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British Council Seminar Series

Call for proposals 2015 16

Presenter contact details and proposal * Please complete in full

* Name Adel Ali
* Email
* Mobile 00216 98 289 586

Seminar title (e.g. How to teach )

How to teach using technology in the vocational sector

Presentation outline (approximately 250 words) (please refer to the guidance notes)

Information and communication technologies dominate our lives. These

technologies provide a reliable and continuously updated source of both general
and specific purposes English. Teachers can take advantage of the benefits
offered at any level regardless of their experience and confidence in dealing with
technological aids. Students have wider access to authentic and up-to-date
materials and have more exposure to new learning forms. In fact, ICTs have
shaped the way in which we teach and learn Business English in our vocational
training centre in Tunisia providing an accessible and effective tool which
facilitated both the teaching and learning.
In my presentation, I will be introducing the educational system in Tunisia with
emphasis on the vocational sector and the importance of English in this sector. I
will focus on the English for Employability project which mainly aimed at
developing the methods, skills, strategies and confidence of vocational training
teachers of English through the TKT British council program hereby marking the
kick off of the ESP trainers continued professional development. Then, I will be
enumerating the benefits of introducing ICTs in the English language teaching
before dealing with my own experience of using technology to teach business
English in our training centre. I will demonstrate how exploiting the opportunities
offered by the internet and the multimedia enhanced our teaching effectiveness
and maximized the Business English students interest and learning capacity. To
finish, I will highlight some of the challenges encountered when including
Information and Communication Technologies in the Business English classroom.

Introduce some ideas in which ICT can be used to

Objectives for
motivate students in the vocational sector and
your session
enhance their learning
Practical ideas to integrate ICT into our teaching
Intended outcomes
for participants

Who is/are the intended New teachers

audience/s for your
Session objectives and intended outcomes
Requirements for your session

Data projector and screen Yes No

Loan of a British Council laptop (Windows 7
Yes No
Use of a presentation PowerPoint,
Keynote, Prezi, etc. Other (please specify
Please note we will need to receive your PowerPoint below)
final presentation 24 hours in advance
Use of WiFi for showing online resources Yes No
Playing audio files Yes No
Playing video Yes No
Will your session involve audience
interaction (online and face-to-face)?
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Sharing materials in advance, e.g. hand-
outs, links to online resources Yes No
Required by an agreed deadline
Sharing content during, or after the session
(e.g. hand-outs) Yes No
Additional requirements, e.g. audio tape
player, whiteboard, flipchart/pens, etc.
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Would you be interested in creating any extra content related to your proposal?
(Please tick all those you would be interested in creating.)

Blog post Webinar

Podcast Lesson plan
Social media debate Article
DVD Other
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Your name and title (as you wish it to appear on film)

Adel Ali Master trainer of English in the vocational

Name and title (e.g. John Smith, ELT teacher
and writer)

Examples of past sessions

If you have examples (video or audio recordings, or resources) demonstrating engaging sessions you
have given in the past, be it lessons or past talks or workshops, please provide a link here. (Please note
that proposals without available examples will be given equal consideration.)

Please provide a link/s to the example/s no


We promote the Seminar Series using Twitter

@BCseminars. If you use Twitter as part of
your work, please let us know so we can stay
If successful, would you have any preference for the date of a seminar in 2015 16?
If for any reason you cannot take part in a certain month please mark with an N.

Would you have a preference for the location of your seminar?

Usual place of residence (please state) UK region London No preference

Access requirements

Do you have any special access

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payments known as a vendor number. A

vendor number is usually six or seven digits
long, i.e. 1234567.


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Adel Ali 23 Feb 2015