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Unit 2 test

Listening 4 Complete the sentences with places and

adjectives. (8 marks)
1 1.03 Listen and choose the correct answers.
1 Im a student at this s___________. Ive got lots of
(10 marks)
1 Molly wants to go to _____. friends here because the students are very
a New York b Chaves c York f___________.
2 Molly says that New York is _____. 2 My mum works in this building. Her
a pretty b expensive c modern o___________ is a grey and boring room. It is
3 Mollys dad likes Chaves because _____. very u___________!
a hes interested in the museums 3 This sports c___________ is one year old! Its a
b its got interesting buildings really m___________ building.
c its only 50 kilometres from their town. 4 There are lots of cars and buses near the bus
4 Molly doesnt like travelling by _____. s___________. It isnt quiet. Its a very
a plane b bus c train n___________ place!
5 The conversation is mainly about _____.
a life in big cities Language focus
b famous city buildings 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form
of There is or There are. Add a, an, some or any
c holiday destinations
where necessary. (14 marks)
There arent any swimming pools. ()
1 _______________________ cafs. ()
2 Complete the sentences with places in a city. 2 _______________________ school. ()
(6 marks)
3 _______________________ factories. ()
1 We eat food in a r______________.
4 _______________________ flats. ()
2 They live in a f______________ in a tall building.
5 _______________________ office. ()
3 There are books in a l______________.
6 _______________________ shops. ()
4 P______________ have got lots of trees and
flowers. 7 _______________________ pretty buildings. ()
5 Some people work in f______________ in 6 Write questions and short answers. (12 marks)
industrial areas.
Are there any swimming pools? ()
6 There are loads of pictures in an No, there arent.
a______________ g______________.
1 _______________________ hospital? ()
3 Write the opposites of the adjectives for _______________________
describing places. (6 marks)
2 _______________________ old buildings? ()
1 ugly __________________
2 safe __________________
3 _______________________ schools? ()
3 friendly __________________
4 clean __________________
4 _______________________ park? ()
5 noisy __________________
6 old __________________
5 _______________________ flats? ()
6 _______________________ exciting film on at the
cinema? ()
Unit 2 test
7 Write sentences. Use the comparative form of
suitable adjectives. (8 marks)
A train ticket costs 5. A bus ticket costs 10.
The bus is more expensive than the train. The Mall of America is a really big shopping
centre in the north of the USA. All the
1 The north park is pretty. The south park is ugly.
shopping centres in Europe are smaller than
The south park __________________________ this mall! There are 40 million visitors a year.
The shopping centre is 390,000m2. It has got
2 The city is very dangerous. The town isnt very
seven floors and 52 shops. Apart from shops,
dangerous. The town _____________________ there are fourteen cinemas, twenty
________________________________________ restaurants and lots of cafs. Its quite a noisy
3 The caf is good. The restaurant is bad. place, but its clean, modern and friendly.
The caf ________________________________ In the centre of the Mall, there is a theme
________________________________________ park and an exciting aquarium. The aquarium
4 I think English is very difficult, but French isnt has got lots of fish and dangerous alligators
difficult. I think French ____________________ and sharks!
________________________________________ The Mall hasnt got any hotels, but there is a
railway station and a bus station next to it.
8 Complete the sentences. Choose by or on and The city of Minneapolis is about thirty
complete the travel words. (8 marks) minutes by train from the shopping centre.
Its 20 minutes by / on train. There are some hotels in the city centre.
1 Its an hour by / on the b___________. My names Beth, and my family and I live in
Minneapolis. Were really into shopping, and
2 Its two hours by / on p___________.
the Mall is our favourite place!
3 Its about 50 minutes by / on c___________.
4 Its five minutes by / on f___________.
Reading 11 Complete the dialogue. (10 marks)
9 Read the text on the right. Then write true or A Can I help you?
false for the sentences. Correct the false
sentences. (8 marks) B I (1) w___________ to (2) v___________ Leeds.
How (3) f___________ is it?
1 There are some bigger shopping centres in
A Leeds is (4) a___________ fifty minutes (5)
f___________ here by bus.
B How (6) m___________ is a (7) r___________
2 The Mall is a very quiet shopping centre. ticket?
__________________________________________ A Its six pounds. Its cheaper (8) t___________ the
3 There are some interesting animals in the Mall. train. Here are some timetables.
__________________________________________ B (9) G___________. (10) T___________ you very
4 The Mall is about half an hour from Minneapolis much.
by plane.
__________________________________________ Writing
12 Write about a town, city or village near you.
10 Do you want to visit the Mall? Why? / Why not? Make sure you put the adjectives in the correct
(2 marks) place in your sentences. Write about 80100
___________________________________________ words. (10 marks)

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40

Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100