routine, use the
following command syntax.

Deluxe Input won't work in direct

mode; you must use it from a pro
gram line.
AS is a string variable (you may
substitute any legal variable name)
that will receive the data the user
62 COMPUTE-s Gaietle January 1969
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Super Pascal—Get the fastest and Cadpak—The professional design tool. Super C—You can now develop
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features search, replace, etc. Even add create libraries of furniture, electronics, Produces 6502 machine code and is
machine language routines with the built- etc, as intricate as screen resolution many times taster than BASIC. Includes
in assembler Fast graphics library. C-64 permits. Zoom in to do detailed work. full-screen editor (search, replace and
version has high-speed DOS for faster Produce exact scaled output to most block operations), compiler, linker and
access. More than just a compiler- printers in inches, feet, etc. Gel design handbook. Libraries for graphics and
Super Pascal is a complete system results last with Cadpak and your advanced math are included. Whether
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BASIC Compiler—N o w GEOS1" Tricks 8, Tips—A

anyone can make their BASIC new book with something for
programs run faster! Easily everyone. Contains over 50
converts your programs into fast tricks and tips that you can use
machine language or speed everyday. Converts any word
code. Even speed up programs processor file into guoWrite
written in Simon's Basic, Video format; edit existing GEOS fonts
Basic etc. If your program walks or create your own; Write in
or crawls, give it speed loRUN! machine language or explore the
C64 $39.95 C128 $59.95 internals ot GEOS. $16.95

Please note our new address and phone numbers

Abacus \wm\i\

Dept. RB • 5370 52nd Street SE • Grand Rapids, Ml 49508

Phone 616/698-0330-Telex 709-101 -Telefax 616/698-0325
Call or write today for your free catalog or the name of your nearest
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TECHNICAL PROGRAMS types. If A$ contains a string prior to If Type is 1, the user can enter only
Linear Programmer the call, Deluxe Input displays the the digits 0-9 plus the negative sign
Salves linear flfogram-
nwQ jroD'ems of ud to string in the input field. This is use ( —) and the decimal point (.). This
50 variables ano 35 con
straints System; may be
ful if you wish to provide a default permits entry of negative and deci
rmtncleit by constraints
ot seuiiity, las lltin or
selection, [f you don't want a de mal numbers. If you need a numer
gieaitr thin, (dillerenl fault to appear, set A$ to a null ic value, use BASIC'S VAL( )
Types may appui m IM
[) Objects |? Function^ may be maiimuM or mini, string (/1$ = " ") before the call. function to convert AS into a num
mind. Compute' diSWys soIunki (in eiamola ar led. 1-31,
K] -13, X,-5I Initial sno1 drui laWeaus Special command Ik tasy B$ is a string variable (again, ber. Set Type to 4 to convert letters
envy ot sparse constrains
you may substitute any legal vari from lowercase to uppercase in up-
Analvilcal Geometry In able name) that returns the charac per-/lowercase mode. An easy way
3 Dimensions
Solves numerical geometry wabierns ter the user has pressed to end to lock in this mode is to PRINT
-» tike ttiose louna m college level
analytical geomeuy [fix! cooks flfle* input. Normally, BS contains the CHR$(14) to set upper-/lowercase
ii entering Mints, hnas. olsies ana vec
tors users may then calotte Wctw
default exit character, which is mode, then PRINT CHR$(8) to dis
crow, dot. lew mo sain pioO&a CHR$( 13) (13 is the ASCII code for able the SHIFT-Commodore keys.
A - G. »-B. *' B'C. i*. lirw tn- aryje
netvmri ; hues, vmttus or nline; the RETURN key). However, you Users can correct typing errors
W Jiidsccton ol 3 punt. 2 pixin. line aw a plane. Imo a plane
thraitfi 3 ponls. a point ano i knt. pout jnd nmnul pom arid oaf. can specify other exit characters. with DEL and the left- and right-
aiWptaw.mperlormiBntnBOeotntlnccitajmions Entries™*
ana ansmre (Koto*? n iocs choice o! seven! metrods. rtiuCmg See "Setting Exit Characters" for cursor keys. The cursor always re
symaric HjtWP. paumetie eoamn. nurtip* uj nts s>cc:<n arc
. - {NOT A GTOPHICS PROGRAM) instructions. mains within the input field.
The remaining parameters are If you call the Deluxe Input
AC DC Circuit numeric. They may be entered as routine more than once, you may
Analysis Programs
Piooram comoutes otn
numbers or variables which contain omit values on repeated calls. Val
oil lunec soUoi to the desired values. ues omitted in subsequent calls re
ri«irar« circul ot i»
lo 40 noccs nc S3 Until sets the maximum num main the same as they were in the
bianchB fejicws mjy conan resaws. caMDiw!. nduttus tuf
rent stwecs -.usage smras or 4 ipa ol cortroiksl siuces Com ber of characters that users may en previous call. For example, to call
EMflH d'srdsys node voltages, branch voteges. cufems ocpvfts did
Ww taoas S:ep ijnnon o( brandi parametos ot liequsev mih ter. Limit may range from 0 to 78. Deluxe Input without modifying
graotK display ol results Mem coni(o::«l and iE«r tnenciy
When Limit is 0, Deluxe Input al any value but the field length, use
Linei- wog^mming System (64/128)
AiHl/acH Cenrwliy n 3 D
S3J95 lows you to enter only exit charac the command
[lectronin «; OC C»cut A1a^ySl5 [61/128) SW95 ters. This is useful for building
Ekcttows K DC Cm»t Analysis [IBM PCI
menus. Here's an example menu: SYS491S2,A$,BS,50
■—■ P-O. E3ox 79 Dcpt. 225 Choose an animal: All values not set in the current
>^^B Farmington, CT 06034 D Dog command retain their previous
Orders Only 1-800-622-4070 C Cat values.
F Fish

NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE AMIGA Press RETURN if you don't own one.
Setting Exit Characters
In your program, specify a limit of Normally, input ends when the
0, and specify that the letters D, C, user presses RETURN. However,
and F are exit characters (see be you can substitute another charac
low). Call the Deluxe Input routine; ter or even a list of characters that
then check B$ to see which exit will end input. First, POKE 49919
character was pressed. with the number of exit characters
RVS stands for reverse. Set RVS (a maximum of 11) that you wish to
to 0 for a normal entry field. Set it to use. Then POKE the ASCII values
1 for a reverse field. CurSjiecd al of your exit characters into memory
lows you to set how fast the cursor beginning at location 49920.
blinks. Use a value of 20 for a nor
The MicroFlyte JOYSTICK, the only- fully
proportional continuously variable joystick con mal speed. With Bell set to 1, a bell The Demo
trol for Flight Simulator II sounds when the user has filled the "Deluxe Demo" {Program 2) is a
". . .11 transforms an excellent program inlo a field. Set Bell to 0 to silence the bell BASIC demonstration program that
truly realistic (light simulation sysietn" B.A.C.E, sound. Set the color of the box shows how every Deluxe Input op
MICROCUBE PRODUCTS around the input field with the In- tion is used. Line 20 shows you
Commodore 64/138 Box parameter. Use 0 for a black how to load the machine language
• MicroFlyte ATC Joystick $59.95
box, 1 for a white box, and so on. If DINPUT file automatically.
■ Test/Calibration Disk A diagnostic tool lor your
joystick Sa.95 you'd rather do without the box, set Beginning on line 530 is an ex
this parameter to 255. ample of how to modify the set of
• MicroFlyte Joystick—Plugs into the mouse Type controls the kinds of char characters which exit the input rou
port S works wild most software . $119.95
• Analog Joystick S59.95
acters the user can input. Type can tine. Simply include the set of exit
range from 0 to 4, which limits in characters in BS and GOSUB to this
Include $4.00 snipping ot joystick orders. FSII is
a trademark of subLOGIC Corp put to the following classes of routine. On line 550 you'll find a
Order Direct Ironr
characters: convenient cursor-location subrou
tine. To use it, set the value of X to
0 any character
the row number and the value of Y
P.O. Box 43B 1 numbers only
MICROCUBE 2 alphabet only
to the column number; then GO-
Lmlinnj. VA 22075
CORPORATION (7031777-7157 3 numbers and alphabet only SUB to the routine.
4 Iiiivit- to uppercase conversion See program listings on page 98. SI
64 COMPUTE!* Gazelle January 19B9
Arcade Fantasy
adventure role-
at its
finest... at its best!
Fast-paced, exciting Astonishing realism
combat demands the is yours through
use of all your wits scores of unique char
and endurance to best acters and sophisti
a world teeming with cated conversations.
assassins, wizards Immerse yourself in
and monsters. Expe thesights and sounds
rience captivating graphics of an unprecedented cal of an ancient world embroiled in turmoil—the disap
ibre. Relentless opponents will hone your combat pearance of the king and his young
skills to a razor's edge. A simple yet powerful menu child —the struggle
and icon interface provides effortless interaction with for control of the
the world and its people, while the incredibly smooth realm. The stakes
^^^^■■^^^^^^^hmhhbh^^m animation are high; your role
presents a as the hero-for-hire
continuous requires all the cour
panorama of age and savvy you
action and can muster. Your
adventure. quest for truth will
teach you much of
the distinction be
tween appearances
and reality. Magic
and intrigue com
bined with finely
crafted game-play
bring you the best
of fantasy in...

Tu mi jwir cupj of
.Times of Lore
I) tliiltour 11" 'I ni .\\ii

2) call
[< i > i > m !■ S i 1 a 1,1.;. r I,, M ■, \ ■
Stunning graphics and animation

Fast-paced combat action

3) null chtik [U.S. II or VISA/
MC#. ( Lr.l h'i:.f. r r
pLnllon tialt id Ohain. All iff-
inir jiihI cv
• Dynamic conversations
liflTB J3».95 plU'
hanJtJnt*. AIIuh I'J Mrcks fur
■ Compelling plot

Try it! A demo disk of

Times of Lore is now muLm
available for the Commo
dore 64/12SK. Send $2.50 lo m
Origin for yours and credit it
towards a direct order
Origin Systems, Inc.
136 Harvey Road, Building [!., Londonderry, NH, 03053
Also available for the IBM and
Apple II series. Times of Lore is a trademark of Origin Systems, Inc.
Earl Kanady

Animation is easy with this hi-res graphics program

for the 128. A disk drive is required.

Page flipping is a technique that has also create screens with the includ tered correctly. Be sure that the files
been used to bring cartoon charac ed screen-generator program. that you enter are on the disk in
ters to life for decades. You can try driveS. If 128 Animator is unable to
it out with a pencil and a pad of pa Typing It In find a file, it stops with the message
per. Simply draw stick figures on Program 1, "128 Animator," is FILE NOT FOUND ERROR.
separate sheets of paper, changing written in BASIC. To prevent typ Once the files are loaded, 128
each figure slightly from the previ ing errors while entering it, be sure Animator displays the main menu.
ous one. Then hold the sheets by to use "The Automatic Proofread You can choose among options to
one edge and flip through the er," located elsewhere in this issue. view your sequence automatically,
pages. Instant animation! When you have entered Program 1, view it manually, choose a new set
"128 Animator" is a page-flip save a copy to disk with the file of files, or exit the program.
ping program for the 128 that al name 128ANIM. If you decide to view the
lows you to load as many as six Program 2, "Screen Genera screens automatically, 128 Anima
high-rosolution screens at one time. tor," is also written in BASIC. Enter tor begins flipping through them in
Once they're in memory, 128 Ani it using the Automatic Proofreader sequence. When you first run the
mator can flip through the screens, and save a copy to disk. program, it flips through the
creating the illusion of movement. screens as quickly as possible. Slow
It can also display the screens indi Getting Started down the page flipping by pressing
vidually so that you can examine When you run 128 Animator, you the - (minus) key or SHIFT- — .
each frame. are prompted for the filenames of Press + or SHIFT-+ to speed up
You can design screens using the screens that you want to dis the page flipping. Press RETURN to
your favorite graphics program and play. You must enter at least two go to the main menu.
put them into motion using 128 An filenames and no more than six. In manual-view mode, 128
imator. It can display hi-res screens After you've entered the filenames, Animator prompts you for the
drawn with most graphics programs 128 Animator asks you to verify number of the screen that you want
for either the 64 or the 128. You can that the filenames have been en to view. Press the number key cor-
inuslrpTion by De Roller
66 COMPUTES Gazette January 19B9
Evolution fev' e-loo' shen) n. The process of growing or developing to- a higher state.

It started with... EVOLUTION OF


"...probably the most advanced on Ihe : Works with all 64(C), 128(D),
market..." 1541 (C), 1571,1581 ► Totally trans
Morton Kevelson, Ahoy! Nov '07 parent when disabled ■■■■ Turbo load
"...usefuLfun.. .exceptional quality..." and save (1541,1571,1581 ):15x
David Martin, RUN Dec '97 faster loading, 7x faster saving; 25x
"All in all, I think this is the best of the faster loading with TURBO*25
bunch." Tim Sickbert, INFO Jan '88 ► Super DOS wedge: all standard
commands PLUS extras. Supports
followed by... devices 8,9,10, and 11 ► Function
SUPER SNAPSHOT V3 keys: pre-programmed and re
"Snapshot + Slideshow = a dynamic Archiver: saves all memory-
duo!" Sue Albert, INFO May/June '88 resident programs to disk as 1 or 2
" of the most technically ad autobooling files Screen Copy:
vanced... packed with useful features..." dump to disk in popular graphic
Art Hunkins, Gazette June '88 program formats or to printer in 3
" personal favorite is Super sizes (prii
Snapshot." J. Dumps BOTH multi
Morton Kevelson, RUN Sept '88 colour and hi-res screens (STILL
"Hats off to LMS Technologies. They Ihe only utility cartridge of it's kind to
make a good product." do both!) :■ M/L monitor: DOES NOT
John Chhstensen, Input CORRUPT MEMORY! Interrupt,
"The monitor that made me give up all examine, modify, and resume a
the others." running program. All standard com
Lawrence Hiler, Chip Level Designs ALSO AVAILABLE: SUPER mands PLUS
mands plus bank-switching,
bam bi
(formerly of Basement Boys Software)
directional scrolling, IO command,
Irack and sector editor, AS(
"...Indispensable, can't live without it."
Bob Mills, programmer of Renegade Powerful options within this package allow you to i Sprite disable
create slideshows using Snapshotted screens to pro- and extended life feature..
duce dazzling effects in eye-catching presentations. includes sprite re-enable (unique
...and now we bring you
Options include: displays that can fade in/oul, shutter to SS V4) * Sprite monitor and
SUPER SNAPSHOT V4 on/off, pop on/off, orslide on/off. Use any of 10 different r ► Fast
With even MORE of ihe power-packed fonts to display your personalized, scrolling message disk copier: 1 or 2 drives; supports
utilities you've come to expect from -ANYWHERE ON THE SCREEN! Slideshow can even 1541,1571, and1581
and 1 »E
the makers of the most popular utility be incorporated into your BASIC and ML programs. append, auto, autodata, menu,
cartridge in North America! "Slideshow and Snapshot are a power partnership." merge, old, pron, proff, tron, troff,
Available Noi, '8 Sue Albert, INFO May/June '88 renum ► File Management System:
Super Snapshot is used by INFO in "...a gem of a companion: Slideshow Creator.,, fast file copier (1541,1571,1581
producing their magazine.
well-designed..." -including partitions, 1 or 2
Art Hunkins, Computers Gazette June '88 drives, any combination);
Version 1.2, and 3 owners may
scratch, rename, PLUS ex™
upgrade to version 4 for $20.00
CALLUS! ■ C128 disable switch, add Super Snapshot V4 - $64.95 ■-► Free Krac
Free Kracker Jax 1i
S8.00 10-day, money back Super Snapshot Slideshow Creator parameter disk
parameter disk inc
including nibbler
guarantee. -only $14.95 (for
(for those
those lough
tough back-ups).

SfjmUHHE DEALER ORDERING: we accent money cflers. certified cltecks, personal. ■■■ ■ ; ;-.;. :■.:■ SSI customers, VISA. MC,
DISCOVER ana COD Orders shipped to USA. FPO, APO or Menco please add S3. COD (available to US cus

Oft Ht INQUIRIES tomers on:y] add S2 25 per o-J-. - Foreign add S7.5O per cartridge lor shipping. Detective items replaced al no

gUPPODl welcome .s3

charge if accompanied by relurn authorization number. All in-stock orders are processed wiltan 24 hours. WA
resident add 7 5% tor sales tax. Mail your order To Software Support Inl.-D 13,2700 NE Andresen Rd., Van
couver WA 98661.
In Canada order from: Marshview Software, Of call our loir-free order lino at I-800-356-1179,9am-5pm Pacific time, Monday-Friday.
I'O Box 1212, Sackville NB EOA 3C0 (506) 536-1B09 After hour orders accepted al (206) 695-9648 7 days a week. Technical support available.
SS V4 569.95 Slideshow Creator S19.9S Call (206) 695-9648.9am-Spm Pacific time.
responding to the number of the screens such as those produced by How It Works
screen you wish to see. You can ComputerEyes or FlexiDraw without The VIC-II chip has the ability to
view a different screen by pressing color, you must set color 0 and coIot address four video banks in bofh of
the corresponding number key. 1, load the bitmap, and then resave the 128's RAM banks. This means
Press RETURN to return to the the color and bitmap as one file: that there are a total of eight video
main menu. COLOR 0,1:COLOR1,2 banks available. However, because
DLOAD "bitmap filename",P8192 the MMU registers occupy memory
Creating Sequences BSAVE "new filename",P7U& TO P16384
above 65280 in both RAM banks,
128 Animator can display any high- using video bank 3 is not very prac
resolution graphics file that is creat Quick Draw tical. This leaves six video banks
ed on the 64 or 128. The only re You can use Program 2, Screen that are easily accessible.
striction that 128 Animator imposes Generator, to draw simple animat These six available video
is that the color data and bitmap ed sequences. It generates six banks can be used by POKEing two
data be saved together. Doodle is an graphics screens and saves them to memory locations, 54534 and
example of a program that saves the disk with the filenames P1C1-PIC6. 56576. Location 54534, the RAM-
color and bitmap data together. (If Before you run Program 2, be sure configuration register, switches the
the picture file occupies 36 or 37 that the disk in drive 8 has at least 128 between RAM 0 and RAM 1.
blocks on disk, then the color and 222 blocks free. Location 56576, the port A I/O data
picture have been saved together.) By making minor changes to register, switches among the four
If the bitmap and color data Program 2, you can create different video banks in each RAM bank. By
have been saved as separate files, animated sequences. Try making POKEing specific values into these
you may be able to combine them these changes: two locations, you can switch to
by loading each separately and 60 CS = R1CHT$<STRS(C),1):BSAVE'TICA any of the six screen areas very
then saving them as a single file. " + CS,P7168 TO P16384 quickly.
This can be done with the following 70 L = L-101;H = H
128 Animator loads six hi-res
sequence of commands: graphics screens, one into each of
HLOAD "color filename",V7\b% Or try these: the accessible video banks. After
BLOAD "bitmap filename",I'm 92 30 X-159:Y-99:L-86:H-50:S 0:E- the files are loaded, displaying any
HSAVE "new filename",l'7U8 TO P16384 360:N = 0:1-60;C-1 of the screens is simply a matter of
FlexiDraw screens, with color, are POKEing the right values into the
"PICB" + C$,P7I68 TO P16384
saved in this format. 70 L = L-101:H-H-70:C = two registers.
To load single-color hi-res 6THEN40 See program listings on page 103. O

TruindetChopper, available lor the
Commodore 64/128 and Apple II
computers Coming soon, a great
new IBM version I

i s c o p
The creators of Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 3.0
take submarine simulation to new depths of FUN!
Seo your dealer, or contact AclionSofl for more information.
Up Periscope! is available on disk for the IBMTandy.
compatibles and Commodore 64.128 computers. For direct AciionSoit
orders please indicate which computer version you want. 201 West Springfield Avenue
enclose $29.95 plus $2.50 lor shipping and handling, and Suite 711
specify UPS or lirsl class mail dolivary. Visa, MasterCard. Champaign. ll_ 61820
and American Express charges accepted. (217) 39Q-G3Q8

68 COMPUTE'S Gazette January 1989

Order Toll Free Order Toll Free p«-i-w

800-558-0003 800-558-0003
^uper Sale
Ml Panasonic
delivery in the
iosgi-ii -CALL *
soo continental US
I09H-I1 185
STAR 128-D 64-C 1084-S
NX-1000 \7S

MX-1000 Rainbow

Modems IrS
$459 $149 $319'
Call For The Lowest 64-C&
Avalux 1200E
1571 1802
Prices On All Amiga Avaicx 1200 HC... 1541C-11
Configurations Avaicx240<) 15S
$324.95* $249 $215*
Drive Special i RS-232 Interfac
PC-Coll ¥1581
FSD-2 159 Peak (lo 1200 Baud) 19.951
Coinpat. Delivered PricCj Oiiiiiilronix Deluxe ..44.9V $71')* A $195


lxh V-C.r*

TlIlplM -0JH

I'lprl I'llp I'iiI II-1.- r

, A - Hani
Vs.ipj J——
■ ■■■■■■■■■ 1 ■ r -■ I _ lfl.4?

"in 'n' Wlr*l» -. 19.9S ""

_*fM-. _"-:.p ""*

IW|-l I'thirxh. r4f I7.« h"lh"-nrh»lMin_

I ■ -I Mlnlui ______ iv..Vk,»rii^m 22.4! «*™fp»M —
miR_Uv __I9.H T**"J'1'-n
■In K»-nl
,,,, »jhw n-Mrr ___
Hiik.II [■■!' TlhiridrF i f.. in-1 .
*r.l»«. T._ EM9

1-i-f-rt |>.iV < .-I- _ 1"*| I

P.O.Box 17882.Milwaukee.Wl 53217

Order Toll Free .:!■.' limp _. M."«
I'.fliPf I IK Jt^S

HD> ,_ |,
■ JbLU || |Mr'r< U.H
IrrmlJft ....-.--.-IF.4S
SfH« < '■ Itr* ___ I 'A I. I.
\1* StM
For Wl Orders and Technical Info Buri_t_r ir-— H.i*

MasterCard 414-357-8181
cm —I■■ wun_-rgja i FAX-(414)-357-7814
P_*r_l-k_ -,__..___ t t !_■*
Open M-F 9am-9pm Sat 1 lam-5pm Central
r A IIl_tr __. ILH

No Surcharge For MasterCard and Visa

IkP [1(LMATH>H- f^i,^!*

»' n» r -'-i-.-ltM

-j ft— < fc. iM-f »ir<

]f you've ever disassembled a ma typing
chine language program, you've
Louis Giglit)
H = INT(AD/256):I'OKE 44,H:1'OKE
probably seen statements such as 43,(AD-256'H>;I'OKE AD-l,0;NEW

JSR $C738. Wouldn't it be better to where AD is the address of the new

see JSR DISPLAY instead? bottom of BASIC (make sure AD is
"Smart Disassembler" is a greater than the ending address of
RAM-based disassembler that re the ML program). Enter this com
places all addresses in JMP and JSR Unravel the secrets of the mand In direct mode before you
commands with meaningful labels pros. "Smart Disassembler" load and run Smart Disassembler.
whenever possible. The program can Smart Disassembler stores a
send disassembly to the screen or
produces meaningful source small ML subroutine at 820-840. If
printer, and it can also disassemble code from cryptic numbers. your ML program resides in this
machine language programs located area, Smart Disassembler's subrou
For the 64. tine must be relocated. Change the
under the BASIC or Kemal ROM.
value of the variable ML in line 30
Getting Started disassemble your 64's operating to any location with at least 20
Smart Disassembler is written en system and even BASIC itself. bytes of unused RAM.
tirely in BASIC. Using "The Auto The disassembly may be
matic Proofreader" program found paused by pressing any key. To re Customizing the Program
elsewhere in this issue, carefully sume disassembly, press the space You may include your own address
type in Smart Disassembler and bar. Pressing f 1 instead displays the labels by adding DATA statements
save it to tape or disk before at main menu, allowing you to change to Smart Disassembler and chang
tempting to run it. any of the initial settings. Press f 1 to ing the value of the variable NL in
To use Smart Disassembler, resume the disassembly. line 20. Note that the 39 Kemal
first load the machine language ROM routine labels have already
(Ml.) program you'd like to disas Memory Conflicts been entered, so there is no need to
semble; then load and run Smart It's possible that the code you want add them.
Disassembler. Enter the Ml. pro to disassemble resides in BASIC'S For example, if you know a
gram's starting address in decimal. memory (2048-40959) or in memo subroutine at location 50000 is a
Next, enter an address where you ry locations 820-840. If this is the string input routine, you might
would like the disassembly to stop. case. Smart Disassembler will over want to label it as INSTR1NG. Enter
If you don't want Smart Disas write and destroy the ML program. the label and address (in decimal)
sembler to stop automatically, just There are several ways to prevent as a data statement at the end of
press RETURN. this from happening. Smart Disassembler. For this ex
Next, the main menu appears. If the program resides high in ample, you type
Use the function keys to make a BASIC'S memory, you can lower 2000 DATA INSTRING,50000
selection. Press fl to begin the dis the top of BASIC by typing
Add the number of additional ad
assembly or f8 to exit Smart Disas
H = INT(AD/256):POKE 56,H:POKE dress labels to the variable NL. In
sembler. Press f3 to toggle the use 55,[AD-256"H):CLR this case, one address label has
of subroutine labels on and off, f5 to
been added, so line 20 should be re-
switch between decimal and hexa where AD is the address of the new
entered as
decimal output, and f7 to unable or top of BASIC (make sure AD is less
20 NL-40
disable output to the printer. The f6 than the starting address of the ML
key toggles the ability to disassem program). Enter this command in (NL was 39 before INSTRING was
ble the RAM under ROM. Set this direct mode before you load and added.) Thereafter, all JSR 50000 or
option to YES if the program you run Smart Disassembler. JMP 50000 statements will be re
wish to disassemble resides in RAM Similarly, if the program re placed by JSR INSTRING and JMP
under the BASIC or Kernal ROM. If sides low in BASIC'S memory, you INSTRING, respectively.
you set this option to NO, you can can raise the bottom of BASIC by Sec program listing on page 102. Q

70 COMPUTE's Gazelle January 19B9


Exciting Sci-
Role-Playing for only $29.95
Every last member of the resistance has either Confuse them by creating a duplicate image of
been captured or is closely monitored by the robot yourself with the unique holoprojector. Or re-
patrol. As a new inhabitant of XK-120, you have program them to work for you by mastering
no police record. You have a chance to locate the ingenious Directive Override option.
the central control console and deacti
vate the robot control system. Not
a good chance, but a chance.

This science fiction

role-playing game was
created by Chuck Bueche,
the author of AUTODUEL*.
The fast paced action all
takes place in an enclosed
high-tech city of many levels.

As you hurry along extensive air-

jet subways and slidewalks, you'll Reaiisbe aclon allows you
lo move o< climb over
need to solve complex mazes and
objects. S ipeib graphics
other intriguing puzzles. The chal on Commodoie 64/128!
lenges are non-stop and full of

On your mission, you'll face some 16 In 2400 A.D. you step far
types of animated robots. Battle them with into the future. But beware. Each
weapons like phasers, blasters and time bombs step you take could be your last.

AnuMtg tor. IBM-PC i Tmfc/ tampatties. A«* II Senes. and Conmawn 6*128. To gel you cw.(M™*«i'i«arni«i.(} BSoEStoWrbjVSAMC.alSlr
«VlS*,«C«.cir*olsWraintantJew> fljMBOfilGIN136-BHaivejRoaD.Lijndai(»»63. Pn«: (».»! p*j» & 50 Ki«>fS and landing. Mo» 1-itmkto tolrmy

136-B Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 (603) 644-3360


Tu.'bo Bum nisi npliumant

For the actual konul inside
jzja 64- It provide* npfirfut
/ ranting.
, Sivcii nest pro^rasa 31 !>6Lra«

J improTHl DCS imjudmi 10 8K

j ^iigrainmft! tuncnon Jwt& - load.

IJ FINAL CARTRIDGE III flircctery oH etc
jCm fXtf (Ki-JJiB i
j Jirium to normal lurnd at dick of a
NivlrfeiotaL HflInn
J 111 IH > M* Mnft /t liilLUai 411 Lull into tfiii
l - 230 block ITJh oopter
_J Trwur uW*ui la f.iw md, on^ ami u
- Hpadil I/O leader
mm™ TV nWhciL pifrin J Hut m(Hl iwwerM disk mbblep avadible anynhere. at any pncel
! J Full HTUliD Wle HeUlW ■£& iD Uil UB
.J H lift kftfl more
_j PlUed \a raltiuUo - rio tfi y JBiniilNiliWer isiicluiillj ntwo jiarlsystem - . i';. n- ,'.■ --u1- »nd i .i.,i ■. ■ i!i|eloconno«Ul«
r&]'j]»d {On Kme pA's Uio old TU)H may 1M1/1S70/1671 to &1/128 (st^e type)
have be dewkdered).
_J What gives Burst Kibbler its pawn' Ounvenliona] nilMcis have to decode the data 1mm We disk
ONLT $24.99 b^foreilcan trcuisfentusingthcwna] tus - when non standard data is encountered Ihey are beat
114 ffa*T* lDllt-» Hurst Nlbbler transfers data as raw UCR code via the parallel catrle witnout Ihe need to decode it J5o you
f f fc
ffit a perfect copy of tha original
only J 54.99 • Will nibble upto 41 tracks • Copy 3 whole disk m under 2 minuuo • Pull inatruotane
• Haflilar updates wt> alwiys ship Oil LUesl • ntWIin minutBS - no soldcnne usually required
TOOLKIT JLY • Fill: it i: vacte • No need Id buy parallel cable If you have Professional DOS etc
• Cable hu thrcughbus eMnsmn for other idd ons


ZlSaw jnucan nfecL fan any of B 32K EPRCUi SOFTWARE ONLY $19.99 CABLE ONLY $19.9
J 8 KctaSfi Id accBj* upto 132K EPBOU in neb BURST NIBBLE!? PARAMETER DISK
mm Iwdir ud bad* j» taw** i.tcai! - bx 1b Iwl ait UGX _] TIM dal OfUl dLHU if
J Dp board ciwmuii* aj*ntn - nap
MeVc (All fcU1 bum hB
JltfflMKK - indj*vj rw. wl" i^.j .ui i> I, r.

Hi Bus Ifith. niaifa urn ONLY $14.99

KimdMqiu ■ ]1M
jnxwai EdUb a selection fmm Uie Supeimn mpnu
_J Directory of uQlWes on powiir up
_J Fully menu finyen an pj*pr up
- |ii u (JjIitl dial nr Jamil
1) I*" : i1 .mi ! .'■ J Selecl ajij slot aider G0flwu« cunUoJs
J^IUHIk VIHT ymU> TulJ tud ncrwiV Ul i»ul*rmpo J UnJquQ EPROM feneralor fettun wtll talw
11. Ji # I V i j'j .* .11 nl n . n imV' ns Lr n t -. .| ■...!, .i ,Uj I |r. I
Y^Hl" ("W]i ['[iVt-UT1'!! liLI.LlL ()[' [Tl/t LJ111 Ull'll
Uiitn inlo nuloilvl Kl'itOUa. (El'HOM burner

ONLY $14.99
onut $49.99
■ SLaL-w atn lem pmTto am - TJyr i <t'
jSaKpesudoROM - battery backed to
lad up to 1 years {lithium taOery).
Id talfa wlmin • rjJj nmi[«UUa ■ I (d
J Simply load ihBpraerani you requlpo -
LhBD nick Ibo switch. The rartndge then
ifis like & HO U oarWd© and can sven ba
DIGITAL SOUND only S299.99dual
J Maie your own cartridges - avena&a
SAMPLER start lypeE, wtttautlhe need for an Eprom
J It* new^lv Jdkm 5oj b iwl tar ■■od ApU^
-.---, -. ': -
j noun >nii«n«mMi wa ntsnmt.'niit
.. -■-■ -. -J.: -
EPROMMER J C^n be smwhfd in/out via software.
_J 1/02 fibt open for special programming

j mi caawa* «i Mini ma nuka

J A lop quillly, easy to use EPFkOld
pn^rammer for Iba 64/123.
J Fully nwnu driven softwurw/lardwarfl
only $59.99
Ji |
par!ta£e esIhs prcfirasciln^/reiylirifi/
JIW Ir/lln In/bM OU/PmaiKl miU*
copying KFHOM's simplrciiff tEsell
J Will pirtfrajn £7Ei6 chl^fi !i!5.21rff
only $89.99
j Fite into user port fop mjonmirm mm
panMly wjUi cartriclges/Surwnjffi Board etc

J Full foalurs syst£irr - &J1 functions

coveted including itevtw cbecli/VBrlty-
J Wo boliovD Kpranjincr 01 la tho moot com- J MIDIMASTER
pranensLveb moct friendly and boat volui for DUPLIKATOn
laonify prc^ranimBr available IortneG4/lM
• Full Midi Interface fop AE00/2000/
J l>idii niIj.. In .1 .iv^. Onli ■■■II" IdMI f .r cibl,
J Ideal companion (or Ejptirom Hoard.
1000 (Pleaso ctala model).
Conrid^Q davQlopmanl System, our ien\Bi • Compatible with most leading Midi
MIDI 64 aapanderQ nr indeed any KRPOM base ■HIM
packages (inc. D/Muslc),
J Full BpeciUcaUon MIDI Inlsrface at a prcject
titfjr FUD TKIIJ n[(HBi • Midi In - Midi Out j. 3 -
reaMio Pries. _J Comes HM3p!5LfiuiUi Instrucboos - p]ua J Cw* upfi *0 l»cU irfl aa (rp idtD
JUIDIIN JHimOUT JUIDITHBIT the cartridge handbEoL RHtlN Midi Thru.
_j Tim a
CbmpaUble wtth moet leading MIDI mftwans ONLY odd* • Fully Opto isoiated/FuB MIDI.

only $49.99 $69.99 COMPLETE only $189.99 $59.99


action, A QUABtfUMfi LEAP!
• Action BapUy allows yon to Tmezo the action of any memory Besident Program and main a complete back-up to disk or tape - but
that! not all.... Just compare theso features
_1 Simple Operation. Just press the button at any _] Sprite Killer: KHoctivn on most [irograina ■ mate
point and main a complete backup of any* memory yourself invincible. Disable Sprite/Sprite/Backround
resident program to tape or disk. collisions.

^j Hirbo Reload: AD back-ups reload completely J Unique Picture Save: FVeezo and save any Hires UNIQUE FEATURES:
independently or the cartridge at Tbrtw speed. Screen to (apt; or disk. Savrri in Kuala. Biasing ftddles
_| Sprite Monitor: View the Sprite set from the froMii
program - save Lie Sprite - transfer Sprites from one
■BB IBH^bV Lotdi 60S In under B ■•coadill
$s|e to another. Wipe out Sprites, view the animation
Tfci| If !fc» mill &—
on screen. Create custom programs. kq win Atari In ukr ■

Up* !■ En -h - it-i*1 «Ttt w^

t bvti iwd a f*a »Jao had ccaHcmJ dukj

fllncUj IL£S UEM tpMpl
TVIj k utfV l» 1-Un If^h j 11
* Harp a*™/]**! AnJiMt il^lCiI ^a lU:

!_J Plus unique Code

Cracher Monitor
* f- •<■-' i , mitruD 4ILd ri> r 4 M vachjFif £.■> mmBcf
■ Full U;n^ir TUUuh J>j*M»a^* rlu nM JuBf
-L j--' hep*/* ■> r,,, ■-1^;,
S } l U
tun u EoUd u a hi OfnUTY - Id a»?nai«fUe

V n't n«« bbu rxt n 1 Rs«t iuu u wtji «9fiucn

"> .-'■ ' -U# cbui|M and im pur mJI i l'jUl'-j

iiblfDBsteB WITr"

per disk
rtJi sides
saved as a, sin&j
J Action Replay
A host of additional c
Graphics Support Disk
- "i| "" •*■"!*(■ ■! mu-1 irfjf, EBjfH *»■ i u Him
, Old. Delete. Luiesave.-P^ihtof^v. iLf ■«■ i-: .it, .: |:l; , ,- :,,. ,: j i'i- ■ , ;. j .;, ■ .

' i ■■ ftttuti J j iiH .- |' i > -. I: i ■ T * - :j- _ 1 ji

■ i TW rA

J Screen Dump: Print out any Screen to Host, or d ft

Printers. 16 Gray Scales. Double size print options.
_j Unstoppable Beset: Reset button to Rectriew
System and Reset even so called Unstoppable
Programs .
ONLY $19.99
J Fully Compatible: Uferks with 1541/C 1581.1871 CENTRONICS PfllNTER
and DatacasseUe with 064.138.12SD (In 64 Mode) LEAD
j aia fjJ ulnntifi n[ Wlon Dtpliy or Plul
J Compatible: With Fast DOS and im-bo.Ram Systems
^rtr^? EcnviduBp btfufM wth lu Eeomola
□ Disk Utilities: test ftrmat. Directory, list. Bun and' M.
'j Canneos um [omo asj Ml an E[«on
many other k^y commands are operated by Function

_] Unique Restart: Remember all of these utilities are ONLY $18.99
available ai one Urae from an integral*!! operating
system. A runrung programme can be V:.. i:; u> enter □ SUPERCHUNCHEn
any Utilitf and the program la restarted at the touch i>f _j A utiLtj Ui turn j»jr AiUon Repliy jnlo a suptr
a key - without corruption. i^ "srf-J pn(.-ini cocp&Jof n«du« prafman by up m
])dU LUi ma further
LSI Logic Processor: This is whew Action
Baplay IV gets it's power. A special custom 1S1
chip designed to process the logic necftssary for this
unmatched FVeeze/Restart power. No other cartridge
has this ponsr?


A1TTW B0TB - "'■■ii»iai"i
I illjiiy cucot h, umnd ljy tha 1UD
•otUtnBbn I ( MA J 404- f (\)\J OUTSIDE CONTINENTAL U.S.
Walter L. Smith, Jr,

Keep track of your baseball cards, expenses,

computer magazines—anything at all—with
"Handy Filer," an easy-to-use file manager that
allows you to enter, sort, and print your data. Its
clear menus and prompts make the program a
joy to use. For the 64 with a disk drive. .

Database managers are complex disk, so you must create a new file
and powerful tools which can be Typing It In with the DEFINE NEW RECORD
used to organize many different Handy Filer is written entirely in
option. Designing the format for
types of data. While "Handy Filer" your records is the most important
machine language, so enter the pro
is not a full-fledged database man step in using Handy Filer. You must
gram using the "MLX" machine
ager, it is flexible enough and pow language entry program found else
decide how many fields you want
erful enough for many common to divide your data into, how long
where in this issue. When MLX
data-management tasks. Its sorting, each field will be, and whether the
prompts you, respond with the val
searching, and printing routines field will be left- or right-justified.
ues given below.
make it ideal for storing and retriev You should keep a few things
Starting address: $0801
ing many kinds of information. in mind while designing your re
Ending address: S1B70
cord format:
File managers usually divide Be sure to save a copy of Handy
data into small, manageable groups Filer to disk before you leave MLX.
• The first field of a record is con
called records. Records are further sidered the key field and must al
Although Handy Filer is written in
divided into fields. A good analogy ways contain data. The other
machine language, you can load,
is a recipe file. The box where you fields may be left blank.
run, and save it as if it were a BASIC
keep your recipe cards is similar to program.
• Think of how you might want to
your data file, each card is like a sort and search for data within
record within the file, and each line your records when you decide
Creating a File
on a card corresponds to a field which fields to use. If you're mak
within a record. Getting started with Handy Filer is ing an address file and think you
easy; simply load and run the pro may want to sort it by zip code, be
Handy Filer divides data into
gram. You'll see the main menu sure to assign the zip code to a
records that can be up to 255 char
with the following options: separate field. If sorting by zip
acters long. Each record is further
code isn't important to you, then
subdivided into fields. Fields can (LI LOAD DISK FILE
you may want to put it in a field
have a maximum length of 60 char (N) DEFINE NEW RECORD
(B> BEEP OFF with the city and state.
acters. Each record may contain
<Q) QUIT PROGRAM • A field must be long enough to
anywhere from 1 to 255 fields. Your
data file may contain as many re The first time you run Handy Filer, contain the longest entry expect
cords as will fit into memory. you won't have any files on the ed, but if it's too long, memory is

74 COMPUTE'S Gazette January 1989

The Great Communicator AprOSpand-64 'Gives your Commodore 64 or 128 full
THEDIRECT-CONNECTHAYES' ANDCOMMODORE' 1670 expandability! Thissuperblydesigned expansion module plugs into
the expansion port and gives you four swiichable expansion
COMPATIBLE 1200 BAUD MODEM FOR ONLY $74.9 connectors—plusfuse protection—plusaresetbulton! Before you

EverylhinglromElectronicMail{E-mail)iosiockquotesandhijge buy an expander, be sure that il hasa fuse toprotect your computer
databases of every imaginable type is row on line to Ihe small andthatyoucanactivateyourcarlndgesinanycombinalionallowed
by Ihe cartridges.
in the world. All you need isalelephone and a modem which allows
your computer lo communicate with olhers
Almost all modems (and services) are set up to communicate in
one or more of three speeds; 300, 1200 and 2400 Baud. Most
computer users prefer 1200 Baud. (1200 Baud is about 4 limes as
fast as 300 which means you spend aboul Vi Ihe lime and money
getting Ihe data you want and more lime enjoying il.)
2400's are great (but quite expensive). Most users can'i justify
ihe cost difference unless ihey do a large amount ol modem work
wilh a service thai can handle 2400 baud. ONLY S29.95 + s&H Order #5064
You will also noncea few very cheap iSOOson the markei at "too
good lobe lue prices." They are. The reason islhat they are usually
foreign built and nol Iruly Hayes" and Commodore 1670' com with Commodore USER Port expansion. ONLY S39.95 + S&H
patible therefore not usable in all siluanons and with all services. Now, you can conned and communicate with any of the popular
What is Hayes compatibility? It's the industry standard and RS-232 peripheralsusingyourCommorJore USER Port. Thissuperb
about all modem manufacturers have adopted the "AT" (Hayes] ex pander opens a whole new world to your Commodore computer's
command set. Beware of those whodon'l. Virtually allsoft ware being capabilities. You can now connect toprinlers,modemsandanyother
written now uses Hayes commands. Be sure the modem you buy RS-232 device. If you already have
istrulyHayes" andCommodore1670" compatiblethereforeusabie somethingthalconnectsiotheUSER
in all situations and with all services. port, don'l worry because the port is
Let's compare Minimodem-C"' with ihe 1670* , Avaiex-e and duplicatedontheoutsideedgeofthe
Volks 6480' interface. Comes complete wilh
Comparison ol N'mininili m ( 1570 Aunlei f vs. 5-1 BO1 sample driver program listings.
Compatible with all Commodore
Hayes' Compatibly? 1001 Subset Only Subset Only Nont
Commodore direct Conned1 Yes Yes No Yes home computers with a USER port.
Number oi Stains Indicators 7 0 a 0 1-year warranty. Order #5232.
Busy Delect? Yes No No No
DTR Signal Supioit? Y&5 No Yes No NEW! "COM-MOD EM" ADAPTER —Used only wuh
High Speed Detect Line' Yes No No No any Hayes1 compatible modem with DB-25 connector through your
Number ol 0IP Switches 3 a 0 USER port. You can make it emulate a 1670 too. or turn it ofl entirely.
Number Ol Status Registers 16 3 16 0
Can be used with our other USER port equipment such as "USER
Guarantee '¥'■ 90 days 2yrs 5 via
EXTENDER" ("5250) or "UNIVERSAL RS-232 INTERFACE" (#5232).
Now you have the FACTS lo make an informed decision.
What do you get forS74.95? Everything! You don't needto worry
about cables, compatibility or anything else! The Aprotek
Minimodem-CTU plugs directly into your Commodore C-64, C-64C ■ ,

orC-128USERport. Itisunrqueinthatithaslwoseparate(switchable)
emulation modes (Hayes and

Commodore 1670" ) to make it
compatible with ALL available REAR
software. The MimmodemC " DB-25
is a full feature, 300/1200 Baud FEMALE
modem wilh Auto Answer. Aulo CONNECTOR
Dial. Touch-Toneor rotary dialing,
Order #5100 S19.95 + S&H
in speaker. Just plug il into your
"USER EXTENDER" — 10"Ribboncableexienderforyour
computer and standard phone
Commodore USER port. Order P5250 S21.95 + S&H
lack with the attached cable. Mmimodem-C'" is supplied wuh
"Multilerm"64and 126, andafreeirial subscription loCompuserve. Com 6 Prn Serial Cable (5ft) "3006-5MM S9.95, (8ft) "3006-8MM S11.95
Do you have morothanonocomputerordoyouplanlogel another Commodore Serial Exl (5(1) "3006-5MF $9.95. t8ft) "300GBMF S11.95
computer? We have your solution. Simply order our new
Corn-Modem'" adapter (W5100) along wild the standard Apiotek Shipping pereacnabove item: Conl.US-SJ.Can,PR HI. AK. APO. UPS Blue =$6

Minimodem-H " which you can use with any computer that has a ORDER INFORMATION Californiaresidenlsadd6% lax. Allprices
RS-232 serial port as well as with your Commodore. Aprotek are cash prices—VISA and MC add 3% to total We ship the next
Minimodems vare liny. Only 4%" long. 2%" wide and 3A" high. busmessday on money orders, cashierschecks.andchargecards.
Our highly integrated, state-of-the-art circuitry makes Ihis modem
A 14-day clearing period is required for checks. Pricesandavailability
a Best Buy.
subject to change—CALL. Available al Selected Dealers. Dealer
Built wilh pride in fhe USA and fully guaranleed for 1 year. inquiries invited. 2 week satisfaction or your money back trial
Order yours loday! period on all products.
Try any Aprotek product lor two weeks, llyouarenotsatislied, call For info and in California call 805/987-2454 (8-5 PST)
us then send it back for a prompl refund. TO ORDER CALL TOLL FREE
Order- Item Qly Price Shipping Total
800-962-5800 - (7-6 pst)
6212 IWNIMODEM-C (Commodore] __ 74.95 . Or send order to:
6214 MINIMOOEM-H (RS-232)* _ 64.95
6216 MINIMODEM-AM (Amiga)* _ 84.95 _ Depl. CG
•(Specify Male or Female Connector) 1071-A Avenida Acaso
Modem shipping—Com. US $6 00: UPS Blue. CAN, AK, HI, APOS1000 Camanlto, CA 93010
wasted. Your whole file must fit cord will be stored, and Handy Filer the current file print format and
into memory, so choose field sizes will prompt you for the next one. asks whether you would like to
wisely. Also, remember that your Press RETURN at the prompt for the change the format, print the file,
whole record may be no more first field to stop entering records. view the file, or print the records
than 255 characters long. that match a specified string. The
• Justification not only affects how Editing a File change option lets you specify
a field will look on the screen, but where each field will begin on the
When you return to the main menu line. As with printing records, enter
also how it will be sorted. Alpha
this time, several new options are 0 to prevent a field from printing.
betic fields must be left-justified
displayed: The print option prints to the printer.
in order for them to sort correctly.
Numeric fields should be right- (At ADD RECORD The view option prints to the screen.
justified. The match-list option allows
you to print or view records which
After you've decided how you (N) DEFINE NEW RECORD
(P) PRINT FILE contain a search string in a specific
want to structure your records, en
(H) HUNT FOR RECORD field. Handy Filer first asks which
ter the format into Handy Filer. (F) SAVE FILE field you would like to search; then
When you choose the DEFINE (D) DELETE FILE
it asks for the string to search for.
NEW RECORD option, Handy Filer (V) VALIDATE DISK
Pressing RETURN without entering
prompts you for the title, length,
(X) CHANCE RECORD FORMAT a search string will return you to the
and justification of each field in <B> BEEP OFF PRINT FILE screen. After you've
your record. If you try to define a <Q) QUIT PROGRAM entered a search string, you can
field that is too long or try to define
The first new option, EDIT/ print the matching records, view
a field that will make the record too
VIEW FILE, displays the first record the matching records, or return to
long, Handy Filer prints a warning
of the file and offers several op the main menu.
and requests that you reenter the
tions. You can move to the next or

field length. After you've entered
previous record of the file by press Searching and Sorting
all your fields, press RETURN
ing N or B, respectively. You can
when prompted for the title of the Handy Filer's HUNT FOR RECORD
change the record you're currently
next field. option makes locating specific
viewing by pressing C, or you can
information easy. Suppose, for ex
delete the current record by pressing
ample, that you have a data file
D. The EDIT/VIEW FILE option of
containing information about your
fers two print options. Type (press
tape collection. If you know that
T) dumps the current screen to the
you have a tape by the Byrds from
printer. Print (press P) lets you de
1971 but can't remember its name,
fine how the record will be printed.
you could use HUNT FOR RECORD
When you press P, Handy Filer
to search for tapes released in 1971
displays the current record print
or for albums released by the Byrds.
format and asks whether you want
When you select the HUNT
to change the format, print the re
FOR RECORD option, Handy Filer
cord, view the record, or quit. The
Put your 64 to work with this fast and asks you to choose which field to
change option allows you to define
flexible database manager. search and the string to search for.
the column and line at which each
Simply type the string that you
field of the record will start. If you
want Handy Filer to search for. Op
Entering Data don't want a field to be printed, set
tionally, you can use the asterisk (')
the starting column for that field to
Once your record has been defined, character as a wildcard in your
0. Press P to print the record to the
a new option, (A) ADD RECORD, search string. For example, if you
printer and V to print it on the
appears on the main menu. The enter F" as the search string, Handy
screen. Pressing RETURN returns
ADD RECORD option lets you add Filer might find records with Fish or
you to the EDIT/VIEW FILE screen.
data to your file. Fred in the search field.
Press RETURN again to return you
When you choose the ADD Handy Filer locates the first re
to the main menu.
RECORD option, Handy Filer cord that matches the search string
prompts you for the data for each and then asks if you want to contin
field of the record. Handy Filer in ue searching. You may press RE
dicates the length of the field by un- The PRINT FILE option allows you TURN to return to the main menu or
derlining it. If a field isn't to print all the records in the file or Y to look for another match. If
underlined, it extends to the end of only those that match a search Handy Filer doesn't find a matching
the current screen line. If you enter string. The PRINT FILE option dif record, it returns to the main menu.
data beyond the end of the field, fers from the print option available The SORT FILE option sorts
Handy Filer prints a warning and on the EDIT/VIEW FILE screen. the data file in ascending order ac
requests that you reenter the data. PRINT FILE prints each record on a cording to a field-sort sequence.
Handy Filer also asks whether you single line, and it prints more than The first field in the sequence is the
want to make changes to the record one record. primary sort field. If two records
before it's saved. Just press RE When you select the PRINT have trie same value in the primary
TURN if everything is OK. The re- FILE option, Handy Filer displays sort field, the second field in the
76 COMPUTED Gazelle January 1969
5 sure steps to a fast start
as a high-paid
computer service technician
1 Choose training
that's right for today's
1 computer while giving you lightning-quick data access
liy Hctlini; inside this powerful computer, you
get the confidence-building, real-world experience
JOBS you need to work with, irouhlcshoot, and service
good jobs today's most widely used computer systems.
Jobs foy computer service technicians
will almost double in the next It) years,
according to the latest Department of
Labor projections. For you. that means -
unlimited opportunities for advance
ment, a now career, or even a com Pi
puter service business of your own. 1989
Hut to succeed in computer service today, you need training—
complete, practical training that wives you the confidence to service any

brand «! computer. You need NRf training.
Only NRI—the leader In c;irLfr-liuildiui;. al-llume el it'! roll its training
for 75 years—gives you practical knowledge, handS-Ofl skill, and real- Make sure you've always got
world experience with a powerful JCT-COmpatible computer yon keep.
Only NRI starts you with the basics. then builds your knowledge step l>y
someone to turn to tor help
step until you have everything you need lor a last start as a high-paid Throughout your NRI
computer service technician. training you've got the
lull supiiort of your
personal Mil instructor

2 !■ Go beyond
"book learning"
and the entire NRI
technical staff. Always
ready to answer your
questions and help you if
you should hit a snag,
to get true hands- your instructors will
on experience make you feel as if
you're in a classroom of
NH1 knows you learn better by one, giving you as much tirni' and personal attention as you need.
doing, So NKI training works
overtime to give you thai
invaluable practical experience.
You first read about tlie subject,
studying diagrams, schematics, and photos that make the Subject even
clearer. Then you do. You build, examine, remove, lest, repair, replace.
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computer service—start by sending for
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It the coupon is missing, write to; NRI
II you really want to gel ahead
School of Electronics, McGraw-Hill (.'ontinuini!
in computer service, you have
Education Center, 3939 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20016,
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why NRI includes the
powerful new Packard " School ol For career cni n
Bell VX88 computer as Electronics approved under Cil Bill

Ibe centerpiece ol your "1 died! for details.

inrommwiromirmiiiHiiwiiiJiiiiHiiiiiii McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Center
hands-on training. 3933 Wisconsin Avenue Washington, DC 20016
As you build this ^M
fully IBM ]'C XT- s I t i i I r i i I iH H CHECK ONE CATALOG ONLY i Security Electronics
L i i I I I j I i i I I i_ I
compatible micro Computers anil Microprocessor*! L'. Electronic Music Technology
from the keyboard up, Id i butics _ Digital Electronics Servicing
performing key tests TV/ V iilco/ A i! d i i) Servi ei n g _ Data Communications
and demonstrations at each stage ol assembly, you actually see lor _ Com ions Electronics Biisic F.leclronics
yourself how every section of your computer works.
Nil me
You assemble and test your computer's "intelligent" keyboard,
install the power supply and 5!'i" lloppy disk drive, then interlace the Address
high-resolution monitor. But that's not all.
You Roon to install a powerful 211 megabyte hard disk Cilv Sl.ilc .Zip.
drive—today's most-wanted computer peri pile ra I—included in your Anndndby the National Home Study Comd 153-019
119 I
training to dramatically increase the data storage capacity of your
field-sort sequence is used to sort The LOAD DISK FILE option tion is similar to the DEFINE NEW
those records. Handy Filer contin lets you retrieve data files stored on RECORD option. The difference is
ues to use fields from the field-sort disk. Handy Filer displays a list of that CHANGE RECORD FORMAT
sequence as needed until similar re the data files on the disk in drive 8. lets you transfer data from the old
cords are sorted. Not all the fields In Simply enter the number of the file record to the new one.
the record have to be included in you want to load. When you choose the
the field-sort sequence. Only those The DELETE FILE option al CHANGE RECORD FORMAT op
fields included in the sequence are lows you to delete data files from tion, the current record format is
used in sorting the file. your disk. As with LOAD DISK displayed at the top of the screen
When you select the SORT FILE, Handy Filer shows the data and you are prompted for the title
FILE option, Handy Filer displays files on the disk and asks you to se of the first field in the new format.
the current field-sort sequence and lect one to delete. Handy Filer asks Enter the field title, length, and jus
asks whether you would like to whether you're sure before deleting tification just as you did when cre
change it. If you want to change the the file. ating a new record format. After
sequence, type Y and enter the The VALIDATE DISK option you've entered the field justifica
fields' numbers in the order that executes a disk validate command. tion, Handy Filer asks for the fill
you would like them used by the Validate will clean up any splat files field. This is the number of the field
sort. After the field-sort sequence on your disk and update the block in the current record format that
has been set, Handy Filer sorts the allocation map. Be sure not to should be placed in this field of the
file and returns to the main menu. choose this option if there's a GEOS new format.
disk in the drive. The BEEP option allows you to
toggle beeping on and off. Handy
Disk Options
Filer defaults to beeping when it ex
Other Options
Handy Filer has several disk op pects input from the user.
tions that make maintaining your The CHANGE RECORD FORMAT The final option in the main
data file easier. option allows you to redesign the menu is QUIT PROGRAM. This
The SAVE FILE option allows record format of the file that is cur option returns you to BASIC. Be
you to store your data file on disk. rently in memory. It should be used sure to save your data file before
Be sure that you save your data file if you want to add a field, delete a using this command if you've made
before exiting Handy Filer, or you field, or change the title, length, or changes to the file.
will lose any changes that you have justification of a field. The
made to the file. CHANGE RECORD FORMAT op See program listing on page 99.


Statement ol Ownership, Management, and
color RED, BLUE, GREEN, Circulation as Required by 39 U.S.C. 3ESS
Ribbons Piles Eoch Black Color Heat IB 699710
Ir.iri'.lur 2 9-30 86
I Use (his Brother Daisy Wheel pnnferwrihihe Commodore
. 64, 12S. or Plus/4.
Apple Irnagewrilor Ifl] 3.75 4.50 6.50
I _ _ _ Gl.nnr ' 3A Twlvc
I Bold, Underline, Subscript, I
Citizen 120 D 5.00 6.00 7.95 3B $24 CO

I Weal (or: y/&

Commodore MPS 001 4, IE 4.76 5.7G 4, , NV 1W19
I Commodore! MPS 802 6.00 6.75 5. Same
6. PutHsher, William Tynan, 825 7th fee., Nav Yor*. NY 10019.
' Resumes, I Commodoro MPS B03 4.95 5.95 7.00 Editor, Lanca Ell*. 324 W. Wendowr fee. Su(e 500. Greens-
I School Commodore MPS IQOO 3.95 4.96 6.75 boro, NC 27408; ManKe Editor. Kilhieen Martinek, 324 W

I Papers, Commodora MPS 1200 5,00 6.00 7,95 Wenfloi'Si fee, Suite 200. Greensboro, NC 37408
7 ABC Consumer Magazines. Inc. a division ol ABC Pubhshmg. Inc.
I and Commodora 1525 6.00
a Capital Cite/ABC Inc. Company, 1330 feenue of the
Letters. Okidala 82/92/93 1.75 2.25 4.50 NewYxk. NY 10019: 825 7th *e. New ttrii. NY 10019
SSHS15.00 □ kidQta 1821192 6.50 7.50 8. N/A
9 N/A
Panasonic KX-P 1090 6,75 7.75
Cure your sick disk drive with Seiko s ha EP 600/1000 5.25 6.50 7.95
10 Extent arm Nalure of Citculalon

Physical Exam! Slar SG 10

Star NX10/NL10
7.95 ALhd no CH-B
ol anga i»ie
J; t
BRIGHT PACK-200 Eheelsf50 each color: Pod,
Blue. Green. Yellow. 9 1/2x11 - $10.90.'pk. Tots no Owes [Va Press Run?

PASTEL PACK-200 Sheets<60 each color: Pink, ftud Circualian

t Sim rhJmjri oMhrl ^ rarrier 68 37?
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I MM feascrccant 136 300
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0 Fr« rjiirrluton tjf m*l CMUr. or tea 1,737

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digital alignment • No special scopes or tcols E bul
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edd'l IL roi add 6.26% (ax. MC & Visa accepted. 2 firtjns Troni nms a tS320a M9329
Cardinal Software, 14840 Build rj lou 105 M6


Info: (703)491-6494 P.O. Bo» 475. Mameno, IL 60950 U.S.A. rii^v u«l the it^mnenti made Dy me above ac con«t 3nd

1 800 762-5645 1800-522-6922 • IILI 1-800-356-9981

oieif. \Wiim Tyian Pdt

78 COMPUTErs Gazo/re January 1989


Retail Outlet: Penn Station, Main Concourse

(Benealh Madison Square Garden) NYC,N.Y.10001
Store Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-8/Sat-Sun 9:30-7 li* [*] III !iJ l^l i^l |H t ] T^TI K"J£* H U '1-i i

I JOrfflErl-if!ffIKiXVilr*!'!
FAX NO. 7186923372
Call Mon-Fri:9:30arrwJ:30pm

EXTENDED HOLIDAY SEASON ORDER HOURS: Monday-Friday, 8:30-8:30 / Saturday & Sunday 9:30-7 (EST).

C= commodore Cs SEAGATE
20,30,40,60,80 MB
C= 128=: D commoaone
139.95 PC10III
in Disk Driwo PACKAGE
. C/128-D COMPUTER W/BUILT-IN N-gh Pesolui'on MoftO Vonaoi 'AJi Hook
C-1660 MODEM.. „ t.»K
C O MMC DO F! E MO U 3 E ...... J ! 6.B6 Compulm- 640KRAM-4.77-7.18


OSA-C (749
964UH( ■SenaKParallolPoris. 1
Floppy Onvo ■ \T Monitor

C64.123 J. 129D SI 169 w/fOHGHanJDiive $869
COMPLETE PKG. commodore
M.77-8 MHz.-36OK Floppy Parallel
IS Sorlal Ports Ganig PortRGB Port
COMMODORE COLOR PRINTER $149.95 12'Monlto: Herd Drive Package
$499 $489
$179.95 $1399
MONITORS . iKeyKOiira 64OKfi*M 60286
-.1702 C0L0R....S169.95 |M.crap;ocessar ■ 1.2 ME!
■ Amiga 500 wySIZK- Uuilt
lm 3£- Drsk Dnvw ■ Mousu
r Supphos A Cnblui PS-321 SI H4S85
$759 :K-PO0
X-1050... (489
1119 FX-950. .I3J9
LQ!O0 »1S
.O-fliO (SD9 LX-6M .. il99
-12" MONITOR LQ-10M-, J7M
■GEOS SOFTWARE PROGRAM ■ Drivfl Mouse RGBCo'orMonlor All
■DISK DRIVE HEAD CLEANER iHook-uaCablBS* ACAdapiors Free
' ■ •"•■v- ioaa '"...■• as

-BOX OF 10 DISKETTES INSTOCKCAII mttLOWPRICF! 1091i'll,..ii89.9S 1524..1499.65
1596 $410.05

$339 AMIGA SOD W1084S

AMIGA 500Wyi004Si 1010 3.S" DRIVE...11029

■COMMODORE C-64/C COMPUTER AMIGA 2000 IN STOCK IAMIGA 2000 nx-ikjoc .f™."!
NX-1000C Rainbow
JI24 B5
NX-1000 1161.85
■13" COLOR MONITOR A-10S4SnGBCOLOnMONI7OR'A-16S0 I A MCOComputerwKojDoara IWBEio NBM10..
| Bridge Ca:B w.5.25" Flopp,' Disk Drivs
DISK DRIVE FOR A-3000 ■ A-205S RAU OOaim
■BOX OF 10 DISKETTES EXPANSION FOH A-3Q00 ■ A-5211 1.1 liJFilUATA 180 Ii19.S5

3upf. 20MB HirH DflvtiarA-SOO 165)

S2049 lOKIMAlbKJ
IH l> D
1119 93




Software ^Brwtertjund Software -

CM P Cimw SjnMji US'


Owl Pit il'li Pnm

Cowl!! I1 S GrBCc, I>ik 1

P S Grams Dak 3
Omul U CUH
- 1597
-" ^. . , . IS97
hr. G»vy 4 A.-* h .: . . . . C<i
r.»'. A TiH Boo* . T
GfKH Tncu I Tes C4I1 . . . . ?197



Form Shop
&W Gaoa Word PwbUhpr
s Hint Btok iiwrl
v i-i-r\\ \ nr JfbV

«»o 'I . . 11)7

Burnt Gran -IS'
C«iJ !J*» !»('
Fat! fr(.» 1IC
S howl 1187
Fourth & »»ct»* team Cati - ... 9W rs S4.97
Minipufl . ,,.,,.... 1S97
TwiligH Zaifl 24.97
n . ,,,.,,.,.. 1191
5hvb JVoW, IHi
T.S.0 1*17

>-:■«■ iur « -. - mm' ■'■'. " "I"
WJD COS Permit r.i i*

S»r Rim Bonno II US'
BmwglTwuB B"


F' |r- r, n Sc*n*iy Jvm

Jet 2

. h _

PlWfi J497
24 97

31" LW Ljtwn 25 cri .
S H" Dhj Lit** H CM


Introducing the 1541 RAMBOard
Copy protection's "worst nightmare"
The flea* ras rjw shm & years, nr* an rdpers-ve p«e rf hardware ThJ
•iw jaw o km tjssi. wjII «• pu »I»e*up --"H ewfl ^"r* *"
Here's what Ihe world's toughest critics have to say.
a * tm rpmeJ V J* CH
Soflwire Support has |u«1 made the dream a realttyl
Wt'n pond B nrMlM W IWttUMBOW. a jam art that un fist be

m ponrtil card n sxt tact* fiaslH *» a rwg e* tie pas' Wortng wtf Hata'i wh*l loma ol mow people navo lo say -boul Hsusgado;
Ipioil Wt*jr< ■« FWBCBTd «ill tuckup strf*»e ta Mw uWB can I two

Mamelon to *eep your RAMBOar-l xCffarr^ t-ehtmj eneniy Ires

F-AVBOBrd alw axnas »aj?s with a rasi reper thar an archie an unpcisdM
data disk in urder 50 i#wfi$'
The coreepts Dsriim -{am' ^sterns are cublic Oman. So «*( sroal jou haw
tii5 ra:ure N^ onty is Rent^de :r>e
13 paj W S5 or rare fa somrae elsa's "carfT1 Sof*aie Sitccr w!l sell )M
Ihe hardware1 (a |u5!(XKIMSo ripi tonthave m unlmntBj mame, donl s mBxTS a)l cyr R£D f*|crt goeE HD
•orry Jusl order (Ojr ns» RiUBOmSfrom SofMre Smcrt -- the axnpjry rMi's maiinj sure ihai nor-i"g else on the mM ams Sow B
declared war w high pruei
RAMBOard - Our Price: $26.95 • 1541/1581:. 571 Faslftle Copier-Any Direction
■ SinglooiDunl Highspeed Dala Copier
Other companies "curd" boards: J44.95 or mora. • Directory EdilorjOraatiiioyour Disks
• SinDlnorDuolSlolBOttlioAnNibtjler
■the IW1 RAfjeOard rnjiirfu toNare :a opflraie Ihn-Otviara can bB eflher • Gooa- MoOgnl PAH/iMETERS and TOOLS
RAMBOad pwamoiBri. icon to ha found on a* RwwgaZ-ji t*coiam tttk. or ary > 300. Pnim5:FDilhoso1ougritotKic1iNpai3h5 • Corapnlltllu with C-8-1'128 «"lh 1541.71 Dniw
of tw othsr nc*(t' loflwffc aHBKhy on "tip Trurvet ■ DumpPammoiorCHlaiogioP'inloi
• Geos1" FiloCopior-Wmlis under DesMoi) • SaoilmgMLMonllorwilhDrivaMon
• BytoPJlltornScjinnor:HigtlSpocdSeaicrie5
• ErrorScannorwIthUnqueSecia. Editor
' TactinicW support BvalaBto.ol course
• PoeularsuliscritiorscrviceavailaBie!
FLASH! Kracker Jax Earns a 5 Star Rating
In INFO'S May-June '88 Issue
Kncln Jn s ft pomrv wHete. 3£« =Sfro. sySem rj has aiai re
canry i>r mm' Wtf S i raumeB' t s i tusBn pmgrat 33 a'ows fv
X SSM w SJOW nr-Jtorj « « WW9 l-id B nsw an 1*, >M> noji gn LUnj
IUicJ* *i B le » nst l|SS" ol« Lni sn 1* nuiuf BOH' * Pj,jn<Wll«lul...9nD-<n.ll<l».0nfy.!9.
Urfx _ .
ourmn) W l-it you ■im M REAL BH» 01 ho» 5C0I KncJm
Jli 11 li one of out astcmm Don 1 mirf You wol haw r< problem

Vols 1 thru 7 Only $9.95 each 1581 TOOLKIT

When we program a utility, we DO IT RIGHT
Ox. HBKBHO d=ir*d tH imesL so w or set* lor ra &s Iha 1581 TOOLKIT iep-esen,. N tnos; se: ol disk ig
no AJ of <wr rw™ are UHrj.Fasi and repssa-l UK :>1 t-e ait Bcgranming Wa supiM pjmw™} #«« sppl^hle
Now that Commodore ha! reigned llw C-1280 with 61K ol video RAM. S'cw'w (ono 0. two d.ivBs): Backup ever BOOK In UNDER 2 MINUTESI TWe. -.lility even roporls errors.
we shmild tw sooing US piogramj scMrsss 1h"S lantaslic new tsalire Fust Fiirj Copipi (ono or two drives)- 15-11/81/71 compamnin - .my dirocOon ■ wilh partmoning.
IQOd Track nnd Saclor Editor: vmw and modify dam easily on your 3 1/2 irvcr. diskolles
BASIC a al.eadi hi; Ihe capa-uhly ol using all MK of viooo RAM. It you Bireclory Editor, wliolo oisK diroclonos ->■ pn.lition. ■ ll.ii. nioi 1: iri,J.j-,|..-1sibli-
onn Ihe C-1!Bm slock conddion, you own all 16K ol video BAM lhat tlyto PaSem Soiircfi Wo mrjditiea ou. tamous ulilily 10 suppon Vm 1581 (link drivo You II love it!
Commodore lelt was rwcosaary Using Basit 8 tormar and Iho full G*K Erro. Scarmor. Scan imijortanl disks lor posnolo ptoUtems This 13 0 one ol a kind utility
ol video RAM provides you witti the ability 10 scroll Uirougti video mem F1I0 Track and Sector Tracer Scan and modily hies last. Even supports partilioning
oiy as *e'l as enhanced color rosolnhon. Fast Formalter- Allows last loimatting ol either whole disks o. ranges of i.acks. you donrJe
Up until no*, lo upgrade me C-1J8 to 64K otvd-eo RAM you «ouid riave netocalabli. Fast Loader Now yoy can last load all ywr 1581 tiles with tW super quick last leader.
(ofir^i search out Itte components, then llrHta corrspEtem repair ouflei Partition Creatnr- Open partitions easily with this simple to operale utility. Even a novice can use it
loceMlder and install the parts WhiBl a hassle!
SDLUTtON — We hj.e clevelopait a module thai srepl» plugs in lo ihe rt Ho.a^*™^*drsMsir«k «»
molhier board o( your C-UB No iplalttrad Miller — No hml tfarrtige
- No ha nit.
Wt onld oa w« m bj )■ ««« you nds s* iSS" TOOUn. tw sk™ you
This package includes fun eaiy lo follow installation insfnjctiws. nest
program lo validate prefer inslailalwi and trip plug-m upgrade module TT» 1S61 TOOLKIT (00 lV dlskelH) Only $39.95
Only $44.95



BASIC, you'll fcwa tho Earn netBie.uK for you Bp

c BASIC iK>y3nTners Iml to tit into >wr Super ^ahit Cs^ije No
soWeg or i»s inquired Jusl tit out the 5umr Eraisfoi Euan srH poo in Sysrss
Imtant ftxms is yours Syves adds ovsr 25 ma^x Hnnwids lo BASIC, ard in
ai1erp»j DOS -edge is 3 pleasure»use W« oven incUde j IW1I rwnpaisbl
PnrtrJain MOLI*t:
GhurllU Br-rjwrt AllC i>
last loader, aixJ w ML memtc aftoss*Je fran BASIC
Mfl^e Maroninrt Vour SY5HE5 p**iiga <Klu*ft oior wo h/tfed pajK d *WW b«u™r«aiw.
Peanut lurn Puj^Iof a di-l" tasod yogram as «oll as an Epwn tor yojr Super 5«Ji5not CannOqo
Snoopy to ir>i> n
WlllBf . SYSRES - Still only $39.95
ng Mscrilnn

a Bail CharliB

Early Games- Young Chi-drsn

Win done II i
I Corrmnu? Uien wra. »tq r* IV«aW Boas ty KraoB .ic are w last
mr. r Comrcdn coqy de-pjo-ertjn rtrnatxn Cu K<c*n&j> rj irc-acw
iusUptcus Noh ^nj cui rriB «b ffi lftdi ■? 0) PeSx Cw books
Not V n nom isb KnOm Jji Beveand VoUrm III otH
5 35 The Elenntnrjiy Co-rmodort 6* fl 9i t'ofiuinjl Auoi^Einl CP » 9 95
9 9% En!BT*i-Hh!r A$b Pop-sofiai lrr—n:r>y Cf U 3 35 ■cut ml nuBuM )■ wrnoM mfcrtli n HmUki ! ma t. jtuie nsaiiy W »
4 9& Fila a Pepcn-B^hiT Wt-k 7M (>lyjroah) CuriiB J 95
■itsep■ Hr»erJiiHewilMm fcuMBsVeelwusisTJeHailfrsualrj
J1DO WOflanVfn" 5 95 Qanw-naker EpO<rlS Iff-vy *« Botky M&ny She* £ 95
Cfwcli EdMf 6* 4 .ft Gsoswl? 99i Saniion 695
Cc-Tipuiff Tnv<4 4^ Hear oJ A' 5 95 Siamus» *M
CfO-Jhvfl Filsi fl95 Kj|cr*n ManagHr 495 SfkKw SwiliW ^95 REVEALED BOOK III with Hackers Utility Kit . . 523 50
Cra.irivu WnTf»f 3 95 teathfii" Goddess 995 Su*CWryJflil -, -- 795
nat-to," 695 Woony Savers I , . *D5 Tinrnc fi95 REVEALED BOOK II with Hesmon Cartridge ... S23.50
SfllPmJ III Wotb} Savers II . r . r ^.95 TrlnHy IBS - - 9-95
□ohK MiinjiflJtr WliM i S95 Nar*ay B5 5 Bi WiHkl1!! GroalflSl Baseball . 1595 REVEALED BOOK I with Reset Board $23.50


Oilsnng n sanplo wu uoyl mangy [mlcrg. (nmliM cMcti, rwsocal th«*a 101 p«<WJ! SotMie Suppwl Moil your ordur \o SmiMre Suppnn im
lu«anen) VIS* MC, Dutwsr, nrflC01) ftflori shippMluDS A .f PO. APO, C3H9M.or Ue-no.pta)S" ??()0 ME Anmesen / V.intouvi'r WA SB661

SOITIUHRE kH 1303 per order In sliopins "«l hundlinj COD ivIMhjIe 10 U S nalonws or»( KB 12 tt addiunal per
mmt Fixegn cusmners nxc! Mil or wme fw b.«1 EJuppffg Untgbf. D«r«live flewa ara «c-fliH] at no daro*
IF ard WW IF ™ call (or 1 HsMn AuJwiJSIion Nurri* All n sloO oWhs at processM within 24 hours U S
Or cull our toll-ltau or dor Mnu v\
1 am 3M-1179. 9nm-5pm Pacifjc li
Sl.ppcraBB,UPSgi«i>linrriLstcas»F«T;nilDAYAmi.ailaW «U SI (0 [« pamd uttnnallU S U
stalKBiNl US sol!™E«itosMrl»>W'jrs«llbeshi«iedMDifA»allw^i!rSMSTHc»arge Ali-nr lin,.r. wdort nccepied ai
WiMnr^lon rrsdents PBiw aH 7 5% MOnonal to SaK In All OOi sCpd E Ba^s (206) 695 3648 / rirtyi n wrcli
Technical luppori C:tll
Program Submisnon. invil«d PMi
M(Hrid,|if I nnF.iy
Kitd mora into' CHI gr >nti for r.r Ina taldo;


Shorter, Faster, Better

Randy Thompson With this one-liner, you can instan X-1/SIN(N)

Contributing Editor taneously clear the 64's hi-res To find the cotangent, use
screen located at 8192: X = l/TAN<Nf
"The Programmer's Page" is in
CLR:F-FRE(O):DIM A((-65536-<F<0>
terested in your programming tips Vincent D. O'Connor
+ F)/5-10):CLR
Babbiti, MN
and tricks. Send all submissions to
Using this code clears all BASIC
The Programmer's Page, COM-
PUTEI's Gazette, P.O. Box 5406,
program variables, so it's best to use Function-Key Flip
it at the beginning of a program. To redefine the 128's functions
Greensboro, North Carolina
27403. We'll pay S25-S50 for each Din's Newton keys so they return the same ASCII
Newcastle, NB value as on the 64, execute a POKE
tip we publish.
828,183. To return the function

Commodore programmers are a Missing Functions keys to their default definitions, ex

Commodore BASIC for the 64 and ecute a POKE 823,173.
rare breed. They're always looking
128 has a number of built-in mathe Earl Kanady
for shorter, faster, more efficient
matical functions, yet there are Las Vegas, NV
ways to do things. For example,
take a look at the following tips sent some very useful functions that
BASIC does not provide. For ex Free Blocks Revisited
in by some of our readers.
ample, although the SQR function Ever since we published the free-
returns the square root of a number, blocks tip in the October 1988
Odd or Even?
there is no function for returning "Programmer's Page," several peo
An easy way to check whether a
other roots, such as the cube root. ple have written in to suggest an
number is odd or even is to AND it
The following tips show you how other, somewhat shorter method.
with 1. If the result equals 1, the
to simulate some of these missing Instead of the original
number is odd. If the result equals
functions. (In each example, assume LOAD "S0:",8
0, the number is even. For example,
that the number being operated on LIST
the following code checks to see if
is stored in the variable N.) many of you recommend using
the variable X is an even number;
To find any root of N, use LOAD "SS",8
10 IF X AND 1 - 0 THEN PRINT X;'1S

where R is the root. It's true that the latter method

You can use this trick with any
Commodore's LOG function saves you one character's worth of
integer between —32768 and
returns the natural log, or log to base typing, but I chose to publish the
+ 32767, and it works on any Com
e (2.71828). To find the common log first technique because it works every
modore computer.
(log to base 10) of a number, use time you use it. When you use
Joseph R. Chametski
LOAD "$$",8 two times in a row,
Dallas, PA X = LOG(N)/LOG<10)
you get a FILE NOT FOUND error.
EXP is similar to LOG except If you really want to save your
Easy 40/80 Switching that it calculates the value of c self the typing, try abbreviating the
Everybody knows that you can raised to the power inside the pa LOAD command with an L SHIFT-0
switch between the 40- and 80- rentheses. A more useful function or abbreviate the LIST command
column screens on the 128 by print would be one that returned the val with an L SHIFT-I. To shorten the
ing an ESC-X (PRINT CHRS(27) ue of 10 raised to the power inside original tip even further, you can
"X"), but did you know you can do the parentheses. To find the value remove the 0 that precedes the colon.
the same thing with SYS 65375? of 10 raised to the power N, use It's best to leave it in, however, be
When used from within a program, cause the 1541 often confuses itself
the SYS command is both shorter with a dual disk drive and attempts
and easier to use. BASIC provides sin, cosine,
to access a nonexistent drive 1. This
Mike Prestwook and tangent functions but not se
single-/dual-drive identity crisis is
Milpitas, CA cant, cosecant, or cotangent func
one of the reasons why DOS's save-
tions. To find the secant of any
with-replace command is so flaky;
number, use
Clearing the Hi-Res Screen it's also, I suspect, the reason why
Clearing a hi-res screen from X-l/COS(Nt
LOAD "$$",8 works only the first
BASIC can take a very long time. To find the cosecant, use time you use it. Q
82 COMPUTE'S Gazette Januaty 19S9
for only $3 ^
ttx/64 or 128 fystem (values to $127.80)

3141P S16.95 Commodore,
Business Programming !

2817P S14.95

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our Bonus Book Plan, wiiri savings ol up to 80% off publishers' prices. • Club
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obllgalionl • Exceptional Quality. Alt books are quality publishers' editions
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2A71P 117 Bt I'll 51(81
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below, billing me S3 95 plus shipping ,-ind handling charges tf nol satisfied, I may return the
-COMPUTEft- Technicians
boo*? wtihm ten days wjlhoul obligation and have my membership cancelled. I agroo to pur
INVESTMENT Handbook- chase al leasl 3 book-sal rogula* Club prices (plus shipping/handling} during the next 12 months
HAND8OOK and may lesign. any time iheroalter




Siaie'Zip . Phone


Valid (o* now members only Foreign applicant wJiHoCQivospocul ordering instruction? Canada
must remit in U S currency This order sutyncl lo acceptance by The Compute' Book Club"
19S9 'HE COMPUTER BOOK CLUB' \\)rn'-'V q' DffQnl Ql q.ia'ftn" 'f^j^f! to' $'! new mffidwj \J"OV '& yiWI Of fQP CG 1B9

iiri Ridge Summn. PA |


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el 00 0
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$2.00 shipping and handling) by writing us at P.O. Box 5188
Greensboro, N.C. 27403.

l\- IF. !■ II I"

More Disk BASIC

Larry Cotton be successful, the drive must be drive, I always write such lines in
able to find the exact name of the parallel form. This helps ensure
Happy New Year. I hope your holi data file you saved (such as WISH that the data is loaded in exactly the
days were happy and that you ben LIST 1). same order and format as it was
efited from the wish-list program If you ran the program and saved. This is extremely important.
presented last month—if not direct saved a wish list to disk last month, First write the OPEN1,8,1,L$
ly, at least from accumulating new did you look at the disk directory {disk save) line. Let's say it's line
knowledge of BASIC. afterward? If so, you saw that the 200. Then move the cursor back up
This month we'll finish ex name of the file was labeled PRG to that line number and change it to
plaining the program. Recall that (PRoGram) and it was annotated a higher number—say, 300. Cursor
there are seven subroutines that are with a number in the left margin of over to the second 1 and change it to
accessed by the menu: the disk directory. 0. You've created your OPEN1.8,
1. Add item(s) to list However, your data is not a 0,L$ (disk load) line.
2. Save list to disk program, and it cannot be run. The Similarly, when you write the
3. Load list from disk number in the left margin is the da PRINT# lines (with numbers in the
4. Delete item from list ta's length, in blocks. About 254 200s), cursor back up to those lines,
5. See list on screen characters are held in a block. change the line numbers to num
6. Print list So far, we haven't actually bers in the 300s, and type INPUTtt
7. Quit loaded any data; we've only told over PR1NT#. This way the infor
the disk drive to get ready to load it. mation will always be saved and
Loading Data from a Disk Next we use another BASIC state loaded in exactly the same order,
We've covered the first two subrou ment, INPUTS, which reads the and with the correct, corresponding
tines; next is the load-from-disk sub information from the disk drive. syntax: 1 goes with PRINT#, and 0
routine, which begins at line 330; 350 INPUT#1,C:IFC-OTHENFRINT goes with INPUT#.
330 L$-"":INPUT"{DOWN} NAME OF "(DOWN} NO LIST FOUND": Last month I said this would
LIST TO LOAD";L$:IFL$=""THEN GOTO370 not be a tutorial on communicating
with peripherals—so we'll leave our
This line is identical to line 280 discussion of disk activities here.
INPUT# works similarly to IN
from last month, except for the You should understand enough to
PUT (as in line 330), except that in
word LOAD. We're asking the user do simple disk saves and loads. The
stead of getting information from
to type the name of a wish list that delete-item subroutine is next, It
the keyboard, it gets it from the
he or she has previously saved. Our gets a little tricky, so follow closely.
disk. C holds the number of items
example list title was WISH LIST 1,
in the wish list. If for some reason C
which was stored in LS. Deleting Items
is equal to 0 after the INPUT# state-
We must now open a channel Remember that we're storing our
ment, the message NO LIST
of communication with the disk wish list as an array I${), in which
FOUND is printed and the program
drive: C keeps track of the number of
jumps to line 370.
340 OPEN1,8,0,LS items in the list. At any given mo
Line 360 uses a FOR-NEXT
ment, while running the program,
Again, this line is identical to loop to load the data from the disk
you can press the RUN-STOP key;
one from last month (290), with one into the computer's memory as ar
for example, if you want to see
important exception: the secondary ray I$(). Line 370 closes the file,
what the third item on the list is,
address of 0. Recall that the OPEN goes to a subroutine that prints the
type—in the immediate mode—
command opens a channel of com list and returns to print the menu.
PRINT I${3).
munication. The number 1 is the
The first line of the delete-item
file number. The 8 is the device Writing Parallel Lines
subroutine just checks to see if that
number and indicates that we're Note that program lines which get
count is 0 (no items entered); if so,
communicating with the disk drive. the name of the file from the user,
the subroutine returns
Now the all-important 0: This open the channel, and write and
says that we intend to read data read data to and from the disk drive
from a disk file. L$ is the name of are very similar. The next line starts a FOR-
the data file that the user entered at When I write BASIC programs NEXT loop that prints—one at a
line 330. In order for a disk read to that communicate with the disk time—-the items and their corre-
COMPUTEI's Gazelle January 1989 85
sponding numbers, which have al signed to it—even a carriage return, 500 IFC-OTHENRETURN
ready been entered. For each which is produced by pressing RE 510 PRINT"(DOWN! PRINTING ...
520 OPEN4,4:FORT = 1TOC:
increment of T, the screen is cleared TURN. You can detect which key
and the cursor is positioned two (or combination of keys) is pressed CLOSE4:RETURN
lines down: by checking for the resulting CHR$
value. Because a space is CHR${32), Line 500 has been seen before
as 270, 380, and 450. Line 510
DOWN}":PRINTT;I$<T) line 420 could have been
prints a message to let the user
The next two tines print brief 420 GETAS:IFASoCHR$(13)ANDA$
know what's going on.
< >CHR$(32)THEN420
instructions to the user: Line 520 is the heart of this
We'll cover CHR$ and its relat subroutine. We open the communi
TO CONTINUE OR ed function ASC more thoroughly cation channel with OPEN. It has
410 PRINT"{DOWN} SPACE BAR TO in a future column. Let's get back to become conventional to use two 4s
DELETE ITEM the program, when a Commodore computer
Line 420 contains a new 430 IFA$ = CHRSU3)THENNEXT: talks to a printer. They correspond,
RETURN as when communicating with a disk
BASIC function, which well just
touch on this month—CHR$(): If the RETURN key is pressed, drive, to the file and the device

420 GETA$:IFA$< >CHR$(13>ANDA$ the FOR-NEXT loop started at line numbers, respectively.
<> "{SPACE}"THEN420 390 will continue; more items and The file number doesn't make
their numbers will be printed on much sense when addressing a
Our familiar GET statement
the screen. Here's the tricky line: printer; however, it is required by
waits for the user to press either the
440 FORZ - TTOCrlS(Z) - I$(Z+1):NEXT: the syntax following OPEN. What
RETURN key or the space bar. If
C-C-l isn't required is the third number,
neither is pressed, the program
as when communicating with a disk
loops at this line. By using < > (not If the space bar is pressed, con
drive. Omitting the third number is
equal to), we ensure that no other trol falls through to line 440. Re
equivalent to using 0 as the third
key will elicit a response. member what we're trying to do:
Why did we use CHR$(13) to delete an entry. So we introduce
Now that the channel is open,
detect the RETURN key? Each another (nested) FOR-NEXT state
we use a FOR-NEXT loop and
character in a computer's set of ment, which loops through the en
PRINT# to send the data to the
characters has a code number as- try to be deleted plus all the
printer as the I$(C) array, much as
remaining entries and replaces each
we sent it to the disk drive.
one with its succeeding entry. As an
To close communications with
example, here's part of the I$() ar
a printer, use PRINT#4:CLOSE4.
ray from my wish list:
The subroutine ends with the usual
Lines 500-520 can be replaced
184) = "MORE MEMORY"
with these if you don't have a
' 'Surrender your C~ 128 over to printer:
the power of SHADOWDOS!"
• Use SHADOWDOS to copy disks and Say we want to be practical HERE":PRINT"{DOWN) PRESS
tiles, alphabetize directories, list ANY KEY TO CONTINUE ...
programs from disk, auloboot disks, and delete I$(2)—three maids a- 510 GETA$:lFA$-""THENS10
loimal, scratch, rename and collect. milking. It and all the remaining 520 RETURN
• Up and down directory scrolling — touch strings must—one by one—be re
of a key toads program selected.
placed by the one after it. I$(2) must
• SHADOWDOS hides in your computer's
become IS(3), hard disk drive; I$(3)
memory. Switch back and forth from
Lines 530-560 contain the subrou
BASIC and SHADOWDOS at the touch must become I$(4), more memory;
ol a key. tine that permits the user to end the
and so on.
• SHADOWDOS functions do not destroy program:
programs In memory. You're sale even
Lastly, the counter must be de
cremented by one, to compensate 530 PRINT:"fDOWN}" ARE YOU
with diskcopy.
• Place 5HADOW0OS on all your disks tor for the dropped string.
Instant SHADOWDOS bootup.
540 GETA$:IFA$-""THEN540
• Vivid on-screen menus make
SHADOWDOS simple and ready to go, See the List 560 RETURN
when you need it. Three more subroutines to go. First, The only line that needs expla
• SHADOWDOS Is a programmer's and look at the one to see the screen, nation is 550. This is a safe-end
hacker's lantasy. No more mundane and
which should be self-explanatory: technique; it allows the user only
time consuming disk tasks.
4S0 IFC = 0THENRETURN one keypress to end the program—
Yes, it's only: $11.95 460 PRINT"{CLR}":FORT-1TOC:
Y (for Yes). If any other keypress is
To order, sand cfieck or money order to Si 1 9S10 PRINTT;IS(T):NEXT
made, the program returns to the
Where It's Soft! FOR MENU. menu.

480 GETA$:IFA$-""THEN480 Over the next several months,

P.O. Box 882461
we'll have coverage of CHR$, ASC,
San Diego, CA 92108
Here's the subroutine for sending error messages, DEF FN, and much
California residents, add 6% aalaa laic.
the wish list to a printer: more. Stay with us in 1989. O
86 COMPUTED Gazelle January 1989
String Passing

)im Butlerfield gram returns to BASIC, the string contains a 0.

Contribuling Editor will then contain the information. 0382 LDA (S2D),Y (Variable element)
This method is often named STA $00B9,Y
Many BASIC programmers avoid string thing. We'll use it in a mo INY
CPY #$06
the annoying INPUT command by ment. But first I need to point out a
BNE £0382
writing custom input routines using few things we'll be watching for.
the GET command. The problem is We must be sure that we don't Here comes our main GET
that in doing so, they often run into run beyond the string's storage area. loop. We GET a character; if it's bi
new problems, such as garbage col If the string is generated by BASIC nary 0, we return immediately to
lection delays. to be ten characters long, we must the GET statement, since there no
Can a short machine language accept no more than ten characters. character was received. Then we
module be written to do this input On the other hand, if the input check to see whether the character
without the drawbacks of the string is not as long as the space is a RETURN, in which case we
BASIC commands? Yes, but there's provided by BASIC, we must find leave the loop:
a hitch. A machine language pro some way to signal BASIC, telling it 038C JSR $FFE4 (CETINt
gram can scoop in a string from how many characters we have actu BEQ S038C
BASIC with ease, but it has a devil ally supplied. CMP #$0D (RETURN?)
of a time passing this string back to BEQ S03A5

the BASIC calling program. BASIC

A String Thing We have a character, and it's
strings are tricky, and different
Let's look at the code of a simple not RETURN. We will get the char
Commodore computers build them
string-thing program. This program acter count from address $8E (in-
in differing ways.
does not have special code for such tially, there will be a 0 there), and
When a BASIC program cre
features as recognizing the DELETE check to see that it's not at the
ates a string with a command such
key or furnishing a prompt signal. string size limit (the value of which
as INPUT X$, a number of complex
These features are easy to add. is stored in $8B). If we have hit the
events take place. An entry for X$ is
As written, this program works limit, we ignore the character:
made in the table of BASIC vari
on the Commodore 64 only, or on
ables. The system inputs the string LDY $8E (Count)
the 128 in 64 mode. A 128-mode CPY S8B (Limit?)
to a buffer area and measures how
version would need extra code to BCS $038C
long it is. The BASIC interpreter
allow for memory banking.
goes looking through memory for a It appears to be an acceptable
The first thing to do is to find
space big enough to hold this character. We echo it and store it in
the string so that we know how
string. If it finds the space, it copies the string (position Y, right?). Then
long it is and where it is located. We
the string there, then marks off the we add 1 to Y, store it in $8E, and
will assume that the string variable
area as used. go back:
is the first variable used in the pro
There's more. Pointers are set JSR $FFD2 (Print)
gram. This will save us code, since
up. If the memory space is not STA (S8C),Y [Store in string)
it tells us that the string data will be
found, more things happen. BASIC INY (Increment count)
at the start of the variable table. STY $8E
strings can be complicated from the
The variable table starts at a lo BNE S038C (Always branch)
ML programmer's point of view.
cation pointed to in addresses $2D
(And that's not even mentioning When we see a RETURN, we're
and $2E (the "start-of-variables"
the extra things that the 128 does to finished. We need only echo it (mov
pointer). The first variable is as
avoid garbage problems.) ing us to a fresh screen line), and
sumed to be the one we want. The
You don't want to do all this in then we can return to BASIC. We
first two bytes contain the variable
your machine language routine—at could code JSR (Jump to SubRoub'ne)
name. We don't need this, so we'll
least, not if you can avoid it. followed by RTS (ReTurn from Sub-
start off with a 2 in the Y register:
One solution to the problem is Routine), but it's just as easy to JMP
0380 LDY #$02
this: Let BASIC make a string wher 0uMP) to the subroutine and let it re
ever it wants to do so in memory. This loop copies the bytes in turn to BASIC on our behalf:
Now a machine language program the variable table into addresses 03AS JMP $FFD2 (Print and exit)
can receive keyboard input and de $8B-$8E. The first three bytes are
liver it directly into the existing the descriptor: $8B gives the string For an example BASIC listing, see page
BASIC string. When the ML pro length, $8C/D give its address. $8E 106. a
COMPUTE!* Gazette January 1989 87
The Brain's Tricks

Rhett Anderson factor of performance. For instance, search its entire memory for that fact.
Assistant Editor the neck is the limiting factor of the A human brain remembers different
speed of pouring when you empty a ly. You might remember the layout
Scientists are finally beginning to bottle of Pepsi.) of your grandmother's kitchen when
unlock the mysteries of the human It's a nasty turn of history that you smell pancakes. This kind of re
brain. It's a difficult job (and it'll be leaves John Von Neumann's name membering depends on associative
a long one}, but they have already best known as a kind of bottleneck. memory (memory by association).
uncovered many interesting facts. John Von Neumann was a mathe Researchers are hard at work
Among them: The brain's speed is matical genius whose contributions to develop associative memory sys
due to its use of parallelism and as in the 1940s and 1950s included the tems. Database programs could
sociative memory. recognition of the advantages of bi take advantage of associative mem
How does your Commodore 64 nary storage and the stored-program ory to search huge databases in the
stack up against your brain? In gen concept. Before EDVAC (a com blink of an eye. How much does Joe
eral, not too well. Take a few min puter designed by Von Neumann), Smith owe on his account? Even
utes to think about the things that computers had to be hand-wired for with 100,000 names in a database,
your brain does all day and all night. each program. More than anyone an associative memory system will
Think of all the decision making you else. Von Neumann is responsible find Joe's account in one step.
do, but don't forget those tasks like for the architecture of the Commo
keeping the heart beating and the dore 64 and nearly every computer Is a 64 So Dumb?
lungs pumping. Don't leave out the built. It's a testament to Von Neu So how stupid is the 64? Compared
monitoring of the senses. And don't mann that only recently have we to your own brain, it's pretty dull.
forget the unconscious—your begun to build machines which But it does what it was designed to
dreams are far beyond the imagina leave the bottleneck behind. do, and it does it welt. Challenge
tive and even the logical powers of Your brain thinks in parallel. your 64 to an adding contest in
any program ever written. Finally, Sensory information is gathered, BASIC (a relatively slow computer
consider the most amazing form of impulses to muscles are sent out, language). Using paper and pencil,
thinking: thinking about thinking. logical thinking is carried out—all add up the 100 consecutive num
The 64 should seem a pretty at the same time. A parallel system bers which start at the number
pathetic beast after that exercise, can emulate a serial one. You're 98765. Then write a BASIC pro
but let's spend a few more para thinking in serial when you reason gram which does the same thing.
graphs putting it down. Only by that (1) you're holding an apple and Your 64 will win handily. In fact,
understanding its limitations can (2) all apples are fruits, so (3) you're even beginning programmers could
we appreciate its power. First, con holding a fruit. write this program, debug it, save it
sider that the 64 is basically a single- The brain thinks in parallel be to disk, and run it before they could
tasking machine—it can do only cause it consists of billions of neu add even the first 25 numbers.
one thing at a time. That means that rons, each one communicating with You'll find that the 64 is much
if you hooked your 64 up to a jaw many others. Neurons are relative more reliable than your own brain.
and a pair of legs, it couldn't walk ly simple compared to the single If you can add the numbers without
and chew gum at the same time. (very complex) computing element making a mistake, you're doing
used by the 64. great. The 64 could run the pro
Serial vs. Parallel New computers, like the Trans gram day and night for years with
Most microprocessors think in seri puter and The Connection Ma out making a mistake.
al. (The 6502 used in the Commo chine, are moving more toward the There are things you can do
dore 64 does. So does the 68000 brain's system. These computers that your 64 could never do. But
used in the Amiga.) That means make do with many (though not so there are things the 64 can do that
that the processor executes one op many as are in a human brain) sim you can't. For instance, you can't
eration at a time. Load the number ple (though not so simple as a neu hook up your brain to a composite
4, add the number stored in memo ron) computing elements. monitor to play a videogame.
ry location 49152, store the result in You'll enjoy the experience of
memory location 2048. This limita Associative Memory human brain and computer work
tion is called the Von Neumann bottle For a computer to remember a fact, it ing together best when you under -
neck. (Engineers call a structure a must know where that fact is stored. stand the limitations and
bottleneck when it is the limiting if it doesn't know, it will have to capabilities of both machines. •
8B COMPUTEl's Gazelle January 1989
Where in the World?

Fred D'lgnazio thief. She and her gang are on a you have only so much cash to live
Contributing Editor global crime spree, and it's up to on, when customs officials and ho
your kids to bring her to justice. tel clerks stand in your path, or
Last month I described the sorry The "hook" is the chase. Your when the clock keeps ticking and
state of Americans' geography edu kids want to catch Carmen. To get you're running out of time.
cation. I proposed that students her, they'll do almost anything.
might be motivated to learn more They'll journey to 30 different cities Is This Critical Thinking,
geography if they could fashion and plow through arcane facts
or What?
their own electronic field trips to about countries' currencies, history,
In Ticket to Paris, your mission is to
faraway places. landmarks, culture, and geography.
locate your cousin, who is hidden
Several programs for the Com As they chase after Carmen, they
somewhere in Paris and who has
modore 64 now enable children to learn to be more efficient in their
refused to return to the U.S. Your
take electronic field trips which of pursuit. They begin taking notes;
fer two key ingredients that make family hopes you can track him
they decipher clues using their on
down and persuade him to come
geography come alive: First, they board Crime Computer and their
home with you. But in order to suc
let children become "knowledge almanac. And, as the chase contin
navigators" who chart their own ceed, you have to master a myriad
ues, invisibly and with very little
paths across continents and bodies of details about French culture, cur
pain, they sharpen their reasoning
of information, Second, they give rency, and language, You have to
and research skills.
children a mission—a problem, know Paris like you know the back
The two successors to Where in
mystery, crime to solve, or person of your hand. You have to solve all
the World feature similar attrac
to locate. the little problems that confront
tions, Where in the U.S.A. offers
The most popular series of ge real travelers when they visit a for
Fodor's USA Travel Guide; Where in
ography programs are the Carmen eign land.
Europe has Rand McNally's Concise
Sandiego programs from Brodcr- Atlas of Europe. Both challenge vet The ticket programs are re
bund (P.O. Box 12947, San Rafael, eran Carmen chasers with more dif markable in their accuracy (digi
California 94913-2947). The origi ficult chase scenarios and reward tized pictures were taken of
nal Where in the World Is Carmen them by promoting them as detec locations players visit) and in their
Sandiego? has been joined by Where tives. The newer programs allow constantly changing parameters—
in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego? students to save their investigation currency fluctuates, hotels fill up
and Where in Europe Is Carmen on disk so they can return to it later. and change rates, and unpredict
Sandiego? And Where in Europe has an online able events occur (you may end up
Adults like the Carmen pro Crimestopper's Notebook and a in the hospital from fatigue or star
grams for their educational value Factfinder's Database, which teaches vation if you don't look after your
and because they get this nice 1000- data-management skills. self). I especially like the option to
page World Almanac along with the play each game in English or in the
program and manual (in Where in host country's language. And the
the World). But have you ever seen a A Mission You Can't Refuse programs are deliberately nonsex-
kid reading an almanac just be Less well-known, but also inviting, ist, allowing a player to choose to
cause it's a neat thing to do? Along are the Ticket programs from Blue be a male or female character.
comes Carmen, and kids are de Lion Software (90 Sherman Street, The Carmen and Ticket pro
vouring almanacs, memorizing Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140). grams are not perfect electronic
countries' flags, speed-reading their They include Ticket to Spain; Ticket field trips for your children. But
way through lists of national re to Washington, D.C.; Ticket to Paris; they are welcome alternatives to
sources, and navigating across Ticket to London; and Ticket to Holly textbooks as a means to stimulate
world political maps. wood. interest in geography and to embed
These programs are appealing the study of geography in practical,
Charismatic Carmen because, like the Carmen programs, real-life experiences and problems.
The secret is the character. Carmen, they give the child a mission. Far Geography is, after all, only an ab
it seems, is a pretty charismatic away cities are neat places to visit, straction. But the world is a very
woman—for boys, girls, and their but they become irresistible when real place. Any tool that lets your
parents and teachers. She's an you're challenged to go there for child link geography to the real
ex-secret agent turned world-class some mysterious purpose, when world is worth the investment. <a
COMPUTED Gazoim January 19B9 89
Becoming a geoPaint Pro

Roger T. Conroy you can draw just the intersections board pattern is cleared to the de
of the squares. fault gray when you clear a region.
Get the most out of geoPaint, no
matter which version you use. In the Cards Enter Print Shop
One very handy feature of geoPaint I have found that the cards are es
In the June 1988 Gazette, E. William is the 8X8 pixel "cards" that con pecially useful when I copy Print
Huffman discussed many helpful trol the background color. If you Shop graphics. To import Print Shop
hints (or geoPaint users. This article use the region tool with color graphics, I use the "Print Shop to
builds on those hints. Version 1.3 of turned on, the regions you select GEOS" converter from the April
geoPaint eliminates many of the will snap to the dimensions of these 1987 issue of Gazette. I outline the
problems that the author discussed. cards. These cards are a result of the graphic in white on the background
Version 1.3 offers many improve way the 64's video hardware works. so that I know exactly where to cut
ments, in addition to the bug fixes. You can use these cards to and paste. I now have a whole page
The latest version of the oper make it easy to position your art of graphics to use, each one exactly
ating system, GEOS 2.0, features a work on a page. To do so, follow outlined. This makes it easy to
further improved geoPaint. Regard these instructions. paste them into albums for use with
less of the version you use, the First, use the color tool to geoPublish. (See Figure 3.)
hints given here should help you on change the background color to a
your path to becoming a geoPaint pattern of gray and white squares.
Figure 1
pro. For this article, I'll refer to ver After you've built up a checker f 1 1 ■ -■■
sion 1.3 of geoPaint. board of about 32 X 32 pixels (4 ■ ■- H It
1 B
cards X 4 cards), copy this pattern ■

Rotations to fill the entire edit window. Now, ■ ~
■ | ■i
The largest image that you can ro select the entire window and copy I 1
S ■; ■i
tate is one that's 141 X 141 pixels in it to a scrap. Move down until you hi m m m m H
size (that's one pixel less than the are free of the checkerboard and ] light pixel "Can] sH
height of the edit window). If you're paste the scrap. The window scrolls f of region tool.
not sure that the image you want to down two cards at a time, so it's
rotate is small enough, draw a box easy to fill the entire screen. When
around your picture with the box you've finished, save this checker Figure 2
tool. As you draw, watch the pixel board background to disk.
size in the status box. You can now draw an 8 X 8 or

L <-

a 32 X 32 set of squares on the new it

The Chart document using the line tool in

When you're designing a page with pixel-edit mode. Be sure to draw 1

the lines on the upper and left

c -
R ■
geoPaint, you'll benefit if you first - i 9 l
plan your page on paper. I use V*- edges of the squares. It's easy to
inch graph paper, which is avail copy a full edit window of these Thirty-Two
squares throughout the entire page. pixel squares
able in pads at office supply, art,
(See Figures 1 and 2.) on an eight
and stationery stores. If you use
thin enough paper, you can trace You should find that a grid pixel background
pictures onto the graph paper. based on eight-pixel groupings
With my Commodore MPS- works better than one based on ten- Figure 3
1000 printer (which prints at 60 pixel groupings. The region tool
dpi), I find that a 'A-inch square snaps around the cards when you Gray
translates into a box on the screen save your clips to a photo scrap. background
18 pixels wide X 15 pixels high. Since you've changed the back ana.

With a geoPrint cable and a printer ground color to a checkerboard,

you'll know exactly what you're - -White border
in IBM mode (at 80 dpi), use a box
that's 20 X 17 pixels. saving. The colored background
You can draw boxes on the does not print out, so you can leave
screen to correspond to the boxes it as part of the picture. A drawback "Prmt Shop" graphic.
on the graph paper. Alternatively, to this method is that the checker

90 COMPUTEI s Gazalfa January 1SB9

• A reader has discovered a prob Three lines must be changed to cor
lem with October's "BASIC for Be rect Smalltown 500. The name of
ginners" column: the array in line 20 must be
changed from SP to TI because the
I couldn't help but notice that the av
erage speeds are calculated incorrect array now contains the total time
ly in "BASIC for Beginners—The for the race instead of the speed.
Smalltown 500" in the October 1988 Line 60 must be changed to sum the
issue. Mr. Cotton's program calcu times for each car instead of the
I'll give you $250,000 and well sec
lates the average speed for the race by speed. The time for each lap is cal
i< you're , ■'■.Hi •.■[iiii.i'I; id gain durance
summing the speeds for each lap and culated by dividing the distance lo ihc Financial Wizards Club.
dividing by the total number of laps. (one mile) by the speed. Finally,
BLACK MONDAY* [s a stock market
This method may seem intuitively line 120 must be changed to print
game iliai puis YOU on Wall Sirect.
correct, but it isn't. the average speed using the formula Choose From over 250 Mocks, Ilicn
Mathematical textbooks use the speed = distance / time. buy & sell a! your discretion, Vuu
C>n graph your slocks. Dividends are
relationship distance = rate X time
10 PRINTCHRSU47) paid. Companies go bankrupt, Stocks
(o calculate speed. Based on this rela 20 DIM S(4,5),TI(4) nil] split, and MUCH MORE! Bui.
tionship, lap speed would be lap dis 30 FORC-1TO4 lei me warn you...the lightning
tance (I assume it's one mile) divided 40FORL = lTO5 won't necessarily strike on Oct. 19!
by lap time. Mr. Cotton's method of
60 TI(C) = TIIC) + 1/S1CD
calculating average speed yields a 70 NEXTL:NEXTC
Send S:y.y5 (U.S.) Cheek or Money-
value of 115.4 for car 2. The correct 110 FORT-1TO4
Order (Surry, No COD's) lo:
value is 215.135131. Speeds are cal 120 PRINT"CAR"T"'S AVERAGE
culated this way at Indianapolis; the
Smalltown 500 shouldn't be an excep P.O.Box 131, Depl.CC
200 DATA 108,110,122,120,117
tion to the rule. 210 DATA 118,114,116,114,110 Maureriown, VA 22644
Gordon Childs 220 DATA 120,123,119,124,125 *■ Put L'-M A (."■!&: HIM VtrJunloHnsiSoun
Lancaster, PA 230 DATA 100,112,115,117,119 9

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Greensboro, NC 27403
■New York residents odd 8%-percorit sale! ton. North Caiolma residents odd 5-porcenl soles (ok. All
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0A21:C9 ID F0 08 A0 51 Bl FA AB 0CC9:81 C9 81 D0 36 A9 51 BD DA
3EFURI TYPING . 0A29:C9 ID D0 25 A9 20 91 FA Cl 0CD1:57 11 18 AD 3A 11 69 C8 69
aA3l:18 AD 3A 11 69 64 BD 3A 47 0CD9:8D 3A 11 AD 3B 11 69 00 35
Before typing in programs, please
0A39:H AD 3B 11 69 00 ao 3B 5B 0CE1I8D 3B 11 20 BB 0D A0 28 2F
refer to now to lype tn 0A41ill 20 BB 0D A9 IE 20 B2 E6 0CE9:B9 FF 03 09 80 99 FF 03 3D
COMPUTE! s GAZETTE Programs,' 0A49:0D CE 59 11 D0 03 4C EB EA 0CF1:A9 02 99 FF D7 88 D0 F0 06
elsewhere in this 0A51:0D 20 FB 0F A9 10 8D 0B 13 0CF9:AD 15 D0 29 7F QD 15 D0 08
0A59:D4 A9 00 8D 03 11 8D 05 97 0D01:4C 90 0D AD 03 11 29 01 91
0A61ill AD 39 11 F0 2F A9 11 4A 0D09:D0 03 4C 90 0D CE 3E 11 UJ
0A69:8D 0B D4 38 A9 04 ED 39 97 0D11:AD 3E 11 C9 FF D0 33 A9 A3
0A71:11 18 69 2B 8D 08 D4 CE CS 0D19:00 8D 04 D4 8D 0B D4 BD 34

Jewel (■
— ■

0A79:39 11 D0 05 A9 01 BD 45 8A 0021:12 D4 A9 E9 A0 11 20 IE F4
0A81:11 A0 01 Bl FA C9 2B F0 Bl 0D29:AB A2 00 A0 06 IB 20 F0 8D
0A89:04 C9 ID D0 as A0 0B 20 B5 0D31:FF AD 3D 11 AE 3C 11 20 18
See instructions in article on page 0A91:5F 10 4C Dl 0A A0 79 Bl 77 0D39:CD BD A9 2B 3D 55 11 20 65
50 before typu in 0A99:FA C9 20 F0 0C C9 ID fb 63 0D41iEE 0F CE 55 11 D0 F3 4C CP
0AA1:08 A9 00 BD 45 11 4C Dl D5 0D49:AA 38 BD IE D0 A9 05 8D 13
0801 :0D 08 0A 00 9E 28 32 30 05 0AA9:0A A0 29 Bl FA C9 IE F0 57 0D51i55 11 AD 40 03 8D 03 11 79
0809:3G 33 29 00 0VS 00 AD 0E BF 0ABliF0 A0 51 Dl FA C9 IE Fa D7 0D59:A9 55 8D 40 03 A9 10 8D BF
0811:DC 29 FE 8D 0E DC A5 01 C2 0AB9:E8 A0 0B 20 75 10 EE 45 7C 0D6110B D4 BD 12 D4 18 AD 55 C0
0819:29 F3 85 01 A9 00 85 FA D0 0AC1:11 A9 11 BD 0B D4 A9 28 EA 0D69ill 69 05 20 B2 0D 20 EE 02
0821:85 FC A9 D0 85 FQ A9 30 15 0AC9:69 04 ED 45 11 8D 08 D4 49 0D71:0F A9 0F 20 B2 0D 20 EE 5A
0829:35 FD A3 00 A0 00 Bl FA 33 0AD1:AD 38 11 29 08 D0 23 A0 E9 0D79:0F CE 55 11 D0 DF A9 20
0831:91 FC CB C0 FF D0 F7 E6 BB 0AD9:5 2 Bl FA C9 20 F0 0B C9 IE 0D81i8D 04 D4 AD 03 11 BD 40 90
0839:FB E6 FD £8 E0 08 D0 EC 05 0AE1:1E F0 04 C9 ID D0 13 A0 51 0D89:03 20 77 0E 20 54 0E A9 15
0841 :A0 IF B9 55 12 99 E0 30 DE 0AE9:08 20 C6 10 A2 00 20 DD 57 0D91:40 3D 12 D4 AD 57 11 F0 9C
0849:49 !■■ r 99 E0 34 88 C0 FF U4 0AF1:0F AE 47 11 BD 4B 11 8D FD 0D99il5 CE 57 11 AD 57 11 4A 25
0851:D0 F0 A5 01 09 04 85 01 2F 0AF9iF8 07 AD 38 11 29 04 D0 8B 0DA1:A8 B9 FF 03 29 7F 99 FF 29
0859:AD 0E DC 09 01 8D 0E DC 27 0B01:23 A0 50 Bl FA C9 20 F0 26 0DA9:03 A9 00 99 FF D7 4C 31 72
0861:A9 IC 8D IB 00 A9 F7 85 23 0B09:0S C9 IE F0 04 C9 ID D0 BA 0DBl!09 BD 01 D4 A9 41 8D 04 92
0869:FA A9 13 85 FB A9 40 S5 AB 0B11:13 A0 08 20 8B ia A2 00 BD 0DB9:D4 60 A2 00 A0 22 13 20 88
0871:FC A9 38 85 FD A2 00 A0 E4 0B19:20 DD 0F AE 47 11 BD 4F CC 0DC1:F0 FF AD 3B 11 AE 3A 11 86
0879:00 81 FA 91 FC C8 C0 40 3B 0B21:11 BD F8 07 AD 3a 11 29 4C 0DC9:20 CD BD 38 ED 3C 11 8D B2
0881 11)0 F7 18 A5 FA 69 40 85 DB 0B29:01 D0 27 A0 29 Bl FA C9 B2 0DD1:03 11 AD 3B 11 ED 3D 11 E6
0809:FA A5 FB 69 00 85 FB 18 BC 0U31:1E F0 0C C9 ID F0 08 A0 0E 0DD9:0D 03 11 90 0C AD 3A 11 03
0891:A5 !■;■ 69 40 85 FC A5 FD 4E 0B39:51 Bl FA C9 IE D0 13 A0 51! 0DEli8D 3C 11 AD 3B 11 8D 3D 45
0899:69 00 85 FD Ea E0 0F D0 AB 0B41:08 20 5F 10 A2 01 20 DD 87 0DE9tll 60 AD 3E 11 C9 0A F0 F2
BBAliM A9 0Q 8D 3C 11 8D 3D DE 0B49:0F AE 48 11 BD 53 11 8D 97 0DF1:03 EE 3E 11 EE 75 12 AD 41
08A9ill A9 FF 3D IC D0 A9 07 04 0B51:F8 07 AD 38 11 29 02 D0 E0 0DF9:75 12 C9 06 F0 09 20 77 50
08B1:BD 26 D0 A0 28 A9 06 99 C3 0B59:2B A0 79 Bl FA C9 IE F0 A3 0E01:0E 20 54 0E 4C 31 09 A9 7A
08B9:00 D0 C8 ca 2F D0 F8 A9 7B 0B61:10 C9 ID F0 0C C9 20 D0 3D 0E09:00 8D 75 12 EE 43 11 AD AC

08C1:E1 3D F8 07 A9 EF 8D FF DD 0B69:1B A0 51 Bl FA C9 IE D0 86 0E11:43 11 C9 05 F0 09 20 77 FF

08C9:07 A0 IS B9 IB 11 99 00 74 0B71:13 A0 08 20 75 10 A2 01 6E 0E19:0E 20 54 0E 4C 31 09 A9 92
08DliD4 88 C0 FF D0 F5 A9 04 3C 0B79:20 DD 0F AE 48 11 BD 53 39 0E21I00 BD IB D4 A9 06 A0 12 A9
08D9:8D 3E 11 A9 01 8D 43 11 D2 0081:11 8D F8 07 20 EE 0F AD 9B 0E29:20 IE AB- A9 03 3D 56 11 F8
0BEliA9 06 BD 20 D0 A9 0E 8D D2 0B89:8E 02 F0 25 A0 12 B9 9A 33 0E31:A9 0B BD 55 11 A0 23 AD 34
BBE9l21 D0 A9 00 BD 25 Da BD 24 0B91:05 99 42 12 B9 2F 12 99 42 0E39:55 11 99 FF D7 88 D0 FA F4
0BF1:86 02 BD 3A 11 SD 3B 11 61 0B99:9A 05 83 C0 FF D0 EF AD 2C 0E41:20 EE 0F 20 EE 0F CE 55 B3
0BF9:8D 57 11 BD 75 12 A9 78 61 0BA1:8E 02 D0 FB A0 12 B9 42 5C 0E49:11 D0 EA CE 56 11 D0 E0 E5
0901iBD se 11 20 77 0E A9 C0 IC 0BA9:12 99 9A 05 88 C0 FF D0 EA 0E51:4C AA 08 A9 10 BD 05 D4 6F
0BB1:F5 23 E4 FF ra 19 C9 52 39 0ES9:BD 0B D4 BD 12 D4 A9 96 40
0909:A0 n 20 IE AB AD 00 DC 86
8911:29 10 F0 19 20 E4 FF 38 38 0BB9:D0 03 4C EB 0D C9 51 D0 44 0E61:A0 11 20 IE AB AC 3E 11 95
0919JE9 31 C9 0BC110E A9 00 8D 18 D4 8D 15 66 0E69:F0 0B A9 IC 99 FF 03 88 52
04 B0 EF A8 69 E5
BD 21 0BC9:D0 A9 93 20 D2 FF 60 AD 2C 0E71:D0 FA 20 BB 0D 60 A9 93 45
0921:31 04 B9 3F 11 BD 0E
8929:58 11 4C 8E 09 20 54 SE 95 0BD1:5D 11 F0 06 CE 5D 11 4C 83 0E79:20 D2 FF A9 A0 A0 23 99 66
0BD9:C2 0C AD 57 11 F0 03 4C IE 0E81:BF 07 88 D0 FA A9 13 3D 99
0931:A9 20 8D 04 D4 AD 39 11 F2
0BE1:C2 0C AD 5C 11 8D 55 11 52 0E89i00 D0 A9 E2 8D 01 D0 A9 F8
0939:0D 45 11 D0 24 AD 00 DC 07
55 11 CA BE 56 11 BD 29 0E91:00 8D 10 D0 BD 57 11 8D 99
0941:BD 38 11 29 10 F0 08 A9 DA 0BE9:AE
0949:00 8D 44 11 4C 62 09 AD 04 0EJF1:71 11 F0 IB DE 71 11 BD 71 0E99:44 11 8D 39 11 BD 45 11 BB

0951:44 11 F0 03 4C 52 0A A9 Bl 0BF9:71 11 A8 B9 8D 11 9D F9 A3 0EA1:A9 01 8D 15 D0 AD 75 12 10

0959:04 8D 39 11 A9 ai 8D 44 B9 0C01:07 AD 60 11 9D 75 11 A9 B3 0EA9:0A AA BD 76 12 85 FC BD F2
0961:11 20 FB 0F AD 38 11 29 0E 0C09:41 8D 12 D4 4C BA 0C BD D7 0EB1:77 12 35 FD A0 00 BC 5B 18
0969:12 D0 5B AD FB 07 C9 E4 5B 0C11:F9 07 49 03 9D F9 07 E8 0D 0EB9:11 ac 5A 11 Bl FC BD 55 CF
0971:90 05 A0 78 4C 7A 09 A0 A7 0C19:8E 03 11 SA 0A 8D 05 11 A5 0EClill 20 C0 0F C8 Bl FC BD 0C
0979:7A Bl FA C9 20 F0 30 C9 20 0C21-.CA AC 5E 11 BD 85 11 F0 BD 0EC9i56 11 A9 5F 20 D2 FF CE 9B

0981: IF D0 43 AD 5A 11 C9 04 49 0C29:06 20 CB 10 4C 33 0C 20 CD 0ED1:56 11 D0 F6 CE 55 11 D0 A5

0989tF0 0F EE 5A 11 A9 20 91 5C 0C31:8B 10 AC 5E 11 AE 56 11 BF 0ED9:E8 Bl
C8 FC 8D 55 11 20 A6
0991:FA AE 5A 11 A9 IF 9D 10 3S 0C39iBD 89 11 F0 06 20 5F 10 43 0EE1:C0 0F C8 Bl FC 8D 56 11 32
0999t04 A9 7F BD 3B 11 A9 00 3A 0C41:4C 47 0C 20 75 10 AE 56 74 0EE9:A9 5E 20 D2 FF A9 11 20 8C
09A1:8D 39 11 18 A9 0F 6D 5A 2B 0C49:11 DE 6D 11 F0 03 4C BA 47 0EF1:D2 FF A9 9D 20 D2 FF CE Al
09A9:11 20 B2 0D 4C 52 3A AD E0 0C51:0C DE 75 11 D0 19 A9 09 2E 0EF9:56 11 D0 EC CE 55 11 D0
09B1:5A 11 F0 B5 CE 5A 11 A9 5D 0C59:9D 71 11 AD 00 D0 9D 79 91 0F01:DE C8 Bl FC 8D 59 11 48
09B9:1F 91 FA AE SA 11 A9 20 94 0C61:11 AD 01 D0 9D 7D 11 AD 4D 0F09:55 11 20 C0 BF A9 5D 20 20
09C1:9D 11 04 4C 9A 09 AD 38 BB 0C69:10 D0 29 01 9D 81 11 AD B5 0F11:D2 FF CE 55 11 D0 F3 AD 29
09C9:11 C9 6F D0 4F A0 51 Bl 23 0C71.5F 11 9D 6D 11 8A 0A AA 79 0F19:43 11 8D 5C 11 4A ao 03 64
09D1:FA C9 20 F0 ID C9 IE D0 04 0C79:BD 02 D0 AE 56 11 38 FD 5B 0F21:11 C8 Bl FC 3B ED 03 11 90
0909:43 AD 5B 11 C9 04 F0 3C Fl 0CB1:79 11 BD 03 11 AD 10 D0 AC 0F29i6D 5E 11 CB Bl FC BD 5F 50
09E1:EE 5B 11 A9 20 91 FA AE EA 0CB9:3D 0B 11 F3 02 A9 01 FD 2A 0F31:11 C3 Bl FC 3D 60 11 C8 £8
09E9:5B 11 A9 IB 9D 0A 04 4C 6E 0C91:81 11 0D 03 11 93 05 A9 FE 0F39:B1 FC 8D 0E D0 C8 Bl FC 0C
09F1:07 0A AD 5B 11 FB 5A CE 45 0C99:00 4C 9F 0C A9 01 9D 85 8B 0F41:8D 0F D0 AE 5C 11 BE 55 88
09F9-5B 11 A9 IE 91 FA AE 5B 46 0CA1:11 8A 0A AA BD 03 D0 AE IB 0F49:11 CA AD 10 D0 ID 65 11 30
0A01:11 A9 20 9D 0B 04 A9 00 Al 0CA9;56 11 DD 7D 11 90 05 A9 43 0F51i8D ia D0 AD 15 D0 ID 17 6C
0A09t8D 39 11 A9 7F BD 38 11 A2 0CB1101 4C B7 0C A9 00 9D 89 27 0F59:11 09 80 8D 15 D0 AE 55 C9
0A11I18 A9 0F 6D 511 11 20 B2 66 0CB9:11 CE 55 11 F0 03 4C E9 DF 0F61ill CA 8A 0A A3 BD 61 11 ac
0A1910D 4C 52 0A A0 29 Bl FA B9 0CC110B AD IE D0 8D 03 11 29 5F 0F69:99 02 D0 11D 69 11 99 03 90

92 COMPUTED Gazette January 1989

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c 1(188 General Electric Company, U SA

0F71:D0 A5 A2 29 01 9D 85 11 E2 1219:55 20 57 49 4S 21 20 2A D0 14C1:C0 00 05 D0 00 05 D0 00 AD
0F79:9D 89 11 A5 A2 09 01 29 A9 1221:2A 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 4A 14C9:17 C0 00 03 00 00 01 00 DF
0F81:07 9D 6D 11 A9 00 9D 71 43 1229:20 20 20 20 20 00 2A 2A EA 14D1:00 15 40 00 10 40 00 10 DB
0F89:11 A5 A2 09 01 29 07 9D D6 1231;2A 20 07 01 0D 05 20 10
30 14D9:10 00 F0 30 00 00 F0 00 BD
0F91:75 11 AD 00 D0 9D 79 11 65 1239:01 15 13 05 04 20 2A 2A F4 14E1:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0A
0F99iAD ai D0 9D 7D 11 AD 10 5E 1241i2A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7A 14E9100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 12
0FA1:D0 29 01 9D 81 11 A9 E9 F9 1249:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 6D 14F1100 00 00 00 00 00 05 00 24
0FA9i9D F9 07 20 EE 0F CE 55 9E 12S1I00 00 00 00 18 18 12 3E F6 14F9:00 0D 00 00 03 00 00 0D 8A
0FB1>11 D0 AB A9 0A 8D 5D 11 EE 1259:50 1C 62 82 92 10 38 FE 65 1501:C0 00 0D C0 00 0D C0 00 EE
0FB9:AD IE D0 8D IE D0 60 C8 E6 1261:38 10 92 00 C3 FF FF C3 D9 1509:07 C0 00 03 00 00 01 00 19
BFClifll FC 8D 34 11 C8 HI FC F8 1269:C3 FF FF C3 FF 42 24 18 15 1511:00 05 00 00 01 00 00 01 as
0FC9:BD 36 11 8C 03 11 AC 34 11 1271tlB 24 42 FF 00 82 12 AB CC 1519:40 00 01 C0 00 0F 00 00 ca
0FD1:11 AE 36 11 18 20 F0 FF IF 1279:12 E5 12 1A 13 38 13 96 3A 1521:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4B
0FD9:AC 03 11 60 FE 47 11 BD 2C 12B1:13 04 02 11 11 00 09 05 21 1529:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 53
0FE1:47 11 DD 49 11 D0 05 A9 B7 1289:09 09 0A 14 09 06 03 0B 68 1531100 00 00 00 00 00 05 00 65
0FE9:00 9D 47 11 60 AC 58 11 E0 1291104 05 0C 03 06 13 09 0F 48 1539:00 0D 00 00 03 00 00 0D CB
BFFliAE 58 11 CA 00 FD B8 D0 AC 1299:06 02 02 0C 01 08 0E IE A4 1541:C0 00 0F 40 00 IF 40 00 AE
0FF9:F7 60 AD 01 D0 8D 36 11 2C 12A1:07 26 07 26 13 08 0A 0A EC 1549:00 C0 00 03 00 00 01 00 SC
1001:85 FA AD 00 □0 3D 34 11 8E 12A9:D2 50 07 0C 04 07 14 04 55 1551:00 15 40 00 10 40 00 10 5A
1009:A9 00 8D 35 11 BD 37 11 41 12B1:07 08 09 05 1A 09 05 09 D4 1559:10 00 F0 10 00 00 F0 00 SC
1011:85 FB AD 10 D0 29 01 F0 C7 12B9:0D 07 16 0D 07 02 12 25 43 1561:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BB
1019:03 EE 35 11 A0 03 4E 35 11 12C1:03 13 02 10 01 12 06 26 EF 1569:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 93
12C9I12 06 0A 0D 02 19 02 01 04 1571100 00 00 00 00 00 14 00 C3
1021:11 6E 34 11 83 D0 F7 0E 82
12D1:04 26 04 10 06 17 06 0A A5 1579:00 15 00 00 3D 00 00 7D 50
11 2E 37 n 0E 36 11 20
1031t2E 37 18 A5
12D9:0B IB 0B 10 14 16 14 0B DS 1581:00 00 7D 00 00 3C 00 00 4C
11 FA 6D 36 04
12E1:05 0F AA C8 07 00 04 02 70 1589:3C 00 00 14 00 00 14 00 3B
1039 til 85 FA A5 FB 6D 37 11 12
12E9109 06 06 0F 0B 06 09 14 5C 1591100 10 00 00 10 00 00 00 40
1041i85 FB 18 A5 FA 6D 34 11 87
12F1:06 0F 12 06 15 10 07 20 96 1599)00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C3
1049t85 FA A5 FB 69 00 85 FB Bl
12F9:10 07 02 03 14 04 25 02 A5 15A1100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CB
1051:18 A5 FA 69 DA 85 FA A5 65
130110E 09 01 03 0B 04 25 01 74 15A9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D3
1059:FB 69 02 85 FB 60 AE 05 2E
1309:11 09 03 0C 18 0D 11 0F 41 15B1:00 00 00 00 00 05 14 00 18
1061:11 DE 01 D0 BD 01 D0 C9 4C
1311I0B 11 IE 15 05 0A 05 AA IB 15B9:00 54 00 00 7C 00 00 7D 5A
1069i3A 30 05 A9 3A 9D 01 D0 29
1319:C8 01 06 0D 0A 01 20 03 0D 15C1:00 00 7D 00 00 3C 00 00 SC
1071:88 D0 EE 60 AE 05 11 FE 98
1321:15 08 06 0A 0C 0A 20 01 FE 15C9l3C 00 00 14 00 00 14 00 7B
1079:01 D0 BD 01 D0 C9 E5 90 20
1329:10 0A 10 0D 10 10 10 13 A0 15D1100 04 00 00 04 00 00 00 ID
1081.105 A9 E5 9D 01 D0 88 D0 52
1331:10 16 0C 02 19 A0 BE 0B SA 15D9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04
1089iEE 60 AE 05 11 DE 00 D0 34
13 39:0F 04 09 03 07 0C IB 07 D8 15E1I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0C
1091iAE 03 11 AD 10 D0 3D 07 OC
1341:0C 05 0B 01 21 0B 01 09 60 15E9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 14
1099:11 D0 12 AE 05 11 BD 00 SB
1349:0E 01 ID 0E 01 0A 11 05 92 15F1:00 00 00 00 00 05 00 00 30
10A1:D0 C9 18 B0 IE A9 18 9D 10
10A9:00 D0 4C 1351118 11 05 0F 14 04 14 14 46 15F9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 24
C4 10 AE 05 11 2A
1359:04 0B 13 14 04 0F 11 03 69 1601:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 2D
10B1:BD 00 D0 C9 FF D0 0C AE 71
1361:17 11 03 0A 0E 01 1C 0E 13 1609:00 00 00 00 AA 00 02 AA 39
10B9:03 11 AD 10 D0 3D 0F 11 01
1369:01 06 0B 03 20 0B 03 02 58 1611i80 0A AA A0 0A AA A0 2A CS
10C1:8D 10 D0 88 D0 C4 60 AE 5B
10C9I05 11 FE 00 D0 AE
1371:07 04 24 07 04 0E 04 03 74 1619iAA AB 3A AA A4 36 AA B4 BE
03 11 E8
1379:1B 04 03 0A 11 02 15 02 6A 1621:27 AA 78 2B 77 68 0A 77 36
10D1:AD 10 D0 3D 07 11 D0 17 EF
10D9:AE 05 11 BD 00 D0 D0 IE 1361:04 09 13 09 22 09 08 0C 30 1629:A0 0A AA A0 02 AA 80 00 43
13B9:1E 0C 0D 0F 19 0F 13 0B 87 1631iAA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B2
10E1:AE 03 11 AD 10 D0 ID 07 1C
10E9ill 8D 10 D0 4C FF 10 AE 1391:05 01 19 64 C8 13 01 0B 33 1639i00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 65
139910A 0A 0A 04 0D 09 04 10 6D 1641100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 6D
10F1:05 11 BD 00 D0 C9 49 90 61
13A1:BB 04 13 07 04 16 06 04 28 1649:00 00 00 00 AA 00 02 AA 79
10F9:05 A9 49 9D 00 D0 38 D0 2F
1101:C6 60 00 00 00 00 01 02 13A9:19 05 04 1C 04 04 00 10 20 1651i80 0A AA A0 0A AA A0 0A £5
13B1:01 0B 11 04 0E 10 04 11 47 1659:AA AB 1A AA AC IE AA 9C C2
1X09:04 08 10 20 40 80 FE FD 33
11111FB F7 EF DF BF 7F 02 06 31
13B9:0F 04 14 0E 04 17 0D 34 66 1661:2D AA D8 29 DD E8 0A DD 01
1119I0E IE 00 00 00 08 00 00 E9
13C1:1A 0C 04 ID 0B 04 20 0A FC 1669iA0 0A AA A0 02 AA 80 00 83
1121:F4 00 00 00 00 00 00 F0 AE 13C9:05 17 14 0A 21 11 06 04 B8 1671:AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F2
13D1:00 0B 05 24 0A 07 16 14 4A 1679>00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A5
1129)00 0F A5 03 00 00 64 00 BC
00 00 35 13D9:04 20 11 03 0A 05 07 10 DE 16B1I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AD
1131)00 00 0F 00 00 00
13E1:04 19 02 23 04 1A 0B 11 6C 1689:00 14 00 00 96 00 02 AA IB
1139:00 00 00 00 00 00 78 6E BA
13E9:0B 05 0E 0B 15 17 11 20 90 1691:80 0A AA A0 0A AA A0 2A 46
1141i64 5A 00 00 00 00 00 00 2C
1149:04 02 El E2 E3 E2 E4 E5 B2 13F1:0E 06 08 0F FF 64 05 00 2E 1699iAA A8 3A AA A4 36 AA B4 3F
1151iE6 E5 E7 E8 00 00 00 00 EB 13F9:00 07 00 00 0C 00 00 37 79 16A1:27 AA 78 2B 77 68 0A 77 B6
11S9i00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 7B 1401:00 00 75 00 00 75 00 00 AD 16A9:A0 0A AA A0 02 AA 80 00 C3
1161s IE 37 37 A5 00 04 0C 0C D5 1409:3D 40 00 13C 00 00 04 00 A8 16B1:AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 33
1169i32 32 DC 32 00 00 00 00 EF 1411:00 15 40 00 10 40 00 40 48 16B9:00 03 00 00 00 D0 00 01 EA
117110C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 93 1419:40 00 C0 F0 00 F0 00 00 4C 16C1:D0 00 00 D0 00 03 10 00 BF
1179:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 9B 1421:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 49 16C9I00 14 00 00 96 00 02 AA 5E

1181100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A3 1429:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 51 16D1:B0 0A AA A0 0A AA A0 2A 66

1189i00 00 00 00 EA EB EC ED 7A 1431:00 00 00 00 00 00 05 00 63 16D9:AA A8 3A AA A4 36 AA B4 7F
1191:EE ED EC EB EA 13 90 20 E7 1439:00 07 00 00 0C 00 00 37 BA 16E1:27 AA 78 2B 77 68 0A 77 F6
1199:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 BB 1441:00 00 37 00 00 37 00 00 2D 16E9:A0 0A AA A0 02 AA 80 00 04
11A1i20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 C3 1449:3D 00 00 0C 00 00 04 00 D8 16F1:AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 73
11A9:20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 CB 1451:00 05 00 00 04 00 00 14 EE 16F9:00 00 30 03 00 FC 00 00 20
11B1:20 20 20 53 43 4F 52 45 66 1459:00 00 34 00 00 0F 00 00 44 1701:DC 00 00 DC 00 00 30 00 CB
11B9I20 20 20 20 20 20 00 13 BE 1461:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 89 1709:00 14 00 00 96 00 02 AA 9F
11C1I20 20 20 2A 2A 20 50 52 67 1469100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 91 1711:80 0A AA A0 0A AA A0 2A C7
11C9:45 S3 53 20 46 49 52 45 11 1471:00 00 00 00 00 00 05 00 A3 1719:AA AS 3A AA A4 36 AA B4 C0
11D1i20 54 4F 20 53 54 41 52 C5 1479:00 07 00 00 0C 00 00 37 FA 1721:27 AA 78 2B 77 68 0A 77 38
11D9:54 20 28 53 50 45 45 44 CE 1481:00 00 IF 00 00 IF 40 00 8A 1729:A0 0A AA A0 02 AA aa 00 45
11E1:3D 31 29 20 2A 2A 20 00 50 1489:37 00 00 0C 00 00 04 00 16 1731:AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B4
11E9:13 48 49 47 43 20 20 20 68 1491:00 15 40 00 10 40 00 40 C8 1739:00 00 03 00 00 1C 00 00 38
11F1i20 20 20 20 20 2A 2A 20 50 1499140 00 40 F0 00 F0 00 00 BC 1741:1D 00 00 1C 00 00 13 00 E5
11F9:47 41 4D 45 20 4F 56 45 3E 14A1100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C9 1749:00 14 00 00 96 00 02 AA DF
1201:52 20 2A 2A 00 13 20 20 SA 14A9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Dl 1751:B0 0A AA A0 0A AA AO 2A 0B
1209i20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 2D 14B1100 00 00 00 00 00 05 00 E3 1759:AA A8 3A AA A4 36 AA B4 01
1211i20 20 20 2A 2A 20 59 4F C7 14B9:00 0D 00 00 03 00 00 0D 4A 1761:27 AA 78 2B 77 68 0A 77 78

94 COMPUTE!'! Gazette January 1989

1769:A0 0A AA as 02 AA 80 00 85 C1D0120 D2 FF A2 00 BD 7D CB FD C478:E9 65 8D 73 C8 A9 00 8D B3
17711AA 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 75 C1DB:29 7F 20 D2 FF E8 E0 05 6C C480:75 C8 AD 65 CB 29 05 Da C8
1779:00 00 B0 00 02 A0 00 0A 54 C1E0:D0 F3 A9 20 20 D2 FF AD FA C488:05 A9 01 4C E2 C4 AD 65 CE
L781iEB 00 2F B2 00 2B BA 00 57 C1EB:5B C8 18 69 30 20 D2 FF 8D C490:C8 29 09 00 05 A9 03 4C 18
17891BF BF 80 AF AA 80 BF FF 69 C1F0:A2 0B A9 20 20 D2 FF CA D6 C498iE2 C4 AD 65 C8 29 0A D0 A0
1791:80 2B FA 00 2F BE 00 0A AS ClFBiDB F8 A9 05 20 D2 FF A2 97 C4A0:05 A9 05 4C E2 C4 AD €5 67
1799>E8 00 02 A0 00 00 00 00 86 C200:05 BD 7D C8 29 7F 20 D2 0E C4A8:C8 29 06 D0 05 A9 07 4C D7
17AII00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CF C208iFF E8 E0 0A D0 F3 A9 20 4E C4B0:E2 C4 AD 65 C8 29 01 D0 A6
17A9:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D7 C210I20 D2 FF AD 5C ca 18 69 D4 C4B8I05 A9 02 4C E2 C4 AD 65 IF
17Dl!00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DF C218i30 20 D2 FF A0 00 A9 E9 5A C4C0JCB 29 08 D0 05 A9 04 4C 2A
C220i8D AF C8 85 FB A9 05 8D E7 C4C8:E2 C4 AD 65 C8 29 02 DB C0
C228iB0 C8 85 FC A9 69 91 FB CA C4D0:05 A9 06 4C E2 C4 AD 65 B7

BEFOR TYPIf1 C . C230:A9 E9 85 FB A9 D9 85 FC 32 C4D8:C8 29 04 D0 5A A9 08 4C 74

C238:A9 00 91 FB A9 FE 8D Bl 9A C4E0:E2 C4 SD 73 CB A9 00 8D 70
Before typing in programs, please C240:C8 85 FB A9 05 8D B2 C8 32 C4E8:75 C8 20 46 C6 C9 00 D0 F5
refer to "How to Type In C24BI85 FC A9 6D 91 FB A9 FE AA C4F0:1D AD 74 CB 8D 75 C8 A5 09
COMPUTE!' s GAZETTE ProErams,' C250iB5 FB A9 D9 85 FC A9 01 DE C4F8:FB 8D 66 C8 A5 FC 6D 67 E0
C258i91 FB A9 00 8D 53 C8 8D C7 C5001C8 A0 00 A9 65 IB 6D 73 ec
j ■ I ■ ■ ■ ■ . 111
Vj 1 i'\j 111 1 *
in ii1." 1— -'
C260i77 CB A9 00 8D 6A C8 A9 5A C5B8:C8 91 FB 4C 37 C5 04
C9 09
CD pq tAOt on •yy
C^ob: 04 8D tjB t-b Ay HB OU ££ C5101D0 25 A9 01 8D 5B C8 A5 97
C270:CB 60 A9 13 20 D2 FF AE D3 C518:FB 18 69 00 85 FD A5 PC 41

C278:79 C8 CA F0 08 A9 ID 20 96 C520:69 D4 85 FE A0 00 A9 6E FC
C280:D2 FF 4C 7A C2 AE 7A C8 2F C528:91 FD AD 70 C8 F0 04 CE 99
C28B:CA FB 08 A9 11 20 D2 FF F9 C530:5C C8 60 CE 5B C8 60 AD 81
See instructions in article OH page C290:4C 88 C2 A9 A2 20 D2 FF 8C C538i65 C8 29 10 F0 01 60 AD C8
C298:A9 11 20 D2 FF A9 9D 20 6A
48 before■ tunitip
in r---(
C540iB3 C8 8D 70 C8 A9 01 BD 0E
C2A01D2 FF CE 7B C8 D0 EC 60 E4 C54SI76 C8 20 46 C6 C9 00 F0 F7
caauizo 09 C0 20 CF C0 4C 00 08 C2A8:CE 61 C8 D0 09 AD 63 C8 A2 C550101 60 AD 6B C8 18 69 D0 FA
8D 59
C2B0:8D 61 CB 20 FC C2 CE 62 63 C558:B5 FD AD 69 C8 69 07 85 Fl
C008:C0 i\9 00 8D 58 C8 87
C013:C8 A9 05 8D 5B C8 A9 05 30
C2B8:CB D0 09 AD 63 C8 8D 62 8E C560iFE A0 00 AD 71 C8 CB C6
C2C01CB 20 26 C3 AD 58 ca F0 05 C568iA9 0A 8D 61 C8 4C 75 C5 3B
C018:8D 5C C8 A9 00 A2 00 9L> 53
C2CB:03 4C DA C2 20 50 C3 20 54 C570:A9 0A BD 62 C8 AD 75 CB DB
C0 20J00D4 E3 E0 18 D0 F8 A9 Al
C2D0:26 C8 20 4B ca AD 58 C8 CA C578iF0 02
A9 10 BD 73 ce 91 8C
C028:0D 8D B3 CB A9 06 8D 20 37
C2D8:F0 CE 20 8F C7 A9 IE 85 2E C580:FD AD 71 C8 F0 04 20 02 0B
C030:D0 3D 21 D0 A9 05 8D 5E 89
C2E01FE! 20 4B ce C6 FC D0 F9 28 C5B8iC8 60 20 DE C7 60 A5 FB 89
C03BiCB 8D 5D C8 0A 8D 60 ca C9
C040:8D 5F C8 A9 04 8D 63 CS F9 C2EBi20 8F C7 20 4B CB 20 B6 Dl C590il8 69 D0 85 FB A5 FC 69 CE
C048i6D 61 C8 8D 62 C8 AD 0E 7A C2F0iC7 20 4B CB 20 8F C7 C6 ED C598I07 85 FC AD B4 C8 D0 14 02
C050:DC 29 FE 8D 0E DC A5 01 73 C2F8iFB D0 E6 60 AD 00 DC 8D 48 C5A0:EE 72 C8 EE 72 C8 AD 72 CC

C058i29 FB 85 01 A9 00 85 FB 82 C300I65 C8 AD AF C8 8D 66 C8 2P C5Aa:C8 29 07 IB 69 01 8D 72 22

C060:A9 D0 85 FC A9 00 85 FD Cl C30B:AD B0 ce 6D 67 C8 A9 00 36 C5B0IC8 4C BA C5 A0 00 Bl FB CB

C068:A9 30 85 FE A0 00 Bl FB CF C310:8D 70 CB 8D 71 C8 20 69 C4 C5B8:29 0F C9 01 F0 IB C9 02 6F

C073:91 FD A5 FB 18 69 01 35 9C C31B:C4 AD 66 ca 8D AF C8 AD 31 C5C0[F0 2A C9 03 F0 2B C9 04 84
C078:FB A5 FC 69 00 B5 FC A5 4D C320:67 C8 8D B0 C8 60 AD 01 6E C5C8:F0 3A C9 05 F0 3B C9 06 F2
C0801FD 18 69 01 85 FD A5 FE B2 C3 28:DC 8D 65 CB AD Bl C8 8D 0E C5D0:F0 4A C9 07 F0 4B 4C 34 92
C088t69 00 85 FE C9 38 D0 DC 0D C330:66 C8 AD B2 C8 8D 67 ca 12 C5D8iC6 AD B4 CB F0 09 C9 63 F8
C090IAS FD C9 00 D0 D6 A5 01 CB C3 38iA9 01 3D 70 C8 8D 71 C8 B5 C5E0:F0 05 A9 03 4C 39 C6 A9 0A
C098:09 04 85 01 AD 0E DC 09 C340:20 69 C4 AD 66 C8 8D Bl C8 C5E8:07 4C 39 C6 A9 06 4C 39 D5
C0A0J01 8D 0E DC AD 18 D0 29 2E C348:C8 AD 67 CB 8D B2 C8 60 42 C5F0JC6 AD B4 CB F0 09 C9 63 11
C0A8tF0 18 69 0C 8D IB D0 A2 A7 C3 50:A9 00 8D 76 C8 A9 FF 80 40 C5F8iF0 05 A9 01 4C 39 C6 A9 02
C0B0:00 BD B6 C8 9D 18 33 E8 Al C35Bj6D C8 A0 00 AD B3 ca 8D 38 C600I05 4C 39 C6 A9 0B 4C 39 F5
C0B8iE0 SA D0 F5 A2 00 BD B6 02 C360:70 C8 AD 6A C8 85 FB 18 IB C608jC6 AD B4 ce F0 09 C9 63 2A
C0C0:CB 9D 10 33 E8 E0 08 D0 EE C368:69 D0 85 FD AD 6B ca 85 9B C610:F0 05 A9 07 4C 39 C6 A9 7B
C0C8:F5 A9 04 8D 5A C8 60 20 DF C370:FC 69 07 85 FE Bl FB C9 8A C618103 4C 39 C6 A9 02 4C 39 F4
C0D0:30 Cl 20 A8 C2 A0 00 AD AF C378i64 F0 07 C9 65 F0 03 4C 2D C620IC6 AD B4 CB F0 09 C9 63 42
C0D8:5C C8 F0 0A AD 5D C8 D0 B6 C380t2U C4 Bl FD 8D 6E C8 AD 4A C628:F0 05 A9 05 4C 39 C6 A9 73
C0E0:EE A2 05 4C E8 C0 A2 00 77 C388i6C ca F0 07 Bl FD 29 DF BE C630:01 4C 39 C6 A9 04 4C 39 14
CSESiBD 70 C8 99 88 C8 CB EB 3D C390I4C 97 C3 Bl FD 09 20 91 9D C638:C6 BD 6E CB Bl FB 29 Ffl A7
C398:FD 8D 6F C8 AD 6E C8 4A FF
C0F0JC0 05 D0 F4 A0 00 A9 91 67 C640:0D 6E C8 91 FB 60 A9 00 D6
C3A0:4A 4A 4A 4A CD 6C ca D0 50 74 73 01 01
C0F8:20 D2 FF A9 0D 20 D2 FF 68 C648:8D C8 AD ce C9
C3A8:0B Bl FD 29 10 D0 08 AD F5 03 11
C100:A9 9F 20 D2 FF A2 00 BD 39 C650:F0 IB C9 02 F0 IF C9
C108:88 C8 CD 87 CB D0 02 A9 6B C3B0:6C C8 00 03 4C 2B C4 Bl 35 C658:F0 23 C9 04 F0 27 C9 05 5D
C110120 29 7F 20 D2 FF E8 E0 29 C3B8:FD 29 0F 8D 73 C8 20 46 89 C6601F0 2B C9 06 F0 2F C9 07 A9
CU6i27 D0 EC A9 00 85 C6 A5 E4 C3C0iC6 C9 00 D0 19 AD 68 C8 44 C668:F0 33 4C A5 C6 A9 29 20 6E
C120IC6 F0 FC 20 E4 FF C9 59 F8 C3C8:18 69 D0 85 FD AD 69 CB 6B C670:7D C7 4C AD C6 A9 28 20 60
C128iF0 05 C9 4E D0 ED 00 60 22 C3D0:69 07 B5 FE A0 00 AD 6F 3F C678:7D C7 4C AD C6 A9 27 20 66
C130IA9 93 20 D2 FF A9 96 20 92 C3D8iC8 91 FD 4C 2B C4 C9 03 B0 C63017D C7 4C AD C6 A9 01 20 22
C13BtD2 FF A9 14 8D 79 ca A9 29 C3E01F0 ID C9 04 F0 27 C9 01 5A C688:6B C7 4C AD C6 A9 29 20 71
C140102 QD 7A ce A9 05 8D 7B FB C3E8:F0 06 CE 5C CB 4C F3 C3 2D C690:6B C7 4C AD C6 A9 2a 20 77
C148iC8 20 72 C2 A9 07 8D 79 B0 C3F0;CE 5B C8 A9 01 8D 58 CB 22 C698:6B C7 4C AD C6 A9 27 20 7D
C150iC8 A9 08 8D 7A C8 A9 0B Dl C3F8:A0 00 A9 6E 91 FD 60 A9 DB C6A0:6B C7 4C AD C6 A9 01 20 39
C15B18D 7B CB 20 72 C2 A9 22 B0 C400I0F 3D 7C C8 20 B6 C7 20 1C C6A8:7D C7 4C AD C6 A0 00 Bl Q5
C1601BD 79 C8 A9 08 8D 7A C8 F0 C408:BE C5 4C 2B C4 A9 00 8D E0 C6B0:FD C9 20 F0 19 C9 62 F0 68
C16BtA9 0B 8D 7B C8 20 72 C2 5B C410iB4 CB A9 11 BD 7C ca 20 7C C6BBt0F C9 63 F0 0B C9 64 F0 F4
C17BiA9 14 8D 79 C8 A9 13 8D B7 C418iD6 C7 20 BE C5 A5 FD 85 22 C6CBi0h C9 65 F0 06 4C 46 C7 37
C17Bt7A C8 A9 05 BD 7B C8 20 FC C420IFB A5 FE 85 FC 20 BE C5 94 C6CB14C 3D C7 4C 43 C7 A0 00 04
C180:72 C2 A9 13 20 D2 FF A9 4A C428;4C 213 C4 CE 6D C8 D0 01 59 C6D0:AD 70 CB C9 00 F0 07 C9 A2
C18Bi27 8D 64 C8 A9 A3 20 D2 0B C430:60 AD 6A CB 18 69 01 8D 25 C6DB101 F0 03 4C EE C6 Bl FB 3A
C190:FF CE 64 C8 D0 F6 A9 16 AC C438:6A ca AD 6B CB 69 00 8D 0F C6E0:38 E9 65 CD 73 C8 F0 2B 5A
C198i8D 64 C8 A9 A2 20 D2 FF EA C440:6B ca C9 07 D0 20 AD 6A 28 C6EB:A9 00 8D 74 C8 60 A9 01 60
C1A0:20 D2 FF A9 11 20 D2 FF 32 C448:C8 C9 E8 D0 19 A9 00 BD CF C6F0:8D 74 ce AD 70 ca CD B3 4C
ClA8iA9 9D 20 D2 FF 20 D2 FF BF C450:6A C8 A9 04 8D 6B C8 EE 5L C6F8:C8 D0 is A9 64 91 FD A5 C7
C1Q01CE 64 C8 D0 E6 A9 29 8D 98 C458:6C C8 AD 6G C8 C9 02 D0 09 C700:FD 8D 68 C8 A5 FE 8D 69 39
C1B8164 ca A9 A3 20 D2 FF CE 2B C460105 A9 00 8D 6C C8 4C 5A 29 C708:C8 AD 76 C8 C9 01 D0 07 BD
ClC0i64 C8 □0 F6 A9 20 A2 07 4C C468iC3 AD 66 C8 85 FB AD 67 77 C710:4C 23 C7 Bl FB 91 FD A9 6E
C1C8:20 D2 FF CA D0 FA A9 90 14 C4701CB 85 FC A0 00 Bl FB 38 60 C718:20 91 FB A5 FD 85 FB A5 99

COMPUTES GazBttB January 1989 95

C720JFE 85 FC A5 FD 18 69 00 AD :POKEAD,W:AD=AD+liCH=CH+ PH 420 PRlNTSPC(7)"g43
C728:B5 FD A5 FE 69 D4 B5 FE 47 W [4 SPACES}[4 RIGHT)
C739:AD 70 C8 91 FD A9 01 8D 0B JR 80 W=0:NEXT {2 SPACES][4 RIGHT]
C738:74 C8 A9 00 60 8D B4 C8 D4 BG 90 IFCH<>VAL(RIGHTStQ5<4))T (2 SPACES][RIGHT]
C740iA9 03 60 A9 04 60 AD 70 79 HENPRINT"ERROR IN LINE"P J7 SPACES}[RIGHT]
C748:C8 CD B3 C8 F0 03 A9 03 9C EEK(63)+PEEK(64)*256:END f6 SPACES]";
C750:60 A5 FD IB 69 00 85 FD 0F DS 100 CH=0:W=0:NEXTX:GOTO120 QC 430 PRINTSPC(B)"[2 SPACES]
C75BiA5 FE 69 D4 85 FE A0 00 5E PC 110 V=ASC(AS)-4S+7*(AS>"9") [2 RIGHT) E5| (2 RIGHT)
C760:B1 FD 29 01 BD 78 CB IB 75 j RETURN E4H2 SPACES]{4 RIGHT]
C76B:69 01 60 BD 64 CB A5 FB 5F KQ 120 A2=50090:POKE50015,0:GO [2 SPACES){4 RIGHT]
C770:18 6D 64 C8 85 FD A5 FC EC TO 2 20 [2 SPACES]"!
C77a:69 00 B5 FE 60 BD 64 CB 2B EE 130 S=54272:F0RX=54272TO542 PF 440 PRIHTSPCt?)" E53
C780:A5 FB 38 ED 64 CB 85 FD 17 96:POKEX,0:NEXTX:POKES+ [2 SPACES]{7 RIGHTJg4I
C788:A5 FC E9 00 85 FE 60 A9 F9 [3 SPACES][RIGHT}§53
C790:00 8D 12 D4 A9 29 BD 13 33 SB 140 POKES+4,0:POKES+5,0:POK [2 SPACES](2 RIGHT)i43
C79B:D4 A9 02 SD 14 D4 AD 0E 73
ES+6,240:POKES+4,17 [SPACE)i53 {RIGHT}11;
C7A0:U4 69 14 8D 0E D4 A9 13 7A
C7A8:BD 0F D4 A9 flF 8D IB D4 A!]
C7Q0:A9 81 SD 12 D4 60 A9 00 C3
320) iIFA$o""ORJ*lllTHE [6 RIGHT)£43 E 53
C7BS;9D 12 D4 A9 25 8D 13 D4 23
NPOKES+4,0:GOTO550 [2 SPACES)11;
C7C0IA9 02 8D 14 D4 AD 0E D4 E6
C7C8I69 4B 8D 0E D4 AD 7C C8 91 {RIGHT}[2 SPACES}
C7D018D 0F D4 A9 0F BD 18 D4 D3
CA 180 DATA 11,48,14,24,18,209 [3 RIGHT}12 SPACES)
C7D8:A9 11 BD 12 D4 60 A9 00 CF
,11,48 [4 RIGHT}[2 SPACES]
C7E0I8D 04 D4 A9 76 8D 05 D4 36
MJ 190 DATA 10,143,14,24,18,20 [4 RIGHT][2 SPACES)";
C7EfliA9 0F BD 06 D4 A9 0E BD 1A
9,10,143 BD 470 PRINT"[5 RIGHT)
C7F0I00 D4 A9 0B 8D 01 D4 A9 5F
PJ 200 DATA 9,104,14,24,18,209 [3 SPACES]"SPC(9)"
C7F8I0F BD 18 D4 A9 Bl 8D 04 36
,14,24 [2 SPACESK2 RIGHT}§83
CB00ID4 60 A9 00 8D 0B D4 A9 35
HK 210 DATA 9,104,14,24,18,209 [SPACE]E53 [2 RIGHT)";
CB08i76 8D 0C D4 A9 0F BD 0D B8
.14,24 DD 480 PRINT"B83[2 SPACES)
C810:D4 A9 0E 8D 07 D4 A9 0D FC
FC 220 PRINT"{BLK)[CLR}"CHR?(B [4 RIGHT) 653 [4 RIGHT}
CBI818D 08 D4 A9 0F BD 18 D4 5B
C820iA9 Bl BD 0B D4 60 CE 5D 6C ) Bag 653 [4 right)E53
F0 01 60 AD 5E C8 8D 36
DS 230 LEVEL=1 {2 SPACES)E83 ";
CB3015D C8 AD 23 33 29 04 F0 Cl BM 240 POKE49557,6:REM SPEED AH 490 PRINTSPC(10)"[5 SPACES]
CB38109 A9 18 8D 23 33 BD 24 B9 GF 250 SYS49152 65| {2 RIGHT1BB3
CB40:33 60 A9 1C 8D 23 33 8D 67 PF 260 ADD=49B53 {4 SPACESJB53 {RIGHT}
CB48i24 3 3 60 AE 5A C8 AC 5A 59 BE 270 POKE53280,0:POKE53281,0 %ai 153 [3 RIGHT)";
CB50ICB 88 D0 FD CA D0 F7 60 4C PK 280 SHIP=3
CB58:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E9 EF 290 A=PEEK(53248+30)
C860:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Fl CA 300 V=53248
§53 f6 RIGHT][2 DOWN}"
C868:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F9 MK 310 FORX=12288+26*8+2TO1228
C870 100 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 8+26*8+7:POKEX,252iNEXT
C878100 00 00 00 00 C2 CC Cl 70 X:POKE12288+26*8,0 HT[RIGHT)198B"
C880IC3 CB D7 C8 C9 D4 C5 BA 56 QP 320 POKE12288+26*8+l,0 PRINTSPC(7)"COMPUTE!
XF 520
C88B1BF BF BF BF BF BA D0 CC 35 EH 330 POKEV+39,7
C890:C1 D9 C5 D2 BA D7 CF CE 03 EM 340 POKEV+21,0
C8A0IC1 D9 BA Cl C7 Cl C9 CE A4 AD 360 PRINTSPC(9)"f2 DOWN}§43
PE 540 GOTO130
C8B0:00 00 00 00 00 00 FF C3 06 [3 SPACES)E53 {2 RIGHT}
FF 00 00 2F XK 550 PRINT"E73[CLR)(3 DOWN]
C8Q8:A5 99 99 A5 C3 §4|[3 SPACESJE51
{8 LEFT]";
C8C0;00 IS IB 00 00 00 00 00 5B [2 RIGHT)E43[3 SPACES)11
RS 560 PRINT"E83O§5 Y3P
C8C6I08 38 1C 10 00 00 80 9B 8A SPC(19):
C8D0:58 3C 1A 28 44 22 42 5A EC {7 LEFT}[DOWN}"7
C8D8i5A 3C 18 18 24 24 01 19 F7 HK 570 FORY=1TO21
C8E0:1A 3C 5B 14 22 44 00 18 15 DQ 580
C8E8ilB 3F 58 18 24 4a 00 18 3D
CBF0!l8 3C 5A 19 24 48 00 IB D4 [7 LEFT] [DOWN]",- iNEXTY
CBF8:18 3C 5A 3C 18 3C 00 18 7E EF 590 PRINT"{UP]L65 P3^"
C900:18 3C 5A 98 24 12 00 IB 05 MP 600 PRINT"{HOME}[4 DOWN}
00 16
PQ 380 PRINTSPC(14)1'E'ta
C908:18 FC 1A 28 24 12 00
12 RIGHTH4313 SPACES] [7 LEFT]000O0"
Disc Blitz 653
[2 RIGHTJE43 |5| "S
Article on page 46. J2 RIGHT)E83 {2 RIGHT) [3 LEFT]3"
%5l E4a [4 RIGHT)|53 FS 640 PRINT"{HOME)[12 DOWN]
TEl PUBLICATIONS, INC. - B33 ■1SPC{21)"E4§ i53
[3 LEFTjl"
ER 20 AD=49152:IFPEEK(AD+5)='94 HX 660 POKE50015,1
eg 30 poke53280,0:poke53281,0 [2 SPACES)[4 RIGHT) ,960,9B0
gs 40 print"[clrHdown}please (2 SPACES)B53 {RIGHT} SP 680 ON LEVEL GOSUB730,740,7
(space)wait (1 minute).. £8312 SPACES][RIGHT] 50,760,770
%Si "; PO 690 POKSV+21,253:SYS49423
fa 50 forq=0to31:reada:next:fo MJ 410 PRINTSPC(1S)"£83 EA 700 IFPEEK(2)=1THEN780
rx=1to30:readqs [3 SPACES}g53 [2 RIGHT) FF 710 IFPEEK(2)=2THEN1000
rc 60 fort=1tolen(qs)-4step2:a ES3[3 SPACESJE53 FC 720 END


QS.T+1, 1) :GOSUBU0:W-W+V 653 [DOWH]1' 1

96 COMPUTE'S Gazelle January 1989

ACS 150 E88E0EC3E006D005A200BE
DX 750 FORX=ADDTOADD+USTEP2iP C03F000000000000000000 KS 1300 DATAE90BDA0C8F08610C8F
OKEX,0:POKEX+1,11NEXT IR 3C3975 0C8F086109680E180C3F09
ETURN:REM LEVELS DG 1100 DATA0003D7C00D55700D55 6808610C8F0CBF08610000
MH 760 FORX=ADDTOADD+lliPOKEX, 7035555C35555CD55S57D5 002076
4 D53428 5EC3C919D03AA900BD5EC3
FO 770 FORX=ADDTOADD+11:POKEX, AX 1110 DATA5557D55557D55557D5 A9008D0BD4A9003D0DD4A9

RND{0]*2:NEXT:RETURN:RE 555735555C35555C0D5570 094097

M LEVELS 0D557003D7C0003C00A90F BP 1320 DATA8D0CD4EE5DC3EE5DC3

EF 790 POKEV+21,l:POKES+4,0 GB 1120 DATA05D478A9C98D1403A9 C3AE5DC3BD3DC3BC3EC38D

HH B00 FORX=1TO50:POKE832+RND( C2aD15035860ADlED0A0FF 084423
0)*64,0:NEXTX 8C18D48C15D0C8B97FC099 BX 1330 DATAD48C07D4A921BD0BD4
FH 810 SHIP=»SHIP-1 404075 60A000B97FC0994003C6C0
JR 820 IFSH1P=-1THEN890 JP 1130 DATA03A900998003A9B08D 3FD0F560FF3376
CQ 830 PRINT"[HOME){10 DOWN} 20D0BD21D089BEC099C003
{7 LEFT)65§13 RIGHT]"SH C8C040D0E2A01A8C00D0A0
IP:POKE1024+36+40*9,96 643987 BEFORE TYPING . ..
BA B40 POKEV,0:POKEV+1,100 MP 1140 DATA8C01D0A20DBEF807E8
MR 850 SYSA2 8EF907EB8AA00699F90788 Before typing in programs, please
SC 860 FORX=0TO26:POKEV,XiFORY D0FAA9AABD8C03BD8F038D refer to "How to Type In
1=1TO50:NEXTY1,X B04317 COMPUTED GAZETTE Programs,"
DX 970 GOTO670 XA 1150 DATA033DB303AD1ED0ADFE elsewhere in this issue.
OE 880 PRINT"[HOME](16 DOWN] 02C900F00160AD00DC2902
[7 L£FT]|53[4 HIGHTjPRE D003EE01D0AD00DC2901D0
SS[DONN]{3 LEFTjANY 033444
Smooth Scrolling
JH 1160 DATACE01D0AD01D0C932D0
SG 390 POKEV+21,0iPRINT"[HOME] 03EE01D0C9E5D003CE01D0
RESS(DOWN}[4 LEFT]ANY 8D4595 Windows
(DOWN)[3 LEFTlKEY" JK 1170 DATA07C32901F005A90185
XK 900 GETDH$:IFDHS»""THENGOTO 0260AD15D029FCD005A902 See instructions in article on page
890 850260AD00DC2910D018AD 54 before typing in.
PP 910 GOTO120 153076
QB 1180 DATAD00902BD15D0AD02D0
Program 1: ML-SCROLL
HS 930 A=70:FORX=V+4TOV+14STEP D00BA92E8D02D0AD01D08D
+2:POKEX,A:POKEX+1,A:A= 03D0AD02D0F027EE02D0EE CC00:4C 09 CC 4C D7 CD 4C D7 C6
A+30:NEXTX;RETURN 023841 CC08:CE A9 08 20 D2 FF A9 A0 01
SG 940 REM ROUTINE2 MB 1190 DATAD0EE02D0EE28D0AD02 CC10i85 FC A9 00 A8 85 FB A9 DD
AB 950 A=70:FORX=V-t-4TOV+14STEP D08D01D4A9008D00D48D05 CC18:20 91 FB C8 D0 F9 E6 FC 6B
2iPOKEX,240:POKEX+l,A:A D4A9F08D86D4A9818D04D4 CC20IA5 FC C9 C0 90 Fl AD 88 41
=A+30:NEXT:RETURN CC28i02 C9 C8 F0 36 A9 C8 3D D4
EF 960 REM ROUTINES KX 1200 DATA12C2AD15D029FDBD15 CC30i88 B2 A9 93 20 D2 FF A9 P2
CC38i30 8D SB DD A9 20 BD 13 14
GX 970 A=70:FORX=V+4TOV+14STEP D0A9008D04D48D02D0A200
2:POKEX,100:POKEX+l,AiA BDBDC2D006DE04D04C22C2
CC40ID0 20 87 CC A9 D0 B5 FC A0
CC48iA9 00 AB 85 FD 85 FB A9 CB
CC50iC0 B5 FE A2 08 Bl FB 91 46
CC58:FO C8 D0 F9 E6 FC E6 FE D4
JE 990 A=70:FORX=V+4TOV+14STEP D04C30C2FE05D0BD04D0C9
CC60ICA D0 F2 20 64 CF A0 00 97
CC60IA9 00 91 FD C8 D0 F9 E6 4D
=A+30:NEXTjRETURN 8D4772
CC70:FE A5 FE C9 C8 D0 Fl 20 FC
CC7B:7D CC 4C 94 CC 48 A5 01 AA
CC80I09 07 65 01 58 68 60 78 BE
CC8fliA5 01 29 FA 35 01 60 A2 9D
EVEL+1:IFLSVEL> 5THENLE AD4961 CC90:0E 6C 00 03 A9 A0 8D 16 7D
VEL=5 AR 1230 DATA15D08DFFCFA9048DFE CC98:CD A9 00 8D 15 CD 20 CD 4A
DX 1020 PRINT"{HOME][14 DOWN) C0 19 B0 EA BB 02
CF2DFFCFF015AEC002E8E8 CCAB:20 CD CD C0 28 B0 E0 6C DD
8E4999 CCB0IB8 02 20 CD CD 98 18 6D 76
EVEL: POKE1024+36+40M3
DG 1240 DATA00CEADC002CD00CED0 CCBBiBD 02 C9 1A B0 Dl ac A9 1A
F8AD1ED0D00CADFECF0A8D CCC0102 20 CD CD 98 18 6D B8 B2
KB 1030 GOTO670
FECFD0D24CB4C220E9C2A9 CCC8102 C9 29 B0 C2 3C A7 02 9E
CB 1040 DATAA201A9008D5GC38D5D
004813 CCD0t20 CD CD B0 BA ac AF 02 1C
AA 1250 DATA8D02D0AD15D029FD8D CCDB:20 73 00 20 SB B0 A9 00 D3
ADFFCF8D15D04C67C10101 CCE6:B1 47 85 02 C8 Bl 47 85 IP
014573 CCFOtFB C8 Bl 47 B5 FC A0 00 C6
CCFBt8C B6 02 Bl FB C9 5F F0 98
D0F6E6FCE6FEA5FEC938D0 DQ 1260 DATA010101010101010101
CD00t5A A5 02 D0 03 EE B6 02 C2
EC6464 2060C32010C3A2001E0031
CD0BIB1 FB 20 22 CF AE B6 02 4A
HQ 1060 DATAA50109048501AD0EDC 9008BD003109019D0031EB
CD101F0 02 A9 20 BD 00 A0 C6 50
09018D0EDCA91D8D18D0A0 E01876 CD1B102 D0 03 EE B6 02 ce CC 54
FF8C00318B8C01318C0631 JH 1270 DATA07D0EEEEC0024C31EA CD20IA7 02 B0 11 15 CD 18
A92970 A00018A207FEE604BDE604 CD28i69 80 3D 15 CD 90 03 EE 41
AX 1070 DATAFA8D02318D03318D04 C93AD009A9309DE604CA4C CD30I16 CD 4C 08 CD AS 47 18 FE
31A9C28D05 31A9008D0731 EE4108 CD38:69 03 35 47 90 02 E6 48 11
A9FF8D1CD04CFDC0300000 SQ 1280 DATAC2C8C00AD0E5603001 CD40tEE B5 02 AD B5 02 C9 80 AS
003123 0F0C0B0C0F0101AE0FC3E8 CD48iB0 11 EE B9 02 A9 AS 8D 7E
RK 1080 DATA0000000000000O0000 BE0FC3E005D00BA200BE0F CDS0I16 CD AD Q9 02 8D 15 CD F9
00003F00003AFFC0EABFC0 C33172 CD58i4C E6 CC AE BB 02 AC B3 30
FFEC00EAAB003AAEF0EABF EG 1290 DATA4C26C34C3CC3AE0EC3 CD60I02 13 20 F0 FF A5 D2 85 D7

COMPUTE'S Gazette January 19B9 97

CD68iFE A5 Dl 18 65 D3 85 FD 2C JA 50 POKE53280,0:POKES3281,0: HH 420 DATA , , " EAj «*" ""ESg"
CD70I9B 02 E6 FE A0 00 8C AB 6B SYS52230 ."-COMPUTEI-", "EZj""*
CD78:02 8C B6 02 A5 FD 8D A9 19 CX 60 PRINT"[CLR){CYN]":POKE70
CD80:02 A5 FE 8D AA 02 AE A7 Al 2,17:SYS52224,7,12,9,14, DF 430 DATA " jAj****«
CD88i02 8E AE 02 A2 7F EQ BA 2E 0,AS{6) '"""ES3","-
CD98iFD 98 IB 69 28 A8 90 02 F9 PYRIGHT 19B9 COMPUTE! PU [3 SPACES}^"
CDA0iE6 FE EE AB 02 AD AB 02 28 B . , XtJC . " DH 440 DATA"-!12 5PACES)Z","z
CDB0IAD AA 02 85 FE AD A9 02 6A
CDB8:18 6D B6 02 85 FD 90 02 F9 EX 90 TXS="":FORI=1TO16:TX5=TX RD 450 DATA"- (2) DEM02
CDC0iE6 FE A3 00 8C AB 02 CE 89 S+"Q":NEXTI [2 SPACES);:",";; (3) DEM
CDC8:AE 02 00 C2 60 20 73 00 EC
CDD0:20 9E AD
20 F7 B7 60 A9 E4
QR 110 FORI=1T09:PRINTTAB(11)" SR 460 DATA"Z (4) 0UL1
CDDSiAB 85 FC A9 00 85 FB AD 1C
Q"TAB{26)"Q":NEXTI [3 SPACES)-","-
CDE0:A7 02 8D B6 02 20 64 CF 17
CDEBiAD A8 02 BD AE 02 A9 00 6F
RC 120 PRINTTAB(ll)TXS"'tCYN) " { I ' SPACEST—" ~
CDF018D AC 02 8D AD 02 20 38 85
QX 130 SYS52227jX=PEEK(2)jIFXT EP 470 DATA"EZ3"*T*«"**"EXa
IB 69 08 85 FD 9B
CE00:90 02 E6 FE CE AE 02
D0 39
CE08iF0 20 87 CC A5 FB 20 7D BE
RH 150 IFA?<"1"ORAS>"4"THEN60 SX 480 DATA,,,"THERE ARE",,""
CE10ICC 18 69 80 85 FB 90 02 8E AK 160 ONVAL(AS)GOTO180,240,33 MANY **", , " WINDOWS",
CEI81E6 FC CE 66 02 0,170 HJ 490 DATA" ON THIS",," SCREE
D0 C9 A9 3E
CE20:00 8D AC 02 A9 01 AD A8 2C SD 170 SYS52230:END N",," JUST ONE",,"
CE28:02 8D AB 02 A9 A0 85 FC 97 RD 1B0 PRINT"{BLU][CLR)"tP0KE7 [2 SPACESlOF THE",
CE30tAD AB 02 85 FB A9 00 81) 3C 02,01 FORI=.0TO20STEP5 iFO RG 500 DATA" POSSIBLE",," EFFE
CE38IAD 02 AD A7 02 BD B6 02 13 RJ=0TO30STEP10 CTS",," USING,..",,"
CE40iA9 00 B5 FD A9 04 85 FE AA RE 190 SYS52224,I,J,5,10,100,A [2 SPACES)SM00TH","SCRO
CE48t20 3B CF A9 00 8D AC 02 2A 5(0) LLING"
CES8i02 E6 FC AD AD 02 D0 02 44 SR 210 PRINTVTS(5)TAB(10)" ","[4 SPACESJ64",,,,,,"
CE70IA9 00 0D B4 02 20 94 CF 69
CE78iAD A7 02 8D BA 02 20 64 72 HD 220 PRINTVT$(7)TAB(15)"USED
CE88I02 Bl FD 88 91 FD C8 C8 BA (14)"{RED)PRESSJ RIGHT)A Before typing in programs, please
CE90:CC B3 02 90 F4 8C AD 02 02 NY(RIGHT)KEY" refer to "How to Type In
CE98iAC B4 02 Bl FB AC AD 02 05 HH 230 SYS52227iPRINT"{CLRj"iG COMPUTED GAZETTE Programs,"
CEA0t88 91 FD A5 FB 18 69 09 1C OTO50
CEA8i8S FB 90 02 E6 FC A5 FD AE
elsewhere in this issue.
XR 240 POKE53280,15:POKE53281,
CEB0il8 6D B3 02 85 FD 90 02 93 15:PRINT"[CLR)[BLK)":PO
CEB8tE6 FE CE SA 02 D0 C2 20 08 KE702,0iTT$™""
CEC0:14 CF 20 94 CF EE B4 02 4F
MC 250 SYS52224,12,12,1,1,150,
AS(32) Deluxe Input
PD 260 FORI=1T032iTT5-TTS+"@"i
CED8t04 BD BB 02 A9 93 20 D2 BB
CEE0;FF A9 IS 8D 18 D0 A9 IB D6
NEXT See instructions in article on page
CEEB18D 00 DD 60 AD BE 02 F0 6C 62 before typing in.
CEFC:0D AD AB 02 CD BE 02 90 14
CEF8t05 A9 00 85 02 60 EE AB F6
Program 1: DINPUT
CF00102 AD AB 02 CD B5 02 B0 9B
CF0B:03 4C 2C CE A9 00 8D AB C2 73 6C
TAB(7)"[RVS)"LEFT S(TT S, C000:2O A6 B3 20 40 C0 20
CF10102 4C 2C CE AC AF 02 F0 4F 25)iNEXT C00B:00 20 SB B0 A5 4B 85 FC 64
CF18I08 A2 3 2 CA D0 FD 8S D0 B7 FG 290 PRINTVTS(23)TAB(9)" C010:AS il BS FB 20 49 C0 20 4A
CF2BtFB 60 48 29 80 8D 37 CF 68 35 42
[RED)PRESS[RIGHT]ANY C01B:73 H0 20 8B BS A5 48
CF28i68 29 3F 48 AD 37 CF F0 BD C020:FE A5 47 85 FD A0 00 B4 C2