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You are feeling pretty good.

You have spent a few weeks gathering the

nearby clans and tribes to repel those evil Romans who are moving
into your lands. Your men are swaggering around in high spirits,
boasting of their prowess with exaggerated stories and drinking. They
are a motley group, but big and strong, inspiring confidence in their
abilities. Your expression changes to puzzlement when you look across
the field at the Romans, who are advancing in even ranks with a
steady clank. They sure are wearing a lot of metal, and those shields
almost hide them from view. Not only that, but how in the world do
the Roman chiefs get them to move so precisely? It is enough to make
you scratch your lime-spiked scalp. How are you going to defeat these
... machines?
This article will give you some The rest only have clubs burnt at the
recommendations on how to get end, or with short metal points.
Physically they look formidable and
the most out of a barbarian army. are good for a short rush, but they
I will concentrate on the Gauls cannot stand being hurt. They quit
and Germans from CONQUEST and run unashamedly, regardless of
O F G A U L (CoG), but will touch their commanders.
on Britons as well as the earlier
Germans from Dictator. Admittedly, Germanicus was
trying to raise the morale of his
How are you going to take this troops, but archaeological
motley group and stand up to the evidence suggests that this type
legionary system which has been of armament was far more likely
honed through centuries of than the gear described by
warfare against the Italians, Plutarch. The Gauls were a little
Carthaginians and Greeks, and better equipped than the Germans
tested against leaders like (after centuries of trade, war and
Hannibal and Pyrrhus? other contact with Greeks and
Romans), but not significantly so
for game purposes.

If you still believe Plutarch's Your barbarians have some pretty

description of the armor-clad nifty advantages, especially in the
sword-wielding Germans at early stage of a battle. Barbarian
Vercellae, note this passage out of Impetuosity (6.8) will really help
Tacitus, from Germanicus' speech get you going. It adds 1 MP to all
to his troops before the Battle of infantry units, and subtracts one
Idistaviso (117 years after from all first-try momentum die
Vercellae and 74 years after The rolls. This can often let you beat
Rhine): the Romans to the punch in
getting in the first hit, plus some
The Germans wear no breastplates or successive strikes, but watch out
helmets. Even their shields are not for a trump! Its usually wise to
reinforced with iron or leather, but forgo momentum attempts while
are merely plaited wicker-work or
flimsy painted boards. Spears, of a
Impetuous, since the Roman
sort, are limited to their front rank.
player would be foolish not to column shift, but only if you are remember that they cannot
trump and restrict all the rest of the attacker (see 8.36[2]). BI also orderly withdrawal from you
your chiefs from attempting take no cohesion hits from since your movement allowance
momentum. Impetuosity will also movement of any type (6.23)! You is effectively raised to 6.
let your light infantry conduct can run these guys through
orderly withdrawal (6.5) before terrain where formation troops
those advancing cohorts. These dare not tread, and launch an You are under the Tribal
benefits will cease at the end of attack while a Roman force would Command System (4.5). The first
the turn where two or more of still be redressing its lines. If you thing you notice about your chiefs
your units are in ZOC of a Roman are still Impetuous and your is that they have two ranges. The
unit. In most cases, it means you opponent is unwary, this can let first, shorter one is for individual
will lose the benefit at the end of you flank the Romans fairly orders. The second is for line
the first turn. quickly. commands, and you don't have
much restriction on what is a line!
Now that your mass of screaming However, your BI have a couple The only qualifications for a unit
warriors is charging headlong at of specific disadvantages. They to be a member of a line are:
the Romans, Barbarian Ferocity cannot conduct orderly The units must be either foot
(8.5) can carry you. This helpful withdrawal, so even if Impetuous
state of mind adds a hefty +2 to (hence faster), they can't back or cavalry, not both.
all Roman pre-shock troop quality away from those steadily The units must be adjacent.
(TQ) checks, and subtracts one approaching attack-superior The Chief must be within two
from your own pre-shock TQ veteran cohorts. In addition, BI hexes of at least one unit of
checks. This can be devastating to pay 1 MP per vertex when the line.
the line of Romans if done right, pivoting. This cancels your
but remember that your light Impetuosity advantage when not
infantry attacking frontally will already pointed in the right Theoretically, an average chief
not cause a pre-shock TQ check direction. with a line range of 5 could give a
for veteran or recruit cohorts single line command to move a
(9.2). Ferocity is only in effect solid block of ninety-one infantry
when you attack, not when the units. This is every infantry unit
Romans move and initiate shock. in your army. Of course, it would
Ferocity can potentially continue be useless to use such a single
for several turns, and ends when huge mass, but the example
your Tribal Chief (TC) fails a suffices to show you the potential
Ferocity check. Any time a unit of your command ability.
routs, the TC rolls against his
initiative. If the roll is greater, In the first turn, all of your chiefs
Ferocity is immediately and can automatically issue a line
Your army may also have large command, regardless of whether
permanently lost. numbers of Light Infantry (LI). they are in range of the TC. In
These don't have the above listed every other turn they can also
Because of this potential mid-turn advantages or disadvantages of
loss, to the extent that you can, automatically issue a line
the BI, but they can still benefit command regardless of range to
you should be careful about the from Impetuosity and Ferocity.
order in which you resolve your their TC. The only restriction is
But, when attacking frontally, LI that if they do so, they may not
attacks. Since Ferocity is don't force veteran or recruit
immediately lost when the attempt momentum. Since most
cohorts to check TQ. chiefs only have a 30% chance of
Ferocity check is failed, you
should resolve attacks with a gaining momentum (which risks
Your cavalry will usually be being trumped), I don't consider
lower risk of routed attacking similar to the enemy (see German
units before attacks where there is it much of a handicap.
Cavalry below for the major
a higher risk. exception). Impetuosity and If you wish to try for momentum,
Ferocity do not apply to cavalry. and the chief is outside of their
The next advantage is Barbarian
Infantry (BI). These troops are TC's range, you have to roll less
Your army is also notably lacking than or equal to their initiative,
functionally similar to recruit in skirmishers. At first you may
cohorts, except that you will tend because chiefs have no strategy
think "so what?" but it nearly rating.
to do better against light infantry, eliminates your ability to deny
and worse against a phalanx or the Roman the opportunity to
non-light cavalry. Except for You should try to concentrate on
recover from cohesion hits, or re using line commands to the best
Ariovistus' troops, your BI will arm his missile units. The Romans
usually be larger than the of your ability. Individual orders
will get their Auxiliares Phase. Of are much less useful for
opposing cohort, gaining you a course, if you are still Impetuous, barbarians because:
Your initiative is usually low, attack frontally they don't have to
giving you fewer orders. make a pre-shock TQ check, so
You can only attempt to rally aFor simplicity's sake, lets assume you'd be wasting half of the
you have a mix of BI and LI, and
routed unit if it is adjacent to Ferocity benefit (the -1 to your
your chief (same hex rally is opposite you is a set of Roman own roll still applies). If you get
automatic; 10.41). veteran and recruit legions. Even the chance to attack a cohort in
You cannot recover cohesion more so than in previous games, the flank or rear, never pass it up,
hits from your units (10.14). CoG rewards the player who but an alert Roman won't give
attacks. If at all possible, you you such opportunities. Instead,
That last one can definitely give want to be the one to initiate you might consider using LI to
you a problem. The first thing it shock on as large a scale as attack recruit cohorts frontally.
should tell you is that time is on possible, because: They aren't DS, but they still
the Roman player's side, not Ferocity only applies if you don't have to check TQ. A valid
yours. Even with the Helvetian move and initiate shock, not if option if you are still Impetuous
Withdrawal and Regroup rule the Romans do. is to chase down and crush those
from the Bibracte scenario, you do Roman veterans are attack irritating skirmishers. While you
not remove any hits. Even if you are Impetuous, they can't use
are using the suggested balance superior to your BI, but not orderly withdrawal to get away
provision of allowing removal of defense superior. They are to from you. This can clear the way
one cohesion hit, it isn't much LI! for the charge of your BI against
gain for the expenditure of a Roman recruits are attack the regulars (and it is a waste of
valuable order. superior to your LI, but not resources to use BI against
defense superior.
Additionally, use Harassment and
The real scary guys are those Your biggest problem now is Dispersal (8.6) against cohorts.
veteran cohorts. They're short, Caesar himself. If he is on the Move your LI close to the Roman
have no sense of humor, and they field, his elite initiative can line, preferably screening your BI
don't have a lot of men per sometimes cause attack superior against flank attacks from
counter, but darned if they aren't Romans to power into your line adjacent legions. Stand on the
attack superior even to your before you can get moving. This defensive (yes, barbarians can do
"heavy" BI. Both veterans and can seriously derail your this). Even veteran cohorts must
recruits are attack superior to offensive, so be on guard for it. make a pre-shock TQ check when
your light infantry. Luckily, attacking LI (though Ferocity
neither is defense superior to Having given a line command to won't apply). Both veteran and
your BI, and only veterans are to your bunch of whooping recruit cohorts will be attack
your Ll. barbarians, how do you allocate superior against your LI, so it
your attacks? Again, assuming doesn't matter against whom you
The Roman command system is a you have both veteran and recruit put up a screen for your BI. If
pretty good one too, but it has cohorts to face, you have some they don't attack you, you can
one problem compared to the difficult choices to make. If your utilize Harassment and Dispersal
hierarchal command system in BI is going to take out the veteran to get some javelin shots off at
Volume IV (CAESAR: THE CIVIL cohorts, the first charge is your them.
WARS). In CoG, the Romans have best and sometimes only chance.
no section commanders to extend You'll take heavier losses, but Most likely, your initial attack
the automatic legion command Ferocity can sometimes spell the will do some significant damage,
radius. They strictly dependent difference. You have to minimize but you won't be close to routing
on the proconsul (PC). In the ability of those veterans to use the Roman army. At this point,
"normal" conditions, this means their attack superiority against Ferocity and Impetuosity are
usually the legates of four legions you to double your cohesion loss. gone, and many of your units
of the front line will be in range of If you have the chance to conduct have cohesion hits which you
the PC (fewer if a PC "lesser" repeat attacks against already can't remove. Roman cohorts are
than Caesar himself is in weakened veterans either using moving smoothly into position
command). Even if the Roman momentum or another chief to and are chopping into your
army is bigger, it isn't necessarily bring in fresh BI, by all means do massed barbarians. This is where
better, since more legates will be it. You want to hammer those you must feed more troops into
on their own. Those legions are Romans and break them in the the meatgrinder and push the
the ones you might want to first turn if at all possible. Romans towards army collapse.
consider taking down. If unable As formations become
to effect a legion command, that As for your LI, do not employ intermixed, you will see
legate could be in serious trouble. them against veteran cohorts. opportunities to make isolated
First, the Romans would be attacks on the flanks of cohorts.
defense superior (DS), tripling
your losses. Secondly, if you
Take every one you are offered. spread out army would face
Attack and eliminate every routed under CoG command rules.
cohort you can reach. If offered These barbarians are a bit
the chance to take a legionary different. You have no BI, plus On the other hand, Ferocity
Aquila (Eagle), do not hesitate to Impetuosity and Ferocity don't (called Furore Teutonicus) can be
sacrifice units to do so. apply. Fortunately, these lightly applied selectively in this battle,
armed troops aren't facing giving you a bit more flexibility.
Romans in battle order. Instead, You also have the ability to form
Finally, you should consider you are defending the beach
moving one leader to the wagon your units into "The Wedge",
against an amphibious assault. If which allows you to use
laager, if you have one. Camp the Roman galleys run aground
Rally (10.45) offers you the ability successive attacks on the same
offshore, you can do some point of the enemy line,
to rally units within your laager. damage as the legionaries are
Your routed units will be potentially breaking through
struggling though the surf. They several lines of cohorts. You can
retreating into it. A chief in the (and you) will take cohesion hits
laager can attempt to rally every also recover hits from your
from moving through water and troops, but the scarcity of leaders
routed unit inside the laager. across the sand. Note the column
Usually, you'll be rolling against will make this difficult.
shifts in your favor as they slog
the leader's charisma of 1 (20% towards you, but never forget
chance) but every rallied unit You also have a huge army,
that you are still matching your causing both pluses and minuses.
reduces your army rout tally. light infantry against cohorts.
Incidentally, this is effectively the On the minus side you only have
only way to remove cohesion hits. three chiefs to manage one
Once the Romans have struggled hundred infantry, only ten of
ashore into some semblance of which are BI. Your command
order, your only real hope is to system is identical to CoG. The
rout already damaged units with chiefs tend to be a little better
Ariovistus has about the only Harassment & Dispersal. Your than in CoG, with longer ranges,
weapon system which might chariots can let you do this for a but you'll need those ranges to
make the Numidians envious. period of time before the control the large army. The
This German combination of light legionaries drag your warriors scarcity of BI means your infantry
cavalry and light infantry can down. If you can't manage that, will not be the winning arm of
offer you some advantages in the then it is best to head inland and your force. On the plus side, you
Battle of the Rhine, but at the cost wait for Caesar to go away have an incredible amount (30
of reducing your available unless hand grenades are units) of "heavy" Barbarian
infantry force. The vaunted available (treat as foot javelin but Cavalry (BC). With three cavalry
German Cavalry intimidated the inflict five cohesion hits). chiefs plus Beorix they can do
Gauls for good reason. The LC some major damage. Lastly, you
and LI are considered one unit if have some skirmishers of your
they are stacked, or adjacent. This This article concentrates on own, using longbows superior to
gives them an effective size of 9 what the Roman Auxiliares have.
or 10, which can give a column Vercellae battle from Dictator is
shift in their favor against any CoG's parent, and should be They key to winning, as ever, is to
cohort, and a three-column shift if addressed briefly. Here, you are attack first. With the setup as it is,
attacking Roman cavalry. In going back in time to a slightly your best bet is to try what Beorix
addition, they can: different game system. For the apparently tried to do. Launch
Assault veteran cohorts battle of Vercellae, disregard most your infantry against the center of
frontally without Romans of the preceeding. You have some the Roman line under Catulus
being DS. German Cavalry significant problems here. with flankers to keep Sulla busy,
ignore all DS results when Barbarian Impetuosity is now the while your larger mass of cavalry
attacking, and all AS results ability of a Roman missile unit to attempts to flank Marius. He can
when defending. goad your rather uncontrollable refuse the flank, but that will
Divide all hits between the two barbarians into rushing after strain his command system.
units, giving them more them instead of following the
staying power. "battle plan." You have a Heat
Use H&D tactics, hurling the rule that severely affects your
javelins once for each unit if The Romans are hefting their pila
staying power (beg the Roman in anticipation of your charge. I
adjacent (once total if stacked). player to ignore it for competitive
Take only one order to move hope that this piece has given you
play). You face a huge Roman a better idea of what your men,
each unit. You should be using army with a capable commander
line commands, but there are now roaring their defiance, can
(ten legions under Marius), and do. The only question remaining
times when you cannot. section commanders which take is, "Can you break through?"
away the liability that a large,