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Professional Literature Summary

Article #9

Bib. Information Muth'im, A. (2016). Does student self-assessment assess as valid and reliable as
(APA Formatting): teacher assessment? Arab World English Journal, (7)1, 123-139.
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Author(s) Affiliation: Abdul Muth'in has a Doctor's degree in English Education from State
University of Malang, Indonesia and has an interest in researching writing.

Type of Resource: This article is a scholarly article featured in the Arab World English Journal.

Summary of essential o reliability and validity of student assessment on writing pieces

information: o assessment is used to improve students' learning and teachers'
o argument: all assessment makes decisions about performance
standard expectations and make judgments about quality in
relation to those standards
assessment can be of learning, for learning, or as
o self-assessment is not only post writing, but also throughout the
o use of holistic rubric
o fast and focused on strengths, not weaknesses
o use of analytical rubric
o more time consuming; based on more criteria
o process of developing rubric and scoring opportunity
o questionnaire to gauge student problems/concerns
o show scoring guide
o review scoring guide
o score writing
Potential relevance to This article is relevant to my research topic because it is helps to clarify the
your research topic process of implementation, and how to allow for input to writing rubrics. As I
and study: begin to collect data and determine a course of action, this article provides an
outline for the teacher to begin self-assessment. I have been struggling with
how to allow for student input on a writing rubric without totally overwhelming
my students, and the process and scoring ideas are extremely helpful.