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Blank Template

Risk Assessment Form Part B

6 [enter reference number]] Sign-off status [planning/approved etc]

ACTIVITIES: What are you doing, where, for how long and who will be HAZARDS & CONTROLS: How could someone become hurt or made ill and
involved? Complete the fields in the form below). how are you going to prevent this from happening?

Activity Title:* Filming a promotional video. Life in Cambridge

Activity Description: Filming a promotional video.

List those managing Because I am directing this production, I am therefore responsible and will make sure everything is okay and as it should be whilst filming in
this Activity and their terms of safety e.t.c. The crew are also responsible as we are working in a team.

Who & how many are The crew and potentially the general public.
at risk from this

Hazards Control measures

How could someone become hurt or made ill How are you going to prevent this from happening?
Tripping over wires. Particularly whilst recording sound, it is crucial wires remain off the ground at all times.
Therefore the sound operator will make sure to hold the wire so that it is out of harms way and not
dragging on the floor.

Drowning. Whilst filming on the river camb there is a possibility of falling out of the punt. Because of this crew
should insure life vests are on board and should move with care and caution whilst on board the vessel.

[* mandatory fields]
Getting hit by a vehicle. Whilst filming in busy public areas it is crucial to not become distracted and be aware at all times. Do
not obstruct roads, and take care to look when crossing roads.

Equipment being stolen All equipment must be noted before taken out. Equipment must never be left alone, and any incidents
of theft must be reported imedietly.

Risk Level*: After your controls have been applied what is your assessment of the risk level of Medium
this activity?

[* mandatory fields]